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Enslavement Of Jim



Fandom: Sentinel

Pairing(s): Blair/Jim

Warnings: Slave Fic, extreme scenes, unbetad, WiP

Spoilers: None

Summary: Jim needs something special that only Blair can give him.


Nominated Category:

Best Love Slave Fic


Best Extreme Fic: TV & Movies - Slash





It was night time in the city of Cascade, Washington, and all was quiet at 852 Prospect, in fact a little too quiet. The residents were happy for the quiet - - all but two. The men in 3A weren’t happy. Things weren’t exactly going as planned. One anthropologist/Guide was willing, ready, and able for sex, fun, and games, but his partner a big, buff detective/Sentinel of the MC squad wasn’t co-operating at all. In fact, his manhood wasn’t ‘up’ for anything and just laid there like a limp over cooked noodle.


Normally Blair wouldn’t let it upset him. After all, it happens even to the best of them. Sometimes you just aren’t in the mood, even if your partner could cut diamonds he is that ready. But lately this has been happening more often that not, and Blair was getting concerned and a little paranoid. Was Jim already tired of him? Was Jim wanting their relationship to end? Blair just laid there with his back toward his lover, and tried not to cry.


Jim lay on his side of the bed just as miserable as his lover and Guide. What Blair did not know was that Jim needed more stimulation than “vanilla” sex could give him. He was good for awhile, but sooner or later he just needed ‘more’ - - and it had been quite awhile since he had indulged his baser instincts.


He and a few other people from MC had formed a club for that sole purpose - - to relieve stress and to have fun, but when his senses went crazy he had stopped going, afraid of getting in too deep with no one to pull him out. But now, all he wanted was to go back and experience those feelings again, but this time with Blair. In order for this to happen the other “tops” or “doms” had to approve of Sandburg being there, and being trained to take Jim on as a sub or a slave. The final choice would be Blair’s, not Jim’s.

He suddenly smelled the salt of fresh tears and knew that either Blair was crying or was trying desperately not to. Rolling over, he pulled Blair into a hug, making sure his body spooned every part of Blair’s body.


“Ssshhh, it’s not your fault. I’ll to talk to someone in the morning and hopefully it will be fixed soon. I love you, Blair. I need you. I just need more, and I hope this will give it to us.”


In the state Blair was in at that moment, his mind took Jim’s statement as proof that Jim WAS seeing someone else. That was the ‘more’ that Jim was referring to, it had to be. That thought made Blair cry harder. Eventually he cried himself to sleep and Jim soon followed.



Chapter One


When the alarm when off the next morning Jim groaned and reached a hand out to slam it off. He turned over only to discover that he was alone in bed. He expanded his hearing and noticed no other heartbeat in the loft. Sighing he got out of bed, put on his robe, and headed downstairs.


Pausing at the coffee maker, he found a note from Sandburg:



Went to Rainer early, hopefully I can get to the station early as well. Maybe we can talk later. I think we need to clear up a few things. We both are looking for something or lacking something we need or want.




Jim sighed as he drank his coffee and got ready for work. He was going to have a tough time convincing Simon to call a conclave of Tops and to convince them to train Blair, let alone join the club. Plus, how was he going to convince Blair that this is what Jim wanted, desired, and needed in his life?


Jim got into the BDSM scene when he was in Army, as a private first class. His sergeant at that time somehow picked up on Jim’s needs or desires. He took him to a “specialized club” called Divine Times. There was a special entrance for military personnel so they wouldn’t be seen. Once inside the club, Jim thought he was in heaven. The smells, the sights, the sounds were exhilarating to him. Watching the private, the sergeant knew he had found a new ‘sub’ to play with and to train, but he would take it easy so as not to scare him away.


Over the next year Jim trained on base during the day for his missions, and at night he trained with the sergeant either at the sergeant’s home or at the club. At the home there was always a guest or two to perform in front of, while at the club, he had to be on his best behavior. The stinging of the leather when he made a mistake made him almost want to make one, just to feel the “pleasure” of the leather.


Remembering all of the fun he had in the army had brought up some problems now. He would have to take care of that problem before he could get dressed to go to work.


Arriving at the station on time, which in of itself was a miracle considering he had to fist himself twice, he looked around and saw that everyone was busy at their desks. He also saw that Simon was alone in his office. He quickly walked over and knocked twice on the door frame.


“Come in,” Banks barked.


As Jim opened the door and stepped in, he assumed a submissive position in his stance; his arms crossed behind him, his legs apart and his head bowed. He made sure the door was closed and locked before he began speaking. “Sir, this submissive requests a conclave of the Masters to present a matter near and dear to this submissive’s heart.”


Hearing Jim’s tone of voice and seeing his stance, Simon immediately dropped the good-natured Captain Banks persona and became Master Simon. “Why should we hold a conclave for one who left us so long ago?”


“Sir, you know the reason for my leaving. It had nothing to do with the club, Sir.”


Simon glared at him from behind his desk. “Well at least you have not forgotten your training. What is the matter you wish to bring forth to the conclave? If I find it worthy I will do it. If not, I will whip you myself. Now speak.”


Jim gulped. “Sir, I wish my Guide to become my new Master but he needs training and exposure to understand my needs, Sir. Once he understands, I’m sure that he can be the Master that I require both to work with my senses as well as my need to be a ‘sub’ or ’slave’ as he chooses, Sir.”


Simon let his eyes roam over Jim’s body. He remembered many erotic nights at the club with this one servicing the Masters’ every whim. “Let me get this straight, slave. You want us to bring an unknown into the club just to expose him to the lifestyle so that you can have him for your own Master?”


“Sir, Yes Sir.”


“If I do this, I will force the vote of the conclave to make you a slave and brand you as such. You will never be a sub, but will become the property of a new Master, be it Sandburg or another. And he will be told this the first night he is there.”


At that Jim paled. A branded slave was the lowest on the totem pole among the slaves. The ranks were as important among them as it was among the Masters, and to be branded meant you weren’t even human, but property.


“Sir, if it means I have a chance at Blair becoming my Master, then I will take the branding as a gift to be with him.”


Simon stared at the man standing before him. “Leave now. I have things to think about and things to do before I call the others.”


“Sir, Yes Sir.” Jim bowed a little and, unlocking the door, left the office to return to his desk.




After Jim left the office Simon sat at his desk for some time thinking things through. He finally decided he needed to talk to someone.


He picked up the phone. “Rhonda, can you get Joel Taggart in here please?”


“Yes, Captain.”


A few minutes later Joel appeared at his door. Simon asked him to lock the door and to have a seat. When he did, once again the persona of Captain Banks slipped away.


“Master Joel, I seem to have a problem. A sub who has been away from the club for a long while wishes to be readmitted along with a new Master who needs to be trained from the ground up. The sub had a very good reason to leave; I know all about it and so do you if you think about it. I even threatened him with branding if he pushes this and he said he would welcome it as a gift if he could be with his Master.


