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Saiyuki Serial:Beautifully Broken




Author: NA57

Fandom: Gensomaden Saiyuki

Pairing(s): Goyjo/Sanzo, Goyjo/Sanzo/Hakkai

Warnings: almost all of then save Necro, scat and... i think that's all she skips


Summary: 21 chapters of Goyjo defrosting Sanzo, a new kink in every chapter, even some dragon sex... and wouldn't you know... love finally prevails...


Nominated Category:

Best Fetish: Animated TV & Movies - Slash


Chapter 1: Gunning For Sex



There was nothing better than a night of gambling, smoking and drinking. Unless you were to toss some sex into the mix. Then the night would be perfect. Too bad there had been that little disagreement with that goon about the pretty little thing that had been wriggling on my lap half the night.


How the hell was I supposed to know that she was his wife? Wasn’t acting very wifely if you asked me. Not that I had asked; or even cared. A hot little number was a hot little number. Besides, she approached me not the other way around. I couldn’t blame her for that. I was great in the sack and people just seemed to sense that about me.


I sighed as I made my way to the rooms we had managed to get for the night. I was barely half in the bag but the bar owner had made it clear that he didn’t want any more trouble and I was ‘asked’ to take my business else where. Asshole wouldn’t even sell me another bottle to console myself with the loss of such a nice little piece of tail. Apparently news travels fast in this little town too ‘cause I had barely stepped into the next bar before the bar tender was saying it was last call. Yeah, right; and I was completely celibate.


It’s not like I had killed the guy. He was just roughed up a little. He’d be fine in a day or two. He started it after all. I paused outside the room I was sharing with Sanzo and lit a smoke. I’d had to beat the snot out of the stupid monkey to get to share the room with Sanzo. Hakkai didn’t like it when I smoked in the room and it was a pain in the ass to go outside to smoke. Since Sanzo smoked too, he couldn’t careless if I smoked in the room or not.


Sanzo, now there was a beautiful piece of ass.


They didn’t come much finer put together than Genjo Sanzo. Too bad he was such a fucking prick ninety-nine percent of the time. Looks will only get you so far. You need to have some kind of personality to go with them. Like me. I have a wonderful personality. I love the ladies and I make sure they know it but I’m not opposed to loving the men if they’re beautiful. I’ve never had any trouble attracting either sex. I’m an equal opportunity lover. Something about the red hair and eyes just drew partners to me. Everybody wanted to do it with a real red-head. They wanted to know if the fire on the head was like a fire in the bed.


It is.


I don’t think Sanzo does sex. It’s about the only thing that I don’t think he does. For having the title of Sanzo, he sure doesn’t live up to all the things that the highest of the high monks should. He drinks. He smokes. He gambles. He swears. He kills. Maybe he believes having sex would push him that last step into hell. Who knows what he thinks?


Not really my problem to worry about his sex life or lack of one. My main problem right now was my lack of a sex life for the night. That pretty little thing had gotten me good and hot before the old ball and chain came and ruined the party in my pants she was invited to. I sighed as I opened the door to the room, wishing for the hundredth time that I had left with her when she had first suggested it instead of staying to play one more hand of cards.


The first thing I noticed when I walked in the room was the faint smell of booze. I wondered if Sanzo had any left or if the selfish prick had drunk it all. The second thing I noticed was the gun pointed at my head. Fuck, like I needed this.


“It’s me Sanzo. Put up your gun,” I said as I took the last drag on my cigarette before crushing it out and waiting for that information to penetrate through the booze in Sanzo’s brain.


When Sanzo didn’t put away his gun, I started to feel a little nervous. How much had he had to drink if he was still holding his gun on me? It was gonna be a real buzz-kill if I had to talk him out of shooting me. Sanzo rose from where he had been slouching on the bed and glided towards me. The gun never wavered in his hand.


“Did you have a nice time Gojyo? Screw any lovely ladies tonight? I can smell some cheap whore’s perfume on you from here.”


Aw fuck, I forgot; Sanzo’s a mean drunk. I wondered what set him off this time and if I’m fast enough to open the door and get out before he can shoot me. My little buzz is definitely gone now. Before I can even answer him, he’s got that gun pressed against my temple. I can smell the oil he used to clean it and the faintest trace of gunpowder.


“Did you get your rocks off? Did she get to find out if the carpet matches the drapes? Was she a screamer or did she just lay there and let you fuck her?” Sanzo hissed as he stood nose to nose with me.


Now wait just a fucking minute! I’ve always made sure everybody had fun between the sheets. Sanzo had no right to be calling my bed skills into question when he’d never been on the receiving end of them. I opened my mouth to set him straight when his next words had me leaving it hanging open in shock.


“Why even bother being the slut-about-town when you can get what you need from me?”


I did not just hear that. I must still have a little of that rot-gut booze flowing though me. Or I was hallucinating. Or both. I decided on hallucinating when Sanzo pressed himself against me and crushed his lips down on mine. His lips were hard and demanding and I could taste strong liquor when his tongue stabbed past my lips into my mouth. He had a rock hard erection that was digging into my own groin in the most pleasant way possible. Where the hell did this come from? Sanzo had never given any sign that he did men and most particularly, was interested in doing me.


Not that I was complaining or refusing him.


I’ve had a gun held to my head and I’ve been kissed deeply but never at the same time. It’s one hell of a turn on; at least in my, now revised, books. I moved my hands slowly to rest on Sanzo’s hips, ready to bolt if he showed the slightest sign of wanting to blow my brains out. He had taken off his robe earlier and was wearing only his black jeans and that sexy as hell leather top.


Sanzo pulled back from me and stared into my eyes. Whatever he saw there made him smirk at me and thumb back the hammer of the banishing gun. My stomach did a little flip-flop and I stayed completely still. Sanzo’s free hand tangled in my hair and pulled my head painfully to one side until his lips brushed my ear.


“So, you do men too Sha Gojyo? I thought Goku was bullshitting me, but you really will fuck anyone won’t you?” he whispered as he ground the barrel of the gun into my temple.


I must be a really perverted fucker ‘cause I was more aroused by Sanzo holding a loaded gun to my head while he ground his hips into mine than I had been by the woman in the bar earlier that night. I knew Sanzo could feel my erection just as I could feel his. I couldn’t help the needy little groan that escaped me.


“No, I won’t fuck just anybody. They have to be beautiful,” I whimpered as I started to guide Sanzo’s hips into slow circles with my hands, grinding our groins together.


“I could kill you right now,” Sanzo hissed against my throat before biting a line up to my ear.


“Yeah, you could. But you want to screw more than you want to kill,” I whispered as I let my hands ghost up his ribs enjoying the feel of his body encased in warm, soft leather pressing against mine.


I wasn’t about to let this golden opportunity pass me by. I had the chance to find out just how much of a tight ass Sanzo was; I wouldn’t be Sha Goyjo if I turned and left the room now. Time to get naked before Sanzo sobered up and realized what he was doing. Feeling confident that he wanted in my pants more than he wanted to splatter my brains over the door, I pushed him away from me and started to strip.


He watched me with hungry eyes. The gun stayed pointed at me the whole time. I was naked and aroused and stood before him, waiting. I wanted to touch him again, but he was running the show this time and I didn’t think that’s what he wanted from me.


“So the carpet does match the drapes. I’ve never had a real red-head before,” Sanzo murmured as he looked me over with a critical eye.


Well surprise, surprise; Sanzo did have sex. Now, I was curious who with and when.


“Undress me,” he ordered with a tiny motion of the gun.


I approached him and tugged the snug leather top from his jeans. I felt around the back of the top for the zipper and pulled it down. I peeled him of the top and let it fall to the floor. I resisted the urge to lick and kiss the golden skin I was revealing. I would get the chance sooner or later but I could tell that Sanzo had a plan for how he wanted this little encounter to go. The jeans were the next to come off. Sanzo wore nothing under them. I would have never guessed he would be the type to go commando. While kneeling in front of him to take the jeans off, the gun was pressed once again to my head.


“While you’re down there…”


Oh fuck, this was better kink than I would have ever gotten from that chick in the bar. I was going to have to consider getting Sanzo smashed more often if this was the end result.


I opened my mouth and flicked out my tongue to tease at Sanzo’s stiff cock. His breath hissed out and his free hand fisted in my hair, pulling me closer to him. I licked over the head before sliding my mouth around him. Sanzo groaned and jerked his hips. I let him push into my mouth until I could feel his cock touch the back of my throat. I began to pull back slowly until he was just barely in mouth before sliding just as slowly back down. Sanzo began to rock his hips to the same slow rhythm, breath coming in sharp little pants. The hand fisted painfully in my hair loosened and cupped my skull. The gun remained rock steady against my temple.


I sucked on Sanzo’s cock with every bit of skill I possessed. He skin was velvet soft and slightly salty. I could faintly taste alcohol on his skin and wondered how he could still get it up if he was so drunk that he was already sweating it out. I didn’t really care though as it was the most erotic damn thing to be slowly sucking off Sanzo while he held a gun to my head.


I was falling into a sensual rhythm of pleasure, enjoying the feel and taste of his cock in my mouth when Sanzo pulled me off him with no warning. He dragged me to my feet with the hand still buried in my hair and kissed me roughly. His tongue slipped into my mouth once again and teased along the inside edges of my lips before stroking my own. He rubbed his naked body against mine and we both groaned at the contact. Sanzo broke the kiss and trailed the barrel of the gun down my chest.


“You’re a pretty good cock-sucker. Let’s see if you’re as fuckable as you look.”


Sanzo backed the few steps away to the bed. When he felt the mattress against the backs of his legs, he sat down and spread his legs. He dragged the barrel of the gun over his hard nipples and down against his straining cock. Some of his pre-come glistened where it smeared on the barrel. He watched my eyes the whole time and brought up the gun to lick the barrel clean. My cock throbbed as I watched him and wanted to feel his tongue do the same thing on my cock. He had a real fixation with that gun tonight. That was fine by me. It was kinky as all get out and making me harder every time he pointed it at me like he would shoot me if I didn’t suck him off or whatever other sex act he wanted me to do.


Sanzo lay back on the bed legs still spread and motioned me over with the gun. When I didn’t move and just stared at the sight of so much golden flesh spread out before me, he thumbed back the hammer once again.


“Get your ass over here before I shoot you,” he snarled.


I moved then. Sanzo didn’t need to be drunk to take a shot at me. I was pretty sure that he wouldn’t shoot me until he gotten what he wanted from me, but not absolutely positive. Besides, I wanted what he wanted; hot, kinky sex with a beautiful man. I did my best to put a sexy little sway in my walk. I knew I accomplished it when he growled at me and his cock twitched. His hand snaked under the pillow and came up with a tube of lube. He tossed it to me and I caught it by reflex.


“Lube yourself up Goyjo; I’m done playing with you.”


What!? Done playing with me? He hadn’t done shit! He expected me to lube myself up so he could fuck me with no more preparation than that? That was going a little far even for a heartless prick like Sanzo. Some of what I was thinking must have been showing on my face. Sanzo scowled at me and pointed the gun at my chest.


“I like a little pain as much as the next guy but you’re not fucking me without lube,” he growled impatiently as he spread his legs farther apart and braced his heels on the mattress, giving me a beautiful view of his tight little hole.


Oh sweet, merciful Goddess! Sanzo wanted me to fuck him? I decided I was going to get Sanzo smashed every single damn night. I flipped the tube open and poured out a generous amount into my palm before slicking my cock with the cool liquid. I started to slick and tease his entrance, pushing a finger slowly into him. I had barely gotten past the second knuckle when the gun was brought up to rest in the hollow of my throat.


“No preparation Goyjo. I want it hard tonight. Fuck me like I tell you to or I shoot you.”


I groaned at the words spoken in such a dark and demanding tone. I pulled out my finger and pushed my cock against the tight ring of muscle. I felt Sanzo flinch under me and his breath hissed out of him. I froze and looked down into stormy violet eyes. The gun dug into my throat, a silent demand to continue. I pushed harder and sucked in a sharp breath when Sanzo’s muscles suddenly relaxed and I slid inside his tight heat.


The gun was removed from my throat and Sanzo moaned harshly. He pulled me down to lie over top of him and little gasps of pleasure escaped him as he arched himself onto me. I felt his arms circle my back and could feel the cold, heavy weight of the gun pressing against my back. He felt so good. His skin was silky soft under my fingers; his hair clean smelling and cool against my face. I vowed that the next time I got him under me, I was going to take my time exploring his body to make up for the lack of that experience this time.


“Fuck me hard Goyjo. I want to feel that cock of yours slamming into me,” Sanzo moaned into my ear before biting it hard.


I groaned and pulled out as far as I dared before sliding back in. I wanted to make it last. He was hot and tight around me and much better feeling than I had ever dreamed possible. I fisted his cock between our bellies, stroking him in rhythm with my thrusts. For each slow, long thrust, Sanzo jerked his hips and whined in his throat. I felt the gun slid up my spine and press against the back of my skull.


“I said hard Goyjo. I want it hard. Enough with the fucking teasing.”


He was in a mood tonight and I wasn’t about to deny him. I started a punishing rhythm like Sanzo demanded and was rewarded by his deep groan of pleasure. I was sure I was nailing his prostate with every thrust. The gun was digging into my skull and his fingers had my hip in a bruising grip. He tilted his hips up to meet every thrust I made and panted and whined as I moved faster. I felt the blood surge through the cock in my hand seconds before a harsh growl left Sanzo’s lips and his orgasm tore through his suddenly tense body. I moaned as his tight ass clenched down on my driving cock.


“Now, Goyjo. Come now,” Sanzo groaned before grabbing my hair again and yanking my head down for a brutal kiss.


I let go of the last little bit of restraint I had and slammed my hips one last time into Sanzo. I revelled in the release of orgasm as my cock pulsed in his ass and he devoured my mouth. The gun slid away from my head as Sanzo’s hand fell limply to the bed. He released my mouth and panted softly next to my ear, his whole body gone slack with the afterglow of good, hard, almost violent sex.


He finally shoved at my shoulder to move me off him and hissed at the sting of my cock slipping from his ass. Sanzo reached for the pack of smokes on the table beside the bed and lit one. He took a couple of drags before offering it to me.


“Not that I didn’t like it a hell of a lot, but what the fuck brought this on,” I asked as I pulled the acrid smoke into my lungs.


“I felt like it.”


I started to tell him that wasn’t enough of a reason. I thought better of it when I noticed he was still holding the banishing gun in a loose grip. I passed him back the smoke and watched him finish it off. A stray thought occurred to me and I had to give voice to it, gun or not.


“You’re not drunk are you? You never were. You set me up for this,” I said surprised beyond anything that Sanzo had felt the need to go to such lengths to get me to fuck him. I would have done it if he’d just asked me. I might not have done the whole gun play thing without a lot of convincing but I’m always open to kinky suggestions.


“No, I wasn’t and yes, I did. This doesn’t leave this room. You breathe one word of this to anyone and I will kill you,” Sanzo said in a deadly voice as he pointed the banishing gun at me once more.


I thought about it for a minute and decided that it wouldn’t bother me none to keep this little bit of kink to myself. I decided to see just how far I could push it. “As long as I get to do it again, you got yourself a deal,” I smirked as I ran a hand up his leg to cup his balls.


Sanzo spread his legs and a tiny smile appeared on his face. The hand that was holding the gun the entire time I had been fucking him, let it go and caught in my hair. A sharp tug on my hair pulled my face close to his.


“I like this kinky little dark side of yours Sanzo. I suggest we explore it a little more.”


Sanzo kissed me hard in response and pinched my nipple. I yelped into his mouth in surprise then groaned as he rubbed his leg against my returning erection. Who knew the highest of the high monks was such a twisted sex fiend? It was one secrete I was perfectly happy to keep to myself.


Chapter 2: Pleasure Bound



I was going to kill Goyjo.


I had thought he still had a few brain cells left in his head that had avoided death by alcohol poisoning, but apparently I thought wrong. Even since that one night together, he had been doing everything in his power to seduce me. When he said he’d keep our roll between the sheets between us if he got to do me again, I assumed he meant for that night only. I assumed wrong. I don’t know why he wanted me. I wasn’t encouraging him. Maybe it was the challenge of having what was being denied him. I was being a complete prick to him, if I was being honest. Why he persisted in tempting me, I don’t know. It wasn’t like he was wanting for a willing partner of either sex.


He knew how to work his body to make you want to throw him down and fuck him hard. And I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to dominate him for pushing this arousal on me and he fucking knew it. He was using my own needs to goad me into inviting him into my bed again. He knew better than to just show up there. While I know he thought the gun play had been kinky during sex, I was sure he wasn’t keen on the idea of having it pulled on him in a serious “I’m-going-to-blow-your-fucking-brains-out” kind of way.


Goyjo had started to walk with a sexy little sway to his hips whenever he knew I was watching him; which was becoming more and more often. Every time he lit a smoke, he’d catch my eye and suck seductively on it, forcing me to remember how good it had felt to have his lips wrapped around my cock.


Then there were the little touches that were there but not there. Neither Hakkai nor Goku saw them. He was too quick and subtle for that. But I felt them. Whispers of his fingers on the back of my neck. Butterfly light touches on the small of my back. Lingering touches over the back of my hand when he mooched smokes off me. I don’t know why I was putting up with it. I should have just shot him and gotten it over with. But that wouldn’t get rid of the lust he had stirred in me. Masturbation didn’t help for long and taking a nameless stranger to bed didn’t excite me. Goyjo was both the cause and the cure of my sexual torment.


He was smarter than people gave him credit for. He knew that just approaching me wouldn’t accomplish anything except maybe an extra hole blown into his skull. So he played this little game of tease, arouse and retreat. He always stepped back with a little knowing smile just when I was ready to shoot him for his invasion of my personal space. It was really starting to annoy the crap out of me.


His little campaign of arousal and seduction was working; and he damn well knew it. Any move I made to satisfy this lust would be to admit defeat and surrender to his not so inconsiderable charms. That pissed me off and made me surlier than usual; which was saying something. Even Goku and Hakkai had started to comment on my mood and wonder at its cause. I was distracted from my lustful thoughts of Goyjo by the lap of waves against my chest when he moved around in the hot spring.


“Ah, these mineral springs do wonders for a sore body,” Goyjo groaned as he slipped a little lower in the water.


I glared at him before pointedly ignored him. The erection stirring to life in my lap from the low, pleasure filled groan Goyjo made wasn’t so easy to dismiss. How the hell was he able to do this to me? He wasn’t even touching me. I don’t think he was even trying to arouse me this time. Was it because I had let him fuck me? Was it some kind of weird demonic power he possessed that made you constantly want him after just one night? It would sure as hell explain a lot.


Hakkai sighed in bliss as he leaned his head against the ledge of the pool and closed his eyes. Goku looked like he wanted to start a water fight with Goyjo but a low snarl from me quickly chased that thought from his head. I wanted to get up and leave but as soon as I stood, it would be obvious that I was aroused. There were a limited number of reasons for my arousal and I knew Hakkai was smart enough to put two and two together and come up with Goyjo. Hakkai would probably pretend not to notice. He was considerate that way. Goku, being who he was, would make some kind of innocent comment. Goyjo would notice and satisfaction would shine from those ruby red eyes of his. I wasn’t about to give him that.


I sunk a little lower in the hot water, grateful that the minerals in the water made it nearly impossible to see below the surface. I had sprung for the extra charge of the hot spring pools because I was sore from sleeping outdoors the past two weeks. I swear that it was some kind of test of the Gods that I had every sharp pebble on the planet under my bedroll poking me and bruising me. It had absolutely nothing to do with the erotic story Goyjo had told about screwing some chick in a hot spring. I gave a soft little sigh as I felt the ache of the bruises being soothed away by the heat of the water, forgetting for an instant that Goyjo was in the pool with me.


“This feels so fucking good. Thanks for springing for this Sanzo,” Goyjo purred, very close to me.


I cracked my eyes open, wondering when I had closed them. Goyjo was sitting next to me, his arm stretched out behind my head. I could feel the heat of his skin on the back of my neck and the long length of his leg brushing every so often against mine under the cover of the murky water. The ends of his fiery hair floated in the water and several strands clung to the damp skin of my shoulder. I couldn’t completely suppress the shiver of delight that caused. Goyjo saw it and let a seductive smile spread across his face as desire flashed to life in his eyes.


“This feels almost as good as fucking you,” Goyjo murmured, loud enough for my ears alone.


I really would have shot him right then and there if I’d had my gun with me. Screw the explanation I would have had to give Hakkai and Goku; it would have been satisfying as hell. Never mind the fact that I had to grudgingly agree with him. The hot water did feel great but sex with Goyjo beat it hands down. Not that I’d ever say that to the pervy kappa. I had to leave the pool before I did something stupid. Like whip Goyjo around and fuck him hard against the edge of the pool. I stifled a groan at that mental image. Thoughts like that really weren’t helping to get rid of the erection I had. Not to mention giving me ideas better not thought of. This was all Goyjo’s fault and his damn demon induced lust.


“I’m going to kill you,” I hissed at Goyjo as I tried to will my erection away.


“Maybe, but not before I screw you again. I said I’d keep quiet if I got to do you again. Guess what? I want to do you again. I know you want it too,” Goyjo said softly as he dropped his hand into the water and closed his fist around my dick. He gave it a few slow strokes that made me unwillingly thrust into his hand. Fuck it felt good.


I closed my eyes at the exquisite feel of something that I wanted so badly but was going to deny myself. I didn’t need this. I didn’t need Goyjo. I didn’t need anything from anyone; especially a perverted water sprite like him. I felt a moan working its way up my throat at the gentle pressure and sure grip of Goyjo on my cock. My eyes snapped open when Goku loudly wondered what kind of meals the inn had and began complaining of being hungry.


For a few precious seconds I had forgotten that I was sharing the pool with Hakkai and Goku as well as the over-sexed cockroach. Anger at his nervy actions in front of Hakkai and Goku made me snarl at him and dunk his head under water. I held him under, letting him flail around for a few seconds before releasing him and using his splashing and sputtering to cover my escape from the pool with a raging hard on.


I whipped a towel around my waist with my back to the surprised group in the pool before stalking from the bathing room without a word. I heard Goku ask what had happened and why I was leaving. When Goyjo said that I was just frustrated and he’d take care of the problem later; I made up my mind to teach the cockroach a lesson for daring to say what he did to Hakkai and Goku.


I dried off and dressed in my room, pissed that I had barely gotten to use the warmth of the pool to ease some of the stiffness from my body. Goyjo was going to pay for that too. I would still be soaking if he hadn’t come so close to me; hadn’t aroused me; hadn’t touched me like I was starting to crave. God damn that over-sexed red-head and his contagious lust.


How was I going to make Goyjo understand he couldn’t keep teasing and arousing me like he’d been doing? I suppose I could follow through and shoot him, but that would make this whole journey west even harder to accomplish if we were down a man. He may have been acting like a total pain in the ass, but he was an excellent fighter and needed on this journey. It had to be something that would discourage him from touching me and invading my space whenever the hell he could get away with it. I smoothed the maten Scripture over my chest as I thought. My fingers stilled as a truly twisted idea occurred to me. I smiled evilly to myself and settled down to prepare for Goyjo’s arrival.


The wait was longer than I anticipated but the extra time had been beneficial. I was more than prepared to dish out my own brand of punishment to Goyjo. He sauntered through the door of my room wearing only a low slung towel and a smile. Perfect. He turned up the wattage on one of his sexiest smiles. It annoyed the hell out of me when heat pooled low in my belly from it. Goyjo was so going to pay for pushing me to this state.


“Feeling a little sexual frustration Sanzo? I can help with that since I guess it’s my fault you’re feeling that way,” Goyjo said as he closed and locked the door.


My thoughts exactly; it was his fault. I held Goyjo’s eyes as I began chanting the last few phrases to release the power of the Scripture. Goyjo’s eyes widened and he tried to turn, realizing too late that I had been pushed past my limits. The Scripture unfurled and streamers of it wrapped around Goyjo. His arms were stretched over his head and his legs spread. The loosely wrapped towel fell to the ground exposing him to me. He was held tight by the Scripture but not hurt…yet.


“Sanzo? What the fuck?”


“Did you really think that I’d let you get away with all the crap you’ve been pulling over the past few weeks? What you just pulled in the hot spring in front of Hakkai and Goku? What gives you the right to touch me?” I asked as the anger I was feeling at being aroused against my will burned through me.


“I said I’d keep what happened between us a secret as long as I got to do you again. You agreed. I haven’t told anyone. I’ve kept my end of the deal; I want you to keep yours. I want to do you again and judging from the rod you had in the hot spring, you feel the same. What the fuck is your problem Sanzo?”


“You already did do me again. Twice more that night, if I recall. What made you think there would be anything beyond that one night?”


Goyjo stared at me in surprise. “You have got to be fucking kidding me. We both know that was the best screw of your life. Why would you deny yourself the pleasure of doing it again? Are you afraid of liking it too much Sanzo?” he taunted.


I didn’t plan to hit him. I was just going to trap him in the Scripture and make him think I was going to either kill him or seriously hurt him to get him to stop his little war of seduction that he was winning against me. But that last comment of his hit a little too close to home. I backhanded him across the face hard enough to make his head rock. Goyjo brought his head around and opened his mouth to curse me out. He must have seen something in my expression because he closed his mouth without saying anything and let a slow smirk build on his lips.


“You wanna play like that do you? Okay, I get it. You coulda told me though. Don’t hit the face again; too hard to hide the marks. Keep the hits below the neck.”


I stared at him uncomprehendingly. When the meaning of his words penetrated my brain, anger took over followed by a little chaser of arousal. I concentrated on the anger and ignored the arousal as best as I could. After three weeks of ignoring the lust Goyjo stirred in me, I was getting pretty good at it. It was much harder though, when the one I wanted was naked right in front of me and getting an erection. I reminded myself why Goyjo was bound in the Scripture and felt a little more in control of myself. Time to make Goyjo aware of just how pissed I was.


A brief thought had the Scripture tighten around his bound limbs and pull them to the point where Goyjo knew dislocation of the joints was a real possibility. He gasped at the pain and a hint of uncertainty flared in his eyes. Good.


“I don’t like being a slave to the desire you manage to drag from me when I don’t want it. I let you into my bed because I was horny and I wanted to know if the hype really lived up to the reality of having Sha Goyjo fuck you into the mattress,” I said in a low voice as I circled around Goyjo’s bound form.


“It did didn’t it?” Goyjo said through his teeth as he tried not to struggle against the Scripture holding him so painfully.


“You’re an excellent cock sucker and you scratched my itch beautifully. But it wasn’t to be a continuing thing,” I said as I stood in front of him again and tapped the fan I had picked up against my jean clad thigh.


“Why not? We’re consenting adults. Couldn’t be because you have any hang ups about doing men. You were stone cold sober when you jumped me,” Goyjo said as he tilted his head to the side and studied me; ignoring the fact the he was being restrained by my control of the Scripture.


“You did like it too much. That’s not a crime Sanzo. Considering what we’re facing on this journey, we should grab every chance we have to feel pleasure. Who knows when it’ll be the last time we do?”


My arm was swinging down with the fan before I thought about it. It caught Goyjo across the chest, the edge of the fan grazing a nipple. Goyjo’s muscles tightened for a brief moment before going slack against the hold of the Scripture. Colour rushed into his cheeks and a funny little sound worked its way from his throat. If I hadn’t been so focused on him, I would have missed the quietly drawn out ‘yes’ of pleasure as he closed his eyes.


Surprise made me step back from him and take a good look at him bound in the Scripture. His chest bore a small red welt where I had hit him with the fan. His breathing was coming a little faster than normal. His eyes, when he opened them, had turned bright with sudden desire. His cock was now fully hard. He licked his lips and flicked his eyes to the fan I held.


“I knew you were a kinky sex fiend after that first time with the gun. I guess this is as good a time as any to tell you that I really like this kind of shit. It’s nice to know you share my dirty little eroticisms. I don’t get to do it often. I don’t trust somebody to have me tied up at their mercy and not kill me; especially since we started this journey. But I trust you Sanzo. You’ll hurt me, but it will be the kind of hurt I like. Will you continue? Do I have to beg you for it?” Goyjo asked in a heavy, wanting voice.


I felt my semi-erect cock harden further at both the picture Goyjo presented and from the words he spoke. I hadn’t expected having him bound like he was would arouse me. Truthfully, it had never occurred to me that it would. I never considered he might like the bondage; that it would arouse him. I had never had somebody restrained for my pleasure. The more I thought about it, the more lust surged through my system. Goyjo could tell how aroused I was becoming. His eyes caressed the bulge in the front of my jeans and he licked his lips in anticipation while he strained against the Scripture, trying to thrust his hips.


Watching him struggle against his bonds thrilled me in some dark part of my soul. I made the decision to have him again like this; bound for my pleasure. I knew I could be a prick, but no matter how pissed I was at Goyjo for arousing me when I didn’t want to be, I believed that sex should be pleasurable for all the parties involved. Since Goyjo seemed to like the idea every bit as much as me, it confirmed my decision. Every time he struggled against the Scripture, I had to concentrate to maintain a constant pressure. I didn’t want to kill him, especially now that I had decided to have him. I hit him as hard as I could with my fan across the ribs.


“Stop struggling. If I loose control, you’ll be ripped apart,” I warned as I frowned in concentration.


Goyjo moaned in pleasure from the strike. “If you’re not going to kill me, then…”


“I’m going to fuck you.”


Goyjo groaned and his cock twitched. His eyes locked on the fan I still tapped against my thigh as I tried to decide how I wanted to have him. Flat on his back tied to the bed or simply bent over waiting for me to pound into his ass. Both ideas had appeal and I wondered what was stopping me from doing both. It certainly wasn’t going to be Goyjo.


“You gonna hit me again with your fan Sanzo?” Goyjo asked in a husky tone.


“Does it matter if I do?” I asked, only paying half attention as I tried to remember where I had put that lube we used last time.


“I’d like it better if you did. I think you’d like it too. Wouldn’t you like to take that fan to my ass and swat it until it turned cherry red? Get a little of your own back for me arousing you when you didn’t want to be?” he asked in a low, sultry voice.


That got my attention. It sounded like a damn fine idea. Goyjo wasn’t kidding when he said he liked kink. He was a complete pervert and I had the pleasure of having him at my mercy. I moved around to stand behind him and ran my hand lightly over the firm globes of his ass. He remained perfectly still under my touch. The only way I knew I was affecting him was from the little panting breaths he was taking. I drew back my arm and brought the fan down on his exposed ass with as much force as I could.


Goyjo jerked against the Scripture. It was a reflexive action as there was no protest from him to my hitting him with the fan. He, in fact, groaned softly with need. I began to lay forceful swats across his ass and thighs with the fan. He jerked and twitched but never once told me to stop. By the time his ass and thighs were a bright red; he was panting in excitement and pushing back towards me in a subtle demand for more. I walked back around to face him and let my gaze trail over his body.


His face was flushed and desire shone in his eyes. His nipples were stiff and his cock was leaking pre-come. I brushed the fan over his belly and between his thighs, rubbing it against his balls. He closed his eyes and moaned softly. Goyjo jerked his hips against the fan, trying for some friction. I moved the fan away from his balls and gave him a light swat on his cock with it.


“Hey!” Goyjo yelped as his eyes flew open.


“I said to stop struggling. You got a problem doing what I tell you to?”


“Fuck no, but you could warn a guy.”


“You didn’t like that?” I asked, wondering if I had pushed past a point Goyjo wasn’t willing to go.


“I didn’t say that,” Goyjo replied as he eyed the fan with a mix of wariness and interest.


I smirked at him, relieved. I didn’t want this kinky little encounter to end before I got to fuck him. I couldn’t hold him with the Scripture much longer. I was either going to have to let him go or let the Scripture rip him apart. I still wanted him so I was going to have to restrain him some other way. Using the Scripture, I tossed him none too gently onto the bed and picked up my sash. I wound it around his wrists and tied them to the bed. I left his legs free. He wasn’t going to try and kick me. He wanted this even more than I did. I released him from the Scripture and sat on the edge of the bed, taking a moment to rest from the mental strain of holding Goyjo so long without harm in the Scripture.


“You got any objections to me fucking you hard? Not that it really matters what you want right now.”


Goyjo growled low and pressed his hip against my jean clad leg. The fan descended on his thigh.


“Stop squirming.”


“Use your hand Sanzo. I want to feel your skin against mine,” Goyjo pleaded softly.


“You’re not really in any position to make demands Goyjo,” I said with a frown, aroused even further at the idea of using my hands on his ass.


Goyjo twisted to his side and curled his legs up, baring his reddened ass to me. He looked over his shoulder at me and the lust shining from his eyes almost stole my breath away. He was enjoying this much more than I thought he would and that knowledge was spiking my want even higher.


“Is this a better position then? Am I being too lippy? Maybe you had better spank me.”


My hand itched to do just that. The little wriggle he gave clinched it. I pushed him over onto his belly and kept one hand on the small of his back as the other rained a succession of stinging blows to his already red ass. Goyjo gasped in pained delight from every hard blow and began to murmur pleas for harder and more. I only stopped when my own hand began to burn from the number and force of the blows.


I was amazed at the punishment he seemed able to take. I knew he was half demon but I had never really thought about what that meant. His body could take much more physical damage than a human before giving out and he’d heal faster too. He was perfectly designed for this dark kink; he knew it and revelled in it.


I backed away from him and shucked my jeans. I was hard and ready for Goyjo. He lay on his stomach, his hips making little circular motions into the mattress. I rooted around in my bag and finally found the tube of lube. The pain of the spanking was appreciated by Goyjo but I didn’t think sex without lube would be quite so well received regardless of fast healing times or higher pain thresholds.


I uncapped the tube and squeezed out a generous amount. I stroked it over my cock while watching Goyjo move restlessly on the bed. I pulled him onto his back and stared at his cock, wondering for the first time, what it would be like to take it into my mouth. Another time perhaps; I was more interested in sliding into him right now. I pushed his legs up to his chest, exposing him. I rubbed lube from my fingers around his hole before stabbing a finger into him.


A sharp cry of surprise and delight slid from Goyjo as I enjoyed the feel of his body clamping down on the intrusion of my finger. He was hot and tight and when I curled my finger inside him to press against his prostate, his muscles squeezed down even harder.


“Sanzo,” he moaned softly as he pressed his hips down, trying to take more into his body to drive his pleasure higher.


I drew my finger back and immediately pressed back in with two. Goyjo moaned louder and a little flutter of his muscles around my fingers made me bite my lip in anticipation of feeling that on my cock. I began to push and twist my fingers inside him, stretching him.


“Touch me Sanzo,” Goyjo pleaded in a whisper as his hips jerked under my hand.


“No. I like it better this way with you wanting relief and not getting any,” I said as I slowly withdrew my fingers and began brushing the head of my cock against him.


“You’re a fucking prick Sanzo,” Goyjo said as he panted and strained under my hands.


“Yeah, I am,” I said as I laid a hard series of slaps on the backs of his thighs for calling me what we both knew was true.


Goyjo gasped and wiggled his hips as he clenched his fists around the sash restraining his hands. His cock was a fierce red with the force of his arousal and it was obviously driving him crazy that I wasn’t touching him or giving him any friction for relief. His little cry of pleasure when the head of my dick slipped inside him made my nipples tighten in response to the power I had over him and his pleasure.


I pushed just the head of my cock in and out of his ass, tormenting both of us. I pressed his thighs to his chest, surprised when he didn’t protest my folding him almost double. Instead, Goyjo groaned in bliss, biting his lip hard enough to make it bled. I stared transfixed at the trickle of blood for a few seconds before leaning forward to lick it from his lips. My leaning forward made my cock slide all the way inside Goyjo in one smooth motion.


“Fuck yes,” Goyjo hissed as his muscles squeezed my cock hard.


I rested my forehead against his and closed my eyes at the feel of being gripped so tightly. My eyes flew open when I felt the rhythmic clenching of his ass. I stared down into lust filled ruby eyes in surprise.


“You didn’t think I was only good at giving did you? I’m an equal opportunity lover. I have all kinds of skills that will blow your mind.”


I felt a little flutter of anticipation in my belly at that. I didn’t doubt that Goyjo had a vast knowledge of bedroom skills. I was suddenly curious to find out what they were. I pressed my lips to Goyjo’s in a hard kiss as I began rough thrusts into his body. A pleased purr vibrated from Goyjo to me. The need to come began to flow through me. I quickened my pace, making Goyjo grunt from the extra force. I pulled my mouth away from Goyjo’s and closed my eyes to concentrate on the feelings of velvet heat grasping my cock.


“That’s it Sanzo. Fuck me hard. Come in my ass. I wanna feel your cock throbbing inside of me,” Goyjo said in a husky, desire filled voice.


I felt my orgasm gathering like a storm; pushed even closer by Goyjo’s words and seductive voice. I moved faster, all the want and need and desire he had built in me over the past few weeks requiring release. I leaned back down for a bruising kiss as I pounded into Goyjo brutally. I heard a muffled keening cry and was surprised to find it came from my own throat. When Goyjo sucked hard on the tongue I pushed into his mouth, the dam burst and my release dragged me under. I moaned long and low into Goyjo’s mouth as my cock spurted in his ass. Goyjo drank down my cry and groaned at the feel of me throbbing in him.


I broke away from his mouth, gasping. My heart thundered in my chest, my breaths were fast and hard and I felt both relaxed and energized at the same time. A quick look down confirmed that Goyjo hadn’t come yet. I frowned at that. He opened heavy lidded eyes and smiled sensuously at me. I had the brief thought that he must be very uncomfortable in his folded position and probably need release as badly as I had. I was about to move off him when he stopped me.


“Don’t move yet. You feel good right where you are.”


My cock gave a twitch at the compliment and Goyjo purred in delight. His next words puzzled me and held me still to see what he would do.


“I almost never do this but I think you’re a special case; so you get the Super-Duper-Deluxe-Goyjo-Special,” he said with a wicked gleam in his eyes.


Goyjo pulled his head close to his chest and curled himself even tighter. The strained position made his ass clench me hard and a breathy little moan worked its way from me at the feel on my sensitized cock. He watched my eyes as he did what I would have sworn was impossible.


He took the head of his own cock into his mouth and began to suck. I felt blood surge into my semi-hard dick at the sight and watched as the feeling was transmitted to Goyjo. He moaned around the cock in his mouth and began to work himself quickly. I reached down and gripped him at the base of his cock and squeezed. His nostrils flared and his cheeks hollowed as he sucked hard. I had never seen a more erotic sight in my life. He suddenly pulled back and opened his mouth with a deep groan as he came across his own lips and cheek. His ass gripped me hard and pulled a startled whine from me when I felt a small spurt of come being pulled almost painfully from me.


Goyjo dropped his head back against the pillow with an exhausted sigh. He pushed against me with his stomach muscles to unfold himself from the bent double position I had him in. I moved off him and had to work at not whimpering when my cock left his tight heat. I reached up and untied his arms. When he left them stretched over his head, I looked at him questioningly.


“I can’t feel them anymore. A good top will rub them to get circulation going again,” Goyjo explained patiently.


“And what makes you think I want to be a good top?” I asked as I started to rub his arms anyway.


“Because you liked it just as much as I did and you’ll want to do it again. I’m willing to teach you what you need to know but we’ve got to reach a deal here. When I say I want to do you again Sanzo, I mean on a continuing basis. If you’re really not interested, now is the time to tell me and I swear I’ll leave you the fuck alone.”


I pulled Goyjo’s arms down to rest at his sides, stroking him idly as I considered my options. I did find it exciting to spank Goyjo. I found it arousing to have him bound for my pleasure. Screwing him had been an absolute delight equalled only by the experience of him screwing me. The memory of seeing him suck his own dick was almost enough to bring me to full hardness again. All this combined to make me want to have him again. My decision made, I leaned down to kiss him roughly and tasted his seed on his lips. It excited me all over again and reaffirmed that I had made the right decision.


“What we do never leaves the room we’re in. Outside of the time we spend screwing each other senseless, everything is to stay just like before. No touches like you’ve been pulling on me for the past few weeks. No sly and suggestive comments in front of Hakkai or Goku. You try to grope me just once in front of them and I will kill you. Do we have an agreement?”


Goyjo stared at me for a long moment before nodding his head. He almost looked like he wanted to add something. Instead, he pulled me down on top of him and took my mouth in a gentle kiss. I knew he could feel my surprise and he smiled against my lips.


“As much as I liked you beating my ass and being all aggressive, there are also gentle pleasures you need to be taught Sanzo. Not every encounter has to be about rough sex; not that I’m bitching,” Goyjo hastened to add.


“But I did make a promise to myself that I would slowly explore your body the next time I got to share your bed. I think you’ll like that as much as you liked the rough stuff. Let me show you how good it can feel.”


I reached for the pack of smokes on the bedside table and lit one for both of us. As we smoked, I wondered just what I may have gotten myself into. I had agreed to let the most debauched kappa on the planet in my bed on a regular basis. I must be insane. If I wasn’t going to hell for all the smoking, drinking, gambling and killing I was doing, this was going to send me there for sure.


But what a ride it was going to be.




