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"I want something permanent," Wesley said.


Giles' eyes widened. "Oh. I suppose that can be arranged."


"I'd like that," Wesley said, meeting Giles' eyes. He wanted something that would always be there, even if Giles left him. Some kind of undeniable evidence of Giles' effect on him. He'd even settle for 'Giles was here' in indelible ink.


Giles looked Wesley over, considering his request. "Yes," he said, his voice dropping as the idea grew on him. "I rather like that idea. A permanent mark. What sort of mark, do you think?" His fingers traced Wesley's bruises, seeking out the places where the belt had broken the skin. "Do you want to be able to see the belt on you?"


"Would that be possible?" Wesley asked, transfixed by the movements of Giles' fingers.


"I don't see why not," Giles said. "I'll have to open these wounds a bit more, keep them open for a few weeks to see that they don't heal perfectly." He looked up at Wesley with a serious expression. "It's likely to be quite painful."


"But they won't fade?" Wesley asked, insistent.


"That's why it's going to be painful," Giles said. "I'll need to aggravate the wounds to be sure that they scar."


Wesley bit his lip thoughtfully. He didn't like pain, but that didn't mean he couldn't bear it, if it was for a good cause. He'd born a lot of pain for the cause of trying to live up to his father's ideals. Surely he could stand a little more, for something he himself wanted. "I want it," he said, certain of it.


Giles hesitated, then nodded. "All right. If you want to start now, I should clean a few things up first."


"All right," Wesley said. His stomach twisted with anticipation and a bit of fear, for the pain.


Giles started to get up, then stopped. He leaned over and gave Wesley a long caress. "You see?" he said. "This is why I'm proud of you."


Wesley looked up at him. "It is?"


"Yes. I love it when you give yourself to me like this."


Wesley shifted in mild embarrassment. "I love knowing you'll take me," he said, quietly.


Giles chuckled. "Always."


He reached under Wesley and freed his hands. "Try to relax while I take care of things. I'll be back soon."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said.


While Giles was gone, Wesley stretched a bit, particularly his arms, and then settled comfortably on the bed. Despite the prospect of further pain, he was excited about the end result. No matter what happened, no one could take away something so definite, so undeniable and permanent. It wouldn't fade away, as his memories inevitably would. As Giles' desire for him probably would. The scar would be his to keep. He rarely asked for things for himself, but he wanted this.


Giles cleaned up the remains of dinner, and Wesley's bowl while he was at it, then debated what to use for the task at hand. He looked over his kitchen knives, but rejected them. He decided, ultimately, on the straight razor. He'd used it on Wesley before with the intention of not cutting. It would be exciting to use it on him with the opposite intent.


By the time he collected the few other items he would need, his cock was beginning to stir at the prospect of marking Wesley, scarring him permanently so that no one could question that he was owned. The thought of how Wesley would whine and whimper, maybe even scream, under the knife wasn't hurting his enthusiasm, either.


When he heard Giles returning, Wesley took a deep breath, bracing himself for what was about to happen.


Giles put the tray with all his tools on the nightstand and sat beside Wesley. "I'm going to tie you," he said, "so you can't jar my hand. All right?"


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He lay down flat on the bed as Giles directed him, and held his limbs out for binding.


Giles tied Wesley, but didn't blindfold him. His next step was to sharpen the razor. As he worked, letting Wesley watch, he said, "I won't cut deeply. It should feel like little more than a paper cut once I'm done, but I'll have to make sure it's wide enough not to seal up immediately. That part will probably be more painful."


Wesley nodded, eyes locked on the blade.


Satisfied with the condition of the blade, Giles doused a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and used it to swab the remaining traces of his come from Wesley's chest. He doused a second one and began carefully cleaning the wounds where the belt had broken Wesley's skin.


The alcohol made his skin feel cool, particularly over his ribs, where the existing belt mark was.


Giles paused as he was about to pick the blade up and clean it, as well. He took his belt, the same one he'd used to whip Wesley, from where it hung at the end of the bed, and folded it a few times. "Open your mouth," he instructed Wesley.


Wesley opened to let the belt slide between his teeth, then bit down on the leather. He moaned faintly, and a spark of want sprang to life within him.


Finally, Giles cleaned the blade and turned to Wesley. "Ready?"


Wesley nodded. His heart was thumping in his chest.


There were two places Giles had chosen to cut, where the staggered marks of the belt made not-quite-solid lines. They were offset a bit, each a few inches long, and together they would outline the shape of the belt against Wesley's skin. Bracing one hand on the first selected area to keep Wesley very still, Giles started by scraping away the scabs that had formed, leaving fresh, seeping wounds.


Wesley's teeth dug into the belt as the cutting began. It wasn't too bad, a few quick pains and then a dull throbbing.


The blade was long enough that Giles didn't have to cut very much to connect the dots of the existing wounds. He just laid it against Wesley's skin and slid it an inch or so, pressing lightly. When he lifted it again, a fine line of blood welled up.


The slice of the blade into his body was something Wesley would never forget. He held very, very still.


Giles turned the blade around and did it the other direction to make sure the cut was fairly even, then stopped to let Wesley recover. "All right?" he asked, looking at Wesley with concern.


Wesley was trembling faintly, overwhelmed by the moment, but he didn't want it to stop. He nodded for Giles to continue.


Giles repeated the process on the second spot he'd chosen, then gave Wesley another chance to recover while he cleaned the razor again for good measure.


"Now for the hard part," he said. Holding it very carefully, so as not to cut himself, he turned the razor around and began working a blunt corner into the first cut, widening and aggravating it.


Wesley's eyes widened at the pain. He bit down hard on the belt, letting out short, strangled noises as the razor dug into his flesh.


Giles stopped after he'd finished the first cut and ran his fingers through Wesley's hair. "Good boy. I'm halfway done. Just hold on a bit longer." His own cock had hardened in response to Wesley's pained noises, though the blow job had been recent enough that he felt no urgency about it.


Towards the end, one cut was particularly hard, making Wesley scream through the belt. He breathed heavily through his nose, and the cords of his neck stood out as he tried to bear it.


"There, that's done," Giles said reassuringly, laying the blade aside. He offered Wesley more soothing touches until he started to recover, then said, "Just let me clean these again and it'll be over for tonight."


Wesley whimpered softly, then hissed as the alcohol stung his wounds. When it was all over, he lay limp, exhausted and panting.


Giles untied Wesley and pulled him into his arms, careful not to touch his chest. "It won't be quite so bad from now on," he promised.


Giles removed the belt from Wesley's mouth; there were deep teeth marks in it. "Can I see?" Wesley rasped. The position of the cuts had made it difficult for him to watch clearly.


Giles nodded. "How are your knees?"


They still ached, but they paled in comparison to the razor's bite. "Manageable," Wesley said.


"Come on, then," Giles said, helping Wesley to his feet. The navigated the stairs together and Giles took Wesley to look at himself in the full-length mirror.


Wesley stared at himself in the mirror. The wound was red, dark where the skin had been cut away, and beginning to swell around the edges. The bruises from the belt were still vividly displayed underneath, and a distant part of Wesley's mind registered that it looked extraordinarily painful. It did hurt, without question, but it didn't make him want it any less.


Giles stepped up behind Wesley and wrapped his arms around him, careful not to put pressure on the bruises. One hand splayed across Wesley's stomach and the other drifted down to fondle him lightly. "Be proud of yourself," he murmured. "You were very brave."


Wesley leaned back against Giles, letting himself relax into his arms. His eyes never left the mirror. He hadn't had a chance to see a full view of himself in this condition. No matter how strange he'd felt seeing himself dressed up in the mall, it was nothing compared to this: Giles, fully clothed and holding his naked, battered body like it was a glorious treasure. "Touch me," he said, needing something to remind him that this was all real.


Giles complied, grasping Wesley's cock firmly and stroking him. Bending his head, he pressed his teeth lightly into Wesley's neck, like a vampire.


When Wesley could speak again, he moaned out "Yes." His cock began to throb and fill in Giles' hand. He felt lightheaded, dizzy from everything that had happened and was happening and he never wanted it to stop.


"Mine," Giles murmured against Wesley's neck, nipping here and there as his hands worked to drive Wesley to the edge of orgasm.


Wesley watched himself through lust-hazed eyes, watched his cock harden to fullness and Giles' hand moving relentlessly upon it. His fresh wounds ached as his chest heaved, the pain somehow accentuating the pleasure he was given. There was no doubt now that he was Giles'; he needed no reminder in this moment, with Giles' teeth in his neck, with his whole self transformed by Giles' hand, bent to his desires. There was no turning back from this. He refused to even think it. "Yours forever," he murmured.


"Yes," Giles groaned. His own cock was hard and he thrust unconsciously against Wesley's arse. But when Wesley was just about to come he froze, all motion ceased.


Wesley panted, lost in the sudden stillness. His eyes moved to Giles' in the mirror.


Giles' eyes met Wesley's, and his hand slowly tightened on Wesley's cock. "I don't believe coming was on that list you made," he murmured, his expression slightly challenging. "Don't you want to come?"


Wesley could barely think, not with his mind so clouded with lust. The only thing that mattered to him was that Giles would keep touching him, keep doing things to him. "I don't want to stop," he gasped out.


"I'm afraid we'll have to," Giles said, though he still didn't release Wesley's cock. "Else you will come, and I'll be very unhappy."


"Stop me," Wesley pleaded. "Don't let me." What was coming compared to this? Compared to this feeling, this knowledge of utter ownership, this surrender to pleasure that went on and on.


Giles finally took his hand from Wesley's cock. "Wait here," he instructed, sitting Wesley on the toilet while he dashed upstairs for the cock ring.


Wesley missed him instantly, his heat and controlling touch. It was only a matter of seconds, but it seemed like forever until Giles returned.


When Giles returned, he squatted in front of Wesley and showed him the cock ring, at the same time he resumed stroking him, bringing him quickly back to the edge of orgasm. "Do you want this?" he demanded, staring at Wesley with open lust.


"Don't let me come," Wesley begged. His body ached for it, but his body was wrong. If Wesley came it would all be over.


"Tell me how much you want this," Giles said, moving his hand from Wesley's cock to his face, gazing at him proudly. "Tell me what a slut you are."


"Please," Wesley begged, eyes pleading. "I don't want this to stop. I don't want to come."


Giles rubbed the cock ring against Wesley's cock, teasing. "Say it. Tell me you're my slut, and you never want to come."


"I don't want to come," Wesley repeated, desperately. "Take it away, take it out of me. I'm yours, please, I'm your s-slut forever, please," he begged, becoming tearful and incoherent.


Giles snapped the ring on and wrapped an arm around Wesley's shoulders. "There. I won't let you, see?" he said, running his fingertips lightly up and down Wesley's shaft.


"Thank you, thank you," Wesley sobbed. "I'm your slut, please, your slut forever."


"Yes," Giles murmured. "Yes, you are." He bundled Wesley into his arms and sat on the floor, leaning back against the wall, with Wesley in his lap. He continued to stimulate him lightly, murmuring soothing words in his ear.


This was what Wesley needed, what he wanted more than anything else. To be hard and wanting in Giles' arms, touched and soothed, the whole world narrowed down to the two of them, and his surrender complete.


Giles gradually lessened the stimulation, not wanting to push Wesley so far that he would be oversensitive the next time, but continued murmuring to Wesley and rubbing his back, brushing fingers against his neck and face. He couldn't imagine anything more wonderful than Wesley's absolute devotion, the way he offered himself completely, innocently, letting Giles swallow him whole.


Wesley let out soft whimpers and moans, squirming deliciously under continuous stimulation. He nuzzled against Giles, full of love and want for him. Nothing else mattered.


They sat like that for so long that Wesley's exhaustion got the better of him and he drifted into a light doze, his cock still proudly erect in the cock ring. Giles smiled, thinking idly that it was probably rather odd to have a grown man sleeping in his arms like a child, but he really couldn't bring himself to care.


Eventually one of his legs went numb from Wesley's weight, and he reluctantly roused him again. "Time for bed," he whispered as Wesley blinked at him, slightly dazed.


Wesley stood, with Giles' help. He brushed his teeth and washed up, and all the while Giles continued to touch and tease him. His cock was hard and hot, but the cock ring held him securely.


Giles tucked Wesley into bed and took care of his own preparations, then joined him. "I have to take this off now," he murmured regretfully, touching the cock ring. "It's not good for you to sleep like this."


Wesley pouted. "I wish you could leave it on."


Giles chuckled fondly, as he removed the ring. "I know. But I want to keep you healthy, so I can play with you again."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He felt a pang of loss as his cock was freed, but he still had the cuffs. He was still bound to the bed, blindfolded again, with Giles there to hold him. That was enough for now.


Hating to disappoint Wesley, Giles grasped his cock again as he settled in to go to sleep.


Wesley hummed with pleasure at the hand around his cock, and at Giles snuggled against him. He floated blissfully to sleep, contentedly aroused.

PART TWENTY-TWO: Dopplegangland


Giles woke slightly before the alarm the next morning, and switched it off so that he could wake Wesley more pleasurably, by stroking him back to hardness.


Wesley awoke in the same state he'd fallen asleep, and at first he thought he hadn't slept at all. But the restedness he felt told him otherwise. He thrust his hips languidly into Giles' hand.


Giles brought Wesley right back to the edge of orgasm, then stopped. "Good morning," he murmured.


"Uhh," Wesley moaned. He was groggy with sleep and lust.


Giles laughed softly and began unfastening Wesley's cuffs.


There was only one thing on Wesley's mind as he felt the tug of the ropes being removed. "Giles? Will you put it back on?"


It was tempting, but Giles decided it was better to resist. Much as he liked the idea of Wesley being hard all the time, the incident with Oz had been a reminder that concessions would have to be made. "No, not now," Giles said. "We have to go to work."


Wesley pouted, but didn't argue. He hadn't entirely abandoned his calling, to help the Slayer and battle evil. It was just that he was greedy for time alone with Giles, at his mercy. Giles finished with the ropes and helped him upright.


"How are your knees this morning?" Giles asked, as they went down the stairs together.


"Better," Wesley said. And they did ache less. "I should be able to walk around."


Giles nodded. "Good. You shouldn't need to move too much, but try to keep your legs limber."


Before they showered, Giles put a folded towel down on the bathroom floor so Wesley could kneel comfortably, and said, "Do you remember the lesson I gave you yesterday?"


So much had happened the day before, it took Wesley a moment to realize what Giles was referring to. "Yes, sir. I remember."


Giles smiled encouragingly and tipped Wesley's head back so he could look into his face. "This is a chance to practice. Don't worry about being perfect. Just do your best."


Wesley looked up at Giles with calm devotion. "Yes, sir."


Giles sighed in contentment as Wesley went to work on his cock, licking and sucking enthusiastically. His technique was already improving, and Giles felt a pang of something like regret for the fact that Wesley wouldn't be so intimidated by his cock anymore. He missed the heady rush brought on by Wesley's nervous fumblings. Of course, there was still the business of teaching him to take it down his throat to look forward to. Giles thought he might accelerate that process a bit, just to make sure it wasn't too easy for Wesley.


Giles guided Wesley a few times, indicating if he should focus on one action or move to another spot, but mostly he let Wesley show how well he'd learned. As Wesley remembered more and more of what Giles liked, he put great effort into those actions. Soon Giles rocked his hips, indicating that he was ready to be finished off.


It wasn't long before Giles came, groaning as his come filled Wesley's mouth. He stood panting for a few seconds, then managed, "Excellent, Wesley. I think you're to be very good at this."


Wesley swallowed down Giles' come and then smiled proudly up at him. "Thank you, sir."


They showered and ate breakfast quickly, and then headed to the library. Giles sat Wesley in his customary spot, with a firm reminder to stretch his legs occasionally.


Wesley moved slowly on his circuits around the library, but the activity helped loosed things up. He was walking back to his seat when Buffy strode in through the doors with her usual aplomb. Assuming she'd be heading for Giles directly, he sank back down at the table with a soft groan.


"Jeez, Wes," she said, glancing at him. "What happened to--oh. Did I really hurt you that bad?" She glanced to Giles nervously, but he waited for Wesley to respond.


"It's nothing," Wesley said, not wanting to worry her. "Just a little bruised, that's all.


She raised her eyebrows at him, but turned to converse with Giles. As she was leaving again, she said, "Y'know, Giles can probably tell you what to do for that kind of stuff." She gave Giles an apologetic look. "He's had lots of experience."


"Yes, he's been very helpful," Wesley said.


Buffy looked at Giles, who shrugged as if to say, "Why not?"


"Cool," Buffy said. "Hope you feel better soon."


"Thank you, Buffy," Wesley said, unaccountably touched. Perhaps it was simply such a pleasant surprise for her to be nice to him, after they'd had such a bad start.


Giles glanced at Wesley to see how he was doing. He'd left Wesley more or less alone, part of the concession he'd decided to make to avoid attracting too much attention. It made life less interesting, but on the other hand he could look forward to playing with Wesley that much harder at night. He wasn't sure whether to be thrilled or unhappy that Wesley seemed to have lost interest in coming. On the one hand, it wasn't nearly as much fun to deny him when he didn't want to come. On the other, it seemed that Wesley's physical needs were becoming almost completely subsumed by his desire for Giles to exercise his authority over him, and that was an exciting thought, indeed. Giles began to wonder if it would be possible to make Wesley's body respond to him without even physical stimulation. Perhaps he could train Wesley to harden, or even come, at a single word. He mulled the idea over off and on all day.


Wesley worked industriously at the indexing Giles had given him to do. He felt happy, and he liked both the feeling and the reason for it. A smile curved his lips, though he wasn't aware of it.


The day passed quickly. The only time Giles interrupted Wesley's work was at lunch, when they went into Giles' office so he could feed Wesley. Giles played with Wesley for a few minutes and sent him back to his work hard and wanting, overriding Wesley's pleas for more with a promise that Wesley would get his due that evening.


By the end of the day, Wesley had actually finished a good chunk of his assignment. He presented his work to Giles for inspection. Giles approved Wesley's work, praising his industriousness. While he trained with Buffy, he had Wesley wait in the office. He didn't make him kneel this time, so as not to stress his knees, but he had Wesley sit in the armchair, facing the door with his pants around his ankles and his shirt open, exposing everything. Wesley made quite a sight, with his livid bruises and crusted wounds, and his cock hardening fast between his legs--Giles had thoughts of a deposed prince, beaten and shamed, exposed so his enemies could gawk at him.


He pressed Wesley's wrists to the armrests with a stern order not to move, then bent and kissed him on the forehead. "My prince," he murmured darkly, touch Wesley's cock just long enough to tantalize him, then turning to go meet Buffy for training.


Wesley longed to follow after him, but was equally happy to hold perfectly still, listening to the sounds of Giles and Buffy training just outside the door. Giles had called him his prince, and that was a new thought indeed, that he was that special to Giles. He flushed with arousal and pride. His cock stood tall as he waited, and his gaze was fixed at the door. He almost willed it to open, for Giles to display him to the world, even to Buffy. They would see his erection, his belt marks, his cherished new scar, would know what a good boy he was, a good pet. Holding himself still wasn't enough, though. He wanted to be tied to the chair, so that if such a thing happened he couldn't even try to hide himself. He didn't want any escape from this.


When Giles returned, sweaty and flushed from training, he smiled broadly at Wesley and approached him to play with his cock a bit more. "Ready to go home?" he asked.


"Yes, sir," Wesley moaned, dizzy with lust for Giles. "Sir? Next time, for here, do you think… could you bring some rope?"


"Rope?" Giles gave him a curious look. "Why?"


"I want you to tie me down. To the chair. Please, sir," Wesley begged, yearning for it.


Giles' eyes narrowed. "Why?" he asked again.


"So I can't move," Wesley explained. "Even if someone sees me."


Giles tilted his head, considering. Tying Wesley was fun, but Giles also wanted him to be able to control himself. He never like to make things too easy for Wesley. "No," he said slowly. "You can't be bound all the time. If someone sees you like this, you shouldn't be moving in any case. Let them look. Let them touch, if they must. If someone does something I don't approve of, I'll deal with it. But you're not to make any attempt to cover yourself. You don't have that right."


Wesley shivered with lust at the thought. "Yes, sir," he promised, breathlessly.


Giles nodded in approval. "Shall we go?"


Wesley stood obediently as Giles dressed him again, and then followed him out to the car.


When they arrived home, Giles had Wesley sit, rather than kneel in front of the fireplace. "How do your knees feel?" he asked.


Wesley moved his legs, considering. "Tired," he admitted, "but better. Less stiff."


Giles nodded. "Well, let's put something on them, just for good measure."


He took two heat packs out of his emergency kit and wrapped them in small towels, then placed one under each of Wesley's knees, so that the heat could seep into Wesley's strained joints.


Wesley sighed as the heat worked into his bones, easing the aches he'd been trying not to feel all day.


Giles prepared a quick dinner and took his desk chair over to where Wesley sat, so that he didn't have to get up. He fed Wesley dinner, feeling at once quite content simply to take care of Wesley and eager to finish what they were doing so they could go upstairs and play.


Wesley felt blissfully content. He loved the way Giles took care of him, fed him by hand. It was a direct contrast to a lifetime of stiff, uncomfortable family meals, lonely ones away from home, or the worst, going hungry when he was being punished.


When they'd both eaten their fill, Giles instructed Wesley to go upstairs and wait on the bed, already in position to be bound.


Wesley lay down on the bed, spreading his limbs in what was fast becoming a natural position. His stomach fluttered in anticipation.


Giles forced himself not to rush through the after-dinner clean up, though he was dying to put his hands on Wesley again, keep him squirming and moaning until his pleasure became torture. Better to let Wesley wait, let his anticipation build, so that he would react that much more when Giles finally attended to him.


As Wesley waited, he wondered what Giles would do to him next. He was tempted to touch his scar, but Giles had ordered him to keep his arms as if he were tied. He distracted himself by imagining his limbs already bound, stretched tightly so that there was no way to wriggle free.


Finally, once Giles was done with the chores, he gathered a few household items he thought would be useful for playing with Wesley, including the still-warm heat packs and a feather duster that caught his eyes, and headed up the stairs. Before he did anything else, even bound Wesley, he fastened the cock ring on.


"Yes," Wesley hissed with pleasure as the ring tightened around him.


Giles chuckled, and began fastening the cuffs to Wesley's limbs. "Eager, slut?"


"Very, sir," Wesley said.


Giles made a noise of approval and quickly finished tying Wesley to the bed. Once Wesley was splayed out on his back and blindfolded, Giles took an extra piece of rope and began tying it around Wesley's balls.


The fading rope marks on his balls throbbed awake at the fresh constriction. Wesley couldn't quite stop himself from trying to pull away from it, but Giles held him down firmly.


Giles didn't bind Wesley's balls quite as cruelly as he had before, preferring to leave as much as possible exposed for him to torment in other ways. When they were separated and harnessed to his satisfaction, he pulled the rest of the rope down to the end of the bed and secured it so that Wesley's scrotum was stretched uncomfortably tight, his balls held away from his body.


"How does that feel?" he asked, tracing his fingertips lightly over Wesley's trapped testicles.


The constant pull on his balls was enough to make Wesley gasp and try to move closer to the bed, but his limbs were bound too strongly to allow the motion. He gasped, trying to adjust to the tension. "Tight," he managed.


"Good," Giles murmured. "That tightness isn't going away. It will be there to remind you just how vulnerable you are, how open to me. You're a plaything, here for my amusement."


The comfortable cloud Wesley had been floating in was starting to burn away. "Yes, sir," he said, more meekly this time.


"Remember your place, Wesley," Giles continued, beginning to squeeze his balls again. "My eager slut, willing to let me do anything I please to your helpless body."


Wesley grit his teeth against the painful squeeze, and he squirmed away from it, but the little he could move just made the rope's grip on him stronger. He was utterly helpless, and the knowledge released something inside of him. "Please," he gasped.


"Yes," Giles purred in approval. He gave Wesley a kiss on the cheek and released his balls, then took up the belt and prepared to gag Wesley with it again. Instead of folding it, this time, he wrapped it around Wesley's head, pulling it tight between his teeth and folding the free end back through the buckle a few times so it was secure. "I'm giving you this," he explained, "so you needn't worry about forgetting yourself. I'll do as I like with you, and you won't be able to disappoint me by objecting."


Wesley breathed around the belt, tasting the leather. He remembered asking to be able to talk the first time Giles had tied him down. Everything had been new and frightening then. It had only been days, but that made all the difference. Equal parts fear and anticipation roiled in his gut.


Giles paused before he did anything else to look Wesley over, let the knowledge sink in that Wesley really was his. His property, his willing slave. He could do anything he liked, and the only thing holding him back was the knowledge that there were things he'd have to work up to if he wanted to keep playing with Wesley indefinitely.


As the need to do something, to make Wesley react, began to build again, he took two paper clips he'd appropriated from his desk and carefully worked them, one at a time, onto Wesley's nipples as makeshift clamps.


Wesley flinched as Giles tightened something around his nipples. The sharp pressure made him squirm, and make a noise of protest through the belt.


"Shh." Giles stroked Wesley's brow. "You can handle it."


As Wesley relaxed a bit, adjusting to the new pain, Giles picked up the feather duster. He started by brushing it fairly firmly against Wesley's inner thigh, to give him a chance to adjust to the sensation, prepare for what was coming. "Feel that?"


Wesley nodded. Something soft and light was brushing against his leg, and he recognized the feeling of feathers.


"I'm going to use this on your balls," Giles said. "There's nothing you can do to stop me. I suggest if you need a distraction, you focus on your nipples."


Wesley waited in wordless anticipation.


Giles brushed his fingers over Wesley's balls one more time, then followed them with the soft, tickling ends of the feathers.


The light brushes against his oversensitive skin made Wesley squirm. Each movement cause the rope to tug uncomfortably, causing him to shift back again, directly into the feathers' path.


Giles gradually worked his way up the length of Wesley's cock, then back to his balls again, watching with sadistic glee as Wesley squirmed, torn between trying to escape the feathers and trying to minimize the pull on his balls. As Wesley's whimpers became higher pitched, Giles reached out and tweaked one of the paper clips to distract Wesley with the plight of his nipples.


Wesley arched, teeth digging into the belt at the pain of the pinch. Even as he moved under Giles' hand, it aggravated the torment on his balls. He whimpered pleadingly.


Giles tormented Wesley for a few more minutes, then relented, giving Wesley a chance to rest. "Good," he praised, soothing away the lingering sensation of the feather with firm strokes of his hand against Wesley's cock and balls. He placed his other hand against Wesley's cheek. "I love seeing you struggle so futilely. I wish I could keep you like this, always: my helpless, tortured slave. Once we go shopping, I'll be able to keep you stimulated for hours, you know. Tie you like this and leave a vibrator inside you. Oh, you'll struggle then. You'll beg for relief. But do you think you'll get it?"


Wesley's cock twitched at Giles' words, and he shook his head. This was the other side of being Giles', the torment that went with the caring. Wesley had gotten used to the latter, had become dependent upon it. He would do anything to keep it. If it pleased Giles to keep him that way, he would submit to it. Despite everything that had happened, Wesley was still not entirely comfortable with Giles deliberately hurting him, but to be kept tied up and stimulated for hours was reward enough. That he knew he would be eager to have done to him.


Giles reached out and plucked a piece of ice from a glass he'd brought up. "For now," he said, "I'll have to find other ways to keep you occupied."


He touched the ice to Wesley's balls, sliding it around to cover as much area as possible.


The ice made Wesley squirm even worse than the feathers, the cold more of a torment on his nerves than the tickling.


"Wesley," Giles said slowly, "I want you to be very brave for me. Can you do that?"


Wesley whimpered, but nodded his head.


"Wonderful," Giles said, then explained: "I'm going to put this ice inside you. Be a good boy and hold it in, no matter how much you want to push it out. You may make as much noise as you like, but don't let it go."


Wesley swallowed anxiously; he didn't want ice inside of him. But he would be brave for Giles. Pleasing Giles was more important than his own discomfort. He nodded again, showing he understood.


Giles brought the ice down to Wesley's entrance and slowly pushed it inside, all the while caressing Wesley's cheek and murmuring soft, encouraging noises. Once it was in, he stroked Wesley's cock slowly to reward him for enduring the discomfort.


Wesley gave a choked scream as the ice slid in, freezing his insides. As the painful cold began to numb, he settled down into pained, pleading sobs, half-muffled by the belt. He had to clench tightly around the ice to keep it inside, but Giles' soothing words and touches helped him bear it.


Suddenly the downstairs door opened. He and Giles both stilled and went quiet. Wesley's eyes widened beneath the blindfold as he hear Buffy and Xander calling out for Giles.


Giles mouthed a silent curse and pressed a finger to Wesley's lips, bidding him to be quiet. Then he turned and jogged down the stairs.


The forlorn expressions on Buffy's and Xander's faces cut off his irritated remark before it ever left his mouth. "What is it?" he asked, concerned.


Buffy and Xander looked at each other, and then away.


"Willow--" Buffy began, but immediately got too choked up to finish.


After a few more seconds of silence, during which Giles' brain was valiantly trying not to put two and two together, Xander blurted, "They got her. She's a vamp."


Giles still couldn't react for a few seconds, and then he all he said was, "Oh, dear."


Buffy suddenly sobbed and clamped a hand over her mouth, and both Giles and Xander moved to comfort her. Giles found himself awkwardly hugging both teenagers.


Though their voices were faint from downstairs, Wesley made out Willow's name, and the mention of vampires. He assumed that she had been attacked and killed, and through his own discomfort felt sorrow for her. At the same time, he was acutely aware that the evening had been interrupted, perhaps indefinitely, and that things would go rapidly downhill should Buffy or Xander have cause to go upstairs. Despite the painful cold, Wesley pressed his arse back against the bed, securing the cube as it melted, and kept as still and quiet as possible.


After a few moments, Giles guided Buffy and Xander to the couch and they sat down. Buffy slowly explained what they had discovered. Giles paid careful attention, but part of him was constantly aware of Wesley's presence upstairs. He listened carefully, but no telltale sounds came from above. They were just getting down to the business of deciding how to approach the situation when there was a knock on the door. Giles raised his eyebrows at Xander and Buffy and went to open it.


"Hey Giles--" Willow began, then stopped as Giles jumped back.


"Leave this place!" he exclaimed. "You're not welcome here, demon."


Willow stared at him in shock. Her chin trembled. "Giles, what...?"


Buffy and Xander appeared behind Giles in the doorway. "We told him what we saw at the Bronze," Buffy said, crossing her arms. "He knows you're a vampire."


"Vampire?" Willow exclaimed. "I'm not a-- What's wrong with you guys? I'm fine, see?" She shoved her arm past the threshold, making Xander scramble out of reach.


Giles stared at her for another second, then tentatively reached out to feel her pulse. "Oh, thank God," he murmured, and impulsively pulled her into a hug. Buffy and Xander joined him and Giles disentangled himself, smoothing his shirt self-consciously. While they finished their joyful reunion, Giles glanced upstairs, but there was still no sound or sign of movement.


Wesley was startled from his tense reverie by Willow's voice and the celebratory noises that followed. He let out the faintest of moans of relief, glad that she was safe and relieved that her return meant the children might leave soon.


Rather than leaving, the children came back inside and became embroiled in a discussion of what could have happened to cause there to be a vampire version of Willow and what they were going to do about it. After it had gone on for several minutes, there was another knock on the door. "My life has become a farce," Giles muttered under his breath, and went to open it.


It was Angel. "Giles," he stammered. "Um, I was hoping you'd know where--" He stopped, seeing Buffy. "Oh. Can I come in?"


Giles sighed and gestured broadly. It was only when Angel stopped and sniffed that he realized his error. Angel gave him a curious look, which Giles met with a challenging stare, daring him to comment on what he smelled.


The tableau was broken when Buffy said, "Angel, what?"


"Right," he said, looking away from Giles abruptly. "I--I have bad news. I saw... at the Bronze..."


"Say no more," Xander interrupted. "We saw her too. But it's not her. I mean--our Willow's not--well, see for yourself."


Willow waved and smiled at Angel.


With that resolved, Giles eagerly supported Buffy's proposal that they go and take care of the situation at the Bronze.


"Let me just get something from upstairs," Giles said, just as they were leaving, knowing he couldn't leave Wesley in his present state.


Wesley heard footsteps on the stairs and tensed up further, holding his breath, afraid of who it might be. He flinched when someone touched, him, only to relax when he realized it was Giles. He whimpered softly; the ice had long since melted, but all the while Giles had been gone his balls had still been squeezed and pulled painfully by the rope, and his nipples ached from the paperclips.


Giles pressed a finger to Wesley's lips again to let him know it still wasn't safe to make noise. He carefully worked the belt free from Wesley's mouth, letting it hang around his neck. Then he removed the cock ring and carefully untied Wesley's balls, then removed the paperclips. He placed the lightest of kisses on Wesley's cheek and breathed "I'll be back," in his ear.


Wesley shook his head frantically, not wanting Giles to leave but not daring to make a noise. His balls and nipples throbbed painfully after being freed.


Giles patted his cheek sympathetically, but headed downstairs again without a word.


Wesley listened in frustration as everyone, Giles included, left the flat. The door closed and locked with depressing finality. Once he was alone, however, Wesley could finally let out the moans and whimpers he'd been holding back. "God," he grunted, wriggling in an attempt to massage the pain from his balls.


It seemed like forever until he heard the door open again. When he didn't hear any other voices, he assumed it was Giles who had returned, alone. "Giles?" he called out, hopeful.


There was no immediate answer, but footsteps slowly approached and climbed the stairs. When they reached the top, there was a distinctly feminine gasp of delight. "Puppy!"



Wesley's heart skipped a beat as he recognized Willow's voice. "Oh God," he whispered. "Willow, what... this... I can explain. This isn't what it looks like," he rambled, mind spinning in circles as he tried to think of a way to minimize the fallout.


"Aw, don't worry," Willow said. "I just want to play. If I'd known there were puppies in this world I would've liked it better from the start."


The bed dipped as she climbed on and straddled Wesley's hips.


Wesley gaped. "W-what?" he stammered, unable to believe what was happening. "What are you doing?!"


She leaned over and pulled Wesley's blindfold off, then leaned further, until her hair was dangling in Wesley's face. "I'm playing," she said, as though Wesley were very stupid.


Wesley blinked as the blindfold was roughly removed, and then stared up at Willow. She seemed different somehow. Wesley hadn't spent a tremendous amount of time with her, but he was certain that she didn't dress like that and wear quite so much make up.


Willow bent and licked Wesley's neck, then sat back up. "Somebody's played with you a lot, haven't they?" she asked, scratching her nail over Wesley's cuts and bruises.


Wesley started at the lick, and flinched at the scratches. "Willow, I don't think... this isn't really appropriate..." Even as he protested, he remembered Giles' orders. He wasn't supposed to fight if someone found him like this. Giles might have even sent her himself, though Wesley couldn't fathom why. "I'm sorry," he said, repentant. "It's not my place to argue."


Willow grinned, and suddenly her eyes flashed gold. "Good doggie," she said.


Wesley froze in horror. A vampire. Willow had been turned into a vampire. Had she been turned when she'd arrived earlier? Had Giles not known this when he'd invited her in? "How did you get in? Where's Giles? What did you to do Giles?" he said, frantically worried. couldn't enter without permission or the death of the owner, and he couldn't imagine Giles knowingly giving permission for a vampire to enter his home. Well, except perhaps Angel, but he had a soul. This creature clearly did not.


"Don't know, don't care," she sing-songed. "If he bothers me, I'll eat him. You're much more interesting right now."


"He's not dead?" he asked, relieved, and then not so relieved. Willow must have tricked Giles somehow, used some sort of glamour or spell to fool him into thinking she was alive. The vampire must known he was up here all this time, and separated herself from the rest and returned for him. He could only hope that Giles realized the subterfuge before it was too late.


Willow shrugged. "Whatever. But this was nice of him, leaving me such a pretty present."


She pinched one of Wesley's nipples with her sharp nails, applying her vampire strength. Wesley yelped and pulled away. At least without the ropes around his genitals, he could squirm without making his situation worse. As if it could get worse than this.


Willow held on to Wesley's nipple until his reaction started to trail off. Then she began picking at the scabs on his chest. "I can't wait to taste you..." she purred, the demon coming through as a gravelly quality in her voice.


Wesley cried out in pain. "Please," he begged, confused. "It hurts!"


"Isn't it supposed to?" Willow said. As she peeled away the first scab, she slid backwards, wriggling her hips against his groin. She bent her head again and her face transformed to reveal the demon. She flashed her fangs at him, then lapped at his blood and growled with pleasure.


Wesley gaped, horrified, and started to hyperventilate. The world began to grey at the edges as he watched himself being eaten and holy god--his eyes rolled in his head and he blacked out.


Willow stopped what she was doing and sighed heavily when he fainted. "Bad puppy," she said, pouting. "No napping." She sat back on her heels and considered how best to revive him. After a beat, she reached out and experimentally dug her nails into his scrotum.


Wesley was brutally yanked back to consciousness, screaming in agony as he opened his eyes.


"Better," Willow said, as she released him. She shook a finger at him. "Don't do that again. It spoils my fun."


Wesley whimpered in pain and nodded frantically. Christ, that had hurt. The marks from her nails throbbed badly.


"Now..." she mused, moving to straddle Wesley again and grinding her hips against him languidly. "What do I do with you? I've never played with a live puppy before. You're awfully fragile. But your blood tastes so good. Maybe I'll have some more..." She poked at Wesley's wound, which was barely starting to scab over again.


Wesley cringed as she poked and prodded the wound, savoring the blood as she licked it off her finger. He tried to think of anything in his training that would instruct him in how to deal with being naked and bound with a hungry vampire on top of oneself, but frankly he was coming up blank. He wanted Giles to be here, needed him desperately to save him from this. Willow dug her nails into his sides, and he grit his teeth, choking back the scream. Her thighs clenched around his hips as she leant down and began to nibble and lick at the wound. "Please stop, please!" Wesley begged, desperately. "I don't want this, please!"


Willow grunted, unhappy with his response. "You're not a very good puppy," she complained. "Do you have any other tricks?"


She moved back again and contemplated his flaccid cock. "Sit up," she said to it, as though it would obey.


"Tricks?" Wesley replied, baffled. "I can't sit up." He wiggles his wrists, to show how tightly he was bound.


Willow ignored him. She vamped out again as she bent forward and licked curiously at Wesley's cock.


Wesley's vision started to grey out again as he saw fangs moving down to his cock, but he shook it off, not daring to anger her.


Getting more excited about what she was doing as Wesley's cock stirred involuntarily, Willow tried taking the head into her mouth. The fangs scraped bluntly, but didn't pierce his skin.


Wesley winced at the sharp pain, but the wetness of Willow's tongue and mouth were making him harden despite the scrapes. "Christ," he hissed. No one had ever sucked his cock before, and even if his first time was from a dangerous vampire, it was still amazing. No wonder Giles liked it so much.


Willow made a series of pleased noises as Wesley responded to her efforts, almost giggling at points. Once he'd been fully hard for a while, she pulled off and rapped the head of his cock sharply. "Stay."


She got up for a moment to shed her leather pants, then climbed back on top of Wesley and prepared to sink herself on his erection.


"Oh god," Wesley gasped, as she sank down onto his cock. "Oh god, oh god, oh god." He strained in his bonds, trembling with arousal. She was cool and wet and tight and oh lord, it was good. But he was being fucked by a monster, a vicious demon, one that would very likely kill him as soon as it was done. "Please stop," he whispered, knowing she wouldn't listen but needing to say it anyway.


Willow ignored him. She moaned happily as she rode Wesley's cock, bracing her palms on his bruised chest for leverage. She only laughed at his protests and kept fucking him. As she neared her orgasm, she shifted so that she could press her teeth to Wesley's neck, poised to bite. Wesley went from moaning to screaming as Willow's teeth sank brutally into his neck. His eyes were wide as he felt her suck the blood from his body.


Giles staggered in, exhausted from fighting the vampires at the Bronze. The vampire version of Willow seemed to have disappeared shortly before they'd arrived, and they'd had no luck tracking her down. He was about to toss his stakes aside and go check on Wesley when he heard noises upstairs. It sounded like... sex? Just then he heard Wesley's voice clearly, pleading for his life.


Giles gripped a stake securely and dashed up the stairs two at time. The sight that greeted him made his vision go red for a moment. The vampire was sitting on Wesley--fucking him for Christ's sake--and she was bent over, drinking from him.


"Get off him!" Giles bellowed, grabbing the vampire by the shoulder and yanking her back, just as she raised her head to glare at him for interrupting. He didn't stake her immediately, too enraged to be that practical. Instead, he used the advantage of surprise to send her tumbling down the stairs, and charged after her.


Wesley yelped in pain as the fangs were torn from his neck, and then Willow was off and gone. He barely had time to turn to see Giles before the man went barreling down the stairs after her. Wesley went limp in relief, then realized he was bleeding badly. He tugged futilely against his bonds, trying to free himself to put pressure on the wound.


The fall down the stairs had put the vampire at enough of a disadvantage that Giles was able to pummel her mindlessly for a few seconds, venting his rage, but when she finally returned one of his blows with a solid, painful strike to the sternum, his rationality reasserted itself and he staked her before she could gain the upper hand.


He stood with his hands braced on his knees, catching his breath, for a few more seconds, then realized he was neglecting something very important.


"Wesley," he gasped, and forced himself back up the stairs as fast as possible.


Wesley's blood was flowing freely from his neck, staining the sheets. Giles wadded up a handful of the cloth and pressed it to Wesley's neck to try to staunch the bleeding. "Stay with me, Wesley," he pleaded, cradling Wesley's head with his other hand. "Focus on me. You're going to be all right, just hang on."


Wesley was woozy from the blood loss, and his eyes were glassy when he looked up at Giles. "I'm sorry," he murmured weakly. "I didn't want to, I'm sorry."


"Shh," Giles soothed. "Of course you didn't want to. She wasn't meant to be here. I--my God, how did she get in? Do you know how she got in?"


"Don't know," Wesley slurred. "Worried you were dead. Or tricked."


"No," Giles reassured him. "I'm fine. Here--" Giles awkwardly freed the nearest of Wesley's wrists with one hand, then pressed Wesley's fingers to his neck to dispel any lingering doubt that he was alive.


"Your heart's racing," Wesley said, smiling faintly.


Trying for lightness, Giles said, "That's because I was heroically--" He stopped abruptly, silenced by the lump in his throat. He brought his hand, trembling, back to Wesley's face. "I almost lost you, too" he whispered.


"I'm still here," Wesley said, softly. "As long as you'll keep me."


Giles nodded, not trusting himself to speak. He stared down at Wesley fixedly, afraid to look away for fear that when he looked back, Wesley would be dead after all.


Giles looked so upset; Wesley was always a little amazed that he could have such an impact on anyone. He found himself in the odd position of needing to comfort Giles. He raised his arm and cupped Giles' cheek; he had been restrained so much that touching Giles at all felt special. He rubbed his thumb gently against Giles' cheek. "I'm all right," he soothed. "You saved me. Again."


Giles shook his head. "I'm so sorry. I don't know how she was able to come in here."


"Perhaps she was already turned before?" Wesley offered. He was exhausted, but he needed to figure it out as well. If nothing else, for their own safety.


Giles shook his head again, but this time in response to Wesley's remark. "No. Willow was with us at the Bronze. This vampire... I don't know who she was, but she wasn't our Willow."


"It wasn't Willow? But then--" Wesley tried to lift his head and gasped at the pain in his neck.


Giles pushed Wesley's head gently but firmly back down. "Easy. No, Willow's fine. We're not sure what happened yet."


Wesley closed his eyes and let out a shuddering breath. Everything had happened so fast, it was only now starting to sink in. "She just came in. When I saw what she was... I just wanted you there." His stomach turned as he remembered the revulsion he felt as he watched her eating from him.


"I'm sorry," Giles said again. "It never occurred to me that anyone would find you, let alone a vampire."


"Tomorrow, we should research," Wesley said, but he was fading fast. The adrenaline was wearing off, and fear and blood loss had taken most of his energy.


"Yes," Giles agreed fondly. "Tomorrow."


He tentatively pulled the cloth from Wesley's neck and was pleased to find the bleeding had mostly stopped. He quickly released the rest of Wesley's limbs, then went to get his first aid kit, with the promise that he'd be right back.


Wesley's limbs felt awkward and stiff, but he managed to curl onto his side while Giles was gone. He blinked slowly, feeling the pull of sleep but not ready to surrender to it yet.


Giles returned with the first aid kit, soap and water, and a glass of juice for Wesley. He carefully bandaged the bite mark, then helped Wesley sit up, propped against some pillows, and drink the juice.


While Wesley sipped, Giles went about the task of gently cleaning the vampire's fluids from Wesley's groin. It made him sick to think of what she'd done to his pet, and he caught himself breathing angrily as he worked.


The juice had woken Wesley up, driving back the urge to sleep. He finished off the glass and looked at Giles with concern. "Giles? Are you all right?"


Giles looked up, his expression hard. "What she did to you--staking was too merciful. Should have chained her up and made her lie in a bath full of holy water."


"I'm sorry I couldn't stop her," Wesley said. He wished he could have, because then it would have spared Giles this.


"That's not your responsibility," Giles said, his tone softening a bit. He put away the wash cloth and swabbed Wesley's genitals with alcohol for good measure. The marks of her nails in Wesley's balls only angered him further, but he didn't let it show.


"You were being a good boy," he assured Wesley. "It wasn't your place to stop her."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. "I remembered, when she... when she started."


Giles scooted up the bed to sit next to Wesley, petting him lightly. "What do you mean?"


"At first I thought it was Willow. The human Willow." Wesley ducked his head, finding it embarrassing to recount. "She climbed onto me, said she wanted to play. I started to tell her it wasn't appropriate, but then I remembered what you said. So I told her I wouldn't argue, that it wasn't my place."


Giles nodded and his anger ratcheted up another notch, though not at Wesley. "It was the right thing to do."


"I wanted to be good," Wesley continued. "I thought you might have sent her."


