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Author: NA28

Fandom: NCIS

Pairing(s): Gibbs/Tony, Abby/Kate/McGee, Ducky/Gerald

Warnings: Adult content, unbetad

Spoilers: none. Set before the Season 2 Finale

Summary: A serial killer is on the loose, targeting alternative lifestyle people, will Tony solve the case without telling the team his secrets.


Nominated Category:

Best Love Slave Fic


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Prologue

Petty Officer Samatha Spriniize was just leaving her apartment for deployment on the USS Truman. She didn't have to worry about her place; her friends would take care of it while she was gone.




Walking to her car, she never noticed the man behind her, not until he put the plastic bag over her head and dragged her into his van.






Lt. Michael Stamper was jogging down the path later the same evening and as he passed through a dense area of trees & bushes, he stopped for a second to rest, like he normally did at this point of the trail. He grabbed a pack from his fanny pack; this was the only place where he could smoke without getting yelled at. As he straightened up, a wire wrapped itself around his throat, cutting into his skin, and he was pulled into the bushes.




A few minutes later a van pulled away.






Ensign Thomas Blankenship practically jogged down the ramp leading off the ship. This was his first time off the ship in awhile, and he wanted to have some fun. Walking through the guard post with a jaunty air, which made the guards chuckle, he went to get himself a car for the few days he had on leave. This was not his first time in the DC area and he knows where to go to have his fun without the trouble of his supervisors finding out.




As he went out to pick his car, he noticed a beat up van next to the pick out lot, but just shrugged and went over to group he could afford. He noticed the man behind him in the car window, but did not turn around in time. The man grabbed him in a headlock like hold, and then you could hear a loud snap and crack as the Ensign's body sagged to the ground.




He went back to get the van, pulled it over, and threw young man’s body on top of the other two.






Gunnery Sergeant James M. O'Shakley was just leaving the bar where he had stopped for a few drinks. As he walked down the block whistling an Irish jig, he passed an alley, and as he did he heard the thunk of a dart gun. Turning he could see the gun's barrel in the light but not the shooter. As he lost the fight to stay awake, he saw a van pull out of the alley, and the side door slide open.






Corporal Jenny Poliziiski was leaving the JAG office for the evening when she noticed a van sitting in the underground parking lot that normally was empty at this time of the night. She carefully made her way over to her car. As she neared her car, she passed a pillar, and as she did he stepped out and put something over her mouth. She quickly sagged into his arms.




Picking her up, he carried over to the van, put her in and left the site. On his way out he hit a button on a small remote and the cameras in the parking lot went back to recording real time.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 1







Gibbs reached for the phone after letting it ring five or six times, "Hello?"




"Special Agent Gibbs, this is Director Thomas speaking. We have a situation on our hands. In the last 3 hours 4 Marine and Naval personnel have been found dead, and another so badly burnt we can't be sure yet if it is one of ours or a civvie. I need you to gather your team. You and yours will be heading this investigation. There will be two teams under your direct command that will help you with the evidence gathering. So far we have kept it out of the media, but that will only last so long. We need you to start this right away. Any questions Agent Gibbs?"




"No, Sir."




"Then good-bye." The sound of the phone hanging up was loud in his ear.




Rolling onto his back again, Gibbs looked at the ceiling like it held the answers to the world - - or at least his problems.




Okay, who do I call first? ... Ah yes Abby, he thought evilly. This way he could find out just who she was sleeping with this week and win the pool. It was currently a tie between McGee and Kate, with second place going for a three way. Personally, he thought McGee would faint if offered a three way, especially if Kate was involved.




Hitting speed dial, he started calling and waking up his team for a very long day.






Abby's bedroom


0400 - Coffin built for two




Ring ring ring




McGee rolled over and tried to wake Abby up to answer her phone. But waking Abby this early was like poking a bear with a stick; you did it at your own risk.




"WHAT?" She snarled as she finally woke enough to ask him.




"Ahah.... Your phone is ringing, and th - the ID said it’s Gibbs," he told her.




Rolling eyes at her part time boyfriend, she climbed across him, making sure to put an elbow in a sensitive spot or two along the way, and grabbed the phone.




"Listen Boss, its 4:00 in the fucking morning. What the hell do you want?" Abby growled into the phone.




Gibbs pulled the phone away from his ear. Note to oneself; have Tony call Abby in the future to wake her.




"Abby, this is not my idea of fun either, but the Director has called for an all team investigation. All three local NCIS teams are working this, with other teams on stand-by if they are needed. We have 4 confirmed military dead and are waiting on Ducky to look at the fifth to tell us if it was a man or a woman. I need you in no later than 0530. Tell McGee, as I can hear him trying not to breathe in the background, I need him here by 0500. Earlier if he has a suit there already."




"Okay, Boss man, we’ll be there."







Ducky's bedroom, snuggled against Gerald




Ring ring ring




"If that is Jethro, I am going to put him in one of body units," Ducky muttered as he picks up the phone. "Hello, Jethro, what can I do for you this fine morning?"




"Ducky, I’m sorry for waking you, but we need you to come in. Be here by 0530. We may have a serial on our hands. So far we have found four bodies that are confirmed military personnel. There is also a fifth, which you need to look at to tell us if it is even ours. This has just been in the last 5 to 6 hours. The director has called in everyone for this. We are directing this one, and I need you here to help maintain my patience."




"Jethro, no need to beg and whine, of course I will be in. I need to call someone to sit with Gerald to make sure he okay for the day, and then I am free to help out," Ducky replied.




"Thanks Ducky," Gibbs said as he hung up.




Okay now for the trouble twins.







DiNozzo Apartment




Ring ring ring ring ring




Smashing around in the dark, Tony grabbed for the phone, “Huh...What?”




“DiNozzo, wake the hell up,” Gibbs barked into the phone.




At that Tony sat up in his bed, fully awake.




“Yeah Boss, I’m awake.”




“Good, get your ass in gear and get into the office by 0530. I am calling back in 15 minutes and if you’re back in bed - - We. Will. Talk. Got it DiNozzo?”




“Yes, Boss. In by 0530. Got it.”




Gibbs hung up.




And Tony flopped back onto his bed and breathed out a sigh of relief. Then he remembered and scurried out of bed. He hurried to get ready to get to the office on time.




As he was getting out of the shower, he heard his phone ring. Without even thinking about it, he knew it was Gibbs. He ran through the apartment. Naked, and wet, he dove across the bed, grabbed the phone, and slid off the bed on the other side, landing on his back with his feet up in the air against the far wall. Thank god for cordless phones or he would be tangled up as well.




“DiNozzo, speaking.”




“What the hell was all that DiNozzo? Never mind, I don’t really want to know. Just get here on time.” And then Tony heard a click of the phone hanging up.




Tony just laid there for a minute steaming before getting up and getting ready for work.








Kate Todd’s place




Ring ring ring ring ring ring




Finally giving up, she knew it had to be Gibbs; she reached over, grabbed the phone and put it against her head while it was still on her pillow.



“Yes Gibbs, what do we have at 4:30 in the morning?”



“Agent Todd, we have 4 bodies - - maybe 5, all discovered in the last 4- 6 hours. We might have a serial on our hands and I need you in here by 0530. It is a full team investigation. The Director has called everyone in, and has other teams from other locations on stand-by if we need extra manpower. ”




“Okay, Gibbs, I’m on my way.”


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 2

– At the office and scene E


0500 Thursday – Day 1




As the elevator dinged open, Agent McGee stepped quickly to his area of the office. In his hands were two large cups of coffee; one for him and the other for his boss. Quickly setting down Gibbs’ on his desk he moved over to his desk and booted up his system before turning to Gibbs.




“Agent McGee reporting in, Sir,” he said all but snapping off a salute.




Picking up the coffee, Gibbs walked over to McGee. “I called you in early for you to do some computer work. Here are the four names we already have from the ID on the bodies. I need you go through their service records to see if they have any connections to each other; same base, same ship, anything, got me?”




“Yes, Boss, right on it.”




“Good man,” Gibbs offered, slapping him on the shoulder.







By 0530 everyone was in the office, except those already on the scene, securing it, and starting to process the areas. The bodies were never touched until Ducky could get there.




“Okay, listen up people; we have a mess on our hands. And things could get uglier. We are working with Agent Thomas Brown’s team, and Agent Roberto Filanzzio’s team. Both teams are reporting to me. I will hand out data down to you guys as it comes in.




“Abby, you are going to have to strict control of any forensics that comes in. You will be getting bombarded with a ton of stuff from at least 4 different sites.




“Ducky, go downstairs and get your kit and meet us by the trucks.




“DiNozzo, Todd - - you’re with me. McGee, you’re here for computer work. We’ll call you as we get info for you to cross check. Any questions?”




“Yeah, Boss, which sight are we handling?” Tony asked.




“We’re going to be doing sites marked D and E. The drowning victim and the fire victim.”




“Gibbs, how do we know that the drowning victim was even murder?” Kate asked as they went down the elevator.




“We don’t, but with all these bodies showing up at one time it’s too much of a coincidence to be an accident.”






By the time the team arrived at the burn site, Ducky was already there, looking over the body.




“Gibbs, will you come here for a moment, if you please?”




As he walked over, Gibbs smelled that sickening smell of burned meat. He stopped next to Ducky and looked down and the body. He immediately saw what Ducky wanted him to see. Stuck to the body was a sheet of paper. On that paper was one word, “DISGRACE”.




Gibbs also noticed that surrounding the body was a white outline like that which a fire extinguisher would leave. Someone watched and waited until he was dead, and then put out the fire to leave a message.




While this was going on, DiNozzo walked a little ways off and noticed a burned leaf, some burned footprints, and what looked like burned clothing. He bagged the clothing after he took pictures and measurements. He kept following the crooked trail, imagining the pain and horror the person was going through, until he found the site where the guy had to have been set on fire.




Hurrying back to Gibbs, he reported what he found and how he found the site.




"Good work, DiNozzo. Kate, stay here with Ducky and the body. Take pictures of everything, including the white outline. I want samples of everything, even the dirt that was under the body."






“Is there a problem Agent Todd?”




“Actually there is SIR! I am the profiler on the team, and I need to be up there with you to see where this started, how he set it up, and what it looks like so I can start a profile on the killer, not down here collecting dirt samples. Tony can do that; after all, he is only a cop.”




Nobody saw the hurt look that flashed in Tony’s eyes at the comment.


Gibbs’ face went still, and he walked down the hill and into Kate’s personal space. “You ever try this stunt again, I will fire you so quick, your ass will have rug burns. You will do what I tell you to do, when I tell you to do it, and how I tell you to do it, or get off my team. Is that clear, Agent Todd?”




“Crystal, Sir”




“Now the reason I am taking Tony, even though it is none your business, is because he showed imaginative and outside the box thinking. That is one of the reasons I hired him. I am now going up there with Agent DiNozzo and when you are done you may follow us. We won’t destroy the site, so you will still be able to compile your profile.”




With that said Gibbs turned and walked up the small hill that then flattened out at the top. Like Tony he could see the turning, twisting path the person took to stop the pain and torture of being burned alive.




At the scene of where it all started, they found a 5 gallon bucket containing some type of jellied substance that looked like Vaseline, a gun laying the ground, a book of matches from a club but the name on it was destroyed, and some rope that looked like it had been used to tie up the victim. Tony took samples where he could, and measurements and pictures where he couldn’t so that Kate could start her profile.




About 45 minutes after they started Agent Todd joined them and, every time she got near DiNozzo she made sure he knew what she thought of him being up there- - but never loud enough for Gibbs to hear.




“Tony, come on, we’re heading over to scene D. Agent Todd, when you get done with your profile write up a preliminary report and give to me at scene D. By then we should be ready for you to work your magic over there.”




“Gibbs, how am I supposed to get over there? Wherever over there is?”




“I’m leaving you some of the local boys to give you lift to the next scene. It’s about an hour and half drive from here. They are also to make sure that nothing happens to you while you’re up here making your profile of the suspect.”




With that statement Kate knew what was what. Apparently Gibbs did hear some of the comments she had made to Tony and this was her punishment for not playing nice with the team. It was also a subtle hint that he was the boss, and not to piss him off.




“Yes, Sir. See you in a little while, Sir.”




“No, rush Agent Todd, no rush at all.”


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 3





Marine 1st Lt. Patricia Keyes had locked her apartment door. She was a little concerned because her roommate, Jenny had yet to come home after two days. She couldn’t call the MPs because of their living arrangements. Officers were not allowed to live with enlisted personnel. She hurried to catch the bus because Jenny had the car they shared, grumbling along the way. She took the stairs down from her apartment at a grueling pace afraid she'd miss the bus entirely. As she reached the bottom step she stiff-armed the door to the street open, sending it flying back. Just then something hit the back of her head - - hard. Her first thought was that she'd pushed the door too hard and it had swung back to hit her but she realized she was still in the doorway and the door was being held, and then darkness descended.




In the morning rush of going to work, no one noticed a strange man putting a body in a beat up van.






1130 – Scene D – Drowning victim





As DiNozzo and Gibbs pulled up to scene D, they noticed that Ducky was again already there and processing the victim. They also noticed that the normally calm doctor was not happy.




Tony went to the back of the truck to get the needed kits for his processing and Gibbs walked over to see if he could calm Ducky down.




“Ducky, what’s the matter?”




“Gibbs, who ever put this woman into the lake did it as a part of her torture. Look at her fingernails. See how they are chipped? Now look at her ankles; you can see ligature marks. See the bruising on her face? It looks like a band. I will bet you top dollar that she had on some type of limited breathing device enabling her to try to get herself untied from what ever held her down.”




“And then when time ran out, she drowned,” Gibbs finished.




“Exactly. And here, I also found the same note attached to her body as the last one.”




By now Tony had joined the group, and as soon as he saw the body, he dropped his case and whispered, “No, not Jenny, not her…”




Gibbs heard, quickly turning to see Tony going white. He quickly grabbed the young man, and yelled for Ducky. Between the two of them they got him to the ground.




“I do believe he knows the young lady. He is probably in shock.” Motioning one of the local sheriff’s deputies over, he told them what he needed. They brought a blanket and wrapped Tony in it.




In a little while Tony was more himself than not, but the anguish on his face, and the water in eyes told another story all together.




“DiNozzo, I know this isn’t the right time, but how do you know the victim?” Gibbs asked.




After he wiped his eyes, Tony replied, “We were club friends. We would hang out and talk while checking the local scene for dates, among other things. She was always good for a laugh. Between us there was never the sexual tension there sometimes is between a man and woman, and it was relaxing to be around her.”




“Are you up to processing the scene?” asked Gibbs.




“Hell yeah. I have to do this for Jenny, but keep Kate out of my way today or else,” Tony replied.




Tony got up and grabbed his case before beginning to process the scene. He noticed that the footprints leading away from the body to the left did not have any tread to them, but rather a flat smooth surface. After taking photos and measuring them, he followed them to the edge of the lake where a boat ramp had been built. “Well that was logical; lake, drowning, boat,” he said.




Going back to Gibbs and Ducky, he told them what he had found, especially about the footprints. This told them the guy they were after was either smart or knew forensics.




“What I don’t understand, is if the body was drowned in the middle of the lake, how did it get over here so he could put a dry note on her?” Gibbs asked. “Other wise the ink would have run, even a little bit from the wet clothes. He had to sit and watch her dry, just like he watched our burning victim burn and then cool down.”




“This man is a sadist; either that or a sociopath. Tony, you done with the processing?” growled Gibbs.




“Not much to process, Boss. The crime happened in the lake. The boat ramp has been cleaned of tire tracks and he must have driven on the rocky part of the road,” replied Tony.




“Ducky, can you give me a time of death?”




“About 5-6 hours before our burn victim, Jethro. That makes it about 9 am Wednesday.”




“Thanks, Ducky. I know this has been a long day, but can you head over to scene A? That is where we’re going next. The other two scenes have been covered by the other teams.”




“Yes Jethro, I’ll meet you over there,” Ducky said as he motioned for the assistants to come and move the body to the coroner’s wagon for transporting to the morgue.




Hearing a car, Gibbs looked over and noticed that Agent Todd had finally arrived. Walking over to her, he quickly pulled her to the side. Giving her a dark look he proceeded to tell her, “Look, Tony knew the victim well, very well, and before you ask, no they did not date or anything else you can twist in your head. If I hear you or even suspect of hearing you riding him about this, we will talk with the Director, understand?”




“Yes, Boss. May I ask a question?”




“Yes you may, but I may not answer.”




“What’s with all of this protection and buddy buddy with DiNozzo lately?”




“The main reason is because you and Abby haven’t gotten off his butt since the Pacci case and him kissing Voss. I thought you two would grow tired of it and stop, but you haven’t, and now I am stepping in to change that. Plus, it’s also to show you two that Tony is your superior when I am not around because he has been here longer, and deserves some respect just for that. Respect that you and Abby have not shown me that either of you have toward him.




“Oh, I am not saying Tony is perfect or easy to get along with, hell there are days I want to bounce him out the window myself, but when we’re out in the field, he is the best. That is why he is on MY team.




“Now, if we are through, I would like to see your profile of the suspect. I know it is primitive, because you haven’t been to the other 3 sites, but it will give me a starting point. After you have finished processing the sites, call it a day, head home, and finish the report in the morning.”




“Sure Gibbs.”




“DiNozzo, get in the damn truck will ya?”















Interlude II




Agent Todd First Profile:




Suspect fits into the category of white male, 24 – 44 years old, loner, extremely intelligent, with severe sociopathic tendencies. He has remarkable ability to keep track of every little detail, from making sure not to leave footprints, to wearing just the right set of gloves so he wouldn’t leave fingerprints.




It is my belief that anything he needs to carry out these murders, from the gel like substance to the breathing mask, will have been hand made by him.




I will have to see how the others have died to make any comments about his method of killing, and what is meant by the note left at the sites; “Disgrace”.




There is so little evidence at this scene for me to even attempt to make a summary judgment on what he will do next. I am hoping the body will give me more clues when Dr. Mallard and Ms. Scuito have their turns at the deceased.




Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 4

Scene A and Back To the Office




Scene A did not give them more information than the others did except for the fact that PO Spriniize was suffocated with the plastic bag tied around her head with white ties. Leaving word for Agent Todd, the two agents headed back to the office to see if Abby or McGee had found anything yet.




After stopping for coffee for Gibbs and a big gulp for Abby, they hit the office. Gibbs went down to the lab and DiNozzo went to check on McGee’s progress.









Abby’s Lab




Gibbs had faced many challenges in his career as a Marine, some that would make most men piss their pants, but the scariest one now stood before him. He could see the safety glass shimmer, glass that was explosive proof and bullet proof. Yet right now it was moving as if it was being pounding by unseen forces. In a way it was; Abby’s music. Which meant if he stepped in there he could be brought to his knees in ten seconds flat, and willing to sell his own mother in 30. When the CIA looked for means to interrogate people they some how overlooked one Abby Sciuto. But he came prepared this time. Pulling the little white package out of his pocket that he had snuck from Ducky’s assistant, he tore it open and put in the earplugs. These were the plugs that the assistants used when Ducky was in a lecture mood.




Touching the safety button to slide the door open, he walked in and was hit with a wall of sound. He could feel the music; not just through his feet but in his teeth, joints, and everywhere he had ever been hurt. Walking up to Abby as she danced to the music and fiddled with one of her machines for a test he tapped her on the shoulder to make her jump and caused her pig tails to flop a few times when she landed.




“GIBBS,” she shrieked. “Don’t do that!” She slapped at his hands. He pointed to her boom box and made a fist with his thumb, rotating it 180 degrees so it was pointing down. She sucked in her bottom lip, pushed her shoulders forward, her arms hanging down, and stomped over to the machine. Looking to the world like a twelve year old not getting her way, she turned off the music. Gibbs offered the soda as a peace offering and she grabbed it, smiling.




“Okay, now that I can hear again, what do you have for me so far Abs?” asked Gibbs.




“Well, what I have so far is that this guy is a certified genius. If he weren’t so sick I would want his kids. This jell stuff you brought in is more stable than nitro, burns hotter than gasoline, is safe to store in your basement, and will only burn what it is spread on. I also believe that you can use it to make an explosive better than nitro or TNT. Haven’t had a chance to test it out, and I haven’t seen McGee to talk to him about that part yet.”




“So he can make a accelerant; that does not make him a genius,” Gibbs said.




“Gibbs, this stuff is made of ingredients I never would have thought to add together to make an explosive. Some of the ingredients are baby formula, carrot juice, and vinegar. True, they are in really small amounts but they’re there. Do you know if this formula ever got out on the net how many little terrorists we would have setting fires around this country of ours? I am just talking in the 5 to 14 year old bracket!” Abby said throwing up her hands.




“The white outline at scene E was just what you thought it was; residue from an everyday fire extinguisher - - Type A. The dirt from underneath the body contains some of the chemicals from the fire, the gun had no prints, no bullets, and the rope only had the victim’s epithelials on it.




“In short, I have nothing from scene E that I can use to ID the killer for you, Boss. Sorry,” Abby said.




“Well, keep looking. Maybe the other sites will have some small clue or something. I know you’re doing your best Abby. If it’s not there, it’s not there.” Gibbs said, walking away to see if Ducky was in his lab yet.






As the elevator dinged, announcing the arrival of DiNozzo on to the floor, he found he really was not in the mood to give McGee a bad time of it. In fact, he was still in shock over his friend Jenny. After dropping his stuff at his desk, he headed over to McGee’s area.




“So Probie, whatcha got for me today?”








“Well that speaks well for your future here.”




“The four vics we are sure of had never been on the same base together until recently; in fact, the Ensign just got into port yesterday. All their records are spotless, and I mean squeaky-clean. I thought my life was boring, but these guys really need a life. Hell, Tony, even the Marine doesn’t have one fight on her record, and I thought to be a Marine you had to have at least one fight on a leave to call yourself a Marine.”




“I only hope the fifth name gives me a clue to tie everyone together or we have 5 deaths by one guy who knows something we don’t.”




Not all of us Probie, not all of us, thought Tony as he went back to his desk to begin his report and look over his notes.






Donald “Ducky” Mallard’s Lab






Gibbs could see that Ducky had just arrived before he did. In fact, he still was in his jacket and was giving final instructions as to where he wanted the bodies placed.




As he turned around he jumped a bit as Gibbs startled him. “Oh, Jethro, I didn’t see you behind me. Can I help you with something? As you can see, I am going to be rather busy in a few minutes.”




“Actually, that’s why I came down here. I’m sending you guys home. You all have been going for over 12 hours, and mistakes are being made. This is the type of case where we can’t afford to have mistakes. So put the bodies in the cooler, and go home to Gerald. And Ducky, that’s an order, from your boss.”




“Well, if you are going to pull rank about it, I’ll see you in the morning, Agent Gibbs,” Ducky spouted as he grabbed his coat from the rack and walked out in a huff.




Gibbs stood there with a smile on his lips. Turning toward Ducky’s assistants he frowned. “You guys know what to do with these, right?” Getting affirmative answers, Gibbs nodded and headed back over to Abby’s lab to send her home. After that he’d go to his floor to send the other two agents home as well. Then to the Director’s office to ask for some type of reward for the other two teams that helped with the investigation today.






After calling both Agent Brown’s team and Agent Filanzzio’s team into the large conference room, Gibbs got down to business.




“Lets make this short and sweet. First, I want to thank you all for getting up early and helping my team with the case. We would still be out there processing the sites if it weren’t for you guys. We are in your debt. Second, because of that help I have talked with the Director and he has agreed that you all get a three day weekend off; it can be individually or as a whole department, that is up you and your group.”




Agent Brown stepped up, “Just a quick note, you guys made me and Rob very proud today, and we wanted to thank you guys for your efforts. Happy hour at Stan’s is on us today. See you there.”




Gibbs stood up. ”One more thing. NO TALKING about this case; the media doesn’t know and we don’t want them to know anything yet, okay?”






Back in his department, Gibbs noticed Tony and McGee working at their desks. “Listen guys, wrap up what you’re doing and head out. You’ve been here over twelve hours and mistakes are being made. We can’t afford any mistakes on this. Go home and get some sleep, DiNozzo. I mean sleep, and be here bright and early to see this in a different light.”




The two men headed out as Gibbs sat down to work a little more on his stuff, never one to take his own advice.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 5



Sanctuary Club




Tony DiNozzo walked up to the bouncer at the door, dressed for an evening out. The bouncer opened the first door, and Tony slid his card into the slot. The slot made a whirling noise then the LED changed to green. The card was spat out and Tony pocketed it as the second door opened by itself. As he walked through the door he heard the first door slam shut at his back. He is now in Sanctuary, the one place where he can go, be himself, and not worry about Gibbs finding out about his dark secret.




But he is not here to play tonight, he is here to play a hunch, and he prays that he is wrong. Because if he is right then he is most definitely caught between a rock and a hard place.




Walking through the crowd he heads for the stairs that lead up to the second floor, and to the offices up there. Once there he knocks on one and he faintly hears the “come in”. When the door closes at his back the outside noise dims and moves to a faint presence in the background, no more. The office is a plush affair, with a couch and settee area over looking the dance floor via a one-way mirror. In another part there was a bar, and in the back was the desk with some chairs in front of it for business.




Behind the desk sat the owner of the club; ex-naval officer Jonathan Woof. He built Sanctuary after he was found not to fit the navy’s picture of proper officer and was asked to leave. He never looked back, and now was the proud owner of several such bars across the country and Europe. They were placed near bases or large cities with a high number of alterative lifestyles.




“Tony, long time, no see! What may I do for you?” Jonathon asked, knowing that Tony would not be up here unless something was wrong.




“Jonathon, I know you know most if not all the people that go through this bar, and I know the bar policy on complete privacy. You will not be violating these peoples’ privacy as I already know their names, plus the fact that they are already dead, so you can’t hurt them.” Handing Jonathon three pictures of the deceased, Tony asked, “Are these three members of the club?”




“They’re dead? I guess knowing the truth wouldn’t hurt them. Yes they were members, why?”




“Including Jenny, that is a confirmed 4 members dead. We are hunting a serial killer and I think either he is stalking us at night to find out about us, or he has gotten a hold of the database. I mean, killing one of us might be just an accident, a chaos theory, but when all four victims have this as the only link, and I bet the fifth goes here too, that will cinch it for me.




“Jonathon, we have to warn them. Right now he is after military personnel but what happens if goes after civvies, like cops, doctors, - - it could bring public attention here and the other bar quicker than anything. We need to warn the members now.”




“How do you expect me to do that? Most didn’t give their real names on the cards, let alone an address or phone number. And I can’t do a general announcement, it would empty the bar quicker that someone yelling fire. No, Tony. I can’t believe that anyone could hack the database.”




“Listen, Jonathon, I know I gave my word to never tell anyone about this place, but if I get one more body related to Sanctuary, I am telling my boss everything, from the first stone laid to the last person you laid.”




“Now there is no reason to be bitchy about this, Tony,” snarled Jonathon.




“You heard my warning and I think it is time for me to go. I have an early morning tomorrow.”




With that Tony got up and left office and the club, feeling eyes tracking his movements but chalking it up to paranoia about the case and nothing more.






Interlude III




Patricia awoke in a small room totally made out of wood. There was room to sit, but that was all she could do. Taking in her surroundings she noticed some MREs, a bucket for waste, bottled water, lights with wires going out of the box, a small portable oxygen tank, and a small opening letting in air and sunshine. She crawled over to it and tried to look out but it was covered in fine mesh allowing air in; visibility 0.




She found an envelope when she went back to the monitor. It said she was a prize in a game and that her side was going to lose because it had been rigged that way. It’s her job to die because she disgraced her uniform, and she is going to watch the pitiful attempts of her heroes to try and find her, but not in time.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 6



Friday – Day 2


NCIS Offices




The next morning DiNozzo came dragging in like he hadn’t any sleep the night before, which happened to be true. Between the death of his friend, his ability not to find Patricia, and striking out with Jonathon, he had a lot to worry or think about last night. He knew he should tell Gibbs what he knew, but that would expose him as much as it would the others. He didn’t care if Gibbs knew his secret, but if the higher ups found out about it, he might get fired and/or get Gibbs into trouble, and that is one thing he would never do.




As Tony busied himself with dealing with the reports from the day before, he booted up the computer, and was sorting files when his mail popped up. His mailbox contained one new email and, with out thinking about it, he opened it. In big letters it said,


“Did you lose the disgraced one, Tone?”


“In a box all alone.”


”Deep down with Bones”


“Listen to your phones”.




Tony looked up and noticed that Kate was in. “Kate, Kate, get over here, get over here!”




“This had better not be one of your bimbo screen savers.”




“NO, this is more important.”




As she read the note, she looked at Tony and asked, “What does it mean? We have no reports of a missing solider or naval personnel.”




“That’s because no one knows she is gone yet but me. I have been trying to get a hold of her since last night and get no answers anywhere. This just proves it.” He got up, agitated, and paced up and down the hallway while waiting for Gibbs to get in.




“Tony… Tony, stop. Will YOU STOP!!”




He stopped but glared at Kate. “I know that you had a rough day yesterday, but what makes you think this other friend of yours is missing as well?”




“Simple Kate, Patricia Keyes was Jenny Poliziiski’s girlfriend. That makes her disappearance just a little more than a random case of her being lost on the freeway.”




“Okay, good point… And you know this how? And why wait until now to bring it up?”




“I have known about their relationship as long as I have known Jenny, and I didn’t think it needed to be part of the case. If it came out, Patricia could get into trouble because of it. And if you stop for a minute and think you can understand why the other four also have ‘disgrace’ by their bodies as well.”




“You mean the others could have been gay?”




“No, they could have been into an alterative lifestyle. I believe the Ensign was in a D/s relationship with a Mistress. Now I can’t tell you any more with out breaking a promise I made - - and I won’t do that until I talk to Gibbs.”







NCIS Offices




As Gibbs walked in he could feel the tension in the room. He didn’t know what it was from but he knew he had to break it or it was going to break them.




“Okay, what happened already this morning?”




Tony handed him a copy of the e-mail, and stood in front of him ramrod straight.




