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Man Servant


Author: NA14

Fandom: Buffy

Pairing(s): Spike/Riley & Spike/Riley/Angel

Warnings: Non con, past rape, slavery, slave used as a whore

Spoilers: N/A AU of Season 4

Summary: Riley takes over command of the Initiative and is given his own personal sex slave: Spike. He tries to help Spike recover from his ordeal, and slowly master and slave become true lovers.


Nominated Category:

Best Love Slave Fic


Part 1


"I've brought in the commander's pet, sir."


Riley looked up and tiredly rubbed his eyes. The commander who'd run the Initiative special branch in Sunnydale had been really lax about paper work and proper regulations. He had a lot to--




He was eye to cock with a pale naked vampire.


He looked up and saw a delicate face, white hair that looked artificial, and lowered eyes.


A broken vampire.


Riley felt a rise of irritation. "I don't... carry on with HSTs, lieutenant."


"No, sir! Of course not, sir, but--"


"So send him to do... laundry or something. Also, I realize he's not human, but I really must insist he wear more than a collar while on base, soldier," Riley finished.


"Its a pleasure slave, Commander. Waste of time to put any clothing on 'em. The commander won him in a poker game and he didn't want to leave the pretty behind, but his wife threatened to leave him."


"You are remarkably well informed about the private life of your commanding officer," Riley commented mildly, while his clerk nervously squirmed.


Riley knew he was intimidating. He usually tried to play it down, but he was tired and this exotic pet was...


"I'm sorry, sir." The young man flushed, and Riley felt reluctant sympathy. He was Riley's new aide and he was trying to please his commander. Riley was usually pretty easy-going and his men liked his unobtrusive style of command.


But the silent, small, hunched pale creature made him uncomfortable.


He knew they'd been "breaking in" demons here at the lab, of course. But he was used to the real kind of demon. In the wild. Hand-to-hand combat style.


Not this.


"Get it some kind of... Hang on!" Riley got up and went over to his own suitcase. He was a big guy compared to the pale little fellow but...


"Here. Some shorts my cousin sent me from Florida." For the first time he was speaking to the vamp.


When he did, it surprised the heck out of him by falling to its knees, crawling towards him and resting its forehead against Riley's polished boot. He could see the pale white moons of its buttocks trembling. It spread its legs so he could see the darker sex hinted between them.




"He's not permitted to speak, sir. He's only good for one thing, so he's signaling he's ready for you to--"


Riley knelt down in front of the creature. "Hello? Wear these."


A small pale hand took the shorts from where Riley had dropped them, and stood to put them on. They were so loose on the creature that they fell low down over his ass and anyone could easily see its privates, but it was a little closer to being dressed.


"Okay, well, can you take it away now? I have a lot of work."


"Laundry service? Are you sure, sir? He'll stand still no matter what you do to him."


Riley grimaced, a bit queasy. "That's not exactly my thing. But maybe coffee? I could use a fresh pot."


The Lieutenant snapped his fingers and the vamp went over to the carafe, retrieving it, and following as he was led from the room by his leash.


Riley found himself watching that pale little figure with the floral shorts falling off its bum. It was kind of pathetic. Wonder what eye color it had?


Well, back to work.




An hour later, Riley was in a foul mood.


The former commander looked to be more than merely lacking in discipline: he also might possibly have been corrupt. He had a lot of dealings with a foreign national called "Rayne, Ethan."


The Initiative had a thick file on this man, but Riley had found a connection to Rayne here in Sunnydale. A Rupert Giles. So he decided to go talk to the man and see if he could learn something more about Rayne.


But right now... no coffee. Apparently the little pale vampire was good for nothing BUT standing still while someone...


He shifted in his chair. He wasn't feeling desire for the thing. What it was... was a fantasy. He would feel the same way about a pretty female vampire slave.


Pale shoulders as round as its ass.




He leaned back and stretched, looking forward to a rough bout of martial arts the next day to loosen up after hours of sitting in this chair.


Why was he haunted by the little thing?


He kept seeing it with its lips grazing his boot, its legs open just a crack, trembling. He'd wanted to lift it up like a pet, and stroke it till it settled down.


Riley was a 'horse whisperer.' Back before his hands learned how to kill to protect, he'd taken care of the docile creatures that had been abused on the farm. Horses, dogs, whatever. They were animals, so he wasn't sappy about it, but he knew that an animal always responded better to firmness then to abuse.




Finally he went in search of his own coffee, miffed that his little slave had neglected to do this one duty. It was stupid. He didn't even want the thing. It freaked him out and made him feel things that made him uncomfortable and were best left buried.


Even boy scouts had a dark side.


The place was a maze. He walked by acres of cells, stuffed with demons waiting their turns in Maggie Walsh's rehabilitation or experimental programs. The lights never went off inside them. It was cleaning cycle, so the various demons, all naked, were being showered now from the ceiling with a special cleanser, depending on what kind of demon they were.


Riley approved of keeping the creatures clean, if only for their own comfort. Although he knew the "lights on all the time" policy was necessary due to the danger some of the creatures posed, he did regret that they were exposed this way.


He passed one newly captured werewolf wrapped around himself, trying to hide his nudity as the water hit him from the ceiling.


He finally found the coffee room, and the reason his slave had not returned.


It had been put to work doing something else.


Several of his men.


It was sucking off one of his men while another did it from behind. There were others here, all standing around as if waiting for their turn.


"What's going on?!" Riley barked.


Everyone froze except the little slave who--whoa--he was swallowing that cock as if he was worshiping it.


Riley forced his gaze off the thing. Apparently it was part of the training.


"That will be enough, men! Back to your stations!"


He glared at the two enjoying his uhhhh... the slave.


The one fucking the small vampire pulled out with a grunt, his big penis wet with semen mixed with a little blood. Riley couldn't help but see how huge the big soldier was in comparison to the delicate bum of the creature. He felt his stomach knot in unwilling sympathy.


The big soldier had hurt it.


The other shoved away the suckling mouth. Riley noticed that the vamp stayed in place, passive. Eyes down in complete submission.


"You two are on report! My--the vampire was sent to get my coffee. Its my--" Riley searched through his military history for a description and found one when he hit Wellington. "Man servant. Don't touch him again. Understand?"




"That will be all!"


Both soldiers practically ran from the room.


Riley looked down and saw multiple bruises on the slender hips of the slave. As well as semen leaking out of his little pucker. He'd already been shared before Riley got there and rescued it.


"Hey. I guess this is why no coffee."




Riley sighed. Apparently the thing couldn't talk.


"You. Go get cleaned up!"


It scuttled over silently and bowed over his boot again and Riley got impatient.


He bent down to look into its face but it wouldn't look at him.


Finally he lifted its little chin and looked at a cool marble face with sculpted cheekbones and lips reddened from their use. Its eyes remained down cast.


"Look at me," he commanded softly.


Blue eyes looked up and met his for a second before falling.




It was a pretty thing. No wonder...


Well, fuck. It couldn't help that it was slightly built.


And even though it was soulless and a demon, it didn't mean it should be mistreated.


"Why don't you talk?" Riley asked in a gentle voice.


His big hand was cupped around the white hair, splayed out so his fingers gently cupped one cheekbone.


The pale thing only shook his head and Riley frowned.


There was something not right here.


"Come on." He snapped his fingers and headed for the main lab and Maggie Walsh's office. The slave followed at his heels, running in a strange, hunched-over way, as if expecting to be beaten at any moment.


As he got close he noticed the vamp trembling.


He leaned down and picked up the leash, which he hadn't used.


Probably for form's sake he should.


"You lost my shorts." He said, feeling a little sad for some reason. He'd seen them on the floor of the coffee room. Torn and tossed aside in the haste of the men who had used him.


The slave stopped and wouldn't go further, and Riley couldn't figure it out. But then he thought about a little dog he'd once had to retrain to go in a house, when it associated going inside such a place with being beaten.


"No, I'm not mad. I'll see if I can find something for you, okay? It's not right you wandering around like that." He cleared his throat. "Come on. I promise I'm not going to discipline you or whatever."


He turned to go inside and felt something graze his open palm.


The little thing had curled up at his feet, his eyes down cast, his hair under Riley's touch.


And that's when Riley found himself reluctantly taking on ownership. He stroked his new little pet. It was oddly soothing.


"Come on. Let's see about why you don't talk."



Part 2


The little slave practically glued himself to Riley's leg when he led it inside the chaos of the big lab. Inside, lab techs manipulated demons in various stages of conditioning, as they lay on the metal tables.


Riley had to steel himself to ignore the sounds and the smells. Of course, he'd seen what demons like these can do to people but--


This wasn't his world of black and white and orders and regulations.


But Professor Walsh was something special to Riley. A second mother to him ever since she'd picked him out from the other raw grunts and selected him to work with her in the fight against demons.


"Riley." She smiled frostily as she strode towards him, lab coat belling out behind her.


"Ma'am." He nodded respectfully and saw her smile widen a little. She liked his deference to her, he knew.


"Oh. I thought 17 was fully rehabilitated. Has he misbehaved?" She was looking at the frightened slave, trembling against Riley's leg, one pale hand wrapped around his leg, almost possessively.


My Master, he seemed to be saying silently.


Riley was getting a feel for what the creature said without words.


"No, ma'am. He's very obedient. Almost to the extreme? But there's something wrong with him. He can't talk." Riley said.


Professor Walsh laughed and the little slave shivered.


Riley couldn't help himself. He dug his fingers gently in its soft hair, trying to soothe it and send it a message that he wouldn't let anything happen to it. He looked down to see the pale face rub against his leg and then stay buried there, as if afraid to look, to hear--


This place.


Suddenly Riley felt bad for bringing it here.


He could have sent it back to its cell and gone to talk to Professor Walsh by himself, but he was disturbed by the helpless thing having no voice of its own. It seemed such a basic thing and inconvenient too. How could he know what it felt about things if it couldn't talk?


"Hostile 17, as he was known until I broke him, talked too much. He was insolent to the extreme, Commander." Professor Walsh said.


Riley felt a cold wash of sympathy for his little pet. He knew what it was like when she was displeased about something.


"I'd like him to talk, ma'am. I like to interact with those under my command."


"I can see that!" She smirked at the way he was caressing his pet and Riley flushed and forced himself to stop. "I have a free exam unit. We'll take a look, but the reason he can't talk is the inhibitor I embedded in his voice box. It allows certain phrases but nothing more. Oh, and some sounds. Pleasure/pain sounds."


The slave froze at his feet and Riley realized it was on the edge of disobeying Maggie. He felt his stomach tighten. "I'll be right with you. I need to tidy him first, ma'am."


"Very well. I suppose its all soiled. But really after escaping twice and how rebellious it was, you can't blame the men for..." Her lips thinned as she glared at the creature.


"Is there a place where I can take it to get cleaned up?"


"Yes, through there. Lock him in and use a hose on him."


Before Riley could say anything she strode off.


When they were alone again Riley knelt down in front of the creature. It was bizarre that he felt so drawn to protect it, given how he'd fought so many vampires and demons. But it was so frightened that it tugged at all of Riley's past experiences with dealing with something scared and abused. And above all he was a protector.


"I won't let anything happen to you. You're mine now. I'll take care of you." He stroked it and it shocked him by throwing itself against him, burying its face against his lower stomach. He caressed its back but something about it as it rubbed its face against him... it just grazed the tip of Riley's sudden and embarrassing erection. Riley flinched back, but it only crowded nearer. Resting its cheek right over where Riley was tenting.




"Don't!" He was completely freaked by this. He'd never had such a reaction. "You don't have to do that. I meant I'd take care of you without..." He was blushing and as he looked down, the little creature dared one look up at him like a blue dragonfly, darting up suddenly, then hiding again.


He got his answer in another quick caress, and he bit his lip on a moan.


Well, fuck!


This complicated things.


Riley had to put a stop to it. In public like this and he was... he couldn't help but notice that his unwilling physical reaction didn't seem to frighten or repulse it, but comfort it?


Then he saw the pale little crack was still crusted with blood and semen, and he felt that tug of pity and possessiveness. How could he even think about the poor thing this way? He'd never want to hurt it like that.


Without realizing it he found himself running a hand over that delicate little bum in comfort and...




