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Knights, Werewolves, Vampires, oh my!!!



Fandom: Buffy/Angel

Pairing(s): Angel/Oz/Xander, Cordelia/Giles/Spike, Angel/Oz/Xander/Cordelia/Giles/Spike (doesn't show het sexual interactions)

Warnings: BDSM scenes, Dom!Xander, Totally AU..... has Dawn in it, WiP unbetad.

Spoilers: after the show where Angel comes back.

Summary: Botched love spell, betrayal, and a whacked prophecy does not make a good start of the weekend for the fellows.



Nominated Category:

Best Love Slave Fic



Chapter one


It was just a regular night of research for the Scoobies. It had been so dead lately that even Buffy couldn't find a reason to go out patrolling, the normal summer lag in demonic and vamperic activity had hit earlier than expected, and everyone was bored.


So they were researching prophecies to make sure they weren’t caught by surprise, with Buffy slightly snoring in the corner by the corner of the table behind her book. The only ones not there yet were Willow and her “ex” boyfriend Oz. She was trying to get them back together, and Oz was fighting it all the way.


Xander was in a depress mode because the same reason that broke up Oz and Willow, was the reason that he and Cordy were over. The KISS. It was found out that Willow had cast a lust spell and it brought them together at the wrong moment, but that did not help with him and Cordy, or for that matter with Willow and Oz either.


Instead of researching like he was suppose to Xander kept the scene going over and over in his mind, trying to find a way to get Cordy back into his life. He really did love her, but he wasn’t sure that he would be able to get her back.


Suddenly the doors to the library were slammed open with more force than even Buffy uses, startling everyone, and made Buffy jump up into fighting position before she realizes that its only Oz and Willow.


The two former love birds are once again arguing over getting back together, with Willow pleading and Oz just growling at this point.


Xander watches this for a few minutes listening to Willow beg, and pleading.


“Oz, please I’m begging you to take me back, it really wasn’t my fault, it Xander and my magic. If it wasn’t for them both none of this would have happened,” whines Willow. Who as usual is trying to put the blame on someone else.


Xander is deeply hurt by this, knowing that it takes two to tango, and with the help of Willow’s magic, it was really more her fault than his. But the looks he is receiving from Buffy and Willow make him cringe, looks that said go ahead and say something different.


Slumping down further into his chair, he tries not to cry at the abandonment he is feeling right now, when all of a sudden and snarl and a snap make him sit up to pay attention to the two of them again.


“Listen you bitch, will you just leave me alone? I know the truth, and I can smell you lying, you forget I am still a werewolf even when it’s not the full moon, and my sense of smell is still better than most vampires. Don’t you get it, wolves mate for life and you have proven I can’t trust you. It was not Xander’s fault, it was yours and your magic. SO LEAVE ME ALONE,” growled the young musician, as his eyes flashed yellow, and his form blurred a little bit.


Xander watched worried that Oz might lose control of the wolf, and Buffy would be more than happy to put him down, but the young man gets control of himself. They all watched as he storms over to the table, grab one of the books and starts reading, turning the pages furiously, with such force that Xander was afraid might tear them, and then bring down the wrath of Giles.


Willow stormed out of the room, her crying could be heard going down the hallway. Buffy giving the musician a dirty look and took off after the young witch. She could be heard mumbling down the hallway as she looked for her red-headed female friend.


As she left, Xander looked over at the other two men in the room, Giles was wiping his glasses, while giving OZ a look that was both a look of disproval, and sympathy, while the other man, err, vampire, Angel just looked at him in pity.


So that leaves it up to me, thought Xander. Turning towards Oz, and clearing his throat loudly to get the young man’s attention. Oz just looked up at him, his eyes still flashing yellow.


“What do you want,” growled the young werewolf.


“I wanted you to know that I am on your side of this. Normally I would be on Willows, but her little speech, blaming me for it, was the last straw. Your right, it was her that led the KISS, between her magic, and her making the first move. I am not saying I am innocent in this, but whatever you want to do, I am on your side,” said Xander.


He didn’t realize that he was going to say that until it was out of his mouth, or that he actually felt that way about the whole thing, but now that he said it, he was glad he did. It felt right, and he let out a cleansing breath.


“Thanks man, I am glad someone is on my side in all of this. It’s good between us, and we’re still friends,” Oz told Xander.


Smiling at each other they went back to their note taking and reading. While Angel and Giles looked at each other and let out a collective sigh. They were both glad that a small bridge had begun to form over this whole mess.




Racing after Willow, Buffy mumbled about self centered boyfriends with furry tempers. She stopped and ducked into a darken classroom, barely missing the Snyder troll as it prowled the hallways looking for victims. Once her enhanced senses told her the coast was clear, she slowly snuck out and tried to find Willow. Using her slayer hearing, she caught a sound of crying coming from the girl’s bathroom, just up the hallway on the right side. She hurried in and found her witchy friend crying in a corner, her face all red and puffy from the crying she had already did, and it didn’t look like it would stop anytime soon.


Racing over to Willow, Buffy gently gathered her up in her arms, and just held the younger girl. Mumbling soothing words, she just rocked the witch until she had stopped crying. Pulling out some tissues, Buffy gave it to Willow to wipe her face, and blow her nose.


“Shhhhh, honey, we will get your man back for you,” Buffy said soothingly to the young woman, “I know that it wasn’t your fault, the spell just happened and it got the better of you and Xander. It wasn’t really your fault.”


“But that is just it Buffy. If I hadn’t done that damn spell, that stupid lust spell, none of this would have happened,” explained Willow.


“Hey one good thing came out of it, it got rid of Cordy for us,” smiled Buffy.


“Ya, but I don’t think that Xander has forgotten that part, he is still moping about that bitch,” snarled Willow.


“Well back to Oz, if you can’t convince him within say 4 weeks to take you back, then we can try one of your other spells, surely some of them work,” said Buffy teasingly.


“Oh, I know just the one. I snuck a book out of Giles’s private stash at his house, and it has this perfect love slave spell. We could do it together, one for Oz and one for Angel. And in 4 weeks it will be perfect with Venus being in perfect alignment with the Earth. It will add strength to the love spell,” whispered Willow in a conspiratorial voice.


“Perfect,” purred the slayer. She was already thinking about what to do with her Angel once he is under her spell. She had noticed that he was drifting away from, every since his return from hell. Angel hadn’t been as close as she thought a boyfriend should be.



Chapter Two


During the next four weeks, Willow and Oz were always bickering, with Buffy adding her two cents, and it made for a rough time for everyone.


During this time both Oz and Xander’s friendship grew more secure and better than it was before the KISS. Before he was just Willow’s boyfriend, but now it was something different. It was a peer, a true male friend his own age, which Xander found relaxing. Sometimes Xander would have to watch out, because he found himself NEEDING the young man’s attention and approval. Xander didn’t realize that this was because of his background, but for the first time since Jessie, he found himself a true friend.


It was during this time as well the both Oz and Xander had started going out on patrols by themselves, just to get away from the girls. Most nights were quiet, with only the occasional fledge popping out of the ground. Oh, they knew they were being followed by Angel, but they didn’t care. They seemed to be handling things on their own.


Angel followed along behind the two young men, watching to make sure that they did not get in over their heads, so far the two boys had done better then he had expected. Except for a few demons that seemed to be attracted to them, which he took care of by either scaring them off or dispatching them. He watched as the two boys developed into a killing team.


Oz using his strength and other werewolf abilities for the first time without fear, and Xander, where did he learn some of those move, Angel wanted to know. The only thing that bothered Angel a little bit was the occasional flash of green that Xander would have in his eyes when he killed. It mainly occurred after a hard battle, where the boy showed unusually deadly moves, and faster than normal reflexes.


I must speak to Giles about this later, thought Angel.




Meanwhile, with the boys on another patrol, Buffy and Willow lied to Giles about needing to use the lab for some make up work that Buffy needed to do.


What they really were doing was creating the potion and reading the spell that was needed to make both of their “boyfriends” their love slaves. Both of them had the perfect personal ingredient for the potion.


For Buffy, the perfect item was the ring that Angel gave her. Her only hope was that the ring was not going to be used up when it was all done.


For Willow it was a hunk of werewolf fur taken from Oz while he slept in the cage one night as she babysat.


After a couple of hours the potion was ready.


“Buffy, we both need to lower the final part of the potion together as we recite the spell,” Willow told the blonde slayer. “The spell has to be said in a certain way, so say it as I do, right as I do it,” the young witch warned her friend.


Nodding her head, Buffy ready herself for this. While she had no magic abilities, this spell would be powered by both Willow’s magic, and some of the slayer essences to make it. It would drain her for a day or so, but not permanently harm her.


Gathering up their courage, and the final ingredients they had, they began lowering the fur and ring into the bubbling and smoking brew. Willow began to chant with Buffy half a heartbeat behind her.


Hecate, Goddess of Magic, Cupid, God of Love


Hear our pleas and answer from above


Send us true love from those that we care


Send true love to those so that we may share


Heart to heart, soul to souls, bound for all time


Help us, we beg of you, help us at the midnight chime




Aphrodite, Goddess of love


Symbol the whited dove


Hear our cries, hear us speak


Give those the love we seek


Give them the love for us


For happiness ever thus




This being said, the two girls lowered the ring and fur the last few inches into the brew. The container the held the brew, began to shake, and smoke began to pour from the top. When enough smoke had bubbled up, it started to gather right above the potion, and thicken. The thickening cloud suddenly split into two different spheres. Inside the spheres the images of their intended victims came into focus.


Angel had the look of broodiness that he was famous for, plus a slightly puzzled look on his face. While Oz, usually mute with a serene calm exterior, was actually smiling and laughing, which then caused Willow to develop a puzzled look on her face.


The two spheres and their images suddenly exploded into a million little pieces, and each piece beginning to glow like multihued sparks. Both sets of sparks then went through a series of color shifts, ending with Oz’s turning pure blue, and Angel’s settled into a reddish hue.


Both sets of sparks began to become agitated, and exploded into a riot of movement. They began to move around the lab, and in their movements, whatever they touched was either knocked over or destroyed. This caused to girls to cry out both in shock, and anger.


“Willow, we have to stop them before they destroy the whole lab,” cried out Buffy, as she ducked the flying debris caused by the sparks, and by the mixture of chemicals that the destruction was causing.


“I can’t, I don’t know how. According to the spell book this was not suppose to happen,” cried the red headed teenager.


“Just great, how are we going to explain all this mess to the chem teacher in the morning,” said Buffy getting really perturbed with Willow’s spells always failing somehow.


Willow just whimpered as they watch the lab being destroyed.


The sparks had moved around the lab, and were finally back at their starting point. That was when the sparks started circling the girls, crisscrossing between the two; it was a riot of motion and color. The sparks moved faster than the girls could see, and then the girls started to scream and flay around. The sparks had moved until they were touching the girls, leaving small cuts and burns all over the exposed area of their bodies. After a few minutes of this, the flashing group of sparks suddenly moved away from the girls, and sorted themselves back into their proper color groups of red and blue.


The girls lay on the floor moaning and groaning from the multitude of burns and cuts, their clothes cut to ribbons from the spark’s movements. The girls themselves felt as if they had somehow survived being in a sandblaster. Both girls struggled to move up right, and leaned against the wall that was near them.