“So we have another person missing and he assumes you know this person, Tony.”




‘Yes, Boss I do. Can I talk with you privately about this please?”




Gibbs could see that Tony was on the edge. Every muscle in his body was vibrating with the need to hit something or tear something to bits.




“Sure, lets go down to the firing range. It’s empty this time of the day, and you can talk to me and then practice your shooting while I think about what you tell me.”




With that Tony whirled around grabbed his gun from the locked drawer. He put on his holster and the gun and then walked over to the elevator, and hit the button to go down. He hit it so hard he heard the plastic casing crack, but he paid it no mind.




Gibbs leaned over to Kate, ”If we’re not back in an hour, send Ducky.”





Down at the gun range Gibbs watched DiNozzo pace up and down the alley. “Well what is it that you dragged me down here for?”




Tony stopped pacing. “Okay, what I am about to tell you can cause people to lose their jobs, marriages, and in some cases their lives. No, I am not being over dramatic here. There is a club in town call the Sanctuary. We - - those of us who live life a little different then the norm, can do so in peace without others finding out. I’m talking gay, trans, cross-dressers, Dom, subs - - you name it, and it’s there. The four bodies we can ID are all members of the club.




“Last night I talked to the owner of the club to see if he would help warn the others about what is going on, but he refused to make a general announcement. Because of the promises you have to make when you join your identity is guaranteed safe, so it’s very hard to get a hold of you outside the club. In fact I am putting my life in your hands just telling you this. If it got out that I told you about this without bringing you in as a member, well, lets just say it has been known for some to hunt down the big mouth and make sure he can’t talk again.”




“Who exactly are members of this club? You make it sound like the mafia.” I wonder what his interests in this club are, thought Gibbs




“You’re not too far off. We have military personnel, all branches, doctors, cops, firemen, politicians, and any others who could lose their jobs or life for wanting to live differently. There are bars across the country and Europe all owned by the same man, and all have the same rules and promises made by their members.”




“Listen, we need to be get back upstairs before Kate sends Ducky looking for us.”




“Yeah, we better. We don’t want Ducky to find out about this little chat.”




“Why not?”




“Who do you think introduced me to the club in the first place? You have to be invited in by a member the first time”














When they got back to their office, they both went over to Kate’s desk and promised to fill her in later if she would meet them at Gibbs’ place. The rest of the day, they sat around doing paper work, waiting for the phone to ring, or something to happen.




About one o’clock a Fed-Ex courier arrived with a package addressed to Tony DiNozzo. As Tony signed for the package the rest of the team gathered around his desk. He tore open the package, and out fell a timer with 72 hours on it. Then his phone started to ring.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 7

The Game Begins and more bodies




DiNozzo’s desk






Gibbs signaled McGee to start tracing the call, and recording it as well. Signaling Tony, he hit the speakerphone, and they heard a voice that was scrambled.




“No, need to trace this call, gentlemen. I am at a payphone at 13th Street and McKinley. I am just calling to tell Tony to read his e-mail, and enjoy the game - - especially since he enjoys them so much somewhere else.” With that said the caller hung up.




Gibbs turned to McGee and nodded, listening to the tech on the other end of the line. “Sure, aha, sure.”




“Boss, he wasn’t lying, the call did come from a pay phone at 13th Street and McKinley. There was background noise of the traffic, and whatever he used for the voice scrambler was top of the line - - possibly home made. From what we know of this guy, I would go with home made, from the best parts.




“Tony, anything yet in the way of an e-mail?”




“Not yet, Boss.”




Not ten seconds after this was said, the computer dinged signaling that there now was, in fact, a new e-mail for DiNozzo.









From: Dissgrace@Yahoo.com


Subject: Rules of the Game




First, let me tell you that she can see and hear everything in your department. If you terminate the connection I will know, and I will terminate her air supply.




Second, the rules are rigged in my favor. After all, it is my game and all the disgraced really must die.




The Rules:




At 1500 the timer you have will start counting backwards. You have until it reaches 0 to find her. That’s right, 72 hours. If you aren’t able to find her in that amount of time I will close up the pipe supplying her air, and she will die.




I will be sending clues for you follow, to see if you can find her, but you must ask yourself this; if I want her dead, are the clues true, or are they false?




I will tell you this much. If you look for the hidden meaning inside the clue, and not the obvious answer, you may have a chance to save her.




In fact here is your first clue:




Lincoln shot by as he sat…




Have fun.







Tony just sat in his chair, boneless; he couldn’t believe another man would play these kinds of games with one of his friends’ lives like that. He was numb; he just could not focus. His mind refused to wrap itself around the fact that this was real.




Gibbs could see that DiNozzo was shutting down and he told McGee and Kate to go see Abby to find out if she could backtrack the source of the e-mail. Then he walked over, grabbed Tony by the arm, and dragged him into one of the smaller conference rooms. Closing the door and shutting the blinds, Gibbs pulled Tony into a hug. “Let it out Tony, just let it out. Otherwise you’re going to blow at the wrong time, and we can’t have that. Right now we have the time; just let it out right now.”




And with those words giving him permission, Tony DiNozzo, broke down for the first in two days. He let out the emotions of Jenny’s death, and now Patricia’s kidnapping, his anger at what is going on and his inability to stop it, anger at the club for not helping, and the pain of feeling so useless.




Before either one knew what was happening DiNozzo reached out and, holding Gibbs’ head still, kissed Gibbs. It was a not a kiss of gentle touch of lips. No, this was a case of conquest, of demanding need. Gibbs could feel Tony’s tongue demanding entrance, and before he knew it, his lips had parted to allow it. He could hear himself moaning, and then nothing.




“Oh, God, Boss…I’m sorry… Please don’t be mad… Please don’t fire me… It won’t happen again…” Tony stuttered.




“First, you’re not fired; I didn’t exactly push you away did I? Second, we solve this case, and then we will talk about this. Right now you’re too emotionally unstable to talk about a relationship. And third, hell yes we will be doing more of that if I have any thing to say about it.”








In A Box Buried Somewhere




Patricia watched the monitor as Gibbs and Tony walked back into the office before any one else. She noticed them straightening their clothes and rubbing their lips, and looking at each other, and she mumbled, “ Great, here I am buried alive and Tony goes and makes out with his Boss. I really need to talk to that boy about his priorities sometime.”




She had spent the morning trying to find a way out of the trap she was in but it was no good. If she tried to remove the board ceiling, the dirt and rocks would just fall in, and since she had no idea how far down she was she could lose all her living space in a short time trying to escape to nowhere.




Her only hope lay with Tony and his friends. “God help me, the gang from Sesame Street would be better, I think.”







Interlude IV




Officer Club




Lt. Col. Mitchell Morgan had stopped to light a cigarette after leaving the officer’s club for the evening; he was debating about going into town to spend a few hours at the club, but decided not to. Tomorrow night he would make a night of it and have some fun. On the way back to his car he saw the reflection of a man wear a white featureless mask in his car window just before he was shot and he lost consciousness.




The guards at the gate didn’t even stop to search the beat up van as it passed through the checkpoint, because of the sign on the side of the van; Garland’s Gaylord Boutique, arrangements 24 hours delivery. They had searched it on its way in. They didn’t notice either when it stopped a few miles down the road. The van stopped, the driver got out, removed the sign and put in the back before driving off, looking like a plain old beat up van.




Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 8

More clues and Frustration




NCIS Building




Due to Tony’s involvement with the missing person, Gibbs decided that McGee and Kate would handle the clue part of the game. In fact, Tony was evicted from his desk so that he would not see any new clues that would come in. While they were waiting, Ducky had called and said he had a preliminary report on the five victims for Gibbs.




Both Tony and Gibbs went down to the morgue to hear what the doctor had to say. As they entered Ducky’s lab they saw all five bodies laid out in the order of site.




“Ah, yes gentlemen, so good of you to join us today. Well let’s get down to business, shall we?” Ducky paced as he talked and Gibbs smiled at his old friend, thinking he looked ever the professor as he animatedly explained what he’d deduced thus far. ‘Victim A, as you know is PO Spriniize, and she was suffocated by a plastic bag placed over her head and fastened around her throat with white ties.




“Victim B, Lt. Stamper, was garroted with piano wire nearly severing his head from his body. The injury goes all the way back to his spine giving us a picture of someone very strong - - very forceful, and probably extremely filled with hatred for his victims. No, gentlemen, these crimes do not speak of aloofness but, rather, they are personal. His victims are chosen for a specific reason and he brutalizes them in accordance to some bizarre plan.




“Victim C, Ensign Blankenship, died of a broken neck. This was performed manually, assassin style, with his neck just having been snapped by brute force, judging by the bruising pattern. He had to have been held close, in his arms. The murderer was literally breathing down his neck just seconds before his very life was extinguished. The poor man’s larynx was crushed as well as the bones in his neck being severed, instantly killing him.




“Victim D, Corporal Poliziiski, and I am sorry Tony, dear boy, she was drowned, but not by the lake water. Giving further proof to the theory of some type of breathing mask on her probably with a timed valve releasing the spring water into her breathing mask, denying her any chance of escape. Poor thing, her end must have been terrifying. The water was pure spring water. Abby is trying to track it down for me as we speak.




“Now gentlemen, all this has lead up to the main event, as it were. Meet Gunnery Sergeant James M. O’Shakley. Thanks to how he was killed we were still able to ID him. The killer made him some type of synthetic gloves that did not totally burn, and his hands were saved for the most part, allowing us to fingerprint him. It’s as if this beast wants us to know exactly who his victims are - - without actually telling us the why of his choices.




“As you might notice, each of his kills has been more and more brutal, either physically or mentally, and I believe this next one with will be both. Physically for Tony as well as mentally, and mentally for the young lady. This man is going for the terror factor. Each of his executions has been brutal and terrifying for the victim. This time he’s involving NCIS in his little game. I have to believe he is having fun.




“Also do not be surprised if more bodies turn up, just because he is playing with one victim doesn’t mean he won’t get others to amuse himself with while he teases us with this one.”






When DiNozzo and Gibbs got back to their desks the other two Agents had left, having left a note saying they were off to track a clue. The two men looked at each other, shrugged, and sat down to do paper work. At least they would have if Abby hadn’t shown up.




“Hey Tone, how you holdin’ up? “




“Actually, I’m doing better now than I was about an hour ago. Someone gave me a shoulder to cry on, and that’s what I needed.”




“No way. Way cool, getting in touch with your emotions there big guy.




“Well any way, I’m here to tell you I struck out tracking where the e-mail came from. It’s not that I didn’t find out where it came from, it’s just that it came from a library here in DC. As for the spring water, it’s typical bottled water that’s sold under a hundred different names all over the country. Without the bottle I can’t track where it came from or where it went before being sold to our killer.




“Sorry guys, but that’s all I have. Oh, the evidence you sent to me from the murder sites all turned up nothing. Everything had the victim’s prints and DNA on it, but nothing from the killer. This guy is good. Scary - - but good.




“Bye-ii.” Abby turned and skip-hopped out of the office sucking on her lollipop.




Tony looked over at Gibbs. “Do you ever get the feeling of either getting out the toys for her, or just wanting to kill her when she enters a room?”




“I feel that way with most of my underlings….” Gibbs smiled as he turned away.













NCIS Building


DiNozzo’s Desk




Once again the computer dinged and when he looked up he had another e-mail. Tony looked around and realized Kate and McGee still were not back, so he called Gibbs over and they both looked at the clue:







From: Dissgrace@Yahoo.com


Subject: Real Clue




Your friends are good; they found the real meaning in my first clue. But she isn’t buried in a building - - she’s outside. All that time wasted! What a shame. Told you it was rigged my way. Anyway, here is the first real clue.


Sunrise in the east


Sun set in the west


Sun at noon will crest


And strike Christ’s golden vest.




Find the vest and where the sun strikes and you’ll find the next clue, but that means having to wait until noon tomorrow. Have a nice night sleeping. Tick Tock, time is on my side.




P.S. I am off to watch a fire, and toast a few marshmallows.







Tony grabbed the monitor and lifted it off the desk, intending to throw it across the room, but Gibbs grabbed his arms and pushed them down, setting the monitor back on the desk gently.




“Tony, TONY, you have to settle down. He wants you to lose your cool and your control. He is trying to make you break. Don’t give him that satisfaction. “




At that moment, Kate and McGee walked in with smiles on their faces, waving an envelope. They showed it to Tony, saying, “Ta-Da, we have the next clue.”




“No, you don’t. It was a test by the killer to see how fast we were. He sent us the real clue in an email but we can’t do anything about it until noon tomorrow. Before then we have to figure out where it is.”




After the other two read the clue, they all sat down to think. Abby found them this way a little while later, and asked them what was up. After explaining and showing her the riddle, she thought for a second.




“Well, duh, it’s the new cathedral on St. James Ave. The have a statue of Jesus on top that has a gold vest and it glares all morning when people are trying to drive by it.”




“Gibbs, I really hate her when she does things like this,” Kate said.





Interlude V




The Lt. Col. wakes up and the first thing he notices is that he has been stripped of his uniform. The next is that he is tied to some type of pole, and is standing on a huge pile of wood that reeks of chemicals. Further out away from the woodpile is his uniform, and next to it is his favorite outfit for the club. No, someone knows. No one outside the club is supposed to know. My career, my family, NO…!




He realizes that is the least of his problems when a man steps forward and all he can see of him is his face, and that is covered with a featureless white mask, like that worn in phantom of the opera.




“What do you want?”








“Then why am I here?”




“To remove the stain.”




“What stain?”




“The stain of disgrace.”




At that he pulls a small box out of his pocket , presses a button on its top, and a ring of fire encircles the colonel. The wood quickly heats up as the fire moves towards him. Before the fire totally blocks his view he sees the man pin something to his uniform and then something else to the dress next to the uniform.




Then the screams begin, as did the roasting of the marshmallows.




Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 9

Meeting and Some History






Everything was set up for the meeting tonight. He had beer in the fridge, Tony was bringing Papa John’s pizza and Kate was bringing hot wings.He’d put Tony’s chair right in the middle of the room next to the wooden coffee table, in front of the fireplace, which for now was off. But it could be turned on quickly if Tony needed to sweat a little.




A sweaty Tony…. Nice….. “Gibbs get your mind back on business,” Gibbs mumbled under his breath.




A knock on the door, brought Gibbs out of his daze, and he hurried over to open it, but who was on the other side was not who he expected. It was Ducky and Gerald.




“Ducky, Gerald. It’s nice to see you out of the house, come in, come in. I hate to cut your stay short but I am expecting some friends over for some sports, you know some down time with all that is going on you understand…”




“Please Jethro, spare me the lame alibis and half crocked stories. I know what is going to happen here tonight. Don’t ask me how, or who, but you are putting your young man’s life on the line. He was not exaggerating about the penalties for breaking our oaths.”




“How … What…. Who… I don’t……What the hell?”




“Jethro, as long as I have been your friend you would think you’d know I have my ways of finding things out. I knew within minutes of that little talk in the shooting range between your twoand about the breakdown you helped him through in the conference room, and the ravenous kiss he gave you afterwards.”




“Anthony was not the first person to realize that these bodies all came from one place. But unlike he, I did not tell anyone, I tried my own little investigation. That is why we are here, tonight, willing also to break our oaths to give you some information that might help catch this monster. That is, if you promise, your solemn word, that you will try to keep the club out of it. There are innocent people there who could get hurt or worse if it is found out.”




“Ducky, first I already promised DiNozzo all of this. Second, how the hell do you know all of what went on? And what the hell is going on?”




At the raised voice Gerald moved into a more defensive position in order to keep Ducky safe and Gibbs saw this out of the corner of his right eye. He approved the move, but not against him.




“At ease Gerald, at ease. I’m in no danger from Jethro here. He is just a little upset because of the information ring I have in high places. I suggest we sit down and wait until the others have arrived to discuss what needs to be talked about.”




With that Gibbs marched into the kitchen and grabbed a beer for himself, not offering any to his unplanned guests and sat down in a gray beat up recliner, his favorite chair. A few minutes later a knock was heard on the front door, as was some lighthearted bickering, signaling the arrival of the trouble twins.




“Gerald, would you be a dear and answer the door? We don’t want poor Jethro getting up and tripping over that lower lip of his, now would we dear?”




“No, Ducky, we wouldn’t.” All they got was a growl back for their troubles.




As Gerald open the door both Tony and Kate were surprised at who was there. They were expecting Gibbs, because if Gerald was there, it meant that Ducky was there as well. And that meant trouble for DiNozzo.




“Hey Gerald, long time no see. How’s the shoulder?” Tony asked, trying to bluff his way through this, while his mind worked frantically to figure what to do about this latest development. Kate just smiled as she walked past him and into the living room, following Tony. They both set their food on the wooden coffee table.




“Ah I see you both have made it. Caitlin, would you be a dear and get all of us a beer out of the ice box in the kitchen? Then join us here please.” With a nod of her head, Kate did just that, and at a nod from Ducky took a seat behind Tony.




“Caitlin, I know this is going to be rough on you, but I must ask you to please be quiet for the next few minutes and not to interrupt. It is very important that Tony and I have this little chat.”




“Now my boy, you have put me in a pickle. And it seems that the only way out of this dilemma is to join you in breaking my oath to the club. If I do that there will be no way I can protect you from what is sure to come after, if they should retaliate. I will have enough problems of my own just trying to keep Gerald and I above the water line.”




At the mention of Gerald, Tony took a quick look at the black man in surprise. “Yes, Gerald will be out of the club as well, because he is my sub. We have a contract which states what one partner is involved in reflects upon the other as well, meaning both are held responsible. I hope you’re happy, your little confab with Jethro over here has not only put your life on the line, but two others as well. You silly little goose.




“Do you think you were the only one who recognized those bodies as people from the club? Or that your were the only one looking into it? Why didn’t you come to me? No, you had to strike out on your own, do it your way, and now we are in the middle of mess that could allow the real killer to get away as we dodge assailants who are after us.”




“Ducky that’s not fair…..”




“Caitlin, I told you not to interrupt, and I meant it. Now please shut up.”




Stunned at how Ducky was talking to her, she sat back with a shocked look on her face and water in her eyes that she tried valiantly to hold back.




Gibbs meanwhile was getting angrier and angrier about how things were playing out in his house. Ducky came marching in and took over, insulting and hurting his crew, threatening him, and now seemed to telling Tony he was an idiot for not coming to him in the first place. Ducky had one more minute before he was thrown out of his house, Gerald or no Gerald.




“Because of what you have done, I can no longer offer you my protection. In order to keep my promise to you that you would always be protected in some way, I offer a substitute. Gibbs will you come here please?”




Gibbs stood up and stalked over to where Tony and Ducky stood. That was when he noticed that Tony was crying silent tears, tears that left single tracks down each side of his face, a face that looked so lost and alone. It was a face that Gibbs just wanted to touch and reassure. He wanted to tell him that with him around Tony would never be alone, and that Gibbs would never give him up like Ducky was going to.




“Hush my dear boy, it is not like I am giving you away to the other side of the world. We will still see each other everyday.It will be just a little different than before. If you want to do things with us, you will have to ask permission from Gibbs. And instead of looking to us for guidance, you look towards him now.”




Turning towards Gibbs he continued, “Because of the problems created by telling outsiders about the club, the only way to keep Tony safe is to give him to someone that is young enough and strong enough both physically and mentally to keep him safe. After seeing what we did the other day, and what we know of your past, we now know that you are the best choice for this. Therefore we ask you this; will you be the boy’s protector, his friend, his confidence, his mentor, and if need be his lover, and his master?”




Swallowing the lump in his throat, Gibbs answered, “I will except this responsibility fully and completely.”




Turning to Gibbs, Ducky placed both of DiNozzo’s hands into Gibbs, and said, “He is now yours to protect.”




Gibbs raised his hand and brushed away the tears. “No more crying, because there will be no more leaving, this I vow.” And to Kate’s surprise he leaned in and kissed each tear trail. It looked to her like he licked each one before moving on to the next and then, after kissing the last one, he gently kissed Tony on the lips, making sure the young man knew he was wanted. As Gibbs walked back to his chair, he grabbed Tony’s and dragged it over by his before and pointing at it, giving clear indication where he wanted Tony to sit. Tony quickly complied with the unspoken command, a beaming smile lighting up his face like a kid in a candy store.




Ducky smiled approvingly and, with Kate’s help started handing out pizza and wings. Once everyone had a chance to get back on an even keel, Ducky turned to Kate.




“Kate, I must apologize for my rude behavior earlier, but some things had to be done right away, and you wouldn’t have understood them as you’re not part of that lifestyle. Tony, Gerald, and I are, and Gibbs was, so we needed the time to complete a ritual, you could say.




“But enough about that. We can talk about that later. We have to discuss this killer, that is why we are here isn’t it?” Ducky asked. “You all do realize that Tony is the killer’s next victim, right?”




Somewhere in a Box


Buried an unknown number of feet down




Patricia ate one of MREs, this at least tasted good, and drank her bottle of Sun Valley Spring Water, which was Orange flavored no less. She was watching the monitor that read 49.38.45. She saw the one who everyone called McGee, but Tony called Probie. She wondered where everyone else was ; she hadn’t seen anyone since 1800. It was like they stopped working at that time, and just left. If she got out of here, she so was going to complain to the Director of that Division. Oh well, time to crawl up to the tube to see if she could see any stars tonight.



Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 10

Team Member Threatened – property changes hands


Gibbs House




“You all do realize that Tony is the killer’s next victim, right?”




After that statement the room was totally silent. Tony cleared his throat, asking, ” Ducky, what do you mean by that?”




“Well, it is obvious isn’t it? He only tortures the ones he plans on killing, and who go to the club, so who among us has he been torturing, and goes to the club? It hasn’t been me or Gerald, I can assure you that.”




“Shit,” Gibbs said angrily. “We been so busy trying to rescue Patricia, we didn’t see the forest because of the trees. I’ll bet you any money that if we find her, the damn thing will be set to blow with DiNozzo going up with her.”




“My dear boy, lets not be so dramatic about it. Why do you think I put Anthony in your more than capable hands? You will just have to make sure that Anthony doesn’t leave your side or is at least guarded if you can’t be with him.”




“Ducky, I can take care of myself you know. I’m not totally helpless here,” an upset Tony snapped.




Gibbs leaned over and gently took his chin in his fist and turned his to face him, looking in to his blue eyes. “No one is saying that you can’t take care of yourself, but this guy is not fighting fair. It is almost like he has been trained to do this and I for one do not want you to get hurt or worse right now. Not until we have a chance to explore what we have going on between us, do you understand what we are saying now?”




Flushing a bright red, Tony nodded his head and looked away, trying to hide embarrassment, only to be pulled back to face Gibbs again.” You never need to hide from me. To me, everything about you is beautiful, from your smile, to your blushes.”




Kate just sat there with her mouth open and a stunned look on her face. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing and hearing.She never knew that this side existed in her co-workers or her boss. Her profile of them never included this. Yet here was Gibbs giving comfort to DiNozzo, and DiNozzo acting like a blushing virgin.




“Welcome to our world, Kate. What you are seeing my dear is the first step of creating a bond, creating trust between the two, so when Jethro starts laying down the rules and punishments Anthony knows that he is loved and this is all for his benefit. And trust me Anthony needs the rules and structure that Jethro will give him. You have seen Anthony at work when he is out of control, and that is in a semi-structured environment. Now imagine him outside of work. That is why Anthony needs people like me and Jethro in his life.”




“Okay, you two! Enough already, we have work to do. We need to find out why these people were selected, and where Patricia is buried, rescue her, find the killer, and then you can go on your honeymoon, .Deal?”




“Okay, I think between Ducky and I, we can fill out a background sketch of the victims we have so far. I must admit, I will have to call in a few favors to get my info. The only ones I played with at the club were Ducky and Gerald, and who they thought was safe enough for me, which was not many, so I only got to know a few real well. Jenny and Pat were two of those. Those gorgeous women I also joked about, they were either Pat or Jenny, and I was meeting them at the club.”




“Okay, then let’s start with them. Why would the killer pick them of all the people in the club?”




“Well, outside of the club everyone thinks they’re just roommates, you know, just two friends living together. But inside the club it is a totally different picture. They are like the leaders of the Female Dom/Sub group Everyone knows who they are, what they do in private and public, that they are in the military, they very opinionated, and more than once the bouncer had to break up arguments between them and other members, nothing physical, just yelling and such.”




“Okay, lets move on to Ensign Blankenship.”




“I think I can answer that one,” Ducky said. “He was the favorite sub of Lady Evie. If you were a male sub she was the one to please and to have as a Dom. It is still a mystery how the boy got chosen by Lady Evie when there were subs that had been there longer and who were more experienced trying to get her attention, but he did. She used to lead him around with the top of his uniform on, and no bottoms, ready for action so to speak. I must say though he was well equipped for any action she wanted.”




“That also leads us to PO. Spriniize. She was the perfect female sub. She belonged to Master Shawn, and I know him very well. He is very discreet about his relationships. Yes, he does bring his subs to the bar so they can play in public, but nothing like the others do. To him it lacks a certain style of class, and I find myself agreeing with him, of course.”




“That is until his has a few glasses of brandy, then all bets are off,” Gerald puts in, which gets a chuckle from everyone else and huff from his Dom.




“Back to Spriniize, she was ranked number one among the het female subs, and yes the subs are ranked, sorta like bragging rights among the Doms, both the het and the gay. Like bragging rights at a horse show or a dog show sometimes.”




At that comment Kate frowned and looked over at Tony, who nodded and shrugged his shoulders. Gibbs just sat there like that comment was nothing out of the ordinary. So she got up, and walked angrily into the kitchen to grab another beer for herself. While drinking and trying to calm down, Tony walked in.




“Kate, are you alright?”




“NO, …. No I’m not; you just sat there and let them compare your ranking to a dog or a horse show. Your ranking!!! You’re a human being, for God sakes, Tony.”




“Yes, a human who willingly entered into this arrangement knowing full well what I am doing. You are only seeing a part of this world, not the good parts, the parts that make me happy, complete, and safe.”




“So you would give up your freedom for being safe?”




“Kate I am not giving anything up, I am still free. I am free to choose to obey or not to obey, to stay or not to stay. But I have to be willing to face the consequences of that choice. And for me, choosing to obey is better than not.”




“Listen, when this is over, why don’t Gibbs, you and I sit down and we can explain everything in detail, so you can see what exactly I am getting into, okay?”




“Okay, but I’ll tell you right now that if I don’t like it, I will do something about it. I may not act like it, but I do care for you.” And with that said she reached over and gave Tony a hug that surprised him, and he hugged her back.




Following her back into the living room, they noticed the conversation had stopped until they could rejoin it. Gibbs was giving Kate a death glare until Tony came over and pulled his face towards him and started whispering to him. A small smile appeared on his face, and he started nodding. It seemed as if a small volcano had been stopped from exploding.




“Now back to business, again. Tony do you have anything on Lt. Stamper, because except for his dress size I have nothing.” Ducky smiled knowingly.




“Well I have more than that. While not the leader of that group, he was a fashion plate. Always having to have the latest this or that, and sometimes he wore a female navel uniform in the club on special occasions. He was totally hetero, just one of the normal cross dressers and was pretty tame compared to most of the club.”




“Now Sergeant O’Shakley. As his name implies, he was Irish-American, second generation. He also was gay, strictly a Dom, and one of the best in the city. He could leave a whip mark where he wanted it to go, and he could bring a sub to the point of release before the sub even knew what was happening. He could read a sub like most men could read a newspaper. That was why even though we played, he knew we weren’t meant for each other. But he did make sure I had fun while we were together. Everyone knew he was in the Marines though just from the tattoos on his arms. Plus, with his rep from around the city, he was the most logical choice to be that group’s representative.”




Turning toward their profiler, Ducky asked, “So Caitlin, what do you make of our killer now that you know the background of his victims?”




She sat there for a few minutes before she spoke. “I still stand by my original description of him being white, but we should lower the age to between 24 and 35. He is either gay or bi. He is or was in the military. Either he or his lover got caught by the military and was discharged dishonorably, and he thought that unfair. He sees all these people at the club enjoying life in secret and not getting caught, whereas he or they did. He is extracting revenge against the military for what they did to him, hoping the media would get a hold of these stories. The people themselves had nothing in common except they were the top of who or what they are,which would bring more of an outcry in their own communities for action, thus causing more embarrassment to the military. I believe that his next kill will be a high profile one. This person will be found by someone before get to him or her and it will be a messy murder, the type TV news likes to air.”




“I am afraid I have to agree with her on this gentlemen, and on that depressing note, we all best be off to bed. Tomorrow will be tiring as we hunt down more clues from that madman to find Tony’s Patricia,” stated Ducky.




After gathering up the trash and disposing of it, Kate , Ducky, and Gerald got ready to leave. Kate looked back expecting Tony to get ready to leave as well, but he was standing behind Gibbs. She saw the shake of his head and the pleading in his eyes not to make a scene right now. She swore then and there she was going to make sure that this was going to work or the Director was going to hear an earful before the week was out.




Gibbs turned to Tony and gave him a soul-searing kiss. “I’m glad you knew you weren’t going back to your apartment.”




“Why should I? This is my home, now,” Tony said, as Gibbs nuzzled and nipped his way up Tony’s neck. Tony turned his head to allow better access to his new Dom.




“Hmmm, you do learn fast I see.”




“Sir, before we get into anything, I have extra clothing outside. May I bring them in?”




“Sure of yourself, were you?”




“No. Ducky told me to bring an couple of days worth, but did not tell me why.”




“Good, go out and get them. I’ll watch from the front door.” When Tony started to say something, Gibbs put a finger on his lips. “When I said I would protect you, I meant it. When the asshole is captured you will be allowed back some of your normal freedoms. Until then, you are on lockdown, do you understand?”




“Yes, Sir” Tony said quietly, understanding, but not liking it.




“Tony, one thing you see with me is that I don’t control every part of your life.You don’t call me Master, and I don’t call you boy. You will be allowed to do things without my permission, but some things you won’t. Those decisions will be based upon what you need. If you need me to be a little more stern, I can and will be, but we have to trust each other and work at it the first few weeks.”