“So what am I to do? Do I let the new Master in for training?”


“Simon, Blair would do anything for Jim. Even this, if he was asked properly. Our job is to make sure that Blair gets to see the good side, the enjoyment, and the erotic side of being a Master. Once we get the body aboard the mind will soon follow. Show the lifestyle to the anthropologist in him and we will have him hooked. But I agree that Jim should be branded for forcing our hand in this matter. How, where, and with what will be up to Blair. It will be his final test.”


“Agreed.” Simon smiled. “Now how do we get the conclave to agree?”


“Easy, just tell them a matter has arisen and we need a yes or no vote. A ‘yes’ vote we can get back to the subs immediately. A ‘no’ means we have to argue the point formally. Explain this to them and you’ll have your votes.”


“Joel, you’re just evil.”


The other man grinned. “Isn’t that what you called me in here for?”




An hour after Joel left his office Simon called Jim back into the office. Jim nervously took the normal stance of a sub after locking the door.


“I have agreed to your proposal. Between Joel and myself we will get the votes necessary to allow Blair to be trained. We also have decided that you are to be branded for forcing us into this predicament, and that Blair, as his final test, will do it.”


For the first time since entering the office Jim looked up at Simon. “No. He won’t understand what that means. Sir, it could ruin all your training if he finds out what that means.”


“Oh, he’ll know exactly what it means before he does it; including the part about it taking away a slave’s last bit of status from him for his deeds. The only status you will have after you have been branded will be Sandburg’s. And he will know it, as will everyone else. Remember what a branded slave wears?”


Jim flushed. “A branded slave wears no clothes at the club or at home to show his shame to the world.”


Simon smiled. “Correct. Now get back to work. Your partner will be here soon and you are not allowed to talk to him about this at all. I will speak to him later today. Oh, the next time I see you I want all body hair from the neck down gone. And I’ll inspect you to be sure you have complied.”


With that Jim left the office, heading back to his desk to try to get some work done. He couldn’t decide if he wanted to cheer or cry. He got what he wanted, but lost all that he was in the same game.




Chapter Two


As Blair sat at his desk waiting for his office hours to be over, he felt alone and depressed. The man he loved was not satisfied with him; he wanted to bring in others to their bed, he just knew it. But was it another man or another woman? Just the thought of sharing their bed with someone else made Blair break the pencil in his hand.


Then and there he decided to show James Ellison who he really belonged to, even if he had to be chained up to understand. That was his ass, and by the Goddess above, he was not giving it up without a fight. But how was he going to pull it off?


Blair looked at the clock and saw that it was time to go so he packed up his stuff and left, locking his door behind him. Meandering down the hall lost in thought he walked right past the door he needed to go out to get to his car. When he realized his mistake, he had to double back and run to his car to make it to the station on time like he promised Jim he would.


Once at the station, he came running in and the on duty desk sergeant, used to his antics, yelled down the hallway, “Make a hole! Its Sandburg!” The men moved out of the way and someone yelled, “Hold the elevator!” and he dove into it. The button for the floor for the MC division was already pushed. Nodding his thanks as he tried to get his breath back, he smiled at everyone as they chuckled. The entire station was used to his attempts to be on time, and the lengths he would go to make it.


When the elevator stopped on his floor, he yelled thanks back at the guys in it, and walked into the MC unit. He saw everyone checking the time and heard the groans as money was exchanged. Blair looked around and yelled, “Okay you monkeys, where’s my cut in all of this?” There were boos, and papers were thrown at him as he ducked and laughed and made his way over to his partner and their desks.


Jim looked at him and blushed, which made Blair wonder what his lover was thinking. But this was not the time or place to think about it.


Blair decided he’d make the first move. “So you want to go out and eat?”


“Sure, I am hungry, but can we please have something just a bit unhealthy this time?” Jim pleaded.


“Fine, Wonder Burgers it is.” Blair smiled at the look on his lover’s face.


Jim pumped the air like he just scored the winning touch down, grabbed his jacket and began herding Blair towards the elevators. He was hoping to make it out of the building before Simon noticed Blair had arrived. He almost made it.


Simon stepped out of the elevator that Jim and Blair were standing in front of. Blair noticed that Jim looked scared for just a minute before his entire body language changed into a submissive, non-threatening pose.


Simon smirked. “Nice try Jim, but luck wasn’t with you today. This was your idea. If you’re having second thoughts, just tell me and nothing more will ever be said.”


Jim gulped and raised his eyes slightly before looking at the floor once again. “Sir, no Sir. I need this almost as much as I need air.”


Simon let his eyes roam over Jim’s body possessively before dismissing him. “Good. Blair, come with me. We have some very important things to talk about. The outcome of our little chat will hold the key to whether or not you and Jim have a future together,” Simon said as he grabbed a hold of Blair’s arm and dragged him back into the waiting elevator. It was only then that he looked back to Jim again. “Jim, tell Rhonda I’m taking the rest of the day off. We will be at your loft. Don’t come home until I tell you to. Understand?”


Jim nodded once, keeping his eyes on the floor in front of him. “Sir, yes, Sir.”


“Good.” Simon hit the button for the ground floor, still hanging on to Sandburg’s arm.


“Simon, I would very much LIKE TO HAVE MY ARM BACK!!” Blair squirmed in Simon’s grasp.


Simon released his arm and smacked Blair. “Until this is through, if you ever scream at me like that again, you will be punished far worse than you ever thought you could.”


“Punished? Just who the hell do you think you are? What the hell is going on here, because I am totally lost …” Blair stared up at Simon - - a Simon he thought he once knew but now was not so sure of.


Simon glared down at the young man standing beside him. “I’m trying to save your relationship with Jim and, at the same time, I am making sure I don’t forfeit my own position while doing it. Now, you will be quiet until we get to the loft. Once there, I will explain everything to you, and then you will have a decision to make. It is a simple choice of yes or no. That is all, yes or no.”


Steaming, Blair followed Simon into the garage and got into his car. Then he just sat back in the passenger seat and wondered what was happening. This was not the Simon that he knew. This Simon was more aggressive, more out there, more in control of the situation. He didn’t know if he liked being under his control or not.


It took about twenty minutes to get to the loft from the station and, in that short span of time, Blair had a lot to think about: the way Jim was acting toward Simon, and how Simon was acting toward Jim. The way they both acted toward him. And, finally, just what choices did he have to make, and why?


Soon, they pulled into Jim’s parking place. Simon turned off the ignition and sat there, chewing a cigar, for a minute before speaking. “Blair, what we decide up there in that loft will determine if you and Jim remain lovers or become just friends. If you are just a friend I will have to find another lover for Jim that will be able to fulfill his needs - - the needs that you are not meeting.” He looked over at Blair and sighed. “Come on, I’ll explain and then you can ask your questions. It is not what you think, but it’s worse than you imagine.”


