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A to Z


Author: NA74

Fandom: Harry Potter, (comicverse), X-Men, CSI, Angel/Buffy

Warnings: Abrasion, Anal, Bastinado, Bondage, CBT, Double-penetration, Electro-play, Gags, Glory Holes, Figging, Humiliation, Ice, Knife Play, M/m, Oral.

Spoilers: None

Pairings: Remy LeBeau/Spike, Gil Grissom/Xander Harris, Harry Potter/Warren Worthington, Nick Stokes/Greg Sanders, Angel/Scott Summers, Logan/Draco Malfoy, Nick/Oz, Spike/Draco, Scott Summers/Greg Sanders, Gil/Remy LeBeau,

Summary: A Game Master decides to have some fun with a group of strangers. He, along with his pet give a pair at a time, sex instructions and then sit back and watch them have fun. This is a WIP, but the next chapter is being worked on.



Nominated Category:

Best Use of Toys – Slash,

Best Fetish


Cleverest Crossover


Prologue – The Game Master



“26 letters in the alphabet. A different kink a day, that’s 26 days and 26 different kinks, pet.”


The young man looked up at his Master with a small smile on his face. The other man hadn’t turned to look at him as he continued to type on his laptop.


“A different pair for each.” He grinned wickedly.


“Master?” The young slave requested to ask something.


“What is it, boy?” His tone was characteristically sharp, but not unkind.


“Some of them live quite far apart, Master.”


He waved a hand with an amused dismissal and a smirk that was almost a sneer if you weren’t familiar with his mannerisms. “They’ll work it out. Or you could help them.” He reached down and ruffled the floppy brunette hair.


The youth beamed excitedly at the idea, his eyes lit up looking more green, “yeah? Could I?”


A genuine smile crossed the British man’s face, “yes, my little half breed angel, you can.”


They worked for an hour on the list, a couple of the letters gave them more trouble than others. It wasn’t as easy as they’d first thought it would be, several of the ‘fun’ activities shared the same initial letter so it took a bit of effort to work out which was preferred.


The young man rubbed his cheek gently against his Master’s thigh, this was how Saturdays should be; happily curled up at his Master’s feet, his hand absently playing with his hair as he worked away on his laptop. He was glad the old man had finally given in to new technology and bought one, it had provided them with so much fun since they had.


The clicking of keys finally stopped. “There, message written. Game rules have been explained and we shall see.”


“What are the rules, Master?” The young man had let his eyes close as his fingers played with the hem of the other man’s clothes.


He looked down at his boy with a sneer. “Well, pet. They are only few, I will post the letter and the kink, along with the pairing to… ‘perform’ it. They then have 24 hours to fulfil the challenge. I do think you’re going to be busy, pet.”


His slave smiled lazily, “I can hardly wait, will we watch?”


There was a snort from above him, “Of course, boy, don’t be stupid.”


“How many are there in the group now, Master?”


“Thirteen. Do you think that will be… unlucky?” The dark-haired older man smirked.


“You already got lucky didn’t you when you snared those two young guys?”


There was another snort and the youth knew it was amusement not derision. He was adept at differentiating seemingly similar sounds and facial expressions. It helped that his owner was hardly ever derisive of him. His fingers came up to play with the simple white leather collar that circled his neck.




“Hey, I’ve got mail.” Harry called.


“I didn’t see an owl.” Hermione glanced up from reading the latest issue of the quibbler.


Harry rolled his eyes and ran a hand through his unruly hair before clicking to open the email. “Not that kind of mail, silly.”


“Oh, who’s it from?” She tucked her hair behind her ear and abandoned the magazine as she crossed to peer at the screen.


“That group I told you I joined.” He replied as his eyes skimmed the email.


“Oh, the gay one?”


Harry chuckled. “It’s more than that, I told you.”


“Well yeah, I know, but…” Hermione blushed at the memory of that conversation. “What does it say?”


Her friend had a broad grin on his face and she was fairly sure that was an entirely bad sign.


“The group moderator is starting a game. The A to Z of kink.” He reread the email. “I wish I knew who this guy is, he’s totally wicked. I’ve never met any of the others on the group, but he’s going to pair us up and assign us a letter.”


“You’re not really going to do it are you?” She put her hands on her hips and scowled at him. “Harry James Potter, you are not that stupid, are you?”


He flicked his gaze at her. “I’m 18 ‘Mione, I’ll do what I want. Besides, I really need to get laid, it’s been ages.”


“It could be dangerous.” She protested, not moving from her ‘I know best’ stance.


Harry started laughing. “Are you forgetting that I killed Voldermort? ‘Mione, I’m the most powerful wizard in the world, do you seriously think anything could happen that I won’t be able to deal with?”


She huffed and flounced back to her spot on the sofa. She knew he was right, but still, she wasn’t sure she could condone such blatant deviant behaviour.


He rolled his eyes again and hit ‘reply’.


//RE: The Game - Snake Charmer18 is in.//


He could hardly wait, he was already that excited. Harry knew that the other members were spread across the world but that didn’t matter to him, he could apparate or use a port key to get just about anywhere. Since he’d discovered an interest in kink in his final year at Hogwarts, he’d ventured out to several clubs in London, it had been an eye opener but he had yet to find out exactly what he liked or where his niche lay. He didn’t even know if he was dominant or submissive really. He knew all the theory and he’d had a few experiences but he knew he had a lot to learn still. He wondered if the moderator, or Game Master as he figured he should now call him, would choose the roles too.




It had been a slow night and Gil was in his office pretending to do paperwork when his computer announced that he had mail. He clicked it open, eager for the distraction and read silently. A slow, wicked, smile spread across his lips, making his blue eyes twinkle. If there was one thing he enjoyed, it was a good game.


He clicked on the reply button. He typed a short message back


//Callophrys fotis accepts the challenge of your game.//


Grissom pulled his glasses off and chewed thoughtfully on the arm as he looked off into space through the window of his office. He had never really thought much about the other members of the group in terms of what they looked like, but he knew a couple of them were scientifically minded like him. He found himself wondering about physical attributes now, and whom he might be paired with.




Remy snuck into the library unseen and sat down at one of the computers. He flicked it on and went to the site of his favourite online group – Gay BDSM Heros. There were new messages. He clicked open the first one that was from the group moderator, he read and with a chuckle moved on to see what the replies said. Two of the others had already said they were interested in playing this new game. It was a step up from anything the mod had challenged them to in the past but it sure sounded tempting. He clicked to reply.


//Demon Dancer is intrigued and can most definitely be relied upon to give his all to your challenge. He hopes that everyone will get involved, as they say, the more the merrier. //


He logged out of the group and wiped the history, temp files and cookies as was routine to him now. He knew he wasn’t the only one in the mansion who had visited that site for the simple reason that he was obsessive about cleaning up his tracks after himself and he’d once found the site in the history on one of the computers. He’d speculated about whom it might be and had taken to watching his teammates more carefully. There had yet to be any clue though and he was still working more on his own fantasy than on any facts.


The auburn-haired Cajun had often been surprised that there weren’t more members of the group and he’d once said as much in a message to the moderator. The response had been that he was extremely selective of who was approved. That had made him feel incredibly amused.




He had to admit that when he’d picked his email address he’d been a little at a loss, and that was how he’d ended up as dark kitten. Xander Harris cursed Drusilla every time he logged on for that. He just wasn’t particularly kittenish. He was more of a pup than a kitty. He sifted through the work related emails looking for something more interesting. He usually checked his mail at least 3 times a day, but today they’d all gotten caught up in a research party. Apocalypses came and went, but some things never changed.


The brunette’s scanning eyes caught the email from the group he frequented and he grinned before he even opened it. He’d felt so isolated since they moved to Britain and resurrected the Watcher’s council. He was not cut out for responsibility and suits and he missed the clubs that he used to visit in Sunnyhell. He missed his relationship with Spike, the one he could trust to never hurt him in a bad way, who he could give himself over to totally and not feel embarrassed or ashamed. Submission had been a big part of his secret life outside of being a Scoobie; actually maybe it was part of inside of it. He missed Spike.


Thinking of his fallen ex made him a little sad and he had to consciously bring himself back up and focused on reading the email. The game sounded like just what he needed. He fired off a quick //Count the dark kitten in.// And dug into the rest of his emails feeling much happier.





It had only been a few hours since he’d posted the challenge to the group members and he was pleasantly surprised that almost all of the members had responded and said yes. An almost sinister smirk on his face as he used one pale, slender hand to push a lock of his lank black hair back off his face.


He’d left his boy curled up on their bed asleep after giving him a thorough work out. He was trying to decide whether he should pick the names himself or put them in a hat to draw out each day. He smirked at that thought, knowing that it would throw up some nice surprises, and he could always manipulate things a little to ensure he got to see the ones he wanted to.


Tomorrow the game would start and he was anticipating some hot action.



Chapter 1 - A is for Abrasion.



The Game Master logged on to his group to find responses from all his members, all saying yes, some of them had said they were apprehensive but that they would give it a try. He sent a quick message reiterating the use of safewords. Then he got down to business. He wrote out all the names on pieces of paper and dropped them into a bowl that he had put a charm on. There was a moment of contemplation that sent the sound of a ticking clock echoing through the room. Then two pieces of paper were spat out.


“An interesting pairing.” He mused aloud and opened a new message form.


//Dear all, the results are in. A is for Abrasion and our pairing shall be Demon Dancer and the Blond Barb. There are 24 hours in which to complete your assignment. If you require assistance in closing the distance between you, my pet will be only too happy to help.


The Game Master.//


He sat back in his chair and smirked openly. There was an almost musical tinkling sound from behind him and he turned to smile at his pet’s appearance.


“It’s begun my pet. You will soon have to pay a trip to California and New York.”


A grin split the handsome young man’s face and he crossed to kneel at his Master’s feet. “Can I see them now, Master? Please?”


The tall thin man crossed one leg over the other and chuckled darkly, his boy had been asking for weeks to be allowed to see what the members looked like. It had been powerful to not let him even though he knew that the boy could just go see for himself if he chose to disobey. The key point, though, was that he chose not to. He nodded and eased to his feet.


He signalled for his pet to follow and didn’t wait to see that he did. His boy was nothing if not obedient. He led him into the spare bedroom, pushing open the door and crossing the thickly carpeted floor. He reached up and took the dustsheet off the full-length mirror.


Leaning forward he whispered the first name into the wood frame, “Blond Barb”


They watched as the image changed from one of reflection to a picture of a pale man, he looked to be about 5’10 and had bleached blond hair gelled back severely. He had high cheekbones and piercing blue eyes. He was dressed totally in black from his t-shirt to his jeans, he was also wearing a long black leather duster. His pale pink lips turned up into a smirk.


“His name is Spike, or… William the Bloody.” The Game Master told his pet.


The young man had stepped closer to the mirror, his hand held up as if to touch but stopping a few inches from the surface.


“That’s a brutal name? I thought they were all heros?” The brunette looked perplexed but didn’t take his eyes off the moving image.


There was a snort, “He likes to think of himself as the ‘big bad’ still, but he hasn’t been that since he went and got himself a soul. He’s a vampire pet, a vampire with a soul. Not the only one either.”


That caught the youth’s attention and greenish brown eyes turned full attention towards the taller man. “A vampire with a soul?”


“He fell in love with one of the Slayer’s… sidekicks.” There was a sneer but its corresponding emotion was a mystery. “He took himself off to win his soul and then came back to win the love of the boy.”


His sappy submissive grinned stupidly, “That’s… so… romantic.”


The snort that comment received was totally derisive. “Quite.” The dark tones were laced with sarcasm.


The Game Master leaned towards the mirror again and spoke softly to the wooden frame. “Demon Dancer.”


There was a flare of purple across the enchanted surface and then a figure came into view. A sharp intake of breath from the youngster was the only sound in the room for a few seconds.


“He’s stunning.” Again, he reached out a hand to touch, this time finding it harder to resist.


“Remy Le Beau… Cajun charmer and Xman.” The Brit’s slender hand wrapped around his boy’s hand and pulled it back. “Don’t touch, pet.”


“His eyes…” The Game Master watched his captivated slave, transfixed by the auburn haired young man in the mirror. His red on black eyes flaring brightly with passion, he was tall and slender but muscular. His strength was evident under his tight crimson shirt and tight fitting blue jeans. His aristocratic features made him almost too pretty for a male.


“Yes, I know.” His Master snapped his fingers and broke the spell holding his pet in place.


The image disintegrated. “I can see why you picked them to join.” The youth was feeling sheepish about how easily he’d been attracted to the two. He reminded himself that the man in front of him was everything he needed and wanted. It didn’t hurt to look though.


There was a dark look in his Master’s eyes and a knowing smirk on his face. “Yes, well. There’s plenty of time for drooling over their… attributes, boy.”




Remy stole into the library again, two days in a row; if anyone saw him they would get suspicious. He was nervous about what he would find when he logged on; he knew that, from now on, there would be a chance that he had been picked. There was a new message and with a flip of his stomach he clicked it open. ‘Abrasion’, he shuddered… then he saw his username and his heart skipped a beat.




He was paired with Blond Barb, they’d never spoken and for a while he’d thought that he was actually a she, but it turned out that Barb wasn’t short for Barbara. He’d witnessed the man’s sharp tongued wit as he’d messaged with others. Another shiver ran down his spine. The man was a dom, where as he was a switch therefore it was logical to assume he would be the sub in the pairing.


He navigated the site to look at the other man’s profile before he hit reply.


//Game Master, I can’t wait. It would seem that BB is across the country from me, are you able to help with transport? I assume that I will be taking the sub role and therefore I should most likely go to him, no?


Demon. //


His finger hovered a moment over the send button, he took a deep breath and clicked. Running his hand through his shoulder length hair he sighed.


“Mon dieu, Remy better go shower.” He went through his routine and shut the computer down before heading up to his room to shower and change.




Spike stared at the screen. He knew what he’d opted to get into, but he didn’t think for a second that his name would be in the first pairing. He looked around Peaches office, thoughtfully.


“Bloody hell. How the hell am I gonna do this?”


He read the Demon Dancer’s reply, he had no idea where the other man lived; if he was the other side of the country then he must be east coast. The bleach blond smirked at the comment that he assumed he should be the one to travel. He suspected that he would like this man. He hoped he was delicious as he always sounded in his posts.


//Yes, come to me Demon, the Game Master can find me, I’m sure. He’s clever like that. Look forward to meeting you, BB//


He closed the browser down, not caring about leaving a trail to the site, it wasn’t like he cared what anyone else thought, especially his grand sire. Standing and stalking towards the door in one smooth movement, Spike pushed his hands in his pockets and headed for his apartment, via a few stores.




The Game Master grinned as he read the replies on his group. It wasn’t an expression that was usually associated with him and it was somewhat scary to see. He looked to his boy, and the youth had to suppress a shudder.


“Go and get dressed, pet. I’m not having you orbing about naked. Leave the collar on though.” The grin returned to the usual sneer and it was strange that his slave found that a comfort.


The brunette headed for the bedroom with a goofy smile on his face as he pondered the state of his reactions. He dressed quickly in a blue t-shirt and jeans, pulling on a pair of sneakers he orbed through to where he’d left his Master.


Dark eyes skimmed over his appearance somewhat disapprovingly, the man always disliked clothes on his boy, but sometimes it couldn’t be helped. He tugged on the loose t-shirt and the youth leaned down and kissed him softly on the lips.


“New York, pet… collect Remy and take him to Spike. Then come back here.” He didn’t need to threaten him with what would happen if he messed up, he knew that his boy knew the consequences of doing something wrong.


There was a smile on the brunette’s handsome face as he disappeared in a glittery mist.


The advantage of his parentage, took him straight to Remy, arriving just as the sexy Cajun stepped out of the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.


“Mon dieu. Who de hell are y’?” Remy looked for something to charge as a weapon, looking the intruder square in the eye.


The intruder, though, was simply stood red-faced and open-mouthed. He coughed and made a quiet squeak. “My Master sent me to take you to LA.”


The gaping mouth shifted into an almost dirty smirk as his eyes skimmed the muscular, semi-naked man.


“Already?” Remy flushed under the attention, suspicion crept into his voice. “How d’y’ get in here?”


“Magic.” There was a playful grin on the young man’s face and he rocked back and forth on his heels. “You best get dressed, he’ll be annoyed if I’m gone too long. Or I could take you as you are?” He quirked an eyebrow.


“Merde. De subs jus’ get pushier an’ pushier.” Remy muttered, as he gathered his clothes off his bed and disappeared into the bathroom to change.


The Cajun had opted for a fitted black silk shirt and black leather pants. He stepped out of the bathroom and the same dazed look as before was back on the young man’s face.


“Y’ never tol’ me y’ name, petit?” Remy could only imagine who a cute boy like this would be long to.


“I don’t think I’m allowed, sorry.” He was trying hard not to stare, he really was. “Ready to go?”


“Oui.” Remy looked curious and uncertain, he had no idea how they were going to get to LA.


“Just hold my hand.” The young man offered brightly and held his hand out to Remy.


An uncertain Gambit, slipped his hand into the waiting one and felt the strangest all over tingling sensation. He closed his eyes instinctively. When he felt ground beneath his feet again he opened his eyes and found they were in the living room of a small but nicely furnished apartment.


“Merde.” Remy gasped, his head still spinning slightly. “Dat was odd.”


The young man simply grinned and looked around the room. He called out, “Hello?”


A bleach blond man appeared in the doorway a crossbow in his hands. He took one look at the white collar and realisation hit. “Bloody hell, might wanna give a bloke some warning.”


“Spike – Remy, Remy – Spike.” The youth introduced with a smug grin and disappeared in the glittering mist, with that melodic tinkling sound in his wake.


The other two men stared at the spot where he’d been stood.




“Bloody hell.”


They both stated together.


They looked from the empty spot to each other. “Well, this takes anonymous sex to new extremes.” Spike quipped.


Remy couldn’t help but chuckle. “Li’l bit awkward, non?”


The bleach blond vampire tilted his head to the side, “Not French, but with a French accent? Where you from, pet?”


“From N’awlins, me.” He gave him a disarming smile.


Spike studied him a moment longer then nodded to himself as if coming to a decision. He took a step closer, a predatory smile sliding across his face. He breathed deeply. “Human.” There was a flicker of confusion. “Those pretty eyes of yours are a touch misleading, pet.”


“Oui, let y’ in on de secret, Remy ain’ really a demon, mais… he does dance like one… real wicked.” He winked.


Spike moved faster than the naked eye and was leaning in to Remy’s ear, he whispered, “Let you in on a little secret myself, pet. I *am* a demon.”


The Cajun’s adams apple bobbed as he swallowed hard. “Is dat so?”


“Mmhmm.” Blunt human teeth nipped at the thief’s ear teasingly.


Remy sucked in a breath at the teasing nibble. “W…what kind?” His voice hitched slightly with the stirring of arousal.


The blond took a step back and looked into those unique, burning eyes. He tilted his head, evaluating. “Vampire.” There was a brief moment where he saw the flicker of fear in those beautiful orbs, and he was quick to add, “Got a soul.”


“A soul?” Remy knew all about the realities of vampires, growing up in New Orleans, he’d never heard of one with a soul though. His brow furrowed, thoughtfully.


“That’s right, pet. Make a good safeword, don’t you think?” His scarred eyebrow lifted as a smile tugged at his lips.


“Oui, dat suit me, ‘Soul’ it is.” The thief gave his most disarming smile.


“Good.” Piercing blue eyes slid over the black silk and leather. The vampire was pleased with the pairing, very pleased. The guy in front of him was incredibly sexy. “Strip.”


Of all the ways there were to describe Remy, Shy was not one of them. The smile didn’t even falter and his eyes remained fixed on his lover for the day, one by one, slender thief hands slowly unbuttoned his silk shirt, until it hung open. He slid his hands over his taut skin on route to slip it off his shoulders; the soft material slid easily down his arms and off to pool on the ground.


Spike watched appreciatively, it was obvious that the young man put a lot of time and effort into maintaining his body. He could hardly wait to start using the selection of toys that he’d been able to pick up on the way home. He felt smug and somewhat inspired, his biggest fear had been that he wouldn’t find the person he was paired with attractive… he needn’t have worried.


Remy shimmied as his hands slid over his slightly tanned torso to unbutton the leather pants. Delicate fingers slid down his zipper and slowly he pushed the leather pants down, bending over as they went. He was naked underneath and already getting hard with anticipation. As the Cajun straightened up, his long half hard cock came into sight and Spike unconsciously licked his lips.


A smirk tugged the blond’s lips and he ran a hand lightly up the naked torso and caressed a smooth cheek. Spike leaned in and pressed his pale lips softly against Remy’s. They blossomed open under his kiss and offered entrance to the vampires exploring tongue. It was gentle in its probing, not missing a centimetre of the Cajun’s hot mouth. A pale hand slid round to grip silky auburn locks, wrapping them around his fist. Remy gave a small moan of pleasure, his cock hardening more at the contact and the fact he was naked and the other man still clothed.


Spike broke the kiss gently and smiled wolfishly. “Got lots of treats planned for you, pet. Bedroom.” He didn’t let go of the hair he held and led his plaything towards the door that he’d come through at the unexpected arrival of his visitors.


The tug on Remy’s hair was highly arousing and it was quickly helping him move into the role of the submissive. He had thought the transition would be bumpy as it had been a while, but it seemed that wasn’t going to be a problem… either that or Spike had anticipated it. He couldn’t quite stop the smile at that thought. The man knew what he was doing and this would be quite the ride.


He was pulled over to a comfortable looking double bed. Unable to straighten up, he couldn’t fully take in the surroundings, and for once he didn’t really care. He crawled up onto the bed as the pull took him in that direction, then the hold on his hair was gone.


“On your back, pet.” The quiet and simple command came.


Remy moved to comply, stretching out and causing his muscles to shift tantalisingly under his skin. He noticed the restraints and his eyes sought out his play partner. There was a questioning look in those blue eyes. The Cajun nodded his consent to him, if it came down to it he could always charge the chains. The action was rewarded by a bright smile as the blond bounced on his toes then sprung forward and began cuffing the sexy young man, spread eagle, to the bed.


Spike knew that Remy was watching his every movement, every buckle that fastened. They weren’t particularly sophisticated cuffs and he was sure they would be easy to get out of; he suspected that the man laid out in front of him was stronger than he looked. They were symbolic though, a reminder of who was in control. He was tempted to blindfold him too, but he thought those eyes were the most incredible he’d ever seen and he didn’t want them hidden.


The vampire walked over to the dresser on the other side of the room and looked at the assembled toys. He rubbed his hands trying to decide where to start, he hadn’t had time to really plan ahead. He picked up the unexpected find, the cordless hair remover and exfoliator it was like a sander in some ways, only he suspected it would be a lot less brutal, the pad on it was like fine grade sand paper.


Spike moved back to the bed and he could see that he was still being watched, there was a confused look on the young man’s face, but he just grinned wickedly. Remy jumped visibly when the device was turned on and a soft buzzing noise filled the silence, but he didn’t protest at all. He lay still and tried to relax. Spike started at the left ankle and worked his way up slowly, alternating between legs.


Remy squirmed slightly, he couldn’t help it, it was almost ticklish, not at all what he’d expected. The blond flicked a switch on it and went over his inner thighs more thoroughly, it was an odd sensation that went beyond ticklish and leaned more towards tingly, rough. He moved from one thigh to the other then back. The Cajun swallowed hard, his cock was rock hard now, he knew without looking.


His eyes were closed and he was letting himself get lost in the sensation. The device moved and glided over his abdomen a few times before continuing up his chest. Remy bit on his lip as it skimmed over one of his nipples, he couldn’t contain the cry though and he arched off the bed, not sure if he was trying to escape the sensation or get more of it.


There was a dark chuckle from the vampire, “like that do you, pet?”


“O…oui.” Remy gasped out.


The exfoliator moved to the other nipple and elicited the same reaction. Spike made a couple of passes over the now hard little nubs, and Remy was crying out freely with the sensation. He went from one to the other and hovered over it, allowing the oscillating motion do all the hard work. Remy writhed and squirmed, crying out incoherently. Spike grew tired of that toy quickly and moved to replace it with the others.


Picking up a hard bristled toothbrush he returned to the bed. The blond paused a moment, with his index finger he collected the clear fluid that was leaking slightly from the Cajun’s cock slit, making sure that his captive was watching, he brought it up and licked it slowly off, with a moan of appreciation.


“Nice, pet. Tasty.” He smirked wickedly and climbed between the spread legs.


With one hand he held Remy’s cock steady with the other he started to move the toothbrush bristles up and down the length of the shaft. Gently at first, but with increasing pressure, he moved so that he covered the whole shaft evenly from all sides. Before long, there was real pressure behind the scrubbing action and curses were falling from Remy’s mouth almost continuously. Spike was listening carefully but never heard the safeword, so he carried on happily, there was a long way to go yet. The toothbrush moved down to treat the Cajun’s balls to the same experience, moving in circles this time as the bristles were used more stiffly to abrade the skin.


He leaned over the stretched out body and circled the nipples firmly with the toothbrush, working over already sensitised flesh again. He concentrated on the nubs a moment before going back to circling them, spreading slowly and firmly outwards. Remy was arching and muttering, Spike assumed that was a good thing by the blissed out look of pleasure on his face.


The vampire was amused and pleased at the responsiveness of the thief. He slipped off the bed and left Remy muttering curses. Spike went to the dresser, picked up the packet of extra strong mints and slipped one into his mouth. He picked up a tube of menthol muscle rub and squeezed a tiny blob on his finger. Making sure not to disturb that, with his free hand he picked up the pair of leather gloves.


Returning to the bed the blond set the gloves aside and leaned over once again, this time he used his index finger to slowly dab the menthol rub onto one nipple and then the other before working it in properly. Remy looked confused for a few moments as Spike looked into his eyes. Then those red irises flared a little brighter and his mouth formed an ‘oh’ as he guessed that delicious burn had started; white heat prickling the already sensitive nipples.


“Merde… mon dieu.” His head tossed from side to side. “What y’ do t’ me? Dats… oh dat hurts s’ good.”


To emphasise the words, Remy’s cock pulsed and throbbed, oozing more clear juice. Spike smirked triumphantly as he pulled the leather gloves on. Ironically, they were vampire gloves; hundreds of prickly tacks sticking out of the palms, depending on how they were used they could tickle or torture. The blond vampire still had some of the mint left in his mouth as he leaned forward and ran his tongue teasingly up along the length of the hard pulsing shaft.


The gloved hands moved to lightly caress the strongly muscled thighs, tiny pinpricks scratching at the skin. Remy shifted and moaned. The burn on his nipples and the scratching at his thighs sending him crazy, he thrust his hips up.


“Want me to suck that pretty cock of yours, pet?” Spike offered sneakily.