“For now let’s just get your clothes and get you into your normal outfit that you will wear when you’re home.” Gibbs watched as Tony walked quickly to his car and back inside.




“Good, you were quick and didn’t keep me waiting. We’ll put your clothes into the closet in the second bedroom until we clean a spot for them in the closet in my room. For now, strip.”




Tony who was used to such commands didn’t even think about it he started to strip, and in a few minutes his clothes were folded at his feet and he stood with his hands clasped behind him.




“Yes, you were taught well I see. This will be your indoor uniform. During the winter you may wear a robe. I like having access to my subs at all times, even if it is for nothing more than to snuggle. Your outdoor uniform will be what I tell you to wear for the day,which will be dependant upon what we are doing. I will tell you right now that most of your summer around here will be spent wearing blue jean shorts, and I mean shorts. Oh, and as of tomorrow, you no longer wear underwear.




“Now, lets go to bed.” Turning quickly around, he nearly bumped into Tony who took a quick step back. “I forgot, I am not one of those you have to walk two steps behind. When we are out in public you walk beside me or what you’re comfortable with. When we are with other Dom and subs, your being named as mine will be enough to let them know your status.”




Once they crawled into bed, after Tony gathered their clothes and put them in the hamper, Gibbs asked, “Are we going to have trouble with Kate?”




“I honestly don’t know. She cares for me like a big sister. She just doesn’t understand because she has never been properly introduced to this type of world before. I am worried that she might go to the Director if we don’t calm down.”




“I’ll talk to her in the morning and ask her to wait until after this case, for a get together. Maybe we can get Lady Evie over here and have her help out.”




Tony chuckled as he fell as sleep, “That’s evil, Boss.”




“I know,” whispered his Dom.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 11

Menage a Trois





2100 Abby’s Place




bang bang bang




“No, NO, please don’t answer it,” McGee begged Abby, but she pulled away, climbed out of the coffin and put on her black silk komono robe, with the delicate silver dragon on the back. Looking through the peek hole she saw it was Kate, and quickly let her in. Abby could see she had been crying.




Taking her over to the couch, she then ran back to the bedroom and hissed at Tim. “It’s Kate, and she’s crying!” She flew to the bathroom to get a cool rag to put on Kate’s eyes to clean and sooth them.




“Thanks Abby, I’m sorry for ruining your night with Tim, but I didn’t know who to turn to,” Kate said in a low scratchy voice. The crying had made her throat a little sore, or it could have been the yelling she did when she pulled over to the side of the road and just screamed and hit the dashboard.




“That’s alright, Kate,” Tim said from the hallway as he wrapped a black silk sheet around his waist. “You’re obviously upset about something. Abby, can I talk to you just for a moment?”




Abby gave him ‘the look’, the one where her eyebrows point down her nose and wrinkles appear on her forehead and then walked over to him. “WHAT?” she snarls.




“This can go one of two ways. Either I leave and you two spend the night talking and have comfort sex, or we all three talk and have comfort sex. Being of the male species, I know which one I vote for.”




“You would let her stay here on your night?” squealed Abby, jumping up and wrapping her legs around his waist and almost making him drop his sheet.




“Ah, yeah … What red blooded straight male would pass up the opportunity to have two beautiful ladies in bed with him? But I think if this is going to work, she needs to be in the middle, and just to talk at first. Something is really bugging her. If sex happens then it happens, if not then not. You understand that, right Abby?”




“Yeah, why do you have to ask?”




“Because sometimes you can be a little forceful, and personally I enjoy that but Kate doesn’t need that right now. Understand?”




“Okay, Okay.”



“Now lets go see to our guest.”



They went back to Kate. They had been gone less the five minutes, so Kate had no idea what was up.




“Kate, sweetie, what is wrong?”




“I think I left Tony is a bad situation. One he thinks he wants, but he might be in over his head.”




“Okay, this sounds like a long story. Lets go get comfortable, and you can tell us all about it, okay?”




By the time Abby had gotten Kate back to the bedroom, McGee had the bed all made up and the clothes that were here and there out of sight. He had also crawled under the covers to one side of the bed, trying to look innocent and little scared, a look that did him well at the office.




“Oh, McGee, I’m sorry, I know it’s your night with Abby, I’m sorry, I’ll just go.”




“N-N-NO! I h-heard you n-need to talk. I can listen as well as Abby, and I can give a m-m-male point of view on the p-problem, I t-think.” McGee stuttered.




“NO, I couldn’t, it wouldn’t be right.”




“Kate, we’re not going for sex here, just comfort and protection while you talk. So we can offer you different points of view. Now come on, strip down to your undies, and climb into the bed.”




After Kate had undressed, she climbed in, but made sure there was one sheet between her and Tim, like a Chinese Wall. But she felt she did not have to have such a thing with Abby. With three of them in the bed Kate did end up snuggled against Tim and she could feel that he was not interested in her for sex, that he was honestly there to help her. In away that kinda disappointed her, and in another thrilled her, because he was telling her the truth.




Quickly she replayed the evening for the two of them, including her thoughts on what was happening with Tony, and the private conversations she had with Tony and Ducky. By the time she was done she was almost back in tears.




Looking over at Abby, Tim asked, “Do you want to go first or should I?”




“Why don’t you as it seems up your alley anyway?”




“Kate, listen to me for a second, and I mean really listen to me. STAY OUT OF IT!!!. Before I was transferred here to work with you guys I was in a similar relationship, and it was one of best times of my life. It takes a lot of trust to do this and the pressure is all on Gibbs, not Tony. It is up to Gibbs to make sure Tony is okay. It is up to Gibbs to make sure Tony doesn’t do something stupid like we know he sometimes does.




“I know that from the outside it looks like slavery, especially if the participants get into the piercing and branding, but that’s usually the heavy end, or for those that have been together for years. I don’t see Tony or Gibbs doing that. Maybe a nipple ring and a Prince Albert, but that’s it.




“If Tony did not want this, he would not have gone to Gibbs when Ducky handed him over. We do have a choice you know. We are still free men and women, we just choose to give that up to some degree.




“I even have something similar with Abby here. Abby has a very powerful personality, and I let her lead, so much so that her wants and desires become my wants and desires, and I don’t mind it one bit.




“Now do you understand?”




“Yes, but it doesn’t mean I have to like it. Will they carry it over to work?”




“Most of the time, no,” Abby answered. “Not unless DiNozzo does something really stupid like chase a suspect into on coming traffic on foot. Then he might be taken into an out of the way room and punished.”




“What would happen if I saw something like that and I stepped in to stop it?”




“You would be asked to leave, and most likely never invited back to wherever you saw it.”




“You know, Tim, we should take her to one of the milder clubs and have her talk to both ends of the spectrum; the subs and the doms. She needs to see how this can work in real life, not just with her friends.”




“I’m game if she is. I still have my outfits from my time as a sub, and most of your clothes would work as a Dom anyway Abby. We would of course have to get something neutral for Kate.”








“Yes, neither a top or a bottom.”




Tim sat up saying, “I have to find my bulldog dog collar, it has these really great spikes and, if you wear the neat little spike collar of yours, we could match, especially with me on a leash.”




Abby giggled. “ That would be so cool, McGee.”




“Ah, Tim, can I ask you a question?” asked Kate.




McGee looked over at her. “Sure, fire away.”




“Why do you seem different here than at the office. Hell you seem different than when I first walked in here.”




“Simple, everyone looks at this face and thinks sweet innocence and a simple mind. Throw in that stutter, and you’re automatically moved into the background. You’d be amazed at what you can hear in the background, what you can find, and who you can find it on. How do think a guy as young as me gets transferred to one of the best teams in the country? It wasn’t totally because of my work record.




“Also what helps, is that I swing both ways, so I can play that field, and get the drop on some very interesting people as well. No, I don’t use them to get my jobs. I use them for info to help in my work, and for me to look good on my job. Everyone has connections in this town, after all. It’s just that mine are connected a little further south than most are.




”And before you ask, no I am not aiming for Gibbs job. I am aiming for the Director’s. I plan to have it within 10 years, with Tony in Gibbs’ place, and you as my second, if you all are still around. This is not a bribe, it’s just a plan, which can be changed if the players change.”




“And what happens to Gibbs?”




“Retirement. Don’t you think in ten years, he would be due for one?”




“I don’t want to be the one to tell him that.” Kate replied.




While all this talking was going on Abby was slowly rubbing Kate’s arms,

letting her fingers trace small patterns down across her chest, awakening Kate sexually. She could tell it was working because of the look in Kate’s eyes. Her pupils were dilated and her breath was ragged. McGee followed Abby’s movements, but on the right side;

slowly but gently so as not to arouse suspicion. When there was a pause in talking, Abby guided Kate’s mouth over to hers and gently kissed her on the lips. She was patient, waiting for her lips to part and allow her entrance.


While the two women were occupied McGee slowly pulled the sheet off himself so that he was on the same level as the other two. Then he leaned over and kissed Kate on the shoulder. He quickly followed that kiss up with another a little higher up, and then a little

further up still, and then he placed a tiny kiss just behind her ear, a small nibble on her sensitive skin that caused a tiny tremor and he paused to make sure he would be allowed to continue. He waited and then started kissing down her jaw line until he met Abby’s lips and they kissed.




When they broke apart, he looked down at Kate. He raised an eyebrow, silently

asking her permission and, after a few seconds, she nodded. With a smile on his face, he leaned in to kiss her gently at first, waiting to see what she would do. When he felt her add more pressure to the kiss he responded in kind. He felt her tongue asking permission for entrance, and he parted his lips to allow it in. The kiss was as sweet as it was needy. Kate needed reassurance that all was right in her world.


While this was going on Abby had unfastened Kate’s bra and was gently pushing it down off her shoulders. With Kate’s help, the bra came completely off, and Abby began her own exploring. She lightly blew on the left nipple and watched it harden from the gentle flow of air across its delicate surface. She heard Kate’s moans as she pulled away from McGee and she reached across letting her fingers ghost over Kate’s right nipple, teasing over the surface and causing another set of moans.


Tim looked down at Abby and leaned over to whisper, “Keep her distracted for a few seconds.”


Wondering what her part-time lover was up to, she just nodded her head, and started to suck on the left nipple, while she gently pinched and pulled on the right one.


Suddenly she felt the coffin shift and looked down. McGee had crawled under the blankets at the foot of the bed and crawled up to have his first taste of Kate. From past experience, she knew Kate was in for one hell of a ride. If there was one thing he was good at, it was satisfying a woman with his mouth and tongue. Abby pulled some of the sheets off so he would have some light; after all this was virgin territory for him.




When she felt Tim touch her with his tongue Kate bolted up right, “OHHHH!! “TIM!!!.... You get up here … right now… “


He briefly stuck his head out and said, “Nope, you need this and I want this, so lay back and relax. Abby can tell you is it a ride you’ll enjoy.” With that his head disappeared back under the sheets and, from the incredulous look on her face, he had continued to do what he had started doing minutes before.


>From the look on her face, he was taking the slow route tonight. Abby reached down and got one of her toys, because when Tim finished with Kate she was going to ride him, but right now she need a little stimulation of her own. Abby looked over at Kate, and judging by the blissful look on her face, figured he was also going for the really loud orgasm, which should hit in about 10 minutes, give or take a lick or two.


Meanwhile, as Abby played around with her toys, she watched the emotions play across Kate’s face. All of a sudden she felt the bed jerk, and looked up at Kate again. She saw Kate having a bit of trouble catching her breath and grabbed the headphones for her boom box. Kate was writhing and screaming from what Tim was doing, and a few moments later, she lay there panting and sweating. She also looked like a limp noodle

that had been overcooked.


Removing the headphones, and knowing she was going to get complaints from the neighbors in the morning, Abby reached under the covers, grabbed a head full of hair and pulled upward.


“OW, OW, OW… What is that for?!!!” Tim groused.


“You know I want a taste, you jerk,” Abby snarked.


She licked the side of his cheek. “MMMM, yep that’s Kate alright; definitely an unique flavor.”


Her hands grabbed his hair again and she pulled him further up the bed before grabbing a condom and putting it on him. Without a word or warning she slid right home, sheathing Tim tight in her core, causing Tim to groan in pleasure/pain. He didn’t care because for him both were the same. He knew to lay back and let her set the rhythm. And set one she did. Before they knew it, Kate was jarred awake. She sat up and watched them as she rubbed McGee’s nipples and he hung onto Abby’s waist. He moaned softly and tried not to shoot before Abby climaxed around his length. The last time that happened he had been denied her bed for a month. All of a sudden Abby stopped moving and made a low keening sound deep in her throat. Her muscles clamped onto Tim, making him groan, as they both reached climax at the same time.


Abby collapsed onto Tim. They were both breathing hard, trying to catch their breath and kiss at the same time. Kate lay on her side watching and trying not to laugh at them.


After a few minutes and a quick clean up, everyone got back into position with Kate in the middle, and settled down to sleep for the rest of the night.





Interlude VI




A reporter from the DC Times is checking out a lead with a newsroom reporter from NBC World Television. Something about a body being burned at the stake, and it being a military scandal if found out. Following the directions left on their voice mails, they both meet at the starting point;neither one knowing the other was to be there. Following the instructions, they find Lt. Col. Mitchell Morgan’s remains plus his uniform and the dress. They also found pictures of him in the dress and other explicit photos around his uniform and the dress. After taking pictures and filming the site, they both head back, and call it in. They look at each other and quickly change film and tapes, hiding what they had used so that if asked they could give the blank to the military saying they hadn’t taken any yet.



Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 12

The Next Morning




DiNozzo woke up in a strange bedroom and it startled him. The arm around his back gave him a gentle squeeze and told him to relax that it was okay, he was safe here. Relaxing, he realized he was inches below where he normally would have slept. Looking up, he realized he was sleeping on Gibbs’ chest with Gibbs’ arm around him, holding him, protecting him and he smiled. He saw Gibbs had been watching him too and smiled back.




Reaching down, Gibbs gave him a good morning kiss and then smacked him on the ass. “Time to get moving. We have things to accomplish today before noon. I’ll fix breakfast. The bathroom’s yours first. Just don’t use all the hot water, it is a punishable offense here. Rule #28. Remember it. There will be a quiz later,” said Gibbs as he went down the hall starkers.




DiNozzo snickered at that. ”Yeah right, a quiz.”




Gibbs came back into the room and looked at him. “Junior, I wasn’t joking. There will be a quiz on the rules at odd times. In the middle of the grocery store, I will ask what rule 28 is, and your reply will be…?”




“Don’t use all the hot water up, Sir.”




“Correct, unless?”




“You’re the Dom?”




“Almost correct. Correct answer is Gibbs. I don’t put up with all that Dom and Sub shit. “








“Oh, don’t get me wrong. We will live with the same setup; I just don’t like titles and stuff, too confining.




“Now get ready. Oh, unless you’re using the head, the door stays open…”




“Which rule is that?”




“Not a rule, more like your uniform, a living condition. You have no right to hide your body from my sight; I want total access to you 24/7. Remember, no underwear, ever.




“Now hurry up; we’re behind schedule.”




After a quick shower, Tony is shaving himself because he has to about 4 times a week. Gibbs walks by, and sees this. “That reminds me, this weekend I’ll show the areas that I want shaved all the time. Rule #31, if I feel stubble swats increase per incident.”




Tony went from half-mast to full attention at the mentioning of special shaving, and groaned. Gibbs saw that and told Tony, “Well, I see some parts of you are happy at that idea, but I also have special toys that will make sure that doesn’t happen unless I want it to, so learn to control it, or I will.” With that he turned and walked away.




Tony quickly finished shaving and got ready for work. He was still half hard but he didn’t do anything about it because he hadn’t permission to. As he came out of the bedroom dressed in the clothes Gibbs had laid out, and walked into the kitchen, Gibbs gave him a look that told him he had done something wrong.




“What? What did I do wrong?”




“Why are you dressed?”




“Because I have to go to work.”




“Yes, but you have a half an hour before clothes are needed. This time it will slip by, but next time you only get dressed at the last minute before you leave. Do you understand?”




“Yes, Sir, I understand.”




Tony knew getting use to Gibbs’ rules would take some time and he would make mistakes and be punished for them, and he accepted and expected it to happen.




The ate in silence, and when they were done, it was Tony’s turn to clean the kitchen while Gibbs got ready. Soon the kitchen was spotless and Tony could only hope it was up to Gibbs’ standards. He stood beside the door with his hands behind his back, waiting for Gibbs.




When he came down the hallway, Gibbs stopped, looked over the kitchen, and nodded his approval. “Good, one less thing we have to go over.”




“Do you have anything in your car you will need today?”




“Just my briefcase.”




“Well, go get it and get into my car. For the most part we will take my car, unless I have a long meeting in the evening. For any early morning meetings we will get up together, and ride in together.




“Also, because of your in house uniform, I will do the majority of the cooking. Since I enjoy cooking it doesn’t upset anything, but I hate the cleanup so that is your job. We will be eating very little take out. We will continue to maintain 2 residences until a 6 months trail period is over. Once that is complete we will merge into my house, and store your stuff in a storage area. During this time I will take over all bill paying and everything. You will be given an allowance. If you go through your allowance be sure to save the receipts, show me where it went, and I may give you more. But most of your money will go into an IRA or some type of mutual fund. I am the type who thinks I took you on so it is my responsibility to take care of you. Do you understand?”




“Yes, Boss.”




“Good, keep that name. That way people won’t know when you’re talking to me as a co-worker or “DOM”. God, I hate that word.” Gibbs said as he pulled into the place where he gets his normal morning coffee.








Gibbs looks down at his pager and the 911. He quickly calls the number. “Huh…Huh… Where…News…Shit…Be there as soon as I can…Huh.




“The coffee is going to have to wait. They just found a Lt. Col. burned at the stake To make matters worse, a newspaper reporter and a TV news crew were the ones who found him. 10 to 1 who called them first.”




Tony just leaned back in his seat and moaned.




“Come on DiNozzo. We’ve dealt with the media before, it’s not that bad.”




“No Boss, I’m groaning because you haven’t had your coffee this morning.” That comment earned him a whack on the back of the head.




Gibbs tossed him the phone. “Call Kate and tell her to meet us there.”




“Okay, Boss. But first… where is there?”




“JCT 24, and Route 78. Look for the media and military trucks and guns. It seems we are having a show down of some sort. His men aren’t allowing the media in, and the media are taping everything, so his men can’t take the body down to make it look good, I hope.”




Calling Kate at home got no answer. Tony tried her cell phone thinking she was probably at Abby’s after last night and, after a few rings, someone picked it up. Lo and behold it was McGee. “McGee, what are you doing picking up Kate’s phone?”




“Oh, sorry, thought it was mine. Here you go Kate. Stop shoving, Abby, I’m moving over. You need a bigger coffin if you’re going to have all three of us here at one time…”




“Kate here…Tim quiet I’m on the phone… Yeah Tony…”




“Kate Kate… Do you have something to tell me about last night? Or is our Mr. McGee not as innocent as we think he is?”




“Option #2, and that is all I’m saying. Now, what is up?”




“We need you both at Jct 24 and Route 78. We have another body, and a military standoff with the media. Get there ASAP.” Disconnecting the call, Tony fell over giggling.




“Okay, what’s so funny?” Gibbs asks.




“It seems that after leaving our place Kate went over to Abby’s and had a three way with McGee and Abby.”




“With McGee?”








“Damn, there goes my money. I bet against them having a three way. I thought Tim would have fainted first.”




“Well according to Ms. Kate, Tim is not as innocent as we were led to believe. I mean come on, sharing his girlfriend with another woman. That should have clued you in.”




Gibbs just gave him that look reserved for criminals and annoying children.





At the site it was chaos. News reporters of all types were there. It took Gibbs and Tony strong arming thier way to the front before they could get to the taped off area.




“Sorry, only authorized personnel.”




“We are the only authorized personnel who are supposed to be up there, Sergeant. Now move it, or be busted back to Private.”




“Yes, Sir.”




After getting through that crowd, Tony and Gibbs walked the 500 yards to the scene. They saw that some of the wood had been moved and someone had tried to remove the body from the post, but just ended up breaking the body. Gibbs told Tony to process the area around the uniform, while Gibbs found out who was the nimrod who had tried to move the body.




Walking up to the Lt., who seemed to be in charge he took a deep breath before beginning. “Excuse me, Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS. Who was the idiot who messed up my scene by trying to move the body?”




“That would have been us; his men. We felt leaving him there was a disgrace to a fine officer.”




“But you have to see that by doing that, you have made it harder to track his killer, so a fine officer will probably never be avenged,” Gibbs said as he walked away.




Walking over to Tony, he could see Tony was confused about something. Looking down on the ground he could see what had confused him. First there was no note, but a pin in the uniform for a note. Next to the uniform there was a dry spot in the dew where something had been laid, but whatever that something had been was not there now, and around both of them there were smaller areas of dry spots.




“Gibbs, we’re missing a big chuck of evidence here. I think his men did not want his disgrace known. Maybe we should talk to the first two news people who were here this morning.”




“Good idea. You go do that, while I try a different approach.”






As DiNozzo made his way through the crowds again, he noticed the arrival of McGee and Kate in the same car. Grinning to himself he decided to wait until later to tease them.



As soon as the two Agents saw DiNozzo heading their way they groaned, knowing they were going to get the ribbing of their lives for Timothy picking up Kate’s phone this morning.



“Okay, you two, we have a mission. Kate, I want to work your womanly wiles on the DC Times reporter, while McGee and I tackle the NBC Evening News reporter. Our goal is to get a copy of whatever footage they took this afternoon. Evidence is missing from the scene and Gibbs and I think it is the Lt. Col. Morgan’s men who did it. If we can find proof, then we can get it all back, we hope.”




“Okay, McGee, time to drop the Mr. Innocent, I know nothing act. If you got Kate into bed then you’ve been hiding some things. Time to bring out the charm, and go for it.”




“Oh, charm is not what will be needed today, Tony,” McGee grinned. “A small phone call, and she will be all mine. That is if she wants to play with us.”




Tony looked at the Probie and noticed a few changes, and approved. It seemed he had been hiding a few things from the rest of the crew. As they approached the young reporter, and young she was, no more than 25, wearing a yellow blouse, with a white skirt, he noticed her matching pumps had some mud on them, and he looked around. There was no mud in the media area at all - - just on the trail. Tony also figured that this could make her career, and she would fight tooth and nail to keep the tape.




“Ah, yes, you are a Mrs. Julian Robertson. You and the DC Times reporter were led to the victim by an anonymous tip. How long were you here before you called it in? “




“Just a few minutes. Not really long enough to see anything, except the body and the remains of the wood.”




“Well, then you came back and called 911, is that correct?”








“Did you disturb or take anything from the scene?”




“No, is there something missing?”




“That is what we are trying to find out. It looks like a large square object and a bunch of smaller squares objects were removed before we arrived.”




“Yes!!! I knew those jarhead…




“AAAH, I meant to say…”




“Save it, we already figured you had taped the area before you called in case someone did a cover up. Now, you either show us the tape or we confiscate the van and tear it apart, piece by piece looking for it,” Tony said grinning.




“You can’t do that.”




McGee put in, “Actually he can. He gets his jollies that way. But I can do one better. You local director is Michele Brandon.” The reporter nodded looking confused. ”Good.” Flipping open his phone Tim pressed a speed dial combo, and they heard the phone ring.


“Hello, is Mich in today? Well tell her Timmy is on the line and needs a talking to. Hey Mich, getting too important to answer your own phone now.? Careful bitch, I know where those skeletons are hiding. No, not into the scene any more, but that might change if Abby likes the taste she is going to see in the next week or two. Yes, I still have that lovely dog collar you left me, and yes I keep it polished and all. Now, as to why I called you. One of your young reporters got into something she really shouldn’t have, and refuses to give us the tape, and we need it. Can you talk to her for old times sake, dear? Thanks a bunch.”



McGee handed the young reporter his phone and looked over at Tony,who, through the entire time had stood there with a gob smack look on his face. His probie just called up one of the most important television news powers in DC as if it was nothing, called her a bitch, talked about dog collars, and arranged for them to get the tape, like it was nothing.




Tony could hear the young reporter going, “uhuh, but… why…not fair… Give him the right…its my tape… yes I work for you…your tape… Give it to him….yes, ma’am!” She slammed the phone shut, threw it at McGee and then went into the van. She started pushing buttons and out popped part of the wall. Inside was the protected tape. Giving the tape to Tony with a lot of ill grace she then slammed the door. Tony almost did not have enough time to get his arm out of the way of the moving side door.




McGee decided to come clean a little since Tony was still staring at him incredulously. “A few years ago I was in a relationship similar to the one you are in, but with a female. It could have been male, I wouldn’t have minded. Itwas during college and I need the structure it provided for me to graduate and she got a very obedient and willing house sub. She also liked to share me on her way to the top, and I had fun on the way up. So you see, like I told Kate, most of my contacts for info, are south of the border so to speak.




“Now for a small favor. When we get back to Gibbs, I am going back into my McGee act. Gibbs has a lot of things he is able to teach me, that is why I transferred, but he would be more willing to teach someone like shy McGee, much more readily than my Timothy personality. So just let me continue with what is needed until it’s no longer needed, deal?




“Okay, but if asked, I will have to tell him you know.”




“As any proper sub would have to, of course,” McGee said grinning.




Tony just grinned back at him, not expecting to find a kindred soul in McGee of all people. Maybe his blooming relationship with Kate will make it easier for her to understand the thing between him and Gibbs.




As Gibbs was about to wander over to the Marines that had gathered in a group under a tree, he heard Ducky coming up the trail. Grimacing, he ran over to the marines, “If you value your nuts, I would advise you to hide for the next 30 to 45 minutes. Our ME has been known to castrate for less than moving the body, and you idiots broke it. I’m an ex-marine, and he still scares me.”



Rushing over to the ME coming up the path Gibbs could hear "........with during the periods of the Inquisitions, the number of burnings at the stakes increased due to the number of Jews, heretics and women in power in a given area. In the farm country, inversely it's the number of older women who were accused of witchcraft and had land that were burned. Oh, Hello Jethro, is there something I can do for you?"


"What do mean Ducky?"


"Well you seem to be jittery, and a little upset?"


"Well, it is like this, they didn't know what they were doing..."




“And what did they do, that they didn’t know what they were doing?”




“Theysortamovedthebodyawayfromthestakeandbrokeit.” Gibbs rushed out.




“Again, slower, and individual words please,” Ducky asked.




Gibbs took a deep breath to calm himself before speaking. “They sorta moved the body away from the stake and broke it.”




A silence came over the group. Gibbs was getting concerned. A quiet Ducky, was a Ducky to be afraid of. “Ducky, are you okay?”




“I will be, in a few moments, Jethro.” Motioning to his assistants, he gave them instructions to photograph exactly where the piece fell, and the stake. Then put the piece in the body bag, and put in the van, carefully.




Turning towards Gibbs he frowned. “Now, will you lead me to the buffoon, who is in charge of this crock up?”




“That would Lt. Lemons, over there in that group under the tree.”




“Lemons, fitting, already leaving a sour taste in my mouth.”




In a raised voice he spoke to get the man’s attention. “Lt. Lemons, can I please see you over here for a few minutes?” When the Lt., hesitated Ducky called again, in a louder voice, “NOW, LT.”




Finally, the Lt. came at a run over to where Gibbs and Ducky stood.




“Thank you for finally joining us Lt. Lemons. I have a few questions for you young man.”




“I am sure that they covered this in officer school, or they should have, but you might have been ill that day, or what ever. But what is the proper procedure when you come upon a murder scene?”




“Not to disturb it until the MPs and the NCIS people get here and do their jobs.”




“Correct, my boy. So what in the blazes were you and your soldiers doing taking down the Lt. Col. before we had a chance to see the body?”




“The way it just hung there was so disrespectful to a good commander.”




Gibbs quietly asked, “And the removing of evidence?”




“We had to. The psycho had put stuff that could not have been true, it just couldn’t have. Not about the Colonel, Sir. I mean a dress, and those photos had to be doctored. You can do a lot these days with a computer.”




Gibbs almost felt sorry for the kid, he looked like it had been told his superman was a fake, and in one way he was. But he did hide evidence, and hopefully had not damaged it in the process.




“Where is the evidence now, Lemons?”




“We didn’t have time to get rid of it, so we hid it in the weeds over there, where we’re sitting and standing, guarding it like.”




‘Go get it, and bring it back over here, now Lt.”




“What will happen to him, Jethro?”




“Don’t know Ducky. If doesn’t leave the corps, he could be the oldest Lt.in corps history.”




They watched as he walked over to the group of marines. They saw he had some trouble getting the items with some shoving and pushing going on. But finally he was able to get the items that Gibbs had requested. He brought them back and handed them over. There was more than Gibbs had thought. Besides the pictures, and dress, and the two disgrace notes, there were some twigs with sticky stuff on the end.




“Damn it, Ducky. While the Lt. Col. died, he was toasting marshmallows to eat.”




At the sound of some men arriving Gibbs looked up and saw that a troop of MPs had arrived to secure the scene a little too late. “Sergeant, I want those men over there arrested. Charges are as follows:




Destruction of a crime scene (Article 543.89)


Removal of evidence of a crime scene (Article 540.26)


Assisting in the murder of Lt. Col. Morgan by removing evidence from a crime scene (Article 852.95)


Adding and abating the murderer of Lt. Col. Morgan by removing evidence from a crime scene (Article 955.65)”




Gentlemen, just so you know the first two have mandatory 10 year sentences, and the last two have a mandatory life sentences if you’re found guilty. Maybe this will teach you not to mess with a crime scene.”




“Jethro, you can’t be serious about going through with all of that,” gasped Ducky.




“No, at least not the last two. They had never intended the last two, that I am sure of. But the first two they willfully did. That I can’t let go,” Gibbs said as he made his way back to the van.




Halfway down he met up with McGee, Kate, and DiNozzo, almost causing McGee to fall on his ass. “Steady there McGee,” Gibbs said. Mumbling under his breath ‘He can handle a three-way but still be scared of my shadow’, which earned a smirk from McGee and Tony, and a slight blush from Kate.