Then without warning the two groups of sparks shot out the window directly over the girls raining down bits of broken glass, causing them to once again scream.


When they finally looked up, it was to their surprise that they could see the hazy out line of three people above them, 2 females and male. You could almost see wings on the back of the male. Both girls also felt the waves of disapproval coming from the three beings.


The one on the left facial features then started to move:


“You have your desire, but not your wish. A heart is not yours to toy with. Now you have sealed your fate, as well as theirs. It is by our command that this is how you shall pay.”


The one talking made a motion with her hands, and both girls were thrown back against the wall behind them, and the lab exploded, destroying the potion, the ingredients, Angel’s ring, and lab itself. Miraculously, the spell book was not harmed, and it came to rest by Willow on the floor.


The explosion shook the entire school, and brought Giles running from the library. He immediately headed towards the lab, only to find the place a wreck, the girls unconscious, and the book. After he checked the girls to make sure they were still alive, Giles grabbed the book and ran back to the library. Hiding the book, he quickly called 911, and Buffy’s mother Joyce.


He also tried to get a hold of the 3 men out on patrol, but something was blocking he signal from getting through. Leaving them to themselves, Giles ran back to the lab to await the ambulance, and help the girls seem to need.


He would be talking with them later about what spell they did, and why they lied about it.




While Giles was fusing over the unconscious girls, the sparks that had left the lab flew over Sunnydale in search of something. As they passed over certain areas, they caused their own form of destruction.


The purity and love inside these sparks were causing problems for the demonic and vamperic communities. Those that were able to sense the coming of the sparks quickly got underground and away from their path of destruction. Those less fortunate, if lucky, were killed outright.


As the two sets of sparks flew over a group of minions and fledges, they caused the vampires to follow them. As they progressed through Sunnydale, the weak vampires never noticed that they were losing members of their group.


It started with the one in the very back, a minion. He was slowly lulled into a tranquil mental state. Soon his body just followed the trail of the sparks. However soon after his mind was taken over, his body began to turn to dust from the power of the sparks. Soon all that was left of him was fuzzy out line of him in his demon form, as his body fell away. This caused the demon to awaken from its hypnotic state, and silently scream as it was drawn back into hell to wait its next turn to inhabit a victim’s body.


This began slowly to happen to more and more of the group until finally only the leader was left, and his cries of anguish could be heard from all over Sunnydale as he dissolved. It seems that he was not so lulled that he couldn’t feel his final death coming up on him.


The sparks continued on towards their goal, unaware or uncaring of the destruction they were leaving behind.




Xander paused in the Green Rest Cemetery with Oz, listening as the town clock struck midnight. He indicated to OZ to move over to the Hetchin Crypt, to take a rest. He was seriously thinking about calling it a night, and trying to sneak home past the drunken paternal units. Hopefully they were too drunk to notice him coming in.


Deciding to be a bit mischievous, Xander nudged Oz, and whispered, “Watch this!!!”


Searching the cemetery behind him, and almost locating his target, Xander calls out into the night, “Hey Angel, you can come out now. With all that hair gel you use, even I could tell that you were trailing us.”


High among the trees there was a muffled “What?!?!” followed loudly by a curse as they heard something go *SNAP*, and then they could hear what sounded like a heavy body falling from among the tree branches. The noise ended with a loud thud, which caused the two boys to wince.


Both boys fell over laughing when Angel walked into sight. The once debonair and neat vampire was now covered in mud and blood from the fall. His hair had twinges and leaves in it, his face was smeared with blood, the scratched quickly healed by his vamperic healing, his clothed were muddied and torn from the landing on the ground.


Growling at the two boys, who by now were rolling on the ground from laughter, Angel just walked over to them.


“You know that little stunt could have gotten me staked by a tree branch,” snarled Angel as he stood over the two boys.


“I know, I know,” gasped Xander. “But you shouldn’t have been up in that tree,” he said standing and helping Oz up.


Pretending to be peeved at the two boys, Angel just looked around for any sign of trouble sneaking up on them. That was when he noticed how silent it had gotten.


“Hush, something is wrong, you two,” whispered Angel.


Immediately both boys were on alert, and back to back. Their stakes in one hand and long knives in the other, one silver, and the other copper. They were ready to meet anything head on. That was when Xander noticed something to the south of them. That was when they also heard the anguish cries of the last vampire victim of the sparks. It caused both boys to shiver in dread.


“Look over there, the sky its lightening up. And whatever is causing it, it’s heading our way,” Xander told the other two.


All three of them turned towards the lights, and wondered what could be coming their way, and what it meant for them.


Chapter three

As the three men stood watching the sky light up, both Oz and Angel doubled over. The wave of magic that preceded the sparks had finally hit the trio with the supernatural two of the group feeling it.

Xander rushed over to Oz to check on his friend, and helped to make sure that he was able to stand. They both looked at angel who recovered quicker, and was staring off into the distance with a look of fear and concern.

He quickly turned towards the two boys, “Listen there is magic headed this way, which is why Oz and I doubled over. It’s very strong magic, strong enough to make even Angelus scared. When I give you the word run back to the library as quick as you can, have willow and Giles investigation this from their end, and I will do so from here.”

“Listen DB, if it’s magic and if it’s coming this way, then it might be meant for one of us. We can’t outrun magic, and if we tried it would hurt those innocents between it and us. We need to face it here and now. Plus we don’t have much of a choice, because here it comes,” yelled Xander.

Out of the trees, causing the leaves to burst into flames; came the sparks. The trail of destruction the left was not hard to follow or see from where they stood. Xander’s only hope was that it didn’t do the town too much damage, or they would have a hard time covering it up.

When the bundles of sparks arrived at the spot where they stood, the three men stood rock still. Not sure what these sparks were, or what caused them, good or bad magic, they were afraid to interact with them. The two bunches of sparks combined, and formed a circle around the three of them. Encircling them and going around faster and faster, until it looked like a solid line of red and blue had them trapped.

As quickly as they begun spinning they stopped. The blue in front of Oz and the red in front of Angel. What surprised them all the most was with Xander in the middle of the two men, a third bundle appeared half from the blue and half from the red. The third bundle swirled and combined into such swift motions that it now looked purple instead of with of its original colors.

Looking at each other the three men started to step back away from the floating bundles of colored sparks. But the sparks weren’t having any of that. They shot out into streaks hitting all three men in the chest with their own colors, knocking the trio off their feet and ten feet back through the air.

When they landed all three men with withering and moving on the ground. They each were feeling a mixture of pain and pleasure from the sparks, their movements could be mistaken those of men in pain, or in the midst of a very powerful orgasmic experience.

When it was over the men just lay there on ground panting, even Angel was taking an un-needed breath now and then. Trying to stand, all of them staggered over to the nearest crypt wall and collapsed.

It was of course Xander who broke the silence first.

“What the in the name of hell was that?” he demanded to know. “I mean I have had some erotic dreams and feelings, but that surpassed them all, and the pain I don’t know whether to call it pain or pleasure.”

I don’t know but I agree it did feel good, thought Oz. Unknowingly he sent the thought to both of the other men, who acted like he commented out loud.

“Your right it was good Oz,” said Angel.

“I wouldn’t mind feeling that pleasure again,” said Xander, wiggling he eyebrow in a suggestive manner.

This caused Angel just to look at him, and groan.

That was when Angel took notice of the puzzled look on the young werewolf’s face. He wondered what was wrong with Oz.

“Oz, are you okay, nothing is hurting is it?” asked the concern vampire. This immediately brought Xander into focus on his friend, and he to noticed the confused look.

“Well, I didn’t say that comment out loud, yet both of you answered like you heard me say something,” replied Oz.

“But I did hear it buddy,” Xander said, now with the confused look on his face.

“Oz, why don’t you try it again, and see if we can hear you,” asked Angel.

“OKAY, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” sent Oz, causing both of the other men to grab their heads in pain.

“Ya, we heard you , too LOUD and too CLEAR,” griped Xander. “Oz, man, that actually hurt,” he complained.

“Sorry, I must have put too much of a push behind it,” apologized the musician.

“That’s okay, Oz, we know you didn’t mean to hurt us,” Angel commented.

“Listen, all of this smacks of one of Willow’s failed spells, and I really am not in the mood to confront her or bother Giles with right now,” said Xander.

The other two agreed with him, and they sat there in the night, wondering what to do.

“Listen this is not sitting here in the dark is not getting us anywhere, so why don’t we go back to my place, and see what we can do from there,” said Angel.

For some strange reason the other to agreed with him, they felt like they needed to be together, and didn’t want to part company yet.

Getting up and brushing off their clothes from sitting on the ground, the trio head towards Angel’s car and Oz’s van, rode back to the apartment the souled vampire kept in town. While he still owned the Crawford Mansion, it held to many bad memories of the time he was Angelus, so Angel avoided that place as much as possible.

After Angel let them into his apartment, he quickly excused himself to grab a shower to get the blood and grim from falling out of the tree off, and to change clothes. Plus he had to do something with his hair, it being a mess was driving him around the bend.

The other two young men were busy exploring Angel’s apartment, but each time one of them would pass the other, they couldn’t help but touch. At first it was just hands grazing hands, and then shoulder touching shoulder. Finally Xander pinned Oz in a corner, touching his face, stroking down the side as Oz leaned into the touch, and let out a soft moan.

“I wondered who was going to break first,” he sighed, leaning in and kissing Xander’s pouty lips, gently at first, then with a little more pressure. Parting his lips a little, his tongue slipped out, seeking permission to enter and permission was granted.


As the boys kissed, they hand traveled over each other’s teenaged bodies. They were removing clothes as they searched for the special places on each others body. There were tearing sounds for the more stubborn clothes, or clothes that had to be removed over head, but they didn’t want to move that far from each other. Soon the two of them were nude in Angle’s front room.

Stopping for air, but refusing to break contact with each other, they stood there foreheads touching, panting, as each gently stroked the other’s body, their young cocks standing erect between them. Looking into each other’s eyes, they knew something was missing, but what?

Suddenly it became clear to them, they were missing their third. Smiling and nodding to each other, they quickly made a rush to the master bathroom, to join their third in the shower. Where they found Angel, hard and waiting for them.



Angel was grateful for the hot water in his apartment, normally to a vampire water was water, but sometimes you just needed the feel of the heat to make it your night. When the wall of pheromones hit him, he staggered into the shower wall, and he could feel himself instantly getting aroused from them.

What the hell are those two up to in the front room, he thought, Never mind I know what those two are up too.

But Angel felt something was wrong, something was missing.

It wasn’t until the curtain was thrown back, and he spied the two younger men, that he realized that what was missing what THEM.


As he kissed the two boys, he pulled them into the shower, getting them all wet and slippery. But his shower was not made for three people, so he shut off the water, and drew the two into too his master bedroom, where he had everything they would need for the nights entertainment.

He didn’t know how this was going to work out, but he was willing to go along with it for now.


Dragging Xander down, Angel kissed him while he felt Oz latch onto one of his nipples. He moaned into Xander’s mouth as he tried to dominate Xander through the kiss. Xander realized what Angel was trying to do, and the hyena in him would not let that be. She was the dominant one in the pack, and Angel had to know his place.


Xander grabbed Angel by the shoulders, and flipped him on to his back, in the process accidently knocking Oz off on to the floor. The wolf in Oz knew immediately what they were doing and he crawled into a corner, curling up his body trying to stay away from the two Alphas as they fought for dominance.