Chapter Three


Once in the loft, Blair shrugged off his backpack, dropping it beside the door, before going into the kitchen to get them both a bottle of beer. He handed one to Simon and led the way into the living room. Once they settled down Blair motioned for Simon to begin.


Simon could see the anger in the younger man’s eyes and he could understand it. If someone tried to take his special someone he would be ready to take on the world. And Sandburg fought dirty. He also fought to win. Trying to put the young man at ease, Simon leaned back in the chair, projecting a picture of calmness.


“Blair, let me put it on the line for you. Jim is not built for ’vanilla’ sex. In fact, the club that I am about to mention was his idea to begin with and it then grew until it became a self-supporting business. Jim was there every night looking for the right person for him. That is, he was, until his senses started spiking, and then the pleasure turned into pure torture and he couldn’t enjoy it any more.” Simon watched for any reaction from Blair, but the young man was hiding any reaction from him behind his bottle of beer.


Simon took a long drink and then continued his tale. “That’s when you came along and began to help him. At first, he fought the attraction he felt for you and then he realized that you felt the same way. For a time he was in heaven. Then the old needs started popping up. That is why you have had problems over the past few weeks.”


Simon could see Blair physically relax at that last comment. He had guessed right. Blair thought Jim wanted another person and, in a way he did, but it was a different Blair that he wanted.


“Any questions so far?”


Blair leaned forward. “What needs are you talking about? I’m willing to try almost anything.”


Simon could see the natural curiosity in Blair’s eyes and he smiled. “Anything?”


Blair blushed. “Simon, there is a line for some things… kids, animals, you know. “


“Ahh, yes of course.” Simon grinned. “This is where we get into the club. But first, a little history on Jim. Jim is what you call a submissive, a total ’I will do whatever you want in bed’ wuss. If your personality is strong enough, that will carry over into everyday things as well. If I drop the Captain Banks act around him, he goes into Sub Jim mode instantly because he knows his place.


“Jim has always been this way when it comes to sex, from his first years in the Army to his time among the Chopec. When he came back from the jungle, he craved and needed that type of life style even more to help him remain stable, so he started up a club out of his trust fund. He discreetly did a little advertising, found a few trustworthy people to run the operation, and let them have at it. While that was going on, he didn’t realize that a few of his fellow cops had joined the membership until he met them out on the floor after he turned the operation of the club over to the new managers. Now he had someone safe to play without getting into trouble at work.


“Now this is where everything goes south. His senses started to act up and spike at the wrong times. What once was pleasurable was now torture and so much so that he had to get help. That is where you stepped in. You know the rest.”


Simon watched as Blair processed the new information.


Blair frowned slightly. “So, Jim now needs or wants to go back into the scene. What does that have to do with me and ’us’?”


“Jim wants you to take Master training, to be his master. He wants this so badly that he has even traded in the last thing he has as a sub, his self-respect. He will be branded, and a branded slave is the lowest thing in the club. It means he’s PROPERTY, the property of his master. But right now, Jim has no Master so he will be branded with the clubs’ brand. That means he will be free meat for anyone in the club, including other subs, slaves, and even those already branded because he will even be lower than them.”


Blair took a deep breath, trying to calm the speeding of his heart. “How can I stop the branding?”


Simon shrugged as he took another drink of the rapidly warming beer. “You can’t. You can only delay it by agreeing to the training. Once you are finished, and it is agreed by all involved that you are done, then you will brand Jim with your own brand, marking him as your own Property.


“You must also know the one main rule of a branded slave: A branded slave wears no clothes at the club or at home to show his shame to the world.”


Blair nodded and smiled as he looked into Simon’s eyes. “That’s perfect Simon. In payment for him not telling me what he needed he will have more than one branding and he will gladly show them to the world before I am through with him. I will accept the training, and I will accept Jim as my property. What do I have to do to begin the process?”


Not letting Blair know that his answers surprised him was Simon’s main concern at the moment and he took the last long drink of his beer to cover his feelings. When he set the now empty bottle on the coffee table he was more in control and he could look at Blair again. “First, we let Jim back into his apartment and you start by putting him in his place here. Then, tonight we go shopping for you. You will need to have appropriate clothes to wear to the club. Not all Masters wear leather all the time or all leather outfits. Tell Jim to hit his trust fund, he can pay for the clothes.”


Blair picked up the phone and called Jim on his cell. He told him to come home right away. They had a few things they needed to discuss.


“Remember Blair, when Jim comes in you must speak to him in a sharp commanding voice to draw his attention to you. He will first talk to me because he will assume that I am in charge of the situation. Normally, as senior Master, I would be. But this is your night to gain control of Jim and you have to strike hard and fast.”


They both heard Jim as he walked up the stairs and paused on the landing outside the door. He fumbled with his keys as he tried to unlock the door and Simon took a stance behind Blair. Blair turned towards him, “Simon, thanks but I need to do this on my own. Please go sit down. If he responds to you then it is not me he’ll obey, now is it?”


Simon smiled and shook his head. “No, you’re right. You’re already thinking like a Master, Blair. This is a good sign.”


As Simon went to sit down on the couch, Jim entered the loft. Upon seeing Simon sitting down, Jim got a confused look on his face. Jim was totally ignoring Blair, acting like he did not exist, but yet he wanted Blair as his Master.


Well Step 1: Get his attention.


Blair walked up to Jim, grabbed a handful of shirt and said in a normal tone of voice, “Jim, look down here, please.”


When Jim did, Blair kneed him as hard as he could between the legs, sending the big man to the floor cradling his injured balls in his hands. Blair stood over him, his hands fisted on his hips, his legs braced apart. He thought he saw fear flicker in Jim’s eyes - - just before it was replaced by lust. “I’m your Master, not Simon. No one but me, Jim. When you enter a room, you look for me and at ME. Now, get up on your knees, strip, and crawl to the middle of the room. You have exactly one minute to do this or you will be punished again.” Blair took a step back to give his slave room to accomplish the required task.


Jim groaned as he got to his knees and he tried to quickly take his clothes off, but the pain was too great and he failed to undress in the time allowed.


Blair stood over him, glaring down at the man before him. “You sorry excuse for a slave. I am supposed to take you on as a piece of property?” He snorted his disdain through his nose. “I’ll lose respect in the club just by claiming you. Now hurry up, the afternoon is wasting, and we have a lot to talk about - - and a few more punishments to hand out. Remember, kneel with your hands crossed at your back, in the middle of the room.”


Jim undressed as quickly as he was able and swallowed heavily as he crawled over to the middle of the room and knelt where he was told. Simon looked at Blair with more than a little bit of respect; he hadn’t thought that Blair had it in him to be this tough. The next question was whether or not he had it in him for the long haul.


