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hot tub a-rama


Author: NA21

Fandom: buffy

Pairing(s): spike/xander

Warnings: use of toys

Spoilers: na

Summary: the boys play with one dildo after another.


Nominated Category:

Best Use of Toys – Slash


hot tub a-rama Chapter 1


“Heaven,” Xander thought for the thousandth time. He checked his list one more time.


DVD in the player. Beer. Towels. Water-proof remote control. Hot tub. View of ocean to be ignored. Wide-screen TV that can be viewed from said hot tub. Hot-tub friendly lube. And… what else? Favorite toy. And…Oh, yes, no Anya. No Spike.




Xander sent a heart-felt thanks to his boss’s relative who had created the emergency which left him house-sitting for three days for four cats. He had been urgently called upon to stay in this lovely sea-side home which made Xander sneer at thoughts of how poor his share of the company profits were in comparison. He was to tend to the four cats; making sure litter box stayed clean, food, water and play were provided, and the elderly, sweet calico got her meds. All for a hundred dollars, free run of the hot tub (providing he clean it) and fully-stocked kitchen (ditto.) Life had finally thrown him a bone.




The balcony where the tub was located jutted out from the cliff face some two stories above a wide restricted beach. No one could see into the private porch. Xander lit the two tall pillar candles that sat near the tub’s rim and switched off the overhead light. He dropped his robe and climbed naked into the steamy goodness of the tub. “Ahhh… The soup de jour is cream of Harris soup,” he giggled to himself and snagged a beer.




He sat facing the ocean, letting the tension of the day and, really, the whole last two months drain out of him. He had thought his life was good. He had a new apartment, a beautiful girlfriend, and Spike had found some new friends somewhere to play with.




He was still in the phase of the relationship (not that he’d had any relationships to compare it to, but he’d heard) where he put most of his own pleasures aside to make Anya happy. He’d spent months with her, indulging her kinks, and trying what ever she wanted: role playing, bondage, spanking, candle wax, almost everything. Suddenly, Xander realized how many of his former girlfriend’s kinks had to do with pain. His pain. Big surprise… not. Xander took a big gulp of the fine, dark beer and sighed at the memory of the beginning of the end.




He had started wanting to try new things that were his idea, but Anya was ever-aggressive and dominated every situation. Finally, one night when she’d had him tied down and blind folded, she’d asked what kind of punishment a bad boy like him needed. In the heat of arousal, he voiced his secret fantasy and told her to take her pink dildo (the smallest one) and shove it up his ass. That would teach him a lesson.




And she had freaked. “Unclean, Xander! That just isn’t done!” Who knew a thousand year old demon could have anal issues?




Xander had tried to explain how good it felt to him. And that no, it did not make him gay. He’d experimented as all boys did, and it felt best to him. His prostate was his sadly neglected friend. Over the years he’d kept it very secret, and the one time he’d been brave enough to buy a butt plug while in Oxnard, he had not had the nerve to bring it home.




So he let it go for a while. Another month of playing the games she chose. Then he’d found himself in the video store in the adult room. Xander had rented what seemed to be the tamest of the videos involving women, toys, and their asses. When he’d put it in the player and joined his honey on the bed, the movie did not make it past the title card before Anya freaked.




“I’ve cursed men to want to have large, strange things stuck up their bottom, Xander. Why would you want me to do that to you? For that matter, why do you want to do it to me? I have two holes you can use, Xander. I don’t see why you need another.” Xander opened his mouth to say he’d rather she do that to him, but didn’t have the chance to draw breath. “I can’t stay here any more, Xander. You’re just going to keep wanting it and probably secretly playing with yourself there when I’m not around and I can’t look at you and spend my time wondering what you’ve had up your bottom.” She turned to leave and stopped. “And EW! I can’t be in this apartment wondering what in it has been up your bottom!”




The next day she left while he was at work. He spent a week railing against the unfairness, packing her stuff away, and finally tearing up pictures of her. He came to understand that he finally did have his own place to himself, he could have whatever toys he liked around, and he liked butt plugs, damn it. He’d gone on-line and spent too much on silicone and rubber toys of varied sizes and shapes. Some were bigger than he’d ever want to actually use, but it was arousing just to slick them up and imagine.




It was fun for a couple of weeks. He’d look forward to coming home from work, just so he could explore his new hobby. He discovered some favorite videos and bought his own copies. Life was good.




Then the fangless menace returned.




One evening, a bored Spike had convinced Xander to shoot pool with him, and Xander had wound up drunk. The vampire half-carried him home and tricked an invite out of him. With Willow away on a trip with her folks, and Giles in England for a month, Xander had no way of uninviting him.




Fortunately, Xander was home all that first day with the snoop and shoved Spike out the door as soon as the sun vanished. With the resolve of one who recognized Spike the mooch was back, Xander carefully packed all his funnest toys away in the chest he’d carved and Willow had spell locked to his touch. Sure enough, Spike took to showing up now and again, more and more often crashing in the closet/guest bedroom.




On the good days, Spike wasn’t such bad company. They liked pretty much the same movies and could both bitch about Buffy and her soldier. On the bad days, it was worse then living in the basement. Spike took moods of being a slob and excelling at it. Xander had grown up in a slobby household and had seen enough towels on the floor and dirty dishes on the table for one lifetime.




Then, this week, things started turning around. Willow came back Tuesday and cast the uninvity spell Wednesday. His boss had begged him to house sit on Thursday. And today, Friday, he sat here in hot-water comfort with the happy imaginings of Spike scowling at the bag of his junk on the door step, then bouncing off the barrier when he tried to go in.




Thus cheered, Xander turned his back on the endless, beautiful, moonlit ocean, and picked up the remote control. He pushed aside the fact that Anya had left him over this very DVD and pressed play on “Lesbian Butt Plug-O-Rama”.


hot tub a-rama Chapter 2

Xander knew this video well, knew just where all his favorite high points were. As the slim brunette with a rose tattoo undressed for the leggy redhead, Xander began to fondle himself. He shifted against the side of the tub, felt the knob of the jet press his back, and realized he was not taking full advantage of the situation.




He moved the candles closer to the control panel and, remembering his absent host’s instructions, turned on the jets.




With a little experimentation, Xander figured out how to aim the jets, and was soon kneeling on a seat facing the house, and letting a jet of hot water buffet his cock, hardening it. While fun and different, it soon became too much and he turned the jet almost closed so just a constant current caressed him. He looked once more to the movie and saw his favorite part was coming on.




A small Asian woman walked across a room and pulled open a drawer. An array of butt plugs and dildos were spread out across a black cloth like jewelry on display, sorted by size. It was one thing that had inspired Xander to go shopping.




With a happy wiggle, Xander slicked up his favorite butt plug. It was jelly red, a six inch cone that flared to an inch and a half across at the widest. It was long, too, so he could rock it in and out, stretching himself until it finally popped inside, with the flat base of the cone holding it in. Xander knelt up on the underwater seat and re-aimed the jet up so it still hit his cock, yet he could lift his ass up out of the water to work the toy in.




The woman in the video picked a massive plug, bigger than any Xander could conceive of using, yet he could imagine how it would feel. As she arched and pushed her slick black toy, Xander pushed steadily with his. He always took his time, and it having been some weeks since he had gotten to play, he took it even slower, though his mind wanted it in already.




As the woman pumped the toy, a frightening amount of the black dildo vanishing into and appearing out of her pale body, Xander relaxed and made that final push. The red plug popped inside and settled into place. Xander closed his eyes with a sigh. He felt complete. He wanted the sensation to last. After all, he had all night.




Grabbing another beer from the mini-cooler and the remote, Xander moved back to the other side of the tub. He put his back to the ocean and lowered himself into the water. It was time to see if the next part of his experiment worked.




Xander situated himself comfortably. He mentally purred as the plug hit on the seat and shifted against his prostate. Hello, friend. He then reached down between himself and the smooth seat of the tub and pressed the suction cup base down. He felt it take hold and settled in to watch some more of the movie. He was effectively impaled. Trapped. Forced to sit still, well, okay, forced to stay in one spot, because shifting was more than fine, and watch porn and drink beer. Life was good.




“Why the bloody hell did you block me out, you wanker?” the black and white apparition that suddenly appeared on the small porch demanded.




Xander shrieked like a girl, dropping both beer and remote into the water. “Spike!” he choked. “What are you doing here?”




“Tracking you the hell across town to get you to let me back in,” Spike snarled, leaning with locked arms against the edge of the tub. “And what are you doing here, anyway?”




Xander shifted, wondering how to get the plug off the seat and hopefully get out of the tub before Spike saw what was going on. Maybe he could find a nice bit of wood on the way and dust the pesky vamp. He already had to clean the tub because of the beer. Vamp dust couldn’t add that much to it. “House sitting! And you’re not invited!” He grabbed the beer bottle out of the water and put it down on the wooden surround with a thunk.




“This is the porch, wanker. I don’t have to be invited onto a porch!”




“Why did you track me down? Wasn’t me leaving your crap on the door mat clue enough that I DON’T WANT YOU AROUND?”








Xander blinked. Had he really just heard what he though he had?




Spike was suddenly busy looking at the hot tub to cover what he might have just said, and Xander suddenly realized how naked he was under the clear water. He hit the button that turned on the bubbles, and felt a surge of satisfaction when Spike jumped a little at he sudden noise and motion.




“Go away. Please?”




Spike peered into the tub boiling water like a cat into a bathtub. “You know, I’ve never actually been in one of these. Drusilla was afraid of them. She insisted they’d cook her quim, melt my willie, or some damn fool thing.” Spike pulled up his sleeve and tentatively dipped a hand into the water.




“Spike…” The plug had become uncomfortable, and Spike wouldn’t leave. Xander realized he could probably get loose under cover of bubbles.




“Mmmm. Body temperature.”




“Go away, and I won’t dust you first chance I get.” Xander threatened.




“Join you? I’d love to.” Spike slipped off his coat, draped hung it on a plant hook far from the water, and skinned off his t-shirt.




While Spike was distracted, Xander fumbled beneath himself and managed to pop the suction cup loose. Now he just had to get to a towel, get out without dropping it. Xander judged the distance to towel and plotted a course out of the tub. There was no way he could climb out without throwing a leg over. Xander just prayed he could clench enough. Just as he noticed the movie freeze-framed on a redhead with her legs in the air about to be screwed by a blonde with a strap on, a naked Spike slid into the tub.




“Spike!” Xander squeaked. “Get out!”




“Why are you so all-fired keen on getting rid of me?”




“why… why would I want you around?” Xander’s eyes darted around, searching to add the remote to his plotted escape list. Said remote bumped against Spike’s chest just as he located it.




Spike picked it up and raised an eyebrow at Xander before looking through the glass doors for the first time. He found the right button and hit play. The blonde was set in motion and she slid the slicked dildo into her friend’s waiting ass. “Pretty birds at play. Nice. What else are you doing?”