“Oui… si’l vous plait… suck me… please?” The Cajun’s breath was coming ragged and harsh, as he gasped for air.


The vampire was only too happy to oblige, as he took the hard flesh into his mouth and suckled on it, counting in his head until the realisation hit, like it had with the nipples. Gloved hands continued to glide over thighs and abdomen, up over well-defined pecs and already tormented nipples. The touch altered between a light caress and a heavy grazing that left thin red welts in its wake.


The Cajun’s body was on fire, his mind rapidly turning to mush. Everywhere the hands travelled left a blazing trail of sensation, his nipples burned and his cock was being sweetly sucked. Then, his eyes widened again.


“FUCK.” Remy roared. His body stiffening as the cold burn spread along his cock. He gasped for the air that burned his lungs.


Spike would have grinned if he didn’t have his mouth full at that moment. Instead, his eyes twinkled with wickedness. His hands moved to run up and down the insides of Remy’s thighs, grazing over delicate skin, and then he started to rhythmically tap out a pattern that only he could hear in his head. The strength of the drumming varied between light and hard.


He sensed that the boy was so close and he reached both hands up and simultaneously dragged them down the length of his torso hard, scratching the skin, raising bright red welts that were verging on breaking the skin. Oh how he wanted to make this devilish beauty bleed so he could lick it up, but he resisted the urge.


Remy shuddered, his hips snapped up and he cried out loudly as he shot his load into that incredibly talented mouth. His whole body one big nerve that was on fire. He collapsed spent back onto the bed.


Spike removed all contact and looked at the auburn haired man as he fought to regain his breath.





“Wow, Master… that was…wow. You made a perfect choice in that pairing.” The young slave blushed, his cock was hard and leaking steadily from the show they’d just watched in the mirror.


“It wasn’t me that picked them. Though I agree, it was…inspired.” He steepled his fingers, as he looked at the boy knelt by his feet. “One can only hope they will all be as… satisfying.” He smirked down at the erection.


“Think we should give them a while before I go back for Remy?” He looked at the image in the mirror of the two men on the bed.


The Game Master followed his pets gaze. “Yes, I think that might be wise.”




The blond vampire leaned over and kissed those tempting lips, thoroughly plundering his mouth.


“I’m not finished with you yet.” Spike grinned.


“Merde.” Remy whimpered.


Chapter 2 – B is for Bastinado.


The brunette slave stretched and winced, millions of tiny points of pain coursed over his body and registered in his crotch. He whimpered quietly, wondering if his Master was going to celebrate each pairing so thoroughly. A self-satisfied smile tugged at his lips and he looked over, disappointed, to find he was alone in the bed.


He had sucked his Master off while he watched Remy and Spike fucking on the bed. They looked like they’d been together for ages, they knew how to play each other’s body so well. When they’d finished and rested for a while, he’d orbed back to collect Remy. He’d not yet been allowed his own release and his balls hurt badly. The smell of sex had been thick in the air and he’d smiled wickedly as the two kissed their goodbyes and promised to keep in touch.


With Remy safely returned to his room in New York, the young slave had returned home to his Master. There, he’d been rewarded, several times. He’d lost count of how many orgasms he’d had, but he ached in a most pleasant way. He slipped out of bed and headed to the shower.


The vampire gloves that his Master had used on him had been wicked and as the water cascaded over his skin, he hissed loudly at the sensitised flesh. He had to get clean though, so he would endure it. Quickly he washed and rinsed, not wanting to stay in the shower longer than necessary. He tentatively dried himself off, refastened his leather collar and orbed to his Master.


He found the tall slender man sat in front of the computer; he was looking at the bowl. The young man could hear a ticking noise and it intrigued him. Not wanting to interrupt he simply folded himself up to kneel beside the other man’s feet. A hand came down and tangled idly in his damp hair.


The ticking went on for a long few minutes, they both stared at the bowl, expectantly. There was the sound of a cough and two pieces of paper leapt out of the bowl. The Game Master caught them easily. Another of those scary grins split his face, it made his pet shiver, but he waited… not so patiently, for the names.


Long slender fingers reached for the keyboard and started to compose a new message.


//Dear All,


‘A’ was a huge success as I’m sure Demon Dancer and Blond Barb will attest to, not to mention my pet.


Today is a new day though and a new letter. Today… B is for Bastinado. And our pairing is dark kitten and Callophrys fotis. The distance between the two of you is even greater. I will send my pet to transport the kitten as soon as I have replies from the both of you.


The Game Master.//


Without his pet asking, the black-haired man stood and motioned for his boy to follow, “I’ll show you these two, pet. They’re going to make a fascinating pair.”


The dustsheet was pulled from the mirror and the young man watched as his Master repeated the ritual from the day before, leaning forward and whispering the name of the first person into the frame.


“Callophrys fotis.”


The reflection swirled grey before coming into focus. A very proud looking man was moving in the image. His salt and pepper hair was short and neat. He was an older man, but he wore it well, his whole demeanour had a quiet dominance about it. He was in control, not just of himself, but also of everything around him. He was dressed in a cotton shirt with the sleeves rolled up, and grey slacks. He was wearing glasses over steely blue intelligent eyes.


“Gil Grissom. Crime Scene Investigator.”


The youth smiled. “I like him, he looks like he knows exactly what he likes. I wouldn’t want to mess with him.”


His Master nodded, “Yes, but he’s also patient. Something I think will be necessary with the young man he’s paired with.”


He leaned in and whispered into the frame, “Dark kitten.”


The image swirled again, a mixture of black and white with a streak of red through it. The young man watching it thought this in itself was interesting. Eventually the picture settled on a young man with a mop of thick brunette hair that curled down his neck and around his ears, and the deepest chocolate brown eyes he’d ever seen; he swore he could see right down into the guy’s soul. He didn’t look much older than himself. As he watched a playful grin lit his face and his eyes sparkled with pure mischief.


“Xander Harris.” The dark tones of his Master’s voice cut into the silence.




“Yes, pet.”


“He looks so, normal, so young.”


“He’s not as normal as he looks. Remember that Slayer sidekick that Spike got his soul for?”


The brunette nodded, with a frown, then he realised what his Master was getting at. “Him? Really? Oh this is so cool. But…why aren’t they together?” He turned questioning eyes on the foreboding man.


There was a heavy sigh before he replied, “Spike died saving the world. When he came back he didn’t want them to know. I have no idea why.”


“So, Xander doesn’t even know he’s alive? Damn.”


With a wave of an arm the image faded and returned to a reflection of the young man in front of it.


“They both saved the world.” He stated distractedly, “Makes me feel…”


“You’ve done your fair share, pet.” His Master had obviously heard something similar from his boy before and pulled him into an embrace as he offered words of reassurance. This was his softer side, the one that no one else ever saw except for the young man in his arms. “More than your fair share. You’ve been through a lot, pet.”




Gil hadn’t been able to sleep. He was off for the next two days and the previous night’s shift had been hectic, but still he was wide-awake. He’d made himself hot tea and sat down at the computer. He was relieved that he hadn’t been picked in the first pairing, but he was curious to see how it had gone, and who would be next. The letter B had so many possibilities. He flicked through the net for a while and then headed back to the group site. Every time he visited it, it made him give a little snort of amusement at the title of the group, heaven knows why he counted as a hero.


He clicked it open and smirked around his cup just before he sipped. It would seem that the other two had fun, he would have to see if he could get them to write up an account of it.


“B is for…” Gil trailed off. The name of the kink was not new to him, it was that he had spotted his nickname in the pairing.


Bastinado… the act of punishing the soles of a person’s feet. Gil thought back to an experiment with Greg Sanders and chuckled. He’d always had a thing for feet but mostly he preferred to have a sub worshipping his. With a dark smile on his lips, the CSI clicked the reply.


//Callophrys fotis will be awaiting the kitten’s arrival.//


He knew just the toys that were required for this particular scene and he was already getting hard at the prospect. Without shutting down the computer Gil headed to prepare the spare room. It had been a while since he’d played, but the room was still set up ready. He had hoped that he would be able to entice Greg in to play sometime, but he still had yet to be proved correct in his guess that the young man was gay and a submissive.


Gil hummed quietly as he readied himself. He changed his clothes, pulling on a snug fitting blue T-shirt and worn blue denims. He was glad now that he’d made the decision to shave his beard as his thoughts turned to whom he had been paired with. Dark kitten was an unusual name for a young man; it conjured all kinds of images in his mind. He conceded that he would just have to wait and see.


He couldn’t help but be curious about how the Game Master’s pet was going to “transport” the other man. Gil Grissom was a logical man by nature, but he couldn’t deny that he had seen things in his life that he couldn’t easily explain away scientifically. That was something else that was on the wait and see list.




Xander slammed his office door, he was throwing a hissy fit and he knew it. He just didn’t really care. He cursed Buffy in all the demonic languages he knew. He couldn’t understand why, after all this time, she was still able to make him feel like the donut boy. He growled and threw himself into his chair. He was so lost in his own world that it took a few minutes to register the flashing “you have mail” on his computer. He grumbled to himself as he clicked the mouse over it to open it, more work no doubt.


Eyes silently scanned and his mouth moved as he read to himself but without voicing the words. He reread it again… twice. It was him, it was really him that was going to be playing. But what the hell was Bastinado? With a puzzled expression, he did what he knew best… research. He opened a Google window and typed the word in.


He clicked the first link and read.


“Oh.” He said aloud. Was it a good thing that the image of getting his feet whipped both aroused and terrified him? Part of him wished he hadn’t looked.


He had been at work all day and he needed to get home and shower. He couldn’t go anywhere as he was. How on earth was he going anywhere anyway? He thought about portals and the like as he typed a quick reply.


//Please give me half an hour. Dark Kitten//


Insides twisting with nerves, Xander jumped out of his seat and flicked his computer off. He was out of the door and on his way down the stairs heading for his car. He heard Buffy’s shrill voice calling after him. He ignored it, the night held more interesting things for him than demons and slaying… at least he hoped it did.




The young slave orbed, fully dressed, into the small living room. Xander was stood looking open mouthed, he had only just finished pulling his shirt on. He looked at the man in front of him.


“That was… pretty neat. How did you do that?” Xander was trying to see round his guest, although he wasn’t sure to what end.


“Magic.” Was the simple, patient reply. “Are you ready, Xander?”


“Hey… how’d you know my name? Oh, right, magic, like Willow I guess… she can do some freaky things you know but I don’t think I ever saw her appear out of thin air before. Well, it wasn’t really thin, and there was that sparkly-ness and everything, but all in all it was an impressive entrance.” Xander babbled on.


His visitor was grinning at him as he listened. The ex-sunnydaler was slightly older than him but at that moment the gap had closed. He was amused and suspected that given the chance the two of them could become friends.


“Oh right… yeah, ready… as I’ll ever be anyway. I’m a bit nervous y’know. I guess that’s only to be expected really, not exactly your usual situation. I suppo….”


The amused slave reached out, took a hold of Xander’s arm and orbed them both out…mid word and mid sentence.




“…se… wow… what just happened?” Xander barely skipped a beat in his most recent ramble as they orbed into Gil’s living room.


“That would be my question too.” A quiet, masculine voice spoke from behind them.


The two young men that had appeared in his living room turned to face him. Both were brunette and they looked quite similar in height, but similarities ended there. The one who had been talking had longer hair that was an unruly mop and curled around the collar at the back, his eyes were a deep soulful brown, and his face slightly softer in structure, his chin a little roughened with stubble. He had laugher lines around those beautiful eyes. His muscles were also more bulky where the other was toned and defined.


The other man had greenish brown eyes that looked almost sultry, a thinner face with a stronger more chiselled jaw. He was clean cut where the other was more rugged. The silent one wore a white leather collar round his neck, which drew a raised eyebrow from Gil.


“Hi, Mr Grissom…Gil, this is Xander… Xander… Gil. Have fun.” He grinned and vanished.


Xander pointed to the empty space beside him. “Did you see that, that was cool. Man I wish I could do something cool like that, I just got the eye thing, but that’s pretty wicked in itself I guess.”


Gil’s other eyebrow joined the first, “Quite.” There was a heartbeat of a pause, “The eye thing?”


“Yeah, yeah… I lost it, long story…usual apocalypse thing, but when Willow got her mojo going on, she did this spell, only something really weird happened and I ended up with a magic eye. Well, its not like it can ‘do’ magic as such but its magic in that it can see things that ordinary eyes can’t.”


A teasing smirk pulled at Gil’s lips. “Remarkable. You managed to say all that and you didn’t seem to take a breath.”


Xander felt heat creep up his cheeks. “Sorry, nervous… I babble.” He consciously monitored how much he said to avoid freefall babble mode.


The younger of the two had never really thought about older guys in a sexual way before, he didn’t have too many reference points for the fanciable older guy. There was Giles of course but he was much more of a father figure. He wasn’t sure if he could class Angel and Spike as older guys… even though they were older than any man had a right to be and still do all that hero stuff. Ok, so they were vampires and they still wore the bodies of the young and sexy, but technically they were old enough to be… He cut off his mental babble; that was a thought he did *not* want to explore further.


The thing was, he now found himself looking at this man, who looked to be in his forties and thinking how incredibly sexy he was. He was so composed, he had an air of dominance about him and Xander already had the urge to drop to his knees and kiss his feet, something he hadn’t experienced since he was with Spike. When he came out of his introspective, he noticed that he was being carefully studied with a calculating look. He shifted nervously from foot to foot; something that he suspected it would be a while before he could do without discomfort.


The youth’s anxious babbling had amused Gil and it had given him a little insight into this stranger stood in his living room. The investigator in him wanted to understand him and know more about him before they took the next step. But, he had to admit that aside from the talk of magic and the nervous babbling, he was mostly clueless. He was torn between moving straight into it or to ease the boy in, offer him a drink perhaps.


“Its understandable to be nervous.” Gil took a step nearer and smiled reassuringly. “You… are a very attractive young man.” He found himself confessing.


Xander blushed hotly and ducked his head slightly. The reaction caused a chuckle from the older man.


“Choose a safe word…kitten.” Griss deliberately emphasised the use of the nickname with a teasing smile.


He watched as Xander’s brow furrowed in concentration as he tried to think of a suitable word. Gil gave him a few minutes pondering time before speaking up. “Perhaps the word ‘babble’.” There was the smallest of smiles on his face, but his blue eyes were twinkling.


“Yeah, that will work.” Was the ready agreement.


Gil nodded. He realised that he couldn’t wait to get his hands on this boy. He slowly started to walk around him, studying him from all angles. “You have experience as a sub?”


“Yes, Sir.” Xan replied automatically, his cheeks heated up a little more, as he realised the term of respect that had slipped out so easily.


Griss smiled, knowingly. He watched as the young man’s posture pulled up, his back straightening under the scrutiny. He was impressed with what he saw. He came around in front of Xander, his hands ran up and slid his shirt off over his shoulders, pulled it down the young man’s muscular arms and off at the hands. He wasted no time discarding the plain burgundy shirt, and rapidly tugged the black t-shirt from the waistband too. Soon, that too joined the shirt on the floor, leaving his quarry, bare-chested. His hands found the twin nubs of his nipples and pinched them gently at first and then harder. Adding a slight twist dragged a moan of pleasure-pain from the young man.


“Beautiful.” Gil murmured as Xander arched into his hands.


The brunette could hardly believe that the man was looking at him when he spoke that word. He had never felt beautiful. Sure, Spike had made him believe in himself, had given him a confidence that he’d lacked for so long and boosted his self-esteem, but he still didn’t think himself beautiful. He watched as those torturous but gentle hands skimmed down over his tanned abdomen and ran lightly back and forth above the waistband of his jeans. It tickled in an entirely good way and caused a shiver to run the length of his spine.


Then those exploring hands were unbuckling his belt, with a tug, it was pulled through the loops and out. Gil pulled the leather through his hand, doubled it over and grinned at a particularly wicked thought.


“Take off your shoes and socks.” He commanded and stepped back to watch.


There was a brief flicker of confusion on the brunette’s ruggedly handsome face, before he dropped to the ground to unfasten his boots and pull them off. He worked quickly pulling them and the socks from his feet before standing back up. It was odd to him, that act, removing his own socks and shoes, knowing full well that his feet were going to be beaten. He felt his cock pulse in his jeans at the realisation that he had just prepared himself for punishment.


Gil nodded, pleased. One hand reached out and traced the outline of Xander’s erection that was clearly visible under the denim. The young man swallowed hard at the barely there touch. It urged Gil on and he massaged the bulge appreciatively.


“Please?” Xander gasped.


A smug grin tugged on the older man’s lips as he turned away, having gained the reaction he wanted.


“Follow me, Kitten.” He said as he walked towards the spare room, trusting Xander to follow. He was hard with anticipation himself, and he knew that by the end of the day, he would be fucking the young man into oblivion.


Xander followed, now wearing just his jeans, he felt oddly exposed being barefoot; he figured that was the idea of it. When he entered the room behind Gil, his step faltered and he felt his heart rate pick up. This man obviously knew his stuff; he had his own playroom. He was still taking in the room when he registered hands on his fly, undoing each button one by one. There was nothing slow about the action now… he wanted him naked. The jeans where pulled open and roughly yanked down over his hips and thighs to his knees. He didn’t have time to worry about modesty as his erect cock and swollen balls were exposed. He gulped audibly and he almost giggled at the cartoon sound of it.


The brunette lifted his leg at Gil’s bidding so that he could pull his jeans all the way off. He left him standing there, naked in front of him, his cock bobbing enthusiastically in time with his heartbeat. An exploring hand wrapped around the hard flesh and stroked it firmly, getting the measure of the size and weight of it. It was average in length and girth but heavily veined, he was cut too, like Gil, something that the older man appreciated greatly. He let go and stepped away, crossing the room he stopped by the padded bench and patted the surface.


“I want you face down on here, boy.”


Xander was feeling self-conscious about his nakedness; his hands wanted to cover himself up as he crossed to the bench and hopped up onto it. He noticed the cutout in it and figured that it was meant for his face to go in it. Carefully he eased himself down onto the surface, taking a moment to arrange his erection for comfort. He settled with his face in the cutout and found it to be surprisingly comfortable.


He felt those gentle hands run over his back, moving over some faded scars with interest. His war wounds, he thought to himself.


Gil was taking in the body that was spread out in front of him. The young man was a warrior, the scars on his back told a story of injuries acquired during hard fought battles. He let his hands wander, taking in the pert enticing ass. His hands massaged the globes and squeezed and he visualised sliding his cock between the twin mounds.


Picking up an 18” spreader bar, Griss moved to the end of the bench. He cuffed each ankle to one end, forcing the feet apart a good, but comfortable, distance. He paused there a moment to run an index finger lightly along the sole of the right foot from toe to heel. He chuckled when the toes wriggled. Moving along the length of the bench, Gil firmly gripped the young man’s wrists and pulled them behind his back.


“Hold them there.” He instructed, while he went for wrist cuffs.


He was pleased that he wasn’t questioned or disobeyed. And he quickly buckled the thick padded leather around both wrists, chaining them together. He had also brought two lengths of chain back to the bench with him. Attaching one end of both chains to the short one that ran between the wrist cuffs, he then ran one to the left ankle and the other to the right ankle and attached them.


The combination of cuffs and chains forced Xander to bend his knees in a modified hogtie. There was still too much freedom for movement though and Gil used a final chain, attached to the bar underneath the foot end of the bench, to secure to the spreader bar and prevent Xander pulling his feet up to his butt.


The brunette had allowed his limbs to be manipulated without protest, he had an idea of what was coming and as nervous as he was, he was also incredibly turned on by it. When it became apparent that Gil was finished he couldn’t help but tug and twist to test the limits. The other man had been incredibly thorough though and he didn’t have a great deal of room to move. He moaned as his body relaxed again, content that he was truly restrained.


The result of Gil’s binding was that the soles of Xander’s feet were now nicely presented to him at a good height and angle. He ran his hands lightly over the two soles, watching the wriggling of toes at the ticklish sensation. Then with the palm of his hand he slapped first one then the other. Xan gasped, hidden from the older man’s sight he bit down on his lip.


Griss had taken care to lay his kit close at hand, he picked up the wartenberg wheel and ran it the length of the left sole, lightly at first then with more pressure, the spines prickling and sensitising the thin skin. He repeated it on the right foot until he heard a moan and a whispered curse from the young man.


Gil picked up the young man’s own belt and smirked. He struck first one sole then the other, teasingly, with no intent to hurt. “Feel that, kitten, that’s your belt. I’m going to beat your feet with your own belt after you bared them to me. And we both know how much you’re going to enjoy it don’t we boy?”


The only vocalised response was akin to a grunt, the young man was agreeing internally though. He knew Gil was right, the idea that he was essentially the master of his own punishment was powerfully arousing; he had put himself in this position.


The belt struck again, but harder, first one foot then the other then back again. It fell ten times on each sole, moving over from the balls of the feet to the instep to the heel and starting again, each pass striking harder. Gil paused a moment and lightly stroked the skin with his free hand. Then he restarted, picking up with the intensity he’d left off at. Ten more strikes followed by another rest and then a further Ten. By the last stroke of the belt the blows were brutal and Xander was crying out as the pain reverberated from his feet all through his body and settled in his groin.


Gil set the belt aside and leaned down; gently he kissed each reddened foot almost reverently. He lightly caressed the soles simultaneously. The contact was a heady mix of pleasure and pain for Xan, and he wondered if he would be able to walk when they were finished.


The hands were moving higher, exploring his thighs and butt, tongue and lips were joining in the fun, kissing and licking his flesh. It felt so nice that Xander felt himself relaxing muscles that he hadn’t even realised he’d tensed.


Gil knew he could spend hours exploring and enjoying this youth’s body and hoped he would get the opportunity to do so after they were finished with the foot punishment.


He grinned as he stepped back again, this time he picked up a light weight cane. He ran the tip of it lightly along the outside of the brunette’s thigh, giving him a clue as to what was to come next. He positioned the shaft of the cane across the left instep before pulling it back and bringing it down with a light tap. He used the cane lightly, striking it down ten times with equal strength before moving to the other foot and doing the same.


The second time he returned to the left foot with the cane he brought it down harder. The third time it was hard enough to leave red stripes on the tender flesh, he covered the soles evenly. Ten strikes for the left foot and then ten for the right, hard enough that they raised welts.


Gil was surprised with how quiet the young man was, he had no way of gauging if he was flying or not. He gently swatted a butt cheek and received a moan of pleasure. He smiled wickedly, pleased that the boy was still in there. He turned to his table and struck a match to light two candles, they were ones he kept in especially for such purposes. He watched as the wax melted, one hand absently tracing patterns on Xander’s skin to reassure him of his presence.


The candles may have had a low melting point, but the soles of Xan’s feet were already abused. So, when the first drip of wax hit, he cried out in pain. Xander tried to jerk his foot away but it failed to make a difference, a second drip followed and then a third. He cried out at each one, his body flushing with heat even as his cock leaked and pulsed, trapped between his body and the bench. Then it stopped, he gasped for air and tried to relax, but his foot was on fire and his balls ached with the need for release. Then the first drip hit the other foot and he cried out in pain-pleasure all over again, he couldn’t count the second and third drips as the sensations blended into each other.


Tears formed in Xander’s eyes and ran down to drip off his nose onto the ground. The pain was intense but he loved it, and it was more that fact that he found himself crying. There had been a long pause and he’d felt hands sliding over his body again, gentle kisses and soft words filtered through to his lust-addled brain.


“So good, so beautiful, you’re doing so well, kitten, so well. I’m proud of you. When I’m finished I’m going to give you such a sweet reward.” Gil murmured into the young man’s ear.


“Sir…please…?” Xander murmured.


“Shh, its alright, Kitten.” Gil was peeling the wax off the flesh, it was reddened underneath and he looked pleased.


He never gave the young man time to think about what would come next, as he brought down the paddle onto first one sole then the other, five rapid strikes on each. While Xander was still crying out at the contact, Gil’s skilful fingers were unclipping the chains and the cuffs. His hand rubbed aching muscles and he placed gentle kisses on each butt cheek.


Gil helped the brunette to sit up, allowing his feet dangling above the floor as he sat on the edge of the bench. While he kissed him gently on swollen lips, he pushed away the tears on his face. He looked down at the hard flesh, it was pointing upwards and weeping steadily. Cruelly, Gil pulled him to his feet and as the tortured soles hit the ground he cried out in pain. The older man rewarded him with a gentle kiss and led him across the room to the comfortable looking bed.


Xander winced and whimpered with every step but didn’t complain. Gratefully, he sank down on the bed, stretching out on his back without being told to. He knew what Gil wanted; he wanted it too. The fact that the older man was rapidly tugging his clothes off was a good indication of what was coming. He smiled up at him as the grey haired man stretched a surprisingly well-conditioned body over the top of him. His feet burned but that was eclipsed as those sweet lips possessed his own and the tongue snaked into his mouth, chasing and playing with his own.


Reaching under the pillow, Grissom quickly retrieved the tube of lube that lived there. He hoisted Xan’s legs up over his shoulders as he sat back on his heels and squeezed some of the lube onto his fingers. Quickly he sank first one finger, then two into the waiting, eager hole. The brunette was obviously hungry for it and Gil really didn’t want the delay of preparation, but he wouldn’t risk tearing the boy. He crooked his fingers and Xander cried out in pleasure.


Then the begging started as the young man pleaded to be fucked, he promised everything from his home to his life, to the lives of everyone he knew; the words tumbling from his mouth unchecked, if only Gil would fuck him.


The fingers withdrew and finally he had his wish as Gil lubed and pushed his cock head into that waiting, tight sheath. They both moaned their pleasure as his hardness sunk in. They both knew they wouldn’t last long once they started and Gil thrust in all the way. He didn’t give Xander anytime to adjust before he started to pull out and push back in hard and fast, he set up a punishing pace.


In no time at all, Xander’s body tensed, every muscle in his body popped out rigid and he howled his completion as cum spurted up over both of their torsos. The tight clenching of ass muscles around Gil’s cock was too much and with a silent cry he threw his head back and flooded that hot eager channel.




The brunette slave looked at the image, he swallowed hard. After the day before, he knew what was coming and he knew he would have sore feet for days. He looked up at his Master with trepidation. His look was met with a wicked sneer.


Chapter 3 – C is for CBT


“Oh Crap.” Harry said to himself, his voice sounding loud in his empty apartment.


The young wizard had been so excited to see how things had gone the previous day and what today would bring, including the pairing to be selected, that he’d been stunned with what he’d found. It wasn’t so much a problem that his name was there, the thing that had him blinking owlishly was the kink for the play.


CBT, cock and ball torture, just the thought of it had his balls trying to hide by shrinking into his body. He was still no nearer to finding out which way his interest lay, as a sub or as a dom, but he had a suspicion that his partner ‘Tainted Angel’ would have no such confusion. He doubted his ability to be able to dish it out as much as his ability to take it.