Suppress. Suppress.


"I'll... uh. Be sure to get you some clothing. Come with me now. I want to clean you up."


He stood, and was surprised to feel a cool hand take his own. It made his throat tighten. Just what the fuck had been done to reduce a vampire bold and smart enough to escape twice into this broken timid thing?


He shortened his long stride so it could run along behind him, holding its leash in one big fist and the small hand in the other.




"Oh, you've bought Spike." The tech said, as Riley brought the little slave into the area for cleaning up demons.




"Yeah, the other demons called him that. Was a real bad ass but now, he'll bend over nice and easy, won't you, pretty?" The tech reached down to cup the hanging genitals of Riley's slave, but Riley's big hand was there first and stopped him from making contact.


"Don't do that," he said softly, in his don't-fuck-with-me voice.


The tech backed away. "Yeah. Guess he's yours, huh?"


"He is. And that's ‘he's mine, SIR.’"


Riley glared at him, and the tech grimaced. He wasn't technically a soldier, but there was still a chain of command, and Riley wanted it clear where he stood. "Guess you'll want to wash him out yourself, sir," the other man looked disappointed but Riley didn't have a chance to ask him why.


He saw his slave had left his side and was fitting himself into a cage. Cuffs automatically locked into place over his wrists and ankles and as Riley watched, a little freaked, a large hose in the shape of a dildo rose up and the slave obediently eased himself on it, his pink mouth parting in an almost smile as it slid inside him.


Riley's hard on that had subsided returned. He wiped his suddenly-damp palms on his pants. He had to stop thinking about the creature Spike this way!


"I'll leave you to it then, SIR," the tech said in a surly manner. He handed Riley a big water pistol and a remote and left without explaining how to use it.


Leaving Riley with his slave.


Who had some kind of big dildo up his bum and was naked and chained and erect.


Oh, shit.


"Remember you have a date tonight! With a very, very nice girl." Riley muttered to himself. He'd just met Buffy but she seemed nice.


An acceptable companion.


She wasn't a demon.


She wasn't a boy.


She was very... nice.


Riley moved closer to his slave, not sure what to do next. "That thing...doesn't hurt you?" he checked.


A shake of the pale head.


"I don't really know how to work this thing. So, I'll go slow and I want you to make a sound, like a pain sound if you don't like it, okay?"




Watching his pet carefully, Riley located what looked like the control to open the water vent as well as a setting for warm. He pressed the button and saw water begin to flush out of the anus of his pet in a bizarre water fall.


His pet closed his eyes and made a sound.


It was not a pain sound.


Riley swallowed, desperately and completely aroused now.


He mothered around with the water pistol which was hooked up to a slender tube for the water and tested it on his hand for a gentle setting and temp. It also had a colorful soap in a soft pink that could shoot out depending on what button he pushed. Awkwardly, he used the soap to wash down his pet. Thick pink clots ran over pale marble skin, and focusing on using the gun to wash Spike forced Riley to really look at Spike's body.


He had to be thorough, but when he gently shot soap on the hard penis it made a pain sound and he stopped.


"Did I...?"


Spike shook his head, biting his lip, but then his hips rocked forward to impale himself harder and--


His pet was aroused!


Riley froze.


What did he do now?


He should ignore it and finish up quickly. Maybe switch to cold water.


But instead, he pointed the gun right at Spike's sex and began to stroke water up and down the thick shaft, then down to the balls to softly circle, and back up to the plumy head, hitting the delicate slit and making the little thing tremble and moan as it hung there, helplessly stimulated.


In a hushed voice, Riley asked: "Do you like that, Spike?"




Over and over he did it in a rough figure eight until--


Blue eyes snapped open and held his as he brought it off with the hot, soapy water from his water gun.




Riley ducked out of the cleaning room.


He'd left his pet under the drying vents and he needed a moment.


What the fuck had he done that for?


He covered his face with shaking hands.


He was close to tears.


Did he need more of the special vitamins from Professor Walsh?


It would be better if he found another custodian for the little slave.


He nodded to himself.


He'd do it soon because what he'd done was just wrong. He'd excited and pleasured it. Deliberately.


He'd crossed a line, and he knew it.


Was he any different from the men who used its little bum?


Sickened, he wiped his eyes.




Spike wasn't as happy to be in yet another cage and under the glaring eyes of Professor Walsh. Riley watched as she ran a diagnostic of him, a hand snagged his pants as he walked by and he saw Spike looking up at him.


His eyes silently screaming.


Riley took a moment to give him a little reassuring squeeze of his hand. After what happened he didn't want to look at it or touch it, but--


He was a man of his word.


He'd take care of the slave now.


Which meant that he'd find someone who wouldn't abuse it soon and leave Spike in their hands.


Someone who didn't desire it.


"The inhibitor is working fine. It interacts with the new chip we installed and his pleasure and pain centers. He can feel pain or pleasure at our whim. Both are extremely affective in control and 17 has been one of our most receptive subjects to stimulus."


"I'd like it taken out," Riley stated flatly.


"Why would we do that?"


"Not we. Me. He's my man servant, and I need him to be able to talk. When can you arrange it?"


"I don't know. Hardly a priority! He's so much more agreeable this way, Riley."


"I'll control him fine without it."


She frowned. "Didn't this start because he failed to obey your orders?"


"Well, not exactly."


"I'll take it out but I need to know you are committed to not undoing our work by being too lax with him. So, because he disobeyed your instructions, I want you to discipline him."


"He was..."--Attacked?--"Interrupted in his task. It wasn't his fault."


"I don't care what happened. I want your word, Mr. Finn."


Riley's lips tightened and his jaw flexed, but he nodded curtly.


"Fine. I'll see about taking it out now. It's not a very difficult thing to do. We don't have to put him under for the pain--"


"YES, you do. I'll bring him back tomorrow."


Riley leaned down and freed Spike who leaped off the table and leaned against his legs.


"Very well. Here." She handed him an energy whip. "He seems to translate pain into pleasure for some reason peculiar to him. This is severe enough, however, to--"


"Thanks. It's a bit 'high tech' for me."


"Forty lashes with it and he'll not disobey you again."


"I'll handle it. I gave my word. Thank you, Professor."


"You'll give him forty of something, yes?"


Riley took the hand of his pet, wishing he'd never brought him here but he really wanted that inhibitor out.


"I gave my word."




Back at his room Riley paced.


Spike watched him from where he was curled up on the floor.


He didn't actually look up at Riley. He watched his feet.


Finally, Riley stopped and with hands on hips confronted his new pet.


"I don't know what the fuck I'm gonna do with you or why I--"


He broke off and went into his room to find some clean pants and an old green tee shirt. He came back and tossed them at his pet. "Put them on. You shouldn't have to be naked all the time."


Obediently the creature slid them on. One pale hand rubbed the tee shirt softly once it covered him, as if enjoying the feel of the soft cotton against his skin again.


Riley felt his throat tighten.


"I'm gonna do some Jiu-jitsu now. Loosen up because I..." Have to punish you.


How could he do it?


He went to his room and took off his clothes and put on loose silk boxers he liked to move around in.


When he returned he tried to ignore the silent creature. He really needed to put him back in his cell and get ready for his date soon.


Riley warmed up with slow movements and as he moved deeper into it, he began to experiment with his own styles, adding some Kung Fu and street moves he'd picked up in South America. His body glowed wet with sweat as his big muscles moved through each movement as lightly as a feather, but with enough force that he felt it. He was in top shape since instead of coming here to pose as a college student as originally planned, he'd spent months in the jungle, fighting demons.


After he was done he put his hands on his hips, panting and sweaty and looked down to see--


A small miracle.


His slave was looking right at him. Watching him.


He smiled at it before he remembered.


He'd given his word to Professor Walsh.


"I have to punish you. I'm sorry. I don't think it's fair or right but... she'll take that thing out of your throat so..."


Spike nodded but didn't look down. He continued to stare into Riley's eyes in what was... an act of trust?


"Okay, come here." He ordered and sat down.


Spike came over, his body delicate compared to Riley's powerful one.


"I'm going to spank you. I want you to pull down your pants and get on my knee." Riley ordered coldly.


He had to make this good.


His stomach tightened at using a pain whip, which was powerful enough to tear flesh.


Without hesitation, Spike dropped his new pants and half-naked approached his new master.


Riley shifted, uncomfortable with this for so many reasons...


Spike perched over Riley's big knee, his little buttocks splayed and open and so... pale and vulnerable.


Riley caressed them once, cupping pleasing fullness.


He wasn't gay or anything.


Spike was just a pretty thing.


Well, fuck with it.


Better do his duty and get it over with for both of them.


Riley's hand came down sternly and hard, striking one pale ass cheek.


The little body flexed and pushed against him in recoil. He caught a rhythm and began to spank his pet, not holding back but giving him a hard spanking.


Half way through he felt something poking his leg.


His pet was aroused again.


When he hit forty.


So was he.


Spike lay over his leg, accepting and limp, his ass cheeks cherry-red now.


Riley stroked them, soothing them both.


That skin was so soft, he had to force himself to stop.


"Go to your cell now. I'm going on a date."


Spike climbed off him and returned to his pants, putting them on and smoothing them over his little body. Then, eyes down, he made to silently leave.


Riley got up, his big, sweaty, warrior's body blocking his submissive slave.


He ran a hand through the soft white waves of hair. "I hope I didn't... hurt you?"


He cleared his throat, blushing and awkward--


As if they'd just shared sex and not... spanking.


His pet surprised him by leaning into him for a moment, so it was an almost-hug.


Riley made it a full one by pulling him closer.


"What am I doing?" He wondered out loud as he rested his head over this small one he'd taken as his.



Part3 -Owner's Manual


"Professor Walsh thought you should better appreciate our hard work on 17. Sort of an 'owner's manual,'" the lab tech told Riley.


Riley was caressing Spike's hair as Spike leaned naked against his leg. They'd insisted he wear only a collar while in the lab, but Riley had carefully folded the clothing and promised his little vampire when they were done, he could wear it again. AND, Riley was determined to find more clothing for his pet. He couldn't forget that pale hand running over soft, freshly washed cotton.


Clothing was dignity. Clothing was comfort.


It was important to him that his pet not walk around exposed, especially since some of his men seemed to take it as an invitation to toss Spike on his back and...


He didn't realize he was so tense until a small hand reached up and took his own and squeezed his fingers.


“You can read me? My body language?”




“I guess it makes sense. A survival technique. You’re not as broken as she thinks, are you?”


The eyes stayed down cast, but his little creature shivered.


Riley knelt down. “Hey, our secret. But this is hard for me too. I just want to understand what they've done to you. I want your voice back." He was rewarded with his pet crawling into his arms.


He had to stop himself from kissing that little forehead in comfort. WTF?


His little slave dug under the warrior and found the protector inside Riley. And he did it so effortlessly.


More that that, Spike needed Riley, and Riley was discovering just how much he needed to be needed after South America.


He needed to come first with someone.


Last night Buffy had been distant because some former boyfriend had called her. She'd spent the evening lost in thought and Riley had felt as if she was just going through the motions. Which was fine because Riley himself had felt that way. He'd been thinking of all the ways he might help Spike.


Now as he stroked the soft skin, his hand somehow was cupping one ass cheek and pulling Spike close. His big fingers handling his pet tenderly. His cock was massive and swollen, and he knew his little slave could feel it, but he didn't seem to be frightened of the lust he roused in Riley. He seemed to trust Riley not to hurt him. Riley groaned a little as his pet rubbed against his erection.


"You have to stop that! I know it must be an accident but--" He looked down at demurely lowered eyes and a hint of a smile? Was his pet trying to arouse him?




Riley felt his throat dry out. He had a feeling that in the sexual arena, Spike had all the power to entice. He was alluring fruit and he knew it.


Well, they had to get back to work on understanding Spike's modifications.


Riley stood up, flushing a little at the amusement in the tech's eyes, but too alpha to make excuses.


Spike was his, and he'd be damned if he was gonna apologize for it.


"Okay, pet. Up on the table." He thumped it once firmly.


Spike hopped on, and the tech reached over to snap on restraints.


Rile stopped him. "You won't need those."