Xander lunged for the lube, but Spike moved quicker and grabbed it first. Xander felt the plug shift within him, and quickly sat back down, pressing it into place. He sighed and slumped. “Fine. I’m having some alone time. Or was. I’ve not had any since you moved yourself back in.”




“You invited me fair and square, mate.”




“I did not! You got me drunk.” Xander couldn’t help but shift again, maybe he could get a towel into the water…




Spike changed scenes on the DVD several times. “I detect a theme.” He looked sideways at his unwilling tub partner. “Xander… what do you have up your ass?”




“Nothing!” Xander answered too quickly, then sputtered. “Why, I’d never do that! Nope. Just like to watch.”




“But there’s lube. And it’s water based. Wouldn’t do to use under water.”




“Spike…” Suddenly tired of almost shouting over the noise, Xander flipped off the bubbles and stared down at his limp cock through the candle reflections on the water. “I know you’re evil. You’ve proved it once and for all tonight. I will never doubt your evilness again. But I was having a god time. without you. Without Anya. For the first time in months, life threw me a bone and you came and took it from me.” He looked over to the vampire, expecting to see him smirking at him, but Spike was looking out over the ocean, his eyes far away.




Xander studied this unusually pensive attitude. After a few minutes, Spike spoke softly. “That’s why Anya left, innit? You found the one kink line she wouldn’t cross.” Xander said nothing, wondering what else the vamp had figured out. “Dru didn’t like such things, either. Said the stars cursed those that played like that.” He chewed on a lip and turned to Xander. “I don’t know why I’m telling you this. But. When I was a young man…” Spike waved his hand. “Ah. You don’t care. I’ll go away.” He braced his hands to rise out of the tub.




Spike never spoke about his human days. That, and his sudden change of mood, made Xander waver. “Um… Spike?”




Spike hesitated. “Yeah?”




Xander sighed. “You’ve killed my mood, you may as well stay.”








“Really. Tell.”




Spike settled back in the water. “In my day, for good health and mental stability,” he said as if quoting a slogan, “you had your bowels cleansed once a week.”




“Ew. TMI, Spike.”




“It was a part of everyday life, mate. Ladies did it twice a day, cause once they got all laced up in those sailing ships they called dresses, they couldn’t get out.” He glanced at Xander’s disgusted expression and shrugged. “My point is this; I didn’t care for the enema bit so much, but I very much came to like the fell of the nozzle slipping up my bum.”




If someone had dropped a running hairdryer into the water just then, Xander could not have been more shocked. Spike was… sharing. And intimate things. Now Xander suspiciously had to know why. “Oh,” he coughed. “At least you got something out of it.” He remembered the one time he’d eaten a whole block of Velveeta cheese and his mother had taught him a lesson by loosening him up. He’d not found any of that pleasant.




“It got so I’d get out the nozzle just to play with it. One time nursie caught me getting it out and so gave me an extra washing that week cause I told her that’s why I got it out. After that I found... other things.”




Xander shifted again, remembering his own explorations. “Things… the right shape,” he said.




“Yeah, yeah. Not too thick, and smooth enough.”




“And things you can’t… loose.”




They sat quietly in the wake of this sharing. “It makes you feel… complete, don’t it?” Spike asked, finally.




“It does. That’s a good word for it,” Xander agreed.




Spike had a far-away look as he thought back over a hundred years. He shifted his vision to Xander. “Ever go out with something in?”




If Xander hadn’t already been flushed by the heat, he would have blushed beet red. Spike smiled. “I knew you were up to something!”




“What? When?”




“After Anya left. Sure you smelled of sex often enough when she was around, but it was always washed off and tided away more often than not. But after she left, you’d leave a scent trail behind you a mile wide. You had a new hobby and some days you took it to work! You naughty boy!”




“Oh! Damn you vampires and your smelling, anyway!” Xander smacked the surface of the water, sending up a splash. “Is that why you wanted back in my life?”




Spike shrugged. “I admit. I wanted to know what you were up to. That, and the opportunity to have access to a shower, a microwave that works, and cable helps.” Spike grinned with his jaw stuck out.




“I didn’t think it was for my company.” Xander grumbled.




Spike shrugged. “Not saying it was, but you must admit movies are more fun with someone to watch with.”




“Okay, you have me out! I like sticking things up my ass! But I’m not gay! I had a fun routine and something fun to do until you ruined it and wouldn’t leave me alone!”




“I had to know, pet. It was too delicious a thing.”




Some of Xander’s anger came back, partly caused by the now-uncomfortable plug in his ass. “Well, now you know!” he snapped, then slumped. “Spike. Just go away. My… my ass is hurting and I just want to got to bed.”




There was a pause as the vampire studied him. “I’m sorry, pet.”




Xander blinked. “Huh? What did you say?”




Spike ran a hand over his hair. “I said I’m sorry. Look. This has just reminded me what I’ve been missing. I’ve not played that way in over a century. I’d forgotten, put the idea away. Now I realize Dru is gone and I can bloody do what I want. I’m saying I’m sorry cause… cause you shouldn’t loose it, too.”




Xander squinted at Spike. “Where’s the pod? You’ve got to be a pod Spike. The real one would never talk like this.”




Spike chuckled. “Do you really know me? Have you ever tried to get to know me?’




“Let’s see, evil, undead, vampire, serial killer. I never thought I needed to know more.”




Spike looked away and Xander thought maybe he saw some loneliness in his eyes. “I never thought you were gay, by the way. And I’m not either. I’m try.”








“Try. I’ll try anything sexual,” the vampire smirked.




“Spike!" Xander sighed. "Look. You can stay here and soak, just turn off the jets and the bubbles and put the lid on before you leave, okay?”




“Yeah, thanks, mate.”


hot tub a-rama Chapter 3


Xander plotted his route out of the tub. There was no way he could safely climb out without flashing the vamp his ass with it’s bright red plug in place. “Spike?”




The vampire had settled down in the tub so he was submerged to his ears. “Hummm?” he said without opening his eyes.




“Keep your eyes closed as I climb out, Okay?”




“Hummm.” Spike said, not moving.




Xander clenched and stood up out of the water. The cool wind from the ocean hit him and he shivered. He swung one leg out of the tub and reached for a towel. A sudden loud gasp from the vampire made him hastily try to sling the towel around himself even as he tried to finish climbing out. Only a strong, quick hand grabbing his arm kept him from tumbling out head first.




Xander paused with one foot in the tub, the other out, one hand clutching a now-wet towel, and the other resting on the tub’s edge. He closed his eyes and willed his heart rate to slow. However, the instant he realized he was bent over naked with a plug in his ass and an equally naked vampire behind him, holding his arm, his heart sped right back up. “Get your hand off of me, Spike,” he gritted.




“What? No thanks for saving my skull?” Spike said distantly and let go.




Xander dropped the wet towel on the edge of the tub and finished climbing out. He turned to glare at the vampire, only to find him standing crotch-deep in the water, biting his lip, and gazing at Xander’s backside. “SPIKE!” he cried as he scrabbled for another towel and did his best to not look at the pale hand stroking an equally pale cock.




“That is so fucking hot, mate. I with I had one of those to play with.”




“An ass? Well, you can’t have mine!” Xander suppressed the unexpected thrill Spike’s words gave him and wrapped himself up.




Spike laughed. “Not that. Well, maybe that. A toy. I bet with all the modern materials they’re firm, smooth, and I can see they come in pretty colors…”




Xander had used a mirror to see himself plugged, and he knew how the bright red of this one stood out against his pale ass. It was one of the reasons he’d chosen it.




“How big is it, Xander? How big do you go? I want to know. I want to feel that again.”




The throbbing of his awakening cock surprised and confused Xander. “I… I have to go check on the cats.” He said quickly and ran in the house.




Xander ran right for the bathroom and changing area just inside the door. He dropped the towel, stood with his arms braced on the sink and looked down at his half-hard erection. “Why are you getting into this, you idiot?” he asked it. It just bounced once and dripped. He reached back and carefully removed the plug. He sat it on the sink, not being able to deal with it right now.




Xander grabbed a bathrobe from a hook and wrapped himself up in its softness. Without a glance out of the glass doors or at the movie that was once again playing, Xander crossed the living room and headed upstairs.




He found the calico cat in the center of the owner’s bed, which was her favorite place to be. “Hey, Chessie,” he cooed. The cat made the cat equivalent of a “huh?” sound and opened her eyes. Xander sat on the bed and stroked her soft fur. A steady purr started up and she closed her eyes again. It was the soft-voiced human who liked to scratch her chin. “You’ve got it so good, pretty kitty. People to wait on you, a big house to roam around in, all the kibble you want, no worries about your sexuality, no vampires to confuse you.”




Xander heard the motor for the bubbles start up and went to the window. The view of the ocean was magnificent, but Xander only looked down into the hot tub.




Spike was kneeling just were Xander had earlier, apparently watching the movie. His left arm was over his back and his hand moved…




Xander jerked back from the window. The sight of Spike fingering himself had sent a jolt of arousal and caused him to harden instantly. Xander took a deep breath. “Okay, cock. Let’s have this out.”




Chessie, hoping he was talking to her, mewed softly and stretched. Xander sat down beside her again and opened his robe. He absently petted the cat as he looked down at himself. “Look. That is Spike out there. We hate Spike.” His cock bobbed as if in agreement. “Okay, then why are you reacting to him like this?” No answer, of course. “It’s the whole sharing thing, isn’t it? It’s hot. You wanted to share with Anya. Had fantasies about sharing with her. Comparing notes, as it was. That was a big flop-ola. So we find anonymous, often scary people on the internet to share with. Some satisfaction there. But not much.”




Chessie rolled over so he could better reach her belly.




“Then Spike shows up. And he shares. Buddy, I don’t think he’s making this up. I really don’t. And just now, watching him… hell.” Xander’s cock hardened another degree. “Okay, I have to admit it’s hot. So what do I do?”




He looked to the purring, blissed-out cat who was apparently enjoying the best tummy rub of her life. “You do have a good attitude, cat. What if I do share? Will Spike tell on me? I doubt it, we have equal blackmail material. If he doesn’t touch me, it’s not gay at all. I mean, I’ve watched some guys play with toys in videos before and found it rather hot. So how is it different in real life?”




The cat rolled over and demanded a chin scratch now. Xander gave the cat the attention she demanded and let his mind calm for another ten minutes. He pause din his petting and the tri-colored head butted onto his hand. “You’re right, pretty kitty. Why not take what I can? I can always stake him later.” Xander gave the cat a kiss between her ears and went to the guest room.




He paused over the selection of toys he’d brought with him before bundling them all in a towel and returning downstairs. Spike was languidly floating in the tub when Xander came out. He turned off the bubbles and Spike righted himself. “Want me to leave after all, mate? Fair enough.”