Author’s note: The scene with Goyjo sucking his own cock is entirely possible. I saw it in a porn movie and it is one of the most erotic things I’ve seen. I filled the visual away for later use and just know a pervert like Goyjo would be able to do something like that.



Chapter 3: Blissfully Undone





I had finally managed to get Sanzo alone. It cost me the last few coins I had but I figured it was going to be well worth it. Hakkai knew what the score was. He saw more than you would think. I hadn’t said a damn thing to him about screwing Sanzo but I didn’t need to. He had lived with me and he knew the signs that I had found someone that sparked my interest. Since that interest didn’t wane when we moved from town to town in our journey west, he made the reasonable guess that it was either Goku or Sanzo. Knowing me as he did, he knew it was Sanzo and not the monkey that had snagged my wandering eye.


Hakkai had taken Goku with him to go shop for supplies and the genuine smile he had given me told me that he would make sure to be gone for at least a couple of hours. If I wasn’t such good friends with him, I’d have tried to entice him into my bed too. Okay, I’d still like to entice him into my bed friend or not. That was a pleasant little fantasy to beat off too. Sanzo filling my ass while Hakkai sucked me off. I had to shift the rod in my pants at the erotic mental picture. I sighed knowing Sanzo would never go for it. I was still surprised that he was letting me screw him period.


I let myself into Sanzo’s room and halted with my hands in the air. Sanzo sat in the window with his robes hanging loose around his waist. The banishing gun was levelled at my head. Even seeing that it was me, Sanzo didn’t lower the gun right away. His lip curled up in a sneer around the smoke that dangled from his mouth. Fuck he looked sexy like that.


“I’ve come to start your lessons Sanzo. Put away the gun,” I said with an air of calm I wasn’t feeling until he put the gun away.


It wouldn’t have been the first time Sanzo had taken a shot at me and surely not the last but I didn’t want this encounter to start that way. This time wasn’t going to be about violence or kink; as much as I liked that with Sanzo. This time was going to be about gentleness and seduction. I was about to broaden Sanzo limited horizons.


“What lessons? Get the fuck out of here before Hakkai or Goku starts to wonder where you are.”


“I sent them out shopping. They’ll be gone for a couple of hours. Remember when I said I’d teach you Sanzo? Teach you to be a good top as well as how to appreciate a gentle loving?”


Sanzo snorted and flicked the ash from his cigarette and went back to looking out the window, ignoring me. Sanzo had far too little gentleness in his life. We had a rough enough road to travel and for whatever reason, I wanted to give him some gentleness. I’m not sure why I wanted to introduce him the benefits of a gentle loving.


Maybe I just liked the challenge of pulling a response from the bitchy monk.


I made sure the door was locked and approached Sanzo. I swiped the smoke from his fingers, took the final drag on it before stubbing it out. I ignored the nasty look he gave me and pulled him off the window ledge. I held him close to my body and dipped my head for a quick kiss before steering him towards the bed. He dug his heels in and I practically had to drag him to the bed.


Fucking prick wasn’t going to make this easy.


I stood next to Sanzo and bent slowly so that our cheeks touched. I ran my hands up his arms until they rested on his shoulders. He held himself tighter than a bowstring and gave no sign of relaxing. The scowl he was directing my way would have made a less determined person back off. I knew one wrong move on my part would get me a hard punch and my plans for a seductive loving would go to hell in a hand basket. I moved into him just a little more, until my lips were almost brushing the shell of his ear.


“You thought that you got to see if the hype of Gojyo lived up to the reality the first time we were together. You didn’t. That was kink I helped you out with. This…this is what its like to have Sha Gojyo in your bed,” I whispered into his ear and followed it with a soft little nibble on his ear lobe.


I heard his quiet, indrawn breath just before he reached up to shove me away from him with a little snarl.


“I’m not some virginal woman you managed to seduce into your bed. I’m a man and I don’t need or want this bullshit. If you want to fuck, let’s get down to it.”


“Sanzo, we’ve done it the way you wanted up to this point,” I sighed. This was going to be harder than I originally thought. Good thing I liked a sexual challenge. “This time we’re going to do it my way. You say you don’t want or need this but I think you do. Everybody needs a little tenderness now and again. How about I make you a deal? You do it my way and if you don’t like it, you don’t ever have to do it again.”


Sanzo narrowed his eyes at me as he tried to figure out what my angle was. He didn’t have a clue. I wanted to spend the time exploring his body. I wanted to kiss and lick every inch of him that I could get my tongue and lips on. But then again, I don’t think Sanzo had ever had an encounter that wasn’t about simply getting off in the quickest way possible with maybe a little kink thrown in for an added rush. I was going to do my best to blow all his fuses; and I was a very talented boy.


“Fine. You’re wasting your time with this but do what you want,” Sanzo snapped as he scowled at me.


Well, if that wasn’t an enthusiastic response. I resisted the urge to sigh heavily. At least he had agreed to try it. I was thinking that was a big step all on its own. I moved back next to Sanzo and cupped his face. I’d been dreaming of kissing him like this for the past week since the idea of a gentle seduction had occurred to me. I’d shared hard and violent kisses with him but never anything like what I was planning.


I brushed my lips over his gently, almost not even touching him. I placed light little kisses over his mouth and up over his cheek bones. I moved over his face with my lips; dropping kisses wherever I wanted. I kissed his eyelids closed and over his forehead before moving back down to his lips. I settled there, taking nipping little kisses until I felt him relax fractionally. Only then did I let my tongue flick out to trace along the seam of his lips. Sanzo gave in to my subtle urging and opened his mouth to me.


I teased him with little darts of my tongue into his mouth. When he tentatively touched his tongue to mine, I was surprised at the heat that suddenly shot to my groin. I dropped my hand from his face and rested it against the small of his warm, leather covered back. A little nudging had him pressed snugly against me. I was pleased to find that he was just as aroused by the gentle kisses as I was, regardless of what he said earlier. I burrowed my other hand into his hair and tilted his head to give me better access to his mouth.


My tongue swept inside his mouth. I played it over his teeth and twisted it around his tongue. I retreated and was delighted when he aggressively pushed his tongue into my mouth to follow. I began to suck on it gently, knowing that at some point in the evening, I was going to be doing the same thing to his cock. I had enjoyed sucking Sanzo off before and I was looking forward to doing it again.


I let the hand that was tangling in his hair slip to the zipper at the back of his top and pulled it down. I broke off the kiss and peeled the tight leather from his torso. I dropped it to the floor and started to place kisses across his shoulders. I was aiming for the copper coloured nipples that I had wanted to lick since the very first time I had been with Sanzo. I was not prepared for the reaction I got. Sanzo arched against me and gave a little cry that was half delight and half stunned surprise.


“Feels good don’t it?” I said in a husky voice as I took broad swipes with my tongue at his now erect nipple.


I looked up from under my lashes to find Sanzo staring at me with a confused expression. That look told me a lot about Sanzo’s past experiences and I felt a little spurt of anger that none of the people he had slept with bothered to touch and arouse him as a whole. That just made my whole mission to teach Sanzo gentle pleasures a higher priority than my own needs. I gave Sanzo a little push until he sat on the bed. Another push had him lying on his back. He was watching me warily again.


“Relax Sanzo. If you liked that, you’re going to love this,” I said as I moved back over the nipple I had abandoned and latched on to it and suckled.


Sanzo’s eyes widened and his back arched off the bed. His hands flew up to tangle in my hair. I wasn’t sure whether it was to hold me to him or to pull me away. I released him and he sagged back down. He was breathing hard and still hadn’t let go of my head. I flicked out a tongue and was rewarded with his groan of bliss. Seems like Sanzo had very sensitive nipples. I moved to the other one and was rewarded with the exact same reaction. Sweet merciful Goddess, but if he was this responsive all over, he was going to make me embarrass myself if I wasn’t careful.


Sanzo’s hips moved restlessly. I ran my hands down his ribs and over his belly and had the pure delight of hearing him voice a breathy moan. If I wasn’t the one pulling such wonderful responses from him, I never would have believed that Sanzo, prick extraordinaire, was such a creature of carnal bliss when properly warmed up. What had started out as a lesson for Sanzo in gentle pleasure was quickly turning into a major fantasy of mine.


When I had Sanzo panting with want, I left off teasing his nipples and licked my way down his chest and belly. My hands were busy undoing his sash and the zipper of the jeans he wore under his robe. I stood and opened his robe and tugged the jeans from his body. He wore no underwear again. I was starting to believe that it was a regular thing for him to go commando.


What a naughty monk he was.


He lay on the bed nude except for the leather arm wraps. His hair was tousled from my fingers, his nipples were tightly erect and a flush of desire was gracing his skin. His cock was stiff and a bead of pre-come crowned the head. I let my gaze wander over his body and enjoyed the surge of arousal this produced in me.


“Do you have any idea how fucking sexy you look?” I asked in a husky voice as I reached out to drag my hand over his ribs, around his hip and down his thigh. I purposefully avoided touching the straining erection he had.


“What are you doing to me?” confusion was plain in his expression and made his voice harsh. “Why aren’t you just getting on with it and fucking me like you want to?”


“I’m doing what should have been done a long time ago. You’re so fucking responsive. Don’t ever deny this part of yourself Sanzo; at least not with me. It’s a gift. You have no idea how much it turns me on to know that I can give you so much pleasure just from touching you.”


“How turned on can you be Gojyo? You’re still dressed,” Sanzo snapped.


That was an easily solved problem. I stripped quickly and stood over Sanzo. His eyes were immediately glued to the rock hard erection I had. His tongue came out to wet his lips and I couldn’t stop the groan that slipped past my throat. My cock twitched at the thought of what it would feel like to have Sanzo’s mouth around me. That would have to wait until later. I had the sneaking suspicion that it would be too much for me to have him wrap his lips around my cock. Just the thought of coming in his mouth and over his lips made the blood surge through me.


I knelt beside him and ran my hands down his thighs. His skin was silky smooth and I leaned down to lick a line from his inner thigh to his knee. The breath hissed out of him and his hips jerked. I glanced up his body to find that he had covered his eyes with his arm and his mouth was open as he panted ever so softly. I smiled and began nipping his inner thighs, working my way up to his groin.


I licked over his sharp hip bones and dipped my tongue into his navel. He groaned and bit his lip. His hips shifted and his cock twitched when the ends of my hair brushed over it. I knew Sanzo wanted me to suck him but he wasn’t going to ask me for what it was he needed.


Stubborn prick.


I’d give it to him eventually but I wasn’t done tasting the rest of him yet. I gave him a little push and rolled him onto his stomach before he realized what was happening. I kissed and licked designs over his ass and lower back. Almost inaudible sounds of pleasure were coming in a constant stream from Sanzo in response to the little tongue bath. I didn’t think he realized he was making them. If he had known, I’m sure he would have stopped the erotic noises. I ran my hands over his tight little ass again, kneading his cheeks before spreading them slowly apart.


“About fucking time,” Sanzo panted.


I smiled wickedly. He wasn’t going to get what he thought he was. I still wasn’t finished tasting him. For a high monk, he had very little patience. He was going to learn the benefits of waiting and drawing out the pleasure. I dipped my head down and licked at his hole. Sanzo’s whole body jerked under me and his little groan of surprised pleasure sent desire rushing through my system. I repeated the licks until I had Sanzo squirming his hips around.


“Gojyo,” he growled in a desire heavy voice.


I speared my tongue into him, revelling at the deep moan that left him. His hips started to pump as he tried for more sensation. The sounds that came from him were the most erotic things I’d heard in a long time and I just knew I’d never be able to hear him growl out a command without flashing back to this moment. I drew back and rolled him to his back again. A flush coloured his skin and gave him a glow that I found irresistible. I pressed a finger against his lips and waited for him to open his mouth and suck it in.


Sanzo took the offered finger and sucked it like a pro. Now I was the one groaning. I dropped my hand to my groin and slowly stroked myself to the wonderful rhythm Sanzo was using on my finger. He slipped his hand down to his own cock and followed the rhythm. As I watched him sliding his hand over his erection and sucking on my fingers I wondered who was going to blow whose fuse. Reluctantly, I pulled my fingers from his mouth. A little thrill shot through me when he voiced a wordless protest.


“Tell me what you want Sanzo. What do you want me to do to you?” I whispered as I continued to stroke myself and watch him do the same to his erection.


A flash of annoyance sparked in his violet eyes. He pressed his lips together and let go of his cock. It was a little late in the game for him to be playing hard to get. He remained silent and scowled at me when I gave a soft laugh.


“More build-up it is then,” I said as I knelt next to the bed and blew gently over the head of his cock.


Sanzo’s hips jerked up and he gave a startled little gasp. Without letting him recover, I flicked out my tongue to taste the clear fluid that had gathered at the tip. His hips jerked again and I threw an arm over them to hold him still. I watched his face through the shield of my hair. His eyes widened in anticipation before falling closed with a tiny moan.


Sanzo liked it when I sucked him. No, that wasn’t right. He fucking loved it when I sucked him; and I do aim to please my lovers.


I closed my mouth over the head and sucked lightly. The breath left Sanzo in a rush with a groan. I took a little more into my mouth and rubbed my tongue along the underside. He tried to move his hips in an effort to get me to take more in. I pulled back until I held just the head in my mouth and sucked hard. Sanzo rolled his head to the side and little wordless noises of lust escaped him. I slid back down until I had taken half of him in. When I felt his hand suddenly bury itself in my hair and hold me in place, my own cock surged.


I couldn’t do this. I wanted him too much. I needed to feel the heat that waited for me. Not releasing his cock from my mouth, I groped on the floor for my pants and the small tube of lube I had brought. I flipped it open one-handed and squirted a healthy amount over my fingers. The smell of strawberries and honey floated into the room and had Sanzo cracking his eyes open.


“About fucking time,” he growled again as he felt my slick fingers probing at his ass.


I let his cock fall from my mouth, “Patience Sanzo or I’ll stop making you ready and continue teasing the fuck out of you. I’m enjoying that a hell of a lot. Or you could just tell me what you want. I’ll give you whatever you want. You just need to say what you need from me.”


I don’t know who was more surprised, Sanzo or me when he spoke.


“I need you to fuck me hard. I need that right now,” he snarled.


“That’s the one thing not on the menu tonight Sanzo. I’ll be balls deep in your ass but it’s going to be a slow loving you’re going to get,” I said softly as my heart sped up at hearing Sanzo demand that I fuck him.


“I don’t need a slow loving. I want a hard screwing,” there was the barest hint of a sulk in his voice between the little indrawn breaths as I slowly slid my fingers in and out of his body, stretching him.


“But you do need one and so you’re going to get one. Relax and enjoy Sanzo. It’s not always about the destination. Most of the time the trip that takes you there is way more fun,” I said with a slow smile as I withdrew my fingers and moved between his legs.


He glared at me but spread his legs eagerly. I rubbed my lube slicked fingers over my cock as I knelt between his legs. I teased Sanzo and myself by rubbing the head of my dick over his lube coated entrance. He began to move his hips to the slow rhythm as his eyes closed again. He bit down on his bottom lip and his hand snaked down to his groin. He took me by surprise when he gripped me and jerked his hips hard.


My breath hissed out between clenched teeth at the wonderfully tight heat that suddenly surrounded me. I was barely inside him but it already felt so damn good. I saw his self-satisfied little smirk at getting his way. There was only one way to wipe that look from his face as far as I knew. I braced myself over him and pushed the rest of the way in with a smooth stroke. A look of ecstasy replaced the smirk and his body strained upwards against mine, trying to take in every last bit he could.


I pressed into him and ground our groins together. I dipped down to taste his lips. It was the only way I heard the whisper that puffed across mouth.


“Gojyo,” Sanzo breathed, desire and want and need threading through his almost inaudible voice.


I had never heard anything like that from Sanzo before. So many things twisted through his voice, I barely grasped all that he was asking me for. He may have said that he didn’t want or need a gentle loving but that little plea wrapped up in my name said different. He had finally told me what he wanted from me. It was going to be my absolute pleasure to deliver it to him.


I started to move slowly. I wanted to make the heady bliss last as long as possible for both of us. It only took him a few thrusts to catch my tempo and follow. I buried my nose in the crook of his neck and placed little nibbling kisses and gentle love bites over his shoulder and neck. Each touch of my lips to his flesh made the breath stutter in his throat. Against my will, the speed of my thrusts began to increase.


When I pulled back and held myself over him, he opened his eyes and focused on me through the desire flooding his system. I reached for his cock and began stroking him. His back arched and a low, lust filled moan worked its way from his throat.


I wanted to taste him again. I needed to taste him again.


I rubbed my thumb over his cock, smearing the clear fluid that had gathered there. I brought it slowly to my mouth, watching his eyes the whole time. When I licked my thumb delicately with only the very tip of my tongue, Sanzo shivered and arched his hips against mine in a wordless plea for more.


It wasn’t enough. I wanted to feel the velvety soft skin of his cock against my tongue. I wanted to feel the blood rush just below the surface of the thin skin in the seconds before he came. I wanted to taste him hot and salty in my throat. I wanted all of this while I was still buried in his ass.


I couldn’t see a reason that I couldn’t have all that I wanted.


I shifted around until I had my bent legs supporting Sanzo’s ass across my lap. The new angle made him pant and clutch the bed sheets as my cock now rubbed hard over his prostate. I bent over Sanzo and took his cock into my mouth while my dick remained buried in his ass. Sanzo’s stunned gaze met mine as I began to suck him with all the skill I possessed. It was impossible to push into him like I wanted to, but small thrust were entirely doable.


A whine left Sanzo as sweat broke out on his skin. His purple eyes had become almost black from the need and lust I had stirred to life in him. Those beautiful eyes remained fixed on me as I strained to take in as much as I could from the slightly awkward position. I watched through my lashes as tension started in his body when desire began to take over.


He was beautiful caught up in his desire. His body flushed a glowing peach colour; his skin glistening; his gold hair darkened with sweat and his glorious purple eyes shining with want for me. And the sounds. Sweet Merciful Goddess, the sounds he was making were the most arousing things I’d ever heard. Little gasps and moans and growls that encouraged me to see what other delicious noises I could drag from him.


“Gojyo…gonna…come,” Sanzo panted as his back arched.


I sucked down as much of him as I could, feeling the tension draw tight in his body as he teetered on the edge of release. I flexed my cock in his ass and watched in fascination as Sanzo came undone under me.


An animalistic growl burst from him as his hips thrust up. The muscles in his belly rippled and I heard the sheet he was gripping tear as his body jerked from the pleasure wracking his frame. His eyes rolled back in his head and his back bowed even more. The muscles in his ass contracted tightly around my cock and I moaned around the pulsing dick in my mouth as he shot his seed down my throat. I greedily swallowed all he had to give me.


With the tension gone from his body and his cock softening, I let him slip from my mouth and stretched. The action of the stretch pushed my cock deeper in him and drew a tired moan from him. Now that he was satisfied, it was my turn to experience the delight that was uniquely Sanzo.


I began with a steady slide in and out of his ass; each thrust wringing another groan of pleasure from him. I leaned over him and pressed our bodies together. I revelled in the contact of flesh to flesh. I pressed my mouth to his and swept my tongue into his mouth knowing that he’d taste his own seed on my tongue and finding the kiss all the more erotic because of it. Sanzo surprised me by whining softly and wrapping his arms around me as he pistoned his hips to pace me.


There was no way I could hold out against such breathtaking sensations. I gave a little inarticulate cry and plunged rapidly into him before stiffening as my balls drew up tight and release plowed through me. I gave a little sob at the almost painful pleasure of my orgasm. Sanzo gasped at the feel of my coming in his ass and pressed me tighter to him.


I rested my forehead against his shoulder, chest heaving, heart pounding and waited until I felt I could move again. I was relaxed and near boneless. Sanzo lay beneath me, seemingly content and breathing just as harshly as me. I was reluctant to move but after several minutes, Sanzo pushed at my shoulder until I rolled off him and lay on my back next to him, still panting lightly.


I heard the crinkle of paper and the click of a lighter moments before I smelled the smoke of a freshly lit cigarette. I turned my head to look at Sanzo and was again struck by how beautiful he was when he was relaxed and not scowling. I stole his smoke and took a drag before he snatched it back with an irritated growl.


“So, was I right? You did enjoy that didn’t you?” I asked smugly, still basking in the glow of the gentle loving with Sanzo.


“I liked tanning your ass and I’ll do it again if you don’t stop stealing my fucking smokes,” Sanzo replied with annoyance as I plucked the smoke once again from his fingers.


“I know you liked tanning my ass. I liked it too. But this was good too wasn’t it?” I persisted.


Sanzo muttered something under his breath and tried to take back his smoke. I held it out of his reach until he glared at me. I held his gaze calmly until he looked away and sat up on the edge of the bed. His back was to me and I thought, in disappointment, that he wasn’t going to answer me.


“It was very good,” Sanzo said so softly that if I hadn’t been waiting to hear something; anything from him I would have missed it.


I resisted the urge to say ‘I told you so’ and instead sat up behind him. He stiffened in my arms and would have moved away if I hadn’t been holding him. I held the remainder of the smoke to his lips for him to finish and rested my chin on his shoulder. He felt so good pressed against my chest with his tight ass nestled against my crotch.


With the smoke finished and stubbed out, he tried to leave again. I held him tighter to me and pressed my lips to his ear.


“Part of the gentle loving is the cuddling after,” I whispered as I started to stroke his arm and ribs with lazy sweeps.


“I don’t cuddle,” Sanzo said stiffly.


“Not yet. You will. When you give me a gentle loving, I’ll be expecting a cuddle after. I like to cuddle,” I said as I pulled him down to the bed with me.


“Fine,” Sanzo muttered as he gave up trying to get loose and relaxed into my hold.


I smiled as his hands crept over mine and he rested his head on my shoulder. I was surprisingly content. I’d just had an incredible sexual encounter and was being allowed to hold the object of my desire to my hearts content, at least for a while. I’d even gotten him to agree that it had been a very good experience and that he’d return the favour to me.


Sometimes, Lady Luck just seemed to throw herself at my feet. Far be it for me to refuse a gift from a goddess.



Author’s Note: Sucking your partners cock while buried in their ass is possible. You must be flexible to do it and I’ve already established that Gojyo is gifted in that particular way. I’ve field tested the idea and it does work and no, I’m not telling you how I field tested it (but it was very fun).



Chapter 4: Oral Theories





I was now completely convinced that there was something to my theory that Gojyo had some kind of demon powers that made you constantly want him after tasting the heaven possible with him. That had to be the reason I was constantly watching him and undressing him with my eyes every time I looked at him. It was the only reasonable explanation for the fantasy about taking a switch to his ass before fucking him while he begged and moaned for me to do him harder.


I had needed to get away from all of them for a little quiet time. We were stuck out in the woods roughing it again. The closest town was another full day’s drive. I wasn’t looking forward to the town just for the soft bed. An inn meant rooms; which meant privacy. Privacy meant shoving that pervy water sprite up against a wall and fucking him hard like my body was demanding.


I sucked forcefully on my smoke and adjusted the erection that had been my constant companion for the last two days. I had never been this aware of my sexuality in my entire life. It was all Gojyo’s fault. It had gotten worse after he spent that afternoon ‘teaching’ me about gentle pleasure. I had enjoyed it more than I thought I would and certainly more than I had let on to Gojyo.


How had he known that it would drive me wild to have my nipples licked and sucked and nibbled on when I didn’t even know that? How had he known just where to stroke me and touch me to make me damn near beg him for more? How had he known that after that gentle loving I would want to just lie there quietly with him and enjoy the slowly fading heat of our sexual encounter? Gojyo was much more complex than he seemed.


I crushed out the smoke, annoyed with Gojyo and myself. I had come out here to get my mind off Gojyo. Instead, he was the one thing I couldn’t stop thinking about. I was fucking horny. There was no other way to put it. He was somehow keeping me in a near constant state of arousal. I wanted Gojyo. I wanted him anyway I could get him. Plowing his ass; sucking my cock; filling my own ass; I didn’t care. Before Gojyo, I had gone months without needing to so much as beat off. One encounter with Gojyo and I was suddenly a slave to my cock.


I sighed and looked up into the darkening sky. I needed relief but camping out left little possibility of my getting it. Either by doing it myself or better yet; getting Gojyo alone in a secluded area. Goku had an absolute gift for finding me. I’d lost count of the number of times that I had wandered off into the forest to take my problem in hand only to have Goku bound through the trees just as I was getting a good rhythm going.


It was starting to make me very testy.


The last time it had happened, I’d barely resisted the urge to blow his fucking head off. I had been a few heartbeats away from finally shooting my load when Goku scared the hard on right out of me by popping up not ten feet behind me and asking what I was doing.


My hand dropped to my groin and I gently kneaded my erection through my clothes. After that last time, I was reluctant to open my robe and jeans never mind actually take my clothes off. But I was aching so badly from denied release. The forest was quiet with only the song of birds settling to roost for the evening. That is the only reason I let my eyes slide shut as I stroked myself over the barrier of my clothes.


“That feels better when it’s skin on skin,” came Gojyo’s soft voice near my ear.


I jerked my hand away and whirled around. My gun was in my hand and pointed at Gojyo before I realized it. He stood there casually and waited for me to holster my gun. I held it on him fractionally longer than was necessary; letting him know that I put up the gun because I had decided not to waste a bullet to kill him.


“What the fuck do you want?” I snapped, irritated that once again I was going to have to deal with a hard on for the rest of the night.


“Goku thought you got lost. He was going to come look for you. I said I’d find you. Aren’t you glad it was me who found you?” Gojyo asked with a sensual smile.


“You’ve found me. I’m fine. Now piss off. I want to be alone.”


“But Sanzo, it’s so much better when you have somebody do that kind of stuff for you. I figure we got about an hour before monkey boy comes and finds us. I’m horny; you’re horny. Let’s take care of the problem together.”


“Goku has the worst sense of timing. He’d show up before either of us was done. I’m not going to risk getting naked and have Goku stumble on us,” I said wearily as I stood facing Gojyo, arms crossed.


“We don’t need to get naked. Not for what I have in mind. Won’t take long either. Come on Sanzo; take a few risks.”


“What did you have in mind?” I asked suspiciously curious in spite of myself.


“A blow job. Neither one of us has to get naked, much as I like seeing you that way. I know you’re on edge. I want to get my rocks off. It’s win/win. The longer we stand here, the less time we have before Goku comes along. What are you afraid of?”


I glared at Gojyo while memories of him sucking me off flashed through my brain. I loved the feel of Gojyo’s mouth on me. Just like everything else sexual he did, he excelled at it. He was right. It would be much more satisfying to have his lips wrapped around me, sucking me down when I came. I wanted to say no and walk away but I wanted relief more than I wanted to show Gojyo that I didn’t need him.


I started to undo my robe when Gojyo stopped me with a hand on mine.


“Me first. It was my idea,” Gojyo said as he flicked open his fly and drew out his cock.


I glanced uncertainly around. That was not what I thought he had meant. I thought Gojyo was going to give me a blow job and jerk himself off while he did it. I wanted to feel his lips on me. I was starting to need to feel his lips on me.


“Sanzo? Something wrong?” Gojyo asked as he looked at me curiously while he stroked his cock lazily.


My eyes were drawn by the motion of his hand on himself and I licked my lips before I even thought about what that little action might mean to Gojyo who was watching me so intently. I felt a blush creep into my cheeks. How did I tell Gojyo that I’d never sucked cock before? I’d had it done to me; mostly by Gojyo. My previous sexual experiences had primarily been about the fucking and getting off as quickly as possible.


“You don’t suck cock? It’s okay if you don’t. I mean, I was hoping you would, but some people don’t like doing it.”


“I’ve never done it so I wouldn’t know if I like it or not,” I muttered, feeling embarrassed and angry that Gojyo had gotten me to admit it.


I was caught completely off guard when Gojyo yanked me to him and kissed me hard. When he pulled back from the kiss he gave me that smile of his that warned new pleasures were about to be showered on me. It was a smile that made my muscles tense and my insides relax at the same.


“Do you want to suck me, Sanzo? I won’t pressure you. I’ll still go down on you no matter what you decide,” Gojyo said as rubbed himself against me.


I looked down and had to fight the smile that wanted to break free. He wanted me to take him in my mouth. He very much wanted me to suck him off. I could hear it in his voice. He’d stick to his word though. If I said no, he’d still swallow me down and find another way to get off. I did want to taste him. I had since that night I held him bound in the Maten Scripture. I just never had the opportunity to. Now I did. I pushed away from Gojyo and raked him with my gaze.


“Tell me what to do.”


“Oh fuck, Sanzo. Do you have any idea how much of a turn on it is to hear you say that? Come here and kneel between my legs,” Gojyo said as he sat down on the rock I had vacated earlier.


I did as he directed. It put my face only inches from his now hard cock. It looked bigger this close and I wondered how I was supposed to fit it all in my mouth as Gojyo had done to me.


“You liked what I did to you right?” Gojyo asked.


I nodded my head and licked my suddenly dry lips.


“Then just do that. Don’t try and take me all the way down. That takes practice unless you have no gag reflex. Take as much as you’re comfortable with. Start slow and work your way down.”


I moved closer until I could feel the heat from his skin against my lips. I reached out a hand and held him steady. A little thrill shot down my spine at Gojyo’s indrawn breath from just my touch. That little noise made me bold and I flicked my tongue back and forth over the head to taste him. Gojyo hissed and I felt his blood surge under the thin, velvety soft skin.


“You sure you’ve never done this before?” Gojyo asked in a whisper.


I shook my head and opened my mouth around him. I took the tip into my mouth and rolled my tongue around the silky skin. Gojyo’s hips jerked under me and I tasted saltiness on my tongue. I pulled back and stroked him once with my hand. Gojyo moaned and pushed his hips towards me. Encouraged, I tried to remember all that he had done to me before.


I took the head back into my mouth and sucked. I was rewarded with a deep groan from Gojyo and his hands tangled in my hair. I slid further down his cock until I could feel him touching the back of my throat. I tried for more and immediately gagged. I backed off hurriedly until just the tip remained in my mouth.


“I said to take it easy Sanzo. I don’t expect you to deep throat me the first time you’ve ever had a cock in your mouth,” Gojyo said with a husky chuckle. “Do you like the feel of my cock in your mouth?”


I nodded with his dick still in my mouth and swallowed him down to where I was comfortable. Gojyo’s hands tightened against my skull briefly before relaxing and starting to stroke through my hair. It was an oddly intimate gesture and I closed my eyes at the unexpected pleasure.


“Fist what you can’t take. Stroke me in time with your mouth,” Gojyo instructed softly.


I did what he told me to and was rewarded with his deep groan of pleasure. I felt his thigh tense under my hand and knew he was trying hard not to thrust into my mouth. A heady rush of power flowed through me. I was controlling his pleasure. It spiked my own arousal to make him respond so beautifully to what I was doing to him. A satisfied hum vibrated up my throat. Gojyo reacted like I’d touched a live wire to him.


“Fuck Sanzo! What are you trying to do; make me come right now?” Gojyo panted.


Earlier, I would have said it was impossible to smile around a thick cock in my mouth. I knew better now. I pulled back off Gojyo and licked a line from the base to the tip of his dick. Gojyo’s head fell forward and his hands, still in my hair, tightened before releasing and moving to his thighs.


I reached into his open pants and cupped his balls. I couldn’t see his eyes hidden as they were by the fall of his hair, but his hands tightened on his thighs. I took his cock back into my mouth and sucked while rolling his sac between my fingers. I felt his hands creep back into my hair and stroke through the strands. The gentle touch made me moan around Gojyo’s cock. He groaned in response and I felt the tension in him as he struggled not to force me down onto himself.


“I’ve wanted you for days and if you keep doing shit like that, I’m gonna blow,” Gojyo warned.


“Isn’t that the point?” I asked as I licked and swirled my tongue around the head.


Gojyo looked at me through his hair and the lust shining in his eyes was like a sucker punch. I had made him feel like this. I was the one giving him so much bliss. I wanted to push him to the edge of control. No. I wanted to make him loose control. I began to bob my head in his lap as I fisted his cock. Gojyo panted and moaned. His fingers tightened in my hair. The little pain spurred my own arousal further and I moved over him faster. I was startled when he used that grip on my hair to try and pull me off him. I resisted the pull and managed to keep the head of his cock in my mouth. I knew he was going to come and I wanted to taste him in my mouth.


“Yes!” Gojyo hissed as I felt his cock surge in my grip and the first burst of his orgasm hit my tongue.


His hot seed coated my tongue and slipped down my throat. I reflexively swallowed, making Gojyo groan. I held him in my mouth until he started to soften and revelled in the sharp panting breaths coming from Gojyo. His fingers slowly loosened their grip on my hair and he pulled me up against him. He licked my lips before kissing me hard and letting me go.


“Fuck you’re a fast learner. You didn’t have to do that by the way. Let me come in your mouth, I mean. I like that you did; really liked it. Fulfills a fantasy of mine. I taste fantastic in your mouth,” Gojyo groaned as he pulled me to him once again for a deep, exploring kiss.


He rose from the rock and pushed me to sit on it. He shoved aside my robe and undid my jeans while muttering about my wearing too many clothes. I hissed through clenched teeth when I felt his hand wrap around my cock. I was almost painfully hard after giving Gojyo a blow job. I hadn’t expected it to arouse me like it had. I also remembered how good it felt to have Gojyo suck me off. I closed my eyes and let myself float on the remembered pleasure.


Gojyo curled his tongue around the head of my cock while running his fingers lightly up and down the shaft. He licked lines over and around the shaft before burying his face in my groin and licking my balls. I felt him tugging my jeans a little lower and sucked in a sharp breath when he took one of my balls into his mouth and rolled it around while gently stroking me. I moaned at the sensation and let my hands drift to his hair.


Whenever I touched his hair, it reminded me of kittens’ fur and silk. I loved the feel of it against my skin and I shivered when it brushed against the sensitive underside of my cock. Gojyo moved back up and teased the slit with his tongue before lowering his mouth over me again.


I opened my eyes and watched him pleasure me. He must have felt my gaze because he looked up at me and held my eyes as he slowly moved his mouth down my length until his nose was pressed against my groin. I was surrounded by slick wet heat and when he pressed his tongue against me, I couldn’t help the needy moan that left me. Gojyo answered my moan with a hum that vibrated the length of my cock.


I gritted my teeth against the surge of lust that produced in me; willing myself not to come yet. If it had felt half as good to Gojyo when I had done it, no wonder he warned me it would make him come. Gojyo slowly pulled away from my cock and I had to struggle not to whimper. I didn’t want him to stop. My hands fell from his hair and I missed that feel as well.


He slowly sucked one of his fingers into his mouth and worked it in and out like he had been doing with my cock. My breath came a little faster as I watched him do it. He pulled his finger out with a little pop and moved his mouth back over me. I groaned at the feel and lost myself again to him sliding his lips over me. I buried my hands back into his hair to hold him to me.


I sucked in a sharp breath when I felt the spit slicked finger probing at my entrance. Gojyo rubbed tiny circles over it until I began to squirm. A sigh slipped from me when he pushed gently inside me. The feel of his mouth on my cock while his finger started a lazy rhythm in counter-point to his mouth made me shudder and moan. Gojyo swallowed me down and stabbed inside me hard. The dual sensations made me cry out and press his head into my groin. I felt his throat tighten around me and whined as I threw back my head from the exquisite pleasure.


This is what I had wanted for days. I wanted to feel Gojyo’s mouth on me. I wanted to feel his fingers invading my ass. I wanted to run my fingers through his silky hair while his head was buried in my lap. I wanted to come in his mouth and see my seed smeared across his lips. I wanted a lot but I knew that if I asked, Gojyo would give it to me.


An inarticulate cry left me when Gojyo slid another finger in to join the first. When he curled them inside me and brushed against my prostate, heat burst through me. He kept up the motion of his mouth on my cock as he stroked my insides. I knew I was making small wanting noises but I couldn’t seem to stop myself. I gave up trying to remain quiet when I realized that Gojyo was enjoying the little sounds of arousal I was making.


Gojyo started working me faster. He was thrusting his fingers into my ass hard while taking my cock in long, strong strokes. I was panting now and I was sure I was hurting him with the grip in his hair but I couldn’t seem to let go. My blood was pounding through my system and the need for release had almost reached a painful point. I stood on the edge of release, held there by Gojyo’s skill and my own want to keep it going as long as I could.


I felt myself teetering and tugged on Gojyo’s hair to let him know I was going to come. I was almost disappointed when he pulled back until my cock rested on his tongue in his open mouth. He stabbed his fingers hard into me at the same time that he suddenly fisted my cock. His strong fingers pressed against my sweet spot and the tight clutch of his hand pushed me that last little bit I needed and release slammed through me.


I watched as my cock spurted into his open mouth and covered his tongue. A little growl of lust worked its way up my throat at the unexpectedly erotic sight. I heard an echoing growl from Gojyo as my ass pulsed around the fingers he had buried there. I was panting from the force of bliss washing through me. I was once again stunned at the sexual gifts Gojyo had and the fact that he wanted to share them with me.


Gojyo let my cock fall from his mouth and moved up my body until he was looking me straight in the eye. Banked desire burned in his red eyes and I knew without a doubt that I was the one responsible for it. His lips descended on mine in a gentle kiss and I opened my mouth to him. He gave a pleased rumble and tipped my head back before opening his mouth over mine.


Warm, salty slick liquid dripped from his mouth to mine as I felt him brush the fingers still in my ass over my sweet spot. I whined deep in my throat from the unexpected jolt of pleasure that gave me as I accepted my own seed into my mouth. I swallowed and groaned at the purely erotic gesture that no one but Gojyo would have done to me. Gojyo drew back from my lips and licked his as he slowly pulled his fingers free from me. I looked up at him from desire hazed eyes and licked my lips as well. I could taste both of us on my lips and wondered when I would get the chance to savour that unique flavour again.


“I taste pretty good in your mouth too,” I said in a husky voice, mirroring his words to me earlier.


“Yeah, you do. You feel better now?” Gojyo asked as he straightened his clothes and mine.


I nodded then shivered as his fingers gave my softened cock a caress as he tucked me back into my jeans.


“Told you we could both get off before Goku found us,” Gojyo said with a satisfied smile.


I shot him an annoyed look while I lit a smoke. I had barely taken the first drag when he stole it from my fingers and took a pull himself. Before I even realized it, I had drawn the banishing gun and had it pointed at him.


“Stop stealing my fucking smokes. I swear you do it one more time and I’ll…”


“Spank me? Paddle me? Whip me? Why the fuck do you think I keep doing it when I have a full pack in my pocket?” Gojyo said with a husky laugh as he held out the half finished smoke to me before walking towards the camp.


I watched him walk away from me and wasn’t sure whether I should shoot him or smile. I decided I wasn’t going to waste a bullet on him when it would be so much easier and much more erotic to take a paddle to his ass. I followed him back to camp and sat in front of the fire. The lust was back down to a tolerable level and I was feeling mellow. Not even Goku’s whining about being hungry was bothering me.


I was somewhat surprised when Gojyo approached me and leaned close. I was even more surprised and wary when he brushed his thumb across my chin.


“Missed a spot,” he said huskily as he stepped back from me, turned and walked away.


He seated himself on the other side of the fire and made sure I was watching him as he delicately licked the pad of his thumb clean of our combined seed. I felt heat flare in my belly and licked my lips. I could still taste both of us in my mouth and I felt desire start to unfurl once again.


Fucking pervy water sprite.


Screw the paddle. He was getting the whip next time I had him at my mercy. I gave him a heated look and saw the answering flash of desire in his eyes. Gojyo was going to get what he had been asking for the next time we got together.


I just hoped the next town had a place I could buy a whip on such short notice.



Chapter 5: Drowning In Lust




I was both flattered and annoyed with Sanzo. Flattered that he thought I had full demonic powers to use and annoyed that he thought I was using them on him. I didn’t need to use anything other than my natural charm to entice someone into my bed. Hell, half the time I didn’t even have to do anything at all to have people end up in my bed. I wasn’t my fault I was drop dead sexy. I wasn’t my fault that Sanzo lusted after my tight ass on a daily basis. It certainly wasn’t my fault that the repressed monk was getting drunk off the glorious experience that was Sha Gojyo in bed.


But to be accused of doing something as underhanded as using demonic powers to keep him in a constant state of horniness…well I couldn’t take something like that lying down. He thought I was using demonic powers? I’d show him demonic powers.


I begged some extra coin off Hakkai when I found out the inn we were staying at had a bath house next door. Hakkai had given me a small smile and the Look before he had given me what he had, no questions asked. The Look had said that he hoped I knew what I was doing ‘cause he wasn’t about to patch me up because of my own stupidity in provoking Sanzo to shoot me for what I was about to do. Hakkai knew I was screwing Sanzo. I hadn’t told him. He just knew. He also knew what I could do with water having accidentally stumbled upon me and a lovely lady frolicking in a pond near where we use to live.


So I greased a few palms and flattered a few ladies with my stunning charm and I soon had the largest room all to myself for the next four hours. I snickered. Sanzo wasn’t gonna know what hit him. Sometimes, having youkai blood was just too damn much fun.