"This is a full external and internal exam for your benefit, Mr. Finn. It might be uncomfortable for the animal. Usually unless we use the pleasure inducers, it doesn't like to be handled."


Riley frowned, remembering how he'd brought his pet off in the cleaning room. "I thought he was set to feel pleasure all the time."


"No. Its default is unresponsive but fully submissive. It would be nice if it could always be so easily excited, but we weren't able to completely condition it, I'm afraid."


Riley cleared his throat. "So if you washed him off in the cleaning room, he wouldn't... enjoy it."


"Its never reacted to anyone here with anything but acquiescence except if its being stimulated."


Riley looked at Spike. What did it mean, that his little slave had been hard? That he had been hard and Riley had gotten him off? Riley had thought it was something his slave felt for everyone, and so been more concerned about his own out of character behavior, but now it seemed like his pet had been reacting in a new way too. What was happening between he and his slave?


“Give us a moment,” Riley ordered.


The tech blinked, not used to taking orders from anyone but Professor Walsh, but he nodded and left Riley alone with Spike.


“Okay, I need something from you.”


Spike looked up at him through his lashes, crouched over the table. His nudity was irresistible to Riley. Riley found himself stroking a silky shoulder. Spike closed his eyes, and those red lips parted as they had in the shower, and Riley saw his pet’s sleeping penis flex awake.


“I need to know the truth.” Riley leaned down so he was face-to-face with his vampire and cupped his chin so his pet was forced to look him in the eye. He felt shy, and he wondered if his slave felt the same way. “In the shower. Just now. I feel like you… Uh. Want me to touch you.”


Spike moved into his arms, and Riley held him.


All last night he hadn’t slept, haunted by his sudden searing desire and his shame, guilt and fear. He’d had to force himself not to go to Spike’s cell.


“Y-yeah. Do.”


“You TALKED!” Riley was so delighted he smiled and his pet smiled back.


Spike nodded. His voice had sounded strange. Broken and rough.


“You’re English?”




“I thought you couldn’t.”




Riley stroked Spike’s hair, his fingers stroking one cheekbone almost to the line of soft, full lips.


“Like what?”


“Please hurt me, master! Please, fuck me, master!”




“S-say those.”


“Oh. You can say things like that.” Riley looked away, jaw bunching, before turning and looking into Spike’s blue, burning eyes. “But you didn’t, did you? I didn’t hear you say those words to those men who raped you—"


Spike’s eyes burned like lit gasoline.


“N-no. Don’t s-say.”


“I’m glad.” Riley nodded firmly. “And…you never have to say those words to me, Spike.”


Spike smiled. A sexy, come-hither smile that made Riley’s blood simmer.


“I won’t touch you anymore if it’s not what you want,” Riley said, spelling it out.


Black and White. Riley needed it that way. If Spike didn’t want him, slave or no slave, Riley wouldn’t touch him.


For an answer, Spike pushed deeper into his arms. Riley sighed, and sat on the table, pulling Spike up and over him so that his pet was sitting on his big lap, his legs spread and his needy cock bumping the hard muscle of Riley’s stomach.


He lost any doubt that his slave desired him when delicate ankles locked around his lower back and Spike’s cool lips kissed his neck.


“Hooo. We have to stop. I can’t…” Rile shuddered as he felt a small hand trace him. “Spike, I’ve never done…you know, a guy? And those men hurt you.”


“You w-won’t—"


“I want to.” Riley was uncompromising on himself. “I want to do to you what they did. And…I’m big. I could hurt you.” He nuzzled Spike.


He felt Spike smiling against his neck, and he couldn’t stop his own smile. “You’re a tease! Come on, we have work to do.” Riley lifted up his pet and gave him a tender smack on the ass. He didn’t miss the way his pet’s eyes darkened or the way he bit his lip. Or how needy and full his pet was.


It made Riley feel like a man. Not like the killer who wandered the jungle, shaking with hallucinations from the drugs they used on him to make him more efficient, but a man who was desirable and desired. A man who could protect and give pleasure.


The best kind of a man.




“Most of the sensors we buried inside its anal cavity so that when they are switched on, it can feel intense pleasure or pain.” The tech snapped on a glove and began to lube up a finger.


Riley stopped him, seeing how Spike was tensing up. “No, you can just describe it.”


“I was going to spread him so you could see them—"


Riley’s jaw bunched. He hadn’t realized this would be so hard. But he didn’t want anyone else touching Spike or hurting him. “Spike, if I touch you will that be okay?” Riley asked.




“You asked it?” The tech said.




“But, its your slave.”


“Only if he wants to be,” Riley growled, and reached for the lube. He didn’t put on a plastic glove, and when he spread Spike’s ass cheeks, his big hands were tender. One gave his pet a caress as the other circled the slight pucker.






Carefully Riley entered his pet’s body for the first time. One thick finger. He didn’t pansy around. He pushed it inside, slow and steady and thick and uncompromising. The idea of what he was doing stimulated Riley so he just about moaned.


Spike did moan. A growling purr.


His ass bumped up and flexed open further in invitation. Spike’s body language told Riley clearly: I love you inside me.


“I was sure it was switched ‘off,’” the tech said, frowning at Spike’s intense signs of arousal.


Riley blushed. “What is it I’m supposed to be feeling in here?”


He was sweating as Spike began to gently undulate, sliding up and down on the thick finger that impaled him.


“Find its prostate gland.”


Riley explored, and then, needing more room in Spike’s tight little hole, gently thrust in another finger, widening his pet. Spike spread his legs further and Riley found what he was looking for. He felt little bumps of softness. The sensors? He rubbed them and suddenly Spike vamped. On the metal table, Spike reverted to his wild demon state, but in every other way he remained submissive to Riley’s tender manipulation, growling as Riley finger fucked him.


“Should I subdue the animal, sir?”


“Not necessary. You can go get that owner’s manual you told me about and leave us alone. I’ll explore all his features.”


When the door slammed, Riley asked: “Do you want me to get you off, little one?” He wasn’t afraid of the gold eyes that turned to look at him, even though he’d seen such a face a hundred times as such creatures went for his blood.


But Spike didn’t try to attack him.


Instead, holding his master’s gaze, Riley’s dangerous pet lowered his upper torso to meet the table, and Riley’s fingers slid in even deeper into the raised and spread ass of his pet.


Golden eyes half-closed in ecstasy while Riley’s big, masculine fingers pleasured Spike in steady, heavy touches, dominating his animal’s needy ass while not hurting. Riley wanted to give pleasure.


It made all the difference to Spike.


He surrendered willingly what had only been forced from him in the past. And, as much as it was a deeply erotic act, it was also full of a searing kind of healing.


For Spike and for Riley. One needing to be given pleasure, the other needing to give it.


Riley lazily palmed Spike’s cock, handling it with complete confidence. Mine. He pinched the tip and his beast growled dangerously, yet remained trembling and still, allowing his body to be played upon.


“Want more, little demon?”


“Please…” His demon begged him, and Riley took and owned that cock, pulling the foreskin as Spike’s body moved up and down, enjoying his own use, inviting it, asking for it—


“Cum for me now, Spike!” Riley directed in his best military, right-the-Hell-NOW voice.


Tamed and captured by passion and tenderness, Spike shuddered his completion.




Maggie was in a foul mood as she prepared to remove Spike’s throat implant.


“You can wait outside. I’ll be finished with it quickly.”


“If it’s all the same to you, ma’am, I’ll stay with him.” Riley took Spike’s hand in his and squeezed it. He was letting him know he’d watch over him while he was under.


“He should really be restrained.”


“He’ll do what I say.”


“I can see that. The animal is more cooperative with you than anyone else, Mr. Finn.” Maggie said, looking pissed. “What’s your secret?”


Riley only smiled. “He likes me. The implant, ma’am?”


“Very well.” She glared at Riley but he didn’t budge an inch.


Spike looked up at Riley and for the first time didn’t shudder with fear as they put him under in an Initiative lab.


Riley rubbed his hair. “See you on the other side, tiger.”




It was when he was carrying Spike out that it happened.


Spike was still a little groggy and he curled up sleepily in Riley’s big arms, content to be carried from the lab, they both heard high scream of rage, terror, and pain and they saw a Gnorma demon had escaped from her restraints. They were zapping her but she didn’t seem to feel it, crawling on the floor with her entrails hanging out—


Riley put Spike down and reached the demon in two strides. He took her head under his arms and snapped her neck in one clean, efficient move. As she fell limp, he saw that her injuries were precise. They’d been cutting into her while she was awake.


“This is fucking torture!” he yelled in disgust.


The lab men cowered back, but one of them gave him a pissy look. “We need to know how they’ll react under certain conditions and she was scheduled for termination anyway.”


Rile dropped the still warm and steaming body, not gagging at the smell like the other men did since he’d been up close and personal with death before. Dirty, scrabbling, bloody death.


Not this kind of scientific torture.


“Do you know how the physicians in ancient Rome learned anatomy?” Riley said in a deadly soft voice as he loomed over the man.


“No, and I resent your interference. You are just a grunt—"


“Yeah. That’s me: dangerous and stupid. Think it’s wise to piss with me?” Riley asked. “I’ll tell you how they learned anatomy. They cut open the still-living bodies of dying gladiators from the games. It was against the law to cut into a dead body, so they waited by the ring for any fighter badly wounded…”


The man had backed away, but Riley was right in his face, stalking him. “That’s what you call a vulture. If I see this kind of stuff again...”


“You’ll what?” The man huffed. “You are under our control!”


“Am I?” Riley raised one bloody hand, and traced a cross gently on the right cheek of the man. “Care to push that?”


“R-Rile—" The broken, rough voice calmed him instantly, and brought him away from the edge where his rage had taken him. It was harder and harder to pull back since South America, yet Spike helped him do it easily, just with the sound of his voice.


He turned around to see Spike crouched over the body.


“She’s… egg.”


Rile strode over and saw where the vampire was pointing.


Well, shit, no wonder the female had fought so hard. She was carrying one precious egg. Her species was on the edge of extinction since they were gentle vegetarians and the females could only produce one egg. When they did, they were more dangerous than the fiercest of demons.


Riley reached in and took out the little egg.


He handed it to Spike who held it carefully as Riley stripped off his tee shirt and took the egg back from Spike to nest it safely in the warm cotton. Then he reached down and took Spike’s hand, smiling at him as his pet gave him a fragile, almost-smile in return before looking down at the floor.


They understood each other.




“Where are you taking that?”


“I’ve just taken another ‘pet.’ C.O.’s privileges. Good afternoon, gentlemen!”


Riley took Spike and his egg and left the lab, only stopping so Spike could dress himself.


Outside he took the leash off.


Spike followed beside him as closely as if he still wore it.



Part 4 - The O Club


When Riley got back to his quarters with his egg and his pet, he stood there for a moment, wondering, what did he do with an unhatched demon egg?


Then, he glanced at Spike who was on the floor. The little vampire had opened his jeans and was wiggling out of them.


"Hey, I thought you'd want to stay dressed?"


"Just you. S'okay, init?" Spike looked briefly afraid, so Riley put the egg down on the bed to reassure him.


"It's..." He swallowed as Spike bent over and he saw pale moons and his heavy sack between them. "Fine. I'm glad you are so... comfortable." Riley shook his head. He wasn't being honest, and he'd asked it of Spike.


"Spike. I'm a straight guy. I mean, I was a straight guy. You know, back when I used to--" Riley laughed, and it actually hurt to remember how long ago it was since he'd held someone and been held. "But for some reason you turn me on. And if you wander around like that I'm not sure I can be a perfect gentleman." He finished primly.


For answer, Spike did a sexy crawl around his master, circling him like a predator does. Riley caught his breath on a laugh. “You’re trying to seduce me?”


“Yeah, alright? Want more."


Riley sighed. He sat down and looked at Spike. It was time to tell him. “I'm not sure I can be anyone’s lover anymore, Spike. Sometimes I have trouble. With control.”


“T-therapy for that—"


“Huh? Mouthy little monster! You know I mean…” Riley covered his face with shaky hands. He had no one to talk to about the dreams. The flash backs.


His pet suddenly crawled into his arms and that bare cool body... Riley buried his face against silken skin. “Oh, God. I need you.”


