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Award Categories


When nominating a fic:


1, choose the genre:


  • Het (Male/Female)
  • Fem Slash (Female/Female)
  • Slash (Male/Male)
  • Multi (Male/Female/Male; Male/Female/Female or if it contains both slash & het, and so on)



2, select the Fandom Category:


  • Acted - TV & Movies (also include real person fanfic but should be labelled)
  • Animation - TV & Movie
  • Books
  • Games & Comics
  • Original Fic (This is also the Award Category do not go to step 3. Characters and universe should be original)


3, choose an Award category from the following: (now alphabetised)


  • Best Drabble (under 500words)
  • Best Established Relationship
  • Best Extreme BDSM (E.G. knife play, breath play, branding, etc.)
  • Best Fantasy/Role Play (The Rent Boy and his John; The cop and the prisoner; kidnap fantasy... etc)
  • Best Fetish (From the well known - foot, hair, leather etc; to the obscure - Acrophlia, Bastinado, etc)
  • Best First time (The first time the characters have sex/scene)
  • Best Holiday/Celebration (christmas, halloween, bring your pet to work day)
  • Best Humour (Kink but with a humorous twist)
  • Best Hurt/Comfort
  • Best Loveslave!Fic (consensual slavery)
  • Best Romance
  • Best Spanking scene (contains spanking of some variety, any type: hand, paddle, flogger...)
  • Best Slave!Fic (non-consensual slavery – the sex itself doesn’t have to be non-con, but the slavery arrangement does)
  • Best Use of Toys (traditional toys, paddles, whips, clamps, dildos, etc)
  • Cleverest Crossover (Where two or more fandoms collide)
  • Ingenious Pervertables (Pervertable = an item that isn't normally sex related perverted for use as a toy, EG Spanking with a wooden spoon)
  • Most Angst
  • Most Diabetic Coma Inducing (Sugary sweet fic (fluff), or ending, that should come with a warning for diabetics)
  • Most Intense Scene (not necessarily the most hardcore, but it leaves you gasping for air at the end)
  • Most Promising Newcomer - for an author's first fic with a BDSM flavour.

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