Blair walked over to the living room and leaned on the back of the couch. He folded his arms as he looked up to see Jim, naked and kneeling right where he had told him to. He also saw that Jim was at half-mast, and more aroused than Blair had seen him in the last 2 weeks and he smiled. //This is what Jim has been missing, and I can give it to him, with no problem at all. All this time living under his rules and stuff. Well it is my turn, and buddy boy, you picked the wrong Sandburg to fuck with.//


“Slave, for that will be your name until you have earned your real name back, you have hurt your case with me by going to others for help instead of coming to me. For this you will be punished. I have decided that you will not be branded just once, but three times. After I have a chance to talk with the one in charge of the irons, I will tell you where the three brands will be placed. When we are at the club and I have no need of you, you will serve drink and food to the other slaves and subs only. You have no right to serve any other Master but me. Even then it will be a disappointment to me to have one such as you.” Blair put all the derision he could muster in his voice. “If you had come to me first I would have saved you from the branding. But instead, I will make you a mockery at the club you started, and by your own rules you will be less than nothing.”


Turning towards Simon he said, “Master Simon, is there a way to cut the hair in his bush to say ‘slave’?”


Simon smiled evilly, making Jim’s stomach flip. “Well, I ordered him to have all body hair removed before he came into work tomorrow, so that might be a problem.”


Blair shrugged dismissively. “Not really, we’ll just have it, tattooed on. Is there a place in the club that performs piercings as well?”


Jim clenched his jaw to keep the groan of desire in. His master hadn’t given him permission to speak - - and making noise out of turn could be punishable as well. The unknown was always one of Jim’s kinks and it was a heady feeling to not know just what Master Blair would demand of him.


Simon nodded toward Blair. “Yes, the club is a self contained unit. Everything you want or need can be found there, why?”


“Because when we go tomorrow night, I want to add a few pieces of jewelry to my new property - - a bit of glitz to liven up a dull board. What do you think, Master Simon?”


Jim could hear the smirk in Blair’s voice and he swallowed heavily against the burning desire welling up in him. His cock jumped as he contemplated just what piercings his Master was considering.


Simon’s deep voice startled him out of his reverie and he wished, not for the first time that he was allowed to look up at his Master - - but he knew it would lead to another punishment, and make Blair disappointed in him. He smiled to himself when he realized just how much he already wanted to please Blair - - and to what lengths he would go to to do so.


“HHHHMMMM, a few pieces here and there wouldn’t hurt. What were you thinking?”


“Left ear piece, both nipples and PA, for now.” At that Jim groaned aloud and Blair’s foot shot out. “No sounds from you, slave. You have no say in this.” He looked down at Jim, his eyes burning. “In fact, why don’t you go upstairs and get everything that you still have from your leather past, collars and such, and bring them down, including any punishment toys you own.”


Jim jumped up and walked quickly up the stairs, desperate to put some distance between him and Blair, if only for a moment. He was shocked at how needy he was and how easily Blair was pushing his buttons. Both Masters saw him harden more as he made his way up the steps.


Blair called out to him as he neared the top of the stairs, making him nearly stumble. “And Jim? If you touch yourself, I’ll make sure the subs gangbang you in the middle of the club without giving you relief.” All they heard back was a series of groans and moans.


“Oh, that was cruel, Blair,” Simon snickered. “That has been one of his fantasies for as long as I can remember.”


Blair nibbled his lip. “So how am I doing Simon?”


“Honestly? Much better than I thought you would. The punishment of the three brandings - - are you sure? That punishment works both ways, you know.”


“Yes, I know, but it also means that I am willing to take on a slave that is so much trouble that he had to be branded 3 times. So I should get some respect from that alone. Especially when it is found out that he is the founder of the club itself.”


Simon raised a brow. “Oh, and how are they to find that out?”


“I’m sure the other Masters can let it slip in a few conversations here and there. After all, I am taking on their friend as a troubled slave,” Blair said with grin.


Simon just laughed and patted Blair on the back.


They heard Jim coming down the stairs then and turned toward the sound. He was carrying a big box and they were both curious as to what that box contained.






Chapter four


After telling Jim where to put the box, Blair ordered him into the bathroom to remove all the hair from the neck down. As he was walking away he warned him not to try to listen in to his conversation with Simon.


Jim’s absence from the room was more for Blair’s benefit than Jim’s. With him out of the way, he could ask Simon questions about the stuff in the box. Since Jim wouldn’t be in the room or listening in, he would never know about Blair’s lack of knowledge on this subject. Never show a weakness if you can help it.


After Jim was gone, Simon started digging into the box. “Well let’s see what we have here,” he said. “I see the usual leather wear; harnesses, o-rings, and such to keep him hard or to keep things in place. But, since he is forbidden to wear these anymore, at least without your permission, these are worthless now. Oh, look - - some warm up paddles.”


Simon pulled out two long ping-pong shaped paddles. These were used to warm up a sub or slave’s ass for either playtime or punishment.


“You’ll love these. Nothing like sinking into an ass that’s warm on the outside and the inside.”


He set the paddles to one side and finished going through the box. There was nothing more in there but the normal dildos, butt plugs, and such. Blair kept out one of the larger plugs and some lube for when Jim returned.


“Now Blair, when Jim comes out I will show you how to inspect him. It will seem like I am treating him like a piece of meat, but that is what he is right now and will be from now on. Subs get different treatment than slaves because they volunteer to give up their rights. Slaves have their rights taken away because of behavior or they give them away because they want or need something, like Jim wanted you to be his new Master and for you to be trained as such.” Simon stopped for a moment, letting Blair digest all that he had learned thus far. “You do realize that all he owned is now yours to do with as you see fit. From the loft to the club to his trust fund and his truck. You even control how long he works, or if he works. What he wears to work, how he acts at work, everything in his life is yours to control. If you don’t say anything he will just go along as normal, but if you issue an order he will obey it. He has to, no matter what. I’ll back you on any order to him, even if it means it will disrupt the bullpen.”


Blair swallowed heavily. He didn’t realize the extent of the responsibility he now had with Jim. He would even control what Jim could or couldn’t eat. No more unhealthy, greasy food. It would be health food all the way. That thought made him smile.


“Blair, I’m not liking that smile. It means trouble for Jim,” Simon chuckled.


“I just realized that I finally have the first and last word on his diet from now on.”


They both heard a low groan from just behind them and, turning, they saw Jim hanging his head and shaking it slowly like he couldn’t believe what he had gotten himself into.


“So Slave, no more grease, no fat, no bad stuff, health food all the way. And you will be doubling your workouts, too. I want more definition in those abs of yours. Meanwhile, get over here so we can inspect how you did on your shaving,” Blair ordered.


Jim looked at the floor as he tentatively spoke. “Sir, there were a few areas that I couldn’t reach because of it being physically impossible to do so.”


“Well, what would you do in the past then?”


