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Hando’s Slide


Author: NA66

Fandom: Romper Stomper

Pairing(s): Hando/unnamed fem

Warnings: Bondage, Fem Dom, Whip

Spoilers: Oh boy.

Summary: someone invent a battery operated whip please. this little ditty had me squirming in my chair.


Nominated Category:

Best Use of Toys - Other




The Mistress possesses the ability to reach into the very soul and bring out what is buried deep inside, and then still hold her lover close afterwards. It is the submissive' trust in her that allows her to do this. She cannot take what is not given to her freely. Submission is a gift. What could be better than to give the gift of yourself to another? It takes total trust and commitment on both parts in order for this to be successful.


She came into the bar with an entourage, looking out of place but confident enough to not give a shit. She was dressed in black leather, thigh high boots, short skirt, black leather corset, the hint of a tattoo showed on her lower back just above the skirt and below the corset. Her hair was platinum blonde, tied back tight and she wore an SS hat tilted forward. Hando's eyes were trained on her.


"Guess I found my root mate," he said to Magoo.


"Fuck me, you don't want to tap that or you'll come home without your bollocks," Magoo replied.


"When have I ever let that stop me?" Hando said confidently rubbing his mates shaved head.


He picked up his beer and strolled toward her then bodily removing the young man sitting next to her, he took his place beside her.


"Do I even want to know you?" she said eyeing him.


"Ah, you're a yank, how special," Hando said with a grin.


"So you want to play games do you, who are you?" the woman asked.


"I am your god love," he replied moving dangerously close to her face. "You can call me Hando. Lord Hando"


He was oddly handsome, dressed in white, jack booted with a long trench coat. She admired his confidence that is for sure. He was defiantly not her type, but there was a mysterious intelligence about him, something she could not quite put her finger on. Whatever the case, he had the most intriguing eyes.


"So, why don't we go back to your place, I'm bored with this place, what's your name?" Hando queried.


"You can call me.....Mistress," she replied, coming equally close to his face, running her tongue across his lips like a skink.


Hando was instantly excited and intrigued to say the least. She caused heat to rise in his belly; he wanted to fuck her that was certain.


"Mistress what? Mistress Braun?" he said laughing


"Ich werde Ihre Göttin sein, wenn Sie wählen, das Spiel zu spielen," she said with a perfect accent. (I will be your Goddess if you choose to play the game.)


"Kommen Sie mit mir mein Haustier". (Come with me, my pet.)


He pretty much understood what she was saying, he read Mein Kampf and some other Third Reich propaganda. Where did she come from, the Fourth Reich? Was she going to be his Ava? What young skinhead didn't want his own fuck toy?


"Tell me about your game, Mistress," he said sarcastically.


"You're a virgin then my pet?"


"I ain't no fucking virgin love, that's for sure."


"Maybe not in the clinical sense, but I can see you are a virgin to the game, would you like to learn then pet?"


"I haven't got anything better to do right now, so let's get out of here."


Without a word to her friends she got up and led him to the door. He followed her, pointing to her as he passed Magoo who was still sitting at the bar. Magoo just shook his head in disbelief and went back to his Fosters.


She brought him to a modest flat within walking distance of the bar, sharing a cigarette with him during the walk but very little conversation. As they entered the door of the flat, he grabbed her, pushing her against the wall, kissing her. The Mistress shoved him back.


"You agreed to learn the game pet, have you changed your mind?" she asked.


"All right love, I'll play along, what do you want me to do?"


"You have to trust me Hando, okay?"


"I'll play along for now," he replied.


She blindfolded him with a black silk scarf that was hanging by the door and led him upstairs to another room.


"Setzen Sie sich mein Haustier, hin lassen Sie mich zeigen Sie wie viel Spaß, den das Spiel sein kann." (Sit down my pet, let me show you how much fun the game can be.)


She went behind him, tying his hands with a soft rope. She removed his boots, brushing her head against his crotch teasingly in the process.


"Don't know if I like this," he said.


"Trust me, you will enjoy yourself, if you want me to stop just say BITTE!"


"Bitte," he repeated, "Please?"


"Yes, at any time, just say bitte, and the game will be over," the Mistress instructed. "Ich komme zurück....mein Haustier." (I will be right back my pet)


She left the room, he sat there, bound, thinking about what was on her mind. Within a few minutes she returned.


"Salutations Hando, I am The Mistress, I invite you to bow down before me, and I promise you pleasure as you have never known before."