“No. I don’t,” Xander admitted as if it were something as difficult as delivering a negative test result. He pushed the cooler aside and unrolled the towel. Spike gave a low whistle and moved to look over the half-dozen toys. “I… Okay. I think it would be hot to share. I want to… want to talk about it. Want to… brag,” he said, blushing. “But no touching! Not gay!”




Spike retreated to the far side of the tub to give Xander space and held up his hands. “Right. Hands on selves only.” His serious expression broke down to a big grin. “Gunna let me play with your toys?”




“Only some of them. The ones I don’t like or use.” Xander hung the robe up and climbed back in the water before he could change his mind.



hot tub a-rama Chapter 4

Spike let Xander settle back into the warmth of the tub and relax for a few minutes. He didn’t give the boy time for second thoughts or fidgeting, however.




“How old were you?” Spike asked quietly.




Xander startled a bit. “Huh? When?”




“When you first…” Spike pointed to the toys.




“Oh. About… twelve. Maybe thirteen.” Xander bit his lip and looked out over the ocean. This was the conversation he’d wanted to have with Anya, not Spike. Never imagined Spike, but life was funky on the Hellmouth. “I know exactly how it started. When I was thirteen, my uncle Rory was staying over. He was sleeping on the couch. Had fallen asleep, drunk probably, watching TV. I came downstairs to get a drink and the movie was still playing.” Xander sighed and ran a hand through his hair. “A very naked blonde lady with huge breasts was kneeling on a bed, wearing a strap on. I thought she was going to do some other girl. Well, actually I first thought was how was she going to do herself with it on like that.” Spike chuckled without malice. “Then they cut to a wide shot. There was a guy on the bed with is ass in the air. I couldn’t look away. I was… horrified, and thrilled, and so turned on I came in my jammies.”




Xander shot Spike a look that dared him to say anything. The vampire merely nodded. “I know that feeling. One time I saw the downstairs maid with her skirt up to her knee adjusting her stocking and did the same thing.”




Xander took a moment and tried to digest which part of the statement was stranger: the bit with just a knee causing that reaction in anybody (okay, Victorian times), or Spike sharing again. Yep, Spike sharing. He shook that off and pointed to the toys. “I’ll let you have three of those. The blue one, the clear one and the fleshy one.” Spike practically dove to that side of the pool. “The blue and the clear are.. too small. And I don’t like the… feel of the fleshy one.”




He watched Spike pick up the three and examine them. He felt his cock twitch as the long fingers caressed the smooth shapes. “Thanks, Mate.”




More to distract himself from his growing arousal, he shared more of his story. “My fantasy from that moment was to have a woman use a strap on with me.” Spike nodded absently and picked up the lube. “Anya liked all kinds of games. Mostly domination games, surprise, surprise.” Spike rose up and knelt with his ass out of the water as Xander had seen him earlier. Xander’s hand went to his now hard cock on its own. “I let her choose the games. Then one night I blurted it out that I wanted a dildo in my ass.” Spike reached back and slipped two fingers into himself. “She… freaked.” Xander’s hand matched the rhythm of Spike’s fingers. “Weird, really. If I wanted to do her, and I’m not saying I wouldn’t mind that…” Spike slicked up the blue plug which was about the thickness of a long, straight finger. “She’s into all kinds of things, but I asked her to use…” Spike lined up the finger and slowly pressed it in. Xander paused in his attention to himself, and could only watch with his mouth open.




Spike sighed. “Bloody marvelous. Bint freaked, eh? Everyone’s got their squicks.” The bright blue length appeared and vanished into his pale hole.




“Um. Yeah. I wanted her to do it to me. I didn’t even push, much.” Spike’s right hand dipped down and pulled his cock. “And… she left.”




“Too bad. Woman are funny that way. Most won’t try things once they’re agin’ it.” Spike pulled the blue toy out and set it aside.




Xander found himself mesmerized by the clutching of Spike’s body. He knew that empty feeling. Suddenly, he needed to be filled, too. With a curse, he realized his favorite toy was still in the bathroom. He looked to his selection. That left the fleshy one that he’d already promised to Spike that was about he same size as his fave, or the next larger one.




It was a dark purple, and a full half inch bigger across. Xander knew that translated to almost another full inch around. He’d contemplated going bigger, but still hadn’t felt ready. But the other two were bigger still, and no way was he going there. Ever. He mostly liked to look at those and image them being used. Yeah, occasionally he would slick them up, liking the texture and shape of them. But that wasn’t gay. It was sensory stimulation that made the porn movies more real.




Spike slicked up the clear toy that had a wider flare about half way up that was the thickness of two fingers in an overall shaft of one and a half fingers. There was no way Xander was going to miss this show. Xander reached under himself and worked a finger in and Spike lined up the transparent plug. He found himself wishing it was a darker color like the other so he could watch the progress.




Spike worked the tip in and out for several long breaths before abruptly pushing it in to the base with a gasp. Xander’s hand sped up, his eyes closed, and he shot ribbons of come into the swirling water which soon dissipated. He didn’t see the vampire looking over his shoulder to get a more direct look at the boy than the reflection in the glass windows provided.




“Xander…” came the vampire’s soft voice after a minute. His eyes shot open and he met Spike’s gaze. “That was hot, Xander. Very… hot. And knowing this has been in your ass…” he said as he pulled the toy out and pressed it back. ”So… fucking… hot.” His eyes flashed gold as he added his own spunk to the waters.



hot tub a-rama Chapter 5

“Why did you say that Spike?”




“Mmmm? Say what?” Spike sank down and let his head lull back against the side of the tub.




“That! All that! That… my toys were hot! That seeing me come was hot!” Xander tried to keep his freak mild and repress that it had made him hot to hear such things from Spike.




The vampire shrugged. “I always say what I think, don’t I? I’m forthright. Spike the Forthright, that’s me.” Spike got up and pulled two beers from the little cooler. Xander noticed the clear plug still nestled deep within Spike and surprisingly felt his cock give a twitch. Spike handed a beer to Xander and sat back down with a wiggle. “And I’m honest, too.”




Xander snorted and twisted the cap off his beer. “Right.”




“I am! Think about it a minute. I think you’re all a bunch of barking loonies, I tell you so. I think the Watcher is a wanker, so I call him one. Peaches is a poof, so there! I thought you were hot just now, so I told you. Seems you should be used to that, having spent so much time with demon girl. ” Spike tilted his head back and drained half the dark beer. “Ah! Good stuff.”




Xander chewed his lip in thought for so long, Spike was afraid he’d sent the boy into overdrive trying to think his way out of it.




“Hey! Whelp! Have you tried the jets against the plug yet?”




“Huh?” Xander startled out of his repressing cycle and shook his head. “No. I’d only just gotten comfortable when you showed up.”




“Sorry, mate. Thanks for sharing after all.”




Xander was surprised when the vampire sounded genuinely sorry and grateful. “Yes… well… um. What did you mean by using the water against the plugs?”




“Look. If the jets buffet the cock so nicely, I bet they’d wiggle a plug right pretty. Make it feel like it was alive inside ya.”




“Wouldn’t it… the water just go in?”




“Don’t have to get that close, I don’t think. Plug up, let’s try!”




Xander blushed. “I… I just came,” he mumbled, “and… mine is inside.”




“I see. Mind if I try it?” Xander shrugged. “I think the one with the wider base is in order.” Spike knelt again and pulled out clear toy. Xander gulped his beer as Spike slicked the flesh colored toy. He held it up. “Why don’t you like this one, Pet?”




“The... shape isn’t comfortable.”




“Is it bigger than your red one?”




“It’s pretty much the same size.”




Spike looked at he remaining toys. “So it’s a bigger one or nothing? I could go get it for you!”




“Spike. I am not inviting you in the house. I’m barely allowed in.”




“Can’t blame a bloke for trying.” Spike grinned and turned to watch reflected Xander as he watched him. “Mmmmmm. This is the biggest thing been in me in forever.”




Xander felt his cock harden and his hole twitch in sympathy. Damn it, he felt empty. His eyes flicked to the purple toy. It tapered nicely. If he took his time… another moan from Spike snapped his eyes back to where the head of the false cock pushed past the resistance point. “God!” Spike gasped. “I’d forgotten. How good…”




Xander slid along the seat, closer to Spike until he could reach the purple plug. He glanced up from the pile of toys to see Spike’s face. His mouth was open and a smile curled his lips. His eyes were closed and his head tilted back. The gel in his hair had washed out, leaving Spike’s white locks falling in loose curls. Xander blinked. The soft light of the candles and the expression of ecstasy had transformed the local Big Bad into a debauched angel. When the crystalline blue eyes opened, Xander had to draw in a sharp breath.




“Yeah,” Spike breathed. “Try it. So beautiful…” and the blue was gone again as Spike closed his eyes to focus on the feelings he was causing himself.




Xander snatched up the toy and the lube then quickly retreated to the other side of the tub.




Spike fiddled with the knobs and got a jet at it’s highest intensity. Then he bent over and lowered his ass until it was underwater and near the jet. Spike let out a moan.




“Does it work?” Xander asked.




“Yeah,” Spike breathed. “It’s twitching and squirming like it’s trying to crawl deeper inside. The water’s stroking my ass and balls. Try it.”




Xander couldn’t figure out just how to go about this. Before he’d always lain in bed with pillows to raise his ass. Now he couldn’t work out the logistics. He shifted and bent and couldn’t get in the right position. He wanted to watch Spike and be able to support himself and work the toy in and… After dropping the lube twice and the toy three times, Xander gave up, put his things on the side of the tub and sat down in the water.




Spike looked over at him. “What’s the matter?”




“I… this isn’t the right situation. I’d need four arms to be able to do what I want and I can’t relax when I’m too busy keeping my balance and I want to watch… the movie.” Xander cut off his babble. He almost admitted he wanted to watch Spike get off again.




“Let me help,” Spike said.




“What! Why? No!” Xander barked defensively.




“Why not? The chip won’t let me hurt you. You’ve already admitted you want someone to use toys on you. Come on, Xan.”




“I’m not gay.”




“I never said you were. It’s just... mutual masturbation. I’ll hold it still and you push back, how’s that?”




Xander wavered. He really did want to take in the bigger shape. It wasn’t comfortable in the tub, really. He was not about to invite Spike into the house. To get out of the tub to stand against the side would mean exposing himself to the cold wind off the ocean and kill the mood. And, well, dammit, the idea appealed. He shifted his focus from the far edge of the ocean to the blue eyes of Spike. “Yeah,” he said quietly, then added louder, “but your other hand keeps to yourself! And if I say quit. Quit.”




“Sounds right. Believe it or not, Pet. I am a considerate lover.”




“I don’t want to consider what kind of lover you are, Spike. Right now, you’re just a doorknob.”




Spike chuckled, not unkindly, and held out his hand for the purple plug. “I’ve been called worse. Lean over. Get comfortable.”