“We have all that we can get from this scene. Too many people have played in this pool. We need to head over to the church to catch the rays off Christ’s vest. Did any of you get a copy of a map or something that shows how things were laid out?”




“Yeah Boss, McGee and I got the Video tape from the news truck, and Kate was able to get the role of film from the news reporter,, by having a MP,, muscle up the guy for her.”




Looking at the two men who were trying to look innocent, Gibbs shook his head, “I don’t want to know how you got the tape, do I?”




“No, Boss I really don’t think so, now or later.”




It was that later, that decided Gibbs that certain things should stay with the boys, no matter their ages.




Checking his watch he saw they just had enough time to get to the cathedral before the noon ringing of the bells.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 13

Directions or Mis-directions




St James Cathedral




“Okay, not a cloud in the sky, so we should be able to see clearly when the glare strikes in a few moments.”




“God, I hope so, Pat’s running of time. She must be going nuts.”




“Tony calm down, we are doing everything that we can. Don’t worry, we WILL find her,” Gibbs answered him.




Right then the cathedral chimes started to ring the noon hour. They looked for where the reflection of the golden vest hit and it landed on the head of a fountain across the street in the park. Tony, not paying attention to traffic, raced across the road and into the park, jumping into the water. He stuck his hand up into the mouth of the fountain and pulled out a plastic bag with some papers in it. Splashing back to his friends, and handed over the bag, and climbed back out of fountain. He then got swatted in the back of the head by Gibbs. He looked at Gibbs, confused, until Gibbs said one word, “Traffic”. And the light went on and Tony gave Gibbs and small goofy grin, causing Gibbs to roll his eyes upward as asking for guidance and gave Tony a look that bowd well for Tony’s butt tonight, causing Tony to cringe, andMcGee to snicker softly, so that only Tony could hear. Making the young man with spiked hair to look over at him, and gave him a look, either shut up or I open my mouth. At that McGee threw up his hands and pretended innocence that was not there.




They all piled into the car to head back to headquarters to see what they could get off the papers inside the bag. Then once it was processed, what the clues were.







Through out the day Kate had been observing her fellow co-workers. She wanted to make sure that Tony was alright, and that Gibbs didn’t do anything to Tony that Tony didn’t want to happen. What she saw was a normal day, of Gibbs looking for terrorist on the database, DiNozzo working and at the same time goofing, I still wonder how he does that, Kate thought, and McGee being jump at every shadow, even though she knew it was all and act for Gibbs benefit, which caused her to have pleasant memories of last night. She had to quickly pull here mind back to work, or she would have a problem in short order, a problem only McGee or Abby could fix, and she wanted to what else McGee could do besides use his tongue.




Just then Abby walked into the room with the packet of info that the killer left. Ih her other hand she help four packets of pictures.




“okay guys, good news, bad news. Bad news first…no fingerprints, nothing that can be tracked to one person on the paper or ink. If I had to say the entire think was done at Kinko’s self service center or the local library copy machine. The photos were copied three or four times to make almost un-readable. Now for the good news, I was able to hack into a sat that could give clearer imagines of these areas. So hopefully between the better photos and the riddles we should be able to find Tony’s friend faster.”




“Thanks Abby’s I owe you one.”







Box Buried Somewhere


Down Many Feet




“You sure do” Pate said from her little box watching and listening to the little monitor. The time now said 32:45:52.




“You know there is something wrong here, I have supplies for longer than 72 hours, plus an emrengecy


tank of O2 if I need it. Plus pillows, blankets, it’s almost homie. Not some place where I am going to die. Ergo I must be the bait instead of the victim, but for whom am I the bait for. It has to one of them. I am going to have to think about this one a bit.”









NCIS Building


Conference Room E





Each Agent was given a stack of photo and was looking over them, trying to figure out which on to go to, because of the e-mail Tony received when they returned.







From: Disgrace@Earthlink.net




I see you have the maps, congradulations. Gibbs really must pay that goth child more money that he is. If it wasn’t her you would still be there trying to find the Christ let alone the vest.




Now for your clue for the maps:




You can go





& West


You’re the best of the Best


The kind criminals abhor


But of all agents you see all four


Must stick together


Like birds of a feather





Conference Room E




Spread out on the table were the packets the each of them had, trying their best they could to figure out the clues on back of each map.




Packet A) Go North for her sake


Might be a mistake

For when the paths divide

When underground she does lie

Paths before you what to do

Right, Left which of the two




Packet B) Go South I will make you a deal


The lady with you will squeal

Place full of snakes and slime

Her shoes ruined this time

If she was here her box would fill

With water and things to the gill



Packet C) Go West might be the best


As you top a hill crest

For all you see

An empty plain to be

And buried among all of that

Could be a box buried with sides so flat



Packet D) East: where the sun rises from its evening stay


Go a mile in that distance walk that way

Come to an area full of wood

Where for centuries it has stood

Looking for a woman named Pat

Will be impossible in all that

But have a go, and do it slow

I can always watch the show.






‘So, where do we start,” Abby asked. She had been invited to sit in because she seemed to have an inside track to how this man’s thought processes worked and could solve his riddles quickly.




“Well I think we safely mark off the south, I mean if the riddle is right then the box is full of water, slim, and snakes. Which would defeat the purpose of us going there. No, he wants us to have reason to go there. If Patricia is already dead, then the game is up, and he still has a hand to play. But so do we.




“So, we are down to three choices.”




“Actually two.”




“How so?”




“The wooded area? No way could he get equipment in there to lower a box big enough for a human in there. “




“Okay, two.”




“And I vote to count out North?”




“Why Abby?” Kate asked.




“Because of the path dividing. It is only two choices. That’s to easy for him, the flat plain, you have to search the entire thing by yourselves to see if she is there or another clue, which will take up more time. Which is his goal, isn’t?”




“Well, once again Abby does it, and we’ll follow her advice, flat plain it is,” Gibbs, everyone to the van.




Once everyone was loaded up, and stop for Gibbs to a refresh on his coffee, which everyone was grateful for, they made it to the beginning of the pathway to the starting point of all four paths. Walking throw the lush green bushes that had over grown the path, it almost looked like no one had been there in a while. When they reached the clearing where the four paths started, they stopped in shock. For such place with a sinister purpose it was breath taking. Willow trees, wild flowers, orchid, birds of all colors, hummingbirds could be seen and the smells, Kate couldn’t begin to describe all the different smells that assaulted her nose. It was like Mother Nature went all out to make up for what this place had become in everyone’s minds, and she had succeeded beautifully.




As they walked to the center of the 5-way path, they noticed another note. “Tony” was written in big calligraphy style lettering, without think, he bent down to pick it up.




While this was going on, Gibbs got a text message across his phone:




It is a sub


that is the rub

served neither land nor sea

but rather a gift for me





Snarling he grabbed, at the same time as Gibbs yelled, “Tony NO!” But it was to late the trap had been sprung, and canisters of sleeping gas burst open around the four, and they rapidly succumbed to the gas.




Kate weakly clawed her way back to consciences, she groggily sat up, and put her hand to her head, feeling some wet and sticky she pulled it back and came back with blood, “Great”, she muttered, looking down at the rock she must of hit when collapsed. Being in the back of the group she must have gotten the least among of the gas, because McGee and Gibbs were still out of it, and DiNozzo…. And DiNozzo, looking she notice DiNozzo was not there. “Shit, it was a trap to get DiNozzo.”




“Okay, First call the Director”




“This Agent Todd, I need to speak to the Director, Agent Gibbs team as been attacked and one man is missing.”




“Yes, Sir, just check with Abby Sciuto, Sir.”………..” I am still feeling the effects of the gas used and I believe I have a concussion on top of that Sir”. ………….. “Yes I believe we will need medical attention as soon as possible as the other members of the team are still out Sir.” ………. “The missing man is Anthony DiNozzo, I believe this whole thing was a setup to get him, Sir. No, not the murders, but rather the kidnapping of his friend Patricia, Sir. Plus the elaborate setup to get us out here in the middle of nowhere, Sir. …….. “Sir, I am beginning to here the sirens, at least I hope I am hearing them and not some side effect of me hitting my head Sir. I will you when we are at the hospital Sir. Good-bye Sir.”




“Geesh, Let McGee have that job,” she said as she tossed the phone done. She crawled over to her friends and looked them over, they seemed alright no other injuries like hers, and there was another note on Gibbs chest, which she quickly pocketed. No need for a local boy to get involved with a family problem.




She had just put the envelope away, as the first deputy cam crashing through the bushes, waving his gun. “Easy there fella, no one’s left but the victims, and the rabbits, and I assure you the rabbits won’t attack.”



Shortly there after the sheriff shows up with the paramedics, and deputy says, “Area secured Sir” causing both the sheriff and Kate to roll their eyes.




“Now, that we’re secure, “ causing the deputy to beam,” can you tell us what is going on ma’am?”




“We work for the NCIS, we are tracking down a serial killer of military personnel, he left clues for us that lead us here. When we got we found a note, with the name of one of our party on it. When he picked it up, our Boss, the over there in the gurney realized it was a trap too late, and the sleep gas containers went off. I was at the back of the group, so I didn’t a full blast but enough to knock me out for 45 minutes or so. When I came to, I notice everyone else was still out. When I counted head, I notice DiNozzo was missing. MY first call was to the Director of Division per procedures, who then had the proper people call you and paramedics.”




“Is there anything we can do to help you find your missing man?”




“Not right now, but we may need your help in locating a female office who has been buried alive, that is why were out here. When we get the clues together, we may only have minutes to save her, you might know the right people with right equipment to dig her up fast,” said giving him a charming southern smile that made most straight men pant, and these men were no different.




“Yes ma’am, we will be standing by if we can help, call us, you hear?”




“Oh, I will sheriff, I will.,” she called as she walked off with the paramedics.



Who were struggling not to laugh, “your more dangerous then all the men on your team right? Those two never had a chance did they?”



“Why I have no idea what your talking about?” giving him a surprised innocent look.




“Won’t work on me sister, my boyfriend is our driver tonight”




At that both of them burst out laughing, as they climbed into the back of the ambulance, which held McGee. On the way to the hospital, the paramedic did a quick check of Kate, and agreed she might have a small concussion, but that was about it. He was more concern about the two men still being out this long.




As they pulled into St. John’s Mercy, the Director was already there along with the departments PR person, Mardi Hawkins. After the men were unload, and Agent Todd escorted to an examination room, the Director and Ms. Hawkins, walked in.




“Is there anything that we need to know that has to be spun to keep the public eye off this case?”




“Yes, the sheriff and a gun ho Deputy down in that county know enough to cause a public uproar. I think I might have let slip more than I should of, I can’t remember everything I said, but I think might have to much, Sir. I am sorry, I can be help.”




“Actually that is better than I hoped. I can send some FBI down there, and seal that leak before it begins. No, Agent Todd, you did everything by the book, you have nothing to be sorry about. You are to commended and I will see to that.”




“Sir, there is one more thing.”








“The killer left this for Gibbs,” pulling out the envelope, “I grabbed before one of the local boys could see it.”




“You did right, keep it, and when Agent Gibbs awakens, give it to him first thing. It might contain personal information that he needs to find DiNozzo.”




“Ms. Hawkins, can I ask you to leave for a few minutes, please? This is a very private matter.”




“Yes, Director,”




“Thank you,”




Waiting until she out of hearing range, “Who do you think brought Jethro into the scene, while I prefer my subs to be female, I can handle a male one, once in a while. So between the two of us, we taught Gibbs everything he needed to know about being a Dom. He went on from there to make his own way. I know about him and Tony. Since the night he accepted him, in fact. He called me and asked if he was doing right. Because his last sub had died, he never took one since. I told him it was about time, marriage didn’t work, maybe this is what he needs. He also warned me about you. That is why we are having this little talk, I will give you permission to talk with me about stuff you don’t understand, or if you see Gibbs doing something extreme, like branding or whipping until Tony is bleeding, but other than that, stay out of it. I can’t order you to do, but I am asking as you as their friend, don’t hurt your friends trust in you or your trust in them.”




“Oh, watch out for Gibbs, he will try something to set the boundaries, it will be extreme, it will ugly, and embarrassing. But that is Gibbs. You crossed it the other night without realizing it, and now he has to push you back across the line.”




All of a sudden, a loud crash is heard down the hall, then “I DON’T GIVE A HELL ABOUT ORDERS, I WANT MY PANTS, AND I WANT THEM NOW”




“Ah, I hear Gibbs is awake.”




“Boss, for the love of country, God, and money, keep it down, I have a killer headache here.”




“McGee. Is that you talking back to me?”




“No, its Timothy, McGee is that sniveling little twerp that hides in his shadow over the computer. McGee is the one cringes when you call his name, Timothy is the one when yelled his name, yells back, Yes Boss what do you need now, from across the room.”




“Our we clear now, Boss?”




“No, but we will have a talk later, won’t we?”




“I guess, if only to bring you up speed one step at a time slowly.”




“Hey, what is that suppose to mean. Is that a crack at my intellengice? Watch it McGee I’m still you Boss,?”




“How well I know that Sir. How well I know that.”




Kate looked at the Director, and the Director looked at Kate, and they turned away both trying so hard not to laugh. Once under control, and looking as professional they can, they both walked into Gibbs examining booth.




What they saw was a perfect shot of Gibb’s butt from the open backside of the gown while Gibbs was arguing with some Nurse about a shot in said butt.. Kate tried clearing her throat to get his attention. When that failed the Director tried clearing his throat to get his attention. Neither one worked.




Finally Kate just said, “Gees, Gibbs, will you please either clothes your gown, gets some pants or sit down, I’ve seen enough of your butt to last me a lifetime.”




When he heard that, Gibbs did a 180, “Kate, well if you knocked, you wouldn’t have seen my…..OOOWWW.., He turned around at a smircking nurse and rubbed said butt where she did indeed get her shot. Glaring at Kate as if it was fault for the shot, “You wouldn’t have seen it if you knocked.”




“Kinda hard Gibbs, that walls are made of material, see,” she demonstrated by knocking, and having the material just move with no sound.




“Beside we’re here for a different reason.” Pulling the envelope note out of her jacket, she handed it over to Gibbs. “I found this on your chest when I came to. I didn’t want the local boys to get a hold of it, so I stuck it in my coat pocket.”




“Good move Kate, good move.”




Tearing it open, Gibbs quickly reads the first page, and lets it drop to the floor, where Kate picks it up, as she retrieving it the first page she hears the crunch of the second page, and she looks up and see the second page almost into a ball.




“Gibbs, NO!. You know better, taking the remains out of his hands.”




“McGEE!!! Get your ass over hear right now!!!”




“What about my ass flapping the wind SIR?”




“Wrap a sheet around it, you did good with that the other night at Abby’s!” Kate yells, back without realizing what she is say, while she is reading the letters.




The Director looks at Gibbs, who cringes, he holds up three fingers, the Director make the sign for money owed, Gibbs mouths “pay day”, the Director, nods and smircks.













The Letters









Patricia Keyes was never my real target. She is buried at these quadrants 125degrees 34 minutes west 43 degrees 17 minutes north, She has enough food and water to last another week and a half, plus and emergency O2 container for 2 weeks.




The pipe you are looking for is red coloring, surrounded by bright yellow flowers. Please becareful when digging Lt. Keyes up, the boards cannot support the weight of the equipment. She might be hurt. She is an innocent victim in all this.




Good Day




For info on DiNozzo look on second page.







Dear Agent Gibbs.




By the time you get this both Agent DiNozzo and I will be out of the area and long gone. You see DiNozzo will be my last victim in the DC area. He will be my bridge from military to civilian. He is a perfect sample of all who goes to the clubs. He serves the military, but is a civilian, works for the government, tries to stop terrorist, was a cop, so he is a perfect specimen for my final kill.




And to make this one much more enjoyable check the e-mail at home and at work, you will find a website address that will show a real time performance of Anthony’s Torture. Here is a hint, it will be a wet and shocking good time. By the way clicking the link to see Agent DiNozzo’s torture starts the torture, but in order to rescue him, you have to see him, and to see him is to torture him.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 14

To Rescue, To View, or To Torture




After calling for their clothes and the doctor’s advice be damned, both McGee and Gibbs dressed at break neck speed, both forgetting that Kate was in the room; not that Kate cared in the least, she was too angry to even be bothered by that slip of propriety.




Once everyone was dressed and the paperwork was signed, the group rushed out to their vans and cars, heading back to HQ. Both the Director and Gibbs were yelling things into their phones, at times switching phones with each other to smooth things out on the other end. During the ride from the hospital they managed to arrange for a 24-hour guard on DiNozzo’s desk, clearing all non-necessary personnel off their floor, arranging for medivac and other services should they be needed. NCIS was pulling out all stops to save their man, and to capture the lunatic who had him.




The Director called Agent Brown and Agent Filanzzio and personally told them to stand by for a rescue mission of a fellow NCIS agent, one Agent DiNozzo, but to keep it off the floor. The two men had been in the business long enough to do just that, but they did make sure that their teams were ready, including taking a trip down to the shooting range. They removed all personnel down there who were just practicing and had everyone on their teams warm up; after all they were just cold case file handlers and back up personnel . They could use the range time. The team leaders helped those that needed little adjustments from not shooting in so long. The talked with the range-master and agreed to set up a permanent schedule to get their people down here on a monthly basis to help them keep up their skills.




McGee was talking with Abby on his phone about search algorithms, hacker friends, and chaos groups that might be able to help, including Anarchy Nation. Both of them had a few contacts in there. When Gibbs heard that, he gave McGee a look that said, ‘WE WILL TALK’. McGee just rolled his eyes and shook his head, like there was ever any doubt about that.




Timothy silently regretted blowing his McGee personality, but if had to choose between ‘McGee’ or saving Tony’s life, there was no choice. Tony was a friend, and he could live with the hell Gibbs was going throw his way. Gibbs would soon realize that Tim could throw it right back.




Kate was talking to her sheriff friend and giving him the area to find Lt. Keyes including the information the killer had given them about her rescue. She also informed him that medical help was on the way as well as a medivac unit to transport her to the navel hospital in Bethesda as soon as she was rescued from the box.






Tony awakened slowly. The trap had been set so that he would get the most of the gas and thus be unconscious the longest. And the plan had worked perfectly, just like all the plans the killer had set up so far. First thing he noticed was that he couldn’t move his arms or legs. Looking up, he could see his arms were cuffed and chained to a white wall. Looking down, he saw that his legs were similarly immobilized. He also noticed that he was standing inside a square cement enclosure of some sort. Under normal conditions this would be the beginning of a good night, he thought.




Looking around at his surroundings, he noticed a weird machine in front of him that had five moveable arms with padding on their tips. Near it, on the floor, were two buckets of water. The rest of the room was solid white. He noticed what looked like a door halfway down theopposite wall. Other that that, the room looked like it was a white box. ‘It is probably sound proofed as well,’ Tony thought to himself. ’After all, he wouldn’t want the police coming too soon to spoil the fun.’




“OH, good. You’re awake.”




Looking back at the door he saw a man in a dark robe with a cowl and a featureless white mask, like that worn in phantom of the opera enter the room. The eyes were blacked and his hair color couldn’t be seen under the cowl. Tony guessed his height to be around 6’5”. He was a very tall man and carried himself like a strong, athletic young man would. Tony tried to use everything he had learned at the academy to describe the guy so later, if there was a later, he could ID or remember him from the club.




“Oh, good. You’re still here.”




“Now, now, Mr. DiNozzo. You will be happy to know that, even as we are speaking, your friend Lt. Keyes is being rescued. Would you like to see to see her?”




“Yes! Please, I just want to know if she is alive.”




“Watch the screen to your right, set on the desk.”




Tony looked to his right, surprised to see a white desk that he had missed earlier because it blended into the wall so well. He watched as a screen appeared on the wall. The screen came to life and he found himself watching a news cast of Patricia being loaded in to the medivac which was going to the naval hospital. He could feel the tears running down his face, and from somewhere a voice whispered, “Thank you, God. Thank you, God.” He was slightly surprised to realize it was his voice.




“You may wish to save that sentimental ideology for later. Just so that you know, she never was my intended target…. You were.




“I won’t bore you with the details, just know you are the final piece, the perfect specimen to end my killing spree here.




“And the fun part is, I won’t be the one to kill you. Your friends and your lover will do it for me. Now let me get this water poured, dear boy.”




Tony watched as the man picked up the green buckets one by one poured them at Tony’s feet. It was then that Tony realized he was chained in some kind of cement sink. Tony had seen enough movies to know where this was going, and he knew he wasn’t going to like it at all.




By this time both buckets had been emptied.The strange machine had been put into place directly in front of him, only it was not so strange now that he knew what it was for.




“You have to be kidding me. That only works in the movies. In real life it will kill too quickly.”




“Actually, you’re quite wrong my dear boy. That is what they wanted you to believe. I have done, let’s say, experiments and they have been most in-lightening.”




“Hee hee, I get it ….in lightening.”



“Great, look if all your jokes are going to be this bad, just turn the setting on high and kill me now please.”



“Umm, … well, yes, I see you have no sense of humor. As for this machine, as soon as your friends log on to my web site, the machine will activate and will randomly touch you, shocking you with random voltages. Every ten to 20 minutes, ten more points will be added to the current voltage until either you’re dead or the machine blows a fuse. By the time that would happen, you would be dead anyway.”




“Your friends are aware that by signing on to the web site they start your torture. They also know that unless they sign on they will not be able to find out where you are.


“As for me, I am off to catch a plane out of this city. There have been way too many murders here for my taste. Ta-Ta!!.”




With that, the man just walked off stage right, and out of Tony line of sight. Tony tried to pull the chains out of the wall, but all it got him was strained shoulder muscles and wetter.













Gibbs rushed into the department, ran over to his desk, and flipped on his screen.He clicked off the screen saver and punched out his password on the keyboard. “What do you mean wrong password?” He grabbed the keyboard and threw it across the room. “Someone get me a damn keyboard that works right the first time.”




Kate walked in and shook her head at the mess. She grabbed the hanging keyboard, set it back on Gibbs desk, turned to him and yelled, “Your temper tantrums are not helping Tony right now, SIR, so grow up and stop having them or so help me God, I’ll borrow something from Ducky you wish I never did.”




She tugged down on her jacket and shirt then calmly asked him for his password. When her question was met with nothing but silence, she looked over at Gibbs. He just stood there with his arms crossed. “Boss, I need your password, and I need it NOW!”




“Fine, give me a piece of paper. I’m not saying it out loud.”




“Here, write it down then, big baby.”




“Kate, we will have a talk about insubordination later.”




“Yes Sir, right after that talk on proper behavior for a supervisor during a high stress moments that involve his lover?”




“Touche, Agent Todd, touché.”




Handing her the piece of paper, he said, “Not one word.”




She looked down at the paper and could barely suppress her laughter. Written on the paper was: TN_OWNS_JLG.




She cleared her throat and quickly typed it in to the computer. The computer booted up quickly and she clicked on Gibbs’ mailbox and the e-mail appeared.




Next she clicked on the awaiting e-mail and it opened. Around the edges it had what looked like lightning or electrical bolts shooting around it, and they were moving non-stop.




All it said in the subject line was this:


















Warning: rating NC-17





That was all the e-mail said, but they all knew if they clicked on the address it would start Tony’s torture. They also knew that they needed to see where he was in order to rescue him. McGee and Abby were down in the lab with their hacker friends on-line ready to go from that end. There were rescue teams on stand-by and medivac was waiting. Everything was all set to go the second they knew where he was. And to figure out that piece of the puzzle they had to open the website.




The Director walked in and stood behind Gibbs. He knew the thoughts that were going through his friend’s mind so, in order to save him, in more ways than one, the Director reached down and before any one could blink, clicked on the web address, and brought up Tony on the computer.




But not just on that computer. At first it was just in that department, then that floor, then that building, and then the whole NCIS network was watching Tony being tortured. No matter what Abby and McGee and their friends tried they couldn’t bring it down or even shut off the computers on either end. The virus kept power going to all the computers left on in every NCIS facility. What McGee and Abby decided not to tell the others right now was that the network also included the world wide network of NCIS, so that Europe, Asia, etc. could be watching that as well.










click hhhmmmmmm




‘Sounds like someone clicked on the link. That means the machine is powering up and I can talk to the guys.’




“I don’t know if you guys can hear me, but the killer left the building about an hour ago. I put him at 6’ 5”. He carries himself as young or an athlete. All of his features were covered or disguised. The machine in front of me is set to administer random shocks of electricity, starting off small and every 10 to 20 minutes upping the intensity until it kills me. I was unconscious when I was put in here so I can’t tell you where exactly ‘here’ is. What I can tell you is ’here’ is a solid white room. The only features are a door midway down the wall opposite me and a desk against the far wall with a computer and monitor built into the wall. I am not sure if the room is sound proof, but I am betting it is.”








Kate is writing everything he is saying when they see the first arm move to touch Tony.









‘Okay, that was a bunch of nothing. Just a little tingle, but he did warn me that it will go up randomly at random times.’




“As you can see, I am chained to the wall and I am standing in 10 gallons of water.




“Hey Gibbs, is Ducky up there? If not, can you get him up there? He might be able to describe any permanent damage that may be inflicted by long periods of exposure to shocks in certain areas where men shouldn’t have shocks. Yep, that is what the fifth pad is for.




“As you just saw, pads 2 & 3 have hit me and still the level of pain is low. The level of tingles did go up from the first ones, though. Maybe because this time I was hit with two pads instead of one?




“Oh, OH….pad five gears are moving. Lets see what it holds… Fuck… no, not the shocks… the stupid thing has too much pressure on it. I think he programmed it wrong; or maybe he didn’t.”












Most of the men watching the computer screens cringe and did the sympathy crunch with Tony; the one that all guys do when one gets racked.




Gibbs grabbed the phone, “Abby go for it, now.” And then he slammed the phone down.




He had no choice but to sit there and watch his lover take small shocks, and listen to him make small talk about things of no importance. Then Abby called him back.








“We can’t do it, Gibbs.”




“What do you mean you can’t do it? You’re supposed to be the best - - you and your friends.” he yells.




“Gibbs, the computer has a firewall. If we even attempt to touch it, it will automatically set the machine to lethal levels and all five pads will touch Tony. We have tried 15 different ways to get in. We even tried to bypass the code, but its all the same. If we go in, Tony dies. I’m sorry, Gibbs, but we just can’t take that chance. I won’t take that chance - - not with Tony.”




“No, no Abby, you’re right… thanks anyway. I’ll talk to you later.”




“Yeah… Bye Boss.”




Gibbs looked around. “Abby and her friends can’t get in with out killing Tony within the first 10 seconds, so they are not going to risk it. I can’t argue with them about that.”




Time slips by. Gibbs sits and stares and listens to his lover on the screen, listens as the shocks increase, as people around him try to find Tony without using their computers.











“Shit, Boss, this is starting to seriously hurt. I think I can start to smell something burning and I don’t think it’s the cook over there. I am trying not to scream, as I know he rigged this for sound, or what’s the point? If I start screaming it will distract the others and they might make a mistake. But I don’t know how much longer I can keep quiet. I can hear the thing click, letting me know it’s advancing to the next level of intensity as well as the next level of pain.”




“Oh, God, no, no…not the fifth one… not just yet…no no… AAAHHHHHHGGGGG!!!!”









Tony’s screams cut through the floor like a knife. People stopped and women put their hands over their mouths so as not to join him. If they looked closely at Gibbs they would have seen tear tracks coming down his face as well as the fire of hell in his eyes.


Who ever had done this to his boy would pay, and by GOD, they will wish the gates of hell had found them first.




**SLAM*** a hand suddenly appeared in the middle of Gibbs desk.




“HOW DARE YOU!!!! I gave you that boy to protect and look at him now. He was better off by himself or under my wings,” said the enraged Englishman.




“If anything so much as a hair is permanently damaged on that boy, by the halls of Beelzebub, you will answer to me, Jethro Leroy Gibbs!!!” Turning away Ducky stormed out of the department, muttering as he went.










‘Oh, God, I screamed. Well I dare them to take that much of a charge to their nuts and not scream.’ He whimpered. ”Where is Gibbs? He promised to protect me and he isn’t here.”








Everyone watching the screens (or pretending not to) heard the whimper and the mumbled words that Tony spoke, even though Tony never meant to say them out loud. Some of the people gave Gibbs looks of pity, others gave him looks of disgust. Still others gave him looks of pure anger. All of them went over Gibbs’ head, for all he had eyes and ears for was the man on his computer monitor.




As the screams continued, some people had to leave the floor for short breaks to get away from it, including Kate. The Director had to leave to field calls coming from other field offices about this display they had on their office systems. He came back shortly and informed Gibbs that was being broadcasted to all NCIS offices around the world, but Gibbs just shrugged it off. They would deal with all that after Tony was home and safe. If their careers were over, they could start again, or stay and fight it out. But that was for later; now was for Tony.











Tony was sobbing now. He was nearing the end of his rope. He is confused and hurting. The tags with the pads were getting ever closer together. The voltage was causing burns on his body; burns that could now be seen on the monitor. His screams are getting coarse and gravelly sounding.




In between tags he yelled and begged for Gibbs.




“Master, you promised! Where are you?




“You gave me your vow. What does it mean if I am here alone without you?












His legs can barely hold his weight. All that is holding him up are the chains attached to the wall. They would not let him fall out of position for the 5 arms.




“Master, please. I’ll do anything! Please help me. What did I do to deserve this punishment?”




He slips quietly into the surrounding blackness.











Gibbs hears the muttering around him and doesn’t care. He picks up the computer screen and throws it at the wall, busting it and sending sparks flying, scaring some people and making them jump.




“Listen up people. I don’t care a hairy monkey’s butt what you people think of me - - or DiNozzo, but we are all here to do a job, and that job right now is to find Agent DiNozzo. What do we have? Are we even close to finding him?”




All he got was a bunch of negative answers, which caused him to slam his chair around some in anger.




“Boss, Boss…”




“What is it McGee? And it had better be good news.”




“I think I may have found the warehouse he is in.”




“I will explain on the way. We need to leave now. You grab the Director; we might need him. I’ll grab Kate and we’ll meet you downstairs by the vans, okay?”