He’d hit the reply button a good 10 minutes ago but he’d yet to complete the message, he just didn’t know what to say.


Harry stood up and paced his living room. His thoughts turning back to what Hermione had said, maybe she’d been right and he was crazy to do this. He supposed it wasn’t too late to back out, but was it fair to do so? Besides, it just wasn’t him to run from a challenge.


He sat back down determinedly and started to type.


//This will be a real challenge, I’m both terrified and intrigued. Will Tainted Angel be coming to me or shall I be going to him? Snake Charmer18//


He hit send and felt his insides flip. He hoped he wasn’t getting himself into something he couldn’t handle.




“Typical Potter, always the martyr, never one to run from something he doesn’t want to do.” The Game Master sneered as he read the reply.


“Potter? As in… Harry Potter?” His pets eyes had grown bright and excited, “*The* Harry Potter?”


His Master rolled his eyes. “Yes, pet. Don’t get all star struck, he’s not all that impressive in the flesh.”


“But he’s a legend, he defeated he-who-shall-not-be-named.” The young slave bit his tongue before he gave away something he shouldn’t about the future. Every wizard and witch grew up knowing who Harry Potter was.


“Yes… quite.” The dark voice was laced with sarcasm.


“I’m going to meet Harry Potter.” Was the small, gasped realisation.


There was a derisive snort from his Master as he stood up and headed for the room with the mirror. Without thinking, he jumped to his feet and yelped loudly. He had quite the battle not to curse. The soles of his feet were so bruised, knowing what C was, he was already dreading his Master’s celebration of the pairing that would occur in a few hours. He wondered if the next 24 days would be the death of him.


Cheating he orbed through to the other room and for once was incredibly relieved to go down on his knees. His Master was chuckling wickedly at his discomfort and he thought it was most unfair. Perhaps he would beg for them to be healed before the next torture was inflicted on him.


The image swam, bright white swirling mixed with threads of bright green. When it settled the image of a scruffy youth was visible. His dark hair was mussed and just and so hid a scar on his forehead. Bright green eyes shone out markedly, there was laughter in his eyes and tugging at his lips. His clothes were unremarkable, jeans and t-shirt with some slogan on it.


“Harry Potter.” His Master told him, with the tone of the terminally unimpressed.


“He’s so ordinary.”


“What did you expect? A halo and wings?” The lanky man scoffed, knowing the man who would be displayed next.


“I… I don’t know.” He wasn’t disappointed, but it was strange. He really didn’t know what he’d expected, if anything. He knelt and stared up at the image quietly for a moment. He was somewhat surprised that his hero worship was being indulged. “Is he dom or sub?” He asked with a frown after a while.


“Merlin knows… He doesn’t even know himself.”


“Perhaps he’s a switch then, that would explain it. Its not like he has to pigeon hole himself. I guess it would be kind of hard to submit for him, but I can also see that it would be a huge relief to find someone he respected enough that he could let go.”


The Game Master was silently impressed with his boy’s thoughtfulness, he always had such a strong grasp of human nature that he lacked himself. He’d indulged him long enough though, leaning in, he whispered the second name to the frame.


“Warren Worthington the Third.” He declared, as the blond man came into view.


There was a loud gasp from his boy and he felt satisfied by the sound.


“He’s an angel?” There was quite rightly, a look of confusion etched deeply on his young slave’s handsome face.


“No, pet, he just… looks like one. He’s a mutant, as well as the wings he has a healing ability.”


Blond curls framed the beautiful face and blue eyes were bright and distracting, but not as distracting as the huge, fluffy white, wings. He wanted to stroke them, wanted to stroke the strong chest and muscular arms that were naked and on display too. He blushed and lowered his eyes to the floor. It was wrong for him to long for another like that.


The submissive gesture did not go unnoticed by his Master. He stepped close to his boy and lifted his chin. “You are mine, pet. I don’t mind if you look, and it doesn’t bother me if you lust… at the end of the day… you are with me, in my arms.”


“Yes, Master. Yours, only yours.” Was the quiet reply.


The image vanished with a wave of his hand.




//I will come to you. Where I am is not very private for the kind of play we will be enjoying.




That said it all to Harry, the man was obviously a dom. From the reply that the Game Master had left, he figured he had about an hour to prepare. He headed to the bathroom and showered thoroughly before placing his hand on his pubic hair and saying the short spell he’d made up “Abrumpo Capillus Genitor”. Leaving his genitals hair free. It wasn’t the first time he’d done it, and he always enjoyed the sensation of being naked down there, it felt so naughty and sexy.


He figured that if they were going to be indulging in CBT that it was best to be clean-shaven. He shuddered at that thought.


He ran his hand over his smooth balls and felt his cock harden in response. He moaned and thought about a quick jack off session. But that would be cheating, wouldn’t it? He was 18 and there was little doubt in his mind that he would be able to get hard again. But how embarrassing would it be if they arrived while he was still…at it? He decided to wait.


Harry pulled on a pair of jeans and roughly towelled his unruly hair until it was only a little damp. Looking in the mirror, he chuckled at his dishevelled appearance. Who would guess by looking at him that he was the most powerful wizard in the world? He smirked at his reflection and messed with his hair until it lay vaguely how he wanted it.




The new messages had been waiting when Warren had woke up. He’d had a late night out flying and so had ended up sleeping late. The first thing he’d done was check out Snake Charmer18’s profile. It had turned out that he really was 18 and lived in England. His wings fluttered restlessly as he waited to be taken to the young man.


The next thing he did was check his kit. He pulled the holdall from the bottom of the wardrobe and sorted through the items in there. Some of it was unneeded and he unloaded them into a pillowcase and returned them to their usual hiding place. He had some toys that were perfect for this kind of play.




Harry held out his wand in his bedroom. He wasn’t sure why he even bothered with the wand anymore, he’d shown that he didn’t need it in the final battle. Somehow, it just felt comfortable to use it sometimes though.


“Amplio Cella” The room more than doubled in width and length.


“Aperio Necto Cuspis” He didn’t point at anything in particular, he knew it would work on the whole room.


The room shimmered and transformed; attachment points becoming visible on the walls, floor and ceiling. Chains, with cuffs attached, dangled loosely.


He pointed his wand at his standard double bed and muttered again, “Amplio.” He transformed it into a large sumptuous bed with satin sheets and comforter, piles of pillows heaped on it by the headboard.


He looked around the room satisfied that everything was as it should be and returned to his living room to await his guest.




Warren wasn’t surprised when the young brunette appeared in his bedroom. His kit was waiting on the bed and he simply picked it up with a pleasant smile in the guy’s direction.


“I’ve been expecting you.” Warren said simply.


The young slave, smiled. “Yeah, I guess you have.” His eyes were drawn to the wings.


“They’re not going to be an issue are they? I really don’t want to have to bind them. This whole thing is about being myself.”


“No, not at all. I don’t think your play partner will be shocked or object. He’s used to the unusual.”


Warren raised an eyebrow in interest. “Is that so? He’s only young, has he seen so much?”


The young slave’s smile wavered, “he’s had a difficult life. He’s young, but mature…and powerful.”


He reached out his hand to the tall blond man with an inviting smile, “I’ll take you to him.”




Harry was pacing the length of his living room, chewing on a fingernail. He was sure that they would have arrived by now, and the longer they took the more nervous he felt. Mentally, he was rehearsing the release spell, saying the latin word over and over in his head. He had moved beyond expecting them and was now worried they wouldn’t be coming.


He turned to head for his computer to see if there were any new messages. With a musical sound two men appeared in front of him. He stared at them a moment. One was brunette and wearing a white collar round his neck, the other was blond and had white wings that were fluttering with anxiety or agitation he couldn’t quite tell for sure.


“M…Mr Potter… Harry. It’s an honour.” The slave stammered. He was staring back at Harry, his face full of awe and admiration.


As Harry met his greeny-brown eyes they dropped to the floor and a blush crept up his cheeks. As used to fame as he was, the younger man still wasn’t prepared to face it in his home. He gave a self-conscious smile.


“There’s no need…” Harry started to say, and the eyes came back up to meet his.


Warren watched the exchange with interest. The young man who’d brought him here respected the boy, he was reacting like he was someone very important. That was food for thought. He coughed to remind them of his presence.


“Oh, sorry.” The Game Master’s pet blushed deeply, “Warren Worthington… this is Harry Potter. Harry… Warren.”


He looked back at Harry, “I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable, Master will be laughing at me. He already thinks…” He trailed off, looking like he was listening to an unheard voice. “I’ll come back when you’re ready to go home.” He said to Warren and vanished.


“Hi.” Harry said, suddenly feeling shy.


“Should I be bowing? Our friend seemed somewhat in awe of you?” Warren laced his comment with the unasked question ‘what’s so special about you?’


“I… no… I mean… I have that affect on wizards and witches, they… um… I’m sort of important to them.”


“Wizards and…?” Warren wondered if he’d fallen down the rabbit hole. He’d assumed that the young man that brought him here was a mutant that could teleport.


“Yeah.” Harry ran a hand through his hair, his eyes kept shifting to the wings that he could see peeking up from Warren’s back. “Like me.”


“You’re a wizard?” He couldn’t help it; his voice was full of disbelief and more than a little condescending.


The dark haired boy nodded, holding his ego in check and not launching into the propaganda, this guy wouldn’t want to hear it.


“This is gonna sound crazy, but… are you really an angel?” Harry turned the conversation away from himself.


Warren rolled his eyes, “No, I’m not… just a mutant with wings.” His tone was a little harsher than he’d intended and he noticed the young man wince.


“Sorry.” Harry muttered and shifted uncomfortably.


It was Warren’s turn to wince, he hadn’t meant to hurt the boy’s feelings, and it wasn’t the way to start things off for sure. “No, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have snapped. It just gets old.” His tone softened as he stepped nearer, treating the youth like a frightened child.


“I can understand that, totally.” He waved his hand at the spot that the other guy had vacated, “I get that a lot. It’s why I try not to spend too much time in the wizarding community. But I have responsibilities, its unavoidable.”


Warren was intrigued, how could such a young man be so important, have so much fame. He was like a movie star almost, but more so it would seem. “They all want a piece of us, huh?”


Perhaps this pairing was not so unusual after all, they had things in common in a strange way. Both were in the spotlight, with more responsibility than they cared to carry and not enough space to be themselves. Constantly living up to other people’s expectations and meeting the needs of the public; leaving their own unacknowledged. As he watched, Harry visibly relaxed. He’d hit the spot and Warren smiled inwardly.


“Oh Merlin, yes, not just a piece but whole limbs.” Harry agreed, not realising he had taken a step closer himself. It was then that he noticed the bag in warren’s hand, though, and he started to tense again.


He bent to put the bag on the floor, “You don’t have to fear me Harry. I can make this pleasurable for both of us, but you have to let me.” Warren said softly, closing the gap between them. Reaching up he cupped the handsome boy’s face in his hands.


Harry blinked up at him, he was nervous… no, he was terrified. But if he didn’t do this then he’d always wonder about the ‘what ifs?’ Sex with a stranger was supposed to be easy and stress free, it was supposed to be the thing to do if you don’t want to get involved. Some how though, Harry always seemed to try to make anonymous meetings into something more. He wanted to be loved and cared for, he wanted someone who could see past what he was. So, he could acknowledge that he wasn’t just scared of what they were going to do, but also that he might get stupidly attached.


He nodded. “I want to do this.” He told him sincerely.


Warren smiled, “Good.”


“I need a safeword.” Harry declared quietly.


The blond mutant nodded, “Do you have one in mind.”


“Libero. It will release me too.” He said the word aloud that he’d been rehearsing in his head for almost an hour before Warren had arrived.


Familiar with Latin, Warren smiled, “It will?”


Harry grinned, “You want me to prove it to you?”


That seemed to break the ice between the two of them and Warren started to laugh at the strangeness of the situation. He was in England, about to engage in S & M play with a wizard who could release himself with a word. It was fairly ridiculous.


“I suppose we should go to the bedroom.” The young wizard’s voice cut into Warren’s amusement.


The blond American picked up his bag and held his hand out with a smile, “lead the way.”


Harry walked fully into the charmed bedroom. “This is it.” He said with modesty. He looked at Warren who’s eyes gave nothing away as he evaluated the room. “If it’s not what you want I can change it. I just went for how I usually, um, entertained… which isn’t often so it might not be right.”


“Change it, how?” Warren asked. He was quietly impressed with the room, it was dark and sultry with rich reds and gold, it was a surprise and not at all what he’d expected.


“Y’know, with magic. Is it ok? Is there anything you…er… need?”


Warren shook his head, “It looks like you’ve thought of everything. Anything else I need, I brought with me.” He set his bag down on a dresser.


Harry fingered the hem of his t-shirt, wondering if he should strip off, or wait to be told, or… there were too many variables. So, he ended up doing what felt right and pulled his top off, revealing his quidditch toned muscles. Warren was facing away from him as it came off. He was about to toss it aside when he felt that maybe he should have waited, he almost put it back on again.


Indecision was still clearly etched on Harry’s features when Warren turned to face him. Eyes scanned over that delicious torso. “You work out? Or is that magic too?” He asked with humour in his tone.


“I play quidditch, it puts muscle on you in places you didn’t know existed.” Harry said brightly with a blush, not mentioning the fact he had displaced Krum as the most successful Seeker in the sport.


“Quidditch?” Warren thought he was familiar with most sports, but he’d never heard of it, perhaps it was an English thing.


“It’s a wizard thing… broomsticks and enchanted balls.” Harry gave a small laugh.


Warren removed his own shirt and fluttered his wings to settle the feathers more comfortably.


“Wow.” Harry felt his cock stir at the expanse of muscle that greeted him. “Suddenly, I feel like a scrawny kid again.”


The blond chuckled, “My work requires a high level of fitness, not to mention the flying. I’ve a few years on you yet, keep up with the sport and you’ll catch up.” He nodded towards the dark-haired youth’s jeans, “Take them off too and any underwear.”


A redness crept up his cheeks, he hadn’t blushed so much since that time in the prefect’s bathroom with moaning myrtle. He looked down, then back up, suddenly feeling bashful, what if he didn’t measure up? He hesitated, hands hovering over the fly.


“Now, boy.” Warren’s tone was commanding. Pleasantries over with, it was down to the business of the day.


Harry was grateful for the change in attitude, it let him know where he stood and what was expected. His hands moved to obey regardless of his thoughts. His fly unbuttoned, he pushed his jeans and jockey shorts down together and pulled them off his feet. He hadn’t bothered with shoes and socks, there hadn’t seemed much point, he knew he’d only have to take them off again. His hands automatically moved to cover his hardening cock, trying to spare his modesty.


“Don’t cover yourself up boy or I’ll cuff your hands behind your back out of the way.”


Harry gulped and nervously moved his hands to hang at his sides. Evidently, the embarrassment didn’t put a damper on his arousal, as his cock continued to harden under the piercing blue gaze of the older man.


Warren was careful not to show his amusement at the boy’s discomfort, instead he gave him an approving smile, focusing on the hairless pubic area. A thought took shape in his mind and his smile grew wicked.


“You can restrain yourself against the wall.” He pointed to the chains and cuffs that hung from the wall. The young man was a wizard, might as well make use of it.


Harry didn’t know whether to laugh or blush at the instruction, he had no doubt that the instruction meant he was to use his magic to achieve the goal. He stepped up to the wall and turned to face outward. Spreading his legs and holding his arms up, he spoke softly, “Ligo.”


Warren watched with barely contained amazement as the cuffs snaked around Harry’s wrists and ankles, fastening buckles snugly.


“Adstringo” The chains tightened into the wall until his limbs were stretched.


The winged mutant was not easily impressed, but he couldn’t deny that the display of power had done just that. He felt like applauding. “Well, that’s a real time saver.”


Despite his predicament, Harry laughed. He’d never thought about that before, something else occurred to him too at that point. He didn’t need another person to give himself the kind of pleasure he liked; for some reason he’d never thought of perverting his power to those ends before.


Warren stepped up in front of him. Leaning in, he licked at Harry’s neck, then suckled, grazing his teeth against tender flesh. He moved his lips and tongue over the pulse point and nuzzled gently. He worked his way up, nipping at the boy’s earlobe with his teeth, he flickered his tongue over it then blew a stream of cool air across it.


Harry moaned and shivered, his body responding to the teasing attention. He could feel strong hands exploring his body, sliding over his pecs and down over the six pack abs. All the while that wicked mouth played with the delicate skin at his neck, nipping tantalizingly. A hand finally settled on his smooth crotch, gently rolling his balls loosely in their sack.


Harry moaned in pleasure, squirming slightly and tilting his head to the side to allow Warren more room at his neck. He was caught off guard when the hand that was gently fondling him started to pull downwards on his testicles; the pull was slow and insistent. The cuffs on Harry’s wrists wouldn’t allow him to follow the pull downwards, which of course was the idea. He scrunched his eyes shut in pain but didn’t cry out. The pressure was released and his ball sac relaxed, he gasped for air.


The warmth of the body pressed close to him receded and Harry opened his eyes to see where Warren had gone. He saw him collecting something from the bag. In one hand the blond man was holding a black leather blindfold, in the other he held a bundle of soft cord. He set the latter aside under the study of inquisitive green eyes.


Warren gently kissed Harry on the forehead; it caused the boy’s eyes to instinctively flutter closed. He took advantage of that reaction and kissed each eyelid softly, and then he placed the blindfold over them and buckled it at the back of his head.


“Thank you, Sir.” Harry spoke quietly, on impulse.


Warren felt a surge of affection for this young man; he was a real treasure. He lightly kissed him on the lips, almost chastely. His hands sliding over defined pecs once more. He visually drank in the sight of this powerful young man who’d chained himself up at his instruction. His cock pulsed in his slacks and he rubbed his erection through the fabric.


Warren started to talk as he picked up the soft cord, “I’m going to bind your cock boy, tightly, make it so that you won’t be able to cum, make your arousal hurt so good. Then I’m going to add a weight to a loop on the end so it’s pulled downwards. It’ll hurt but it’ll feel so good you won’t know if you want more or you want it to stop.”


As his voice weaved the magic of the words, his hands doubled the cord and threaded it through itself to make a loop. He positioned it around the base of Harry’s cock and balls, to anchor it, then bringing the cord to the front he held the hard shaft steady while the other hand wound the twin strands of cord tightly around the shaft. Keeping it snug, so there were no gaps between each pass of the binding.


He looked up to see that Harry was biting his lower lip hard. He leaned forward and licked at the boy’s earlobe, “let me hear you Harry, I want to hear your pain and pleasure, want to hear you calling my name and begging me to stop and carry on, not knowing which way is up.”


While he talked those talented hands continued to wind the cord tighter.


Harry groaned, Warren was right… it hurt so good. He gasped for air, moans falling from his lips and he didn’t know if it was from the pleasure or the pain.


When he reached the end he tied a knot in the two strands then split them wrapping one back on itself and bringing it back to meet the other, he tied them securely then left a gap and tied another knot to form a loop.


“Feel that boy, all bound up tight, you’re at my mercy aren’t you and you love it. How you want someone to take control for you, take that heavy weight off your shoulders and just make you feel?” Warren whispered close to his ear again.


“Yes… oh….Merlin…” Harry gasped, “Yes… please… Sir.”


“Don’t worry, my boy, I’m going to make you feel so good.” He crooked his index finger in the loop and pulled it downwards, bending Harry’s cock to point towards the ground.


Harry tried to hold back the urge to cry out, but Warren’s voice urged him on, told him to let it out, to let it go, to give it all up to him. There was a howl of pain, the young wizard cried out loudly, as no mercy was shown his bound cock.


Warren nuzzled at the boy’s neck, nipping at the flesh and sucking it into his mouth, leaving tiny love bites marring the perfect skin. When the cry had died down he let go of the loop and the cock swung back up, it caused Harry to cry out again pleasure and pain combined with the surprise of the sudden action.


Short but well manicured fingernails, were dragged down his chest and over his abs, scratching the skin. Somewhere at the back of his mind a voice said ‘abrasion was two days ago’, and he almost laughed.


“Love your body.” That well educated, American voice said in his ear, as a hand returned to fondling his balls. “So hard and perfect. Wish I could keep you like this for hours, at the mercy of my touch and voice. Here because you choose to be.”


He lightly slapped the balls that he’d been gently fondling and caused a sharp intake of breath from Harry. He repeated the action, they weren’t hard slaps but they didn’t need to be.


“There are so many possibilities, so many things I could do to you while I have you like this, I’m spoilt for choice.”


Another slap, followed by gentle fondling and Harry was starting to not know what to expect next, a slap or a caress. The pattern was erratic; it drove the breath from his lungs and caused him to gasp in arousal and need. He’d never dreamed that he would enjoy this, not in a million years.


The gentle caress started to pull insistently downwards again, pulling groans and whimpers of pain from the bound boy. The longer they were held, pulled tight like that, the louder the moans grew, he cried out, his upper body started to pull at the chains. The mouth returned to suck and lick at that same ear and he stilled, the power of tender touch merged with the harsh punishment being afforded to his genitals was incredible.


Warren stroked a hand lightly across that strong chest then crossed the room back to his bag. “Of course, with limitless ideas, we could be here for quite sometime.”


He pulled out a bag of mini clothes pins and some other items. He paused to shed the rest of his clothes, the rustle of material catching Harry’s attention. When he returned to the boy, he crouched in front of him and one by one started to attach the pins to the not-so-loose sac. Harry bucked and flinched crying out quietly, his voice now sounding a little hoarse. He had reached 8 when the begging started.


“Please… Sir… god… please… no more… it hurts… can’t take it… please, Sir… take them off. Make it stop… Merlin… please.”


Warren listened and watched carefully, when he was satisfied that the boy had not yet reached his limit he quickly added another two. Then he straightened up and stood in front of the young man, his body was taut, held tense against the onslaught of pain that would be firing up his spine from his groin. His hands found his dark little nipples and played gently with them, before he leaned forward and licked at one, sucking on it gently.


Harry was incoherent, a steady stream of words and noises fell from his mouth and Warren kept a close eye on him. He reached off to the side and added a weight to the loop on the cock binding, it pulled it downwards and Harry cried out loudly again, his words becoming clearer.


The blond X-man kissed him hard on the lips, thrusting his tongue into the other man’s mouth and plundering it harshly. Hands ran over Harry’s body, caressing every part of skin that he could reach. He eventually had to break the kiss for them to breath and the young man was breathing raggedly. If he’d cried out while the pins were going on, he was going to scream when they came off.


Warren started with the first one and eased them off one at a time. There was a pause, then as blood flood back into the tortured flesh, Harry screamed in pain. His voice was raw by the time the last pin came free and he was sagging in the chains. Tears tracked down his face from under the blindfold. Warren smiled warmly, although it was unseen by Harry; he was close to achieving what he felt the boy needed.


“Hush, my boy, its all ok, its all fine. Let it all out, let it go.” His tone was gentle as he leaned in and licked at the sore ball sac that had pulled up tight.


He eased the weight from the loop and set it aside again, his hand returned with a small multi tailed whip, small enough it could hang nicely on a key chain. He lightly drummed his fingers against the tortured sac for a few moments then, as he held the still bound cock out of the way with one hand, he flicked the whip at it the tightening balls with the other.


Harry yelped and tensed back up, his muscles popping out under tanned skin. Warren flicked his wrist again, the thin tails stung the already throbbing flesh. On the fourth strike it was was Harry’s undoing.


“Libero.” He cried out.


All the bindings fell away and Warren caught him before he could hit the ground. “It’s ok sweet thing, I’ve got you, its all ok, your safe, its over, its ok.” He held the young man cradled against him and carried him to the bed.


Still holding him in his arms he continued to whisper soothing words and kissed the boy’s lust heated skin. Warren whispered soothing words to the whimpering young man. “That’s it, my boy, let it out, let it all go… its all going to be ok, its over now, you’re safe. Its over.”


Harry sobbed and whimpered until he fell asleep in that warm embrace, as soft words with double meanings were murmured quietly in his ear.




The young slave stared at the screen, his expression was wide open to anyone who cared to look closely. He glanced up at his Master, who was wearing a similar look. He’d never seen such compassion on the man’s face for another person. He suspected that despite all his bravado, the man really did care for the young hero. It would seem that the fates knew what they were doing when they paired Warren with Harry.


Chapter 4 – D is for Double Penetration.



“This could be very interesting.” The Game Master looked at the two names that had come out of the bowl on day 4.


His pet had only just returned from taking Warren Worthington back to New York. He had opted to spend the full 24 hours with Harry, making sure that the young man was ok. He’d watched as the youth had called a potion to him and drank it, almost eradicating the pain in his genitals. The voyeuristic Game Master smiled, pleased that the boy had actually learnt something in his time at Hogwarts. After the potion had worked its magic, they had talked for a while and then they’d had sex, not just once or twice but three times.


The pet had said that he suspected the two would be meeting up again. He couldn’t understand why his Master wasn’t more excited by that prospect, but he’d seemed utterly morose, not that he was usually particularly cheery.


The young slave waited for his Master to clue him in on who the day’s pairing was going to be. The older man stood and strode purposefully through to the mirror; the brunette took this as his signal to follow. He didn’t even bother trying to stand, he orbed himself straight there. The pain in his feet had lessened but the play that had imitated the CBT had left him hurting still, his Master was mean and refused to give him anything to ease the pain. It was not a pleasant sensation.


The dark-lank haired man sneered down at his pained pet, then muttered to the magical mirror. “Texas Hold ‘em.” He rolled his eyes to reflect his derision at the choice of nickname.


The image swirled yellows and blues before settling on the image of a tall strongly built man. He had short dark hair, dark brown eyes and was handsome in a strong, square jawed kind of way; not the pet’s usual type at all, but then, most of the guy’s hadn’t been at the start of this.


“Nick Stokes, CSI.” The Game Master smirked. “He works for our Gil Grissom.”


That caused the young brunette slave to lift his eyes and eyebrows in surprise. “They work together?”


“Yes, they do. And both are clueless…But… it gets better, pet.” He whispered into the frame again. “The Central Dogma.”


The mirror surface swirled with a colourful rainbow, when it settled the image of Nick had remained and another young man had joined him. They were stood talking, the newcomer was grinning and gesturing with his hands.


“Greg…Sanders. Also CSI, they’re colleagues.”


The pet laughed as he took in the spikey, colour-dappled hair, brown with blond tufts. He looked like a fun guy. He was nicely built, athletic looking, unlike like the man he was talking to, who looked more like a ball player. He was enthusiastically talking and grinning while Nick Stokes looked at him with the indulgence one would almost show and eager puppy.


“Oh boy. This is gonna be a real fun one.”