Xander hesitated one last moment, then handed over his prize and knelt up on the seat, leaning his weight on his elbows. The jet gently buffeted his cock. “Lots of lube.”




“I know. Too much is almost enough.” The remote was laying right in front of him, so Xander picked it up and found his favorite scene as Spike slicked up the toy. The Asian picked up her favorite and Spike gently touched his lower back. Even though he’d been expecting it, he still jumped a bit. “Relax, pet,” Spike murmured, barely louder than the motors in the tub. “Watch your girl. She can take all that in, you can take this.”




Xander drew in a deep breath and let out tension with it. Yeah, he knew how to take it, too. He knew he could. That was one of the reasons he’d bothered to bring the bigger toys with him this weekend. He knew the black one like the girl was using would probably stay out of his reach, which was fine, cause, damn, it was big. This one, however, was just one step bigger.




Spike lightly ran his hand over Xander’s lower back and said quiet, encouraging things.




“Okay, I’m ready.”




“Want to spread yourself? Or may I?” Spike asked.




Xander reviewed his mental movie. The one he’d constructed most recently with Anya in the role of plugger. Now, oddly, Spike easily filled that role in his mind, but without the strap on. No. Focus on the toy. That’s all this is about. Spike’s a doorknob. That’s all. “Y… you do it.”




“Thanks, pet.” Spike slid his hand down and pressed aside one of Xander’s cheeks. Xander swallowed and made himself relax. He focused on the movie. The girl was on her knees with her chest on a couch, like he was. Her pretty pink ass was opened when she reached one hand around much as Spike was. As she pressed her dildo against herself, Spiked matched the action.




“Like that, yeah? Just like her,” Spike almost cooed.




Xander pushed aside the wiggins that come from the idea of Spike cooing at him and let himself go into the experience. The girl arched her back and pushed into her dildo. Xander did the same. The tip went in easily, as he had already played some this night. He knew it got bigger and paused.




“Just when you’re ready, Luv,” Spike absently stroked Xander’s cheek with his thumb. “That bint’s pro, taken that size before. This here’s a milestone for ya.” Xander pressed back a little as Spike held it still. “And I get to watch…”




“Spike…” Xander said softly, his eyes closed now. He didn’t know if he wanted the vampire to shut up or keep narrating. He pulled off and pushed back a little more.




“Yeah. A little more each time. God, that’s fucking brilliant, Pet,” Spike voice had gone from cooing to rough.




Xander wanted the narration. He pulled off and pushed back a little more. “How much? he asked. “To… touch me? So I can tell?”




Spike slid his hand down and around Xander’s ass. A jolt of unexpected intensity went through him and a smooth fingertip brushed his opening. “Another half inch. The dark plug against your pale skin is so hot.” Spike traced his stretched opening.




No one had ever touched Xander like this before or talked to him like in the movies. It wasn’t exactly his girl with strap-on fantasy, but so many of the elements were there. The pleasure/almost pain of the slow stretching made his head spin in way not unlike the shock of a scare or fight. He was floating in a pool of pleasure that maelstromed around his ass and the toy slipping in. Only Spike’s voice anchored him. “It’s big, isn’t it? I’m all stretched around it?”




“You’re so open. It’s amazing to see.”




Xander again pulled off and pushed back. “I want it, Spike. Push…”




Spike pressed forward to meet Xander’s thrust. “It’s at the widest, Pet,” Spike’s fingertip brushed his opening. “You’re going to be so full…”




The widest point slipped in, Xander felt his body draw in the bulk of the plug, and his stretched ring close around the neck. He felt a flood of satisfaction and a plateau of arousal. “Yes…” he hissed.




The gentle hands left him. He heard a splashing and knew Spike was now touching himself. Xander stood up a bit and looked over his shoulder Spike was indeed fisting his very hard cock, his right hand behind him and undoubtedly working his own plug.. “So very bloody hot! Touch it, Pet. Feel how full you are,” Spike gasped.




Xander reached back and fingered the plug’s base. He’d done it. the toy he’d looked at and thought was too big was nestled deep inside him. Experimentally, he grasped the slippery base and tugged. With some resistance, the plug came out. He pulled it out until just he tip rested against him. He closed his eyes and focused on every nerve on the quicker return trip. This time, as the base snugged up against him he came, hard, for the second time that evening.




When he could think again, he was kneeling on the bench, facing the windows with is head on his folded arms and his ass on his knees. His heartbeat finally slowed and he rolled over in the water. A languidly smirking vampire nodded at him from across the water.




Xander closed his eyes again. “Christ,” he muttered.




“Regrets, Pet?”




“Yeah. Big surprise.”




Spike smiled his Cheshire cat-in-cream grin and stood up. “I don’t want my buzz killed. That was the hottest thing I’ve seen since Angelus fisted Darla. And that’s saying a lot.” The vampire climbed out of the tub and claimed the last dry towel. “I’ll be on my way. Thanks for the lovely time, pet.”




Xander was glad to see him go now. He wanted to revel in his success. Then a thought struck him. “How many times can a vampire come, anyway?”




Spike pulled his shirt over his head, and laughed. “Almost as many as we want, Pet. Say, you shot off twice tonight, didn’t you? I could come again, easily, watching you…” Spike shook his head in disbelief.




“So there is one good thing to being a vampire.”




“One of many, in my opinion. There’s an all night porn store a town over I can make it to and back before dawn. Can I pick you up anything?”




Xander’s mind flashed on a number of toys he’d seen on the net, but he wasn’t about to let Spike buy him anything. “No. Just… no.” Spike finished tying his boots, donned his coat, and leapt up on the railing. “Hey, Spike…”








“Um.. thanks.”




“Thank you, Pet.” And with that, the vampire leapt and was gone.




Once his legs worked again, Xander pulled the purple plug out and put it with its comrades. The three he’d given Spike were gone. With a surprising thrill, he wondered if Spike still wore the last one for his shopping trip.




Beach Blanket Bunghole Chapter 1

As Spike eagerly awaited the sunset he looked over his purchases again. A good number of sex toys; dildos, plugs, beads, and harnesses, of varied colors, sizes, and shapes lay cleaned and ready to use in his new gym bag. And won’t Giles shit a brick when the credit card charges from Big Ted’s Sex Shop two towns over show up? Spike had optimistically added a bottle of chocolate flavored lube to his bounty. Despite the boy’s protests about not being gay, he certainly had watched Spike close enough.




The vampire was the first to admit doughnut boy wasn’t his favorite human, but he had his strong points. And what the hell? It turned out they had a secret kink in common. Spike clenched his body tight and relaxed again in remembrance and anticipation. He’d bought one special toy that he’d leave here in the crypt. It was pretty much the size of Xander’s healthy cock and bendable so he could replicate the nice little bend his had. He’d masturbated with it in the early hours of the day, loving how well it stroked his prostate. Then he’d stopped, wanting to wait to share. He didn’t know if a day’s reflection would make Xander turn him away or not, but he had to find out.




Spike parked his DeSoto at a public access a half mile down from the house and easily strode across the sandy beach, his long legs eating the distance in no time. As he approached, he noticed something missing. He could not hear the sound of the hot tub’s heaters or circulating pumps. Scowling, he leapt up on the balcony. The lid was on the tub, and a green garden hose was fed into it. He peeked in to find the tub only a third full of cold water.




Damn it! No water play. Wait… This could be good. Spike looked through the sliding glass doors to find Xander sitting with his back to the windows, watching, of all things, “Monty Python and the Holy Grail.” Silly wanker had a big screen and surround sound at his disposal, and he watched that movie. With a shake of his head, Spike tapped on the glass.




He suppressed a laugh when a black cat and popcorn went flying from the boy’s lap as he leapt up at the sudden noise and spun to face Spike. His expression turned from alarmed to annoyed as the vampire waggled his fingers at him. With a shake of his head, Xander grabbed up a remote and froze Sir Bedevere in mid-leap before stomping over to the door, leaving a trail of popcorn.




He cracked the door a tiny bit, letting out a breeze of cool air. “What do you want, Spike?”




“I thought we might play. What happened to the tub?”




Xander ran a hand through his hair. “I left the lid off last night and woke up this morning to find it full of seagulls. ‘Cides, it was full of… gunk and I’d have to clean it some time.”




“Gunk?” Spike asked, arching a brow.




“Um, yeah. Chips and… and you made me spill a beer in it.”




“Oh, right. So, do you want to play?”




“No. Spike… I… I want to watch the movie.”




“You know it by heart and why aren’t you watching something with loud noises and surround sound? Gurr!” He demonstrated, waving an arm.




“This is the special edition. It’s got loud noises, surround sound, and a restored deleted scene.”




“It does?” Spike’s interest was admittedly peeked. After all, the Pythons were British and mad brilliant. Plus, the black knight scene was a bloody classic. “Can I watch it with you? I won’t make a mess. Well, not a bigger mess than you already have.”




“I’m not inviting you in. Go away.” Xander started to close the door.




“I went shopping.” Spike held up his bag and Xander hesitated. “Want to see what I bought?”




“Where?” Xander asked quietly.




“Big Ted’s.” Xander’s eyes widened. The place was infamous.




“Oh. Well…” He started, his eyes on the bag, then made himself look away. “No, Spike. Last night was…”




“Was bloody fun. For both of us. Admit it.”




“I’m not gay, Spike and I don’t want to play with you.”




“Play with yourself, then. You can have first dibs.” Spike bit his lip, unzipped the bag, and coquettishly looked at Xander from the corners of his eyes.




The young man was holding his breath, watching as Spike’s long-fingered hand slipped into the darkness. Spike had him, and he knew it. His fingers closed on a toy and brought it out.




Xander’s eyes followed the purple object. It was some six inches long. A series of five bumps, each bigger than the last, tapered up to a base. Spike waved it about and put it back in his bag. His hand reappeared with a long, rubber wand-like toy with a handle on one end and a one inch ball on the other.




Spike watched as Xander unconsciously opened the door a little wider. He’d picked these toys because they matched ones the woman in the video had been playing with. “Any of these you want, Pet.”




“I… I can’t invite you in.” Xander clung to anything he could to push away his desire for a turn with the toys.




“We can play out here. No one can see.”




“Um… no. Spike. It…” Spike traded the wand for an emerald green dildo with a corkscrew shape to it. “It’s weird. It’s not right. You’re a vampire. Evil. I’m… I’m a straight, normal guy.”




“One who shares my toy kink and has the opportunity to have some more non-committed, kinky fun with a vampire who can’t hurt you, who has brought a whole bag of toys that you get first pick of.”




Xander bit his lip and eyed a long, pink, club-like toy with little raised rings along its length. “But… it’s wrong.”




Spike shrugged, tucked the toy away and zipped up the bag. “Oh, well, enjoy your movie. I’m going back to my crypt to try out some of these babies along with the chocolate lube.” He turned away and mentally counted to three as he stepped toward the railing.