For a second he wondered what the fuck he was doing there, but by the same token Hando allowed this to go on. He was intrigued by her and he wanted to have her, even if it were on her terms. She was perfection to him, and she spoke the language.


He sat there waiting, his hands still bound behind his back, legs spread, blindfolded. His excitement was apparent by the bulge in his loose fitting white trousers. The only sensation that was prominent to him at this time was the cold floor on his bare feet, and her scent. He knew she was close. He could hear her breathing. All he could do was picture the fullness of her red lips, the curve of her hip at the base of the tight patent leather corset, and the curl of her toe pressed against the end of her five inch pumps.


"You have agreed to serve me today my pet," she said in a low sultry voice.


"Yes my Mistress, your bidding is all that I crave," he answered tentatively.


"Sie lernen schnelle Liebe." (You learn fast my love.)


He could hear her approach, heels clicking rhythmically on the marble floor. In seconds she was in his space as he struggled against the bindings a little. He was not used to this but his lust for her superseded his own domineering attitude.


"Sit still my pet, or you shall have to be punished."


"Punished Mistress?" he queried.


At once she dropped the whip across his cheek. He winced slightly, but held his demeanor.


"You will not question me my pet, or you will be punished, do you understand now?"


"Yes Mistress," he said once again, squirming against the rope binding his hands to the wooden chair.


The Mistress stroked his chest with the whip, teasing his nipples as she knelt down, her hot breath enticing the bulge in his trousers. He dropped his head, his own breath now coming in short hard gasps as the anticipation of what she had to offer fueled his excitement further. Her hair smelled like amber. He could picture in his mind the tight ponytail that she wore in her blonde tresses. The fuehrer would be proud of her, the perfect beauty, blue eyed and strong willed. What other excuse could he use to give in to her game except to touch this Goddess?


She traced the tattoos on his chest with the end of the whip, gently cooing to him.


"Good Boy, you deserve a treat my pet," she said, partially unzipping the front of his pants.


She teased the tip of his hard shaft with her lips, sucking, licking causing him to lurch forward. Once again he fought against the ropes, for no other reason but to touch her, to pull her head further onto him, to feel her soft full lips caress his swollen cock to its base.


She dropped the whip once again against his cheek, this time leaving a welt. He was less receptive, recoiling from her.


"Sit still I told you," she demanded.


He complied, with some difficulty. His thoughts were filled with her teasing.


"Now my pet, we will let you see what other gifts the Mistress has for you."


He squinted and blinked against the dim light in the large bedroom as she removed the blindfold. She was even more enticing than he imagined. Her lips were painted bright red, matching the long seductive fingernails on her graceful hands. The corset she wore was black patent leather and pulled extremely tight showing her ample cleavage. The stays met the lines of her waist and flowed form fitting down to the curve of her full hips. A garter belt held her net stockings up and the triangle shape of her crotch peeked from under the corset showing the black silk tee back panties that she wore underneath. "A little humility will be worth ass fucking this one," he thought as looked her up and down.


"Are you content with your Mistress pet?" she asked.


"Oh yeah," he replied.


The Mistress snapped the crop on his nipple, bringing him to attention.


"Then pleasure me." she said as she threw her leg over his shoulder, rubbing the silk of her panties on his chin. He complied with her demands pulling at her panties with his teeth, struggling against the bindings on his hands. She thrust her hips forward into his face allowing access to her sex. Hando ate hungrily from her garden, as she stroked the back of his head.


"Mmm, good boy," she said tickling his back with her riding crop.


With little effort he gnawed through the thin material of her panties dropping them off to one side as he continued assaulting her now wet pussy with his tongue.


All at once she withdrew from him, taking a step back, she kicked off what was left of her panties and undid the garter belt dropping it and the stockings to her ankles, swiftly stepping out of her shoes and leaving everything in a heap on the floor. She went to his back leaning into him, pressing her breasts against him, running the crop down his belly and into his trousers. He stifled his moans, for fear of the whip, as she enticed his cock with the cold leather. The Mistress spread her legs and lowered herself, teasing his fingers with the wetness of her pussy. He contorted his bound hands, begging for admittance, twisting his wrists against the tight rope. He turned his hands upward, ignoring the pain as he groped at her, conscious of her firm breasts pressed against his back, her arms wrapped tightly around him and the chair, still teasing his manhood with the end of the whip. His cock now swollen to its pinnacle pressed hard against his unzipped trousers.


"Enough of this fuckin' game mate," he said straining to free himself.