I stripped and waded into the water. The pool was warm and when I was standing in the center, I stopped moving and let the tight hold I kept on my demonic half go. I felt the water react instantly to me. It began to swirl around me, caressing my legs and chest. Strong currents wound around my dick and balls bringing me to full hardness. I felt the subtle stirrings of power I rarely used. I let them wash through me, rising and crashing until they peaked and broke through me. I was ready for Sanzo now. I was going to drown him in lust as only a water youkai could.


I held a picture of Sanzo in my head; flushed, aroused and naked under me. When the picture in my head seemed real enough to touch, I began to sing. It was a song without words. A song that was all lush sounds that caressed the senses; enticing and entrancing the listener. It was a song that was felt more than heard. It was a song that only Sanzo could hear.


Since I’d already had his delightfully tight ass; and he’d had mine, I had a connection to him that the magic of my demon blood used. I sang a song of want and need and desire. A calling; a begging; a plea for the one I desired to come to me and join with me for all the bliss a water demon could give. As I sang for Sanzo I moved languidly in the water; letting it caress my body as I wanted Sanzo to and raising my own desire for the bitchy, tight-assed monk.


The door to the bathing room crashed opened and an angry confused looking Sanzo stood on the threshold with his gun in his hand; scanning the room. When his eyes found me lazing in the pool, he froze and watched in fascination as I moved and twisted through the water in an erotic ballet designed to tempt and ensnare the unwary; or my chosen partner.


I changed the song I was singing to one of fierce passion and overwhelming lust. I called for him to join me in the pool, promising him pleasures not experienced in the mortal world. I flashed him glimpses of pale flesh. A sleek thigh, a firm ass, the erection I had that was all for him; because of him. I held out my hands to him and subtly changed my song again to one of urgent demand for him to join me; to feel my skin sliding against his; to know that I had desire flowing through me because of him.


Lust flashed over Sanzo’s face. He wanted me even without the power of the song; the song just made it impossible for him not to come to me. I was impressed that he had actually been able to stop himself from just walking into the pool as my song was encouraging him too. I wasn’t a full demon but I had practiced these seduction skills quite a lot in my misspent youth. Us water demons were a lusty bunch and took every opportunity to indulge in the pleasures of the flesh. Simply put, we loved to fuck. Even though I was half human, I was no different from any other water demon in that respect. I was almost as powerful as a full demon and the fact that I couldn’t completely subjugate Sanzo was oddly thrilling. I had never had anyone resist the power of my song before.


“Sanzo, come join me. We’ve never done it in the water before,” I said in a low voice that was pure desire. Fuck but I was good at this even if it had been a while since I used my powers. I had forgotten how good it felt to let go of the tight control I held every day over myself and just be the intensely sexual, seductive creature that was in my blood.


“What the fuck are you doing? Anybody could hear you. Knock it the fuck off before someone else hears you,” Sanzo scowled. The hand holding the gun shook ever so slightly.


“The song is only for you. You’re the only one who can hear it. Come join me Sanzo. I’ll make you feel so very good.”


“What’re you doing, you fucking pervy kappa?” Sanzo hissed as he edged closer to the pool in spite of himself.


“Something new. Something you’ll like. Something you want,” I said as I glided up to him and touched the foot that was peaking out from the edge of his robes.


The barest whisper of a moan escaped Sanzo as his eyes slid closed from the bliss my touch was producing. The hand holding the gun wavered before it slowly lowered. I caught the gun neatly before it could clatter to the floor and placed it on some folded towels. When Sanzo opened his eyes, I noticed that they had become so dark a purple that they appeared black from the force of arousal I had sent crawling through him. Sweat had broken out at his temples and darkened his hair to the colour of old gold. He was still fighting the pull of the song and my powers as a water demon but he was only a few breaths away from surrendering to me.


I couldn’t step from the pool. I wasn’t a full demon and needed to be in physical contact with the water to grant me the bulk of my special powers. If I stepped from the pool, the song would start to fade. If I was out of the water long enough to dry off, he’d be completely free from the song induced desire I was weaving through him. I ran my hand up his leg over the material of his jeans and started singing to him again. A song of desire and lust and need. A song that reminded him of the pleasure he’d already experienced with me. Sanzo looked down at me and gave a throaty little growl as he started to jerk his clothes off.


Finally! He was now in thrall to my demon induced lust. He dropped his clothes, uncaring where they fell and was naked in the span of a few minutes. He stood on the edge of the pool, staring at me with hungry eyes. His cock stood at attention and a bead of pre-come pearled at the tip as I watched.


“Come to me, Genjo Sanzo,” I called as I pushed away from the edge of the large pool and floated to the center.


Sanzo slipped into the pool and I smiled. He could still have escaped me and my powers if he had remained on the edge of the pool. Now he was in my realm. The water was the source of my song powers and I knew how to use them. I could use them to kill Sanzo in the most pleasure filled way imaginable. A water demon could quite literally love their partner to death if they choose. I could use them to kill him in the most terrifying way possible. I could use them to ruin his pleasure for any other lovers. I could use them to gift him with an unforgettable sexual encounter that he would remember even on his death bed as if it had just happened moments ago. I could do any or all of these things to him with the power the water granted me.


I was going to use them to show him just what the difference was between my own charms and his desire for me and the powers of pleasure and seduction the water demon blood gave me.


Sanzo stood in front of me, a fine tremor shaking him. He was angry that he was being controlled. He was aroused because it was me and I was forcing it on him and he appreciated the subtle kink. He was also a little afraid because he didn’t know what I was going to do.


“I won’t hurt you, Sanzo. This is about you accusing me of using my demon powers on you and me proving to you that I haven’t,” I said as I drew him to me and claimed his lips in a slow kiss.


He remained stiff in my arms, his lips pressed tightly shut against mine. I pressed our bodies together and made the water swirl around us, caressing us. Sanzo gasped as he felt the water churn around his cock and balls with pleasurable shifting pressure. I used his surprise to slip my tongue into his mouth and tease the insides. Sanzo continued to resist for the space of a few more heart beats before he moaned in defeat and wrapped his arms around me and participated fully in the kiss.


I played with his tongue and rubbed my groin against his. I started the song again as we kissed, a nifty little talent that had taken almost a year of practice to learn. It was a song of encouragement to relax and enjoy my body and the pleasure he would find with it. Our erections brushed against each other and Sanzo groaned at the feel of our warm slippery flesh sliding against each other. I started to slowly lower us in the water while still kissing him. It wasn’t until the water closed over his nose that he panicked, broke the kiss and surged to the surface.


“Are you trying to kill us, you idiot?” he sputtered.


“You’re safe with me, Sanzo. Trust me. I won’t let anything bad happen to you here. It will only be pleasure. You can’t drown if a water demon doesn’t want you to. I certainly don’t want you to drown, at least not before I drown you in the lust I’ve filled you with.”


He eyed me warily and scowled. I was very impressed that he had yet again resisted the song. He was a sanzo monk and I guess that did give him some extra juice that the typical human didn’t have. He would submit to me though. He wanted me too much not to; even without the power of my song. I pulled him back against me and captured his lips again. I sang to him again to calm his fears and lowered us back into the water. This time, after some initial stiffening he relaxed and let me pull him under with me.


The warm water closed over our heads and dampened all sounds except for the pounding of our own heartbeats. I kept my mouth fused with Sanzo’s and let my breath flow into him slowly as I stroked down his back and over his ass. I synchronized our breathing until his exhale was my inhale and we shared a kiss that was the intimate passing of life giving air between us. The water caressed us both like extra hands. I felt the groan of bliss rumble in his chest and I squeezed his ass. I urged his legs apart with one of mine and pressed him closer to me until not even water separated us. He rode my leg with deliberate abandon making the water swirl violently around us. I teased his hole, pushing in only the tip of my finger. He wriggled his ass and made little sounds of need in his throat. I brought us to the surface slowly and broke the kiss.


Sanzo opened his eyes and dark desire flared. He pushed his fingers through my wet hair and pulled me roughly back for a hard kiss. The want in the kiss left me breathless. Maybe I had used a little too much power in my song. In my defence, it had been a long time since I had used them and I wasn’t sure how much power I needed to overcome a sanzo monk.


“I want,” Sanzo growled against my lips as he thrust his erection against my hip.


“Then you can have,” I purred as I moved us back to the edge of the pool with lazy strokes.


I sat on the sunken bench and pulled Sanzo to me. He straddled my lap and buried a hand in my hair again before crashing his mouth down on mine. His kiss was hard and demanding. His tongue speared into my mouth over and over again, becoming more aggressive with every thrust. His other hand plunged below the water and gripped our cocks together. A hungry growl rumbled up his throat.


Oh, yeah, Sanzo wanted all right.


I brought a hand up to pinch his nipple, knowing they were very sensitive. My other hand slid down his back to tease between his cheeks. Sanzo jerked under my hands and broke the kiss with a low moan. I dipped my head and took the nipple I had pinched into a hard bud into my mouth and sucked gently. Sanzo’s head fell back and he arched against me. The little noises that I loved to hear him make started to slip from him in a continuous stream.


I rubbed a finger over his tight hole, teasing him with the possibility of pressing it into him again. I took his nipple between my teeth and bit down gently before letting it go and laving it with lazy swipes of my tongue. Sanzo gave a little shriek that turned into a moan at that and it was like hearing my own personal song of seduction from him. I turned my attention to the other nipple and repeated the process just for the pleasure of hearing Sanzo make those noises again. This time, when I bit down on him, I pushed my finger into him. Sanzo whined, unable to deal with so much pleasure at once.


“Do you want me, Sanzo?” I asked softly as I left his hard nipples and kissed my way up his throat, licking at the water droplets on his skin.


Sanzo didn’t reply. He ground his ass down on my hand and pumped our dicks together. I pushed my finger into him harder and curled it, brushing against his sweet spot and making him pant from the heady sensations. I pressed my lips to his ear.


“Do you want me, Sanzo?” I asked again as I licked the edges of his ear. “Do you need to feel my dick up your ass? Do you want me sucking on your tongue while I pump into your tight hole? Do you need to feel my cock spurting inside you?”


“Yes, damn you. I need more,” Sanzo panted as he circled his hips trying to force more sensation from the single finger I had inside him.


“Do you still want me knowing that a portion of this lust is because I’m using my water youkai powers on you? Do you understand the difference between just me and me and my powers now?” I asked as I nibbled on the soft skin of his throat while playing lazily with his sensitive hole.


“I…I want you to…I need you to…please, Gojyo,” Sanzo whimpered as he let go of our cocks and wound his arms around my neck, drawing us close together.


“Please what, Sanzo? Let you go? Stop tormenting you? Or do you want me to fill you and fuck you until the sheer pleasure of feeling my cock in your ass makes you die just a little as you come?” I whispered into his ear as I slipped another finger into him, making him arch and moan.


I fingered Sanzo and waited for him to get enough breath to answer me. He was pushing himself onto my hand and swivelling his hips as he panted. His hands had tangled back in my hair. I could hear his heart pounding with excitement and each gasping breath he took made my own cock twitch with anticipation. I pushed my fingers hard into him and pressed on his sweet spot. The ragged groan that broke from him was pure delight to hear, but he still hadn’t answered me. I stopped moving my fingers inside him and he whined in protest.


“Do you want to be fucked by a water youkai, Sanzo?” I asked again as I slowly withdrew my fingers and pressed back into him with three.


“Yes. Fuck me,” Sanzo growled as he pressed down on my fingers, eager for more.


“Anytime you want me to, Sanzo. I’m always willing to do your ass,” I said as I removed my fingers from him.


Sanzo moaned at the loss. I lifted him up and positioned my cock against his prepared opening. I pushed him down until just the head slipped inside him. Sanzo hissed with pleasure and squirmed to take more in. I held him in place and felt the frustration build in his body.


“You didn’t say if you understood the difference between me and my demon powers at work. You don’t get any more cock until I hear from you that you know the difference.”


The hands that were buried in my hair tightened until it was painful. Sanzo jerked my head back and stared into my eyes. The lust shining from his was almost frightening in its intensity. A little snarl was on his lips and he was breathing raggedly from the demon power intensified need coursing through his body.


“It get it, Gojyo. You’re a fucking god when it comes to sex even without these demon powers. I was wrong to accuse you of using them on me before. I understand the difference now. Happy? Quit stalling and fuck me,” Sanzo snapped as he tried to force himself down further on my cock.


“You think I’m a god when it comes to sex and you’re apologising to me? Just for that Sanzo, I’m gonna make you feel better than you ever dreamed.”


I pulled Sanzo down hard and we both groaned. I started a slow rhythm of deep strokes that had Sanzo gasping. I knew I was nailing his prostate with every thrust and I bent my head to suck on one of his nipples. Sanzo writhed and moaned on my cock, thrilling both of us with the motion.


His hand disappeared under the water and I chased after it. I moved it away from his hot erection and tangled my fingers with his. His other hand left my hair and he tried again to touch himself. I intercepted that hand as well and brought both of them behind his back, arching him into me and forcing my cock even deeper into him. Sanzo growled his frustration at not having any friction on his cock until he felt the first touches of the strong currents wrap around his dick.


The water stroked him from root to tip as I slowly pumped in and out of his ass. The water was giving him just enough pressure to feel good and keep him on the edge of arousal but not enough to push him over. His little panting moans and sighs had me moving faster in his tight heat until I felt the pressure in my balls become unbearable. I surged up into Sanzo one last time and moaned as I peaked. Sanzo sobbed at the feel of my cock throbbing in his ass as I pumped him full of my seed.


I rested my head on his shoulder and waited for my breathing to calm down. I let his hands go slowly and reluctantly lifted him from my lap. He gave a frustrated little growl when I stood him on the bench. That changed to a pleased murmur when I licked the water off his cock and sucked him briefly. I released him and turned to kneel on the bench with my chest pressed to the floor.


My cock was still hard, a side effect of using my demon powers. Water youkai were all about the sexual pleasure they could give and receive with their partners. I could come as many times as I or my lover wanted until I stopped using my powers. Very handy trick that I almost wished I could do without using demon powers. I looked over my shoulder to find Sanzo’s eyes locked on my erection that was pressed down against the wall of the pool.


“I’ll stay hard and come as many times as you need me to when I use my power. Now, it’s your turn, Sanzo. You didn’t think I was just being cruel to keep you from touching yourself did you? I like the feel of you in my ass and I wanted to make sure I’d get too tonight,” I said with a little wriggle of my hips.


Sanzo stared at me in surprise. He didn’t seem like he was going to move, so I moved my hands behind me and spread my cheeks for him.


“Don’t you want to fuck me Sanzo? I want you to but if you don’t...” I trailed off as I slipped a finger inside myself to show Sanzo I was ready and eager for him.


I felt Sanzo move then. He positioned himself behind me and hesitated. I felt the light touch of his fingers join mine and groaned with bliss when he pushed one into me.


“You’re already loose,” Sanzo said in a husky voice as he fingered me.


“Yeah, I did it using the water. I didn’t want you to have to waste any time getting me ready. I just wanted you to be able to push your dick right into me. The water felt nice and I’ll have to do that to you sometime, but I really want to feel your cock stuffed up my ass.”


Sanzo groaned, removed his finger and mine and replaced them with his cock in one smooth stroke. I hissed at the sudden fullness filling me and arched my back, impaling myself further on Sanzo. Sanzo gripped my hips and started a rough series of thrust that made me squirm under him from the bliss of having my sweet spot stimulated so soon after my own orgasm.


I started to move my hands to brace myself on the floor only to have Sanzo bring my hands to my ass.


“Hold yourself open. I like watching my cock slide in and out of you,” he ordered in a desire heavy voice.


My breath shuddered out of me at that statement. I spread myself as wide as I could for him and was rewarded with hearing him growl low and speed up his thrusts. Sanzo’s balls were slapping against mine and his strokes were becoming harder and faster as he approached his peak. Water surged up and down my cock, the sensation like a gentle blow job. I let Sanzo’s fierce strokes in my ass and the feel of the water on my dick, push my orgasm at me. Sanzo jerked his hips against my ass and ground them in a circle. He moaned and I felt his cock begin throbbing as he came. I whimpered at the hot feel of him spurting in my ass and moaned as my ass clenched his cock as I came again. Sanzo gasped and his hips jerked at the feel of my ass gripping his sensitized cock.


Sanzo collapsed over my back, breathing hard. His breath stirred my partially dry hair against my face. I was surprised when I felt his lips against my ear in a soft kiss.


“I’m sorry I accused you of using your demon powers on me when I know now you didn’t,” Sanzo began. “But if you ever pull this shit on me again without my say so, I will shoot you,” he warned with a sharp nip to my ear that I’m almost positive drew blood.


“Ow, fuck Sanzo! That hurts!” I yelped as I wriggled under his weight.


Sanzo ground himself into me briefly before pulling out. A strong hand on my lower back held me in place. I felt my breath hitch with pleasure from the feel of him leaving my ass and the warm hand holding me down. Sanzo spread my cheeks with one hand and I heard him murmur with satisfaction before he slid two fingers easily into me and lazily pumped my ass. Fuck, if he started to do that, I was going to come again. I gave a little mewl of disappointment when his fingers left me.


“Don’t use your powers on me like that again, Gojyo. I don’t like being controlled like that. Maybe this will help you to remember not to do it again unless I ask you to.”


I was completely unprepared for the series of stinging slaps Sanzo delivered to my upturned ass. I yelped again at the unexpected pain before a deep groan of pleasure worked its way out of my throat. As Sanzo’s hand connected with yet another sharp swat to my ass, I moaned as I came again. The hand on my back stopped pressing on me and stroked up my spine to tangle in my hair. I panted from the pleasure flooding my system. Sweet Merciful Goddess, but I loved it when Sanzo spanked me.


“You’re a total perv, Gojyo,” Sanzo said softly into my ear with what sounded like humour. “The spanking was supposed to be a reminder not to do this again. You weren’t supposed to get off on it.”


“I can’t help it if I find having you tan my ass incredibly erotic. But, you have my word. I won’t use my water demon powers of seduction on you unless you ask me to. You did like it, though, didn’t you?” I asked as Sanzo let me up. He frowned and stared at me for several minutes before answering.


“Yeah, I liked it,” Sanzo muttered reluctantly.


He was quiet for several minutes before he spoke again and when he did, I had to strain to hear him.


“I liked your singing. It…” he began.


I waited but when it seemed like he wouldn’t finish, I prompted him to continue. It was still several minutes before he did.


“It made me feel desired,” he finally finished in an embarrassed rush.


“Well, yeah. It was supposed to. If I didn’t want you, do you think I’d still chase after you? Fuck Sanzo; I like you, okay? You’re interesting, beautiful, you like the same dark kink as me and you’re great in the sack once you work past all the bitchiness and mean-ass attitude. My song reflected that.”


Sanzo was quiet for a long while. He had closed his eyes and leaned his head back against the edge of the pool. I was about to get out of the water to grab a smoke when he spoke again.


“If you can do all this shit with water, why do you freak out every time you end up in it?”


The subject change was obvious and I decided to let it go. I’d already pushed him far enough for one day by forcing lust onto him through the use of my demon powers. There was also no guarantee that he wouldn’t grab the gun that was only inches from his head and shoot me if I didn’t follow his not so subtle lead.


“To yank the monkey’s chain. A guy’s gotta have some hobby to keep himself entertained,” I said with a grin.


A rare smile bloomed on Sanzo’s face and made my heart rate speed up. He really was a beautiful man; especially when he wasn’t scowling and pointing a gun at you. Well, actually he was beautiful even then but in a dangerous kinda way that was a whole different kink. I rose from the pool and retrieved the smokes. I lit two and handed one to Sanzo as I stepped back into the water. He eyed my groin with surprise when he saw the erection I still had.


“Water youkai are lusty. It’s one of the effects of using my powers. I told you I could come as many times as you needed me to. I got this room for the next couple of hours. You wanna hear me sing for you again? I can do it even when my mouth is occupied with other things,” I said with a seductive smile as I reached under the water to fondle Sanzo’s balls.


Sanzo arched one golden brow at me and blew a perfect smoke ring. “Prove it.”


I felt a genuine smile break out as I finished my smoke and continued to fondle Sanzo under the water. He really liked it when I sucked him off. He was going to absolutely love it when I did it underwater while singing to him. If he thought I was a god when it came to sex before, this little trick was going to convince him it was a fact.


All hail Sha Gojyo, sex god extraordinaire.


Chapter 6: Boys With Toys




Gojyo was up to something. He’d been giving me sly, teasing looks all day. I wasn’t surprised when he sidled up to me and leaned in close. His lips almost brushed my ear and he was dangerously close to getting himself shot. Only my own curiosity and the fact that Hakkai and Goku were nowhere in sight, kept me from shooting him on the spot.


“Can I come over and play later, Sanzo? I‘ll bring over my own toys and I‘ll even share with you. Unlike you, I do play well with others,” Gojyo teased softly.


He moved away before I had the chance to hit him with my fan. I hadn’t said no right away or shot him, so I knew that he’d show up in my room after Goku and Hakkai had gone to bed. I wanted him too. His little teasing had gotten me curious; and aroused. He had the most unbelievable talent to arouse me.


He ignored me for the rest of the day. It was even more annoying than having him send me little lust filled looks. I was left to wonder the whole damn evening about what he had been talking about. I couldn’t concentrate enough to read my paper. I snapped at Goku and scowled at Hakkai until I finally had to stomp off to my room before I shot someone because I was wound up from wondering what Gojyo had meant.


I was sitting in the window having a smoke when Gojyo finally showed up. He had a bag with him and I tried not to look at it curiously. Gojyo locked the door behind him and dropped the bag on the bed before coming over to me. He stole my half finished smoke and took a drag. He looked sexier than hell doing it. Fuck but I wanted him.


“Stop stealing my smokes you pervy kappa or I’ll shoot you,” I growled as I grabbed his wrist to take back my nearly finished smoke.


“You were almost done anyway. Besides, you’ve been sitting here smoking and brooding most of the night waiting for me. Not getting half a smoke won’t hurt.”


“It’s my smoke. You have your own,” I snapped as I took back my smoke only to realize that it was done.


“See? You really need to learn how to share, Sanzo. I’m always willing to share; especially with you. It’s more fun that way,” Gojyo said as he grabbed my arm and dragged me off the window sill and over to the bed.


I jerked my arm from his hand. Not because I didn’t want him touching me but because I did. I was getting to like having Gojyo’s hands on me a little too much. I couldn’t let him know how much I liked it; how I was starting to crave having his hands on me. I had the feeling that he did know. He didn’t say shit about it though. It just proved that he was much smarter than people gave him credit for by not saying dick about it.


Gojyo began undressing me. I slapped at his hands and scowled at him. He sighed and shook his head at me but he stopped. I was disappointed until he started to strip his own clothes off instead. I watched him intently, feeling arousal spike higher in me as more of his skin was revealed until he stood before me naked and aroused. He let me look my fill as he ran his hands down his body and stroked his cock before leaning in to kiss me.


It was an unhurried kiss. A gentle playing of his lips over mine with little flicks of his tongue against my tightly closed mouth. When he tangled his hands in my hair and became more aggressive in the kiss I sighed with pleasure and opened my mouth to him. He pressed his naked body to my still clothed one and tilted my head. His tongue stabbed into my mouth in an erotic rhythm that I wanted him to repeat with his cock in my ass. I couldn’t have stopped the moan that slid from my throat if I had tried. It felt too damn good to kiss him.


“These toys are best played with when you’re naked. You wanna play with me and my toys, Sanzo?” Gojyo asked softly as he broke the kiss.


I was deeply curious about these toys of his. Knowing Gojyo, they could be anything. He liked kink as much as I did and I knew that if it was something that he liked, there was an excellent chance that I’d like it too. I shoved him away from me and scowled at him as I stripped off the rest of my clothes and settled against the head of the bed. I folded my arms across my chest and waited. Gojyo gave me a sensuous smile and ran his hands over my legs and up my chest before placing a quick teasing kiss on my lips.


Gojyo joined me on the bed and opened the bag. I leaned forward to see what was inside and Gojyo jerked the bag away with a playful smile. I glared back at him and started to rise from the bed. I knew he wouldn’t let me leave. He wanted me as much as I wanted him. I just couldn’t give in to him without a fight. He had to do or say something to make me stay.


“Chicken, Sanzo? Afraid of what I got in here?” Gojyo taunted me. He knew I wouldn’t leave if he said something like that.


I slouched back against the headboard of the bed and snorted. Gojyo smiled and opened the bag again, angling it so I couldn’t see inside. This was one of the things I liked about Gojyo. He seemed to know what he needed to do and say to get me to go along with what we both wanted but what I’d never acknowledge.


“Like there’s anything in that bag that could possibly scare me.”


“Then close your eyes Sanzo. Let’s see how not scared you are.”


A thrill shot through me. Damn but if he didn’t know the exact right thing to say to arouse me even more. I still scowled at him before closing my eyes. I heard things moving against each other in the bag; then the rustle of the bed sheets as Gojyo moved. I felt the gentle touch of his hands over my calves and thighs before his hands smoothed over my groin and the erection coming to life there.


He stroked my cock into full hardness while placing little nipping kisses across my belly and chest. His hair trailed across my skin, giving me shivers of sensation. He continued to stroke me as his lips worked their way up my chest and throat and to my jaw. He licked at my lips before settling his over mine for a breath-stealing kiss that had me raising my hands to tangle them in the soft silk that was his hair. I barely registered the quiet noise that started, so lost in the kiss and the feel of his hand fondling me exactly how I liked.


My eyes flew open when I felt something vibrating over my sensitive nipples. I made a noise deep in my throat and squirmed around from the teasing sensation. Gojyo broke the kiss and arousal burned in his red eyes. I looked down to find him moving a small vibrator over my now erect nipple.


“You like this, don’t you? I figured you would. Too bad I couldn’t find any nipple clips. I think you’d really like those. You’d look fantastic with them too. Ever think of getting your nipples pierced, Sanzo?” Gojyo asked as he moved the vibrator to the other nipple and made me gasp from the sensation.


He dipped his head to lick and suck at the nipple he had already brought to a peak while he teased the other with the vibrator. I threaded my fingers back into his hair and relaxed into the pleasure Gojyo was calling from me. I barely managed to keep a disappointed whine from escaping me when he stopped tormenting my nipples with the vibrator. He trailed the still buzzing vibrator down my belly and began rubbing it over my cock.


My hips snapped up and I bit my lip to keep from groaning at the erotic touch. I watched Gojyo through half-lidded eyes as he moved the vibrator up and down my cock. His own dick was rock hard and every now and again, he’d stop stroking mine between passes of the vibrator and give his own a few pulls. I moaned when he moved the vibrator over my balls.


“Wanna feel something really good, Sanzo?” Gojyo asked as he took away the gently buzzing vibrator and met my eyes.


I didn’t answer him. I just looked at him with a lust filled gaze that gave him permission to do whatever he wanted with me. If past experience was anything to go by, when Gojyo wanted to show me something sexual that he said would make me feel good, it would probably blow my circuits. Now that I knew a little more about water demons and their erotic talents, I was willing to go along with pretty much anything sexual Gojyo dreamed up. I’d make him work for my permission, but I knew I’d give in to him to feel the exhilarating bliss he stirred in me. Not that long ago, I would have fought the sensations he stirred in me. Now, I gave a token protest before embracing them. Gojyo had been right when he said that it wasn’t wrong for me to grab the pleasure wherever and whenever I could.


Gojyo dipped his fingers into a jar of lube and nudged my legs apart. He slicked my hole quickly and picked up the vibrator. I felt my heart speed up at the thought of him slipping it in my ass. He pressed it against my hole and gently pushed it inside me. My eyes slid shut at the novel, erotic feel of something buzzing in my ass.


I groaned when Gojyo’s mouth closed over my cock and he started to suck me as he moved the vibrator slowly in and out of me. My breath stuttered in my chest when he sucked me all the way down and the intensity of the vibrations increased. Gojyo worked me with his mouth as he fucked my ass with the vibrator. Every other thrust, Gojyo pressed the buzzing toy against my sweet spot, making bliss spread through me. I was panting and moaning from the pleasure when he suddenly stopped. I growled my irritation and snapped open my eyes.


“You want to play with my toys, you have to play with me too,” Goyjo said with a teasing smile as he yanked me lower down on the bed before turning and throwing his leg over me, positioning his cock over my head.


I licked my lips in anticipation. I liked the feel of Gojyo in my mouth. I liked knowing I was able to give him as much pleasure as he gave me. I really liked being able to make him loose control. It was a rush of intense power to know that I could make someone as sexually experienced as Gojyo loose himself because of what I did to him. I ran my hand over the satiny skin of his cock and pulled gently on his balls. It was that action that revealed Gojyo had something stuffed up his ass.




“Butt plug. I put it in this afternoon after I knew you’d want to play with me and my toys. Every time it moved, it made me think of what I’d do with you tonight and what you’d do to me. I’ve been glass hard all day. Take me in your mouth and fuck me with it and I’ll do the same for you with the vibrator.”


Blood rushed into my dick and made it twitch. The idea that Gojyo had this toy in his ass for half the day and was thinking of me made me groan as I took his cock into my mouth. He was such as fucking perv.


It was erotic as hell.


I pulled on the plug and was rewarded with Gojyo’s deep moan of pleasure. I rolled my tongue over the head of his cock, tasting pre-come and gave a moan of my own. Gojyo’s cock throbbed against my tongue when I pushed the plug back into him.


Gojyo closed his lips over my cock again and pushed the buzzing vibrator inside me. It took me a few pleasure drenched moments to realize that he was mimicking the exact same actions I was doing to him. Every time I pushed the plug into him, he pushed the vibrator into me. My sucking him down as far as I could resulted in him swallowing me down until his nose pressed against my balls. I moaned around the thick cock in my mouth and urged him on by thrusting up my hips.


I felt my orgasm creeping over me. Every lick and suck of his mouth with the accompanying teasing slide of the vibrator in and out brought me to the edge of release. When Gojyo slowly pulled back and let my cock fall from his mouth, I could have screamed with frustration. He let the vibrator slip from my ass and moved away from me. I lay on the bed, panting, my nerves stretched from the almost orgasm.


“What the fuck Gojyo? I was almost there,” I snarled as I resisted the urge to go for my gun and make him fuck me.


“I know. That’s why I stopped. You didn’t think that was the only toy I brought did you?” Gojyo said as he dug through the bag and pulled out a velvet bag that clinked softly when he dropped it onto the bed.


I reached for the bag, surprised when Gojyo didn’t stop me from taking it. I opened it and dumped the contents onto the bed. Metal balls strung along thin, flexible wire pooled next to my leg. I looked up at Gojyo, wondering what he intended to do with them. The wicked smile he flashed me made me shiver in anticipation.


“I wanted you on edge before using these on you. It’ll make the sensation even more intense. Spread your legs Sanzo,” Gojyo ordered as he picked up the string.


I bent my knees and spread my legs apart as Gojyo told me to. He moved between them and let the coil of balls roll over my inner thighs. The metal balls felt cold and I shivered from the touch of the chill metal as well as excitement. Gojyo wound the string around my cock and wrapped his hand over the balls. He began a slow, torturous stroking of my cock with the hard, cool metal balls. I groaned at the unique feel of hard metal that was slowly warming from the contact with my skin. It felt unlike anything I had ever experienced before. It was an erotic massage for my cock that soon had me thrusting my hips for more of the hard, smooth sensation.


“This isn’t what you usually use these for but I thought you’d like how it felt. Do you like it, Sanzo? Do you want me to keep doing this or do you want me to show you how these are really used?”


I wanted Gojyo to continue with the tormenting cock massage but I was interested in finding out how the metal balls were usually used. If it felt even half as good as what he was doing, I was all for it. He was turning me into as much of a perv as he was.


I liked it.


“They’re your toys. Do whatever you want with them,” I said on what sounded suspiciously like a moan to me as I pushed my hips up into his firm grip.


“I suppose I should show you how to use them the way they were intended to be used. That way, when I ask you to use them on me, you’ll know what to do,” Gojyo smirked as he unwound the string from my cock.


I tried hard to glare at Gojyo but the feel of the firmly wound string of metal balls leaving my cock made me whine softly. Gojyo dipped his fingers into the jar of lube and coated the string. He licked his lips when he caught my eyes and pushed the first of the balls into my ass. It was a completely different sensation than the vibrator had been. When the second ball was pushed in and clinked against the first, my hips jerked off the bed and I sucked in a surprised breath.


“Oh yeah; almost forgot. There’s some stuff inside the metal balls that makes them react with the ball it’s next to on the wire. Some science shit. Makes your ass tingle doesn’t it?” Gojyo said with a smirk as he pushed another ball in.


My back arched off the bed. It was a more intimate feeling than the vibrator had been. It didn’t really feel like I had anything up my ass, yet the tingles of sensation were intense. I let my eyes slide closed and waited for Gojyo to finish pushing the rest of the balls inside me. I counted nine balls when Goyjo stopped and caressed the skin of my ass and thighs. I was panting again from the feel of the balls moving against each other as well as the pleasure of Gojyo’s finger slipping in and out of my ass to insert each ball.


“That’s all of them, Sanzo,” Gojyo said a little breathlessly as he lightly stroked my cock.


I opened my eyes to find him watching me with a lust filled look in his ruby eyes. He grabbed my arm and pulled me up into a seated position. The movement made the balls in my ass click together and my breath hissed out of me. Gojyo leaned forward and kissed me softly. I buried my hands in his hair and returned the kiss with all the hunger that was burning through me.


“I want you to take the plug out of my ass and fuck me hard,” Gojyo whispered against my lips before working my hands free of his hair, turning and presenting me with his ass.


I licked my lips and ran my hands over him before pulling the plug free from his ass. His groan was pure desire. He was on his hands and knees in front of me and was waiting for me to sink into him. I positioned myself at his prepared opening and thrust into him with one smooth move. He gasped and my name left his lips with a lust filled groan. The metal balls in my ass clinked against one another and made me start to groan before I even began to move in him. I rested with my cock buried deep in his ass as I tried to control the urge to just pound into him and find release.


“Sanzo, please. I’ve wanted to feel you like this all day with that plug teasing me. Fuck me hard,” Gojyo begged.


In all the different encounters we’d had, Gojyo had never begged me to fuck him. I found it an incredible turn on. I was going to have to see if I could push him to that point the next time I had him bound under me. I gave a little growl and started a hard, fast rhythm that had both of us moaning. Gojyo from me nailing his sweet spot with every deep thrust and me from the metal balls shifting in my ass with every little move I made.


Gojyo’s arms began to shake until he dropped his chest to the bed and rested his head against his folded arms. The position made me strike his prostate even harder and had him groaning and urging me to come in his ass. Hearing him asking me to fill him in a desire heavy voice was what finally tipped me over the edge. I slammed my hips into him one last time and was unable to stop myself from whispering his name as my orgasm caught me and flooded through me.


A bright burst of intense pleasure rocked through my body when I felt one of the metal balls pulled quickly from my ass. With every pulse of my cock, another ball was jerked free of me. By the time all of them had been pulled from my body, I was gasping for breath and my limbs felt shaky. I collapsed over Gojyo’s back. My cock slipped from his ass and both of us hissed at the loss. I closed my eyes and willed my heart to stop racing madly from the powerful release I had just experienced.


“I’ll give you a few minutes to get your breath back, Sanzo. Then we can finish playing with some of the other toys I brought with me,” Gojyo said as he took my hand and placed it on the erection he still had.


He hadn’t come. A little guilt nipped at me. He had let me experience a potent orgasm yet didn’t have one himself. I know he had enjoyed me in his ass. He had begged me to fuck him. I wasn’t going to ask why he hadn’t come. That would imply that I cared more about what we had together than just being fuck buddies.


Gojyo gently moved me to lie on my back on the bed. I closed my eyes and let the feelings of pleasure slowly fade. I heard Gojyo moving and cracked my eyes open to see what he was doing. He had dragged the bag of his toys into his lap. He looked me over and smirked at me.


“You up for a little more, Sanzo? I’ve got something here that I’ve been dying to try out and it’s a two person kinda thing.”


I raised my eyebrow at Gojyo and gestured languidly for him to proceed. I was too sated to object to anything he wanted to do. If he wanted another encounter out of me so soon, he was going to have to apply some lip service. He slowly pulled out a large dildo. I stared in surprise when it seemed to keep coming from the bag. When it was finally free, it was huge. I looked at Gojyo with wariness wondering what I had just agreed to. There was no way in seven hells that would all fit inside me.


“Double-headed dildo; the ultimate way to share a toy. Half goes in you and half goes in me. I saw this in a shop and just had to have it to try with you. Think you can handle it?” Goyjo teased.


The damn thing was huge. It had to be at least two feet long and looked about three inches around. Trust Gojyo to find something like that. Of course, I’d try it. He’d all but challenged me too. I never backed down from anything. I scowled at him and spread my legs.


“You’re going to have to really work to get me hard again Gojyo. But if you think you can, then I can give this depraved idea of yours a try,” I said in a tone of voice that told him just how likely I thought it was that he’d be able to get me hard again so soon after the orgasm I’d just had.


“You’re a perverted monk, Sanzo. I never would have dreamed you could be such a kink,” Gojyo said with a sensual smile as he lubed up the dildo.


He leaned over me and began brushing the ends of his hair over my cock. I don’t know what it was about his hair that I liked so much or why the touch of it on my skin aroused me so strongly. Contrary to what I thought was possible, he was making me hard again with nothing more than the teasing touch of his hair over my cock and balls. He pulled back from me with a soft laugh and trailed lube slicked fingers down my cock to push into my hole.


“And you call me a pervy kappa. I’m making you hard by just brushing my hair over your cock.”


I flipped him the finger then gasped as he pushed the head of the dildo into me. My ass was still sensitized from the metal balls and the dildo was thicker than anything I’d had that night. I hissed at the stretching and bit my lip as Goyjo kept pushing more into me. I was close to telling him to stop when he did. He sat back on his heels and stared at me spread out before him.


“Fuck you’re hot, Sanzo. Do you have any idea how sexy you look right now? All flushed from your orgasm; your cock getting hard again; your legs spread to show off the huge dildo stuffed up your ass. Fuck but if I didn’t want to try out this toy so bad, I’d just take it out and screw you into the mattress,” Gojyo said in a husky voice as he stroked his cock with almost violent motions.


A soft little moan worked its way out of me at Gojyo’s words. The dildo felt good but the idea of Gojyo’s cock in my ass was even better. I started to reach between my legs to take out the dildo. Gojyo stopped me with a gentle shake of his head.


“I’ll do you like that later if you want, Sanzo. I want to try this first. I’m pretty close to the edge right now and when I take your ass again, I want to last more than a couple of thrusts,” Gojyo said as he straddled my thighs.


Gojyo took the free end of the dildo and curved it up to press against his ass. That move made the part inside me move and press against my sweet spot. I groaned and clutched at the bed sheets. My cock was fully erect again and it throbbed with every little move of the dildo.


“Sanzo, look at me,” Gojyo commanded.


I dragged my gaze to Gojyo as he crouched over me. He held his balls up with one hand and the dildo steady with the other. I watched intently as he forced the thick toy into his ass. He was panting by the time he had taken as much as he could into his body. He let go of both the dildo and his balls and held out his hands to me. I gripped his forearms and let him pull me up into a seated position. A startled whine left me when the changed position made the dildo press hard against my prostate.


Gojyo wrapped his arms around me and pressed our chests together. His long legs wrapped around my waist. The toy filled me to an almost painful degree. It wavered between making me feel uncomfortably full and unbelievable erotic. I moaned and threaded my fingers through Gojyo’s hair before attacking his mouth in a fierce kiss.


Gojyo rocked his hips and clutched at me as he returned the kiss. His tongue duelled with mine and a pleased sound rumbled from his chest. When his tongue retreated from my mouth, I chased after it with my own. Gojyo began rocking us together making the toy we were sharing press and shift deep inside both of us. He wormed a hand between our bodies and wrapped his long fingers around both our cocks.


He still had lube on his fingers and the tight, slick grip of his hand was an unbelievable pleasure. The feel of his hot, hard cock rubbing against my own made me thrust my hips and both of us groaned from the bliss. He started to jerk us both off and it made me break the kiss and let my head fall back from the sheer delight of the sensation.


Gojyo began placing hard biting kisses over my throat and shoulders as his hand moved over us faster. My fingers tightened in his hair and sounds of pleasure that I couldn’t stop began pouring from my throat. I moved my fingers though his hair, loving the sensation of the cool silk that was a direct contrast to the hot, calloused hand stroking my cock. I was startled from my sensual haze when my fingers encountered something firm and fuzzy in his hair that made Gojyo gasp and moan when I stroked it.


“Gojyo?” I asked as I looked at him through desire hazed eyes trying to identify what it was that I had touched.


“Do it again, Sanzo,” Goyjo demanded in a heavy, wanting voice as he squeezed our cocks together.


His eyes had become fever bright and sparkled like the finest rubies. His cheeks were flushed and he was breathing hard like he had just fought an army single-handedly. I had never seen him react like that before. I stroked the fuzzy strands and was stunned when Gojyo’s eyes closed and a sound that I had only heard one time before broke from Gojyo.


The wordless song he had sung for me that had poured lust through my body when he used his water demon powers began. It was slightly different and not nearly as overwhelming as before but it still had the power to catapult me to the very edge of orgasm. I ran my fingers from the roots to the tips of the soft fuzzy strands and Gojyo’s song surged and broke over both of us, swamping us with lust and shoving us both ruthlessly over the edge.