"You were very good, Wesley," Giles said. "You conducted yourself just as you should have."


Wesley smiled, pleased at the approval. It always made him feel good when Giles was happy with him.


"Yes," Giles continued, agreeing with himself. "You're my property; it's my job to protect you, or to decide when you need protecting. It's hardly your fault that she chose to take what was rightfully mine."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, looking at Giles with devotion. "I'm your property, sir."


Giles got up on his knees and stared down at Wesley. "Are you ready for me to reclaim you, property?"


"Please," Wesley breathed, already feeling his body awaken with arousal. He wanted to be claimed, needed it.


Giles took the lube from the nightstand and put it in his pocket. Grabbing Wesley by the ankles, he yanked him down the bed so he was lying flat on his back, then climbed up, hooking Wesley's knees over his shoulders. Wasting no time, Giles opened his trousers and took his cock out and began slicking it vigorously while Wesley watched.


Wesley started in rapt attention as Giles' hand moved back and forth. He let his arms fall back above his head, stretched out as if they were bound. His arse clenched and relaxed in anticipation.


Giles soon positioned the head of his cock at Wesley's entrance, but instead of pushing in, he said, "I want you to tell me everything she did to you. It's my right to know. I'll take it back from her. Just tell me."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He took a deep breath, preparing himself. "First she straddled me, and then she... she licked my neck, and scratched my chest."


In response to Wesley's words, Giles forced the head of his cock into Wesley's opening, then immediately pulled out again. "Continue," he instructed.


Wesley moaned softly. "She pinched my nipples, hard. Then she started to tear off my scabs." Wesley's voice wavered as the memories grew more painful.


Giles pushed into Wesley and withdrew twice more, then instructed him to continue again.


"She l-licked where the scabs had been, and I couldn't... I fainted," Wesley admitted. "The next thing I knew, she'd grabbed my balls and... her nails..."


"I saw the marks," Giles said, as he pushed his cock halfway into Wesley with a single thrust, then paused to massage Wesley's balls gently.


Wesley grunted, trying to accommodate the penetration. Giles' touch felt good, soothing. "She 'played' with me some more, with her nails. And then she said that she wanted a new trick."


After pulling out again and thrusting back in just as far, Giles said, "And then?"


"She s-sucked my cock," Wesley said, the words rushing out.


Giles froze, his hands resting lightly on Wesley's hips and his cock still half-buried. "Did she?"


"I'd never had... she had her fangs out but... I couldn't stop myself from..." Wesley trailed off, finding it too difficult to explain coherently.


"Did you come?" Giles demanded.


"No!" Wesley said, not wanting Giles to think that he would come without Giles' explicit command. "No, I didn't, I swear."


Giles nodded in acceptance and pulled his cock out. "But you enjoyed it, didn't you?" he said, in a milder tone.


"I'm sorry," Wesley said, upset. "I didn't want to."


Giles shook his head. "No, I'd have thought there was something wrong with you if you didn't enjoy it. I only fear you'll start to think you're entitled to that kind of pleasure."


"No, sir," Wesley said. "I'm not entitled to anything. You own me, and use me for your pleasure." Wesley echoed things Giles had told him before, showing that he understood his place.


Giles blinked, surprised by Wesley's calm eloquence on the subject. "So long as that's clear," he said. "After she sucked your cock, what did she do?"


"Straddled me," Wesley said, slowly. "And then she... she fucked me, sir."


As soon as the words left Wesley's mouth, Giles shoved his cock all the way into Wesley, grunting with the effort. "And that's when I came in," he growled, remembering the scene.


Wesley moaned, breathing heavily. "She bit me and I thought... I was going to die."


Giles leaned over Wesley, bracing his fists on the bed. "You didn't. Thank God."


Wesley was almost bent double. Giles' cock was hard and thick inside him. He wasn't bound, but he might as well have been, as completely as Giles surrounded and filled him.


Giles slowly began to fuck Wesley, moving in and out at a controlled, deliberate pace. "Mine," he growled. "She had no right to lay hands on you. I decide who touches your body." His voice was droning but hard, rising and falling with his thrusts. "How dare she put her mouth on your cock? How dare she fuck you? You're a slave; your cock doesn't belong inside anyone."


"Oh Lord," Wesley moaned. He grunted softly as Giles thrust into him, again and again. He was Giles' property, his slave, his slut. He shuddered as Giles claimed him with both word and action.


"You understand that, don't you, Wesley?" Giles said. "Fucking someone--their mouth, their arse, their cunt--would be to presume a status you'll never have."


"Never?" Wesley whimpered.


"Never," Giles agreed with finality. "You'll always be my slave."


Wesley whimpered again. His cock was painfully hard as he realized his first blow job would also be his last. That he would never fuck anyone ever again. Never touch his own cock, never come unless ordered to come. The sheer magnitude of it overwhelmed him. "Giles," he panted. "I'm close!"


Giles stilled and patted Wesley's cheek. "That's a good boy. You understand your place."


Wesley moaned as he edge away from climax. His place was wherever Giles wanted him. He only existed to be used and fucked and molded as Giles pleased. It was at once utterly imprisoning and wonderfully freeing.


While he was sitting still, waiting for Wesley to recover enough for him to continue, Giles reached out and began picking at Wesley's scabs, much as the vampire had done. Wesley winced at the pain, but it helped lessen his arousal.


After a minute or two, Giles managed to rip both scabs off, making Wesley's wounds bleed slightly again. It wasn't enough that he worried about the additional blood loss, but it was enough that when he bent and licked along the length of each cut, he could taste the metallic tang of Wesley's blood.


Wesley almost fainted again at the sight of Giles licking his wounds, but he managed deep breaths until the greyness faded away. Each lick echoed and then erased the feeling of the vampire's tongue.


"Mine," Giles said again as he lifted his head and resumed fucking Wesley.


Giles' thrusts were brutal now. If he hadn't had such a grip on Wesley, Giles would have fucked him right off the bed. As it was, Wesley could only take each thrust as it pounded into him.


Giles fucked Wesley as hard as he could, trusting Wesley to warn him if he was close. He let Wesley's legs fall so they were wrapped around his waist, and as his orgasm approached he leaned forward again and sank his teeth into Wesley's neck, just opposite the vampire bite.


Wesley cried out in pain at the force of it; he swore he could feel Giles' teeth break the skin and sink into his flesh. When Giles withdrew the wound throbbed in counterpoint to the vampire bite.


Giles lay on top of Wesley for a few minutes, recovering, the forced himself up onto his elbows. "Mine," he said once more, before pulling his softening cock from Wesley's body.


Wesley's legs fell onto the bed. His body was limp, wrung out, but his cock was still hard and aching. He reached down to gingerly probe the bitemark and hissed in pain. It had gone deep, and there were streaks of blood on his fingers.


"Let me take care of that," Giles murmured, his voice now low and relaxed with satisfaction. He tucked his cock back into his trousers and got up to fetch the rubbing alcohol again.


Wesley lay there feeling utterly used, arse and injuries throbbing in time. He ached to come, but held back like a good pet.


Giles carefully disinfected both the cuts and new bite, smiling sympathetically as Wesley hissed and whimpered in pain.


Wesley was pale and shaky by the time Giles was finished. His head was spinning from everything that had happened, and the things Giles had said. He mewled softly, wanting some comfort.


"Shh," Giles said, as he came to lie down with Wesley again. He urged Wesley onto his side and spooned behind him, holding him gently.


Wesley mewled again, snuggling against Giles like a kitten. "Hold me, please," he begged, needing to be held tight.


Giles tightened his hold on Wesley. "Better?" he asked.


Wesley made a soft noise of agreement, settling down now that he felt secure in Giles' arms. Sometimes that was all he had to keep the world from spinning dizzyingly around him, falling away under his feet.


Giles held Wesley as tightly as he dared, occasionally placing light kisses on the back of his neck, until Wesley drifted to sleep.


Once he was sure Wesley was out cold, he careful disentangled himself and got up to put the first aid kit away and clean himself up. He looked at the ruined sheets with regret, but there was nothing he could do about it while Wesley slept.


When he was ready for bed himself, he bound Wesley in his usual position, taking care not to wake him, and slid back into bed behind him. He noted with a mix of gratification and amusement that Wesley's cock was half-hard even in sleep, and took it in hand with a pleased smile.



Wesley dreamed, and in his dream he was bound.


He was lying on the table at the center of the library, ankles and wrists each bound to the other. He was hard, and wore a cockring that helped keep him that way. He lay on his side, facing the doors, which were propped open. Students and faculty would pass by every so often, point and whisper and sometimes stare lustfully at him, but no one entered the room. Time passed, and then the last bell rang, emptying the school.


"My beautiful pet," Giles murmured into his ear. He touched Wesley admiringly, stroking and pinching as his hands wandered all over. Wesley stayed still as a statue through it all. He couldn't speak, couldn't move unless he was told to move, and Giles hadn't given him any orders yet.


Giles gripped the back of his neck, raising his head from the table, and slipped his new collar on. It was cold, shining metal, and when it sealed closed Wesley knew it wouldn't be opened again, not with any key. There was another click of metal as his leash was attached. The locks keeping his manacles together were released.


A small push on his lower back brought him to life, brought him up to his knees, legs spread wide as he presented himself to Giles. Giles inspected him, checking that his arse was still tight, cock still firmly hard.


"Hm, almost time for your shave," Giles said, thoughtfully. There was a faint shadow of hair stubbling Wesley's body, and that wouldn't do at all. "Down," he commanded, voice firm.


Wesley jumped to the floor, still on his hands and knees. A tug at his collar indicate that he should follow after his master, so he hurried along, trying to keep up with the quick pace. The hard floor was tough on his knees, but Giles didn't slow down, only strode quickly through the halls without a glance back. Wesley was a good pet, and he would keep up.


They ended up back at the library somehow, but when Giles lead him through, it was Giles' living room that lay behind the doors. Wesley was lead to his circle of bedding on the floor, in the corner, and allowed to settle there. His leash was hooked to the wall. Wesley watched, silent and content, as Giles went about the flat, tidying up.


"We have a guest tonight. I expect you to be on your best behavior," Giles told him.


Wesley smiled, perking up with interest. He'd never had a visitor before. Giles reached up and pulled the leash off the hook, then guided Wesley over to the desk, which had been moved to the center of the room. "Up," he commanded.


Wesley rose up on his legs, only for Giles to bend him down over the desk, then pull him forward so his head hung over the other side. His wrists and ankles were locked to the desk, his leash laid across his back. It left his legs spread uncomfortably wide, but he bore it without complaint.


"Good boy," Giles said, petting Wesley approvingly. "Ah, here's our guest now." But instead of turning to greet their visitor, Giles unzipped his trousers and pulled out his cock. "Suck," he ordered, sliding it between Wesley's lips.


Wesley suckled hungrily at Giles' cock, eager to please him. Giles gave him two slow strokes on the cheek, which meant Wesley should take his time. Wesley slowed his actions to the appropriate speed.


"Oh!" Willow said, entering the room from behind. "He's adorable, Giles. How long have you been hiding him away from me?"


"I'm afraid even the best pets need to be trained," Giles said, clearly regretful. "But you'll be pleased to know he's a quick study."


"Can I touch him?" Willow asked, excited.


"As much as you like," Giles said, proudly. "I think he's turned out quite well."


A small, cold hand stroked down his back. Wesley knew at once that their guest was a vampire, but as long as Giles was there, it didn't matter. It wasn't his place to think about anything Giles hadn't told him to think about. He continued his slow sucking of Giles' cock.


Willow stroked his arse and thighs, toying playfully with his genitals. Two slim fingers pressed fully into his arse and wiggled before withdrawing. "You make the greatest pets, Giles," she said, congratulating him, and then giggled. "Think you might sell this one?"


"No," Giles said, petting Wesley again. "The collar's permanent."


"Aw," Willow pouted. "Can I at least play with him?"


"Of course," Giles said, magnanimously. "But no serious marks. Those are my right as his owner."


The leash was lifted from his back, and Giles tugged upwards. Wesley obeyed and stilled, the collar tugged tight against his throat as Giles removed his cock. The leash was released again, and Giles walked around the desk.


"I believe you know what to do," he told Willow.


Wesley couldn't see what was going on, but he heard a jangle and click of metal, and the familiar sound of clothes being shed. Giles circled back around, holding another leash attached to a black leather collar around Willow's neck. She was naked, small breasts high and proud, a thatch of red hair above her cunt. Her fangs were out, and a smooth, polished stake was in her hand; the tip had been rounded off, but it was still a menacing object.


Once Wesley had been given a good look, Willow was led around the desk again. Giles kept hold of her leash and returned to offer his cock to Wesley. "Suck," Giles ordered again, and this time gave him one quick stroke--he should pleasure Giles hard, but not too quickly.


Willow touched and toyed with him, fingers rough as they pinched and rubbed. The stimulation excited him, and his erection pressed up against the desk. Willow's fingers return to his arse, stretching and probing, and then the tip of the stake was pushed in. Wesley whimpered around Giles' cock as it widened, stretching him intensely.


"Can I bite him?" Willow said, growling through her fangs.


"Patience," Giles said. "When the time is right." He tapped Wesley's cheek, and Wesley relaxed and widened so that Giles could fuck his mouth.


They fucked him vigorously from both ends, skewering him again and again. Wesley could only take the thrusts as they pounded into him, relentless.


When Giles came, he shot deep into Wesley's throat, and then pulled out, tucking himself back in with satisfaction. "My beautiful, talented slut," Giles praised, running his thumb along Wesley's swollen lips.


Giles walked around again, to where Willow was still pounding the stake into Wesley's arse. "Did you know," he said, conversationally, "that he was almost a virgin when I found him. He'd never even learned how to please a woman."


Willow giggled, twisting the stake as it drove deep, making Wesley squirm. "That bad?"


"Oh yes," Giles said. "He even has a secret he doesn't think I know, but I do. Shall I tell you?"


"I love secrets," Willow said, excited.


"When he finally managed to fuck a woman," Giles said, and Willow made soft, happy noises. Her movements became unsteady, but she kept fucking Wesley with the stake. "When he managed to get inside her, he couldn't do it. He'd go limp. Pathetic, isn't it?"


Willow giggled and moaned as Giles did things to her, things Wesley would never know or learn. "That's so sad," Willow said, reaching around to grip Wesley's cock. "But he's not limp now," she said, knowingly.


"That's because he knows his place," Giles said.


"Such a good pet," Willow said, admiringly. Wesley's erection was hot and hard in her hand, twitching as he neared climax. She stroked it faster as her own happy noises became louder and more frequent.


Wesley was terribly hard now, and could feel his own climax upon him. "Stop," he begged. It was the signal that he was about to come, and that Giles should stop him. There was no other use for the word.


"Good boy," Giles said. He wrapped his hand tightly around Wesley's cock so that he couldn't come. Wesley whimpered softly, held on the edge of climax.


"Can he still come?" Willow asked, curious.


"For now," Giles replied. "When I want him to. But first, I believe you made a request earlier."


The stake was shoved deep into his body and left there. Willow moved away, leaving Giles' hand alone and tight on his cock. And then she was in front of him, grinning a predatory smile. She leaned close and bit him on the neck, sinking her teeth deep. Wesley felt Giles shift and lean over him, and then a second set of fangs drove into the other side of his neck. As he grew weaker and weaker, his climax built until he could hold it no longer. Giles pulled his fangs from Wesley's neck and growled, "Come" as he released Wesley's cock.


Wesley came with a shout, cock pulsing with agonizing intensity.


Giles was awoken by the sound of moaning and the feel of a warm, wet substance against his hand. He was groggy at first, not sure what was going on, and then he realized the moaning was coming from Wesley. As his brain began to catch up with reality, it dawned on him that the wetness he felt was Wesley's come.


"What--?" he muttered, sitting up. Wesley was still asleep, clearly dreaming as his head lolled back and forth against the pillow. Giles shook him gently.


The dream fragmented and dissolved, leaving Wesley aware of Giles still against him, of his limbs still bound, and a post-orgasm lassitude settling into his body. He blinked awake beneath the blindfold, still caught by wisps of dream.


"Wesley," Giles said sternly, though not angrily, as Wesley began to stir. "You've had a wet dream."


"Wha-?" Wesley said, mind still catching up to consciousness. When it finally registered what Giles had said, he first was surprised, then worried, then ashamed. He hadn't had a wet dream in years. "I-I'm sorry, sir."


"It's all right," Giles said, stroking Wesley's brow above the blindfold. "You couldn't help it. Do you remember the dream?"


Wesley tried to recall the full extent of the dream, but it was already fading from memory. He managed to hold on to a few images, at least. "Fragments," he admitted.


"Tell me," Giles ordered, his voice still stern but unthreatening.


"You told me to come," Wesley said, reaching for the sharpest memory first.


Giles chuckled. "Well, at least there's that," he said.


"I think I was... tied to something," Wesley continued, concentrating. "And before that... the school? There were people..." He remembered the click of metal. "A collar. I wore a collar, and a leash."


Giles smiled, though Wesley couldn't see it. He traced his fingers over Wesley's throat thoughtfully. "Go on."


"It's hazy," Wesley said, as the tatters of dream slipped through his fingers. "Um... my knees hurt, from something. And you were talking to someone..." Try as Wesley might, he couldn't recall any further details. "I'm sorry, the rest is gone."


Giles sighed in disappointment, but accepted Wesley's response. "Very well. I suppose I should have anticipated this. I'll have to think of a way to prevent it in the future. For now, clean up your mess and we can go back to sleep."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said.


Giles offered his hand to Wesley to lick clean.


Wesley obediently licked his own come from Giles' hand. As he finished, a flash of dream returned to him. "I sucked your cock. In the dream."


"I should certainly hope so," Giles murmured with amusement.


"You were talking to someone while I did it," Wesley said, connecting the images together. "Talking about me."


"Do you remember what I said?" Giles asked.


Wesley's brow drew together as he sought out the fragments of sound. "Pet. That I was a good pet, and... training? Something about being trained. And..."


Giles listened, rubbing Wesley's arm encouragingly. "And...?" he prompted.


Wesley bit his lip as embarrassment heated his face. "I don't remember."


Giles' voice went cold as he said, "You're lying."


Wesley cringed. "It's nothing," he said, trying vainly to put Giles off the matter.


Giles didn't justify Wesley's dithering with a response, just waited for him to get to the point.


Giles' silence spoke volumes to Wesley, and he knew he had no choice. He couldn't even make something up, because Giles knew if he was lying. "You knew a secret," he said, reluctantly.


"Indeed?" Giles said, intrigued.


"About me," Wesley continued. "About what I was, before."


"Yes?" Giles prompted.


Wesley buried his cheek against the pillow. "It's embarrassing."


"Out with it, Wesley," Giles said, in a tone that managed to be both scolding and comforting at the same time.


"When I had sex with women, I couldn't-- I would get so anxious that I... I couldn't finish," Wesley let the words out in a rush of shame.


"What do you mean you couldn't finish?" Giles rubbed his hand up and down Wesley's arm comfortingly.


"I would be inside them and I... I would go limp," Wesley said, voice dropping to a whisper. Lord, even thinking about those moments made him want to die of shame.


"Your cock would go limp?" Giles asked, to clarify.


"My cock would go limp," Wesley said, staring into the blackness of the blindfold. "I've never been able to come with women. With anyone else."


Giles shifted closer to Wesley, trying to comfort with his presence. "How many times did this happen?" he asked.


"Four times," Wesley said. He'd never dared talk about this to anyone, and now that the secret was out, it felt as if a weight had been lifted from him. It made it easier to continue. "At first I thought it was just nerves. It was a girl my father arranged for me to date. But then it happened again, and I was to ashamed to try again, not for years."


"Why did you?" Giles asked, brushing his fingers against Wesley's neck.


"I was getting older," Wesley explained. "I was supposed to find a wife, after I finished with the Academy. But what woman would want me?"


Giles clucked his tongue softly. "You're not meant to be with a woman."


"I know that now," Wesley said. It was calming to be secure in his place, to no longer fear rejection. "After the third time, I went to a prostitute. I thought maybe, if there wasn't any pressure... but it happened again."


Giles hummed thoughtfully. "And today?" he asked.


"I'm not supposed to come unless you order me to," Wesley said.


"That's not an answer," Giles scolded mildly.


"I didn't come," Wesley said. "But I stayed hard."


Giles nodded to himself. "Why do you think that is?"


"I don't know," Wesley said. "I didn't even think about it until now."


Giles waited a beat, then said, "I think it was because you didn't have a choice."


Even though Wesley had just come, the words alone were enough to send a shiver of want through him. Giles was right; he hadn't had a choice, none at all. And no matter how scared he'd been, no matter how afraid he was of being at the mercy of a demon, he'd been hard as stone inside her.


"Yes," Giles mused, "I think you'd be hard for anyone under those conditions, wouldn't you?"


"It was Willow," Wesley said, as the missing part of his dream clicked back into place. "In the dream, it was Willow."


"The real Willow or the vampire?" Giles asked.


"The vampire," Wesley said. "You invited her in. You were showing me off to her."


"Really?" Giles said. He trailed his fingers lightly down Wesley's chest. "And was she suitably impressed?"


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. "I was a good pet."


"I would expect no less," Giles said fondly.


Wesley squirmed happily, snuggling back against Giles.


"But to return to my question," Giles continued, "I'd wager you would be hard for anyone, as long as you were helpless and exposed to them."


"Maybe," Wesley said. "But I want it to be for you."


"That's good," Giles said. "But you see, I understand this about you. Why do you think I keep you on such a short leash? You're a slut. You have no self-control. If I let you wander off someone else would take advantage of you, just like the vampire did."


"Don't let me go," Wesley pleaded. "I don't want anyone else."


"Of course not," Giles assured him, pulling Wesley close and nuzzling his neck. "You're mine. You needn't worry, Wesley. Why would I ever want to give you up? Even in your sleep you know your place."


Wesley relaxed at the reassurance, but a niggle of worry remained. He was Giles' slut, not just anyone's. He didn't want anyone else, unless Giles chose to share him. And even then he wouldn't ever wish to leave. "Keep me with you," Wesley pleaded, quietly. "I don't want to be taken away from you."


"Shh. Don't worry," Giles repeated. "I know you only love me."


"I do," Wesley insisted. "I love you. I'm yours."


"That's right," Giles whispered. "That's why I won't let anyone take you away from me."


"What if they find out?" Wesley said, worried. "What if they take me away?"


"Then I hurt them until they give you back," Giles said firmly. Particularly after tonight, the idea of anyone trying to come between him and Wesley made Giles' blood start to boil. He didn't care who it was, they'd pay the price.


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, relaxing somewhat. Giles had easily dispatched the vampire Willow, and Wesley remembered vividly how strong and fearless Giles was when facing the Eliminati. Giles wouldn't let anything stand in the way of keeping Wesley.


"It's a good thing I'm marking you, too," Giles said. "There shouldn't be any question when someone looks at you that you belong to someone else. The vampire knew it, didn't she?"


"Yes, sir. She knew I was owned." Wesley relaxed further against Giles, feeling more secure now. "Will you make more?"


"Some day," Giles promised. "Let's see how this one turns out first."


"I'd like that," Wesley said, smiling softly.


"Don't worry," Giles said once more. "No one will ever doubt who you belong to. Now go back to sleep."


"Yes, sir," Wesley sighed, content. He closed his eyes and was soon asleep.


Giles lay awake for a few more minutes. He was rather pleased by the fact Wesley had never been able to have sex with women. It made him feel even more as though Wesley was his and only his. The incident with the vampire was distressing for several reasons, but there was nothing to be done about it at the moment. She was truly dead and he could worry about it when his head was clearer. That only left the question of how to prevent Wesley from having any more wet dreams. He had an idea in that regard, but he'd have to research it a bit before actually attempting it.


As his mind continued to go over those three thoughts, he eventually drifted back to sleep.



When Willow walked into the library on Friday morning, Wesley started with a yelp, dropping the books he was holding. He put his hand over his heart as he reminded himself that this was the real, human Willow, and knelt down to retrieve the books from the floor.


She gave him an odd look, just as Giles came out of his office to see what was the matter.


"Wesley, you okay?" she asked.


"I'm fine," Wesley insisted, standing and clutching the books to his chest. "Just... startled. Sorry."


"Wesley had an run-in with your demonic counterpart on his way to visit me last night," Giles said. "I'm afraid I was forced to stake her."


"Oh," Willow said uncertainly. Then: "Oh, sorry, Wesley. No wonder you were surprised to see me."


Wesley finished his trip to the table and put down the books. He sat and fingered the bandages on his neck. They itched rather insistently.


Buffy and Xander entered the room, talking--or rather complaining--about a math test. Willow went over to greet them.


"Giles staked me," Willow blurted out. "I mean, vampire me."


"Yes," Giles stammered, "the vampire. Though not before she was able to injure Wesley, I'm afraid."


"Oh, ouch," Xander said, looking at Wesley's neck. "I bet that hurt."


"How come she bit you twice?" Buffy asked.


Before Wesley could answer, Oz walked in. He noticed everyone staring at Wesley and turned to look for himself. "That have something to do with our missing vampire?" he asked.


"Indeed," Giles said, still stammering slightly. "I intercepted her assaulting Wesley on my way home last night."


"What was Wesley doing out that late anyway?" Buffy said, suspicious. "Watcher sleepover?"


"Actually," Giles said, and now he exaggerated his stammer slightly, feigning embarrassment he didn't feel, "I asked him to help me search for her. I didn't anticipate that she'd find him first."


"Oh, poor Wesley," Willow said. She went over and peered at the bandages on his neck. Wesley leaned back slightly, but didn't protest. After all, he wasn't to speak unless spoken to.


"I'm not so surprised," Xander said. "Predators always go after the weakest members of the herd, right?"


When Giles turned to glare at him, he said, "What? I remember being a hyena." He looked at Oz. "Back me up here?"


Oz just shrugged one shoulder.


Willow pulled aside the collar of Wesley's shirt, checking the extent of the vampire bite. "I'm so sorry, Wesley. I mean, she wasn't me, all skanky and stuff, but she kinda was me, so it almost like I bit you. Which I'd never do. Not that I wouldn't want to, if I was a vampire, I mean. Oh, you're all bruised, too." Wesley's bruises had spread as they healed, so the edge of blue and yellow bruise was just visible from underneath his shirt.


Wesley gently pushed her hands away. "Leftovers from training," he assured her. "You needn't feel guilty, Willow."


"I barely touched him. You heal way too slow, Wes," Buffy said, airily. "Is that why you've been hiding in Giles' office instead of helping out?"


"I believe Wesley was merely attempting to spare Willow's feelings," Giles muttered diffidently.


"Well, what about my feelings?" Buffy protested. "Sure, blame me for everything."


"I'm not blaming you, Buffy!" Willow protested. She left Wesley alone and went over to her friends. "C'mon, I promised to help you with that math assignment."


"Ugh, math." Buffy made a face. They sat down together at the center table to study until their next class.


Xander sat down opposite Wesley and gave him a long, considering look. "You look different," he said, thoughtful.


"Pardon?" Wesley said, nervously.


"I dunno," Xander shrugged. "Maybe it's a hair thing."


"Hair thing?" Wesley echoed, baffled.


"Go team Watchers," Xander said, obviously amused by Wesley's confusion.


Wesley just blinked at him, owlishly.


Oz picked up one of Wesley's book. "Magic stuff, huh?"


"What? Oh, yes," Wesley said, relieved to be on more familiar ground. "We're trying to find out more information on the vampire Willow's existence. There may be some form of magic involved."


"Vampire magic?" Willow said, peeking at the books with interest. "Can I help?"


"I think Wesley is better qualified to handle this particular problem," Giles said before Wesley could answer. "He has been trained for this, after all."


"Is that the same training that saved him from getting bit?" Xander asked.


Giles glared at him again.


Wesley looked down at his books, a little hurt by Xander's remarks. It didn't bother him too much, though, because Giles had faith in him, and that was all that mattered.


"Hey, at least a vampire bite can be cured if you catch it in time," Oz said, as he came to sit in the empty chair next to Wesley.


Wesley smiled a little at this. A thought struck him, and he reached across the table for one of the older references on vampires.


Wesley's reach gave Oz a good look at the bite mark Giles had left on Wesley's neck. He blinked and frowned, but didn't say anything.


Wesley flipped through the vampire reference, looking for the section on permission of entry. "Giles?" he called. "I think I've found a possibility."


"What is it?" Giles asked, coming over to look at what Wesley had found.


"I was wondering, after Angel's soul was lost, did you have to remove his invitation?" Wesley asked.


Giles went very still for a moment, and everyone turned to look at Wesley.


"Ah, yes," Giles finally said hoarsely.


Wesley was oblivious to the looks, too caught up in his thoughts. "I believe that explains it. It's been theorized that when a person dies and is first turned, that is when their right of entry is revoked. After that, once permission, the presence or absence of a soul is immaterial. Of course, there haven't been a great many instance of souled vampires to test the theory. But if Angelus was able to go where Angel was, then it explains why the vampire Willow was able to go where Willow had been. The permission had never been revoked because the real Willow never died."


"Wait a minute," said Buffy. "She was in your apartment?"


"Oh--yes," Giles stammered, realizing their story of the vampire finding Willow on her way to him had just been weakened. "I thought I could get Wesley to safety," he lied. "But she was able to follow us inside."


Oz gave Giles a speculative look, but still didn't comment.


The others seemed to accept Giles' explanation, but to give weight to his somewhat implausible story, Giles continued, "I think she may have been tracking you, Willow, which would explain why Wesley encountered her on his way to my flat."


"I was taken quite by surprise," Wesley said, trying to help. "But fortunately Giles was able to dispatch her."


"Yes," Giles said. "Fortunately. The only thing to be determined now is how she came to be here, since Willow is obviously alive and well."


Willow tried to look as confused as everyone else for a few seconds, and then she blurted, "I did it! I'm sorry, Giles. Don't be mad?"


Giles looked at her sternly and asked what had happened. Willow began to explain about Anya and the spell they had tried to cast.


Wesley nodded thoughtfully. "Is Anya in school today?"


"I... guess so," Willow said uncertainly. "Unless she skipped or something."


"Perhaps we should speak with her?" Wesley asked Giles.


"I would like to know why she needed that necklace," Giles said, nodding. "And what her part in the incident at the Bronze was."


"Okay," Willow said. "I'll ask her to come to the library sometime."


"Yes, thank you," Giles said.


To his relief, the students soon had to return to class. They all filed out, but a moment later Oz returned. He looked at Giles and tilted his head towards Giles' office. Giles got the message and led the way into his office, feeling a flutter of anxiety at what Oz might have noticed that the others hadn't.


"So," Oz said, as he closed the door behind him.


"Yes," Giles acknowledged, and waited for the young man to continue.


"That, uh... that second bite mark... it wasn't from the vampire, was it?" Oz asked.


Giles held Oz's gaze, refusing to be ashamed of his actions. "No," he admitted.


Oz nodded, absorbing the information. "He okay with it?" he asked, after a beat.


Giles nodded confidently.


Oz considered for a moment longer. "'kay," he said. "See you later."


He turned to leave, but Giles said, "Oz?"


"Yeah?" Oz asked, turning back.


"I'd really prefer if word of Wesley's and my involvement didn't reach Willow. Or Buffy," Giles said. "I feel it would complicate things unnecessarily.


Oz thought about that and nodded in understanding. "They won't hear it from me." With that, he turned and left again. He nodded at Wesley as he passed the table, but didn't say anything to him.


Once Oz was gone, Wesley went into the office to talk to Giles. "Is everything all right?"


"I think so," Giles said. "Oz is aware that you and I are involved, but he's promised not to share that information for the time being. He's a remarkably mature young man. I believe we can trust him."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. His stomach fluttered; it excited him that it would be obvious to Oz that he was Giles', even if the boy wasn't aware of the extent of his ownership.


Giles brushed his hand down Wesley arm. "It's nothing to worry about. Go back to work. You need to take it easy, recover your strength. I have plans for tonight."


Wesley liked the sound of that. He returned to the main table to work, idly wondering what Giles had in mind. He was sure that whatever it was, he would love it.

PART TWENTY-SIX: Anniversary Dinner


For the most part, Giles left Wesley alone for the rest of the day, not wanting to stress him physically when he'd lost so much blood. He'd have to go easy on Wesley tonight, too, but his plans weren't strenuous.


After school, Buffy came for training. Instead of posing Wesley in the office, Giles let him sit and watch, so that he could learn. Next week, when Wesley was feeling better, Faith would be returning, and Giles would need his assistance to deal with both Slayers.


When training was over and Buffy had gone, Giles and Wesley packed up and headed out to the car like usual, but instead of driving to the apartment, Giles headed for the center of town.


"Where are we going?" Wesley asked, curious.


"You'll see," Giles said.


They pulled up in front of one of the nicer restaurants in Sunnydale. They got out of the car, but before they went inside Giles took Wesley aside.


"Now, Wesley," Giles said softly. "I have some special rules for when we dine out. To begin with, you're not to speak to or interact with anyone but me, even our server."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. Since the mall, Wesley hadn't been out in public with Giles. So much had changed since then. "It's been a week," Wesley said, realizing.


Giles smiled. "Yes," he said. "I thought we should celebrate."


Wesley smiled broadly. "Thank you, sir."


"You're welcome," Giles said. "Now, do you understand the first rule?"


"I'm not to speak or interact with anyone but you," Wesley repeated.


Giles nodded. "Furthermore, I want you to keep your hands above the table at all times."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said.


"Good. I think that should cover it for now. Shall we?"


They walked inside. Wesley stood back as Giles spoke to the maître d', then followed them to their table. Their waiter arrived with their menus, handing one to Giles and then offering the other to Wesley. When Wesley didn't take it, the waiter cocked an eyebrow, and then lay it on the table in front of him.


When Wesley began to pick up his menu after the waiter walked away, Giles stopped him. "What kinds of things do you like to eat?" he asked.


"Lots of things," Wesley said, placing his hands back on the table. "Pasta, chicken, fish, steak..."


"Name a dish," Giles said.


Wesley thought for a moment. "Filet mignon."


Giles nodded. "An excellent choice."


The waiter returned after a minute. "Would you like anything to drink, sir?" he asked Wesley.


Wesley said nothing, and kept looking at Giles.


"He'll have a glass of water," Giles said. He proceeded to order a bottle of good wine, something that would go well with steak, too.


Wesley felt awkward about not being able to respond to the waiter in any way, but he did like Giles taking care of him. It gave him a warm feeling inside.


Giles tasted and approved the wine, but insisted on pouring it himself. He gave himself a full glass and Wesley a half glass, then lifted his glass in a toast.


"To the most wonderful pet I could imagine," he said softly, gazing at Wesley appreciatively.


Wesley ducked his head. He held his own glass, and then when he was able to look up again he lifted it. "To the most wonderful... the most wonderful owner I could imagine," he said, blushing terribly.


Giles smiled, more flattered than he thought he should have been, and took a long drink. As the familiar taste hit his tongue, he was startled to realize that he hadn't been drinking as much--at all, actually--since he'd taken Wesley in a week ago. He decided he didn't care to think too closely on that at the moment, and took another drink.


Wesley sipped lightly at his wine, and then replaced his hands on the table. He couldn't seem to stop smiling.


Giles chuckled, finding Wesley's smile contagious. "What is it?"


"I just... never though I'd be so happy," Wesley said.


Giles reached out and laid his hand over Wesley's. "I'm glad you are."


"I never dreamed that I could make anyone else happy," Wesley continued, looking at Giles with eyes full of emotion. "It means so much to me, I--" he stopped, dabbing his eyes with his napkin.


"You're a beautiful boy, and you always do your best for me," Giles said. "How could you fail to make me happy?"


Wesley sniffled, and put down the napkin. His best had never been enough before, not for anyone. He took a sip of water to calm himself and looked up at Giles again. "I'm your faithful servant, sir," he said, somberly. "I never want to be anything else."


Giles nodded. He felt as though he should be clasping Wesley's hands in his own, accepting his vow of fealty. "I don't foresee that being a problem," he said, smiling wryly.


But the words weren't enough, couldn't begin to describe how Wesley felt. "I wish I could show you, here," he said, lowering his voice, "Bow to you and... and suck your cock."


Giles stared at Wesley, caught in an overwhelming wave of lust. "I wish so, too," he murmured.


"I want to give you everything," Wesley continued. "Everything you want."


"Shh," Giles said, rubbing his thumb across the back of Wesley's hand. "There'll be plenty of time for that."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He knew there was no reason to worry, that Giles was happy. It was simply that Wesley's feelings were so intense, so new and wonderful to him. Giles' caring and acceptance meant so much to him, and to know that he meant a great deal to Giles in return made Wesley feel like his heart might burst. He never wanted to disappoint Giles, never wanted there to be any chance he could lose his place in Giles' affections.


Before Giles could say anything else, their waiter returned to take their order. He seemed to be catching on to the fact that Wesley wouldn't answer him, though no less confused by it. He scribbled down Giles' order of filet mignon with what the menu described only as the chef's special sauce for Wesley, and salmon with hollandaise sauce for himself.


Only once the waiter was gone again did Giles turn to Wesley. "I was thinking of going shopping tonight, but the shop isn't in the nicest part of town. I suspect we'll be safer going during daylight hours."


"More clothing?" Wesley asked, remembering their previous outing.


"Not precisely," Giles said, smiling in spite of himself. "If you'll recall, I promised you toys. And a collar."


A flash of Wesley's dream returned to him, of being collared and leashed. A shiver of lust went through him. "Please," he whispered, wanting.


"Tomorrow," Giles promised.


"Lord," Wesley breathed. His eyes darkened with arousal as blood rushed to his cock. "Could I have... could you also... perhaps a leash?"


Giles had a sudden mental image of leading Wesley around on hands and knees, his erect cock and weighted balls hanging between his legs and a plug buried in his arse. "Yes," he said emphatically.


Wesley whimpered softly and clutched at the tablecloth. "I'm hard, sir," he whispered, wanting Giles to know.


"Good," Giles growled. "That's what I always prefer."


Wesley moaned, loud enough that the couple at the table nearest them turned and looked curiously.


Giles smiled knowingly. "I've been thinking about how to prevent any more occurrences like last night's," he said.


"I am sorry about that, sir," Wesley said, contrite.


Giles shook his head dismissively. "Not your fault." He smirked a bit as he added, "I take consolation in the fact that some part of you believed I'd ordered you to come."


It was quite true. Wesley nodded. "I thought I couldn't wear the, uh, the ring to bed?" he said, lowering his voice as their conversation became more blatantly sexual.


"You could," Giles said. "But I fear it would disturb your sleep. I'd prefer to have you well-rested, if possible."


"Then how?" Wesley asked, curious.


"I haven't entirely made up my mind yet. At the very least I'll be buying you a cock cage tomorrow, but I'm not sure that will be satisfactory by itself." Giles frowned, pondering the problem.


"A--a cock cage?" Wesley whispered. A number of very odd images went through his head as he tried to imagine what that could look like.


Giles nodded. "It will guarantee that you can't stimulate yourself. Depending on what kind I choose, it may prevent you from becoming hard."


Just as Wesley was trying to take this in, the waiter arrived with their food. "Are you all right, sir?" he asked Wesley, concerned by what appeared to be shock on Wesley's face.


"He's fine," Giles said, smiling politely. "Just had some surprising news."


The waiter nodded, accepting this. "Would you like anything else?" he asked Giles.


"Not for the moment," Giles assured him. "Thank you."


After the waiter left, Wesley continued to gape at Giles. His mouth closed with a click of teeth and he gulped. "What, um, what do they, um, look like?"


"Oh, it depends," Giles said. "Usually there's a tube of some sort that goes around your penis so that you can't touch it. Could be plastic or metal. We'll have to see what sort of selection the store has."


Wesley closed his eyes and gave a strangled moan. "And I'll be... wearing this at--at night? Every night?"


"Quite possibly," Giles said, his tone still casual. "Perhaps I'll make you wear it to work, as well."


"Oh God," Wesley whispered, hoarsely. He took a deep, shuddering breath and opened his eyes. His pupils were wide with lust, and his cock was achingly hard.


"Eat your dinner," Giles said, smiling with satisfaction.


Wesley looked down at his steak. He was almost too aroused to even contemplate eating. He drank down the rest of his wine, and then sipped at his water until he'd calmed down some. The wine warmed his stomach, and after a few minutes he was together enough to pick up his knife and fork.


Giles poured Wesley and himself more wine, then focused on eating his own meal, which was superb.


Wesley only half-taste the first few bites of his steak, but once his body began to pay more attention to digestion than arousal, he was able to appreciate how good the food was. He finished off his wine again, and it left him gently buzzed.


Giles nursed his second glass of wine for most of the meal, but continued to refill Wesley's, giving him half a glass each time. He wasn't sure what prompted him to try to get Wesley drunk, but he was curious to see where it would lead.


By the time he finished his steak, Wesley was feeling very relaxed. He put down his utensils with a contented sigh.


"Good?" Giles asked, as he finished his own meal.


"Mmm, very," Wesley said, sipping his wine.


Giles sat back for a moment, regarding Wesley fondly. "You mentioned wanting to demonstrate your loyalty to me here," he murmured softly, but there was a thread of steel in his voice.


Giles' tone roused Wesley from his contended state. He straightened up and met Giles' eyes. "Yes, sir," he said, quiet but sure. "I'll do anything you want."


"Well," Giles continued thoughtfully, "as lovely as it would be for you to strip and suck me off in front of everyone here, we should probably make at least a token effort at not being thrown out of the restaurant."


Wesley's pulse picked up again. He ached to drop to his knees before Giles and do just what he described. "I will," he breathed. "If you want me to."


"I know," Giles said, with absolute certainty. "But as I truly don't wish to be banned for life, I suggest we retire to the restroom."


"Can we... in there?" Wesley asked, eagerly.


"I certainly intend to try," Giles said. He pushed back his chair and stood, but kept his eyes locked on Wesley's.


Wesley stood, caught in Giles' gaze. He felt nervous, knowing they might be caught, but God, to kneel before Giles with his cock in his mouth, to suckle him as other men were inches away from them... his own erection strained against his trousers.


Giles's gaze finally left Wesley's as he turned to precede him into the bathroom. He didn't stop to see if anyone found it strange that two men were going in to the bathroom together.


He was privately relieved when the walls between the bathroom stalls turned out to go to the floor, though the doors did not. He entered the larger handicapped stall and waited for Wesley to close the door behind them.


Wesley's heart was racing as he locked the door and turned to face Giles.


When the door was locked, Giles met Wesley in the middle of the small space and slid his hands into the back of Wesley's trousers, squeezing his arse and pressing their groins together firmly. He nibbled one of Wesley's ears for a moment, then whispered, "I want you to make this last as long as possible. And I want you to keep track of how many men come in here while you're at it."


Wesley panted with lust. "Yes, sir," he groaned, voice loud in the quiet of the restroom.


Giles smiled in approval and opened Wesley's trousers, letting them pool around his ankles. "I want to be able to see how hard this makes you," he explained, sliding his hand up and down Wesley's cock a few times. "To satisfy me while you're denied any relief--that excites you, doesn't it?"


Wesley closed his eyes in pleasure as Giles stroked him. "It does, sir," he admitted.


"As it should," Giles murmured, and pushed Wesley to his knees.


As Wesley's knees hit the tile, full cock peeking up past his shirt hem and hands properly crossed behind his back, his lust and devotion for Giles spiked hard. He remembered the last time he'd sucked Giles' cock in such a public place, and he leaned forward and kissed Giles' cock through his trousers.


Giles slid his fingers into Wesley's hair, encouraging. "Good," he said. "Show me how much you worship my cock."


Wesley kissed harder, mouthing Giles' cock as it strained through the fabric. He wanted Giles to see, to know how truly devoted he was, how completely he loved and worshipped him. He ached to know that Giles' knew, and would take everything Wesley had to offer and everything else along with it.


Giles nodded and continued murmuring encouragement, pleased with Wesley's response, until the bathroom door opened with a loud creak.


They both froze and went quiet. 'One,' Wesley thought, starting his count. Giles's hand in his hair encouraged him to continue, so Wesley did, though as silent as possible. He kissed his way up Giles' cock and then went to work on his belt. The jangling seemed terribly loud, but the man who had come in went about his business without pause.


Giles smiled and leaned his head back, forcing himself to relax and enjoy Wesley's attentions rather than worry about the stranger a few feet away.


By the time Wesley had the belt undone, the stranger had finished washing his hands. As the door closed Wesley paused to collect himself, then continued on. He was becoming quite practiced at undoing Giles' trousers with his mouth, and it was short work to have both them and his boxers down.


Once they were alone again, Giles resumed encouraging Wesley. His cock was fully hard before Wesley even uncovered it, and he moaned as Wesley's tongue touched him for the first time.


Though Wesley wanted to please Giles as intensely as possible, he knew Giles wanted this to last. Instead of taking Giles deep and sucking him down as far as he could manage, Wesley sucked delicately at the head, laving it with his tongue. He loved how Giles tasted, loved the masculine scent of him.


Giles' eyes rolled back in his head as Wesley suckled the head of his cock. A series of shudders ran through him, and he whispered, "God, yes... just like that..."


Wesley hummed happily and continued on. A second man entered the bathroom, but this time Wesley didn't stop or slow down.


Giles let Wesley continue for as long as he could stand it, while several more men entered and left again. At one point, someone rattled the handle, and it took a great deal of concentration for Giles to say, "Busy," in a steady voice.


Wesley licked and sucked his way down Giles' shaft, all the while keeping track as they reached a total of six visitors. Finally at Giles' balls, he took one into his mouth, and simply held it there, letting his tongue rest lightly against it.


When Wesley stilled, Giles thrust his hips forward involuntarily, moaning with need.


Wesley chuckled, and then began to hum and lick softly, letting the vibrations be the main stimulation. Fortunately there was no one else with them right then, so Wesley could afford to make a little noise.