Spike dared to stroke Riley’s hair. “I’m…” Spike stopped. The effort of speaking words was so hard for Spike after months of forced silence. The thing inside him had been like a gag in his mouth and he’d worn it so long it had changed him.


“What?” Riley lifted him, and those legs wrapped around his waist in that sexy, flexible way Spike had.




Riley looked down into Spike's eyes and saw the truth. He had a willing slave. He had no idea why. What had he done to earn the trust of his little demon? "I want to kiss you." he said in a dark, rough voice.


As soon as he said it his little slave sat up and began to make love to Riley's mouth. Like he'd been holding back, waiting for Riley to be comfortable enough to ask. To give his okay.


Riley had no idea what the fuck dynamic was playing between them, but he cupped that pale little ass in his big hands and growled at the teasing soft play of the little one.


"Open for me," He asked, one hand running down through Spike's crack and making his pet shudder.


Spike opened his mouth and a big, warm and gentle tongue filled him.


Riley kissed like he did everything. Thoroughly. He took command, he possessed, but he did it with exactly as much force as necessary. He didn't hurt his demon, but he still took him.


It was exactly what Spike had been craving. Maybe even since before he'd been enslaved. He rubbed his wet penis against his master.


"You like me?" Riley asked as he broke away to take a breath. He cupped a hand on Spike's cheek and caressed him, swallowing because he felt oddly close to tears. Spike got under his skin, turning him on so easily and chanelling Riley's fear and pain into a wild fire.


"Yeah, Riley," Spike took his hand and rubbed against it like a little pale cat. "Mine. My..."


"Jesus. I want to fuck you so much!" Riley kissed him again and Spike began to hump himself against the hard belly of his master, increasingly needy.




Suddenly Riley pulled away. He was afraid of hurting Spike. He'd been on the edge of a crazed berserker rage with the lab tech earlier. He had wanted to snap his neck... kill them all...


Oh, God. And now he craved ramming into Spike's small body with the same primitive need. His gut twisted because the last thing he wanted was to hurt Spike. If he did, he'd lose the last part of himself that was Riley the protector. The boy scout.


It's whom he used to be until...


He went over to a locked cabinet and pulled out a bottle. Riley who never drank and considered his body a temple took a swig and wiped his eyes.


"You better go, Spike." He said, his back to his pet who watched him from the bed.


"Want to... s-s-stay."


Riley downed more whiskey, and blamed the hard burn for his eyes stinging. He turned around and gave his pale concubine a brooding look. "I can't even sleep through the night anymore. Spike, I don't want to hurt you." he confessed.


Instead of being frightened or repulsed, his slave leaped off the bed and came to him, wrapping his arms around Riley's thick leg and rubbing his head against him trustingly.


Riley found his hand in that soft hair and he left the whiskey unfinished, lifting his pet in his arms and kissing him while he played with tight little nipples and a needy cock.


Spike moaned and thrust himself completely into those big, rough, killer's hands and Riley felt himself relaxing. What was this gift his pet had for controlling him?


Who was the master and who was the slave?


"Want you to h-hurt me. Just a--"




"You need to," Spike was looking into his eyes. "And I want... Then... you won't be. Won't be afraid."


"Spike..." Rile took him back to the bed and kissed him, tenderly, cupping that face and loving him with his mouth. He was so terrified he'd lose control. Terrified of what he wanted. Of his dark side. Spike was the brave one.


Finally, after his pet stroked his back for a while, he succeeded in calming Riley, so Riley felt better able to play his assigned role.


"Shhhhh. What does my little demon need? I'll do you anyway you want, baby." Riley cupped Spike's chin and opened Spike's mouth to fuck him with his tongue, in and out, until his little one was moaning and trying to capture that thick tongue and keep it inside him.


Spike hid his face against Riley's neck after the sexy kissing, panting. He wanted things he wasn't sure Riley would understand or was ready to give. He put his hands on Riley's big belt and shyly undid it while Riley watched him, bemused. His master probably thought he was trying to get in his pants and Spike smiled because of course he did want to but, all in good time. He liked driving Riley a little crazy.


He was a very bad, bad little slave.


He handed Riley his belt and then lay down over his knee.


He felt the big body tense up.




"Please... hurt me, master." Spike asked.


And he knew Riley understood. He was showing him how it WAS different between them. By giving to him the words they'd try to break him enough to say. But more, he was silently saying: Hurt me a little. We both need it. You'll see. It will be okay.


"You want my belt over your little ass?" Riley sounded like he couldn't believe it.


"Please... liked spanking."


Riley rubbed the pale ass gently. He was frightened. He'd never done anything like this. In fact, the time he'd spanked Spike and how it had moved him to hard lust had freaked him out. But his pet wasn't letting him hide. He wasn't going to let Riley find a way to keep himself hidden. He was saying that he knew Riley had this dark side. He accepted it. And they could play.


They didn't have to be afraid.


Riley wrapped the belt around one wrist so it was loose, the buckle safely cupped in his hand. He didn't want to break that tender, soft skin. He was panting, tenting painfully now.


Spike had found exactly what Riley needed and as his little demon squirmed against him, he knew Spike was also intensely aroused.


He caressed that perfect ass, drawing out the suspense.


And then he used it on him.


One firm smack that didn't spare his pet.


It must have hurt, but when he saw those red lips open in ecstasy from the intense pain/pleasure, he just about came in his pants. "You're a bad little slave, tempting your master... walking around naked."


"Y-yeah... bad. Spank me again!"




"You know what happens to little slaves who walk around naked?"


Smack! Smack!


"Get a right ballin'." Spike smiled up at his master through his lashes.


"Yeah. Your ass is pretty. Heart-shaped. You got a girl's ass, Spike." Riley dropped the belt and smacked it with his own hand, loving the feel of giving Spike the 'personal touch.'


He was a highly tactile man and he had that in common with his pet.


"Lift up and spread yourself." Riley ordered, and when his slave obeyed, Riley put a finger up his ass and started to gently push against the needy little gland... while Riley's other hand came down in a hard thump over the saucy ass.


"Like this, don't you, sweet little slut?"




The pleading of his pet was sweet to Riley. He was giving pleasure again. Even more than his own neediness, THIS is what he needed. How did Spike know?


"Are you mine... your ass, your cock?"


"Yesssss. Uh!"


Riley smacked him and left his thick finger up Spike's ass, held steady so that his slave thrust himself against it every time a punishing hand hit him.


Spike was gasping now, his penis leaving a wet stain on Riley's pants.


"God! You know just how..."


"Yeah, you're a hot little number, aren't you, Spike? How about three fingers up you? Take it slow, baby... No, don't move." Riley gripped him and held him still, easily controlling his little demon. "You'll cum only when I say, and when you do it will feel sooooo good. Yeah?"


"Yeah... oh, Riley!"


"Harder, baby?"


"Please..." He whimpered, and Riley stopped spanking him and pulled on his sensitive cock head.


As he did he opened his fly and freed his own hard penis. It flexed, huge and pulsing.


Riley lifted Spike easily so he was facing Riley's cock from the side, his big fingers still buried deep in his little demon.


"Suck it," Riley ordered.


In answer, Spike licked it sloppily, one long lick that made Riley groan and earned him a hard smack on the ass. "NO, you have to earn my inches. Only the head. If you're a good little slave I'll let you have it all one day."


And Riley closed his eyes because Spike was fucking gifted at giving head and he was passionate and tender. Riley's hand gentled and he stroked the slight back. "God! Spike, thank you, baby!" He gasped as Spike used his human teeth to graze Riley's swollen crown.


"My... my master." Spike swallowed Riley's head and as Riley lazily finger fucked his slave Spike adored his master's cock head.


Finally Riley was going to pull away, on the verge.


"Let me..."


"No, I need--" Rile pulled away, and lifted his cock in his hand, two tugs and he was cumming. His seed spurted over Spike's face, his lips, his cheekbones while Riley growled his satisfaction. Then he lifted his slave so his pretty red ass was facing him. He palmed him from underneath, the cock, the hanging balls while his slave allowed it.




"Good boy. You can cum now."


Spike spurted onto Riley's pants, leaving a larger wet stain. Afterwards he lay shuddering in that big lap as he was stroked and explored, content.


Riley finally lifted him and he ran a finger over the wet seed on Spike's face and mouth.


"You're mine now. I marked you." Rile said, his eyes deadly serious.


They shared a kiss, and then Riley licked his semen off his slave's face, tenderly, slowly...




The next night Riley had to put in his first appearance at the 'O' Club or officer's club. He preferred to never go there, but a commanding officer had to mix with his men.


More, he knew Professor Walsh wasn't happy with him. She didn't like that he spent so much time with Spike or that he'd taken the egg without her approval. So far Riley was managing to avoid her.


He arrived expecting it to be like any other O club but this one had it's own take on "O."


Slaves. Each officer had two or three who saw to their master's sexual needs as the officer drank and talked.


It was freaky.


Riley walked in and saw men playing cards while naked and chained vampires and other demons sucked them off. Another officer was eating a fruit plate while fucking his slave from behind and talking to two other men.




This so wasn't Iowa anymore.


Riley nearly left, uncomfortable. Was what he was doing to Spike any different from this?


Speaking of Spike, his slave was at his feet, curled up and serene. He leaned against his master's leg.


He looked up, reading Riley's tension. "Not... been here?"


"No," Riley shook his head. He was feeling sickened and upset and as usual, Spike read him.


"I... have."


Riley heard a hundred things in that voice that broke his soft heart. "I'm sorry. Let's go."


"No. Put yourself... at risk. For me. Need to show them that I'm yours."


"I... can't." Riley wasn't even sure he could get hard. Even for Spike. This place, and the dead eyes of the vampires who serviced their masters, turned his stomach.


"Show them. A willin' slave." Spike rubbed his face adoringly against his master. He loved how safe and cherished Riley made him feel. He dreaded being returned to his cell to sleep. He only felt safe with Riley.


"Okay, just sit at my feet. We'll stay for appearances and then leave," Riley growled as he led his naked slave in by his leash.


He'd lined his little collar so it didn't hurt the soft skin of his pet, and now as Spike crawled beside him, his ass moving gracefully like he was a pale cat, Riley felt himself harden.


Spike had that effect on him.


Riley tried not to be the typical, lusty owner, but he couldn't keep his hands off his pretty slave.


He sat down, and was served a drink. His men looked over at him but no one ventured to his table. Riley leaned back on the couch and thought maybe he'd be able to duck out quick. Then, he could reward his slave with gentle loving, just for him. To show him that his master valued him, and wouldn't do him this way.


He was ready to leave, his hand buried in Spike's hair, when Maggie Walsh came in, frowned, and walked over and sat down at Riley's table.




"I'm glad to see you brought it here, Riley. You were behaving oddly with it. I'm frankly relieved to see you treat it for what it is," she said.


"And... what is it, ma'am? I look around and all these vampires and demons... Shouldn't we be putting them down? Why keep them like this?"


"They hurt society. They owe a debt. The little pet you are so fond of was a rabid killer for more than a hundred years."


Riley didn't react though Spike stiffened. He'd had no illusions about his vampire. He knew what demons did, but expecting them to feel it was morally wrong and stop was the same as expecting any predator to feel sympathy for their rightful prey and stop. It was survival. Although Riley didn't like vampires who tortured their prey, and he hunted them down passionately. But demons were animals and Riley saw them that way.


Spike... The way he was now he couldn't be returned to the "wild," but neither was it right to use him this way. So Riley compromised, and kept him. He didn't know what else to do.


"I was going to take him from you. This softness you have for him is inappropriate," she said now.


"No, ma'am." Riley couldn't think of what to say. His gut twisted up.




"Very well, I'm going to get a drink and talk to one of your men. And I hope to see you enjoy your slave as you should. You are getting soft, Mr. Finn, and that worries me." Maggie got up, glared at he and Spike, and then went to the bar.


"Oh, shit!" Riley had no idea what to do.


Spike took over. Before Riley knew it, his slave had opened Riley's pants and climbed onto his lap. Riley was only semi-soft, but when his pet stroked him awake, he shut his eyes, hating himself for suddenly being so aroused. "No, not like this," Riley begged, near tears.


"Be strong, love. Let me do it," Spike whispered, licking his master's ear.