Not giving Gibbs time to answer, McGee and Kate took off, heading downstairs. Gibbs went and got the Director and they met the others downstairs. Actually they met them as the van went by.




“Okay McGee, lets hear your logic. Why do you think that Tony is in this particular warehouse? “




“My computer wasn’t infected with the virus that all the others were because I never tied into the system. Therefore, I was able to use it to check abandoned buildings using large amounts of electricity. I then checked the city electrical flow over the last two hours and found a warehouse using a large amount for supposedly being empty. So it had to be either Tony, or a chop shop.”




“Good work McGee. Very good work,” the Director said. He looked over at Gibbs, who just shrugged his shoulders. This wasn’t the McGee he knew.










‘I can’t even enjoy the blissful world of passing out. The voltage is painful enough to wake me up. Here comes another one.’








‘I can’t even talk anymore. Hell its getting hard to even think any more.




Where are they?’









It took them 30 minutes to get to the warehouse. They would have been there sooner except they had to stop Gibbs from shooting someone who cut them off on I-87.The incident happened to have been seen by a cop and so they had to explain the situation to the cop and Kate had to calm Gibbs down because he wanted to steal the cop’s car. After that the Director took Gibbs’ toys away from him until they were needed.




After they reached the warehouse and exited the vehicle, they could hear Tony screaming. Each time the thing touched Tony the lights outside dimmed a little. This was a perfect spot to do this. Someone screaming down here would never be reported.




Gibbs slowly opened the door. As he was about to enter the building something dropped in front of him causing him to fire his gun. Luckily, it looked like he didn’t hit anything. What dropped was a note with his name on it.




Opening it, it read:



To Agent Gibbs:


I am not sorry that you found this. This means that there is a chance your Tony is still alive. On


one hand, I hope that is not the case - - on the other, I hope he is and you both live a long long life. Finish reading this when you have him down from the evil machine I built. Go on.




After folding the note and placing it carefully in his pocket, they all ran to Tony. Gibbs pulled the machine away and McGee covered Tony in a blanket he had gotten from the back of the van. The Director and Gibbs made short work of the chains when they saw a key ring left on the wall beside a worktable. They pulled him out of the water, dialed 911 and sat Tony down. Gibbs immediately moved in to hold him. He whispered, “I told you I’d never leave you. I kept that vow. DiNozzo, you’re mine to hold, mine keep, and mine to protect. I have to work better on the last one, but I will.”




DiNozzo looked up and gave him a week smile before collapsing against him.




Just then the ambulance pulled up, and the paramedics jumped out. They tried to take DiNozzo away, but Gibbs was not going stand for that. “Listen, you wanna be Doctors. That is my agent and my boyfriend, and if you think that I am letting him out of my sight after he has been tortured, you’d better have bigger balls than I think you do. You have four tires and I have nine bullets, no - - correction, eight bullets and two back up agents.” Kate and McGee looked at each other, shrugged, and marched over to stand behind their boss with their guns; Kate to the right with the gun in her right hand, McGee on the left with the gun in his left hand.




“So, am I going on the ambulance, or are we going to play who has ’em bigger?”




“Fine, fine, get in the back,” grumbled the driver.




“Knew they would see things my way.” Gibbs smirked at the Director who just pinched his nose and shook his head. These are the kinds of days that make him wonder why he took the job, and who he can groom to be his replacement.





Back of Ambulance




While the paramedic was working on DiNozzo, Gibbs pulled out the letter and finished reading it, hoping it would give them a clue as to where he is and why he did all of this.




Letter (con’t)



Now that you have rescued your lover, you’re probably wondering why I did all of this. The

murders, the elaborate set up, everything? Simple really. I wanted to bring attention to the

military’s, “Don’t ask, don’t tell” Policy.


Let me tell you a little story. Back the early 80’s a young officer found love with another

man who was a civilian. This civilian was a genius who turned down many good paying

jobs to stay with the man he loved. Jealous of both his success and the job offers, an

associate informed the young officer’s superiors who he was, where he was, and what he

was doing - - and with whom. After the investigation, they decided to make an example of

him, a very public example; one that was broadcast coast to coast


He was dishonorably discharged. He couldn’t be seen in town with getting beat up and we

had to move. In fact we moved 5 times before the end. He couldn’t even keep a job.

He’d get a good paying job and then someone would bring in past news articles for the

boss to see, and for one reason or another, he was let go. After a while he just stopped



While this was going on the genius had taken up a job in San Fransico, hoping this

would help them both. Hurrying home after accepting the job he found their house

surrounded by police and ambulances.



When he asked what had happened, fearing the worse, a man he didn’t know said, “Oh,

some fag killed himself. If you ask me the world is better off with one less of them



The genius wanted to hit him so hard but instead walked around to the other side of the

police cars and walked up to

the policeman. He talked to the police man and got the full story.


As you can guess, I was that genius. I moved to San Fran and got on with my life, vowing

to have my revenge if I ever cold. Then I found Sanctuary, and everywhere I went there it

was, including DC. There they were doing what they wanted without worrying about the

price because they were safe.


After so many years I couldn’t take it any more, and I wanted to send out a message to the

world. But the military kept covering it up.


Now I am off to kill civilians, and then maybe my past crimes will come to light, and all the

dark secrets will be revealed.


Phantom Mask.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 15

To the Hospital, To Home, and Showing Kate Her Place




At the hospital, no amount of arguing was going to get Gibbs past the double doors leading into the Emergency Department or the 300+ lb. nurse set to guard said doors. She looked happy enough to put Gibbs into traction. She had that look in her eyes that said, “Bring it on. Mama hasn’t had a good rumble in a long time and your skinny white ass ain’t gong to be a problem, so BRING IT ON.” Gibbs could almost swear she was edging him into the fight, making little finger motions, like come on, make your best move. He decided he was seeing things and went to fill out the requisite paper work and sit down. The nurse looked almost disappointed.




After about an hour, everyone had managed to show up that needed to be there; Kate, McGee, Abby, and Ducky. Abby had brought some clothes for Tony, getting them out of his locker in the gym area in the basement of the gym. According to her, she didn’t give the guys down there any warning she was coming in to get his stuff and from her account there was much yelling. Which means voice mail and e-mails for him when he gets back to the office. Right now, he just didn’t care.




About twenty minutes after everyone showed up, the Doctor came out. “Is there a Mr. Gibbs here?”




“I’m Agent Gibbs, Doctor.”




“Right, I’m sorry, Agent Gibbs. You’re listed as medical contact and family member in case of emergency so I can talk to you about Agent DiNozzo’s condition - - privately, I’m sorry to say. If you’ll come this way, please.” And he led Gibbs through the double doors and the Nurse took up station there again to see if the others were going to try, but they just help up their hands and backed away.




“Doctor, is there anything permanently wrong with Tony?”




“Agent Gibbs, we can’t tell that yet.




“We don’t think the damage to the chest area or the leg area will be permanent as they only received superficial burns, and should heal quickly with no scarring. The nerves in those areas will heal and he will experience tingling sensations and some mild muscle twitches as they re-route, that is all. We estimate a complete recovery in those areas. In fact he should be able to walk right out of here with little or no difficulty.




“It is the other area that was shocked that we can’t be sure of the amount of damage. ”




“His genitals.”




“Correct, that is a very sensitive area as you well know. There is no telling what amount of feeling he has left down there, the amount of control he has or if might need catheter while he heals.”




“Shit. What am I supposed to do?”




“Right now everything seems to be functioning as it should, but keep an eye on him, and ahh… his functions over the next few weeks as he heals. If he has no problems then great, but if any problems arise then he will have to have see a specialist.




“Now I am going to tell you something that may seem embarrassing. You have to make him function sexually. If you don’t then the nerves may or may not heal right. In short, you have to have sex for the nerve ending to receive the proper signals from the brain. These are the same nerves that might have been damaged by that machine.”




“Great, you tell me to have sex with him to see if he is functional, and then to have it often, so he can heal. Like that is going to be a chore, Doc,” Gibbs said with a small grin.




“I didn’t think you would have too much of a problem with it,” chuckled the older Doctor.




“He will have to have therapy for the chest and leg muscles. I am sending you the best in the city. I am not putting you on a time limit. The therapist will know when it is no longer needed, and I trust him. He worked on me after a bad car accident.




“Other than some pain pills and creams to help with the burns - - and some forms to sign, he is free to go. He is in room 4. Go talk with him, get him dressed and the paperwork should be there shortly.”




Gibbs hurried down the hall to room 4 and walked in, closing the door behind him. He saw Tony lying back with his eyes closed with the blanket pulled up to his waist. Gibbs could see the burn pattern on his chest from the pads on the machine and barely held back his anger.




Walking up to Tony, he gently brushed his hair off his forehead. Tony jerked awake. “Easy, easy, you’re safe. I’m here now. Nothing will get you here. Ssshhh,” he said as he slowly caressed the side of Tony’s face. He could see the tears forming in his lovers eyes. Pulling Tony’s head closer, he squatted down and looked into his eyes. “I know, and you know. Give us an hour, and then you can break down while I am holding you in my arms. Please baby, just hold it for an hour, and then all will be well, okay?”




Tony looked at his Master and knew that he was right so he sat up straighter, wiped his eyes, calmed his voice and breathing and put on a relaxed front. “Okay, but just an hour, you promised.”




“That’s my boy, yes, I promise. Let’s get you dressed. Abby brought your sweats so they would be loose fitting over your burns. I am going to have a bad few days dealing with voice mail and such. Apparently she just walked right into the locker room without checking if it was okay, never minding that it had guys in it.”




Snickering Tony replied, “That’s our Abby.”




At this point the heard a gentle knock on the door and Gibbs walked over and pulled the door open. It was the admin lady with the needed forms. He let her in, not realizing that Tony wasn’t quite dressed. She squealed and turned around and swatted him with the clipboard. Gibbs was startled. “What?”




And then he heard a deep laugh from DiNozzo. “Boss, I wasn’t quite ready for female visitors yet.”




“OH, sorry,” he said to the lady.




“I am decent now. I can sign the forms,” Tony informed them.




Taking the clipboard, Tony signed in the 6 places he had to sign for the hospital, then the three for insurance and, because it was a work related injury, the 5 for workers comp, then one more saying he understood all that he just signed.




With Gibbs help he stood up and made his way gingerly down the hall. “Tony, I know this is going to be unfair, but I am turning you over to Kate and Abby, for a few moments while I talk with Ducky and McGee. I will need their help getting the other two home so you and I can be alone, okay?”




“Okay, as long as we are alone, and soon.”




“I promised, and so we shall be,” Gibbs said give Tony a small one armed hung.




After hitting the safety button on the wall to open the double door from that side, the two of them walked slowly into the waiting area towards the crowd of waiting friends. They could here Ducky telling them to be patient and not to rush them.




When they got near, Gibbs handed Tony off to Kate and she led him over to Abby who just squealed like she does and hugged him, but far more gently than usual.




Gibbs motioned Ducky and McGee over to the side, “Listen guys, I need to get Tony home without the tag-team ladies. He is about to fall apart, and he promised to hold off for an hour. I have 45 minutes left and it’s a 25 minute drive to my house with traffic. I might make it if you two can help me get those two occupied on something else.”




“How about that letter you have Boss? Give it to Kate and she’ll be on it all night.”




“Good plan, good plan, one down. Now for Abby?”




“Leave that one to me too, Boss,” McGee said, smiling evilly at them.




They watched as he sauntered over to Abby, licked behind her ear, blew on it, and whispered something. She grabbed his arms, they made their good-byes, and left all in under 3 minutes.




“Okay, I want to learn that trick,:” Gibbs grouses.




“I want to know what he said to her,” Ducky grouses.




Gibbs approached Kate. “Kate, I know it is kinda late and all that, but this is the letter the killer left for me at the warehouse. Can you analyze it and give me a report at my house, say 10ish for brunch?”




“Sure Boss. I’ll leave a message with McGee about that,” she murmured as she walked off reading the letter.




“Well that takes of that. I am off home to Gerald. See you in the morning boys and please remember the cream cheese this time, Jethro.”




“There. Alone at last. Lets make our way out to the car and we can get home. Then we can get you comfortable, and we will see about you and your needs. And before you say anything, I have been in your shoes, and I needed someone to be there for me and there wasn’t. This time I can be, I will be, and I shall be there for you. We have a lot of things to say to each other, I think.”




They made it to the car without further mishap and made it home within the time allowed to keep Gibbs’ promise to Tony. As soon as they got to the house, Gibbs walked in first and went into the kitchen to start coffee, leaving Tony by the front door. He busied himself with the coffee maker and suddenly he wondered just where Tony was. He went back into the hallway and saw him struggling with his clothes, trying to take them off so that he would be in house uniform.




“Tony, stop right there. Let me help you.” Thinking he was going to help him take them off, he was shocked when Gibbs pulled the other way, settling his clothes back on. Then Tony realized he didn’t want to see the burns until they healed.




“Stop that right now. The reason is simple; when you are sick or injured you are off duty, so to say. And it is not because I think your injuries are ugly or something. I don’t want them to get infected and leave scars. Right now the doctor said you will make a complete, 100 percent, recovery if we do it right. And I am going to make sure we, as in both of us, do it right. Now, lets head up stairs to get comfortable.”




As they made their way upstairs, Tony felt the breakdown he had been fighting starting to win. His breath started to hitch and his vision started to blur. He stumbled up a stair.




Gibbs heard Tony stumble. He looked back and saw that Tony was on the stair on his knees. Rushing back down he leaned down and helped him to his feet. “I gotcha, Tony. I’ll always catch you. Come on, just a little further and then we are in the bedroom , and we will snuggle on the bed and you can tell me everything and shout and scream if you need to.”




He laid Tony down on the bed, in the center of it. He then toed off his shoes and pulled off Tony’s and laid down at Tony’s back, letting it be Tony’s choice if he wanted to face him or not. Sometimes it is easier not having to see someone’s face when you need to confess something.




“When he first had me, I thought it was going to be easy. I would be all manly and I knew you guys would trace the computer link back in no time and save me before it got too bad.




“I knew if you guys clicked on the link to the website the torture would begin. You had to find me, but the problem with that is there was a white wall behind me that would be no help in finding me at all. It would be a trick to start the torture and that is all it would be.




“The first hour was nothing, like trying to change a broken light bulb with it turned on. The second hour it got worse; especially that fifth pad. I have to tell you, I could hardly stop myself from screaming when it touched me. By the third hour it was over. You heard me begging. Hell, anyone who was listening heard me.”




“Tony, the thing had been set so that it spread through out the entire NCIS network. There wasn’t a turned on computer connected to our system that didn’t have it full screen and live.”




By this point all Gibbs could get out of Tony, was heart wracking sobs and body curling cries, and all he could do was to hold on to him as best as he could. He made a decision then. He grabbed Tony and flipped him, holding him so that his head rested on his left shoulder, and hugged him for dear life. For that is what he had become, his life. In the two years he had worked with him, and the three days he had been his sub, Gibbs couldn’t imagine a day without Tony being in it.




While he was thinking, Tony had been doing some exploring. He was searching for comfort sex. He started by nibbling on the throat of Master, who moaned and moved his head to allow better access. Tony then moved up the jaw line until he reached his ear and gently nipped and suckled then blew on the sensitive skin just behind the ear. This is what brought Gibbs to the present. While he was out his body had taken over, and responded to Tony’s advances, in a more than positive way.




“So the boy is up to some games in bed, is he?




“Well considering his health, we’ll leave off with the paddle and whips until later.”




“Ahhh, do we really have to, SIR?” pouted Tony.




Gibbs just glared at him as he got undressed. Tony looked on; this would be the first time he would see Gibbs naked in a sexual way since all of this began. Gibbs usually wore boxers to bed, so the only one naked around the house was him, and he hadn’t seen all of Gibbs yet, while he had been on full display.




When Gibbs was totally undressed Tony had a chance to look him over.




“Well?” Gibbs asked, aware he was being looked over and judged. For a man of his age who was graying on top, his body was in great shape. He was winning the battle of middle age spread, in fact he had a body most 20 somethings wanted. While he wouldn’t come in first on the obstacle course on Paris island, he would come in. Heading further south to the good part, he was good sized there as well. Tony judged him to be 8 to 8 ½” thick, and cut, and that was all he was going to say on that subject.




Looking up to Gibbs he smiled and quipped, “You’ll do…You’ll do.”




That comment just made Gibbs roll his eyes. “There is no pleasing them, is there Lord? There just ain’t no pleasing them.”




Gibbs then walked over to Tony and motioned him to sit up. When Tony did that, he gently removed Tony’s top and then leaned down and kissed Tony on the lips. Deepening the kiss as Tony added more pressure upward trying to get into Gibbs mouth, it was battle of tongues on who would invade whose mouth. Neither won as they had to break for air.




Gibbs then motioned with his hands for Tony to lift his butt and he pulled down the sweats. He frowned a little bit because Tony was only at half mast where by now just mentioning the word sex and usually the boy was tearing a hole in his pants.




Gibbs got back onto his side of the bed and started to trail his hand down the chest of his lover. He decided tonight there was no Master and no Boy, but just two lovers giving comfort where comfort is needed. As he caressed his chest, he followed his caress with soothing kisses and little nips, pausing at each nipple to worship, making Tony arch his back to try to get deeper into Gibbs mouth. But Gibbs put a restraining hand on Tony’s chest and continued on the way down, following the so-called money trail. By the time he was at Tony’s cock, there still was no reaction at all from it, so he bent his head and slowly started to suck it in mouth, only to have Tony grab his hair pull him off.




“I think that’s off limits for tonight SIR. Between the meds and the shock therapy, it’s just too sensitive to play Captain’s Mast right now. Sorry Sir.”




“No, NO….. you have no right to be sorry. You’re not at fault, it is me who should have realized that this is way too soon. As bad as your shoulders and legs are burned I am surprised that you’re not that badly burned down there.”




“I think it was because it didn’t stay as long on one spot as it did on the other areas.”




Tony heard some noises at the foot of the bed and looked down. He saw Gibbs putting on a pair of old sweats.




“Sir, what about your need? I’m sure I saw something that needed attention earlier.”




Smiling at the remark, Gibbs walked over, and you could still see the outline of his cock in the sweats. Tony started to reach for it when Gibbs, grabbed his hand, turned it over, and kissed its palm.




“Tony, I want you to LISTEN, and I mean REALLY LISTEN. I may be the Dom, the Master, whatever you want to call it, but in order for this whole thing to work, it needs you. It needs you whole, healthy, and able to do your share. Right now you can’t - - and don’t you dare think what you are thinking. I don’t care if it takes 3 years to get back on your feet. I have taken care of this house and myself without your help before as well. All I need you to do is get well here,” he pointed to Tony’s heart, ”and here,” he pointed at Tony’s head, ”and here,” he gestured widely, completely covering Tony’s body.




“When you are well in all three areas, then we can fuck like bunnies.” Leaning forward until he touched his head to Tony’s, “And Yes, your mean old Master likes to get fucked as much as the next queer.” Which caused Tony to break out laughing.




“Well laugh now, but we have a small problem at work.”




“Oh, I don’t like the sound of that.”




“Well, that link wasn’t just a link to start you torture. It also released a virus to show the show on every computer that was tied into the NCIS mainframe. Which means around the world if they were tied in. They heard every thing including the Master, promises and vows stuff. We might have trouble at work, and such. I know for a fact we will have to fight to get back to the level of respect we had before this.”




“Shit, when you thought he had stabbed you with the last knife.”




“I also expect the Director to get some heat to separate us, and I mean separate, like by states.”




“But, but…. They can’t do that can they?”




“It’s in your contract with them. They can send you anywhere or you quit.




“Well we don’t have to worry about that for a while yet. You are off on major sick leave and I am taking personal time that I have never even touched. The people in HR are going to faint when they see the numbers go down. I have like a year and ½ of time saved up or something.”




Swatting Tony on the butt he smiled and said, “Get up. We’ll put more lotion on your burns, and I’ll fix super. Something light and easy. Soup and sandwiches sounds good.”




As Gibbs got busy making a easy meal he looked into the living room and saw Tony stretched out on the couch, putting on the cream in house uniform, even though he had been told he didn’t have to be like that when was sick or injured. He must like the structured feeling it gives, thought Gibbs, never going to understand the mind of a sub.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 16







After dinner the two of them snuggled, with Tony in Gibbs’ lap, resting against his chest like in all the world this was exactly where he belonged. They stayed up to catch a movie on TNT and then went to bed. While waiting for Tony to get into bed, Gibbs decided he would leave on his sweats. It wasn’t like he hadn’t slept in them before, but this time he felt it necessary. If he woke up with a hard-on Tony might feel the need to help him relieve the pressure, so to speak and Gibbs had decided earlier in the evening that if Tony wasn’t up for fun then he wasn’t going to enjoy it either. As far as he was concerned this was a two man sport, with equal partnership.




Gibbs had crawled into the middle of the bed not knowing how Tony wanted to play it, facing him or away from him. When Tony came into the room he stood by the bed, looking like a little boy lost. Gibbs opened his arms and Tony just smiled and slid right into them, snuggling right down with his head under Gibbs chin. When he found this was not exactly where he wanted to be he scooted up a little so he could kiss Gibbs; nothing heavy, just something light. There was a little laughter, a little more snuggling, a slap of someone’s hand, a growl and then the soft snoring of someone falling to sleep follwed by a softer “finally” as someone else drifted off to sleep.





Gibbs’ House 7:30 am




Because he knew Kate was coming over, Gibbs had insisted that all areas be shaved. He’d also insisted that he would do it because of Tony’s condition. Also, he secretly wanted everything to be perfect because he was going for pure shock factor here. He took his time and used great care, noticing more movement than the previous night, which gave him hope. By 8 am they were ready for the day. Gibbs, the ever-anal marine that he was, had made a list of things that needed to be completed before the working brunch that morning. Most of the food was already in the house. All that was missing were a few condiments and Gibbs was planning to go out to get those around 9 am.




Because of his busy schedule Gibbs had a cleaning service that came in weekly. so the house was done. All that was left to be done was the food.




They started the food preparation; whatever Gibbs told Tony to do he immediately did. And then Tony got upset and stormed off in a huff. Gibbs thought is was because he was in pain or something but he was wrong. Tony came back into the kitchen a few minutes later wearing a body apron, the kind that hang around the neck and tie in back. On the front were emblazoned the words: “subs do it better in the nude”. Tony had gotten tired of splashing food and juices where they weren’t supposed to go.




Around 9:15am Gibbs left for the store to pick up the few things they still needed. He told Tony what still needed to be done before their coworkers arrived.




About a quarter til 10 the others started to show up. First in was Ducky and next came McGee and Abby. Tony had taken off his apron to answer the door and Abby just had to whistle at his lack of attire, making him smile. By 10:00 Gibbs had gotten back from the store and was putting the last touches on the brunch in the kitchen.




Gibbs looked up at him as Tony walked in with a worried look on his face. “What’s wrong, babe?”




“Do you think I should put on some clothes before Kate gets here?”




“Personally? NO!




“But, since you asked the question, let’s see why you think you need to. Are you uncomfortable being naked?”








Gibbs smiled at Tony’s emphatic answer and look of shock.




“Are you uncomfortable being naked around the others out there?”








Gibbs smiled softly as he asked the next question. “Are you going to be uncomfortable being naked around Kate?”




Tony thought for a moment. “Well, NO.”




“Then why get dressed?”




Tony smiled. “If I got dressed now it would be for her and only her, and if she can’t accept who we are then it’s up to her to change, not us. Okay, I get it. Thanks.” He leaned in and gave Gibbs a kiss just as the doorbell rang.




Gibbs gave him an evil grin and yelled out to the other room, “McGee, could you answer the door please?”




“Sure, Boss.”




“Gibbs, what are you up to?” DiNozzo asked, not liking that grin.




“Just wait and see. I thought I’d give Kate a small payback; a taste of what she’ll get if she doesn’t back off.”




Tony sighed softly, knowing it had to be done so that Kate could learn to accept his lifestyle and see how happy he now was.




McGee opened the door for Kate, greeting her politely, taking her jacket and hanging it in the closet before showing her to the living room. Conversation resumed as Gibbs and Tony finished putting out the food in the Dining Room. Keeping Tony out of Kate’s sight, he winked at Ducky and told them brunch was served. Ducky led the way into the dining room and Gibbs made sure Kate would be on Tony’s right when he came in.




Gibbs yelled to Tony who was still in the kitchen. “Babe, bring those extra napkins when you come in. We’re going to need them soon.”




“Okay, I’ll be right out. Save me some food.” Tony walked into the dining room, not knowing that the others hadn’t warned Kate of his state of undress. Kate looked up as Tony walked in, dropped her glass of juice and started choking. Tony ran forward and threw down the napkins to stop the spill while Ducky saw to Kate’s choking fit. Abby and McGee smirked at Gibbs, who just smirked right back.




“Ton…Tony, where are your clothes?” Kate managed to choke out.




“Either in the hamper or the closet, why?” Tony chose to be deliberately obtuse.




“Then why aren’t you wearing any?”




Gibbs stepped in smoothly. “I’ll take that one Tony. One of Tony’s living conditions here is that he remain naked 24/7 so that I have complete access to his body. Wearing clothes denies me that right, a right that I have claimed as mine.”




“So you deny him clothes?” Kate’s mouth gaped like a gold fish.




Gibbs was unfazed. “NO, not all the time. In the winter he has robes he can wear. For outside yard work in the summer, he has shorts and, during the winter if he needs to work outside he will have appropriate clothes to wear as well. I’ll keep him as healthy as I can; a sick sub is not a fun sub.”




The food was being passed around as this conversation was taking place and the others were watching Kate and Gibbs like a tennis match. McGee and Ducky were actually keeping score between them as they tried not to laugh, because they both were living or had lived this lifestyle. They didn’t really see anything wrong with Tony as he was right now. Abby was looking at McGee in a whole new light and he wasn’t sure if he liked it or not.




Kate decided to try to reach a compromise. “Why don’t we drop it and talk about the case? We can get back to personal items later on our time off, deal?”




“I can live with that, Agent Todd,” Gibbs said.




“Okay, Kate, fill us in on what you got from the letter.”




“First of all, I seriously doubt he is in this area any more. I honestly believe that he has gone to a different part of the country. It will be someplace where they have a large number of gays, but with a smaller number of cops. Places like New York, and LA are out. While they both have a large gay community, they have large police forces. With the both mingling in the one place it is not open enough for his style of killing. He would feel more at ease in places like Miami, Las Vegas, Phoenix, Fort Worth; places with a lot of open spaces around them.




“To make matters worse, we can’t even send out a warning to these cities because we don’t know what to warn them about. We have no clear indication of where he is going or what he will do next. We have no way of knowing when he will kill again or what his method of killing will be.”




“McGee, anything on the warehouse and the machine?” Gibbs looked frustrated.




“Nothing. Like all the other sights he left no clues there. All the parts used in his torture chamber were ordered through different names, sent to different PO Boxes and put together by hand. He left behind no finger prints, nothing.”




“So basically we are back at square one?”




“That’s what it looks like, Sir.”




“Okay, since Tony’s off duty until he heals more, you’re all elected to help me clean up, except for Ducky. I have something I need for him to do.”




Gibbs leaned over and whispered to the old man, “I need you to do some gentle digging. There is something else going on inside his head that’s not just the torture., We’re too new for me to go hunting in there yet.”




Ducky nodded and followed Tony into the living room.




“Tony, my dear. Come over here and sit with me, please.” He waited until Tony was sitting beside him on the sofa to continue. “Now tell me what is bothering you. I know it is not just the torture even though that would have anyone’s mind a little off kilter for a while.”




Tony sighed. “Duck, it and it isn’t. It’s what I said while I was being tortured. I mean I can handle the pressure, but Gibbs is going to seriously get hurt by it.”




“MY dear boy, lets back up a page or two. I am afraid you’ve lost me there.”




“Well, you know I called out for my master and Gibbs and talked about the promises and vows and such, right?”




“Yes, I’ve already heard some talk about it among the rumor mill.”




“See? That’s what I am talking about. I’m used to being in that area; the rumor mill. Gibbs isn’t and what’s worse, it’s more than just our floor or our building, it’s the whole NCIS network. Gibbs could lose his job if he loses his temper. Especially, if something happens like the last time.”




“What last time? You never talked about a last time to me, boy.”




Both Ducky and Tony jumped as they looked behind them and saw Gibbs standing in the doorway looking like a thunderstorm about to lay open on someone.




“Nothing here Gibbs. But at the police station it got out that I was gay, and a few of the detectives decided to show me how they felt about having one of that kind on the floor. I was in the hospital for 2 weeks and had just gotten back when you offered me this deal. Of course I jumped at it. And then I met Ducky and he put me under his wing, so to speak. I was safe and then you came along and took me in and I was home.” Tony looked down at his lap, unable to meet his Master’s eyes.“But now that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut, I may have destroyed that too. It’s gonna be hell at work for both of us. Any respect you have earned over the last 19 years will have been destroyed because of me. Plus, if anyone sent anything from it to the press, or to the higher ups, talk about a scandal. One of us would have to leave and the best choice would be me. I don’t think I could leave you. It’s too late for that.”




Gibbs sat down beside Tony and pulled him into a hug. “Listen you. No matter what they throw at us, we’re not giving up. If we have to, we will fight this in the courts, the newspapers, and the Senate. There is nothing in our contracts that says we can’t be together. And I already know it is too late to let you go. If need be I’ll take retirement. It would give me more time to work on that damn boat anyway.”




At that Tony just laughed and cried at the same time.




It wasn’t until Tony brought it up that the others realized how bad it was going to be for their two friends. Kate’s issues had more to do with her needing to take care of Tony, but others would hate them both for just being gay. Adding a kink to their life style just put them at more of a risk. Plus with this having been broadcast around the world, the USA might end up with a black eye and, needing a scapegoat. Without having apprehended the killer, the next target would be Gibbs and DiNozzo.




All four of them looked at each other and agreed they would start working on it in the morning. And they would begin with the Director. He was the first on their list. Without Abby and Ducky working, all the cases would stop cold.