Wesley's teasing got the best of Giles, and he grabbed Wesley's hair hard and pulled his balls free, only to thrust his cock roughly into Wesley's mouth. He winced at the scrape of teeth, but didn't slow down as he began to fuck Wesley's mouth aggressively, repeatedly hitting the back of Wesley's throat.


After a minute or so of this, he said, "When the next man comes in, you're going to take my cock down your throat. Understand?"


Wesley whimpered in understanding. Giles' pace was hard, relentless, but the more Giles pushed him, the more Wesley bent to accommodate him. Wesley prepared himself as best he could, relaxing and breathing deep; he remembered the lesson Giles had given him. The restroom door creaked open, and Giles' cock pushed into his throat.


Giles pushed his cock slowly deeper, until Wesley's lips were flush against his skin. He smiled cruelly, loving the way Wesley's eyes watered and bulged as he struggled not to gag. He counted silently, keeping track of how long Wesley was forced to hold his breath. Fortunately, the man who had come in finished his business quickly, and Giles eased his cock out again to let Wesley breathe.


Wesley's lungs burned as he heard the restroom door close with a thud. Giles pulled out of his throat, and Wesley took great heaving gasps of air. He'd only been unable to breathe for a minute, but it had been one of the longest minutes of his life.


Giles waited while Wesley gasped and coughed. "That was very good," he said, ruffling Wesley's hair in approval. "Now it's time to finish up."


"Yes, sir," Wesley rasped, pleased to know he'd done well. Once his breathing was normal again, he took Giles' cock into his mouth as he had at the start, sucking and licking at the head.


Giles forced himself to be still again as Wesley sucked and bobbed his head. Being buried in Wesley's throat had felt amazing, and it didn't take long before he clutched at Wesley's head to steady himself while he came.


Wesley easily swallowed Giles' come, and then licked him clean. When he finally slid off of Giles' cock, his lips were bruised and his mouth and throat sore, but he felt a glow of accomplishment that made it all worth it. Being good for Giles was always worth it, which was one of many reasons why Wesley loved him.


After he tucked himself back in, Giles pulled Wesley to his feet and squeezed his still-hard cock. "Did you enjoy that?" he asked.


"Very much, sir," Wesley moaned.


"How many people came in while you sucked my cock?" Giles asked.


"Seven, sir," Wesley said, and the number made his cock twitch in Giles' hand.


Giles began to move his hand on Wesley's cock. "That's seven people who might have noticed you serving me," he said. "They might know you're such a slut you'd suck me off in a public place."


Wesley bit his lip and whimpered softly. "Your slut," he whispered.


"Yes," Giles agreed. He continued stroking Wesley's cock, and wrapped his free arm around Wesley's shoulders, holding him close, supporting Wesley as he tormented him. "I wasn't sure you'd be able to take my cock in your throat yet," Giles whispered. "I'm so proud of you. You always exceed my expectations. Even that first night, you were so much more than I expected. I wasn't sure you'd respond as well as you did, but I needn't have worried. You were beautiful, and I knew from the moment you took your clothes off for me that you were meant to be mine."


The words struck something deep inside Wesley, making him tear up with happiness even as he was brought closer to climax. He needed this, needed to hear Giles tell him these things. No one else made him feel good and cared for and special, not the way Giles did. "Please, yes," he moaned.


"You were waiting for me your whole life, weren't you?" Giles continued. "That's why you couldn't have sex with those women. You were saving yourself for me, and you didn't even know it."


"Lord, yes," Wesley rasped, arching with pleasure. He wanted it to be that, for Giles' ownership to be there even then, at his lowest moments. That some part of him knew all along what he was meant to be, and that now that he'd found his place, he would never leave it. "I'm close," he moaned.


Giles slowed his hand, then removed it entirely. He tugged Wesley's trousers back up and fastened them, but left Wesley's shirt out to cover Wesley's all-too-obvious erection. In this case, he really didn't want the entire dining room to see it.


Wesley trembled with desire as Giles dressed him. He wanted to fall at Giles feet, and so he did, sinking back to his knees and nuzzling his cheek against Giles' softened cock and planting soft kisses on his trousers. The world felt right and perfect when he genuflected to Giles, his owner, his master.


Giles smiled warmly and petted Wesley's hair for a minute. Finally, he said, "We should go. Our waiter is probably wondering what's become of us."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He forced himself to stand, but couldn't help but gaze at Giles with all the desire and worship he felt.



Preferring not to sit down and wait, Giles left enough cash on the table to cover their meal and a hefty tip, and they went out to the car. Before they got in the car, Giles put the passenger seat all the way down, then had Wesley get in and lie with his hands tucked under his arse. Once he was in his own seat, Giles reached over and freed Wesley's cock again.


Wesley closed his eyes and moaned softly as Giles toyed with his cock on the drive home. He felt cocooned in Giles' ownership of him, floating blissfully.


When they parked on the street out front of the apartment complex, there was no one in sight, and all the windows were dark. Feeling exceptionally daring, particularly after having to stifle the urge to show Wesley off at the restaurant, Giles made Wesley get out of the car with his cock sticking out through the fly of his trousers. He grasped it and used it as a leash to lead Wesley down to their door.


Wesley's heart raced with adrenaline as Giles guided him to the flat at a perfectly normal pace, as if his cock was hard and exposed and he wasn't being obviously, blatantly held by it. If anyone saw them, God, there would be no doubt what he was, not at all. Only a pet would be lead by his cock.


Giles didn't let go of Wesley until they were in the flat with the door closed behind them. Then he pushed Wesley firmly to his knees. "Such a good little slut," he murmured, threading his fingers through Wesley's hair again.


Wesley almost purred with happiness. He leaned his head back, baring his neck for Giles in an almost unconscious action.


Giles' hand drifted down to Wesley's throat and stroked his Adam's apple. With his other hand, he began unbuckling his belt. "I'll buy you a proper collar tomorrow," he promised. "But for tonight, I think this will be an acceptable substitute."


"Oh God," Wesley breathed, eyes darkening with lust. "Yes, yes," he begged. He bared his neck even further, mouth hanging slightly open.


Once his belt was off, Giles tightened his hand on Wesley's neck, enough to restrict his breathing just a bit. "I want you to understand, Wesley," he said, swinging his belt across Wesley's vision, "that I wouldn't put a collar on a pet who wasn't worthy."


In that moment, Wesley wanted the collar more than anything else in the world. Wanted to know he was worthy, and always be collared because that meant he was always a worthy pet. "Please," he begged. "Giles, please, anything. I'll do anything, please."


"I know," Giles said softly, as he deliberately wrapped the leather around Wesley's neck. "That's what makes you worthy." He slipped the belt back though the buckle and pulled it tight.


Wesley almost came on the spot. He shuddered, overcome with emotion and want, as Giles held the leather tight around his throat. An intense cry of submission wrenched itself out of him, leaving him panting for air. Each breath only intensified the feeling of the collar, and God, God, it was beyond his ability to do anything but take it all in.


Giles moved behind Wesley and pulled until Wesley fell back against him, then continued to hold the belt tight, letting Wesley feel it pressing into his throat. Caressing Wesley's face, he murmured phrases of praise, saying nothing in particular.


To Wesley, everything else was melting away, everything except the belt around his throat and Giles holding him, touching him. Even his own self seemed to fade away; his identity as anything other than Giles' worthy pet had become irrelevant. Every breath he took, every beat of his heart was for Giles alone. He was Giles' pet, his possession, and that was all. He felt blissfully at peace.


Giles held Wesley like that for a few minutes, reveling in the feeling of Wesley's utter submission. It was truly remarkable how far Wesley had come in a week, going from sulking in his corner of the library to willingly, joyfully giving himself to Giles--his pet, his slut, his slave. A quiet but clear voice in Giles' head suggested he'd done Wesley a favor, lifting him out of his miserable, monk-like existence. It really did seem almost preordained.


Once Wesley had a chance to calm down, Giles loosened his hold on the belt and pushed him forward onto hands and knees. He let the belt dangle while he undressed Wesley, making him lift one limb at a time for Giles to pull his clothes off. When Wesley was naked, Giles stroked his back lightly. "I feel like I should take you for a walk in the park," he said, smiling fondly.


Wesley imagined Giles leading him outside, naked and on his hands and knees. He would follow Giles, guided by the tug of the leash, and Christ, he was achingly hard. He keened softly, moving into Giles' hand, and gave begging whimpers.


"Hmm," Giles said. "You need your cock ring, don't you? Why don't you run upstairs and fetch it for me, like a good pet?"


Wesley made happy whimpers and began to crawl upstairs, the leash rubbing against his back as he went. When he reached the bedroom he looked around, spotting the cock ring on the nightstand. He rose partially up on his hind legs and carefully took the ring between this teeth, then crawled back down the stairs and presented the ring to Giles proudly.


Giles took the cock ring from Wesley's mouth and smiled proudly at him. Privately, he was astounded by how completely Wesley had fallen into the role of a pet, and began to suspect that Wesley really would have let him lead him around outside. He wondered what else Wesley would let him do in this state.


He fastened the cock ring on, and noticed as he did that Wesley's arse looked sadly empty. Lacking a plug, he began to wonder what else he could find to put in it.


Wesley hummed with pleasure as the cock ring snapped tight around him. He could be achingly hard for hours now, and not have to worry about coming at all. Good pets were hard for their masters but didn't make a mess.


Giles petted Wesley's hair. "Good boy. Now, I need you to be patient while I prepare a treat for you. Wait here, keep your head down. Pretend your lead is an anchor, tying you in place."


Wesley pressed his forehead to the floor, instantly obedient. The thought of a treat excited him greatly. The position kept his arse in the air, cheeks slightly spread, and shoulders tilted downwards.


Giles rubbed his thumb over Wesley's empty, exposed arsehole, then went into the kitchen to see what he could find. He wanted something that would fill Wesley, but not stretch his arse, and of course he had to be able to get it out afterwards. His eyes lighted on the carton of eggs in the fridge, and he wondered if he could engineer a way to use them.


A bit of brainstorming and a quick search through the flat netted him the box of condoms he'd never bothered to use on Wesley and a roll of cotton string. He plucked two eggs out of the carton and wrapped each on in a condom, then tied the condoms to a piece of string, so that the eggs could lie end-to-end when the string was pulled taut. He was just about to cut the string when he had another thought. He prepared two more eggs, but didn't add them to the string yet. Instead, he took them and the whole ball of string in to where Wesley waited.


Wesley was still keeping his head down when Giles arrived, content to stay this way until Giles wanted him another way.


Giles stroked Wesley's arse admiringly. "Good boy," he said again. He teased Wesley's opening with his fingers for a moment, then picked up the first egg. "I'm going to put these in you, and I want you to hold them inside. No matter what, you understand?"


Wesley whimpered softly in understanding. He didn't try to look to see what Giles was doing, just relaxed his arse in anticipation.


Giles began to ease the first egg into Wesley's arse, not bothering with lube. Ultimately, what he had in mind would be easier for Wesley without it.


Something cold and wide was being eased into him. Wesley whimpered, a little confused. It stretched him more and more, making him scrabble against the floor as he strained to widen himself around it.


Giles stroked Wesley's arse again as Wesley began to react to the egg. "Easy," he murmured. "Just a little farther..."


Wesley gulped in air and forced himself to still as the wideness peaked almost painfully, and then he closed around the object as it slipped fully inside. He let out a sigh of relief.


Giles petted Wesley and gave him a minute to recover. "You're doing fine," he said. "There's just one more..."


The object inside him was chilly at first, but not as cold as the ice had been. It warmed quickly inside him; he felt perversely pleased that Giles had implanted something inside him, and presented his arse for the second object.


Giles eased the second egg into Wesley even more carefully than the first, not wanting to push the eggs together so hard one of them cracked.


Wesley accepted the second object easier than the first, because he knew how wide it would reach. It was a very strange sensation to have things held in his arse this way. He squeezed down gently, feeling how their roundness filled him.


Giles smiled and patted Wesley's arse in satisfaction. "Remember, now--don't let them slip out, whatever you do."


Wesley wanted to reply with a 'yes, sir,' but when he tried to, he found that even that simple speech was beyond him. He didn't worry about it, however; it was natural for pets to be unable to speak. Instead he raised his arse into Giles' hand and made a noise of pleasure.


Satisfied with Wesley's response, Giles took hold of his balls and pulled them back between his legs. He unwound a long coil of string and began to wrap it around Wesley's balls, making sure that the length of string from Wesley's arse to his balls had no slack in it.


Wesley felt Giles grip and wrap his balls, and he smiled, pleased at the binding. Even though he was secure now, completely taken over by Giles, he still liked the pressure and helplessness the rope gave him. As much as he could want anything for himself now, he wanted to be bound. He was so distracted by it that he almost missed the slight tug as the objects inside him were gently pulled at. He clenched down in response to keep them firmly in place.


Once the basic ball harness was complete, Giles picked up one of the two remaining eggs and knotted the condom to create an anchor point just above the egg. He held the condom against one of Wesley's testicles and carefully tied it with more string, then did the same thing to the other testicle.


Wesley felt Giles attach something to his balls, and suddenly the pulling inside of him was that much stronger. He clenched down firmly as his balls were tugged downwards. He realized suddenly that everything was connected together, from the weight on his balls to the objects held inside him.


Giles snipped off the end of the string, finally, and made sure it was secure, then put it away and went to get the blindfold, leaving Wesley to enjoy his predicament for a moment.


The tug of gravity was constant, but Wesley was able to clench down strongly enough to keep it under control. The tugging on his balls was uncomfortable but bearable. He worked to adjust to the new sensations.


When Giles returned, he tugged on the leash to bring Wesley back onto all fours. He gave Wesley a moment to adjust as the pull on his balls and the eggs inside him became stronger, then crouched and petted his hair. "Do you trust me, pet?"


Wesley answered with a nod.


"Good," Giles said. He slipped the blindfold over Wesley's eyes. "I'm going to take you for a little walk, just around the house."


Wesley whimpered softly as Giles took away his sight, but he wasn't afraid. He trusted Giles without any doubt, because he was Giles' prized, worthy pet.


Giles stood, holding the end of the belt in one hand, and began to lead Wesley around the room at a slow pace. "Careful not to let your toys fall out," he reminded Wesley.


The leash tugged at his neck, and Wesley crawled cautiously forward. The movement made the objects attached to his balls sway, pulling more strongly with each sway, and the objects inside him shifted as they were pulled at. Wesley had to pause a moment to clench down and shift so that the things inside him were secure, and then he could proceed.


"Good," Giles praised, watching Wesley struggle with the eggs weighing him down, and urged him with the leash to keep moving, steadily if not quickly. "That's a good boy." He led Wesley in a meandering path around the room, praising him steadily and occasionally stopping to pet him.


Even though it was difficult work, Wesley soon lost himself in the pull of the leash and the act of crawling forward without letting the things inside him slip out. It was very important to him that he succeed in showing Giles he was a good pet, that he would rise to any challenge Giles gave him. It was vital.


Finally, Giles led Wesley to the stairs, knowing the upward angle would make his assigned task even more difficult. "We're going upstairs now," he warned. "It won't be easy with your toys in you, but I know you can do it."


Wesley whimpered softly and nodded, then braced himself for the climb. The first few steps weren't too bad, but once he was fully on the stairs, he whimpered and stopped. He concentrated hard on easing the objects further inside him, taking them in as deep as he could manage. The depth increased the tension on his balls, pulling them closer to his arse.


"Keep going," Giles urged, rubbing Wesley's arse encouragingly. "You're a good pet, I have faith you can do this."


The praise helped, and soon Wesley continued on, though very slowly. He had to hold down inside himself very hard, which made crawling difficult, and each step pulled greatly at his balls. He whimpered softly with each step as he neared the top.


When they reached the loft Giles paused and crouched to kiss Wesley's face in reward. "You did very well," he said.


Wesley looked up proudly at Giles, even though he couldn't see him. He whimpered happily at the praise.


Giles smiled to himself and grasped Wesley's cock. He liked Wesley this submissive, but he was getting bored of playing the owner-and-pet game. As he stroked Wesley's cock with one hand, he hooked a finger around the string that ran into Wesley's arse and pulled, though he didn't yet give Wesley permission to release the eggs.


Wesley clenched against the pull, a little warily at first because he didn't know if Giles actually wanted to take the objects out of him or was just teasing him. As Giles hadn't said anything, he assumed the latter and held tight.


"Good," Giles said, satisfied, as Wesley held onto the eggs no matter how hard he pulled. "Now you can let them go."


Wesley relaxed, feeling very odd as the objects were pulled out of him. They rubbed against his prostate as they were taken out, making him shiver with fresh arousal.


Giles carefully freed Wesley's balls from the string and tossed the entire mess into the waste bin. Impulsively, he sat on the floor and pulled Wesley down across his lap, holding the leash with one hand and massaging his balls to restore the circulation.


Wesley moaned as Giles massaged his balls, first in pain and then in pleasure. The tug of the leash kept him docile.


Once the rope marks had started to fade from Wesley's balls, Giles let his hand wander, petting Wesley all over. His complete malleability continued to astound Giles, but he'd satisfied his more sadistic urges with the egg trick, and now all he wanted to do was sit and listen to Wesley's little noises of pleasure as Giles touched him.


Wesley lay face-down across Giles' lap, limbs loose as he melted again Giles. Only the pressure on his neck was constant, the tightness of the collar giving him a wonderful feeling as Giles caressed and pet him. Wesley's cock was pressed up against Giles' thigh, hot and hard, just the way it should be.


After a long while, Giles sighed heavily, feeling deeply content, but ready to get up and move again. "It's time I shaved you again," he said. Wesley's pubic hair had grown out enough to create a distinct shadow all over his genital area, and Giles had felt the prickle of stubble all evening.


Wesley said nothing, only smiled contentedly. It was as if everything inside him had been pushed aside and Giles had taken over. No more worry, no more fear, no more thought. He knew his place in the truest sense of the word, and his place was here.


Giles tugged on the belt to urge Wesley to get up, then stood and helped him onto the bed. "I'll be right back," he promised, and went to get the shaving things.


Wesley lay on the bed and stared into the darkness of his blindfold. Time passed but he wasn't really paying attention to it. The next thing he knew, Giles had returned.


"Wesley," Giles said gently, as he put the shaving kit on the bed.


Wesley made a soft hum of acknowledgement, but didn't move. Giles hadn't told him to yet.


"I'm not going to tie you this time. I need you to be very still for me. Can you handle that?"


That was easy. Wesley made another noise of acknowledgement, and let the command sink in.


"All right," Giles said. He took the cock ring off so it wouldn't be in his way and began gently soaping Wesley's groin.


Wesley held perfectly still, enjoying the coolness of the lather. He wasn't nervous about the razor, not anymore. Though losing the cock ring was a disappointment, he was no less hard without it, and knew it would bo on him again soon enough.


Giles was somewhat surprised by Wesley's lack of response as he began to apply the razor, but as it made his job easier, he didn't worry too much about it. He quickly became absorbed in his task. It pleased him to groom Wesley like this, just as it pleased him to feed Wesley and bathe him every day. The thrill of wielding a sharp instrument near Wesley's most sensitive parts just made it that much more fun.


Without his anxiety in the way, Wesley was free to enjoy the feeling of the blade as it scraped lightly at his skin. He was aware that if he so much as twitched, he could be dangerously hurt, but avoiding that was as simple as not twitching. He was still as a statue, moving on when Giles rearranged him as was necessary.


Giles finished his work that much faster for Wesley's utter lack of resistance. When he was done, he cleaned up a bit and then laid down with Wesley, brushing a hand down his body. "Wesley?"


Wesley made a soft noise in response, but that was all.


"You've been awfully quiet," Giles said, pushing Wesley's hair back from his forehead tenderly. "Are you all right?"


Wesley made another soft noise. A part of him wanted to answer Giles with words, but there was a clear wall around it in his head, blocking it.


"Wesley?" Giles repeated, becoming concerned by Wesley's lack of response.


Wesley still couldn't answer, not the way Giles seemed to want him to. It unsettled him slightly, to be unable to follow an order, but he was still frozen in place.


When Wesley still didn't answer, Giles sat up and slipped the blindfold off, shielding Wesley's eyes until he adjusted. He peered down at Wesley worriedly, brushing a thumb across Wesley's cheek.


Wesley looked up at Giles, at first only with simple devotion, but when he saw the concern on Giles' face, a hint of confusion appeared, and then anxiety.


"What's wrong?" Giles asked, his concern increasing quickly.


Wesley opened his mouth to answer, but something was holding him back. The unsettled feeling grew worse.


"Wesley, talk to me," Giles said. His voice was rising towards panic.


Just as Wesley was starting to panic himself, Giles' order released him from his mute condition. But he was still otherwise frozen. "Giles, I--" he began. He seemed to be still half-caught in the trancelike state he'd been in, and coming out of it was much harder than going in.


"Well, you can talk, at least," Giles said with relief. He tried to help Wesley sit up. "Come on."


Wesley's imprisoning bubble popped, and he was thrown back to himself with a painful jolt. Finally able to move on his own again, he scrambled up and onto Giles, clinging to him as he shivered. "Bloody hell," he whispered, shaken.


Giles held Wesley tightly, almost more worried now than he had been when Wesley wasn't talking. "Easy, easy," he murmured. "What happened?"


"I don't know," Wesley said, feeling more than a bit lost. "I was stuck, I..."


Giles rubbed Wesley's back, trying to calm him. "All right. Take your time."


Wesley continued to cling to Giles. He remembered everything they'd done that night, up to and including acting like a dog, for God's sake. At the time it had made perfect sense, more than perfect. It frightened him how perfect it had felt. "What happened to me?"


"What do you mean?" Giles asked. "A lot of things have happened."


Wesley shook his head, too confused himself to be able to explain. He had felt utterly light and unburdened, and then reality had crashed back with such force it was almost painful. "I was waiting," he said, realizing. "I was waiting for an order."


Giles frowned in confusion. "There's nothing wrong with waiting for my orders."


"Not like this," Wesley said. But at the same time the part of him that had seen nothing at all wrong with only having speech when ordered to have it yearned to go back to that state. It had been so... blissful. Ecstasy in obedience.


Giles shook his head. "What do you mean?" he asked again.


"It was too much," Wesley said. "I was... empty." He shivered again. What had seemed right and proper now disturbed him deeply.


Slowly, Giles began to comprehend. Wesley hadn't been able to act without his order. That thought made his cock jump at the same time that he nodded at Wesley sympathetically. "It's not unheard of," he said gently.


"I've never... it was so intoxicating," Wesley said, calming down some now that Giles seemed to understand.


Giles smiled. "Yes, I can imagine. I don't think that's a bad thing."


"You don't?" Wesley said, curious now. If Giles had experience in this sort of thing, he wanted to know more.


Giles shook his head. "I wouldn't let any harm come to you in that state," he assured Wesley. "If it makes you happy, and you're serving me satisfactorily, I see nothing wrong with it."


"But I couldn't talk," Wesley said, quietly. "I couldn't even move unless you told me to."


"Does it matter?" Giles asked. "You did speak, when I asked you to."


Wesley was silent for a moment. "Did you like me better that way?" he asked, still quietly.


Giles considered his answer carefully, and in the end opted for the truth. "I did enjoy having you so malleable, for a time," he admitted. "But if you were that way all the time I don't think I'd like it very much. I'd miss your personality."


The corner of Wesley's mouth tugged upwards. "You like my personality?"


"You wouldn't be here if I didn't," Giles pointed out reasonably. He tugged the belt, which was still wrapped around Wesley's neck. "You certainly wouldn't be wearing this."


Wesley smiled bashfully, and resettled against Giles, this time in a more relaxed fashion. "Giles?" he asked, still worried about one thing. "Has anyone ever been... stuck? That way?"


"Not to my knowledge," Giles assured him, rubbing Wesley's back lightly.


Now that he felt secure again, Wesley could admit a little more. "I did... I did like it," he said, almost at a whisper.


Giles nodded. "I thought as much," he said, conspiratorially. "Truly, it's all right. I'll always be here to bring you back, just like tonight. Though hopefully we can make the process a bit less of a shock, hmm?"


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, smiling softly. It would be easier next time, now that he understood. He was even starting to look forward to it.


Giles returned Wesley's smile with relief. For just a moment there he'd felt Wesley might be slipping out of his grasp, that he would be too upset to continue. Reassured, he reached down to feel Wesley's erection, which had faded a bit.


Wesley shifted slightly to give Giles better access to his cock, though he didn't let go of Giles at all. The touches soothed him as much as they aroused, helping to rid him of the last of his panic. He didn't feel disturbed about what had happened anymore, though he couldn't see himself doing it right now. He'd be far too self-conscious, too aware of himself. He worried a little that if he was in that state again, he might do something he regretted, but Giles said he would keep him safe, and that was enough.



Giles brought Wesley to full hardness again, then fastened the cock ring back on. "What would you like to do now?" he asked, still stroking Wesley's cock lightly.


"Mm. This is nice," Wesley said.


Giles smiled and shifted to put Wesley back down on his back on the bed. "It is," he agreed. "But I don't want to overstimulate you. I want you ready to play with all the new toys we find tomorrow," he said.


Wesley reached up and fingered the belt around his neck. It seemed to have been what pushed him over earlier, into that mindless state. It made him a little nervous, because he was never going to be without a collar from now on. But he did want the collar. There was a struggle going on inside him, between the need to be Giles' pet and the fear of how far it could go. If he'd learned anything tonight, it was that it could go very far indeed.


Giles watched Wesley's hand go to the belt, and wondered if it was becoming uncomfortable. "Would you like me to take it off for now?" he asked.


"No," Wesley said, certain. "No, I... I was just thinking."


"What were you thinking?" Giles asked.


"I don't know," Wesley said, staring distantly at the ceiling. "Everything that's happened. Where it's going."


"Try not to worry about it," Giles said, running his fingers through Wesley's hair. "That's my job now."


"It's difficult not to," Wesley said, turning to look at Giles. "Old habits, I suppose."


Giles nodded. "You seem to be forming new habits, though," he said, smiling. He reached out and picked up the cuffs from the nightstand. "Shall I put these on?"


Wesley didn't feel ready for that. He needed to be able to touch, to act on his own, even if only a little. Needed to know he still could. He shook his head. "Can I hold you? Please?"


Giles blinked in surprise, but saw no reason to refuse. "All right." He lay down next to Wesley again, a little uncertain but willing to give Wesley what he wanted.


"Thank you," Wesley said. He wrapped himself around Giles, holding on to him, relieved. He took a deep breath and then let it out with a sigh. As he relaxed, another thought crossed his mind. "Giles?" he asked. "Will you hold it? The end of the belt?"


That was a much easier request to grant. "Of course," Giles said, taking hold of the belt and pulling it tight. He wrapped his free arm around Wesley's waist and held him tight.


Lord, that was what he needed. He shivered with lust, rubbing himself against Giles before settling down again.


Pleased by Wesley's response, Giles nibbled lightly on his neck. "Better?"


"Much," Wesley said. This felt just right, satisfied both his needs: to hold Giles, and to be held by him, to be leashed tight. He was very happy, but still himself. He smiled softly, content.


"Good," Giles said. He let his hand roam up and down Wesley's back, sometimes playing with the hair at the nape of his neck, sometimes squeezing his arse a bit, but mostly just touching, stroking.


Wesley drifted, letting the tug of the leash secure him. He remembered feeling this way before, when he couldn't speak, but at least with this the similarity wasn't frightening. It was just right. God, was it right, addictively so. And the longer it went on, the more he wanted it.


Wesley seemed to be content again, which relieved Giles. The way he responded to being leashed was nothing short of astounding. His moment of panic aside, it seemed to transform him from merely subservient into a conduit for Giles' will. Giles' cock began to harden as he thought about it, about how Wesley had been so far gone he couldn't speak or move of his own volition. It was true it wasn't something Giles wanted at every moment--it would make taking Wesley to the school rather problematic, and it would get boring if it went on too long--but to be able to keep Wesley like this for a few hours at a time, perhaps, a few days a week...


"I think I'll leash you to the bed each night," he murmured, only half-aware that he was speaking aloud.


Wesley shuddered as a bolt of lust ran through him. He writhed against Giles, overcome. "Oh God," he groaned. "God, yes."


Giles laughed softly. "I'm going to have to make absolutely certain that you can't come in your sleep, aren't I?"


That just made Wesley writhe more, want it more. "Oh God," he whimpered, painfully hard. "Please, oh, God yes." If he hadn't been wearing the cock ring he would have already come, just from the sheer promise of it. His lust overcame his fears, overcame everything else.


"You're close, aren't you?" Giles said, looking Wesley over knowingly.


"Yes," Wesley managed, trembling with intense want.


Giles pushed Wesley away, rolling him onto his back and holding his hips down so that he couldn't get any contact for his cock. "Would you like me to let you come?" he asked.


This time his desire was too strong for him to deny himself. "Please, please, please," he begged, desperately.


"We'll see," Giles said. He let go of the leash so that he could finally begin fastening the cuffs onto Wesley's wrist and ankles.


Wesley pined for the tightness of the leash the moment it went slack. He didn't resist as Giles began to bind him again, but whimpered pitifully.


"Patience, boy," Giles said, as he tied Wesley down on his back, tightly enough that he couldn't do more than tug ineffectually at his bonds. Only then did he pick up the leash again, holding it loosely and rubbing the leather thoughtfully with his finger tips. He didn't touch Wesley at all.


The gentle tugging of the leash wasn't nearly enough. "Tighter, please," Wesley pleaded.


Giles eyes flickered to Wesley but he didn't grant the request. "You're not to come until I give the word," he said firmly.


Wesley moaned gratefully. "Yes, sir."


"You see, Wesley," Giles continued, his voice cool and thoughtful, "A slut like you needs control."


Wesley did see. He craved control, wanted it so badly that his need for it had taken him over completely before, and now was driving him mad.


"I'm going to give you that," Giles said. "A cock cage will keep you soft when I want you soft, and a cock ring will keep you hard when I want you hard."


Wesley writhed helplessly as Giles' words pushed him closer to the edge. "Yes, yes!" he cried.


Giles tightened the leash suddenly and climbed back up onto the bed. "Don't come," he warned again.


Even as the leash's tightness pushed him further, it made it easier to hold back. Obedience was utterly natural with the collar pulling against his neck.


"No," Giles said, his voice darkening. "I don't think telling you when not to come is sufficient, is it? That just demonstrates self-restraint on your part, not obedience. I expect your cock to obey me."


Through the haze of lust, Wesley tried to understand. "How?" he asked, voice quivering with desire.


"You'll come when I order you to," Giles said, "and only when I order you to. Is that clear?"


Wesley moaned. "Yes, sir."


"Do you really understand, slut?" Giles demanded. "Even if I'm not touching you. Even if you're fully clothed in a room full of people."


"Oh Lord," Wesley moaned. The sheer, complete control of it was almost too much to bear. "Please."


"That's right," Giles said. "Beg for it. Let me hear what a slut you are."


"Please," Wesley begged, delirious. "Order me to come. I'm your slut, yours, please!" He trailed off into keens of need. He was so close, so close.


"Good. Good, shh," Giles soothed, stroking Wesley's face even as he pulled the belt tighter, until Wesley was forced to lift his head off the bed to keep from being strangled.


Wesley grunted softly as he held his head up from the bed, pulled by the belt. The tightness was strong, limiting his breathing. He trembled from effort and desire, looking up at Giles pleadingly.


Giles brushed his hand across Wesley's cheek a few more times, then cupped Wesley's face and bent his head so he could speak directly into Wesley's ear. He hesitated just long enough for Wesley's expectation to begin to turn to confusion, then whispered, "Come for me."


That was all it took. The incredible tension that had built up in Wesley gathered and burst out of him. All his muscles tensed and he arched off the bed, pulling back against the belt and cutting off his air as came with a silent scream. His cock pulsed and pulsed, and he crashed back onto the bed, shuddering and writhing, eyes rolling in his head.


Giles watched raptly as Wesley's body arched and jerked, and despite Wesley's ejaculation the previous night, he came as hard as Giles had yet seen. To say it was gratifying was a gross understatement. Giles' own cock throbbed in his trousers as Wesley's orgasm peaked and faded, leaving him a trembling wreck on the bed.


Wesley's breathing gradually slowed as he tried to recover from his intense orgasm. His eyes were glazed and he felt lightheaded and utterly wrung out, but it had been so, so good.


Giles growled with lust and stared intensely into Wesley's eyes for a moment, then began stripping rapidly.


Wesley was too drained to do anything but watch, entranced. He made a weak effort to move, but then stilled again. The belt had loosened when Giles let go of it, but for the moment he was content. He was full of glorious afterglow.


As soon as he was naked, Giles climbed back on the bed and knelt over Wesley's head as he had a week before. He lowered his hips and rubbed his genitals over Wesley's face with a deep groan. Wesley was a little startled, but simply closed his eyes and mouth as Giles pressed against his face. He was content to let Giles use him as he pleased. Giles' cock was hot and hard as it stroked against his cheek.


Somehow the stubble which had stopped him before only made Giles move faster, press down harder. He grunted and growled as he thrust against Wesley's face, determined to come again despite his fairly recent orgasm.


As Giles pressed harder, Wesley's head was pushed uncomfortably. It was increasingly difficult for him to hold still, but Giles seemed to realize this through his own lust. Giles took the leash up again, pulling it firmly to keep Wesley in place. Even through the afterglow, Wesley felt a fresh shiver of lust.


When Giles' orgasm finally hit him, he pulled back just enough to let his come shoot onto Wesley's face, grinning ferally at the animalistic act of possession.


Wesley closed his face tight as Giles' come spattered his face. He lay still until Giles finished, and then tried to open his eyes. One eyelid was streaked with come, and when he opened his mouth his lips were wet with it.


As he shifted to where he could look at Wesley properly, Giles gave him a smug, satisfied smile. "Mine," he murmured, as if everything else didn't make it perfectly clear.


Wesley licked his lips clean, tasting Giles' come for the second time that night. He tried to rub his eyelid clean against the bed, but couldn't quite manage it. "My eye," he said, hoping Giles would take care of it for him.


Giles reached out and carefully wiped Wesley's eyelid clean with his thumb, then offered it to Wesley to lick. Once that was done, he said, "Let's get the rest of you cleaned up, shall we?"


"Yes, please," Wesley said. He was sticky with come, his own and Giles'. A shower or a bath sounded lovely.


Giles freed Wesley from the bed and removed the cuffs, then helped him down the stairs, one hand holding the belt and the other supporting him. Wesley was rather wobbly going down the stairs, and was happy to go to his knees once they reached the bathroom.


Giles got the shower running, then moved to remove the belt from Wesley's neck. "I'll put it back on when we're done, if you like," he promised.


"Yes, please," Wesley said. He didn't want to be without before he was given his proper collars.


Giles hung the belt on the back of the door and they got in the shower. Since Wesley was still a little unsteady on his feet, Giles let him sit and crouched down to bathe him. When Wesley was clean, he fingered the scabs on Wesley's chest.


"I should open these up again," he said. "We don't want them to heal too fast."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He didn't want his scar to be neglected, after all.


Giles carefully cleared the wounds, then helped Wesley out of the shower again.


Once Wesley had been dried off, he looked expectantly up at Giles. "The belt, sir?"


Giles blinked at him. "Impatient," he scolded.


Wesley pouted, but didn't protest.


Giles took the belt from the door and slung it over his shoulder. He'd make Wesley wait until after his snack. "Come along," he ordered.


Wesley almost started to crawl after Giles, but he shook himself and stood to walk.


Giles made Wesley drink plenty of water and shared an orange with him. Only once that was done did he slip the belt back around his neck.


Wesley hummed with pleasure as the belt was secured, turned into a collar and leash again. He already felt naked without it.


Giles led Wesley to the sofa and left him for a moment while he picked out a book to read. Then, feeling indulgent, he sat down at one end and patted the cushion to indicate Wesley should join him.


Wesley eagerly climbed up on the couch and lay down, resting his head on Giles' lap. Once he was settled, he spoke. "Giles?"


"Yes?" Giles said.


"Thank you," Wesley said. "For tonight. The dinner and... and everything."


Giles nodded and petted the exposed side of Wesley's face. "You're welcome."


Wesley snuggled against Giles, pleased. "I'm looking forward to tomorrow," he said.


"As am I," Giles admitted, smiling.


Wesley hummed softly, and closed his eyes. He rested comfortably, not sleeping but just relaxed.


Giles petted Wesley idly while he read. He'd ceased to even wonder at how normal this seemed. He just accepted it, enjoyed it. Wesley was his to both care for and use as he pleased, and that was the end of it.


When Giles caught his head starting to droop as he read, he roused Wesley and they quickly prepared for bed. Upstairs, Giles bound Wesley as normal and spooned behind him. Instead of holding Wesley's cock, though, he held the belt, wrapping it around his wrist so there was no threat of his dropping it in his sleep.



When Wesley awoke the next morning, the first thing he was aware of was the pull of the belt against his neck. Giles appeared to still be asleep, holding Wesley from behind, though blindfolded and bound Wesley could only assume that was the case. He felt calm, docile, and knew it was because of his collar and leash. He imagined waking up this way every morning, and decided it sounded heavenly.


Some time later, Giles groaned sleepily and moved to stretch, only to have his hand caught by the belt. He chuckled low in his throat and nuzzled Wesley's neck as he pulled steadily on the belt. "Good morning, pet."


Wesley moaned. "Good morning, sir," he said, once he could manage speech again.


Giles' free hand wandered down to Wesley's arse. He pushed his finger in to the first knuckled and wiggled it. "Are you still looking forward to our shopping trip?" he asked.


"Ohh," Wesley moaned, louder this time. "Yes, very much."


"Good," Giles said. He teased Wesley with his finger for a bit longer, then added, "I expect you to stay hard while we're shopping. Shouldn't be too much of a problem, hmm? All you have to do is imagine what it would feel like for me to use all those toys on you."


Wesley was already hardening, and that just urged him on. "Lord, yes," he moaned.


"I doubt they'll be open this early," Giles murmured thoughtfully. "But we can get your collar to wear in public, first. And possibly a few other things."


"I don't suppose... do you think perhaps there would be a leash?" Wesley asked.


Giles hummed thoughtfully, considering the request. "Not yet," he said. "Not until I can think of a way to make it discreet."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, but he hoped there would be a way. God, to feel like this all the time... He wondered if it was possible to feel too happy.


Sighing in contentment, too comfortable to get out of bed yet, Giles pushed his finger deeper into Wesley, seeking his prostate. Wesley shuddered with pleasure as Giles rubbed inside of him. His erection was fully hard now, arching up against his body.


Giles finally conceded the necessity of getting up, though he was thoroughly enjoying Wesley reactions. He withdrew his finger and gave Wesley a kiss on the cheek, then left him while he went to prepare breakfast. Since they had both showered the night before, he saw no need to do so again.


Wesley relaxed while Giles was gone, though he simmered gently with arousal. He wasn't in his speechless state, but he did feel different, somehow. Maybe it was the addictive pleasure of the collar and leash, but it felt like more than that. Last night had changed him, drawn him deeper into his new existence as Giles' pet. It made him feel lighter, and calmed his thoughts, which in the past had always been a tangle of worries. Now it seemed natural to just exist in the moment. If there was anything important, Giles would take care of it. It was no longer his place to have plans or concerns, so he didn't.


Giles took breakfast upstairs and sat next to Wesley on the bed. Smiling to himself, he rolled Wesley onto his back, then worked on finger into his arse again.


Wesley moaned and spread his legs as much as he could, not wanting anything to stand in the way of further pleasure. He tilted his hips, welcoming Giles' finger inside him.


Giles chuckled softly and rubbed Wesley's prostate steadily as he fed him. Wesley moaned almost continually as he was fed and stimulated. He was in utter bliss.


Giles was a bit disappointed when the meal was over, wanting to keep Wesley in that state for even longer. But there were other things to be taken care of. Reluctantly, he left Wesley again while he cleaned up, then took Wesley's new jeans and a snug t-shirt out of the closet and went back upstairs to untie him.


Wesley was unbound and his blindfold was removed. Giles helped him up, and Wesley stretched his limbs, loosening them.


Giles smiled and handed him his clothes. "Ready to venture out again?"


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He pulled on the shirt, smoothing it out, and then stepped into his jeans. They were tight, and clung to his arse as he pulled them into place.


Giles brushed Wesley's hands aside as he was about to zip the jeans, and reached in to carefully arrange his erection, making sure it was clearly outlined under the fabric. Only then did he ease the zipper up and button the waist.


"Just like that," he said, rubbing the bulge in the denim firmly. "All day."


Wesley groaned at the pressure and nodded. It took a moment for him to remember that he was going out in public this way, and his shirt would be no aid in hiding his condition. He would be blatantly aroused for everyone to see. He bit his lip, a little scared, but still excited. The jeans were just high enough to cover his cock entirely, but only just. His erection pressed delightfully against the tight fabric, and when he moved the head of his cock was stimulated. It would be easy to stay hard like this.


"All right," Giles said, smiling. "Let's go." He reached out to unwrap the belt from around Wesley's neck.


Wesley frowned as the belt was removed. "Can't I wear it to the store?"


Giles shook his head sympathetically. "You'll have a new one soon," he promised.


"Very well," Wesley said, resigned. His neck felt strange without the belt, and he reached up and rubbed it.


Giles smiled. "The sooner we get there..." he murmured, and headed for the door.


Wesley perked up and hurried after him.


Their first stop was a fairly upscale jewelry store. When they went inside, Giles instructed Wesley to wait by the door, standing with his hands behind his back, while he found what he wanted and dealt with the sales people. A few people gave Wesley uncomfortable glances, but no one bothered him.


Wesley waited eagerly for Giles to finish his purchase. His stomach twisted with anticipation as Giles finished paying and walked towards him, bag in hand.


Smirking slightly, Giles gestured with his head for Wesley to follow him out to the car. Once they were settled inside, he handed Wesley the jewelry box to let him look.


Wesley opened the box slowly. A thin circle of metal lay inside, with a silver cross pendant hanging from it. He took it out, holding it up to the light. "For protection?" Wesley guessed.


Giles nodded. "Turn it around," he said softly.


Wesley did, and saw a glint from the back of the cross. There was something written there. "R.G.," he read, and then smiled up at Giles.


Giles returned the smile, and held out his hand to take the collar from Wesley.


Wesley leaned forward, eager for Giles to put on the collar. His collar, with Giles' initials on it, showing who owned him. It gave him a warm feeling inside.


Giles stroked a hand down the back of Wesley's neck. "Once I put this on you," he murmured, "you're never going to be without a collar again. If not this one, then another one."


"I don't want to be without one," Wesley said, gazing into Giles' eyes. "I always want to wear your name." He felt oddly as if he was giving a marriage vow, and supposed it was as close enough as made no odds.


Giles smiled, feeling the weight of the moment. "Someday you'll wear it on your body," he promised. "But for now..." He reached out and carefully screwed the two ends of the wire together. As he leaned back again to look at the result, he paused to kiss Wesley's cheek and whisper. "My pet. Always."


Wesley took a trembling breath, feeling the thin collar snug around his throat. The cross rested neatly at the base. He looked at Giles with eyes full of emotion. "Always," he whispered back.


Giles caressed Wesley's cheek for a moment, admiring the new collar. It was a beautiful fit. "You look amazing," he said, reaching down to rub Wesley's still-erect cock with his other hand.


Wesley closed his eyes and leaned into Giles' hand. When he opened them again, his eyes were shining. "You made me this way," he said, grateful.


"No," Giles said, shaking his head. "I just cut the stone."


Wesley blushed at being compared to a jewel. He looked up at Giles with a bashful smile. "Thank you."


"You're welcome," Giles said. Reluctantly, he pulled himself away and turned to start the car.


Wesley spent the next leg of their drive fingering his collar, relishing it. He was so distracted by it he didn't notice at first that they'd parked.


Giles chuckled and reached over to touch the collar as well. "Come on," he said. "If you're going to have collars, you'll want leashes to go with them."


"Oh!" Wesley said, pleased. They left the car and walked to their next destination.


Giles took Wesley into a literal pet store. This time, instead of making him wait by the door, he led him into the aisle of collars and leashes.


Wesley felt rather strange shopping here, given that he was the pet in question. Still, Giles had a point. If he wanted the delicious feeling the leash gave him, they had to but them from somewhere. A pet shop was the sensible option.


Giles looked through the options and selected two sturdy dog leashes, one chain and one leather. After a moment of consideration, he plucked a nylon choker leash off its hook, as well.


"May I look at them?" Wesley asked, interested.


Giles nodded and offered them to Wesley to inspect.


Wesley took them each in turn, tugging them to feel their strength. He could almost feel them pulling at his neck. When he reached the nylon one, he turned to Giles. "And this one?"


"That works like the belt," Giles explained. "Only much more effectively."


Wesley nodded, then returned the leash to Giles.


Giles picked out a couple of plain black nylon leashes for spares, then turned to look at the collars.


Most of the collars were rather ugly, not at all as beautiful as his own. He wrinkled his nose at the cheap, brightly-colored things.


After considering the various sizes and colors, Giles chose a simple dark green nylon collar with a quick release snap rather than a buckle. Wesley would need something of the sort to wear in the shower, after all.


"Giles, that's not... it's a bit cheap, isn't it?" Wesley said. The thought that that would be his collar when not in public almost put him off the idea.


"Relax," Giles said with amusement. "It's for the shower."


"Oh," Wesley said, feeling simultaneously relieved and a bit foolish for worrying. And then he was pleased by the realization that he wouldn't even be without a collar in the shower. That was a very nice thought indeed.


Giles made their purchases, which raised a few eyebrows, and they headed for their next stop. It was a hardware store.


It was one of those massive warehouse-style places that Californians seemed to relish constructing. Wesley looked around, mystified at the sheer array of goods offered.


Giles hadn't been in the store many times, but he knew exactly what he was after. It only took a few minutes to find the aisle that housed ropes, chains, and various anchors and fastenings.


Wesley looked along the aisle with wide eyes. He reached out and touched a roll of strong steel chain, wondering what Giles could do with it.


Giles felt and twisted a few different ropes, humming with pleasure as he imagined the way they would look on Wesley's body. He had Wesley come over, and held some of them against his arm for reference.