“Wait… wait.” Spike turned back. Xander bit his lip and couldn’t meet Spike’s eyes. “I still can’t ask you in. But… the lower porch has some nice reclining sunbathing chairs.”




Spike looked over his shoulder. “Bring the beer and the towels. I’ll get the chairs ready.”




Spike quickly jumped down off the balcony and climbed the few steps to the back porch. He lowered the bamboo blinds and pushed aside the wrought iron table. He opened up the wooden deck chairs and laid them flat. When Xander opened the sliding glass door and stepped out, Spike waved at the table.




“Spread a towel out there, mate, and I’ll set up the buffet.”




Xander twisted a towel in his hands as he watched Spike lay out his purchases. It looked like every toy from his favorite video was there. “How… how did you afford this, Spike? Sex toys aren’t cheap.”




“I have my sources,” Spike answered vaguely. “I cleaned all of these, so they’re ready to go.” He set out a large tube of KY jelly, the chocolate lube, and a box of condoms.




“Condoms? Spike, I told you I’m not gay.”




“I’m letting you take first pick. I got these in case you change your mind about anything. See, there was this old queen there who told me what all to buy.”




Xander looked horrified. “You told a stranger about us?”




“Calm down, Harris, he doesn’t know who I am or who I was going to bugger.” Spike didn’t tell Xander that the man watched Spike wank off behind the building for payment of his services. Actually, he’d wanted more, but the thought turned Spike’s stomach.




“You’re not going to bugger me!” Xander declared.




“Then where’s your panic? Come on! Pick out something and let’s play!”




Xander hesitated, then picked out a couple he knew he had to try.




“Go on, take more.” Spike urged. “You don’t have to use them all today. I know you can’t afford such pretties.”




“Says who?” Xander shot back.




Spike crossed his arms and said matter-of-factly, “Says the one who’s crashed at your flat enough to see everything on the shelf is generic store brands. Go on.”




Xander blushed and looked away. It was true that with car payments and rent, he did still have to cut corners. But one day he wouldn’t have to. He looked at the brightly colored toys and couldn’t ignore how very hard the sight made him. “Thanks, Spike,” Xander mumbled and picked out a couple more, moving his choices to one side of the towel. When he turned back to his companion, he found Spike naked and working a healthy erection.




“Is there a big mirror or two in the house, mate?”




“Um… I think so, why?”




“Because if you bring one out here, I can watch you in the reflection while you watch me directly.”




“But you don’t reflect!” Xander blurted.




“Well, duh. You put a mirror behind you and I can look in the other and see your ass while you watch mine,” Spike spelled out.




“Oh… Yeah. Hold on.”




Spike spread out towels on the rough deck chairs as Xander went back in the house. Shortly, he came out with a standing mirror. “There’s a good sized wall mirror in the spare room. Give me a minute. Be careful with these, Spike. My boss is trusting me to not trash the place. I can’t think of any good way to explain having broken a mirror outside.”




Soon they had propped a second mirror on a chair where it partly reflected the standing one.




“You figured that out awfully quick,” Xander said, skinning off his t-shirt.




Spike shrugged. “Vampires have to be very aware of reflective surfaces. They can give us away, and they provide excellent spying advantages.”




Spike had his first toy lubed up and slipped in before Xander could get his pants all the way off. “Come on, Harris!”




“Um, Spike. This isn’t a competition, and… canIjustwatchyou and nottalk?”




Spike’s brow knit until he could run through the babble and translate. “Oh, sure, mate.” He wickedly tongued his teeth. “I thought I’d see how many times I could come tonight. After all, I got plenty of stimulation.”




Xander did his best to ignore the leer Spike cast at him. “Okay. I… I’ll go at my own pace.”




“Sing out if you have any special requests.” Spike turned around and knelt on the chair seat before him. In the window, he watched Xander finally look directly at him. Spike reached back with one hand and pulled loose the plug he’d chosen, then slid it home again. He heard Xander’s breath quicken as he pulled at his cock.




Xander’s cock was nicely thick and straight. Spike wanted nothing more than to feel it’s hot length inside him, but dare not say a word about it. He watched Xander lube up a short plug and put his foot up on a chair. He closed his eyes, and Spike looked over his shoulder to watch directly.




Such an expression of bliss bloomed on Xander’s face, that Spike spent with a choked curse.




Xander opened his eyes to meet Spike’s lidded gaze as he wrung a few more drops from his cock. “That’s one,” Spike said.




Xander frowned. “After one toy? I can last for an hour or more. If I’m careful.”




“After one toy and…” he started to admit it was Xander himself that pushed him over the edge, but changed his mind. “And thinking about it all day. Plus, I’ve got wicked recovery time.”




“Oh.” Xander shut his eyes, seeking some privacy.




Spike removed the smallish plug and fingered some of the more exotic shapes. In his youth, his wildest imagination could never have summoned this smorgasbord of colors and shapes. The packages had promised to stimulate and reach all kinds of areas. To tease himself, he picked up the largest toy he’d brought. It was a massive black phallus with balls attached, fully three inches around and eight inches long. It exactly matched the one the girl in Xander’s video used.




At Xander’s indrawn breath, Spike glanced over at him. “You… can you take that?” Xander asked.




“I was turned with a virgin ass, but yes. I think after a bit of play, I could. Would you like to see that?”




“Christ!” Xander cursed, his hand sped up on his cock, and he came hard, shooting drops across the porch.




“I take that as a yes,” Spike said calmly.



Xander closed his eyes and leaned back in his chair. “Damn it. I said no talking.”



“But you asked me a question.”




Xander wiped his sticky hand on a towel. “Fuck.”




“Look at it this way. Now your edge is gone, you can last longer, yeah? You can watch me and, if you want, even talk to me.”




Xander sighed, biting his lip. “I don’t know…”




“Come on. You shot two times last night.”




“And once today.” Xander mumbled.








“I admit it. Last night… I was looking forward to tonight.”


Spike chuckled. "Me, too. Now, get a beer, sit back, and I'll give yout he Spike show."



Beach Blanket Bunghole Chapter 2

After a few minutes, Xander was wishing for more of a soundtrack than the sound of the ocean. After a few more minutes, he realized he didn’t need a porn movie soundtrack, Spike’s moans, curses, and sighs made much hotter accompaniment to his actions than some cheesy synthesizer music. The mouthy vampire proved to be as vocal at sex as at life.




Spike chose a long toy with a one inch ball on the end and a handle on the other. It wasn’t very big around, but it would go deeper than Xander had tried. Xander found himself leaning forward, watching intently as Spike fed inch after inch into himself. He paused after some six inches and a shudder of pleasure went through him.




“What’s that like?” Xander asked.








“Having something that deep. I’ve seen pictures, I know there’s… another barrier…”




“It’s brilliant. It’s like being broken into all over again, but inside.” Spike pushed again and the full length slipped in until the handle pressed against his opening.




Xander made himself keep his hands off his cock which was hardening again at the show.




Spike slowly slid the long toy in and out. At one point he let go of it and let the length slither out to dangle by the ball from his anus.




“What if…” Xander started.




“What if, what, mate?” Spike asked as he slid the length back in.




“What if you let it dangle? Maybe… swung it a bit?”




“Like a tail?”




“Kind of. Looks like it would… feel good moving against the opening…” One of Xander’s hands drifted to the plug he had in and wiggled it in a circle.




“Like this?” Spike let the toy slide out to it’s full black length and thrust his hips a bit. “Oh. Bloody hell, yeah!” Soon he was clenching the toy and swinging his hips wildly as he thrust in and out of his fist. The black toy swung between his legs like a demented tail. He came with a curse and let the toy drop.




Spike turned and fell onto the chair. “Two for me,” he said with a grin at Xander who was now lightly running his fingers over his erection. “That was a good call. You’ll have to try it sometime”




“Yeah.” Xander bit his lip. That had been hotter than he’d expected. It was like the TV had come to life and he could direct the action. Anything he wanted to see tried that he’d never found on a porn video, Spike would do. The thought was almost too much and he made himself stop stroking his eager cock.




“Sorry, you said no talking.” Spike grinned wickedly and popped open a beer. This was fun. He could play the boy without him realizing he was being played. He quickly drained it and perused the toy selection again.




He held up several before he heard Xander’s breath catch. It was a longish orange one with a series of eight progressively larger bumps on it. The largest one was maybe two inches around.




Spike slicked it up and settled on the chair facing Xander with one leg thrown over a chair arm. He reached his right hand under his raised leg and lightly stroked his hole. Realizing he got less guarded reactions from Xander when the boy thought he wasn’t being watched, Spike closed his eyes almost all the way and watched him through his lashes.




Xander sat still with his legs spread, his impressive cock throbbed against his stomach. Spike imagined it was Xander entering him instead of a bit of firm plastic. He fed the toy in slowly, holding it by its base and letting Xander see as his hungry hole pulled in each larger bump. Before he pressed the final one in, Xander made a little noise.




“Yeah, you want to see something?” Spike asked when Xander went quiet. “It’s all request night on the Spike show.”




“Oh… well…” Xander squirmed, and Spike just held the toy where it was and stroked his cock. “What if... Why don’t you see what it’s like if you pull it almost all the way out then quickly push it in even the last, biggest bump?” he asked in a rush, sweetly blushing just a fraction.




Spike smiled. “Why, Xander, you get the best ideas.”




“Well, I do know the wide world of modern sex toys better than you do.”




Spike slowly pulled the toy out and teased them both by working just the tip in and out. “God. This is going to feel good. That last bit is bigger than any I’ve had today.” Spike listened to Xander’s heart pound as he wiggled his own plug. “Ready?” he breathed.




Spike shoved the progressively larger bumps in, forcing the last one through and the length deeper at once. He cursed and came again as he pressed the base of the toy as tight against himself as he could, as if he wanted to swallow the whole thing.




Xander panted and gripped the chair arm. Spike’s body was a sculpted arch when he came, his lean muscles all tight. Xander could see how his ass clinched tight and then loosened around the toy, spasming as he came. Xander wanted to feel that toy, hell, he wanted to be that toy.




Xander snapped his eyes shut. No. We’ve been over this, he told himself. I’m not gay. At a soft sound from Spike, Xander dared open his eyes.




Spike worked the orange toy slowly in and out, his cock was already half hard, or maybe it had never softened.




Having gotten Xander’s attention, Spike very slowly drew out the toy and slammed it in again. This time he was rewarded by seeing Xander’s cock twitch as if the boy might come from visual stimulation alone. What was he thinking about? If only Spike could thrall him and find out.




Beach Blanket Bunghole Chapter 3

Xander lay back in his chair showing a restraint that surprised and impressed Spike. He stroked his cock so lightly it even teased Spike, because he wanted Xander’s hot, red, and very hard cock inside him more than ever. Spike removed the bumpy toy and lay it aside.




“You want a beer?” he asked Xander.