“I would ask my current Master to help me, and depending on their mood they would or wouldn’t, Sir.” Jim blushed. “And if they wouldn’t help me then I got punished for having hair, Sir.”


Blair watched him in silence for a few minutes before speaking. “First, if you can’t do something because of physical or sensory problems, you will not be punished. I see that as being cruel just for the sake of being cruel. Second, I will most, if not all the time, help you with the hard to reach spots, as I like to take care of my property. And third, if you try to follow my orders and fail you will not be punished, because you did follow my orders you just couldn’t do it. Now, that does not include during sex or at other times that will be explained later. Now get over here, Master Simon wants to show me how to inspect a slave since it is different than inspecting a sub.”


Simon stood in front of Jim. “Yes, that’s right. I think I will show you both. With a sub you need to be gentle when doing some of the inspection, like lifting their balls, and feeling for stubble and things like that, checking under their arms for it, and their ass crack. See how I am checking him, with gentle motions.” He smiled over his shoulder at Blair. “With a slave, you can pick them up and twist them.” At this Jim moaned and tried to pull away and Simon hit him with one of the paddles. ”Stand still. You know better. Pull the bag smooth to feel for stubble, make them raise their arms straight up and run your hands over their pits to see if there is stubble. When I check a slave for stubble there I use a piece of paper. This may cause paper cuts, but who cares? They’re only slaves.” He stepped back and let his gaze roam over Jim’s naked body, making the big man fidget slightly.


“Slave, turn around and present yourself.”


Jim was blushing bright red as he turned around and grabbed both cheeks and spread them.


“As you can see, there is some hair and stubble there. This is one area most slaves have problems getting smooth by themselves.” Smacking Jim on the ass with the paddle, he said sternly, “Slave, go get the straight razor and soap and a bowl of clean water so we can finish the job you so poorly started.”


While Jim was gone, Simon turned to Blair. “If it wasn’t for his bad reaction to medications and chemicals, I would recommend using the cream we use for the club slaves that permanently removes all their hair from the neck down.”


Blair raised his hands, alarmed. “No! We don’t know how that would affect him. It might even have the reverse reaction, for all we know.”


Jim returned shortly with the items requested and both men noticed that he had a hard-on that could drill through the floor. He handed over the items to Blair, turned around and displayed himself for the shaving.


Blair noticed that Jim had brought him old fashion straight razor and he had no trouble seeing how sharp it was. Looking at Simon with his eyebrows raised, he pointedly looked back at the razor.


“Oh yes. When a slave does his or her own shaving, it is best they use a disposable razor. But when a Master performs the chore, the proper way to do is with a very sharp straight blade. Don’t worry about nicks or cuts, unless for some reason you want to see nicks and cuts on his body. We all know that this is your first attempt at shaving him. However, I wouldn’t recommend too many nicks and cuts there. It’s too easily for them to get infected. I’ll show you later where they hurt the worst and don’t show up at all while he is working.”


Picking up a shaving cup with a brush and lather in it and realizing he had never seen this before either, Blair saw red. Motioning for one of the paddles, which Simon placed into his hands, he reached back and swung with all his might. Jim let out a howl like a wounded dog and hopped around as he grabbed his abused cheeks because the paddle landed square in the middle of the crack.


“Slave I didn’t tell you to break position. Get back into position now - - you will be punished later for that as well. Now, do you know what you did to deserve that swat, Slave?” Blair’s voice was hardened steel, making Jim shiver with apprehension.


“No, Sir, I don’t Sir.” Jim’s voice cracked as he spoke.


“Simple, you didn’t follow orders. I told you to bring me everything from your leather past, and I see in front of me three things that you did not bring to me immediately; the mug, the brush, and the razor blade.” Blair took a deep breath. “Now, do you understand, Slave?”


“Sir, yes, SIR.”


“Good, after I shave you, you will have one more attempt to go and get what you ’forgot’ to get the first time, Slave.”


“Right, Sir.”


Under Simon’s watchful eyes, Blair lathered up the soap again and spread it carefully over the stubble and hairs. He then picked up the straight razor, grabbed Jim by the balls and cock to hold him in position, and in smooth even strokes began removing the hair and soap mixture.


At each stroke he could feel Jim shudder, as if he were trying not to move. “Slave, does this feel good to you?”


“God, Yes SIR.”


“HHHHMMM, we may work it into our play as a pleasure if you’re good - - or deny it if you’re bad. I will think about it later.”


All Jim could do at that time was whimper as he struggled to stand still.


It only took a few strokes to remove the offending hairs. When it was finished, Blair wiped the remains of the lather off with the towel and then leaned forward and gave Jim a kiss in the small of the back, making Jim moan loudly.


Slapping the upturned ass hard, he said sternly, “Now, go get the remaining things like you were told. I have to talk to Simon here, so turn down your hearing to a 4. Now go.”


Jim stood up, taking the shaving mess with him without expressly being told to do so, as he scurried away to fulfill his orders.


Blair watched Jim walk away before turning to Simon. ”Simon, I want Jim to suffer a little bit today. I want him to have that hard on for the rest of the day, until I order him to give us a show later tonight. I also want the other cops who are members of the club to be over here by eight. I want them to know what Jim’s new position is so when he’s at work they can tease and whisper things to him. Jim is not to have any safe harbor to hide from his mistakes.” Nodding, Simon reached into the box to remove a few items, while Blair continued to talk and ask questions.


“Since you are senor Top, you need to warn them that if anything gets out on the general rumor mill, they are the first ones I will question and it won’t be with words. It’s alright for us in the club and lifestyle to annoy him, but that is it.”


“I agree with you Blair, and I’ll help with the questioning as well should anything happen. But are you sure you want to do this? It might be too much for Jim. I’m afraid he’ll have no place that he can just be himself.”


Blair stared at Simon with his hand on his hips. “That’s just it, Simon. As a branded slave, he has lost the right to have self. I want him to learn a very important lesson. He started this without thinking. If he came to me first none of this would have happened to this degree. When I feel he has learned his lesson, I will have everyone layoff. If they don’t? Well then I’ll have to make my position known.” Blair watched to see if he could gauge Simon’s reaction to his words. “Surely, the club has ways to settle disputes of this type.”


“We have them fight it out on the second floor where everyone can see; no rules, anything goes. The better man wins. Women fight against women, but no woman fights against a man; either he picks a woman or she picks a man to fight for them.”


“Just as I thought.”


“You sound as if you don’t approve, Blair.” Simon said cautiously. He knew there would be some stumbling blocks and here was one now.


Blair shrugged expressively. “Yes and NO. No, I don’t approve violence for violence sake, but to guard what is yours sometimes you have to fight. In order to keep Jim from being picked on forever, beyond what is normal for his new station, I know I will have to fight to regain some of his status. I can fight as you know, and I can fight to win, again as you know. I just don’t want to have to fight every time we go to the club. Eventually I will lose from the sheer numbers coming at me.”