Wesley was becoming rather excited by all the ropes. It made his cock press harder against his jeans, and made him ache to be touched. He looked at Giles pleadingly and made a soft whimpering sound.


Giles smiled knowingly at him and went to find a salesperson. Wesley was neglected for a few minutes as Giles explained what he wanted. In the end, they left with several lengths of black nylon and white cotton rope, in three different sizes, and a smaller amount of chain, from a fairly fine one that would wrap easily around Wesley's body to a few feet of very heavy chain. Giles wasn't sure what he would do with all of it yet, but he wanted to have options. He also made a point to get plenty of padlocks and other fastenings, as well as several packs of batteries.


By the time they finished, Wesley was desperate to be touched. As soon as the bags were in the trunk and they were inside the car, Wesley turned to Giles. "Please, sir," he begged. "I need you."


Giles felt a small spark of arousal at Wesley's words, his desperate tone of voice. He reached out and touched Wesley's face gently, then moved to let Wesley lean against him across the seats. "Shh..."


Wesley wrapped his arms around Giles and nuzzled against him. It helped, but he needed more. "Touch me? Please?" Wesley asked, wanting.


Giles complied, rubbing one hand up and down Wesley's back, while the other drifted down to squeeze and massage Wesley's erection through his jeans.


Wesley moaned softly, leaning into Giles' hand at his cock. He kneaded gently at Giles shirt as he relaxed against him. The stimulation calmed him, and he was distantly shocked by how much he needed it now, where not long ago he'd barely had a kind touch at all.


Giles smiled softly and continued to make soothing noises. He glanced outside, but they were in a fairly isolated area of the parking lot, so he unzipped Wesley's jeans and pushed his hand inside to touch him directly. As Wesley relaxed, Giles whispered in his ear, "Would it help to suck my cock?"


"Ohh," Wesley groaned, tightening his hold. "Please, may I?"


Giles nodded and let go of Wesley long enough to unfasten his trousers, pulling his cock out. He helped Wesley to lie as comfortably as possible across the seats.


Giles' cock was already starting to harden. Wesley took it into his mouth and suckled at it gratefully. His head bobbed up and down as he moved back and forth on the shaft.


Giles groaned and leaned back in his seat, petting Wesley's head and shoulders happily.


Wesley was content to suck and lick for as long as Giles would let him. This was what he was meant for: pleasing Giles. All the things they'd bought today were ultimately for that purpose; that Giles chose to pleasure Wesley along the way was only because Giles was a generous, wonderful owner, and Wesley a good pet.


Giles let Wesley go on for some time, feeling no need to rush. He stared at Wesley's new collar, gleaming innocently against his skin, and ran his fingertips lightly back and forth along it as most of his conscious mind was consumed with the pleasure Wesley was giving him.


As Giles rubbed his collar, it made Wesley hum with pleasure. His jaw ached from sucking Giles' cock for such an extended period, but he didn't slow down, didn't want to stop. The world had narrowed to Giles' cock and Wesley's new collar and the rest was blissfully unimportant.


When Giles finally came, he was unprepared for it. He hadn't even realized he was close. It wasn't a strong orgasm, but it left him feeling mellow and warm, and he sighed contentedly as it faded.


Wesley swallowed Giles' come easily, and then concentrated on cleaning every last trace from Giles' cock. He didn't stop until Giles gently guided his head up again. He looked at Giles calmly now, and licked his swollen lips; the overflow of desire he'd felt had been properly used up, for now. His own cock arched out of his open fly, still hard.


Giles stroked Wesley's cock a bit more, and kissed him on the forehead. "Good boy," he murmured.


"Thank you, sir," Wesley said, smiling contentedly.


Finally, Giles tucked Wesley's erection back into his jeans and zipped him up. Feeling hungry, he started the car and headed for a nearby restaurant.


Wesley watched quietly as the world rushed past his window. He felt good, and rather passive. He suspected that if Giles were to leash him now, he would be pulled near the state he had been in last night. The closer he was to it, the less it scared him, though.


They stopped at a simple diner, nothing nearly so fancy as where they'd eaten the night before, but a place that Giles knew served good food, and where they could have a certain amount of privacy if they wanted.


Without being asked, Wesley followed the rules from last night's dinner. He ignored the waitress and didn't even try to pick up his menu.


The waitress, with whom Giles was passingly familiar, took this more in stride than their waiter the night before had, though she gave Giles a questioning look. Giles returned it with a shrug of his eyebrows, as if to say, "What can you do?"


He ordered a hamburger for Wesley, knowing he'd need the energy for later, and a Reuben for himself, plus an order of onion rings for them to share.


Wesley sipped his water and went through about half the onion rings. He hadn't realized how hungry he was until he started eating.


Their food was served quickly, and Wesley set to work polishing off his hamburger. He watched Giles all through their meal, and by the end realized that the peculiar passiveness was because he was waiting for Giles to give him an order. He wondered idly if he could still talk. "Giles," he said, testing.


"Yes?" Giles said.


"I think I need an order," Wesley replied, a little dazed. Now that he knew what was going on, he wasn't scared, but it was very odd, and difficult to put into words. He simply felt receptive, and patient.


Giles smiled at him and glanced around the table, but all the food had been eaten. "Do you need to use the loo?" he asked.


Wesley considered this. "I think so," he said.


"Go and do that, then," Giles said. "It wouldn't do to interrupt our shopping later. When you're done, I want you to meet me at the car. If I'm not there yet, kneel by the passenger door."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He felt the order take hold of him, and rose from the table and walked calmly to the restroom. He used one of the stalls to urinate, sitting down so as not to touch his cock, and then walked out to the car. Giles hadn't arrived yet, so he kneeled with his hands behind his back, and waited.


Giles went to the register and paid their tab. He was only slightly behind Wesley, but he waited a moment, watching him as he knelt in plain sight, visible to everyone who went by. If he hadn't come so recently, he thought he might have started to harden again.


Not wanting to wait so long someone actually bothered Wesley, he went out and gestured for Wesley to get in the car.


Wesley stood and brushed his knees off, and then sat down in the car as instructed. He smiled dazedly at Giles as he climbed into the driver's seat.


Giles returned Wesley's smile. "You look happy," he said, pleased.


"I am," Wesley said, looking adoringly at Giles.


Giles chuckled quietly and caressed Wesley's cheek with the backs of his fingers. "Good."


Wesley closed his eyes and leaned into his fingers. He hummed with pleasure, seeming to feel the gentle touch with his whole body. He squirmed slightly in his seat, and then settled down again.


Giles returned to stroking Wesley's face with one hand and his cock with the other for a moment. "We'll go to the toy store next," he said. "You'll enjoy that, won't you?"


"Very much, sir," Wesley moaned, eyes lidded with lust.


Giles nodded and gave Wesley a parting caress, then put the car into gear again.



Wesley watched out the window again, and in no time at all they were at their destination. The back of Wesley's mind registered that time seemed to flow different in this state, specifically when he was waiting for Giles to give him his next order.


The sex toy store was in a seedier part of town, as Giles had said, but he'd hoped it wouldn't quite as seedy by daylight, and it wasn't. As he got out, though, he noticed one group of men hanging around near the building, who didn't seem to be going anywhere. He recognized the type: predators--somewhat kindred spirits, if he were to be to be honest with himself, but he suspected they were a great deal less discriminating than himself as to their prey. He noticed one of them eyeing Wesley with interest, but as he felt more than capable of protecting Wesley from any mortal assailants, he wasn't bothered by it. Quite the contrary--his lips quirked at the knowledge that someone was admiring his pet.


Wesley only had eyes for Giles, however, and didn't notice the men, or at least, they didn't register as a concern. He followed Giles into the shop, still floating along.


Inside the store, Giles picked up a basket and handed it to Wesley. "If you see anything you like, don't be afraid to point it out," he said.


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, distracted. Even in his passive state, he couldn't help but gape. He recognized a few items from experience or their obvious nature, but there were far more that were completely new to him.


Giles browsed unhurriedly. He wanted to be sure to get a few specifics, but he also wanted to see what they might have that he hadn't thought of before.


Being told to choose seemed to pull Wesley back to himself. He looked around the room for something, anything, and his eyes caught on the array of collars along the back wall. He went over to them and gave them all considering looks. His assumption in the pet store had shown him that he didn't want just any old collar. He wanted something he could be proud of, as he was proud of the one he wore now. Something strong but stylish. He pondered his options, narrowing down to the ones he liked best.


Giles went to look over Wesley's shoulder, will to let the younger man have more of a say in the selection of this collar. He had nothing particular in mind. His thoughts on the matter extended as far as leather and black. "See anything you like?" he asked.


Wesley bit his lip in thought, and then came to a decision. "This one," he said, fingering a black leather collar, decorated with red along the edges.


Giles reached out and took the collar in question off its hook. It was fairly wide, he observed as he unbuckled it and wrapped it experimentally around Wesley's throat. It looked good against Wesley's long, slender neck.


"Yes," he said. "I like it."


The collar felt good against Wesley's neck. Even by the feel alone he could tell how well-made it was. He reached up, touching it lightly. "Is there a mirror?"


Giles looked around, but didn't immediately see one. "Trust me," he said. "It looks fine. You can see it when you wear it tonight."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, smiling slightly. It had been his choice, after all. If Giles liked it, it must look nice on him.


"You made a good choice," Giles said, as he took the collar off and put it in the basket. "Now, I wonder..." He scanned his eyes purposefully over the wall of collars and cuffs. A few steps down, he found a set of wrist and ankle cuffs that matched the collar. "Aha! Perfect," he said, adding them to the basket.


Wesley inspected his new cuffs, and found them to be equally sturdy and comfortable. He imagined how he'd look with them and the collar on. They felt like they were his own, and not just Giles', even though technically he didn't even own himself anymore.


Giles browsed further down the aisle they were in, looking at the more specialized restraints. He picked up a device that would allow him to easily hogtie Wesley when he was in his cuffs. He could have duplicated the effect with the ropes and fastenings he'd bought at the hardware store, but it would be convenient to be able to do it on short notice, or if they happened to be away from home.


Wesley's eye was caught by what appeared to be a set of miniature handcuffs. He picked one up, looking at it with amusement. "These seem rather small."


Giles looked at what Wesley had and grinned. "Thumbcuffs," he explained. "We'll definitely want a set of those." He arched his eyebrows at Wesley. "Under the right circumstances, I could keep you bound in public with those."


Wesley looked at the cuffs with renewed interest. He glanced at Giles, smiled, and then put them into the basket.


Giles passed over the heavier bindings for now, the arm- and legbinders and other devices for immobilization. If he felt the need to tie Wesley that strictly, he could do it with rope. He couldn't resist the fist mitt, though. He loved the idea of containing Wesley's hands so that he truly couldn't touch himself, even by accident. He showed it to Wesley before he put it in the basket, smiling devilishly.


The mitt was a great black shiny thing, and there was no mistaking what its purpose was. Wesley's eyes were a bit wide as he stared into the basket.


The one Giles had chosen was designed to hold Wesley's hands together, but as he looked his pet up and down, he had another idea. "I could get a pair of individual ones, you know," he said speculatively, "and make you wear them when we're at home. You wouldn't be able to touch anything, hold anything..." His cock was expressing interest in the idea already.


Wesley clenched his hands around the basket. His eyes were even wider when they looked up at Giles. There was a long pause as what Giles had described sank in, and then Wesley nodded slowly. "Yes, sir," he said, almost at a whisper.


Giles nodded in agreement and switched the double mitt for a pair of single mitts. No point in getting both, really.


Wesley noticed a pair of long, black restraints towards the end of the section. They appeared to be some sort of full arm restraint, with rope lacing between them. He approached them, transfixed, and stroked their soft leather. "Beautiful," he whispered.


"It is, isn't it?" Giles agreed. "They would look good on you."


Wesley could almost feel his arms encased and pulled back inside them. "Please? Could we?" he asked, hopeful.


Giles ran his fingers down Wesley's spine as he considered the request. "Not yet," he decided. "Let's leave something for you to look forward to."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, a little disappointed. But then, he wasn't going anywhere, and anticipation wasn't a bad thing.


Giles was sorry to see Wesley's disappointment, but at the same time he didn't want to give Wesley quite everything he wanted yet. He returned to browsing.


A T-shaped spreader bar caught his eye, designed to keep the victim's legs immobile while simultaneously impaling him with a dildo. Giles resisted only because he was trying to go with relatively innocuous toys, today, to get Wesley used to them before they moved on to more intense things. He chose a standard adjustable spreader bar, instead.


Wesley watched as Giles pulled a few items off a shelf, apparently dedicated to a variety of nipple clamps, and tossed them in with everything else. The basket was starting to fill up, and they'd barely started.


As Giles turned to try to find the most logical place to go next, his gaze fell on a wall full of pseudo-medical supplies: dilators, sounds, catheters, speculums, and enema equipment, among other things. He hadn't considered the possibility of using any of those things, up to this point, but as he looked at them his head began to fill with images, foremost among them the idea of Wesley lying bound in the bathtub, moaning behind a gag as his bowels filled with frigid water. Giles could almost see the boy's eyes filling with tears, and let out a soft growl of pleasure.


The growl made Wesley's hair stand on end, and he turned to see what Giles was looking at. He blinked and paled, turning away from the display. He hoped Giles wasn't going to put any of those things in the basket, as they all looked very unpleasant.


Giles realized abruptly that he was staring into space, and tore himself away. Wesley wasn't ready for any of that yet, but Giles knew he wouldn't forget about it. He cast his gaze around for a suitable distraction, and spotted the cock rings.


Wesley was quite relieved when Giles moved on without taking anything down. Wesley followed him to the cock rings, which was something what Wesley was much more comfortable with. There was quite a variety to choose from, metal and leather in different shapes, and some brightly colored ones. He peered at some of the more unusual-looking ones, and paused at one. It was one of the less intimidating models, except for the point on one side. There was a description next to it, and Wesley read it. Apparently it was designed to be worn all day, and in particular interest was the promise of increased pleasure from the ring's design. He took one off the wall and handed it to Giles, to see if he would allow it into the basket.


Giles looked at the ring, which claimed to be designed to stimulate the perineum or balls while being worn. "I take it you want this?" Giles asked, smiling slightly.


Wesley ducked his head, a little shy about it. It was something he wanted for his own pleasure, which meant Giles might not want him to have it. But it sounded nice... "May I, please?" he asked, politely.


"Yes, go ahead," Giles said. It was certainly an interesting toy, and he could easily imagine making Wesley wear it under his clothes while they were at work.


"Thank you, sir." Wesley smiled as he put it carefully into the basket.


Giles smiled in acknowledgement. He chose three cock rings, himself: one designed to go just behind the head of the cock, rather than around the base of the cock and balls; one that had an attached vibrator which was intended to stimulate a woman's clitoris, but which Giles could envision being turned around to lie against Wesley's balls; and a black leather cock ring with a strap to separate his balls.


Wesley was amused by the vibrating one, which was jelly-like and stretchy. He played with it a bit while Giles continued browsing.


Giles saw a few more rings that interested him, including two, one leather and one metal, that featured blunt spikes that would dig painfully into an erect penis. He didn't add them to their selections yet, but he was beginning to think he might have to buy a few things without Wesley's knowledge if he didn't want to cause a scene.


When Wesley tired of the rings, he moved on to the next section. At first he wasn't sure what the objects were for, and then he saw an illustrated card next to one of them. He took a half-step back as he realized they were intended to stretch his balls, some rather extremely.


Giles followed Wesley as they transitioned into the ball stretchers and stimulators. He immediately picked out a stretcher that consisted of a leather, snap-on cock ring, just like the one they used at home, with a longer strip of leather that fastened around the scrotum, forcing the testicles down and compressing them. It would be much simpler than binding Wesley's balls with rope, and probably safer, though Giles knew there would be times when nothing but the rope would do.


Wesley took it from Giles and gave it a long look before he added it to the basket. They were amassing quite a collection.


Giles considered his other options carefully. He knew he wanted weights for Wesley's balls, particularly after the game with the eggs, but he didn't like the usual parachutes. He wanted something much more compact, that wouldn't get in the way if he wanted to make Wesley move around. After a few minutes, he found just the thing: circular weights that were designed to sit on top of the testicles rather than hang below them. Not sure how much weight Wesley would be able to handle, he grabbed two half-pound weights and one full-pound one.


Wesley's eyebrows raised at the sight. "Are those even safe?" he said.


"If used with care," Giles said, a bit impatiently, irritated by Wesley's implied doubt in his judgment.


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, immediately regretting asking due to the irritation in Giles' voice. "I'm sorry," he said, meekly.


"Don't be," Giles said, immediately contrite. The boy hadn't known any better, after all. He brushed his hand down Wesley's cheek in silent apology.


Wesley looked down, still chastising himself. He shouldn't have asked such a foolish question, shouldn't have upset Giles. Sometimes it seemed he would never learn better.


"Wesley," Giles said gently, seeing Wesley's mood change. "Stop it. You've done nothing wrong."


"But you were upset," Wesley said, quietly. It was obvious that he'd done something wrong, if Giles was upset with him, no matter how briefly.


Giles was more irritated by being forced to deal with Wesley's mood swing than he'd been by Wesley's original question, but he forced himself to stay calm. "Yes," he said patiently. "And I'm not anymore. Let it go."


Letting go of a mistake was still something of a foreign concept to Wesley. He was used to every mistake being too big, and for his punishment to take up an appropriate amount of time directly afterwards. He didn't understand why Giles wouldn't stay angry with him, and it made it difficult to know how to react. Obviously he was just going to have to try and pull himself together, and stop expecting Giles to yell at him. Easier said than done, he thought dryly. Still, he straightened up, hefting the basket, and attempted a small smile, so Giles would know he was trying.


Giles sighed inwardly, seeing that he wasn't getting through. He thought back to Wesley's question. It had irritated him because it had implied that Wesley questioned his judgment, but it wasn't an unreasonable question. This was the first time Wesley had been exposed to most of these things, he assumed.


"Better," he said, wanting to reward Wesley's effort, at least. "To answer your question: I wouldn't buy anything that I felt wasn't safe to use on you. It would be against my own interests to do something that would damage you, after all."


Wesley felt a bit better at the reassurance. "It's all rather... a lot," he admitted. "I'm sorry."


Giles smiled slightly and nodded. "Don't be afraid to ask what anything does," he said.


"All right," Wesley said. He bit his lip and then asked, hesitantly, "The weight. It won't... hurt anything?" Wesley had never had any grand designs about children, but he was rather uncomfortable with the idea of that particular area being damaged.


Giles shook his head. "We'll take it slowly, to be sure it's no more than you can handle," he promised.


Wesley nodded. "Is there much more? The basket's rather full," he said, gesturing with it to emphasize his point.


"Hmm," Giles said. "So it is. We'll have to have them hold these things at the front counter. We haven't even got to the best part yet."


"What's the best part?" Wesley asked, curiously.


Giles grinned playfully. "The things I get to put in your arse," he said.


"Oh," Wesley said, surprised. He glanced around and saw the rather large selection of items that appeared to be designed for just that purpose. "Those?" he asked, cautiously.


"Some of them," Giles said. "Why don't you take our things to the counter and bring back an empty basket."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He went up to the counter and arranged to have everything held. The cashier looked terribly uninterested. Wesley grabbed an empty basket and returned to where Giles was standing.


Giles smiled in approval. "Have a look around," he said, gesturing to indicate the whole aisle. "If you see anything you like, don't hesitate to tell me."


There was a bewildering selection, and at first Wesley was at a loss. He put down the basket and slowly walked along the aisle, just looking. Some of the items were made with unusual materials, such as glass and metal, and those he suspected would be uncomfortably hard. The glass ones were rather pretty, but he worried they might shatter.


Even more intimidating were the oversized items, including several dildos as large as his arm; the human body wasn't meant to have such things inside it, and he found it hard to imagine that anything that big could even begin to fit anywhere. There were short, fat ones that would stretch painfully wide, and long, skinny ones that almost seemed too long to be functional.


At the start of the other side he found some very oddly shaped dildos. They had description cards, and Wesley was rather shocked to find that they were designed in imitation of animal genitalia. Though he had to admit he found it difficult to tear his eyes away from some of the more bizarre shapes, they weren't anything he'd want for himself.


He returned to Giles empty-handed. "I don't know where to start," he admitted.


Giles nodded sympathetically and showed Wesley what he'd already selected. The first thing was a fairly innocuous-looking anal plug that was hooked at the end. "This is designed to stimulate your prostate," he said. "I know you'll enjoy that."


Wesley nodded, and one corner of his mouth curled into a smile. "Yes, I do like that."


Giles put that one in the basket and showed Wesley two more plugs, one the shape of a penis, except for the narrow neck at the base, and the other another slightly curved plug, noticeable wider than the others. "These will keep you filled up when I can't fuck you."


Wesley's eyes widened at these. "All the time?"


"Not every moment," Giles said, "but often, yes. I expect you'll start to feel empty without them."


Wesley shifted on his feet. He'd never felt so aware of his own arse before. He took the plugs from Giles and placed them gently into the basket.


Giles placed one more item in the basket, a smaller vibrating plug in a more standard shape. It never hurt to have the basics, too. He went back to browsing and glanced over to see if Wesley was interested in helping.


Wesley was looking at the glass items again. He turned to Giles, deciding to test the invitation to question. "Are these decorative?" he asked, pointing at the artistically-made dildos.


Giles paused to look at what Wesley was pointing at. "Oh, no," he said. "They're quite useful." He looked them over, and picked up one that was somewhat smaller than his erect cock, and colored with bright swirls in the glass. "Shall we give this one a try?"


"But... won't it break?" Wesley asked, doubtful. Glass in such intimate places was not at all a pleasant thought.


Giles shook his head. "I really don't think there's anything in your body hard enough to break this. As long as we're careful with it outside of your body, there's no reason it would hurt you."


"All right," Wesley said. "It is rather pretty."


"It is," Giles agreed. "Though you won't be able to see it much. But the lovely thing about this sort of glass is that it can be heated or cooled."


Wesley had to admit that that did sound rather intriguing. "I'd like to get one."


Giles put the one he'd picked up in the basket and kissed Wesley on the cheek. He went back to looking at the anal toys, and crowed softly over a string of large anal balls.


Wesley pressed his fingers softly over the spot where Giles had kissed him. It was a little thing, but it meant a lot to him.


Nearly satisfied with their selection of toys, Giles looked at the more traditional vibrators for a moment and came up with a remote controlled vibrating "egg" and a handheld vibrator that was powered from an electric outlet rather than batteries. "There," he said, smirking fondly at Wesley. "These should keep you busy."


"Indeed," Wesley agreed, staring into the basket.


Noticing that Wesley looked a little dazed, Giles paused and cupped Wesley's cheek in his hand. "We're almost done," he said gently.


Wesley sighed softly. "I'm all right," he said, reassuring Giles. "But I would like to finish soon."


"We just need something to keep you quiet," Giles said, "and then your cock cage."


There were gags on display in the next aisle over. Wesley looked them over, interested in the proceedings again, his bad mood forgotten. "These don't seem to be very effective," he said, pointing out what appeared to be a ring where the muffling bit ought to be on a few of them.


"It all depends on what you intend to use them for," Giles said. "For keeping you quiet, I'd use one of these." He took down a gag whose mouthpiece was a few inches of penis-shaped rubber, like a short dildo. "A ring would allow me to put anything I wanted in your mouth, or let you scream while keeping you from speaking."


"Oh," Wesley said. "I see." If he was honest with himself, there was a lot here that was too new to him to properly grasp. He assumed things would become clearer with time, at least for the things they were buying. He understood the basic concepts, but the finer points were unfortunately quite beyond his experience, even now.


Giles smiled at Wesley and said, "Ready to choose your cock cage?"


The 'chastity' section, or so it was called, was populated by a variety of intimidating-looking devices. There were leather, metal, and clear plastic devices that were all obviously designed to encase his cock, or all of his genitals, and about half of them featured locks. A shiver ran up his spine at the thought of Giles locking him inside any one of these things, and then leaving him that way.


Wesley was rather anxious about the cages. He didn't want to come in his sleep again, but at the same time... it was one thing to be ordered not to touch his cock ever again. It was quite another to have it literally locked up.


Giles put a hand in the small of Wesley's back to steady him. "Do you see anything that interests you?" he asked.


Wesley had even less idea where to start with these than he had with the previous toys. "I don't know," he said.


Giles scanned the products and reached out for one that looked promising. It was a curved tube, with gaps along the sides that would allow Wesley's skin to breathe, and holes at the end to allow him to urinate. There was no way Wesley would be able to get an erection with his cock trapped in that position, though, and the shape of the tube would keep it from being obvious under his trousers.


He showed it to Wesley and pointed out the features.


"It's safe to wear overnight?" Wesley asked. He felt like a bit of a broken record, asking of everything was safe, but he needed the reassurance. Half the things in this store could have easily been taken from the Council's torture room. Wesley really didn't want that kind of pain.


"Quite," Giles said. "You could wear it indefinitely. I don't think I'd want you to, though. As you may have guessed, I rather like seeing you aroused."


Wesley managed a nervous smile. "I prefer that as well."


Giles smiled in return and put the contraption in the basket. "That should do it," he said.


There were still a few items he wanted, in truth, but Wesley was looking increasingly uncertain about all the toys, and Giles didn't want to push him into another nervous collapse like he'd had last week. "You look like you need to sit down," he said, offering Wesley his car key. "Why don't you wait in the car? I'll just pay for these things and be right out."


"All right," Wesley said, taking the keys and giving Giles the basket. He was rather relieved to be done. He gave Giles a smile and went out to the car. He closed the passenger door and leaned back, letting out the tension that had built up in him.


Giles took the basket to the front counter and had the man there begin ringing everything in while he went back for a few things. His first stop was back in the chastity section, where he'd seen a device that consisted of a series of seven cock rings, each one of which would constrict Wesley's erection a bit more than the last. He definitely wanted the spiked cock ring, as well, and he'd seen an attachment for the ball weights he'd chosen, designed to painfully squeeze the testicles. He paused at the medical items again, too, and after a moment of consideration, selected a short plug designed to be inserted into the urethra. He'd see how Wesley reacted to that before he tried anything more extreme. The last thing he picked up was a hollow, plastic attachment for the gag he'd chosen earlier, which would extend all the way into Wesley's throat. It would be useful for training Wesley to control his gag reflex for extended periods of time, so that he could more comfortably swallow Giles' cock.


Wesley enjoyed having a quiet moment to himself, especially after the overwhelming experience of the shop. He realized with mild surprise that he'd barely spent more than a few hours apart from Giles the entire week, and even that was only because of the vampire Willow business. By all rights he ought to be craving more time alone, or feel crowded, but the truth was he didn't. He enjoyed being with Giles, and it only took a few minutes for Wesley to start missing him.


It took several minutes to get everything squared away, but then Giles took the bags of toys out to the car and got in beside Wesley. "How are you feeling?" he asked.


"Better," Wesley said. He was still a bit drained, but didn't feel quite so overwhelmed. "Is this everything, or...?"


Giles smiled. "I was hoping to visit a bookstore before we return home, but if you're feeling too tired..."


"Books?" Wesley said, perking up.


Giles laughed affectionately. "I thought that might get your attention."


He started the car and put it in gear.


A bookstore sounded lovely, Wesley decided. You knew where you were with books. Well, except a handful of the more magically-saturated ones, but with any luck that wouldn't be an issue today. Though given that they lived on a Hellmouth, he supposed it couldn't be entirely counted out as a possibility.


The bookstore Giles chose was of a distinctly mundane variety, one of the large chains. Under the circumstances, he expected they'd be most likely to have what he was looking for.


"Are we researching something?" Wesley asked, following Giles through the aisles.


"Nothing you need to concern yourself with," Giles said, though he supposed in a sense Wesley should be very concerned. "Since we're here," he said, hoping to distract Wesley, "I wouldn't mind if you chose a book to buy."


Wesley liked that idea. He pondered his options and then wandered off towards the mystery section. He'd rather enjoyed the one Giles had set out for him when he'd been convalescing.


Giles sought out the books on sex and sexuality. A little browsing turned up the section on sadomasochism, and he flipped through a few of them. Some turned out to be mostly theory, and he put those back with disinterest, but the ones that detailed specific techniques he looked through intently. In the end, he chose two. He went ahead and purchased them, preferring not to let Wesley see his selections yet, then went in search of his pet.


Wesley had picked out a Dashiell Hammett and a couple of books by Josephine Tey, and was comfortably leafing through them in one of the overstuffed chairs.


"Have you decided what you want?" Giles asked as he approached.


Wesley looked carefully between the books. "Could I get more than one? They're paperbacks."


Giles chuckled and nodded. "All right."


Wesley smiled and gathered up his books, then stood. "Did you find what you needed?"


"Yes, I believe I did," Giles said. They went up to the registers again to pay for Wesley's books.


Wesley wasn't a total fool. He knew that whatever Giles had bought, he'd wanted Wesley out of the way to do it. But he decided it was best not to press. Giles wasn't likely to share if he didn't want to, and Wesley didn't want to put his foot in it again.



Once they were done at the bookstore, they drove straight home. Giles had Wesley help him carry everything in.


As soon as the bags were set down and the door closed, Wesley began to strip. It was only a matter of moments before he was naked, apart from his new collar, still snug around his throat.


Giles located the bags from the toy store and hunted around until he found Wesley's new collar and matching cuffs. He took them back to where Wesley was kneeling by the door and let him have a long look. "Ready?" he asked.


Wesley felt a curl of anticipation in his belly. "Ready, sir."


Giles knelt and pushed Wesley down to his hands and knees, then stroked his neck lightly. "This is more than just another way for me to mark you," he explained as he prepared to wrap the leather around Wesley's throat. "Your collar is my hand at your throat. It should remind you that I control you completely, always. Every breath you take is at my behest. Do you understand?"


Wesley could feel it: could feel the way Giles controlled his breathing through the collar, could feel the power of the moment. Even though he'd already given everything to Giles, it felt as though he was giving up just a little bit more with this, and it was a good feeling. "I understand," he said, solemnly.


"Good boy," Giles breathed, and buckled the collar in place. He took one of the small padlocks he'd procured at the hardware store and snapped it on, guaranteeing that the collar would remain until chose to remove it.


Wesley shivered as the lock clicked closed. It felt... permanent. Even though Giles couldn't leave the collar on all the time, there was a special certainty to a lock. The collar felt comfortable, snug against his neck, a constant presence.


Giles took the other collar off and laid it aside, then helped Wesley to his feet and began to fasten the cuffs in place, as well. When he was done, he said, "Would you like to see?"


"Please," Wesley breathed.


Giles led Wesley into the bathroom and let him look at himself in the full-length mirror. He put his arms around Wesley's waist and propped his chin on Wesley's neck. "What do you think?" he asked softly.


As was becoming a ritual now, Wesley examined himself to see what had become of him. His bruises were fading now, mostly yellow with purple shadows. His scar was forming nicely, surrounding one of the darkest bruises from the belt. His cock was half-hard, arching slightly upwards and slowly rising, his genitals shorn bare, hairless for the first time since puberty. But the collar and cuffs stood out the strongest, stark black and red against his pale skin. He truly looked like Giles' pet now, his slave, especially with Giles' arms possessively around him, and the hungry, lustful look in Giles' eyes.


"Touch me, please," Wesley whimpered. "In front of the mirror."


Giles complied happily, giving Wesley's cock and series of slow, sensuous strokes.


Wesley watched, entranced, as Giles stroked him to hardness. He saw his own chest and cheeks flush with arousal, his breathing quicken. The lustful look in Giles' eyes turned hungrier, even as his own became glazed.


As Wesley slid into an almost hypnotically aroused state, Giles pushed him gently to his knees and said, "Wait here."


He went back into the lounge and dug through the sacks from the toy store again until he came up with the simplest of Wesley's new cock rings, the leather strip, the fist mitts, and the basic vibrating anal plug. He laid out his choices on the coffee table along with some lube, then went upstairs for the blindfold. He took it back into the bathroom and caressed Wesley's face, urging him to look up.


Wesley looked up at Giles, eyes half-lidded with desire. An intense moment passed between them, with Wesley caught in Giles' gaze, and the need to surrender himself was so strong he almost swooned.


Giles smiled approvingly at Wesley, pleased by the utter submission he saw in Wesley's expression, then put the blindfold and helped him to his feet again. He supported Wesley, rubbing his cock and balls continuously as he staggered into the lounge, then lowered Wesley back to his knees on the rub in front of the fireplace.


He kissed Wesley's forehead tenderly, then turned and picked up the fist mitts.


Wesley swayed gently as he waited. He could feel the memory of Giles' kiss, and it warmed him inside, made him want to give more, if he could.


Giles had to remove Wesley's wrist cuffs in order to put the mitts on, but he shushed Wesley's noise of protest with the promise that it wouldn't be for long. He grasped one of Wesley's arms and curled his hand loosely around Wesley's, forcing Wesley to make a fist. With a squeeze to let Wesley know he should hold the fist, he began sliding the first mitt on.


Wesley felt something slide firmly over his hand, encasing it. The fist mitts, he realized, and moaned softly. Even with only one hand taken, he felt immobilized.


Giles buckled Wesley's cuff back in place to hold the mitt, then performed the same procedure on the other hand. He rubbed Wesley's shoulders and murmured, "How do you like that? Now you couldn't touch yourself even if you wanted to."


"Oh Lord," Wesley slurred, intoxicated by the extent of his surrender. He felt utterly helpless, in the most wonderful way.


"That's my boy," Giles murmured. He returned to the table and picked up the cock strap. He fiddled with it for a moment to make sure he understood how it worked, then knelt again and fastened on the cock ring, and separated and bound Wesley's balls as well.


Wesley moaned again, louder this time. He trembled faintly, having difficulty staying upright when he was so aroused.


Giles caught Wesley's shoulders as he swayed in a particularly wide arc, to keep him from falling. Wesley was an incredibly erotic sight in this state. His increasing lack of physical control pleased Giles, but if he was already so aroused, Giles doubted he would be able to stay upright at all with the vibrator in his arse.


Still holding Wesley's shoulders, he helped him bend forward so that his head rested on the floor, leaving his arse sticking up into the air. Instead of preparing the plug, though, he went back to their bags and located the hogtie. Once that was located, he returned and began to lube the plug.


Bent over the way he was, Wesley felt even more vulnerable. He tried to keep as still as possible, so that Giles could continue to manipulate him.


The vibrator part of the plug was actually removable, and Giles left it out for the time being. He knelt behind Wesley and rubbed the small of his back with one hand as he began to push the plug inside. It was no larger than the eggs he'd put in Wesley previously, and far softer, so although he didn't try to shove it in, he kept up a firm, steady pressure.


Wesley grunted softly as Giles pushed something inside him--one of the plugs, he assumed. He was already so relaxed that he found himself opening easily around the steady push, his body welcoming the intrusion.


"Good lad," Giles murmured, once the plug was all the way in. He pushed on it a bit more and swiveled it around to let Wesley feel it, then stood and picked up the hogtie. Glancing around the room, he decided he wanted Wesley in front of his chair, where he would be able to reach him easily, and helped him shuffle into position on his knees. The way Wesley reacted to moving with the plug in his arse was a delightful side effect.


Wesley settled down where Giles had put him, still whimpering softly. He felt utterly passive; Giles could do almost anything to him right now, and he couldn't resist, wouldn't even want to.


Giles helped Wesley settle down on his side, and quickly snapped his cuffs to the binder, pulling his limbs tightly together behind him. Once Wesley was bound, he took a moment to hold Wesley's head and pet him soothingly. "I can't believe how beautiful you are like this," he said softly.


Wesley keened softly, moving into Giles' hand. He was beyond words, so completely bound that he didn't even want to struggle.


Still not quite ready for the vibrator, Giles decided that Wesley's front looked terribly bare with only the cock ring for adornment. He let Wesley's head rest on the floor again and went to get a few more things.


When he returned, he gripped Wesley's chin and brushed his thumb over Wesley's lips. "Open wide," he instructed, and held the gag up to Wesley's mouth.


Wesley opened, and felt the gag slip between his lips. It came to rest, and he bit down softly on it, letting his lips seal around it.


Giles buckled the gag in place and petted Wesley again, praising him. His next action was to fasten a leash to the front of Wesley's collar. He let the other end lie in the chair for now, where it would be ready for him when he sat down.


Wesley felt the click of metal as the leash was hooked to his collar. Even just knowing it was there sent shivers down his spine. He felt as though he'd been gently rolled to the precipice, and was about to fall over it, to lose himself completely.


Giles stood back to admire Wesley for a moment before putting on the finishing touches. Wesley was a perfect, beautiful toy. Giles intended to take full advantage of his helplessness--eventually. For now, he was content with a few relatively small torments to ease Wesley into his still-new role as Giles' plaything.


"This may hurt a bit," he warned, as he prepared to apply the nipple clamps to Wesley's exposed nipples.


The warning was barely enough. Wesley yelped into the gag, tensing up at the pain. He squirmed, though only enough to protest his discomfort.


"Easy," Giles soothed. "The pain will fade in a moment." He ran his fingers through Wesley's hair until Wesley relaxed again, then pulled the chain between the clamps up to Wesley's collar and used a lock to fasten it there, so that every movement of Wesley's head would be transmitted to his nipples.


When Wesley moved his head, he winced and immediately moved it back again. He stilled then, suckling a few times on the gag before quieting completely.


Finally, Giles picked up the small vibrator that went inside the plug. He twisted it to its highest setting and considered it for a moment, then decided that with the silicone of the plug to mute the vibrations, it wouldn't be too strong. With only a bit of difficulty due to Wesley's limbs in the way, he put it in place, then waited eagerly for Wesley's reaction.


Wesley seemed to explode into motion. The sudden vibrations made him arch back. The action pulled painfully at his nipples, making him cry out into the gag and move his head back again. But the vibrations were relentlessly stimulating, keeping him writhing and whimpering as each small motion jolted his nipples.


Giles held the vibrator in place for a moment to be sure it wouldn't fall out, then sat back on his heels. He felt an intense surge of power through his body, an almost physical sensation, as he watched Wesley's muscles strain uselessly against his bonds and listened to his muted cries. "Yes," he groaned, voice choked with lust. His cock was swelling fast, so he reached down and opened his trousers.


He stroked himself lazily as he drank in the sight. Wesley was trapped in a world of pleasure and pain, bound and tormented for Giles' entertainment. His head bowed forward in a mostly futile effort to ease the pressure on his nipples, while his cock stood out flushed and unattended, a striking reminder that he was helpless to give himself any relief. It was the most erotic thing Giles had ever seen.


As Wesley's struggles weakened with exhaustion, Giles bent over him and touched him lightly here and there: on his shoulders, on his sides, on his chest. "My toy," he whispered adoringly. "You're perfect. You were made for this."


Wesley shuddered as Giles' words sank in. He felt as though he were falling, and at the same time caught in Giles' grip, inescapably. His body was buffeted by sensation: his constrained hands and bound limbs, the ring tight around his cock and balls, his nipples painfully pinched and tugged, and the penetrations of the gag and the plug. The vibrations were agonizingly pleasurable, going on and on. It was too much, blanking out his mind until nothing remained but pain, pleasure, and Giles.


Giles watched for a few more minutes, then stood and went to get one of his new books. As he settled into his chair, he took up the leash and wrapped it around his wrist. Wesley's position was such that Giles could easily reach his cock and balls with his foot, and he did so now, rubbing firmly and curling his toes against Wesley's shaft. At the same time, he tugged on the leash, forcing Wesley to raise his head and increase the pull on his nipples.


Wesley whimpered loudly into the gag as his nipples were cruelly tugged, but at the same time the tug of the leash was shockingly good, even better than the way his cock was being rubbed. His eyes rolled in his head behind the blindfold and he shuddered again and again.


Giles smiled to himself, feeling a surge of something like love for his pet. He responded so well to everything. Giles couldn't imagine how he'd gone so long without a pet to play with.


He didn't push Wesley any harder, just kept the leash taut, not allowing Wesley to bend his head again, and let his foot rest against Wesley's groin, rubbing from time to time. With his free hand, he picked up his book and began to skim through it.


Time seemed to blur to Wesley, all the sensations melting together, ultimately focusing around the vibrating plug and the tugging leash. He didn't drift so much as was held suspended, exhausted yet tensed in reaction to everything that was being done to him.


Giles read until his stomach growled loudly, reminding him that it was dinner time. There were a few things in the book that had caught his interest, including the possibility of using ginger as an anal plug. He knew he would have to try that on Wesley at some point.


He finally released his hold on the leash and gave Wesley's cock and balls a parting rub, then got up and put his book in the desk before beginning to make dinner.


Wesley slumped down as the leash was released. As much as he was aware of anything, he felt the loss of Giles' presence. The pain in his nipples eased, and he settled into a daze, gently tormented by the plug.


Giles prepared a fairly light meal, thinking Wesley's system might not respond well to heavy food after being bound and tormented for so long. He ran a glass of lukewarm water and took it in to where Wesley still lay, lost in the sensations assaulting him.


Taking out one of the keys that fit the new locks, Giles started by releasing the clamp chain from Wesley's collar. Wesley immediately relaxed a fraction, and Giles almost felt sorry for what he was going to do next. Almost. "Brace yourself," he said, and yanked the clamps off.


Wesley arched and screamed into the gag, the pain overwhelming him for a long, agonizing moment. He slumped down again, breathing hard and nipples throbbing.


"Good," Giles murmured, caressing Wesley's cheek. "Good. That was magnificent. You're such a good boy."


Wesley moaned softly at the praise and touch. Through the haze in his mind, he registered 'magnificent' and 'good,' and felt an almost physical snap of satisfaction.


Giles rolled Wesley onto his stomach in order to free him from the hogtie. Once his limbs were free, he began to pull the vibrator out.


Wesley whimpered, his limbs flopping to the floor. They ached from being held tight for so long, and Wesley wasn't sure he could move even if he had the energy. When the plug was removed he moaned, first in relief and then at the emptiness it left behind. He was utterly wrung out.


Once the plug was out, Giles rolled Wesley over again and pulled him into his lap, letting Wesley's head loll against his shoulder. He unbuckled the gag and gently pulled it out, as well.


Wesley worked his jaw cautiously, and then licked his lips, which were dry and stretched.


Giles cradled Wesley's jaw with one hand and picked up the glass of water with the other. "Here," he said softly, holding the glass to Wesley's lips.


Wesley sipped at the water, drinking more as Giles tilted the glass for him. He tried to raise his arm, but let it drop to the floor again, too stiff and exhausted to move.


Giles made sure Wesley drank the whole glass, though he tried to take it slowly, then put it aside and wrapped his arms around Wesley. He nuzzled Wesley's hair affectionately.


Wesley hummed softly as Giles held him. Such physical affection went straight to his heart. His mind was slowly clearing, and the first logical connection it made was that Giles loved him, loved his surrender. Wesley knew that this was only the beginning of what Giles would do to him.


Giles held Wesley contentedly until his stomach growled again. "Do you think you can eat?" he asked.


Wesley nodded weakly. "I think so," he rasped.


Giles gently moved Wesley to the floor while he went to bring dinner back. He let Wesley remain sitting, rather than making him kneel, and sat in his chair so that Wesley could lean against his leg. Supporting Wesley's head with one hand, he offered him a bite of food.


Wesley felt rather like a ragdoll as Giles propped him up against his leg and held him so he could eat; particularly as his hands were still immobilized and the blindfold was still on. He chewed slowly, and gradually began to revive. He was achingly hard, trapped in the cock ring.


Giles fed Wesley first, then wrapped Wesley's leash around his wrist again and ate his own dinner while keeping the leash pulled tight.


Wesley gasped softly as he felt the tug at his collar again. It was insistent, and he pressed himself back against Giles' leg, reveling in the sensation. Every so often he squirmed and softly whimpered, and then settled down again.


Giles left Wesley alone again while he cleaned up from dinner, then returned and took up the plug again, removing the vibrator for now. With the leash and a few nudges, he bent Wesley over and reinserted it.


The plug slid in easily, swallowed back into place as if it had never left. Wesley moaned softly as the emptiness was filled again; he clenched gently around it and shuddered in pleasure.


"Do you like that?" Giles asked, pressing on the plug and rubbing Wesley's back.


"Yes," Wesley rasped. Even though he was tender from the vibrator, the plug felt very good pressing inside of him.


"I thought you would," Giles said. "Sluts like you always need their arses filled."


Wesley responded with a choked moan, and another clench around the plug.


"Come on," Giles said, helping Wesley to his feet. "Let's go upstairs."


Wesley leaned heavily on Giles, staggering on stiff legs up the stairs. The plug added to his difficulty, shifting and prodding inside of him.


Giles had Wesley lie face down on the bed, then straddled Wesley's hips, which had the simultaneous effects of driving the plug deeper and pressing Wesley's cock into the mattress. He leaned forward and ran his hands over Wesley's shoulders. "How do you feel, pet?"


Wesley groaned incoherently. The plug speared deep inside him, as if Giles was fucking him without even touching him.


Giles chuckled and began to knead Wesley's shoulders. "How's this?"


The massage felt wonderful on his stiff muscles. "Lovely," he slurred.


Giles proceeded to massage Wesley's shoulders for the next several minutes, humming softly and casually shifting his weight from time to remind Wesley of the plug inside him.


Wesley drifted, eyes closed beneath the blindfold, content from the massage. The shifts of Giles' weight upon him set off sparks of pleasure from the plug and his trapped cock.


Eventually, with disappointment, Giles climbed off Wesley's arse and moved down the bed to massage his legs, as well, enjoying Wesley's reaction to the massage, though not in the same way he'd enjoyed his torment.


Wesley's stiff muscles turned to jelly under Giles' hands. He was completely limp, almost melting into the bed.


Giles smiled. He was pleased to see that, despite the fact he was still painfully hard, Wesley wasn't trying to rub himself against the bed. When he finished with the massage, he gave Wesley's back a final rub and said, "I'll be right back."


