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Imaginative Use of a Hair Dryer


Author: NA29

Fandom: Angel

Pairing(s): Angel/Spike

Warnings: D/s, humor, kinks

Spoilers: none

Summary: Dom Angel and sub Spike are in a long term relationship. Spike aranges for a vacation and when disaster hits Angel comes up with a unique way to sexualy torture his love.


Nominated Category:

Ingenious Pervertables: Acted TV & Movies – Slash


Part 1: Black Bear Chateau


The Black Bear Chateau was a small mansion set on 5 acres of gardens, meadows and woodland. Spike knew that Angel would love it when he rented it for their vacation. It had huge fireplaces with ornate mantels, antique furniture, high ceilings, heavy drapes and fresh flowers every day. There was even a ‘play room’ in the basement, but most importantly it had a staff that knew how to cater to the eccentric rich when needed and be invisible when not needed.


Spike sent orders that the drapes were to be kept closed during the day and opened at night. He had a supply of blood delivered by a local demon clan and most of the staff was given a paid vacation for the five days that Spike had rented the Chateau.


Angel and Spike left at sunset and arrived at the chateau twenty minutes before dawn.

Angel had insisted on driving; he was in no mood to put up with Spike’s speed demon. Spike pretended to pout, in the hope Angel would punish him for it when they got to the chateau; but became genuinely concerned when an accident backed traffic up for over two hours. Angel insisted that they would still make it before dawn and the pair speed through the night with Angel behind the wheel.


The major-domo, who seemed very familiar to both vampires, met them at the door.


“Any chance you’re related to one Rupert Giles?” Spike asked in his upper crust accent.


“I don’t believe I am, sir,” the man said, “I will, however, answer to any name you chose.”


“What name do you ordinarily go by?” Angel asked.


“Randal, My Lord,”


Spike burst out laughing. Angel glared.


“I’m not a Lord,” Angel growled, “in spite of what he told you.”


“Yes, My Lord, quite right, I assure you we are quite discreet here; let me show you to your suite.”


Angel turned to Spike who was still laughing. “How much did you pay him, Spike?”


“Who me?” Spike asked trying to put on his innocent face. I’m laughing about the Randal bit. Did I ever tell you about the time in Sunnydale when…


Angel growled.


“Yeah, well, guess I better save that story for another time.”


Angel turned back to the major-domo. “I can’t have him giggling every time we need to talk to you. We’ll call you ‘James’.”


“Yes, quite, My Lord, James it is; this way please.”


The suite was beautiful and the bedroom was luxurious, there were fresh flower arrangements throughout the rooms and a roaring fire in the fireplace.


“Enjoy your stay, My Lord and sir,” James said as he backed out of the room.


Part 2: Second Night in the Chateau

The second night in the chateau:


Spike ran through the night, letting the smells and sounds wash over him. It was the night of the full moon and the joy of the night was never better. Angel followed after, giving Spike a 3-minute head start. They loved this game, just the two of them and the earth. It was something both the demon in them and their human soul could enjoy.


Angel stopped to smell the air. Spike was running toward the woods and Angel took off in that direction. Spike could sense that Angel was gaining on him; he wove in and out among the trees circling back and listening for the crackle of Angles steps in the underbrush. When he heard them he jumped into a tree and waited. Angel stopped when he sensed he was close. He walked softly among the trees as Spike waited silently overhead.


Suddenly there was a roar and a large Braken demon crashed through the trees and attacked Angel. Angel tried to break its neck but could not get the leverage.


“Bollocks,” Spike said and jumped down from the tree. He kicked the demon in the back of the knees, but it did not go down. Neither vampire has brought any weapons with them so Spike did what any self-respecting vampire would do: he bit the demon and tore off a piece of its flesh.

Demon blood squirted out of the wound on the demon's shoulder, but did not slow the beast down. Angel managed to bite into the demons throat; this time the demon fell dead.


“Demon blood,” Angel spat, trying to get the taste out of his mouth, “Did you know there were Braken living around here?”


“No, but I’m going to complain to the owner. Kind'a puts the kibosh on hot times under the full moon,” Spike said.


“Yeah, this blood is making me itch and I need to get this taste out of my mouth.”


“Looks like we’ll have to settle for hot times under the shower", Spike said. “Last one back is a ponce,” and Spike took off running with Angel in close pursuit.


Part 3: The Hair Dryer

Back at their suite, in the shower:


“We’ll have to burn those cloths,” Angel said as he scrubbed the demon blood from his arms. “Is this stuff making you itch?”