At that point Jim returned with his hands full of little nick knacks that were hidden around the loft. These were things that Blair had never seen; stuff like an Etienne drawing on a bar towel, several posters done by artist in the gay community, some clothes such as a pride t-shirt, and other things like that.


Blair motioned for Jim to put them all in the box. They watched how carefully he placed them into the box on top of the other items already there and they both realized that these items were precious to him, and they silently vowed to be careful with them.


“Good, Slave, very good. You have just two more tasks to complete before we leave to go shopping. I want you to take this butt plug and insert it,” Blair said as he handed the plug and lube over to Jim. “Now get on your back, and give us a show.”


Looking at the size of the plug Jim groaned. After using the lube generously on the plug, Jim lay back on the floor and slowly lubed up his love hole. First he inserted one finger and, after that slid in and out easily, he inserted two, working them in and out and scissoring them.


“That’s enough prep, slave. Put in the plug,” Simon ordered, knowing full well that the plug tip was bigger than the opening that had been prepared.


Whimpering, Jim slowly began pushing the plug against his opening, trying to get the tip in after all this time. He knew he would have trouble because it has been some time since he done anything like this.


Both Simon and Blair saw that Jim was having trouble doing what he was ordered to, even though he was trying to complete the task the best of his ability. Blair looked at Simon, who looked like he was getting angry at Jim.


Suddenly, Simon jumped up and stormed over to Jim. “You pathetic excuse of a slave! Like this…” He grabbed the plug and, using his strength and better angle, slowly forced the plug into Jim’s hole. As this was happening, Jim is groaned continually, eyes shut tight as tears ran down the sides of his face. His hands are balled into fists as he struggled to maintain his position and not cry out.


“SIMON, STOP. STOP NOW!” Blair was frantic, worried for Jim’s well-being.


Simon stopped what he was doing and looked up at Blair, shocked. No one had ever stopped him from correcting a slave or sub before, let alone a novice Master.


“Master Simon, Jim is my SLAVE, and your actions are out of place here. If I wanted him corrected it would have been my place to correct him. Now if you look closely, you have forced the plug in before he was ready and he is bleeding all over the floor. Pull the plug out so we can see if the damage is severe or not. If not, we can continue with the insertion, but if it is I don’t what him torn and unable to perform for me tonight.”


Hearing the sense of Blair’s objection and seeing the blood, Simon realized he had stepped over the bounds of taste in their lifestyle. He quickly apologized to Blair and gently removed the plug. Of course, not a word was said to Jim as was proper for his position and status. Blair left the room and returned with the first aid kit and some water. After cleaning the area and examining it, he decided the plug was much too large to be inserted at this time and that he would chose a smaller one. Blair searched the box, being careful not to break anything. Once he found a reasonably good size one, he gently inserted it into Jim’s hole without too much trouble.


The first thing Jim noticed about the plug Blair chose was that it was weighted so he had to think about it constantly to keep it inside. If he forgot about it then it would start to slip out, and if he lost it completely it would mean a punishment. Even after all the doctoring and such Jim was still hard because the new plug kept hitting his prostate. Blair noticed his predicament so he got a cock ring and put it on Jim so he would stay hard. He then told him to find his tightest pair of the lightest jeans he had and to put them on.


“Slave, I want you to get dressed, tape up that box and take it down to the storage area that belongs to me now. Put it someplace where it will be safe even if you have to move things. Put padding around if you have to so it will be safe. Take your time as I know these things are dear to you and I would not like anything to be broken or damaged.”


After Jim left the loft Blair turned to Simon. “Look Simon, you need to trust me here. I am going to be Jim’s Master - - not you. From now on if Jim is to be punished, or if you think he needs to be punished tell me. I will decided if what he is doing or has done is a punishable offense. Some of the things you would punish him for might not be what I would want to punish him for. After all, every Master is different and I need to take care of my slave in my own way.”


“Your correct Blair, and all I can do is apologize for stepping like I did, it was wrong, and I am sorry,” Simon said. He really knew better, why did he do it, he thought


“It’s okay, Simon, just don’t slip up again,” warned Blair.



Chapter Five


An unsettled quiet greeted Jim when he returned to the loft, he knew it was due to the incident that occurred be he left. Quickly he stripped, and moved silently to stand behind Blair, assuming the correct slave position, and awaited for his next orders.


After a few minutes of this silence, Blair snaps his fingers.


“Slave, front and center.”


“Master Simon, you were going to show me how to keep the Slave hard all day, I believe,” Blair looked over at Simon, with an arched eyebrow. This was to show everyone in the room that Blair had moved past the problem, and that while not okay with everything Simon did, they still were friends.


Smiling at Blair, and nodding at the silent message, he picked up the few items he had removed from the box earlier, and motioning for permission to touch Jim, and with Blair’s permission, he grabbed Jim, and turned Jim towards him.


“If I remember correctly, this Slave’s peccadillo was that he enjoyed being bound up, so lets start with a ball stretcher, like this one,” Simon said as he picked up a piece of rubber strap, with 4 silver snaps on it. Pulling down on Jim’s ball sack, he quickly snapped the piece of rubber into place, and letting go of the sack. Blair notice it did not bounce back, but stay stretched out, and he could see that Jim was trying not to moan out loud.


Blair could also see a drop of pre-cum forming on the tip of Jim’s cock, and with an evil smile, he reached over and with a finger tip began to smear it all over the sensitive gland head. He felt Jim harden more, and saw Jim’s body stiffen, and a moan did escape from Jim’s tightly held lips.


Flicking the tightly bound balls, Blair commanded, “Quiet Slave, you have just to stand there and endure this.”


Sitting back, Simon smiled as he watched Blair slightly torture Jim, this was nothing compared to some of the things the Jim could with stand, but it was coming from Blair, who Jim loved so it added an extra amount of something to the torture. Sighing, Simon wondered if he would ever find someone who would fill that gap in his heart that he needed filled.


Shaking his head to get back in the here and now, he had noticed that Sandburg had noticed the sign, and had stopped playing with Jim’s body. Shaking his head at Blair, Simon grabbed up the ring that he had selected to put on the Slave’s cock and balls. Since the Slave was well endowed Simon had selected a rather heavy metal ring, it’s cold surface rested heavily in his left hand. Grabbing Jim by the head of his dick, and pulling him forward by it, he pulled the Slave into reach, he made quick work sliding it down the hard cock, then reaching for the Slave’s nuts, he had a little trouble pushing the through the small remaining space, but he did. Simon was sure that it was a bit painful for Jim when he push his balls through the ring, but since he was now a slave, he found he didn’t really care anymore.