Xander shook his head and closed his eyes. Spike popped a beer and surreptitiously watched Xander in a mirror as he pretended to look out at the ocean.




After a few minutes, Xander opened his eyes and sighed. Spike sat on the chair before him, twisted around and looking between the blinds out at the ocean. The muscles in his back stood out and lead Xander’s eye down to Spike’s ass.




While watching his odd bedfellow play with himself, Xander had almost come from the sight alone. He had noticed Spike’s lean body and strong moves in the past, but he’d never thought about him sexually before last night. Well, no more than a fleeting sexy thought that Spike had the power to cause in anyone. Now, barely twenty-four hours later, he was wanting to fuck him. He couldn’t deny it any longer. He wanted to feel that muscular ring squeeze his cock. He didn’t want to fuck a guy, cause, all abut the boobies, but he wanted to fuck someone in the ass, and here was Spike all spread out before him.




Xander raised his leg and took hold of the plug. He had all these new toys, and he’d only tried one. He pulled it out with a gasp and put it aside. There was a pretty blue one he’d been thinking about. It was five inches long and only an inch an a half around. It had bumps that got wider to the middle, then smaller again.




He fingered his empty hole for a minute, allowing himself to study Spike. He slicked the toy and put it in place with one hand. With the other, the lightly teased his cock. He wanted an orgasm more than he ever had, but he savored the ache, the desire even more. He was almost dizzy with it. Anya had taught him these skills from a book. He didn’t have a demon’s recuperative powers, but he bet he could match Sting in a Tantric sex competition. Thank you, Anya!




Slowly he pressed in the new plug, as he watched Spike. the vampire was doing nothing but take slow swallows of his beer, but there was a lazy, almost feline grace to him, even at rest.




Xander followed the lean lines of his back and the firm globes of his ass. He pushed in another bump, then the widest point was pressing against his entrance. Spike turned in the chair, setting the empty bottle aside, and started steadily stroking his much-abused cock. Xander wondered again how many times a vampire could come in a night.




“That’s a wide one, yeah? About like what you took last night.” Spike observed, apparently forgetting the no talking rule.




Xander nodded.




“Bloody hell, that’s hot. I need something more myself.” Spike picked up a long toy that was much the same length as the one with a knob on it. It had a handle, but the dong on this one was an inch and a half around, straight, and ringed every inch or so with a ridge.




Spike slicked the long toy and didn’t hesitate to shove it right in several inches. “It’s at the second sweet spot,” Spike narrated. “Feels so good.” He tongued his upper lip wickedly. “Go on, shove yours in as I do.”




Xander realized he was panting to control himself and could only nod in answer. He made himself relax and gave the last bit of pressure needed to make the wide ring slip inside. Xander shivered as his body reacted in the delicious little shocky way it will to having something thrust where it was not meant to go.




This, combined with the sight of Spike swallowing another three inches after a moment’s resistance and coming yet again, was almost too much.




Spike allowed his body to force out the object it had just taken in. The boy still hadn’t come and the desire to have him balls deep instead of some piece of silicon was about to drive him mad. Bugger it. If he didn’t try tippling the scales to get some kind of touch, he never would.




He watched Xander push the toy all the way in so the base closed tightly around the narrower neck. Damn the boy. Why didn’t he come?




He watched Xander do more of his even breathing and decided to push for what he wanted. He made a show of being indecisive about what toy to next try before leaning with both shaky arms on the back of his chair.




“Xander… put… put the next one in me?” Spike was panting and sweat dripped from his body. He








“I…” Spike closed his eyes and turned away from the mirror. “Damn it. Just… just be my doorknob, Harris. Like I was for you last night.”




Xander hesitated. Spike wanted him to touch him. It was almost too much. He knew that if he laid a hand on that smooth white ass he’d loose it. Spike let out a hitching sigh that screamed of need, and Xander gave in. He knew that need. The desire so strong for someone, anyone to touch you with desire you’d even contemplate soliciting an enemy.




Xander stood up and moved behind Spike. In the mirror he could see his own naked body; his sex standing hard and painfully full against his belly. His nuts were drawn and ready as they had been for almost an hour.




He looked down at Spike’s leanly muscled back that rippled as the vampire drew in gasps of unneeded air. His ass was covered with streaks of lube and faint scratches made by Spike’s own nails as he’d spread himself. Spike’s hole was an angry red from the sometimes brutal assault it had been subjected to. Xander had watched as Spike’s last orgasm had forced out the impossibly long phallus he’d fed deep into himself.




“Which one, Spike?” Xander asked.




“Doesn’t matter, really.” Xander watched Spike’s empty hole twitch. “Please.”




Without looking at the toys, Xander reached to the table where the clean ones lay. He studied the blue ridged thing he picked up and it suddenly seemed wrong. He looked up and met Spike’s eyes as he held the dead thing across his palm. It wasn’t what Spike wanted. It wasn’t what Xander wanted.




Wordlessly, without breaking eye contact, Xander put the toy back and picked up the lube instead. He squeezed some on his palm and lightly coated his throbbing cock. Spike’s expression of need turned to a grateful grin as he turned away and thrust his ass up higher.




Before he could talk himself out of it, Xander put his hand on the side of Spike’s hip and slid his palm along the smooth skin until he cupped Spike’s sharp hipbone in his large fingers. He lined his cock up with Spike’s open hole and pushed just the tip in before moving his other hand to the matching hip. After a few calming breaths, and a whimper from Spike, he pushed in. Xander knew his cock was a bit above average in size. Anya had measured him to his protests and shown him a chart on the internet. If he hadn’t just seen some of the things Spike fit into his body, he would have worried about hurting him.




He couldn’t take his eyes away from the sight of his dark cock sinking into the cleft of Spike’s pale ass. He’d fantasized about fucking someone in the ass once in a while, but always a woman. Even at this angle, there was nothing womanly about Spike for all his slight build. Under his hands, Spike’s hips were firm, and his thighs were corded muscle against his own. The cool envelope soon engulfed his hard cock and he pressed deep into Spike’s willing body. He pulled Spike to him and rocked as deep as he could, savoring the tight, cool channel around his needy cock and regaining some control.




“Come on, mate,” Spike gasped. “Quit teasing a bloke.”




“Patience, Spike,” Xander gritted. “Once I move, it’s not going to last long.”




“That good, am I?”




“I’ve been hard almost an hour. Now shut up.” Xander breathed deep and found his shaky center.




“Xander?” Spike ventured.




“What?” Xander sighed, doing his best to keep his peace.




“When you do go, don’t hold back.” Spike watched Xander in the mirror as his words gave the desired result. He didn’t want some soft love making, damn it, he wanted to be buggered right proper.




With a snarl, Xander bettered his grip on Spike’s hips and pushed him off his cock, Spike whimpered and Xander drew him back, slamming hard into the unresisting flesh.




“Yeah! Give it me!” Spike cried, rejoicing in the heat that filled him. Xander’s healthy cock stretched him deliciously.




Xander had resisted orgasm almost too long and he was to the point of needing over stimulation to come. It was clear he wouldn’t hurt Spike, so he did let go. His fingers dug in as he manhandled Spike’s body back and forth. The sounds of flesh slapping on flesh and grunts from both men filled the porch. He opened his eyes and watched Spike’s ass take the pounding he gave it.




Spike groaned and grabbed his bouncing cock. Xander automatically looked into the mirror, wanting to see Spike’s face as he came. Instead, he saw his cock being squeezed by nothing as non reflecting Spike’s channel worked around him.




“Fuck!” Xander grunted as his body took over and dictated the uneven rhythm of his strokes.




Soon, Xander stumbled backwards and collapsed onto a chair. Spike turned around and settled on the opposite one. “That was bloody brilliant, mate,” Spike said to the man who leaned back with one hand over his eyes.




“Shut up, Spike.”




“I was just saying…”








Spike snagged his jeans and soon had a cigarette lit. After it was half burned, he ventured again. “Regrets, mate?”




“Spike, do me a favor and go away. I’m having to deal with some stuff right now.” He sounded more tired than anything.




Spike sucked down the last of his smoke and flicked it out into the sand beyond the blinds. Efficiently, he dressed and gathered his toys into the satchel. He paused at the stairs and again studied Xander. He was hurt at the rejection, but hell, it wasn’t right to expect this one’s coming out party to be all taffeta and pink frosting. And if he’d been used, well, it wasn’t the first time and probably wouldn’t be the last. May as well try for a little more fun.




“Hey, what about tomorrow night? You got the place one more night, yeah?”




Xander sighed and dropped his hand, but kept his eyes closed. “I don’t know, Spike.”




“Oh. Okay. Later, then.”




Xander opened his eyes in time to see Spike’s bowed head disappear down the steps. He’d just fucked a man. A man vampire. He had just fucked a man vampire who he hated most of the time and he’d nearly passed out from the pleasure of it. Yeah. He had some things to think about.




Backdoor Cabana Boy Chapter 1

Spike spent the much of the long, hot California day crypt pacing and masturbating by turns. When he started into his plan to pester the whelp, he’d just been in it for the sheer evil fun of trashing someone else’s good time. He had never expected his old sexual desires to be so stirred up. Spike kicked at the iron railing as he made a turn to pace the other way.




He’d been getting along fine with picking up birds and getting all the shagging he wanted, thank you very much. Even if he couldn’t bite, he could still fuck them unconscious. Then this nothing, this pizza boy, reminded him of how wonderful it could feel to have something properly up your bum.




The toys he’d made himself ignore while with Drusilla now called to him. And then, to have Xander inside him. It was the closest thing to heaven he knew he’d ever feel. Well, maybe if he was shagging the slayer as Xander shagged him.




But the boy had sent him away after. It wasn’t like he should have been surprised. Hell, he hadn’t expected him to be bold enough to give it to him.




His present dilemma was what to do if Xander turned him away tonight. He wanted that cock again. Even better, he wanted to be in Xander. Spike tugged on his cock again.




“Better leave that be, Spikey,” he muttered to himself. “want to save some for tonight. He’s a big a horn dog as you are. He’ll be back for more soon.”




Spike made sure his toys were cleaned and packed in their bag, and slept as best he could.




As soon as the sun was safely abed, Spike hurried to his car and sped to the beach house. He didn’t bother with stealth this time and parked in the beach house’s driveway beside Xander’s car.




He called out as he rounded the back of the house. “Xander! Come out and…” the sight that greeted him stopped him dead. An air mattress had been set up on the floor of the porch and Xander lay sprawled face down upon it, with his hips raised by a pillow, and his cock and balls presented. Nearby was a towel with a line up of toys on it. “Well, well, what’s this?”




Xander didn’t get up, and didn’t look at Spike. He’d fought his demons of indecision earlier and had decided to go through with his crazy fantasy. “I did something for you last night so tonight I want you to do something for me,” Xander said in a rush.




“You want me to be your cabana boy and oil you up?”