He went downstairs to retrieve his book and more water for both of them, then returned upstairs. Sitting at the head of the bed, he opened his trousers again and pulled his cock out. "Come here, Wesley," he instructed.


"Can't move," Wesley mumbled.


Giles pursed his lips, but couldn't find it in him to be unhappy with Wesley. He leaned forward and took hold of Wesley's shoulders, pulling him up.


Wesley grunted as Giles dragged him up the bed. Wesley tried to crawl a little to help, but honestly was just too done in to be coordinated.


With a little effort, Giles got Wesley situated between his legs in such a way that Wesley could comfortably suck his cock. He held Wesley's head up and said, "I'm going to put my cock in your mouth now, pet. Just suck on it, and be careful of your teeth."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, and parted his lips expectantly.


Giles guided Wesley's mouth onto his cock, then let go so he could rest his head against Giles' thigh while he sucked dutifully.


Wesley soon fell into a calm, trancelike state, with Giles' cock acting as a pacifier. Wesley was already so exhausted that he didn't have the energy to do anything else. He suckled gently, continually.


Giles rolled his eyes as Wesley began to suck. He rested one hand in Wesley's hair, petting him slightly. He managed to focus on the book for a few minutes, but in the end he put it aside and closed his eyes, concentrating on the exquisite sensation of Wesley gently, tirelessly stimulating his cock. He was happy to sit back and enjoy it indefinitely, in no rush to come. He'd come so much in the last week that his body could hardly keep up. It was, he decided, a distinct disadvantage of getting older. On the other hand, it allowed him to relax and enjoy himself once in a while rather than stampeding towards orgasm, so perhaps it wasn't so bad after all. He drifted for a while on rolling waves of pleasure, almost dozing except for his constant awareness of Wesley's mouth.


Wesley continued to suck, giving no thought to stopping until Giles told him to stop. He was vaguely aware of time passing, but he seemed to be suspended in one long moment of constant arousal and exhaustion and the simple task of sucking Giles' cock.


Eventually Giles came back to himself and groaned. His body was finally demanding release. He eased his cock from Wesley's mouth long enough to roll Wesley onto his back, then knelt over him and lowered his cock to Wesley's lips again.


Wesley mewled at the loss of Giles' cock, but quieted again once it was back in his mouth.


Giles fucked Wesley's mouth, smoothly at first, then harder as his orgasm approached. Despite its demands for release, his body was resisting, but eventually he managed a weak but satisfying ejaculation.


Wesley swallowed Giles' come and sucked him clean. His jaw ached, but he was already so overwhelmed that it barely registered.


With a deep sigh, Giles pulled himself out and collapsed onto his side for a moment. He reached out to caress the nearest bit of Wesley in reward for his good service. He did doze then, briefly, his hand resting lightly against Wesley's ribs. Wesley dozed as well, finally able to give in to his exhaustion now that Giles had been satisfied.


Giles woke again before too long, and took pity enough on Wesley that he removed the cock ring. He left Wesley sleeping while he took care of a few things, then went back up to the loft and settled in to read until bedtime.



Wesley shifted in his sleep and tried to scratch his face. When he felt the mitt instead, he woke up. He felt Giles next to him on the bed, and turned towards him. "What time is it?" he rasped.


"Late," Giles said. "We should go to bed properly."


Wesley stretched wide, his whole body arching off the bed for a moment. He realized that the cock ring had been removed, and his erection had partly faded during sleep.


Giles chuckled at Wesley and put his book away, then got up. He reached out to help Wesley up, as well.


The nap had left Wesley groggy, but restored some of his energy. He stood a little unsteadily, but didn't need Giles to hold him up anymore.


Giles removed the plug before they went downstairs, but left Wesley blindfolded. He led Wesley down the steps by his leash, and helped him get ready for bed.


With his hands still encased, Wesley could only allow Giles to do everything for him, even brush his teeth. Once all Wesley's needs were dealt with, Giles took care of his own. On the way back to the loft, he stopped and retrieved Wesley's new cock cage. Wesley wasn't fully hard at the moment, so he hoped he wouldn't have to take drastic measures to get him into it.


When Giles led him by the leash, Wesley kept having to fight the urge to go down on his hands and knees. Now that he was able to move on his own, the urge was much stronger, but he shook it off for now.


Back upstairs, Giles had Wesley sit on the edge of the bed. He applied a thin coating of lube to Wesley's cock. "I'm going to put your cage on you now," he informed Wesley. "Try to stay soft. Otherwise I'll have to use ice again."


Wesley definitely didn't want that. He concentrated on boring things, like demonic grammar systems. Actually, they were quite fascinating in their way, but not at all erotic.


Giles chose a ring that would fasten snugly around the base of Wesley's cock, then carefully slid Wesley's cock into the plastic tube. After make a couple of adjustments to be sure it fit correctly, he snapped the lock into place with a sharp click. "There," he said. "No need to fight it anymore. You won't be able to get hard now."


"May I see?" Wesley asked. He was a bit nervous.


"All right," Giles said, and slid the blindfold off.


Wesley looked down at himself. His cock was encased in clear plastic, with a small lock securing it. "Lord," he breathed, staring. It was a surreal sight. He reached up and brushed his mitt-encased hand against it, and shivered. "I... I..." he trailed off, unable to find the words.


Giles curled his hand around the back of Wesley's neck and circled his fingertips soothingly. "You belong to me," he reminded Wesley. "Your cock is mine to do with as I please."


"It's just so..." All at once he felt the enormity of the situation, the extent of his surrender and Giles' control. He was startlingly shocked by it. "My God," he whispered.


Giles continued stroking Wesley's neck. "It's all right," he murmured.


A shimmer of panic ran through him, and for a brief moment the only thing he wanted to do was run, away from Giles and Sunnydale and all of this madness. But it was too late for that. He had nowhere to go, no means of escape; he'd given himself over, and only Giles could release him now. He focused on Giles' hand on his neck to calm himself.


"Shh," Giles soothed, sensing Wesley's sudden tension. "Let's go to bed. You'll feel better in the morning."


Wesley didn't know whether that was a comforting thought or not. He was slipping away from himself, and it frightened him. He nodded faintly, eyes still locked on his caged cock.


Seeing where Wesley was looking, Giles slid the blindfold back on, hoping to cut off Wesley's panic before it could get worse. He gently grasped Wesley's wrists and guided him to lie down to go to sleep, tying him as usual.


As Wesley felt himself tied securely, he let out a shuddering breath. He stared into the darkness of the blindfold and tried not to think.


Once Wesley was tied, bent and kissed Wesley between the shoulders, then undressed and climbed into bed with him.


Wesley lay awake for a long time, with Giles' arms around him. He didn't want to sleep, despite his exhaustion, because he was afraid of who he would be in the morning. Not himself. He hadn't been himself for weeks now. He'd failed so completely at being himself that it was a relief to let someone else take over. But now... he didn't know what to think. Wasn't sure he wanted to continue to be turned into a mindless sexual pet any more than he wanted to be alone and afraid again.


He hadn't much liked himself before, had in fact often hated himself for being a failure. Giles wanted him, cared for him, praised him. It was like a drug, and he was so addicted to it that nothing else seemed to matter anymore. He'd never been good enough for anyone before Giles, and though Wesley couldn't see it, Giles insisted that it was Wesley he wanted, not just a body to use. He felt confused and terribly at odds with himself.


Eventually he slipped off into an uneasy sleep.


Giles awoke first in the morning. He sighed contentedly and pressed closer to Wesley's bound body. He was becoming downright smitten with Wesley, but he couldn't seem to care. He adored Wesley, how eager he was to please, how willingly he submitted, and of course his body. He kissed Wesley's neck sleepily, smiling at the thought that Wesley was his possession in all but law.


When Wesley woke up, he felt as though he'd barely slept at all. His mind had settled somewhat during the night, but he was still tired and full of worry.


"Good morning," Giles murmured when Wesley stirred.


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, quietly.


Giles frowned at Wesley's dull tone and hitched himself into a sitting position. He gently rolled Wesley onto his back and pushed the blindfold up so he could look into Wesley's eyes. "What's wrong, pet?" he asked, gazing down at Wesley with concern.


Wesley shrugged, looking away. He didn't know what to say, and was afraid that even expressing his worries would result in something bad. He wasn't sure if the something bad was Giles kicking him out or keeping him. He bit his lip, worrying at it.


Giles straightened further, his frown deepening. "Wesley, what is it?"


Wesley tried to collect his thoughts, to figure out a way to explain how he was feeling, but the only thing that came out was, "Is that all I am to you?"


"All?" Giles asked, confused. He ran a hand down Wesley's cheek, trying to reassure him, though of what he didn't know.


"A pet," Wesley said, unhappily. "Some... mindless body to use."


"Ah," Giles said. He began untying Wesley, wanting him to sit up. While he was at it, he paused to pull the fist mitts off, allowing Wesley to finally stretch his hands out after so long. "You are my pet," he said once Wesley was upright, brushing Wesley's hair back from his forehead affectionately. "And of course I'm going to have my way with you. But that's far from all you are, and you're hardly mindless."


"I don't know," Wesley said, quietly. "Sometimes it feels as if... maybe you'd be happier if I didn't think at all. That that's all you want."


"Haven't we had this conversation before?" Giles said, smiling to let Wesley know he wasn't angry. "I'd find you quite dull if you stopped thinking."


"I know," Wesley said, feeling worse for being such a bother. "But... last night..."


Giles shook his head in confusion. "Didn't you enjoy yourself?"


Wesley nodded. He flexed his fingers, trying to loosen them after being bound as fists all night. "I did, but it was so..." He trailed off again. It was so hard to find the words. "I'm afraid," he said, finally.


"What are you afraid of?" Giles asked.


"Myself," Wesley said, looking down at his hands, and at the plastic cage around his cock. "Losing myself."


Giles nodded sympathetically. "How can I reassure you?" he asked.


"Can we do something normal?" Wesley asked. "Just the two of us, without all of this." He gestured to the cock cage.


Giles raised his eyebrows, considering. He wasn't entirely comfortable with the idea, but if it would make Wesley happy he would go along. "I suppose," he said. "Do you have anything in mind?"


"Go to the cinema. Play a game. Read a book." Wesley shrugged. He'd never had a thriving social life, always too busy with training, revision, work. "It doesn't matter, really. I simply want to be myself for a while." Wesley glanced at Giles and saw the displeasure in his face. He looked away again. "You don't want to." Of course. Wesley felt like such a fool.


"Don't be absurd," Giles said, shifting so that he could rub Wesley's back. "I'd be delighted to do something relaxing with you. To be honest, yesterday rather wore me out."


That made Wesley feel a little better. "It was rather a lot," he said.


"Yes," Giles agreed. "I understand if you're a bit overwhelmed." He shifted again and put his arms around Wesley. "Let's take it easy this morning. We can go out for breakfast, and then a walk."


Wesley managed a little smile. "That sounds nice."


"Mmm. It's been a hectic week, hasn't it?" Giles said. "You're so receptive that I forget you're new to this. I don't want to overload you." He leaned his head against Wesley's and hugged him tightly for a moment.


Wesley hugged back, relieved that Giles understood. That he wasn't annoyed with him. "Thank you," he said.


Giles nodded and started to get up. "Let's take a shower," he said.


"Giles," Wesley said, calling him back. "What about the... the cage?" He pointed down at the plastic cock cage, still locked around him.


Giles looked over his shoulder at Wesley and tilted his head in amusement. "I have to get the key," he said.


"Of course. Right," Wesley said, sheepishly. He stood and followed Giles downstairs.


Giles retrieved his key ring and met Wesley in the bathroom, where he unlocked the cage and put it to the side for later. Next he removed Wesley's cuffs, and switched his collar for the nylon one.


It was a relief for Wesley to have the cock cage off. It hadn't been uncomfortable, really. It was that sight of it on himself was almost too much to bear, and then to lose his hands as well... It was one thing to be restrained, he found, and quite another to have parts of himself locked away.


Giles took extra care in bathing Wesley, wanting to show him that he was valued. Wesley's distress worried him, and intended to do whatever it took to make it go away--short of giving Wesley up, of course. That wasn't a possibility Giles would consider.


Even though Wesley needed a break from the intensity of his new life, he found himself starving to touch and be touched. As Giles was washing himself off, he reached out and touched his back, gently stroking it.


Giles resisted the urge to tell Wesley not to touch him, since it obviously made Wesley feel better. Instead, he smiled at Wesley as he finished bathing, then pulled Wesley closer, encouraging him.


Wesley snuggled close, enjoying the chance to hold Giles, to touch him. He rested his head on Giles' shoulder and let his hands wander aimlessly along his back.


Giles held Wesley in return, making a soft sounds of pleasure at Wesley's gentle touch. Putting aside the fact he wasn't accustomed to having anyone touch him anymore, it felt good. He toyed briefly with the idea of training Wesley to give him massages.


Eventually Wesley drew back, giving Giles a grateful smile. "We should probably dry off," he said.


Giles nodded and turned the water off. They stepped out and toweled off, and then Giles put Wesley's public collar on him. He picked out clothes for Wesley that were fairly modest, nothing that would draw a great deal of attention to his body like what he had worn yesterday.


Wesley fingered his collar. He was glad Giles hadn't taken that off along with everything else. He liked wearing it, liked what it meant. There was a security to it that he knew he would miss if he wasn't wearing it.


"Do you know what you'd like to eat?" Giles asked, once they were dressed.


Wesley considered this. "How about one of those waffle places?"


"All right," Giles said, chuckling. "There's one a few blocks from here. We can walk."


They walked out into the bright California morning. It was quite insistently sunny here, Wesley thought. He strolled alongside Giles, enjoying the fresh air and exercise. He hadn't realized how much he'd been cooped up lately, either at the school or the flat.


Giles, too, enjoyed the walk. He and Wesley should get out more often, he decided. It would do both of them good.


As they neared the restaurant, Wesley worked himself up for another request. "Giles? Will it be all right if I order myself? Speak to the waitress?"


Giles looked at Wesley and hesitated. He hated to change a rule just because Wesley didn't feel like following it at the moment, but this one wasn't worth making an issue of. He nodded. "All right."


"Thank you," Wesley said. It would be nice to interact with someone else, even if it was just a waitress. He decided that he would still keep his hands on the table at all times, so Giles wouldn't think he was taking advantage.


They were soon seated at a table at the restaurant, looking over their menus. Even though they were only across the table from each other, Giles didn't like the feeling that Wesley was so removed from him, with nothing to keep at least part of his attention on Giles. He brushed his foot against Wesley's ankle under the table, needing at least that point of contact.


Wesley smiled softly and moved his foot to press back against Giles'. Playing footie under the table was awfully romantic, he thought, and looked playfully at Giles from over the menu.


Giles smiled back at Wesley, pleased that he responded so easily to the touch. "Have you decided what you want?" he asked.


"Mm," Wesley nodded. "The chocolate-banana waffles look quite delicious." He was in the mood for a treat, and that certainly fit the bill.


Giles raised his eyebrows. "Chocolate banana?" he said, teasingly.


"It is rather more dessert than breakfast," Wesley admitted.


"Then perhaps we should have breakfast after dinner," Giles said dryly.


Wesley laughed, and smiled broadly. "Perhaps we should."


Giles reached over the table and brushed his fingers against the back of Wesley's hand, but just then their waitress arrived to take their order, and Giles pulled his hand back again.


Wesley gave his order to the waitress--the waffles, along with a glass of milk. She gave him a friendly smile, which he returned.


Giles ordered as well, choosing an omelet with an assortment of fillings, and orange juice. When the waitress left, he smiled warmly at Wesley and reached out to touch his hand again.


Wesley held Giles' hand, feeling very content. "Thank you," he said.


"For what?" Giles asked.


"Indulging me," Wesley said.


"It's fine," Giles assured him. "I don't want you to be unhappy."


Wesley felt touched. It meant a lot to him, that Giles cared that much. "I am happy," Wesley said. "With you."


"You didn't seem certain of that this morning," Giles said quietly, still a bit worried.


Wesley sobered at the reminder. "We went so far... I was frightened. I needed to know that I could... that you cared enough to let me take a step back."


Giles nodded. "It won't always be like that," he promised.


"How do you mean?" Wesley asked.


"That intense," Giles said. "I can hardly keep you like that all the time, nor would I want to."


Wesley nodded, and absently rubbed Giles' hand with his thumb. "I did like it," Wesley said, quietly. "I wouldn't mind... we could do it again." He was worried Giles thought he wanted to stop entirely, which he didn't.


Giles laughed softly, the sound full of dark promise. "Oh, we'll do it again," he promised.


Wesley felt a shiver of desire in response. "I'd like that," he said.


"Eventually," Giles said. Reassured that Wesley would still be cooperative, Giles didn't want to give him what he wanted too easily.


Wesley nodded. It was just as well if Giles wanted to wait. He wasn't entirely recovered himself, and could do with further, quieter activities before they went that far again.


They sat quietly until their food arrived. Giles was torn between wanting to have Wesley tied up and writhing again as soon as possible and not wanting to overdo things. He would follow Wesley's lead as much as possible.


Their waitress arrived with their food. Wesley thanked her, and then dug in enthusiastically. It was a waffle with chocolate chips in, like a big cookie, and covered with banana slices and whipped cream. Wesley made a happy moan as he chewed his first bite.


Giles chuckled as he began to eat his own food, pleased by Wesley's obvious enjoyment.


Wesley ate until he was full, and then sat back in his chair, sated, with his hand over his stomach.


Giles finished not soon after and leaned back with a satisfied sigh. After a moment, he smiled at Wesley and said, "What shall we do next?"


"Another walk, perhaps," Wesley said. He had eaten perhaps a bit too much. "Aids digestion."


"Certainly," Giles said. He drank the last of his juice and said, "You mentioned the cinema. Would you still like to go?"


"Oh, yes," Wesley agreed. "Though I have no idea what's showing.


"Nor do I," Giles admitted. "We can walk there and look at the times, and then wander around until something starts."


"All right." They paid their bill and made their way out of the restaurant.


They strolled downtown in comfortable silence. Giles couldn't resist reaching out to touch Wesley from time to time, but never did more than brush his hand down Wesley's back.


Giles lived in a rather nice part of Sunnydale, Wesley noted. He looked at the large American houses and the various shops as they walked.


When they arrived at the theater, they spent a few minutes considering their choices. Of the movies showing, the one that held the most interest for Giles was Shakespeare in Love. He pointed it out to Wesley.


"Oo, Tom Stoppard," Wesley said, noting the writing credits in the poster. "I'm sure it will be excellent."


Giles scanned for the earliest time. "The matinee starts at 12:45," he said. "That gives us a little more than an hour."


"Perfect," Wesley said. Giles bought their tickets and they went outside to browse the shops before the show. Daringly, Wesley put his arm lightly around Giles' back.


Uncomfortable with the public embrace, Giles pulled away. He gave Wesley an apologetic look and squeezed his hand briefly, hoping he wouldn't be too hurt.


Wesley frowned, but nodded in understanding. It did hurt a little that Giles didn't want to be romantic in public, but then he knew quite well that many people disapproved of two men together. He didn't want to cause trouble for Giles.


They wandered aimlessly, occasionally commenting on something they saw in a store, but never bothering to go inside.


They returned to the theatre early enough to find good seats, and settled in to wait.


Giles had deliberately guided them towards the back of theater, where there would be fewer eyes to watch them. Once they settled in he reached out and ran his hand across Wesley's shoulders, smiling at him almost shyly.


Wesley smiled back. The lights dimmed for previews, and Wesley took the chance. He shifted in his seat so he could rest his head against Giles' shoulder. "Is this all right?" he asked, softly.


"Yes," Giles murmured, wrapping his arm around Wesley.


"Good," Wesley whispered. He wrapped one arm around Giles, and settled in to watch.


This time Giles tolerated Wesley's embrace, though it still made him feel a bit uncomfortable. He didn't want to upset the younger man's mood.


They relaxed and watched the movie for a while, and Giles was surprised by how much he enjoyed it. Though he thought it was a bit silly in places, it was an interesting exploration of the connection between life and art.


Wesley also liked the movie. He'd always been fond of Shakespeare, and so caught many of the wonderful little references to his works scattered throughout.


Giles kissed Wesley neck as the lights came up, then withdrew his arm, not wanting to be seen by the other moviegoers. "What did you think?" he asked conversationally.


"Quite enjoyable," Wesley replied. "You know, I once had a role in Twelfth Night myself."


"Really?" Giles said. "What role?"


"Sir Andrew Aguecheek," Wesley said.


Giles managed to restrain his laughter to a slight twitch of his lips. "Did you enjoy it?" he asked.


"Quite a bit, actually, though he was rather underappreciated as a character, in my opinion."


Fighting back mirth with all his will, Giles said with all seriousness, "Indeed. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter."


Wesley shrugged. "It was years ago. I'm afraid I've quite forgotten my lines."


This time Giles was able to speak sincerely. "Of course. Forgive me, I've always enjoyed discussing Shakespeare, and I haven't precisely been overwhelmed with opportunities here."


Wesley chuckled. "No, I imagine not. Though it took an American to rebuild the Globe."


"It's a shame, that," Giles agreed, rising to leave. "Shall we go?"


Wesley raised his shoe from the floor with a distinctively sticky sound. "Yes, lets," he said, peering warily down at the theatre floor.


Giles chuckled and led the way out.



Giles didn't touch Wesley on the walk home, but as soon as the door was closed behind them he pulled Wesley and grabbed his crotch firmly, with a quiet, hungry growl. Wesley was startled by Giles' attack and froze instinctively.


Surprised by Wesley lack of response, Giles took a step back and frowned at him in confusion. "What's wrong?"


Wesley shifted uncomfortably. "Do we have to... I mean, right away?"


Giles hesitated, too shocked that Wesley had rebuffed him to be angry yet. "I want you," he said, voice tinged with lust.


"I know," Wesley said. "I'm sorry." Anxiety welled up inside him, and he was terribly afraid he was making Giles angry. He went to his knees immediately. "I'm sorry, sir."


For the second time in as many minutes, Giles was startled by Wesley's reaction. He reached out to cup Wesley's cheek "Sorry for what?"


Wesley had to work up some courage before he could say it, and even then he couldn't raise his eyes. "I don't want to," he said, quietly. "Please don't be angry."


Giles' confusion deepened. "Don't want to? Why?"


Wesley's anxiety from that morning returned with full force. "I need a reason? Can't we even go a day without... without..."


"What?" Giles said. "But... I know you've enjoyed yourself." He stared down at Wesley, baffled. He was sure Wesley had enjoyed the things he'd done to him. The boy had begged for some of them.


Wesley knew this would happen. Giles was going to be disappointed and then angry, because Wesley was so weak. He should have just let Giles do what he wanted, pretended he was fine. Surely if he acted fine long enough, he would feel that way as well.


When Wesley didn't respond right away, Giles crouched down and turned Wesley's face to him, peering at him with concern, trying to puzzle out why Wesley was suddenly so unhappy. He'd given him what he wanted, a nice morning out, and he'd expected things to go back to normal when they arrived home.


Wesley looked up and saw the concern in Giles' face, but it just made him feel worse. He tried to turn away so he didn't have to see it.


Giles sighed, frustrated and completely at a loss as to how to make this better. He tried to put his arms around Wesley, wanting to hold him.


Wesley found himself gritting his teeth as Giles held him. He didn't want to be touched, didn't deserve to be held. He was tensed like a wire, and he suddenly need to be anywhere but here.


"Wesley, please," Giles pleaded, rubbing Wesley's shoulder in an attempt to comfort him. He was deeply confused, and upset by the feeling that the situation had somehow slipped out of his control.


Wesley squirmed out of his grip and crawled away, only stopping when he reached the corner of the room. He huddled against it, breathing fast and trying to stop reacting and start thinking. Unfortunately, it wasn't working very well.


Giles tried to hold on to Wesley at first, but when it became apparent that Wesley wasn't going to stop fighting he gave up and watched, astounded, as Wesley crawled into the corner and huddled there. After a moment, he shook his head, then stood up and brushed off his trousers. He wasn't going to put anymore energy into comforting Wesley when it clearly wasn't doing any good. "I'm here if you need me," he said, his voice kind but firm, and went to his chair to read.


When Giles turned away, it as if Wesley's strings had been cut. He slumped down, heart still racing. He didn't know why he'd panicked so badly, he'd just needed to get away. After a few minutes of looking between the door and Giles, he found his voice again. "Please, sir," he asked, hesitant. "May I--may I go upstairs?"


Giles glanced up from his book and nodded curtly. "Go on," he said, tone neutral.


Wesley went upstairs, trying not to hurry. He curled up on the bed, still fully clothed, and cursed under his breath. He realized he was trembling and tried to calm himself. Several times recently he'd felt the panic rise up, but he'd managed to control it until now. He didn't know what to do, and a cold, hard lump in his gut told him that all he'd accomplished by giving in to his fears was anger Giles. Not for the first time he wished he could be what other people wanted him to be, instead of the pathetic reality.


Giles continued reading for a while, one ear open for any noise from upstairs. When nearly half an hour passed with no sign of any activity, Giles got up and ran a glass of water, then went to check on Wesley. He found him sleeping uneasily, curled in tight ball. Seeing no reason to wake Wesley, he left the water on the nightstand and went back to his book.


Wesley awoke some time later, feeling immediately out of sorts and vaguely ill. He rubbed his face blearily and then saw the glass of water on the nightstand. He sipped lightly at it, to calm his stomach. It made him feel both better and worse that Giles had checked on him and left it there: better, because it meant Giles wasn't that angry with him, and worse, because it made his own behavior shameful in comparison.


He'd lost control of himself, which should never have happened. The thought of Giles taking him over again had frightened him, and he'd panicked. He didn't know how he'd face Giles now, much less explain himself, much less how Giles would react to such information. If Giles was anything like Wesley's father, probably lock him into all those shackles and devices and then leave him that way until he learned his lesson.


The mere thought made his stomach tumble, and he tasted bile at the back of his throat. He tried to swallow it back, but it was no good. He ran downstairs, almost tripping and breaking his neck, and made it to the bathroom just in time. He retched into the toilet, bringing up what remained of his breakfast. When he was done he spat the acid from his mouth and then leaned his forehead against the porcelain, drained and shaking.


Giles looked up in surprise when Wesley bolted past him. He stared after him for a moment, and when he heard retching got up to follow. Though he was still baffled as to why Wesley was having this difficulty, he didn't have the heart to be angry with Wesley when he was so clearly in distress.


It wasn't a terrible surprise to find Wesley slumped against the toilet. He said nothing, just wet a cloth with cool water and went to Wesley.


Wesley tensed up when Giles walked into the bathroom. He was fairly certain that there was nothing left to come up, so he moved back from the toilet and slumped against the wall. When Giles came over, he held out his hand for the cloth and water.


Giles tried to tend to Wesley, but when Wesley raised his hands to fend him off, he subsided and let Wesley handle it himself. "I'd like to help," he said softly.


"I know," Wesley rasped, but he didn't let down his guard. He needed a little space between them, still. "Do you have any ginger ale?" he asked. It usually helped settle his stomach.


"I think we've some soda water," Giles said. "Will that do?"


"Yes, thank you," Wesley said. He waited until Giles left, then stood and rinsed off the washcloth. He flushed the toilet and put down the lid, then sat down, resting his head in his hands.


Giles brought back a glass of soda water and offered it to Wesley. He longed to touch Wesley--it was his right, damn it--but he didn't want to make things any worse, so he held back.


Wesley accepted the soda and sipped cautiously at it. His stomach ached and his throat burned, but he didn't think he would throw up again. High stress always made him nauseous.


Giles hovered for a minute, then mumbled, "If there's anything else you need..." and made a vague gesture with his hands.


Wesley braced himself, then looked up at Giles. "I think we need to talk," he said.


Something in Giles balked at the idea. He wasn't interested in a discussion with Wesley, only in getting him back to normal. But if it would help, he supposed...


"All right," he conceded, not entirely able to hide his discomfort.


Wesley considered asking if they could move to the couch, but figured here was as good a place as any. He sighed, then tried to figure out where to start. "I don't quite know how to say this. I'm... I'm afraid I'll only make things worse."


Giles couldn't think of anything to say in response, so he just nodded and waited for Wesley to continue.


"I don't want stop," Wesley continued. "I'm not trying to leave. It's simply... This is all... it's too much, Giles."


"Ah," Giles said softly, as he finally began to comprehend. "I see."


"Everything keeps changing so quickly," Wesley said, staring down at his soda. "I'm trying to keep up, but... what you do it me..."


Giles nodded, not sure what to say. He reached out hesitantly and fingered a lock of Wesley's hair.


This time Wesley didn't pull away. "It frightens me. You take me over and... I don't know who I am anymore."


Giles still couldn't find anything to say. He didn't want to reassure Wesley. All he could think about was touching him. "I want to hold you," he said, his voice not quite steady, though he tried to phrase it as an order.


Wesley took one last sip of his soda and set it aside. "All right," he said, quietly. He wouldn't mind being held.


As soon as Wesley put his drink down, Giles pulled him to his feet and into his arms, almost roughly. He held Wesley hard, trying and failing not to let his neediness show through. He wasn't sure why this incident was shaking him up so badly.


Wesley was surprised by the force of the hug. He hadn't expected his words to have this sort of impact on Giles, and now he felt oddly as if he should be the one doing the comforting.


Giles couldn't let go of Wesley as a wave of emotion crashed over him. He couldn't name it, but it shook him to his core. "I need you," he confessed, barely audible, and immediately wished he could take the words back. They showed his weakness, and he didn't want Wesley to see that.


At first Wesley had no idea how to react. No one had ever said they needed him before, and certainly he'd never expected to hear it from Giles, who was such a picture of strength. But as the words sank in, he felt a wave of affection for Giles. "I need you, too," he said, softly.


Giles took a shuddering breath and loosened his hold on Wesley so that he could look into his eyes. He raised a hand and brushed his fingers through Wesley's hair. "I want you to be happy here," he said. "But I'm not going to stop..." He paused, groping for the right words.


"I don't want to stop," Wesley said. "But could we perhaps slow things down? All those toys..." He shook his head. "I don't need all of that. Just you."


"I thought you'd enjoy them," Giles said, sounding a bit hurt.


"I did," Wesley protested. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to sound ungrateful."


"It's all right," Giles assured him. "I suppose I was blinded by my enthusiasm." His lips twitched into a hesitant smile. "You have that effect on me, I'm afraid."


Wesley ducked his head, touched and a bit bashful. "I'm sorry for being so upset."


"No, no," Giles said firmly. "There's no need to apologize for how you feel."


Wesley managed a crooked smile. He was reminded again that in the past, such a breakdown would have been greeted with derision and punishment, not caring and understanding. That was a good part of why he loved Giles.


Giles brushed his fingers through Wesley's hair again. "I'd very much like things to go back to normal now," he said, his tone gentle, but still clearly more order than request.


"Of course," Wesley said. "I'm--" He bit back another apology. "Yes, sir."


A warm, delighted smile broke out on Giles face. "That's my boy," he said, pressing his palm to Wesley's cheek for a moment. He began to unbutton Wesley's shirt slowly.


Wesley felt a flush of gladness in response to Giles' smile. He stood still as Giles slowly undressed him. He felt much better having finally spoken of his worries. And he was happy with the way things were, for the most part. He didn't want to lose his place with Giles.


When Wesley finally stood naked in front of him, Giles breathed a soft sigh of relief. "That's more like it," he said, touching Wesley's chest admiringly. "I dislike not being able to see all of you."


Wesley felt himself slipping back into submission, but this time he wasn't afraid. Giles needed him.


Giles hooked two fingers under Wesley's collar and tugged slightly. "Shall we put your proper collar on?"


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. "I'd like that."


Giles led Wesley into the main room and had him kneel on the rug, then set about switching his collars and putting his cuffs on.


The leather wrapped comfortably snug around Wesley's neck, and the lock snapped shut with a satisfied click. Wesley felt a shiver of rightness as Giles did the same to his wrists and ankles. This was his place, and he was glad of it.


Giles smiled down at Wesley and caressed his cheek. "Do you think you can eat?" he asked.


Wesley's stomach had calmed along with his anxiety, but it was still a bit delicate. "Something light, perhaps," he said.


Giles nodded and went to fix something, using mostly leftovers from the night before. When it was ready, he sat on the sofa and called Wesley to him. He'd retrieved a leash while he was at it, and held it out to Wesley.


Wesley kneeled before the sofa and arched his neck, presenting his collar to Giles for leashing.


Giles felt himself relax another notch as he snapped the leash in place, as though renewing his claim on Wesley. He wrapped the leash around his hand and picked up the food so they could eat.


Wesley let Giles tug him close. He accepted each bite as Giles fed him, savoring the way Giles cared for him. This was one of his favorite little things about being Giles'.


Giles took the fact Wesley was willing to be fed as a good sign, and petted him between bites. It was hard to say whether he was trying to reassure Wesley or himself.


When Giles finished feeding Wesley, Wesley shuffled a bit closer. He lay his head on Giles' lap and closed his eyes with a sigh.


Giles smiled gently and stroked Wesley's hair. "Are you all right now?"


"Mm-hmm," Wesley hummed. He did feel much better, and relieved. He enjoyed the intensity of what Giles could do to him, but too much and he felt uncomfortably overloaded. He needed the quiet times, like this, just as much.


"Let's go upstairs and lie down," Giles suggested, tugging on the leash to bring Wesley to his feet.


Wesley obediently followed.


When they reached the loft, Giles fastened Wesley's wrists together in front of his body, then had him lie down on his side and spooned behind him.


Settled in bed with Giles holding him, Wesley felt very content. It was amazing how much better he felt now. He resolved to try to tell Giles if he was upset in the future before things reached such a dire point.


Giles was happy to hold Wesley and touch him familiarly for a while, every where except his cock and balls. He wrapped one leg around Wesley's too keep him still, and caught himself rubbing his half-hard cock against Wesley's arse, but it felt too good for him to stop.


Wesley's mouth curved into a smile as he felt Giles rub against him. He half-twisted in Giles' arms, looking back at him.


"What?" Giles drawled, feeling pleasantly mellow.


"You seem happy," Wesley said, amused.


"And why shouldn't I be?" Giles retorted, smiling back at Wesley. "You are."


Wesley turned the rest of the way around, shifting so that he could snuggle up against Giles. He liked to rest his head and listen to Giles' heart beat. "I'm in love with you, you know," he said, softly.


"I know," Giles said seriously, gazing into Wesley's eyes. He freed Wesley's wrists so they wouldn't be trapped between their bodies. "It's one of many reasons I adore you."


Wesley put his hands behind his back, so that Giles could lock them together again. When Giles said things like that, it made him feel happy, but also afraid that he could never live up to what Giles saw in him. He knew better than anyone how flawed he was. "I'm sorry for being so difficult," he said.


Giles secured Wesley's wrists again. "Don't be," he said. "If it makes you happier to be here, it was worth it."


Wesley nodded. It had helped a great deal. He relaxed again, melting against Giles.


Giles found his hands drawn to Wesley's arse, and he didn't fight the urge to rub it sensuously. After a few moments he began to hum softly under his breath.


Wesley smiled softly. Giles' touch was lovely, but Wesley could tell from his humming that his singing voice would be as well. "Sir?" he murmured. "Will you sing for me? Someday, I mean."


Giles blinked in surprise and avoided Wesley's gaze self-consciously. "I--I suppose so. I haven't--it's been a very long time..."


"It's all right if you don't want to," Wesley said, offering Giles an out.


"No," Giles said, finally looking at Wesley again. "If you want it, I'll do it."


"Thank you," Wesley said. "What do you like to sing?"


Giles stammered for a moment, not used to talking about this side of himself. "Ah--rock and roll. I was in a band once, you know."


"Really?" Wesley asked, interested. "When was this?"


Giles ducked his head. "Twenty years ago," he muttered.


Wesley realized this must have been during Giles' time away from the Council. Giles had been off practicing forbidden magic, and Wesley hadn't even hit puberty yet. It made him feel rather young all of a sudden. "Hm, seventies rock and roll. I suppose you had a leather jacket and a dangerous smile?"


Giles eyed Wesley predatorily. "I'd like to think I still have a dangerous smile," he murmured, putting on exactly that expression.


Wesley's sly smile faded as a shiver of fear ran down his spine. He swallowed. "Yes, I--I'd say you still do."


"Would you say that's a bad thing... or a good thing?" Giles said, still giving Wesley a predatorial stare as he trailed a finger down Wesley's chest.


Wesley was caught in the stare. "Well, um... I don't, uh..." he stammered.


Giles rolled so that we was on top of Wesley, looking down. "It's a simple question, Wesley" he said. He reached up to caress Wesley's throat with one hand, his touch gentle but a threat implicit in the action. "Do you like me dangerous?"


"I don't know," Wesley said, very aware of Giles' hand at his throat. There was something about Giles this way that drew him like a moth to the flame, but at the same time frightened him. "Perhaps... when you protect me."


Giles smiled more gently and released Wesley's throat to stroke his hand down Wesley's side. "You like knowing that I'll protect you, hmm?"


"Very much, sir," Wesley said. He especially needed the safety of Giles' protection when he felt vulnerable, which was much of the time these days. He wasn't sure if that was a good thing or a bad thing. If he was honest with himself, he could rarely recall a time when he didn't feel vulnerable; the only difference was that in the past, he'd had to cover it with false bravado.


"Just as well," Giles murmured, settling down half on top of Wesley again. "Anyone who tries to come between us is going to see just how dangerous I can be."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, rather pleased.


Giles smiled and nuzzled Wesley's neck affectionately. They lay there for some time, both content, though Giles couldn't help thinking about how he might begin to acclimate Wesley to his new toys. He was willing to be patient and let Wesley adjust to the idea, but he was hardly going to refrain from using them indefinitely. He petted Wesley lovingly and kept his thoughts to himself, until finally he knew he would have to get up and take care of some household chores so they would be ready for work in the morning.


Wesley watched quietly as Giles left the bed and went downstairs. It had been a tumultuous day, though that itself was not an uncommon occurrence lately. He took the time alone to reflect on everything that had happened over the weekend: their dinner out, the toys, their 'normal' morning, and his subsequent anxiety. He felt rather like a yo-yo, drawn to Giles and then pulling back, only to be drawn close again. He knew he wanted this, to be Giles' adored pet. It was his own capacity for surrender that frightened him, and his reluctance to continue with the toys was a part of that. They were a symbol of how far Giles could take him, and he both wanted and feared it all.


Giles did everything that needed doing, then returned upstairs to free Wesley and give him a chance to prepare for bed. While Wesley went through his nightly routine in the bathroom, Giles retrieved the cock cage. That was one thing he wasn't willing to compromise on.


Giles led Wesley upstairs by his leash. As Wesley sat down on the bed, he saw the cage. He took a deep breath and braced himself for it. It wasn't as if it hurt to wear. It was simply a necessary measure to keep his body in check when he wasn't awake to control it. He could do this. "I'm ready," he told Giles.


Giles smiled and brushed his fingers through Wesley's hair, nodding in acknowledgement. "Just think of it as my way of helping you please me," he said, as he prepared the plastic tube and began to slide it over Wesley's cock. "I know you want to be good, and with this in place, neither of us has to fear that I'll be disappointed because of things outside of your control."


Wesley watched as his cock was encased and the cage locked shut. It was still an intimidating sight, but less so. It was a functional piece of plastic, and in a way, an extension of Giles, to hold him through the night and keep him the way Giles wanted him to stay. He looked up at Giles and managed a crooked smile. "Yes, sir," he said.


Giles leaned in and kissed Wesley's cheek, then snapped the lock in place. He bound Wesley for bed, then settled in behind him and pulled the covers up. "Good night, pet," he murmured softly.



Wesley woke a few minutes before the alarm. He felt calm and steady, in direct contrast to the previous morning. He lay still with Giles pressed against his back and an arm and leg around his body, holding him close.


As soon as the alarm went off, Giles reached out and slapped it to shut it off. He groaned sleepily and discovered as he shifted his hips that he had a strong morning erection. It occurred to him, as he indulged in a few lazy thrusts against Wesley's arse, that yesterday had been the first day since he'd taken Wesley in that he hadn't come at least once. He hesitated a moment, remembering Wesley's distress the day before, then decided it was time to remind Wesley of his place. He hitched himself up and grabbed the lube so he could prepare himself.


"Good morning," Wesley murmured.


"Good morning," Giles growled as he put the lube aside. He rolled Wesley onto his front and straddled his hips. It would have been kinder to untie Wesley's legs, but he didn't feel inclined to be kind at the moment.


The plastic of the cage was pressed up against Wesley's groin, but his attention was on Giles above him. He tugged a little at his bonds, but of course they were as strong as always. He waited to see what Giles wanted.


A bit reluctantly, Giles conceded the need to at least put a pillow under Wesley's hips, because he was going to have difficulty getting a good angle of penetration otherwise. Once that was done, he spread Wesley's buttocks apart with one hand and put the head of his cock to Wesley's entrance.


"Ohh," Wesley moaned. He pressed back slightly, encouraging.


With a soft growl of pleasure, Giles pushed in, slowly but unrelentingly. He responded to Wesley's moans with murmurs of encouragement.


Wesley's body was still relaxed from sleep, which meant he opened easily around Giles as he was filled. He did love being fucked. A lazy smile spread on his face.


When he was all the way in, Giles took a moment to rest, laying fully on top of Wesley. "You're mine," he said in Wesley's ear, brushing his fingers down the back of Wesley's neck.


"Yours, sir," Wesley replied. He clenched around Giles' cock once, and then again, and moaned softly.


Giles groaned in response. "You're going to let me do anything I like to you, isn't that right, boy?"


Wesley felt a shiver of anticipation. "Anything, sir."


Giles reached under himself to squeeze Wesley's balls. "Do you know what I'm going to do to you now?" he said rhetorically. "I'm going to fuck you, and I'm not going to take your cage off until I'm done."


Somehow that only excited Wesley. It was a literal and physical expression of his purpose here, and the fact that it was entirely beyond his control made him want it more. "Yes, sir," he breathed.


Giles chuckled at Wesley's eager response. He picked himself up and withdrew most of the way from Wesley's arse, then pushed in again. "Can you feel yourself trying to harden?" he asked.


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. He felt his body warming, the blood rushing to his groin. His cock began to fill, but the cage held it back, forcing it to remain soft. It was a most peculiar sensation. "The cage is working, sir."


"Good," Giles murmured. "And do you like it?"


It took Wesley a few moments to respond, but he managed a small nod. It was both embarrassing and relieving to enjoy such a thing, but he couldn't deny it.


Giles kissed Wesley's neck, just at the edge of his collar. "That's because you're a good slut," he asserted. "You're not afraid to accept the control you need."


Bound to the bed, blindfolded and caged with Giles pressing down on and inside of him, Wesley didn't think it would be possible to be much more controlled than he was now. And Lord, it felt good. "Yes, sir," he breathed.


Giles kissed Wesley again, then lifted himself and began to fuck Wesley properly, slowly at first but increasing in pace.


Wesley grunted as Giles moved in and out of him, his strokes long and forceful. Both the penetration and the force of it aroused him, but his cock was kept soft by the cage. He felt a low ache at the root of it, but there was no way for him to look to see what was happening. He could only lie there and be fucked.


Before long, Giles was fucking Wesley almost wildly, pounding into him hard and fast. He let out a series of half-groans, half-growls. An animalistic rage burned through him, driving out everything but the need to fuck Wesley as hard as possible.


Wesley was being driven into so hard, it made the rope snap at his ankles and wrists. If not for his bonds, Giles would have fucked him into the headboard.


Finally Giles came, more powerfully than he'd expected. He shuddered as the orgasm passed through him, then collapsed on top of Wesley, panting.


Wesley was pressed down into the bed. He was breathing hard himself, and could feel Giles' cock slowly softening inside him. A shudder of surrender ran through him.


Giles slid his hand under Wesley and felt the cage. "All mine," he murmured happily. He finally forced himself to pull out of Wesley and roll off him. If they didn't get moving they would be late for work.


Wesley lay quietly, recovering as Giles went to untie him.


Once Wesley was untied, Giles turned him onto his back and took a moment to inspect the cage visually. Wesley's cock was thick at the base, trying to harden, but the sharp bend of the cage kept it from straightening and filling. It seemed a shame to have to take it off already. "Hmm," Giles mused, tapping the cage with his fingernail. "Perhaps I shouldn't remove this just yet. I rather like the idea of keeping your cock under control for now."


Wesley moaned as he felt another shudder of surrender. "Yes, sir."


Giles smiled and helped Wesley to sit up. "Let's go and shower," he said, smiling warmly at Wesley.


When Giles took up the leash, Wesley again felt the strong urge to crawl instead of walk. He didn't fight it this time, and dropped from the bed to his hands and knees.


Giles glanced at Wesley in surprise, but didn't argue. He went slowly down the stairs to give Wesley time to navigate the steps.


Crawling downwards was awkward, but some part of Wesley needed to stay down. He followed the tug of his leash as they reached the floor, then crawled across flat ground to the bathroom.


Giles couldn't quite get over his surprise at Wesley's behavior, especially after Wesley's insistence the previous morning that he didn't want to be just a pet, but he was too pleased to question it. He watched Wesley and felt the last of the tension he'd felt since yesterday morning dissolve away. There was no question Wesley was his.


When they reached the bathroom, he knelt to change Wesley's collar, and paused to stroke Wesley's back and rub his arse. "It's really no wonder that you make me proud," he said. "Such initiative..."


Wesley arched into Giles' touch. The bathroom tile was cool and hard under his hands and knees, but staying this way gave him such a feeling of satisfaction that nothing else much mattered. He wanted to stay like this, at Giles' feet.


"Come on," Giles said, tugging on Wesley's collar. "Into the shower with you."


Wesley reluctantly stood long enough to climb into the tub, and then immediately went to his knees. He looked up at Giles with a wanting expression. It wasn't so much that he couldn't speak, as that he couldn't find the words.


Giles looked down at Wesley with a loving smile. He crouched and guided Wesley back onto hands and knees, then put his arms around him and cuddled him for a minute, feeling uncharacteristically affectionate.