They quietly gathered their things and, watching the two men as they walked out, silently left the house to them.


Book 1 - Love and Disgrace: Chapter 17 (Epilogue)













“Come in”




The four agents came in and spread themselves into a line in front of the Director’s desk. He looked up at them.




“The four of you here only means one thing.”




Kate looked around and took a deep breath. “Yes, Sir.; Gibbs, and DiNozzo. We are already hearing things on the rumor mill, and what we are hearing is not pleasant. They will have to fight just to get to their desks. Sir, some of the men are wondering if they did the right thing helping to save DiNozzo. What we are saying Sir is this; the natives are getting ugly and the men aren’t even due back for a couple week yet. In that time it could fester into a mob mentality.”




The director nodded sympathetically. “I wish I had good news to give you, but I don’t. So far the international press hasn’t picked up on the broadcast from the other day, but someone leaked it to the local & national newspapers. If I ever find out who breached our security there will be hell to pay. Any way, the higher ups are putting pressure on me to do something about this, but what, I don’t know. Both of them have exemplary records; no black marks, nothing that could give me a reason to transfer them, let alone fire them. If I do anything because of their sexual orientation, the newspapers and courts will have a field day. And I don’t want to do that, because I would rather out myself than fire them.




“So ladies and gentlemen, have a seat and tell me what we are going to do.”









2 weeks later




“That’s it! I’m calling your doctor and getting you in to see a specialist. Everything is back to normal but your cock, and I’ll be damned if I am the only one with blue balls in this house.”




“I told you I would take care of that for you!!!”




“And I told you not until you can join in!!” It was then that Gibbs finally noticed just how upset his ranting was making Tony and he visibly tried to calm himself. “Alright just calm down. I’m not upset with you Tony. The ER doctor said we might need a specialist, so I’m going to call him, and ask for a referral, okay?”




Tony nodded. “Okay, it has been a while. We should have seen some action by now.”




Gibbs fell to his knees in mock relief and smiled up at Tony. “Thank you Lord.” He hurried to the phone and dials the number for the ER. “Yes, my name is Agent Gibbs, I’m with NCIS, and I was wondering if Dr. Sullivan is on duty tonight. Oh, he is. Can you please page him to the phone? It’s rather personal, thank you.




“God, I hate canned music.”




Tony just snickered and Gibbs made a face at him as he swatted the air in his direction. Tony points at himself and tries for an innocent look that never quite works.




“Yes, Dr. Sullivan. This is Agent Gibbs. You helped me with my partner about 3 weeks ago - - with the shock burns, from a torture session - - ah yes, yes that is the case. You mentioned we might need a specialist for a problem that might develop or not develop, as the case may be. Yes, I have a pen and paper. A Dr. S. Picsol. Phone number; 555-8917. Thank you, doctor.” Gibbs hung up the phone and turned to Tony. ‘Okay, we have a number to call in the morning, and we will call it, right?”




“Right, you will call it in the morning.”




Gibbs sighed then remembered his oaths, and just led the way back up to bed. At least he got him to agree to see the Doctor.











“Well, this should take care of the immediate local bully boys, I should say,” Ducky muttered.




To: All employs of NCIS


From: Divisional Director


Subject: Harassment: physical, verbal, or other


Date: ##-##-####








It has come to my attention that, due to a certain circumstances beyond their control, some members of this facility were outed, and that several other employees have planned reprisals for this. If this occurs, you will be terminated on the spot. We have installed new security cameras, all of which are controlled and recorded by my office.




Also, if the harassment it sent over the e-mail, fax machine, or other paper means and your prints or other means of identification are found, you will also be terminated without recourse. Your supervisors will be around with a waiver for you to sign, stating that you understand the new guidelines as stated.




You will also be given the complete guidelines from HR. You may sign the waiver after you have read the HR form, but we will need it in your file by Friday or you will not be allowed back in the building until you sign it.






Thomas H. Graves


Divisional Director




Cc: Sec. of State.






“Now, what do we do about the jerks above you, Sir?”




“One battle at a time, McGee. One battle at a time.”









“Good news, DiNozzo. She can squeeze us in at one today.”




“SHE?” Tony’s voice squeaked.




“Yeah, She.”




“Let me get this straight. I’m going to be talking to a female doctor about my performance problems.”




Gibbs snickered. “That’s right, junior.”




“OH, no! OH the Hell, NO!!”




“Sorry, but I am pulling rank here and your going. That’s an order. And don’t stomp up those stairs either.”











After hearing what Tony had gone through and how long since there had been any response she checked to see if he felt certain stimuli(she stuck a pin in certain spots to see if he felt the pin prick). She then decided to run some tests; with wires here, and pads there, buttons pushed there, weird noises and paper shooting out, and then DiNozzo was told to get dressed and meet her in her office.




When he got there Gibbs was there, and DiNozzo leaned down and whispered, “Just for this, when I get back in action, you’re bottoming first.” Gibbs just smiled and wiggled his eyebrows.




“Okay, gentlemen, this is what I have found. There is no physical reason for Tony not to have an erection. What I am thinking is that it’s a combination of the meds you’re currently on, the stress of what you went through, the stress of what you will be going through at work and, to put it bluntly, performance anxiety. I already called your other doctor and he said you can be taken off the pain meds. Advil will do from now on, if you feel the need. I can’t help with the stress, but I can help with the performance problem. First, I’ll give you some of those little wonderful blue pills. Second, if Mr. Gibbs could lean over here for a second …




Gibbs rubbed the side of his head as he grumbled.




“Stop making this a team activity. That only puts more pressure on Tony to perform. If he is unable to get an erection and you are, then go with the flow. There might be times in the future when it is reversed, and you can help him out. Sex is not a tag team sport. Sex is about fucking and getting off, which neither one of you is doing at the moment and it is driving you both crazy.”




She sighed and then smiled at them. “Tony, those pills I gave you should last a month. I want you to take one in the afternoon when you are home, or one after work and one before bed. Gibbs, it is your job to find out what stimulates him and do it. And I know about your lifestyle; I had Tony tell me. What that means is that he has certain buttons that need to be pressed that he can’t tell you about. You have to find them - - and press them.




“Yes, I know what you’re thinking. What about love and romance? They both have their time and place, but right now we are talking about just plain old sex. Once we get you both into the mechanics of screwing again, then you can bring in all the love and romance you want. But in the mean time, we will have you two humping like bunnies.




“Also, Gibbs, get back into your roles. Tony needs to have his life back to normal. He is all healed up. Now it’s time to stop treating him like spun glass. Oh, don’t be shocked, it’s one of the reasons Dr. Sullivan probably gave you my number. I have seen all there is to see. Your set is not the first and it won’t be the last either.




“Gibbs is the Dom, and DiNozzo is the sub so start acting like it again. Now get out and I’ll want to see you both in one month. If things aren’t back to normal, the next step is therapy, and I don’t mean physical either.”




“Thank you, Doctor. We’ll see you in a month.”




After making the appointment the two stunned men left the office, still not sure what exactly had happened in there. They looked at each other, but that was of no help. Their partner was equally as clueless as themselves. Basically, what they got out of all that was; shape up, grow up, and fuck.




By the time they got back to their car they were a little less stunned, and smiling. They liked this doctor’s brash attitude and her way of approaching things. They both knew what they would be doing when they got home.




“DiNozzo, as of right now you’re back on duty and I want you shaved as soon as possible. I have lots of lost time to make up for.”




“Yes, Boss,” grinned Tony.




“Plus, there a few things we have to discuss before we to the fun part. There are certain quirks that I have, that you need to know about. They are nothing that you can change so you need to be prepared for them, and we can train you to be adapted to them.”




“Okay. Like what, Boss?




“I’ll tell you when we get home, and not before.”




“Okay,” Tony said, a touch worried.




Grabbing Tony’s chin, Gibbs turn Tony’s head. “Remember my vows and promises. Nothing will hurt you but you may experience some discomfort you until you adapt. I will give you an example. I was going to wait until we got home, but this is a mild one. When either of us perform oral sex on the other we don’t swallow all of it, but share it with the other as we kiss.




“Do you now understand what I mean?”




“AHH, Okay. I was picturing slings and whips, tying me up, and weird toys.”




“Oh, tying you and toys are in there as occasional fun things to do, but not as a quirk.”




By this time they were pulling into the sub-division, and were soon home. As soon as Tony hit the front door he started to strip and, in a few minutes, was naked with his clothes folded neatly at his feet. Gibbs looked on, “Good, you haven’t forgotten a thing. Pick your clothes up, and do what I told you to do in the car.”




As Tony walked by Gibbs swatted him on the butt hard enough to leave an imprint of his hand and make DiNozzo jump. “Ow”.




“Move it along, then boy. Move it along.”




Even though it was early afternoon he went around trying to make the house look like it was empty and no one was home. He had started the coffee maker earlier and now was enjoying a cup while listening to Tony moving around upstairs.




When it had been quiet for a few minutes with no sign of Tony, Gibbs grew a little concerned. He hoped it wasn’t too much too soon. Leaving his cup on the table, he walked up the stair, softly calling, “Tony is everything all right?”




He kept doing this until he found out what Tony had done. He had thrown a small blanket on the floor beside Gibbs’s side of the bed and had knelt there, hands behind his back, head down, waiting for Gibbs to come upstairs to use him as Gibbs saw fit. This caused Gibbs to smile.




“I see someone has trained you well - - very well indeed.”




Gibbs reached into his clothes closet and removed a section of the wall. He took down a riding crop and smacked the side of his leg. The sound was more impressive than it felt.




“Tony, I will make one more promise. No instrument of pain will be used when we are having sex. I don’t play that way.” He saw Tony relax a little. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t put some marks on the bubble butt of yours just because I like the contrast. After all, it is my body to do with as I please.




“I also know this interesting master who is great with a whip. He never breaks the skin but does make interesting artwork with it. We might visit him some day to see what he can do with a new palette to play with.”




Putting the crop down on the bed, Gibbs started to undress. Before Gibbs knew what was happening, Tony was there helping him. Gibbs grabbed the riding crop and swatted Tony across the mid-section hard enough to raise a welt.




“OWWW, What!!?” asked a confused Tony.




“Who gave you permission to move from that spot?” a slightly angry Gibbs asked.




“You just did,” Tony said.




“I did not say you could move,” Gibbs said.




“Not by actually saying the words, but by your actions of getting undressed. I was trained that, in a sexual situation, if the Master has started to take off his clothes it is the sub’s job to assist immediately or face punishment.”




“Oh, for Pete’s sake. DiNozzo, I will tell you when I want you to undress me, and there will be times when you WILL get the chance to do it, but right now get your ass back into a kneeling position on that blanket, before I swat you again.”




Tony rushed over and resumed his earlier position, a look of misery in his entire body, like he had done something wrong.




Gibbs looked upward. It looked like he would have some un-training to do, as well as training. But such is the life of a Dom.




After getting undressed, Gibbs walked over to the bed and sat down. “Tony, turn around and face me.” Using the end of the crop, he lifted Tony’s head. He could see that the boy was crying, thinking he had failed in some way and that he had failed enough lately. “You have done nothing wrong, Tony. You didn’t fail me, you were just taught by a different Dom with different ideas on how a sub should act, that’s all. We will both learn things and unlearn things so that we can come together as a team.”




Gibbs leaned forward and, as he did before, kissed both tear trails, took a lick and then kissed Tony. Pulling back a little, he asked Tony, “Remember what I vowed? No more tears. I also now vow no more fears as well. I give to you my heart and my soul forever more.”




Tony smiled up to him and said, in whispery voice, “No more fears, thus you vowed. I have already given you my heart and my soul. All that is left is my body and that you’ve owned since the day we met.”




Gibbs grabbed Tony and pulled him into bed with him and wrapped him in his arms. After a few minutes he felt Tony’s hand slowly work its way down between his legs. With a few short strokes he had Gibbs groaning and the fires relit. Looking up with mischievous eyes, Tony worked his way down, kissing here and nipping there until he had reached his goal.




By then Gibbs was leaking and Tony paused to appreciate the taste. Then he continued licking down the great vein on the underside of his cock until he had reached the sack. He kissed each of those precious eggs and gently sucked on them before following the vein back up. Placing very gentle nips here and there and gently sucking on the delicate skin, he made his way back again to the tip of Gibbs’ shaft as he listened to his Dom’s moaning.


Running his tongue around the edge of the mushroom like shape, Tony had to put a restraining arm on Gibbs’ hips to stop an upwards thrust. He was going to take his time, to leave Gibbs boneless and mindless after all of this time.




Tucking his lips over his teeth and using his tongue to help slide Gibbs’ cock into his mouth, he covered the tip, and slowly, ever so slowly, started to swallow. Using every trick in the book to breathe and, using every muscle in his tongue, he was slowly driving Gibbs mindless and he knew it. By this time he had to resort to using both hands to keep his lover from thrusting up. There would be finger-sized bruises there in the morning but Tony didn’t care. This is what he excelled at, and he was going to show Gibbs what training could really do for a sub.




All too soon he was at the root and he paused without even a hint of a gag reflex. Tony had been trained on longer and thicker shafts so there wouldn’t be any. He slowly clenched and unclenched his throat muscles.




“My God, Tony…”




Looking down, he could see that Tony had all of him inside his mouth and down his throat and was not showing any signs of stress. Instead of being upset he just reached down, ruffled his hair, and collapsed back on the bed.




Which was good because Tony had about reached his limit and needed to back off. Using his throat muscles and his tongue, he slowly slid his way up to the top. He then took a deep breath and started working on sucking Gibbs off. He had shown Gibbs what he was capable of; now he could show him the reason for doing it. Slowly bobbing up and down the length of the shaft and swirling his tongue around the top he worked on the cock in his mouth. Tony knew that the spot where the cuts met on the underside of the head was very sensitive so, every once in awhile, he would lightly scrape his teeth over the skin there.




Now that Gibbs had settle down just a bit Tony found his hands weren’t as occupied holding the other man still. Using one of his fingers, he gently started circling Gibbs’ rosebud opening and would, every once in awhile, scrape lightly across the opening itself. When he did that he could feel a shudder go through Gibbs’ body.




All of sudden, Tony knew that Gibbs was hitting the edge From the change in breathing, to the tightening of the muscles in the legs, to rising of the sack, to the grabbing of his hair, by all this he knew him to be ready. One more scrape along the vein, followed by a long drawn out groan from Gibbs and Tony’s mouth was filled with the nectar he was looking for.




He started to swallow, but remembered at the last second and only swallowed some. He crawled up the bed to Gibbs who looked up at him, smiling. Then he leaned up and kissed him, sharing his own essence as each man’s tongue moved in and out of each other’s mouth.




NCIS Building


Video Conference Room




“…. And that’s the whole story in a nutshell, Senator. Unless I separate or fire one of them, I can find my budget cut, or be out of work myself.”




“So what made you think of calling me? I am no authority over NCIS or over those that have such power.”




“But Sir, you do have authority over their budgets. You also are out spoken about abuse such as this. And thirdly, you have contacts that can get you this information without naming us as the leak.”




“In short, I am to threaten them with loss of budget money, bully them on the floor of the senate, and cover your ass at the same time.”




“Basically, yes.”




“Why the hell would I do that?”




“McGee, please.” The Director motioned for the young agent to join him.




As Timothy McGee stepped into video range, they could tell the Senator recognized him.




“Ahh, I see you remember me. Good, no need to get into details then. I am sure you remember that there was a camera in the room - - a video camera. I have it all on VCR, I can even burn it to DVD if you’d like.”




“That will be all, McGee.”




“Where did you find him? I was assured he would be taken care of.” The senator was visibly nervous.




“He works for me now and, should anything happen to him, the tape goes public. If you don’t do as we ask, it will go public anyway. Besides, look on the plus side; it will make you look good standing up for the little man being shafted by big brother. Good day, Senator.”




The Director turned around to face his troops while keeping his eyes on the newest one. “McGee, we really need to talk about your connections.”




“Well I told you my Mistress used me to get to the top. How do you think she got there? If she wanted an interview it was always yes, if I could sleep with him. Then bam, I was in bed with some of the most influential people of our Government, including Senators, Representatives and more then a few military types as well.”





Later afternoon/early evening




As Gibbs awoke he felt DiNozzo awaken as well. DiNozzo started to get up but Gibbs quickly pulled him back into bed. “Not quite yet. There are some things I HAVE to do before you leave MY bed.”




Rolling over until his face was buried in Tony’s neck just under the right ear, he picked a spot everyone could see. Gibbs bit and started sucking as he marked his territory. Tony gasped at the slight pain and let it pass, for he knew what Gibbs was doing. Others did it with branding, and still others did it with tattoos. Gibbs just did it with a bite mark/hickey, he thinks.




After a few minutes, Gibbs backed off and there was a little blood on his lip from where he had bitten Tony. “You are to remind me if it gets too light so that I can re-new it - - do you understand?” Tony nodded silently. He got out of bed. “No, you stay there. There are two other things I must do.”




Tony watched him walk to the closet. Reaching into the same area that the crop came out of, he returned with three collars or collar-like items.


1) is a dog’s choke chain with the ends locked together. In its links is the word GIBBS.


2) is a small thin strip of leather with the word GIBBS tooled into it


3) is another piece of leather - - wider, thicker, and blacker than the other one with small stud like spikes and the word GIBBS tooled among the metal and leather.




“You have to pick one. All three are waterproof so it never comes off unless damaged or in an emergency and then it will be replaced as soon as possible. Once on, it is not to come off. Do you understand what this means? I normally would have done this at our 1 year anniversary, but the vows we made each other earlier made me think otherwise. So please - - choose.”




Tony could see how much this meant to Gibbs so he closed his eyes and picked between the two he wanted. His hand landed on the one with the spikes and he heard a small sigh. He had apparently picked the one Gibbs had hoped for.




He felt his head being lifted up and the leather collar placed around his neck. Wanting to go see how it would look, Tony tried to get out of bed, but Gibbs said, “I have one more thing. Please stay there, okay?”




Nodding his head, Tony wondered what his lover could be doing. A contract? What?




Instead, he came in with his hands behind him. Almost shyly he showed Tony what it was. In a box was a man’s ring and it looked old, very old and very valuable. “It was my grandfather’s wedding band. I want you to have it as a symbol of what we said to each other this afternoon.”




“But Gibbs, this is too valuable to give to me. I’ll lose it, or worse, damage it.”




“Babe, I don’t care. It’s just a ring, a symbol, nothing more. I have no one else to give it to. Why not give it to someone who has my heart and soul? Why not give it to you?” Leaning in Gibbs kissed Tony gently.




“Now that is settled, you can get up and look in the mirror like I know you’re dying to do.”




Grinning, Tony jumped up and rushed over to the mirror. Right above the collar was the bite mark/hickey. It was already bruising and beginning to scab over. Right at the base of it was the top if the collar. It was like it was measured to fit just under the mark. Knowing Gibbs, it most likely was.




“You do realize that this is like a red flag to a bull, when we go back to work? Right?”




“To hell with them. Our secret is out, let’s live up to it. If we are together, lets act like the other couples that are together in that damn place.”




“Fine, but remember you are supposed to protect me. And that includes from Ducky when he comes hunting us.”




Tony just laughed at the ‘OH, Shit’ look on Gibbs’ face.






A Week Later


Gibbs’ house






Both guys were relaxing, waiting for word as to when it was time to return to work. Tony had completed the mandatory number of visits to the shrink and Gibbs was getting bored sitting at home. Even working on the boat was boring 24/7.




Their sex life improved. Tony wasn’t fully active in bed yet, but the big boss was having fun at least. Tony, in going back to being the sub seemed more relaxed, more comfortable with himself at home. He loved snuggling up to Gibbs at night on the couch.




Not everything was coming up roses though. There had been a few incidents of bricks being tossed through the window and such, even one incident where the tires on both vehicles were slashed. The side of house had been spray-painted, they had received some phone calls, and even nasty mail. That particular one came with a return address from work.



Anyway, this afternoon they were just relaxing. Suddenly there was a knock on the front door. Considering that they had been having trouble, Gibbs answered it. It was only Kate, so they relaxed.



“Good news. Your vacation is over in two weeks,” Kate said smiling as she came in, stopping only for a moment when she saw a naked Tony.




“We found out who wrote the notes and, in accordance with the waiver they signed, they’ve been terminated. We also found out the damage to your property was their kids’ doing so the local police are arresting them as we speak, and the reason for the two week delay in getting you back to the job is simple. The Senate is holding special meetings about a subject surrounding you two without directly mentioning your names. It was thought it would be best if you weren’t seen around until things cooled a little bit.”




During this, Tony walked over to his favorite chair to sit down but Gibbs snapped his fingers, pointed at his feet, and continued listening to Kate. Without even hesitating, Tony slid into place at Gibbs feet. Gibbs saw Kate’s jaw line tighten and her eyes flash when she saw this. Then she spotted the bite mark, and the collar that said Gibbs and mount St. Kate just blew.




“Okay, this is just too much. I can accept that you’re both gay. I can accept that you both have a kinky lifestyle. But what I can’t accept is your marking him like property and collaring like he is one of your pet animals.”




“Tony, lift your left hand and show Kate, please. Kate, what you are seeing is my grandfather’s wedding ring. I gave it to Tony the night we made vows to each other. Normally, I would have waited until our 1-year anniversary but it felt right to do it now. As for the mark, all Doms mark their subs in some way; branding, tattoos, whip marks, whatever they want done to show the world ‘this is mine, leave it alone’. That bite mark/hickey is mine. As is the collar.”




As the two fight over him, Tony just sat there with his head in Gibbs’ hand and his hand running through his hair like he was petting his favorite pet. That got him to thinking and, before he realized it, he started fantasizing about things. Kate’s shout of, “OH, my God, Tony!” brought him back to reality.




He realized what had happened immediately upon waking from the daydream and tried to cover himself, only to be growled at by Gibbs. “Don’t even think about finishing that move. I have a paddle with your name on it - - it arrived yesterday.”




“Gibbs, let him cover himself when I am present.”




At that Tony tried to make himself as small a possible.




“No, that is what you don’t understand, Kate. I have total control over Tony because he trusts me not to do something that will harm him. There is nothing wrong with Tony right now. In fact, everything is finally working right. It’s none of your business, but this is the first erection Tony has gotten since the incident and, needless to say, we are overjoyed about it.




“Now, I want you to leave and, until you can accept us for who we are totally, please don’t come back. Call us, fax us, send us e-mails, or go through Ducky and McGee. But you’re not welcome here until you get over what you need to get over.




“Please show yourself out I must talk with Tony. He has a few promises to keep, and you’re interfering with them.”





“Is she gone?”




“Yeah, she’s gone.”




“Good,” Tony said coming out of his ball, still hard as a rock. “I seem to remember a promise that when I got an erection, the first thing we were going to do was you were going to bottom for me…”




“Well Tony, now that I see the full size of your endowment, I may be having second thoughts.”




“Don’t worry, Gibbs. I have plenty of experience stretching my playmates to accept me. It will be like teaching an old dog a new trick.”




Tony ran up the stairs with Gibbs follwing closely. “Who’s an OLD DOG, Tony?”


Book 2 - Our Burning Love: Chapter 1

It had been a week since DiNozzo had returned to work. He was still feeling the stares boring into his back at every turn and it was beginning to make him wary - - and cranky. Having had enough of the stares and whispers to last him the rest of the day, he decided he needed to blow off some steam and headed down to the gym, which was housed in the NCIS building. The company offered the gym to their employees, knowing full well that many days they spent way too much time in the building, on the job, and they needed an outlet. It was a fully equipped facility, housing a sauna, steam room, and Olympic sized lap pool. - - all courtesy of the U.S. government, of course.




As DiNozzo made his way across the gym floor to the locker room, he found his way blocked by two Neanderthals. He moved to one side and they blocked that way so he then moved to the other and they blocked that way as well.




“Excuse me,” he said politely.




“NO. We don’t want your kind down here. Hell, some of us don’t even want you in our building - - tainting the air. Now, why don’t you turn your prissy little ass around, take it back to your Master, and do the ‘exercises’ he likes so much?”




Some of the guys who had gathered to watch the action laughed at that, while Tony just got red. Whether the color in his face was from blushing or anger, no one could tell.




“Well, right NOW, his MASTER wants him to work out, so why don’t you guys back off. And if you have any problems talk to me, understand?”




They turned as one and, in the doorway, they saw Gibbs standing there watching. Someone in the group muttered, “Well daddy’s come to save his little boy again,” making Tony even more red.




Another Neanderthal spoke up, “Not going to work this time, Gibbs. You lost your credit when it all came out in the open. The minute he told the world everything, you lost it. You no longer have that mean s.o.b. façade that we all admired. What we see now disgusts us; that you, of all people, could actually be one of them - - and that he made you that way.” He shoved Tony as he said that last and that was all Gibbs needed. Nobody touched his boy.




He charged at the group, only to be stopped by two voices, “Gibbs, Stop!!!”




One was the Director and the other was Tony, and it was Tony’s voice that stopped him; a fact that the Director was well aware of and that disturbed him a little. He would have to have a talk with Gibbs; today in fact, before it grew into a much bigger problem.




“Gentlemen, I believe that this is called harassment. And I believe you all signed waivers that you wouldn’t do this. Those same waivers stated that the penalty for committal of harassment is dismissal. Am I, or am I not correct in this assumption?”




“No, Sir…”








“You’re correct, Sir…” they mumbled together.




“Good. Since this was started by you two,” he singled out the two agents who had originally cornered DiNozzo, “the punishment will fall on you two. Agents Kingmen and Samson, follow me, NOW!” With that the Director turned on his heels and marched to his office while the other two had to scamper to catch up with him.




Tony went into the locker room to change and the men who were in there hurried out. Some of them were not even completely changed yet.




Tony sighed as he turned toward Gibbs. “Is it going to be like this from now on? Because if it is, I might as well quit and find another job.”




“You knew it wasn’t going to be easy coming back here, and it’s not like we can transfer to another location within the network. According to Abby, every monitor on the network showed the scene if it had already been turned on before the start of the torture.” Gibbs stepped closer and put his hands on Tony’s shoulders. He looked deep into his lover’s eyes, not liking the hurt he saw reflected there but understanding it nonetheless. “Things will get better, Tony. We will stop being this week’s gossip and be old news by next month. You know how it goes.”




“Yeah, I know. But I didn’t realize how badly this would affect our work. I was looking for some old files down in the vault, and I couldn’t find them. When I asked for help they ignored me. I walked away. I didn’t know what else to do so I sent McGee to get them, and he had everything I needed in less than ten minutes.” Tony looked away for a minute and then back to search the gaze of his lover. “Gibbs, if I can’t do my job, then what good am I?” He watched Gibbs smile softly at him and blushed. “Outside the bedroom, out side the bedroom.”




“Listen, I have to track down a lead. You enjoy your workout. Don’t let them get to you, because if you do then they win and we can’t afford that.”




Smiling, he patted Tony on the shoulder before turning around and walking away. Tony watched him leave and then changed quickly and went to work out. He soon knew what a pariah felt like. Every time he approached a group of machines, even if the guy just started working there, Tony was left alone. No one wanted to be around him. About 45 minutes into his workout he was about to give up; his spirits were so low that he just couldn’t go on. That was when two people joined him on the stairmasters.




One was a woman about 26 years old, blonde, about 5’ 6” and the other a big burly guy, built like a gorilla, just as hairy, about 6’ 3” or 6’ 5”.




The lady spoke up first. “Agent DiNozzo. Can I call you Tony?”




He was surprised, but quickly swallowed it. “Sure.”




“I’m Susan, and the walking rug over there is Matt. We are sorta your guards and your workout buddies until this mess settles down. Now, before you get your hackles up, Gibbs doesn’t know about this. We volunteered to help out and talked with the Director, who thought it would be a good idea. Plus, right about now you have to feel all alone in this great big world, right?”




“Well, yeah. Sorta.” Tony looked away.




“Well, you aren’t. You know the Director is a Dom, right?” Susan watched closely for his reaction to the news.




Tony was unfazed. “Yeah. Gibbs told me the Director got him started on the path and then Gibbs chose his own way after he was done with his training.”




“Well, the Director makes it a habit of doing just that - - as he did with the two of us. But what he didn’t realize was that we would end up together. We were trained separately. Gonna guess who is who here?”




“Well, since you have done all the talking and he keeps blushing, I would say you’re the Domme, and fuzzball here is the sub.” Tony smirked up at Matt, who was at least an inch taller than he was.




Matt growled but kept his place, which was about a step and a half behind his Domme. “Watch it junior. As a sub I can still pound you.”




“Boys, stop pissing on the floor will ya? Yeech!! So you see, you’re not alone in all of this. Its just that not all of us are out like you and Gibbs are.”




Tony sighed softly. “How well I know that.”




“Hey Kid, don’t beat yourself up over that any more. You had no control over how or why that came to light. Trust me, I would have broken too. Hell, anyone would have. To do what he did to you - - well, we need to capture that guy and let him have some time on his machine.” Matt looked physically ill, like he wanted nothing more than to be able to hold his own nuts and make sure they were still in one piece.




“Amen to that, brother.”




After that they just talked about everyday stuff and were simply getting to know each other. They looked to all the world like two people getting to know a new work out buddy. Much to the surprise of those who knew Matt, with him being so macho, big, and manly, here he was making friends with the Faggot slave, the one who had embarrassed them all around the world. Not only was he a faggot, but even a freak of a one among that kind.








The Director’s secretary stopped Gibbs as he was leaving and told him that he was wanted in the Director’s office immediately. Walking in and silently closing the door behind himself, he stood at the back of the office while he listened to the Director tear into the two men who had accosted his partner.




“Currently I am unable to fire any more agents until I replace the ones we have recently lost. Since this is a direct order from above me, I have to abide by it as much as it galls me to do so.” The Director watched the two men hit each other and grin. “Oh, don’t worry - - you are fired. As soon as I hire replacements, you’re gone.” He grinned at their stricken looks. “As of right now, I’m putting you both on suspension - - without pay or benefits.”




“But that is just like being fired!!!” one of them yelled.