Xander coughed, not admitting that played into it. “I have a fantasy, and because I decided to treat this whole weekend like a fantasy so if I want I can pretend it never happened, I figure I should get in all my wishes while I can.” Xander couldn’t see Spike’s hurt frown at his declaration.




Spike dropped his satchel of toys beside Xander’s feet. He was being used. Maybe he could still get some touch out of it. “So… what’s your pleasure?”




“I want you to use what ever you want on me, in what ever way you want.” Xander’s voice was tense and Spike could see what this cost him.




Spike pushed aside his hurt. “Yeah?”




“Yeah. Well, as long as it’s meant to be played with. I don’t want you poking me with the potted plants or anything.”




“You’ve got your collection right here, why would I need anything else?” Spike spotted a toy like the long one with a knob on the end like he’d used the night before. “And you did some shopping?”




“Yeah. That one toy looked so good…”




Spike chuckled. “Proud of you, shopping on your own. Big Ted’s a scary place.” Spike skinned off his shirt and sat down to unlace his boots.




“I think the cross dresser you talked to was still there,” Xander said with a shudder.




“Probably lives there.” Now naked, Spike looked down at Xander. Construction work had firmed his muscles and the round globes of his ass were so nicely presented. “How does this work, pet?”




“I… none of those toys are… too big for me. And I know you can’t hurt me, and if we establish a safe word…”




Spike knelt between Xander’s spread legs, admiring the semi-hard cock, hairy balls, and sweet pucker he so wanted to penetrate. “The chip going off isn’t enough?”




“Um… I trust you because of that, mostly, but I …”




“I get it,” Spike said softly. Most lovers he’d played with had not given him the luxury of a safe word. “What’s it to be, then?”




“Apple pie,” Xander mumbled.




“Apple pie?” Spike barked a laugh. “I’d bloody well hope you wouldn’t blurt that out during sex.”




“Anyway…” Xander closed his eyes and thrust into the yielding mattress. “Go on.”




Spike eyed the collection as he stroked his erection. “Where should I start?”




“That… that’s the point. I won’t know what’s coming. But… you can ask me if I want something… bigger once in a while.”




“Maybe threaten you with it?” Xander moaning and thrusting again was his answer. “Right then.” Spike put his hand on his partner’s leg and Xander flinched a little with the contact. “You need to relax, pet. Nothing’s going to crawl up in ya if you’re clinched.”




Spike ran his hand up Xander’s leg, skimming over his cheek and, raising up on his knees, put both hands on Xander’s shoulders and started to rub.




“Are… are you giving me a massage?”




“I admire ya laying yourself all out for me like this, it’s hot as blazes, but if I even think about putting a pinkie finger in you, the evening will be over.”




Xander sighed and realized Spike was right. He knew anal play’s three main elements were toys, relaxation, and lube. After a few minutes of Spike’s thumbs working his shoulder blades and running his hands confidently over his back, Xander was able to let go of his fears. He’d taken the hardest steps earlier today when he’d decided to literally open himself up to Spike.




Spike worked his way down and cupped Xander’s cheeks. “So you think you’re ready to take whatever ole Spike can put to ya, yeah?”




“I’ll do my best,” Xander said, his voice husky.




Spike pressed with his thumb and spread Xander open. He smiled at the brown hole that winked at him and worked his cock with one hand. “I don’t know… Looks mighty small. Then again, I like a challenge.” He took his hand off Xander and clicked open the lube. “Maybe… the blue one.” He heard Xander draw in a breath. It was one of the larger ones there. “No, maybe not. As much as I like a little blood play, we won’t go there tonight, I think.”




“Spike,” Xander moaned, “don’t kill my mood.”




Spike chuckled. “We’ll start small.” He ran one hand over Xander’s smooth bottom again and once more spread him open. “Bit ‘o lube…” Spike dripped a generous dollop on Xander’s waiting pucker and watched him jump a little at the cold. “And then…” Spike touched Xander’s lower back with the barest tip of one finger and slowly spiraled it in, ever closer to his target. “Which toy is this, then? Hummmm?”




When Spike reached the center of his journey, he scooped up the lube that had run down onto Xander’s balls and put his finger on his target. “Ready for this?” he teased.




“Please!” Xander gasped, clutching the sheets by his head.




“Just cause you ask so nicely…” Spike easily pushed his finger in, enjoying the gripping heat. Maybe he’d get his cock in there one day.




“Is… is that your finger?”




“I told you I’d start small and you didn’t say not to. ’Cides. I can do this.” Wickedly, Spike crooked his finger and pressed on Xander’s prostate making him gasp. “Want another?”




Xander hesitated, it was weird having someone else inside him, even if it was just a finger. Spike pulled out and pushed back in to that wonderful spot. “Yes!” he gasped, giving up his last barrier of resistance.




Spike chuckled. “Yeah, that’s my boy. Take it.” He added a second finger.




Xander kept himself relaxed and waited for Spike’s next move. Even though he’d never go there, the thought of Spike adding finger after finger until his whole hand slipped in thrilled him and he pressed back.




“You like that, my boy?” Spike crooned. “You want some more? Maybe another finger? Maybe a bigger toy?” Xander suddenly realized that was what they shared. Anal sex was as much the anticipation, the wrongness of the act, as the actual sensations. He pushed back into Spike’s hand. “A third finger, then,” Spike said.




“God!” Xander gasped.




Spike turned his three fingers inside the heat of Xander’s ass and panted at the sight. “Bloody hell, that’s hot! I have to have something inside me, too.” He fumbled with his free hand and located one of his toys. It was a thick red plug that he knew would stay in place.




“Show me?” Xander said. Spike held up the toy by it’s flared base where Xander could see. He guessed it was two inches at the widest. “That’s… that’s thick, Spike.”




“I like a little pain now and then. Vampire, yeah? Hold on while I slip this in.”




Spike took his fingers out and Xander rolled a bit to one side so he could watch. Spike heavily coated the plug with lube and set it on the floor. He knelt over it with his legs folded back and the tops of his feet against the floor. He positioned himself over it and slowly lowered himself. Xander watched, mesmerized, as Spike pushed down to the point of forcing it in a bit, then raised himself.




It didn’t take much before the vampire was moaning and fondling himself with both hands. He would pinch his nipples, hard, cup his balls, then feel where the width of the plug was splitting him open.




“What… what’s that like, Spike?” Xander asked.




“It’s like… I want it all in me so bad. It’s a big plug and it’s stretching me.” Spike pushed down a little more and raised back up. “Christ! It… it’s heavy rubber so it’s going to fill me up and pull on me like it wants out. I… I’m going to have to… force it out.” Spike rocked back down and watched as Xander humped against the pillow that raised his hips. “One more push and I… I think I’m going to come. Can I come on your ass, Xander?”




“Yeah… sure. I want to watch…”




Spike threw his head back and closed his eyes. He let his weight drop on the impossibly large plug and hung there for a second, feeling the burn. Then he opened his eyes to see Xander all spread open before him and pushed down, opening himself the last bit needed. His body yielded, the fullest point of the heavy red plug slipped in and Spike felt his opening clinch in around its narrow neck.




A few pulls on his cock and his cum splattered on Xander’s ass and opening.



Backdoor Cabana Boy Chapter 2

Spike sat back on his heels, panting. The big red plug he just taken in his ass stretched and filled him. He lifted himself a little and it’s weight pulled at his opening.




Xander swallowed, doing his best to keep from coming at what he was watching. Spike was like a painting of male perfection come to life. His lean body shivered and rippled as he came. The toy he’d forced into himself was big enough that Xander cringed at the thought of taking it in himself.




Xander realized Spike was watching him as he was being studied and he dropped back on the pillow. Spike’s warm chuckle followed him. “Like to watch? I like that myself.” Spike reached out and smeared his cum over Xander’s skin, pressing his thumb into the flexing opening. “Feeling empty? Let’s see what I can find.”




He picked up one with a gradual taper to it. He coated it with lube and pressed it against Xander’s hole. Very slowly he pushed the tip in. Hungry to quell the empty feeling, Xander pushed upwards, and Spike moved with him.




“Be still now, boy,” Spike said, firmly pushing Xander back down. “You gave your ass to me tonight, remember? So unless you want to order some dessert, I’m in charge.”




“Yes, yes. You’re right. It’s just that watching you… Damn that plug is big.”




Spike chuckled and pressed Xander’s toy in a little bit more. “It’s brilliant. I’d say humans have to be careful taking something so big so quick, but I’ll heal in a day or so, maybe less and be a virgin again.”




“Lucky you.”




Spike flexed his body, pushing out, but could not even budge the massive rubber piece filling him. Briefly, he wondered if his muscles would retighten around it. He’d have to have help pulling it out. The thought made his cock harden once again.




He ran one hand up Xander’s leg as he pushed in just a little more. “Like that, Pet? I hope so, cause it looks so hot.” Xander thrust back fractionally, and Spike shoved the rest of the plug in. The cone popped into Xander’s ass and it closed around the narrow neck.




“Fuck!” Xander gasped. “I thought you were going slow.”




“I got bored and wanted to see it in. Plus, I know I didn’t hurt ya, cause the chip didn’t even tingle.” He put both hands on Xander’s ass and enjoyed feeling it flex. Then he tapped the round base of the toy. “You know which one this is?”




“It... it’s the one I had in when you found me in the hot tub.”




“Smart lad.” Spike took hold of the base and pulled just a bit. “You want I should take it in and out?”




“No… I like to just leave the plugs in. I… I’ll work the… um… more phallic ones sometimes.”




“Well, then, maybe I should find something I can play with.” Spike eased the plug out and teased the boy with it a little bit before setting it aside.




He paused and enjoyed the sight of Xander’s waiting hole. He reached back and pulled on the red plug stretching him. He relaxed and pushed, but it would not budge. He worked his hard cock with the other hand.




Missing Spike’s hands on him, Xander spoke up. “Where did you go?”




“Just enjoying myself and the view a bit. Christ, this plug is huge.”




“The one you have in?”




“Yeah. I may have to have help getting it out. Can you do that?”




“Oh. Wow. Yeah I guess so. It’s really stuck?”




“Feels like. But it… I’m so full, so packed.” Spike was panting.




“You going to come again?”




“Yeah… yeah…”




Instead of turning around to look, Xander reached back with both hands and spread himself open. Spike moaned and put one foot under himself. He pressed the plug in deep with the heel of his foot as he wrung his cock and lightly ran a finger over Xander’s opening. As he was about to come, he plunged two fingers into Xander. The heat gripped him and he shot all over Xander once more.




He worked his cock slower and slower and turned his fingers in Xander for a minute. “You’re going to wreck me, boy.”




“Wreck you? I’m the one resisting orgasm here.” Xander pressed his hips into the pillows.




“How do you do that?”








“Anya made you?”








Spike grinned. “Then may some god bless her. I think it’s amazing.”