“Yes, pet, I believe it is.” The Game Master smirked.




Nick had been excited to find his name on the message announcing the letter D. He’d been somewhat curious about the other name, but there had been no clue as to whom he might be.


He’d accepted a long time ago that he was a switch, the case with Lady Heather had been a real eye opener to him, but it was a subject that had held a vague interest for him since he was in college. As a switch he could easily admit that some guys naturally made him feel submissive and some made him feel dominant.


Right now he was staring at the two men in his living room. His analytical brain had gone on vacation the minute they had arrived, materialising out of nowhere. Oddly, that had not been his first worry. That had been directed at the man who was wearing a similar look as the one on his face.


“Damn.” Greg was the first to voice the thought they both shared.


The Game Master’s pet stood with a grin on his face, “Well, isn’t this fun. You guys already know each other so introductions are a bit surplus to requirement. I’ll be going now…enjoy.”


Neither Nick nor Greg had time to reply before the young man had vanished again.


“That could get quite annoying.” Greg stated.




The young CSI had been nervous as hell about the whole experience, however, finding himself in Nick Stokes’ living room was the epitome of terrifying. He was resisting the urge to just mutter an apology and run. He rocked back and forth on his feet with poorly contained energy. Falling back on the old coping mechanisms of being the funny guy, he held his arms wide and called, “Surprise.”


Nick looked at him incredulously, “This is…”


“Awkward? Uncomfortable? Embarrassing?” Greg offered.


“Unexpected.” Nick finished.


“That too.” He rocked back and forth again, “So, not quite the anonymous sex we both had imagined, huh?”


“No… not quite.” The dark-haired man was thinking that actually there was a good chance this could be better, provided the petrified guy didn’t bolt on him before they did anything.


“Well, we could pretend we don’t know each other.” Greg offered, with a smirk he didn’t really feel. “Hi, I’m Greg.” He held out his hand.


That made Nick laugh, it was typical of Sanders to find amusement in any situation. He’d been a bit worried by the lack of quips. “Greg, I don’t have a problem with knowing who I’m having sex with, in fact sometimes it’s preferable.”


The spiky-haired man, shifted nervously, was Nick trying to tell him that he liked the idea of sex with him? “So, um… I can go if you’d prefer or… we can just… y’know go ahead?”


Nick crossed the room and moved in close to him, he wrapped a hand around his neck and pulled Greg towards him until their lips met. He kissed the younger man hard, his lips demanding and tongue forcing its way in to probe the warm, wet cavern. His mouth all-but melted into the other man’s and fused them together. He wrapped his other arm around his waist and pulled Greg’s body tight against him. His hardness pressing through the fabric against Greg’s hip. When he broke the kiss, Greg was gasping for air, he didn’t pull his body back or release his hold though.


“Does that feel like I want you to go?” He asked, his voice low and sultry, his Texan accent slightly thicker as his lust crept in.


“N…no.” Greg found himself unable to think right, and it didn’t seem to be a problem for the man in front of him.


“Good, because I think it would be a shame to waste this opportunity, don’t you?” Nick’s hand moved lower to grope Greg’s butt.


The response was a squeak as shivers ran through his body. Nick chuckled deeply.


“Say Greggo, ya wanna come play with me?” He whispered in the trembling guy’s ear.


The younger of the two whimpered his response. It was obvious that Nick was taking the lead, and that was perfectly fine by him. He was naturally submissive, always eager to please; it didn’t matter if it was at work or in play. It had meant the end of a number of relationships, as his past partners just couldn’t appreciate his submissive nature; they assumed him weak. It was refreshing for someone to want to take that control.


“I take that as a yes?” Nick grinned.


Greg nodded, “Please…”


His lips were reclaimed in a hungry kiss; the dark haired Texan didn’t know how he’d ever gone so long without doing this. His hands blindly began to undress them both, buttons were pulled open and shirts tossed aside. Nick’s hand slipped between them to cup and squeeze Greg’s cock through his jeans. A wicked image of the boy was in his head and he couldn’t wait to put it into action. He moved them towards the bedroom without breaking the contact between them


He pushed Greg forcefully back onto the bed and divested him of his footwear and then his jeans. Tossing the items carelessly away, Nick then pulled off his own pants. He grinned down at the young man sprawled over his bed; there was a gleam in his brown eyes that made Greg shudder.


He climbed between the younger man’s thighs and licked and kissed his hard, cut cock, flickering his tongue teasingly over the hard flesh. There was a moan of pleasure from the recipient, but he barely had time to get used to the hot mouth on his dick before it was gone. Nick kissed his way up the lithe body, licking and kissing as he went. He paused to lavish attention on each nipple, before carrying on up to nuzzle at Greg’s neck, before finally reclaiming his mouth.


He kissed the young man under him thoroughly, his hand reaching out for the nightstand he pulled the drawer out and grabbed up the lube. When he broke the kiss, they were both panting and flushed.


Greg had relaxed quite a bit now, he wasn’t so nervous with what was to come. Although admittedly, double penetration was something he’d never experienced before and he wondered how it was going to be achieved. He was willing to put his body in Nick’s hands though, he trusted him as a friend and colleague and he was surprised to find that knowing him actually made it easier.


“Turn over, on your hands and knees.” Nick almost purred into his ear.


Greg scrambled to comply, he didn’t even blush as he presented the other man with his butt.


“Very nice Greggo, y’know this cute li’l’ butt of yours has been tempting me for a long long time now. I think I owe it a li’l pay back.”


That was news to him, that the dark-haired, straight-as-an-arrow CSI had been watching his butt. Him… Greg Sanders…his butt. That seemed like an alien concept; he wasn’t used to being lusted after. He felt warm, strong hands sliding over his butt, there was a light slap to one cheek then the other, they stung a little but it wasn’t hard enough to cause any real pain. Greg’s cock throbbed at the small action and he moaned, wiggling his ass invitingly.


Nick chuckled, “Always the eager pup, aren’t ya?”


He flipped the lid open on the lube and squeezed a blob onto his fingers; pressing a finger at Greg’s hole he worked the tip in slowly. Fucking it back and forth, he added a twist to it, until the digit had sunk all the way in. The muscle relaxed and he added a second amidst begging words of encouragement. Two fingers slowly worked in and out, scissoring apart and twisting, stirring around in Greg’s anus. When they were seated all the way in, he crooked his fingers and pressed on the sweet spot.


“Oh, god, feels so good, please… more… want you, Nick.” Greg moaned and writhed, his cock leaking steadily.


“In good time pup, all in good time.” He added a third finger and thrust them in and out, spreading them to relax the sphincter even more.


Nick kept his fingers wedged in Greg’s hole while he leaned under the bed and pulled an open topped box out and picked out his toys of choice. Selecting a realistic dildo and a slim but long jelly encased vibe, he pulled his fingers out slowly, rotating them as he did so. He quickly lubed the slim vibe and pressed tip against the entrance of Greg’s boy hole, he sank it slowly in.


Greg, always so eager, couldn’t help but push back and the vibe buried all the way in his ass. Nick grinned and turned the dial on the end, setting it in motion. The vibrations reverberated through the younger man’s body and he shivered and moaned.


The dark haired man started to fuck in and out with the toy, adding a twist occasionally and stirring it inside, it was only the width of two fingers and he wanted to keep him loose. He pushed a finger in alongside it, feeling the vibrations run down his arm and settle in his groin. He was rock hard and wanted nothing but to be buried in that tight ass. But he had a plan and he could be patient.


On the other hand, Greg sounded like he was on the verge of exploding. He was breathing heavily and moaning as he pushed his hips back to meet every thrust of the vibe into his wonton ass.


Nick added a second finger with the vibe and stretched the opening more so that he had a small space between the fingers and vibe. He lubed his cock and then slowly, he shifted the fake cock to the side and slowly eased his cock into the gap, as soon as the head was in he eased his fingers out. Greg was clawing at the bed and crying out incoherently. It only then occurred to the older man that he’d forgotten to declare a safeword. He realised he would have to be extra vigilant.


He took his time pushing his cock in with the dildo, the vibrations were incredible against his hardness, and he moaned deeply. Gripping hard at the covers, Greg cried out loudly, to Nick’s surprise, he was begging for more. He didn’t stop until his cock was so deep that the base of the vibe pressed against his pelvis.


“Oh Christ, Greggo, you feel so fucking good, so tight… can you feel me. Feel my cock in your ass with this vibe. Both a real and a fake cock, side by side, splitting you open, spreading you wide.”


Greg moaned loudly in response, he was so close he wanted to cum. He could barely breath, he felt so full up inside and he was so aroused. There was movement behind him. Nick pulled his cock out and flipped him onto his back; Greg didn’t really have time to register this change before the cock was pushing into him again. This time it forced the vibe shaft against his prostate and he jumped, crying out in pleasure.


Nick thrust in over and over, leaning over his intense dark eyes burned into Greg’s before he kissed him hard. Gasping for breath, he wrapped his arms under the younger man he flipped them over so that they swapped positions. Greg was on top now and Nick grinned up at him.


“Ride me, pup. Show me how much you love my cock and that vibe in your ass.” He groaned out, his hands moving to rest on slim hips.


Greg pushed himself up to straddle those hips, he gasped as it pushed the cocks in his ass against the wall of his ass. Throwing his head back he began to rock back and forth. Nick was in heaven, watching the picture of debauchery riding on his cock. He picked up the realistic dildo, that he’d set aside on the bed, and held it up to Greg’s lips.


“Suck baby, suck on it like it was mine.” He grinned, with that wicked gleam.


His dapple-haired angel did as he was told and took the cock into his mouth. He sucked on it as if it were real, closing his eyes and rubbing his tongue against the shaft. Nick began to fuck it in and out of his mouth in time with Greg’s own rocking motion.


It was all too much for him and Nick bucked up, gasping as he filled that hot ass with his spunk. That tripped Greg’s own orgasm and he went rigid, crying out he shot so hard his head spun. Nick continued to slide the dildo in and out of the willing mouth until his boy was spent, then he tossed it aside. He spun them again and pulled slowly out, gripping the vibe and pulling it out with his cock.


The spent pair curled up together. Greg whimpered slightly at the empty feeling in his ass, he had been stretched so thoroughly and he could feel Nick’s cum trickling from his hole. He nuzzled against Nick’s sweat sheened neck and sighed happily.


“Wow, that was…incredible…never thought I would be able to do something like that.” Greg murmured.


“You were fantastic, pup. You looked so hot riding my cock and sucking on that dildo.”


“Do you think we’ll get disqualified…? Technically, it was triple penetration.” The younger of the two asked with amusement.


“Nah, you just want ta do it all again.” Nick chuckled.


There was a long silence that hung in the air between them, as hands lightly caressed the sex-heated skin. Idly they explored each other as each were lost in their own thoughts and the memory of what they’d just done.


“Do you think its gonna be weird, after this?” Greg finally gave voice to his concern. “I mean, we can pretend it never happened if you want… but…”


Nick grinned, “I was kind of hoping we could do it again. Maybe work through our own alphabet.”


The blush that crept up the younger man’s cheeks caused him to hide his face in the other man’s shoulder. “That would be good.” He murmured.






“The Central Dogma? What’s that about?”


The shrug that he received shook their whole bodies. “I’m a science geek.” Was his only explanation.





The Game Master looked over at his pet.


The brunette’s head started to move from side to side, anticipating what was to come. “No… please… I couldn’t take that much in my ass, Master.”


His cock and balls were still aching, made worse by his arousal. Watching Nick and Greg together had been so hot, he hadn’t expected the younger of the two to get so totally lost in it.


“We shall see…boy.”


Chapter 5 – E is for Electro-play



“I think you should get it to pick again.” The brunette looked from the mirror to his Master, “it’s obviously made a mistake.”


“Its charmed to pick one pair for each letter, it won’t pick again. It must have had a reason, pet.” He wouldn’t admit that he was thinking the same thing. But at the same time, he was also looking at the second of the two that had been selected and thinking, things could be incredibly interesting.


“But…” A stern look silenced him from further protesting and he sighed, looking up at the image of Angel.


“Angel: The original vampire with a soul.” That was how his Master had introduced him. He tended to think the man was tall, dark and broody. He couldn’t help but wonder how he would look if he actually smiled. He was good looking, very much so, classically handsome. His liquid brown eyes held a tortured quality, with a hint of kicked-puppy syndrome. He was adorable, his presence quietly intimidating, and he was quite obviously a dom. It was that last fact that had him complaining.


He watched as his Master opened the armoire, he took out a case and set it down. “When you go, you’ll take this to them. I doubt that they have the toys required for this particular kink.”


‘Electro-play’ The brunette, half-wizard thought to himself. He wondered why it unnerved him that his Master had one of these kits, but then he knew why… because it meant that at some point he would be subjected to it. He shuddered, relieved that his body no longer ached; thankfully, his Master had relented and given him a healing potion that morning.


He stood and stretched, with a smile he wondered at how many ways this pairing could be an absolute disaster.




Angel had logged on to the group that had quickly become one of his favourites. He generally wasn’t one for modern technology, just doing the bare minimum to make his life easy. But there were people who wanted to keep in contact by email and he didn’t trust Harmony with access to them. So, he’d made the effort to learn how to use a computer. It was when he’d opened the browser window to go to his email account that he saw the curious link in the history. He’d opened it and never looked back.


He still had no idea who had been using his machine to look at the site, but he had a vague idea that it was probably the sort of thing his annoying grand-childe would do. He also figured, that judging by the huge grin he’d had on his face a few days ago, that he knew which of the other members he was. He smirked to himself as he moved the mouse cursor to open the latest message.


‘Electro-play’. His mind went to an experience he’d had a few years ago and the dark thoughts made him feel stupidly guilty. It was secondary to his musings on the topical kink of the day that he noticed his nickname, ‘Dark Soul’ in the pairing. He almost rubbed his hands together in glee. Utilising his amazing one-fingered typing technique he composed a reply.


//I’ll await the arrival of my play partner. But we require appropriate equipment. Dark Soul.//


He hit send, turned off his machine and stuck his head out of his door to look at Harmony.


“I’m unavailable for the next 24 hours.” He told her. Before she had chance to reply he had vanished.


Angel took the elevator to his penthouse and secured the door behind him. He didn’t want any interruptions. He opened his laptop and fixed himself a mug of blood while he waited for it to boot up. The dark vampire knew about electrical torture, but this was meant to be pleasurable. It had been a while and he suspected that there were new and interesting ways to play with it now.




There had been a couple of hours wait for both replies to come in. The one they had been waiting for was accompanied with an apology and an explanation that he’d been busy saving the world. As soon as the reply was in, the Game Master sent his pet off, equipment case in hand.


Scott Summers had seen many things in his life, it was part of his job for one thing. So, he wasn’t really bothered when the young brunette appeared in his office. He smiled pleasantly and tidily put away the files he’d been working on. It had been a busy few days with new manifestations going a little haywire. He was looking forward to having a break away from the stress of running the team.


“Hi, ready?” The young man asked as he ran a hand through his hair.


Scott nodded, “Hi. Yes.” His reply belying a little of the awkwardness he felt.


He noticed the case in the other hand and pondered its contents. He hadn’t had much time to think about equipment, but his play partner had already requested some be provided. That niggled a little at him and he had a sneaking suspicion.


That niggle developed into a full realisation, after taking the young man’s hand and being transported to a living room, somewhere that wasn’t New York. The two tall, dark-haired men looked at each other. It was totally obvious to anyone who knew anything about the subject that they were both doms.


Scott and Angel looked at each other, before turning their gazes on the pet. He gave a small sleepy smile and a shrug.


“Scott this is Angel, Angel… Scott. You’ll be needing this.” He set the case down and could swear that he could hear a growl from one of the other men, he would bet his life it was Angel. “I should be going now.” He took a step back from them.


“Hey…” Angel didn’t get chance to finish what he was saying as the shimmer of light left in his wake was all that remained of the young man.


They went back to glaring at each other.


Angel took in the straight postured brunette, he looked to be taller than him by a couple of inches. He had chiselled features and inviting lips. He was also wearing sunglasses, with the oddest red glow from behind them. He was dressed in a white button down shirt and black slacks, it was impossible to tell what kind of physique they concealed. He could smell the man too, fruit and spice, mild annoyance and something else he couldn’t put his finger on that was quite appealing. His heart beat with a slow regularity of the unfazed.


Yes, they were both dominant men, used to being in control; the vampire could tell that from the way the man held himself, but if he was honest…he wanted nothing more than to have this sexy man submit to him. The thought of taking control from one who was usually the one in control was powerfully erotic and he felt strangely Angelus like ideas creep through his mind.


“We could fight this out or… you could just submit to me willingly.” He pushed his hands in his pants pockets and looked at Scott.


Scott’s jaw clenched slightly, “Why should I be the one to submit?”


“I’m older… I have experience.” He took a step closer, looking every bit like the vampire stalking his prey that he was.


Scott snorted, a small smirk tugged at his lips. “We look similar ages, in fact I think I’m probably older. What makes you think you have more experience than me?”


He moved like a flash of lightning, he was impressed that the other man didn’t even flinch when he was suddenly in his face. Angel leaned in, “I seriously doubt it.”


Behind his shades, Scott blinked. The red glow dimmed then renewed, it fascinated the vampire and he inclined his head slightly. He took a deep breath and scented no trace of fear.


“Is that supposed to impress me?” The glow behind the X-man’s shades flared slightly. His hand clenched into a fist and released, but he showed no other outward sign of being bothered by the display of speed.


“Impress? Can’t say that’s what I intended. For the record, I’ve lived over 700 years. Boy.” It didn’t even bother Angel that he was feeling particularly Angelusy, he wondered if the others would be reaching for the stakes about now. He resisted the urge to chuckle.


“700 years?” Scott’s logical brain was studying the man carefully now. He never even reacted to the blatant use of the word ‘boy’ being used to put him in his place.


Angel smirked, “500 of them were spent in hell.”


He turned away and picked up the case, carrying it to the coffee table he set it down and clicked it open. Leaving Scott to process the information. He looked at the goodies inside and an almost evil smile spread across his face.


“So, you’re older, why does that mean that you automatically get to be the dominant one?”


Scott frowned. His eyes were evaluating the whole time. He had to admit that he found the guy attractive, he’d be lying if he didn’t admit that. But the whole situation would have been much more enjoyable if they’d had a sub to share.


Angel sent him a wicked look that actually made him swallow hard and his cock started to harden. Maybe he wouldn’t be such a bad person to submit to.


The vampire could smell the slight tang of arousal in the air and he stalked slowly back to the other man. It was time to employ some Angelus charm, it made him wish he’d dressed in leather. He circled him slowly, coming up behind him he leaned his lips close to an ear and whispered into it.


“Think how good I can make you feel, the pleasure we can share. There’s no shame in giving over control to me… one day… that’s all it is. And who’s going to know, it’s just you and me. I’ll help you let go, release all the tension you carry. You’re always the one who has to be in control aren’t you? Don’t you wish that for once you could let someone else take care of you?” His smooth voice eased like honey into the other man’s mind, he blew cool unneeded air against the sensitive flesh of his ear.


Scott’s cock stiffened more, the man was luring him in and he felt almost helpless to resist. His heart rate picked up a little.


Angel was encouraged by the scent coming off his prey and the speeding up of his heart. Something tickled his nose and he recognised the chalk dust that almost made him sneeze, so the man was a teacher?


“Come on, Scott.” He purred, “Give yourself over to me, you know you’ll enjoy it. I’ll make you feel so good. You can forget about work and responsibility, forget about being a role model to those kids you teach. It’ll just be me and you and lots of pleasure. Nothing else will matter.”


Blunt teeth nipped at his neck and Scott found himself tilting his head to the side, it was too tempting, the idea of being able to let go for a while.


The younger man baring his neck to him was all that Angel needed, it was a simple act of submission, but it was a poignant one. “You need a safe word.” He said softly.


His mind had gone on vacation and he wasn’t feeling particularly creative, Scott nodded, “Safe. Just that… it’ll do.”


“Good.” Angel could appreciate keeping it simple.


He breathed cool air over hot skin, then delicately ran his tongue over the juncture of his neck, all the way up to circle around the earlobe. His big hands reached around and started to undo buttons, one by one, until the shirt hung open. He pulled it out of the waistband and ran his hands over the well-muscled torso appreciatively. The clothes had been deceptive; he was a fit guy.


Angel’s hands roamed as his mouth and tongue lapped at the pulse point of Scott’s neck. Later he would request a taste, but right now he didn’t want to scare him off. He found his nipples and toyed with them, circling and pinching lightly.


The brunette X-man was so lost in the wicked things that Angel’s mouth was doing, he was slow in registering the descent of his hands until they were at his belt. He moaned softly, as fingers ever so lightly teased the skin just above the waistband, before starting on his belt and fly. As soon as his pants were open one of those hands slipped inside and rubbed the palm against his hardness.


Scott gasped and arched, resting the back of his head against Angel’s shoulder, while he pushed his hips forward. He could definitely get into this. The strong hand was sliding up and down his shaft but not wrapped around him, it was maddening. He groaned in frustration.


Angel was torn, part of him wanted to make this man cum in his pants before they played, but the other part, the demony part, wanted to keep him on edge until later. The dilemma was whether an orgasm would make him more compliant or less? He decided not to take the risk; he wanted to torment him more yet. He pulled his hand out and slowly pushed the pants down his thighs, when he released them they puddled around Scott’s ankles. The vampire considered that it was a good look for him.


He moved round in front of Scott and crouched down to remove his shoes, pants and socks. He tossed them to the side, one hand on each leg, he slowly slid his way back up that sexy body. He finished by sliding the shirt fully off his shoulders and it dropped to the floor. He looked into that handsome face and was disconcerted by not being able to look into the man’s eyes. There had been a flash of red light from behind them earlier and he figured they weren’t just a fashion statement.


“Close your eyes.” He told his now naked companion.


“Why?” Scott asked through the fog of his mind.


“I’m going to take these off.” He tapped the arm of them. “I assume you wear them for a reason and I don’t want a nasty surprise.”


Cyke surprised himself and started to laugh. He noticed the frown on Angel’s face and it helped him break out of his chuckling. “I’m sorry, but you’re right, you would get a nasty surprise… that’s probably an understatement. There’s a reason for my username you know.”


Angel had expected an objection, he thought he might have pushed a step too far with the realisation that he was taking the man’s sight from him. But a few moments later he saw the light dim behind the glasses.


“They’re closed, its safe. Can I request a blindfold? I can keep them closed, but if you want me to let go then I won’t be able to do that without a blindfold.” Scott explained without the question being asked.


He felt them lifted off his face. “I’ll fetch something.” Angel whispered.


Angel wasn’t gone long, when he returned he gently place a length of silk over Scott’s eyes and tied it at the back of his head. He sealed the action with a soft kiss on lush lips but made no attempt to deepen it. The vampire had also retrieved a hard backed chair. He guided the other man to sit on it, his hands gentle and insistent.


“Trust me.” He whispered; he’d pushed the silver-tongued Angelus back for a moment, he allowed the soft tone of his soul to speak instead. “I’m not going to hurt you.”


He slid strong hands up over a muscular shoulder as he moved round behind the other man, gently pulling his arms round behind the back of the chair, he used another strip of silk to bind thick corded arms. His partner was built like a fighter, he allowed his hands to lightly caress and massage over bulging muscles. Occasionally, he dipped his head to kiss a spot on the warm flesh.


It was only just filtering through to Scott’s, lust foggy, mind that the hands caressing him were cold. Not icy cold, just cold, but it was in stark contrast with his overheating body. A shudder ran the length of his body at the realisation of what this man might be. If anything he found it more reassuring, and at that moment he started to worry about his sanity. A small smile played over his lips. He felt the hands sliding over him again and his ankles were tied apart to the front chair legs with more silk.


Scott was left to sit there for a few moments, he could just and so hear Angel moving round, so he wasn’t too bothered by the quiet. It gave him a chance to gather his thoughts and calm himself down.


Angel was peering into the case that the Game Master’s young pet had brought. There was quite a selection in there and he was trying to decide where to start. Carefully, he picked out the violet wand and the largest bulb attachment for it. He assembled it and plugged it in. Then quickly he shed his own clothes and moved back to his captive guest.


He touched the cold bulb against Scott’s right ankle then pressed the button, on its lowest setting. He broke contact with the skin, watching the purple glowing bulb and the arc of electricity that joined it and the lightly tanned skin. Scott squirmed slightly but didn’t make any noise. He pulled it slightly further away so there was a clear gap. This drew a moan from the bound man. Angel decided that he liked this response, ever so slowly he moved up over the calf muscle, being sure to keep the same distance as he progressed.


He moved it up over the right thigh, moving it to glide up the inside. He noticed Scott visibly tense as it drew nearer to his groin, but the man was made of strong stuff and he didn’t try to close his legs. He was moaning at the sensation and Angel moved it so that it would briefly arc across the erection, before he moved down the inside of the left thigh.


As the tingling sensation past over his erection, Scott couldn’t help the louder moan and the jerk his body gave as his cock bounced happily. He was more surprised with how pleasurable it had felt.


When Angel had reached the left ankle he turned the wand off. He waited a few moments, leaning in to lap at the precum that was oozing from Scott’s cock. Then he moved away and swapped the large bulb for the small one, it would make the sensation more concentrated on one spot and therefore stronger.


He started back where he’d left off and touched it to the skin before he turned it on, knowing from what he’d read that there would be no sensation while it was in contact. Then, as he’d done before, he slowly pulled it back, watching the arc of electricity. The moan from above came sooner, but rather than stopping then, he moved it a little further away.


It caused a gasp and muttered words, from Scott, of “Oh Christ.”


Angel grinned in triumph and moved the wand back up along the path he’d descended via. When he reached the top of the left thigh Scott had started to whimper. He let it arc to his balls this time and there was a cry of pleasure-pain at the sensation.


“Oh…fuck…please…I need to cum.” Scott gasped.


“Not yet, my boy.” The endearment slipped unbidden from Angel, he made no effort to correct himself and there was no protest from the bound man.


The wand was slowly trailing a tingling, teasing path down the right leg. Angel moved so slowly with it. This time when he reached the ankle he moved it further away again until he heard the kind of sound pulled from Scott that he wanted to hear. He saw the other man’s head had rolled back and he could see his chest heaving to suck in air. His ears clearly picked up the heavy, rapid beating of his heart. As he blazed the path this time he moved the wand in and out, so the intensity of the zapping was varied, moving from a tingle to a nip at the flesh.


Angel didn’t allow it to arc to Scott’s genitals on this pass, he knew the guy was already too close. He continued his tease, drawing moans whimpers and gasps of pleasure and sometimes pain from the blindfolded man.