Xander straddled Angels chest, looking down at into the face of the souled vampire. On his face a mask of amusement, and dominance, like he knew he was going to win this contest. Angel could feel the boys finger nails grow and dig into his shoulders, he also noticed that the boys teeth were lengthening, until he had very long and powerful looking canines. The teeth were even more wicked looking than his own vampire ones.


But the most startling of all the changes was to the boy’s eyes. They now glowed totally green, with the pupils elongating, to a long oval shape. Like a cats, the eyes could now see better at night. Angel was willing to be that he would see better than most vampires now. Part of him was scared by this change as well as concerned by it, but a bigger part of him was thrilled and extremely turned on by it.


Shaking his head Angel cleared his mind of those thoughts, he knew what was happening here. A fight for dominance, and it was a fight that HE and his demon would not allow themselves to lose.


Gut punching with all his strength, hoping to knocking him across the room to give him time to act, Angel sprang into action. But the punch did not have the effect that Angel hoped, instead it only knocked the boy to the end of the bed. Relying on his speed instead, Angel hopped up and speed across hopefully faster than the wolf or Xander could see. But again he was wrong, before he stopped on the other side of the room, Xander was in air flying towards him. Angel quickly stepped out of the way, but even that move failed, as he felt four sharp pains in his, and a weight land on his back, almost knocking him to the ground.


Looking down he saw four long cuts in his side, and knew Xander had managed to claw him. With the weight on his back, and the pain in his shoulders, he also knew Xander managed to grab a shoulder and swung himself up onto Angel’s back, and was now latched one.


Inside Angelus screamed at Angel to fight harder, he must not loose to this pathetic boy. He was to be the Alpha above all else.

Looking back over his shoulder, he caught sight of Xander, just as the boy adjusted himself to grab around Angel’s body to pin his arms to his side. The pressure from his right arm on the cuts made Angel hiss is pain. That was when he noticed that the cuts weren’t healing like they were suppose to. Something was interfering with vampiric healing.

“DO you surrender?” asked Xander on his back.

“Never,” hisses Angel as he slide into his game face, he would never surrender to this human. But was he human, came the unasked for question. The abilities the boy was showing was not something a human could do, nor was the strength and conviction something normal for the boy. Something was at play here, and Angel felt a quick uneasy feeling that he might loose after all. But if he did loose, Xander would know that he had been in one hell of a fight for control.

Angel was determine to win, even Xander could feel this. But his hyena spirit knew that in the end she would win over the Vampire, even if she died in the process. The bad part was if she died, she would be taking Xander with her. But that was a thought for another time, right now he had to concentrate on beating Angel and his demon, Angelus.

During this entire time of fighting neither man had lost his erection, Angel was in fact more turned on than he was before the match started, and he could feel the iron rod of Xander’s pressing into his back, and he knew the younger man was just as turned on.

Angel remembered something, and doing a quick scan of the room, he found Oz curled up in a corner whimpering, and whining like a wolf in distress. Angel noticed that Oz looked up and his eyes were as wide and they could get watching the spectacle. Angel flashed a quick smile to the young wolf, and Oz smiled back indicating he was alright for now, and he knew this fight was needed.

Angel had to remember that no matter who won tonight, Oz would be the one to lose. Angel made a silent vow that no matter the outcome, even if he came in second best, Oz would be taken care of, and loved.

But determined to win, Angel reached across his body to grab one of the hands that held him prisoner from behind, and try to pry it loose, but all it did was cause more cuts and bleeding., which were caused by the nails digging in deeper into his arms. With the extra bleeding, the arms got slipperier, and Angel could not find the purchase he needed to pry the hold off his arms.

Without warning, a pain shot across Angel’s neck and upper shoulders. Xander had used his canines to bit into his neck and shoulder right where the two of them jointed. This caused yet more blood to flow, and Angel was getting weaker. If he didn’t replace the blood soon, Xander would win by him just passing out from blood loss.

Grabbing the hands again Angel decided on a different tactic this time. He ran backwards as fast as he could, hoping to crush the boy between him and the wall. But Ander felt what he was going to do, and jumped over his shoulders, breaking the hold on his hands, and landed on all fours on the floor infront of Angel.

Angel smacked into the wall hard, leaving cracks and a small impression in the plaster. The force of the impact had jarred Angel’s senses which were weakened from the amount of blood he had already lost, and now he was in a deep dazed state.

Sensing that his enemy was down for a bit, Xander charged Angel, grabbed his feet and pulled him to the bed. Using his new found strength, he threw the dazed vampire up on the bed. Punching him once in the head, Xander quickly checked on the cuts and bits that Angel and received during the battle. He was assured by the signs of them finally healing, but instead of leaving without a trace, they were leaving scars, as if to mark Angel and remind him of his loss.

Not too concerned about that, and in a way glad at the scars, Xander began looking threw Angle’s draws and closet to find what he needed to secure the vampire to the bed. He finally came across a chest in the closet that looked like it might be what it was looking for. Pulling out the chest, he found it locked, but that didn’t stop him, grabbing the lock and giving a swift twist, it snapped like it was made of paper, leaving the chest open to whatever was inside.

Oz meanwhile had noticed that the sounds of fighting had stopped, and he looked up from where he was hiding and saw Angel out on the bed, and Xander rummaging through a chest. Carefully uncurling himself, and crawling over to the chest, he looked into it to see what Xander was looking at.

Sensing Oz’s movements, Xander did his best not to startle the young man, and let Oz make the first move. He watched as the young man hesitant movements carefully moved his across the floor, making sure that he was not going to be struck for coming closer. That was when Xander realized that Oz would need to be taken care and cherished when this was all over. The young werewolf knew he was a beta, and so expected to be treated like one after the fight, but also expected to be bullied and picked on. Xander, who had a life time of this, vowed that it wouldn’t happen. Oz would be loved and knew that he was loved and protected.

As Oz crept closer, Xander saw him peek over the lid, and gasp at what he saw. The chest was full of sex toys, and SMBD perihelia that caused Oz’s eyebrows to rise almost into his spiked hair line. There were things in there that made the boy shiver, but he was not sure it was from fear or want and desire.

Xander spying what he wanted quickly grabbed up a few things from the truck, before slamming the lid back down. He then leaned over the trunk and grabbed the back of Oz’s head, pulling him into a soul searing kiss and a nibble on the lips, to let the boy now everything was okay, and as he broke the kiss to moved back to Angel, he reached over and mussed the older man’s hair, getting a quick smile from Oz in the process. He grabbed what he had and jumped on the bed.

Working quickly Xander secured Angel’s arms to the corners of the headboard of the bed, making sure they were cuffed in a certain way as not to give the vampire leverage to use his strength to break free. Grabbing Angle’s cock and balls, pulling them out as far as they would go, he gave them a quick twist, which elicited a moan from the dazed vampire. Xander quickly snapped on a special cock ring with points on the inside. The twist and pull had the desired effects, causing Angel to soften a bit so that Xander could pull the ring tighter. With the points on the inside, whenever Angel got hard again, the points would remind him who he belonged to, and where he belonged in the scheme of things.

When Xander had pulled the ring out of its velvet sack, a piece of paper fell out, and Xander now took the time to read it. It seems that the ring had a touch of magic to it. It could only be removed by the one who put it on, and it would never fall off as it would keep the wearer aroused enough to stay on. That was an idea that Xander liked, the constant arousal would remind Angel of his beta place in the pack. Sitting back on his haunches he surveyed his conquest, and smiled.

Xander noticed that Angel was coming out of his dazed state, and that the wounds were all but healed. Xander knew that with a supply of blood that Angel would be in a weakened state, which was fine with him at this moment.

“What……?!?” Angel started to slur, but was quickly interrupted by Xander.

“You lost,” sneered Xander. Xander did not know what was happening to him or the other two, but he liked it. For the first time HE was in control; the one that was the leader. He knew that part of it had to do with the hyena spirit, and maybe the spell, but most of it was coming from a place he didn’t know existed and he decided to let it out to play.


Deciding to test to see if he could send messages like Oz did, he sent a message to them both, but it was really meant for Angel.


Angel, you know it’s for the best, I can protect you both when your unable to protect yourselves. Never again will you need to be afraid of someone hurting you. I am the Alpha, the protector, that you both need. The one the can promise you home, love, protection. Let me in, let me be the one in charge, just give yourself to me. Let go of the hold you have of the false pretense that you have to be in charge all the time, let some else be in charge for a change.


While he said this soothingly into each of their minds, Xander motioned for Oz to join them on the bed with one hand, while the other stroke Angel back into hardness, causing the vampire to gasp at the pain/pleasure as the teeth from the ring dug into his flesh. Xander knew that the demon part of Angel loved this, and that Angel really did need this type of stimulation and pleasure.


Drawing Oz up next to him, Xander gave the wolf a reassuring smile, and rubbed his jaw next to Oz’s, like he would do in the wild. Xander was scent marking Oz as his, so no other except for pack would touch the older man. This also showed to Oz that he was loved and protected, something that Oz was just now realizing that he craved.


With his free hand, Xander began to trace to contours of Oz’s face, gently stroking him, causing him to moan in pleasure. AS he caressed the cheekbones, and traced the lips, the mouth opened to allow Xander to slip in a digit, on which Oz sucked expectantly, showing some of the promised talent that Xander promised himself to taste later.


His eyes never leaving Oz’s, Xander gently pulled free from of the suction, and using the wet digit, traced a path down Oz’s throat. Oz tilted his head to allow Xander better access to it, as Xander continued down to his chest. Xander paused there, and played with the hard nipples that were presented to him as Oz leaned back and thrust out his chest. All through this Oz was making very pleasurable noises, that went straight to Xander’s cock.


Continuing down the young man’s chest Xander stopped to admire and play with Oz’s abs. He loved the smooth ridges of his six pack, which he found Oz to be ticklish there.


Xander leaned forward and grasped Oz’s lips in a kiss, as his hand moved down the man’s body, and past his hard shaft. He paused at the scrotum, gently fondling it, which caused Oz’s to moan even louder into the kiss. Breaking the kiss, Xander watched as the werewolf panted, and he noticed a slight yellowing of the eyes. Good this is what I want, thought Xander.

Moving slowly up the shaft, Xander paused at the top, rubbing the moisture that was leaking from the gland across and around it. The calluses on his hands and finger tips, combined with the moisture were make that sensitive part of Oz’s body send signals that almost had the boy howling. Unconsciously Oz was thrusting his hips upward as if he was fucking the air. Xander just smiled at the motions and the picture of wild abandonment the boy was showing.


Restrained, Angel panted with unneeded breath, as he was the show going on above him. Angel shifted as Xander continued to stroke him, causing him pleasure as well as pain, but oh what pain it was. Itself was a form of pleasure, a pleasure that he had forgone since he got his soul. He truly believed that he was not allowed to have this type of pleasure on his path to redemption. But now this wicked mortal had brought it all back to him again, and he knew that he could never truly give it up again, nor would his demon allow him too.


All he had to do to keep this was submit to this mortal. A mortal not yet out of his second decade, who with a little help of a very simple toys bring a Master vampire to his knees with want, need, and desire. This young mortal would make a most wicked childe, that is if Angel was still into that sort of thing.