Wesley felt his cock trying to harden again in reaction to being pushed gently back into his place, but again the cage did its job. He moaned and shivered as he slipped deeper into his submissive state.


Giles finally released Wesley, turned on the faucet and lathered the washcloth. He washed Wesley gently, spending extra time on his arse and balls, both to give him pleasure and to keep him aware of the helplessness of his cock.


As the washcloth caressed his genitals, Wesley felt a snap of something inside him. His eyes rolled back and he lowered his front, so that he was prostrating himself to Giles and at the same time displaying his arse to him. Something primal had hold of him, and he was helpless in its grasp.


Giles rinsed the washcloth out and cleaned the last soap suds off Wesley, then sat down beside him to stroke his back and head. He was entranced by Wesley's utter submission, such a dramatic change from yesterday. Though he was becoming increasingly aware of the fact they were going to be late to the school, he couldn't seem to tear himself away.


If Wesley had been capable of purring, he would have at that moment. Instead he kneeled there, with his arse in the air and his chin on the bottom of the tub, completely content.


Giles paused what he was doing long enough to wash himself, then settled back down and encouraged Wesley to put his head in his lap. He petted Wesley's hair and began to sing softly.


Wesley snuggled in Giles' lap, finally bringing his whole body down to the ground to curl close to Giles. He wore a soft smile as Giles sang to him, and looked up at him with calm devotion.


Giles found himself singing a lullaby that he hadn't heard since he was a child. The strength of his feelings for Wesley frightened him, but it was getting to a point that he couldn't fight them anymore. Between almost losing Wesley to the vampire and the feeling of Wesley slipping out of his grasp the day before, he wanted to hold Wesley as close as possible. The thought of losing him was too painful to bear.


As Wesley listened, an old memory floated to the surface of his mind. It was from when he was very young, and had been ill, though he couldn't recall from what. His mother had sat with him, and sang a soft lullaby as she stroked his forehead with a cool cloth. Despite his fever at the time, he remembered feeling loved and cared for, and few memories from later in his life held that quality.


Giles hated to disturb Wesley when he seemed so peaceful and content, but eventually the voice in his mind telling him they were late grew loud enough to spur him into action. He nudged Wesley gently. "We have to get dressed, pet. We're already late for work."


Wesley reluctantly acknowledged this. He rose back onto all fours, head bowed in submission.


Giles helped Wesley out of the bathtub. He dressed quickly, then threw together a haphazard breakfast.


When it was time for Wesley to dress, he shyed away from the clothing. He wanted to stay naked, at Giles' feet. That was his place, not standing and clothed. He whimpered to Giles, pleadingly.


Giles frowned in sympathy. "I know, pet," he said. "But we have to face the rest of the world now. I'll leave your cage on, all right? Under your clothes, you'll still be mine."


Wesley nodded in understanding. He still looked at the clothes with dislike, however.


Giles snorted with fond amusement, and was about to insist Wesley get dressed, when he remembered one of the toys he'd bought with a mind to use it at the school. "Wait just a moment," he said. "I've something else for you."


Wesley made a pleased sound, and waited obediently.


Giles took out the remote controlled vibrator, lubed it, and had Wesley bend over again. He pushed it into Wesley's arse until only the string for retrieving it remained. "I want you to hold this inside you today," he said, pocketing the remote. "Whatever you do, don't let it fall out."


Wesley squeezed down on the egg-shaped vibrator. He smiled up at Giles and nodded.


Giles smiled back at him. "Get dressed now. We need to go."


Wesley kneeled up to pull on his shirt, and then sat on the floor to slide on his pants. It still didn't feel right to stand.


While Wesley dressed, Giles gathered their things. "Stand up, boy," he said, when Wesley remained on the floor once his clothes were on.


Though it went against his instincts to do so, Giles' order overrode everything else. He stood up straight, still looking to Giles obediently.


"Better," Giles said, smiling. He turned to lead the way to the car.


Wesley followed, thinking of nothing but Giles and Giles' orders. Giles told him to stand, so he stood. Giles told him to get into the car, so he did. It was as simple as that.


Once they were on their way, Giles glanced at Wesley out of the corner of his eye. "Can you speak?"


Wesley tried to say no, but couldn't. He shook his head.


"Tell me you're mine," Giles said softly.


It took Wesley a few tries to manage it, but eventually he found his voice. "I'm yours, sir."


"Good," Giles said. "I need you functional today, Wesley."


Wesley couldn't help but feel a twinge of unhappiness. Even though he understood the practicalities, it was as if his devotion was being rejected. "Yes, sir," he said, a little sadly.


Giles reached over and scratched the nape of Wesley's neck lightly. "Be a good boy today, and I promise I'll make it up to you tonight."


Wesley perked back up again. "I'll be good, sir," he promised.


"You always are," Giles said.


That put the smile back on Wesley's face. "Thank you, sir."


Giles smiled as well. After a few minutes, he said, "I don't know precisely when Angel was planning on sending Faith back to us, but it should be before training tonight."


"Oh," Wesley said. Trying to think about such matters in his current state was not unlike slogging through mud, but he made the effort. "Will she be returning to her duties?" She was a Slayer, even if she had accidentally murdered a man. Such things were far from unknown, and as long as the matter was dealt with properly, her calling was more important than any legalities.


"You and I will have to decide whether she's ready," Giles said. "Based on my own experiences with such things, I'd she's likely to be emotionally fragile and defensive. We should try to be understanding, but at the same time she has to see that acting out is not appropriate. She hurt Xander badly, and if it turns that she's still misdirecting her violence, we may need to send her back to Angel."


Wesley sobered. This was a very delicate and precarious situation, and one that he felt ill-equipped to deal with. The standard Council procedures for dealing with troubled Slayers were unlikely to work here, he knew that much. The problem was that all he knew was standard Council procedure. It had been drilled into him for years, and the only things Wesley had learned since arriving in Sunnydale weren't exactly applicable to this situation. He was out of his depth, and he knew it. "Sir," he said, slowly. "I'm not really sure... I mean, I know the Handbook isn't relevant here, but I don't... I don't think I know how to be her Watcher." It was shaming to admit it, but the alternative was to bluff and blunder, and he hadn't felt up to that for weeks now.


Giles glanced at Wesley sympathetically. "I hardly knew what I was doing when I came here, either," he said. "I don't promise to handle this situation perfectly, either, but I think it's best for you to follow my lead. We need to be consistent, and you can learn from my example."


"Yes, sir," Wesley agreed. Giles had three years of experience with unruly Slayers. Wesley trusted that he could come up with a sensible solution.


Giles nodded in approval, and they drove the rest of the way to the school in comfortable silence.



All through the drive, Wesley had been aware of the egg nestled inside him. It felt good to be filled with something Giles had put there. Sitting down, he didn't have to make any effort to keep it in place. When they arrived and Wesley got out of the car, however, he had to clench down on it again. It made him straighten his posture as he walked.


Giles noticed Wesley's posture as they walked to the library, and as soon as they were in private again, he stroked a hand down Wesley's back. "You look good carrying that toy," he said.


Wesley gave him a shy smile. "Thank you, sir."


Giles put his things in his office and helped Wesley get settled at the table. "We neglected your report yesterday," he say. "You'll have to write it now so we can send it this evening."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, eager to be useful. "I'll need your help, to know what I've missed."


"You know most of what's happened," Giles pointed out. He sat and the table and briefly outlined the day Wesley had missed, and what had happened at the Bronze when they'd gone looking for the vampire Willow.


Wesley nodded, absorbing this. "And Faith, sir?"


Giles' only opportunity to speak with Angel about Faith had been after the fight at the Bronze, and he'd been tense over the fact that Angel had noticed Wesley's presence in the apartment, so he hadn't gotten a full report. "Say she's making progress, and that you think she'll be able to return to active patrol soon," he told Wesley.


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. That should be enough to satisfy, adapted properly. He tapped the end of his pen against his lips for a moment, and then set to work.


Giles wandered around the library, shelving books and taking care of other miscellaneous tasks. Occasionally he reached into his pocket and fingered the remote control there, tempted to use it. He resisted for some time, but before Wesley had finished report his self-control crumbled. As he wandered by the table, apparently on his way to the stacks, he turned the vibrator on.


Wesley yelped as the egg in his arse suddenly sprang to life. His pen skidded across the paper, ruining the report; he dropped it and gripped the edge of the table, eyes wide and mouth hanging open as the egg buzzed pleasurably.


Giles turned the vibrator off again after watching Wesley with glee for a few seconds. He glanced at the library doors, but there was no one in the hall, so he put his hands on Wesley's shoulders and rubbed gently. "I couldn't resist," he murmured. "Forgive me?"


As Wesley's heart stopped racing quite so fast, he recovered from the surprise. He looked down regretfully at the report, which had been almost done and would now need to be rewritten from the start. He sighed and leaned back against Giles. "I'm all right," he said. "There's nothing to forgive." He was Giles' pet, his property; how could he be upset if Giles wanted to play with him?


Giles gave Wesley a quick kiss on the top of his head. "Rewrite your report," he said. "I promise I'll let you finish this time."


"Thank you, sir," Wesley said. He selected a fresh sheet of paper and started again.


True to his word, Giles let Wesley finish his report without interruption this time. Once Wesley was done, though, he called him into his office, feeling the need to make up for the time lost yesterday.


As soon as the door was closed and locked, Wesley dropped first to his knees, and then to all fours. Despite following Giles' order to stand for work, he ached to crawl again, and the privacy of the office was the perfect opportunity.


Giles knelt to stroke Wesley's back approvingly and take his trousers down, revealing his trapped cock. He cupped and squeezed Wesley's balls, watching Wesley's reaction with interest.


Wesley arched eagerly into the massage. His cock continued to try to harden and fail, and each time Wesley felt his body give in, a little bit of the rest of him did the same. Wearing the cage, being locked in and controlled this way, was overpowering. He began to whimper softly.


Giles hummed with pleasure as Wesley responded to his touch, and reached into his pocket to turn the vibrator on.


Wesley yelped as the egg suddenly began to vibrate again. It was less of a surprise the second time around, though, and the pleasure of the thing quickly moved to the fore. It rested inside him in just the right way.


Giles sat on the floor, leaning back against the door, and pulled Wesley into his lap, facing away from him. He caressed Wesley's arse a bit, then reached around and twisted one of Wesley's nipples sharply. It was a shame he didn't have Wesley's blindfold and gag with him, but he hadn't thought to bring them along.


Wesley yelped again at the pain in his nipples, and then dissolved back into moaning. The constant stimulation inside him kept him writhing gently in Giles' lap.


Giles shushed Wesley gently, placing his hand over Wesley's mouth to remind him that they needed to be quiet. He didn't stop playing with Wesley's nipples, though, alternating between them with no particular pattern.


Wesley bit his lip, keeping as quiet as possible, though he couldn't entirely stop the soft noises of pain and arousal Giles coaxed from him.


After the vibrator had been running for a few minutes, Giles noticed that, even soft, Wesley's cock was beginning to dribble precome.


"What a wonderful slut you are," he murmured approvingly. "But you mustn't make a mess." He patted Wesley's arse to urge him to get back to his knees.


Wesley was gradually becoming completely incoherent, but an order from Giles cut through any amount of lust-driven haze. He wobbled onto his hands and knees, still shivering with want.


Giles took a cup from his tea set and placed it under Wesley, pushing Wesley's hips lower so that the drops of precome from the end of the cage wouldn't go astray. Once Wesley was in a good position, Giles pulled his desk chair over so he could sit and stroke Wesley's back while the vibrator continued to drive him out of his mind.


"Your cock is so eager," he said. "I suppose I should be displeased that you can't even control yourself this far, but I rather like it. After all, if you drain yourself while you're soft, you won't be able to come when you're hard."


The vibrator felt insanely good, so much so that Wesley had to devote all of what was left of his attention to staying upright and not making too much noise. He barely registered what Giles said, except that Giles was pleased with him. That was all that mattered.


Giles continued to pet Wesley, occasionally reaching down to fondle his balls as well. He was fascinated by the reaction of Wesley's body, and curious to see how long Wesley's cock would continue to produce precome. Surely it couldn't go on indefinitely, he thought.


From out in the library, a babble of voices suddenly appeared, growing louder. Wesley started as he realized it was Buffy and her friends, on one of their regular visits.


"Giles?" Buffy called out. "Hello? Giles?" She banged on the office door, making them both start. "I know you're in there."


Giles' heart was racing. He'd become so distracted by Wesley that he'd neglected the possibility of their being interrupted. "Just a moment," he called out.


He bent and whispered in Wesley's ear, "Don't move," then got up and slipped out the door, trying to act casual. Unfortunately, the first thing he encountered was Oz's thoughtful gaze.


Wesley kept in position, crouched over the teacup. Giles had left the vibrator on, and his cock was still slowly dripping into it. He bit back the moans and whimpers that wanted to escape; it was far too risky to make even the slightest noise. It was fortunate that his body absorbed the noise of the egg.


Giles forced himself to meet Oz's gaze levelly. Oz frowned, but looked away after a few second.


"What did you need, Buffy?" Giles asked.


"What's with the door locking?" Buffy said. She peered over his shoulder at the office door. "Are you hiding something from me?" she asks, suspiciously. She put her hands on her hips. "You're not allowed to have secrets, you know."


Giles took a deep breath, suppressing the urge to snap at her. "I do have a right to privacy," he pointed out. "It's not as though you've ever cared to discover my secrets in the past, unless they happened to impact your life."


Buffy gaped at him. She'd only been teasing, and Giles almost never talked back at her that way. Her mouth closed with a click of teeth and she frowned. "Giles? Is something wrong?" A thought crossed her mind, making her frown deepen. "It's not the Council again, is it? I knew Wesley was up to something. Not that he ever acted normal, but he's been weird lately. Like, more than Council plus Hellmouth weird." Concern crept into her expression. "If he's threatening you, I will so punch his lights out for you."


Giles shook his head and guided Buffy back towards the library table. "Wesley's not a problem," he assured her. "I apologize, I've been a bit out of sorts recently."


"You're not sick, are you? Or possessed? Did you eat any of the leftover band chocolate?" Buffy asked.


"No," Giles said firmly. "I assure you, I'm not impaired any way, nor have any demons from my past returned to haunt me."


"No more Eyghons?" Xander quipped, from where he was sitting at the table. "Gee, that's so disappointing."


"Where is Wesley, anyway?" Willow asked, talking over the end of Xander's sentence.


Giles scrambled to come up with an answer that would satisfy Oz as well as everyone else. "He's out to lunch," he finally lied, even though Oz would know better. It was the best he could come up with.


Xander glanced at the clock. "Guess he must still have jet lag." He put his hand over his stomach. "Then again... hey Will, do you have an extra one of those pudding cups in your bag?" He reached for Willow's backpack and started poking through it.


"Xander!" Willow exclaimed. She pulled the bag back, clutching it to her chest. "I'll share, but only if you ask nicely. And no fingers this time."


Relieved that they seemed to have been distracted, Giles went behind the counter and began to work on some books he'd been processing. He itched to return to Wesley, and only the knowledge that they'd have to go back to class soon kept him from throwing everyone out of the library so that he could do so.


After a few minutes, the bell rang for the next period, and Oz, Willow, and Xander took off. Buffy hung back, giving Giles a thoughtful look.


"You'd tell me if there was something up, right?" she asked Giles.


"If there was anything going on that I thought concerned you, I'd certainly tell you," Giles assured her, smiling a bit.


Buffy raised an eyebrow, but didn't press further. "Okay, cool. Later," she said, and left.


Giles let out a sigh of relief when she disappeared down the hall, and immediately went back to his office. He was pleased to find Wesley still in position, the teacup slowly filling due to a small but steady stream of precome trickling from Wesley's cock. "Good boy," he said, stroking Wesley's back.


Wesley let out a quiet groan of relief at Giles' return. As strange as his body felt when the cage held back his erection, it felt even stranger now. It was as if he was pissing come, though at a very slow rate. He'd never felt anything like it.


Giles took a moment to massage Wesley's balls, then said, "Shall we see how long you can keep this up?"


All Wesley could respond with was an incoherent moan. His limbs trembled from the difficulty of holding himself up during such relentless stimulation.


Noticing Wesley's trembling, Giles pressed his hand between Wesley's shoulders, making him bend to the floor. "That's better," he said. "This is the most appropriate position for you, don't you think? Bowed before me, displaying your intimate parts for me to use as I see fit."


Wesley moaned again, and managed a bleary nod. His eyes were glazed and pupils wide as he looked up at Giles from the floor.


Giles stroked Wesley a bit more, caressing his upturned cheek, then took Wesley's wrists and pulled his hands out from under him, placing them on his buttocks. "Hold yourself open for me like you did before," he instructed.


Wesley obeyed. He let his weight rest on his chest and cheek, and displayed his arse for Giles. One of his hands brushed against the string that ran out of his arse.


"Mmm. Good," Giles purred. He sat in his chair behind Wesley, where Wesley couldn't see what he was doing, and took out the control for the vibrator. It had a few different setting in addition to the power button, and he began to experiment. It was currently on the lowest setting, so he turned it up to the highest.


Wesley's mouth opened in a soft O as the egg's vibrations abruptly sped up. He involuntarily tightened around the egg, clamping down on it, and let out a long, low groan of pleasure. His hands were slick from sweat, but their grip on his arse held as he opened and closed around the string.


Giles left the vibrator at the higher speed, enjoying Wesley's response, until after a bit he noticed that the trickle of precome from Wesley's cock seemed to be trailing off. He frowned, not sure if the timing was a coincidence, and tried turning the vibrator back down.


Wesley sagged with relief as the vibrations eased back to their previous level. He hadn't noticed when his cock had stopped leaking, but he felt it start again after a minute or two. He let out a choked moan.


Giles hummed with a approval and patted Wesley's arse. "Stay just like this," he said. "I want to see how long your cock keeps this up."


He made a mental note to look into why Wesley's body was responding like this, and what would cause it to stop with increased stimulation, but for now he turned to his desk and settled in to do some paperwork, since Wesley hardly required his constant attention.


Wesley kept in place, arse in the air and cheeks spread, and his soft cock leaking out all his come one drop at a time. He closed his eyes and drifted, lost in the strange and wonderful sensations.


Giles turned to check on Wesley every few minutes, petting him and praising him softly for his obedience. Almost twenty minutes passed before Wesley's cock finally stopped its steady dribbling. Giles squeezed his balls to see how their condition had changed and was startled to find them still heavy with arousal and denied release. He frowned in confusion, but when he looked in the teacup, the surprisingly small amount of fluid that had collected didn't look quite like normal semen.


Wesley gave a long, low moan and opened his eyes. Even though his cock couldn't harden, he was starting to feel a strong urge to orgasm. He whimpered and looked towards Giles with an expression of open need.


Giles moved to the arm chair and turned off the vibrator. "You've been very patient," he said. "I think you've earned a reward." He patted his lap to indicate Wesley should come up.


Wesley rose unsteadily, and had to pause as the blood rushed from his head, making him terribly dizzy. The absence of vibrations felt strange after so long. He managed to make his way to the armchair and sat down in Giles' lap, exhausted yet desperate to come.


Giles wrapped his arms around Wesley and hugged him briefly, then took out his keys and unlocked the cock cage at long last. Wesley's cock hardened faster than Giles would have thought physically possible when he freed it from its plastic prison. He wrapped the pieces in his handkerchief and set them aside. He would put the cage on again as soon as Wesley came.


Wesley whimpered and moaned as his cock finally was able to fill, as it had been trying to all morning. He didn't try to touch himself despite the aching need he felt. Only Giles could touch his cock.


Giles wasted no time in wrapping his hand around Wesley's cock. His goal was to see how quickly he could get Wesley to come after such prolonged stimulation.


Wesley moaned helplessly as Giles stroked his cock. It felt wonderful, and he luxuriated in it. As Giles continued to touch him, he quickly neared orgasm.


Giles' own cock hardened as Wesley squirmed in his lap. At first he smiled, anticipating the vicarious pleasure of Wesley's release, but when Wesley passed the point at which Giles would have expected him to come and was still moaning and writhing in ecstasy, Giles' brows drew together in confusion.


A small part of Wesley's mind was aware there was something wrong, but he wasn't coherent enough to process it. All he knew was that he was incredibly close to coming.


It gradually dawned on Giles that he'd been right all along. Wesley's balls might still be full, but he couldn't seem to come without whatever it was that had been drained out of him. A vague memory from his anatomy lessons as a student came to his mind, and he realized that the fluid in the cup must be the seminal fluid that carried the sperm.


He was a bit disappointed to realize Wesley truly wouldn't be coming, when he'd genuinely wanted to reward the boy with a long-overdue release, but the best thing at this point seemed to be to pretend this had been his plan all along.


Eventually Wesley realized that he should have come by now, and he didn't know what was stopping him. He clung close to Giles and mewed plaintively.


"You see?" Giles whispered, as though sharing an important secret. "You're a perfect slut. Your cock was so eager to come that it couldn't wait until you were hard. Now you can't come at all."


Wesley gasped and pawed at Giles' shirt. He needed to come so badly, he couldn't bear to be unable to.


Giles caught Wesley's wrists and pulled them behind his back, holding them tight. "Do I need to tie you?" he asked sternly.


Wesley bowed his head and shook it. Not that he would mind being tied, exactly, but it would somehow be failing if Giles needed to do so. He took a few deep breaths to calm himself despite the keen ache in his balls.


"That's good," Giles murmured, releasing Wesley's wrists. He rubbed Wesley back to try to help him calm down. "Your body did this on its own; it wasn't my intention," he continued. "This is what you are, pet. You're a slut with no self-control." He smiled and kissed Wesley's forehead to take the sting out of his words. "Fortunately, I rather like that about you."


Right now, Wesley did feel as if he had no control over his own body. It had betrayed him, leaving him desperate to come but physically incapable of doing so. In such a condition he was powerless; only Giles could help him now.


Having made his point, Giles turned his attention to soothing Wesley. He held Wesley against his chest and continued rubbing his back, leaving his cock alone now. "We'll have to get you back in your cage soon," he said. "I suppose I'll have to ice your cock again. hmm?"


Wesley nodded. He didn't like the ice, but he was far too aroused to control himself. He would submit to it without complaint; what other choice was there? His own body had done this to him.


Once Wesley's breathing had more or less evened out, Giles helped him up and left him standing awkwardly while Giles retrieved an icepack.


Wesley was still painfully hard as he stood there, hands behind his back. He braced himself for what was about to happen.


"Brace yourself," Giles murmured as he put one hand over Wesley's mouth. When Wesley nodded in understanding, he pressed the ice to Wesley's groin.


Wesley's eyes bulged as he screamed into Giles' hand. The ice was a harsh shock on his oversensitive and engorged genitals. His eyes watered and he tapered off into harsh panting as his cock ever so slowly lost its hardness.


Giles held Wesley securely against him, giving him no chance to escape. This was just as arousing as he remembered it being, and it was only with a great deal on concentration that he kept himself from thrusting against Wesley's arse.


By the time Wesley's cock was completely soft, his groin was quite numb. He sagged in Giles' arms, completely exhausted.


Giles guided Wesley to sit in the chair, and reapplied the cage quickly, then helped him get his trousers back on and his shirt tucked in. He looked rumpled and debauched, even once he was dressed again.


Wesley looked up at Giles blearily. Even sitting down, he felt as if he might fall over at any moment. He blinked once, slowly, and almost had to pry his eyes back open.


Giles gave Wesley a gentle smile. "You should rest," he said. "There's a cot in the book cage. I'll get it for you."


He picked up the neglected teacup and put it on his desk for now, then went to retrieve the cot.


Wesley was almost asleep sitting up in the chair when Giles returned. He rubbed his eyes tiredly as Giles set up the cot.


Giles helped Wesley to stand while he moved the chair out of the way, then lay Wesley down on it and put a light blanket over him. He ran his fingers through Wesley's hair for a few moments. "You've been very good this morning," he assured Wesley. "I'm pleased with this new discovery. Now I can control when you come even more effectively."


Wesley made a soft noise of understanding. That Giles approved of what his body had done made him feel a little better about being unable to come. He didn't want to come if Giles didn't want him to. He gave soft smile as he settled against the cot, and the moment he closed his eyes, he slipped into sleep.


Giles left Wesley to sleep and took the teacup to the bathroom to wash it out. There were only a few tablespoons of fluid in it, a surprisingly small amount considering how long Wesley's body had taken to produce it. He suspected he would need to look at the university library in order to figure out exactly what had happened to Wesley.

PART THIRTY-SIX: Conversations


Just as Giles was leaving to go back to the library, Oz came in. They stared at each other until Oz's nostrils twitched, and Giles looked away.


"Wesley wasn't out to lunch, was he?" Oz said.


"No," Giles confessed, still not meeting Oz's eyes.


There was a long pause. "You lied to Buffy."


"Yes, well," Giles stammered. "I didn't care to have a confrontation with her regarding my no-longer-latent bisexuality. Particularly not with Willow and Xander around. They've never taken it well when I turn out not to be the stuffy librarian they believe."


Oz nodded slowly. "Seems like maybe it's a bad idea to be having sex at the office in that case," he said mildly.


Giles nodded, relieved that Oz didn't seem inclined to get upset over it. "You're right, of course. I'm afraid I haven't been terribly rational lately. I--I didn't really expect to feel this way about anyone so soon after--" He trailed off, his mind shying away from the memories of Jenny and her death.


"Gotcha," Oz said sympathetically. He paused again, then continued, "Look, we both know secrets have a way of getting found out around here. I gotta figure, if I already know, somebody else is gonna twig it. I'm just sayin'."


Giles nodded again. "Thank you, Oz," he said. "I'll take that into consideration."


Oz nodded in acceptance and brushed casually past Giles. Silently sighing in relief, Giles went back to the library, where he put on a pot of tea to calm his nerves.


Wesley woke to sounds of pages being turned, and the scratch of a pen on paper. He stirred in the cot, breaking into a wide yawn and a stretch, and then going limp again.


Giles glanced at Wesley with a smile. "Feel better?"


Wesley nodded and gave Giles a smile. He'd needed the rest. His body ached pleasantly, particularly his genitals. He felt the cage comfortingly around him, and he was glad of it.


"I'm glad," Giles said. "Tea?" He picked up the pot to pour Wesley a cup.


"Yes, please," Wesley said. He was surprised by the sound of his own voice, after so long in his wordless state. He pushed off the blanket and sat up, and tried to clear his head.


Giles gave Wesley the tea. "How about some lunch?"


Wesley took a few small sips. Tea was, he always thought, remarkably recuperative. "I'd like that, sir," he said. His voice was still a bit rough, mainly from his scream.


Giles nodded. "Good lad. When you're done with your tea, get our lunch from the fridge and bring it here."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. The tea wasn't too hot, so he finished it quickly. He handed the cup back to Giles, and then moved from the cot back down to the floor. He crawled to the fridge on all fours, then returned to Giles on his knees with his arms full.


Giles experience the same feeling of amazement that he'd felt when Wesley first came to him. That Wesley continued to crawl without ever having been told took his breath away. He took Wesley's burdens as he approached and caressed his head in approval.


Wesley looked up at Giles contentedly, happy to be pet, to be a good pet.


Giles unpacked their lunch and began to feed Wesley just as he would have at home.


Wesley relished each bite of food Giles fed him. When he was full, he lay his head on Giles' lap, nuzzling gently and then resting quietly.


Giles smiled down at Wesley. "Shall we go for a walk? I'm sure we could both use the exercise by now."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. "Though... I wish you could use a leash." He would have loved to be led for a walk on a leash. If they went somewhere secluded, Giles might have even let him crawl.


"I think that would attract more attention than we really want," Giles pointed out.


"I know, sir," Wesley said, regretfully.


"It would be nice," Giles conceded. "But certainly not here. We'll have to suffer through." He rose and extended a hand to Wesley. "Come on."


Wesley took Giles' hand and stood. It still didn't feel right to be at the same height as his master, but he would have to bear it until they returned home.


Giles smiled reassuringly at Wesley and led them in a leisurely stroll around the campus.


Wesley held a very straight posture in the process of keeping the egg in place inside him. He was very glad to have it inside him, and the cage locking him in, and his outside-collar. He needed the way they meant Giles was touching him: holding his throat and his cock, and even pressing inside him. Though even all of that wasn't enough. If he had been capable of an erection, he would have one at the thought of crawling after Giles outside where everyone could see, led along by his leash, a proud pet. He would be wearing only his proper collar and cuffs, along with whatever toys Giles chose, and Giles would stop at one of the benches and pet him.


Wesley was so lost in his daydream that he didn't noticed that he had put his hands behind his back as they walked, and that he began to trail a step behind Giles, half-imagining an invisible leash pulling him along.


Giles glanced over his shoulder at Wesley. "Come up here beside me, pet," he whispered, when no one was in hearing distance.


Wesley drifted back from his daydream and quickened his step, coming up beside Giles.


Giles smiled at Wesley. "I couldn't see you," he said, by way of explanation.


"I'm sorry, sir," Wesley said.


"No need to be sorry," Giles assured him. He fell silent as a group of students rushed past them, chattering excitedly and apparently oblivious to the presence of the two men.


When the rounded the next corner, Giles winced at the sight of Principal Snyder. Before he could retreat, the man called out, "Mr. Giles!"


Giles raised his eyebrows. "Yes. What can I do for you?"


"You'd be the perfect person to speak at the next PTA meeting. Tell all the parents how all the students here know how to use the library, give them some statistics--make something up. It's mostly mothers, anyway. They'll probably be distracted by the fact you're English."


Giles stammered for a moment. "I'm afraid I'm otherwise engaged that evening," he said stiffly.


Snyder's eyes narrowed. "I haven't even told you the date. You wouldn't be trying to shirk your civic duty? You spend all day doing God knows what in that library, encouraging that Summers girl and tempting Miss Rosenberg to delinquency. It's time you did something to earn your keep."


Wesley had briefly met with Principal Snyder when he'd first arrived. Snyder was a distinctly unpleasant man, in his opinion, and Wesley didn't like the idea of Giles being away. He took a step forward and cleared his throat, slipping abruptly back into his old, Council attitude and looking down his nose at Snyder. "My apologies, Mister Snyder," he said. "I'm afraid Mister Giles will be unavailable for the next few weeks. He's assisting on a very important international librarian project and we really cannot spare him for something so minor as a school meeting."


Giles gaped at Wesley for a moment, shocked that he'd spoken up, then pulled himself back together as gracefully as he could manage. "Thank you, Pryce," he said, giving Principal Snyder a hard stare. "This project is top priority. Sunnydale High could receive international recognition for its involvement."


"International recognition?" Snyder's eyes got big. "Well, don't let me keep you from your work. I'm sure Mrs. Hunter will be happy to do the presentation." He turned and began to strut away proudly. "I expect regular updates!" he called over his shoulder.


Once Snyder was gone, Wesley's whole appearance shifted subtly as he slipped out of his Council persona and back to being Giles' pet. He had to admit he was much more comfortable the way he was now, than how he had been then. He turned to Giles, hoping he was pleased with the assistance.


Giles gave Wesley a look of relief. "That was inspired," he said, patting Wesley's arm.


"Thank you, sir," Wesley said, pleased.


Not wanting to give Snyder a chance to change his mind, Giles made a beeline back to the library. Once they were there, he settled Wesley at the table and put him to work again.


The afternoon passed far less excitingly than the morning. Wesley worked dutifully until shortly before school was due to be let out, when Giles drew his attention.


Giles brought Wesley into his office and took his trousers down, then made him bend over the desk for a moment. The string for retrieving the egg still dangled from Wesley's arse, and he grasped it and pulled.


Wesley kept a tight grip on the egg, however, because Giles hadn't told him to let go.


Giles smiled at Wesley's resistance. "It's all right," he said. "It's best I take this out before we try to work with Buffy and Faith."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, and relaxed his muscles. The egg slid out of him, leaving Wesley with an emptiness inside that he quickly needed to be filled. He made a small whimper of dissatisfaction.


Giles rubbed the small of Wesley's back comfortingly, then went to seal the egg in a plastic bag for transport home. Once it was tucked away in his briefcase, he pulled Wesley's trousers up again. Just as they were coming out of the office, the library doors swung inward, admitting Buffy.


Giles greeted her distractedly, frowning at his watch. "Where's Faith?" he wondered. "She should be here by now."


They waited for Faith to appear, but there was no sign of her.


"Buffy, did Angel say anything to you about when Faith would arrive?" Giles asked.


She shook her head. "All he said was Monday."


They waited a few more minutes.


"Buffy, why don't you go and see if she's still with Angel?" Giles suggested. "Wesley and I can stay here in case she arrives."


Wesley watched Buffy go, and the niggle of worry he felt grew stronger. He didn't like to think about what could happen if Angel was unable to help Faith.


Buffy hadn't been gone for more than a minute or two when Giles began to pace anxiously. He knew he should go with her. There was too much tension between her and Faith already, and though he trusted her capabilities as a Slayer, she still thought like a teenager. If anything was seriously wrong it was only likely to get worse. But he hadn't been to Angel's mansion since Xander had taken him away almost a year ago. The thought of going back was enough to make him break out in a nervous sweat.


Wesley saw the sudden tension in Giles and frowned with concern. "Sir? Are you all right?"


"I'm fine," Giles said brusquely. A moment later he stopped pacing and sighed. "I'm sorry. I'm worried about Buffy. I think I should have gone with her."


"Would you like to go now?" Wesley asked. "I could wait here." He didn't really want to be left alone in a library on top of a Hellmouth, but he wanted to be helpful.


Giles sighed again, wrestling with himself. If he was going to go to the mansion, he wanted Wesley with him, but it was more practical for one of them to stay in case Faith arrived. He shook his head at himself. "Yes, I think that's best," he said reluctantly.


Seeing that Giles was reluctant to go, Wesley tried another suggestion. "Or perhaps you could wait here, and I could go after Buffy? It won't be dark for a few hours yet."


Giles immediately shook his head. Sending Wesley to deal with Faith, Angel, and/or Buffy by himself seemed like a catastrophically bad idea. On the other hand, if he was at the library by himself and Faith did arrive, that could be equally disastrous. "No," he said. "We'll both go."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. "We could leave her a note, in case she arrives while we're gone?"


"Yes, precisely," Giles agreed, going to get pen and paper. He wrote a note requesting Faith to wait for them if she arrived and taped it to the library doors.


Wesley followed along after Giles as they left the library. He was feeling rather anxious himself, and he was glad that Giles seemed to have calmed down somewhat.


Since it seemed more expedient than trying to catch Buffy on foot, Giles drove them to the end of Crawford street and parked at the base of hill where the mansion stood. He shut the ignition off and opened his door, but had to take a deep breath to steady himself before he got out.


Wesley looked up the hill at the mansion. It was quite a lovely building, if running to neglect. There was no sign of anyone about, at least not from the outside.


Giles led the way up the dirt path to the mansion, trying not to think about anything except putting one foot in front of the other. He caught himself flexing his fingers half-consciously to reassure himself that they were still whole and made a fist to stop.


When they reached the mansion, there was still no sign of life. "Hello?" Wesley called out. "Buffy? Faith?"


There was a groggy grunt and then motion from another room, and Angel stumbled out, pulling a t-shirt on over his head. He stopped with just his eyes peeking out of the collar. "Giles. What are you doing here?" he asked, surprised and concerned.


Giles cleared his throat. "Faith didn't make it to training," he said.


Angel yanked his shirt the rest of the way on abruptly, his demeanor becoming business-like. "She didn't? She left here before noon."


"No," Giles said.


"Buffy hasn't arrived yet?" Wesley asked.


Angel shook his head. "Should she have?"


"No," Giles said. "She had a lead a on us, but we came by car. If you've no idea where Faith is, we'll go and intercept her so we can look elsewhere."


"Giles," Angel said, as Giles began to turn on his heel.


He turned back with a hard stare, his posture tense.


"Look," Angel continued, "she's still pretty edgy. She's doesn't really believe you're not going to hate her for what she did. I wouldn't be surprised if she went somewhere to try and calm down, and lost track of time or something."


Giles nodded in understanding, though his expression didn't soften. "Thank you. We'll try to find her."


"What, you two get bored waiting?" Buffy said, coming up from behind Giles. She walked over to Angel. "Where's Faith?"


"Not here, clearly," Giles said, with an irritated edge to his voice. His spine had been crawling since he'd arrived. He really wanted to leave. Now.


Buffy gave Giles a look, and then a guilty expression crossed her face. "Why don't you guys go look for her? We'll meet up at the library in a couple of hours."


Giles nodded. "Yes. We'll start downtown and work our way out."


Wesley wanted to offer some kind of reassurances, to both Giles and Buffy, but found himself at a loss. Aside from helping Giles, he didn't really have much of a relationship with anyone else in Sunnydale, and as a result didn't fully know how to behave in this sort of situation. He was only a Watcher in name now, after all. And with Giles so clearly upset, he felt worried and edgy and only wanted the situation to be resolved soon and without trouble.


Giles glanced at Wesley. "Come along," he said, barely resisting the desire to add "pet" at the end.


Angel gave them an odd look, but Giles was already walking away.


As they walked back to the car, Wesley continued to try to think of something to say. There was an obvious tension between Giles and Angel, and Wesley had read enough of Giles' reports to know that it probably had to do with Angelus and Acathla. Of course, like all of Giles' reports to the Council, a great deal had likely been left out. Now that Wes was writing the reports, he understood just how little information actually made its way to the archives.


Giles didn't speak, just drove them to the library to check that Faith hadn't arrived there, then headed downtown to continue their search.


They started out in the better part of town, checking all the shops and restaurants that looked like they might harbor teenagers. By the time they worked through to the shadier region, it was getting late. Wesley was increasingly concerned that they might not find her at all, or worse, run into trouble as evening fell.


As they passed a cheap-looking diner, Wesley caught a glimpse of dark hair and a sullen expression. "Sir," Wesley said, lightly touching Giles on the arm to draw his attention. "Over there," he said, pointing.


Giles looked where Wesley was pointing. It certainly looked like Faith, though it would be hard to tell until they went inside. Giles led the way, and as they approached the table he became more certain they'd found her.


Faith looked up from her half-empty cup of coffee. A look of panic passed over her face and then disappeared under a mask of bravado. She stared at them as if expecting a challenge.


"Faith," Giles said gently, as he took a seat across from her. "We've been worried about you."


Wesley sat down next to Giles. He tried to match Giles' posture as much as possible, hoping it would be unlikely to antagonize Faith.


"What the hell's he still doing here?" Faith asked Giles, gesturing at Wesley.


Giles glanced at Wesley. "He and I are working together now," Giles explained. "It seemed to be in both your and Buffy's best interest to have one-on-one attention as much as possible."


Faith's expression soured. "And I get him. Great. That some kind of punishment?"


Wesley was hurt by her attitude, but tried not to show it.


"No," Giles said. "You get both of us. As does Buffy."


Faith didn't look terribly thrilled at that prospect either. "Yeah, whatever." She sipped her coffee and stared out the window.


"Faith," Giles said softly. "We're here to help you. I may no longer be employed by the Council, but I don't intend to abandon my responsibilities to you and Buffy on their word. Wesley may have less experience than I do, but I know he takes his duties just as seriously."


That took the edge off of Faith's sourness. She was clearly skeptical, but marginally less hostile. "Yeah, all right. Angel gave me the whole speech thing like, a hundred times." She looked suddenly young and vulnerable. "Sorry for not showing up. That's ninety percent, right?"


Giles nodded and smiled encouragingly at her. "Yes. It certainly is."


Faith glanced at Wesley again. "Hey, what happened to the suits? You go for a fashion makeover or what?"


Giles looked at Wesley as well, and nudged him under the table when he didn't respond.


"I-I-- yes," Wesley stammered. His anxiety over dealing with Faith had made him tongue-tied, and wary of saying the wrong thing--something he generally excelled at. "Giles took me to the mall."


"He wanted something a bit more appropriate to the environment," Giles explained, deciding to take pity on Wesley, who was clearly uncomfortable.


"Yeah, well, those suits sure weren't gonna cut it," Faith said, smirking a little.


Giles gave Faith a chiding but good humored look. "It's late," he said. "Why don't we all go home, and you can come in for training tomorrow."


"Do over?" Faith asked.


"Yes," Giles agreed.


Faith nodded. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a couple of crumpled bills and some change. She dumped it on the table and slid out of her chair. "I'm gonna go. See you guys tomorrow."


Giles watched Faith go, then sighed and leaned his head in his hands. He felt ridiculously tired for having done little more than walk around for a couple of hours.


Wesley leaned back in his chair with a sigh of relief. He was quite glad that nothing was wrong except for a case of cold feet.


Giles pushed his chair back from the table abruptly. "We need to go and let Buffy know we found her," he said.


"Of course, sir," Wesley said. He followed along as Giles strode out of the diner. Faith was nowhere in sight, and Wesley hoped she fared well for the night.


Giles drove back to the school without speaking, then told Wesley to wait in the car while he went inside. He found Buffy sitting dejectedly at the library table.


"Buffy," he said, his mood lightening a bit. "It's all right, we've found her. She was just a just a bit self-conscious, I think. She'll be here tomorrow."


Buffy looked less than thrilled at the prospect. "Did you yell at her?"


"What?" Giles said. "Of course not."


"So how come she gets to kill and guy and skip training and make us all run around looking for her, and it's no big deal?" Buffy asked.


"It is a very big deal," Giles said, trying to be patient. He wasn't sure what had brought on this mood in Buffy. "Did you miss the part where Angel had to hold her prisoner for several days, or..." He stopped, enlightenment dawning. "I see. You're jealous of the attention Angel's given her."


"I'm not!" Buffy protested. Then: "Okay, maybe."


"Buffy," Giles said, gently but firmly. He wanted nothing more than to go home with Wesley and find a way to relieve the stress the evening had brought on. Reassuring Buffy of Angel's affection for her was the last thing he wanted to do. "If you're worried about Angel's devotion, I suggest you discuss it with him. Faith needs our support and understanding right now."


Buffy frowned, but after a moment she nodded half-heartedly. "I guess," she said.


Giles nodded. "Shall we go?" he suggested, gathering his briefcase.


Buffy followed his cue, though she still seemed a bit uneasy. Giles hoped she would talk to Angel when she patrolled that night. She hesitated for a moment at the library doors, but in the end she turned and walked through them. Giles headed out the back.



Wesley was incredibly glad when they finally arrived home. It had been a long day, and all he wanted right now was to be alone with Giles. Once they were inside, Wesley stripped, set his clothes neatly aside in a pile, and then knelt down, arse in the air and chin to the ground.


Giles crouched beside Wesley and rubbed his arse. "My good boy," he murmured affectionately. "You've been too long without your arse filled, haven't you?"


Wesley nodded. "Please, sir."


Giles patted Wesley's arse once more, reassuringly, then went to get a plug and Wesley's collar and leash. He chose the penis-shaped plug, which wasn't quite the widest of them, but was the longest by a few inches. It would make movement very tricky for Wesley, a thought that made Giles' cock stir eagerly. He felt in a particularly sadistic mood, needing to see Wesley struggle and suffer to ease his own stress.


When he returned to Wesley, he quickly switched out his collars and attached the leash. Holding the leash taut for a moment, he said, "I have a new rule for you, pet."


"Yes, sir," Wesley breathed, enjoying the tug of the leash.


Giles petted Wesley's head with his free hand. "Even when I'm not holding it and haven't attached it to anything, you should consider your leash an anchor," he said. "Wherever it falls, consider it fixed to the spot, you understand?"


Wesley gave a soft whimper of surrender. "I understand, sir."


"That's a good boy," Giles said again. He let go of Wesley's leash and began to lube the plug. It was a bit narrower than his own erect cock, but nearly as long. When it was sufficiently slick, he murmured soothing noises to Wesley and pushed it in firmly, penetrating Wesley with it far more quickly than would be comfortable.


Wesley gasped as the plug pushed abruptly into his arse. His fingers curled against the floor as he tried to adjust to the sudden, large intrusion. Only once it was fully inside did he fade into soft whimpers.


Giles smiled and rubbed Wesley's back. "There," he murmured. "Hold on to it, now. It's a bit larger than your egg, I know, but you'll get used to it. Imagine it's my cock inside you. You wouldn't want that to slip out, would you?"


"No, sir," Wesley managed. The plug went terribly deep inside him, further even than Giles' cock. It didn't nestle comfortably inside him as the egg had, but probed and stretched. He didn't need to make much effort to hold on when it filled him so completely. Still, it did feel good to be filled again. He'd missed it, even though it had only been a few hours.


Giles kissed the small of Wesley's back, since it was a convenient spot, then took up the leash again. "Here," he said. "I'll let you lie on the sofa while I make dinner."


Wesley rose to his hands and knees and followed the pull of the leash. He quickly found it difficult to crawl with the large plug, as each movement caused it to shift inside him, pressing deeper or at an angle. It forced him to slow down, and strengthened the pull at his neck.


Giles kept the leash taut, but didn't try to make Wesley move faster than was comfortable for him. He watched with carefully concealed excitement as every shift of the plug was reflected on Wesley's face. He intended to make Wesley submit to far worse before the evening was over, but this was a delightful start.


Wesley was already trembling from tension and exertion by the time he'd crossed the short distance to the couch. Giles stopped there, so he stopped too, bowing his head down again.


Giles gave Wesley a moment to rest, stroking his back to relax him, then helped him clamber onto the sofa with the plug still inside him. Wesley was gasping and shaking again by the time Giles got him settled on his side, so Giles took the time to pet him a bit more.


"You're doing well," he said. "Try to relax and accept it. I wouldn't have given this to you if I weren't sure you could handle it."


It helped to know that Giles believed in him. Wesley tried to relax as best he could, opening around the intrusion to make it easier to bear. Gradually he settled down as his body adjusted quietly. He looked up at Giles, but could say nothing. All day long he'd been forcing himself to speak and stand, and now finally he didn't have to pretend anymore.