He lifted his little body over Riley's huge cock, but Riley stopped him. "Without lube... no, baby."


Spike smiled, and reached over to the tray of condiments on their table. One was a little jar that Riley had assumed was mayonnaise or something, but when Spike opened it, he saw it was lube.


Jesus! What a fucked-up place this was!


"Lube me up then!" Spike closed his eyes and purred as Riley pushed lush amounts inside him. Riley's hands were trembling and sweaty. He'd known they'd fuck. But in public? And what if he hurt Spike? What if Spike hated doing it with him? Riley had never fucked anyone's ass before. He was so large he had to spend extra time to go inside his ladies.


"Shhhhh. It's okay," Spike comforted his master as he lifted himself up, and holding onto Riley's big prick, worked his body over it. They both moaned as Riley broached Spike.


Riley grabbed Spike's arms, holding onto him to prevent him from taking him too fast. "So tight. Baby, I don't want to turn you off or hurt you."


Spike leaned down and kissed a tear that threatened to spill from Riley's eye.


Spike didn't want to share how well-used he'd been here in the O club with Riley. He knew Riley was the innocent here and it bothered him so much more than Spike. Spike needed to show him that it didn't matter where they shared their first act of love.


It was more than fucking, and nothing in this room could touch them.


He took more, and Riley growled, leaning his head against Spike's chest while he let one hand drop and play with Spike's cock, trying to ease him by arousing him to a fever.


"Show them, I'm your willin' slave." With that, Spike lowered himself and worked most of Riley into his delicate body. He was panting because it DID hurt. But it felt so good. Riley didn't just brush Spike's prostate, he pushed up to it and owned it.


"Okay?" Riley asked, his face wet with sweat and his eyes anxious even as he felt that tight hole take him and... shit, it felt so good!


He wanted to hammer up into his slave.


"Love feeling you. Never been so full!"


As Spike began to dance above him, his legs over Riley's, Riley reached up, cupped that feline face, and kissed him. And went on kissing him as his slave fucked himself on his big prick.


Finally it was too much for so dominate a lover as Riley to let Spike dance alone. Forgetting his audience, he lay his pet down, spread him wide and began to hammer him hard, encouraged by Spike's moaning and pushing back into his thrusts.


"Harder, baby?"


"Hurts so good..."


Rile felt pain under his lust. That he should take Spike like this? He was everything he didn't want to be, but he couldn't lose Spike. It was hell to lose himself in the sweet body of his pet even as he ached for tenderness and for privacy for their love making.


They both came in a white heat.


Afterwards, be damned to what they all thought!


Riley pulled his pants back up and lifted his sated and smiling pet in his arms to carry him back to his quarters. They kissed as they left and Riley saw everyone in the room was silent and watching them.


They'd shown them.


Spike was his willing slave.



Part5 - H 17


"I... made another date with Buffy," Riley said and felt tears rising up. He didn't want to do this. To turn away from the sweet, giving body of his little demon, but he had to stop.


He couldn't keep a pretty slave and fuck him and spank him.


Something moved in Spike's eyes. Pain?


Riley swallowed. "I'm trying to do what's right for both of us. I'm using you. I don't know what was done to you to make you a slave, but it can't be what you want."


"D-d-don't..." Spike stopped trying to speak: when he got upset he couldn't talk.


Riley didn't know if what they'd done to him had damaged his brain, or he was just inhibited now. Somehow he resisted the urge to kiss Spike because Riley felt shitty. But he knew those cool lips would open under his and then...


Grimly, he reached down and took possession of Spike's penis. Trying not to be excited or give into a need to caress. Trying to prove something.




"Shhhh. Let me..."


"Yours. Take it. Own it."


"What did they do to you, Spike? To make you a--"






"S'what I am." That soft voice, still so broken, sent chills down Riley's back.


He gazed steadily at Spike, his jaw bunching because the truth was he did want him, and that was so wrong. He killed vampires. It was clean. Simple. But how did Spike fit in to Riley's boy scout life?


How could a boy scout want to fuck a little demon?


But every thing about Spike enticing. The soft white hair, the red lips, and that look of pleasure whenever Riley touched him. He was made to be fucked.


And that was what disturbed Riley most of all: H-17 was an artificial creation.


Spike came out only in cracked and broken words.


Real words.


Those words were Spike.


That stuff they'd tried to make him say: Please hurt me, master! Please fuck me, master! Those words came smooth and easy, just the way Spike would bend over for Riley any time but, H-17 was only doing what he was programmed to do.


It had taken Riley a while to pick it up, but Spike only revealed his true self when he couldn't speak or when he stumbled. The smooth seducer who begged for more was H-17 and he wasn't really Spike, was he?


Riley was left with no fucking idea what Spike would really be like if he gave himself, or if he even wanted to be Riley's lover.


At first, Riley had been sucked in and seduced by the whore whom was H 17 but, he wasn't real. And now that Riley knew that, so the boy scout couldn't go on with what he'd been doing.


Because what he was doing was wrong.


It didn't matter it felt so good, and those blue eyes would blaze up at him sometimes as if it was Spike he was fucking, and not H 17.


Out in the field, doing his training, he'd think about being back on base and running his hands through that silky hair while his naked slave leaned trustingly against his knee, but always ended up with him grunting over his slave as he fucked him hard, his hands clasping Spike's, his body so sweaty and huge and buried so deep in that slight, pale body.


It was no excuse that Spike would be fucking him back, moaning at every impact...sometimes pleading for him to do him harder.


Maybe if Riley hadn't seen Spike do that with those other men. If he hadn't seen H 17's submission and fear. So he still was haunted by the idea he was no better than his men, taking Spike.


"Spike, what did they do to you?"


Spike turned his face away. "Nononono--"


Riley's hands clenched, and his gut felt ripped, but he had to be strong.


If he thought Spike really wanted him... but how could he?


Riley was just taking advantage.


He sighed now, weary. All he'd wanted was to give pleasure and protection. Care about someone.


But he had to do the right thing.


"Go to your cell now," he commanded. "In the morning, I'm going to look at your file and I know you hate the lab, but we're going back there. The answers are there and I need to know. I need to know who you are," Riley said the last softly because he didn't know if whom he'd come to care about was an illusion whom would bite his arm off rather then fuck him in reality, or was if there really was something between them?


"I won't let anything bad happen to you. You have my word, Spike," he said.


Spike looked up at him and Riley saw wisdom and awareness that made him feel a bit like a child.


"You'll t-try," Spike said.




Spike shivered in fear when he heard the door of his cell open.


Riley didn't know his men sometimes still came to 'take' him at night. They were careful. Made him clean himself up.


On his knees, sucking one while another--


He'd seen right away that under the facade of the tough soldier, Riley was soft, and he'd decided to wed himself to that softness. He'd gone after it like a predator and tried to seduce Riley out of survival.


Riley was strong and free and Spike... he was shattered pieces. Didn't even make sense in his own head. He gave his master those... words. Sweet, hot fucking, and it was Spike's trap. But now he was the one caught because he cared about Riley.


They'd made a whore out of Spike. A good little whore. But now the whore was falling for his master and that was bad. Bad for Spike.


He flashed back to the last time they'd recaptured him. Put him in stirrups and pried him open... moaning with pleasure while every soldier he'd hit and bit and torn into--


Raped him.


Spike scrabbled free of it, shaking in the aftermath.




The flashes were like being hit by electricity. Like... shorting out.


Abruptly he came back to himself.


Something smells. Wrong.






"I watched you with my brother. Mother and I. He likes to fuck you, and you like to be fucked, don't you, 17?"


Spike couldn't stop the involuntary shudders moving through him.


"Suck me, little slave."


Adam's cock. A cold penis, huge and patch-worked with skin of demon... and dripping with slimy green precum... It pressed against his lips and he opened his mouth obediently, knowing Adam ached to hurt him BAD, so he squeezed his eyes shut and tried not to gag while Adam fucked his mouth.


His hands caging Spike's head as if he could easily squeeeeze and Spike would explode into dust.




Riley felt something wrong as soon as he came to Spike's cell the next morning. Spike wasn't up and waiting. He was lying curled up on the floor.


Holding himself.




Spike was suddenly in his arms, shuddering.


Riley leaned down and forgetting they weren't private, where he saved all his tenderness for his little slave, kissed the pale forehead. "Hey, you alright?"




"What's that... smell?" Riley had smelled things rotting in the jungle that reeked less than Spike's cell.


Riley felt a weird sense of a presence of something he didn't understand but it made the hair on the back of his neck rise up.


"You're all sticky... Spike?"




"What the FUCK? Is that chip malfunctioning?" Riley shook Spike.


Spike hung in his arms, his face blank.




"He can't talk normally, ma'am."


"And you are worried because you've adopted it." Cold amusement moved through Professor Walsh's eyes.


Riley didn't answer. His behavior was answer enough.


"Its conditioning is slipping. I warned you what would happen if you were too soft with it. 17 has been redesigned for one specific task. If you try to fight that programming, you will only hurt it."


"I find that hard to believe, ma'am." Riley said.


Spike was on the table, nude. Now and then little shudders rippled through him. Riley wanted to take his hand again or stroke his back, but he forced himself not to while Professor Walsh was here with them.


The professor went over and caressed that smooth back herself, as she would any beautiful object she was pleased to own. "I'll recondition it. Your... kindness has confused it."


"No! I just want to understand why he... It is like this."


"You don't mean a thing to it, Riley," she warned him.


To demonstrate, she pulled out a rubber training phallus and calmly lubed it up.


"Please don't--" Riley was strung tight.


"I won't hurt it!" she scolded, and then slid it easily inside Spike. He trembled and then his slight body began to move. He moaned...


"You see how stimulated it is? Once I broke down the original persona I was able to access its natural sensuality. It was during the pain treatments I recognized how perfect 17 was for this kind of conditioning. Its was the first one we designed for pleasure.


Sickened, Riley saw the perfect red lips open, just as they did when he was inside Spike... or was that only 17 reacting to stimulation?


"And now watch." She slipped out the dildo and put it to Spike's lips.


He took it and eagerly sucked it, moaning.


Riley covered his mouth.


Oh, God.


"You see?" She kept sliding that dildo and Spike... kept taking it. "It is a machine now, like a microwave you use to heat food, Riley. It feels nothing for you."


Riley had turned away now to try to get a hold of the blow to the gut he'd taken. He might as well have been a rubber dildo for all Spike--17--cared about him.


He felt sick. He tried to handle his sudden feeling of betrayal and sickness while Professor Walsh watched him, amused and faintly sympathetic.


Neither saw the single tear that rolled down Spike's face as he sucked the dildo like a good little whore.



Part6 - Beauty Parlor


"What does a willing slave do for his master, Spike?" Riley asked Spike as he shoved open his office door.


Spike was still in his arms, cuddling, sleepy, but he could feel his master's erection pressing against the bare skin of his hip and he smiled, looking up at Riley under his lashes. "A-Anything."


Riley had high colour in his cheeks and it was good to see. He crackled with life.


"In that case, I want to fuck you the way I wanted to that first day I saw you." Riley took his slave and positioned him in front of his desk, standing there, naked, his collar on, his leash falling to the floor.


The big warrior went around and sat down and then he looked up to see:




His gift brought to him that first day. His slave.


Riley was breathing hard, his own leash loosened over the things he'd always considered unacceptable for an officer and a gentleman.


Loosened not by himself, but by the power of his little demon. By Spike. Spike had unchained his master. Leading him to see it was it was okay to explore these new desires.


"I looked up and saw your pale body and your pretty, soft cock. I knew what you were. And I wanted you. Is that wrong?" he was driven to ask for reassurance.


For answer, his slave slid himself on the desk, bringing his own face close to his master, daring and potent and sexy as hell. He raised his ass in the air so that he was fully accessible.


"Oh, God, what you do to me, Spike! I'm gonna fuck that pretty hole again if you lie there like that. And I was gonna try and leave you alone. Be gentle. Caring. Sensitive. I know I was rough before, and I hated taking you like that."


"Please fuck me, master," Spike purred. Spike hardly looked submissive. Only his pose was. What he looked like was a deadly cat in heat: needing penetration, but claws and fangs beyond being tame.