Oz, meanwhile, sat there with his hips thrusted out in front of him, his arms in the back bracing himself, as he gave himself over to Xander. But at the same time he was fighting to keep control of the wolf, all of this happening around him, it had brought the wolf the front, and he was having a rough time controlling him. Let the wolf out now would be a bad thing, a very bad thing.


Then in the midst of this fight for control, Oz heard Xander once again in his head. Relax Oz!!! I have him, just relax and enjoy. After tonight, you will never again have to worry about control, not even on the full moon. You will from now on change at will, full moon or not, and never change against your will again, moon or not. Just let go, feel, enjoy, give control over to me, let me be your Alpha, your protector, your lover, your home.


Oz, feeling the truth in those words, relaxed, and let go of the wolf. As he knew it would the wolf jumped out, only to be bitched slapped back into place, and controlled but whatever means that Xander now had. Soon he surrendered himself to the pleasures of the flesh, ignoring what was happening to the wolf on the inside, when the outside was much more enjoyable. All he knew was that certain changed were happening tonight, and that they were for the better.


Angel, meanwhile observing what was going on around him, and inside of him, realized just as Oz gave in so would he sooner or later. He decided sooner rather than later, and set back to Xander, You’re my Alpha, lowering his eyes and tilting his head in a submissive fashion.


This caused Xander to throw back his head and let out a hyena style laugh that was heard all over the building, causing those that lived there to have their hair raise on their necks and shiver.


Snarling in triumph Xander reached over on the table where the lube had been waiting, and quickly greased up his cock. Throwing Angel’s legs over his shoulders, Xander quickly plunged into Angel’s depths, causing Angel to howl, struggle, and snarl.


All the struggling that Angel did was only adding to Xander’s pleasure, and cause the boy to snarl back at him, baring his long canines at him. This was not love making and they both knew it. It was a claiming in its purest and simplest form, showing Angel where he was in the pack.


This was not rape, and they both knew that. Angel knew exactly what Xander was doing, he himself had done it many times with his children and minions as Angelus.


Oz sat there frozen, watching what was happening and scared. He was afraid that this brutal taking might be in store for him, and he didn’t think he could handle it. He saw how well endowed Xander was, and he was afraid of damage.


Sensing Oz’s fear, Xander whipped his head around to capture the musician’s eyes, and what Oz saw there startled him. They were totally green, no brown and certainly no white either, just an emerald green glow. An arm snapped out and grabbed Oz by the throat, pulling him into the pile. Xander leaned in and kissed the older man, trying to put reassurance and all the love he could into it.


Grabbing up the lube again, Xander greases Angel’s cock, and his own fingers. While still kissing Oz, he slipped a single digit into the young man’s opening. This caused Oz to tense, causing Xander to still his finger until Oz realized Xander was going to be gentle, and relaxed to allow him to continue with his exploration.


After a few minutes Xander added a second finger, and then a few more he added the third and final finger. By then Oz’s body was buzzing with desire and lust, so much that he was growling softly, not knowing he was doing it. Smiling at him, Xander guided Oz over to Angel’s re-lubed cock, and guided him down it slowly until he hit bottom.


Now that the three men were physically connected as one, the real fun began. Xander leaned over and quickly undid angel’s cuffs, giving the vampire back he freedom of motion. Angel quickly decided the place for his hands were on Oz’s body, and he began to play with it like it was a violin. He tweaked a nipple here, a small pinch there, all of this causing the boy to cry out in ecstasy.


As Oz fucked himself on Angel’s cock, Xander plunged harder into Angel, causing a burning sensation that made the vampire howl with desire. Angel could not do anything by lay there and be fuck, and was fucked by the two men.


Xander reached around and knocking Angel’s hands away, began to play with Oz’s nipples, as Angel moved his hands down to stroke and play with Oz’s cock and balls. The dual sensations of the two men playing with his body sent spikes of pleasure down to the young man’s groin and his hips piston faster and faster without his conscious knowledge.


Xander nodded at Angel to look on the bed side table. There was special tube of lube he had placed there, it was a warming lube. It would warm as you stroked the person with it on, but it would not get too hot, and it would add something special to the games. Angel quickly grabbed some and spread it on Oz’s bouncing cock, and after a few minutes the wolf was panting and they could tell he was nearing the edge.


Both of the looked at each other and smiled, knowing the claiming had morphed into something entirely different, and unplanned. They began making love to each other and Oz, soothing the fears of the young wolf, and cementing the bonds that were forming between them.


As they played, the explored, and brought each other close to the edge, but always backed off. Until finally they reached a point where they could no longer back off, no longer wanted to. As the three of them rushed to the edge of no control, Xander drew back, and bit Oz on the shoulder where it met his neck, marking him like he did with Angel. The caused the werewolf to lose control, and spiral down that special path of release we all seek, this caused the other two to quickly join him.


Just as they were about to collapse into a pile of panting, sticky, but sedated heap, a voice was heard in the room, and these words appeared in the air above the bed:


A Spell that was cast, a heart was weighed, the feather found wanting, you three are now bonded. Angelus is no more, but be careful; the witch and slayer can still hurt you if not bound. You have all of time together; use your gifts to help others. Love one another. You are what each other needs.


After re-reading the word, they disappeared and the men collapsed into sleep, of which only one would regret in the morning.




Chapter Four


The next morning two of the men were awaked with the cries of the third.


“Ow… OW!! OW!!!” The cries of the man with abundant chest hair rang throughout the bedroom that evening, coming after a night of hot sex with no clean up. The other two partners’ snickers soon followed, thankful they did not have that problem.


“SO not funny you guys,” grumbled Xander as he moved carefully around in the bed.


“Not to sound dense or dumb, but what exactly happened last night,” Xander asked as he settled into a more comfortable position.


“Xander, if you don’t know, we are certainly not going to tell you,” harrumphed Oz.


“I don’t mean the sex. Well ya, the sex, but us three doing the sex,” Xander said, crossing his own eyes at that sentence.


“I think it was those sparks and spell last night. I am starting to think it was a botched love spell,” Angel said sadly. He really didn’t want to give up the two young men at his side, spell or no spell. He found what he had been looking for and he was loath to give it up now.


“Just great, a love spell. Just want I didn’t need,” complained Xander. He was afraid of losing what he had just found, he hoped it was more than just a spell that caused last night.


“Come on Xan, you know as well as we do, that you enjoyed last night. Deny it if you can,” teased Oz. He was not going to let his two men descend into a brooding contest.


“Well, no I can’t because I had a hell of a good time. Plus that is something else, when did I get all Dommie all of a sudden,” wondered Xander.


“I think it’s the hyena that is still left in you, and don’t think we won’t be talking about that, because we will. I know that I am a beta wolf, with both of you being Alpha, you sorta had a meeting of the minds last night on who was top wolf so to speak, which leave Angel as beta, and me as omega,” whispered Oz.


“Oz are you sure your okay with this,” asked a concerned Angel.


Oz just smiled and shrugged his shoulders, “Just don’t start picking on me like they do in other packs or in the wild, and we will get along fine”


An arm shot out and grabbed Oz, pulling across both their laps. Pulling up the musician’s head, Xander looked him straight in the eyes. “There is no omega member of this pack, I have two betas, and that is how I like it, and I want it. I know what it is like to be picked on and abused, and I will not let that happen here. If you don’t believe me, look into my mind,” he said as he dropped all guards and let them in. Showing them his life with his parents and friends as he grew up.


By the time the two of them were done looking they didn’t know what to do, either cry or kill.


“You will do neither of the sort. Now that we have each other, we won’t need the others as much, and I can now protect myself from my parents,” said Xander.


“YOU will NOT be going back there,” barked Angel.


“I think it’s time I re-opened the Crawford Mansion. Its big enough for us three, more defensible than this place is with its innocents, and we are going to need that once Buffy finds out what I has happened. We will need a place to hide,” he continued


“I agree,” said Xander with a flash of green. “If she thinks that she is going to get you back she has another think coming,” he snarled.


Turning towards Oz, Xander noticed something.


“Oz, you’re talking a lot more than I have heard in the past, what gives?” asked Xander.


“Your family, pack, why stay quiet,” Oz said shrugging his shoulders.


“Ok-ay, lets get back to the sparkles. Since we missed most of school today, we can ask Giles after school what is going on, because I would like to know. We will see if he can get rid of the love spell, but only if we can stay together. Because I have to tell you guys I love being able to snuggle up to you two. But if he tells us that it will go away with the spell, we will re think about having it removed. We need more info before we can make a decision,” said Xander.


“Agreed” they both said in unison.


Stretching, Angel looked at the disaster that was once his bedroom. “Well we need to clean up in here, grab showers, and then I will fix you something to eat. I hope breakfast food is okay, because that is all I have, but I do cook a mean omelet,” he commented.


“Okay, but let Oz grab the shower first, he needs it,” commented Xander, which got him smacked in the face with a pillow.




After cleaning, showering and eating breakfast, came the next big think. What to wear to school, both the boys clothes were trashed, Oz’s pants were the only think wearable from that heap. Xander decided to make an impression, they were going to see Giles while school was just letting out. In fact just as the last bell rang, so that everyone, and he meant everyone would see the new them.


Oz remembered an outfit that he had in his van that he drove over last night following Angel. Quickly pulling on his pants he went outside to grab the bag he had it in. It was a new outfit he had bought for the band, to wear on a special band night.


The outfit consisted of black and silver-grey leather pants, a cut-off meshed shirt and a long black sleeveless leather duster with silver shades to complete the outfit. He even had black and silver hair dyes. The mesh shirt end just above his abs and the duster, and his abs were shown to perfection bozed in like they were.


Well, that set the tone right there. Angel had the needed outfits for he and Xander. They weren’t as tight on Xander as they were on the other guys, but they would do in a pinch. Angel promised Xander that once he stopped growing he would get him a complete closet full of club clothes.


They as quickly piled into Angel’s convertible. It had tinted windows so that Angel could get around town, and the drove to school. They pulled up into a shaded area that led to a doorway. Everyone was there, and the last bell had just rang for the day. As they piled out of the car, they got stares and comments.


Besides the black and silver outfit of Oz’s, Angel had dressed in a red silk shirt, that was just tight enough across his chest to show off the muscles there. He had put on a little eyeliner to darken the eyes so when he let the demon, out just a little, it caused his eyes to glow brighter, and seem more ominous. He even allowed the boys to spike his hair for this occasion.


Xander had on another sleeveless duster, black, under it he wore a dark blue, almost black silk shirt, leaving a few upper buttons open to reveal his chest and the muscles that he had developed over the summer hunting vampires. He arms stood out with the muscles they had developed, and the soft leather caressing his legs, defined them to a T.


Showing off what the loose, baggy and loud clothes that he usually wore hid from view. He allowed the hyens out to color his irises totally green, and with the spiked hair with silver highlights, all three of them look not only dangerous, but gorgeous as well.


As the three muscular hunters passed throw the school, the crowds parted, the boys nervously, and the girls panting, and truth be told a few of the boys were also panting, slightly and quietly as not to bring the wrath of their friends down on them.


Even Cordy and the Cordiettes, raised eyes brows as the trio pasted them, and Harmony could be heard asking Cordy:


“Damn Cordy, you sure you didn’t make a mistake dropping him?”