Reaching the end of his path he switched the wand off and set it aside. Leaning in between the spread thighs, he lapped at the oozing juice then sucked the head into his mouth. As Angel sank down the shaft of the hard 7” cock he sucked and undulated his tongue against it. He was half way down, when Scott cried out and shot his cum into the waiting mouth. The vampire swallowed hungrily, savouring the essence of the man and hoping later to taste more fully. As he pulled off the softening flesh he gently scraped his blunt human teeth along the sensitive flesh.


Scott was panting harshly, slumped slightly in the chair. Angel looked up at the sight of him with a smile and licked his lips where the taste of him lingered. They were far from finished, though.


“Ready for more, my boy?” He had moved away before speaking and was reading instructions for the contact pad.


Angel had read about it on the net and it sounded like wicked fun, essentially wiring yourself up so you were an electrical conductor, giving the wearer lightning hands.


The reply was a somewhat weary moan at first, then a more resounding, “yes,” followed.


There was a smirk of approval on his face as he followed the instructions. He strapped the contact pad to himself. Then he attached the convenient foot switch that came with the kit.


Satisfied, he moved close and pressed his hands on Scott’s thighs before putting his foot on the switch. The shock that ran between them was a tingle, slowly he pulled his hands back slightly and watched as the other man bucked in his seat. He ran his hands over strongly muscled thighs and calves like that, both of them feeling the effect. Varying between tingles and bites.


He held a finger up to Scott’s nipple and watched the arc that leapt between the fingertip and the tender nub. He moaned and the other man yelped and arched. His cock was rapidly returning to hardness. Angel just knew he was going to have to invest in one of these sets for his own use. He repeated the action on the other nipple but was careful to not risk passing a current over the other man’s heart.


He ran a hand up Scott’s right arm, across the back of his neck and down the left. They both moaned at the tingling sensation as they both felt the effect of it connected like they were, it was intense.


Coming back around in front, Angel trailed a finger along the other man’s rapidly returned erection. Scott jumped, bucked and cried out; he couldn’t begin to explain how incredible that sensation was. Then, the fingers wrapped around his cock and slowly stroked him, the other hand cupped his balls and fondled them.


“Will you let me fuck you?” Angel whispered, close to his ear.


Scott was in so much pleasure-pain that he couldn’t comprehend the question at first. He was a virgin in that way and he didn’t think he was ready to give that up just yet. He shook his head, not wanting to disappoint but not so far gone he would give it all away.


Angel was disappointed but he accepted it, he wouldn’t push the issue.


“Fingers are ok, though.” Scott gasped out just as Angel was burying his disappointment.


It made the vampire smile. He untied the ankles from the chair legs and without being asked, watched as the younger man adjusted his position and pulled his feet up, leaving his hole open. Angel spread some lube on his fingers, then massaged the tight sphincter gently.


“Oh…god…that’s…” The words dissolved into a moan. “More.”


Angel smirked and pushed the finger all the way in, it felt incredible to him so he could only guess how it felt to the receiver. The fact that Scott was panting and shaking his head was an indicator. He let his other hand wander over hips and thigh until wrapping around the hard, leaking cock. He stroked Scott off, one finger fucking in and out of his hole, electricity sizzling between the two contact points. When Scott cried out and came again, that and the feeling in his fingers, was enough to send the vampire over the edge too and he came without ever touching himself.


They were both gasping for air, even though Angel didn’t need to breath. He pulled his finger out and let go of Scott’s softening cock. Careful not to touch him anywhere else, he gently kissed him on the lips, the tingle was thrilling and he deepened it, letting his tongue swipe over a plump lip. He was kissed back with equal gentleness as feet were lowered back to the floor.


Angel drew back and took his foot off the switch. He disconnected the attachments and moved to untie the bound wrists.


“I’m going to leave the blindfold on and carry you to bed, I dunno about you, but need a rest after that.” He said softly as his hands massaged the wrists.


Scott nodded his agreement, too spent to say or do anything else.




“So little faith.” The Game Master sneered at his pet.


“That was…so hot.” His pet conceded. “I have to admit though, I thought for a little while there they were gonna stay at a stand off.”


“Well, you never counted on Angelus putting in his two pence. That silver-tongued demon can talk anyone into bed.” He continued to sneer as he stood and offered his hand to his pet.


The young slave rose to his feet and took the hand. “I knew he’d look good when he smiled though…in a scary vamp kind of way.” He scowled and shuddered a little.


Chapter 6 – F is for Figging.



The young slave woke feeling the best he had in a few days. Today was the letter F and he was looking forward to seeing which pairing would be generated. It seemed to him that the charmed bowl was going to give everyone a go before it started to repeat participants in the pairings. He was still musing on what he’d seen the previous day. A smile played on his lips; Scott had gone from being uptight dom, to offering his neck to the vamp. They had spent quite some time in bed together and traded blowjobs.


When he had returned to take Scott home, Angel had told the X-man that if he ever wanted to let go again, to send him an email. The Game Master’s pet was happy. They were only 5 letters down and already there were some strong connections being formed between the members. A part of him couldn’t help but wonder if that had been his Master’s plan all along.




Logan glanced either way before he silently entered the library. He fired up one of the computers and stroked a stubble-roughened cheek. It was F today, and the first thing that had come to his mind was fisting. He knew there weren’t many left who’d yet to have a turn, so a part of him was nervous. If he was paired with someone for that particular kink it could be a real difficult one. Who would want to be fisted by a man with three adamantium claws in his hand?


He chuckled as he opened the page. He read the opening few lines about the success of the previous pairing and it was promised that a written account all scenes would follow later. His eyes skipped ahead and read that F was in fact for Figging, and there was his name in the pairing ‘Unbreakable’. It wasn’t very imaginative on his part but it had been the best he could come up with at the time.


The Canadian grinned at the kink. So… figging…! He was a well-travelled man and an incredibly experienced dominant. He knew all about that particular kink and hoped that he would have a nice, unsuspecting sub to introduce to it. He thought about how loud the last sub had been that he’d done such a thing with and a feral grin twisted his lips.


//I am unable to entertain my partner here, please arrange an alternative. I also require a short time to prepare the necessary. An hour will be sufficient. Unbreakable.//


He read back over his polite words then hit send.




Draco had never been so grateful that his mother had gone to the house in Paris for a month. He had Malfoy Manor all to himself, he’d roamed the rooms for days waiting for his shot at the game. He was growing impatient; he was a Malfoy, who were they to keep him waiting? Well he would show them, he wasn’t about to be pushed around.


A tiny voice whispered at the back of his mind that he liked the idea of being pushed around. He tried to ignore it, but what was the point in arguing with himself, it wasn’t like he could fool his own mind. Hell, he’d tried for long enough. So, he was gay… big deal. Even his mother hadn’t fainted at that news. That he wanted to be dominated, taken and used for another’s pleasure was a little more difficult for him to get to grips with. He’d looked into it quite a bit after seeing a muggle DVD, but he’d never had the nerve to try it.


The worst thing was admitting to himself that the animosity that he’d carried for Potter all the way through school had been redirected desire. It was the truth though, and scarier still was, the only one he could imagine submitting to willingly was Harry Potter. He had to admit, at least he had the power to be worthy of such a gift. But still…Harry ‘golden boy’ Potter?! He sighed.


Draco reached his bedroom and headed for his laptop. It was permanently on standby, he spent many hours amusing himself in chat rooms of late. Cyber submission was the closest he’d ever got, but he was too wilful even for that. He was often told he was a brat and not a true submissive. It infuriated him; those people knew nothing about him and had no right to pass such judgement.


The ex-slytherin logged in to the group and opened the first new message. His grey eyes picked out his name first. With an excited nervousness dancing in his stomach, he returned his gaze to read from the beginning.


“Figging? What in Merlin’s name is figging?” He spoke aloud in his clipped English accent.


He looked at the other name and wondered what the man would be like. In a sort of daze he ran his finger over his own username ‘little dragon’ and sighed. The next couple of messages were a reply from his proposed partner and the Game Master’s response to the request for an alternative location, it asked if he was able to entertain.


Draco clicked reply and sent a response, to the effect that his partner was welcome there.


He had only just stood up from the computer when a noise made him turn around. The teenaged blond looked from the tall brunette with the collar to the short muscular guy beside him. Draco swallowed hard. He hadn’t been expecting them so soon and he’d wanted to look up more info on this ‘figging’ thing.


The pet smiled at the good looking blond in front of him. He was tall, over 6’, with grey eyes, that at the moment looked stormy and troubled. His frame was slender, dressed in jeans and a snug t-shirt, his face classically aristocratic in structure. A quiet growl from beside him brought his attention back to the moment. He blushed, slightly.


“Draco Malfoy, this is Logan… Logan, Draco.” He introduced them with a happy smile.


Leaning in to Logan’s ear he whispered, “he’s a wizard, before you start ask him for his wand…oh… and it’s his first time, he’ll be…bratty.”


The feral Canadian was about to respond, when that tinkling sound signalled that he was too late. He looked at the young blond; his enhanced mutant senses telling him all kinds of interesting things about his emotional state. He smiled his most pleasant smile and took a step nearer, his hand clutching the small bag that held what he needed.


“Relax kid, I ain’t gonna bite.” He inclined his head to the spot the brunette had vanished from. “He told me ta ask ya fer ya wand.” He held out his hand, his tone was fairly soft compared to his usual, but there was no doubt that he expected obedience.


Draco looked at him, the man was strongly built, handsome in a rugged way. He looked like the kind of man who wasn’t normally messed with. Dark hair combed back and stubble roughened face. He had compelling blue eyes and the young man found himself desiring the strangely rugged man. But handing over his wand? That was a whole something else.


“Kid, if ya don’t give me the that wand, I’m callin’ our friend back an’ leaving.” Logan watched as a pout formed on the blond’s face. He suspected he was a spoilt brat, always used to getting his own way. Well, things would be different with him.


“I’m not a kid.” Came the petulant reply.


The feral snorted, “Damn near everyone’s a kid ta me.” His hand didn’t retract; he held it there patiently. “And the pouting won’t work on me either.”


Draco reached into the back of his jeans, took his wand out and he slapped it down in the other man’s hand. It earned him a quiet growl, but nothing was said as he watched as the wand was pushed into the side pocket of the bag he was holding.


Logan set the bag aside; they were going to have to do something else before he tried with the kink of the day. He needed the boy to relax and trust him. He pulled the massage lotion from his bag, and smiled at him.


“Why don’t ya get outta them clothes, darlin’.” He encouraged, as he pulled his own white t-shirt off over his head. He crouched and unlaced his boots, pulling them off and setting them neatly aside.


There was hesitation, where the blond looked at him uncertainly. Then he was looking at that massive hairy chest, his jeans felt suddenly tight.


Logan tilted his head and studied him carefully; he could scent arousal, nervousness and a small hint of fear. Noticing that it was going to be ideal for restraining the boy, he tossed the bottle of oil onto the large four-poster bed, and then stepped close to Draco. He could almost see the inner battle going on with the boy.


“Tell me what ya need, darlin’?” The Canadian was working hard to soften his usual gruffness, he wasn’t entirely sure of its success, but he tried anyway.


“I…” The blond wizard dropped his eyes to his shoes, he shuffled his feet, and he felt young and stupid. He cursed the Malfoy pride. “I…need you to make me.”


Logan used his index finger to raise that downcast face and considered the statement a moment, then gave a single sharp nod. The boy needed to be put in the position where he felt like the choice was not his, he could do that. “Tell me your safe word, boy?”


Draco looked thoughtful, “Red.” He said, finally.


Logan nodded again. He grabbed a hand full of blond hair and pulled the boy’s face down level with his own. “Now, ya can strip yerself, or I can do it fer ya, and I won’t be s’ kind on yer clothes.” He let the growl echo through his words, extending a single claw out to the side. He watched as the boy swallowed hard.




“Ok?” He growled again. “The proper response is “Yes, Sir.” Try it, boy.”


“Yes, Sir.” Draco’s voice was quiet, and it sounded to himself like he squeaked. The tone and change in attitude had sent blood rushing to his cock.


The blade that had come out of the man’s hand both terrified and intrigued him. The man was powerful and worthy; he would be able to give in because he could easily tell himself he had no choice.


Logan let go of the handful of hair, roughly pushing him away from him. He smirked as the boy who’d stood before him not so long ago, silently protesting, was replaced by an eagerly compliant one. The t-shirt was stripped off and tossed over the back of the chair, the pale skin reddened as long slender hands unbuttoned and slid down his jeans, leaving him stood in black boxer briefs. He hesitated then.


“Them too, or I’ll cut ‘em off ya.” Logan pointed to the shorts; he could already smell the arousal and see the outline of an impressive hard on.


Cheeks burning with embarrassment, Draco lowered his shorts. His hands were shaking slightly, but he didn’t stop until they slid all the way to the ground. He stepped out of them, picked them up and added them to the pile of clothes on the chair. His skin felt like it was prickling with goose bumps, but not from the cold. He held his hands in front of him to preserve his rapidly fading modesty.


The Canadian stepped forward and slapped the hands away. “Show me.”


They fluttered away, and to the older man’s amusement the blush deepened even further. Logan reached a hand out to feel and assess the cock that was so hard it was almost vertical. He stroked the pale flesh, finding it to be every bit as silky as it looked.


Draco moaned and bit his lip at the sensation of that rough hand on his sensitive erection. He gasped and tried to thrust up into the hand. The moment he did, the hand was removed. He groaned his frustration, looking into amused eyes.


“Ya only get what pleasure I choose ta give ya, boy.” Logan told him gruffly. “Ya understand?”


The blond gasped at that idea and nodded, “Yes, Sir.”


The Canadian ran a hand up the alabaster chest, fingers caressing its silky softness. “Down on yer knees, boy.” He said suddenly and took a step back.


There was a hesitation from Draco and it caused Logan to emit a low growl. That was enough to send the young blond down onto his knees. He remembered the things he’d read on the net and the things that had been said in cyber chats. He spread his thighs, but was so self-conscious it was only a little way. His back was straight as always and his butt rested on his heels. He didn’t know what to do with his hands, but gathered folding them in his lap would be out; so instead he held them behind his back, one hand gripping the other wrist. He couldn’t bring himself to look up though and his head was bent to look down at the ground.


Logan was pleased with the posture for a first time. “Spread yer thighs a bit more.” He instructed.


The blond obeyed.


“That’s very good, boy.” He ran his hand through the fine silky hair, letting it tickle his fingers as he stroked it. “Keep yer hands where they are.”


Logan used his free hand to unfasten his fly and pulled out his thick hard cock. He moved in close to Draco and with the hand that was in his hair, he pulled him the rest of the way to his crotch.


“Suck me, darlin’. Show me what ya can do with that mouth of yers.” He encouraged still gripping that hair.


That sweet tongue darted out and flickered over the head, tentatively. Logan gasped at that first touch, his hand flexed and released, then was joined by the other hand. He held the blond’s head steady while he went to work.


Draco had only given a few blowjobs but he had received plenty, he knew what felt good on him and hazarded that it would work in this case too. The hands on his head were arousing, they reminded him of his position, that he really had no choice in this unless he wanted it all to stop. He took the head into his mouth and sucked on the first inch or so. He’d never seen such a thick cock and the idea of it stretching his mouth wide was intoxicating. He felt like a cock sucking slut and wouldn’t have minded if that’s what he was being called. His own dick pulsed at the thought.


Thin, pale pink, lips slowly made their way down Logan’s shaft as he watched that mouth stretched around him. It made such a pretty sight.


“That’s it, boy, suck it. Show me how much you love to suck cock.” He growled.


It spurred the young man on; he stroked his tongue against the underside over and over as he slid his lips up and down. Draco sucked at the hard rod eagerly; he wanted the reward that would come with a job well done. He was a high achiever, always wanting to excel in anything he did.


Logan gripped at the silky hair and started to thrust his hips back and forth, driving his cock in and out of that hot wet mouth. The young man seemed to realise that it was best to just relax in the grip and allow his mouth to be fucked. The feral mutant’s rhythm was slow and not particularly deep, he felt the suction around his cock as he pulled out, that released as he pushed back in. He could also feel the tongue rasping against the underside. He was breathing harshly and his balls were pulled up tight. He moaned deeply, it turned into a growl and he pushed back in and came hard; filling the waiting mouth with his spunk.


Gasping, Logan told him “Swallow it, boy.”


He watched a slight grimace flicker in the boy’s face before he felt the swallowing around his cock. It caused him to moan and a final trickle made its way out. With a satisfied smile, he pulled his cock from that pliant mouth.


Draco licked his lips; he had his own smile on his face as his eyes peeked up from under white blond lashes. He looked almost angelic like that. Logan growled, with desire.


“Up on the bed, on yer hands and knees.”


Watching as the young wizard climbed up and positioned himself right in the middle of the bed on all fours, Logan put his cock away and zipped back up. He reached for the bag. Inside he had stashed the prepared ginger root, he’d peeled and shaped it to resemble a butt plug, with a flange to stop it slipping all the way in and a ridge so that it wouldn’t just pop back out. The Canadian set the zip-lock bag aside and pulled out the restraints he’d brought.


Draco was on edge, he’d never been in a position like this before, but he was also feeling like Logan understood his need to not have a choice. He was a brat, that much he knew to be true, and if given even the smallest opportunity he would react. His partner in this was obviously a strong dom, he knew how to gain compliance. And the young wizard had to concede, that in a rugged and rough kind of way, he was sexy.


The mutant moved to the bed and fastened the leather cuffs around the blond’s slender wrists, connecting them together, he then ran a chain from them to the head of the bed and fastened it back on itself to secure it. He watched with some amusement, as the young man couldn’t resist pulling to test them. He tested the fastenings on the cuffs by trying to pull them apart then tested the chain by pulling back on it. Only then was he satisfied and settled, his head dropping submissively.


Logan was pleased with the visual effect; it was simple but so telling. The tall thin youth, positioned obediently on the bed, his head bowed not in defeat but in acquiescence. He ran a hand along the sleek pale back and over the perfect bubble butt. The burly man gave a light swat to one ass cheek, then the other. The young man gasped but didn’t try to pull away.


Grinning to himself, he retrieved the zip-lock bag and headed to the en suite bathroom that he’d noticed. He took the root from the bag and ran it under the cold water; it was the only lube that could be used or it would it would prevent the full sensation getting through. When he returned to the boy, Logan was pleased that he hadn’t moved from how he’d left him. Crawling up onto the bed, he spread the pale globes, leaned in and swiped his tongue over the tiny pucker. It elicited a moan from Draco and he smiled, triumphantly. The cool wet tip of the root touched the tiny pucker and a shiver ran along the young man’s body.


Not letting him wonder about the sensation, Logan slowly pushed the shaped root in, not pausing until it fitted all the way in, only stopped by the flange. There was a moan of pleasure at the sensation of being filled and a wriggle of that cute butt as Draco tried to feel more of it. The feral Canadian sat back and waited, he was mentally counting down the time.


It was only a couple of minutes later that the slight wriggling stilled and the blond head snapped up.


“What the??” Draco cried out as he felt the slow cool burn start in his ass.


A smirk tugged at Logan’s lips and he watched and waited. The boy writhed a little as if trying to dislodge the root plug, but that soon stilled when he realised that his movements were making it worse.


In Draco’s ass a fire had been lit, white heat clawed at the walls and he whimpered. It felt good and bad at the same time, but then the heat continued to increase. His eyes watered and his head dropped again as his arms began to shake.


Logan kept a check on the reactions and the time. After 5 minutes he stepped back up to the boy and started to land light swats to his butt.


Draco cried out in surprise and then again, as the responding clench of his ass only increased the fire in his ass. The tears broke free and ran down his cheeks. He didn’t beg, Malfoy’s don’t beg, but Merlin he wanted to, he wanted to beg and plead and offer to do anything to make it stop. His mind had completely forgotten the agreed upon safe word.


Keeping up the swats to the butt with one open palm, Logan reached around the boy’s waist with the other and wrapped the other hand round his cock. He was more than a little surprised to find the young blond’s cock was hard and dripping. He stroked it firmly a few times, and then stopped, he smirked as the slim hips started to move to try and thrust the cock into his big hand. The sudden flash of fire caused a loud cry of pleasure-pain and Draco all but reared up and stilled in his thrusting.


The swats continued to rain down, stinging the skin. That pale behind was now a pleasant blushing shade of pink. Logan knew that the boy would be squirming from his hand if it weren’t for the ginger fire in his ass. The kid learned fast, that was for sure.


Checking the time, he saw 10 minutes had passed since the boy had started to react. He stroked the silky smooth cock again, just enough to keep the boy’s pleasure coursing through his veins, but not enough to bring him to the edge. This time when he stopped, the hips didn’t thrust, and he grinned. Training a boy that learned so quickly would be an absolute delight and he envied whoever managed to collar him.


Logan twisted the plug in the boy’s ass then slowly started to fuck it in and out. The large man was rock hard again; the bulge of his erection was evident under the denim of his jeans.


Draco cried out over and over as the root slid over the sensitive skin, sending jolts of heat through him. He gasped for air, his lungs feeling too small in his chest. Sweat dripped from his brow, mixing with the moisture from his tears as it splashed down onto the bed covers. He couldn’t remember ever feeling so totally aware of his body, particularly that part that was being slowly and methodically fucked. He would not beg.


It had been 15 minutes and the cries had lessened, the salty tang of tears in the air had decreased too. Logan wanted to pull that plug out and plunge his hard cock into that fluttering hole. He wanted to fuck the young man slowly until he felt the prickle of heat push him over the edge and cause him to spill his seed inside the young man. He growled at the mental image that those thoughts produced.


Releasing his fly, the feral pulled his hard cock out with one hand while the other hand continued to slowly stroke Draco’s cock. He stroked both of them off together, his pace increasing, drawing them both closer, he wanted to cum so badly.


The youth mewled and no longer caring about the burn in his ass he thrust into the stroking hand. “Oh Merlin…Please?” He cried out…and his resolve not to beg crumbled at the deep rumble from behind.


“Please… Sir… please let me cum?” He gasped out.


Logan’s hand squeezed around both cocks in tandem and his cum spurted out and splattered over the boy’s ass cheeks and thighs. That was all it took to send the young blond over the edge and he cried out, emptying his own offering onto the bed covers. Gasping for air, Logan pulled the ginger out and tossed it towards his bag. He rolled over onto his back, stretching out alongside Draco. He looked up into wide grey eyes and lips that were parted as he panted, his body trembling from his release.


Giving a small smile of pride, he pulled the boy down to lay part on him, cradled in his arms, without releasing the cuffs. Logan murmured words of praise and comfort, soothing the young man and congratulating him on doing so well.


The words washed over Draco and he smiled a soft, genuine, smile. He felt so totally relaxed, this was what he’d been missing, it was what he’d been waiting for, for so long and it was what he needed. Logan seemed to know that, but as much as that seemed to be true, he knew that the strong man wasn’t whom he was meant to belong to. Perhaps though, it would make it that bit easier to give himself to the one who had owned his heart for so long.




When the pet looked up at his Master, he was surprised to see him looking misty eyed and full of pride. A look he’d only seen on the man previously directed at himself. He felt a stab of jealously, even though he knew it was stupid. His Master only wanted him, that had been made clear on may occasion, but he still had trouble believing it sometimes.


He’d had ginger root used on him before, and he had to admit that he liked it… it was the sort of pain that gave him a deep satisfaction. He wasn’t worried about them emulating this particular scene in the slightest. He moved and rubbed his cheek against his Master’s thigh, causing a long thin-fingered hand to descend and play with his hair.


Chapter 7 – G is for Gags and Glory Holes


The brunette slave straightened up and cracked his knuckles. He’d been typing for hours but he’d finally finished writing up the accounts of what had happened in each scene so far. Why his Master didn’t just spell the keyboard to type as the scenes played out, he didn’t know. It was annoying, and like he was trying to prove a point to his pet, what that point might be… he had no clue.


He sighed and slipped off the chair, heading towards the kitchen for food. It was almost time for the next pairing to be revealed and he didn’t want to orb on an empty stomach.




Nick couldn’t believe that he was reading his name on the email again. He had been paired with someone who had yet to have a go. He counted off the people and realised that this ‘wolf cub’ was the last one left, he wondered what kind of guy chose a username like that. He looked at the kink and smirked. There was a good chance that he’d not find out. He wondered how they were going to set something like this up?




Gags and glory holes… Oz read it again. He’d been paired with Texas Hold ‘em. The guy who’d played a couple of days ago in the double penetration thing. He noticed that the Master’s pet had put up detailed transcriptions of the scenes and he wished he had time to read that particular one before hand, so that he’d know what the guy was like. He didn’t know what to expect at all from this pairing. He sat back in his chair after sending off a reply. He’d only just showered and in any rate it didn’t look like that was going to be particularly important if this was going to play out the way he thought it would.


He was excited by the prospect of anonymous sex, it was no secret that he was a guy with a past; he was pretty much a self-proclaimed slut. He was bisexual and mostly submissive. He’d been in the dominant role twice and both times were with girls. He’d never done this before though and it was new and exciting to him.




The Game Master’s pet was looking at him. “What is it, boy?” He almost snapped.


“How are we setting this up, Master?” He tried to look humble; he knew that his Master’s temper was shortening.


“I will cast a spell on the room, so that it meets our requirements, while you go and collect the first one. Then when you arrive with him, you’ll restrain him and gag him before returning for the other.” The stern man consciously reined in his temper.


The brunette smiled brightly, his eyes almost smouldering, then he orbed out.


He reappeared in a very messy bedroom. Looking round he chuckled to himself, Oz even lived like a musician. The door opened and the young man in question stepped into the room. He was as short as he’d observed in the mirror at 5’4”, but he was nicely defined and had spikey dyed red hair that made him really stand out. He was sexy in unconventional way. His Master had told him that the young man was a werewolf, but that he had control of the beast, he found that fascinating.


“Hi.” He smiled at Oz as he was appraising him.


An answering eyebrow rose silently, and was he being sniffed? “The Game Master sent me, I’m your transport.” He continued.


The red head appeared to be satisfied and nodded. “Ready.” He said simply.


His Master had told him that Oz and Xander had been friends at one time, and he wondered quite how that worked when they were such opposites. The latter being able to babble for America, the young man in front of him could never be accused of talking too much. He nodded and put his hand on a well-muscled arm.


When the two arrived back at the manor, the room he’d left his Master in had been transformed. Two makeshift stalls stood in front of them. He opened the door to one and smiled as he saw the things he’d need to ready the boy as his Master had instructed.


“I have to bind and gag you.” He told Oz, a hint of apology in his voice.


The red head nodded his agreement and the pet steered him into the stall, picked up the wrist cuffs and fastened them around each wrist before pulling them behind Oz’s back and clipping them together. The ex-Sunnydaler turned green eyes towards the other man, and the pet had an almost overwhelming desire to kiss the stubble roughened face. He shook himself slightly and smiled a lazy smile that made his eyes sparkle with lust.