“I think it looks like more fun to come as much as you want.”




“It has a down side, too. Makes a fella mighty thirsty. Can’t spare a pint, can ya?”




“No biting, Spike! I apple pie the biting,” Xander said, using his safe word.




“Can’t blame me for asking.”




“Give me something else, Spike. Please?”




Spike went right for the long toy with a knob on one end and a handle on the other. “See what you can do with this.” He popped in the slicked knob and then pulled back a bit.




“Is that the new one?”




“I want to see you take it deep, Xander. Relax for me.”




Spike slowly pushed in, sinking several inches in before he met resistance. “How far are you going?”




“As far as you’ll let me. Relax, Pet.”




“I am!”




Spike silently sighed and laid the handle of the toy down, leaving it’s top third inside. Again he stroked Xander’s back. “It’s your insides got to open up now. Focus inside and loosen yourself up. Feel where the ball is.”




Xander took a couple of deep breaths and did as Spike directed. He found he was aware of the toy inside him. “Yeah,” he breathed. “I think I see what you mean.”




Gently Spike picked up the handle again and gently pushed. This time, the stem sunk in another three inches so the handle rested against his opening. “Feel good?’




“Oh! It’s strange. Different.” Xander reached back for the first time that night and handled the toy. Experimentally, he pushed and pulled on the toy.




Spike sat back on his heel again and enjoyed the show. Again he tugged his plug and knew he wanted to feel it coming out.




Xander rolled to his side. “I want to swing it like you did. And I need to stretch my legs, I’ve been laying here a while.”




Xander stood and stretched. He fed the toy up into himself as far as he could, then let go and relaxed. It slid easily down until just the ball was inside him. “Ohhhh. That’s…. nice!”




“Told ya.” Spike ran his fingers loosely over his renewed erection as he watched Xander.




Xander experimentally swung the heavy handle and soon had it swinging back an forth between his legs as he thrust at empty air. The toy, hanging with just its knob inside, swung forward to hit against his balls, then back.




“Damn! That… that hits the spot. I’m going to have to stop,” Xander gasped.




Spike stood, leaned over, and put his hands on the table. The black circle of the big plug stood out in sharp relief against Spike’s pale skin. “Help a bloke out?”




Xander hesitated. You want me to pull it out for you?” Xander asked, his mouth suddenly dry. “I… I’ll hurt you.”




“Don’t worry about that. Somehow you keep forgetting I like a bit of pain with my sex sometimes. Grab ahold and yank it out.”




Xander bit his lip and dared give his attention-hungry cock a few strokes. He closed his fingers around the base as best he could and tugged a little. “Man, that is tight. Loosen up.”




“I’ll try…” Spike dropped his head to his arm, presenting his ass even better and took a few relaxing breaths. “Take it, Xan.”




Xander got his fingers around the plug as best he could, feeling where Spike’s opening was clenched around the hard rubber. He pulled, changed his grip, and pulled again. Spike groaned as it shifted and Xander had to make himself not let go.




He pulled harder and Spike wrapped one hand around his cock. “Feels so fucking good, Xan… Yank the buggering son of a bitch out.”




Xander twisted it a little and gave a firm, steady pull. The plug shifted, gave, and slid out into Xander’s hand.




Spike cursed a blue streak as his hand almost became a blur on his cock and cum shot onto the table. Xander didn’t hesitate, but wickedly put the tip of the plug back in Spike’s gaping hole just as he was winding down from his orgasm.




“Bugger!” Spike cursed and pushed back. Xander held the toy still as Spike rocked on it, never taking it all in again and continued to quiver and his cock to pulse for another minute. Finally, Spike waved him away and collapsed in a chair. “That was wicked, Pet. I didn’t know you had that in you.”




Xander was again feeding the slick toy up his ass and letting it slide out. “I… I was just doing something I sometimes do to myself,” he mumbled, embarrassed.




“You're a master in your chosen hobby. Can’t fault that, especially when I can study at his feet. So to speak.”


"More like between my feet."


Backdoor Cabana Boy Chapter 3

Xander took the long toy out of himself, and put it with the used toys. Then he laid himself down, again presenting his ass to Spike. He knew he couldn’t last much longer. If he didn’t have to go to work the next day, he would have allowed himself to work for two orgasms. He sighed into the pillow and settled himself comfortably.




“I take it you want something more?”




“Maybe two more. I have to get some sleep tonight.”




Again, Spike felt used, as Xander was aware of time. “Yeah, I know just what you need.”




This time, Spike picked up a plug that had a cock shape but a plug’s base. He slicked it up and easily fit it in. Slowly, he teased and took a good ten minutes before the base fit against Xander’s opening.




“I like your… That feels good, Spike,” Xander said.




“You like my what, mate?” Spike asked as he picked up one of his own plugs, a smaller one than the big red one, and slicked it for himself.




“Your touch,” Xander mumbled into the pillow.




Spike paused and lightly stroked Xander’s ass in a way he’d learned the boy responded to. Xander sighed and humped the pillow under him. “It won’t be long now, will it?” Spike asked, pulling on his own cock.




“No,” Xander panted. “I… I’m surprised I’ve lasted this long.”




“One more then, Luv?”




“Yeah. I’ll come with the next one.”




Spike considered the remaining toys, but they were all much the same in his eyes and none were special enough to be the finale to Xander’s treatment. There was nothing else for it then.




Leaving the last plug in place, Spike crawled up Xander’s body. He supported himself on untiring arms over Xander, not quite toughing him at any point.




“Spike! What are you doing?” Xander tried to look back at him, but the vampire gently pushed his head back to the pillow.




“Shhh, now. We agreed on the safe word, and I’ve not forgotten it.”




Xander swallowed. “What do you want?” he asked, his heart beating wildly. He knew what he hoped, what he dare not ask for.




Spike lowered his hips, allowing his cock to make wet trails on Xander’s lower back. “I want to fuck your sweet ass, Xander Harris,” he breathed in Xander’s ear. “Every time I’ve pressed something into you I’ve wished it was my cock. You remember how good it felt to be inside me, let me show you how good it feels to be the taker.”




“God…” Xander breathed and couldn’t stop himself from arching upwards.




“Sounds like you’re out of apple pie, so I’m going to go for cherry.” Spike said.




Spike reached down between them, eased the plug from Xander’s body, let it fall, and lined his cock up with Xander’s slick and open hole. Before he could be rejected, Spike slid in.




Both moaned as Xander’s ready body easily took him in to the fullest.




It was like nothing Xander had ever felt before. Spike’s cock wasn’t any bigger then the toys he’d been using, but it was long and alive. It’s texture was so unlike the rubbers and silicones, even the expensive one he’d bought that claimed to feel like the real thing. The fact that it was attached to another body who now moved over him made him shiver. It was so much better than he ever imaged a strap on feeling. He screwed his eyes tight and pressed his ass upwards.




Spike savored the heat and the grasping tightness around his shaft. It had been far too long since he’d done this with a willing partner.




“You like that?” Spike murmured in Xander’s ear. “You like me filling you up?” He drew a little way out then back in, settling comfortably against Xander’s ass. “I’ve wanted in here for days, Luv.” He moved again. “Every time I’ve come, I’ve imagined I was filling you up, spending load after load into your sweet ass until it overflowed.”




As Spike’s dirty words in his honeyed voice flowed into his ear, Xander realized he wanted that, too. “Fuck me, Spike. Move… want to feel you move.”




Spike rose to his knees, drawing Xander up with him. He allowed the boy to shift and get comfortable before moving again. Slowly he thrust in and out, savoring the sensation. Xander’s body grasped and pulled at him as if wanting to draw him deeper.




When Xander reached back to feel his opening where it wrapped around Spike’s cock, the vampire nearly came right then. “Ready for a hard ride, Luv? I’m more than ready to give it to ya.”




Xander’s reply was almost a sob. “Please. Fuck me. Make me come!”




Remembering the chip enough to be careful with the fragile human under and around him. Spike planted his hands on Xander’s wide hips and let his body choose the rhythm. Soon both were grunting in accord and the sound of flesh slapping flesh again filled the porch.




Spike pulled in great gulping breaths, scenting the overpowering waves of passion, sweat, and musk that dripped from Xander.




Xander abandoned trying to balance and planted both hands on the mattress below him. He saw nothing but white and red flashes behind his lids as Spike changed his angle and again and again struck Xander’s prostate. A few minutes of this, and Xander’s body tightened, his whole being quivered. Spike saw this and watched Xander throw his head back, then tuck it under with a shuddering, wordless moan, coming without touching his cock.




Xander’s hot body grasped and pulled at Spike’s cock, drawing his orgasm from him. His demon emerged and he howled his pleasure to the waves.




Xander collapsed onto the rumpled sheets, with Spike following him down. He found himself dizzy from the force of the orgasm and lack of air from the weight of Spike draped across his back.




Spike enjoyed the lassitude following his orgasm, and the warmth of a sticky human below him. He didn’t enjoy it for long, though, as his chip sent off a warning tingle.




“Spike…” Xander managed to whisper. “Get off...”




“Damn you humans needing to breathe.” Somewhat reluctantly, Spike rolled off and lay on his back beside him for a minute. “Just did get off, mate. Mad brilliant it was, too.” Spike made himself get up.




Lazily, Xander rolled to one side and watched as Spike wiped himself clean. When he picked up his pants, and started to pull them on, Xander frowned. “What’s the hurry?”




Spike wouldn’t meet his eyes. “I thought I’d leave you alone to deal, yeah? I mean, your fantasy weekend’s over and you can neatly put it away as one long wet dream.” He pulled his shirt over his head. “You’ve got laundry to do to clean this place up and…”




“No,” Xander said firmly. “You’ve got laundry to do.”




“Right then, I’ll just nick over to the Laundromat, chink my hard-found quarters into the machine, clean up this nice people’s stuff, then nip back before dawn to deliver it all clean and folded.”




“Why would you do that when I’ve got a washer and dryer?” Xander asked with a grin.




“Because you sodding well spelled me out, didn’t you?” Spike shouted, cramming his foot into a boot. “I’m not going to do your sheets. Yeah I helped you mess ‘em up, but so what?”




“Spike,” Xander said slowly, calmly laying on the rumpled bedding. “I’m asking you to please take this laundry into my apartment and wash it for me.”




“Yeah, well, I…” Spike paused in his angry lacing and looked at Xander with a quirked eyebrow. “Wait. You’re inviting me to go to your apartment?”




Xander stretched and enjoyed the show Spike was putting on. “If you would, please. I brought all this from my place today so I wouldn’t have to do another load of laundry here. I still have to vacuum up the popcorn upstairs, get some sleep, and go into work tomorrow, but I should be home by 5:30. Or 6:00. I’ve got no food at the house now that I think about it.”




“What’s your game?” Spike asked suspiciously, squinting at a smug Xander.




“Game? We still haven’t broken open that chocolate lube.”

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