Our cocks spurted over Gojyo’s fist and both our bellies. A hoarse cry was torn from me at the painful pleasure my orgasm produced in me. Gojyo sobbed with his release and held me in a crushing grip. I closed my eyes and rested my forehead against his shoulder as I tried to bring my ragged breathing back under control and figure out what the fuck had just happened.


“Gojyo, what the fuck was that about?” I asked when I felt I could speak again. My throat felt strained and I suspected that I had actually screamed when I came.


Gojyo groaned and let me go reluctantly. He shuddered as he lifted himself off the dildo before pushing me gently onto my back and pulling it from my body as well. I couldn’t help the little groan of pleasure at the feel of the toy leaving me. Damn but I could get to like playing with Gojyo and his toys. He rose from the bed and staggered to the table to retrieve the pack of smokes and lighter I had left there. He came back to the bed and lay down next to me before offering me the pack and the lighter.


“Gojyo,” I said in a warning tone of voice when it seemed he wasn’t going to explain. I pulled smoke gratefully into my lungs, waiting for the nicotine to hit my system and help calm me down from the intense body rush of the last orgasm.


“I’m sorry Sanzo. I didn’t think... I didn’t mean to sing to you. I just…it…fuck. How mad are you?” he asked as he took a deep drag on his smoke and watched me guardedly.


“I’m not mad. Confused; yeah. What did I do to make you react like that?” I asked curiously as I sucked on my own smoke.


I watched in surprise as colour rose in Gojyo’s cheeks. He dipped his head forward, letting the curtain of his hair hide his expression and finished his smoke quickly. I let him be while I finished my own cigarette and wondered at his strange reactions. I frowned when he seemed determined to keep his face hidden from me. I reached up to push his hair away from his face; wanting to see his expression. I wanted to know what would make such an openly sexual creature like Gojyo suddenly become shy. I was startled when he jerked away from my touch in his hair.


“You’re going to piss me off if you don’t tell me,” I warned him with a low growl as I gripped his chin and turned him to face me.


“I can’t control myself if my antennae are stroked, okay? I become the sexual slave of whoever does it, for as long as they do it. I can’t control my demon nature and need to sexually fulfill them in any way I can. I know you liked it when I sang to you before so I did it again. I couldn’t stop myself, Sanzo.”


I should have been furious that Gojyo had used his demon powers on me when he promised he wouldn’t do it again without asking me first. Instead, I was thinking of the sensual possibilities this knowledge had just triggered in my mind. Gojyo as my sexual slave. It had a very nice ring to it. It would be a pleasant change from my being the slave to the desires he stirred in me with only a look.


“Look, it wasn’t an issue before. Nobody touches them. You like to play with my hair but you never came close to touching them before. It never occurred to me to say anything about it. I never would have asked you to touch them again if I hadn’t been so close to the edge. It was an accident, I swear,” Gojyo babbled as my silence and hard stare began to make him nervous.


I saw his eyes dart around the room for the location of my gun. Relief flared when he spotted it across the room. We both knew he could get to it faster than me. I kept a hold of his chin and moved to straddle his body. Suspicion radiated from him as he watched me. His body tensed under mine when I moved my other hand to his face. I traced the scars on his cheek and gave him a feral smile.


“You really shouldn’t have told me that Gojyo. You’ve said it yourself. I’m a total fucking prick,” I said as I moved my hand up his cheek and into his hair.


He sucked in a sharp breath and moaned helplessly as I proceeded to stroke along the fuzzy length of his antenna. I felt his cock harden under my ass and my heart sped up at the rush of power I now had over Gojyo. He pulled my head down to him and let me watch the lust build in his eyes from the seemingly innocent action of stroking what I had never really paid attention to before.


“You asshole,” Gojyo said softly with need against my lips. “Keep stroking them like that and I’m going to loose control again.”


“Good. I like it when you loose control,” I said as I leaned into him and teasingly brushed my lips over his.


“Just remember when you pass out from the pleasure, you wanted me to do it to you,” Gojyo groaned as he moved his hips to rub his cock against my ass. “Just don’t ever get rough with them, Sanzo. You really wouldn’t like what happens then. Play nicely with them and you can do whatever you want with me.”


I smiled at Gojyo as I continued to play gently with the fascinating new toy I had discovered. “I was going to do whatever I wanted with you anyway.”


Gojyo gave a pleased murmur and gripped my hip tightly to better grind his cock against my ass. He started to stroke my returning erection when I heard the faint sounds of his song float through my head. Gojyo had brought some interesting toys to share with me in that bag of his and I knew there were more in it than the few I had been shown; but I liked the one that I had discovered by accident the best.


The wicked possibilities were endless.




Author’s Note:

Yes, those metal balls are a real thing. Most times they are just metal or plastic attached to a string. But there are ones you can buy that do produce intense sensations because of what they are filled with.

I’ve taken some liberty with Gojyo’s antenna. They are mentioned in passing several times in the various anime and manga but they never seem to have a purpose. So I gave them a kinky one because I’m such a total perv.



Chapter 7: Whipped Into Shape




I had one sweet winning hand. The other suckers at the table didn’t stand a chance. Lady Luck had always favoured me. Maybe she had a thing for red heads. I eyed the pot in the middle of the table and had to work to keep my expression neutral. That cash would go a long way to keeping me in booze and smokes for some time.


And maybe a few more toys that Sanzo would get a kick out of.


“Read ‘em and weep boys,” I said as I laid my hand on the scarred surface of the table.


Curses were muttered softly and cards were thrown down on the table in disgust. I was just dragging the cash towards me when all noise in the room ceased and I felt the cold, hard metal of a gun pressed into the soft skin behind my ear.


“I told you to wait in the room for me. You have a problem following orders, Gojyo. Take your money and get your ass to the room before I decide to paint the ceiling with your brains,” Sanzo said with a deadly quiet voice.


What the fuck!?


Sanzo hadn’t said shit to me about waiting in the room for him. I had said to the room in general that I was going to go play some cards and Sanzo had just grunted and went back to his paper. I know he hadn’t said anything to me earlier in the day either. He hadn’t said a damn word to anyone the whole day. He was too busy radiating uber prick all day.


“What the fuck is your problem, Sanzo? I said I was coming down here to play cards. We’re not leaving until the morning anyway.”


Sanzo snapped the gun just slightly past my cheek and fired a shot into the top of the table. The men scrambled out of their chairs and out of Sanzo’s immediate line of fire. I felt the heat of the bullet whiz past my cheek. Fuck. Something had set him off and I was starting to hope like hell it hadn’t been me.


I hated to get shot.


“Move your ass now, Gojyo,” Sanzo hissed as the gun was moved back to me. I could feel the heat of the recently fired barrel against my skin and swore under my breath.


I scooped up my winnings and eased from the chair. Sanzo held the banishing gun on me, rock steady. His gaze never wavered and he gestured towards the stairs with a twitch of his head. I didn’t want to turn my back on him but I had no choice if I was going to go up the stairs. The whole way up the steps, I felt the gun nudging me in the lower back. Whatever bug Sanzo had gotten up his butt was putting a serious downer on my night.


I entered Sanzo’s room and moved to the center before turning to face him. I wanted room to dodge any stray bullets that might fly my way. Sanzo closed the door behind him and I heard the lock click into place. This was so not good. I was about to ask Sanzo what his problem was when he motioned at me with the gun.




I stared at Sanzo in shock. The order to strip was the last thing that I had expected to hear out of him. Sanzo still held the gun on me and waited.


“Don’t make me shoot you, Gojyo,” Sanzo warned as he levelled the gun at my chest.


I put my winnings down on the table and started to undress. Sanzo watched me intently through half-lidded eyes. When I was naked, he stepped close to me and pressed the gun under my chin, forcing me to tip my head back slightly to ease the pressure. I was wracking my brains to try and think what I could have possibly done to have pissed him off this bad, but nothing was coming to me.


“I’ve had to wait almost three weeks for this little opportunity, Gojyo. It’s a damn good thing I’m patient when it’s something I want badly enough. Get on the bed on your back; arms over your head. Don’t move unless I tell you too or I will shoot you. Understand?” Sanzo asked with a little smile that came and went so fast, I would have missed it if I hadn’t been so intent on watching him.


That smile told me more than Sanzo could if he had simply explained things to me. The nervous tension eased from my body to be replaced with a sexual tension that was even stronger. Sanzo wanted some kink. I was going to have to work on getting him to verbalize what he wanted better. Although; if I was being perfectly honest; this method of getting my attention had its merits too.


I moved to the bed and did as Sanzo instructed me. It was a thrill to be exposed to him like I was and I wondered what it was he had in mind for me. I watched him as he came to stand over me and just looked at me. Lust was starting to burn in his eyes. He put the gun down on the table beside the bed and pulled a length of rope from the sleeve of his robe. He looped it around my wrists and tied it to the bedpost. Another length of rope materialized and he wound that around my ankles and tied the loose end to a post at the end of the bed. There was a little play in the rope but I wasn’t going anywhere. Not that I wanted too now that I knew Sanzo wasn’t going to put a bullet in any vital body part.


“I’ve been collecting things in the different towns we’ve passed through. I believe that I have all I want for tonight. I also learned a few things from some very helpful shop keepers,” Sanzo said as he pushed the robes off his shoulders to hang at his waist.


“Apparently, there are a few things you haven’t told me and I’m wondering why. Why have you never told me what a safe word is, Gojyo?”


“I don’t need it. I am half demon and I heal fast. I’m stronger than you and faster. If I really wanted to get out of these restraints, I could.”


“But what if I did something that you didn’t like or it hurt too much? These games can be dangerous, Gojyo. The shop keeper was horrified that we were doing this without safety words.”


“I’d tell you to stop. You would have, right?” I struggled not to smirk at the idea of Sanzo talking about this kind of kink with anyone. What I wouldn’t have given to be a fly on the wall for that conversation.


“That’s not the point, Gojyo. We’ll be using a safety word tonight. Coffee will be the word. I’ll only stop if you say that. Understand?”


“Yeah. Coffee. Got it. You got me real curious now, Sanzo. What exactly do you have planned,” I asked as desire began crawling through me.


Sanzo just smiled at me. It made me a little nervous when he did that. Sanzo never really smiled. We got those little lip twitches but that doesn’t count. This was a full blown smile and while it made the blood surge into my cock at the sheer beauty it turned him into, it also made a shiver of unease dance down my spine. That uncertainty, my being bound for Sanzo and the knowledge that he had been planning this for three weeks made a little sigh of want leave me.




“Don’t make me gag you, Gojyo. I want to hear you moaning but if you keep talking, I will use that nice gag I bought.”


Oh fuck. I had no idea what I was creating when I had shown Sanzo this kink. The guy was a natural perv. I watched him as he started to remove his clothes. I loved to look at Sanzo naked. He was beautiful. All golden skin; soft as silk. I suddenly wanted to touch him and had to fist my hands to keep from pulling loose the rope he had bound me with.


Sanzo turned his back to me as he shucked his jeans and leather top. I admired the view of his ass as he bent over. When he straightened and turned back to face me, I felt my eyebrows raise. Tiny jewelled nipple clips were attached to his nipples. It looked even better than I thought it would when I had first suggested it to him weeks ago. He noticed my gaze and gave a gentle tug on the delicate chain that connected the clips together. Heat flared to life in his eyes and he pinned me with a look of intense want.


“You were right about these. They do feel fantastic. I’m guessing by your reaction that you like the way they look on me.”


I just nodded my head and hoped I wasn’t starting to drool. I let my gaze travel down his body and found that he was already hard. He let go of the chain and slid his hand down his body until he cupped himself.


“You’ll get this later if I think your performance was good. Gives you something to work towards. You do want this, don’t you?” Sanzo asked in a husky voice as he slowly stroked himself.


I nodded my head again, now sure I was drooling. Sanzo moved to his pack and started to remove things wrapped in cloth. I strained to see what they were but Sanzo was blocking most of my view. When he had what he wanted, he came back to the bed and placed the still wrapped bundles on the table. He looked me over with a critical eye before turning back to the stuff on the table.


“Since I don’t want you getting over excited and ending this before it really starts, I think a little insurance is in order,” Sanzo said as he leaned over me and glided a hand down my belly to my cock.


I couldn’t help the little thrust of my hips when he closed his hand around me. I sighed with the pleasure of his touch. The sigh turned into a squawk when I felt tight leather circle my cock. I glanced down and had my suspicions confirmed when I saw the cock ring Sanzo had just placed on me.


“Hey,” I protested. I didn’t need that. My control was very good.


Sanzo reached over to the table and unfolded another bundle. He held up a ball gag and looked at me patiently. I snapped my mouth shut with an audible click as arousal shivered through me. Maybe later I’d like that, but not right now. I had thought Sanzo was bluffing me about the gag. I should have known better. Sanzo doesn’t bluff. If he had actually bought a cock ring and a ball gag, it made me wonder just what else he had decided to buy. I almost snickered at the thought of him putting all these bondage toys on his credit card. Wouldn’t that just piss off the talking heads? Expensing sex toys.


Sanzo picked up another bundle and let the cloth slowly fall from the object. I couldn’t stop the little moan that left me when I saw the flog. He had been a busy, perverted monk. He trailed the ends of the flog over my chest and belly, swirling them around my cock before moving down my legs. The feel of the supple leather trailing over my flesh was even more erotic because of the simple knowledge that, in the immediate future, Sanzo was going to work me over with it.


Even though I was expecting the strike, it still caught me off guard when it came and I hissed. I watched Sanzo as he began lazy strikes against my skin; working his way up from my calves to my chest. He was focused on what he was doing and a flush was starting to colour his skin from his arousal. None of the strikes were very hard and were almost teasing in nature. Just when I thought I was going to have to tell Sanzo to stop holding back, he flicked his wrist and laid a stinging strike across my ribs.


I sucked in a surprised breath and had it leave me just as quickly when the flog descended across my belly. Sanzo was now putting some strength into what he was doing. I felt my cock twitch from the hot slap of the leather against my skin and I wondered how and where Sanzo had learned to use a flog. He worked over my chest and belly thoroughly before moving lower and raising welts on my thighs.


I was panting from the erotic feel when he stopped and ordered me to roll onto my belly. The play in the rope made sense now. It was hard to do, but I managed to turn over. The cool sheets were a direct contrast to the hot feel of the welts Sanzo had raised along my front. As soon as I was settled on my stomach, Sanzo proceeded to work the flog over my back until it felt like I was being stung by hundreds of bees over and over again. I groaned from the dark pleasure of the pain.


When he moved to work over my ass and thighs, I was actually glad that he had thought to put a cock ring on me. It was an exquisite pain to feel the flog reddening my flesh. It had been a very long time since I had been able to play this intensely with anyone and I couldn’t remember enjoying it this much. I knew that if I didn’t have the cock ring on, I would have probably come. As it was, I was moaning uncontrollably and rocking my hips into the mattress. I almost protested when Sanzo stopped.


“I think that’s enough of that for now,” Sanzo said in a breathless voice. I wasn’t the only one being aroused by the flogging.


“I’m going to put this in a safe place so we don’t forget it later,” Sanzo said as I heard him moving things around.


I gasped when I felt a hard, lube slicked object press for entrance against my hole. I whined as Sanzo continued to press it against my ass until my muscles relaxed and I accepted the object into my body. Sanzo caressed my hot skin and made soothing noises as he started to slowly fuck me with the handle of the flog. The leather strips moved gently back and forth across my welt-covered thighs and I started moaning again from the pleasure. Once I started to moan and push back, Sanzo stopped and turned me back over.


“I didn’t really believe the clerk; that you’d like the other use of the flog. I should have known better. Pervy kappa,” Sanzo said as he stared into my eyes.


He leaned over me and kissed me with a hungry passion that I returned. His fingers ran through my hair and he made little sounds of desire as he stroked inside my mouth with his tongue. I wanted to touch him back but couldn’t with my hands bound above my head. The fact that I couldn’t touch him only wound my desire higher. I savoured the contact of his skin against mine wherever he touched me. I was disappointed when he slowly pulled back from the kiss.


“What is the safe word, Gojyo?” Sanzo whispered as he planted little nipping kisses over my throat.


“What?” I asked in a sensual haze as I tried to rub my body against his.


“The safe word. I won’t do anything else until I hear it.”


“Coffee,” I breathed as Sanzo pinched and rolled my nipples between his fingers.


I wondered why he wanted me to repeat it when he had to know it would take a hell of a lot for me to use it. I had my answer when I felt his fingers move to touch my antenna. A little fission of unease zipped through me. Sanzo knew how sensitive they were. He also knew that I had told him never to play rough with them ‘cause he wouldn’t like what happened then. I closed my eyes and tensed as I felt Sanzo lean over me. I hoped that he wouldn’t try something rough. I liked the pain in the right context. Yanking on my antenna wasn’t the right context. Ever.


He stroked them gently from root to tip and made me arch into him from the flood of desire that simple action caused. I suddenly wanted to make him feel as aroused as I was. It was a compulsion to give him pleasure. I tugged against the ropes that held me and gave a frustrated little growl when the bonds held.


“I told you that you shouldn’t have let me know how sensitive they were, Gojyo. I’ve wanted to see what would happen if I did this since that night. Remember the safe word if it’s too much for you and I’ll stop.”


Worry chased the desire I was feeling and I tensed back up as I waited for Sanzo to pull on them or twist them. I almost used a safe word for the first time in my life until I felt the hot, wet slide of Sanzo’s tongue curl around one of them and lick it from root to tip. My back bowed and a deep groan of absolute bliss rushed through me. I had never had anyone do that and the need it produced in me was stunning. When Sanzo got to the end of it and let it fall from his mouth, I collapsed back on the bed panting and covered in a light sheen of sweat.


I had to please him. I had to make him feel even just a fraction of the pleasure he had just given me. It was an urge that I was powerless to resist. I started to struggle against the ropes, needing to touch Sanzo; to give him bliss. I froze when I felt his fingers grasp my antenna firmly. A little whine left my throat as he stroked them back and forth with his thumb.


“Well that worked better than I thought it would. Bet you’ll love this then,” Sanzo said as he leaned forward and took the tips into his mouth and sucked.


My breath whooshed out of me. Desire roared through me. My grip on my demon half was slipping fast. I wanted to give Sanzo so much pleasure that he’d pass out from it. I wanted to worship his body for hours. I wanted to hear him groan and scream from the passion I called from his body. My skin felt hot and tight and I could only pant and moan under him as he tormented me with desire. I wasn’t sure if the cock ring was going to be enough to keep me from coming if he kept up the gentle pressure of his mouth on my antenna.


My control broke under the steady, pleasurable assault and my demon nature kicked in. I opened my mouth to use the safe word and instead began singing for Sanzo. I had no control. I needed him to feel pleasure from me. I had to give him the satisfaction of release. I needed that like I needed to breathe. Sanzo made a startled sound in his throat and let my antenna slowly slip from his mouth. I sobbed at the loss but couldn’t stop my song. He had pushed me too far.


Sanzo moved over me and straddled my chest. His cock hovered over my lips and I flicked out my tongue to taste him, desperate to give him pleasure as I sang for him. I was caught by the heated look of want in his amethyst eyes. Still singing to him of the desire he had brought to life in me, I moved my head forward and took the tip of his cock into my mouth. Sanzo’s eyes slid closed and he groaned before reaching out and stroking my antenna again.


Tears started to leak from the corners my eyes at the sheer bliss of having my antenna stroked and the knowledge that I was finally giving Sanzo a fraction of the joy I was experiencing. He started to slowly pump my mouth, muttering encouraging words. His fingers never stopped their gentle torture along my antenna. As Sanzo’s hips began to move faster, so did his fingers. Need beat through me. The need to make Sanzo come and my own need to follow him; regardless of the cock ring preventing it.


Sanzo suddenly stiffened over me. His fingers left my antenna and he grasped his cock as he pulled it out of my mouth. His eyes opened and held my gaze as he let his release find him. Hot seed spurted over my lips and I opened my mouth to catch what I could. Sanzo growled low in his throat and he rubbed his cock over my lips, smearing his release over them. With his release and no touches to my antenna, the overwhelming need to fulfill Sanzo began to fade and I was finally able to stop my song to him.


Sanzo was drawing in huge breaths and sweat glistened on his skin. A rosy flush coloured his cheeks and his hand shook ever so slightly as he passed it over his face to wipe away some of the sweat trickling down his cheek. My cock was painfully hard but I hadn’t come. The cock ring had done its job. Arousal still surged through me and I wanted relief. I wanted Sanzo to touch me. I needed Sanzo to touch me.


“That was even better than I thought it would be. I need a smoke,” Sanzo said as he moved off me and walked away to retrieve his smokes.




“Sanzo,” I groaned as I moved my hips. That small movement reminded me that I had the handle of the flog stuffed up my ass and I closed my eyes at the delicious feel of it shifting around and pressing against my sweet spot. I licked my lips, tasting Sanzo and groaned again.


“The gag is still an attractive option, Gojyo,” Sanzo said as he pulled smoke into his lungs.


“Fuck, come on, Sanzo. I’m hurting here,” I said with what sounded like a whine to me.


“Isn’t that the point?” Sanzo asked as he moved next to the bed.


“Yes – no. You know what I mean,” I growled in frustration.


“We both know you can handle more pain that a human. I’ve thought about it and I believe that to really give you a good session, you need to experience some sexual pain. Denied release just seemed so damn perfect for you.”


Fuck, Sanzo was a prick.


Okay, so maybe he was right. I liked the physical pain but it sometimes took a lot to really push my buttons. The pressure to come, to find release was intense and I knew that Sanzo was enough of a bastard to keep me on the edge for as long as he could. But I could get it back up again fast if I used just a little of my youkai powers. I just needed to take a little of the edge off.


Great. Now I sounded like a junkie. A Sanzo cock junkie.


“You know I can stay hard as long as you want me to if I use my demon powers, Sanzo. Come on, one little orgasm,” I wheedled.


“You should have shut the fuck up four sentences ago. I did want to try this out though,” Sanzo said as he picked up the gag and leaned over me.


I eyed the gag and wondered if Sanzo would still try and use it if I said no. I looked up into his eyes. Banked heat smouldered in them but he was waiting for me to decide. That must have been some talk he’d had with the store clerk if he was actually waiting for me to give him the go ahead. I knew from his expression that he had a plan for how he wanted the evening to continue and it didn’t involve me getting my rocks off just yet. That made me curious enough to open my mouth for him to put the gag in. Sanzo’s lips twitched in a smile as he gently put the gag in and fastened the straps. He reached over and placed a small ball in my hand and closed my fingers over it.


“Since you can’t talk, drop the ball if it gets too much for you.”


I nodded my understanding and clenched my fist. There was no way in hell I was dropping the ball. Having the gag in my mouth and Sanzo running his hot gaze over me was more erotic than I thought it would be. Sanzo turned back to the table and unwrapped another object. When he turned back to me, he held it up for me to see.


“Ever had someone use one of these on you?” Sanzo asked as he held the little toy up.


I shook my head no. I wasn’t really sure what it was. It looked like a cross between a crop and a flog. I couldn’t see it doing much but Sanzo obviously had ideas about it. I was really starting to wonder about this shop that Sanzo had gone to.


“Guess I should show you then,” Sanzo said as he finished his smoke. “Besides, it’ll give me a little time to get it back up.”


I looked at Sanzo’s groin. He was semi-hard. I felt my belly flutter at the thought of Sanzo coming again. Sanzo stood over me and raised his arm. He brought the little toy down with deadly accuracy onto my nipple. A startled little hiss stuck in my throat. It was a sharp little pain that only touched my nipple. The pain made it pucker and when the toy struck it again, I moaned with delight. Sanzo began alternating the strikes between my nipples until he had me breathing heavily through my nose from the hot feel of leather contacting sensitive skin.


I squirmed when Sanzo stopped and made garbled noises in my throat. Sanzo chuckled softly as he ran a hand down my chest to give my cock a few gentle pulls. He put the miniature flog down on the bed and slipped his hands between my knees to spread my legs apart. It was a little uncomfortable with my ankles still tied together but so very erotic that I moaned again around the gag. I clenched the ball in my fist even tighter. I was not stopping this beautiful torture any time soon.


Sanzo pulled on the flog still buried in my ass. I couldn’t move my hips at all to help him with the way I was bound at the ankles and my legs spread open. He started a slow rhythm of strokes that felt so damn good, I never wanted him to stop. I watched him through passion hazed eyes as he fucked me with the toy and stroked his own cock back to hardness. When he picked up the miniature flog again, excitement surged through me. I wasn’t prepared for the stinging swat to my painfully erect cock.


My yell was muffled by the gag. Sanzo let another strike fly as he shoved the flog inside me. The feel of the flog pressing hard against my sweet spot, the bite of the little flog against the sensitized skin of my cock and the exposed, vulnerable position of being bound and spread for Sanzo’s pleasure made desire rush through me like a tidal wave. I clenched the ball tighter in my fist until I felt my short nails digging into the palm of my hand and the sweet coppery smell of blood as they broke the skin.


Sanzo was silent as he whipped my cock with the little flog and fucked me with the other one, but he was breathing heavily and the rosy flush was back on his skin from arousal. He was hard again and I wondered what it was that he intended to do to me now. He had finally stopped the torment of my cock and sat back on his heels to just stare at me.


When he reached for the lube, I made wordless noises of encouragement in my throat. I was finally going to get some relief. He surprised me when he pushed my legs back together, leaving the flog in my ass. I made a sound of disappointment in my throat, at a loss as to what he intended to do. If he wasn’t going to fuck me what was he doing with the lube?


I had my answer when he poured a generous amount over my own cock. The cold lube was a sharp contrast to the hot feel of my skin and I growled low in my throat. That I could deal with. It was the look of intense desire that Sanzo gave me as he swung his leg over my hips and impaled himself on my cock in one smooth move. My eyes rolled back in my head from the deep pleasure of being gripped so tightly. When Sanzo began to raise and lower himself on me I tried to thrust my hips to meet him but the ropes had just enough tension to stop me from it.


“Sing to me, Gojyo. I know you can even with something in your mouth. Sing to me to tell me how much you’re aroused by what I’m doing to you,” Sanzo ground out as he began to move faster. The jewelled nipple clips swayed and caught the light, hypnotizing me with the erotic sight of Sanzo riding my cock, flushed with pleasure.


I started to sing for Sanzo. I put all the want and need and arousal he had created in me into my song for him. Sanzo gasped and his eyes widened in surprise. He leaned forward to tease my antenna again with one hand while he stroked himself with the other. The need to please Sanzo poured through me again and out into my song. Sanzo gave a little sob at the vivid burst of bliss and closed his eyes with a drawn out moan as he peaked again.


I pressed my head back into the pillow and tendons stood out in my neck at the feel of Sanzo’s ass clenching rhythmically on my over sensitized cock. I let my song to Sanzo trail off with his release. My breath heaved in my chest and still I didn’t come. Sanzo hadn’t removed the cock ring before mounting me. I was equally aroused and frustrated at the same time. I was ready to beg and plead with Sanzo if that was what was needed for him to take the cock ring off me and let me have the same pleasure of release that he’d already experienced twice.


He slowly let go of both my antenna and his cock before moving off me again. I lay on the bed, covered in sweat and come with a ball gag in my mouth and a flog up my ass and I’d never felt so unbelievably alive and erotic. Every nerve in my body was on edge and demanding action. My balls felt full to bursting with the need to come and every beat of my heart made my cock throb in time.


I watched Sanzo light up another smoke and take a deep drag on it before coming back to the bed. He stopped along the way and grabbed a glass of water. He undid the gag and removed it from my mouth before offering me a sip of water. I took the drink and closed my eyes against the feel of his bare skin brushing against mine. I opened my eyes in surprise when I felt the filter of the cigarette pressed to my mouth. Not about to pass up the chance for a quick puff to calm my nerves, I drew a deep lungful in.


“You still okay for a little more, Gojyo?” Sanzo asked as he took the final puff on the smoke.


Okay for more? I needed to fucking come! I was primed for more.


“I haven’t dropped the ball or used the safe word have I? I can take whatever you can dish out.”


“Really? You seemed pretty desperate a few minutes ago,” Sanzo said with a smirk.


He was such a fucking prick.


“But I do think I’ve tortured you enough for one night,” he said as he moved to my feet and untied the rope from my ankles.


Sanzo rubbed my legs with slow strokes, making sure that I didn’t cramp up. He left my arms bound over my head. He spread my legs apart and moved between them as he started to stroke me again with the flog. He leaned over my belly, his spent cock brushing against my hard one. Both of us groaned at the feel and I moved my legs to plant my feet against the mattress to thrust my hips against his.


I watched as Sanzo proceeded to lick up his seed from my belly and chest. His tongue flicked over my nipples and made me groan as the desire running through my body surged again from the erotic feel of his tongue on me, cleaning me of his seed. Sanzo bathed every inch of my belly and chest with his tongue that he could reach from his position between my legs. His back and forth movements rubbed our groins together and soon had me thrusting against him.


“Do you want to come now, Gojyo?” Sanzo asked softly near my ear.


“Yes,” I groaned as I felt him pressing his fully erect cock against mine. I had no idea where he was getting the stamina. Maybe it was all that meditation he did.


Sanzo moved off me and nudged me to roll onto my stomach. I let him move me how he wanted, knowing I was finally going to get the release I had been craving. He urged my hips up so that my ass was high in the air while my chest was pressed to the bed. He pulled the flog from my ass and gripped my hips as he slid into me smoothly. I moaned my pleasure at the feel of him filling my ass. He began a slow steady rhythm that was both an exquisite pleasure and torture. I needed to find release and he was teasing me as if he had all the time in the world to enjoy the feeling of his cock sliding in and out of me.


The hard slap to my ass caught me completely off guard and I yelped. The second stinging slap had me jerking on the ropes that still bound my hands. The third blow was accompanied by an increase in Sanzo’s pace. I felt his fingers on my cock, stroking it, before the pressure of the cock ring was removed. I whimpered when his hand left my cock without any further touch. The position he had me in left me without any friction for my cock and I whined in frustration.


“Come, Gojyo.” Sanzo demanded with a harsh growl and a fierce slap to my ass.


I jerked from the slap and had Sanzo pull me roughly back onto his cock. Black dots danced in front of my eyes from the pleasure of him striking both my ass and the sweet spot deep inside me.


“I said come, Gojyo.” Sanzo repeated with another hard swat on my ass as he began to move faster and gripped my hip harder.


Sanzo began raining strikes down on my ass as he started a rough series of thrusts. Every slap was accompanied by his demand for me to come. My cheeks felt hot and tender from the spanking and my cock throbbed painfully. I whined at the beautiful sensations of painful pleasure. Sanzo laid an especially hard swat to my ass as he drove into me brutally hard with yet another order to come. His smoky, desire filled voice combined with the spanking and him hitting my prostate again and again, finally pushed me over the edge.


A low growl left my lips as I finally hit my peak. Sanzo gasped and slammed into me one last time and moaned as he was sucked along to orgasm from the feel of my ass squeezing his cock. My legs shook as the orgasm seemed to stretch out forever. The release was painfully sweet and I let my eyes slide closed as I struggled to breathe normally. I revelled in the feel of my cock pulsing with release and the feel of Sanzo’s throbbing inside me from his orgasm. Sanzo slipped from me before I was ready for him to and a little groan of protest escaped me.


He pushed me to my side and untied my arms. He massaged them until I could move them easily again. He rose from the bed and returned with a damp cloth. He proceeded to wipe my face and chest before moving the cloth between my legs. He tossed the used cloth to the floor and reached for his smokes before climbing back onto the bed. He offered one to me and we both smoked in silence.


“Did you enjoy that, Gojyo?” Sanzo finally asked as he crushed out his smoke.


“Fuck yeah. And you call me a perv, Sanzo. I would have loved to have been with you when you bought those toys. Sounds like some kinda shop you were in.”


“When I want something, very little stops me.”


“And you wanted to do this. Have you ever thought about being on the receiving end of this kind of play Sanzo?” I asked as I drew random patterns with my finger on his thigh.


“The pain is your kink Gojyo,” Sanzo said with a snort.


“It’s our kink Sanzo. You like it too; at least giving it. You should try it sometime, being on the receiving end, just to see if it pushes your buttons. We could start with something small. Turning you over my knee for a spanking maybe. I gotta admit I find the idea very arousing, Sanzo.”


Sanzo scowled at me and I wondered if I had pushed him in a direction he wasn’t willing to go. It was fine with me if Sanzo didn’t want to be on the receiving end. Not everybody was a switch like me. It would be too much to hope for that Sanzo would like to be on the other end of the whip. Truthfully, I liked Sanzo as my top. He was surprisingly good at it and a very fast learner.


But now that I had actually visualized having Sanzo turned over my knee as I spanked his tight little ass a bright red, it wouldn’t leave my head. The thought of making the reserved, bitchy monk cry out and beg for me to stop was as arousing as the mental image of fucking him hard while admiring my rosy handprints on his ass.


“You find everything arousing, Gojyo,” Sanzo muttered as he moved fractionally closer to me and closed his eyes.


Well, yeah, that was true. But the things that Sanzo had done to me tonight just made all kinds of wicked thoughts start running through my head. I scooted down on the bed next to Sanzo and pulled him into my arms with only a token protest from him. It was part of our deal that I got to cuddle with him after this kind of intense play. He could do virtually anything he wanted to and with me as long as I got some gentle, relaxing time after. I figured it was important for him to realize that even though what we had just done was considered a form of torture by some people, it wasn’t about causing pain for pains sake. It was about trusting someone to give you the painful pleasure you desired and finding pleasure in doing that for someone.


The first few times I had insisted on the cuddling, he had held himself stiffly in my arms; afraid to show the weakness of a little gentleness. Now, he protested for show and let me treat him to some gentleness that I felt had been missing from his life. His head rested on my shoulder and his fingers tangled in the ends of my hair. He relaxed and was soon breathing softly before long. I thought he had fallen asleep when he spoke again in a voice so low that I had to strain to hear it.


“I’ll think about letting you spank me.”


I sucked in a surprised breath. I hadn’t expected that. My cock started to stir to life at the mental image of Sanzo standing in front of me naked and aroused and asking me to spank him. I felt Sanzo’s lips twitch in a quick smile against my chest before he yawned and settled even more firmly against me. I sighed in disappointment when I realized that he was worn out and on the edge of sleep. I wasn’t getting any more fun and games out of him tonight but if I stayed the night, I could play with Sanzo first thing in the morning.


I untangled him from me and got up to turn off the light. Sanzo protested my getting back into bed with him and pulling him back to me. I ignored his mutter death threats and pressed his head to my shoulder again. His fingers found their own way back into my hair. I closed my eyes and smiled into the dark room, enjoying the feel of Sanzo pressed against me. I had something to work for now. I could be persuasive when it was something I wanted.


Even more so when it was something that promised so much sexual pleasure.



Chapter 8: Hands On Experience




Fucking Gojyo.


He knew I wanted him. He knew I was hard and horny and just waiting for everybody to go to bed before I could push him down on the mattress and drive into that tight heat of his. He knew this and what does he do? Go off with some fucking…female he just met in the bar.


Fucking thinking-with-his-dick, Gojyo.


I sat in the window and brooded. I wasn’t sulking. I was brooding. There is a difference. I was a little angry with myself at feeling so put out by Gojyo going off with…her. It wasn’t like we had any kind of exclusive relationship. We didn’t have a relationship. We had a fuck arrangement. He did me and I did him. That’s all it was. We were free to find other partners if we wanted. It just made me surly to realize that I didn’t want to find another partner. I wanted the one I had.


I banged my head against the window frame in frustration. I’d never had to share anything of mine before and I saw no reason to start doing so now. I flicked the remainder of my smoke out the window with a scowl. I didn’t even know why I was getting so worked up about it. Gojyo wasn’t my exclusive property. I didn’t own him.


I knew he wasn’t using any demon powers to make me want him like I did. It was pure Gojyo, the man himself that attracted me so strongly. It wasn’t fair. I had been fine before I started sleeping with him. I hadn’t needed anyone or anything before then. I still wondered at the moment of rash insanity that had made me approach him that first time.


My hand drifted to my groin and pressed against my rapidly hardening cock at the memory of that first time with Gojyo. Once I began thinking of that first time, all the other times started to flow through me. I gave a low growl at the suddenly tight and uncomfortable jeans I was wearing. I moved off the window sill and stripped on my way to the bed. Just because Gojyo wasn’t going to be under me didn’t mean I had to go without.


I lay on my bed and ran my fingers over my cock. A little sigh slipped past my lips as I teased myself with light touches and brushes of my fingers over my erection. As I let my fingers drift over my dick I brought my other hand up to toy with my nipples. Because of Gojyo, I now knew how sensitive to pleasure they were. A little moan sounded in my throat as I thought about how Gojyo liked to tease me by licking and sucking on them. I felt them harden to peaks both from my actions and thoughts of Gojyo.


I gripped my cock and began to slowly stroke myself. I let my eyes drift shut as my mind wandered into fantasies of Gojyo being the one who was stroking me and running his hands over my body. My thumb passed over the head of my cock and smeared the fluid that had gathered there. A quiet groan rumbled in my chest and I brought my hand to my mouth to suck the slickness from my skin. The salty taste made me think of having Gojyo’s cock in my mouth and how good that felt and tasted.


My skin felt hot and sensitized and I wanted more than I was currently able to have. Imagination was all fine and good but it didn’t hold a candle to the real thing. I gave a little annoyed growl and stroked myself harder and faster. Gojyo was going to get his ass tanned for pushing me to the point of needing to jerk off. I felt a little smile turn up the corner of my mouth at that arousing thought.


Lust rushed through my system as I pictured driving into Gojyo’s newly spanked ass. His cries of pleasure from both the spanking and having me take him hard. The flush that coloured his skin and made his eyes shine like rubies from the rough treatment we both enjoyed. The possibility of making him loose control so that he began to sing his erotic demon song to me. I groaned and arched my back as I jerked hard on my cock and came in my hand. I sagged back on the bed, panting.


“Well damn, that was hot.”


My eyes flew open to find Gojyo leaning against the wall, his pants open and a hand cupping his erection. I had been so involved with my mental fantasy; I hadn’t even heard the door open. I snarled at him and wished I’d left my gun closer. How dare he sneak into my room and watch me jerk off to fantasies of him when he’d been out screwing some woman.


“Get. The fuck. Out.”


“That’s pretty rude, Sanzo. You got me all hard from that little show of yours. The least you could do is help me out,” Gojyo said with a leer.


“Get out before I kill you,” I hissed at him as I used a corner of the bed sheet to wipe off my hand.


“I coulda cleaned that up for you,” Gojyo said in a husky voice as he licked his lips and pushed off from the wall. He approached the bed with a sexy little swagger he knew I’d notice.


I lunged for my gun on the table that was halfway between Gojyo and myself. Only the fact that he was ever battle ready and a half demon allowed him to reach it before I did. I snarled at him and aimed a punch to his gut. The punch didn’t connect but he caught my fist and jerked me to him. A little twist had my arm up behind my back and my chest pressed to his.


“Let. Go.”


“What in the seven hells got you so pissed off? I said I’d be back in an hour or so. Shit, Sanzo, if you were that hot to trot, you should have said something,” Gojyo said as he leaned his forehead against mine.


I stood still and scowled. I didn’t need to hear how long he needed for his little roll in the hay with the barmaid. I didn’t bother trying to get free. Gojyo was stronger than me and I’d only frustrate myself and probably arouse the pervy kappa by squirming against him. Gojyo sighed but didn’t let up on his grip.


“Sanzo, if you don’t start talking, I swear I’m gonna beat it out of your ass. What the fuck is your problem now?”


“My problem?” I hissed. “I’m not the one who went off with a woman he just met to screw her silly and then expects another round of fun from his regular partner.”


“Screw her silly? You think I…that we…Sanzo, were you even listening to me earlier? I said I was going to go buy some stuff off her mom and that I’d be back in about an hour. I didn’t screw that chick. Her mom makes these special candies that are hard to come by and I wanted some. That’s why I went with her. If you weren’t the hottest piece of ass I’d done in a long time I wouldn’t put up with half this attitude.”


Doubt began to trickle in. I couldn’t smell any perfume this close to Gojyo and there wasn’t even a whiff of sex clinging to him. My mood darkened further when I realized that I may have been wrong and owed Gojyo an apology. I opened my mouth to say I was sorry and had the words stick in my throat.


It had been a reasonable assumption on my part. Gojyo was a walking sex object. He gave off ‘come fuck me’ vibes. I had seen him surrounded by women three deep without him doing anything more enticing than playing cards. I wasn’t totally in the wrong here. I couldn’t be.


“I should spank your tight ass for thinking that I’d do something like that to you, Sanzo,” Gojyo said with a sigh.


I have no idea what prompted me to answer him as I did. Maybe it was my way of apologising without having to say the words. Maybe I had been thinking too much about letting him spank me to see if I’d like it.


“I’d like to see you try,” I muttered. I did my best to ignore the little flutter in my belly that was part uncertainty and part excitement.