“I can’t think for the life of me why you need a gag. But I have my orders.” He lifted up the ring gag.


Oz shrugged and opened his mouth to receive it. He was powerfully turned on by then, the guy who was preparing him was a slave, and he was sexy in a way that reminded him a little of Xander Harris when they were younger. The thought of a slave readying him for use by another was arousing as hell. He had no urge to protest in the slightest.


He fitted the leather wrapped metal ring snugly behind Oz’s perfect white teeth then buckled it behind his head. When he’d finished that, he gave in to his urge and kissed the rough cheek with a smile. He turned his charge to face the wall that separated the two stalls. “Kneel down, you won’t have long to wait.”


The red head did as he was told and sunk to his knees; he looked such a perfect image that the brunette ruffled the spikes before orbing away.




“Hi again.” The brunette pet said and smiled as he materialised in Nick’s living room.


Nick gave a lopsided smirk. “I’m ready, to go.”


“Not quite.” The young slave pulled a smaller ball gag out of his pocket and held it up. “Sorry, gotta gag you.”


“No way.” The Texan blurted out. Why would he need to be gagged? Did he know this guy too?


“Sorry, my Master told me I had to, or we don’t go. It’ll be fine I promise you. He’s gagged too. I guess that doesn’t really help you, knowing that. But really, its just so you won’t talk to each other, the whole idea is anonymous sex like you would get in the…um… real situation. Please?” He fluttered his eyelashes slightly.


Nick was only human and the boy had a good amount of sex appeal. He eyed the gag again, he’d subbed before and so had worn a gag in the past, but it had to be to the right person.


The young man could see the war going on inside the CSI, and smiled encouragingly, “Trust me, you aren’t the sub in this scenario, its just insurance, getting caught up in the moment you could blurt out.”


Finally, the tall Texan acquiesced, “Ok, but I’m fastening it on myself.”


The Game Master’s pet could understand that demand and nodded, holding the gag out to him. He watched while Nick fastened it on, smiling when it was secure he held out his hand to the dark haired man to take.


As soon as Nick slipped his hand into the other man’s he felt the tingle rush through his body and suddenly they were somewhere else. Somewhere that looked like a toilet stall but without the toilet in it. The pet signalled for him to be quiet and Nick nodded. He gave the older man a smile and vanished.


Oz had perked up when he heard that strange tinkling noise, he would have been tempted to peek through the hole in the wall, but a glance at it had already told him that there was something across the other side blocking it. He felt his heart rate pick up and there was a scent of arousal that wasn’t his.


He moved aside the cover and looked at the largish circular hole, he could comfortably fit his dick through it and it was at just the right height.


There was movement on the other side of the wall, then Oz could see that whatever had been covering the hole had been moved away. He waited, his breathing shallow with anticipation.


Nick was nervous, he’d thought about doing something like this before, but he was way too practical to stick his dick through a hole when he didn’t know what would be waiting for it on the other side. He was a CSI, he’d seen some awful things in his time, human nature could be very dark. But the young slave had gone some way to reassuring him of the safety of this; the man waiting in the other stall had been gagged, presumably in such a way that would allow him to still fuck his mouth.


The CSI was thoughtful, and then he put his finger through the hole, hoping that the man on the other side would get the hint.


Oz saw the finger and would have smiled if he could, his green eyes sparkled and he leaned forward to surround it with his mouth, his tongue coming out to run over the finger. It was then that he regretted the gag; he wouldn’t be able to show the man his full talent.


Nick was glad for the gag the young slave had given him to wear, he would have cried out when that hot wet tongue ran over his finger, if it hadn’t been for the ball gag. He slid his finger back and forth, delighting in the way the tongue played around it; if it felt that good on his finger he couldn’t wait to feel it on his hard cock. With his other hand he unzipped and pulled his erection out of his pants. He pulled the finger from the eager mouth and slowly placed his cock through the hole.


The red head was enjoying teasing the finger but when it was replaced with the cock his mouth started to water. The hard flesh that poked through the hole in the wall was quite pretty, if that was a word that could be used to describe a hard cock. Oz angled himself and slowly slipped it into his mouth through the ring gag, his tongue played against the tip and he heard a thump from the other side. He had given plenty of blowjobs and he knew he was good. This was a challenge for him but he would give it everything he could to make the man on the other side lose control.


The first touch of that glorious mouth on his cock made Nick bang his fist on the wall in arousal. He would ordinarily have his hands wrapped in soft hair now. If the tongue kept playing with him like it was, then he wasn’t going to last very long at all. He felt it digging in the slit, as if it could make its way down the core of his cock to his balls. Then it pulled back and rubbed against the underside.


Oz used his tongue to push the cock against the roof of his mouth, he slowly moved back and forth on it, causing the sensitive flesh to rub against the inside edge of the gag. He could swear he heard a groan from the other side so he must be doing it right. He used the tip of his tongue to lap idly along the shaft before taking it into his mouth again. He took a deep breath and let it out slowly through his nose as he sank down, intent on taking the length as far in as he could. He felt it hit the back of his throat and relaxed his muscles, surging forward.


Nick moaned around the gag as he felt tightness around the head of his cock. The guy in the other stall was obviously talented, and his cock was being taken deep while that torturous tongue undulated and stroked the shaft. He pressed the palms of his hands against the wall and rested his forehead against it. He slowly started to rock his hips, his cock fucking the mouth through the hole.


The feel of having a cock thrusting in and out of his mouth made Oz moan, sending delicious vibrations through Nick’s cock. His sensitive ears picked up the other man’s responding moan of pleasure. He rubbed his tongue insistently against the underside of the shaft as he slid up and down it, swallowing around it when he could.


The dark haired Texan was breathing harshly, that wicked and talented mouth was drawing him closer to the edge. His hands balled into fists against the wall as his hips thrust into the willing mouth. He groaned and tried to pull in much needed air around the gag he was wearing. His teeth were biting into it to keep as quiet as he could.


Oz pulled back off the cock and focused his tongue on the head, it pulsed against his tongue and he heard a quiet cry from its owner and his mouth was flooded. He did his best to swallow the cum but it wasn’t easy with the ring forcing his mouth open. He licked the softening cock until it was withdrawn. Closing his eyes the red head rested his forehead against the wall and breathed heavily. He was so aroused, he needed to cum but there was no way for him to pleasure himself. He wished his pants had been left open, maybe then he could have pushed his erection through the hole to have it played with. He made a noise of frustration.


Nick panted for air, seeing stars, he finally understood why it was called a glory hole. He pulled his dick back and tucked it away. He wondered about the man on the other side of the wall but he could survive with not knowing.




“That was hot, I never thought I would enjoy watching that but it was fantastic.” The pet told his Master, his erection obvious from the bulge in his pants.


He was looking at the poor frustrated red head and feeling sorry for him; the poor little wolf cub.


As if reading his mind, his Master’s voice cut in to his thoughts. “Not everyone gets to cum, pet. You know how it is. How often have I played with you and left you wanting? The werewolf knows the deal, its probably arousing him more knowing that he isn’t going to get to cum until he’s home and can relieve himself.”


The brunette nodded, he understood but still felt sorry for the other sub.


“Go and take them home, pet, Nick first.”


Chapter 8 – H is for Humiliation.



“Spike this is Draco. Draco… Spike.” The brunette introduced the two blond’s. He smirked. He was really going to enjoy watching this.


The vampire was sprawled in an armchair, wearing leather pants and black t-shirt. He sniffed and nodded to the pet. The pet’s wicked smirk broadened just before he orbed out and left them alone.


Draco did not look impressed; he was almost looking down his nose at the man across the room. It wasn’t that he wasn’t good looking, because he was. He was slender and his features were as aristocratic as his own. He just couldn’t see anything in him that put him in the mindset that Logan had. He compared the blond man with the man from his previous experience; they were nothing alike and he just couldn’t find it in himself to be nervous or afraid of him. He sniffed in a decidedly superior ‘Slytherin’ way.


Spike sat watching him for a moment, his eyes sliding appreciatively over the young man. He was pretty and in some ways reminded him of himself when he was younger, all snooty attitude, just like William had been before meeting Angelus. He slid out of the chair and stood up, slinking across the room, he slowly circled him.


“Draco, is it? Such a pretty young thing… almost as pretty as a girl.” Spike smirked. “Yeah, I can just see you now, a nice pair of lace panties with a cute little corset. Some make up and maybe we’ll put this hair of yours into pig tails.” He continued to murmur quietly as he inspected the boy, lasciviously.


Draco was indignant, his cheeks had pinked slightly as he listened to the taunting words, but he doubted that this man could make him do anything. He snorted, he was taller than the man and even though he didn’t have his wand with him, he suspected that he could over power him easily.


“Am I supposed to just drop to my knees and worship you?” His eyes slid up and down the lithe vampire with distaste, “Because, I’ll tell you now, I’m really not intimidated. The last guy had 6 inch claws that came out from between his knuckles.”


The blond menace tilted his head to the side, his scarred eyebrow quirked up. Then a slow devious smirk tugged at his mouth. His eyes glittered mischievously.


The young wizard had to fight down a shiver at that look, for all his bravado, that look was enough to worry him.


“6 inch claws, really. That’s fascinating.” He let his eyes shift to golden but kept his human visage.


Spike grinned with success, as he smelt the fear rise from the boy and his eyes widened, there was an audible gulp too.


“I can smell you, boy.” He took an exaggerated sniff. “Mmm, fear… so delicious. I could just…eat you all up.”


Draco took a step back. “W…what are you?”


He bounced on his feet slightly, showing a little of his hyperactivity in the action, “Me, pet? I’m a vampire… what are you?”


“V…vampire?” The already pale youth, seemed to pale further as he stammered.


“S’right, pet.” He leaned in close and ran a taunting tongue along the pale neck.


Draco jumped and stumbled backwards. “I… I thought this was supposed to be a group for heroes not beasts.” As soon as the word left his mouth he regretted it. The eyes didn’t just flash yellow this time they turned yellow and stayed that way. He swallowed hard.


“And who’s to say that a vampire can’t be a hero? Actually, I’m a champion for the light. Saved the world and everything I have.” Spike snorted. “Got me a soul, but rest assured, boy… piss me off and soul or not…you’ll regret it.” His tone went from playfully amused to dark and threatening. “You’re gonna be a good little boy for me aren’t you? Hmm. Gonna show me what a good little slut you can be? Make it up for insulting my nature.”


The young man nodded enthusiastically and dumbly.


“Good, boy. Strip and down on your knees.” Spike demanded and turned away from the frightened blond, crossing the room to retrieve wrist and ankle restraints.


Draco wondered what the hell he was still doing, standing in a room with a vampire, ok, so he was a sexy vampire, but still. He had a soul? Big deal, what difference would that make, he’d seen the things people did to each other and having a soul didn’t stop them. He shuddered at the thought of his father and Voldemort. He wished he had his wand; perhaps he would just call out to the pet to come take him home.


“I said strip.” Spike looked over his shoulder at him, having not heard any movement. He could hear the racing heart and the smell the fear that was pouring off the kid, but underneath it was the unmistakable scent of arousal. He stalked over to him, his eyes having returned to their piercing blue, and stopped just in front of him. “Do you want to go home, little boy? Don’t you think you can handle playing with the big boys?” He whispered close to his ear.


“Of course not.” He forced indignation into his voice and pulled his shirt off over his head.


Oh yes, Spike had the measure of this boy. He was proud and spoilt; he was going to enjoy humiliating him and making him blush. He watched as Draco flipped his sneakers off, unfastened his jeans and pushed them down, taking silk boxers with them. He stood up and looked defiantly at the vampire, only his scent giving away how he was really feeling.


Spike reached out his hand and weighed the young man’s half-hard cock and balls. “Hmm, not bad I suppose.” He murmured, casually.


Draco moaned softly at the way his genitals were handled. Then just as suddenly, they were dropped from the cool hand that had been caressing them.


“On your knees, boy.” He ordered, his voice almost icy.


The blond wizard dropped almost automatically to his knees, his cock hardening in response, he blushed. It was embarrassing to him that being on his knees for another man could make him hard. That despite being scared of this man, he was turned on by that same emotion. He was a Malfoy and they didn’t kneel before anyone except the most powerful. He suspected that anything this man did to him would be humiliating for him, especially the way he’d been talking before.


Spike moved around behind the kneeling man, pulled his arms harshly behind his back and cuffed them in place. He came back around in front of him and nudged the boy’s knees apart with the toe of his boot.


“Tell me your safe word.”


“Red.” The word fell automatically from his mouth and was met with an amused chuckle.


“Very appropriate for a vampire’s slut.”


Draco felt heat rush to his cheeks, unsure if it was caused by being laughed at or by being called a vampire’s slut.


Spike didn’t miss the change in scent, the hint of embarrassment mixed with an increase in arousal. Interesting! He knew he could exploit his enhanced senses, allow the boy’s scent to guide him on the right track.


“Kiss my boots, my little slut. Show me how much you want to please me.”


Draco’s grey eyes fluttered, as he lowered them to look at the boots. They were clean, he realised, so he couldn’t object on the principle of them being dirty, but even if they had been, would he have protested? He found himself leaning forward; he spread his thighs and raised his ass instinctively to keep his balance, as he placed a kiss on top of first one boot and then the other. His cock twitched at the blatant act of submission.


“Lick them, slut. Clean them with your tongue and don’t miss an inch.” Spike commanded quietly, his nose twitched with the heady scent of arousal.


He heard an almost non-existent moan as the pink tongue darted out and slid over the leather. The boy was diligent in his ministrations, running his tongue over the top and then the side. He was surprised at the compliance from the youth, he’d expected to have to force him, but it seemed the very fact that he was a vampire was enough to ensure obedience. And the boy was damn well enjoying it too.


Draco couldn’t believe the ease with which he’d shifted from placing a chaste kiss to the top of each boot to licking them with his tongue. He was also somewhat surprised, that the act was sending sparks of pleasure to his cock. He thought he would find kissing and licking another man’s shoes embarrassing, but in reality, it was the fact he found it arousing that made his cheeks burn with something akin to shame. His father would have a fit if he saw him like this. That thought made him smile inwardly and he doubled his efforts.


“Very good, doing a top job there, boy. Ya like licking my boots don’t ya? Hmm, shows ya were you belong and puts you in your place. ‘Cause that’s where you belong isn’t it, slut, on your knees, putting that pretty mouth of yours to good use. I bet you wish it was my cock you were sucking don’t ya? You’re gonna have to earn that though, pet. Show that you’re good enough to be my little cock sucker.”


The words and his own actions were sending Draco’s pheromones off the chart. He was aroused and embarrassed but unable to stop himself. He really had no idea that he would get off on being spoken to like that. He whimpered softly.


“Enough.” Spike declared and stepped back.


He watched as the slender young blond righted himself and knelt back on his heels, cheeks red as his cock jutted straight up.


“Would you look at that, slut? You went and got all horny for my boots. I know they’re nice but really, pet… that’s a little strange don’t you think.” Spike scoffed and watched the blush deepen.


Draco lowered his head, he was a Malfoy and he was aroused at the idea of licking another man’s boots. It didn’t get worse than that. Even defecting to the side of the light didn’t come close to the shame that this would bring on his family.


“Ah-ah, slut. I want to see that pretty face of yours. No looking at the floor now.” Spike chastised before turning to a closet. He pulled it open and emerged with a wide black posture collar, which he proceeded to fasten around the long slender neck, forcing Draco’s chin up.


“That’s better, now I can see them pretty pink cheeks. Tell me what you want, my little slut, I want to hear you.”


The young wizard blushed more, he couldn’t give voice to the things he wanted, Malfoys don’t beg. They don’t talk about their sexual perversions to anyone. But damn, he wanted to tell Spike that he wanted to suck his cock, wanted him to fuck and use his ass, wanted to feel him cum deep inside him… in his mouth or ass it didn’t matter.


The scent of embarrassment rose as the vampire could almost see the cogs working in the boy’s eyes. “Nothing happens until you tell me, pet. Can stay here like this all day.”


Draco’s eyelids fluttered, the idea of being left kneeling like this, his cock achingly hard, was almost intolerable. He chewed on his lip.


Spike smirked and sat down. As he sprawled his legs open he watched the naked young blond and idly stroked his hard on through the leather of his pants. He couldn’t help but notice the way those grey eyes fixed on his crotch and his smirk grew. “Like that, slut? Like watching me rubbing myself, hmm? Maybe you want me to get my cock out and give you a nice show? Or perhaps you would rather suck it yourself, maybe ride you hard with it…slam it into that little boy pussy of yours?”


He heard the quiet groan that fell from Draco’s lips. “Come to me pet… crawl over here and tell me what you want… what you need.” Spike’s tone was seductive. He watched as the bound boy did as he was told and shuffled across the floor on his knees.


Intent eyes remained fixed on the leather covered crotch as he stopped between Spike’s feet. His eyes rose up and were met by a piercing blue gaze. The vampire’s eyes were stunning; it was like they could see right into the heart of him.


“Tell me, pet?” He said more softly and ran a hand through the naturally blond hair.


Draco opened his mouth to speak, but the words wouldn’t come out. His face felt hot and his eyes prickled suspiciously.


Spike could almost taste the war of emotions in the boy, he could see his distress mounting but this was needed. “Tell me, pet. Let it all out, you know you’ll feel better if you do.”


Watery eyes shone with unshed tears as the young wizard looked up at him in a silent plea. But Spike was unwavering.


“Please.” Draco finally uttered and the tears broke free.


“Please, what, my pretty little slut?” The vampire ran a gentle hand across one red cheek and collected some of the salty tears; he brought them to his lips and licked them off.


Draco was distressed, crying was another thing that Malfoys didn’t do, and it was worse because he was hard and crying and the tears wouldn’t stop. They were there because he was a slut and he was too proud to say it.


“I… I want you to do all those things you said. Please…”


“That’s please, Sir.” Spike prompted, satisfied that they were finally getting somewhere.


“Please, Sir. I’ll do anything… I want to suck you… want to be fucked by you… oh please… use me… just… do something, anything?”


The vampire smiled. “Tell me what you are.”


“I…” The tears continued to track slowly down his cheeks, his face now red and blotchy. “I’m a slut… a whore… that’s all I am, a worthless whore.”


Spike leaned forward and lapped at the salty tears, collecting them on his long agile tongue and savouring the taste of the young man’s distress and shame.


The vampire attached a leash to the collar and gave a tug as he stood up, “Up you get, my little slut, on your feet.”


Draco looked at him, slightly confused, as he rose to his feet.


“I told you, I’m going to make you look all pretty for me.” Spike smirked, teasingly.


He left the young naked blond standing in the middle of the room. Curiosity coming off him in waves, the tears had stopped but the redness in his cheeks wasn’t going away, nor was the humiliation that caused it. His cock stood proud and leaking, a sign of how aroused he was at the situation.


Spike returned from the closet with an arm full of red satin. Draco watched in fascinated silence as he extracted a pair of red satin panties, he crossed to the boy and crouched down, urging him to raise one foot then the other, to pull them on. He slid them up pale slender legs, eased them up over the hard cock, leaving them bulging obscenely over the erect flesh. The vampire grinned and rubbed his thumb over the fabric-covered head. The young man gasped, closed his eyes in pleasure and tried to rub against the hand more, but to his frustration it pulled away.


“Now, now… my little slut. Not yet. There’ll be time for that later.” Spike’s amused voice told him.


He opened his eyes and watched him pick up the other red satin item. The vampire held it up so he could get a look.


“Pretty isn’t it, pet? You’re going to look such the perfect slut in this.” He told the wide-eyed boy.


Draco had never before been curious about dressing up in girl’s clothing. Never thought it would arouse him. To his dismay his hard on was pulsing at the thought, his cheeks were positively scarlet with his embarrassment of enjoying being dressed up like this.


Cool hands slipped over his skin, followed by cool red satin as Spike fastened the opulent looking corset on him. It fit as though it had been made for him, cinching him in just enough that he could feel the presence of the boning that ran the length of the garment. His cock was leaking so much now there was a wet spot on the front of the satin panties. He chewed his lip, trying not to moan his pleasure at being dressed up.


Spike disappeared and when he came back, he crouched in front of the blond wizard and started to slide red silk stockings up the long legs. His hands were delicate in their movements, so that he wouldn’t snag the delicate material. He clipped the suspender fasteners to the top of the stocking, and then repeated the action with the other. The vampire had thought about adding high-heeled shoes, but a twisted ankle would really spoil the mood. He lightly ran his hands up the length of both stocking clad legs and up to flutter over the youth’s aching erection.


“All we need now is some sexy make up and you’ll be pretty as a picture.” He smirked.


Spike produced a make up kit out of nowhere and started looking through the colours; he picked out some smoky shades.


“Close your eyes, my slut.” Spike instructed, as he approached with the eye shadow.


Slowly, methodically he painted Draco’s eyes until they were sultry and sexy looking, adding eyeliner and some mascara. He then found a deep red lipstick and artistically painted the young man’s lips with it. He stepped back, smiling, pleased with himself.


The vampire found some glitter gel and attacked Draco’s hair last. It was just long enough to create two cute little pigtails and Spike made the most of it. He cleaned the gel from his hands and stepped back.


“I could take you out like this pet, put you to work and earn a pretty penny for the services you could perform. I bet that mouth of yours will look perfect around a hard cock or sucking on some big fat balls. Maybe even spread them wide around a gag while they fuck you.” His silky voice teased


Draco had stayed achingly hard throughout the process, his mind repeating the mantra ‘I can’t believe I’m letting him do this and I’m bloody getting off on it’ over and over. He didn’t think he could get any harder, but when Spike started talking about whoring him out, the wave of arousal that coursed through him almost made him buckle at the knees. He whimpered with need.


Spike leered at him, took hold of the leash and led him back across the room. Sitting down in the chair he unzipped his fly and took his cock out. He stroked it a couple of times, watching the smoky framed grey eyes as they settled on his erection.


“Like what you see, slut?” He asked as the boy sank to his knees between his spread knees.


Draco flushed further, and nodded, “y…yes, Sir. Please… can I…?”


“What do you want?” He encouraged.


“I… I want to suck you, Sir? Please…I want to show you what a good little cock sucking slut I can be. Let me be your little whore, please Sir?” The words fell from Draco’s mouth unbidden by him and he was both mortified and aroused by it.


A look of triumph flickered in Spike’s eyes as he nodded, “Suck me then, my little slut… put that whorish mouth of yours to good use.”


He wondered if he’d ever be able to look at himself in the mirror again after this, he leaned forward and ran his tongue over the cool hard flesh. It was different to when he’d sucked Logan, the cock was not as thick and it was slightly longer, it was pale and strangely cool. He played the tip of his tongue against the slit, before wrapping his lips around the shaft and sucking on it. He slowly, started to bob back and forth, sucking as he went.


The bleach blond looked down as lipstick slicked lips surrounded his cock, the boy’s eyes were closed and looked so prettily made up as the deep red lipstick was smeared down his shaft. It was an arousing sight, a perfect vision… just like he’d known the boy would make when all dressed up. His hands reached out and grabbed the pigtails, gripping them tightly as he guided Draco’s head up and down.


Spike was a vampire and Draco knew very little about them except for the biting and blood thing. He took a guess and allowed his teeth to lightly scrape the flesh as he pulled back up the shaft. He was rewarded with the hips bucking the hardness further into his mouth, and a loud approving moan from above. He felt a deep sense of satisfaction that he could cause a reaction like that.


“That’s it slut, just like that. You really are a wonderful little cock sucking whore aren’t you?” Spike groaned.


Draco moaned around the hardness with happiness as he tried to take more and more of it in, he was sucking and swallowing around it. His tongue swirling over the shaft when he was all the way down on it, and concentrating on just the head when he pulled back. The slender hips were thrusting up to meet his mouth, driving the hard shaft deep into him repeatedly.


Spike felt himself on the edge; just as he was about to shoot he pulled the pigtails backwards. He shot his cool cum all over Draco’s face, some went into his mouth but most of it splattered across his blushing cheeks and painted eyes.


Draco moaned at the sensation of the cool spunk hitting his face, his hips had been involuntarily rocking back and forth, trying to find friction in midair.


“You look so bloody perfect wearing my cum on your face… I can only imagine how you’ll look with it dripping down the inside of your thighs. Gonna fuck you, slut. Gonna fuck you and fill your little boy pussy full of my cum. Mark you as my whore.” Spike’s voice was thick with lust as he looked down at the cum splattered face.


Draco groaned in frustration, humping the air. Spike chuckled at his neediness and moved a booted foot to rub against the satin clad erection.


“Hump my foot, slut. That’s all you deserve isn’t it, to cum in your panties while humping my boot.” The vampire’s dark voice intoned.


The youth’s hips bucked and rubbed himself against the boot that he’d earlier licked, he moaned and blushed deeply. It didn’t get much more demeaning than this, he was going to make himself cum in a pair of satin panties by humping a vampires boot. He groaned, his body trembling as his hips worked faster and harder, his back arched and he cried out. His cum soaking the satin fabric, he sagged forward gasping for breath.


“Tut tut, whore, you went and made my boot all messy again. You’re gonna have to lick it clean again.” Spike told him.


Draco caught his breath and groaned as he sunk lower, both physically and emotionally, his lips finding the boot, he kissed and lapped at it, tasting his cum on the leather. His cock twitched inside the cooling wetness of the satin panties.


The enthusiasm in the way that mouth cleaned his boot was getting spike hard again and he decided it was time to move this party to the next step. “Enough, slut.”


The younger blond moaned in protest and knelt back.


“Up.” Spike told him and watched as Draco rose obediently to stand in front of him. Slender cool fingers reached out and slid the cum covered panties down silk clad legs and off. He smirked wickedly and got to his feet too.


“Now, slut, I’m gonna gag you with these panties while I fuck that sexy little ass of yours. That means you won’t be able to use your safe word. So instead, I’ll put something in your hand. So, if you want to stop all you need to do is drop it. Understand?”


“Y…yes, Sir.” Draco replied, his voice shaky with arousal. His mind turning over that he was about to be fucked.


Spike’s eyes sparkled wickedly as he wadded up the red satin and pushed it in the boy’s mouth, ensuring that the cum soaked part was inner most. He wrapped his hand around a pigtail and used it to steer Draco and bend him over the arm of the chair. He picked up a crystal off the nearby shelf and placed it in one of the delicate hands, closing the fingers firmly over it. The vampire took a moment to admire the view and blood rushed to his cock, hardening him fully once again.


Draco couldn’t believe the position he now found himself in. Gagged with the panties he’d shot his load in was bad enough, but he was going to be fucked while he was. His ass in the air for the vampire to plunder, he felt the sharp stinging slap that landed on his left cheek and gave a muffled cry around the silk. His Malfoy pride was in tatters and his body was thrumming with his humiliation at enjoying it all.