Riley got up and deliberately removed his belt.


His pet shuddered, rubbing himself against Riley's big desk.


Papers flew and ultra-straight Riley, who kept his desk perfectly ship-shape, didn't give a shit.


"Tempting me again..."




"Love it when you--"




"Ask me for it, Spike..."


"Hit me, please!"


"No, I like it when you..." Now Riley almost dropped his belt, ashamed and a little sickened by what he liked.


Spike had no such silly inhibitions. "I call you 'master' 'cause you like it. Like to do it j-just for you."


"It doesn't make you less. When you say that? If I said it to anyone, I'd be less."


Spike rolled over and showed his vulnerable tummy and wet seeping sex to his owner. "That's 'cause I'm Spike, master...Oh, yeah, you like that, don't you? Gonna brand my ass some more!"


"Over on your stomach and... and do some kind of slave thing."


Spike smiled, and turned over so his torso was down on Riley's table but his bum was high and open and vulnerable, his sexual fruit hanging exposed and free.


He closed his eyes and purred when Riley touched him, then his eyes shot wide when he felt that thick belt wrapping around and around his hard, needy cock. Riley wrapped him, strangling him and digging in and hurting him.


"You'll cum only when I say, little demon."


"Yeah..." Spike purred in his demon voice, liking how his new master had got into the game so quick. The belt around him hurt like fuck, but he could felt stiff with the pleasure of it.


A hard palm came down on his crack, grazing his balls. Spike gasped.


"Go vamp: I want to fuck the demon."


Obediently, Spike changed and gold eyes watched Riley free his huge, lovely cock, with its nice big swollen mushroom head.


"I want to hear you begging me for it as a demon." Riley said as he put his cock to Spike's little vulnerable hole and began to patiently push inside, not backing in and out or any of that fucking around but driving inside slow and steady until he was spearing into his slave's prostate.


"C-Conquering hero..."


"Yeah. Julius Fucking Caesar and you are mine. Oh, God, Spike, yeah, fuck me back, sweet!"


Riley began a steady rhythm, wrapping his arms around his little demon and cuddling him even as he fucked him.


The combination of being cherished while the edge of discipline was attached was intensely sexy to both of them.


Spike fucked back, crying out when every heavy thrust of a human up his demon body hit his gland like a hammer.


"Like being rid by Thor," Spike said, rubbing his beast face against one hand that stroked his hair tenderly.


"The God of thunder," Riley agreed. "And I got my hammer up your tight, little--"


Stuff littered the floor as the desk shook with every fierce thrust, Riley grunting, his face shiny with his workings while Spike took all he had to give, holding himself open to the hard slam of his lover's fucking.


Riley came, shooting into his slave for a hundred years and holding tight--feeling the closeness of acceptance, and welcome, and mutual lust.


He felt those romantic tears again, and when he pulled out, Spike turned around onto his back, wrapped his ankles over Riley's hips and wiped them away, his face softening into a humans with his compassion and understanding.


The moment lingered, and Spike felt Riley was riding a fragile breakdown of his emotions. How long since his lover had let down his mask of command?


"I...I could fall for someone who..." Riley couldn't finish. He buried his face in the pale neck of his beast, and Spike comforted him.


"You can fall for Spike. He'll keep you safe." Spike kissed him and then was rewarded by a still hard cock pressing inside him. This time all for him.


Riley uncoiled the belt and the blood flowed and Spike's sex teetered on the edge of his moment. A little bump, bump inside him, as gentle as a boat hitting its dock, was enough.


"Oh, master!" Spike came in juicy luxury, completely taken, enjoyed, and satisfied.


It was great sex when you didn't know if you could sit down or walk anyway but crooked after, Spike reckoned.




Riley still sent Spike to his cell at night.


They both hated it, but he did it anyway.




The next day, Spike lay curled up at his master's feet.


"I've scheduled a beauty treatment for you, Spike."


Spike looked up at his master and pleasure was not his first reaction.


It was fear.


"No! Spike, listen: I went and... you know Rog? He's in love with his slave. They run a spa for slaves and their owners on base. Very outside regulations..." Rile sighed because he just couldn't get comfortable with that even as there was no way to justify taking a concubine when you were a man of honor: unless you went back a couple hundred years and then it was peachy.


But he as just a farm boy, so the only way he could justify taking Spike as his slave was because he cared about him.


"I thought maybe it would be nice. A manicure and pedicure. And some kind of mask stuff, and massage! Waxing if you want... and, uhhhh. I scheduled you for a piercing too. Sort of a surprise, but if you don't want it--"


"Oi! Not my cock!"


"No, baby, your pretty nipples," Riley rubbed them. "There was this guy in my martial arts class? A civilian?" Riley cleared his throat, suddenly uncomfortable.


"Wanted some bum action before me, eh?"


Riley flushed and looked down at his paper work, and his slave took pity on him, climbing into his lap and putting his legs on either side of Riley's.


"S'okay if you did. We're all sexual, love. We want to stick or be stuck." Spike kissed Riley, soothing him.


Riley cupped that pale smooth back. "I did it to thank you, Spike. It's supposed to make you feel cherished. I'm sorry about the piercing: probably went too far."


"I'll case it out. Maybe surprise you."


"Okay," Riley kissed Spike and lost himself in the sweetness of that cool, willing mouth under his own. He could feel Spike's hardness but he hadn't taken him since the night on the desk.


This was moving too fast for him. He should be in love with someone before he fucked them. And he couldn't be in love with a demon, a little slave, could he?


Riley swallowed, and Spike read him. "Don't have to worry. Just enjoy. R-right?"


"You aren't just a fuck to me, Spike," Riley forced himself to say it. He couldn't not be honest. It wasn't right or fair.


Spike was unsurprised by Riley's refusing to back down.


If he was afraid, he charged ahead and took it on the chin.


Made him afraid for his master given Maggie Walsh. Spike had seen the way she watched Riley and Spike thought maybe she wanted something from Riley that the clean cut boy wouldn't understand. He couldn't see it because he couldn't imagine it.


But Spike could. And he'd be watching her.


"Will you fuck me again if I'm all prettied up?"


Rile caught his breath.


His slave sat up higher on his lap and rocked his hips against his master's belly, humping him a little like a horny little creature.


Well, Spike FELT like a horny little creature! When was Riley gonna do him again? He couldn't wait!


His owner was moralizing and pulling away and all because he wanted to be SENSITIVE to Spike. Some kind of politically correct BS.


In Spike's day it was simpler: you fucked whom you owned and if you were lucky whoever owned you was good to you. Spike had been owned before, by Angelus, who was a selfish, twisted prick, and by Dru, whom enslaved him with her neediness and his own to indulge her.


Maybe now the collar was three-dimensional, but he was less a slave to Riley than he had been to his first two owners because Riley cherished him.


But this worrying that Riley was taking advantage, and fussing over slave/master stuff was a waste of good fucking time as far as Spike could see. He smiled and lowered his eyes, and a hard hand smacked his ass.


"What are you up to?" Riley demanded.


"Seducing. You." Spike said, giving his master a kiss on either side of his mouth as he said it.


Riley maybe thought he was joking. Spike wasn't: he took his sex very seriously and it was best when it was frequent and unfettered. He had to enslave his own master. Make himself so irrestistble to Riley that he lost control like he had twice before and... Mmmmmm.




They treated him like an object, but a sexy one.


Languid after his massage, Spike chose pale pink for his toe nails, fingering the nipple rings he was wearing. Riley would flip for them. He'd done it for Riley, sure, but Spike couldn't believe he hadn't had it done ages ago. They suited his tight little bod.


He was half a sleep when he got a whiff of--


"17," Professor Walsh's voice made him sit up. She saw the way he cupped himself, and curled up and she smiled.


Spike shivered, not feigning fear. She'd hurt him a thousand ways and then found more. She'd only kept him alive for the punishment and the humiliation.


"I want you to meet Adam again, Riley's brother," Maggie said.


Spike looked up and demon looked at demon.


Oh, shit!


"Riley's gotten fond of you and I've always had a weakness for you, 17. I know you can't care about him, you're just a thing. So I want you to help me out."




"Make sure he takes his pills. Especially the green ones. You've turned into a good little slave, 17, and I think now Riley has 'broken' you in, it might be good to share the wealth."


Adam reached down and brushed Spike's concealing hands away, taking ownership of Spike's sleeping penis with his huge hand. Spike didn't struggle. He could see that if he showed any fear the big demon would hurt him.


Rape him.


"I will fuck you," Adam told Spike in his deep voice. "Mother? Can I have him again?"


"Adam! We have to go: Riley will be back soon. You can enjoy the little slave another time."


Adam cocked his head and considered, and Spike felt himself sweating.


Adam frightened him.


"I want to fuck my brother too. Is that incest, mother?" Adam followed Maggie from the room, towering over her. Spike lay shivering and wrapped his arms around himself.


He tensed when Adam looked back at him.


Marking him his.




Riley came right in the parlor after Professor Walsh and Adam left to finish choosing the custom touches for his slave. He noticed Spike was subdued. Was he upset over the piercing? Had Riley gone too far? Riley felt a wave of self-disgust as well as hurt. He'd thought it seemed like Spike had said it was okay to be this way. Now, he felt a bit betrayed, as if Spike were turning away from his master and their consensual games.




Spike noticed Riley was quiet and looked up to study him.


Just what was Maggie feeding his big soldier?




Finally, unable to not take the bull by the horns, Riley said: "I'm sorry about the piercing, Spike."


Spike saw at once what was going on, and pulled himself back from the frightening scene with Adam and Maggie. He would think later about what was best to do there.nIt needed careful and smart handling, and he wasn't going to blurt it out to Riley.


He needed to find out what they were doing to his master.


"Naw, I love them. Look at my little nipples! They look like you've been sucking me," he said, and he hid a smile at the way Riley immediately pulled him close, obviously sexually and emotionally reassured.


He knew how to manage his master.


He'd worry about the other two later.


Now he wanted to feel that incredible hard cock up him again, and he wouldn't get it if he didn't entice Riley away from his silly morality. He had to seduce his boy scout.


"I'm nearly done, but they wanted to know if you wanted 'gift wrapping,'" Spike whispered in Riley's ear.


Riley shuddered. "What's...that?" he asked as Spike licked him and suckled his neck gently, making Riley want to shove him down and fuck him hard... No, he couldn't! It wasn't right to treat Spike that way, was it? A slender hand ran over his length and Riley growled.


Spike smirked.


"You're such a little slut!" Riley said, his face unsmiling and hard with his lust, but his eyes asking Spike: Is this okay? You really like me, right?


"I want to feel you pounding into me so hard it hurts! Stuff me full of your cock and your seed..." Spike confessed, and he could see his raw honesty was working wonders on getting him exactly where he wanted to be with Riley, which was under him.


"Would sir like his slave gift wrapped?" asked one of the enlisted men, acting like a butler out of a bad movie.




"Say yes," Spike bit Riley's earlobe.


"SHIT. Yes."


Riley backed away as they wheeled in little cart covered with sweet-smelling carnations in red, white and blue. Very patriotic, in a bizarro-world way.


Spike was lifted onto it and placed on his back. His hands they tied to one end of the cart with small red bows. Another larger red bow went around his neck. And, another around his cock...


Riley's eyes were huge as he watched.


This was what gift wrapping meant?


Little silver stirrup rings which rang festively were lowered, and Spike's ankles were tied there with another huge bow, leaving his little bum slightly parted but not easily accessible, until the piece de resistance was added: a plexi glass spreader with velvet colored sides the color of pink flesh, was used to pry Spike open so Riley could see into his body. A fresh pink rose was laid over it and Spike was gift wrapped and ready to be enjoyed.


"Shall I wheel your gift somewhere, sir?"


Riley wasn't sure he could walk. He kept staring at Spike, and Spike lay there, smirking, his eyes twinkling because he knew that Riley had no chance in HELL of resisting him!


"I'll wheel him out. Carry on!"


Riley skidded along the short passage to his quarters and he didn't care when he heard Spike laughing softly. "You are sooo asking for it, little demon!" Riley growled.


"Please give it to me, master!"




In Riley's quarters, he paused before ravishing his prize. He picked up the pink flower and ran it over those perfect lips.