Which just caused Xander to chuckle silently, and blush a little bit.


Don’t even think of going back to her, your ours! he heard Angel send. Silently agreeing and sending back assurances that it would not happen, they continued with their way to the library.


What they missed was Cody’s response:


“Shut up, Harm. I just remembered I have to check out a book in the library. I’ll meet you all at the bronze tonight at seven pm. Be there,” the Queen of Sunnydale High ordered.


And she walked off, unknown to her following the same path that the trio did. She knew something was up, and she wanted to find out what. She still had plans for Xander, after he suffered a little more, but it looked like he wasn’t suffering at all. And that did not sit with her at all. She had to know what was going on.




AS the trio of men approached the library they could hear Giles swearing, and cursing up a blue streak. They heard him mumble something about irresponsible children, and where the hell were they. Banging the doors of the library open, they caused Giles to jump up, swing around and aim a crossbow at them. Xander didn’t know who was more surprised, Giles or them.


“Easy there G-man, could you like point that somewhere else before someone looses an eye, namely me?” Xander asked. He walked upped to the Englishman, using his index finger, moved the pointy end of the bow away from them, towards the floor and weapons cage.


“Good Lord, you three gave me a start. First you never come back last night or call in. Then Buffy and Willow proceeded to blow up the chemistry lab with what looks like a botched spell. I have the book here but I don’t know which one they used, but it got out of control. They are cut and burned, and are not healing right. Something is blocking it. Not even Buffy’s slayer healing is working. They are both healing at an alarmingly slow human rate. If the vampires found out, they might be able to kill Buffy. I need to find out what went wrong last night in order to help them. I haven’t even been to see them, afraid I might lost my temper.”


“Now you three show up, dress LIKE FUCKING VAMPIRES ON PARAIDE. What is going on with you children?” snapped the English librarian.


Oz and Xander leaned against each other as the laughed, barely able to stand up right. Angel just rolled his eyes heavenward as if asking for divine help.


After a few minutes of this, and with Giles getting redder in the face, Oz and Xander get themselves under control. Waving Giles over to their normal table, he begins their tale. None of them noticed the door of the library open part way, or that Cordy was just on the other side listening in.


Looking stern and hard, Xander began by saying, “Giles, we will take this one step at a time, and hopefully answer all your questions. I think we have most of the answers for you. But first you need to know both Oz and I are human, and not human.”


“Well the bloody well clears everything up,” groused Giles.


Flashing him a quick smile, “I promise to clear that point up as well.”


“It seems our two lovely ladies last night tried a love spell on Oz and Angel, but because I was with them, it caught me as well. You know the old Xander luck with magic, well it held true last night as well. It seems to have bound us three together, and not the guys to ladies as they seemed to have planned.”


“Giles,” Xander said solemnly, “they have gone too far this time. They could have released Angelus last night, and he would have created two of the most evil childe that he had the pleasure of Siring. There could have been the first werewolf/vampire hybrid, and let’s not for about vampire me.”


When he heard this, and realized the implications of that comment, Giles paled. This town would have been decimated in a matter of a few months, if this had happened. He could picture Angelus back in town, with Xander on his right, and a vampire/werewolf on his left. Nothing would stand in their way. Not even a slayer.


Xander was right, the girls had crossed the line, and to far this time. There was not going back or forgiving for this action. The council will have to decide what to do with Buffy. But what to do about Willow?


Turning back to the men, Giles asks, “What do you want me to do?”


“First, they must be punished. On that we all agree. Second, is how?” started Angel.


“That is simple. Until she learns her lesson, Willow’s magic must be bound, and in such a way that she can’t have it unbound until it is assured that she has learned her lesson,” ordered Xander. He was really tired of being one of her victims when it came to her magic.


“As for Buffy she must be punished as well,” Oz said. Angel reluctantly agreed. As much as he use to love the blonde slayer, the previous night’s spell was the final straw. He was not going be under anyone’s control involuntarily.


Giles nodded in agreement, he could see the need for this and why, “Okay this is what we are going to do…..”


None of them noticed the door silently closing, or Cordy slipping away, tears in her eyes. She now realizes that her one chance at love and happiness is forever beyond her read, and it was the two bitches fault. The two bitches will pay for this if it is the last thing I do, vowed the running cheerleader.




A couple of hours later …….. at the hospital………


Since the two girls were friends, and their injuries the same, they were placed in the same room together. They were not in any life threatening problems, but it made the nurses job easier if they were together. Their burns and cuts would not leave any scars but the burns could get infected, so they had to stay for a day or two before going home.


Both ladies were extremely frustrated. They weren’t healing right. Buffy’s slayer abilities were not kicking in, and no matter what spell Willow did, nothing seem to work. Not one cut or burned healed magically or mystically in Buffy case.


Plus they were both concerned about what happened last night with the spell.


“Willow, where is everyone? Except for my mother stopping bye, and yours calling, no one has been by. Now that the sun is down, Angel should at least be here with Oz. But no, not even Giles has been here,” complained Buffy.


“Your right, where is everyone, at least Oz and Angel should be here, the voice from the spell said it worked,” whimpered the red headed witch, as she shift in her bed to look at Buffy better.


“What did when it said we got our wish but not our desire?” asked Buffy.


“I’m not sure, but the spell was a lot stronger than I can cast, and I am pretty powerful,” said Willow. “Someone or something gave it an added oomph, that is what caused the explosion and our injuries,” she continued.


“Well as long as Angel and I can be together, I don’t care who powered the spell. And as for the damage, Giles will cover for me like always,” Buffy said dreamily, lost in the daydreams of her and Angel together, once they got around that old curse of his.


Outside the door, listening in, the three men just got angrier at the women inside the room, while the fourth grew more determined than ever to make sure that these two got back on the right track.


Motioning for the three others to stay in the hallway until he called for them, Giles stormed into the hospital room. A real look of anger on his face, which helped him in his ruse to punish the girls.


“Oh thank the Goddess you two are awake. I would have been here sooner but I had to do some research first. I found this spell book among the ruins of the lab, and hid it before anyone could ask questions. We’ll talk later about stealing my books, but first we have other problems. Willow, did you know this spell is still active and draining your magic as we speak? And it’s doing the same to Buffy’s slayer powers?” babbled Giles, not really giving the girls a chance to think for a minute.


It was essential to his plans that they be dazed and confused by what he was saying, so they did understand what he was doing.


“Oh my goodness, I have been so drained that I daren’t try my magic, so I didn’t know. What are we going to do? I can’t let it drain away all my magic Giles,” cried the young witch. Little did she know that was the least of her concerns.


“According to my research, since you cast the spell, you have to be the one to snap the line feeding it. And yes, I know it is a love spell and yes, whoever, and I can imagine who, you cast it on will snap out of your control, but it’s better than draining your life force away, now isn’t it?”


“Y-Y-Yes,” she stammered, relaxing a little when she realized Giles knew what she did and was not yelling at her.


“Oh no you don’t, we will have that lecture on love spells and such. I could have sworn you learned your lesson when Xander pulled this stunt, but know, you had to try it on your own. Well that is neither here nor there, and we will talk later. Right now we have to stop the magical drain on your two,” snapped Giles. “I am too busy trying save your lives and those on the other end to lecture right now.” Which was true but not in the way the two girls thoughts.


“B-B-But Giles we had to get Willow and Oz back together again,” stuttered Buffy.


“Buffy if I hear one more word out of your mouth, you will not have a mouth, is that understood,” snarled Ripper. Seeing him out just caused Buffy to slide back down in her bed and keep her mouth shut.


Turning back to the red-head, “As for you, young lady, we have to try something drastic to stop this power drain, or IT will start draining your life energy next along with your magic. You need to drink this potion as spread this powdered herbs around your bed and on you, I will then speak this incantation as you drink, do you understand?”


“Yes, Giles, please hurry. I don’t want to die from this,” Willow said as she started to cry. She trusted him completely and took the tumbler that had the brew in it, and awaited his signal to start drinking.


“Okay, ladies, as will drinks and I chant, I need you to think about pulling your power back in, this is very important, it will stretch the link between you four and break it. It’s need to save you both. Combined with the potion, the herbs, and the incantation, we should be able to save you and your abilities,” the Englishman said.


Giles saw that both girls looked dejected at the idea of losing hold of the love spell, but they nodded for him to continue. Smiling at them, he motioned for Willow to start drinking, and he began to chant.




Magic that is strong


Magic used wrong


Magic of the mind


Magic I now bind




Sparkles of light began to form in the room, some came through the window, and other from under the door, until the room was filled, and Buffy had a hard time seeing Willow or Giles. The sparkles seemed to be gathering around both Giles and Willow, thickening into very dense clouds. Those around Willow seems to be slowly sinking inward, as being pulled or pushed into her body.




Power that should have been true


Power that has been given to few


Power that was yours with to play


Power that I now must lock away




The sparkles that were falling into Willows body, seemed to be dimming, some even winking out, as if their batteries were failing. They were falling quicker as they got closer to her, until a funnel effect was taking place, sucking in the reluctant sparkles.




With this potion, these herbs and this spell


I lock you, I bind you, until final bell


No more shall you cast spells to be dread


Cause for you a spell can’t be read




At the beginning of this chant, the herbs around Willow’s bed and on it, began to glow a reddish hue. Soon lines could be seen forming, until a net like outline was completed for all to see. As the last word was said, the net sprung up to capture that few sparkles, and pulled them into Willow, until both the net and the sparks could no longer be seen.


Willow finished the horrid drink, and that was when she realized what Giles was saying, and what the spell was really meant to do. Throwing the container at Giles, hoping to cause him to lose his place, but he ducked, giving her a smirk that was pure Ripper, reminding them both of who was really under Giles’s English finish.


“Giles, please stop, you can’t do this to me,” pleaded Willow, as she struggled with the bed covers to get out of bed and over to him to make him stop. But she could not get free, and Giles just continued on.


Buffy meanwhile could just lay there in stare in amazement as she watched her mentor betray her and Willow both.



Until the binding has reached its time


And three voices raised in rhyme


Speak in agreement the following line


“Serah Aprocha Willow Undine”




Willow knew from this that she would have to find 3 white witches or wizards to break the spell and agree she learned her lesson, or until the caster died and it broke. She was now powerless and on probation for an undetermined amount of time.




Thus this spell is cast


Harm is now of the past


Gifts locked away at last


Gifts you used too fast




“NooOOOOoooooo,” Willow screamed, and fell backwards into bed as a puppet with all its strings cut, crying into her pillow.


“Why did you do this to me, why?” Willow asked, as she tried to reach her magic. She could see it and sense it, but was unable to touch it or use it in anyway. She was truly powerless now, and no matter how hard she tried it was beyond her reach.


“Yes, why Giles, why did you do that to her,” Buffy whispered, wanting to know more. She was still in shock at the betrayal of her and Willow at the hands of her father figure and Watcher.


Turning towards the blond slayer, Giles just snarled, “You be quiet, your part in this has yet to be punished, but you will be punished that is.”


Turning back towards the former witch, Giles thrust a bound notebook at the girl, commanding her to try to read it.


Willows grabbed it, looking at the man in anger, turn to a random page in the book. She recognized it as her first spell book, one that she had made herself and out grew months ago. She tried reading the page in front of her, but it was all gibberish.


“I can’t read it,” she said to Giles starting to cry again.