Gojyo inhaled sharply and I felt his heart speed up. His grip on my wrist tightened briefly before loosening but not enough to let me escape his hold. If I was going to let him do this, I needed to have him take control of the situation. If I thought about it, I’d change my mind. With that uncanny ability he seemed to have of knowing what I needed to go along with whatever idea he came up with, he backed towards the bed with me still pressed tight to his chest.


When the mattress hit the backs of his legs, he sat, pulling me down and across his lap. I was now lying on my stomach across his thighs. An illicit thrill shot through me at my being naked and in such a vulnerable position while he was fully dressed and in the position of power. I had never thought to spank Gojyo in this position. I was going to have to try it at a later date. I was sure Gojyo would like it if it was something he was going to do to me.


He still held my wrist behind my back when he moved it up at an awkward angle and moved his legs until my hips were pressed against one of his thighs and his other leg was over the backs of my knees. I realized then that I was virtually immobilized and felt a little thread of panic. I still had one hand free but there wasn’t anything I could do with it without hurting myself first. I tensed up and was a heartbeat from starting to struggle when Gojyo leaned over me and brushed his lips over my ear.


“Safe word is butterscotch. I’ll only stop for that word. Use it if you need to, Sanzo,” he whispered as he brushed a soft kiss over my temple.


I was surprised that he had given me a safe word when he had never told me about them before. Then I realized that as a half demon, his strength was greater than mine and it would take a lot less effort on his part to really hurt me. The little flutters of unease turned into a storm in my stomach. Gojyo must have sensed something because he stroked a hand down my back slowly and made shushing noises.


“We don’t need to do this, Sanzo. If you’re not sure…”


“Afraid you can’t dish it out?” I taunted him with the last bit of bravado I had. If he didn’t do something soon, I was going to back out of this little experiment and I wasn’t sure that I wanted to do that. I both wanted to try this and back out at the same time. I’d rarely felt this conflicted in my life.


Even though I was expecting the slap, I yelped at the sting of his hand coming down with force on my upturned ass. I snapped my mouth shut, determined not to make another sound. Gojyo only made sounds of intense pleasure when I spanked his ass. I wasn’t about to let some pervy water youkai show me up in the control department. I was better than that.


“I can dish it out just fine, Sanzo. I’m a switch. I can play both sides of the fence with equal ease. I just prefer to be on the receiving end most of the time. Question is; can you take as well as you give?” Gojyo asked as his big hand came down in another stinging blow.


I hissed at the prickles of pain but said nothing. Gojyo seemed to take my silence as permission to continue; which I suppose it was. His hand began descending across my buttocks and thighs with regularity. It wasn’t long before the stinging started to turn to a warmth that was becoming uncomfortable. I squirmed a little and was surprised when Gojyo stopped and began rubbing a hand over the rapidly heating flesh of my ass and thighs. I closed my eyes at the gentle touch, knowing that Gojyo was enjoying having his hands on me if the erection digging into my hip was any indication.


I felt my own cock start to twitch to life and sucked in a quick breath when I felt Gojyo’s fingers ghost over my balls. I heard him chuckle softly as my erection grew against his leg and wondered what he was up to when he shifted a little under me. I couldn’t twist around to see what he was doing and that added to the desire I was starting to feel. I felt his fingers slick with spit tease my hole and shivered in anticipation. My cock surged against his thigh and I bit my lip to keep from making any noise. I couldn’t stop the little whimper that left me when he slid a finger inside me. After the sharp slaps to my ass, the gentle invasion of his finger felt like heaven.


“Got a treat for you, Sanzo. I think you’re going to like this,” Gojyo said as he lazily fingered me.


I was working hard not to moan at the feel of Gojyo pleasuring me. I some how managed to suppress the groan of disappointment when he drew his fingers from me. I didn’t have much time to bemoan the loss when I felt something hard press against my hole. I wriggled my hips shamelessly, wondering what toy Gojyo had decided to bring with him and why I hadn’t seen it. I felt Gojyo’s finger push the object inside me and then retreat. His hand returned to stroking my ass and I frowned.


What the hell had he done? It didn’t feel like any of the toys he had introduced me to before. In fact, it didn’t feel like anything. I was about to question what he had done when I felt contradictory sensations of heat and cold in my ass. I tried to shift around but Gojyo still held me immobile. In a few minutes, the sensation of both heat and cold in my ass was an erotic distraction and I wriggled around again.


“Gojyo? What the fuck did you do?” I asked as I felt the muscles of my ass flutter in an oddly thrilling way.


“I said I was buying some candy didn’t I? You’ve got a little piece of cinn-a-mint shoved up your ass. Hard to find this stuff but when I do, I stock pile what I can. Hot and cold at the same time confuses the muscles. They don’t know whether to clench to keep out the cold or release to let the heat out. Like mini orgasms isn’t it?”


If I lived to be a hundred, Gojyo would never cease to amaze me with the weird, kinky things he knew about sex. I’d never tell him that but I was getting an education that was top notch. I yelped in surprise when he struck my ass hard. He laid several more stinging blows on my buttocks until it was starting to feel like the skin of my ass was throbbing in counterpoint to the hot/cold pulses inside me. A little sob escaped me and I tried to squirm off Gojyo’s lap. It was becoming too much sensation for me. I was pushed to the limits of what I could take and I opened my mouth to use the safe word. Gojyo delivered two quick, hard swats, one to each cheek before finally releasing his hold on my arm and letting me up. He had known that I had reached my limits as to what I was able to take and let me up before I had to lower myself to using the safe word. I marvelled at his perception of my needs.


He lifted me from his lap and turned me away from him. His hands ran over my ass and thighs and he murmured appreciatively. Feather light kisses were dropped over my abused skin before he spread my cheeks apart and swirled his tongue around my hole. I moaned at the feel of his tongue lapping at me. I wanted more. I was fully hard and I knew he was as well. I wasn’t sure if it was the spanking itself I had enjoyed, the fact that it had been Gojyo taking control and doing it or some strange combination of the two.


“Gojyo,” I moaned as I reached down to stroke my erection.


He turned me around and pulled me to the bed. He pushed me to sit with my back to the headboard and stood. His clothes came off quickly and he moved to kneel between my spread thighs. He fisted his own erection as he sat back on his heels. I waited for him to get the lube and frowned when he remained where he was, slowly stroking his erection, watching me with desire glazed eyes.


“You are not fucking me without lube,” I warned as I tried to keep from squirming from the sensations the candy was still producing in my ass.


“Nope, I’m not,” he agreed.


He let go of his cock and gripped my ankles. He pushed my legs up until the tops of my thighs touched my chest. He then brought my arms around my legs so that I hooked my own knees and could reach my cock. He guided my hand to my erection and closed my fingers around it.


“We’re gonna have a little wank fest, Sanzo. I liked watching you jerk yourself off. Besides, it is so unbelievably erotic to see you like this. Spread and exposed; your ass reddened from my hand. Fuck but I think I could shoot my load from just looking at you like this.”


I felt a blush rise in my checks at the same time that a surge of lust swept through me. I looked up to Gojyo’s face and could easily see the desire burning in his ruby eyes. He really had gotten off on spanking me. I didn’t know why that surprised me, but it did. I let my eyes drift to his cock and felt them widen when I saw the head was nearly purple and glistening with fluid. Apparently, he had enjoyed tanning my ass even more than I had initially thought.


“Start jerking yourself off, Sanzo,” Gojyo ordered in a husky voice as he leaned down and gave a long slow swipe of his tongue over my balls and up my cock. The feel of his hair brushing over the backs of my reddened thighs pulled a little whimper from me before I could stop myself.


He sat back on his heels again and fixed his eyes on me as he began stroking his own erection. I watched him for a few minutes, enjoying the way his eyes half closed with the pleasure he was experiencing. He was spectacular when he was in the grip of his desire and I had a front row seat.


“Sanzo, start stroking that pretty cock of yours. I want to watch you come again before I do.”


I licked my lips and felt an unexpected shiver of pleasure move through me at the commanding tone in Gojyo’s voice. I began moving my hand over my cock as I watched Gojyo stroke himself and thought about how it good it would feel to have him slide his cock into my ass in this position. I let my eyes narrow to slits as I concentrated on Gojyo and the feelings in my own body.


The candy was still hot/cold inside me and had moved into a tingly stage of feeling. Gojyo was starting to pant lightly and he moved the fingers of one hand gently over my ass making me gasp in surprise at the sensitivity of the skin. I began moving my hand faster over my cock as little sounds of desire escaped my throat. Gojyo groaned and bit his lip at the noises I was making. A thin trickle of blood slid from where his teeth had broken the skin. It was then that I fully realized he got as much of a thrill from hearing me give voice to my pleasure as I did hearing it from him. I let myself get a little louder and watched in fascination as the flush of arousal on Gojyo’s skin deepened.


He stopped working his cock and leaned back down towards me. My breath stuttered in my throat when I felt his tongue probe me and his pleasure filled sigh. His hair brushed against my thighs and balls again and I sobbed from the feel of his tongue touching me so intimately while his hair teased across my skin. I felt heat pool in my groin and curled tighter; at the point of orgasm. He groaned and pushed his tongue inside me and that was my undoing.


“Gojyo,” I whispered; my body shuddering as release pounded though me. Each hot spurt that hit my chest made me moan with pleasurable release.


Gojyo abandoned licking me and knelt between my legs. He gave his cock a few hard pulls before he moaned low. I felt his seed hit the tender skin of my ass and shivered from the suddenly wanton feel of being marked in another way by Gojyo.


“Oh fuck, Sanzo. That was so damn sexy,” Gojyo panted as he leaned over me and started to lick up the evidence of my orgasm from my chest and belly with lazy swipes of his tongue.


I closed my eyes at the feel of his tongue against my skin and just drifted in the pleasure of his touch. I was both surprised and disappointed when he moved off me. He pulled my hands from where I had been clutching the backs of my knees and straightened my limbs out. I hissed at the little tingles and twinges in my legs, appreciating now why Gojyo had insisted from the beginning that I rub his arms and legs after releasing them from positions held for a time.


He moved from the bed and retrieved a washcloth and a pack of smokes from the table. He soaked the cloth in the basin before coming back to the bed and turning me to my side and gently cleaning me off. I squirmed a little from the feel of the rough wash cloth against my still sensitive skin and he moved it even more gently over me. He passed me a smoke and the lighter after setting a flame to his own cigarette.


I was just sucking in my first lungful when I felt two of his fingers slide into me. I damn near dropped my smoke in surprise. I groaned in deep pleasure from the feel of his fingers pressing hard on my prostate. When he removed them after only a brief time, I voiced my disappointment.


“What the hell was that for?” I snapped, feeling a little put out that he hadn’t kept up with the pleasant touch.


“Just removing the last of the candy. You wouldn’t want to wake up with a sticky ass now would you?” he smirked as he wiped his fingers on the cloth before pressing it against my ass.


I scowled at him and sucked hard on my smoke.


“So, was that something you’d try again, Sanzo?” Gojyo asked as he settled himself behind me, his skin touching mine from shoulder to feet.


I thought about it. I was okay with the physical pain, not that it had really hurt. I’d suffered more painful wounds in demon fights. I also knew Gojyo had been careful not to use as much force as I knew he could have. He hadn’t even spanked me half as hard as I routinely spanked him. I had found it arousing when I realized how much Gojyo was enjoying it. From that point, I had given myself into Gojyo’s care and let his arousal and enjoyment feed my own. There was also the slightly taboo angle of allowing myself, a full grown man, to be spanked like a child. It appealed to the kink that Gojyo seemed to spark so effortlessly to life in me.


“Sanzo?” Gojyo asked with a hint of nervousness when I had been silent for a while.


“I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. It’s not a driving kink for me like it is for you, but I wouldn’t say no to doing it again sometime. I much prefer spanking you though.”


“Yeah, I’ve just got a spankable ass. I’ll leave it up to you then; when you want to try it again,” Gojyo said as he leaned over me to put out his smoke in the ashtray.


He waited until I had put mine out as well before moving from the bed to turn out the light. He crawled back in and pulled me over him until I was laying half on top of him. I tried to push off but he held me tight. I sighed and gave in with a muttered, half-hearted death threat. Gojyo stroked his hands down my back soothingly and I closed my eyes at the feel of such gentleness. Gojyo was always tender and gentle after sex and although I had protested it at first, I had come to enjoy and expect it; not that I’d ever say so.


I toyed with the ends of Gojyo’s hair and let a strange contentment steal over me. Although I had been the one getting spanked and held completely immobile by Gojyo, I had still felt in absolute control of what was going to be done to me; even more than when I was the one doing the spanking. I wanted to ask Gojyo about it but a yawn caught me unaware. I made a mental note to ask him about that in the morning as I relaxed into Gojyo.


I let a rare smile turn up one corner of my mouth as I fell asleep to the soothing feel of Gojyo petting me, his heart a steady lulling sound under my ear and the faintest sounds of his demon song trickling through my head sucking me down into a restful, dreamless sleep.



Author’s Note:

Whenever you are introducing food into play, play smartly with it. Be cautious of what you put where. Clean up well after use. Thus ends my public service safety announcement. And yes, the candy thing does work pretty much as I’ve described it (results may vary). And no, I have no idea where you can find cinn-a-mints (not the cinnamon hearts, those are different and not really recommended).



Chapter 9: Playing To An Audience




I had gone alone into the forest to collect firewood. Although I generally enjoyed the company of my travelling companions, things had been happening that made being around any of them difficult. Gojyo and Sanzo were sleeping together and had been for a while. I didn’t begrudge them any happiness they could steal. But something had happened in the last few days that had Sanzo in a pissier mood than usual; which was saying something. Gojyo was starting to get annoyed with Sanzo and poor Goku kept asking what was going on.


There was nothing I could say to Goku. I wasn’t sure he’d understand Sanzo and Gojyo being intimate. I wasn’t sure I understood them being intimate. I could appreciate Gojyo being attracted to Sanzo. Sanzo was, for lack of a better word, pretty. Gojyo zeroed in on pretty of either sex and soon had them begging to be invited into his bed. It made me a little curious how they had ended up together as I just couldn’t see Sanzo begging to get into Gojyo’s, or anyone’s bed.


Sanzo had been relaxing ever so slightly since he had started partaking of Gojyo’s charms. The fan didn’t always hit Gojyo and the death threats had been marginally fewer since they had started sharing a bed. He had even stopped taking pot-shots at him. Now, Sanzo was back to whacking Gojyo for every little thing and I had yet to see any expression on his face in the past three days except an almost deadly scowl. I sighed as I stooped to pick up another fallen branch.


I froze when I heard voices coming towards me until I recognized them as Gojyo and Sanzo. I shook my head when I heard the angry tone in Sanzo’s voice. None of us could figure out what had set him off and why he seemed to be taking the brunt of his anger out on Gojyo.


“I don’t know what your fucking problem is, Sanzo. You said you were okay with the spanking and you wouldn’t say no to doing it again. I didn’t hurt you. Not really. You got off on it as much as I did.”


I felt my eyebrows rise at that. I never would have guessed that Sanzo would let himself get spanked. He seemed like the one who would do the spanking. I wanted to make myself known but I also didn’t want to step into the middle of a lover’s spat. Especially when I wasn’t supposed to know about them being lovers. I stayed crouched in the brush and hoped they moved on before I was discovered. I didn’t want to embarrass Sanzo like that. Or possibly get shot for knowing that they were an item.


Sanzo glared at Gojyo and his fingers curled into fists. I could tell from his stance that he wanted to hit Gojyo and I admitted to a little curiosity as to why Sanzo was so upset. Gojyo could be casual about sex but I’d never known him to purposefully hurt a bed mate either physically or emotionally. It just wasn’t something Gojyo would do.


“For fucks sake, Sanzo; I can’t fix it if I don’t know what the problem is,” Gojyo growled in frustration as he started to turn his back on Sanzo and tried for calm.


Our eyes connected and Gojyo’s widened in surprise. He moved his head in the barest of shakes and darted his eyes to where Sanzo still stood fuming. I gave a nod, acknowledging that it would do nobody any good for me to announce my presence. Sanzo was pissed enough as it was.


“My problem is you, Gojyo,” Sanzo snapped as he grabbed Gojyo’s arm and tried to turn him around.


Sanzo and Gojyo struggled against each other in near silence. I hoped that I wasn’t going to have to step in between them. Neither would appreciate my efforts to keep both of them in one piece. Sanzo ended the struggle when he managed to pull the banishing gun on Gojyo. Gojyo froze and I had to dig my fingernails into my forearms to keep from stepping from the brush that hid me. Sanzo and Gojyo were in profile and he let his gaze slip to me in a warning not to move. I had never seen Sanzo behave like this before but obviously Gojyo had.


“On your knees, kappa,” Sanzo ordered as he pointed the gun at Gojyo’s chest.


I tensed, hoping that Sanzo hadn’t finally lost it to the point that he’d actually kill Gojyo. He had been behaving very strangely and it seemed like his temper had finally reached the ignition point. I wasn’t sure I’d be fast enough too actually to get a shield up around Gojyo to protect him from having his brains blown out. I waited for Gojyo to refuse to do what Sanzo demanded and the struggle to continue.


I was shocked when Gojyo sank gracefully down to his knees and waited with what I could only call naked lust on his face for what Sanzo was going to do next. Sanzo pressed the gun to Gojyo's temple. The sneer on the monk's face was enough to make most sane people think twice about moving. It made the redhead kneeling at his feet smile and lick his lips in anticipation as his hands moved up under the robe. The dry sound of a hammer being pulled back made Gojyo close his eyes and moan softly with desire.


"Start sucking, Gojyo. The more spit you use, the better it'll be for you; because I am going to fuck you hard up against that tree in about five minutes."


Gojyo pushed the robe out of his way and attacked the zipper of the tight jeans Sanzo was wearing. He made pleasure filled noises once he had Sanzo's cock in hand and the monk hissed his approval. The gun remained steady against Gojyo's temple as he moved forward and opened his mouth over Sanzo's dick. Sanzo rested his free hand on Gojyo's head and began running his fingers through the deep red locks. When Sanzo ran his fingers from Gojyo's scalp to the tip of the hair that always seemed to stand up, a shudder wracked Gojyo's body and a whimper of intense pleasure floated on the air before Gojyo doubled his efforts to suck Sanzo off.


I watched a good friend hold a loaded gun on my best friend and demand that he suck him off and all I could think was that it was one of the most oddly erotic things I had seen in a long time. I couldn’t figure out what Sanzo was doing to Gojyo to make him whimper in absolute bliss like he was. I assumed that Gojyo liked sucking Sanzo off, but it seemed to be more than that. Gojyo was making all kinds of arousing noises of intense pleasure yet he wasn’t touching himself. Sanzo wasn’t quiet either. He was moaning in a continuous stream from the actions of Gojyo’s clever tongue and lips. The monk half closed his eyes from the delight of Gojyo’s mouth and I felt the saliva in my mouth dry at the erotic picture they presented.


My own pants were beginning to feel tight and I reached down to adjust the bulge. Gojyo must have seen that small movement out of the corner of his eye. He glanced in my direction and I was awed to see such intense want and need in his eyes. It was like looking into the heart of a fire filled ruby. It made lust surge through my own body and my cock throbbed in painful pleasure.


I held Gojyo’s eyes as he slowly moved up and down Sanzo’s cock. I could almost feel the desire coming from both Sanzo and Gojyo. Sanzo continued to play with Gojyo’s hair. Every time Sanzo would stroke that length of hair, the fire in Gojyo’s eyes would flare brighter and he’d put more effort into bringing pleasure to Sanzo.


Sanzo was panting heavily and muttering what I assumed was encouragement to Gojyo. The gun remained rock steady against Gojyo’s temple. I would have been very nervous but Gojyo seemed to be getting off on the gun as much as Sanzo. I had to admit that the suggestion of force was another layer of kink that I never would have thought of as a turn on. I’m not sure who was more surprised, Gojyo or me, when Sanzo abruptly ordered Gojyo off his cock.


“Take your pants off and lean against that tree.”


“You are one kinky fuck, Sanzo,” said Gojyo a little breathlessly as he started to undo his pants.


Sanzo held the gun on Gojyo and waited until he had kicked his pants off before approaching him. He pressed the gun to the back of Gojyo’s head and wound his fingers through his hair. He jerked Gojyo’s head down and laid a brutally hard kiss on his lips. Gojyo’s hands came up to the monk’s shoulders and I could see his fingers dig into the fabric of the robe. He made a pained sound that had nothing to do with pleasure and that I could easily hear. Sanzo pulled away only long enough to close his eyes and draw in a shuddery, steadying breath before his lips descended again, gentler this time.


What the first kiss had in heat and anger, the second kiss had in passion and need. Watching Sanzo kiss Gojyo answered questions that I never would have dared ask of either of my two friends. I still didn’t know why Sanzo seemed so angry with Gojyo but he cared about him. Whatever the reason behind the anger, when he realized that he was hurting Gojyo, he had immediately gentled his actions.


The kiss went on and Gojyo held Sanzo tight to him. Sanzo thrust his hips against Gojyo, making him groan. The sound of Gojyo’s wanton pleasure made the erection I had twitch in response. I bit my lip to stifle the groan that wanted to escape. I must have made some small sound because Gojyo opened desire filled eyes and pinned me in place with one look. The hand that had originally moved to my groin to shift my erection began to knead it in response to the erotic show I was being treated to. If Sanzo ever found out I had been watching and Gojyo had known; he’d shoot both of us.


Sanzo finally released Gojyo’s mouth. He was starting to pant from the arousal rushing through him. He struggled with his robes and gave a frustrated growl and almost tore them from his body. He stood in front of Gojyo, his robes puddled at his feet. His chest heaved and the flush of desire was on his face. Sanzo had released his hold on Gojyo’s hair and lowered the gun to point at the ground. His gaze devoured Gojyo who was breathing just as hard and obviously aroused.


He pushed Gojyo back against the tree and waited for Gojyo to move to accommodate him. When Gojyo only smiled seductively at him, Sanzo pulled one of his legs up to his waist and pushed the gun into Gojyo’s ribs. Gojyo grunted and hooked his leg around Sanzo’s waist. When it looked like Sanzo was going to drive into Gojyo, Gojyo spoke softly and raised a hand to touch Sanzo’s cheek.


“Be as mad at me for whatever you want, Sanzo, but don’t use sex as a weapon. I like when it hurts, but not like this. A little prep won’t take long and we’ll both enjoy it better,” Gojyo said as he looked into Sanzo’s eyes.


I could almost taste Sanzo’s impatience but he surprised me by bowing to Gojyo’s request and offering his fingers to Gojyo’s mouth. I pressed my lips tightly together to cut off the groan that wanted to escape from the sight before me.


“Suck, Gojyo,” commanded Sanzo with a little growl.


Gojyo took Sanzo’s offered fingers and sucked on them. Sanzo hissed and muttered about being too damn good at it before he pulled his fingers from Gojyo’s mouth and moved them to Gojyo’s ass. It was then that I realized that Gojyo had allowed Sanzo to lift the leg that would give me the best view of Sanzo’s fingers working to loosen his hole. Gojyo was such a pervert. He knew I could see and he was making sure that I got an eyeful.


Gojyo pressed his upper back against the tree and gasped as Sanzo’s fingers pushed into him. He struggled to keep his eyes open to watch the want move across Sanzo’s face. I had begun to pant ever so lightly from the erotic sight before me and finally undid my pants enough to slip my hand over my straining erection. I almost moaned out loud from finally touching myself.


Sanzo pulled his fingers from Gojyo and gave him a brief, questioning look. Gojyo nodded and bit his lip as Sanzo pressed the head of his cock to Gojyo’s hastily prepared opening and pushed. Gojyo’s head thunked back against the trunk of the tree and he hissed. Sanzo grunted and continued to push into Gojyo. Gojyo raised himself up on his tip toe and exhaled loudly. Sanzo placed a hand on Gojyo’s shoulder and pushed him down hard. Gojyo gasped and squeezed his eyes shut.


“Sanzo, wait. Gimme a second,” Gojyo said through clenched teeth.


Considering the anger that Sanzo had displayed earlier, I was surprised when he remained motionless and waited for Gojyo to adjust. Gojyo drew in a deep breath and opened his eyes. He leaned forward, wrapped his arms around Sanzo’s neck and kissed him. When he pulled back from the kiss, his eyes met mine and he let a seductive smile tease across his face. Gojyo pulled his other leg up around Sanzo’s waist and locked his ankles together behind Sanzo’s back.


I stared at my two friends locked together in their erotic embrace and heard myself whine softly. Sanzo was still basically clothed. He had only opened and pushed his jeans down enough to free his cock. The leather top and arm covers showcased his pale golden skin. Gojyo’s long, naked legs were wrapped around Sanzo’s waist and his arms twisted around his neck. Gojyo leaned his head back against the tree, the motion pushing his hips down on Sanzo’s cock buried deep inside him. Both of them moaned from the bliss that action caused.


I stroked my erection as I watched Sanzo begin to move. He pulled out of Gojyo slowly before pushing back in just as slow. Gojyo’s eyes drifted to me and he looked at me knowingly. He knew I was masturbating to the erotic sight in front of me and he revelled in that knowledge. It was edging his own desire higher to know that he was being watched and arousing someone else from his carnal show.


“Sing, Gojyo,” Sanzo demanded as the gun came up under Gojyo’s chin and dug into the soft skin there.


The light of surprised pleasure came into Gojyo’s eyes. His mouth opened slightly and I waited to hear what Gojyo was going to sing. I thought it a rather odd request from Sanzo, but the entire encounter had elements of the strange to me. I waited but didn’t hear anything except the increased harsh breathing of the two lovers. The effect of the silence was different on the monk. His whole body shook and he began pumping faster into Gojyo. Noises of desire began pouring from his throat that I never would have expected to hear from him.


I felt ghostly prickles of desire pressing against my skin. There was a demonic aura in the air but it wasn’t evil. It was seductive; entrancing; compelling. It was making me want to seek completion that promised to be better than anything I had ever experienced before. I fisted my cock faster, need suddenly whipping through my body.


Sanzo had picked up his pace as well. He drove into Gojyo’s body over and over, groaning his want. Gojyo moaned and pushed his hips against Sanzo. The gun that Sanzo had been holding under Gojyo’s chin slipped down and away. I heard the soft thud of the gun hitting the forest floor. Sanzo brought his hands up to hold Gojyo’s head as he attacked his mouth in a greedy, needful kiss. I gave a quiet little moan as the feel of the demonic aura grew stronger and peaked. Sanzo broke the kiss with Gojyo and threw his head back as a drawn out moan that was very close to a scream escaped from him. Gojyo gave a broken sounding sob as his entire body shivered. I squeezed my eyes shut as I felt the first pulse of my own orgasm rush through me and spill over my fingers.


I stayed kneeling in the brush panting as quietly as I could and feeling my limbs shake. I had never had an orgasm effect me so strongly and I had only been pleasuring myself. The demonic aura I had felt earlier was fading away and I was positive that it had originated with Gojyo. I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to experience sex with him if just watching had been this good.


Sanzo stayed pressed close to Goyjo for a few minutes longer before pushing against the hold Gojyo had on him. Gojyo protested and wriggled his hips making Sanzo gasp and press against him before cursing and shoving against his chest. Gojyo’s legs unwound from Sanzo’s waist and he let the monk go reluctantly. Sanzo scooped up his gun and robes from the ground. He dressed quickly and tucked his gun away. His gaze raked over Gojyo’s half naked form and he scowled.


He stabbed a finger into Gojyo’s chest as he hissed, “Stay the fuck out of my way, you pervy kappa. This doesn’t change anything.”


Sanzo stalked away muttering about demonic powers and lusty water youkai. He stopped a short distance away from where he had left Gojyo leaning against the tree and lit a smoke. His eyes darted back to Gojyo and I saw want and anger fighting in his eyes. He looked like he wanted to say something to Gojyo but clamped his lips around his smoke and whirled around. He left the area without ever knowing that I had witnessed the entire encounter.


Gojyo put his pants back on and pulled out a smoke of his own before wandering over to where I now stood in the bushes. His eyes traveled over the evidence of my own arousal and orgasm and he gave me a gentle satisfied smile as I pulled a handkerchief from a pocket and cleaned myself up.


“I see you enjoyed the show. I don’t think I need to tell you not to say anything to Sanzo about having watched the whole thing. He’d shoot us both.”


“Not that it’s any of my business, Gojyo, but why did you let Sanzo treat you that way? He held a gun to your head and demanded you suck him off.”


“It’s Sanzo,” Gojyo said with a shrug. “It wasn’t the first time he’s done that and I hope like hell it won’t be the last. He wouldn’t have shot me; I don’t think. He pushes all the right kink buttons for me, Hakkai. I can put up with his moods for the most part because of it.”


“It looked damn near like rape, Gojyo,” I said, concerned now for Gojyo.


“You know it wasn’t. He’s not usually like that. Something is bothering him. I just have to wait him out. He’ll eventually work it out in his head.”


“So you’ll let him use you like that? Gojyo, why?” I asked completely at a loss to his easy acceptance of the ill use Sanzo had pushed on him.


“Because he’s Sanzo and he’s worth it once you get under that armour of his. No matter what it looked like to you, Hakkai, he wasn’t using me like you’re implying. Just for the record, I like the rough stuff as much as I like the slow and tender loving. You may not believe it, but I can get both from Sanzo. That alone is worth putting up with his bitchy, sullen moods.”


I wasn’t sure I agreed with Gojyo on that but he had been intimate with Sanzo for some time now. I just had one more question to ask him before he left.


“Sanzo demanded that you sing to him but I didn’t hear anything. I did feel a demonic aura and there was obviously something going on with Sanzo. What were you doing? That was you, wasn’t it?”


“I did sing for Sanzo. It’s a water youkai song that only he can hear. I may be only half demon but I do have some demon powers. That song is one of them.”


“Can I…”


“No, Hakkai, don’t even ask. That song is for Sanzo alone. He’s the only one who will ever hear that particular one,” Gojyo said with surprising steel in his voice.


I gave a little sigh of disappointment. I was always curious to learn about different demon powers. It made me wonder what the song Gojyo sang was like if Sanzo had actually wanted Gojyo to sing it to him. The monk had to know that it was a demon power. I was very surprised and wondered how Sanzo had come to first hear this song of Gojyo’s. I was startled from my little mental wanderings by the feel of Gojyo’s hand on my crotch.


“Anytime you want to join in the fun, Hakkai, I’ll be up for it,” he said with a seductive laugh as he stroked over my soft dick.


He trailed his fingers up the length of me before turning and walking towards the camp we had set up. After watching the two of them together, I couldn’t dismiss the idea of joining them that Gojyo had just planted in my head. I was also aware that it would never happen. Sanzo would never allow it. He was doing his best to hide the relationship he had with Gojyo as it was. And he did have a relationship with Gojyo. Just like Gojyo felt more for Sanzo than as just a beautiful bed mate. Gojyo’s tone of voice and information about the song for Sanzo was evidence enough for that.


I shook my head and began collecting firewood again. Gojyo had been unintentionally cruel to plant the seeds of joining him and Sanzo in bed. I wasn’t sure I’d want to be with Sanzo given the rough treatment he had shown Gojyo. Gojyo had said that Sanzo could be gentle too and I had no reason to doubt what Gojyo said. I was now curious about what it would be like with Gojyo though. I sighed heavily and tried to push thoughts of slipping into Gojyo’s heat out of my head.


We didn’t need any more surly, frustrated people in the group than we already had.


Chapter 10: Between Mind & Heart




I was in the middle of a battle between my mind and heart and I had no idea which side was going to come out the winner. I was a romantic so I supposed my heart had better than average odds to win. I was also a realist but that didn’t mean my mind would come out on top. My heart was telling me that somewhere along the way, Sanzo had become more to me than just a fuck buddy. My head said that it was my dick talking not my heart. I knew better. My dick never confused a good roll in the hay with emotions. And emotions were involved.


While Sanzo was fantastic between the sheets, I cared about him as a person. I trusted him. I could count on one hand the people in the world I trusted and still have fingers left over. Hell, I even liked the bitchy monk most days. I think Sanzo was realizing that what we had was moving past the simple fuck buddy stage and into deeper territory. It was probably triggering all his defences against letting someone close. I bet it was scaring the holy crap out of him. I know it was scaring the holy crap out of me.


I had managed to piece together a little about his past from things he’d let slip and a few encounters we’d had with the freaks trying to kill us for various reasons. Goddess knows, he wouldn’t say shit if his mouth was full of it. From what I learned, I could understand why he was the way he was. He didn’t exactly have any stellar examples of a healthy relationship to go by. I couldn’t really talk. I was pretty screwed up too. Fuck, we all were. Hakkai had been screwing his sister for god’s sake. We don’t even know what Goku did to get stuck on that mountain for five hundred years but you had to fuck up big time to get a sentence like that.


Sanzo had watched the one person I was pretty sure he had loved get butchered protecting him. He later killed a man when he was almost gang raped. He had a former, trusted friend that I’m pretty sure he liked a lot, try to kill him. No, Sanzo hasn’t had a lot of luck in the interpersonal department. I can understand his defences going up with this thing we’ve got going between us. Doesn’t mean I like it.


If I wasn’t such a romantic, optimistic kinda guy, I’d be fighting what was between us pretty hard too. But you can’t live your life cut off from some of the things that made living truly great. Considering the way our lives were going, I was determined to wring every last drop of pleasure from this life that I could before I went to the big bordello in the sky. Right now, those drops of pleasure were coming to me courtesy of one Genjo Sanzo.


Everybody assumed that I had never loved anyone. They all thought that I just hopped from bed to bed and screwed anything that didn’t move fast enough to get away. That hurt sometimes. I have feelings and desires. I want things just like everyone else. I wanted to love and be loved in return. Everybody wanted to be loved at least once by somebody. Life had taught me the hard way that while loving someone, romantically or otherwise, could be the greatest joy; it could also be a soul crushing sorrow.


I loved my stepmother with all the enthusiasm of a child. She had hated me in return for always being a reminder of something that should not be. She made damn sure that I knew what an abomination I was, too. I had still loved her though. Even on that fateful day when she had nearly killed me, I had loved her too much to try and stop her if it would have eased her pain. I think I started to hate her after Jin killed her to save my life. That she forced that decision on him turned the love to hate. No child should have to kill a parent to save a sibling. That just wasn’t right.


I loved Jin then and I love him now. I’m still resentful that he left me alone when I needed him most, but I never stopped loving him. Even now, knowing he’s fighting on the side of our enemies, I love him. I make an effort not to kill him whenever we meet. I’m always the one to fight him. I don’t want one of my friends accidentally killing one of the very few people I actually love.


Hakkai is my best friend. We know stuff about each other that no other living soul does. I’ve held him through nightmares and talked soft nonsense to him when he had a complete breakdown and sobbed brokenly that he shouldn’t still live. I suppose I love Hakkai too. Not as a lover. I’d never had that pleasure, but as a friend.


I guess I even loved monkey boy. He was like that annoying little brother you always tried to ditch but would feel like a hole in your soul if he were gone. I’d never say that to him. Little pain in the ass didn’t need to hear that. He’d just get more annoying. So I poke him and tease him and goof around with him. I think he’s smart enough to pick up on the fact that I care about what happens to him. People don’t give him enough credit for brains. He has a few rattling around in his head. Not that I’d ever tell him that either.


This brought me to Sanzo and how I felt about him.


I knew Sanzo was waging an internal battle with himself over me. It’s why he’d been so pissy lately. Well, more than normal. A defensive Sanzo was a bitchy Sanzo. His brain was telling him one thing while his heart was whispering something entirely different. I wanted Sanzo to listen to his heart. The heart often knew things that the brain refused to even think about.


I sucked on my smoke and stared off into the trees. It was stupid for me to feel anything for him aside from the pleasure of a damn fine roll between the sheets. He was cold, aloof, bitchy, pissy and had warning signs posted around himself ten feet high and flashing in neon that said “Fuck off or die!” I was a complete idiot for wanting him.


He wasn’t a friend like Hakkai. Sure, I enjoyed his company and liked playing cards or Mah Jong with him but he was careful to keep everybody at arm’s length. No, friendship wasn’t a word I could easily use for Sanzo although; I wouldn’t refuse his friendship if he actually offered it.


I sure as shit didn’t view him like a brother. I didn’t want to screw my brother. I couldn’t think of anyone who would be so bad at being a brother either. That wasn’t to say Sanzo didn’t care about anyone; he did. He just hid it so well that almost nobody saw the concern he had. It took me a while to figure it out but I like to study people to see what makes them tick. It helps me be an excellent card player. That need to study people gave me the unexpected bonus of helping me to understand Sanzo just a little. What I do understand about Sanzo attracts and fascinates me and makes me want to learn more. Sometimes, I’m just a sucker for punishment.


He’s smart and if you get him going on a topic he likes, he’ll tell you more than you ever thought you could know about it. He also appreciates a good silence. He can sit there and say nothing and it’s a comfortable silence. In bed, he’s pretty much everything I want. He can be a dominating force and I really like that. He’s learning to be a very good top. I think he’s a natural at it. He can do gentle but he doesn’t do it often enough. I think he’s afraid that it will show how much he cares. I already have a damn good idea how much he cares but I can’t say anything or he’ll shut down and run.


Like he’s trying to run now.


I sighed again and crushed out my smoke. I shouldn’t really be throwing any stones at Sanzo. I wasn’t entirely sure how I felt about him. I wanted him but who doesn’t? He’s a walking wet dream. Well, at least for me he is. I enjoy being with him. I even like him in spite of his pissy behaviour. What exactly did I feel for him? Now there’s the sixty-four thousand dollar question. I honestly don’t know. Some days, I could say I was feeling some pretty heavy shit for him and some days I said no way in fucking hell did I feel anything more than lust. Lately, the heavy shit days were getting higher in number. I’ve never really had a lover that meant this much to me. That it’s Sanzo that’s making me feel this way kinda makes me a whole lot of nervous. Sanzo doesn’t react real well to tender feelings. He’s been known to shoot first and not give a fuck about explanations… ever.


I was surprised when Sanzo dropped down to sit next to me. I had been so lost in thought that I hadn’t even heard him walk up behind me. That was a good way to get my ass killed considering we had every demon we came across trying to snuff us out.


“Hakkai said to talk to you,” Sanzo muttered sullenly.


I smiled just a little at that. Hakkai could make Sanzo do stuff he never would for other people. Actually, Hakkai could get people in general to do stuff they wouldn’t normally do. Something about that polite smile and look of “do it or else” in his eyes. That “or else” was a scary thing for some reason and most people had no desire to actually see what ‘or else’ was. I was Hakkai’s best friend and even I didn’t want to know what that “or else” meant. It gave me a bad feeling in my gut just thinking about it.


“Just sit and be. I won’t tell Hakkai you kept your mouth shut.”


Sanzo grunted at me and shook out a smoke. He looked relieved. He offered me one and we both smoked in silence. I still wasn’t sure what to call my growing attraction to Sanzo and having him sit so close to me wasn’t helping any. I wanted him to know that I was okay with moving our relationship past the fuck buddy stage. I wanted to move it past that stage. I was ready for more but I was pretty sure Sanzo wasn’t. I didn’t know if he’d ever be ready for more. He was fighting our meaning something to each other and somewhere inside me that hurt. There was that little voice inside me that said I’d never be worthy of anyone’s affection or love. Sanzo acting the way he was, even though I knew why, wasn’t helping to shut that voice up.


My head said it was a stupid thing to do. Why would Sanzo want a half demon’s affection? Why would he want me for anything more than tension relief? What did I have to offer him? Why would he want some dirty little half breed that had been rejected time and again? What would a Sanzo priest want with a child of taboo?


My heart said it was the right thing to do. Why wouldn’t Sanzo want what I had to offer? I know he liked the way I made him feel in bed. I hadn’t slept with anyone else since I started sleeping with him. Not that I didn’t get offers. I just didn’t want anyone else. Contrary to popular belief, if I was serious about someone, I didn’t screw around on them. I don’t play fast and loose with someone’s feelings like that. I especially wouldn’t do that to Sanzo. Sanzo meant something to me. I just hadn’t figured out what exactly.


Sanzo had never rejected me and he knew from the get go what I was. In fact, he had been the one that started our whole relationship although he never expected it to go as far as it had. I never thought it would go as far as it had. He never treated me like I was something beneath him. Something that just shouldn’t exist. To Sanzo, I was just Gojyo. A travelling companion. A lover. Maybe even a friend, if he’d let me.


I sighed again and rested my head on his shoulder. I was thinking heavy thoughts again. Sanzo stiffened and tried to scoot away. I snaked my arm around his waist and held him to me.


“Relax. If Hakkai sent you here to talk to me, he’ll keep monkey boy away from us.”


“What the fuck is that supposed to mean? I swear I’ll shoot you right now if you opened your big mouth about us.”


“I haven’t said shit, Sanzo, and you know it. You know I won’t betray the secret about us ‘cause you asked me not to. You can trust me, Sanzo. I wouldn’t do anything to hurt you like that,” I said softly as I nuzzled into his neck. I felt him shiver at my touch before he stiffened.


“Hurt me? Who said it would hurt me if Hakkai knew I was fucking you?” Sanzo snapped, defences rising.