“Yes, it is… isn’t it,” smiled the Director. Pressing a button on his desk he spoke into his intercom while looking at the two men, “Please send them in.”




‘Them’ being two bigger Neanderthals than the ones standing in front of the desk. Each man carried a duffle bag stuffed full. The guys recognized them as theirs.




“As you can see, your belongings have already been gathered for you. These gentlemen will be escorting you off the property. Don’t worry about cleaning out your desks; you’re only on suspension after all,” the Director said with a smirk on his face.




As the four gentlemen reached the area where Gibbs stood, one of the men tried to get to him. One of the guards grabbed his shoulder, squeezing fiercely and pulled him back. “You should listen to the Director. You’re to go peacefully or we are to show you the error of your ways. There are many steps between here and the front door.”




Any other conversation was lost as the guard closed the office door. The Director watched them leave before turning to Gibbs. “Gibbs, please have a seat. I want to talk about the fight that almost was.”




“I know I shouldn’t have charged in there, but when they shoved…”




“NO, I don’t want to talk about what started it. I saw that part and that’s why those two are out of here. I want to talk about who stopped it.”




Gibbs’ eyes opened wide as he stared at the Director. “It was you yelling at me to stop that did it, Sir.”




“No, Gibbs, it wasn’t me. Even though I did yell ‘Gibbs, stop’, it wasn’t until Tony yelled a few seconds after I did that you actually listened - - and it stopped you in your tracks. Now, are you getting what I mean? If I can’t control one of my own men, then I need to either get rid of him, get rid of the person who IS controlling him, or resign myself.” The Director watched the emotions play across Gibbs’ face before speaking again.




“So, I am offering you a way out. A get out of jail card, so to speak. If this ever happens again, either Tony gets transferred or you get early retirement. Do we understand each other?”




“Yes, Sir. I didn’t realize that even happened. I honestly thought it was your voice that stopped me, not Tony’s. Are you sure it wasn’t you I responded to?”




“Positive. Your body language gave it away. With me, you would have come to attention with anger. Instead you looked at Tony, with a ‘why not’ look.”




“Ahh, yes Sir. I will do my best to be more aware of my orders. That is all I can promise.”




The Director was sympathetic. “That is all I can expect from any one, Gibbs.”








After leaving the office, Gibbs headed out to check out the lead he had mentioned to Tony. His mind was on his conversation with the Director and he wasn’t paying attention to his surroundings. It wasn’t until he felt the first punch that he realized that he had been set-up. He fought back and, from the grunts and groans he was hearing, he got in a few good shots. But seven to one odds just don’t work. Once they had him down they continued to pummel him, until he lay there unable to move to get away.




One of the younger Marines spoke up, “Okay, guys enough. We’re not here to kill him. Just to teach him a lesson.”




“Yeah, a lesson he’ll never forget,” another Marine said, producing a bottle of some kind and dumping the liquid in it on Gibbs legs. Gibbs could feel the wetness seeping through his pants just before the man dropped a lit match on top of him.








Gibbs POV (point of view)




Hurts to breathe… shit, I must have some broken ribs.




Can’t talk. Great, they broke my jaw, too - - or maybe a cheekbone.




Can’t stay awake… concussion.
















Why can’t I move my arms? Oh God, I’m trying to put out the fire, but my arms won’t move!!!!




“Someone for God’s sake, HEELLP ME!”












The men just laughed as the guy they had just beaten half to death tried to get his arms and hands to move to put out the fire - - to stop the pain. They watched as he fumbled and couldn’t get them to function well enough to do any good. They heard him begging for help and just watched as he burned.




Then the younger man who had spoken up earlier took off his coat and started beating at the flames with it, cursing the others. This was not what they had started out to do. They were just going to teach him a lesson. Neither former nor current Marines would be tolerated as faggots. But to deliberately try to kill someone for that fact was just wrong somehow.




As the young marine was putting out the flames he could hear the MPs shouting. The men who were with him ran but they didn’t make it too far. They were far too drunk to get away. And all his eyes could absorb was the damage they had done to the man laying on the ground in front of him. He could see the blackened flesh of his legs, the blood at the corner of his mouth, the bruises on his face and the struggle he was having just to draw a breath. God, what had they done?




Turning toward one of the MPs coming his way he hollered, ”Listen, you can arrest me later. Right now this guy needs help. Call for an ambulance. I don’t know if he is going to make it or not.”








DiNozzo was back at his desk, punching the names and numbers of his two new friends into his address book when his phone began to ring.




Ring Ring Ring




He picked up his phone. “DiNozzo speaking. Yes, I’m Agent’s Gibbs partner, and yes to that as well. Okay, huh, yes, how soon? Okay, I’ll be there with the copies. Thank you for calling me.”




Standing up, he found he was a bit unsteady on his feet. It took him a minute to find his voice and he was actually surprised it was as steady as it seemed to be. He wished his legs were as steady. “McGee, in Gibbs’ right hand bottom drawer is a purple folder marked ‘DiNozzo’. I want you to grab it for me and bring it with you. Kate, you’re in charge of the department until quitting time. Tim’s coming with me to the hospital.” He looked around at the stunned faces of his coworkers and friends. "The short of it is this: Gibbs was attacked, probably because of the video, and set on fire. McGee and I are going to the hospital now. I need to be there as his husband, and McGee as the investigating officer. Normally, it would be you but you have made it clear where you stand on our relationship. I’m afraid that your bias would taint the investigation somewhat.” He held up his hand as Kate tried to argue with him.




“Kate, we don’t have time for this right now. I would appreciate it if you would inform Abby and Ducky. Tell them what happened and where they can find us.”




Tony watched her eyes go hard before turning away. “McGee, lets go.”




With that, both men left the department. A minute later a male co-worker stepped into their vacated space. “If you want to file a complaint against him, I’ll back up whatever you say. A group of us are trying to get one, if not both of them, out of this building if not out of NCIS all together.”




“I’ll think about it,” she told the man. ‘Yeah right, like I would help you to get rid of the two men I love like brothers. We are just having a family spat, and as a family we’ll come around and fix it,’ Kate thought.








At the Hospital


Waiting Room




Gibbs had been in the operating room for over four hours and still there was no sign of either doctor. DiNozzo growled at anyone that came near him and, if Kate as much as moved an inch in his direction, he gave her a hate-filled glare that even Gibbs would have been proud of.




Finally, the double doors at the end of the hallway opened up and out stepped the very doctors Tony was waiting for; Dr. Sullivan and the surgeon on call for that evening, Dr. McCay.




Seeing the group waiting for him, Dr. Sullivan thanked the other doctor and walked over to Tony.




“Can I speak here or do you want to go someplace more private, Mr. DiNozzo?”




Tony cleared his throat nervously. “Um, here is fine, doctor.”




The doctor smiled reassuringly. “You can all relax. Agent Gibbs has a better than average chance of surviving this attack. I must admit, it was touch and go for a while. He went into cardiac arrest twice on the operating table, but we were able to revive him. No significant damage was done to any major internal organ, but he is suffering from complete system shock. The worst of the damage is, of course, the burns. There are second and third degree burns covering 70% of his lower legs. It will take a significant amount of time to heal this amount of damage - - and multiple surgeries to repair the muscles and skin. ” The doctor looked around at the faces of Agent Gibbs’ friends and family.




“In the mean time, Agent Gibbs is in the burn unit. He is on a cardiac monitor that is sending his telemetry information directly to the CCU. He will be closely monitored because of the extent of his injuries and because of the two cardiac arrests while he was in the OR. Agent DiNozzo is on strict isolation protocol because of the increased risk of infection associated with deep burns. There is a chair in his room for you, but you will have to follow all isolation protocols at all times. You may go see him now. He may have other visitors in the morning. Visitation will be limited to one person at a time for 5 minutes every hour. You know the drill.”




“But why doesn’t Tony have to do that?” Kate’s voice sounded whiney even to her and she winced as soon as the words left her mouth.




“Because of the registration act, and the legal papers they filed with the courts making them both the other’s legal guardian. In short, they are as about as married as they can get without saying, ‘I do’.”




That night the only sounds heard in the burn unit came from room 4, and those were the sounds of heart breaking sobs. The nurses knew to stay away until the young man had a chance to pull himself back together.




By morning everything was okay and the young man had fallen into a light sleep. A kind nurse had put a blanket over him sometime in the night and when he awoke, he stretched and looked around before getting up to stand next to the bed holding the still form of his lover.




Tony looked down at Gibbs, who was still unconscious due to a special combination of drugs, so he wouldn’t fight the machines that were keeping him alive. The doctors wanted all his energy spent on getting well, so the machines were doing the simple tasks of breathing and such, giving him time to heal.




The mechanical sounds of the ventilator pushing oxygen into Gibbs’ lungs made Tony squirm, as did the steady beeping sounds of the heart monitor. He wanted nothing more than to rip out all the IV lines, wires and tubes and pull his Master into his arms and tell him everything would be all right.




Tony’s heart ached as his eyes catalogued the various injuries inflicted on the body of his lover. There were deep bruises on his face and Tony wondered anew at the fact that his cheekbones hadn’t been crushed, but merely fractured. The pounding he’d taken had been exceptionally brutal. Those men had meant every single punch - - and meant them to hurt, to be a reminder each and every time he looked at himself as he was healing. His eyelashes lay like delicate feathers against the too pale skin of his face - - too pale against the deep purple of the bruises and the deep crimson of the many abrasions and lacerations his attackers had inflicted upon him. Tony didn’t know how but somehow Gibbs’ nose wasn’t broken in the fight, and now they had an oxygen line there helping him breathe, giving him a higher concentration of oxygen than normal for some sort of medical reason that Tony still didn’t understand fully.




One shoulder had been dislocated and it was currently taped to his body, wrapped tightly in the same bandages that held his broken ribs to keep them from puncturing his lungs. The arm was strapped tightly to his side above the elbow and the forearm was taped across his midsection. Tony could see the slight swelling from where he stood, looking down at him and wondered anew at the level of pain he’d experienced. The MPs had said his lover had been awake through all of this damage and Tony wondered just how he could have not lost consciousness. His other arm was in a cast and propped on a pillow next to his body.




The sheet began just under where his arm lay strapped to his body and it immediately raised up off the bed, laying instead on a metal frame that kept the cloth off the ravaged flesh of his legs. Tony stared at the sheet, wanting to see the damage inflicted on his lover for himself - - and dreading it at the same time. His hand hovered above the sheet for a minute as he debated the removal of the covering and then he pulled away, silently cursing his cowardice.




After a few more minutes of staring down at the still body on the bed, he turned and went out to the waiting room to see if anyone had brought him a change of clothes or something. The first thing he noticed was that everyone was there. “Good Mumble,” he said in a way of greeting.




“Good God, my dear boy. What tank ran over you?” Ducky asked chuckling. He did look quite a mess. His hair was standing up in spots, angled at others, and in some areas it defied logic altogether and did its own thing. The clothes he had on had more creases than a used ten year-old road map and his eyes … it seemed he had trouble focusing his eyes on any one thing at a time, almost like a chameleon.




Agent Anthony DiNozzo politely gave Dr. Mallard a very British two-finger salute.




At the gesture, Ducky just laughed at him and shook his head.




Kate finally asked, “Tony, what is going on? We keep getting different stories. Nobody will tell us much about his condition. All we know is that Gibbs died twice on the table and he has burned legs. But from what, who, how, and when?”




Sighing loudly, Tony pinched the bridge of his nose and sat down heavily. “Gibbs was out chasing down a lead for one of our cases and he went alone. Apparently it was a setup and seven Marines who took exception to my video a couple of weeks ago decided Gibbs needed to be taught a lesson. The lesson was that no Marine former or otherwise is going to be a fag. They broke his cheekbone and left arm. They also fractured 5 of his right ribs, dislocated his right shoulder, damaged his right knee and, as if that wasn’t enough, they poured some kind of accelerant on his legs and set them on fire. Then they all stood around and laughed as he tried to move his damaged arms to put out the fire. They watched him burn and listened to him beg for help and did nothing. That is, until one of their number decided enough was enough and tried to put out the flames himself. He was partially successful. He put out the flames at the surface, but the stuff they dumped on him kept burning under the skin for a while, so until the ambulance got there, he still was on fire. That is why his lower legs have so much damage.”




By the time he was done, Abby and Kate were crying, and Ducky and McGee had faces of stone.




“Now you see, Kate, how far people like you are willing to go?”




“Tony, that’s not fair.” She turned beet red at his reprimand.




“Kate, until you can see that it is people like you - - until you can admit it is people like you who nearly took my husband, and still might, then you are nothing to me, nothing!! Abby, get this thing out of here before I do or say something I will regret." He said as he walked away.




Turning back, he smiled humorlessly. "Trust me, I have not regretted anything I have said or done this morning, and I never will."




“Husband? He is not your husband!!!” Kate tried a different line. It was the wrong line.




Tony stalked up to Kate, shoving his left hand into her face. “See this ring? DO YOU SEE IT? This ring was given in love. It is a symbol of his love for me - - and my love for him. This ring makes him more my husband than any court or church in this land ever will.”


Book 2 - Our Burning Love: Chapter 2

Burn Unit Waiting Room






After Abby had removed Kate from the area, the small group gathered around Tony, giving him the support that he need at this time. Shaking his head slightly, he pulled himself back together, and starting making decisions.




“Abby, I am going to need you to take me home. I am too tired to drive and I need to shower and change to meet with the Director to let him know what is going on. He will want information on Gibbs’ condition as well as what cases we were working on. He also needs to know just what exactly is going on in the department, personnel- wise.”




“Sure thing, Tony.” Abby put her hand on Tony’s arm as a gentle reminder that she cared - - for him and Gibbs.




Tony smiled softly at Abby before turning to Ducky. “Ducky, I need you to go back and keep an eye on what Kate and the others are doing. I wouldn’t put it past them to try to use this as a way to have one or both of us removed from our positions. Use your spy network like you never have before.”




“Right old boy, you might be right. I’ve heard rumors of them trying to flood the legal channels with false complaints. With Jethro laid up, and you torn between there and here, it would be perfect timing.”




Tony nodded his assent and then turned to the other member of the team. “McGee, you guard this area. Not from attacks - - I doubt that there will be any, but from Kate trying to sneak in. I will talk to the head nurse for the floor and the head of security to make sure that they understand the situation, but they can’t be everywhere all the time.” He stared at Tim, making the younger agent squirm under his scrutiny. “Make sure you don’t move from here - - for anything. I don’t want Kate upsetting Gibbs. I don’t want her anywhere near him… Is that clear, probie?”




McGee gulped as he nodded. “Crystal, Sir.”




“Let’s go Abby. We need to find those two people and then we are out of here.”













“Okay, sleeping ugly, were home!!” Abby grinned as Tony cracked open his eyes.




“Call me that name one more time, and your CD collection in the lab is trashed. Got it?”




“Got it.” The grin stayed even as she nodded to Tony.




As they both walked up the walkway to the front door, Tony made sure to say hi to Mrs. Fretion, their next door neighbor. He felt Abby stiffen as he put his arm around her and pulled her tight to his body. His eyes were still smiling when he looked from his neighbor to Abby and asked her softly to kiss him. Her eyes were confused, but she kissed him gently on the lips, gasping softly as he deepened the kiss for Mr.s Fretion’s benefit.




Looking up, he laughed like he was in love but was really laughing at the look on Mrs. Fretion’s face. She was so sure that he and Gibbs were living in sin in that house; doing un-natural things to each other, as she told anyone in the neighborhood that would listen. With him making a public display with Abby, this would give her another round of gossip. Abby’s goth look would give her fodder for talk for days. He could just hear her in his head now: “Look there, he’s even bringing Satan worshippers home now.” “You should have seen what that girl was wearing - - or should I say not wearing.” She didn’t know it, but she was the entertainment for the entire neighborhood. When she had a new round of gossip going, the neighbors would call either him or Gibbs and report what was going on so they wouldn’t be blind sided by something that might be taken the wrong way.




As they entered the house, Abby turned around and started to ask what the kiss was all about when she saw that Tony was undressing.




“Tony, what are you doing?”




“Abby, see where the foyer floor changes over to carpet?”








“Well, I have rules stating I can’t cross that line fully dressed unless I am sick or injured. Since I am neither I have to be in uniform.”




“But Gibbs would never know…” Her confusion showed on her face as well as in her voice and Tony smiled.




“But I would, and I’d tell him. That is what distinguishes an average sub from an exceptional sub. For Gibbs, I want to be the best I can be.”




“Wow, you really love him, don’t you?”




“Yeah, Abby - - I do. And that’s the part Kate can’t seem to understand. As a sub, to give up your rights and to be ranked, and to go through all of that for your Dom is to show love and affection in a way that just saying the words could never show.”




As he was saying all of this, he finished undressing and folded his clothes. Gibbs insisted on neatness at all times so even the hamper was neat on laundry days.




As Tony got ready to take his shower, he realized he would need clean clothes to put on. He went into the bedroom and stood in front of his closet, a little lost as what to do. Since they had been together Gibbs had chosen what he wanted Tony to wear for the day, and Tony had no say in it at all. Now he had to pick out his own clothes and he was at a loss as to how to do that. He started shaking as he sank down on the bed, realizing that he may never have Gibbs doing this for him again.




“Hey, Tone, you okay up there? I haven’t heard anything for a while,” Abby bellowed. She marched into the Master bedroom with no warning and saw Tony on the foot of the bed crying. “Oh, damn.” She hurried over to him, wrapped her arms around his shaking body, and held him. Somehow she knew that Gibbs’ predicament had finally hit him. Something had set him off and he needed time to deal with it so she gave him that time.




After he stopped crying he smiled a thank you and stood up, sniffling. He stared at the closet, still unsure what to do.




“Tony, what’s the matter?” Abby asked softly.




“Since we have been together, this has been Gibbs’ job,” sighed a frustrated Tony.




“What has been his job?”




“He has been picking out clothes for me to wear; socks, ties, everything except underwear, those were tossed the first day. He even picked up several new shirts, ties, and pants just to give me a more over all polished look, but I don’t know how to match the outfits any more because he always did it, dammit.” He was yelling now and didn’t know how to stop.




Abby put her hand on his arm as she met his troubled gaze. “Tony, go grab a shower. I will get your clothes and lay them out for you. Someday soon Gibbs and I are going to have a serious talk. It is one thing having a sub, but to have one so dependent on you that he can’t dress himself, uh, that’s going a little too far my friend, a little too far.” Abby complained.




After the shower, Abby walked by and saw the door open. “Tony, why is the door…never mind. It’s the 24 hour access of a dom, right?… Okay, but then why do you have shaving cream um um down there, and other places?” asked a red faced Abby.




“Because if he wakes up, he is likely to check to make sure I am keeping up with the directions he has left for me to do everyday. You know he will, Abby.”




“Yeah, you’re right - - he will. Anal-retentive Marine.”




“Hey, I like that he’s anal!” Tony grinned and Abby just groaned and walked down the stairs.




After his morning shave, he walked into the bedroom to find a complete outfit waiting on the bed for him. Thank you Abby, he thought towards downstairs.




Once everything was ready they headed to the office.














When they entered the building, they went their separate ways; Abby back to her lab and DiNozzo upstairs to his department. On the way to his desk he heard words of sympathy and other words as well. About half way there, he’d had enough and turned to the last group who said that Gibbs deserved what he’d gotten.




“Okay, I would like to know how Gibbs deserved it. All because he is sleeping with me? That’s a good enough reason to be beaten half to death and set on fire? Lets take a look at this. Suzanne, wasn’t it just 3 months ago that you were caught sleeping with a married man? Now, did you deserve to be ganged up on and beaten by the wife and her friends for messing with her man, and set on fire just because you broke some rules?




“Oh, lets not forget good old Carl over there, who has more notches on his bed post than he has bed posts. Didn’t you get caught sleeping with that cop’s girlfriend, and the worst you got was a bruised jaw? It seems you have broken several moral codes and yet you weren’t set on fire.” Tony watched as people tried to look away from his scathing glare.




“Now lets take Gibbs and me. We met, fell in love, and yes - - we have sex. And then I was fucking tortured on international TV at some psycho’s whim - - and you found out about the two of us and it upset your perfect little world. And then along come 7 fully trained MARINES, trained to kill, and they beat Gibbs almost to death. Then they set him on fire and they laughed when he couldn’t get his arms to work to put out the fire. And then, when he was begging them for help, they laughed some more - - until one of them got an attack of conscience and decided he’d help Gibbs out.




“Now, of the three situations I’ve just outlined, who can really tell me what moral codes were broken that would make that person deserve to be beaten, burned and almost killed?”




Done, Tony turned and finished making his way to his desk, leaving behind a stunned group of people, who had never seen Tony like this before. They only saw the joking, laughing, immature Tony. Not this serious, mature, take-charge kind of guy. And he left them with a lot to think about.




Finally making it to his desk, he saw it was covered in notes and fire truck stickers and other such detritus. He collapsed into his chair, shaking from the adrenalin coursing through his veins. He knew he would have to go thru this mess to see what was important, and what was just trash put there to aggravate him, but first he needed to report to the Director.




Getting up, he walked past Kate as if daring her to say a word, and went straight up stairs.




Kate smirked. ‘They’ll just send him right back down like they did me,’ she thought. She nearly screamed in outrage when she heard the secretary tell Tony that the Director was in, and that he could go right on into the office.




She stomped up the stairs and straight over to the secretary. “You told me he wasn’t available.”




The secretary smiled up at Kate. “That’s right, dear. He isn’t available to you and a few others in the building. Now if there is nothing else, I do believe that is your phone ringing down there, and there is no one in your department to answer it.”




Frustrated, Kate stormed back to her department, grabbing her phone and nearly yelling into it. She took down the message for Tony. It seemed they were going to wake Gibbs and they wanted him there to be the first person he would see.




“Well well, we’ll just change that won’t we?” Kate snapped, angry with Tony for having privileges she was not, and should be, entitled to. It should be her that the Director listened to. After all, she was secret service and he just a cop.




Grabbing her coat, she left the building on her way to the hospital to see Gibbs herself.








NCIS Building


Director’s Office.




“Uh huh, well thank you.” The Director hung up the phone. “It seems you were right about Agent Todd. She just got a message that was for you. The hospital called. They will be waking Gibbs soon and want you to be the first person he sees. Kate took the message and threw it away before leaving the building herself. What do you want us to do about her?”




“Nothing right now.” Tony pulled his cell phone out. “If you don’t mind?”




“No, go ahead and call the hospital.”




After a few minutes everything was arranged at the hospital, both for Gibbs’ awakening and Kate’s arrival.




Tony turned back to the Director. “Now, back to what we were discussing. The department, for the most part, is up to date on all our current cases, even the one Agent Gibbs was trying to get a lead on when he was attacked. If I leave Kate and McGee on the other ones and I work here, at the hospital and at the house, I should be able to keep the administrative duties caught up as well. Nothing will then fall to the wayside. Unless we have another serial killer come to town, we are in fine condition.”




The Director smiled. “Good to hear that, Agent DiNozzo. I’m glad Gibbs talked me into letting you be second in command instead of Agent Todd. She has been proving herself to be unreliable lately.”




“Sir, can all recording devices be turned off and the door locked from where you are sitting?”




The Director reached under his desk, and a simple click later it was done. “What did you need to ask me that was off the record, Tony?”




“I have to plan for everything. I realized this morning just how dependant I have become on a Dom - - my Dom. Right now, if Gibbs were to die I couldn’t function in the real world, not for a while. What I am saying or, rather, asking is this. If I lose Gibbs, may I have your protection as a Dom, until you are tired of me or I can function out in the real world again?”




“Tony, right now I am inbetween subs. If I take you in it wouldn’t be for just a few months or even a few years. It would be until I am done with you and then set you free. I keep my toys until I grow tired of them, not the other way around. And with you it would be many many years before I would tire of you.




“One thing you should know. While I don’t share, I do compete, and I work hard on my ranking, which includes your ranking. I know Gibbs couldn’t care less about this, but I do, and if you’re mine so will you. I would have you working out with Matt many times a week. Plus, your services would be required during the day. Which means, you would need to be prepared to service me any way I tell you to do. You would have to be lubed and ready in case I wanted to fuck you.” The Director watched Tony’s face carefully as he spoke to him.




“Also, unlike Gibbs, I believe sex is for the Dom’s pleasure only. That means I get to cum, and you don’t. You would be lucky to cum once a week or, if you’re bad, once a month. You would have to wear devices to make sure of that.




“Are you sure you would want to be under my protection after hearing all of this?”




“Yes, Sir. I would have to be. Ducky can’t protect me; he is too old. You are young enough and can guard me to make sure I can get past this without ending up like Gibbs.”




“Will you seal the deal in the usual way?” asked the Director as he stood and walked around his desk, reaching for his zipper.




“No Sir, I can’t. As long as Gibbs is still alive I have to be his totally. But I also have to plan for a time when he is not around. Sir, I couldn’t even pick out my clothes this morning because Gibbs usually does that. That is when I realized that I had become too dependant on him - - but I can’t change that as long as he lives, and I don’t want to.”




The Director stopped in front of Tony and looked at him before reaching out and gently lifting his face for a light kiss. “That will seal the deal between us. If you had gone the usual route I would have denied you my protection, and made sure none of the other Doms gave you theirs as well. I wanted to see how far your loyalty went.”




Walking back around his desk, he flipped a few switches and everything came back on. He spoke out loud, “Recording stopped due discussion of personal matter that had nothing to do with official recording, code 115.67.”




He pressed another button and the door opened. “Now get out of here. Go see Gibbs at the hospital and tell him to get his lazy ass back to work.”












Burn Unit




Kate’s heels clicked down the hallway leading to the Burn Unit. She was going to be the first one to see Gibbs and she was going to get to the bottom of this issue one way or another. Gibbs would finally know she was worthy to run the department - - not Tony.




As she rounded the corner she noticed there were a few security Guards and a cop waiting at the door of the unit. Thinking nothing of it, she proceeded to go into the unit. One guard stopped her and asked for ID. Used to this type of thing she quickly produced her NCIS badge and then started forward, only to be stopped again.




“Sorry ma’am, you’re not allowed in here. In fact, you’re not allowed in the building unless you need medical assistance yourself. I must ask you to leave the premises.”




“What do you mean I have to leave, that I am not allowed in here let alone the building?” Her voice was shrill as she stared them down.




“We are following orders issued by Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, ma’am. We also have orders that if you cause too much trouble this officer is to take you into custody until such time as Agent DiNozzo see fits to release you.”




“Arrest me, he sees fit…” she blustered, unable to believe what she was hearing. Who does he think he is? she thought.




She then heard someone walking up behind her. Turning around, she saw it was Tony with one of those half smiles of his.




“Tony, what the hell is going on here? They won’t let me in.”




“As I told you this morning, you’re not allowed to see Gibbs. In fact, you don’t have permission to leave the department do you? I told the Director I would talk to you about this and give you a warning. If it happens again while Gibbs is out you will be written up. An official letter will be put in your file and you will be suspended for 1 week without pay.”




“Written up… week without pay… who do you think you are…?”




“I am the man that the Director and Gibbs left in charge in case something like this ever happened.”




“They left you in charge. Why not me?”




“I really don’t know. Something about not being where you should be when needed?”




Kate just got red-faced and marched off down the hallway. Her heels could be heard clicking long after she turned the corner.




“If I was you Sir, I would watch my back with that one.”




Tony grinned. “It’s not my back I am worried about, but other parts of my anatomy that I like too much.”




The other men just laughed and nodded.








Outside of the Hospital


Kate’s Car




Kate sat in her car crying. How could he have humiliated her like that in front of those other men? ‘I thought we were friends. Maybe I was seeing something there that wasn’t.’




“Well if he wants to play hardball, Momma’s Little Girl Caitlin can play ball too, boys.” She sniffled.




‘Lets see how long he lasts when the complaints and such start coming in to the Director about his performance. Missing reports, cases unsolved, utter departmental chaos.’




Oh, yes, she’s here to play, and she plays to win. The Bitch is back in town, boys.


Book 2 - Our Burning Love: Chapter 3

awakenings, unbelievable PAIN




Walking past the waiting room, Tony stepped in and talked to McGee for a few minutes. When they were through, the younger man left quickly to start implementing the plans




As Tony walked into the Burn Unit, the first person he saw was Dr. Sullivan and he walked up to him. “Thanks for calling me in for this, Doc.”




“We really didn’t have much of a choice. What we are about to do is one of the most barbaric things in modern medicine I can think of. We are going to wake Agent Gibbs up without any pain killers.”




“WHY would you do that?” Tony thought he was going to be sick.




The doctor saw the younger man go pale and put his hand on his shoulder to steady him. “We need to gauge how much pain he is in. The more pain he is in, the better the chances of him surviving this as well as saving his legs. Less pain means trouble, and if there is no pain, I recommend immediate amputation of the lower legs, up to the part where there is feeling again.”




“Then why am I here?”




“It helps the patient to have a loved one nearby while we are doing this for them to focus on. After we have judged the pain level, we will then activate the morphine drip. We are currently having his legs wrapped in antibacterial gel, which will help to protect them from infection.” The doctor took a deep breath. “We should be able to go in and wake him up in a few minutes. Are there any questions you want to ask? Now is the time.”




Tony shook his head slowly. “Nothing right now. I just want to see him awake so I can look into his eyes.” He smiled sadly. “Yeah, I know - - sappy. But right now I am tired of making all the decisions and I just want him awake.”




The doctor smiled. “Understandable, Mr. DiNozzo. Why don’t we get started then? Right now we have a nurse in his room applying the gel to Agent Gibbs’ burns. She will then wrap his legs in special sterile bandages made just for burn victims. The sight you will see will be traumatic, but I need you to see what we are working with here.”




Tony nodded and gulped. After they helped him back into his isolation gear and they entered Gibbs’ room, the first thing Tony noticed was the sweet smell of pork. He remembered smelling it from the night before but hadn’t asked about it then. “Doc, what is that smell?”




“That smell is burnt human flesh. Believe me, you never get used to it. The turn over in this unit is staggering because of the emotional stress the caregivers have to go through.”