“Oh stop it, your tears are as false as you are,” Giles said. He stood and rooted threw his bag, pulling out another book and thrusting it at the girl.


“Read,” he commanded again.


Snarling at him, and look at him in defiance, she pulled the book closer to her, “The Tek-marian demon reproduces by laying eggs in living humans, and then watches as the offspring eats it way out…….”


“That is enough. I had to make sure that your would be useful to us at least in the researching department,” conceded Giles. “You also still have your hacking abilities, so you will be of some use to us at least.”


He began cleaning up the residue form the spell, anger in every motion that he made. There was no remorse in him for what he had to do, these girls could have released a demon and his offspring that would have destroyed the world.


Calling out in a loud voice, “You can come in now.”


The two girls turned their heads so quick towards the door, that Giles he could swear he heard a snapping noise on the other side of the room. As the trio pushed open and it swung open, they marched in unison, the looks on their upset faces left no doubt that they knew about the spell, who did it, and why. They also looked like they knew what had happened to Willow in the room, and were definitely not upset about it.


“OH! Oz I am so sorry, I don’t know what came over me,” Willow said starting to cry again. She was trying to make up excuses, like she normally did when she got caught doing something wrong.


Buffy looking at Angel realized that she too had been caught. “I’m so sorry for what happened last night, Angel,” Buffy started saying.


But Xander interrupted ,” And what exactly happened last night, do you really know or care to know,” said Xander in a dry stern voice.


Embarrassed to be caught, Buffy snapped, “ Xander, stay out of this, this involves only us four, so just be quiet!”


“Au contraire, mon capitaine. You little attempt at a love spell also caught me up in its little cluthes, snaled Xnader, letting his eyes turn an emerald green once again. The whole room watched as he slowly let out the hyena that he had kept from the other Scoobies. With his eyes already glowing green, he allowed his canines to elongate, and allowed the hair on the back of his head to standup all spiked and straight.


In a deep growly voice, he said, “Thanks to you, they are now mine; my pack, my lovers, my mates …” And, as he walked seductively over to Buffy’s bed and leaned over, he added, “Mine to love,” he sauntered over to Willow’s side of the room and leaned down, “ and mine to fuck.”


Slowly walking back across to the hospital room to his lovers, he held out his hands and both of them, though they could never teyll you why, knelt and snuggled up to his sides as if her was their mother and owner.


“Because of your greedy little spell, we are now one. You have lost everything, and I have won everything. What you wanted to have and control, I now have. I will never cast aside their love for me, and from this day forward they will never doubt they are loved and wanted. From this day forth you are nothing to us. Buffy, since I have his heart you may keep the ring, if you still can find it in the chem lab mess, cold metal that it is.”


“Oh, and Willow you can keep warm in the knowledge that you have brought us together, FOR ALL ETERNITY. That’s right ladies. Thanks to your meddling, Angel’s soul is now secure, Oz has total control of the wolf even on full moons, and we all gain immortality from your spell. Oh, we know something is planned for us, we are not that naïve, we but face it TOGETHER,” he said slowly.


As Xander did his little improv act and speech, the other three saw the two girls go pale at first at the appearance of the hyena, and then slowly redden into anger as he words finally sunk into their heads.


“You were the one that convinced Giles to bind my powers so that I could never reverse this spell on you three, didn’t you? You little bastard,” growled Willow as she once again tried to get out from beneath the covers so she attack Xander, but the damn covers would not co-operate. No one noticed the little smile on Giles’s face at her attempts to get out of bed.


“Yes, we were the ones to convince him that you needed punishment, and binding your powers was the only way. But I don’t think you two really realize why yet. We were afraid that if you made an attempt to remove this spell, you could let loose Angelus. Just like you could have done last night if the spell worked as you meant it to,” commented Angel, speaking for the first time since entering the room.


This time it was Oz who spoke up, “With Angel being affected by the love, Angelus would have gotten loose. The first think he might have done was turn both Xander and I, and you Buffy, would be facing not only your friend as a vampire, but a very dangerous vampire/werewolf hybrid. Do you really think you could win against all three of us as the undead?”


After listening to the three of them, the girls grew pale again, never realizing the terrible consequences that they could have let loose on the world last night.




Chapter Five




“That’s right. You could have released Angelus, and with the three us bonded, you wouldn’t have had a way to put the curse back on. And it’s all because of your greedy self-centered needs and wants,” snapped Oz, as he continued his monologue.




The fact that Oz said so much and with such aggression convinced the girls that what they did might, just might have, been wrong.




“Now for your punishment Buffy,“ Giles started saying. “Your mother will be informed of what you did, why, and the consequences of such actions. I will also be asking the Council for help, pray I don’t have to do much groveling. I can now see that I have been too busy coddling you, and instead of focusing on keeping on the proper Slayer path. I can only hope that they, the Council, will have a means to punish you without leaving the Hellmouth unguarded, if that is the case so be it, I am sure Xander, Oz, and Angel can step in to help make it safe. I seriously doubt you will get the ultimate punishment, death. This was not after all aimed at full humans, and was an accident. Even though it did snare Xander in its effects. But they may, and I said may, strip you of your powers, and call the nest one in line for your position, to appear in your place here on the Hellmouth.”




Suddenly realizing what is going on and how much trouble she was really in, Buffy started to cry for the first time over this. She tried talking and explaining but because of the tears, it all came out garbled and messed up.




“Oh save it your excuses and lies for the Council, Buffy, we so don’t want to hear it,” growled Xander.




Looking one last time at his lovers, he said one word, “Bronze,” and they headed out of the hospital room, never once looking back at the girls or Giles.


Well, you two are all alone now, instead of having your heart’s request, you are left with hearts’ break,” said a smug Giles. “I will see you when you’re better, you will heal at a normal mortal’s rate. I don’t nor care to know why, and I refuse to examine it anymore. Maybe the Gods you called upon last night are punishing you, again I don’t know and I really don’t care.”




Saying all of this, Giles just gathered up the supplies that he brought with him for the spell, and left the two girls crying alone in the room.






After leaving the hospital and the girls, Xander wanted to punch or kill something. He ordered Angel to take them by the newest Sunnydale cemetery, so that he could kill a few fledges. After making a quick patrol through the graveyard, and killing 3 fledges, Xander now felt like he could make it at the Bronze, and this time asked Angel to take them there instead of ordering him.




At the Bronze they had difficulty finding a table since it was packed for a Friday night. Once they did, they sat down to order their drinks from a passing waitress, and then took off their coats to relax. Once their drinks had arrived Xander and cooled down enough to start feeling the beat of the music. While it wasn’t Oz’s band, the band that was still good. Grabbing Oz’s hand, Xander led the young man out onto the floor to dance.




At first Oz didn’t want to dance, his shy quiet side decided to make an appearance, but Xander was not having anything to do with it.




Hip to hip, they slipped and slid around each other, as if they were covered in oil, first front to front, and then back to front, moving, gliding, bumping, it looked like they were having sex on the floor of the Bronze.




Angel watched this for a while as did the others in the club, and then he slid in behind Xander, cupping his ass with his hands, pulling him back into a groin that was full and hard, causing Xander to lean back and moan into the chest of his vamperic lover, moving one arm over his head, he grabbed the back of Angel’s head, and moved it into range for a kiss.




At the same time he never broke contact with Oz in front of him, once he let loose of Angel’s mouth, he leaned in to capture the werewolf’s mouth, claiming both in front of everyone in Sunnydale that counted.




They danced like this in what seemed to be hours, bodies moving in an aroused state, giving off pheromones that made every guy there hard, and every women wet with desire.




Cordy sat there with a hard face, she had watched the trio all night. And while she was as turned on as the next, she had to put up with the teasing of her “sheep”. Ignoring them like she had done for years, because she really didn’t care what they had to say on the matter. She knew what she thought, and that was all, to her anyway, that mattered.




After all she ruled the Cordiettes, not the other way around. And none of them had the backbone for a “palace” coup. She sat there plotting her revenge against the duo who was really to blame for this. Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and her pet witch Willow, who once again with her magic messed up Cordy’s life.



This time there will be no wishes, no necklaces that will reverse it, this time it will be for good, Cordy thought.



Unbeknownst to her, the trio of dancing men caught that thought, and three pairs of eyes locked onto her, one an emerald green, and the other two a golden brown. This caused shivers to run down her spine, and the three men smiled at her, as if issuing a challenge.




Ignoring them for now, Cordy turned her back on them, and decided to lead her sheep instead of just listening to them. She got up, announced they were leaving and led the pack of clucking girls out of the bronze.




The three men smiled at each other, and mentally vowed to watch over Miss Chase, to make sure that she did not get in over her head.




They danced until their bodies demanded more, hard cocks, and throbbing opening begging for them, the men, panting, breathless with the need that the three of them shared. The images the coursed through their minds of what they wanted to do to each other, they left they need and desired overcoming the need for dancing.




Little did they know that they left a club full of people in the same state, their powers affecting everyone in the club, there would be a lot less virgins in Sunnydale after tonight.








Giles had just gotten off the phone with Travers and the ruling members of Council, and all he could was see red, and it took a sheer act of will to keep from throwing the phone across the living room of his apartment. The hell that those two girls were putting him through with all the groveling and begging that he had to do, just to get the help he needed on the Hellmouth with his rebellious slayer. If he head “we told you so” one more time he was going to puke. It was all he could stand to take from those pompous asses.




Startling at that time, he quickly and quietly got up from his desk, and made his way to his car, driving over to the Summers’ house, where Joyce and Dawn should just be finishing dinner, and should not have left yet to visit Buffy.




Pulling up into the driveway, he got out of his car, and slowly but reluctantly, made his way to the door and rang the bell.






Joyce was just finishing up cleaning the kitchen and turned on the dish washer, just as the bell rang. Hurrying to the door, she passed Dawn sitting at the dining room table doing her Algebra, and grumbling over stupid letters in math.




“Rupert, we weren’t expecting you tonight, we’ve just finished dinner, and were getting ready to go visit Buffy and Willow at the hospital,” Joyce said after opening the door to discover who was there. Stepping aside she let him, remembering not to invite someone in here in Sunnydale.




Looking grim, and stern, Giles replied, “You might not want to see your older daughter after you hear what I have to say, tonight or any other night for that matter.”




Upon overhearing the adults talking, Dawn wandered in to see what was up with her sister, and Willow.




“Oh, Lord what has she done now? Does this have to do why she is in the hospital?” inquired Joyce.




“Yes, I am afraid it does, and it’s not pleasant, not at all I am sorry to say,” Giles said with a grim look on his face.




“Well, let me get you some tea, and you can tell us what my darling oldest daughter had been up to,” snarked Joyce.




After everyone had settled down in the living room, Giles really didn’t know where to start, so he tried stalling but Joyce wasn’t having any of that.




“So what has my lovely daughter done now,” Joyce demanded to know.




“Last night they, Buffy and Willow, told me that Buffy had to do some make up work in the chem lab, so I sent Oz and Xander out to patrol. I also sent Angel as a back without them knowing it. The short of the tale is this, the girls lied to me.”




“They were doing a love spell from a stolen book of mine. The effects would have sealed Oz and Angel to them for all eternity, but it blow up, and now Oz, Xander, and Angel are sealed, permanently, in some form of mystical triad. I have been doing research as to why it happened and if it can be reversed without releasing Angelus, but right now they seem to be alright. With the situation and everything it includes.”