Giles kissed Wesley's forehead and stroked his cheek tenderly, transfixed by the surrender in Wesley's eyes. "Such a wonderful pet," he whispered, sounding awed. "I'll ask more of you later, but right now I want you to relax and let me take care of you. It's the least I can do to reward you."


Wesley made a soft noise of assent and closed his eyes, losing himself in the touch of Giles' hand and the way his body was shaping itself around the plug. In this position, the cage brushed lightly against his thigh, reminding him that his cock was still safely locked away.


Giles smiled and gave Wesley a last kiss, then rose to make dinner. His mood was improving, though the stress of returning to the mansion after so long was still simmering in the back of his mind, keeping him from relaxing completely.


When the food was ready, he returned to the sofa and let Wesley's head rest in his lap so that he could lay comfortably while he was fed.


Wesley kept his hands behind his back and his eyes closed as Giles fed him, surrendering completely now that he no longer had to fight the urges he felt. He opened his mouth as Giles' fingers nudged his lips, and accepted the food he was given.


Once dinner was finished, they sat quietly for a few minutes, Giles running his fingers idly through Wesley's hair. Eventually, Giles got up to take care of the dishes, but once that was done he returned to Wesley and crouched in front of him, once again petting him gently.


"You may have noticed I've been a bit tense today, pet," he said. "I don't care to explain why, but there is a way you can help, if you want to."


Wesley nodded. He wanted to help, had wanted to since Giles had first been upset. He just didn't know how.


"I want to hurt you," Giles said, his tone still gentle, though his gaze darkened at the thought. "I want to do terrible things to you, make you scream in pain even while your cock is hard and eager. But I'm not going to force this on you. It's not a punishment."


Wesley finally opened his eyes, and they were full of confusion. He couldn't see how being hurt wasn't a punishment. If Giles hurt him, surely it was because he had been bad, but Wesley didn't know what he could have done wrong.


Giles smiled softly at Wesley's look of incomprehension. "I'm not unhappy with you," he said. "And I won't be unhappy if you don't want to do this. It's a big step, and I don't want to take it until you're ready. But I..." He had to stop a moment and look away before he could finish his sentence. "Today I was reminded of some pain that I've suffered. It would do me good to share that pain with someone else."


Wesley didn't feel ready at all, not for what Giles had described. But he wanted so badly to help... He look at Giles anxiously. He didn't want to speak or even move without being ordered, but the need to communicate was trying to pull him away from silence.


Wesley's reluctance was written on his face--as most of his thoughts tended to be. It was one of the things Giles liked about him.


"Perhaps I could forego the scream tonight," he offered, smiling self-deprecatingly. "There's no need to rush things. And if I'm very pleased with you, I'll let you come afterwards. Surely your body has recovered enough by now."


As compromises went, it sounded reasonable. Wesley was still very wary about the whole matter of pain, but if it would help Giles, he would at least try to bear it. He nodded, giving Giles permission to do as he wished.


Giles smiled in relief and helped Wesley to sit up. He hadn't been entirely honest when he'd said he wouldn't be unhappy if Wesley didn't agree. It was his right to hurt the boy if he wanted, after all, he just didn't want to frighten him so badly he never recovered. He would go easy on Wesley tonight, bearing in mind his goal, which was for Wesley to suffer willingly, even eagerly, at his whim.


"Do you need to go to the loo?" he asked, not wanting to interrupt his play time for Wesley's physical needs.


Wesley nodded. With relief, he felt the need to speak fading away again.


"Can you take care of it by yourself?" Giles asked, wondering if Wesley would need help with the plug still in him. When Wesley nodded, he said, "All right. Go on."


Wesley moved off the couch to his hands and knees, and began a slow, careful crawl to the bathroom. His body had adjusted to the plug, but movement still prodded his insides in surprising ways. When he reached his goal, he rose up and sat on the seat to piss. Doing so with the cage on was a strange experience, but the design was functional for such necessities. It allowed him to wipe himself off without touching his cock, which he appreciated. The sink was low enough that he could stay on his knees to wash his hands. When he was done, he crawled slowly back to Giles again, prostrating himself when he reached him.


Giles had taken the opportunity to take the things he needed upstairs while Wesley was busy. He was waiting at the foot of the stairs, and when Wesley bowed before him, he took Wesley's leash in hand and grasped Wesley under the shoulders to help him to his feet. "You'll have less trouble with the stairs if you're upright," he said.


Wesley cooperated, even though he would have rather crawled. Walking was still tricky enough.


Giles supported Wesley up the stairs. Once they reached the loft, he made Wesley lie on his back and used a length of rope to tie his hands securely over his head. Tying Wesley's legs was a bit more complicated. Giles wanted him even more immobilized than usual, but he still needed Wesley's legs spread open, because he planned to implement the ball crusher he'd bought without Wesley's knowledge. The first thing he did was to take the spreader bar, one of the things he'd brought upstairs, and use the included cuffs to fasten it just above Wesley's knees. He adjusted the length until Wesley's legs were as wide as they would easily go. Then he bent Wesley's legs in at the knees and tied his ankles to the bar, then made a few more adjustments, until the soles of his feet just touched. Finally, he took more rope and tied it to the eye hooks at either end of the spreader, and secured those to the foot of the bed. When he was done, Wesley was stretched out and exposed, with almost no room to move. He could pull with his arms, but while the spreader bar was tied to the other end of the bed, it had little effect.


Wesley was increasingly nervous, but at the same time the more securely he was tied, the better he felt. And right now, he was very well bound. He lacked the leverage to do much more than rock slightly side-to-side. He took a few deep breaths and met Giles' gaze.


Giles smiled at Wesley and caressed his cheek for a moment. "This is not a punishment," he reminded him. When Wesley nodded his understanding, Giles asked, "Would you like the blindfold?"


Wesley considered this. If he refused, he could see what Giles was doing to him, but then that might just make it worse. It would be easier to not have to anticipate any more than he already was. He nodded for Giles to blindfold him.


Giles put the blindfold on, then picked up the gag and held it to Wesley's lips. He wasn't willing to compromise on this part; he wanted Wesley's cries muffled, both so as not to alarm the neighbors and so that he could have the pleasure of hearing Wesley's expressions of pain negated, rendered easily ignored.


Wesley didn't protest, simply opened his mouth to let the gag in. He didn't want to speak anyway, and this just made it so that he didn't have to.


All the necessary bindings taken care of, Giles could finally get down to the fun. He sat back for a moment and surveyed his victim with a wicked smirk. If history was any guide, Wesley would respond beautifully to what Giles was about to do to him.


His first act was to unlock Wesley's cage and set it aside. He was pleased to see Wesley's cock harden immediately. He wanted Wesley to keep Wesley hard for this, to blur the distinction between pleasure and pain. Eventually he intended to blur it so much it disappeared entirely. This was just the first step.


With that in mind, Giles spent a few minutes stroking Wesley's cock and fondling his balls, encouraging him to enjoy himself.


Wesley moaned into the gag as Giles touched him in lovely ways. He writhed gently, and felt the plug spearing deep into him, pushed up by the bed. It felt good to be hard again, and he realized that as comforting as the cage was, he'd missed this pleasure.


"Yes, good," Giles murmured, wanting Wesley to know that he approved of his pleasure. Once Wesley was writhing satisfactorily, he paused to fasten the circular weights and attached crusher to Wesley's balls, but he didn't tighten the crusher yet. One thing at a time.


Wesley's concern that this was a punishment dissolved. If he had been bad, Giles wouldn't be making him feel so good. However, when he felt something made of cool metal closing around his balls, he couldn't help tensing up a bit.


"Shh," Giles soothed, as he resumed pleasuring Wesley.


He let the metal warm and camoflage itself against the heat of Wesley's body. Wesley was soon relaxed and writhing again, the new device temporarily forgotten. Only then did Giles stop again to tighten the bar that would compress Wesley's testicles. He turned the screws slowly and watched Wesley's reaction with keen interest.


Gradually Wesley became aware of a pressure pushing up against his balls. At first it was mild, and rather pleasant, as when Giles had gripped his balls in the past. But the pressure continued to increase, and as it became uncomfortable Wesley squirmed more and more. His brow furrowed and he made muffled, worried sounds.


Giles smiled at Wesley's reaction, but stopped before the pressure became more than slightly uncomfortable. He stroked Wesley's cock with intent now, intending to bring him to the brink of orgasm before introducing more pain.


Wesley's squirms and noises slowly turned to pleasure again. It felt glorious to have his cock touched this way. Wesley was soon thoroughly distracted from his discomfort.


Giles stopped when he thought Wesley might be in danger of coming soon, and tightened the bar some more to bring Wesley back from the edge.


The discomfort was stronger now, cutting through the haze of pleasure. Wesley whimpered into the gag.


"That's it," Giles murmured in response to Wesley's whimper. He turned the screws just a few more times. He returned one hand to Wesley's cock and raised the other touch Wesley's face comfortingly. "That's what I want to hear."


The pressure was right at the point between discomfort and pain now. It took longer for Wesley's cock to respond to the stroking, but eventually his arousal was strong again. The mixed signals were disorienting, bouncing him between winces and moans.


Wesley's pain was stronger now, and that called for stronger pleasure. Giles finally reached for the last item he'd prepared, the handheld vibrator. He turned it on and ran it slowly along the length of Wesley's cock.


Wesley's back arched as the vibrations caressed his cock, and he let out a low, happy moan. It was particularly exquisite as the vibrations neared the head of his cock.


Giles continued with that for a while, until again Wesley seemed on the brink of orgasm. Then he stopped and increased the pressure on Wesley's balls again.


Wesley felt good enough that it took a few moments for his body to register the pain. It was definitely pain now, and it left him biting into the gag and breathing shallowly.


Giles touched Wesley's cock again once he was satisfied with Wesley's response, but only idly, to help take the edge off. He wanted to revel in the tension in Wesley's body, brought on by the pain in his balls. He wanted to hear Wesley's ragged breathing and helpless whimpers, force him to acknowledge how helpless he was against the pain.


"Oh, Wesley," he purred adoringly. "This is just what I needed. I love owning you, you know. The way you give yourself to me so completely takes my breath away. Taking care of you is more wonderful than I could have imagined. The way you move and the noises you make when I pleasure you are exquisite. But sometimes you have to open yourself to the pain I give you, too, and let me hurt you in your most vulnerable places. It's all part of being mine."


Wesley remembered Giles telling him something along those lines when he'd first taken Wesley in. Sometimes it would hurt, Giles had said, and Wesley hadn't really understood until now. The mix of pleasure and pain muddled his senses, even as the pain took the forefront again. Wesley didn't try to hold back his pained whimpers, realizing that Giles wanted to hear them.


"Yes, just like that," Giles encouraged. Giving in to temptation, he tightened the ball crusher some more, until Wesley was keening more or less constantly behind the gag, his face screwed up and his body quivering as he strained helplessly against his bonds. Giles moaned loudly in appreciation. His cock was fully erect in his trousers, demanding to be freed, but he ignored it, not wanting to divert his attention from the stunning sight that Wesley made. The boy's balls were visibly compressed by the crusher bar, his back arched as far as it would go in the tight bondage, and his cock still hard from all the stimulation it had received.


The noises and motions Wesley made became increasingly distressed as the pain built up inside him. It was too much, and he couldn't bear any more.


Giles brought the vibrator back to Wesley's cock, this time making a concerted effort to bring him off. Wesley's reactions seemed to see-saw between pleasure and pain. Giles kept the vibrator pressed to his cock, rubbing it up and down faster and faster. "Come for me, Wesley," he whispered.


Wesley tried, but he wasn't close enough to climax to achieve it. The pain kept pulling him back. His whimpered turned pleading.


Giles turned the vibrator up and rubbed it firmly against the head of Wesley's cock. "You can do it," he urged. "I know it hurts, but it'll be over as soon as you come."


Wesley focused all his attention on the pleasure the vibrator induced, and not the painful pressure on his balls. As Giles continued to stimulate him, his pleasure peaked in waves, and eventually one of the waves was just high enough. He came with a muffled shout, body tensing further as his cock pulsed. It wasn't a very strong climax, and when it was over he went limp, only to tense again as the pain overwhelmed the afterglow.


Almost before Wesley's orgasm faded, Giles began to free Wesley's balls from their constriction. He ran his fingers through Wesley's hair while his balls returned to their natural shape, blood flowing freely again.


"Very good," he said. "You certainly earned your relief."


Finally free of the pain, Wesley went limp in his bonds and this time stayed that way. He gasped at the ache in his balls as they slowly recovered.


Once Wesley had had a few minutes to recover, Giles carefully untied his legs, taking the time to help him flex his knees and work out any stiffness, then finally removing the spreader bar and putting it aside. He pulled Wesley's blindfold off, shielding his eyes while they adjusted, and lay beside him, wrapping one arm around Wesley and smiling proudly at him.


Wesley looked back with a dazed expression. He felt wrung out and mixed up, senses too muddled to know if he should feel good or bad.


Seeing Wesley's confusion, Giles leaned in and kissed his forehead. "You bore that very well," he whispered. "I couldn't be prouder."


Wesley nodded once. At least Giles seemed happy, so for that it had been worthwhile. And he had come, which he'd been desperate to do earlier today. He was just so tired, he couldn't think.




When Wesley's eyelids began to droop, Giles unbuckled the gag and eased from Wesley's mouth. He inspected the teeth marks in the rubber with interest, then put it aside and reached up to free Wesley's wrists.


Wesley worked his jaw to ease the stiffness there. As Giles unwrapped his wrists, he could feel the rope-shaped indentations in his skin.


Giles rubbed Wesley's wrists and hands to make sure his circulation was good, then finally lay down again with him, holding Wesley close. "How do you feel, pet?" he asked gently.


By way of an answer, Wesley turned in Giles arms and clung to him, resting his head against Giles' shoulder.


"Oh, pet," Giles murmured, holding Wesley tighter. "You were so brave for me." He reached down to fondle Wesley's soft cock gently. "Did you enjoy getting to come?"


Wesley nodded. He relaxed a little as Giles touched him. He'd barely been touched at all today, and he missed it.


"Hmm," Giles said thoughtfully. "I'm glad. Now it's time for me to come, don't you think?"


Wesley nodded again.


"Yes," Giles agreed, giving Wesley a gentle squeeze, then letting go. "It's certainly my turn. But first let's put this back on you." He reached for the cock cage.


Wesley let out a soft whimper as the cage was slid back over his cock. There was something very powerful in the fact that he was only let out at all so that Giles could hurt him and make him come. Giles had said the cage could be worn indefinitely, and Wesley had a sudden vision of being kept locked in like this for days at a time, perhaps longer. He wasn't sure if it was more disturbing or appealing.


"There," Giles said, as he snapped the padlock closed, trapping Wesley in again. He leaned in and kissed Wesley, then took his leash in hand. He was glad he'd chosen a fairly long one, as he rolled Wesley most of the way onto his face and pulled his hands behind his back. He wrapped the leash twice around Wesley's wrists, then pulled the remainder between his legs and wrapped it securely behind the ring part of the cock cage, effectively binding Wesley.


Wesley's back arched slightly from the tension of the leash, which was taut from his neck to his cock. The strap rubbed against the end of the plug.


Giles rolled Wesley onto his back again and tapped the cage thoughtfully. "I'm pleased how well you've adjusted to this," he said. "You understand I have no other recourse, don't you?"


"Yes, sir," Wesley rasped. He was again surprised by his need to speak again. It seemed that he kept slipping back and forth, and he couldn't control it.


"Of course you do," Giles agreed. "We saw this morning how much control you have over your cock. I wager you like wearing the cage, because it makes things easy for you."


"Yes, sir," Wesley admitted. "But..."


"But what?" Giles prompted, running his finger around the outline of the cage idly, brushing his fingertip against Wesley's tender balls.


"It's not about... 'easy,'" Wesley managed. It was difficult for him to put it into words. How he felt being locked in, locked up.


"No," Giles said, giving Wesley a considering look. "One thing you're not is lazy. You're just eager for control, aren't you?"


The look in Wesley's eyes as he met Giles' gaze was a better answer than any words.


Giles smirked. "Yes, that's it. Such an eager slut, willing to give me anything to have my control." He tapped Wesley's balls gently as a reminder.


That was true, though it was even further complicated than that. "When I'm wearing it," Wesley began, trying to explain. "I feel... different."


"Different how?" Giles asked. He raised his eyebrows. "You feel owned, hmm?"


When Wesley nodded he felt a corresponding tug at his wrists and genitals. "And it makes me... want more, sir."


"You want to feel more owned?" Giles looked Wesley over thoughtfully. "You have my plug inside you, keeping the place of my cock. You're wearing my cage, to keep your cock under my control. You have my collar around your neck, and my marks forming on your chest. Is that not enough for you? Perhaps wearing the mitts would make you feel sufficiently owned."


Wesley stilled, barely breathing at all for a long moment. "Please, sir," he whispered.


"Are you sure?" Giles asked, reaching under Wesley to touch his hands. "Are you sure you want me to lock your hands away just like your cock? I could do it regardless of your wishes. It's my right; I own them as much as the rest of you. But I want to know: do you want me to control them completely?"


The impulse to give himself over to Giles was as strong now as it had been that morning, when he'd prostrated himself to Giles in the shower. Giles' ownership was dizzyingly good, illuminating his most hidden needs and at the same time satisfying them. He was suddenly compelled to turn over onto his front. The movement was awkward with his wrists bound and the leash tugging at his genitals, but he managed it.


"Please, sir," he begged, presenting his hands to Giles.


Giles squeezed Wesley's wrists briefly, then stood and went down stairs. He collected the mitts, and Wesley's cuffs while he was at it, then returned upstairs. Putting Wesley's hands in the mitts required freeing them first, so Giles regretfully unwound the leash from his cock and let Wesley's wrists slide free.


Wesley remembered how the mitts had encased his hands when Giles had put them on the first time. He flexed his hands and then curled them into fists, stomach curled in expectation. There was an inexplicably desperate edge to his surrender.


Giles slid the mitts onto each of Wesley's hands in turn, fastened the fastenings, and secured them with the cuffs. He fastened the cuffs together behind Wesley's back, and, once that was done, put Wesley's ankle cuffs on for good measure.


"There," he murmured. "Is that enough ownership for you, or shall I put the blindfold and gag back on?"


Wesley took stock of himself, feeling all the places he was held and penetrated, and found himself still yearning for more. The need that had been there all day was keener than ever, and he was starting to wonder if anything would be enough. "The blindfold, sir, please," he breathed.


Giles put the blindfold on, and took hold of Wesley's leash. "Greedy little pet," he growled. "Is that enough for you yet?"


Wesley squirmed against the pull of the leash. "Please, sir. It's not... anything you desire, I..." He was already becoming overwhelmed by Giles' control, and still he wanted more.


"Hmm." Tucking the leash under his arm for now, Giles went to the end of the bed and grabbed Wesley's ankles, yanking him down the bed and forcing his legs apart. He quickly secured Wesley's cuffs so that he was spread-eagled.


"Yes," Wesley moaned, wanting.


Looking at Wesley's bruised balls from this angle, Giles couldn't resist grabbing the handheld vibrator and nestling it between Wesley's thighs. Wesley's legs were too well secured for him to pull away from it.


The vibrations that hit Wesley's balls were low, but even that was an intense feeling when he was already sore and sensitized. He winced and moaned softly.


"Is this enough for you, pet?" Giles asked, holding the leash taut. He was curious now to see how Wesley would respond.


It was almost enough, it was so very close, but something was still missing. Something important, something essential. And then he realized. "Please s-sir," he stammered, nerves buzzing with pleasure and discomfort. "Please m-may I suck your cock?"


"Of course," Giles said, a smile Wesley couldn't see spreading across his face. "You only had to ask."


He went around and climbed to the head of the bed and opened his trousers, then sat so that Wesley's head was between his spread legs. He pulled on the leash to get Wesley to raise his head, then scooted forward and guided his cock into Wesley's waiting mouth.


Wesley sank eagerly down onto Giles' cock, moaning as it filled him. When he began to suckle, the last piece of the puzzle finally snapped into place. A wave of relief shuddered through him, and, finally satisfied, he dedicated himself to pleasuring his owner.


Giles hummed with pleasure. He wrapped the leash around his hand, holding it taut and occasionally pulling to urge Wesley to move his head up and down. "You're getting very good at this," he praised, as Wesley did something to the head of his cock that made it hard to keep his hips still.


Wesley couldn't reply with his mouth full, so he hummed happily around the head of Giles' cock.


Eventually, Giles settled back and ran his fingers through Wesley's hair while Wesley sucked strongly on his cock. The sensations were exquisite, and Giles didn't want them to end to soon. He moaned softly off and on as waves of pleasure washed through him.


Wesley settled into a light trance, sucking continually on Giles' cock, directed only by Giles' hands and the leash. All the while the vibrator buzzed against his balls. At several points he felt his cock try to harden again, only to be kept soft by the cage, and the sensation only made him sink deeper. He was utterly helpless, and at the same time utterly devoted, and a part of him never wanted to stop.


Seeing Wesley laid out before him, so utterly bound and tormented, finally drove Giles' arousal to the point that he needed to come. "More," he groaned, stroking Wesley's cheek with his fingertips.


The stroke of Giles' hand sent a shiver down Wesley's spine, though he didn't know why. He shook off the distraction by sucking Giles as hard and deep as he could manage. Giles' cock teased the back of his throat, and he wondered if he could take him all the way down on his own. He eased back long enough to take a deep breath, and then swallowed as hard as he could.


Giles shouted with surprise and pleasure as Wesley's throat convulsed around his cock. "That's--oh, God--" His hand tightened in Wesley's hair, holding him still so he couldn't pull off again.


Wesley continued to swallow hard, keeping Giles' cock in his throat and just holding off his gag reflex. As the need to breathe built in him, he started to squirm, but Giles held him firmly in place. The seconds crawled past, and he made a desperate, choking sound, his lungs burning.


Wesley's strained noise and the corresponding sensations finally drove Giles over the edge. His come poured down Wesley's throat, but as soon as the orgasm began to fade he let Wesley go again.


Wesley coughed harshly as Giles' cock finally slid from his throat. He pulled off of Giles' cock completely and rested his head against his thigh as his lungs recovered.


Giles wiped a streak of his come from Wesley's mouth and offered it to him to lick clean, then resumed petting Wesley's hair. "That was inspired, pet," he told Wesley.


"Thank you, sir," Wesley rasped. Now that he was breathing normally, he finished the job and licked Giles' cock clean.


"You're welcome," Giles said softly, then sighed with satisfaction. He sat quietly for a few minutes, idly touching the parts of Wesley that he could reach.


Wesley lapped gently at Giles' softening cock until it was clean, and then settled his head on Giles' thigh, nuzzling at his groin. He felt calmer now, the nervous energy that had been driving him on finally spent in service. He felt no need at all to struggle or be freed from his bonds, only a rightness of place: to be bound so fully, and exist only to please Giles.


Eventually Giles' legs grew stiff from being spread so long, so he got up and tucked himself back in. Wesley seemed to like having his mouth full, so he gave him the gag again. Giles wasn't ready to leave Wesley yet, though. He turned off the vibrator and put it away, then straddled Wesley's hips so that he could easily massage Wesley's back. He was cautious of being too forceful, with Wesley's arms bound in such an unnatural position, but he rubbed his hands over Wesley's back in long, relaxing strokes, sometimes moving back so that he could massage Wesley's arse for a few moments at a time.


He murmured soft praise, hardly making sense, just wanting to reward him for his obedience and good service. He was a bit concerned, given that yesterday Wesley had objected so strenuously to the toys, to being kept so firmly in his place, but today he welcomed it all eagerly. Giles could only hope that he'd got it out of his system.


Wesley floated in a daze, completely slack as the massage continued. He made soft, contended noises as Giles' hands worked his body. Giles' praise gave him a warm glow, and encouraged his surrender. He was held tight, locked in, and filled up, and it was bliss.


Giles finally ended the massage, since Wesley seemed to be as deeply relaxed as he was likely to get. He was completely limp, actually, to the point that Giles almost envied him. Giles was fairly content himself, though, physically and emotionally satisfied. He climbed off the bed and tied Wesley's leash to the headboard to keep it taut, then petted Wesley's head just a bit more. Once again, the words "I love you," trembled on the tip of his tongue, but he couldn't bring himself to say them. "Try to rest," he said, instead, and went to take care of the usual chores.


Even though Giles was gone, the pull of the leash and everything else that Giles had put on and in him kept Wesley content and docile. He might have nodded off and might not have; time seemed to be one long moment, stretched out.


By the time Giles finished the things that needed doing, it was nearly time for bed. He went back upstairs and sat by Wesley, rubbing his bound arms lightly. "I have to free you now, so we can go to bed. Are you ready?"


Wesley replied with a soft, muffled murmur.


Giles smiled and began unwinding the leash from the headboard.


As Giles began to remove his bonds, Wesley felt simultaneous relief and regret. The spirit was willing to stay this way forever, but the flesh needed to be released.


When he freed Wesley's legs, Giles spent a few minutes rubbing the stiffness out of them, then did the same for his arms. He took the mitts off, but put Wesley's cuffs back on. Wesley was essentially free, but Giles trusted he would make no attempt to remove any of the remaining devices on his own.


Wesley lay on the bed, utterly limp. He didn't even try to twitch, and wasn't entirely sure he was capable of doing so anyway.


Giles chuckled at Wesley, who reminded him a bit of a content cat at the moment. He took the blindfold off and helped Wesley to sit up, then unfastened the gag. He would put it back later, if Wesley wanted it, but he would need to brush his teeth.


Wesley looked blearily up at Giles. He worked his jaw and then gave him a woozy smile, which suddenly broke into a wide yawn.


Giles smiled indulgently. "It is time to put you to bed, isn't it?"


He helped Wesley stand, then asked, "Do you need me to take the plug out?"


Wesley tried to reconnect with his body's needs. "No, sir, not tonight," he decided.


Giles nodded and helped Wesley down the stairs, one arm around his waist and the other holding his leash. They both went through their nightly routines, and then they returned upstairs to go to bed.


Wesley lay carefully back onto the bed. He was already yearning to snuggle against the pillow and sleep.


Giles bound Wesley, then brushed his fingers across Wesley's lips. "Do you want the gag tonight?" he asked.


Wesley was too exhausted to think clearly. He shrugged and blinked slowly, barely keeping his eyes open.


"That's a no, then," Giles decided. He turned out the light and climbed into bed with Wesley, holding his leash and snuggling happily against him.


The last thing Wesley registered was how good it felt to have Giles holding him and his leash. Seconds later, he was asleep.



The next morning was pleasantly unhurried. Giles felt no need to come again yet, so he didn't insist on a blowjob but skipped straight to shaving Wesley. He had yet to remove the plug from Wesley's arse, still loving Wesley's reaction to it. The way his face contorted a bit with every movement was quite enchanting.


Despite the massage and the deep sleep he'd had, Wesley was a bit stiff and sore from the extent of their activities. It took some time for him to wake up properly; he was still groggy as Giles carefully shaved him with the straight razor. He was torn between the desire to return to bed to sleep, and the need to kneel before Giles, which was still just as strong as the previous day.


Once Wesley was clean-shaven, Giles had him bend over, putting his cheek to the ground and his arse in the air again. He stroked Wesley's back with one hand while he played with the plug with the other, first pressing on it and moving it side to side, then pulling it out and pushing it back in a few times.


All thoughts of sleep left Wesley's mind as he began to moan from the stimulation. The movement of the plug felt wonderfully good, despite his soreness--or perhaps because of it. And at last he was back in the position he craved, arse up and head down. His cock tried and failed to harden within the cage.


Giles spent as long as he dared stimulating Wesley, given their tardiness of the previous morning, then removed the plug entirely. He took off Wesley's cuffs and switched his collars, and they finally got in the shower.


Wesley felt strangely empty without anything filling his arse. As he kneeled before Giles in the shower, he hoped Giles would fill it again soon.


Giles bathed Wesley gently, pausing to take stock of his wounds. The cuts on Wesley's chest were healing a bit, and he considered reopening them, but they seemed to be puckering promisingly. The bite mark that Giles had left on his neck was almost faded, but the vampire bite was still visible, two round scabs at the base of his carotid. Giles wasn't inclined to reopen those wounds.


As Giles washed himself, Wesley scooted closer and rested his head against Giles' hip. He craved closeness and touch, and needed Giles to anchor him.


Giles made no objection to Wesley's position. He rather liked having the boy so close to him. Once he finished bathing, though, he herded Wesley gently out of the shower.


Wesley kneeled on the floor and put his head down. A curl of anxiety was forming inside him as their morning routine gradually drew to an end.


Giles crouched by Wesley, frowning in concern. "Is something wrong? We need to have breakfast."


"I don't want to go out," Wesley said, unhappily.


"Wesley," Giles said gently, stroking Wesley's hair. "We can't abandon our jobs."


"I'm tired of pretending," Wesley said. And it wasn't as if he actually had a job. He wasn't a Watcher anymore, not really. The only thing he was good at, the only thing that he ever succeeded at, was being Giles' pet. "I'm yours. I don't want to be anything else."


"Being mine means doing what I want you to do," Giles said. "And I want you to help me train the Slayers."


"I know, sir," Wesley said, but he didn't look any happier.


"Come on, Wesley," Giles coaxed. "You can work in my office with me today."


Wesley looked up at Giles. "May I, sir?" he asked, hopefully.


Giles nodded, smiling with amusement. "Yes, you may."


Wesley pushed himself up on his hands and knees and crawled closer to Giles. He rested his head against Giles' chest and let out a sigh. "Thank you, sir. I just... I need you."


"And I you," Giles murmured, hold Wesley's head against him.


Wesley felt better about going to the school as long as he could stay close to Giles. Working in the office would afford them privacy, which meant Giles would be able to touch him without fear of someone seeing. Wesley hated that their relationship had to be so covert, even though he understood the reasons why. It was selfish of him, but lately he'd allowing himself to be greedy. It was hard not to, when Giles gave him so much.


"Let's have breakfast," Giles urged, after a few more moments. They couldn't afford to be late every morning.


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. They finished with the bathroom, and Wesley crawled after Giles out into the living room.


Giles fed Wesley, then made him bend over again so that he could put the egg in place. Once it was in, he finally instructed Wesley to get dressed.


Wesley dressed himself in the clothes Giles had laid out for him, and then went to wait by the door.


Wesley was still wearing his plain collar from the shower. Giles approached him with his public collar, but instead of just putting it on, he pushed Wesley to his knees.


"I know you like to be close to me," he said. "And I have no reason to object to that. But in practice it isn't always possible. That's part of why you wear your collar, and your cage, and your egg: so that even when I'm not there, you can feel me with you." It wasn't as though he hadn't said the same thing before, but Wesley seemed to need a reminder.


"I know, sir," Wesley said. He looked down, feeling guilty now for needing such an indulgence. What Giles gave him should be enough, and usually it was. It was his weakness that made him ask for more. "I'm sorry, sir."


Giles ran his fingers through Wesley's hair, then quickly switched his collars. "It's all right, pet."


Wesley was much more subdued on the way to school. He still needed Giles terribly, but he refrained from asking for attention or reaching out to touch. He felt bad for needing so much, asking for more than he should. He'd never been allowed to ask for things for himself, growing up. His studies were paramount, and frivolities were not to be tolerated. Somehow he had lost the habit of self-denial, and now that he was finally acknowledging his needs, they had a powerful hold on him. They were what made him beg for more: more toys, more pleasure, more of Giles' control, more of Giles.


Wesley seemed unusually quiet on the way to the school, and Giles reached over to rub his leg. "I wasn't trying to reprimand you, pet," he said. "I only wanted to make it easier for you to bear being apart from me."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, quietly. He was glad that Giles wasn't upset with him, but it didn't make him feel any less guilty for his selfishness.


Though he was aware of Wesley's unhappiness, Giles said nothing else. When they reached the library, he immediately took Wesley into the office and let him kneel with his face pressed to Giles' stomach.


Wesley pressed close to Giles, grateful for such closeness. He felt as though he was preparing himself not to have that anymore. It was an automatic reaction; he knew it wasn't rational, that Giles never said he didn't want Wesley to ask for closeness, but he couldn't help himself. Some anxious certainty had a hold of him, that he would lose this, whether by his own fault or the capriciousness of fate.


Giles murmured soft soothing noises as Wesley clung to him. Far from objecting to this response, he loved having Wesley so desperate for him. He just had to find a way to regulate it. For Wesley to behave this way in private was fine--to be encouraged. But they had to continue to function publicly without drawing more unwanted attention.


Gradually Wesley began to calm down, though his hold on Giles didn't lessen at all. His fear receded, but it didn't leave him entirely. It remained as a niggling fear, lurking in the corner of his mind, waiting for something to feed it.


Once Wesley was calmer, Giles gently tilted his head back, forcing him to look up and meet Giles' eyes. "You're a good pet," Giles said softly. "A pet should pine for his master."


Wesley looked up at Giles wordlessly, but his eyes were full of need and anxiety. He felt too vulnerable to have any distance between himself and Giles.


"Oh, Wesley," Giles said. He pressed his palm to Wesley's cheek, concerned. "Are you still afraid I'll change my mind?"


"I need you," Wesley said, quiet but intense. "When I think about losing you..." He put his hand to his throat, touching the collar. "It's like I can't breathe."


Giles smiled a bittersweet smile. "You're not going to lose me. I take owning you very seriously. Of course I expect you to do as I say, even when it's not what you want. But I also want the best for you. It's not just that I need your help with the Slayers; I want to teach you. The Council didn't adequately prepare you to be a Watcher, but perhaps I can help fill in the gaps."


"I don't want to fail you," Wesley said.


"You're a bright boy, Wesley," Giles reassured him. "And you know your place now. I believe you can do this."


"I'll try, sir," Wesley said. He was still reluctant, but he knew Giles had a point. Wesley had been a valued researcher, back in England, after all, and graduated almost at the top of his class. Not that 'almost' was ever good enough for his father--but he didn't want to think about his father anymore.


It was just that when Wesley thought of himself as a Watcher, he remembered feeling tense and unhappy. At the time it hadn't mattered, because he'd always been tense and unhappy. What was there to compare it to? As Giles' pet, he was pleasured, pampered, cared for, and all he had to do was give himself over to Giles completely. It was hardly a sacrifice. He was afraid that going back to his old job meant losing the happiness he felt, and the thought of it was like a stone in his stomach.


"I know you will," Giles said. "You always do you best for me."


How could Wesley not do his best in the face of such belief? It was time he pulled himself together. He released Giles and got to his feet, and then with effort made himself look Giles in the eye.


Giles smiled, relieved, as Wesley finally seemed to pull himself together. "Much better," he murmured, and gave Wesley a quick kiss. "Do you still want to work in here?"


Wesley did want to. To stay close to Giles would make him feel better. But at the same time, he sensed that Giles wanted otherwise. Wesley didn't want to be a disappointment or a burden. "It's not necessary, sir," he said.


"That's not what I asked," Giles scolded gently.


Wesley looked down; he was torn between lying to Giles--which would mean giving the answer Giles wanted--and admitting his weakness--which he doubted Giles wanted to hear. But Giles always could tell when he was lying, and would be even more annoyed at that. Neither option was a good one, as far as he could see. Wesley weighed the consequences of lying versus being weak, and decided lying was probably the more dire offence. "I'd like to stay here, sir," Wesley admitted.


"Then you shall," Giles said matter-of-factly, not sure why it had been such a difficult question to answer. "Though unless you care to track down a chair with a desk, you'll have to hold your work in your lap."


"Thank you, sir," Wesley said, relieved. Even though he wanted to be ready to face the world, he wasn't yet, not fully.


Instead of one of the school chairs, he found a small table that was sitting unused in a corner. It was the right height, and he brought it into the office to use.


After taking care of a few things at the circulation counter, Giles rejoined Wesley in the office so that he could work at his desk. He left the door ajar so that he could hear if anyone came in, but for most of the morning they had the library to themselves. Though they weren't quite close enough to touch when they were both working, Giles paused frequently to touch Wesley, and occasionally turned the vibrator on to distract him from his work.


When the egg was vibrating inside him, Wesley had to take extra care to keep his appearance normal, as the door to the office was open. He bit back the moans of pleasure that built inside him, and the cage took care of his cock. There was something exquisite about Giles being so close, and affecting him so strongly, and yet not touching him or even appearing to notice his condition. Wesley could almost feel an invisible connection between them, one that wasn't limited by mere physical form.


When lunchtime came and the students didn't appear, Giles closed the office and let Wesley kneel by his chair to eat. Afterwards, he took Wesley's trousers down and fondled his balls, inspecting them for outward signs of the previous night's torment, but there didn't seem to be any. Wesley's hiss told him that the bruises were there, though.


Despite the discomfort, Wesley was happy to have Giles touching him intimately. Again he marveled at how deep his need for Giles ran--it was almost stronger than his need to eat or breathe. He didn't know how he would survive if he ever lost Giles. Even the thought made his need sharpen, and once Giles had finished his inspection, Wesley knelt back down and held on as he had earlier, with his face pressed to Giles' stomach, taking in the warmth and scent of him.


Giles ran his fingers through Wesley's hair for a few minutes, gazing down at him fondly, pleased by Wesley's need, even though he couldn't let it go on indefinitely. Part of him didn't want to ever let Wesley emerge from this state, but the practical side of him knew that someone would notice if Wesley disappeared entirely at this point. Besides which, he really did want to see Wesley start to fulfill his role as Watcher, for everyone's sake. Giles couldn't give both Faith and Buffy the attention they needed by himself, and Wesley was a liability if he couldn't at least handle himself in a fight.


Eventually the edge of Wesley's need was dulled enough that he could release Giles. He stood and returned to his seat, sitting down carefully so as not to aggravate his tender balls.

PART FORTY: Faith Returns


The afternoon went much as the morning. The students all seemed to be occupied elsewhere. Shortly before training was due to begin, Giles had Wesley stand up and bend over the desk so that he could remove the egg.


Wesley bit his lip as the egg was pulled slowly out of him. He'd been almost constantly filled for two days now, and it was starting to feel strange to not have something inside him, to be empty. He didn't want to be empty.


Giles sealed the egg away again to be taken home and cleaned, and pulled Wesley's trousers back up, unable to resist the temptation to caress Wesley's arse as he did so. "Just until we go home," he promised Wesley. "Then I'll fill you up again. Though perhaps with something a bit smaller than last night, hmm?"


The corner of Wesley's mouth quirked upwards. "Perhaps, sir."


Giles chuckled fondly and turned to leave the office, just in time to encounter Faith pushing the doors open with forced panache.


"Ah, Faith," Giles said. "I'm glad you're here."


"Where else am I gonna be?" Faith replied. She hopped up onto the counter in a smooth movement and then looked around. "Where's B?"


"She should arrive shortly," Giles said. "Classes haven't ended yet."


Faith snorted, apparently amused by this, then started flipping through a random book from the counter.


Wesley stood behind Giles, feeling rather awkward. He didn't know where to start, especially given Faith's disdain for him yesterday.


"Faith, why don't you begin your calisthenics," Giles suggested. "Wesley and I would like a chance to work with you alone for part of the session today, so perhaps we could do so before Buffy arrives."


"Whatever," Faith said with a shrug. In one smooth movement she slid from the desk and unexpectedly tossed the book at Wesley. Startled, he fumbled for the book. It slid past his fingers, bounced off his stomach, and hit the floor with a thud. Wesley wasn't sure if he wanted more to sink through the floor in embarrassment or to scold Faith for being so careless with the volume. Unable to manage either, he retrieved the book from the floor and stared at it in lieu of facing anyone else.


Giles frowned at Faith for throwing the book, and reached out to take it from Wesley. He let his hand linger against Wesley's a bit longer than strictly necessary, trying to offer what support he could.


Wesley acknowledged Giles' kindness with a small nod. He suspected that working with Faith was going to be more than a little trying. She seemed to have some appreciation for Giles, and Wesley more than half-wondered if perhaps it might be best if he simply went back into Giles' office after all. His mere presence was already irritating her, and she would certainly be more amenable with Giles alone.


While Wesley stood, silent and increasingly anxious, Faith began her workout with some casual stretches. Her eyes flicked to Giles and Wesley and then to the library walls, not exactly avoiding their gaze but not meeting it either.


While Faith stretched, Giles went behind the counter and worked on checking in the few books that had piled up. To give Wesley something to do other than stand around being nervous, he had him work on shelving until Faith was done with her warm-up.


Faith flounced up to the counter when she was ready, seeming a bit impatient with the whole affair. "Now what?"


Giles put down the book he'd just stamped and walked around the counter to begin donning his padded armor. "I thought since you and Wesley have had very little opportunity to work together that it would be best to start by letting him observe your fighting style." He turned to the stacks and called for Wesley to join them.


Wesley reluctantly turned from the shelves and walked over to Giles. He felt absurd for being so anxious, but like so many things it was beyond his control. He was certain he would only be a detriment, would only irritate Faith and possibly Giles. He could hear his father's voice ringing in his ears, giving the familiar, stern commands, and the equally familiar criticisms. He did his best to block them out, though as usual his best wasn't nearly enough. He briefly wished for his old, false confidence back; even that brittle protection would offer some safety for him, but events of the past weeks had stripped him bare.


"Wesley," Giles said, as he faced Faith for their sparring match, "I want you to observe and try to identify Faith's habits, both good and bad."


When Wesley nodded in understanding, Giles indicated to Faith that he was ready. She came at him almost instantly, but he evaded her first few blows. Still, she had him pinned to the floor with an imaginary stake to his back within a minute. Giles grunted for her to let him up, and they started again.


Wesley focused on the scene before him. Knowing that all eyes were away from him for now, he was able to relax some. Even better, tactics did happen to be one of his strong points, and as Giles instructed he studied Faith's tactics now. She was aggressive, and very fast, but at the same time made many careless and sloppy mistakes. She left herself open for any attacker quick enough, relying on her own violence as a defense rather than technique.


Finally Giles had had as much of a thrashing as he could handle in one afternoon, and called a stop to the sparring. He stood catching his breath for a few moments while Faith eyed him sardonically. "Buffy must not give you much of a workout," she quipped, and Giles rolled his eyes at her.


"What did you think, Wesley?" he asked, collapsing into a chair.


Wesley started at suddenly having his opinion asked. "Oh. Ah, well." He began to fiddle with his glasses, then put his hands behind his back as an echo of his father's voice scolded him for fidgeting. He straightened up and cleared his throat. "Faith," he began, pulling himself together even as he spoke.


Faith put her hands on her hips and looked at him. Even through his own mental cloud he could read her body language quite clearly. It was a curious mixture of uncertainty, pride, and impatience, and Wesley wasn't entirely sure what to make of it.


"Very--very quick, and strong," Wesley continued at last. Best to lead with a compliment, he decided. "Excellent fluidity of movement. However..." Here he hesitated, glanced at Giles, and then back to Faith. In one long breath he spat it out: "I'm afraid your defenses are weak and your technique is... is rather poor."


He stared at Faith, waiting for her reaction. In this moment he felt like some odd, awkward amalgam, the ghost of his old self, his Council self, badly melded against the person he'd become, the person Giles had made of him. He didn't know whether to stand his ground or fall to his knees, and felt pulled in both directions at once. He saw the weakness in Faith and wanted to order it out of her, and saw her strength and wanted to surrender to it, and the dichotomy that he was grated internally. All of this took place in no more than a handful of seconds, for Faith's reaction was quick enough.


"Poor?" she scoffed. "Fuck that." The weakness in her was subsumed by her anger as it flashed to the fore. "What the hell do you know?"


"Faith," Giles said gently, "I think Wesley has a valid--"


Faith cut him off with a scoff. "After fifteen minutes he decides that my technique sucks? What the hell? I'd like to see him take me on."


"Against a human opponent--" Giles tried again, but Faith wasn't listening. She stalked into the book cage and came out with a pair of quarterstaves, one of which she tossed at Wesley.


Wesley fumbled to catch the weapon; this time, at least, he managed to get hold of it before it clattered to the floor. He had, of course, been trained in the quarterstaff, as he had been with most weapons. Against other students he'd been a moderate success, but a Slayer was another matter entirely. He clumsily hurried into fighting stance, squaring his jaw in determination.


Faith gave him one long, piercing look, and then in the blink of an eye cut Wesley's legs out from under him. He fell to the ground hard, with a cry more of surprise than pain, and then in another half-blink she had the staff's tip at his throat, pressing just hard enough to show him just how easily she could kill him.


"Faith!" Giles exclaimed, leaping to his feet. He had a instant's vision of Wesley ending as badly as the deputy mayor, but he could see that Wesley wasn't hurt, just badly shaken.


"That's enough," Giles said sternly, pushing the staff away from Wesley's throat. "Was Angel wrong to think you were ready to resume training?"


Giles and Faith stood with gazes locked for an instant, but her angry reply was cut off by Buffy's arrival. "Uh-oh," Buffy muttered, observing the tension in the room. "Is this a bad time?"


Giles gave Buffy a warning glance, then picked up the second staff and handed it to Faith. "Put these away," he said firmly, then turned and offered his hand to Wesley.


Wesley accepted the help and got to his feet rather shakily. Years of reflex made his hands go to his waist to straighten his suit, but he wasn't wearing a suit, hadn't for weeks. He covered the action by rubbing his palms against his trousers.


"Everything's fine," Wesley said, replying to Buffy's concern. "Thank you. We were just starting." He looked at Faith for a long moment; she was angry, prideful. Of course she wouldn't take kindly to a challenge, especially from him.


"All right," Giles said. "Let's take a break while Buffy warms up, and then the two of you can spar instead of using the mere humans in the room as punching bags."


Faith shrugged sullenly and sat down, propping her feet up on the table. Giles sighed but didn't bother to correct her.


Wesley followed Giles to the side of the room, out of the range of Buffy's activities. He pressed his fingers lightly to the point where Faith's staff had been. The thin metal of his collar bumped against his palm, and his thumb slipped down to rub the edge of the cross. The reminder of his ownership soothed his nerves.


Giles smiled encouragingly at Wesley, trying to reassure him. "Your analysis was accurate," he said quietly. "But Faith's still a bit on edge. Try to be diplomatic."