“You are one prickly fuck, you know that? Just trust me a little, Sanzo. That’s all I’m asking.”


Sanzo grunted and slowly relaxed. He was fighting with himself again. His head said just take the pleasure I was offering and live in the moment ‘cause I’d soon get tired of him and his moods and move on. His head was telling him that I was probably still screwing other people who were a lot easier to deal with than him. His head should just shut the fuck up.


His heart, on the other hand, was telling him to snatch at what I was offering and hold it tight to him for as long as he could. His heart said that a chance like I was offering him wasn’t going to come along very often, if ever again. I was willing to put up with his pissy moods and shitty behaviour and still want to be with him. His heart knew what a rarity that was.


Sanzo was conflicted and it was starting to tear him up. He’d never had to make this kind of decision before. I was sure of that. I wasn’t asking anything of him that he wasn’t willing to give or pressuring him to do something he didn’t want to. That confused him. People always wanted something from him that he either couldn’t or wouldn’t give. Whether it was his time as a Sanzo monk, his skill at disposing of demons or his delectable body. I needed to show him that I just wanted him, Genjo Sanzo, nothing else. If I told him that, he’d run in the opposite direction from me. I don’t think he’d believe me. If I was being perfectly honest, I did want more from him. How much more, I still wasn’t really sure. If he ever decided to give me more than just his body at some point… great. I was at the point where I’d take what I could get from him.


I sighed. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.


My own mind was a little mixed up about what I really wanted. I should never think this hard about stuff like this when I was horny. It was just asking for trouble when my dick got involved in the thought process. One thing I did know for sure was that I wanted gentleness from Sanzo the next time I got him wanting and willing in my arms. He’d been rough and fast for too long lately. While I liked that a lot with Sanzo, we both needed some gentleness. You had to balance the rough with the gentle. Maybe Sanzo would be able to clue in to what I was offering him if I showed him with touches and kisses. He always seemed to respond better to actions than words. I think actions were less threatening for him. I started with adding little licks to his skin as I nuzzled and kissed the column of his throat.


“What the fuck are you doing, Gojyo?” Sanzo hissed as he pushed a hand against my chest.


“I want you, Sanzo. I want to feel your skin against mine. I want to hear you laugh as I kiss the ticklish spot behind your knee. I want to hear you moan as I lick your sensitive nipples. I want to taste the sweat on your skin as you arch against me. I want to lose myself in the pleasure of orgasm with you. I want to be inside you.”


Sanzo swallowed hard and a blush was creeping over his cheeks. I loved it when he blushed like a shy virgin. Made the lust moving through my body even stronger. I let my hand drift down over his groin and cupped him through the layers of his clothes. He was already half hard just from my nuzzling him. His hips pushed up into my hand before he could stop himself. As soon as he realized what he had done, he scowled at me and batted my hand away before surging to his feet and moving away.


The little stab of hurt was surprising. I hadn’t expected that. I think I was already in too deep with Sanzo. I was a fine one to be going on about listening to your heart when I was dancing almost as cautiously around my own. I looked down at the ground and heard Sanzo move further away from me. I had pushed too hard and sent Sanzo moving in the opposite direction.


Fuck. I was usually better at this kind of shit.


“Get your ass moving, Gojyo. Even Hakkai can’t keep Goku occupied forever. I’m not letting you screw me out in the open where anyone, including Goku, could stumble on us.”


I jerked my head up and stared at Sanzo with surprise in my eyes. He was waiting impatiently near a small path. Apparently, I hadn’t pushed him away. He just wanted more privacy. I rose to my feet and followed him down the path. As we walked, a rushing noise began to get louder. When the path exited the trees into a small glade with a little waterfall, I was stunned. Sanzo continued walking and stopped near the falls before ducking behind them. I hurried after him and found a small cave behind the falls. Sanzo was already stripping off his clothes.


“How? When?” I began.


“Hakkai found it when he was getting firewood. He mentioned how beautiful it was to me while you and Goku were still gathering kindling. Are you sure you never said anything to him about us?” Sanzo asked suspiciously as his fingers hovered at his waist.


“Nope. I’ve never told him we were together,” I said as I moved close to Sanzo.


That wasn’t a lie. I hadn’t said a damn thing to Hakkai. I’m sure he guessed before he watched Sanzo screw me hard against a tree. Hakkai was a perceptive guy. I’d have to thank him later for telling Sanzo about this place. Damn but Hakkai was a good friend.


Sanzo gripped my shoulder and pushed me roughly against the rock wall of the little cave. His lips crashed down on mine, hungry and hot. He was going to go for rough again if I didn’t stop him. I pushed him away from me.


“No,” I said quietly with firmness in my voice.


Sanzo looked at me with wary surprise in his eyes before I saw the passion cool and something that could have been hurt and resignation move across his face. He covered it quickly and scowled before spinning around and stalking away from me. I grabbed his arm and pulled him back against my chest.


“I want gentleness this time, Sanzo. I need it. I think we both need it,” I said as I kissed the back of his neck.


I felt some of the tension ease from his body. I know he thought I had been rejecting him. Like that was going to happen. For such a hot piece of ass, he had some serious issues about his desirability. He was still stiff in my arms though. He had gotten as far as opening his robe so that it hung from his waist and removed his leather top. I let my hands slide up his chest and brushed the very tips of my fingers over his nipples. Sanzo’s breath hitched in his chest as the sensitive little nubs tightened into peaks. God I loved to play with his body. He was so damn responsive to whatever I did to him.


“I want gentle this time, Sanzo Will you do that for me?” I whispered into his ear as I stroked lightly over his nipples.


Sanzo’s reply was a breathy little ‘yes’ as he relaxed further into my embrace. There had been the chance he’d say no. I think he was using the rough sex to keep a distance between what his mind was telling him and what his heart was urging him to accept.


I kept playing gently with his nipples as I kissed and licked his neck and shoulders. He was so responsive when he let himself enjoy just the simple pleasures of soft kisses and easy touches. His head fell back onto my shoulder and little sounds of pleasure escaped him, almost too low to be heard. Hearing him make those noises and knowing it was because of what I did to him always made me rock hard in seconds. I licked the long line of his throat and inhaled the scent of his skin as I pressed my erection against his ass and rocked gently. The groan of need from Sanzo was beautiful to hear.


I gave him a little push to move away from the rock wall and followed him to the middle of the cave. I turned him around and touched my lips to his in a teasing kiss. He started to press for more. I held his head still and spread butterfly light kisses across his face before working my way back to his lips. This time, I let my tongue slip out to lick at his lips. His little sound of want pulled an answering sound of need from me.


His hands had come up while I was kissing him and were busy pulling my shirt from my pants. I wanted to feel my skin against his. I wanted to lie naked next to him and just touch him and stroke his golden skin as he arched into my hand and made those erotic noises I couldn’t seem to get enough of.


Oh yeah, I was in way too deep now with Sanzo. Oddly, I didn’t care. It felt right.


I stepped back from him and shucked out of my vest. He watched me with need darkening his amazing purple eyes. He wasted no time in following my actions. He was naked faster than me and I worked not to smirk at that. Sanzo wanted. He was fucking spectacular when he wanted. And he wanted me. How did I get so lucky?


He watched me spread his robe on the cave floor and frowned. He opened his mouth to chew me out. The snippy words never made it past his lips. My mouth on his nipple guaranteed that. He groaned instead and brought his hands up to hold my head to him. He ran his fingers through my hair, making sounds of pleasure at the feel of the silky strands. I lapped at the coppery nipple, making him arch against me.


“Gojyo,” he groaned softly as his fingers continued to run through my hair. So much need and excitement was put into that one word. I could get real used to hearing that kind of thing from him on a regular basis.


I dragged him down to the ground with me and pushed him gently onto his back. I untangled his fingers from my hair and felt a thrill shoot down my spine when he protested that. Sanzo loved my hair and just touching it seemed to arouse him. I wasn’t about to complain. I liked it a lot when he ran his long fingers through it. Truthfully, it made me want to rub my skin against his like some big cat scent marking him whenever he did it.


I started to lick my way down his body. I traced his ribs with my tongue and nibbled my way across his belly. He twisted his body when I nipped the skin over his sharp hipbones. I ignored his erection but I made sure to drag the ends of my hair over it. His breath hissed out of him and his hips jerked up. I smiled against the inside of his thigh as I continued my downward journey. Sanzo absolutely loved my hair brushing his skin and I was delighted to oblige.


I licked further down his leg and teased that spot behind his knee that I had discovered by accident. Sanzo twitched his leg once before I captured it and held it still. I licked that one spot until I got the reaction I wanted from him. Sanzo gave a breathless laugh and squirmed under my hands. Every time I managed to drag a laugh out of him, it made me feel as if I had accomplished a great feat. It also made me hornier than hell. Sanzo’s laugh was low and rough and made blood pool in my groin. I’d give a hell of lot to hear it on a regular basis.


I left that ticklish spot, knowing that to linger there too long would kill the laughter and lead to a super pissy monk. I moved down his leg and placed a lingering kiss on the top of his foot before moving to his other leg and repeating the entire process in reverse. By the time I reached Sanzo’s groin, he was panting. Sweat and a fine mist from the waterfall covered his skin making it glisten. His hair had darkened to the colour of old gold and when he opened his eyes to look at me, the purple had become almost black with need.


I glanced down at his erection and ran my fingers over it. Back and forth I stroked him as I watched the need for more build in his eyes. I wanted him with an almost painful intensity. Touching him was pure pleasure. Tasting him was a delight I was about to enjoy. I lowered my mouth until my lips hovered just inches from his skin. He watched me through desire hazed eyes, his breath now coming sharp and fast.


“Play with your nipples while I suck you, Sanzo,” I demanded softly.


Sanzo gasped as my words caused little puffs of air to blow against his hard, sensitive cock. A little shiver travelled through him before he brought his hands up to his chest and pinched the tight little nubs. A low groan rumbled from his chest as he toyed with his nipples. A tingle of pleasure shot down my spine at the sound. I licked him from balls to tip and felt deep satisfaction move through me when his back arched off the ground and he moaned.


I took him into my mouth and gave my own pleasure filled moan. I loved the taste of Sanzo on my tongue. I don’t know what it was about his taste and scent that pushed my buttons so hard. I liked sucking cock but that didn’t explain why I liked having Sanzo in my mouth so much. It was as if I couldn’t get enough of his taste. I swear he had turned me into a Sanzo cock junkie. I could feel pressure building in my groin. Taking Sanzo in my mouth always pushed me hard towards orgasm. I think I could orgasm just from sucking him off. I made a mental note to try it one day just to see if he could do that to me. I could feel the mist from the waterfall coating my skin and had to resist the urge to use my water youkai powers to stay hard even after orgasm so I could keep driving him wild.


I slid my mouth down Sanzo’s cock, enjoying the velvety feel of his skin against my tongue. Sanzo moaned softly and I flicked my eyes up to watch him roll his nipples between his fingers. My own cock throbbed and I wanted to slide into him at the same time that I wanted to continue to torment him with pleasure. Before I could be inside him, I needed to stretch him. This was about pleasure for the both of us. I wasn’t going to hurt him no matter if that was what he seemed to prefer lately.


I groped behind me for my pants and dragged them close as I continued to move my mouth up and down his shaft. I found the little tube of lube and flipped it open one-handed. Sanzo’s eyes had closed with the intense desire he was feeling. Even if I was aiming for a gentle loving, I knew there was one thing he loved me to do to him. I didn’t understand it but it always drove him wild. And I loved it when he went wild.


I slicked my fingers and kept up the slow up and down motion of my mouth over his cock. I waited until I heard the soft, continuous stream of erotic noises that I managed to pull from Sanzo when he finally let himself go and just enjoyed the sensations of his body. I pulled back until I held just the tip of him in my mouth. I teased his slit briefly with my tongue before swallowing down his entire length in one smooth move. At the same time, I thrust two fingers inside him and twisted hard to press against his sweet spot.


The reaction from Sanzo was electric. His hips jerked up and forced his cock even deeper down my throat. His eyes opened wide and intense pleasure blazed there. His mouth opened with a soundless scream and I could almost feel his arousal double. His body slammed back to the ground and he abandoned his nipples to grab fistfuls of my hair. He spread his legs further apart and began to circle his hips as wordless pleas for more poured from his throat. I pumped his ass hard and felt sweat slide down my body from the obvious enjoyment he was getting from the rough thrust of my fingers.


His cock throbbed against my tongue and his ass clenched tight on the fingers I had inside him. I was pushing him close to his peak. He had good control but he had his limits and I wanted to be inside him when he came. I wanted to feel his ass squeezing my cock when he peaked. There were few things that I enjoyed more than the feel of being inside Sanzo when he came.


He moaned a protest when I removed my fingers and let his cock slip from my mouth. He opened his eyes and watched as I slowly slicked my cock. I brushed the head against his opening, teasing us both. Heat flared in his eyes when I pushed and the head slipped in. A low groan of pleasure escaped him and I had to close my eyes and concentrate on not just ramming into him. I wanted to do him slow and gentle. We both needed it.


“Now, Gojyo,” Sanzo demanded with a growl as he tried to force me to move faster.


“Patience, Sanzo. I’ll give you what you want eventually,” I said softly as I inched my way inside him.


“I want now,” Sanzo said in a tone that was both sulky and demanding and so fucking erotic I almost did what he wanted.


Sanzo was a commanding lover once you got him warmed up. Even when I was doing my best to give him a slow loving, he wanted it on his terms. He wasn’t going to get that this time. He was going to take what I was giving him and he was going to like it. Wow, did that sound dominating or what? The things this bitchy monk could make me feel….


I leaned over Sanzo and slowly pushed all the way in. His long lashes fluttered closed and he made a sound of satisfaction deep in his throat. That simple noise of pleasure made the blood pound through my veins. Sanzo could push all my buttons and he wasn’t even trying. Who was the expert lover here? Why the hell did I care when he felt so good on my cock?


I started a slow, gentle rhythm of sliding in and out of Sanzo’s ass. I leaned down and took his mouth in a yielding kiss that pulled even more of those erotic sounds from him. His hands drifted up into my hair to hold me to him. I felt the soft touch of his fingers against my scalp and moaned into his mouth. My breath caught when he slid my antenna through his fingers. He may have wanted me to do him roughly but he had never been anything but gentle with my antenna.


The touches of his fingers on my antenna made the need to pleasure Sanzo explode through my body. Whatever he wanted me to do to bring him pleasure, I’d do. The teasing strokes of his fingers on my antenna followed the pattern of thrusts in his ass and I whimpered at the rush of sensation. I needed to make Sanzo come. He had to find release before I did. Mine wouldn’t come until Sanzo orgasmed. I couldn’t now that he had started to play with what he knows is a direct link to my cock and a driving urge to please him. My pleasure was firmly tied to his now and he knew it.


“Harder, Gojyo,” Sanzo panted as he twisted his head away and exposed the long column of his throat.


I groaned and started giving him the stinging little bites along his throat that I knew he wanted. I began to move faster in him. He wrapped his long legs around my waist and met every thrust with a twist of his hips. Whimpers of pleasure escaped him as the faster I pumped his ass, the harder the thrusts. I pushed into him hard and held myself still as I tried to stop the rush towards orgasm. I wanted to give him a long, slow loving.


“No, don’t stop. Close. So close,” Sanzo panted as he twisted under me, trying to get me to move again.


I snaked an arm under him and pulled him up until he was straddling my thighs. He groaned at the change in position and what that did to the pleasure he was feeling. Sanzo was sitting in my lap, his chest pressed tight to mine. I kept one hand on his hip and pressed the other one between his shoulder blades. The feel of his skin pressed tight to mine was arousing me in ways I hadn’t thought possible. Sanzo gripped me tightly with his legs around my waist and ground his ass down. His cock was squeezed between our bellies, rubbing erotically against our skin. We both groaned at the feel.


“Yes,” Sanzo hissed with pleasure as he wriggled his hips.


He pressed his lips to mine and kissed me like he couldn’t get enough. He started to raise and lower himself on my cock. I groaned and surrendered to what Sanzo wanted. I followed his motions and was soon back on the edge of orgasm. Sanzo was close too. His muscles quivered and he was breathing hard between the moans of pleasure.


“Gonna… come,” Sanzo panted, lost in the pleasure rushing through his body.


Sanzo pushed down hard and his head dropped back. His whole body shook as he found release. The moan of pleasure that left his throat was like music to my ears. I gripped his hip hard enough to bruise and bit my lip to remain still as his ass began to rhythmically squeeze my cock. I felt his hot seed spurt onto my belly and the twitches of his cock. It was too much for me. Two short thrusts had me blowing my load inside his still squeezing ass. Sanzo gave a little growl of satisfaction and leaned in to nip my shoulder. I shivered and held him close as waves of contentment washed through me.


Sanzo rested his head against my shoulder and relaxed in my arms. His breathing was slowing down and the little puffs of air against my sensitized skin raised goose bumps down my arms. A burst of happiness and satisfaction spread through me. I rubbed my cheek against Sanzo hair and sighed. This is what I had been missing. Not so much the sex, although that was fantastic, but the time spent just holding him close to me while our hearts slowed back to normal. I stroked my hand up and down Sanzo’s back and closed my eyes at how good simply touching him made me feel.


It was more than fantastic sex. It was more than sharing the same kinks. It was feeling like I belonged. It was feeling like I was more than just a convenient screw. Sanzo made me feel good. He made me feel like I was important to him. I mattered to him. I know I did. I could feel it.


Sanzo gave a little sigh and lifted his head from my shoulder. He gave me a smouldering look that said he’d be up for another go if we were in a private room and not likely to be disturbed by a certain monkey boy. He ran his fingers through my hair and gave me a deep, lingering kiss that stirred all kinds of things to life before moving from my lap and away from me.


He cleaned himself up and quickly dressed as I watched. He started to move past me and I snagged his arm as I stood. He looked down his nose in annoyance at me. I resisted the urge to sigh. The pissy monk was back. I pulled him close to me and pressed a kiss to his lips. I tried to tell him with that kiss what I couldn’t say with words without scaring him away. The kiss said I enjoyed him for more than just sex. There was trust and friendship if he wanted it. Desire was there too. Desire would always be there for him. I was trying to show him what he meant to me without saying a word.


Sanzo leaned into me, responding and seemed to want more. I was happy to oblige when he suddenly pushed away from me and whirled away. He stopped at the cave opening with his back to me. Tension was now coming off his body in waves. He looked back at me over his shoulder. Confusion was in his eyes. I think he caught what I had been trying to tell him with that kiss. I hadn’t meant to confuse him. I hadn’t meant to make him run.




His head was saying what we had was just sex. His head was denying everything that I had put into the kiss. His heart was saying there was more to it than that. His heart was acknowledging what was in that kiss.


“It’s just sex, Gojyo. Don’t make more of it than it is,” Sanzo said in a harsh voice, leaving the cave before I could say anything.


I stared at the spot where Sanzo had stood for a long time. What we shared was more than sex. He couldn’t fool me into believing that and I hoped he wasn’t trying to fool himself into believing it either. He cared about me. He had been jealous when he thought I was off screwing someone else. You don’t feel that way if you’re just fuck buddies. Why was he fighting what was between us so hard? He had to know that I wouldn’t hurt him, didn’t he? Why couldn’t he just accept it and let whatever was between us, develop? What was so fucking scary about me loving him?


Aw fuck.


I sat down abruptly on the ground. I did not just think that. I drew in a deep breath and tested that random thought out loud. Hearing my own voice softly say ‘I love you, Sanzo,’ gave me a rush of intense pleasure and happiness. I closed my eyes and sighed in defeat.


Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.


It sounded too good and made me way too happy to be a lie. Perfect. Just fucking perfect. I was in love with Genjo Sanzo. When the hell did that happen?


I eventually dressed and left the little cave. I was happy and excited and scared shitless. Loving Sanzo wasn’t going to be easy. Hell, liking Sanzo was a challenge most days. He wasn’t going to co-operate either. I don’t think he’d ever really loved anyone, not romantically anyway. He might like people on occasion but love?


I walked back into the camp and automatically looked towards Sanzo. He caught my gaze and glared back at me. He set his jaw mulishly and stomped away muttering about pervy kappa. Hakkai looked at me with a question in his eyes while Goku asked what bug Sanzo had up his butt this time. A bullet just missed Goku’s foot and Sanzo’s growled ‘Shut the fuck up, Goku,’ made all of us quiet and avoid looking to where Sanzo brooded in the shadows.


Nope, Sanzo wasn’t going to co-operate. Loving Sanzo was definitely not going to be easy. But the rewards would be fantastic. My battle between mind and heart was done. I was a romantic. My heart would always win. I wondered what I could do to make sure that Sanzo’s heart won his personal battle. Now that I knew I loved the bitchy monk, I wanted his love in return. Getting his love was going to be harder than anything I had done to date. Good thing I loved a challenge.


Get ready, Genjo Sanzo. This pervy water kappa is gunning for your heart. I hate to lose and with something as important as this, I wasn’t gonna.



Chapter 11: Wants & Needs




Gods damn Gojyo.


Why did he have to go and screw up a perfectly good thing? He was trying to piss me off, gods know why. He knew damn well there was nothing more to this... this... thing between us than just fucking. Why was he trying to turn it into more? It can't be more. I won't let it be more. I want him physically. I need the release. I didn't need him. I don’t need anyone.


Pulling that little stunt with the kiss in the cave… I should’ve shot him on principal.


I caught Gojyo looking at me again in the rear view mirror and I was torn between wanting to shoot him and wanting to fuck him. I was perfectly fine until I started screwing him. I never had to deal with this intense want for sex before Gojyo. I sucked hard on my smoke and for some reason that made Gojyo smile wickedly at me. My traitorous body woke up to the lust moving though Gojyo’s eyes and I snapped at Goku when he whined about being hungry. Gojyo just smiled wider and ran his fingers through his hair while giving me a smouldering look. He knew exactly how erotic I found the caress of his hair on my skin. He knew damn well how much I enjoyed feeling the blood red strands slide through my fingers.


Gods damn fucking Gojyo.


I averted my eyes from the rear view mirror and refused to look at him again. I pinned my gaze to the boring landscape we were rolling through and ignored the way my body seemed aware of him. It’s nothing more than the familiarity of travelling together. That his appreciative looks felt good was irrelevant and completely unwanted.


“Sanzo, when are we gonna stop and eat? I’m starving to death here.”


I closed my eyes and bowed my head just a little. When Goku started to ask again, louder, I lost it and whipped out my fan. I caught the monkey on the side of the head, hard. He whined a protest and Gojyo laughed.


“Spanking the monkey again, Sanzo?”


The banishing gun was out and under Gojyo’s chin before he realized I’d moved. Surprise was in his eyes but not fear. He wasn’t worried about me blowing his head off and that rankled. When did Gojyo get so sure of what I would or wouldn’t do? I thumbed back the hammer and felt a moment’s satisfaction when wary caution finally entered his eyes.


“Sit there and shut the fuck up. Whoever talks next gets shot,” I growled as I dug the gun into the soft skin under Gojyo’s jaw.


Goku sat back and looked at me wide-eyed. Gojyo looked at me for a moment longer and exhaled softly as he slid his eyes away from me. I held the gun on him a moment longer before putting it away and sliding down in my seat. I folded my arms across my chest and closed my eyes. I did not find holding a gun on Gojyo arousing. I did not see lust flare brightly in Gojyo’s eyes at having the gun pressed to his flesh. I did not hear the little catch in his breath that meant he was remembering the last time I’d held a gun on him and the fulfilling results.


Fucking Gods damn fucking Gojyo.


I brooded in stony silence the rest of the day. Not even Hakkai was willing to try a conversation with me. Goku stayed blessedly silent for the rest of the day. Only Gojyo didn’t seem to have his spirits dampened by my foul mood. I could feel his eyes on the back of my neck most of the day and they felt like a silky caress. When I did chance to look up and meet his gaze in the rear view mirror, I saw lust and want and need as well as something else I didn’t want to even contemplate being there. My eyes skittered away and I returned to my brooding.


It was a relief when we pulled into a town near the end of the day. All of us were tense and tired. I noticed the way the setting sun made Gojyo’s hair flare into a bright red corona around his head. I wanted to touch it and inhale the scent of spring rain that seemed to cling to it. I clenched my hands into fists and stomped into the inn instead. I booked the rooms for the night, making sure I got a single for myself. Gojyo, Hakkai and Goku could share a room or sleep in the jeep for all I cared. Screw what the talking heads would say about the cost of an extra room when one would have done for the four of us. Goku was talking excitedly about what the inn had in the way of food as we walked into the dining room. I made plans to just have a quick meal and go to the quiet of my room, away from the pervy kappa.


It was not an escape.


During supper, I couldn’t seem to keep from staring as Gojyo licked a sticky sauce from his fingers. My cock started to harden as he caught my eye and held my gaze as his tongue swirled around his fingers. Suddenly, all I could think of was how it had felt to have his mouth on me. Kissing my throat, licking my nipples, laving my dick from root to tip before taking it inside the wet heat of his mouth. I growled at my travelling companions and stomped to my room, aroused and frustrated.


Fucking pervy kappa.


Once in my room, I shed my robe and sat on the bed to read the paper. It was only after I read the same line four times and still couldn’t remember what the sentence was about that I tossed the paper down in disgust. I removed my glasses and set them on the night stand and pinched the bridge of my nose in annoyance. Gojyo was nothing more than my bed mate. A fuck buddy. Someone I could relieve tension and stress with. Of course it felt good when we fucked each other. If it didn’t, why would I even bother? Why would he?


I leaned back and stared at the ceiling. I wouldn’t be feeling this way if Gojyo hadn’t kissed me like he did in the cave. It meant nothing. I wanted Gojyo. I didn’t need Gojyo the way that kiss meant he wanted me to want him. I needed to prove that to him. I needed to prove that what we had was nothing more than a good fuck buddy relationship where we both got what we wanted, namely a good fucking with some kink tossed in every now and again. I needed to find Gojyo and the bar was the most likely place. I didn’t bother dressing in my robe before I left my room. It wouldn’t take me long to find Gojyo.


I found him sitting at a table playing cards with some of the locals. Hakkai was talking to the bartender and Goku was nowhere in sight. I marched up to the table and glared at the occupants. The locals were a little smarter than Gojyo. They made their excuses and left. Gojyo smirked at me and raised his glass to me before tossing the contents back. I jerked my head back towards to stairs and whirled around. I stopped at the base of the stairs and looked back to where Gojyo still sat at the table.


He stared at me for a long minute before he scooped his winnings up and sauntered after me. He paused next to me at the foot of the stairs and leaned into my personal space. The smile he gave me was heated and full of sexual promise. I could smell his hair when he stood this close to me and I wanted to bury my nose in the scarlet strands and just inhale.


“A private room, Sanzo? You have plans for my ass tonight?”


His voice was rough and low and sent heat through my veins. He usually sounded like that when he was moments away from begging me to fill his ass. I wanted him but I didn’t need him. I wanted the relief his body could give me but I didn’t need whatever the hell he thought he was doing to our arrangement. I gave him a shove towards the stairs and growled at him to get moving.


I snarled a warning when I felt a hand on my arm. None of the locals would have been so brave so I knew it had to be Hakkai. I waited with my back to him, knowing that he wanted to say something I probably wasn’t interested in hearing.


“This journey hasn’t been easy for any of us, Sanzo,” Hakkai started as he tried to turn me to face him.


“It’s none of your business, Hakkai. This is between Gojyo and me,” I ground out as I shrugged off his hand and stomped up the stairs.


Hakkai wanted to say more. I could feel him wanting to come after me. I knew he and Gojyo were friends but this was between the pervy kappa and me. That Hakkai suspected if not actually knew I was fucking Gojyo was pretty obvious now. I wondered why Gojyo told him. I felt my anger mount with Gojyo. He knew I didn’t want anybody to know about us screwing. I’d told him I’d kill him if he opened his big mouth about us.


Gojyo was standing by the window, smoking, when I entered the room. He was still dressed and gave me a lazy, sensual once over before crushing out his smoke. He looked better than any person had a right to and I wanted him.


“Strip and get on the bed.”


“Ah, so we’re playing that game tonight,” Gojyo said with a wicked smile that made me harder than hell. “I should have guessed when you held your gun on me in the jeep.”


“Shut up and move,” I ordered as I locked the door behind me and started to take off my own clothes.


“Yes, master Sanzo,” Gojyo replied with a cheeky grin as he shed his clothes and moved to the bed.


I wanted to hit him at the same time I wanted to fuck him. From past experience, I knew I could do both and he wouldn’t protest. He’d actually like it; perverted kappa that he was. I’d like it too but I wasn’t going to examine that at the moment. I wasn’t going to do that particular kink tonight anyway. I had something to prove to myself as well as Gojyo. He lay on his back and gripped his semi-hard erection. He stroked himself as he watched me approach the bed. Gojyo wanted me. I could see that from the desire apparent in his ruby eyes. It was one hell of a potent aphrodisiac for me and something I intended to use to the fullest.


I straddled his chest and pressed the head of my cock to his lips. He opened his mouth eagerly and sucked me inside. His sounds of pleasure at having my cock in his mouth edged my desire higher. His hands travelled over my hips and thighs, stroking and arousing me further. His tongue stabbed into the slit of my cock before curling around the shaft as he bobbed his head. He cupped my ass and squeezed my cheeks before one of his hands slipped between my legs to fondle my balls.


I panted as arousal moved through me. Gojyo was fantastic at giving head. He seemed to know exactly what I wanted, when I wanted it. I watched him through half closed eyes and decided that there was nothing stopping me from using him as I wanted. I relaxed my control and started fucking his mouth. I felt his surprise at my actions before he groaned around my cock and began to suck hard on me. He enjoyed it when I took complete control of the situation. I braced my hands on the wall in front of me and flexed my hips. Gojyo’s hands settled on my ass and guided me in a steady rhythm. My eyes closed as I focused on the feel of his tongue working my cock and the shivery feel of his teeth lightly scraping my length. I gave him no warning when hit my peak. I felt him try to pull back in surprise as my cock spurted in his mouth. I reached down and fisted my hand in his silky hair as I held him on my dick.


“You’re not done yet, Gojyo. I want your ass. Make me hard again,” I demanded as I stared into his eyes.


I watched as lust flared brightly in his eyes and a little whine of pleasure escaped him. Even though Gojyo complained about being ordered around in public; he took immense pleasure in being ordered around the bedroom by me. He immediately started sucking on my softening cock. A shiver moved down my spine at the feel of his mouth working so skilfully on my sensitized dick. The things he could do with teeth and tongue should be illegal. They probably were in some places.


I was hard again in a surprisingly short period of time. I reluctantly pulled my dick from his mouth and moved from the bed. Gojyo started to sit up but settled back when I pinned him with a scowl. He licked cock swollen lips and watched me with hungry eyes as I retrieved the lube from my bag and came back to the bed. I squeezed some out into the palm of my hand and slicked my cock before I dropped the tube onto his belly. A question moved through his eyes at the abrupt action but he stayed where he was.


“Get yourself ready,” I ordered as I sat back on my heels between his spread legs.


Wary surprise then lust flashed through his eyes. He squirted lube onto his fingers and bent his knees, fully exposing himself to me. I slowly stroked myself as I watched him smear lube around his hole and tease himself before he pushed a finger into his body. He groaned at the feel and held my eyes as he started to work his hole as I’d told him to. I watched him finger fuck himself and struggled not to jerk his hand away and shove my cock into him. He was such a sensual creature that I found it hard to hold myself in check.


He was teasing both of us with the motion of his fingers and my patience for that kind of thing was infinitesimal at the moment. I’d just had a spine tingling orgasm and I wanted another one. Gojyo was the one doing this to me. He was the one making me want and need things. I was okay with wanting. I wasn’t okay with needing. My head said I didn’t need anything or anyone. My body turned traitor and insisted I needed the pervy kappa and everything his body and actions promised to give me.


I needed to feel his body pressed close to mine. I needed to hear his cries of pleasure because of what I would soon be doing to him. I needed to taste the unique flavour of his mouth. I needed to hear him sing for me the song that made intense pleasure rush through my body. It was because of that almost gut-twisting need that I didn’t do any of those things.


Gods fucking damn the need Gojyo made me feel.


I pulled Gojyo’s fingers roughly from his body and pressed my cock to his ass. He whined in pleasure as I sank into him. I closed my eyes and held myself motionless for several seconds as I just enjoyed the sensation of Gojyo’s ass clenching my cock tight. My eyes snapped open when I felt Gojyo’s hand cup the back of my head and try to pull me down for a kiss. I jerked my head back and glared at him. I didn’t need the intimacy of a lover’s kiss. I didn’t need any of his touches or caresses to get off. Sliding my dick in and out of his ass would work just fine for that.


“Hands above your head. Hold onto the headboard and don’t let go,” I growled at him.


Gojyo opened his mouth to protest but shut it when I narrowed my eyes at him. I knew he realized that something about this encounter was different. His eyes held questions that I was in no mood to answer. He eventually did as I instructed and waited for what I was going to do next. I could see the wariness in his eyes but ignored it. This was about satisfying what my body wanted. This wasn’t about what Gojyo needed from me.


Seeing him stretched out under me, connected only at our groins, was oddly erotic. I held myself up on my arms and began pumping into him. He sucked in his breath at the strong thrusts before closing his eyes and letting out a groan of pleasure. He braced his feet on the bed and started pushing his hips up to meet every thrust of mine.


Sweat gave his skin a pearly sheen and darkened the hair around his face to the colour of old blood. The musky scent of sex and man filled my nose and I wanted to revel in it. Gojyo panted and groaned under me as his knuckles turned white with the strength of the grip he had on the bars of the headboard. His arms trembled with the strain of doing what I’d told him to when he what he really wanted to do was take his cock in hand and jerk it along with the rhythm of my pounding into his ass. I knew he wanted to touch me. Gojyo always wanted to touch me when we fucked. He seemed to need to feel my skin rubbing against his. His stomach muscles rippled and his chest heaved as he strained under me trying to increase the contact of our bodies.


He was beautiful in his need.


He started to beg me in a whisper soft voice to touch his cock, to touch him; to let him come. Over and over he beseeched me to just touch him. The pleas were so erotic and needy that I found my hand moving to grip him without any conscious thought on my part. I hadn’t intended to touch him more than I had to too get off but his moan of delight at feeling my hand on him was almost as good as hearing him sing his demon song for me. I increased my pace and his little growls of enjoyment spilled faster from his throat until it was a rolling wave of pleasure filled noise keeping time to my thrusts in his body. It was a song of passion as surely as if he had started to sing his demon song to me. I was just as helpless to the effects of that as I was to the actual song.


Gods damn the erotic perfection of Gojyo under me.


I felt my balls tighten and I tried to hold back my orgasm just to enjoy the pleasure of sliding in and out of Gojyo’s ass a little longer. He writhed in sensual abandonment as I slammed my hips tight to his ass and I lost what little control I’d been hanging on to. My whole body shuddered as I came inside Gojyo. He groaned and his cock pulsed in my hand as he found his own peak and striped his belly with his seed. Both of us panted harshly and I could see his pulse beating frantically in his throat. I wanted to close my mouth over it. I felt like I needed to mark him as mine. I mentally jerked back from those thoughts.


I drew out of him and let go of his dick. I wiped my hand off on the edge of the sheets before leaving the bed to get my smokes. Gojyo stayed on the bed with his eyes closed, breathing heavily. He slowly let go of the bars of the headboard and swiped at his belly with the sheet. He eventually turned his head to look at me where I stood next to the window. He was waiting for me to come back to the bed to share a smoke and let him hold me. It wasn’t going to happen this time. I took the final drag on my smoke before crushing it out and dressing quickly.


“Sanzo?” Gojyo asked with a puzzled expression. He always held me after sex. I think it was something he needed to do.


“Be gone before I get back,” I said coldly as I threw my jeans and shirt on and headed for the door.


I was going to go to the bar and get drunk. Fucking Gojyo as I had didn’t help. I think it actually made it worse. I still wanted him with a nearly painful intensity. My traitorous body was crying out to crawl into the bed next to Gojyo and let him stroke his calloused hands over my skin as he held me pressed tight to his body. My body was telling me I needed the quiet, gentle contact. My body could just smarten the fuck up. I didn’t need anything or anybody.


“Sanzo, what the fuck?” Gojyo asked with what even I recognized as hurt in his voice.


I knew I was being an utter bastard when I ignored him and left the room. I knew what he wanted and I wasn’t willing to give it to him. He wanted to touch me and stroke my skin. I think he was starting to need to have me in his arms. As good as it always felt to be held by him, I didn’t like the way I was starting to need that from him.


I strode stiffly into the bar and ordered a drink. Hakkai was still there and looked at me with that knowing gaze of his that saw way too much. He lost the smile he habitually wore and gave me a penetrating look. That single look held a wealth of meaning and none of it was complimentary towards me. I wanted to hunch my shoulders at that look and avoid eye contact with Hakkai. Instead, I stiffened my spine, lit a smoke and stared into my drink.


I knew the second Gojyo stepped into the bar without even turning around or looking into the mirror that hung over the bar. I was in deep trouble when I could just feel his presence. Hakkai slid his eyes away from me, took one look at Gojyo, and drilled me with a suddenly hostile gaze before his mask of politeness slid back into place. I was reminded by that brief look into his eyes that without the limiters on, Hakkai was one seriously dangerous demon. And he now knew I’d hurt his best friend.


“I’ll leave you to your drink, Genjo Sanzo,” Hakkai said with chilling frost in his voice as he snatched up his beer and headed off Gojyo.


I almost flinched from the implication of the words that he didn’t say. Although the words he spoke were perfectly civil, it most certainly wasn’t what Hakkai meant. Hakkai was angry for my wounding Gojyo as I had. He might not know exactly what I’d done but he knew I’d hurt Gojyo in a way few people could.


I watched in the mirror above the bar as Hakkai steered Gojyo to a table in the corner of the room and signalled the waitress over. Hakkai spoke earnestly to Gojyo for several minutes. Gojyo shook his head and slouched in his seat. He let his hair fall forward, hiding his face. When his beer arrived, he tossed it back in a few gulps and signalled the waitress to bring more. Hakkai’s disapproving gaze connected with mine in the mirror.


Hakkai’s words before he went to Gojyo and the look I’d just received made me break eye contact. That man could put an entire angry tirade into a few words or a simple look. I was almost never on the receiving end of those words and looks. I didn’t realize how small and uncomfortable I could be made to feel by things that weren’t said.


When Gojyo first came into the bar, I’d seen the confused, hurt look he sent my way. As he continued to sit with Hakkai and get shit-faced drunk, his mood slowly changed from wounded to livid. I felt each venomous glare as if needles were being stabbed into me. Eventually, I tossed back the last of the drink in front of me and moved to leave the bar. I said nothing to Gojyo or Hakkai as I passed their table. I wasn’t prepared for Gojyo’s hand to shoot out and grab my arm, yanking me almost into his lap.


“I don’t know what your fucking problem is, Sanzo. I may be nothing more than a dirty half breed but not even I deserved that. If you wanted to call it quits, all you had to do was tell me.”


Gojyo let go of me and shoved me from him on one motion. I stumbled a little before I could catch myself. Anger and hurt fairly radiated from Gojyo. Hakkai was tense and I thought he might have been seconds away from ripping off his limiters and attacking me no matter the expression of polite indifference on his face. I stiffened my spine and marched out of the bar and back to my room. I slammed the door and stood by the window. My hands shook slightly as I lit a smoke.


I told myself it was a delayed reaction to the tension and anger of Gojyo and Hakkai. My hands weren’t shaking because Gojyo had just ended our relationship. My stomach wasn’t twisting up in knots because of the hurt I knew I’d caused Gojyo by treating him as nothing more than a body to use. I was not feeling like I’d just thrown away one of the most solid, worthwhile things that had come to me in longer than I cared to think about. I blew smoke slowly out and stared off into the night. My chest felt tight and for once I really didn’t want to be alone. I slammed my fist into the wall next to the window and squeezed my eyes shut. Damn Gojyo for making me want and need things I had no business wanting or needing.


Fucking gods damn fucking Gojyo for making me care.



Chapter 12: Needing & Wanting




Fuck, but I wanted Sanzo.


I never expected to feel this way about him. I didn’t really expect to feel like this about anybody. I didn’t know how he managed to sneak under my guard and settle himself next to my heart. I wasn’t bitching about it. I liked the warm, giddy sensation I got from it. There was also the added rush of knowing that if I pushed him just a little too much, just a hair too hard, he might cause me serious bodily harm. That added a nice kick of adrenalin to being in bed with him. It didn’t hurt anything that he was gorgeous too.


After giving him that last kiss in the cave, I wasn’t sure if he was going to take a pot shot at me or not. I’m relieved he didn’t. Being shot fucking hurts.


The kiss turned Sanzo surly. Well, surlier than he usually was. I knew I’d made him nervous and possibly even scared him with the feelings I’d put into that kiss. For the first few days after it, Sanzo avoided me like the plague. He’d stopped being so skittish when I didn’t push him for anything and let him set the pace for how he wanted to deal with what he’d felt from the kiss. Almost a full week passed before I felt his touch again. That’d been pure torture for me. It had been under the cover of darkness and deep into the night when he came to my bed but I didn’t care when he came to me, just that he did.