“What do you mean sealed?” demanded Dawn.



“Like they are together in every way possible, body, mind, and soul, I am afraid,” said Giles.




“Oh my God, poor Xander and Oz,” whispered Joyce, still remembering the horror that Angel/Angelus rained down on them not to long ago. “Wait,” Joyce said just realizing something, “Buffy tried a love spell on Angel, the same one that caused all this trouble if he loses his soul.”




“Yes, the same one, but one good thing about all of this, it seems to have made Angel’s soul permanent, with it being tied to the two boys,” reassured Giles. “Plus it seems have given the boys immortality, they won’t age a single day from now on. Plus they seem to be able to share thoughts with each other.”




“I think it is time that my daughter and I have a little talk about this Angel person. She has gone too far this time, and its time I reined her in,” Joyce said with determination.




“I have already contacted the council for help there, the new Slayer, Faith McDonalds, will be here as soon as possible, and then a special group of Watchers will be here to try Buffy for her crimes. I have already bound Willow’s magic as her punishment, but I am unable to punish Buffy without a trial. That is why the special team is coming,” Giles told the two ladies.




“What will they do to her?” asked Joyce is a deceptively calm voice.




“Like I told Buffy, since it was not intentionally aimed at fully human, namely Xander, but rather Oz and Angel, a werewolf and vampire, she will not get the ultimate punishment; death. But she could get anything from behavior modification, to having her powers stripped and passed on to the next in line for them, if there is a next one in line. The twinning of the line has caused some confusion and debate about that,” replied Giles grimly.




“Well its nothing more than she deserves,” snapped Dawn. “I mean look at what they did to Xander and Oz, making them be bonded to that vampire!!” Dawn had not quite gotten over the tactics that the vampire had done. Sure she knew she wasn’t there for them in real life, but the memories were there, and she couldn’t help but re-act to them as if they were real.




“Dawn, this is your sister we are talking about,” warned Joyce. Even though she sorta agreed with her younger child, she didn’t want there to be problems between the siblings over this.




After clearing his throat, Giles said, “I’m afraid I am incline to agree with Dawn, Joyce. Buffy and Willow have gone to far this time and deserve everything that can happen to them both.”




“I know but I don’t need any sibling rivalry over this right now,” said Joyce.




Chapter Six




As Cordy led the Cordiettes out into the night, making sure that each of them go home or at least in the right cars heading that way, she hopped into her and drove like a bat out of hell to the Chase Mansion. It was time to start plotting her revenge against the two that had destroyed her






As Joyce parked the car outside the hospital, she sat there for a few minutes calmly collecting her thoughts, how was she going to talk with Buffy after finding out what she knew. Right now she just wanted to slap some sense into the gilrs so much that it was a painful need.




She knew she would never do something like that, but what those two girls did those two boys, Xander and Oz, was in her book, criminal. She just didn’t know how to act around her daughter and Willow.




Sighing, she put the car into gear. Maybe another drive around town would help calm her down some more.






Giles looked over at Dawn, sitting at his dining room table, do her homework. He agreed that she didn’t need to see her sister tonight, so took Dawn back to his place while, Joyce, her mother, tried to deal with what she just found out, and then deal with Buffy and Willow.




Looking back at his books, he made some more notes of the tablet beside him, he was still trying to find a way to free the trio of the love spell without releasing Angelus, or hurting them three of them, well at least not hurting Oz and Xander. Giles really didn’t care about hurting Angel all that much.








Dawn sat there pretending to do her homework, she could occasionally feel Giles look over at her, and so she pretended to work. Instead she was plotting or trying to plot a way to get even with Buffy taking away her first crush from her.




Buffy would rue the night she did that spell, and hurt her Xander.








Buffy and Willow were still upset with what had happened earlier in the day, and they kept falsely coming back to the same conclusion. Xander must pay, was all they could talk about. Their need for revenge against the young man was almost totally consuming. The need for vengeances was a compelling force.




Willow wanted her magic back so she could torture Xander, break the spell, and get her Oz back.




While Buffy just want him dead, so her Angel would be free of having to “love” Xander. That thought alone almost made her sick to her stomach. The degradation that Angel must be going through having sex with Xander and Oz because of the spell, it must be horrible for the souled vampire.








The three men left the club, and jumped into Angel’s car, and headed back to the apartment, the Crawford mansion would not be ready for a few days yet, so they were still located there.




Oz and Xander were in the back seat making out, with a growling Angel looking at them from the back mirror, he was having a “hard” time staying on the road because of a small problem with his concentration, not such a small problem, he thought.




After slamming on the brakes in front of the apartment building, Angel grabbed the two necking young men by their collars, and ignoring their laughing, dragged into the apartment. Where once the door was closed, he captured Oz’s mouth in a passionate kiss, while trying to remove his own coat and clothing.




Laughing at the two of them, Xander quickly strips, and walks over and helps Oz out of his clothes, while trying to defend Oz from attacks of the kissing vampire.




Finally prying Angel off Oz, he helped Oz strip then they attacked Angel, and sounds of tearing clothes could be hear throughout the apartment. Angel started to protest the treatment of his clothes but before he could speak, Xander grabbed his head and smothered whatever he was going to say in a kiss, that would have set his soul free, if it could still do that.




After Angel was divested of his clothes, Xander reached down to grab Angel’s cock, and using it as a handle lead the vampire into the master bedroom, with Oz following along like a happy little puppy.




Xander bent Angel head down and whispered something to him, which got him quickly nodding. Angel walked over to the bed, and scooted up towards the headboard, where he sat back, and gently stroked his hard cock.




Xander walked gently over to Oz, who looked up at with both love and confusion. Xander gently kissed Oz on the werewolf’s lips, before gently leading him over to the bed. Xander knew that Oz had a shy kind soul, but also a wild side, it just needed to be coached out into the open.




“Oz, look over at Angel, watch him please himself,” whispered Xander, and he pulled Oz in to his lap. Reaching down he began to stroke Oz’s cock in to rigid hardness. “Watch him, watch his hands as they move over his cock,” Xander whispered. Oz whimpered, not only at what the words were doing to him, but at what the evil man’s hands were doing as well. As he squirmed, Oz could feel the rigid hardness under his butt cheeks.




Some how he then knew that Xander was going to fuck him, and fuck him hard. The bond seems to growing stronger, thought Oz, not meaning for the others to hear.




Yes it is, and you don’t need to hide from us, thought Xander. Unlike someone, we will never turn you away because you have a different view than us, or want or need something from us that we are not providing you, Xander sent to Oz to reassure him.



Testing the link between them Xander sent a picture of what he wanted Oz to do. It seemed to work, because Oz got a mischievous look in his eyes, as he slinked from Xander lap, and started to crawl up to the bed towards Angel. Letting out the wolf, just a little, Oz moved up the bed with a grace that was more feline than wolf. The images he was sending out through the bond had both of his lovers panting.




Surprising both of Xander and Angel was the clarity of the images Oz sent. Plus how erotic the shy young man could really be when he put his mind to it.




Oz moved up between Angel’s legs and gently knock Angel’s hand away from his rigid member. Looking up at Angel all the time, he slowly bent forward, and engulfed the head of Angel’s cock, tasting the liquid that had seeped to the surface of the gland.




Upon hearing Angel’s moan, Oz slowly slide down the shaft, pausing every once in a while to acclimate himself to the length, but soon he was able to take the whole thing in his mouth. Grabbing Oz’s head Angel held him there for a moment, enjoying the tight sensation of Oz’s throat., before letting him go so Oz could move up and take a breath.




Xander, meanwhile is setting things out from the side table, getting ready to feel Oz around his cock in a totally different way than Angel is feeling Oz.




Preparing Oz like he did the night before, he took his time so as not to scare or startle Oz. Slowly slipping in one finger, then another, and finally a third one, Xander felt that Oz was stretched enough to accommodate his size. Aiming his cock at Oz’s opening, Xander slowly slide in, making sure to pause once in a while to make sure that Oz was okay, and not being hurt by Xander’s size.




Feeling Oz’s warmth around, he groaned, it was so different than last night when Xander fucked Angel, not better just different, because Xander loved the feel of them both, just one was warm and the other cool. Feeling Oz’s body respond to his movements, Xander slowly reached around, and began stroking Oz in time with his hip movements.




Angel could feel the groan that Oz gave around his cock when Xander penetrated him. Angel was lost in his own little world of sensations; Oz had obviously done this before with the way he was using his throat muscles and tongue to drive Angel into a howling fit that was scaring the neighbors.




Xander grinned at the howl and groans coming from Angel. He just knew that if he could get Oz to let loose, that he would drive the vampire, well batty.


As Xander continues to fuck Oz, he changed positions so that he would his the one spot he had read about in some research he had done long before the love spell hit them. Finding the right spot was not difficult, and the response from Oz almost cause Oz to lose Angel’s cock from his mouth when he gasped.




Slamming into Oz, and at the right angle, Xander could feel Oz’s cock jerking in his hands, and he knew that Oz would not hold out much longer. He could also tell from the signs last night that Angel was on the verge as well. Xander knew he would have to try Oz’s oral skills if this worked this well Angel. Suddenly Xander could feel in the back of his mind he could feel the building need from his other two partners, and he more felt then knew when they crossed the line of no return. The was all he needed to push him over the line, and two of them came with a howling climax, while the third just greedily gobbled his reward from the vampire.




Slowly disengaging from Oz, Xander flipped the young werewolf over, and quickly gave him a deep kiss. Xander could still taste Angel in the young man’s mouth, and revealed in the taste as he sampled Oz’s mouth.




Angel, smiling down at the two young men, scooted down to lay in the bed, and pulling the young men up, settled in between them, with their heads over his chest still kissing. Even Angelus was drowsy from the show and the talents of the young wolf, cuddling the two of them, Angel and they were soon relaxed and asleep.







As the men were relaxing after a bit of fun, Giles was at home going over his books. He knew there had to be a prophecy or something in the books about all this mess. Slamming the book closed the book he was reading, and throwing it across the table, he sent the book into a pile of other books, knocking the whole mess onto the dining room floor. Making Dawn jump and scream from the couch where she slept, while waiting for her mother to come to take her home.




Sighing, Giles sat back and pinched his nose; this was not getting him anywhere. Giles looked over at Dawn with an apologetic look on his face, he really didn’t mean to awaken the girl with the noise.




Knock Knock Knock




Both of them jumped at the sudden noise, and they looked at the door with a bit of dread. Nothing good ever came of that type of knock at this time of night. Motioning the girl back down on the couch so as not to be seen, Giles grabbed a stake and a short sword, place the sword within reach but out of sight of the door, he opened it carefully.




There were three men standing there, and by the tweed suits they were from the council. The middle man had a package in his hands, and all three were looking around the area carefully, like they expected to be attacked just for being there.




“Mr. Giles, from the council with Mr. Traver’s compliments,” the middle one said before handing over the package. Once Giles had it in his hands, the three men turned and scurried back to their car, that was still running, waiting for its owners so that it and they could leave this town.




Closing the door and leaning against it, Giles looked at the package with a combination of fear, and fascination. He knew that anything that Alan Travers sent him had to be both bad and good. Sighing he set the package on the table, and went to put the weapons up.