The Mistress, angered, withdrew the whip from his pants and struck him, more firmly this time, first across his back, clipping the top of the chair, and then across his shoulder, drawing blood to the skin and raising a large red welt. His eyes grew wide with passion as he returned her anger, breaking the slat of the chair, she stepped back in fear and he stood and turned toward her, stripping the ropes from his wrist. He lunged at her grabbing the crop from her hands, raising it to strike her back. As she cowered from him, he lowered the whip, striking the wall beside her. With her cock teasing still fresh in his mind, Hando picked her up onto his shoulder and carried her to the bed throwing her mercilessly on her back.


"My rules now!" he said as he spread her legs with one hand, jamming the broad end of the leather whip into her still wet sheath.


She did not fight him as she arched her back toward the now well oiled whip stained with her honey. He was on his knees beside her, working the crop in and out of her velvet core as little moans of pleasure emanated from her. He left it inside of her as he tore at the laces of the corset, ripping at it like an anticipated birthday gift. Pulling the last lace out he slipped his hand under her back and slid the leather trap off of her, throwing it onto the floor. Without mercy he groped at her breasts, pushing them together and licking at both nipples as she spread her arms and clenched the still imbedded whip tight with her sex muscles.


"I like your game Hando," she said between gasps.


He moaned his response to her as he reached down and pulled the whip from her drawing it under his nose, savoring the scent of her blended with that of the leather. He turned her over jamming his fingers into her roughly for a moment, stroking his own manhood with the crop in hand. Hando dropped his trousers, the urgency he felt in his belly evident by his huge erection. Now, on his knees, he entered her from behind, hard and fast, pounding his flesh into her willing depth, one hand around her waist the other still clutching the riding crop.


"I want you to cum, I want to feel you cum while I am in you," he said.


"Ich mag diese Folter," she purred. (I like this torture.)


He dropped the whip, licked his fingers and teased her clit slowing his pace a little, matching the rhythm of his thrust with the stroking. She dropped to her elbows, allowing him to access the end of her cavern.


He stopped fucking her, but remained inside, concentrating on teasing her hard button with his fingers. He could feel her pulse from inside throbbing against his cock as he both verbally and physically coaxed her to climax. His crotch pressed hard against her ass, he held her tight allowing no movement. Sweet torture as his hardness filled her to capacity.


"That's it love, you are so wet and so tight, cum for me," he said fighting the urge to withdraw and plunge again and again. He knew she was on the verge of release as her honeyed walls sucked at his flesh. He toyed with her clit sliding his fingers to her entry point, brushing against the base of his cock and flaming his own passion. He moved ever so slightly, touching some magical place inside of her. He could feel her shudder as her sheath tightened around him. She rocked her hips, begging him to continue fucking her but he held her tight, stroking her hard little pearl with his moist finger. She pushed herself up on her elbows, allowing her nipples to graze the fine cotton sheets of the bed, still rocking against him. As he loosened his grip slightly, she felt his shaft slide ever so slightly inside of her, sending her into a frenzy of passion. She came hard, crying out, clutching his manhood with her throbbing walls. He released his grip on her savoring the pulsing of her climax as she fell forward on her elbows again.


Hando allowed her no time to recover from the sensitivity that her climax created as he began drilling at her again, now wrapping both arms around her and pulling her into his thrusts. Her silky sheath sucked at him and he continued his onslaught. He felt proud of himself as he tamed the Mistress, forcing her to trade places, to become the submissive. She was willing to concede, to pleasure him in whatever way he demanded. He pulled out of her, roughly flipping her on her back with an entwined leg, only to spread her legs and enter her again, his full weight on top of her. For the first time he captured her eyes with his, seeing the flames he created inside of her. Hando could not resist kissing her. A kiss so deep and passionate as he searched her mouth with his tongue. He could control his body no longer. Waves of ecstasy broke over him as he cried out like an un-caged animal spilling his steamy juices into her. He shuddered, grunting several times forcing every drop of fluid from his hard shaft to be drained into her willing vessel. His body spent, he fell onto her chest, still gasping for air.


As they both recovered, Hando rolled over lying beside her. He was proud of himself, notching his belt with this fine specimen. But somehow he felt she changed him a bit, that he bonded with her in a way he has been unable to do with any other human being. He had been tamed briefly. She was not an object to him like his other conquests. She was his frau.


"What is your name," he asked her.


She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close and whispered... "There is no need for you to know my name pet."


"What is your name, BITTE?" he asked again.


"Ich bin Göttin mein schöner Mann." (I am your Goddess, my beautiful man.)


"Shall we play again?"

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