He avoided any contact with me that wasn’t accidental in the presence of others. He growled death threats at me and if looks could kill, I’d have been dead a thousand times over. But he never pulled out his fan to hit me or threatened me with his gun. Goku, on the other hand, wasn’t spared the Fan-Of-Doom and complained loudly when he got hit and I didn’t.


But the show of not touching me during the day fell away at night. As long as we had some privacy, I’d get his company in bed with me where he’d do some very unmonk-like things with me. He was passionate and erotic and commanding and I loved every minute of it. He was going the path of roughness again but I suppose it was his way of dealing with our becoming closer. I was going to let him work it out of his system a little longer and then demand some gentler bed play with him. He really needed to learn that gentle and tender didn’t mean weak. More restraint was needed to be gentle and move slowly than was needed to be rough.


I caught Sanzo’s eyes in the rear view mirror. I let him see the lust he stirred in my body. I drew in a sharp breath when he sucked hard on his smoke. Memories of every time Sanzo had those lips of his wrapped around my cock flooded my brain. I sent him a wicked smile, more than willing to play a little seduction game with him. I saw Sanzo’s eyes darken with desire and smiled wide when Sanzo snapped at Goku in frustration. I ran my fingers through my hair and gave him a half-lidded look that promised him whatever he wanted when we got to the next town and a room to our selves.


Fuck but I wanted to taste him again.


Sanzo turned his gaze away from mine and refused to look at me again. He stared at the rocks and sand we travelled through but I could tell from the subtle tension in his body that he was aware I was watching him and caressing him with my eyes. From the faint blush in his cheeks, I could tell the touch of my eyes was arousing him. Hell, I was arousing myself.


“Sanzo, when are we gonna stop and eat? I’m starving to death here.”


I saw Sanzo drop his head forward and the muscles in his neck tensed. Goku, being the annoying little monkey he was, opened his mouth to whine about being hungry again. He barely got three words out before Sanzo whipped out his fan and hit Goku across the ear making the monkey whine and rub the side of his head. I couldn’t help it, I laughed at the expression on Goku’s face.


“Spanking the monkey again, Sanzo?” I asked with a smirk.


I didn’t think Sanzo would move as fast as he did. I didn’t even see him put away the fan before he pressed the banishing gun under my chin. I watched his eyes and saw flickers of desire move through the purple depths. He wouldn’t shoot me. He wanted me too much. I changed that thought when his lip curled in a sneer and he thumbed the hammer back. Sanzo wouldn’t shoot to kill me, I didn’t think, but a bullet would still hurt like fuck.


“Sit there and shut the fuck up. Whoever talks next gets shot,” he growled at me as he ground the gun into the soft skin under my jaw.


Goku sat back and looked at Sanzo with wide-eyes. I stared into Sanzo’s eyes and swore I saw lust flash through them. I knew he was remembering the last time he’d held the gun on me and the mind blowing sex we’d had. I could see it in his face. I let my breath out slowly and slid my eyes away from him. I was hoping he’d recognize the gesture for the submissive one it was. My surrender to him always pushed his erotic buttons. It pushed mine too and the addition of his gun in our play was a kinky treat we both enjoyed. He pressed the gun fractional harder into my skin and I couldn’t help the tiny sound of arousal I made. I knew he heard it. He slid the gun teasingly down my throat before he put it away and sat back down in his seat. He slouched down and folded his arms across his chest but I could almost taste his want.


Fuck, but I wanted to lick his entire body.


Sanzo cranked up the pissy attitude but I figured it was just frustrated desire. I was feeling more than a little of that myself. If I didn’t think he’d actually shoot me, I might have tried to get Hakkai to stop the jeep for a little lunch time quickie. Fuck, but having Sanzo hold a loaded gun on me worked my kink buttons hard.


Sanzo stayed quiet the rest of the day. His bitchy attitude even kept Hakkai from trying to talk to him. The hit Goku took from Sanzo’s fan must have been harder than I thought. The noisy monkey didn’t make a peep the rest of the day which was fine by me. I studied Sanzo as we drove. I’d no idea admitting to myself that I actually loved the pissy monk would mean that I’d want him more. I was working myself up into a raging need and he wasn’t even doing anything to encourage that. He glanced just once into the rear view mirror and I caught his eyes. I let him see how much I wanted him. How much I needed to feel him. His cheeks pinkened and he jerked his gaze away. I smiled and closed my eyes as I fantasized about playing with his sensitive nipples while I tongue fucked his mouth.


By the time we pulled into the dusty little town at the end of the day, I was ready to just shove Sanzo hard against the first solid surface I could and molest him. I needed a cold shower. Or to stop thinking about how much I needed to feel his body sliding against mine. Who’d have thought that loving somebody would make you want them so much more?


I noticed that everybody else seemed tense and I wondered what I’d missed while I’d been dreaming of slipping my cock into Sanzo’s tight ass. I almost asked Hakkai when I felt Sanzo’s eyes on the back of my head. I turned to find him staring at me with what I could only call longing. The expression only lasted a few seconds but it made me ridiculously happy. Sanzo glared at me, clenched his fists and stomped into the inn. Goku seemed to have recovered from his fan induced quiet and chattered on about the food the inn might have.


I was surprised that Sanzo got a room of his own. I liked the idea. It meant that we could really have a good time without having to worry about waking Goku or Hakkai with moans and groans. Sanzo was surprisingly vocal when he finally relaxed some of his rigid control. I liked the sounds he made. It made me try even harder to pull more of them from him. Hearing him moan and pant my name was incredibly erotic to me and I thought that it might even be possible for me to get off just hearing him say my name as he came.


Keeping the possibilities of what I could do to Sanzo with a private room for the night in mind, I did everything I could during supper to entice the monk into going to bed early. I held his eyes as I licked a sticky sauce from my fingers, imagining my fingers were Sanzo’s cock and doing to them what I wanted to be doing to Sanzo’s dick. I knew he caught on to my little game when lust flashed through his eyes. I didn’t expect him to growl at us and leave the table like he did. I would have followed him but there was something about his expression when he left that warned me to leave him alone for a while. Maybe I’d teased him too much during the day even though I’d barely said a word.


I sighed a little in disappointment but moved on to a game of cards after supper was done. Thankfully, Hakkai went to sit at the bar. I hated playing cards with him for real money. He had the damnedest luck with the cards. Goku followed a young serving girl who’d been batting her eyes at him during the meal back towards the kitchen at the promise of more sweets if he helped her clean the pots. I laughed softly to myself at the thought that the monkey was more interested in the sweets than the sweet girl trying to put the moves on him.


I only managed to focus on the cards in front of me through sheer force of will. My mind kept trying to replay images of Sanzo naked, sweaty and aroused. Not that I was really stopping myself from mentally watching the erotic film in my head. But remembering Sanzo panting with arousal was seriously screwing with my ability to concentrate on winning. Not to mention that it was making my pants damn uncomfortable.


I had a nice sized pile of cash in front of me when Sanzo stalked up to the table and glared at the locals I was currently fleecing. They stammered excuses and left the table as fast as they could scoop up their winnings. Sanzo was dressed in only his jeans, leather shirt and armbands. Fuck but he looked sexy dressed like that. I could see desire still simmered in Sanzo. I smirked at him and raised my glass to him in a toast before tossing back the little bit left in the bottom. He jerked his head towards the stairs and spun around without saying another word. He stopped at the base of the stairs and looked back at me. There was command in those wonderful purple eyes of his and excitement built in me.


I gathered up my winnings and walked slowly towards him, putting a sexy little swing in my hips. His tongue darted out and he licked his lips before scowling at me. I paused beside him at the foot of the stairs and leaned into his personal space. I gave him a smile that was heated and full of sexual promise.


“A private room, Sanzo? You have plans for my ass tonight?” I asked in a voice that was low and rough and that I knew pushed his sexual buttons.


“Get moving,” Sanzo growled as he grabbed my arm and gave me a shove towards the stairs.


I laughed softly and started up the stairs, turned on even more by the bossy attitude. I thought I heard Sanzo snarl at someone but didn’t bother to stop and see who was dumb enough to get between Sanzo and what he needed. They’d be lucky if they only got a verbal smack down. I hoped Sanzo didn’t have his gun on him. It never looked good when you shot up the locals over a simple misunderstanding. It would also cut down on my time alone with Sanzo while somebody explained and made excuses for Sanzo’s less than social behaviour.


I entered Sanzo’s room and moved to the window before lighting a smoke. I drew in a few steadying puffs as my excitement and desire climbed. I wondered what Sanzo had in mind for tonight. He seemed to be in super-top mode, which was fine with me. Whatever it was, I knew I’d enjoy it. Sex with Sanzo was an absolute delight. The cuddling afterwards was a rare pleasure that I was glad I’d managed to convince Sanzo to do. He needed that gentle touching as much as I wanted to give it to him.


When Sanzo entered the room, I gave him a long, slow sensual look from the tips of his sandals to the top of his head. I made sure to linger on the parts of him that held special interest for me. Like his long legs. And his crotch. And his chest. And his face. Hell, I liked all of him. I crushed out my smoke and smiled at him as I waited for him to tell me what he wanted.


“Strip and get on the bed,” Sanzo ordered in a voice gone rough with need.


“Ah, so we’re playing that game tonight,” I said as I felt my pulse speed up. “I should have guessed when you held your gun on me in the jeep.”


“Shut up and move,” he growled out as he locked the door behind him and started to take off his clothes.


“Yes, master Sanzo,” I replied with a cheeky grin as I shed my clothes and moved to the bed.


I watched Sanzo’s face and recognized that he was debating between hitting me and just jumping me. I was cool with either one. Actually, given the aggressive mood he seemed to have been in during the day, I was kinda hoping for a little of the rougher stuff. I’d really like it if he pulled out the banishing gun too.


I was such a perverted fucker.


I lay back on the bed and gripped my hardening cock. I stroked myself as I watched him approach me. I let him see just how much I wanted him. It was more than just being aroused by his body and thoughts of what he was going to be doing to me. I wanted to be with him. I wanted him to question where one of us started and the other ended. I wanted his body, yes, but I also wanted his heart, his mind and maybe even his soul.


I wanted all of him.


Sanzo oozed dominance and my breathing sped up with excitement. I loved these sexual games we played with each other. I trusted him to not hurt me. Well, at least not hurt me in a way that I wouldn’t like. He straddled my chest and pressed his cock to my lips. I opened my mouth eagerly and took him inside. The skin of his cock was satiny soft and he tasted faintly musky. I hummed my approval as I swirled my tongue around the head before taking him deeper. I let go of my own cock to enjoy the pleasure of running my hands over his silky skin, stroking his hips and thighs. I stabbed my tongue into the slit of his cock and tasted salty pre-come. A little shiver of pleasure moved through me and I curled my tongue around the shaft as I started to bob my head. I cupped his firm ass and squeezed his cheeks before moving my hand between his legs to roll and play with his balls.


Sanzo panted as I played with his body. I wanted to give him as much pleasure as he could stand. To have Sanzo enjoy what I did to and with him increased my own pleasure. I wanted to touch him everywhere. I wanted to play with his sensitive nipples and have him suck on my fingers as I swallowed his cock. The position I was in wasn’t the most comfortable for doing those things so I settled for giving him the best damn blow job I could… and I was one talented boy.


Sanzo made a small sound of encouragement and suddenly started to pump his hips. I was surprised for half a second. I didn’t think I’d been pushing him that fast towards orgasm. The feel of his hard cock sliding in and out of my mouth and his obvious pleasure, made me groan in response and I sucked hard on him. He braced his hands on the wall in front of him and seriously started to fuck my mouth. He was in complete control of the situation and my arousal twisted higher with that knowledge. I loved when he took control of me. I settled my hands on his ass and helped to guide him in a steady rhythm.


His eyes closed and he was breathing harshly. Every now and again, I could hear him breathe my name in a broken wanting tone I doubted he realized he was doing. I doubled my efforts to please him. I ignored my own aching cock for the moment. Sanzo’s needs were my focus. He’d repay the attention I was giving him later. He shivered and his breath caught when I scraped my teeth over his length so I did it again. I was caught completely off guard when he pushed hard into my mouth and his seed spurted down my throat. When I tried to pull back, he fisted his hand in my hair and held me where I was. I had no choice but to swallow and continue sucking his cock. My own dick throbbed at the erotic power play. I thought I might be able come just from him pulling such a dominating move on me when I was already painfully aroused.


“You’re not done yet, Gojyo. I want your ass. Make me hard again,” he demanded in a passion heavy voice as he stared into my eyes.


His words might have been harsh but the feel of his fingers in my hair were gentle, almost caressing. Lust flashed through me and my cock throbbed. I let a soft whine of pleasure out so he’d know how much I was enjoying this little game of his. I immediately started sucking his cock again. I was so aroused, I damn near hurt. But it was a sweet kind of pain that I liked. I applied every bit of skill I had to sucking his dick and making him hard again. I wanted to feel him slide into my ass. I wanted to feel the pleasure that was so intense I felt like I was going to break into a million pieces. Sanzo would be there to pull all those pieces together and hold onto until I came down from the high of a powerful orgasm he always seemed to pull from me.


I needed and wanted Sanzo. He owned my heart and I freely gave him my soul.


Either I was better than I thought I was or Sanzo was extra horny. He was hard in a surprisingly short period of time. He pulled his dick from my mouth and let go of my hair. His fingers brushed along one of my antenna and I stopped breathing for a few seconds as lust slammed into me. I’m not sure if he meant to do that but I was now so aroused that my skin actually tingled and I wanted to feel his hands moving over me. I started to sit up but he gave me a narrow-eyed glare as he left the bed.


I settled back and licked my lips. I could taste him strongly in my mouth and I wanted to share that flavour with him. He retrieved lube from his bag and came back to the bed. I watched as he squeezed some out into the palm of his hand and slicked his cock. I was surprised when he dropped the tube onto my belly but I didn’t move. Sanzo was running this show and he’d tell me when I could move and what he wanted me to do.


God but I loved Sanzo’s kinky side.


“Get yourself ready,” he ordered as he sat back on his heels between my spread legs.


I didn’t know what Sanzo was up to but the commanding tone he was using was pushing my desire higher. I squirted lube onto my fingers and bent my knees, exposing myself to him. Sanzo slowly stroked his cock as he watched me spread lube over my hole before I eased a finger inside myself. Sanzo made a low sound of approval in his throat and caught my eyes. I groaned at the desire I saw in his beautiful eyes and held his gaze as I started to finger myself like he’d ordered me to. His nipples were hard little buds and the muscles in his stomach tightened as he watched me. I wanted to lick his skin so badly, my mouth watered.


I watched him become more and more aroused by what I was doing and slipped another finger in. I moaned as I pressed against my sweet spot. I was teasing the hell out of both of us and enjoying the arousal I was making Sanzo feel. I licked my lips when Sanzo suddenly grabbed my wrist and pulled my fingers from my body. He positioned his cock against my ass and slid inside me with one thrust. I whined with pleasure and watched as his eyes closed and an expression of ecstasy washed over his face. I clenched my muscles tight and shivered at his soft hiss of desire. He held himself still for several seconds and he looked so beautiful caught up in his lust that I just had to kiss him. I reached up and threaded my fingers through his silky hair, cupping the back of his head to pull him down to me. Sanzo’s eyes snapped open and he glared at me as he jerked his head away.


“Hands above your head. Hold onto the headboard and don’t let go,” he growled at me.


I opened my mouth to protest. I wanted to kiss him. I’d been waiting all damn day to taste his mouth. Sanzo narrowed his eyes at me and something about his expression set off warning bells in my head but I couldn’t quite figure out what it was that bothered me about it. He held my gaze until I did what he wanted. After this little kink was played out, he was going to explain what that strange look meant. I was willing to go along with what he wanted… for a time.


Sanzo looked down our bodies and groaned softly. My eyes followed his and I found myself echoing his sound. Damn, but if it wasn’t one of the most erotic things to see his groin pressed tight against me and feel his cock in my ass. He started to pump my ass with long, hard strokes. I sucked in my breath sharply at the sensation of his forceful thrusts and closed my eyes as I made pleasure filled noises. I braced my feet on the bed and pushed my hips up to meet every rough push.


I felt sweat gather on my skin and the scent of sex and musk filled the air. I was panting harshly as every time Sanzo shoved his cock in, he nailed my sweet spot. I’m almost positive he was doing it on purpose just to drive me crazy and make me beg for more. My hands were starting to hurt from the grip I was forcing myself to keep on the bars of the headboard. I wanted to touch Sanzo. I needed to touch him. I wanted to wrap my arms around him and press his skin against mine. I wanted to feel my cock rub between our bellies as he pushed me towards orgasm. I strained and bowed my back in an effort to get more contact with him and gave a frustrated little whimper when the only skin I could feel was his cock inside me and the silky skin of his hips as they brushed against the insides of my thighs. It wasn’t enough. I wanted more.


“Sanzo, touch me,” I pleaded as I opened my eyes and caught his gaze.


Sanzo just looked at me and continued with his steady rhythm. That strange look was back in his eyes and I felt a whisper of unease. The next hard thrust with a little twist of his hips made me arch into him and forget all about strange looks and alarm bells.


“Sanzo, please. Touch me. Just a little. I don’t care where,” I implored again as my voice dropped lower.


Sanzo’s eyes were a dark purple and totally merciless. His deep strokes were both a pleasure and a torture.


“Sanzo, I need to feel your hands on me. Please. Touch me. Anywhere you want. Touch my chest, my face, my cock, whatever. I have to feel you against my skin. Please, Sanzo,” I begged.


His pace faltered for a moment when I begged before he continued with his rough strokes that were slowly driving me mental from the pleasure.


“Sanzo, master, please touch me. Stroke my cock. Play with my nipples. Tease my antenna. Do whatever you want, just touch me. I need to feel you touch me. Please. Just touch me and let me come,” I begged Sanzo in a voice barely above a whisper.


I was so close already, it wouldn’t have taken much. I couldn’t help the moan of delight when Sanzo closed his fingers around my cock. He started to really put effort into fucking me into the mattress and he began to make those erotic noises I loved to hear from him. His cock felt so damn good inside me, his hand stroking my dick, that I knew I was moaning in a continuous stream of pleasure. Those moans of pleasure were getting damn close to turning into the demon song I only sang for Sanzo. He hadn’t asked me to sing for him so I struggled against the urge to do so. I’d promised him I wouldn’t use any demonic powers on him, even if they brought him pleasure, unless he asked me to. But it was damn hard not to.


I heard him groan a denial seconds before he slammed his hips tight to my ass and I felt his cock start spurting. A shudder wracked his body and he drew in huge gulps of air. His fingers tightened around my cock and he jerked me exactly the way I liked it. He muttered the command for me to come and pure pleasure flowed through me at that demand. Seeing and feeling Sanzo lose his control while still keeping control over me, pushed me that last little bit over the edge and I groaned as my own orgasm rushed through my body.


Sanzo watched me through half-lidded eyes and was panting just as harshly as I was. His gaze fixed on to my throat and he licked his lips. His head started to move down and I made a noise of encouragement. I wanted to feel his lips. I needed the intimacy of a kiss with him. Sanzo reacted to my wordlessly encouraging him for a kiss by jerking his head back. He quickly pulled out of my ass and released my dick. I wanted to protest the sudden loss of contact with him. I watched him through my eyelashes as I tried to calm my breathing. He wiped his hand off on the bed sheet and got up from the bed quickly. Something was wrong, very wrong.


Alarm bells were screaming in my head now.


I opened my eyes slowly and let go of the headboard. I used the edge of the sheet to wipe off my own belly. I turned my head to look at Sanzo where he stood tensely near the window, smoking. His body language spoke of anger and tension and I didn’t know why. He should have been relaxed and mellow. That he hadn’t come back to the bed to share a smoke with me and let me hold him wasn’t a good omen. It was the one thing I’d asked of him from the beginning and something he’d always let me do; token protest or not. He took one last drag on his smoke before crushing it out. He still didn’t move back towards me and the bed. When he started to drag on clothes without saying a damn thing to me, things started to fall into place in my head and I suddenly felt sick and dirty.


What I was thinking couldn’t possibly be right.


“Sanzo?” I asked with a puzzled expression and a really bad feeling in my gut.


“Be gone before I get back,” Sanzo said coldly as he threw his jeans and shirt on and headed for the door.


I swallowed hard and drew in a steadying breath. The rough, almost detached sex, not allowing me to touch him... it wasn’t some kind of kinky game Sanzo had been playing with me. I’d felt used like this a few times before. Nameless, faceless, interchangeable bodies that were just used to relieve sexual need. I never expected to feel that kind of thing from Sanzo. Not even the first time with Sanzo, when it was just about relieving a sexual need, had I felt anything even remotely like that. I’d never felt as hollow inside or as dirty as I did now though. There was a hell of a lot of difference between having a nameless stranger treat you that way and the person you loved treating you that way. I’d screwed up. I’d been so consumed with wanting him that I hadn’t read the signs he’d been giving me. I’d shown him a little too much about how I felt with that kiss in the cave. He’d been telling me without words that while I was good enough to fuck, that’s all I’d ever be. A convenient screw to relieve his needs.


This was so not happening.


“Sanzo, what the fuck?” I asked unable to hide the hurt in my voice.


Sanzo didn’t even turn to look at me when he left the room without another word. I sat on the bed and felt numb shock. I thought I knew Sanzo. I thought he’d been coming to realize that we could have something together. Why did he do this? I hadn’t told him I loved him. Fuck, I’d only told him I liked him once. Would having somebody love him be that scary for him?


Or was it just because it was me?


I squeezed my eyes shut and tried not to think of all the times and all the people who’d rejected me because of what I was. I did not hear my step-mother’s voice in my head as she screamed at me that nobody could ever love a dirty little half breed. My chest felt tight and I bowed my head for a moment to get a grip. I’d been rejected before. I knew I’d be rejected again in the future. I could deal with this. I was hurt now but the anger at being treated as Sanzo had just done would come later.


I just wished that it didn’t hurt so damn much now.


I dressed quickly and left the room. I headed for the bar. I needed a drink, badly. My plans for the evening had just changed dramatically. I was now going to get shit-faced drunk. As soon as I stepped into the bar, my eyes were drawn to Sanzo. Hakkai was next to him and after taking one look at me, he looked back at Sanzo. I knew I hadn’t been able to hide how I was feeling when I saw Hakkai’s mask of politeness slip for a split second when he looked at Sanzo. Hakkai said something to Sanzo, grabbed his beer and made a beeline for me. He steered me towards a table in the corner of the room and signalled the waitress over. He ordered a beer for me and fixed me with his no-nonsense stare.


“Gojyo,” Hakkai asked with a wealth of meaning put into my name.


“Not now, Hakkai. I can’t right now. I want to get smashed,” I said in a low voice.


“It helps to talk about things sometimes. I’m your friend, Gojyo. I’m a good listener.”


“Leave it, Hakkai.”


“Alright. When you do feel like you need to talk about it, I’ll be here for you. Do you want me to leave you alone?” he asked softly.


I thought about it for a few minutes. Hakkai watched me with understanding and support in his gaze. I didn’t want to be alone but I didn’t exactly want company either. Hakkai wasn’t company. He was my best friend and he’d sit there and drink with me and not say shit unless I asked him a question first. Hakkai was good that way. He’d make sure I got back to the room in one piece when I was too hammered to figure out how to get there by myself. I shook my head and slouched in my seat, long practice making my hair fall forward to hide my face. The waitress came back with my beer and I drained the glass in a few swallows. I signalled the girl to bring more.


I saw Hakkai look up over my shoulder. The disapproving look on his face was enough to tell me he was probably staring at Sanzo in the mirror over the bar. Part of me wanted to tell him to leave Sanzo alone. The other part wanted to have Hakkai rip him a new hole. Hakkai had a wicked way with words. He knew how to wound with a few choice phrases that sounded polite but were anything but. People thought Hakkai was the nice, rational one. He was probably the most insane one out of all four of us and it was a very bad move to get on his bad side. I had a nice little flash of malicious pleasure knowing that Sanzo had just now entered Hakkai’s shit list.


Yeah, I still felt like I’d had a knife stabbed through my heart but I was starting to get good and pissed at Sanzo. I hadn’t asked him to love me back. I’d never even asked the pissy bastard if he liked me. I tossed back yet another beer and started on the next one. I glared at Sanzo over my shoulder. It’s not like he didn’t enjoy what we did together. I’d shown him things that he never knew he’d like. I’d let him do things to me that I hadn’t let anyone else do. I’d fucking trusted him and let him get close. I fumed at Sanzo’s back and drained my glass before thumping it back down on the table.


Sanzo had been the one to approach me. He’d been the one who’d started this whole damn thing. He knew exactly what I was better than any person I’d ever shared my bed with. I’d created and sang a demon song for him alone for fucks sake! Did he even know or care what kind of special thing that was? One little passion filled kiss from me shouldn’t have made him treat me like he did. Nobody deserved to be used like he used me. I glared at Sanzo’s back and drained yet another beer. I was starting to think about doing him some serious bodily harm.


I felt him move towards me. I didn’t need to see him move. I just knew when he was close to me. I could feel his presence or aura or whatever like a touch against my skin. I thought he might have been coming to say something to me. When it looked like he was going to just walk past the table without saying a damn thing, my temper boiled over. I reached out and grabbed his arm and yanked him almost into my lap. I had to struggle not to press my nose into his hair. He smelled of booze, cigarettes, sex and very faintly of me. I was pissed off that he could so casually toss me away and yet I still wanted him. It wasn’t fair.


“I don’t know what your fucking problem is, Sanzo. I may be nothing more than a dirty half breed but not even I deserved that. If you wanted to call it quits, all you had to do was tell me.”


I let go of him and pushed him away from me in one motion. I had to or I’d do something stupid like tell him that if he only wanted me in his bed I’d take it. I was pathetic and a fool. Sanzo had been clear enough in his actions that he didn’t want me anymore. I still had some shreds of pride left. I ignored him when he stumbled a little and looked at Hakkai.


Hakkai’s face was blank but his hands were tight on the glass in front of him. He wanted to say something but we were in a public place and I didn’t think what he wanted to say was very polite. Hakkai nodded stiffly to Sanzo and he deliberately clutched his glass as if he wanted to do some serious hurting to the bastard monk. Sanzo stiffened his spine and marched out of the bar without saying a word. I heard a door slam not long after Sanzo left.


I stood and wavered ever so slightly on my feet. Too many beers in too short a time. I’d achieved my goal. I was shit-faced. It didn’t help. I could still feel the pain of Sanzo’s rejection. Hakkai stood as well, solid as a rock, and guided me up the stairs towards our room. We both heard the sound of a fist hitting a wall as we passed by Sanzo’s room and my steps slowed for a moment. Part of me wanted to go to him but a bigger, more wounded and angry part hoped he enjoyed sleeping alone in his cold bed that would smell of sex and us.


Hakkai steered me to our room and helped me take off my boots and vest. He tucked me into bed like a child and sighed heavily. I closed my eyes and rolled to my side and faced the wall. If there was going to be any emotional crap, I didn’t want Hakkai or Goku to see it. I felt Hakkai’s hand stoke my hair briefly and was startled when he kissed me on the forehead.


“Things will work out, Gojyo. You’ll see. When you need to talk…” he trailed off softly as he left the room.


My chest felt tight and there was a suspicious prickle in my eyes. I hoped Hakkai was right. Even after being treated like a worthless piece of ass, I still loved Sanzo and wanted to be with him. I wanted to make him realize that he could have something special with me if he was brave enough to grab it. I was seven kinds of fool. He’d been pretty fucking clear that he didn’t want me.


But I was a fool in love and I just couldn’t give up on something I wanted so badly it was an ache deep in my soul to be denied it.



Chapter 13: The Mouth Of Babes




Something was definitely wrong between Sanzo and Gojyo. Come to think of it, things weren’t so great between Sanzo and Hakkai either.


I might not be smart like Hakkai, but I could tell when Things Weren’t Right. Hakkai tried distracting me with food when I asked what was wrong. I knew he wasn’t gonna answer me because Hakkai never asked me to help make supper unless he needed to keep me busy. I went with him because… well… it was food. But I can eat and think at the same time... no matter what Gojyo says.


Sanzo was grouchier than ever. He was avoiding being near Gojyo. He wasn’t even hitting the pervy kappa with his fan or threatening him with his gun. That wasn’t fair ‘cause he sure didn’t stop hitting me or pulling his gun on me. He nearly shot my ear off once when all I was doing was saying I was hungry. Sanzo’d never come that close to actually shooting me before. That’s how I knew he was really, really upset and not just being… Sanzo.


Gojyo stared off into space a lot. His cigarette would burn down to the filter and he’d barely notice. He wasn’t even fighting with me. Not even when I was being a pain in the ass on purpose. He’d just sigh softly, ruffle my hair then ignore me. That kinda pissed me off until I saw the way he’d look at Sanzo when Sanzo couldn’t see him. He was staring at Sanzo the same way I looked at a meat bun at the end of a long day. Hungry and wanting something so bad it almost hurt not to have it. I’d glanced away fast when I realized what that look was about.


I guess Gojyo loved Sanzo. Loved him like I loved meat buns. Not that I wanted to fuck a meat bun….


I loved Sanzo too; just not that way. Sanzo rescued me from my prison on that mountain. He was my shining, golden sun but I didn’t want to do stuff like that with him. That would be weird and sorta like doing a family member or something. Sanzo was really pretty for a guy but…. I didn’t love Sanzo like that.


Gojyo did though. I’d seen Gojyo kneeling in front of Sanzo, once, in the forest. He’d been sucking Sanzo off while Sanzo held the banishing gun on him. Only surprise kept me from running into the clearing that time to… I don’t know… rescue Gojyo from what Sanzo was making him do.


Then I’d heard them and knew what was really going on.


The gun thing was some kind of weird, kinky game they played with each other. They were enjoying the almost violence. I knew Gojyo was a total perv but I never would’ve guessed Sanzo was too. Maybe Gojyo rubbed off on Sanzo or something. I only stuck around long enough to see that Sanzo wasn’t gonna kill Gojyo before quietly sneaking away. I wanted to ask Hakkai if he knew about Gojyo and Sanzo but I hadn’t been able to find him when I got back to camp. Sanzo’d come back all flushed, smelling of Gojyo and something musky that made parts of my body get interested. The smell seemed familiar and it took me a few minutes of deep thought to pin down where I’d smelled that before. Once I realized just how often I’d smelled that musky scent on both Gojyo and Sanzo, I’d stopped trying to find Sanzo in the forest when I knew Gojyo was out there too.


I wasn’t big on seeing Gojyo and Sanzo doing it. Thanks, but no thanks.


When I thought about it, I sort of noticed that Sanzo’d started to change slowly a few months back. Gojyo changed too. They were both more relaxed but it was way more noticeable with Sanzo. He didn’t shoot at me or Gojyo quite so often and if he whipped out his fan, it didn’t hurt much when I got whacked with it. He was still moody and threatened to kill me but not nearly as often as before. That was probably Gojyo’s doing. I’d heard that regular sex made a person mellow but I never thought something like that would work for Sanzo.


Actually, I’d never thought of Sanzo having sex.


Sex and Sanzo just seemed like something that didn’t go together. He got really mad when people called him pretty and asked him to go with them. I’d seen him shoot at people for just looking at him in a kinda sexy way. That sorta made me wonder what Gojyo did to be with Sanzo like that and not get his ass shot off.


Not that I was curious or dumb enough to actually ask.


Something happened between them though. It was after that inn we stopped at a couple of weeks ago. Sanzo had been snappy the entire ride in the jeep and I was wishing that Gojyo would just do something to make Sanzo not so bitchy. Kiss him or hug him or suck him off. Whatever worked. Sanzo’d belted me with his fan hard enough to make my ear ring. He’d pulled his gun on Gojyo then too. Even Hakkai stayed silent the rest of the day after that.


I was relieved when Sanzo got a room for himself. His mood was meaner than usual but if he got a private room, maybe Gojyo could put him in a better mood. Sanzo always seemed more relaxed when he came back from those walks alone in the forest or when him and Gojyo shared a room for the night.


Gojyo did something to piss Sanzo off even more during supper. I didn’t know what it was. I was busy trying to steal all the pot stickers before Gojyo got them. Sanzo’d just stood up, snarled at us and stomped away. I figured it was some kind of game they were playing again and that Gojyo won when he smirked. Hakkai just shook his head finished his meal and went to sit at the bar.


I’d followed the serving girl when she promised me some extra desert if I helped her clean the pots. Sanzo had already left for his room all mad over losing to Gojyo. Hakkai was having a drink at the bar, while Gojyo went to play cards with the locals. As far as I knew at that point, everything had been a little tense but fine. I figured Sanzo would be fine in the morning ‘cause he got a room all to himself. He was always in a better mood when he did that and Gojyo didn’t spend the night in his own bed.


The next morning was a completely different story though.


Sanzo had dark circles under his eyes. He looked like he hadn’t slept at all. Gojyo was no better. He was hung over and kept shooting nasty looks at the back of Sanzo’s head. Hakkai was looking worriedly at Gojyo while sending not so polite stares at Sanzo. I wondered what I’d missed while enjoying the free desert the night before.


I wasn’t stupid enough to ask. I kept my mouth shut the whole day.


I wanted things to go back to the way they were before. I wanted Sanzo to be mellower. I wanted Gojyo to fight with me over the last piece of pork. I wanted Hakkai to be back to his normal, smiling self. I wanted us all to get along like we used to. We’d been lucky so far that we hadn’t come up against any serious demons. We weren’t fighting as a team anymore. We weren’t watching each other’s backs.


Everybody was tense and unhappy. It felt like a fight was brewing. I was all for a good fight but I didn’t understand what this fight was about. I also didn’t like being the only guy who didn’t know what the hell was going on. If it was just something between Sanzo and Gojyo, I could live with it. But Hakkai knew what was wrong and he wasn’t saying anything either.


I crossed my arms and slouched further down in my seat. I wasn’t some dumb kid who didn’t know anything. It’s not like I didn’t know Sanzo and Gojyo were screwing like rabbits every chance they got. I didn’t care that they were both guys. That night at the inn was when things blew up. Whatever happened before that night at the inn, they’d been making each other happy. That’s what mattered. Making the person you cared about, happy.


When I felt the first fat drops of rain, I scowled. We didn’t need this shit on top of whatever was wrong between Gojyo, Sanzo and Hakkai. When it rained, Sanzo shut everybody out and got mean. Well, meaner than normal. Hakkai turned sad. You could almost feel it coming off him if you stayed around him long enough. I don’t think he realized that. Gojyo didn’t seem bothered by the rain except that he usually watched Hakkai more carefully. He touched Hakkai a lot when it rained. I think he used to do that when they lived together. Sanzo scowled a lot more when he’d see Gojyo touching Hakkai. I don’t think Sanzo liked that.


By the time we pulled into town, we were all nearly soaked. Sanzo stomped into the inn with us trailing behind him. I was surprised and a little glad when he got four rooms. I loved Sanzo and wanted to help him feel better but his attitude was starting to bug me. Two weeks is an awful long time to be so pissy.


Gojyo’d been swinging between seriously pissed at Sanzo to sending him looks of hurt. I’d tried to ask Hakkai a few times what happened between Gojyo and Sanzo and why they were so mad at each other but Hakkai had just looked at me with an expression I’d never seen before. It made me feel sad and mad and scared all at the same time. Hakkai was a pretty scary guy once you got to know him.


I went to my room as soon as I could. I didn’t want to be around any of them. Sanzo didn’t want anybody around him when it rained. Hakkai made me feel like I was drowning in sadness when it rained. Gojyo used to be okay to be around but since their fight or whatever happened between them, he wasn’t any fun to be around.


This sucked ass.


I lay on my bed staring at the ceiling. I was bored but there was nothing I could do about it. They’d all bought booze from the bar and disappeared into their rooms. I could’ve probably sneaked a beer or two but if Sanzo found out… considering his mood lately, I didn’t want him whacking me with his fan or taking a pot shot at me. Playing a game of Mah Jong was out of the question with the mood everybody was in. I sighed and listened to the rain, eventually closing my eyes.


I wanted to fix things between my friends. I didn’t like them hurting on the inside like they were. I wasn’t sure what I could do, but I’d made up my mind. If they were all still mad and pissy in the morning, I was going to make a big scene until they told me what was wrong. I was sure that we could fix whatever the problem was. All we needed to do was talk about it. Maybe apologise and stuff. We’d come this far together and still had a long way to go.


Chapter 14: Hold Back The Night




Gojyo refused to tell me what happened between him and Sanzo. I knew the monk hurt him terribly. I’d seen that plain enough when Gojyo came downstairs shortly after Sanzo. As far as I knew, they weren’t sleeping together any more either. Sanzo was even more sullen than normal and Gojyo wouldn’t even rise to the bait of fighting with Goku.


Poor Goku repeatedly asked what was wrong with Sanzo and Gojyo. He was naive not stupid. He almost worshiped Sanzo and he was puzzled at the extreme brooding silences and moody looks the monk would turn Gojyo’s way. Goku finally stopped asking Sanzo what was wrong when he creased the monkey’s ear with a well placed shot and the demand to leave him alone.


Goku’s pestering of Gojyo died a fast death when instead of fighting with him; Gojyo ruffled Goku’s hair and told him he’d be back to his usual self soon. Goku had stared at Gojyo in open-mouthed shock for several seconds before turning his confused gaze to me. I’d smiled at him and asked what he’d like for supper, hoping to distract him from Gojyo’s odd behaviour with the promise of food.


A full two weeks passed since whatever happened between Gojyo and Sanzo. The more I studied them, the angrier I felt myself getting at Sanzo. It took me a few days to realize what was wrong with Gojyo. He was angry and heartsick and there was no amount of chi healing I could do to fix that. I wondered when he’d fallen for the bitchy monk. I thought they were simply enjoying each other. I would have cautioned Gojyo against developing deeper feelings for Sanzo had I known he was starting to feel that way. Not that I thought it would’ve done much good. The heart wants what it wants and logic or reason has very little to do with that.


I sighed as I drank my sake alone in my room. The inn we were staying at was decent enough and Sanzo unexpectedly sprang for separate rooms for all of us. I thought it was because of the weather. The sound of the rain hitting the roof and gurgling down the drainpipes made me wish that I didn’t handle my drink quite so well. I swallowed another mouthful of sake and tried to ignore the noise of the rain. Neither Sanzo nor I liked a lot of company when it rained. Whether it was a gentle fall or a raging torrent, the rain brought out painful memories for both of us.


I watched the rain fall and thought about lost love and opportunities. I’d lost Kanna and nearly my life in the rain. Sanzo lost his teacher during the rain and I suspected that he’d loved that man and seen him as some sort of father figure. I sighed again. I was turning melancholy when I started to think of the rain as tears from heaven, crying for all that might have been for us. There was a heaviness in my chest and suddenly, I didn’t want to be alone. I picked up the half empty sake bottle and headed for Gojyo’s room. Since he had saved my life that rainy night, he’d become my port in the storm. He was the one I turned to when I needed to not feel so alone.


I knocked softly on his door and thought he might’ve gone out when I didn’t get an answer. I was turning away when the door opened. Gojyo stood there wearing only his jeans and a surprised look on his face.




“May I join you for a while?” I asked as I held the sake bottle up, giving it a little shake.


“Sure,” Gojyo said as he stepped back from the door and motioned me inside.


I entered the room and stopped in surprise. My room had a small bed, a tiny table and a chair. The only furniture in Gojyo’s room was a night table and a large bed that took up most of the available space. I smiled in genuine amusement at that. Of course Gojyo would end up with the biggest bed and nothing else in the room. He was the playboy of our little group. Or at least he had been until he’d taken up with Sanzo and gotten hurt in the process.


“What’s up Hakkai?” Gojyo asked as he picked up his drink and settled himself against the headboard. Apparently I wasn’t the only one drinking tonight.


“I didn’t feel like being alone tonight,” I said as I gestured to the rain falling outside.


“Ah, shit. I’m sorry, Hakkai. I wasn’t thinking. Come here,” Gojyo said as he patted a spot on the bed beside him.


I sat where he indicated and leaned back. Gojyo’s arm came around my shoulder and some of the tension left my body. When Gojyo and I lived together, he’d always hold me close when it rained. I’d been so very fragile then. Gojyo seemed to know that and he’d given me the simple, undemanding warmth of human contact I needed to help me deal with the emotional pain the rain triggered.


We sat quietly on the big bed and drank as we listened to the rain fall. Both of us were lost in thought, dealing with fresh and old pains. It could’ve been hours or minutes that we sat there when Gojyo spoke softly.


“The hurt eventually stops, doesn’t it, Hakkai?”


“It gets duller,” I answered. I didn’t need to ask what or who he was talking about. I knew it was about whatever happened between him and Sanzo.


“I didn’t mean for it to happen. It just… did. I didn’t sleep around on him. I haven’t even slept with anyone since he pushed me away. Why’d he do that, Hakkai?” Gojyo asked in a voice that was a mix of pain, anger and confusion.