Dawn snuck a look over the couch back, and Giles waved her up, indicating that all was well. Spying the package on the table, she looked at it and then Giles.




“Yes, I know, but it can wait until later. It probable contains the answers I need, but also instructions that I don’t want as well. I’ll look at it later, after your mother has picked up, so that if it has what I think is in it, I will not have to watch my language around you, my dear,” Giles answered to Dawn’s inquisitive look.




Pulling up in front of the apartment building, Joyce saw the British team get into their car and leave in a hurry. Knowing that they were British because they drove for a short period on the wrong side of the street in their haste to leave the area, she smiled and laughed at the near accident they caused. She relaxed a little the laughter was the first uplifting thing that had happened all night.




Grabbing the stake she carried in the car now a days, she quickly got out and made it over to the door of Giles’s apartment. Tapping quickly on the door, she hoped that everything was alright inside.








Signing again for the umpteenth time that night, Giles grabbed the stake again and went over to the door to answer it. See Joyce on the other side, he relaxed somewhat, and stepped back to let her in, without the invite of course.




Nodding her understanding, and stepping through the doorway, she smiled as her youngest daughter as she popped up, and ran around the couch as soon as she saw who it was.




“Did you see Buffy tonight and what did you say to her?” Dawn asked.




“No, I actually didn’t see your sister tonight. I stopped at the hospital but I couldn’t bring myself to see her tonight. I was so angry at her that I would put her in the ICU if I saw or said anything to her tonight, so I drove around until I calmed down and came back to get you.”




“Well gather your things,” Joyce said to Dawn, “we have intruded on Rupert’s time enough for the night.”


“I assure you, my dear, it was no intrusion at all, I enjoyed having Dawn here,” assured Giles.


Quickly gathering her things, Dawn said good night to Giles, and they left with Giles giving them an escort all the way to the car. Once he had seen them off, he hurried back inside, wanting to get at the package now that Dawn was gone.


Once inside, he quickly gathered up the package and tore it open the paper wrapping around it. Inside was a book titled, 3 & 6. The title ran vertically down the cover, and gave no sign as to what was in it. Opening the cover, a letter fell out of the book, and landed on the floor.


Looking at the envelope that it was in cased in, Giles could see his name on it, and all he could say was, “Bugger!!”




Chapter Seven


Giles’s apartment………


The book was not that thick, in fact the book looked less than an hundred pages long. And it hardly weighed anything. In fact the envelope on the floor seemed thicker and heavier to Giles. Bending down he picked it up, and discovered that is was done in parchment. Leave it to Travers to be so old fashion as to use parchment, thought Giles.


Opening the envelope, Giles found yet another parchment page inside, sighing he removed it, and started reading.




In this book you will find the prophecy and research to date on a group of individuals who are suppose to make up the group of 3 which will lead to the group of six, that is if they are allowed to remain alive to do so.


From what you have told the council, the group of three has already been formed. Watch them carefully, if they turn towards evil they will make the Scourge of Europe seem like children playing.

You must also find out whom the other three are that will make up the group of six, they are counterpoints to the original group of three. The research show that they will be one woman and two men in this next group to join with the other trio.


We, the council, hold you and your Slayer responsible for this mess, and you had best make sure it doesn’t get any worse, or everyone involved will be terminated with extreme prejudice.


B. Travers


Crumpling the note up Giles threw it across the room. Going over to a cabinet, he opened, and reached for a bottle of brandy, not even bothering to pour himself a glass, he just took a swift drink out of the bottle.


Looking over at the crumpled not again, Giles muttered, “Not bloody likely will I allow you or yours to kill the boy I consider my son, or any others in this matter, you bloody git.”


Grabbing up the book and start reading the first page, he found the following:


White Knight brave and loyal

Red Beast who will become royal

Demon with a soul that is soil


Betrayed by love

Gifted by the whited dove

Given immortality from above


Trio now and forever bound

Through time enemies will hound

Until they are put into the ground


Lonely trio each will find another

Loved like a Father, sister or brother

United forever to love each other


Three will become six

This will be a tricks

This union must stick


Man who studied law

Man who looked and saw

Woman who cheered them all



Enemies within and without

False friends will cause doubt

Demon with time will have clout


Six must be saved

From united looker’s raved

This group evil they must stave


Moon in line with King’s planet

Earth in line war’s planet

Love’s world in line with Ringed Planet


Time will tell

Who should go to hell

With the ring of final bell


Grabbing a pencil and paper, he got busy deciphering the bloody confusing thing, and hoping that he can do it in time.




After a while Giles got frustrated, and threw the pencil stub across the room. He had cross checked, even guessed at some parts, and it still did not make any sense to him. He had gone throw at least 3 tablets of paper, and the flying pencil was his third one of the evening.


Giving up for the night, he placed a call to Angel for them to come over in the morning, but all he got was the vampire’s answering machine. Leaving a message, Giles called it a night, and went to bed.




Across town, back at the hospital, the two girls were still upset and complaining. Buffy was also worried because her Mother had not shown up for the evening, and she couldn’t get any answers over at her home. Scared and determine to find out where her family was, she decided to leave the hospital, and was trying to get Willow to follow her as usual.


“Come on Wills, we have to go check on them,” whined Buffy in that certain tone that would cause Watchers, boyfriends, and glass to break under the pressure of it mighty force.


Sighing and knowing she would eventually agree, Willow just faced the inevitable, and capitulated, and agreed to leave with her. Besides, Willow thought, she didn’t want to spend a night in Sunnydale hospital without a slayer to stand guard anyway, now that she was powerless.


Willow forgot how to stand and fight with her physical abilities, since she had started to rely so heavily on her magical abilities. Now she was handicapped, at least in her mind.


Gathering their things, they quickly left down a stairwell just a few doors down from theirs. The nurses paid a never mind to their leaving, use to comings and goings at night, and more concern of surviving the night, than their own patients. This was one of the reasons that Sunnydale Memorial had such a death rate.


Quickly walking into an alley way, and breaking up some wooden flats there, Buffy makes a couple of make shift stakes for her and Willow to use in case there was any problems on the way back to her place.


Walking quickly they arrive in time to see Buffy’s mother pull into the driveway as they came upon Buffy’s block. After a hour of walking home, both girls were tired from their injuries, and were sore all over. Quickening their pace, they made it to Buffy’s yard just as Joyce and Dawn were getting out of the car.


Upon seeing her sister, Dawn just saw red all over again. She quick stepped it over to Buffy, who was expecting hug, not the re-sounding slap that she got. She heard it’s twin being delivered to Willow also by Dawn.


Looking stunned at her sister, Buffy stammered, “What the hell was that for?”


Dawn looking shocked at the blank look on Buffy’s face, could only get madder. “That was for sealing both Oz and Xander to that monster you call a boyfriend. If I have my say in the matter, I will tell you council to lock you away from humanity, both of you, for a very long time.”


Turning towards the stunned Willow, “And as for you, I so glad you’re without the ability to touch your powers, it’s a fitting punishment to have them, and never be able to use them again. If I could have your powers for one day, I would bind you both to a chaos demon, just so you would know what those guys are going through right now,” screamed a very upset adult-looking Dawn.


Grabbing her screaming daughter, and motioning the other two to get inside, Joyce drags Dawn back towards the car bit to allow the other two to get inside without further disturbance.


“Dawn, you have to calm down. Yes I know what they did was upsetting, but I screaming and hitting are not going to solve this problem, so calm down,” demanded Joyce. Joyce feared for her younger daughter, for when Buffy came out of her shocked attitude, she could really hurt Dawn if she got angry enough, now that she was the Slayer.


She would also have to talk with Giles about why Dawn’s eyes kept glowing green lately, but that was for another time, and place.


After Dawn had calmed down some, Joyce released her, and followed her into the house, where the two stunned older girls were sitting on the couch looking at them when Joyce and Dawn walked in.


“Mom, are you going to punish Dawn for what she did to the two of us,” demanded Buffy, who was starting to show signs of getting angry over the incident outside.


“No, I am not. She only did what I wanted to do earlier tonight, but if she doesn’t stop making those faces, I just might,” said Joyce not even bothering to turn around to confirm if she was right about the face making, but she did hear Dawn gulp and knew she was right.


Sulking Buffy flopped back onto the couch and crossed her arms, for she knew her sister just won that round of the ongoing battle of sibling rivalry. Willow just sat there rubbing her cheek and shoot hate filled glances at Dawn.


“And as for you Miss Rosenberg, I would stop looking at my youngest so hatefully, we all know who is really to blame in this mess, and only one of us has magical powers to do what you did to poor Xander and Oz,” snarled Joyce going into over protective mother mode.


Willow cowered back as she faced an angry mother in protective mode, she knew she couldn’t stand up to Joyce, not even when she had magic did she dare to, and now she was more than afraid of the Slayer’s mother. Buffy pulled back as well, surprise at the hatefully sound in her mother’s voice, and the look of cold steel in her eyes was enough to make Buffy whimper in fear. Nothing that they had ever faced scared the two girls as much as Joyce did at that moment.


“Now as for you two, why are you here and not in the hospital? I know I heard the doctor say at least another few days there,” demanded the older woman.


Looking at each other, Buffy started. “When I couldn’t reach you at home at this time of night, I got scared and had to make sure that you were alright.”


“Rupert made sure we made it home okay, and he has been giving me lessons on the sly on how to stake a vampire if I need to,” smirked Joyce. Buffy got upset all over again, she should have been the one teaching her mother to protect herself, not Giles.


“Now as for you two, Willow, I am sorry, but you’re no longer welcomed in this house. As of right now until forever if I have my way. If there is an emergency, this rule will not apply, but it had better be ending the world type of thing that seems to happen at least once a year. You can call Buffy, and meet either at the school over at Rupert’s apartment. So I am asking you to leave. I will drive you home, and make sure you get inside, but this will be that last time you will enter my house,” lectured Joyce as she laid down the new laws.


Turning towards Buffy, who had her mouth open to speak, “You, young miss, can just shut it right now. Your punishment is just as severe. You will no longer be allowed to associate with Willow her, except at school, and over at Giles. There will be no Bronzing for you, and your patrol time is cut back as well. If I find you have gone behind my back on this, I will make you life a living hell.”


“When the council gets here, I will petition them to remove your powers, and then at least a year of counseling over there in England. This way I can separate the two you even further.”


“Ladies, as far as I am concern, this so called friendship is at an end, and I will do my best to make sure it stays dead,” command Joyce.


Stunned the two girls could only sit there in shock, both of them seeing the doom that Buffy’s mother has condemned them to. Willow was now really scared, without Buffy she was totally alone in the world, especially now that Xander and Oz had turned their backs on her. She started to cry.


“OH please save you tears for those that care,” snarked Dawn.


“Dawn, that is enough,” said Joyce to her daughter, turning back to the girls, “But she is right Willow, dry up those tears, you will find no here cares about them, now get out to my car so I can drive you home one last time,” commanded Joyce.


Getting up and running out of the house, Willow could be heard crying all the way to the car.


“Buffy you will not patrol for at least a week, because of your injuries, and you will go to school, spending time cleaning up the mess you help create in the chem lab. Thank God that is one bit of damage you caused that I am not paying for,” Joyce told her daughter.


Sighing Joyce just shook her head at her oldest child, and left to drive Willow home.

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