"I want to make it... nice for you."


"You always do," Spike said.


Rile took the flower and gently pushed it inside Spike's spread opening, fucking him with rose petals and tenderness.


"Riley... please!"


Riley pulled open his pants and dropped them, but instead of jumping Spike, he removed all his clothing this time so he stood big and fierce and beautiful, fully naked for the first time in their coupling.


"You look beautiful, Spike. I meant it to be a gift for you."


"I'm your gift, Riley. Take me, love."


Rile came over him at last, his fingers gentle as he found Spike was already lubed and ready for his master's penetration. "You are a gift, Spike," he said as he pushed inside.


He tried something different this time. Shallow, tender thrusts.


Spike lay in his red-bowed bondage, and moaned with pleasure as his master made love to him.


It was sweet.


Wasn't so bad bein' a slave when you had the right master.



Part7 - Riley's Pet


Riley took his pet back to his quarters.


He hadn't spoken to him... to it.


He had to force himself to remember it was just an it.


He went to his room to change into sweat pants, and wearing just those and his dog tags shoved the furniture back, and went through his moves.


Hand up, back straight, move down--




Hard enough to break the neck off a lesser demon.


And... repeat.


Repeat, and don't think.


Repeat, and don't feel.


You are your body.


You are the motion.


You are the hand that strikes.


Finally, he stopped, covered in sweat, panting.


If there was a tear rolling down his face it mixed with the sweat. No one would ever know. Not even his pet, who lay curled up on the side of the room, eyes down.


Wearing nothing more than the little cock shield Professor Walsh said might help him with his conditioning. H 17 couldn't touch himself. Only his owner could now. She said, it might help calm him. It!


Fuck, he had to remember. H 17 was just a thing! A demon they'd taught to play tricks.


Riley looked at the little shield and felt his darkness stirring.


Only he had the right to touch the little demon. Only he could give it relief...


He turned away from it, sickened by his own desires to control it.


He didn't see H 17 look up and watch him leave the room.




Later, he did his paper work. Trying to ignore the silent pet at his feet.


H 17 didn't have his head resting on his knee like he usually did, and Riley didn't have his hand buried in soft hair, stroking him.


His hand itched for the gentle play but, he was angry. Searingly angry and ashamed and sick.


He kept looking at that slight, pale little figure, and he was hard, pulsing.


Imagining unzipping and ordering it to suck him... Suck him so good until he fucked that cool little mouth and then he'd pull out just as he came so his semen would cover those pouty red lips.




Finally his sexual frustration and his shame were too much for Riley.


"Come here," he ordered it. H 17 obeyed, of course. What else would it do?


Just like a microwave, Professor Walsh had said.


Riley took its leash and stood, hauling it a little harder than usual. He went over to one of the big D Rings across the room his predecessor had left. He clipped his pet to the ring.


"Just... lie there. And don't talk. And don't... make me think you're something you're not." Riley ordered it softly.


He was shocked then by the first act of disobedience his compliant pet had made so far: fingers came out and wrapped around his leg, the chains on 17's leash clinking as it wrapped one hand around his leg... and leaned his head against Riley.




Yes, I know I'm yours. I know you can hurt me. I know you can fuck me whenever you want but... I want to be yours...


No! It was a lie!


Riley firmed his lips and made himself ignore him... FUCK, it.


It was just trying to get around him: "You can probably smell how much I want to fuck you," he told it angrily.


The little face rubbed against his leg and Riley lost control of himself. He yanked back the face of his pet by its hair and forced it to look up at him. "Do you want my cock? Right now? Is that what you really want?"


Now it wrapped itself around his leg, and humped him sinuously, and Riley could feel the hardness under the cock shield. He closed his eyes, trembling, so tempted and vulnerable.


"THIS? Is a lie!" he snarled, and shoved it away.


He had to go and sit down because he wanted to spank it. Really spank it! For not being real. For not really wanting him, but also he wanted his hands on that soft ass and afterwards he wanted his aching erection buried in that mouth. Fucking that mouth, and loving the way it sucked him so ardently, cupping his heavy big balls and making those purring sounds that made Riley crazy with lust...


"But you're not real..." he whispered, and then he went back to work.


Yet his erection didn't subside.


He firmed his mouth, wiped his eyes, and 'soldiered' on.




Buffy came to see him at the end of the day.


Riley got up as he would when any lady entered a room.


She smiled wryly and read his shocked expression that she'd found him at his "secret" office.


"Oh, I know all about what goes on here, Riley, don't worry. Professor Walsh started tutoring me a while back."


"Uhhhh. Buffy. Ms. Summers."


She saw his pet on its chain and went over to him. Her hands on her hips were on her hips as she towered over the silent, bowed figure. Riley sensed something strange between the pair.


"Do you also know... Spike?"


Buffy laughed. "I recaptured it for Professor Walsh. It started to have some kind of sick crush on me. And it kept escaping. I haven't seen it for a while. I like what you've done with it."


Riley was shocked and uncomfortable. Who was Buffy? She seemed to know a lot about what the Initiative was up to for a college girl and how could she have "recaptured" a dangerous vampire, as Spike surely had been before they'd broken him?


"I just inherited it. I'm not sure what to do with it." Riley felt an odd shame to be talking about Spike--H 17--like he wasn't even there. It seemed rude. He wasn't very good at treating the demon slaves like pieces of furniture. To him, they were either dangerous and he needed to protect civilians from them, or they were to be pitied. Helpless.




Without warning, Buffy struck his pet hard so he fell to the floor. One boot moved back, ready to strike again--


Riley grabbed her before she could kick the little demon.




"It tried to kill me. I wanted it dead but she said this was better. It would suffer for what it did!"


"I'm sorry but... Buffy, its chained to the floor. Helpless. It can't hurt you now." Riley saw something under her contempt. Under her rage and hatred for the creature: Fear.


"It's okay. It won't hurt you." He pulled her into his arms and as he did he looked down at his pet who was bleeding from his mouth, a large bruise forming on his pale skin.


"Thanks. It's not like I hate all vampires... I uhhhh, well, never mind, he's different. Special. Not a thing like Spike."


"Oh." Riley felt a twist of pain. Like he'd been left outside her door somehow. Alone.


He'd felt this that first night they'd been together when she'd gotten a call on her cell from her ex boyfriend and had to leave to help him out with something in L.A. Like he'd never be able to compete. To come close to her. To understand her.


"So what do you use it for? Filing or something?" Buffy asked.


Riley flushed. Hopelessly old fashioned, and shy and ashamed.


"I was thinking of that. Yeah. I might find a place for it to do stuff like that."


"Riley, it's okay. I know what it is. It worked the brothel for weeks right after Professor Walsh first finished with it."


"You know what he was trained to do?"


"Yeah, Ethan runs a brothel. Giles disapproved, of course, but I don't listen to him anymore." Buffy had a hard light in her eyes and Riley backed off a bit.


The truth was, he was turned off by her. This pretty girl he'd wanted to date since she seemed sweet and funny. Now...


"Giles? Is that your old boyfriend?"


"No, he's someone who used to be important to me. Now, he's not. Look, I have to go. Professor Walsh has had me working out in this new regime. She's even made up a special custom diet and vitamin program for me!"


"Yeah?" Riley wasn't so hot on her programs. He found he got head aches and had trouble controlling sudden bursts of berserker rage.


He backed off further from Buffy.


Clearly, there was a lot going on here he didn't understand, but he meant to.


"So, our date still on?"


"Uh. No. Sorry. I'm busy. I was going to call you."


She came over and kissed him and Riley tried not to flinch from that gentle touch.


"I'd like to watch you with your 'pet' sometime, Riley," she whispered.




Riley got out the address and phone number of Rupert Giles and gave him a call. The other man was surprised by his cryptic call but agreed to meet him the next day. Riley had a feeling he could learn a lot from him and he needed to understand a few things.


Sunnydale... seemed so innocent and happy on the surface but, but it had dark secrets.


Like pretty Buffy in her pink pant suit with her fresh, fluffy hair.




He freed his pet from the D Ring and brought it into the bath room to clean it up. It sat with its eyes down cast while he took a soft cloth and rubbed away the blood.


He almost reached down and caressed that hair but he made a fist instead and turned away. He had to be strong.


According to Buffy it had wanted her when it was Spike, so it probably wasn't even gay.


He stripped and decided to shower before night patrol.


He ignored his little demon so he didn't see the blue eyes look up and study his naked body under lowered lashes. His pet picked up and folded his clothes, and then sat at heel, like always.




In the shower, Riley finally leaned back under soft water and gave into his need.


He'd vowed not to use his slave now he knew it was just a big act, but he couldn't keep from wanting it.


He closed his eyes and fisted his pulsing erection. He reached for a bar of soap to lather it up but it slipped and fell out of the shower so he thrust aside the curtain to retrieve it, and there was Spike. His pet.


He'd picked up the soap and held it out to his master.


Riley swallowed, unbearably aroused.


"Do you... want to suck me off?" he asked it. He needed to give it a choice.


It sat there. Unmoving as it listened to a request and not a command. Riley shook his head, and turned away. Thought so. The thing only responded to commands. It couldn't even think for it--


His pet slithered inside the tub and rubbed his face adoringly against Riley's big, needy prick.


Rile felt a lump in his throat. Did it really want him?


"I'm gonna fuck your mouth. Open for me!" he ordered it.


When it complied, Riley pushed in steadily, deeper then he ever had. Always before he'd stroked shallow and only let his demon take so much since he was so big. He'd been tender.


Now, his frustration and his need to be wanted took over, he wanted to fuck and to use.


He cupped the pale, water-slicked head and moved in and out, wildly excited by watching his cock go inside that soft, receiving mouth. He fucked it hard and possessively, and at first his slave was just... a mouth. Submissive like always, but then it tongued his crown and just that one gentle touch of acceptance set Riley off.


"Pull back," he ordered. When it did, he let himself go, pulsing so that his cum slid over those lips. He watched a pink tongue come out and lick it off and he pulled his demon close, cradling him, feeling gut wrenching yearning.


"I hope you really wanted that!" Riley said, feeling tears and also a possessive surge of rage inside him. He liked cumming on that cat-like face. Stamping it home over and over that he owned that slight body.


It wasn't the sort of thing a boy scout would do but Riley was more than a boy scout, he was a warrior with dark needs.


"Do you want my finger up your ass?" he asked it. Asked Spike. He hoped.


This was something he did for his pet sometimes which his pet sometimes asked for.


Spike turned around and thrust his pale ass high.


Rile sat on his heels, caressing what was his, and keying in the combination that freed the shield so he could access that needy little crack.


The water fell on both of them, creating a private world for the hot, wrong sex they shared.


He pushed Spike down so his face met the shower floor and circled the small opening. His pet made a little whimpering sound.


Riley entered it with two hard fingers, knowing where to push now, steady and gentle to bring pleasure and relief.


"Fuck my fingers."


He was panting now as he watched it.


He never got tired of seeing that beautiful sleek body take whatever he wanted to put inside it. It moved up and down, and he reached under him to lazily explore.


"Do you like this? Tell me! Tell me what you feel. Don't give me that 'master' shit, either!" Riley growled.




"Yeah! That's YOU, isn't it? Take it, baby. I'll give it to you. I'll get you off..."


His demon came, and his semen ran down to cream over Riley's bare toes.


The intimacy they shared alone like this didn't seem like something the Initiative had designed their little sex slave for.


Riley fell to the floor of the tub and pulled his weak, sated pet into his arms. He buried his face in its neck, shuddering.


"Why can't I stay away from you?"



Part8 - Pet Play


Riley woke up to the smell of steaming coffee by his bedside and Spike holding his mug. His slave's head was down, and Riley could see shivers running over his naked back.


Still groggy and a little stupid with sleep, Riley didn't moderate his tone: "How come you're all naked again? I told you!"


Spike flinched, and Riley lay back and sighed. What the hell was he going to do? The vampire was so beat down.


He sat up and took a sip of the coffee. Of course, it was exactly the way he liked it.


He stroked Spike's hair, trying to stop the shivers.


"I'm sorry. It's just... if the other men see you like that, they might take advantage. I'm trying to help you, Spike."