Rain, alcohol and heartache were a deadly combination. I really wanted to hurt Sanzo. Gojyo was an amazingly giving person to those he cared about. To treat him so badly when all he wanted to do was give Sanzo the most precious gift another person could… I wanted to beat some sense into Sanzo.


“I don’t know, Gojyo. We all have personal issues to deal with. Maybe Sanzo just needs time to work things out in his head.”


“It’s been two weeks, Hakkai. If he was going to work shit out in his head, he’d have done it by now. I thought I could make it work. I really did. Fuck this sucks.”


My free hand gripped Gojyo’s thigh and I gave it a gentle squeeze. Gojyo fell silent again and leaned his head against mine. He drew random patterns over my arm and drank his beer. I felt more than heard the sigh and turned my head at the same time Gojyo did. Our lips brushed, startling both of us.


“Hakkai, I didn’t…” Gojyo began.


I pressed my fingers to his lips and smiled softly at him. The contact had been brief and accidental. I knew he was still hurting and angry and now wasn’t the best time for something like this but I couldn’t help the feeling of longing, the need for the comforting touch of another person that the touch of his lips caused. I didn’t want to be alone with my memories of the rain. I didn’t think Gojyo wanted to be alone with his thoughts and pain any more than I did. Maybe we could both make each other feel a little better.


I grasped Gojyo’s chin and turned his head. He had a moment of surprise before my mouth met his in a real kiss that was all about desire and how much I cared for him. He moaned softly into my mouth and kissed me back with startling hunger and need. Gojyo was the one who pulled away from the kiss.


“If I’d have known you kissed that good, I would’ve wrestled you to the bed ages ago,” he said with a teasing smile in his voice.


I laughed softly at that. Even if Gojyo had enjoyed a kiss with me before, he’d respected my need to deal with my grief too much to force his attentions on me. For all his playboy airs, he was a gentleman at heart.


I took the remaining beer from him and placed the cans on the night table with my now empty sake bottle. I turned back to him and covered his mouth again with my lips as I let my hands roam over his naked chest. He made sounds of approval in his throat and began working on the buttons of my shirt. I only stopped caressing him long enough to help remove my shirt.


“Are you okay with this, Gojyo? I know you have feelings for Sanzo…”


“He doesn’t return them, Hakkai. I just need…” Gojyo said as he looked at me intently, willing me to understand.


“The comfort of a good friend,” I finished for him. Gojyo nodded and looked relieved that I’d known what he was saying. I didn’t agree with what Gojyo said about Sanzo not returning his feelings but it wasn’t my place to say how Sanzo did or didn’t feel.


His skin was satin smooth under my hands and I wanted to touch all of him. I gave him a gentle push to lie on his back and began kissing my way down his throat and over his chest. His hand skimmed over my shoulders and he groaned his appreciation when I kissed his nipples erect. His fingers tangled in my hair as I moved down his chest, licking and placing nibbling kisses over his ribs and belly. Gojyo moaned softly when I slipped my fingers under the waistband of his jeans to tease the head of his cock as my tongue dipped into his navel.


I continued to kiss and lick his belly as I lowered the fly on his jeans. He hummed his approval when I spread the material and ran a finger over his length. He wriggled his hips and his hands left my hair to help me take his jeans off. I pulled the jeans from him and simply stared at him spread out before me.


“Hakkai, I want to see you too,” Gojyo said in a husky voice.


“Of course. It would be rude to leave you as the only nude person in the room,” I said with a smile.


Gojyo laughed and propped himself up on his elbows to watch me undress. I moved from the bed and undid my fly. I was about to push my pants off but stopped and gave Gojyo a serious look. I didn’t want there to be any guilt or regret on Gojyo’s part later. I would not cause Gojyo more pain just because I wanted to ease my loneliness with someone I cared about and who cared for me in return.


“Are you sure about this, Gojyo?”


“Yeah. I need this right now, Hakkai,” Gojyo said with a wealth of complex emotions in his voice.


I nodded and smiled in understanding. I wasn’t being used as a substitute for Sanzo. I was Gojyo’s best friend. He wanted and needed the closeness and support he knew he could get from me. He loved me as a friend and he needed me to ease his hurt. He needed to lose himself in the arms of someone who loved him back. I was more than willing to do that for him. My heart would always belong to Kanna in a romantic sense. Gojyo and I had an intimacy of friendship few people ever got to experience. It was a love that was just as real as what I felt for Kanna but with a different flavour to it. There was very little I wouldn’t do for Gojyo or him for me.


I shed my pants, underwear, socks and shoes. I hid a smile when Gojyo grumbled his impatience with my folding everything neatly and stowing it away in the drawer of the night table before joining him again on the bed.


He pulled me down into his arms and held me tight to him for several seconds. Gojyo rolled us to our sides and he pressed his face into my neck and gave a heartfelt sigh. He loosened his hold and stroked his hands over my back before he pressed our groins together. I dipped my head and began kissing his throat and collarbone. His sounds of arousal excited me further and I slipped my hands over his ass and squeezed. He rocked his hips against mine and groaned as a shudder travelled through his body at the intimate contact. I thought Sanzo was a fool for willingly giving up all Gojyo wanted to offer him.


“I… I don’t think I can last very long, Hakkai,” Gojyo panted as his hands roamed my back and ass.


“We have the rest of the night, if you want.”


Gojyo tilted my face up and my breath caught at the look in his ruby red eyes. Guilt for enjoying my touch and body when his heart lay elsewhere. Pleasure at finding me willing to share his bed. Hurt and anger from Sanzo’s rejection of him. The love of a good friend.


I kissed Gojyo with all the desire, tenderness and yes, love I felt for him. He shivered and a subtle tension left his body when he realized that I needed him as much as he needed me this rainy night. My kiss let him know that I’d never reject him as Sanzo had. He cupped the back of my head and began an easy rocking motion with his hips. I reached between us and grasped our cocks and began pumping them together.


“Fuck, Hakkai, that feels good. I really won’t last if you do that,” he whispered against my lips.


I smiled against his mouth and encouraged him to move faster. I didn’t care how long either one of us lasted. This wasn’t about the sex. This was about caring and letting him know that he did have someone who loved him even if it wasn’t the one he’d given his heart away to. Gojyo broke the kiss and closed his eyes as he moaned soft words of pleasure. His fingers dug into my hips and he cried out as he peaked. The feel of his seed spurting through my fingers brought on my own orgasm. I gasped and shivered as Gojyo’s tongue traced the edge of my ear, lingering a few seconds over the warm metal of the limiters.


I let the cocks in my hand go and pushed gently against Gojyo. He tightened his grip on me briefly and nuzzled my neck before letting go. I rose from the bed and retrieved a handkerchief to clean us both. Once clean, I turned out the light and crawled back into bed with Gojyo. He remembered my preference for sleeping with my back to the wall and drew me back into his embrace once I’d settled myself. He nuzzled my hair and kissed me softly.


“Thanks, Hakkai,” he rasped as he hugged me hard.


There was a wealth of love and affection in those simple words and I tucked them away carefully as the precious gift I knew them to be. Sanzo had better come to his senses soon or I was going to end up having to do him some serious bodily harm for continuing to put Gojyo through this kind of heart ache. In a very short period of time, I felt Gojyo’s body relax and his breathing deepen. I kissed him lightly and could’ve sworn I heard him mumble Sanzo’s name. I sighed, knowing it hadn’t been an intentional slight and closed my eyes, drifting off to sleep in the welcome comfort of Gojyo’s arms.


A quiet string of curses woke me from a light sleep. Gojyo slumbered on and I carefully peered over his shoulder. In the dim, rainy light from the window I recognized Sanzo’s shape. I remained still and quiet and watched as he approached the bed. He stood at the edge of the bed and reached out a hand to touch Gojyo. He hadn’t noticed me yet in the shadows between Gojyo and the wall.


Sanzo played a finger over the hair that always stuck up from Gojyo’s head. Gojyo groaned in his sleep and I was surprised to feel his cock harden against my leg. Sanzo continued to stroke Gojyo’s hair and sounds of arousal began to leak from Gojyo’s throat. When he rolled to his back, he took the covers with him, exposing me. Sanzo’s hand froze and he met my eyes in surprise before he backed away. His lip curled up in a sneer. Because of the dim light of the room, I couldn’t be sure but I thought I saw a look of hurt resignation in his eyes. He started to turn away when Gojyo’s hand shot out and captured the monk’s wrist. I wondered how long he’d been awake and how long he would have pretended to be asleep if I hadn’t been revealed. Was he that hungry for Sanzo’s touch that he’d pretend to be asleep just to experience it?


“Why are you here, Sanzo? I thought you didn’t want to have anything to do with me,” Gojyo said with anger in his voice.


Sanzo glared at Gojyo and yanked on his trapped wrist. Gojyo kept his grip firmly on Sanzo and sat up. There was no way my being naked in bed with an equally naked Gojyo could be seen in a positive light by Sanzo. Not when it was clear to me that the monk regretted breaking off their relationship.


“Why are you here, Sanzo?” Gojyo repeated with a little hurt finding its way into his tone.


“Let. Go,” Sanzo ground out as he pulled against Gojyo’s hold on him.


“No. You came into my room in the middle of the night after ignoring me for two weeks. I want to know why you’re here. I’m not just a convenient body for you to use whenever the mood strikes you.”


“Looks like you’re being very accommodating for Hakkai,” Sanzo said as his gaze swept over us.


“Some people can accept friendship and affection,” Gojyo snapped.


Sanzo flinched at the accusation and pieces of the puzzling behaviour between Sanzo and Gojyo fell into place for me. Gojyo must have let something slip to Sanzo about how he felt. Sanzo probably reacted to that by trying to distance himself from Gojyo. Gojyo would have immediately seen that as a rejection of him. I sighed softly. We were all so badly screwed up mentally. I wanted to help them fix their relationship. They had been, if not happy, then content with each other for a while. The light of my life was gone but they could still have a chance at happiness if they could work past this misunderstanding.


“Sanzo doesn’t like the rain either, Gojyo,” I gently reminded him.


I heard Gojyo draw in a quick breath. He still kept a firm grip on Sanzo’s wrist but I noticed that his thumb began to soothingly stroke the thin skin on the underside of the monk’s wrist.


“Is that why you’re here, Sanzo? Do you need to forget about why you hate the rain?” Gojyo asked softly.


“I don’t need anything,” Sanzo snarled.


Gojyo flinched and let go of Sanzo’s arm like he’d been burned. I really, really wanted to smack Sanzo in that instant. I knew he could be a selfish bastard but he was hurting Gojyo again with his attitude and words and I simply couldn’t let that happen right in front of me and do nothing. What kind of friend would that make me?


Sanzo whirled away and stalked to the door. I pulled the sheet from the bed and wrapped it toga-style before moving after him. I slipped between him and the door, slapped the light on and pinned him with one of my best “you’re-going-to-listen” gazes. Sanzo blinked in the sudden brightness and glared at me but I refused to move. What I had to say needed to be said whether Sanzo wanted to hear it or not.


“Gojyo is a generous person to those he cares about. I came to him tonight because of the rain. When we lived together, he often held me when it rained. He did it because he cared about me and wanted to help.”


“I don’t see how being naked helps. Unless it cuts down on the time between the first grope and sliding cock into ass.”


Sanzo was being deliberately provoking. I knew that. He was upset that it looked like Gojyo and I’d had sex. I suppose, technically, we did before we fell asleep. But it wasn’t the type of sex that Sanzo was insinuating. It hadn’t been anything at all like what Sanzo was suggesting. I didn’t think Sanzo would understand the difference.


“We never had sex. He just held me through the night and rain.”


“You expect me to believe that?” Sanzo asked with a snort.


“It doesn’t matter what you believe, Sanzo. Gojyo is willing to be there for you. He wants to be there for you. I’m telling you what you can have if you want it and are brave enough to take a chance,” I said, fast running out of patience with Sanzo and his stubborn insistence on not needing anyone or anything.


Sanzo looked at me in shock. I never spoke to anyone as I’d just spoken to him. I was always the soul of decorum. But… there were times when being polite just didn’t work anymore. This was one of those times. It was either speak my mind or beat the living daylights out of Sanzo. Talking seemed the better alternative despite the strong urge to punch Sanzo.


From Sanzo’s expression, I could see he was torn between wanting to deny that he needed anyone or anything and the desire to accept what was being offered. Gojyo rose from the bed and came to stand beside us. He was unashamed in his nudity and I saw the little flash of desire in Sanzo’s eyes before he averted his gaze.


“Everybody needs support at some point, Sanzo. You wouldn’t have come here tonight if you didn’t need it. Unbend your damn pride for a little while. We won’t tell anyone that you needed some comfort. What you did to me was shitty and I’m still mad about it but I don’t abandon a friend who needs me. I do still see you as a friend. Hakkai is a big enough man to admit when he needs someone, are you?” Gojyo asked with a challenge in his voice as he took my hand and led me back to the bed. He never looked back at Sanzo, leaving him to make his own decision.


Gojyo settled against the headboard and pulled me against his side. I watched in amazement as Sanzo scowled at Gojyo before stomping back to the bed. He stood there and clenched and unclenched his fists before moving to sit on the bed. Gojyo stopped him with a raised hand.


“Undress,” Gojyo commanded softly as he held Sanzo’s gaze.


Sanzo glared at Gojyo and I thought I could hear him grinding his teeth together. He was pissed at finding me naked with Gojyo. He was mad and hurt that it looked like Gojyo had already moved on to his next bed mate. Sanzo looked like he wanted to drag Gojyo from the bed and stake a personal claim on him. The look Sanzo directed to me wasn’t friendly by any stretch of the imagination. Matter of fact, there was a challenging look in his eyes that had me thinking furiously as to what that could possibly mean. Anybody could plainly see that I didn’t view Gojyo as a potential bed partner in the way we acted around each other. I loved Gojyo as a friend not as a lover.


Not that I’d refuse him my bed if he came to me. We were talking about Sha Gojyo here.


Sanzo completely stunned me when he complied with Gojyo’s demand. I’d seen Sanzo nude before but he was still beautiful to look at. He pointedly looked at the sheet I was still wrapped in. I unwound the sheet from my body and Gojyo motioned Sanzo to the spot beside him. Sanzo sat next to Gojyo, close but not touching him. Gojyo sighed and threw his arm around the monk and pulled him close. I heard a soft sigh from both Gojyo and Sanzo at the contact although I was sure it hadn’t been intentional on either of their parts.


I spread the sheet over all three of us and snuggled into Gojyo’s side. He turned his head and brushed my ear with his lips. He breathed a ‘thank you’ before he turned his head back. I slid a hand over his stomach and gave him a tight hug. Sanzo noticed my arm around Gojyo’s waist and narrowed his gaze at me. He may not have wanted to need Gojyo but the expression on the monk’s face spoke of possession.


Silence descended on the room. I enjoyed the caress of Gojyo’s hand over my back and listened to the steady beat of his heart under my ear that drowned out the sound of the rain. I heard the rustling movements of Sanzo as he shifted restlessly against Gojyo. Gojyo sighed and eventually pushed the monk’s head down onto his chest. Our foreheads touched and I met Sanzo’s eyes with my own.


“Let him relax you and make you forget for a little while,” I said quietly.


Sanzo opened his mouth in protest. I cupped his cheek, ignoring his startled reaction.


“He needs this too, Sanzo,” I murmured hoping Sanzo would understand.


Sanzo glared then frowned for several seconds before understanding dawned in his eyes. His lashes fluttered down to hide his expression but I knew I saw a flash of guilt before his eyes closed. Maybe it wasn’t a bad thing that Sanzo had come to Gojyo’s room when he did. I saw Sanzo relax as Gojyo stroked his hand over the monk’s back as he was doing to me. I closed my eyes and let the comfort and pleasure of being held wash over me. The sound of the rain was a distant thing and I allowed myself to just float in the comfort of being with someone who cared.


I cracked my eyes open when I heard a pleasure filled sigh from Gojyo. Sanzo’s eyes were closed and his lips were slightly parted. His hand was on Gojyo’s chest, his fingers brushing back and forth over Gojyo’s nipple. I shot a glance up to Gojyo’s face and blinked at the naked delight I saw. I looked down Gojyo’s body and watched his cock stir to life under the sheet. The faintest tinges of arousal began to scent the air and I felt my own dick start to harden against Gojyo’s leg. The hand rubbing my back paused for a fraction of a second at feeling my erection before resuming. The feel of the caress from Gojyo changed from easy comfort to gently arousing as I heard Gojyo’s heart rate pick up. Gojyo was one of the most sensual people I knew and I doubted he even consciously realized how his touch changed.


I watched in utter fascination as Sanzo’s tongue flicked out to moisten his lips and brushed against Gojyo’s chest. Gojyo sucked in a sharp breath and Sanzo opened his eyes to stare at me. Want and need swirled through his purple eyes. He flicked out his tongue again in a little cat-like lick to Gojyo’s chest. Challenge was in his gaze.


I thought I understood what that challenge was about. Sanzo still wanted Gojyo and the bitchy monk wasn’t big on sharing. For someone who claimed to not need or want anything, he certainly wanted to have Gojyo all to himself. An idea formed in my mind to push the two of them together. They’d both been surly and moody since they stopped sleeping with each other. As difficult as I found to understand, I believed they needed one another. If I played Sanzo’s little challenging game and let him win…. I smiled at him and enjoyed his wary confusion for a few seconds before I moved forward and captured his lips with mine.


As soon as Sanzo got over the initial shock of my kissing him, he rose to the dare and began to kiss me back. The kiss was rough, aggressive and dominant. It was also arousing. I countered the roughness and aggression with forceful gentleness. We fought for control of the kiss until Gojyo spoke.


“Sanzo? Hakkai?” Gojyo asked in a softly confused voice.


We broke the kiss and stared at each other. I smiled at Sanzo and nodded my head towards Gojyo letting the monk know I understood the earlier dare. Sanzo shrugged his shoulder and his eyes held a possessive gleam. We both turned to Gojyo and attacked his nipples with our mouths. Gojyo gasped and groaned as his body jerked under the dual assault.


I played with his nipple gently between my teeth, alternating easy nibbles with light suction. His hand abandoned my back to tangle and stroke through my hair. Soft sounds of arousal worked their way out of Gojyo along with sharp grunts and hisses. I glanced over at Sanzo to find he was tormenting the sensitive nub of flesh with hard bites and strong suction that had Gojyo fisting his hand tight in the monk’s hair.


I let my hand slide over Gojyo’s ribs, playing my fingers lightly over the bones. His sigh of pleasure at the touch turned into an erotic hiss. I glanced over at Sanzo to find that he was scoring Gojyo’s ribs with his blunt nails. I looked up into Gojyo’s face and saw his enjoyment of gentle pleasure war with the desire for a darker kind of arousal. I glanced back at Sanzo and saw satisfaction in his face. He knew what Gojyo enjoyed sexually better than I did and it was starting to look like I wasn’t going to have to let Sanzo win anything. For some reason, that stung my pride.


I changed tactics. Sanzo had challenged me and I did intend to let him win, for Gojyo’s sake, but that didn’t mean I’d make it easy for him. I could be just as aggressive as Sanzo. Obviously, Gojyo was enjoying it from Sanzo so I had no reason to believe he wouldn’t enjoy the same from me. Besides, I’d already had an easy loving with Gojyo earlier and the idea of not having to be so careful with my strength and desires was both intriguing and arousing.


I’d never trusted myself to indulge in my rougher fantasies before or after becoming a demon. Kanna had been a gentle, giving woman and to be rough with her would have broken something inside me. I’d pushed those darker desires down and showered her with all the gentle pleasures I could. After I became a demon, letting those dangerous urges out seemed fool hardy and reckless. I was anything but that.


This opportunity being dangled in front of me was just too much temptation to resist. Gojyo, being half-demon, could take large amounts of damage and heal relatively quickly. I knew he enjoyed kink. I couldn’t have lived with the man for as long as I did without knowing that. I simply never, in my wildest dreams, thought I’d have an express invitation to try some with him. A thrill of anticipation chased its way down my spine.


I dragged my own blunt nails across Gojyo’s belly and had the pleasure of seeing those firm muscles tense and hearing his sharply indrawn breath. Sanzo raised an eyebrow at me and I smiled at him while casually shrugging a shoulder. Surprise flickered in his eyes and the barest hint of a smile graced his mouth. Sanzo shocked me by reaching out and pinching my nipple hard. My little pained gasp turned to a soft sound of need I wasn’t even aware I could make. The stinging pleasure was better than I imagined it would be.


“Hakkai?” Gojyo asked with concern in his voice.


“I’m fine. It’s good,” I replied in a low voice as I reached out to return the favour to Sanzo.


Sanzo hissed and bit his lip at the sharp pinch of my fingernails on his nipple. He twisted his body away from my touch and I felt colour climb into my cheeks at the blatant rejection. Gojyo grabbed my wrist and my attention with his quiet voice.


“Sanzo has very sensitive nipples, Hakkai. Play gentle with them but be as rough as you like with the rest of him.”


“Shut the fuck up, Gojyo,” Sanzo snapped as a rosy blush crawled up his neck and into his cheeks.


“Sanzo,” Gojyo chided, “You know the rules about pleasure and pain when you’re in bed with me. No real hurt gets done.”


Sanzo muttered and glared at Gojyo. He wouldn’t look at me and what I first took for rejection, I now recognized as embarrassment at having an intimate, personal secret revealed. He reached out and fingered the hair sticking up from Gojyo’s head with a superior little smirk. Gojyo cried out sharply and his body went rigid.


“Should I tell Hakkai about these? Do you want your personal kinks known to everyone?” Sanzo asked in a rough voice.


I didn’t know what Sanzo was doing, but Gojyo was suddenly panting and his eyes filled with lust. The hand that still held my wrist tightened briefly before letting go and groping in my lap until he closed his fingers around my erection. A little groan left me at the firm grip as Gojyo ran his thumb over the head.


“Sanzo, what are you doing to Gojyo?” I asked a little breathlessly from the erotic stroking of Gojyo’s hand over my cock.


“Did you know these are antenna and that they’re very sensitive?”


I shook my head no and found myself having to concentrate on what Sanzo was saying. Gojyo’s fingers playing over my cock were a very arousing distraction. Gojyo never mentioned he had antenna and truthfully, I’d never thought to ask why he couldn’t seem to control a few wayward strands when he was always careful about his hair and how it looked. As far as I could tell, Sanzo was doing nothing more than stroking one gently yet Gojyo was reacting like he was getting the best blow job of his life. I reached out a hand but hesitated before touching the antenna.


I had to be so very careful how I played this out between myself and Sanzo. Too much aggression and he’d feel like I was trying to take Gojyo from him and retreat. Too much tenderness and I believed Sanzo would see that as feelings between me and Gojyo and leave. The safest route seemed to be to let Sanzo dictate how much I got to touch and play with Gojyo. To allow Sanzo control of this encounter would cost me nothing and possibly give Gojyo everything. I met Sanzo’s eyes and waited for permission. Surprise flashed over his face at my waiting for consent to touch Gojyo’s antenna. A glimmer of satisfaction showed in his eyes at my deference to him before he nodded his head fractionally. I had chosen the correct course of action and a little sigh of relief left me.


“Gently,” Sanzo cautioned.


I took the other antenna delicately between my fingers. I was surprised at the firm, fuzzy feel of it. Gojyo’s back bowed as I ran the antenna through my fingers and the moan of pleasure seemed pulled from his soul. He started to stroke me with more skill than any one person had a right too. I let go of his antenna and Gojyo sagged back panting. His hand slowed and he let go of my cock. I wanted to protest that loss. Passion glazed eyes met mine before he looked to Sanzo. Whatever he saw in Sanzo’s face made him lick his lips nervously and dart his gaze back to me.


Sanzo surprised me when he cupped the back of my head and pulled me forward for a kiss. Before our lips touched, I felt the brush of Gojyo’s antenna against my mouth. Sanzo tongue swept along the seam of my lips, pressing for entrance. I opened my mouth to him and allowed his tongue inside as well as the tip of Gojyo’s antenna. A low moan of absolute ecstasy sounded from Gojyo and I felt a demonic aura start to build around us. Gojyo sobbed with pleasure and his body arched between us.


Sanzo’s tongue stroked the inside of my mouth and Gojyo’s antenna at the same time. I felt him smile briefly when Gojyo warned us to stop. Gojyo twisted and brought his hands up towards us. Sanzo broke the kiss and grabbed hold of one of Gojyo’s hands, pressing it to the mattress. I blinked slowly and followed the unspoken command in Sanzo’s eyes and did the same with Gojyo’s other hand. Sanzo brought Gojyo’s other antenna to his mouth and looked at me.


“Suck on it and enjoy what happens.”


Gojyo’s mouth opened in a protest that died a swift death as Sanzo put to practice what he’d just told me to do. Instead, a long, drawn out moan of pleasure was wrenched from Gojyo and the demonic aura I’d felt earlier grew stronger. Sanzo held my eyes as he sucked and swirled his tongue around the antenna. Gojyo twisted and panted and I found I had to use a fair bit of strength to hold his hand down. I copied Sanzo’s actions on the antenna between my own lips until I heard Gojyo pleading for us to stop. I broke eye contact with Sanzo to look at Gojyo and his antenna fell from my mouth in surprise.


Sweat darkened the hair around his face. A flush was high in his cheeks and he was panting like he’d run a marathon. Tears leaked from the corners of his eyes and his body fairly hummed with tension as he twisted and strained against the hold we had on him. What did Sanzo have me help him do to Gojyo?


Sanzo let the antenna fall from his mouth and Gojyo moaned. His eyes were pleading as he looked between the two of us. A ghost of a smile flitted over Sanzo’s face and he let go of Gojyo’s hand. I followed suit, not sure what Sanzo was going to do next but committed to following his lead. Gojyo lay panting between us, arousal apparent in the expression on his face and the weeping erection he had. Sanzo leaned down and spoke softly to Gojyo while holding my eyes with his own.


“What do you want, Gojyo?”


“You,” Gojyo said intently, “To feel your hands on me.”


“And Hakkai? Do you want him too? To feel his hands on you?” Sanzo asked with hints of jealousy in his voice.


“Hakkai needs me tonight as much as you do, Sanzo,” Gojyo reminded him gently as he raised a slightly shaking hand to touch Sanzo’s cheek.


Sanzo surprised me by allowing the soft touch. Silence descended on the room as we stared at each other. The sound of the rain seemed suddenly loud as I watched pain and loneliness flicker through the monk’s eyes. I knew the same thing was mirrored in mine for slightly different reasons. Sanzo looked away first but I knew he understood on some level what I felt when it rained and why I’d come to Gojyo. He looked back at me as his hand glided up Gojyo’s chest and he flicked a nail at the tight nub of his nipple. Gojyo gasped softly and arched into Sanzo.


“He likes pain as well as pleasure,” Sanzo said in a low voice.


“I know,” I replied as I mimicked Sanzo’s move and flicked Gojyo’s other nipple making him groan and twist his body, wordlessly begging for more.


Sanzo scowled at me and then Gojyo. He was obviously thinking that I’d done some playing with Gojyo despite my telling him earlier that Gojyo and I had never had sex before. I was about to tell him again that Gojyo and I had never been intimate when Gojyo spoke.


“We lived in the same house, Sanzo. We know things about each other that no one else does. We’ve never played like you and me have. I’ve never let anyone play with me like I have with you,” Gojyo said as he laid his hand on Sanzo’s bare thigh and caressed the skin gently.


Sanzo narrowed his eyes and leaned over Gojyo until their noses touched. I caught a glimpse of Sanzo’s eyes and regardless of what the monk was telling himself, his eyes gave away the fact that he wanted and needed Gojyo for more than just the physical. Even though I was kneeling within touching distance of them, if I hadn’t had demon sharp hearing, I would have missed what Sanzo breathed against Gojyo’s lips.


“Really?” Sanzo sneered as his hand circled Gojyo’s throat, partly as a threat, partly in a caress.


“Word of honour,” Gojyo answered as he reached up and stroked a hand down Sanzo’s throat and over his nipple making the monk gasp softly at the gentle touch.


I knew Sanzo wasn’t ready to admit he had feelings for Gojyo but his actions, the look in his eyes and possessive nature spoke volumes to me. Sanzo stared intently into Gojyo’s eyes for several long seconds before he tilted his head and kissed Gojyo with more heat than I would have thought the monk capable of. Gojyo responded to that kiss like a man dying of thirst being offered a pitcher of pure spring water. They kept their eyes open and watched each other as they kissed, absorbed in the play of emotions in each others face. The kiss was one of the most intensely erotic, intimate things I’d ever seen and I felt like I was intruding on a very private moment between them. I was about to excuse myself when Sanzo pulled back slowly and raised his eyes to mine.


There was some kind of new knowledge in those dark purple depths. Smug satisfaction that told me that the challenge he’d issued to me earlier… I’d just lost it. I was a little confused and very unsure if I should stay or go.


“Do you want Hakkai to stay and play with us now?” Sanzo asked as he scored his nails down Gojyo’s chest.


Gojyo inhaled sharply at the small pain before he nodded his head. His eyes sought mine and I saw what I needed this rainy night in his gaze; the compassion and love of a good friend. I raised my eyes to Sanzo and saw that he expected that answer from Gojyo and was willing to go along with what Gojyo wanted because of whatever he saw and felt in that kiss they shared. There was also the light of understanding in Sanzo purple eyes. He knew what I needed tonight because he needed it too.


Gojyo watched the look pass between Sanzo and myself. A smile played over his lips before he rolled to his front and stretched out between us. He spread his legs slightly and clasped his hands behind his head. He turned his head to face me and I saw anticipation fill his eyes. Both Gojyo and I jumped at the sharp crack of a hand meeting flesh.


“Have you done this before, Hakkai?” Sanzo asked as he caressed the slightly reddened handprint on Gojyo’s ass.


I shook my head no but found my hand almost itching to swat Gojyo’s other ass cheek. The little sound of pleasure Gojyo made was encouraging me to do just that. I glanced at Gojyo’s face and saw the almost imperceptible nod he gave me. I looked to Sanzo and waited for his go-ahead. At Sanzo’s nod, I drew my hand back and brought it down swiftly on Gojyo’s exposed ass. The slap wasn’t nearly as hard or loud as the one Sanzo gave him.


“Harder, Hakkai. I won’t break,” Gojyo said softly on a small moan.


I raised my hand again and brought it down harder. Gojyo hissed and flinched and I wondered for a moment if I’d used too much strength. That worry was laid to rest when Gojyo groaned and wriggled his hips. The sound was one of arousal and went straight to my cock, making it throb. Sanzo and I began to deliver hard, stinging swats to Gojyo’s ass and thighs. Gojyo moaned and rocked his hips. His fingers turned white from the force of the grip he was using to keep his hands locked behind his head. Sharp hisses and grunts were forced from Gojyo with every blow. Sprinkled between the sounds of pain were lush noises of arousal. Lust was rushing through my body and I was about to deliver another round of spanks when Sanzo stopped me by grabbing my wrist.


“Give him a moment to calm down,” Sanzo said in a breathy voice as he stroked his fingers over the red handprints decorating Gojyo’s ass and thighs. Gojyo was panting harshly with a light sheen of sweat covering his skin.


I nodded and licked my lips. I was more aroused now than I could remember being in a long time. Sanzo touched the backs of Gojyo’s hands lightly. Gojyo unclasped his hands and stretched his arms out in front of him. Sanzo trailed his hands down Gojyo’s spine and fanned out over his hips. He tugged and Gojyo rose up to his hands and knees. Sanzo knelt behind him and caressed his hips and ass. I wondered what Sanzo was up to.


“Lay on your back, Hakkai,” Sanzo commanded softly.


He waited for me to lie back on the bed and a tiny smile of satisfaction came and went quickly on his lips when I did as he ordered. Sanzo positioned Gojyo over me and pressed him firmly but gently between the shoulder blades.


“Bring Hakkai off with your mouth, Gojyo.”


Gojyo shivered at the command and gave a low moan of pleasure before his lips closed over my cock. I groaned and let the delight of his lips and tongue wash through me. I propped myself up on my elbows and divided my attention between watching Gojyo work my cock with a skill that took my breath away and Sanzo who was playing with Gojyo’s ass.


My cock surged as I watched Sanzo bring his fingers to his mouth and suck on them. He held my eyes as he did it. It was a very erotic thing to watch Sanzo suck on his fingers as if they were a cock and feel Gojyo’s mouth sliding over my own dick. My breath was starting to come a little faster and I focused on the sensations of Gojyo’s lips and teeth as he worked me.


I sucked in a sharp breath when Gojyo teased my hole with his finger as he sucked my entire length down. His pleased hum vibrated along the length of my cock and I bit my lip hard to keep from falling completely into the sensual feel of Gojyo’s mouth playing over me. Sanzo pulled his fingers from his mouth, a thread of saliva trailing from his lips to his fingers. I knew he pressed them into Gojyo when I felt and heard the moan of pleasure Gojyo gave. I watched with growing excitement as Sanzo worked Gojyo’s ass. Gojyo moaned softly, wriggling his hips for more. The sharp crack of Sanzo’s hand meeting the firm flesh of Gojyo’s backside seemed to echo in the room.


Gojyo moaned again before sliding his mouth down my cock until his lips were pressed to the base. I panted and struggled to keep from jerking my hips. I wanted to fuck his mouth hard. I wanted to see my seed smeared over his lips. A gasp of pleasure escaped me when Gojyo pushed his finger completely inside me. He stroked over my prostate, making me jerk my hips up in reaction. Sanzo spread Gojyo’s cheeks, leaned down and licked his hole. Gojyo shuddered and his hand moved between his legs to stroke his own erection. It took me a few minutes to realize that Gojyo was stroking himself and fingering me to the rhythm of Sanzo licking and tongue fucking his ass. The absolute eroticism of the combined actions had me struggling for control to hold back my release.


Sanzo shifted behind Gojyo and his eyes slowly closed as he slid into Gojyo’s heat. Lust surged through me at the deep groan of pleasure from Gojyo. He began working my cock faster as Sanzo started a rhythm of strong thrusts. I looked down at Gojyo and my breath caught at the pleasure in his face from having a cock in his mouth and a dick in his ass at the same time. I felt Sanzo’s eyes on me and looked up at him.


I saw intense pleasure and satisfaction but I was also given a brief, unguarded look into Sanzo that I didn’t think he intended me to have. There was more than just the delight of the physical. He cared about Gojyo. He was also afraid of those feelings. Sooner or later he was going to have to deal with them. I just hoped, for both their sakes that it was sooner and not later.


I sat up and reached out to Sanzo, startling him. I pulled him towards me and touched his lips with mine in a feather light kiss before moving back and threading my fingers through Gojyo’s hair. His antenna slid through my fingers and Gojyo whimpered. I liked the sound, so repeated the gesture. Sanzo’s eyes widened and his mouth opened at the same time I felt the background demonic aura expand and burst.


Lust slammed into me as I heard a song start in my head. It was filled with pleasure, desire and comfort. There were no words to the song but I knew in my heart what it was conveying. The song pushed my arousal even higher until lust was a hot, stabbing sensation rushing through my body. I knew without being told that the song was coming from Gojyo. My eyes met Sanzo’s and the arousal I saw was stunning. I knew then that he could hear the song too.


Heat pooled in my groin and my balls drew up tight. I wanted the almost painful pleasure to continue. The song rose in tempo, captured my lust and sent it spinning through my body. I opened my mouth and gave a long, low moan as my orgasm whipped through me. I let go of Gojyo’s antenna and my back arched, forcing my cock down Gojyo’s throat as my seed left me in pain-kissed spurts. Gojyo made happy noises as he swallowed. Sanzo gasped and ground his hips into Gojyo. He threw his head back as something very close to a scream came from his throat. Gojyo groaned and a shiver wracked his body as Sanzo pressed his chest to Gojyo’s back and panted harshly. Gojyo moaned, the sound vibrating on my sensitized cock. I twitched and made little pleasure filled noises as I felt Gojyo’s seed splatter against my legs and balls. The demon song faded from my mind slowly. Contentment lingered, leaving me feeling more relaxed and satisfied than I could remember being in a very long time.


Gojyo let my dick fall from his mouth and licked cock swollen lips. His face was flushed with the after glow of great sex and there was a sated look in his eyes. He gave a soft, disappointed little groan as Sanzo withdrew from his ass. He swiped his tongue along the scar on my belly, placing a gentle kiss over it before he crawled up my body and pressed his lips softly to mine. He pulled back slowly from the kiss before turning and grabbing Sanzo’s arm. He drew the monk against his body and kissed him like he wanted to crawl inside him. When they broke apart, Sanzo looked a little dazed.


“We’re going to talk about where we go from here in the morning, Sanzo,” Gojyo warned softly with a tone that said he wouldn’t take any argument.


Sanzo stiffened in Gojyo’s arms and scowled. He tried to pull away but was held tightly by Gojyo.


“I don’t understand why you did what you did, Sanzo but I don’t want to call it quits between us. I don’t think you want to either. But, it’s late, raining and we’re all nicely tired now. Sleep is a great idea. Don’t go anywhere. I’ll be right back,” Gojyo said as he gave Sanzo a hard, fast kiss before leaving the bed. He dragged on his pants and headed out the door.


Sanzo scowled at the door for several seconds before he rose from the bed and reached for his own clothes. I stared at him in surprise. If Sanzo left now, while Gojyo was gone, I was sure Gojyo would see it as another rejection by Sanzo. I couldn’t let him do it.


“It’s still raining, Sanzo,” I said softly.


He froze for a few seconds in the act of putting his jeans on before continuing, although slower than before. He didn’t want to be alone tonight. Nightmares probably haunted him, too, when it rained. When it looked like he was still going to dress and leave, I spoke again.


“I’ll leave. I’m… I’ll be fine now,” I lied as I moved off the bed.


I didn’t lie often. I preferred honesty. But for Gojyo, I’d lie to Sanzo if it would keep him in the room. I knew I wouldn’t be fine. Alone, the nightmares would come. I wouldn’t get any rest until the rain stopped; unless I stayed with Gojyo. I was still shocked that Sanzo had shared Gojyo with me. I knew Sanzo wouldn’t feel comfortable if I stayed. He’d leave and Gojyo would be more hurt than before. I could deal with a few nightmares for Gojyo. Sanzo surprised me by grabbing my arm.


“What happened here, it doesn’t leave this room,” Sanzo warned in a low voice.


“Of course, Sanzo. This was… an unexpected pleasure. Like a beautiful, welcoming dream. When we wake up in the morning, we’ll find it was nothing but a rain soaked fantasy.”


Sanzo frowned at me. He opened his mouth several times but said nothing. He finally let go of my arm and sat on the edge of the bed. He stared at the window, seeming lost in thought. I took my clothes out of the night table and started to dress. I hoped that Gojyo would understand why I’d left. I was pretty sure he would.


“Why are you willing to leave when you obviously care about him; when you need him?” Sanzo asked as he looked up at me, confusion in his eyes.


“His happiness means more to me than his protection from my inner demons.”


“You love him,” Sanzo accused as he surged to his feet.


“I love my friend, not a lover,” I replied gently as I took a chance and rested my hand on Sanzo’s shoulder.


He scowled at me and I wasn’t sure if he understood the difference. I didn’t think he’d appreciate me trying to explain that I loved Gojyo as a friend while he loved Gojyo as a lover. I thought Sanzo had been pushed as far as he could be for one night. I was actually amazed that no violence or bloodshed had come to pass.


“He’ll want you to stay,” Sanzo muttered.


“He’ll understand if I leave. He won’t understand if you do. Stay, Sanzo. Let him help you tonight.”


I turned away to start dressing again. I really wasn’t looking forward to spending the rest of the night alone with my thoughts, ghosts and inner demons. The rain seemed suddenly louder in the quiet of the room. A shiver traced down my spine as I thought about all the memories that would skulk out of the shadows once I was alone.




I raised my head in surprise. The command was whisper quiet. If I’d had normal human hearing, I probably wouldn’t have heard it. Sanzo had slipped under the sheet on the bed and was lighting a smoke when I turned to look at him. He returned my look coolly before blowing smoke out of his mouth in a thin stream.


“I’m sorry, what?”


“Nothing else happens tonight. Nothing but letting him keep away… things. You swear you never speak about what we did and you can stay.”


Sanzo completely stunned me for the second time that night. Maybe he did understand the difference between the love Gojyo and I shared and the love he could have with Gojyo if he took a chance. Maybe there was hope for Sanzo to realize what he felt for Gojyo. I gave him a short, formal bow.


“What we did here will never leave my lips. I swear it on my honour, Genjo Sanzo.”


Sanzo gave me a curt nod of his head. Gojyo chose that moment to come back into the room. He looked at me standing there with my pants on and the smile that had been on his face faded. I walked towards him and touched his bare chest with my finger tips.


“I’ll be back in a moment. Go get comfortable with Sanzo.”


Gojyo searched my face for clues about why I was partially dressed. I let him see my love and affection for him before my customary mask slipped back into place. He nodded and smiled at me before heading for the bed. I watched him shuck his jeans and climb in beside Sanzo. He stole the half finished cigarette, earning himself a scowl from Sanzo. I smiled as I left the room to use the washroom. Sanzo and Gojyo might be on the way to fixing their relationship because of what happened tonight.


I never thought I’d have cause to be thankful for a rainy night.




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