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Welcome to

The Titanium Whip Awards





Nov 2016 - This site is pretty much abandoned, I'm afraid that ill health and events in my life prevented me from getting around to ensuring all the enteries were cleaned up after the conversion (mentioned below) it's unlikely that the awards will ever be run again, however, I'm leaving the site up for the sake of posterity, in case there's someone out there still enjoys reading these fics :) . 


Update: December 2009 - A lot of the enteries got messed up with the conversion to pbworks from pbwiki. 




What Are The Titanium Whip Awards?


The awards are designed to recognise the work of fanfic writers who write in all fandoms (but also original fic writers), with a BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Domination, Submission, Sadism &/or Masochism), Kink or Fetish theme. There are a lot of talented authors who write in this genre and while there are many other award systems out there I hope there is room for this one too. The awards were created by azure chaos, the Award Administrator, who is also a writer of kink!fic as well as being in the BDSM lifestyle in real life.






Please read the following in order:




Rules of the Awards



Award Categories

Best Overall Award - Top 5

To Nominate


List of All Nominated Fics

Fics by Award Categories Index




If you wish to send feedback to any of the nominated authors then you can send it to the Awards Administrator at the following address (under the feedback link), be sure to include "Feedback" in the subject line and the Author ID Number and Fic Title, in the E-mail.

This option is not currently available as a new contact email needs to be set up.






General Disclaimer: The Fics posted on this website remain the intellectual property of their original authors and the Adminstrator and Judges of these Awards lay no claim to them; their consent to publish the works on this site has been obtained. Similarly, the authors of fanfiction lay no claim to the intellectual property of the universes in which they are set or the characters as they were created by the original writers of TV, Movies, Comics, Books or Games. No money has or will be made by anyone for taking part in the Awards or by the production of their fanworks.






Our Affiliates


The Forbidden Awards

|"An Award site, which is primarily for the Buffy/ATS fandom only,

but we embrace all good stories, AU, BDSM, RPS. We don't care, we just love good fic."|








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