He felt a cool slick finger press at his hole and moaned at the pressure. It slipped easily inside and crooked slightly. He shuddered and pulled air in through his nose. Spike’s finger fucked slowly in and out then stirred around, slowly opening him up, loosening his sphincter. There was a flash of burning pain as a second finger was added and spread his hole wider. But as they pushed in deep and found that spot again, he whimpered around the gag, he found himself sucking on the taste of himself.


Two fingers became three, the pain dissolving into pleasure, then they were pulled out. He felt momentarily bereft and then he felt the blunt head of the vampire’s cool cock nudging its way in.


“Mmmphh” His muffled cry came, at the renewed burning sensation of his ass being breached. The cock paused a moment, then carried on with the long slide in.


Draco breathed harshly through his nose; the sensation of that cool hardness filling him up was incredible. Spike just held steady, pressed all the way in, enjoying the flutter of the tight velvet channel around his dick. After a short time, he started to pull out, he backed up almost all the way until just the head of his cock was inside, then thrust slowly back in to the hilt. He set up a slow and steady pace, pressing deep every time he thrust in, then taking the long slide back out.


Spike pressed in deep and rotated his hips, stirring his cock inside the willing ass. The bottom wiggled and squirmed and pushed back on him. He smirked, he could hear the muffled cries from his little slut, and decided to up the pace. He pulled out quickly and slammed back in, once, twice, three times… Draco thrust back to meet every stroke and by the third one was almost screaming around the fabric in his mouth in pleasure-pain.


The vampire slammed in repeatedly, angling his thrusts so that he hit the boy’s prostate every time. The tightness that surrounded him, and the eagerness with which Draco met his thrusts, was driving him closer to the edge for a second time. His face shimmered from human to demon and he didn’t try to fight it back down. He drove in again and again, growling and moaning his pleasure.


Sweat ran down Draco’s face and mingled with the drying spunk, his eyes were squeezed closed in lust. He sucked at the satin until it was sodden; the taste of himself was intoxicating and combined with the feeling in his ass was amazing. He couldn’t believe he wanted to cum again so soon.


Ploughing in one final time Spike stiffened and howled as he filled the tight channel with his cool spunk. He didn’t pull out though; he continued to thrust, not losing his hard on. Draco writhed under him, noises of desperation making their way past the gag. The vampire had done this before, kept his hard on going for another rapidly following orgasm.


Slim hips thrust back against him over and over, silently begging as he fucked deep and hard. The channel tightened and fluttered around his cock, the pheromones from the boy reached a peak as his muscles spasmed and clamped down on the hard length in his ass. He smelt Draco’s spunk as he came hard against the side of the chair. Spike cried out again as the muscles flexed around him and he shot another load in a rush of icy heat.


The vampire pulled back in a wash of cum that trickled down the boy’s thighs, fulfilling the image that he’d envisioned earlier. Spike was feeling totally satisfied, he reached up and unfastened the cuffs that surrounded Draco’s pale slender wrists and he rubbed them slightly, before his hands went to release the death grip that the boy had on the stone in his palm. He helped him to stand up and pulled the satin from his mouth, then leaned in and kissed him softly on lipstick-smudged lips.


Draco looked and felt utterly debauched, he was exhausted and Spike shocked him by lifting him up in his arms and carrying him to bed.




The Game Master looked at his pet with a knowing smirk. His slave had been fascinated and incredibly aroused by the scene that had played out. He had to admit that he himself had been pleasantly shocked to see the youngest Malfoy letting himself go enough to get into it. He knew that the boy had the dark desires in him, from the things he’d read in his postings on the group, but he had questioned whether his pride would allow him to enjoy it. He was glad that he had, his plan was coming together nicely.


The brunette, pet couldn’t quite understand why his Master seemed so excited, but it had to be something good, as he wasn’t a man to be easily pleased.


Chapter 9 – I is for Ice.



A wicked grin slowly spread across Scott Summer’s face. He had just read the pairing and kink for the letter I. He had been paired with the young man from the double penetration scene that he’d read the day before. He had to admit that just reading the scenes had been so incredibly arousing, that he could almost imagine how hot they’d been to participate in. Reading his own experience with the vampire had been strange; it brought it all back but felt like it had happened to someone else. It had felt incredible but reading about it… he shivered and his cock started to harden just at the thought. He’d felt a lot more relaxed for a few days after that event, and he wondered if domming would have the same effect on him?


The kink was ice, and immediately his devious mind had turned to his good friend Bobby Drake, his own personal ice-making machine. He grinned as he replied to the email that he would be ready in about an hour and would have his own equipment. Cyke had a plan and he was going to go and put it into action.


He found the man in question sitting in the kitchen, eating cereal and drinking chocolate milk. His good mood must have been written all over his face because his friend looked up at him and a worried look flittered across his boyish face.


“What is it? Are you scheduling extra danger room sessions?” Bobby tried to work out what had put Scott in a good mood.


The brunette chuckled, “Nope, not even close.” He pulled out a chair and sat down next to the confused guy. “I need you to do something for me. But you have to be discreet and keep it a secret. In return, I’ll make sure all your training sessions for the next month are in the afternoon and you get a free day this week. Break the secrecy though and there’ll be 6am sessions for the rest of your life.”


Bobby raised an eyebrow. He had to admit to being intrigued, his team leader certainly knew him well enough that he knew he could be bribed with being allowed to sleep in late. He nodded. “Ok, I know you wouldn’t get me to do anything illegal.”


That wicked grin grew again and Bobby had to suppress a shudder.


“I need you to make some things out of ice for me.” He slipped the list he’d quickly scribbled in front of Bobby and waited, watching as the blue eyes grew wide with wonder and a hint of arousal.


“W…what do you need them for?” Bobby’s voice was almost a squeak.


“Not something you need to worry about. Will you do it?”


“A month of afternoon training and 2 free days for two weeks.” The iceman bargained. “And it will be totally our secret.”


Scott seemed to contemplate it then gave a curt nod, “Deal.” He held out his hand to shake on it. “How long will it take?”


“Shouldn’t take too long. You have something to put them in to keep them from melting too quick?” He looked over the list again. Cyclops had been his usually thorough self, even when it came to sex toys.


“I do. I need them straight away.” He indicated.


Bobby smiled and headed for the privacy of his room with the list gripped tightly in his hand.




45 minutes later Scott knocked on Bobby’s door. “It’s me, Scott. Are you ready?”


The door was pulled open and a strangely proud looking Iceman stood in the doorway. “Oh yeah, all done.” He grinned and waved him in.


There, on the frost covered bed, laid the variety of ice toys that Scott had written on the list and a few others that he hadn’t thought of. He smirked. “Great work, Bobby. This is fantastic.” He gently placed them into the cool box that he’d brought with him and shut the lid on them.


“No worries, Slim, I like a challenge and it was kinda fun.” Bobby winked.


Scott chuckled and made a mental note to remember that. “Well, I’m gone from the mansion for around 24 hours. I’m unreachable so be sure to enjoy your free time.” He winked and left the room, heading for his own; he expected the Game Master’s pet would be due soon.


He’d only just closed the door when he heard the familiar tinkling sound as the young brunette slave appeared in front of him. The youth was grinning at him knowingly.


“I gather you’re ready?” The pet asked.


“I am.” Scott grinned and lifted the cool box as if to demonstrate his readiness.


The grin broadened and he reached out his hand, taking Scott’s in his and orbed them to Greg’s apartment.


The CSI had been pacing his living room nervously when the two orbed in, he jumped in surprise and held his hand against his chest. “Damn, you scared me.”


The pet simply smiled at him, “nice to see you again. This is Scott, Scott…Greg.”


“Hey.” Greg said, a blush creeping up his cheeks slightly. This was so different from last time. Last time when he’d arrived at Nick’s it had been a surprise but he hadn’t been so scared of what might happen because he knew Nick. This guy was a stranger, and he was wearing shades that seemed to flash red. He couldn’t help the way they held his attention.


Scott smiled and nodded in response. “Hi.”


“See ya.” The pet said and disappeared into thin air.


Greg smiled nervously, “So…”


The brunette mutant had to resist the urge to laugh; it was ridiculous when he thought about the difference between this and the meeting with the self-confident Angel. He tried to smile pleasantly, hoping it didn’t look as predatory as he felt.


“Ice.” Greg stated, noticing the box.


“Yes.” And the feeling of being a hunter, with Greg as the innocent prey, only grew. “Do you have restraints?”


The spiky-haired guy nodded. “In the bedroom. I’m not normally this… y’know…?” He stated.


“How are you normally?” Scott grinned with amusement.


“I…um…tend to talk a lot, and…er… tell unfunny jokes.” He tried to laugh at himself but failed. “You make me nervous… that sorta makes me shy.”


The mutant nodded, “I see. Well… that’s only to be expected. Rest assured, I won’t eat you, at least not in a bad way.”


Greg laughed then and some of the tension broke, remembering that the other guy’s last pairing had been with a vampire. He led him through to the bedroom where he kept his small accumulation of toys. He pulled a drawer open and revealed what he had, for Scott’s approval.


The brunette nodded, as he looked in the drawer, “perfect.” He looked up at Greg with a flash of red, he noticed the guy shudder and smiled. “Take off your clothes.”


“I…” Greg stammered, he didn’t know how to warn the man about his scarring.


Scott’s eyes flared slightly as he looked at the guy. “Shy?”


“N…not exactly… it’s just…” He squeezed his eyes shut, and then opened them again. “A few years ago there was an explosion at the lab I work in. My back…it’s kinda scarred up.”


The brunette stepped around the open drawer and used a fingertip to tilt Greg’s chin up so his eyes met his gaze. “Nothing to be embarrassed about. I’ve seen plenty of scars in my time.” Scott pressed a soft kiss against inviting lips and smiled warmly. “Now, if that’s all you were worrying about, forget it. Take your clothes off so I can see you and try to relax and enjoy yourself.”


Greg gave a small smile and nodded, his hands moving to remove his shirt. He stripped it off and laid it over the top of the chest of drawers. His hands then moved to unbutton his fly and he slid his tight jeans down and off, draping them over the shirt. His cock was half hard from anticipation and he had to admit that despite the curious shades and red glow, the guy was pretty damn hot with his strong jaw and the muscles that he could see rippling under his clothes.


Scott smirked as his eyes slid blatantly over the naked body. He was pleased to see, that as he obviously checked Greg out, it was having an effect and he could almost watch the cock hardening as he looked on.


“Very nice.” He commented when the cock was almost fully hard.


Greg blushed at the compliment. His eyes flittered up to look at Scott then across to look at the drawer and the cool box. His cock bounced and the brunette grinned.


Cyke had to tear his gaze away and turned his attention back to the drawer, he found a pair of leather wrist cuffs and pulled them out. He buckled them easily around Greg’s wrists and clipped them together.


“On the bed, on your back.” He instructed.


There was a moment of hesitation and he felt his gaze flare in warning. The young CSI almost yelped and scrambled for the bed. He flopped himself over on his back and looked over expectantly. Scott smirked and collected a few more pieces of equipment before he moved to Greg’s side.


He lifted a blindfold up and let it dangle from his finger in a silent question. The reply was a coy smile on the handsome face.


“Safe word?” He requested.


The dapple-haired guy thought for a few seconds, he couldn’t think of one that made much sense so he said the first word that came out of his mouth “Banana.”


Scott laughed, “That ought to stop me in my tracks.”


He was still chuckling as he leaned forward and fastened the material so it covered Greg’s eyes. He placed a gentle kiss on slightly parted lips, and then lifted the other man’s bound hands up to place them behind his head.


“Keep them there, understand?” He quietly demanded.


“Yes, Sir.” Greg said automatically, a blush crept up his cheeks at the ease with which he’d addressed the man.


Scott smiled; it was a good sign that his toy for the day was slipping into the mindset. He’d selected a spreader bar and fastened the cuffs at the ends around each lower leg, just below the knee. His hands directed Greg to bend his knees up and this left him spread open and available for the X-man to do what he wanted.


A shiver ran along the bound man’s spine as he imagined what he must look like to the stranger. His cock was rock hard and lay flat against his abdomen now, he felt incredibly vulnerable and that was a powerful turn on for him. He’d chosen to be at this man’s mercy and anytime he chose to, he had the power to end the game, but he knew it was unlikely that he would.


Scott lifted the lid off his cool box and peered in at the ice sculptures that Bobby had made for him. They were mini works of art, not a single detail had been spared. He noticed as he lifted up an ice phallus that it had ridge details and was veined, he wondered if it was modelled on anyone he knew. He smirked and returned it to the box, picking out a small finger sized ice cock.


He moved the box closer to the bed when he returned to it and set it on the floor. Leaning over the fearless leader ran the tip of the ice cock over Greg’s lips. He noticed a slight twitch of surprise followed by a shiver that was caused by the coldness. Then a pink tongue slipped out to tease the head of it as if it were a real cock.


The brunette smirked to himself again and slowly slipped the small ice cock into his playmate’s mouth. He was pleased to see that the eager young man moved his mouth and tongue around it without reservation. He pulled the slowly melting penis from that enthusiastic mouth and ran the tip teasingly down the length of his torso, watching as Greg shuddered and shivered in response. He circled first one nipple then the other with the tip; the young man arched on the bed and gasped as the cold stimulated his sensitive nipples.


He carried on down the torso, lightly running it along the underside of Greg’s cock from the base to tip. Causing the CSI to cry out and buck in response. Scott chuckled, the cock twitched at the icy touch, seemingly appreciating it. Without further warning he pressed the tip of it to the hidden pucker and slid it in with ease, not stopping until the whole thing had disappeared inside the bound boy’s ass.


Greg gasped, whimpered, shivered and squirmed. The ice driving into him caused such a mixture of feelings; it was both arousing and chilled him to the core. He moaned as he felt it slowly melting, he could feel the icy water start to run from his hole and down his crack. His attention was pulled away from the sensation as he felt something cold touch his nipples again.


Nipple clamps made of ice weren’t possible, but keeping the metallic items in the box with the other ice toys had chilled them nicely. He clipped them quickly on Greg’s cold and lust hardened nipples without giving him chance to think about it. The bound young man gasped as his muscles tensed and his back arched up slightly. Scott positively revelled in how responsive his play partner was.


Greg squirmed from the pleasure-pain icy burn in his nipples and the chilled feeling in his ass. He could feel the melted ice dripping from his hole and wondered at what other delights that cool box might hold.


Scott moved away and with the accompanying rustle of fabric, quickly removed his clothes, leaving him naked and hard as steel.


The spiky-haired Californian didn’t have long to wait before something else made of ice was pressed to his lips. He opened his mouth for it and waited for it to be slid inside. Scott smiled at the eagerness and slowly fed Greg the 6” long, 1” wide ice cock. He watched the pink tongue swirling over the ridges, tracing the veins and teasing the head. As if the ice sculpture was linked to his cock, the brunette found his erection pulsing in response; he longed to be on the receiving end of that talented tongue and mouth.


Greg moaned around the invader as he sucked at it. Scott was fucking his mouth with it, tormenting and teasing with just the tip then sliding it in until he felt it reach his tonsils. He was just relaxing into the rhythm when it was pulled away. A split second later, ice was being pushed against his pucker and he took deep breaths to try and let it in. He’d thought it was the ice cock that he’d just been sucking on, but as it pushed in he became aware that it was getting wider and wider the further in it went. Then it seemed to reach its maximum diameter and it had popped past it. He groaned and shuddered at the realisation he was being filled with a butt plug made of ice.


Scott was pleased to see the plug fully seated in the guy’s ass. He smiled triumphantly, it was a big plug that Bobby had made for him and Greg had had little preparation. But since he’d taken a dildo and a man’s cock in his ass at the same time, he was fairly certain he would be able to handle it just fine. He picked up an ice ring; it was wide enough to fit around the shaft of any cock easily. Grinning wickedly to himself he gripped Greg’s cock in one hand and slowly eased it over the head. It was snug but not tight, it wasn’t meant to be restrictive after all.


The dapple-haired CSI bucked and arched on the bed, squirming like he was trying to get away from it. Scott knew that he had to be careful; he couldn’t risk lowering Greg’s core temperature too much. It was meant to be pleasurable, after all, not dangerous. He lowered his head and licked and sucked at the tip of the bound and impaled man’s cock. Swirling his tongue over the slit in the same way that Greg had done to the ice cock.


Remembering the ice cock, Scott picked it up and pressed it back to red swollen lips, he watched as it was sucked with raw enthusiasm. Greg’s need and desire being poured into his ministrations of the carefully sculpted cock, that was now slowly thawing and losing some of its details. Keeping one hand on the ice phallus, he returned to suck on Greg’s angry red cock, the ice ring not causing the erection to deflate at all, surprisingly.


He bobbed his head up and down on the hardness. Sucking hard and undulating his tongue against the shaft, Scott used every trick he could think of, occasionally grazing his teeth against the flesh.


The CSI squirmed, moaned around the ice and shuddered at the sensations flooding his body. His nipples burned, his ass was filled with an icy fire and his cock was a mix of ice and heat. He thought he was going to go insane, all he could do was suck harder on the cock in his mouth, wishing it were a real one. He bucked his hips up with need, his hot body melting the plug in his ass as his muscles contracted and spasmed around it.


Scott tormented the head of the hard cock and Greg bucked and cried out, his balls pulled up tight as he grew nearer to his release. The brunette gripped the base of the ice plug and pulled it out, pushing on the spreader bar until the bound man pulled his knees up to his chest. He slammed his cock into the waiting hole, the cold tightness sending shivers down his own spine.


It only took a couple of hard deep thrusts from that hard hot cock to make Greg finally lose it. He cried out, his body going rigid as his hot cum shot out and pooled on his stomach and chest.


The X-man continued to thrust, hard and deep. He reached up and released the clamps from Greg’s nipples, he cried out again at the return of blood to his tender flesh, feeling the burn. His muscles clamped down on Scott hard and that was more than the brunette could bear, he thrust in one last time and emptied his load into that wanton ass.


Gasping to regain his composure, he didn’t yet pull out, but held his position, pressed deep inside. He reached up and pulled the blindfold off, he looked into lust-glazed eyes.


“Ice, ice baby.” Greg murmured with a sated grin.


Scott chuckled, leaned in and kissed him.




“I could say that was hot, but it seems a bit odd to use that as a description for a scene with ice.” The Game Master’s pet laughed softly.


To his surprise, his Master laughed too. It had not been an easy scene to watch, winter raged outside their windows and the thought of ice just made them both shudder. But as they’d watched the play unfold, the temperature had definitely gone up in their room. The young slave curled around his Master’s leg, not even trying to hide his hard on.


“Think I should give them a while.” He winked up at his Master.


The normally stern black-haired man nodded and smirked, then his boy orbed them into the bedroom.


Chapter 10 – J is for Japanese Rope Bondage.


The tall slender man in front of Gil was perfect for their kink of the day. He’d been thrilled when he’d received the Email that asked if he knew anything about the subject. The CSI was well known by his friends for his interest in unusual practices, his mind was almost as full of random factoids as Greg Sanders’ was. He’d smirked, oh yes, he knew *all* about the art of Japanese Rope Bondage.


His eyes slid over Remy Le Beau appreciatively, once again. The Game Master’s boy had made the introductions then with an impish smirk had orbed away, leaving the two men standing in the middle of Gil’s living room.


The Cajun had strangely been more nervous about this pairing than the last. The fact that it had gone so well with the sexy vampire had left him worried that it could only go down hill from there. He was also wondering what secrets the older man in front of him might be holding on to; first a vampire, now what?


“Bonjour,” Remy smiled, amiably. His eyes moved around the room quickly, “Dis a nice place y’ got.”


“Thank you.” Gil returned the smile. The auburn haired man seemed at ease enough but he sensed something lying just below the surface that hinted at a well-disguised uncertainty. “Would you like a drink and chat before we play, or do you prefer to just get straight down to it?”


Gil Grissom was fairly sure that if any of his work colleagues knew what he was doing in his spare time they would have coronaries or think he’d lost his mind.


Remy tilted his head slightly to the side, studying the other man. Sure, he was older than he’d expected, but he was still handsome, and looked in good shape. He also had an air of natural confidence and dominance about him that the thief found appealing. Limbs moving with fluid grace he stepped forward, “Remy t’ink we just get down and dirty, oui?” He winked. “Unless dere’s anyt’ing y’ need t’ tell m’ first. De last guy… he were a vampire… mais, he had a soul. Oh… and Remy, he ain’t a demon… mutant me.”


The older man’s forehead creased slightly as he processed what the Cajun was saying, “A vampire with a soul?” An eyebrow lifted. “And you’re a mutant? I’m afraid I might be somewhat dull for you then, I’m just a plain old crime scene investigator.” His lips tugged up at one side in a warm smirk.


A soft chuckle filled the air and the Cajun genuinely relaxed. He waved a slender hand to dismiss the words. “Dat an important job. An’ y’ don’ look s’ plain t’ me.” A flirtatious grin found its way to his lips and his eyes lowered…seductively submissive. “S’ where d’ya wan’ me?”


Gil felt his body responding to the change in posture of the other man and he felt the stirring of his need to dominate and possess. A replying grin split his lips and he led the way to his spare room. He’d had time to ready it and arrange his ropes so that they were on display and easily accessible. It had been the easiest way to ensure they weren’t tangled when he came to use them. He had various colours, lengths and widths. Griss had already realised that the black and red ones were going to look perfect on his ‘model’.


“Do you have a safe word, Remy?” He asked casually as he moved around the room making last minute checks of his equipment.


“Oui, t’ink I keep the one from las’ time. ‘soul’.”


Quirking a curious eyebrow, Gil nodded once. “Please, take your clothes off.”


Remy didn’t need telling twice, his clothes came off in fluid, naturally sexy moves a tease here and there thrown in for fun. They were folded neatly and he looked for somewhere out of the way to set them down, settling for a space by the door. He stood for inspection, comfortable in his nudity. The easy way he held himself causing a smile in the older man.


The CSI could hardly keep his eyes off the tall young man, so perfectly built, lithe, agile, yet with well defined muscle shifting under his tanned skin. He looked into red on black eyes again, “fascinating.” He murmured. Usually, he liked to blindfold a sub while he worked on them with the ropes, but he just couldn’t bring himself to hide them magnificent eyes. He looked over the body, working out in his mind what he would do with it. Working with women was usually easier there were more options, with breast bindings and the like, but he bet that Remy would look sexy as hell wrapped in his ropes, red and black to match his eyes.


As it was, there were a lot of possibilities and he wondered if he could incorporate all of the things he wanted to. He selected a short length of black rope and folded it in half, moved behind Remy, his hands pulled his arms behind him so that they were placed wrist to elbow and he started to work. Folding the rope in two and wrapping it around the arms, binding them, he tied a larks head knot, using the folded end of the rope and the loose ends tied through it, securing his arms.


He then selected a red rope, 20 foot in length and once again folded it in half; he placed the looped end around his neck, the two ends of the rope split taking one over each shoulder. Just below the collarbone he added a knot to rejoin the ends. He added more knots down the length of the long body: in between defined pecs; at the base of the sternum; at his belly button; and just above the top of the hardening cock. He left quite a bit of loose rope dangling and then passing them between Remy’s legs; he kicked them apart further as he did so.


The Cajun remained perfectly still, the brush of fingers and rope against his skin as agile hands worked sent tingles through his body and down his spine to register in his groin. He caught the occasional glimpse of the look of focused concentration on the older and that in itself was a turn on. He was curious as to what he would look like at when the ropes were finished. He shifted slightly, not wanting his legs to go to sleep from standing still for so long. He had to resist the urge to look down as rope was travelling the length of his body.


A couple more knots were added in strategic places. And he took the ends all the way up to the loop at the back of the long slender neck. He tied them off there so that the neck wasn’t compressed at the front or the back and a yoke was created from the rope.


Another length of black rope was selected and he folded it in half, passed the folded end through the back of the yoke, the loose ends were passed through the fold and then split, wrapping round to the front around the sides, trapping the upper arms under it. The black ropes threaded through the gap between the top two knots at the front and doubled back on themselves, he added a decorative twist before they were passed round to the back once more. At the back they threaded between the top two knots, doubled back and round to the front once more. Gil weaved his way down Remy’s body like that. At the small of his back he made a decorative knot to tie off the ends and in such away that it parted his the perfect ass cheeks and left his anus available for use. The weaving had caused the slack to pull up tight and the cock - that was now jutting out and slightly upwards - was perfectly framed by knots.


Griss stood back and admired his handiwork pleased to have created such a decorative Karada on a male. They were easier on a woman of course, but they could still look so wonderful on a male… especially one with such a perfect body like Remy.


The older man turned around a full-length mirror and positioned it so that the other man could see the results of his hard work. The black and red wove together perfectly, it made his eyes even more striking and he could barely contain his own arousal at the site.


“You look perfect.” He told his rope bottom.


The whole process had taken about 45 minutes in all and he was every bit as aroused as Remy was.


The Cajun stared at himself in the mirror, the man had done an excellent job, he had thought that he might look stupid with ropes entwined around his body, but this man knew what he was doing and knew what would look good on him. He smiled.


“Merci, Sir.” It seemed appropriate to thank him for the effort and he really hoped that they were far from being finished.


Gil reached up and ran a hand over the fine cheekbones a smile playing on his lips. “Get on the bed, pet.”


The smile that received was lazy and charming in the same instance. With his arms bound so securely, he was at a disadvantage when it came to obeying, but the agility and natural grace that he had compensated and he climbed easily onto the bed. He knelt on it, his back to the other man. His knees parted and his decorated ass rested on his heels.


The CSI found the sight to be visually pleasing in away he couldn’t ever remember having experienced before. Sure there were other guys that he found as attractive but this man was beautiful and his body flowed so easily. He stripped out of his clothes, setting them neatly to one side. Naked he climbed on the bed, not shy in the face of such perfection; he was in fairly good shape for a man of his age, after all. He lay down, making himself comfortable on the pillows, his erection pulsing where it rested against his abdomen. He noticed those exotic eyes skimming over his body, and the young man’s cock bounced and leaked in obvious appreciation. That was a real thrill for Gil, to be so openly desired.


“Suck me off, I want your pretty mouth to make me cum.”


Remy had to spread his thighs wider to be able to keep his balance as he leaned down and licked along the length of that hard shaft. He swirled his tongue over the head and then took it into his mouth, he concentrated on sucking on just the first inch or so. Giving head when he was bound like that was so heady, he was falling, the tightness of the rope felt like the most restrictive clothing as he leaned forward, his breathing pushing his chest against the constriction: it was glorious.