As they watched the nurse gently pull the bandages off Gibbs’ legs, he saw that they were blood stained and pieces of burnt material and skin came off with the bandages. He then saw the legs of his husband for the very first time since the beating. It took all of his ability not to run from the room and throw up.




Nothing the Doctor had said to him could have prepared Tony for what he saw of what was left of his husband’s lower legs. There were areas of black, charcoal colored skin mixed in with gray and some areas were pale white, for whatever reason. He could see muscle where the skin had been burned totally away, and blisters forming on the muscles because of the fire. In one area there was exposed bone because there was nothing left to cover that area at all.




He stood there, tears running down his face, as the nurse put the gel on Gibbs’ legs and then re-wrapped them in the special bandages used on burn victims. Once she was finished, she pulled the sheets back over the cage that allowed the patient to be covered without blankets putting pressure on their injuries.




“Tony, it looks bad now because we haven’t been able to work on it yet. Yes, there will be scarring, and yes it will never look the same again, but it will look a thousand times better than it does right now. I promise that. Okay, Gibbs needs you right now, so pull yourself together. You have my permission to fall apart later.”




“Okay…” deep breath ...” I can do this”… Another breath … “Let’s wake him up…” Tony nodded toward the doctor.




“Okay… good.” The doctor smiled and put his hand on Tony’s shoulder briefly. “Now remember, when he awakens he will be screaming because he isn’t on any pain relief right now. When we see the level he is at, we will start the meds right away, okay?”




“Gotcha, just hurry though, okay?” Tony took a deep breath, trying to stay calm for his lover.




“Right then. Nurse, syringe please.”




The doctor injected Gibbs’ IV with a very powerful stimulant designed to counteract the sedatives he’d been receiving and wake him. At first nothing happened. Then, gradually, Tony began to see subtle signs that Gibbs was waking. The lines in Gibbs’ face started to twitch a little and his eyes were moving under his eyelids. He also noticed that his hands were clenched into fists, or as much of a one as they could be in their injured state.




They all heard the small moans and groans coming from Gibbs as he awakened from the land of nod. Soon, the sounds became whimpers and tears started to fall from his closed eyes. He began thrashing in the bed and the doctor and the nurses had to push Tony out of the way so they could hold Gibbs down to keep him from injuring himself further. Tony saw the doctor start the morphine drip, but it was such a small amount it didn’t make a big difference to someone in that much pain.




All of sudden Gibbs woke up, screaming. “Someone for God’s sake, HELP ME, I am on fire!!!” His words were nearly unintelligible due to the damage to his cheekbones and upper palate.




The Doctor reached over to the pump again and administered a bolus or a “push” of morphine to calm Gibbs down. Gibbs lay there, trying to catch his breath, trying to figure where he was, and trying to stop the pain he was feeling.




“Well Dr. Sullivan, I think you have your measurement of pain, don’t you?” Tony said sarcastically.




Dr. Sullivan shot him an annoyed look and walked over to him. “The morphine I have given him will only take the edge off the pain. We have to talk to him about the level of pain he is experiencing. Believe me when I say we haven’t even begun our evaluation of Agent Gibbs yet.”




As they both neared the bed, they heard a groggy Gibbs trying to talk. “Tony, Tony you here?”




Leaning into his sight, “Where else would I be, but beside you?”




“I tried Tony, I really tried, but there were just too many of them. I couldn’t get my arms to work after awhile. Then they set me on fire, they burnt…” Gibbs started to cry, tears trailing down his face. “It hurt so bad. I broke, Tony. I begged them to help me and all they did was laugh! Tony, I broke down and BEGGED! For God’s sake I cried and BEGGED and all I got was laughter.” By this point all you could hear was the hitch in Gibbs’ voice. His tears ran down his face and merged with Tony’s as they fell from above. Even the Doctor turned away, praying silently for retribution on those seven Marines.




“Don’t you worry about them; they will be taken care of, one way or another.” Tony kissed his lover’s face tenderly. “You have to get better, and that’s all you have to do. Dr. Sullivan is here to tell us what comes next; what the treatment will entail and how soon it all starts. Everything that happens now will depend on the extent of the damage already done and how the doctor can go about fixing it.”




Turning around, the Doctor felt both set of eyes on him. He felt the hope of the world from one of the pair, and the weight of a miracle from the other. Clearing his throat he began, ”Well, yes, gentlemen, as you can tell there was quite a bit of damage done to Agent Gibbs’ lower legs. Agent Gibbs, Jethro, we expect you will regain the full use of your legs eventually, but it will take time. You will have to go through many painful procedures, surgeries, and physical therapy to get to that point.




“I know all of this is moving fast for you. Some of these procedures will have to be started within the next 24 to 36 hours or we very well might have to amputate the damaged part of the legs. Also, the sooner we begin, the less scarring will occur and less deep scarring now will mean less surgeries in the future.




“The most painful procedure will be the debrieding. The initial procedure was performed in the OR. At that time we surgically removed as much dead skin as was possible to allow for new skin growth. What will happen next is this: the nurse will remove the larger portions of burnt skin with forceps and then take a wire brush and scrub the smaller flakes of dead skin off Gibbs’ legs. Agent Gibbs will most likely scream and beg for us to end this procedure, but we can’t stop. It has to be done or gangrene will set in and you will lose your legs. The family can’t interfere, and it in fact, they’re forbidden to be in the burn unit during the procedure.




“Since Agent Gibbs is awake, we need to start this procedure right away. I will have the room ready in an hour. During this time I want you to say your good-byes because Tony, you will be escorted out of the unit by security. You will go to either the cafeteria or the waiting room. I would recommend that you get something to eat, because you really don’t want to hear Gibbs during this time.”




As the Doctor and nurses left the room, Tony leaned down and kissed Gibbs on the forehead. “We’ll get through this, as we always have, together.”




Gibbs looked at him, the pain very evident in his eyes. He managed to whisper one word, “Work?”




“Taken care of, though there might be an internal problem. The Director and I have been watching it develop and will correct it when the times comes for it to be corrected. You are only to work on getting better and back on your feet.” Tony smiled through his tears. “I never realized how much I needed you until I tried to dress myself this morning and you hadn’t left any clothes out for me. We will have a talk about all of this after you’re back on your feet.”




A slight knock on the door interrupted them and a petit nurse entered the room. “I’m sorry Agent DiNozzo, but security is here to escort you out of the unit and we are ready for Agent Gibbs in the sterile procedures room.”




“Thank you, Susan. I will be just a moment.” Leaning down one last time he whispered, “I’ll be in the waiting room. I won’t go any further than I have to be away from you.”




“Tony, don’t try to come in,” Gibbs whispered. “You might get hurt.”




“I’ll try not to, Gibbs. That is all I’ll promise.”




To which Gibbs just grunted.




As Tony left the room and he disposed of the protective gear he had to wear around Gibbs, he saw the two hulking guards from earlier.




“Okay, where do you want to go?” one of them asked nicely.




“I’m going to wait in the waiting room. I know it is going to be rough and I may make it hell on you guys, but that is where I feel I belong right now.”




“Listen, you have no idea how rough it is going to be. But this is our job, and we will make sure you will not get back into that unit until they say you can.”




“I know,” DiNozzo said.








The nurse looked down at the patient she was scheduled to work on this morning. She really hated this part of her job, but she knew she was the best nurse at it. She was quick, efficient, and knew how to do it with the least amount of pain and trauma to the burn victim.




Gibbs blinked slowly as he looked up at the nurse, knowing that she was about to cause him more pain than any other person on this planet had ever done. They had upped his dosage of morphine in preparation for the procedure and he was feeling a bit groggy - - no, foggy was more like it. He felt decidedly foggy as they wheeled him into the sterile procedures room and prepped him for the debriedment. He had vague memories of getting kissed goodbye by Tony and of him telling him he’d be close by even though they weren’t allowing him in the room where the procedure was to take place, And, God how he wanted Tony by his side. How he needed to rely on his strength to get through this.




Suddenly he was lifted, the stabbing pain making its way through the morphine fog he was currently drifting in and he groaned. He was placed carefully on a stretcher. It was designed much like an OR table, thinner that his regular hospital bed and raised to be more accessible for the nurse. His groan sounded loudly in the quiet room and the nurse smiled down at him again. “Are you okay, Agent Gibbs?”




Her voice sounded far away and he mumbled something in response but he wasn’t sure exactly what he was trying to say to her. Was he okay? Far from it, but that was neither here nor there. Right now his main concern needed to be getting through the pain of the next hour - - the agony of the debriedment. Although with the drugs floating through his system right now he wasn’t even sure he could muster concern for what was to come. All he could hope for was that they would bolster him through the worst of it.




Gibbs had asked to be strapped down during the procedure because he knew that if he wasn't he would find a way to attack the nurse to make her stop the torture. He’d nearly regretted that decision when he saw the contraption they were strapping him to the bed with. It was a thick piece of canvas that looked like a glorified straight jacket. They called it a posey and he’s chuckled drunkenly when they told him the name. He wasn’t laughing when they began strapping him down with it, however. Because of his injuries they had to be careful of putting too much pressure on his ribs or arms. Posies were designed to hold snugly without causing any harm to the patient. The heavy canvas encased him from the tops of his shoulders to his hips, wrapping him snugly and then a second piece secured his body to the stretcher itself, giving him no leverage or leeway to move at all. Even in his morphine-induced haze he felt claustrophobic and struggled to calm his breathing.




Once Gibbs was strapped to the bed the nurse stepped up beside him and smiled sadly down at him. “Everything will be okay, Agent Gibbs. Relax into the posy. It is there to hold you still for the procedure and nothing more.” Her hand was gentle as she ran it through the strands of his short, silver hair and he closed his eyes briefly, taking a deep breath. “We’re just going to strap your legs down, Agent Gibbs. And then we’ll be ready to begin.”




His eyes snapped open as he felt a wide strap tighten across his thighs and he realized he couldn’t move a muscle. He must have cried out because the nurse stood over him once again and looked down into his panicked eyes. “Relax, Agent Gibbs. Just breathe deeply and everything will be okay.”




He nodded once and she turned away before reaching over and pulling something out of a bucket that sat on a rolling table beside the stretcher. It was a debrieding brush and even though they had explained the procedure to him to try to prepeare him for what was to happen, nothing could have truly prepared him for the sight of that brush. It was 8 inches long. Half of the brush was handle and the other half very fine metal bristles. The bristles themselves were 3 inches long and very stiff. The reason for having more than one brush was not that they would ever grow dull, but that caregiver would get sick or angry at what they were doing and throw the instrument of torture across the room. They would soothe the patient, get themselves under control once again and continue the procedure. There were dents and chips in the walls around the room from where the various nurses had thrown things over the years. This was one unit where the damage to certain items was never questioned in budget meetings.




While performing the procedure the smell of burned or bad meat would grow stronger and, so as not to gag the nurses, a ventilation system was set just for this room to remove the air out as quietly and quickly as possible without the patient noticing.




As Gibbs lay on the bed, he tried in vain to imagine the pain he was going to feel but found it was difficult to concentrate on anything other that the fact that he was pretty much immobilized from his neck to his knees by the heavy canvas posy and the wide strap at his thighs.




The nurse took a deep breath. "Agent Gibbs, we are about to start the procedure. For what it’s worth, I am sorry for what I am about to do to you and I hope that some day you can forgive me."




He blinked slowly up at her and licked his too dry lips. "Ma'am, I understand that it’s not your fault and I will not blame you."




"That's what they all say.” She smiled down at him sadly. “But the trauma will be so great that if you see me enter your room you will pull back and beg me to go away. I have seen it from men bigger than you, and badder than you, Agent. That is why I'm not allowed to do room to room checks and other things; I scare the patients too much."




She took a step back. "We are going to start with your right leg because it has the most damage by the looks of it. I’ll begin at the top and move down before moving over to your left. While I'm doing your left leg, my partner here will gel and bandage your right leg.”


"Agent Gibbs are you ready?"




Nodding his head, Gibbs braced himself and drifted on the morphine, determined not to break like he did with those bastard Marines.








Tony was pacing the waiting room. He knew that Gibbs was already in the room for the debrieding and that it was scheduled to begin in a few minutes. He was at the far end of the waiting room and he was already half out of his mind with worry. He didn't think he could survive the screams that they were told about.




The first screams pierced the air as he was still pacing and he did a jump and twist in the air. "OH. MY. GOD."








Gibbs had thought he could handle it; he was a Marine damn it. But as soon as those metal bristles touch his burns, he couldn't help but scream - - even the morphine wasn’t helping. The drag of the fine metal felt like it was ripping the skin off his leg and scraping into the nerves and muscles. Where there was no skin it felt even worse if that was possible. Looking down his body, he could see the flakes of black skin floating in the air, like pieces of ash coming off a burnt log.




"Please stop … I can't take any more … stop for a minute, damn you ... GOD DAMN YOU I SAID STOP!!!!!!!!"




”I am sorry Agent Gibbs, but I can't stop no matter what you say. If we stop this before we’re finished you won't want to start again."




"Listen you heartless bitch, I'm ordering you to fucking stop this minute."




"No can do. You’re not my boss."




The nurse carried on with her back to Gibbs so that he couldn’t see the tear tracks on her cheeks as she continued what could only be described as pure torture in the name of making the patient well.




"Tony, get in here and stop this woman! TONY!!!! WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU, DINOZZO?"




"Don't yell for him, Agent Gibbs. Security will make sure he won't come in here."




"Wanna bet?"




The growled threat made goose bumps break out on the nurse’s skin and she shook herself before replying. "Oh, my husband will make sure of that."








All through this Tony was pacing, shaking his hand and muttering to himself that everything was going to be all right. ‘I have to stay in here. I can’t go in there. This is for Gibbs’ life as well as mine. I have to stay here. No, I have to go and stop Gibbs from screaming like that. NO, you know what the Doctor said, that’s why Security is out in the hall.’




The guards had relaxed a little thinking that the kid wouldn't try anything.




They were convinced of his cooperation until he heard Gibbs calling him - - no, ordering him to get in there.




They watched as Tony froze, and the guards got wary. What was the kid up too?




‘He’s calling for me - - no, ordering me to come to him, to help him. How can I stay out here with him calling my name like that? How do I get past two guards? How can I even the odds? NO, I will fight it, I will stay out here and let Gibbs suffer alone. STOP it, you can’t go down that path. This is for Gibbs. It is for the best in the long run. Fuck this, I am going to help him. Now how do I get one of the guards to leave? Ahh, I know…




Tony collapsed into one of the chairs in the waiting room and began sobbing. To the guards it looked like he was just collapsing in on himself and that he needed help for himself as much as his partner did in the burn unit.




"You go get the Father and I’ll try talking to the kid," one of the guards said. "Right now the Father would be better than anything we could do and I think he would keep him out of there better than we do as well."




The other guard nodded his head and took off to find Father Patrick, while the other walked over and kneeled by Tony's side. ‘Just a little closer, a little more, a little more … perfect...’




"Listen, I know it's rough. I have had to stand between families and the unit hundreds ... argh ... !!!!




After making sure the other guard was gone, Tony looked up at the guard hovering over him and suddenly slammed his elbow into his throat, leaving him writhing in pain on the waiting room floor. After making sure he wasn’t seriously injured, Tony sprinted across the hallway and into the burn unit.




"Hey you’re not supposed...”








"Someone grab him before...”




Twisting and turning, and grabbing a mask along the way, Tony finally made it to the room that held Gibbs and the nurses that were torturing him. Slamming the door open and startling those inside, Tony quickly grabbed the brush out of the nurse’s hands and walked to the top of Gibbs' bed.




“I heard you ordering me to get in here, Love and I did. Now, what do you need?"




"Oh, god DiNozzo, exactly what you did. I couldn’t take any more of that. I can’t do it. Please make them stop. It hurts too much. PLEASE," Gibbs begged as tears rolled down his face from the very painful procedure. Even now he could feel the metal bristles on his leg and the fire on his nerves, even though Tony had the brush in his hands. Gibbs relaxed against the bed and closed his eyes, trying to regain control after embarrassing himself in front of his boy and lover.




"Agent DiNozzo, I must insist that you give me back my brush so we may continue."




"Here you go." Tony smiled and handed the brush back to the nurse with a small bow.




With that Gibbs opens his eyes in disbelief, "TONY!!!!" He looked at Tony with a look of betrayal and outrage.




Leaning down to whisper to him, Tony said softly, "Listen very closely to what I have to say, Gibbs. I will be here every step of the way from now on I will not leave your side except if they take you back to the OR. But if the procedure is to save your life, then by God and all that is holy, you are going to do that procedure even if I have to do it myself. Besides, I am being a greedy and selfish son of a bitch. This for me, not for you. This has to be done to save those legs of yours, right? And I’ve decided that I want those legs wrapped around me as soon as possible." He stood up again and smiled down at Gibbs before looking back to the nurse.




"Now I believe you were in the middle of something and, by the way, I am not leaving this time. He wants me here and I will stay here." Turning to the other nurse he grinned and said, "You might want to lock the door. We really don't want security busting in here. We have enough people in here, don't you think?




"Oh, by the way, you are not, I repeat NOT hostages. I had to make that clear. I sorta took down one of the guards with an elbow to the throat so they may think I am holding you guys, and I'm really not."




The nurse with the brush sighed loudly. "If you are done with the dramatics, may I proceed please? We were almost done with this leg and she is getting ready to apply the gel and wrap it."




All of a sudden there was pounding on the door and someone yelled to be let into the room. The nurse looked over to them and mouthed "the hubby". Sighing, she slammed down the brush, walked over to the door, unlocked it and pulled it open, almost causing a pile-up on the floor in front of the door.




"Listen, we are busy in here. We are trying to save a man's legs. We don't need you great galoots pounding on this door. Now go secure something, and leave us alone."




The guard drew himself to his full height and looked down at the much smaller nurse. "We will - - as soon as we get Agent DiNozzo out of your way."




"Michael, how many years have you worked at this hospital?"




"Seven years last May, why?"




The nurse smiled up at the guard. "Have ever known me to put up with someone being where they’re not supposed to be if I didn’t want them there?"




He fidgeted. "Aaahh, well, no."




"Then leave well enough alone, and let us work." So saying, she closed the door and turned back to the room with a small sigh. "Men, give them a uniform and their brains shrink to the size of a walnut. "Now as for you, DiNozzo, if you get in my way, out you go. And I am woman enough to make sure you go, do you understand me?" She brandished the brush in his direction as she spoke and he simply nodded quickly.




"Yes, ma'am."




"Good. Go over there and get into proper isolation gear or I’ll have you removed right now.”




Sighing, and looking upward for strength, she started the procedure again.




Tony squatted down and started to rub Gibbs head, talking to him softly and soothingly. For his part, Gibbs lay there crying and screaming from the pain - - and this was only the first leg.








By the time the procedure was complete both Tony and Gibbs were in tears, and both were emotional wrecks.




“Now you can see why we don’t allow family members back here, don’t you dear?” the nurse quietly asked. She too was a wreck. She hated this job, but she was the best at it according to the evaluations. So she did it, but she made sure the patients knew she hated it as much as they did.




When the other nurse was done applying the gel and the sterile bandages on the burns they removed the restraints, transferrd Gibbs back to the stretcher he was brought in on and took him back to his room. Tony kept looking around for the guards or the police in retribution for his stunt earlier but, not seeing any, he sighed with relief and headed into the room. They had transferred Gibbs into his bed, and had bolussed him with morphine again. That may not stop all the pain, but it did provide some relief if the look on his face was any indication.


Tony sat by his lover’s bed gently stroking his face where there was no swelling and trying to convey to Gibbs the love he had for him.




Some time later the Doctor came in. When the he saw Tony, he looked at him angrily and then shook his head. “I should have known better, any way. My guess is that Agent Gibbs will be out of it the rest of the night, DiNozzo. The procedure is very exhausting, both for the patient and the staff. The nurse is already upstairs with her therapist and the assistant has gone home to be with her family. You might as well go home as well.” He put his hand on Tony’s shoulder. “You needn’t come back until the afternoon. First thing in the morning we are taking him into surgery to remove the remainder of the dead skin and begin the skin graft procedures. When that is over, I will need to talk to you both about a new procedure that may take months, if not years, off the recovery time. And it also holds the possibility of less scarring. It has never been used for this, but for other injuries it has been used on it has performed miracles. We aren’t even going to allow him to awaken in the morning. About an hour before the procedure, we will make sure he is out, transfer him to the OR and begin the procedures.”




The hand on his shoulder tightened almost imperceptibly. “Now, why don’t you go home, or back to work, or something. You need to get out and away from this for a while. Your man needs you to be strong for the both of you because he is going to need you later, like he has never needed anyone before.”




Tony knew the doctor was right and so he got up and kissed his lover gently on the lips before leaving to go home to work on some reports.









As Agent Kate Todd came storming into the department that should have been hers to control, not some jumped up ticket-giving-donut-eating piece of white trash cop, she ran into the agent that had approached her earlier.




Stopping him with her hand on his arm she asked softly, “Is that offer still on the table?”




“Yes, sure… what do you need?”




“Well come to my desk and lets talk “







A little later Joshua left the department with a smile on his face and plans to set into motion. They were finally going to get rid of DiNozzo and probably Gibbs as well. Agent Todd will get her promotion and the rest of the team will get a clean NCIS again. Unnoticed by the two conspirators was a little camera and receiver in the ceiling above Kate’s desk.







“Damn, McGee, what are we going to do? I was really hoping that Tony would be wrong about Kate,” Abby said sadly.




“Personally or professionally?” Timothy asked.








“Well, personally then - - we have to tell her that until all of this is straightened out we can’t have her over because it puts us in the middle and we can’t be there. Professionally, we go about doing our job, make sure the files and stuff they sabotage are duplicated and sent to the right people, and that records of everything are kept for Tony and the Director. Just like Tony planned.”




“Cool, I’d forgotten that Tony had a plan in place if something started while Gibbs was in the hospital.”




“I know this seems more like a Gibbs plan, but I think this one is all Tony’s.”




“Well we need to get back to work. You need to keep an eye on those files and Kate, and I need to keep track of stuff via the network,” Abby said as she leaned over and kissed the man she was beginning to love.


Book 2 - Our Burning Love: Chapter 4

By the next morning DiNozzo was feeling a little better and he was looking a whole lot better. Physically he was bouncing back from the ordeal, but mentally and emotionally he was still having problems. He was eating to keep his strength up and his mind sharp because he had battles on two fronts now; one at the hospital and one at work. McGee had called him last night with the news about what they had seen and recorded and, to say he was disappointed would be putting it mildly. He wasn’t surprised mind you, but he was vastly disappointed in Kate. Now all they could do was sit back to see how far over the line she was willing to go.




Hurrying through breakfast and his morning routine, having less trouble picking out his own clothes as time goes by, he headed into the office to do the work that needed to be done this morning.












“Morning, McGee.”




“Morning, Tony. How’s Gibbs?” McGee asks.




“The same. Yesterday they did the debriedment procedure where they scrubbed off the dead and burnt skin. That had both of us in tears. It was excruciatingly painful for Gibbs and it wasn’t much better for me to stand there and let them do that to him. This morning he’s having surgery to begin the skin graphs and to remove more dead and damaged sections as well. That is why I am in here today. He will be in the OR for several hours, so I decided to do some work instead of having a nervous breakdown at the hospital.”




“Hang in there, Tony. You both will come out on the other side stronger and better than you were before.”




“I know, I know, but I’m not the strong one in this relationship, Gibbs is. That is why it works. If it carries on too much longer, I’m afraid I’ll crumble.” Tony sighed loudly.




“No, man you won’t. You forget, us subs are the strong ones. We give up that strength willingly to the Doms. Just think about it and you’ll see what I mean. By the way, Agent Todd just got off the elevator.”




Stilling his face into professional calm, DiNozzo turned and walked back to his desk, greeting Kate as he passed her.




“Good morning, Agent Todd.”




“Agent DiNozzo.” She frowned down at her desk. “DiNozzo, when will I be allowed to see Agent Gibbs?”




“As long as I hold his durable medical power of attorney, you won’t.” Tony was calm as he looked into Kate’s eyes.




Getting angry, Kate forged ahead, ”And what if it is about work?”




“Then you go through me, as I am your boss until either Gibbs comes back or the Director relieves me. Since the Director appointed me as second in command, relieving me seems un-likely, don’t you think?”




Turning slightly pale, Kate turned back to her desk and slammed the drawer where she put her purse as she sat down to get busy for the day.








As Tony pulled in the parking garage of the hospital and parked his car, he banged his head against the headrest of his seat. The day had gone from bad to worse. First it was Kate this morning, and then they had a case of a murdered marine.




He wasn’t exactly welcomed on the scene








As the team pulled up to the murder scene they got out and grabbed their gear. Since McGee started standing up for himself they no longer dumped everything on him to carry. As they approached the scene they could already see Ducky and his assistant looking over the body.




As DiNozzo got closer Sgt. Jamison walked up. “Oh look, we get the second string. And here is Gibbs’s whipping boy in charge. Feel all grown up and manly now or something?” At that comment the other marines laughed and even Agent Todd snickered.




Dealing with the Marines first, Tony turned towards the sergeant. “Actually yes, I am in charge, which means I can have you arrested for interfering with the investigation, insulting a superior, and disrespect to a superior. So Marine, how does that sound from the whipping boy, hmmmm?”




“SIR! As you say, Sir,” Sgt. Jamison said, snapping to attention.




“Good, now go over and stand with the rest of your little apes and let us do our jobs in peace.”




The sergeant turned around and walked back over to his men, grumbling all the way. When he was out of hearing, Tony turned to Kate.




“Agent Todd, consider yourself on report. I’ve had it with your constant lack of respect. I have let it slide in the hope that you would come around and show me that you were a better person, but you haven’t. When I get back I will write up the reprimand and hand deliver it to the Director myself.”




Saying this Tony grabbed his gear and walked away to talk to Ducky, leaving a fuming Kate standing there.




“You asked for this, Kate. We warned you that this was going to happen. Oh, by the way, it falls to me to tell you this, but until this mess is cleared up between you three, you’re not welcome in our bedroom. Abby and I just don’t want to be in the middle of it,” McGee said with one of those rolled lipped smiles of his as he walked past her.








He had overheard McGee’s comment and he couldn’t help to feel a little sorry for Kate since everything seemed to be falling down around her head lately. But then sitting here in the car was not going to solve any of their problems and he had a man upstairs he wanted to see.








Getting off the elevator, he heard Gibbs scream bloody murder to “leave me the hell alone” and to “find that little bastard DiNozzo right now”.




Smiling, he walked into Gibbs’s room. “You bellowed, your majesty?”




“Don’t give me that. I’ll give you a royal command that will make you red all over, and you know I’ll do it too,” snapped Gibbs.




“Ha, nothing you could do could make me embarrassed any more after that one night in the club,” commented Tony.




Snickering, Gibbs said, “That may be true.” He sighed. “Anyway, that damn Doctor wouldn’t talk to me about some new treatment until you got here - - or even about the surgery they did to me this morning. Hell they didn’t even wake me up for it!. I went to sleep last night and the next thing I know I am coming out of surgery with new strips of skin on my legs. Damn pushy doctors.”




Just then the Doctor walked in. “Oh, you’re finally here and we can talk about the surgery and the new treatment. First, the procedure this morning went great. We had to remove more dead skin than we planned but the skin grafts seem to have taken better than we hoped. Only time will tell for sure, of course. Now, to get to the reason I wouldn’t talk without Agent DiNozzo being here.” He looked from Gibbs to DiNozzo and back again as he took a deep breath.




“There is an experimental treatment before the board of trustees that might help you recover faster, and with less scarring, even eventually giving you more use of your legs. It doesn’t involve drugs, surgeries, or any invasive procedures what so ever. What I would like to do is put you in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber. It’s just like what they use to treat divers with the bends. We would put you in, let you go up to 3 atmospheres, leave it there for a set time and then slowly bring you back down.




“This has been done with other disfiguring injuries and illness’s with great success, but never with burns. That is why it is experimental. With the extent of the damage you have, the doctor in charge of the chamber has recommended that you be placed in there for four hour blocks of time instead of the normal two, and seven days a week instead of the normal three times a week.




“We are hoping the extra forced oxygen will speed up healing and skin growth with minimal scarring. There will still be some scarring and you will have to work at getting mobility back, but we expect closer to eighty-five to ninety-five percent recovery instead of the sixty to seventy-five you have right now.”




The men were very quiet as they thought this over. They looked at each other, talking in the silent way couples that have together for awhile do.




Turning toward the Doctor, Tony said, “We’ll do it.”




“Good,” he said. “Now for the problem. Because it is new, we are having trouble with the insurance companies paying for it. We will get them to pay, but in the meantime will one of you will need to sign a statement promising payment in lieu of insurance coverage.”




“Doctor, neither one of us have that kind of money,” Gibbs said quickly.




Tony stopped Gibbs by placing his hand on his arm and squeezing it. “I’ll get us the money. I know exactly where to go. Even if I have to beg for it - - I’ll get it covered. Doctor, get me the forms I need and I will sign them immediately.”




“Tony, no! If you’re signing, we both are signing. If your plan falls through, then we both will have to get this paid off, deal?”




“Deal Boss, deal.”




After the men signed the documents, the Doctor went over the schedule of treatments for the next three weeks. After that time they would reevaluate to see how much the treatments were helping Gibbs’ treatments. After that they would meet again to discuss the latest findings and further treatment options. They were also informed that Gibbs might have to have more surgery if more of the tissue died, but at this point that outcome seemed unlikely.




Thanking the Doctor, the two men talked about their day, keeping it light and meaningless. Neither of them talked about what was bothering them; the pain Gibbs was going through, or the trouble at work that Tony was facing.




When visiting hours were over, Tony leaned down and Kissed Gibbs with all the love he had in him. “Please get well soon. I can’t manage much longer on my own, Boss.” He gave Gibbs one last smile before he left.




As Gibbs lay there he kept thinking that it wasn’t fair to Tony to leave him all alone right now to handle both home and office. He HAD to handle the office, but maybe he could find someone to help out at home.




Reaching for the phone he decided to make a few phone calls, he knew of someone who could help.

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