As Simon put the heavy metal ring on Jim, Blair watched his face, and saw both pain and pleasure mixed there, especially when his balls were pulled through the confining space of the ring. That was when it really hit him. Jim really does need this, Blair thought, and I will be the one to give it to him.


After Simon was done Blair swatted Jim on the ass hard, “Slave, now go get dressed with your tightest clothes. Your taking me shopping for a proper wardrobe, for both being a Master, the bell pen, and everyday wear. No more goodwill and hand me downs. We are breaking that trust fund of yours tonight.”


Soon, at Barbed-Wire, the new chic store for all the leather crowd to buy stuff at, at least according to Simon and the rumor mill at the club. There leather, rubber, and other fetish clothing to be found here, as well as equipment, toys, and other do-dads, that would make any leather hound drool.


First things first, they had to get Blair some leather pants, vests, hats, jacket, and a long coat to wear to the club at different times. Plus a harness, riding crop, a whip, and other necessaries that he will need for his training.


Upon entering the store, and meeting the proprietress, a Madam Janson, they indicated what they were after and what amount they were willing to spend, they were ushered into a private area of the store where they could try on various outfits without the outside world knowing who buy what, a sorta of keeping secrets kinda of area.


After taking Blair’s measurements, Madame Janson sent her helper to get some pants, and other clothing for him to try on behind screen for modesty sake. Though why some people were modest about changing clothes in a leather shop, she would never know.


After the help brought back the leather wear, and Sandburg had tried them on, Madam Janson started marking them and stuff, these were to going to be custom fit to a perfect match to bring out the best in Blair’s assets, and even Simon had to admit they were some nice assets.


After the clothing, and Blair decided to wear a pair of tight fitting leather pants and a red silk shirt out, they moved on to the toys and equipment. Moving into the basement of the establishment, they saw all sorts of toys on the display on the walls, in cases, and on racks throughout the basement. They also saw a St. Andrew Cross at the far end of the room, seeing that Blair turned towards Simon with a raised eyebrow.


“Sometimes, like now, Masters come with their subs and/or slaves and they want to try out the toys before they buy them,” explained Simon, nodding towards the cross.


Looking at the list that Simon had given him, Blair began walking around the room, with Jim behind him. While they were doing that Simon began making calls to have a few of the fellow police officers from the club meet them at the Loft. After the last call was made, Simon re-joined the two as they were looking over riding crops.


“The only way to truly get a feel for the right one of those is to try out several on a willing subject,” suggested Simon, grinning at Blair, and then looking at Jim over Blair’s shoulder.


Catching on, Blair quickly agreed with Simon, and had Jim strip. Once they had him securely attached to the frame of the cross, and Simon had shown Blair the correct way to put in a ball gag and tighten it so as not to hurt the slave, they went back to look over the riding crops again.


Picking up one, and swinging it, Blair commented, “I don’t know Simon, this one seems a bit stiff to me, I want one with a little more give, a bit more flexibility to it, if you know what I mean.”


Looking over the selection in the case, Simon spotted one he knew would be perfect for Blair, quickly picking it up and handing it off to Blair, while he took the one Blair had, “Try this one, I love the company that makes it, and their stuff lasts forever.”


Swinging it a few times in the air, and feeling how it moved at the end of his hand, he agreed it felt right, now to see how it felt when he tried it on Jim’s bare ass.


Simon began a little speech to aimed at Blair, “Now the goal with a riding crop is to cause pain and a whelp without drawing blood or leaving a scar. To do this you use a firm and steady swing, like so,” and Simon demonstrated with a swing, and laid a mark across the pale ass of Jim’s backside.


“Reach up and feel the whelp, notice that it is raised but I didn’t draw blood or break the skin in any way,” Simon said to Blair. Reaching over to the trussed up Jim, hesitant at first, then with a little more confidence he gently runs his hands over the whelp that appears on Jim’s butt. He can feel the heat, and surprisingly he can also feel Jim’s moans as well.


Looking up at Simon, Blair grinned at those moans, “He is such a slut isn’t he,” Blair commented.


“Yes, he is once you get him started,” replied Simon, “ why don’t you take a few practice swings with the crop to see how it feels, and then we have to leave. We still have to grab some supper, and pick u a few things for tonight’s show before the guys get there,” reminded Simon.


Knowing that Simon was right, Blair took a few practice swings first in the air to get a feel for the crop then took four quick but firm hits on Jim’s posterior. They were so quick that Jim’s mind didn’t have time to register them until it was over, and when it did, he started to yell and buck on the cross. But when the pain past he laid there moaning in something that almost resembled pleasure, and when Blair ran his hand over the five whelps now on his ass, the moaning became louder and moan pronounced and Blair just grinned at Simon.


“I like this one, it’s light, and I can swing it quickly, plus, it leaves suck beautiful marks, don’t you agree,” he asked.


“Yes, it does,” answered a grinning Simon, never seeing this side of Blair before, and really getting turned on by it.


They decided to then leave, and quickly untied Jim from the cross. When untied Jim, immediately dropped to his knees, with his arms behind his back, he leaned forward and kissed Blair’s new boots, saying “Thank you, Master for allowing this worthless slave to serve you in this way,” then he moved back into position with his head bowed and arms still behind his back.


“You’re welcome, Slave, now get dress, and pay for all these things that we have bought tonight,” Blair said sneering at his property. Stopping Jim half way up into a standing position, grabbed his chin, and kissed him. The kiss was warm, and full of passion, “Jim, never forget I still and will always love you.” Then releasing him, to continue to stand and get dressed, Blair could not miss the smile on both Jim’s face and in his eyes, and he went off to gather his clothes and to pay for the items that they bought that night.


Simon sighed resoundly, knowing that Blair would always be Blair no matter how gruff and mean he would be to Jim the Slave. When he really thought about it, he really didn’t want that to change, he didn’t want to loose that part of Blair either, totally to the dark side of Blair.


Chapter Six


After they left the store, and put everything in Simon’s trunk, Simon drove them to a restaurant that catered to the gay lifestyle so that it would not seem strange to have Jim kneeling at the table like a slave, without his shirt or with the new collar the just bought him. It was called a bulldog collar because it has spike all around it, starting at the buckle and ending at the buckle on the other side. In the middle on the opposite side of the buckle the was a d-ring that you could snap chain to, which they did, leading Jim into the restaurant, shirtless, and on a chain, wearing a spiked collar for all the world to see.


Jim stood tall, as if telling the world, try to make something of this, go ahead, just try. Simon led them over to a specialized table that had a section lowered for subs and slaves, so they could eat while in a keeling position. When their waiter came over he only handed Blair and Simon menus, totally ignoring Jim as he kneeled there on the floor, and he left to give then a few minute to look over the selections.


“Look Simon they even have a slave/sub section in here,” said Blair shocked.


“Ya, that is why I brought you here, this restaurant caters to all sorts of lifestyles here, and these are the Master/slave menus. They a little different the regular menus because of the slave section. If you note the selections in the slave area are vastly of a lower quality than the Master’s selection, even if they are healthier,” replied Simon.