Gil moaned as lips and tongue worked at the head of his cock, insistently. His auburn-haired beauty was so eager to please him, he was afraid it wouldn’t take much to send him tumbling over the edge. He moaned with pleasure, his hips bucking up slightly as his hands came down to wrap in auburn hair, urging the other man on.


Lips and tongue slid over the hard flesh, teasing and stimulating. Remy swallowed around the hardness in his mouth and made his way down the shaft with a bobbing action, down an inch back an inch, down another inch, back two… he took a deep breath and blew it out through his nose as he sank all the way down. Nose buried against a neatly trimmed salt and pepper bush; he swallowed, tightening his throat around the invader in ripples.


Grissom arched his back and cried out, such pleasure coursing through his body and centring in his cock and balls, he was getting so close. His hips pumped up while hands held the Cajun in place. A tongue swirled against his shaft then he felt the lightest touch of teeth as he allowed the young man to pull back. He cried out, bucked and shot his load into that eager waiting mouth.


Remy moaned happily as his mouth was flooded with hot cum, he swallowed it down hungrily and then lapped and licked at the softening cock. He stayed there, nuzzling and licking it clean until a tug on his hair caught his attention and he looked up along Gil’s body until their eyes met. He followed the direction of the pull to stretch out over the other man, his lips were captured in a heated kiss as his own erection rubbed against his stomach.


“We aren’t finished yet.” The older man promised when the kiss eventually broke off. It sent a shiver through Remy and he grinned as he wriggled against the body under him.



Chapter 11 – K is for Knife Play



A truly Angelus smile spread across his face as he read the latest message. It had been altogether too long since he’d read his name on the screen - six days to be exact - and his encounter with Scott. What a pleasure that man had been, showing him how to let go had been incredibly intoxicating, he was sure the mutant would be back in touch. His name was there now though - Dark Soul; he was going to be playing with The Central Dogma, the boy had just played with Scott a couple of days ago and Angel wondered what he was like. So far he’d been involved in double penetration and ice play, both scenes had been written about and posted to the group by the Game Master’s pet. He had to admit that they had been incredibly hot.


He slowly typed his response; he was getting faster, really he was. //Knife play, how fascinatingly intense, I’m fully equipped. I’ll expect my play partner in exactly one hour. Dark Soul.//


He knew that the other man would no doubt have been sat waiting for the Game Master to post, just as he had. It was always around the same time each day and it had become part of Angel’s routine to check and keep refreshing the page until he saw what he was waiting for. The last five days had brought disappointment, today was different, he was already growing aroused at the thought of it. He thought about sending Scott an email to find out about the young man who would be joining him soon, but he decided that he would prefer to form his own opinions.


Clicking off the laptop, the vampire stretched out with a smile on his face that would make anyone scurry away in fear if they saw it. He had an hour, he decided to grab a shower and then raid his weapons for suitable toys.




Greg had read the message and felt a twist of dark desire inside him. He was terrified of course, but at the same time he was exhilarated by the idea of playing with the man that had dominated Scott. The mutant had been an incredible dom and they’d played for hours, so it was with a nervous interest that he couldn’t wait to find out what the guy was like that could make him submit. He was a vampire apparently, he’d read as much and Scott had confirmed it. He wasn’t sure if he was a wannabe vampire or a real one, the idea was vaguely ridiculous, but then he’d seen a man appear in his room out of thin air and been fucked into the mattress by a man who shot laser beams from his eyes.


If it wasn’t bad enough that he was going to be playing with an alleged vampire, the kink was knife play; great combination… blood and vampires. He laughed aloud to himself, partly at the irony of the situation and replied to the E-mail that he would be ready.


Greg had just pulled his T-shirt on when he heard the now familiar noise behind him. He turned to smile at the other man.


“Hey, I’m ready.” He tugged the hem of his shirt straight and gave a small grin as he checked his hair, “What’s he like? Is he really a vampire?” He asked nervously.


The Game Master’s pet answered him with a wink and took his hand, “You’ll be fine.” He told him just before orbing them out of the room.


They arrived in the plush penthouse and Greg looked around in impressed silence. There was a loud cough that pulled his attention round behind him and his mouth went suddenly dry.


“Angel this is Greg. Have fun.” The slave smirked and was gone, neither of them paying him any attention.


“Banana.” The CSI blurted.


Angel’s face crinkled slightly, he didn’t know whether to laugh or call the warlock back to collect the crazy guy. He watched a blush rise on Greg’s face.


“My safe word… it’s banana.” Greg felt like his ears were burning with embarrassment. now we’ve been over this, Sanders, the correct way to greet new people is by saying hi, even if they are the most gorgeous technically not-alive person you ever saw


He laughed then, “Ok, straight to business it is then.”


Angel looked him over unreservedly, it made him feel a little underdressed, considering he was only wearing jeans while the vampire had on a tight pair of black leather pants. Vampire! He was crazy to be doing this.


“Are you really… a… y’know… um…?”


“Vampire?” Angel decided to help him out, as he seemed to be struggling with the ability to say it aloud. “Yeah, but don’t hold it against me.” He winked.


Greg nodded; like it was something he heard everyday. “Cool. I mean… it’s… I’m not one of them groupie guys or anything. In fact, I think it’s really scary…especially with the knife thing. But, well… Scott survived so I guess you can’t be too bad, although he is a mutant, so I guess he’d be more of a match than a former lab tech.”


The other man casually closed the distance between them, hands pushed into his pockets, “Greg…”


“Not that I don’t like to keep in shape but, I couldn’t hope to compete. And hey, I’m sure with different blood groups and stuff that we all taste different, maybe you won’t even like the taste of…” His words were cut off as firm lips pressed against his, a hand wrapped around the back of his neck and a tongue forced its way into his mouth.


Angel kissed him forcefully, hard and deep, tongue possessing his mouth and forcing a moan that was captured and swallowed. He eased back and looked at the human, whose mouth opened and closed, eyes slightly glazed and pupils dilated with lust.


“Wow.” He blinked and tried to shake his head clear.


“The most effective way of shutting someone up when they start babbling.” Angel smirked. He leaned in and took a long deep sniff of his neck, “You smell good and you taste good. I only bite if I’m invited to, so relax.”


He took one of Greg’s hands in his and used it to turn him around and led him through the frosted glass doors and into his bedroom. He let go of the smaller hand to close the doors behind them, even though there was no chance of them being disturbed, it was about making the bedroom more insular; like nothing outside of that room existed.


Greg liked the simplicity of the bedroom; it was modern and stylish but very uncomplicated. There was a dresser that was covered with white cotton, there were items underneath and he could only guess at what they were. He was taking it all in when arms wrapped around his waist from behind and lips nuzzled at his neck. Strong cool hands stroked up his arms and settled on his shoulders, lightly massaging the tense muscles. It was almost like a lover’s caress and he found himself relaxing into the hands.


Angel kissed and licked Greg’s neck, he could feel him relaxing under his touch and his scent was easing more towards aroused than nervous and afraid. Knife play was meant to be about fear, he didn’t want the man to be afraid of him, but of the cool blade touching his flesh.


“You’re a pretty young man.” Angel murmured.


“Th…thanks.” Greg swallowed, that voice was intoxicating; it wasn’t often that he was called pretty, but he wasn’t going to object when it was coming from someone as sexy as tall, dark and vampy.


A cool hand slid up under his shirt and lightly stroked his abs, making him shiver, he let his head fall back to rest against a solid shoulder. He had to be crazy, but at least if he died, he would die very happy. Fingers found his nipple and he moaned, pushing his hips back and finding a hard bulge in those leather pants that reflected the one in his own jeans. A fingernail grazed the hardened nub and he gasped his dick pulsing to full hardness. “Oh god.”


The dark-haired vampire smirked, responsive, he liked that. His hands worked his sub-for-the-day’s T-shirt off over his head, stepping back for ease. His eyes slid over the freckled, strong, defined back, his fingers coming up to lightly play over one of the scars. He was pleased when it made Greg shiver and his intent eyes smiled.


Angel slid his hand up the back, barely touching but enough to cause a shiver, his fingers threaded into the boy’s hair and he gently pulled back.


Greg arched his neck, tilting his head back to accommodate, he felt like he was under some sort of spell, but he didn’t care. Blunt teeth scraped the sensitive flesh on his neck and a tongue followed, running over the area. He moaned and his eyes closed causing his eyelashes to fan out alluringly.


The vampire could feel the thrumming of his toy’s blood through his tongue, hear the increase in heart rate. The fear levels remained low, while the scent of arousal increased proportionately. “Perfect.” He murmured into the lightly tanned skin.


When he stepped away, Greg remained exactly where he’d been placed, unmoving except for the rise and fall of his chest. Angel moved around the room quickly, lowering restraints from the ceiling that had gone unnoticed and mostly unused up until that point. He was gratified that despite the boy’s obvious curiosity, he neither looked nor moved at the sound of the chains clanking.


He did jump slightly when the cool hand gently stroked down his arm to gather his wrist and fasten a cuff around it. His eyes, opened then and he turned to look at the now restrained hand as his play partner repeated the action on the other side.


Both his arms were raised and attached, spread apart above his head, to the chains that hung from the ceiling. He turned those chocolate puppy eyes towards the other man.


Angel smiled at him, non-threatening and tender; it was at odds with what was about to come. He stepped in front of his captive boy and rubbed at the bulge in his jeans before slowly unfastening them. He licked his lips as the hard on came into view, but didn’t pause in his task, sliding denim all the way down long legs and pulling them off the feet. As he stood, he lightly dragged his hands up the limbs, lightly tickling the hairs on them and receiving a shiver for his efforts.


The hands didn’t stop, sliding up over the exposed torso to play with the perky nipples. He leaned in and licked at Greg’s lips before closing his own over them and insistently pushing his tongue inside; meeting with no resistance as he kissed him thoroughly. He stepped back and smiled, much less tender than before.


Greg’s nerve endings were already on fire and he was picturing action potentials in order to force his arousal back down. He watched the brunette carefully as he stepped away. The dresser was now out of his line of vision unless he turned his head, he had no intention of doing that, it was possible that his dom was one of the kind who disliked that sort of thing and he didn’t want to annoy him when he would be using sharp things.


Angel made his first choice, selecting a straight, six-inch, double-edged knife. It was a ceremonial knife; the wounds would heal within the hour and leave glittering scars that would gradually disappear over a week. The blade was silver and a symbolic pattern was engraved in it, the handle made out of bone and the bolster that separated blade from handle was silver, like the blade, and heavily jewelled with rubies and diamonds.


He stepped in front of Greg and showed him the blade, watching his eyes as they studied it.


Chocolate brown eyes went wide at the sight and the colour drained from his face; this was really going to happen. Heart rate picking up, but not from arousal this time, he felt suddenly very exposed. Oh crap, what had he let himself in for? That knife looked beyond sharp. He looked up at the man holding it, panic clearly written across his face. “Wait. I…I’m not sure I can… I mean I want to and everything it’s just… this is real and …” He gave a small whimper.


For all the pleasure he was obtaining from the scent of fear that permeated the air, Angel’s soul was very much still in control, he wouldn’t force the boy into this. “Ssh, it’s ok. Trust me.” He held still, like he was trying to calm a spooked horse.


“Trust you?” Greg blinked, “You make it sound so simple, but then you’re the one holding the very sharp knife.”


He couldn’t believe how much the boy reminded him of the smart-mouthed Xander Harris, without the venomous insults. It made him smile, how he’d love to have that boy tied up in Greg’s place. He’d not be doing much reassuring, more like he would be amping up the Angelusy feel. “It’ll feel good, I promise.”


He used his free hand to caress the other man’s chest and stomach, calming the fear, easing his worries, “I won’t do anything that will harm you. And you can stop anytime with your safe word.” He kissed the boy’s temple, pulling back to look in his eyes, letting his soul do the talking for a moment.


“How about we give it a try, and if you really don’t like it… we can stop. No harm, no foul.” Angel offered, after a couple of minutes of letting Greg think and wonder.


There was something about the idea of giving himself over to a monster with a knife, it was freeing but at the same time, the adrenaline was flooding his system. Greg felt alive as he gave a small nod.


He’d looked down the barrel of a gun, been blown up in an explosion and many other exploits in his work. Things hadn’t been the same since the lab explosion; he’d felt like there was a hollow inside him. Getting out into the field had helped a lot, he felt the rush of each new case, of going into a scene and not knowing what to find. He liked the puzzle, the mystery, putting the pieces back together to come up with the answer. But sometimes, he just didn’t want to think, he wanted to just lie back and feel. While he wasn’t exactly lying right then, he was certainly only able to feel.


Angel had smiled warmly at the nod of assent. He pressed the flat of the blade against the young man’s left pec; the simple act only intended to connect the boy with the cold metal. A shiver ran through the boy and he knew that this was going to be good. Slowly, he pulled the blade over the warm flesh, keeping it flat, with no intention of cutting just yet.


Greg took in a shuddering breath at the sensation as it moved over his flesh, his eyelashes fluttered, as he tried to look down and follow the path. His babbling brain was falling silent, as his breathing shallowed, not wanting to disrupt the concentration or the knife. The flat of the blade lightly moved over his skin, tormenting, teasing, turning him on and scaring him half to death… it was invigorating.


The power in the other man, harnessed and held back, as he delicately moved the knife and turned it. Flat to edge, and then to point; the tip of the knife pressed into his flesh, slightly firmer. His breathing almost stopped completely and his cock was so hard. His eyes closed.


“Look at me, boy.” Angel’s silky baritone voice told him.


Powerless to disobey, Greg’s liquid chocolate eyes opened and looked up into the other man’s; what he saw in them was dark and soulful, promising so many things in their depths. He searched those eyes and found a world of questions and answers in them. Captivated, mesmerized, he swallowed hard.


Angel could smell the fear from his toy, and he could also tell when it gave way to so many other emotions, it was a feast, a war of arousal and fear. He leaned in and licked at the criminalist’s neck, noting with pleasure how his head tilted to the side to allow him more access. He grazed the skin lightly with blunt human teeth, keeping his mind on what he was doing with the point of the knife as he drew it so lightly across his toy’s tight abdomen, the contact so barely there all it did was tickle.


It was all about the power for the dark vampire, to know that he could reduce a man to this state of being, where all that mattered was remembering to breathe, and to keep still. The scent of fear and need all rolled into one, making the other almost want that thin cut to slide over his flesh. The point of the knife drawing unseen patterns on the boy’s flesh, not even hard enough to leave red welts.


Angel grinned, pulling the blade away, as he sucked the flesh under his mouth between his lips and nibbled on it. He was rewarded with a full body shudder from his bound boy, a breathy moan and a quiet beg for more. He let the bruised flesh fall from his lips and lapped at the reddened area. He stepped back, eyes skimming over the gasping young man’s face. He reached up and ran a hand through his soft curls.


“Such a pretty boy.” The vampire told him.


Greg gave a quiet moan, he could feel himself falling away; Angel was doing this to him. The return of the blade against his flesh caused his breath to catch and then return to its shallow pattern. It was almost Zen-like, or what he imagined it would be, and as quickly as his thoughts started on that path they halted, silenced once more by the blade gliding over his skin. Pulling his attention, at the same time as it almost escaped it.


The vampire looked between what his hand was doing and the young man’s eyes, he could see the slightly glassy look. It apparently didn’t take much to start taking Greg Sanders down into his submissive mindset. He moved the blade point in ever decreasing circles, the pressure growing as it got nearer to the centre of his spiral, when he stopped he pressed in slowly, gradually, until the man underneath groaned deeply. The trail had started off barely visible, but as the pressure grew, so did the redness of the knife’s path.


Greg’s attention was firmly on the knifepoint, when it stopped he didn’t know what to expect, but the pain of it intensified, and it was like a bruise as it dug into his flesh. He was waiting for his skin to break under the strain, but it didn’t; it just kept pressing in until he groaned, then it eased slowly back and a ticklingly light trail moved across his flesh. The same pattern was repeated on the other side of his stomach, starting gently then growing in intensity as it neared the centre; he imagined that if he looked down he would see two perfect spirals, either side of his belly button.


When the blade lifted away, his breath left him with a whoosh of relief and he panted harshly, his cock was leaking now and he couldn’t believe how calm he felt despite how scared he was at the same time. The endorphins that were rushing round his system were making him fuzzy headed, he was almost detached from his body except for the point of contact with the blade.


Angel smiled at how well the boy’s flesh was taking the marks, he could create art on this flesh; in fact, he probably would… functional art, that the boy would be able to remember him by for a few days. He leaned in and licked at Greg’s open lips, parted as they were to pant, then he kissed him; dominating and deeply, plundering and devouring what was on offer. He was as painfully hard as his toy was, but he could keep himself in line until the time was right. He wondered if he could make him cum just from the blade alone.


Moving away, the dark-haired vampire swapped the blade for another. It was a small knife: the blade was made of titanium only half an inch wide and only two inches in length, perfect for detailed work. The handle was polished ebony, wide enough for a good grip, but not bulky. He once again showed it to his boy-for-the-day, noting how the scent of fear was so much less now, and the look of interest in brown eyes was obvious.


Greg thought this pretty little blade should be less deadly than the other, it was so small, but it didn’t always follow that smaller meant safer. It was so pretty in such a plain way, the light glinting off the metal held his focus.


“You like it, boy?” The quiet, smooth voice asked.


It pulled his eyes upwards and Greg looked into the handsome face, he nodded. “Yes, Sir.” His voice sounded far away, even to his own ears.


“I told you it would be fine.” Angel reassured, running a hand through soft hair, keeping him in the scene. “You want some more?”


“Please?” The human’s plea was almost desperate, he wanted so much more; it had been intense so far and he could only imagine that it could make him lose his mind.


Angel smiled and nodded. Stepping away, he pulled a stool over in front of his bound toy and sat down. His eyes at chest height, he brought the blade up and slowly began to trace a pattern lightly around Greg’s belly button. Wavy lines that weaved in and out from the indentation, out to a point, then back in, then out again, but not as far, until it reached a point; like a sun’s fiery rays around the central navel. A pale red line remained in its wake and he traced over it repeatedly, deepening it and setting it so it would remain for a few hours. He stopped short of actually breaking the skin, as tempted as he was; it was the wrong knife for such a thing.


He looked up along the lithe body, smiling up at the look on Greg’s face. Oh yeah, the boy was enjoying this. He made a decision and reached for the first blade. He traced it over the lines he’d made with the more delicate one, he dug the tip in deeper and deeper until blood started to bead up in the trail. He sat back, the mark would remain for the rest of the day at least, there would be no scar but every time the boy moved until then, he’d remember.


Greg’s breath was coming in short gasps; he thought he was going to die. He could tell without looking, the moment the blade penetrated the skin; his mind was a pinpoint focus on what the knife was doing to him. He’d expected fear, but instead, the rush he felt had made him want to explode into a trillion pieces. He kept deathly still, his mind silent and calm as he breathed so shallow and fast that he thought he was going to hyperventilate.


Then the knife pulled away, his head dropped forward and he looked down at the neat little drawing around his belly button, then raised his eyes slightly to look at the other man. His breathing deepened and he panted, he was so damned turned on, he could hardly believe it had affected him quite like that. He wondered if the vampire would lap up the tiny pearls of blood; the answer was simple - he never. Instead, he was leaning down and lapping at the clear juice that was glistening in the slit of his cock.


“Oh god.” Greg cried out with a shuddering voice.


Angel grinned and sucked on the head of the boy’s cock, it had been so close and too damn tempting to resist. The noises that he was rewarded with made it all worthwhile: breathy little moans, gasps, groans… they were music to his ears as he sucked and licked at the hard flesh. He set the knife down. With both hands free, he gripped at Greg’s hips and held him steady while he went to work on his cock, sucking and swallowing around the erection. He made his way down the shaft, not stopping until it was buried deep in his throat. He swallowed around him, fingers gripping tight enough to leave bruises. He pulled slowly back, sucking the whole way, one of the advantages of being a vampire – not needing to breath.


Greg came unravelled as Angel’s mouth worked at his cock, the incredible pleasure pulling his attention away from the pinpricks of fiery pain from the knife work. He cried out, as his hips were held so solidly, unable to rock back and forth like he instinctively had the urge to. It turned out not to matter though, as the talented blowjob fragmented his tiny mind and he orgasmed hard. Body tensing up, muscles popping out and his voice echoing off the walls. He felt the greedy mouth working around him, swallowing his cum and it made him groan deep inside from the pure pleasure of it.


The vampire kept on licking and sucking, cleaning off his toy’s cock while the breathing from the human settled down enough to return to his knife-play.


The young CSI gave a quiet whimper as his body calmed down, and ended with a sigh of satisfaction.


Angel grinned at the noises. Picking up the bejewelled knife, he moved around to Greg’s back. Almost idly, he started to draw on the flesh, carefully avoiding the scars with the blade. Occasionally, he would lean in and lick at a scar or blow over the welts he’d raised with the tip of the blade. He worked silently, diligently, creating a work of art on the young man’s back. The blade drew blood as he left symbols decorating the flesh. A combination of Celtic and magical protective symbols that would fade into his skin leaving no mark but that would carry on working for the rest of the boy’s life. He wasn’t sure why he’d felt the urge to do such a thing, but he was feeling quite protective of the young man who reminded him so much of another.


As well as the symbols, there was an angel in flight, a gothic letter ‘A’, a simplistic Owl – a representation of the boy’s wisdom and the fact that he probably saw more than most people. His back was a work of art, the blood that glistened in the knife tracks was very tempting, teasing his nose and urging him to lean in and lap at it. He held back, knowing that he would heal the wounds all too quickly if he did that. Instead he retrieved a damp cloth and an alcohol wipe from the first aid kit he kept for his human friends.


Gently, he cleaned up the back, removing the blood and allowing it the time to heal. Angel pressed a kiss to the back of Greg’s neck, his hands sneaking around to slide over his stomach and down to his cock, he was hard again, he found to his amusement.


“Do you want me to fuck you, boy?” He murmured darkly, in his warm ear.


The answer was a moan, Greg had flown apart somewhere in the last hour or so while the vampire had been working on his back. He was aflame with the pain that pulled and sparked at his back and around his belly button; it was all closely intertwined with the arousal that he was feeling.


Angel wrapped an arm around his waist to steady him and with his free hand; he unsnapped the chains attached to the wrist cuffs. He caught Greg, with little effort, as he slumped into him upon release. The vampire made soothing noises as he gathered him up and carried him to the bed.


He felt like he was floating, then he giggled as he realised he was being carried, his mind was mush and it felt fantastic. That was why he was in this, part adventure, but part to get this release from his life. He didn’t want to think or worry or puzzle something out, he just wanted to exist.


He was gently placed on the bed, his breath hissed through his teeth as his abused flesh touched down. He arched and gasped. The big gentle hands soothed and eased him back down, murmuring quiet words of reassurance. Greg felt his body relaxing under the care. His dilated eyes looked a little vacant as they met the vampire’s.


Once he had the boy settled, Angel wasted no time losing his clothes and climbed onto the bed with him. Lying down on his side, his fingers wandered over the marked exposed flesh, lightly teasing. He smiled at his toy, leaning in to capture his soft lips; he nipped at one, before pushing his tongue in to map his mouth. Tongues teased against each out, lips sliding and hardening against the others. Angel’s hand found Greg’s erection while he kissed him; he stroked it lightly, pulling moans that were swallowed by his own mouth.


Tugging open the draw he found lube and, with a quick move, flipped the boy onto his stomach, then pulled him back onto his hands and knees.


Greg gasped, moaned and then wiggled his butt invitingly, “Please, Sir?”


With a wicked smirk, the vampire smacked the tempting butt cheek, firmly, making it sting. He squeezed lube out onto his fingers and set about teasing the pucker that was winking at him from between the twin globes. He slid one finger in, the sphincter relaxed around the digit and allowed it in without protest.


Greg moaned at the penetration, his cock bouncing and reasserting its presence; he rocked his hips back, but was rewarded with another hard stinging smack. He stilled, frustrated to just kneel there and take it while his body thrummed with need. He whined trying to convey his need for more.


Angel couldn’t help but grin at the neediness in the tone and body as he stroked his finger in and out. He quickly added a second, stretching and scissoring his fingers apart and fucking them in and out of the quivering hole. He kept his patience, as eager as he was to slide his cock inside. He added a third finger and it seemed to shift something inside his toy, who started to babble freely.


“Please… need… more… Sir, please… fuck… more… need… please… anything.”


It finally pulled the plug on his self-control, and the vampire quickly slicked his cock. He pulled his fingers from the snug hole. There was barely a heartbeat before he was pushing his hard cock inside. He groaned at the tight heat, gold flecks appearing in his eyes as his demon stirred. Gripping Greg’s hips tight enough to leave more bruises, he pushed himself all the way in, slow and sure, until he was buried to the balls.


Greg was gasping for air beneath him, he hadn’t seen the size of the cock, but it felt like he’d been penetrated by a battering ram, it felt incredible. Nonsensical words and noises fell unchecked from his mouth as he waited for the long slide back out.


Angel held himself there though, frustrating as he knew it would be for Greg, it was just as bad for himself. He slid a hand lightly down the marked back, fingers tracing a couple of the symbols, at least he would be safe from unwanted demon attentions. Without warning, he pulled his hips back, until he was almost the way out, then slammed back in.


The blissed-out sub cried out at the impact, his cock bobbing in response. His fingers curled into the covers beneath them and he panted for air. Behind him, the vampire set up a punishing rhythm, fingers digging into his flesh as he pounded into his ass. Greg let his mind go, shattering once more and he wondered how it could fragment again when it hadn’t been put back together from the last time?


He fucked the boy hard, dick thrusting in and out of his clutching channel, fast and deep. They were both gasping and crying out with each inward drive. Angel reached around and gripped Greg’s cock, stroking it firmly as he pounded into him. It didn’t take long, the body below him started to shake and he felt the clench of muscles around his invading shaft. The sticky release covering his hand was accompanied by a shout of completion that shot down his spine and triggered his own climax. He shot his load in that hot ass, almost howling his pleasure as he came.


Angel was careful not to collapse forward onto the marked back; he shuddered, giving a few final short thrusts before pulling out and rolling to the side. He pulled the boy over and settled him so that he was sprawled, panting, across the vampire’s cool body. Hands soothed and calmed him, caressing gently as they came down from their orgasms.




The Game Master looked down at his pet, he’d been so hard throughout the whole scene he’d been whimpering. He had worried about how he would react to play like this; it was a little more edgy than usual. But his boy had surprised him, watching the mirror with rapt attention; taking in every detail, every curve of the knife or press of the blade.


“So, pet, do you want to choose a blade or shall I?” He asked with a sneer, his eyebrow rising as he stood, flapping his black robe around him. Without looking back he headed for their playroom. He didn’t need to see the look on his boy’s face to know that it would be the picture of lust. He was already thinking of the pretty symbols he could mark that perfect body up with.

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