“No, but I can’t say as I like the smell of it,” Spike said. “Do you mind handing over the soap?”


“Do I stink?” Angel asked in his worried little boy voice.


“Was talkin' 'bout the bloody cloths, Pet, not you. Here, now, let me wash your back, that always makes you feel better.”


Angel turned around and moaned softly as Spike began to soap and rub his back. His erection grew quickly and their encounter with the demon was all but forgotten.

Spike moved forward and pressed his own erection against Angel’s ass. He moved his arms around Angel in a hug and began soaping Angel’s chest and moving his hands slowly in little circles, down toward Angel’s groin. Then he stopped. “Done,” he said and quickly stepped out of the shower.


Angel stepped out after him. “Where do you think you're going, Boy?”


“Just gonna towel off,” Spike said.


“No towel for you tonight, I got something else in mind.” Angel took the towel from Spike, threw it on the floor, grabbed Spike and backed him up to the counter. He licked the mark on Spike’s neck that he had put there so long ago. Then he took the hair dryer and began blowing the hot air on the spot. “I’ve got a craving for warm blood.”


Spike braced himself on the counter, enjoying the sensation of the hot air traveling over him. Angel teased him, moving it over Spikes body as he licked the spot he would bite to test for warmth. Then he turned to game face and pierced Spike with his fangs. The warm blood was intoxicating. He pulled his mouth away when it began to cool. “Mine, for ever, my love,” he whispered into Spike's ear. Angel began directing the hair dryer over Spike’s naked body and then licking the warm spot until it cooled.


Spike moaned with pleasure and frustration. Angel never touched him with his hands there was only the hot wind of the hair dryer contrasted with Angel’s cool tongue and accompanied by an occasional nip. “Oh, bloody hell!” Spike said as Angel aimed the heat at Spike’s erection.


“Sit up on the counter, lean back and enjoy,” Angel said.


Spike did as he was told and Angel moved between his legs.


As Angel continued to make the hot air dance over Spike’s cock, he reached into the draw and took out a tube of lube. He turned on the hot water in the sink and placed the lube under the flow of water. Then he began licking Spike's warm cock as he directed the hot air at his own erection.


Spike was beside himself with frustration and pleasure. “Enough, Peaches,” he said, “fuck me already.”


“Get down and turn around,” Angel said as he turned off the hot water and filled his hand with a generous amount of warm lube. Then he picked up the hair dryer again and played the hot air over Spike’s ass and his own cock as he made Spike ready.


“Oh, god, the lube is warm.” Spike said as he thrust back.


“That’s the whole point,” Angel said as he continued to heat his own cock with the hair dryer. When Angel couldn’t stand any more heat he pulled his finger out of Spike and with one long slow thrust entered him.


Spike gasped. The lube had been warm but Angel’s cock was hot. “Angel, what did you do?”


Angle hugged Spike to him, “You wanted to get fucked boy, here it comes ready or not.”


Angel began a punishing pace. Pain mixed with pleasure washed over Spike as each thrust slammed into him and Angel growled his dominance.


Angel grabbed Spike's cock and began stroking it with the same fast pace. “You’re mine and mine alone, Boy, forever,” Angel said and then he sunk his fangs into Spike’s neck.


“Yours forever!” Spice yelled as his cock exploded into Angel’s hand and a moment later Angel’s cock shot it’s warm cum into Spike.


Angel licked the wound on Spike’s neck closed and then he pulled out. Spike’s knees began to buckle but Angel caught him and hugged him close. “Are you okay?”


“You’ve fucked me hard before, Angel, but that was incredible.” Spike said


“Incredible good or incredible bad?” Angel asked with a chuckle.


“Incredible good you cheeky bastard,” Spike said.



Three hours later Spike was sound asleep. Angel quietly slid out of the bed and went to the living room. He picked up the phone and called James.

“I want black roses and white chocolate brought to our suite with our noon meal,” Angel said.


“Yes My Lord, will there be anything else?” James asked.


“Yes, a fondue pot with extra candles,” Angel said, “Just make sure you get it done.” Then he hung up the phone and returned to the bed. He pulled Spike to him and kissed him on the forehead. Spike started to purr in his sleep; god, he loved it when Spike did that. ‘Black roses and white chocolate,’ Angel thought as he fell asleep. His boy loved sweets and white chocolate was one of his favorites.

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