By then the waiter returned, and they placed their orders, Jim did not like what Blair ordered for him, and he let his face show it, and the room re-sounded with a slap. Everyone turned towards the table startled at the sound.


Jim looked up at Blair stunned. “I saw that face you made at the choices I made for your dinner. You forgot you’re now a slave to me, my property, to do with as I please. I could not have ordered you anything at all tonight, as would have been my right. But because of my love and concern for you I didn’t go that far, but you’re tempting me to really go into the dark side of my psyche and let it out to play.”


With that Jim hung his head and tears fell down his face in shame for what he had done and made Blair do, and Blair and Simon just ignored him, and continued talking about trivial things, as if Jim wasn’t there at all crying just inches away from them.


When their food arrived with their drinks, Simon and Blair had steaks with all the trimmings and wine, while Jim only received a diet soda, a salad, with low cal dressing, a potato with butter, and a grilled chicken breast with a slice lemon on top for flavor. Sighing quietly Jim ate his meal, making sure not to grimace at it, and making sure he ate it all so not to be punished or embarrass his Master anymore than he already had.


When the meal was over, Simon insisted on paying for it as his treat for the night, the left the restaurant. Jim did not walk out as him walked in, his shoulders were slumped, his head down, and he basically shuffled his way out of the place. He knew he had done wrong here, and now everyone knew his was not the good slave he pretended to be when he came in.


When Jim got into the back of the car Blair saw how miserable he looked and he asked Simon what was that all about, Simon replied, “The slave knows that he has failed you back there in the restaurant, when you slapped him, so he has embarrassed not only himself, but you as well when that happened. That is why he is like that.” Blair nodded his understanding, and let it drop for now.


As they drove they pulled into a pharmaceutical store, and Simon order Jim to go in and get the necessary cleaning supplies for tonight’s show. A red faced Jim, with his shirt and collar on, scurried to obey, and rushed into the store, while Blair looked on in amusement. He “knew” what they were talking about in code, but he left them think he didn’t know.


When Jim returned a few minutes later with a bag that he held close to his chest, and if possible his face was redder that before he went into the store. And Blair just snickered at the picture he saw.


Simon nodded at Jim, and quickly drove back to the loft. Once there, Blair ordered Jim to clean out the trunk and then get into uniform up stairs, he was also told he was never again allowed to use the elevator, Blair said this with a smirk as he and Simon got on said elevator to ride up to their floor.


With a small grumble Jim turned around and went to empty the trunk off all the purchases they had him buy that night, this was going to take more than one trip up and down those long flights of stairs.


Simon was still chuckling when they got back to the loft, he clapped Blair on the back, saying “Good one Blair, good one. You’re shaping up to be a fine Master.”


“Now what I want you to wear tonight is that leather biker hat, the full harness with the cock ring. And those really tight leather pants that Madam Janson custom fit for you. Make sure your nice and hard before you put on the rings, Yes it going to hurt, but pain for fashion tonight. You have to give the right look tonight.


“Okay, Simon, if you say so,” muttered Blair, remembering how Jim made a painful face at the pain he went through the process earlier tonight. Then as Jim came in with his first load, Blair smiled evilly, because he now had a plan for getting into his out fit. “Slave, take off your shirt, no need to hide your buff bod from the neighbors,” said Blair. Red faced Jim took off his shirt and went out to get the rest of the packages and bags from the car’s trunk.


When Jim arrived with the final load, his face was beet red, he had ran into old Mrs. Hopkins from 2nd floor, and she gave him a knowing wink, a quirky smile, and a hard pinch on his right nipple before getting on the elevator for ride to her floor. He just wanted to sink right through the floor right then and there.


“Slave, what has gotten you so red faced and embarrassed?” Blair wanted to know. After telling them what had happened, the two Master nearly fell over and wet themselves from laughing. “I-I-I knew there was something about the old girls past than she was telling everyone, now we know more than any one else,” Blair said laughing.


While the Master were laugh Jim proceeded to get into house uniform, or rather no uniform that is. He quickly got undressed, and stripped, folded his clothes walked over to his assigned area, kneeled and awaited further instructions.


As soon as the two masters stopped laughing, Master Blair turned to the Slave, “Take everything upstairs so we can go through them for tonight’s show, then later we will put the rest in the new playroom, my old bed room. We will of course need sound proofing;” smirked Blair evilly.


Looking slightly wide eyed at what he thought of his somewhat innocent roommate, Jim quickly complied with the orders from Master Blair, and only hear talking slightly to Simon.


“I’m only going to need the slave for a few minutes then I will send him the bathroom to finish getting his preparations done for the party tonight, ok Simon?”

“Sure, Blair, what every, as long as everything is ready by 9:30 we will be on schedule for the show at 10 pm,” commented Simon.


“Good”, Blair said racing up the stairs, towards the slave waiting up there. When Blair finally got up stairs with the slave and all the packages, Jim was kneeling at the foot of the bed and the packages were piles neatly in a corner of the room out of the way. Blair without saying a word to Jim, rooted through the bags until he found the harness he was looking for. Once he did he walked to the other side on the bed, and quickly stripped and folded his clothes on the bed and put his partially un-aroused member through the ring at the bottom of the harness. Ordering the Slave to crawl in front of him, as Jim did and positioning himself directionally under his Master’s balls and cock, head bowed so that the trio would rest on his left shoulder, he waited for more orders.


Blair looked down, smiling that Jim, his Slave did not take the initiative, even if he knew what Blair wanted him to do. Rubbing his head like a well trained animal, “Good boy, yes you are a good boy,” said Blair, in a childish tone one said to ones pets. Snapping back up, Blair the command “Slave I want you make me hard just using you mouth and nothing more than your mouth, do you understand?”


Yes, Sir, I understand my orders Sir,” Jim snapped back, a little embarrassed from first the petting and now this. This was not all the Blair that he knew and loved, but more like a Master he would encounter at the club he created, and he was not sure he wanted that totally anymore as he leaned in started sucking the limp tool.


As Blair felt his cock hard, and started to push it hard and hard into Jim’s throat, saying things to Jim like “Do you know why I am doing this, because you wanted it, because you went to others before coming to me for help. I was your Guide in all things but now I will just be your master, and your will be nothing more than a piece of flesh for me to use as I will for sex.” When he got done saying all of this, he shoved Jim onto his back, “Now, go downstairs and gets cleaned up, you have a show to put on for us to night, and you better put on a fantastic show, otherwise, You will know the levels of pain I can give out.” With that he gave The Slave a sideways kick to the ass to get him moving. Jim getting to his feet scrambled down stairs tears falling from his eyes, knowing that the old Blair was nothing like this at all, and wondering what he had created, in his desires for a Master.




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