Wesley thought that he had been diplomatic, and it hadn't helped very much. He cast a glance at Faith; she was radiating tension and discomfort, in body language alone. He felt entirely ill-equipped to deal with that level of hostility. "Now might be a bad time," he said, with some wariness.


"I'm not sure there'll be a good time," Giles said sympathetically. He couldn't disagree with Wesley, but it was important to try to get Faith working smoothy with them again. "It might be more helpful to offer specific advice rather than general criticism," he suggested.


Wesley nodded. Of course Giles was right. He had three years of field experience, after all. Wesley kept wanting to give up and step aside, let Giles do the job, but Giles clearly wanted Wesley to do it, Lord knew why. He needed to stop being so spineless and get down to work. He took a deep breath, let it out, and said, "Right." Then he turned and walked over to Faith, and bracing himself said, "Faith, I'd like you to join Buffy in her exercises now, please."


Faith looked up at Wesley coldly, but Giles moved to stand behind Wesley, making it clear that Wesley's words carried weight. Faith sighed and reluctantly took her feet down. "Come on, B," she said, patting Buffy's shoulder. "Watcherboy wants a show. Let's give him one."


Buffy looked uncomfortably from Faith to Giles, and Giles nodded slightly to indicate she should go along.


The two Slayers faced each other; there was no small amount of tension between them, though Faith was clearly less hostile towards Buffy than Wesley. It was Buffy who threw the first kick; Faith blocked it easily and returned the favor, and as quickly as that the practice fight was on. They exchanged painful-looking jabs and kicks that would have left Wesley on the floor in agony, and through it all Faith kept glancing back at them, challengingly.


"Tell her to stop watching us," Giles muttered to Wesley. "Buffy can easily take advantage of a distraction like that."


Even as he spoke, Buffy's fist slipped past Faith's guard and caught her in the solar plexus, staggering her.


Faith's features briefly contorted in anger, then smoothed out again as she recovered from the blow. Wesley tried to take advantage of the break in the action and stepped forward a few paces.


"Faith," he began. "Keep your eyes on your opponent."


Faith glared at Wesley, but didn't reply. She turned back to Buffy and attacked.


The intensity of the fight ratcheded up. Faith didn't look at Giles and Wesley anymore, but seemed to attack Buffy as though her life truly depended on it. It worried Giles a bit, but he didn't try to interfere yet.


"She's closer to your size than most vampires, Buffy," Giles called. "You're not going to be able to dodge under as well."


"Uh-huh," Buffy said, pulling back from a wild swing. Faith staggered past Buffy, momentum from the failed attempt carrying her, then turned and swung again.


Wesley took a step back as the fight brought the Slayers nearer. He cleared his throat. "Faith, not so wild. You're leaving yourself open again--"


Even as he said so, Buffy got in a knee to Faith's stomach, making her double over. Faith's body turned from the blow and she hit Buffy in the side as she came back around. The practice fight was turning increasingly violent.


"Stop, that's enough!" Giles said, wading in to separate the two Slayers, as neither seemed inclined to back off. For a moment he thought Faith might shove him out of the way and continue attacking Buffy, but in the end she just bared her teeth at him and stalked a few paces away.


"Buffy, are you all right?" he asked, reaching out to touch where Faith had landed a vicious blow on her chin.


"I'm okay," Buffy said, reassuring him. "Barely felt it."


Seeing that Giles was taking care of Buffy, Wesley cautiously approached Faith. She'd taken quite a few blows herself. "Are you hurt?" he asked her.


"What do you care?" Faith sneered.


Wesley stiffened. "I'm your Watcher. Of course I care." And just in that moment, he did feel that responsibility for her, just as he'd been trained to feel.


"You're not my fucking Watcher," Faith spat, anger clouding her features. "I don't need you, I don't need him," she pointed at Giles, "I don't fucking need any of this."


She went to move to the exit, and Wesley, caught up in the moment, moved to block her. "Get out of my way," she said, staring him down.


"No," Wesley said, shoulders squared and chin up. "We're not finished with training."


The next thing Wesley knew, he was flat out on the ground, his chin was throbbing with pain, and Faith was stepping over him on the way out.


The thud of Wesley falling to the floor attracted Giles' and Buffy's attention. Giles wanted to go to Wesley to see that he was all right, but restrained himself. "Faith!" he called, even as Buffy moved to go after her, too.


She didn't turn back, but they caught up with her as she stalked down the hallway. When Giles put a hand on her shoulder she knocked it away, but when he got in front of her she stopped and rolled her eyes. "What?" she snapped.


"I just want to talk to you," Giles said.


"Not interested," Faith said, but she didn't push past him.


"Faith, please," Giles said gently. He gestured at an open, empty classroom next to them.


Faith frowned, but turned and walked into the room. She stood with her arms crossed and stared at Giles impatiently.


Giles exchanged a glance with Buffy to let her know she could go, then followed Faith into the room.


"I know this isn't easy for you," he said, perching on the edge of the desk. "You've lost one Watcher and been betrayed by another. You doubt yourself--" He raised a hand as Faith's posture straightened defensively. "Hear me out. After what happened with the deputy mayor. I know how something like that can eat at you--from experience." He looked her squarely in the eye, waiting for her to deny, as the other children had, that he could possibly be guilty of such a thing.


Faith met his gaze and held it, as if trying to see through him for the truth of his words. Something must have satisfied her, as some of the tension left her and she nodded once.


Giles smiled slightly in relief when she didn't challenge him. "I'd be rather hypocritical to pass judgment on you," he said. "And Wesley isn't inclined to, either. He's here for you, Faith. I have a prior obligation that I can never put aside, but Wesley doesn't have that problem. There's little that would make him happier than to be a good Watcher for you. From what I've seen, he has the potential to be very good at the job, but it won't work out for either of you if you don't give him a chance."


"So I'm stuck with him," Faith said, with bitterness in her voice. "Figures."


"That's a rather pessimistic way of looking at it," Giles chided mildly. "Think of it this way: Wesley hasn't had any experience with other Slayers, which means if you nurture a relationship with him, you could teach him to be exactly what you need in a Watcher."


Faith smirked. "I'm supposed to train him now?"


Giles returned her smirk with a softer smile. "In a way, yes." He resisted the urge to add, "I've found him quite trainable."


Faith seemed amused by this idea. "I'll see what I can do with him. At least he doesn't have the huge stick up his ass he had when he first got here."


Giles couldn't help snorting at that observation. "No," he agreed. "He certainly doesn't." He sobered again and said, "Shall we break for the day and try again tomorrow?"


"Fine by me," Faith said. "Look..." She shifted on her feet, then continued. "Sorry about what happened. He pissed me off."


Giles nodded. "Try to bear in mind that it's his job to tell you what you're doing wrong, for your own safety. There's no judgment in it. Wesley and I have the utmost respect for you and Buffy. You put your lives on the line on a daily basis, and our role is first and foremost to help you protect yourselves."


"Yeah, whatever," she said, shrugging him off. But it was obvious that his words meant something to her. "I'm taking off," she said, turning to go, then paused. "Tell him I'm sorry?"


Giles nodded and watched her go, then headed back to the library to see how Wesley was doing.


Wesley was sitting at the library table with an icepack pressed to his chin and a dejected expression on his face. He looked up as Giles came in, flinched, and then looked down again.


Giles approached the table quietly, and since Buffy seemed to have left for the day, laid his hand against the back of Wesley's neck. "Faith asked me to tell you she's sorry," he said.


Wesley looked up at Giles with a disbelieving expression.


"I'm not making it up," Giles insisted, torn between laughing at or being offended by Wesley's incredulity. "I believe she meant it, too," he added more seriously. "I think things will go much more smoothly tomorrow."


"I should hope so," Wesley said, speaking softly to spare his aching jaw. "Otherwise she might try to separate my head entirely from my shoulders."


"Wesley," Giles said, pulling up a chair and resting his hand on Wesley's knee, "I spoke to her about the fact that you want to be a good Watcher for her, and I pointed out that any criticism you offer is motivated by a desire to help her protect herself in the fight against evil. She seemed to understand."


Wesley wanted to believe that, he truly did. And Giles seemed so certain... He lowered the icepack and probed gently at his chin; it was quite tender and would probably be floridly bruised by tomorrow.


Giles smiled sympathetically as Wesley winced. "You were able to pick up on her patterns remarkably quickly," he said. "You have a lot to offer; she just wasn't willing to accept it today."


Wesley thought that very few people were ever interested in accepting what he had to offer. Giles was, at least, and Wesley trusted him. "Yes, sir," he said. "We'll try again tomorrow?"


"Yes," Giles said. "As I said, I think Faith will be much more receptive."


"Very well," Wesley said, acquiescing. He returned the icepack to his chin with a soft sigh.


Giles frowned, worried by Wesley's lack of enthusiasm, understandable though it was. "Wesley," he said softly, moving to take Wesley's free hand in his, "two days ago you were physically ill at the prospect of never being more than a mindless sex object. This is your opportunity to be so much more, and not just to me."


Somehow that only made Wesley feel ashamed. If Giles, the person who had declared Wesley unfit to be Active Watcher, believed Wesley could fulfil his role after all, shouldn't that be cause for celebration? Instead he felt anxious, uncertain. He didn't want to be a disappointment again, to ruin everything. He knew what it was like to be left with nothing, and he'd hated it worse than anything else. He didn't want to be miserable and useless and unwanted, not again, and Giles was asking him to risk that.


"Talk to me, Wesley," Giles said, his voice still soft but the order firm.


Wesley stared at his hand, held in Giles'. All he could see was the support and the caring and everything Giles gave him disappearing. He knew he would fail; he always failed, and he would see the disappointment in everyone's faces and even the thought made him nauseous. Giles wouldn't want him if he failed.


Knowing Giles expected a response, Wesley mustered one. "I don't want to disappoint you."


"You won't," Giles said with certainty. "I know, because you always give me your best. As long as you do that, I won't let you fail."


"What if I fail anyway?" Wesley said. He couldn't believe that anyone could prevent that, even Giles.


"You won't," Giles repeated more insistently. "When you make a mistake, we'll talk it over. You'll learn, and get better."


"Shouldn't I be punished?" Wesley asked. It was an automatic expectation.


"For what?" Giles asked. "A mistake? A misstep? Hardly. I know you now, Wesley. I know that if I tell you something's wrong, you're not going to do it again. Isn't that so?"


"Yes, sir," Wesley said. In rapid succession his many mistakes flashed before his eyes; they always did, stretching back as far as memory allowed. Every broken vase and poor translation. He had an excellent memory for his failures. One would think it would prevent him from adding to the list, but there was always something new to do badly.


Giles nodded in agreement. "And what reason would I have to punish you for doing something I already know you're not going to do again?"


Wesley frowned, feeling suddenly turned-about. What Giles was saying didn't not make sense, but at the same time there was an unfamiliar leap of logic being made.


Giles' eyebrows drew together at Wesley's lack of response. "What do you think the purpose of punishment is?" he asked.


"To punish," Wesley said, without hesitation.


Giles shook his head. "That's circular reasoning. What's the goal? What's the intended outcome of a punishment?"


To be honest, Wesley hadn't really thought about it before. It was like asking what the intended outcome of breathing was. He failed, he was punished, and then hopefully... "That I learn my lesson."


Giles nodded and smiled encouragingly. "And if I'm satisfied that you've learned the lesson without punishment, what purpose would be served by my punishing you?"


Wesley shrugged. "Certainty?"


Giles shook his head again. "I'm already certain. I don't even know what mistakes you'll make yet, Wesley, but I'm absolutely certain that you'll learn from them without gratuitous punishment. I've seen how fast you learn."


It was one of the oddest compliments Wesley had ever been given, but he could hardly refuse it. He felt more than a little absurd to be arguing for being punished more. One would think he actually enjoyed it; he didn't, but he was used to it. He expected it, was prepared for it, knew how to deal with it. The stomach-dropping moment when such a certainty wasn't there was almost more upsetting.


"I'm sorry," Wesley said, shaking his head clear. "What you must think of me..."


"I think very highly of you," Giles said evenly. "I wouldn't be asking you to do this if I didn't."


"Of course," Wesley said. He wanted to feel glad about that, but he'd been up and down the emotional scale so much today that all he felt was unsettled and tired. "Could we go home now?" he asked, hopeful.


Giles nodded. "Ready to relax and just be my pet for a while?" he asked.


"Very much so," Wesley said, relieved. He needed it badly, that surrender, after the afternoon's disaster.


"Come on, then," Giles said, and got up to gather his things.


Wesley quickly prepared to leave, then followed Giles out to the car. It was an intense relief to let his Watcher-self go again. He'd grown up with that burden, and never realized how heavy it weighed on his shoulders. Taking it on purposefully now was shockingly exhausting.



When they arrived home, Giles tracked down the teardrop-shaped cockring that Wesley had chosen for himself while Wesley stripped. He switched Wesley's collars, then freed Wesley from the cage and applied the ring quickly, before Wesley's cock could harden.


The teardrop cockring pressed deliciously between his legs. Wesley's mouth curved halfway to a smile as he looked to Giles. "Am I being rewarded, sir?"


"You are, indeed," Giles said, returning Wesley's smile. "You did very well today, even if I was the only one who noticed." Giles ran his fingers through Wesley's hair and added, "Which plug would you like to wear tonight?"


Wesley tried to remember all the ones they had bought at the store. "Wasn't there a curved one, sir?"


"There were two," Giles said, smiling wickedly. "Would you like to try the vibrator or the other?"


Wesley pondered his options. Vibration was nice, but he'd had the egg for most of the day. "The other, I think," he decided.


Giles nodded and went to get the item in question. Though not nearly as long as the plug Wesley had worn the previous night, it was even wider. The curved shape would put the tip near Wesley's prostate, keeping him intensely stimulated all evening. On a whim, Giles grabbed the glans ring and the urethral plug, as well.


He returned to Wesley with the toys and appropriate lube. He applied the glans ring first, since he knew Wesley's cock, already half-erect, would soon be inconveniently hard. The shining band drew attention to the flushed head of Wesley's cock. It was quite attractive, Giles decided. He kept the urethral plug to himself--that could wait until after dinner, he thought--and began slicking the plug with lube, letting Wesley watch.


Wesley looked down at the new ring around the head of his cock. This was an unexpected addition, though he had to admit it felt quite good--a comfortable pressure at the start of where he was most sensitive. He wanted to touch it, to satisfy his curiosity, but that would mean touching his cock, and that was forbidden. In fact, he hadn't touched his cock at all since Giles had made it completely off-limits. It was a surreal realization, the kind of detail that, once it sank in, truly illuminated his situation.


Giles could practically see the gears turning in Wesley's mind. "What is it?" he asked as he knelt with the plug.


"Nothing, really," Wesley said, shrugging it off. Seeing that Giles had the new plug ready, he moved from kneeling to all-fours. As he settled into position, he realized that not having to face Giles as he spoke made it easier to say what was on his mind. "I realized that I haven't touched my cock at all. That I won't. Ever."


"How do you feel about that?" Giles asked, reaching down to take hold of Wesley's cock himself.


Now there was a question. "I miss being able to," he admitted. "I wanted to touch the ring, but I can't." Yet even as he said the words, a familiar thrill of surrender curled in his belly. "But I like it as well. Knowing that my cock is yours."


"Good," Giles said. He stroked Wesley's cock a few times, making a point to thumb the now extra sensitive head. As Wesley whimpered and tried to move into the touch, Giles put the plug to Wesley's opening and began to push it in, using his grip on Wesley's cock to hold him steady.


Wesley groaned as the plug was pushed in, stretching him. Despite the plugs and egg he'd worn recently, nothing kept his opening stretched, so every time he felt the extent of what was being put inside him.


"I'm glad you still want to touch yourself," Giles elaborated, as he pushed the plug relentlessly deeper. "It means you have to work a bit to control yourself. I wouldn't want it to be too easy for you." Wesley's opening sealed itself around the base of the plug, and Giles paused to turn the plug until Wesley's reaction told him the tip was pressing Wesley's prostate. "I'm never going to stop challenging you, pet," he continued. "I'm going to keep pushing you until you have no limits; until there's nothing you wouldn't welcome me doing to you."


"I can't imagine there'd be anything I'd deny you," Wesley said, voice breathy from pleasure.


"Be careful about making assertions like that," Giles warned. "You wouldn't want me to take it as a challenge." His tone softening, he added, "Fortunately for you, I like it best when you enjoy yourself." To back up his point, he wiggled the plug against Wesley's prostate.


Wesley moaned happily, closing his eyes as he relished the sensations. The dual pressures of the plug and cockring were exquisite in combination.


Giles let go of Wesley's cock and rubbed his back lightly. "I'm going to prepare dinner now," he said. "I want you to go and kneel on the rug. Put your head down, and your arse towards the kitchen."


"Yes, sir," Wesley said, happy to do so. He crawled over to his assigned location, turned his arse to the kitchen, and rested his cheek on the rug. The position meant the point of the ring wasn't as pleasurably effective, but it kept the plug pressing firmly inside him. Being on display for Giles made up for any minor losses, anyway.


Giles went about fixing dinner, humming contentedly under his breath. Despite the tense training session, he thought everything would work out. In any case, there was something oddly comforting about being able to look up every few second and see his pet's arse on display, stuffed with a sizeable plug. His cock stayed half-hard in his trousers as he worked.


When the food was ready, Giles went to the sofa and called Wesley to him.


Wesley crawled over, each movement making the toys shift and prod in a wonderful way. He settled at Giles' feet, and looked up expectantly. The food smelled good, and he was quite hungry.


Giles cupped one hand under Wesley's chin and fed him slowly. He took a few bites for himself automatically while Wesley chewed and swallowed, but all his attention remained focused on Wesley.


Wesley gave Giles a contented smile as the meal ended, then lay his head gently on Giles' lap, on the unbruised side. All day long he'd missed this closeness.


Giles smiled down at Wesley and played with his hair affectionately. "Do you have any ideas for what you'd like to do tonight, pet?"


Even though Giles had already asked his opinion since they arrived home, Wesley was surprised by the question. Normally it was completely up to Giles to decide such things. "Oh. Um..."


Giles laughed softly. "Perhaps a choice would be easier, hmm? Would you like a quiet night to relax, or something more intense?"


Wesley licked his lips as he thought. "I'd like to relax for a while," he said, "and then do something intense. I'd like you to choose the second half, sir."


"Of course," Giles said, pleased with Wesley's answer. He nudged Wesley's head up and stood to put the dishes away. When he returned, he snapped a leash to Wesley's collar and led him up the stairs.


Wesley hummed with pleasure as he felt the first tug of the leash, then followed obediently upstairs. The sound of the clasp snapping on the metal hook had given him an idea, and he mulled it over as he crawled up the steps.


Upstairs, Giles had Wesley climb onto the bed and began fastening his cuffs on.


"Um, sir?" Wesley said, a little hesitant.


"Yes?" Giles replied.


"I was wondering... there was something you used before, to hold my arms and legs." Wesley's memory of the time was understandably a bit hazy, but he remembered the snap of metal as each of his limbs was bound to the other. "Could we use that?"


Giles tilted his head to one side curiously. "You want me to hogtie you?"


Wesley opened his mouth to explain, realized he couldn't, then closed it again with a shrug. "Please, sir."


Giles raised his eyebrows, but got out the hogtie fastener and rolled Wesley onto his stomach to apply it. Once Wesley's wrists and ankles were secured, Giles rolled him onto his side and put the blindfold on.


"Oh," Wesley breathed. "Yes. Thank you." He shivered once as a wave of tension left him, then could feel himself sinking into the helplessness of his new situation. This was just what he needed.


Giles caressed Wesley's cheek briefly, pleased that Wesley was enjoying himself, then toed off his shoes so he could join Wesley on the bed. After a moment of consideration, he shed the rest of his clothes, too. Hey lay down on his side with his body aligned the opposite direction from Wesley's, and adjusted their positions until Wesley's head was nestled against his groin, giving Wesley access to lick and suck as he pleased.


Naturally, the positioning also gave Giles a lovely close-up view of Wesley's cock jutting eagerly into empty air. Giles was briefly tempted to lean in and taste it, but he resisted. It was a pleasure above Wesley's status, after all. Instead, he ran his fingertip lightly around the head, just above the ring.


Wesley moaned softly at the touch. Even with the increased sensation from the new ring, it was light enough to be teasing, and he thrust his hips gently forward, wanting more. At the same time, he felt Giles' hardening cock brush against his cheek, waiting to be sucked.


Giles smiled at Wesley's reaction and continued to tease Wesley with light touches, eventually moving down his shaft to his balls.


Partly as a distraction from the teasing, Wesley began to nuzzle at Giles' groin. The angle of his position made it easy for him to reach the underside of Giles' cock, so he began to lick and suck there, and at his balls. His jaw was sore enough that he decided it better to avoid taking all of Giles' cock into his mouth for the time being.


"Oh, yes," Giles murmured. He was thrilled at how well Wesley continued to take to his role, Sunday's outburst aside.


He put a pillow under his head to free both his hands and continued to stimulate Wesley, massaging his still-tender balls and reaching behind him to prod at the plug.


Wesley's actions slowed as his attention was drawn back to his own body, and he rested his head against Giles' lap for a moment. The movements of the plug made it press deliciously inside him, and even aside from that it was a wide model, keeping him stretched full. The massage was a soothing counterpoint, with only the occasional sore spot. "Mmm, just like that," he said. He took a deep breath, smelling Giles' musk, and sighed in contentment.


"I'm glad you like it," Giles said, his voice laced with amusement and affection. He kept that up for a bit longer, then moved one hand back to Wesley's cock, stroking it and pressing on the plug in a unified rhythm.


"Oh Lord, yes," Wesley breathed, then moaned. It was exquisite, and somehow managed to instantaneously rank as one of the most pleasurable things Giles had ever done to him. He supposed that sometimes simple really was best.


Since what he was doing was having such a delightful effect on Wesley, Giles kept it up, listening with glee as Wesley became increasingly aroused, his breathing getting faster and his hips moving almost involuntarily. Giles pushed his own hips forward to encourage Wesley to keep pleasuring him, as well.


Wesley took the hint, and managed to put some of his attention back to Giles' balls. His own arousal was gradually building, carrying him along on smooth waves of pleasure that were just starting to crest instead of roll. His lips ran mindlessly up the shaft of Giles' cock, roaming until they reached the head, which his mouth latched around. He suckled hungrily, but didn't take the shaft into his mouth, keeping its entry shallow.


"Christ!" Giles muttered as Wesley began to suck. It took an effort of will to keep paying attention to what he was doing to Wesley. His hand wandered from Wesley's shaft to his balls again, then pressed rhythmically on the cockring so that Wesley's prostate was stimulated from within and without. Finally, he resumed stroking Wesley's cock, and didn't stop until Wesley was teetering on the brink of orgasm.


The closer Wesley was to climax, the more his hips rocked, and the harder he sucked. There was almost too much pleasure for his body to contain, and it was as if it was trying to pass that pleasure on in any way possible. It was only when his cheeks were hollow and his hips snapping that he had no choice but to release Giles' cock and cry out, "I'm close!"


Giles released Wesley's cock immediately. The hand that had been on the plug moved to massage Wesley's arse, and the other stroked Wesley's inner thigh. "Good boy," Giles said. "Now finish what you were doing."


Wesley panted as he edged back from orgasm. He had to wait a few moments for his body to settle down, but he soon took Giles' cock back into his mouth. This time, knowing it wouldn't be for too long and it was Giles' preference, he allowed it deeper in, letting the back of his tongue massage the shaft as he sucked. He found that he'd grown to love sucking cock; it was a satisfying endeavor, and climax was a perfect affirmation of his skill. It pleased him to give pleasure, and to know he gave it well.


Giles' hands went still on Wesley's body as he finally allowed himself to just enjoy the sensations. He groaned and closed his eyes. "Yes," he murmured. "You're so very good at this."


Wesley smiled around Giles' cock, then redoubled his efforts in gratitude. He shifted forward to take it in another inch deeper, so that the head neared his throat. It did make his jaw ache, but it was a worthwhile discomfort. Besides, Giles generally liked to fuck his throat before he came, and this would make it easier to manage.


The position was a bit awkward, but as he neared orgasm, Giles reached down and grasped Wesley's head so he could push his cock deeper. It only took a few quick thrusts for him to come.


The taste of Giles' come flooded Wesley's mouth, and he swallowed it down with practiced ease. He continued to suck and lick until Giles' cock was cleaned. It was silly, but he liked knowing that Giles was literally leaving a part of himself inside Wesley.


Eventually Giles pulled his cock free and stretched luxuriantly. Shaking off his post-orgasmic stupor, he reached out and resumed teasing the head of Wesley's cock, scratching it lightly with a fingernail and pulling gently at the edges of his slit. It opened and closed in response to his touch, and he imagined how it would be stretched by the plug still waiting in his trouser pocket. If he hadn't just come, his cock would have stirred with interest at the thought.


Wesley made soft noises of pleasure, no longer muffled by Giles' cock. Even with all the toys, there was nothing as perfect as Giles' hands on his body. "Mmm. Touch me, please?"


"I am touching you," Giles pointed out with amusement, but he responded to Wesley's true meaning and sat up so he could caress Wesley's chest and stomach. He loved the way the hogtie bowed Wesley's body back, leaving his front totally vulnerable. It was an open invitation to do something cruel, but at the moment, Giles had no desire to do anything more unkind than pinch Wesley's nipples in passing.


"Mmm, thank you," Wesley murmured. He relished Giles touch all the more because he was denied it during the day.


"You're so beautiful," Giles breathed, tracing the shape of the muscles in Wesley's chest with his fingertips. "My toy. And still so innocent, despite everything we've done together. You can't imagine some of the things I'm going to do to you. I'll touch parts of you you wouldn't have thought possible."


"You've already done that," Wesley said, with a hint of a smile. Even this very moment had been beyond his imaginings before Giles had taken him over. He would never have known the pleasure of a cock in his mouth, or in his arse. Of being bound and blindfolded and unable to do anything but react to Giles' teasing touch.


Giles chuckled warmly and bent to kiss Wesley's cheek. "So I have."


He reached behind Wesley and kneaded Wesley's arse, ran his other hand over Wesley's chest, lightly massaging. "Are you ready for more?" he asked. "I have a new toy for you."


Wesley smiled. "Another reward?"


"Of a sort," Giles said. He took the blindfold off, but put a hand over Wesley's eyes. "Think of it as a sort of jewelry--for your cock." His other hand returned to the area in question, teasing Wesley's slit.


Wesley let out a soft moan at the stimulation. Then, thinking, his eyebrows drew together. "Another ring?"


"Well, it has a ring..." Giles said, gently teasing, then relented.


"Don't open your eyes yet," he instructed, as he removed his hand so he could grab his trousers and get the urethral plug out of the pocket.


When he turned back, he slid one hand under Wesley's head, lifting it, and held the plug in the palm of his hand, where Wesley could see it. "Now you can look," he whispered.


Wesley opened his eyes. It took him a moment to focus on Giles' hand, but once he had, he looked at the new toy curiously. Then his eyes widened. "It's a plug," he said, surprised.


"Yes," Giles said, lowering Wesley's head back to the bed, then combing his fingers through Wesley's hair. "It's a plug that goes in your cock."


Wesley hadn't even known such a thing was possible. "Um, thank you," he said, not wanting to accept any gift from Giles with poor manners. He stared at the plug with undisguised trepidation, however.


"Nervous?" Giles asked sympathetically, turning his hand so he could hold the plug more comfortably between his fingers.


"It looks rather... large," Wesley admitted.


"It is," Giles acknowledged, still running his fingers through Wesley's hair. "But it can be quite erotic to have your cock filled."


"Like my arse?" Wesley asked.


"Yes. Very much like your arse. It's another way for me to own you," he explained, holding Wesley's gaze and speaking in a low, almost droning voice. "I'm going to penetrate your most intimate hole."


Wesley was caught in Giles' gaze for a long moment. It didn't sound... bad, really. And it was a gift. Not to mention how good it felt even now to have a large plug in his arse, another toy Giles had given him. If Giles wanted him to have it, believed he would enjoy it, who was Wesley to argue? "I... I'd like that, sir," he said, finally.


"Good," Giles said, giving Wesley an approving smile. "I expect it will be a bit uncomfortable going in, but no worse than anything you've experienced before. I'll have to ice you down, I'm afraid. Putting it in will be much easier if you're soft."


Wesley nodded, relieved. Giles would take care of him. He managed a grateful smile. "Thank you, sir. I'm... I'll be honored to wear it."


Giles brushed his lips across Wesley's temple. "Let me just get a few things and we can begin."




Giles rose and put his shorts back on, then prepared an ice pack and got out the sterile lubricant. When he returned upstairs, he showed Wesley the ice pack and said, "Ready?"


Wesley took a deep breath, then said, "Ready, sir." He almost couldn't believe what was about to happen.


Giles nodded and pressed the ice to Wesley's groin. He petted Wesley's hair while Wesley writhed and whined miserably. Wesley's suffering was like a drug. Giles' craving for it was tempered only by his compassion for Wesley, his desire for him to be happy, too.


The cold sank into the flesh of his cock, painful on the highly sensitive skin. The metal ring around his cock head became particularly cold, speeding the softening of his erection. Giles seemed to leave the ice on a little longer than usual this time as well, so that when the pack was finally taken away, his cock was quite numb.


Giles quickly removed both of the rings from Wesley's cock, then pulled Wesley's foreskin back and pinned it with a secure grip at the top of Wesley's shaft. With the head bared, Giles applied copious amounts of lubricant to Wesley's slit. He rubbed the plug in the excess to coat it, then put the tip of the plug to the slit.


Wesley's stomach tumbled nervously as the tip was pressed to his cock. He closed his eyes and braced himself. "I'm ready," he said, giving Giles permission to begin.


Giles pushed the plug in with infinite care, letting gravity do most of the work.


Wesley gasped as the plug was pushed into his slit. It entered very, very slowly, and he could feel the stretch of it, but it was merely uncomfortable rather than painful. He suspected the numbness had helped on that end, and was grateful to Giles for it.


Once the main part of the plug was in all the way, Giles gave Wesley a few moments to rest. "It's in now," he said, stroking Wesley's brow. "There's a bit farther to go yet, but that's as wide as it gets."


As the plug had stretched wider, it had started to hurt some, but again the care Giles had used, and the lingering numbness, had tempered the sensation. Still sweat prickled on Wesley's brow, and tension lined his eyes.


Giles held the plug in place with one hand, to be sure it didn't slip out. "I'll wait until you're ready to continue," he told Wesley.


Wesley nodded. "Perhaps... just a minute..."


"When you're ready," Giles repeated softly. His fingers persisted in the Sisyphean task of smoothing the furrows on Wesley's forehead.


Wesley pulled himself together. He could do this. He would do this, pain be damned. He let out a shuddering breath, braced himself, and nodded for Giles to continue.


Giles nodded in return and renewed his grip on Wesley's cock, loose but secure, as he carefully worked the plug the rest of the way in, until the ring at the end was flush against Wesley's slit. Wesley's urethra closed around the narrow back end of the plug, holding it in.


"All done," he said, releasing Wesley's cock at last.


Wesley's chest heaved in relief, though just for a few breaths before he calmed again. His eyes had been squeezed tight, and he opened them now to look down at himself. His body was arched from the hogtie, but he caught a glint of metal at the end of his cock, where Giles held it out.


"Would you like to see?" Giles asked. Almost before Wesley nodded in answer, he bent and began to free Wesley's limbs.


Wesley groaned as the stiffness of his limbs became apparent. But Giles was already there, rubbing the stiffness from them, and then helping him sit up. Wesley reflected for a moment that he didn't deserve Giles many kindnesses, but he could hardly refuse them.


Once he was settled, Giles lifted his cock for him to see how it had been filled. It was a stunning sight, the head of his cock stretched tight around the hollow body of the plug, so that barely more than the ring was visible. It looked so wide in comparison to how his cock normally looked--no, used to look. He could feel the pressure, the fullness of the plug. "Will you... touch around? I want to feel..."


Giles complied, feeling out the widest part of the plug and gently massaging Wesley's cock over the spot so he could feel the resistance. "What do you think?" Giles asked, his lips right against Wesley's ear.


"It's amazing," Wesley breathed. He hadn't thought the plug would fit, and it felt large inside him, and yet from the outside the only indication was the ring on the end. His cock ached little more than a sore tooth. As jewelry went, it was one hell of an adornment.


Giles smiled, glad that Wesley liked it. "Yes, it is," he agreed. His hand began to move more purposefully along Wesley's shaft. "Even without your cage or a cock ring, you'll always be able to see that your cock is mine. I won't take it out unless I'm planning on putting something else in."


"It will stay in?" Wesley asked, looking up at Giles.


"It should," Giles said. "Your cage will help keep it in while you're soft."


Wesley looked down at it. Giles' hand was already coaxing him back to hardness. He thought about always feeling this fullness, a counterpoint to the fullness he felt in his arse. Plugged from both ends, all the time--it was a lot to take in, but it only served to excite him. "I feel like... like I'm full of you," he said, smiling softly.


"Aren't you?" Giles breathed. "If there's any part of you not full it's only because I've chosen not to fill it." He punctuated his statement by biting lightly at Wesley's ear.


Wesley squeaked, then laughed. He felt oddly light. He felt the familiar urge to kiss Giles, and wished he could. Instead he bravely took Giles' free hand and pressed his lips to the back of it, as if to express his devotion there.


Wesley's happiness was infectious. Giles smiled and nuzzled his hair. "My sweet, beautiful boy," he murmured. "You make me feel things I didn't think possible anymore."


Wesley blushed terribly at that, and ducked his head. But Giles' words made his heart swell with joy.


"I'm so proud of you," Giles continued. "You've come so far in just a few weeks. I know it isn't always easy for you, but you've proven yourself more than equal to the challenges. Would you like one more treat?"


Wesley felt almost selfish, having already had two today. But he couldn't resist anything Giles gave him. "Yes. I'd like--I'd love anything you wish to give me."


Giles smiled and said softly, "Close your eyes and don't move a muscle."


When Wesley did as instructed, Giles took one of Wesley's hands in his and gently guided it to his cock. "Just this once, I'm going to let you touch your cock," he explained. "I want you to feel for yourself how I've taken your last virgin hole."


He placed two of Wesley's fingertips on the shaft, then took them between his own fingers, pressing down and moving them around a bit so Wesley could feel the hard bump made by the plug. After a few moments of that, Giles moved Wesley's fingers to the head of his cock and guided them over the metal ring and the end of the plug protruding from his slit.


"Ohh," Wesley breathed. It was almost a shock to feel his own fingers on his cock. Yet even that was overshadowed by the feel of the now-warm metal that was embedded there, almost permanently. The unreality of the moment was overwhelming, yet he couldn't deny what his senses showed him. "God," he whispered again.


"What do you think?" Giles asked, as he used Wesley's hand like a toy, rubbing Wesley's own fingers back and forth across the end of the plug, making it shift subtly within Wesley's cock.


"Bloody hell," Wesley moaned. He leaned back against Giles as all his attention focused on his cock. The way the plug moved inside him was indescribable, and the harder his cock became, the better it felt. The press of heated, aching flesh against unyielding metal was like nothing he'd felt before, and he had a sudden hunger for more. "Yes, please. God... can you... can you just... press around, all the way..."


The way Wesley responded to the plug was enough to make Giles groan with pleasure. If he hadn't come so recently, it would have made him hard.


He moved Wesley's hand away from his cock again and replaced it with his own, squeezing and pressing the plug in a slow, deliberate circle. "Like that?" he asked.


"Dear Lord, that's good," Wesley groaned.


Giles hummed approvingly. "I thought you'd like that, once it was in. You're such a wonderful slut." He licked sensually at Wesley's neck, then said, "Imagine if your whole cock was filled that way. Imagine if you could feel the metal all the way down to the root, reaching deep inside you."


"Christ," Wesley breathed, envisioning that fullness, that delicious ache all the way down. It would be mind-blowing, to have Giles' hand squeeze his cock when it was filled with steel. "Will you?" he asked, hopeful.


"Of course," Giles promised. "I'll just have to buy the equipment."


"Please," Wesley said. "I never imagined... but it feels amazing." He let his head rest back against Giles' shoulder, closed his eyes. "Keep going?"


"How far do you want to go?" Giles asked, as his hand moved up and down Wesley's shaft again. His voice droned in Wesley's ear, full of dark promise. "Is this enough? Or do you want more? Shall I tie you down and make you writhe with pleasure? Do you want it to be so intense you feel like you're coming apart at the seams? I could make it so good you can't help but beg to come, even knowing I won't permit it."


For a moment, Wesley couldn't breathe, too lost in what Giles described. How much did he want? How much could he take? Even Giles' hand on his cock was exquisitely good, but was it enough? Giles rarely gave him such a choice, and he wanted to make the right one.


"I'd like that," Giles urged, his voice dropping to a barely-intelligible purr. "I love hearing you beg, knowing I've had such a powerful effect on you that you lose all self-restraint..."


Wesley shivered with lust, entranced by the eroticism of Giles' words and tone. "Make me beg," he said, surrendering himself to Giles' mercy. "Tie me down and make me scream."


"That's my boy," Giles moaned. He moved out from behind Wesley, putting Wesley down on his back. "My shameless slut," he added, staring down at Wesley with lust and awe.


He secured Wesley's cuffs, pulled his limbs so tight he could hardly move. "Look how willingly you expose yourself to me," he whispered, running his hands down Wesley's body, under his outstretched arms and between his open legs to highlight his total vulnerability. "You lay yourself open to my desires, just like a good slut should."


Wesley groaned with lust, each word and touch electric on his nerves. He felt wide open, his whole body aching for Giles' hands. His eyes were dark, his skin flushed, and his cock twitched and bobbed as it grew to full erection.


Giles smiled with satisfaction and leaned in with an air of ceremony to touch his lips to both of Wesley's cheeks in turn before putting the blindfold back on him.


Wesley's fists clenched and unclenched in anticipation. "Your shameless slut," he breathed.


Giles hummed in agreement and trailed his fingers down Wesley's chest, then followed them with his mouth, licking and biting at Wesley's nipples like a starving man at a feast.


Wesley groaned helplessly, head pushed back against the pillows. He barely had enough slack to squirm, but he managed it anyway. He wasn't often graced with Giles' mouth on his body, and now all his senses were awake and centered there.


Giles found he didn't want to stop. He wanted to lave Wesley with his tongue from head to toe, consume him. He settled for dragging his tongue from Wesley's neck to his navel, then tore himself away with a gasp. "God," he groaned. "I could eat you alive."


Wesley gave a breathless laugh. "Why don't you?"


Giles laughed, too, and ran his hand over Wesley's cock and balls. "Because I'd be disappointed when you were all gone," he said playfully.


Wesley couldn't help but smile at that, and the smile widened to a grin before being lost in a low moan of pleasure.


Giles chuckled and redoubled his efforts. "Yes," he murmured, as he stroked Wesley vigorously with one hand and kneaded his balls with the other. "I love how wanton you are."


He worked Wesley quickly near to orgasm, an easy task with no ring to hold him back, then stopped and took the cock ring with the ball separator out of the nightstand and fastened it on. It would make Wesley's balls especially sensitive, which was precisely what Giles wanted.


Wesley groaned as the ring brought a keener edge to his arousal. His arse clenched down on the thick, curved plug, and it seemed to press in just the right spot, held there by the weight of his body against the bed.


Giles passed his hand lightly over Wesley's cock and balls once more, then plugged in the electric vibrator and turned it on. He let Wesley listen to the steady buzz for a few moments to heighten his anticipation, then pressed it to the base of the plug in his arse.


Wesley cried out in pleasure as the plug buzzed to life. He didn't want to lose the delicious way it pressed inside him, so instead of squirming away he pushed back against it, riding the vibrations.


Giles listened to Wesley's moans with delight, but finally pulled the vibrator away to let him calm down. He resumed stroking Wesley's aching cock with his other hand, and when he applied the vibrator again, it was directly on Wesley's balls.


The effect was immediate. Wesley cried out in ecstasy as the vibrations reverberated through his genitals. He could actually feel his flesh vibrating around the cock plug.


Giles kept the vibrator steady until Wesley's cries trailed off to whimpers and gasps, then began to move it in a gradually increasing path, back to Wesley's perineum, then up his shaft, sometimes pressing firmly, sometimes ghosting it over Wesley's skin.


Wesley's hands tightened to fists as his body writhed with pleasure. He moaned continuously, begged for more, pleaded for Giles not to stop. The feel of the vibrator against his cock, with the metal plug embedded inside, was unbearably good, bringing tears to his eyes as his senses were overwhelmed.


"Good boy," Giles encouraged. "Beg for me. Let me hear what a slut you are."


As he spoke, Giles gripped the base of Wesley's cock to steady it. He ran the vibrator up and down Wesley's shaft, closer and closer to the head. As Wesley's cries crescendoed, he brought it to the top and pressed it directly against the plug.


Wesley screamed as the vibrations hit the most sensitive part of him--screamed in agonized pleasure. "Please, please!" he begged, breathing hard and fast. "It feels so-- God, please! I'm your slut, shameless, yours... Let me come, please, please--!" He cried out as the vibrator pressed again to the plug.


"Yes, that's it," Giles agreed breathlessly, enthralled by Wesley's reaction. "My desperate, helpless slut. All mine!"


He held the vibrator against the plug for a few more seconds, until Wesley's cries were interrupted by a sound more like a sob, then relented. Putting the vibrator aside, he massaged Wesley's cock lightly to clear the echoes of the vibrations.


Relieved of the vibrations, Wesley slowly calmed, going from heaving breaths to an even rise and fall. "Lord," he breathed. A glow of pleasure was saturating his body, an endorphin rush after being held back from an intense climax. "Don't stop," he begged softly, still hungry for Giles' hands.


"No," Giles assured him. "Just let me untie you..."


He freed Wesley as quickly as he could and turned him on his side, spooning behind him. His hand returned to Wesley's groin, kneading firmly, and he folded his other arm under Wesley's head.


"That was magnificent," he said softly.


Wesley hummed in agreement, distracted by the wonderful touch of Giles' hand. "God, yes," he murmured.


Even soft, Giles couldn't resist rocking his hips against Wesley's arse. "I never imagined how good it could be to have a pet slut," he whispered. "It makes me want to give you as much pleasure as you give me. I'm afraid I've spoiled you."


"I hope that's not a bad thing," Wesley replied, playfully. He rocked his hips in time with Giles' movements. "I love being your slut. Your pet."


"I'm glad," Giles replied seriously. His tongue traced the rim of Wesley's ear while his hand toyed with the ring at the end of Wesley's cock.


"I love to crawl at your feet," Wesley moaned, voice filled with devotion. "I love to suck your cock. I love the way you fill me up, lock me in, touch me."


Giles moaned softly in appreciation. "Go on," he urged, sliding his hand down Wesley's cock.


"I love my collars and my--my leash," Wesley continued. Each word seemed to be summoned from deep inside him. "I love that you own me. Mark me."


"Yes," Giles hissed. "I'll mark you more," he promised. "I want to put my name on you."


"Yes," Wesley hissed. "Please! I want more. I want to look in the mirror and only see you. My master."


"Mmm," Giles agreed. "Only mine. Rupert Giles' slut. I'll decorate your body. A few strategic piercings, perhaps a tattoo... something to attract the eye, call attention to your beauty. You'll be covered in evidence of my ownership."


Wesley felt a surge of lust, moaned loudly. "Rupert Giles' slut. Yes."


Giles nodded, breathing heavily, caught up in the moment. "You'll do anything for me. You'll submit to anything." He raised himself up on his elbow and pushed the blindfold up so he could look into Wesley's eyes. "I want all of you, Wesley. Your body. Your thoughts. Your feelings. I want the parts of you no one else has ever had, or even wanted."


Wesley gasped softly at the surety in Giles' eyes, in his words. No one had ever said that before, that they wanted all of him, would cherish all of him. He was breathless with sudden emotion, caught in Giles' gaze. "All of me?" he echoed, needing to hear it again.


"Every bit," Giles confirmed. His hand was still moving gently but relentlessly on Wesley's cock. "Forever."


"It's yours," Wesley promised, the words out of his mouth before he was even aware of them. "Everything. All of me. Forever."


Giles wanted to kiss Wesley. He knew he'd already indulged himself--and Wesley--too much that night, but he couldn't resist leaning in and brushing his mouth deliberately across Wesley's, as though capturing the words as they passed Wesley's lips.


Wesley held his breath as Giles' lips ghosted over his own. He ached to rush up and meet that kiss, deepen it until their lips were swollen and tender from kissing. He trembled with restraint as he kept still, relished that light brush of lips and breath.


Finally he had no choice but to breathe. He took in a sharp, shallow breath, then whispered "Yours" into Giles' mouth.


Giles was just about to pull away, but having Wesley's mouth open, waiting under his was all it took to crumble his resistance. His lips descended on Wesley's, his tongue plunging deep. He ravaged Wesley's mouth for a long moment, then pulled back and continued with a gentler exploration. Wesley's whimpers spurred him on, but eventually he drew back, ending the kiss by sucking tenderly on Wesley's lower lip until it slipped out from between his teeth.


"Done," he said gravely.


Wesley looked up at Giles with red, parted lips, flushed cheeks, and eyes heavy with want and adoration. With that kiss, Giles had seared himself into Wesley's soul forever. He had stolen his heart, the very breath from his lungs. Wesley was truly and utterly Giles'. "Done," he moaned, completing the sudden ritual.


Giles sighed and shivered with the intensity of the moment. He settled down with Wesley on the bed again, this time draped half on top of Wesley. He writhed gently, rubbing his cock, which was beginning to try to harden again, against Wesley's hip and sliding his leg over Wesley's cock, still straining in the cock ring. He was a bit shaken by how Wesley's words, his surrender, had torn through his self-control like so much tissue paper. It disturbed him, but he was so suffused with happiness at knowing that Wesley was his--completely, willingly his--that the tiny, cold frisson of fear that ran through him was easily dismissed.



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