Riley put down the coffee, and reached down and picked up the slight creature. It was odd that he knew it was so much stronger than himself. He could tote him around almost as easily as a child.


He lifted him onto his bed. "Shhhhh. It's okay." He kissed the pale forehead, then one lean cheek. "This is so wrong on so many levels, Spike: you can't want to be like this."


Spike settled into his arms and the shivering stopped.


Riley frowned. Because they'd fucked around with his voice and behavior so much, it was really hard to see what was the conditioned submissive and what was real. But Spike did have a very subtle way of showing Riley what he liked.


Like when he'd rub his little ass against Riley's leg, and Riley knew he wanted big fingers up there, playing with him. He was asking for his sexual release. It was a fucky way to go about it, but it was still Spike asking for something. That had to be a positive step in the right direction?


And now, in a way, Spike was rewarding Riley by snuggling close and letting himself be petted. He was saying: yes, I like this. No shivers. No fear messages. So maybe Riley was going to have to learn to read Spike's peculiar body messages and try to go from there.


"I could fall in love with you like this, and that would be so wrong." Riley said softly. His hands moved down so he cupped the balls of his pet, free of hair, smooth and pearly. He gave them a gentle squeeze, and a little choked off moan was his reward.


"Okay." Riley lay back and Spike fell as loosely against him as over-cooked pasta. "Okay, we're going to try something new. I'm going to try to lay off the orders. I know you need those but, I need to know you actually want..." Me. Some how Riley choked back the word. It was bad enough that he might be falling for an artifice.


It wasn't that Riley had any need to order someone to suck him on command. That was what bothered him about his pet. It was when Spike lost himself in the act and moaned and his hands crept up, and he devoured Riley's sex that Riley felt it was something real.


"We are both horny this morning. Do you want to do something?" Riley waited. His pet started to shiver, distressed when faced with choice.


It must have been a huge act of courage last night to step into the tub and touch Riley without a direct order. Riley understood conditioning. He was a soldier. In a way, he was every bit as conditioned as Spike. But Spike was the perfect concubine now, while Riley was the perfect warrior.


"Spike, listen: I know this is hard, but if you don't initiate something we won't have sex. If you make a pass at me, I'm going to take that as you wanting it. I NEED that. You don't have to do too much, baby." He kissed Spike. Then, kissed him again, his tongue in Spike's mouth, as Spike curled his own tongue around him and began to play.


Spike was the perfect submissive. Who knew that Riley would so love that? He felt a bit guilty about it, and vowed again to help Spike recover some of his own fragments.


"Tell me what you want. Show me. You want to suck my cock? Or have me play with yours? You want me to lube you up and fuck you, baby?" Kiss.


"Gmanowoowww." Spike's eyes watered with his frustration. Since Professor Walsh had had him again he'd lost more of his voice. Riley felt searing regret over it.


"Shhhhh. Show me with your body. And it's okay if it's not what you want. I can just hold you. You know I love your soft skin."


Slowly Spike relaxed again, and Riley felt sleepy contentment, stroking his shoulders, kissing the pale forehead.


Finally though, he got up because it was almost time for him to go meet Mr. Giles. He gently put Spike aside, and reached for his watch and he nearly missed what Spike did next. Spike moved to the side of the bed, spreading his legs, and pushing his ass in the air. Unmistakeably asking to be mounted.


Riley put down his watch, his hands shaking. On fire with lust.


He opened the drawer and pulled out the lube. Holding Spike's gaze because for once his pet was looking at him.


"I'm going to fuck you," Riley told him.


Spike held his gaze. It was a yes, please.


Completely aroused that he had a willing partner, Riley still forced himself to be tender as he put big fingers into Spike, preparing him. He had such a big cock he almost felt bad when he took the slighter man.


He covered himself with a huge dollop, and then spread Spike wider, coming behind him, so they were both on their knees by the bed, bizarrely as if about to say a prayer.


Riley positioned himself, and closed his eyes at the feel of Spike's body reluctantly giving way. He pushed in slow and steady, his lips buried against the neck of the smaller man, looming over him.


His big warm hands moved over cool ones and clasped them. "Okay?" he asked as he felt sweat break out over his forehead.


Spike thrust back once, gently. That was his answer.


Riley regretted that still in their lovemaking, Spike was so passive. What would it be like to make love to a pissed off and passionate Spike? Or a Spike who initiated the act? He could only hope if he continued to be slow and tender that he might see that one day.


"Is it wrong, needing to do this to you so bad?" He kissed the silky skin and began to fuck his pet. Slow and easy and dreamy. Wanting to take them both.


"Rub yourself against the bed while I do you. That's right!"


Spike at first was slow as usual to react, but there came a point, when Riley had stretched it out to the point that every thrust felt like it had to be the last, where he was dripping sweat over the body he labored over, that Spike's own buried lustiness came into play.


He moaned, his fingers clenched on the bed under Riley's bigger hands. His soft ripe ass that made Riley break out in a sweat of lust whenever he saw it, began to push back to take the big cock that rode him.


"That's right, Take it! Spike, what you do to me!" Riley began to hump his slave harder, so that the bed shook. It should have moved and begun to thump against the wall, but Spike stopped it. He bolstered himself and began to fuck himself back on Riley's cock and his greater strength absorbed the power of the soldier so that finally Riley lost control and gave him everything, all the roughness, all the tenderness... hot kisses against the side of Spike's face, cupping his chin, rubbing himself over him... both of them moaning now...


"Love doing this to you."


Spike turned, his blue eyes were burning. So much locked inside him. He pushed himself up, absorbing the hammering of Riley's big prick while he brushed his red lips against Riley's, so when Riley came inside Spike, they were lost in a kiss. Their first real kiss.


He pulled out, sensitive, and yanked Spike around, lifting him up on the bed so his legs were open and his crotch on the edge, and Riley bent over his pet's sensitive and painfully swollen cock, not even hesitating as he took it in his mouth for the first time, wanting only to give some expression to his feeling.


"Yeah." He licked from root to tip. "I own you now."


Spike tried to be passive, but his hands buried themselves in Riley's hair, twisting fistfuls while he moaned and thrust up, so needy.


Riley looked up to see blazing blue eyes, alive with passion and a tiny smile curving the perfect lips.


So he gave him more, worshiping, tasting, biting the edge of plumy crown--




Spike spilled, his head thrown back, his smaller body a beautiful instrument that Riley played. He licked the vampire clean and then rested his head against his slender thigh. His throat tightened when he got a very slight caress of his hair.


"The only way to really own you, is if you want me. If you care about me." Riley pulled Spike into his arms and shuddered against him, rubbing his damp forehead against the damp forehead of his vampire.


"Now, come on. Let's see if we can learn more about what's happening, and who you really are."




"I'm really not sure how I can help you, Mr. Finn." Rupert Giles brought over a steaming mug of tea along with some biscuits in quaint shapes and Riley suppressed a sigh.




Last time he'd had those funny biscuits had been while working out with some guys from SAS. What he remembered most about them was tea. Biscuits. And Monty Python.


Mr. Giles wasn't anything like them, unfortunately. He was mild-mannered and reminded Riley of a piano teacher he'd once had. Riley wasn't sure why his gut had told him to come see him.


The chain tinkled, and Spike lay his head against Riley's leg. He was wearing the little cock shield and a pair of shorts and tee shirt despite the way his pet seemingly preferred to go around naked. But Riley didn't think that middle-aged piano teachers could take naked little boy slaves.


Weirdly, though, Mr. Giles hadn't remarked over Spike much. He'd clearly recognized him, but other than studying him with a cross between pity and a kind of shame, he had ignored him.


"I understand you know Ethan Rayne."


"What about him?"


Riley sighed. He put down the repulsive tea. "Look, Mr. Giles. Your name keeps coming up. You know Ms. Summers. You know Ethan Rayne. Also, I think you maybe knew Spike. I need your help. I'm not at liberty to discuss some things but I think something is very wrong in this town."


Mr. Giles took off his glasses. He rubbed his eyes and Riley swore for a moment that there might have been tears there. What grief was he suppressing?


"Something very wrong indeed. Alright, I'll share some information with you if you can help me."


"Help you with what?"


"Joyce Summers. She disappeared a short while ago. I think that your boss and Ethan Rayne may be holding her, and I want to try to ensure her safety. Also, I'm looking for a young man who also happens to be a werewolf. He goes by the name of 'Oz.' He disappeared around the same time as Joyce Summers."


"Joyce... that's Buffy's mom."




"I would have thought she would have been more upset... with her mom gone?" Riley asked cautiously. He looked down and saw that Spike was taking all this in. He couldn't guess at what the vampire's reaction was, but these had been people he'd known.


"D-Dawn," Spike croaked. Then he looked down and a shudder moved through him. Anticipating punishment. Riley ran his hand through the hair, needing to reassure him, and then looked up to see Rupert Giles giving him a rather severe look. He flushed, but left his hand in the hair of his pet.


"Dawn is with me now, Spike, she's quite safe," Giles said with more gentleness than anyone other than Riley had shown Spike to date.




"Buffy's younger sister."


"Uh. Right. Look, there is seriously something wrong with Ms. Summers. When I first met her, she was so sweet but now."


"I have a theory about that. Oh, do leave the tea! I can see you don't fancy it. Coffee?"


"Yeah," Riley agreed. "Spike?"


Spike looked up in shock, blue eyes wide.


"Would you like some coffee or I brought a thermos of... you know, blood?"


Spike buried his head against Riley's knee and Riley sighed. "Bring me some coffee if you don't mind, Mr. Giles, with a saucer?"


Mr. Giles frowned, but set off to make the coffee. When he returned, he gave Riley a matching set of coffee cup and saucer. Riley took his coffee, seasoned it with sugar and cream, and then spilled some into a saucer and laid it on the floor in front of Spike. When he did that, the vampire leaned over and lapped it up.


"Good LORD!" Giles was appalled.


Riley blushed. "It's better than at first. He used to lick it right off the floor. I'm slowly getting him used to cutlery again too."


"I had no idea that Maggie Walsh's experiments were so... horrific. Spike... as he was? Would never submit like that. From the histories we know that even his grand sire, Angelus, had little success with breaking him."


"What was he like?" Riley felt his throat tighten.


"Dangerous. Cocky. Reckless. Very crafty. And quite evil, I'm afraid. He did a lot of very horrible things, but the chip rendered him helpless. I was inclined to leave him be, but Buffy and Professor Walsh recaptured him and I haven't seen him in months. Well, not counting when I went to the brothel to confront Ethan over Joyce. I saw he was... very docile there. I thought perhaps it was some kind of magical compulsion or drugs."


"Do you know if he liked men?" Riley felt his face flame, but Mr. Giles' face remained perfectly smooth.


"I have no idea. He had a consort, Drusilla, and he became very attached to Buffy. He might once have had a rather strange relationship with Angelus. I shouldn't be surprised, but, I'm sorry, no. I don't believe that Spike was gay."


"So if he became attached to someone while he's like this, it wouldn't be real?"


"No, I'm sorry, but I doubt he is capable of feeling anything... real."


Riley nodded, ignoring Spike who rested his head against his knee now, his lips still shiny with the coffee.


"I want to try to help him."


Mr. Giles said nothing, but gave him a very direct look. Clearly he thought Riley was fooling himself.


"I have to go pick up Dawn for a school assignment she's doing, but I would like to see you again."


"I want to check out Ethan Rayne."


"Then you'll have to go to his brothel."


Riley's lips tightened. "I'm not really into that sort of thing."


"Mr. Finn, you are on very dangerous ground here. I suggest if you go there you bring your pet and you act the part. Trust no one."


Riley stood, and Spike got up so that he could shelter under the umbrella that Riley had brought to shield him from the daylight.


"I'll go there now. Spike can help me. He can act the part."


When Riley retrieved his umbrella, Mr. Giles stopped him briefly. His eyes were kind under his glasses. "It might be better if you just put him out of his misery. The real Spike would never want to go on like this."


"I want to try to bring him back."


Mr. Giles sighed then went and got out a heavy book. "Here. A bit of the history of 'William the Bloody.'"


Riley took it reluctantly. He needed to know about who Spike was, but the more he learned, the less real his 'relationship' seemed. It was only when he made love to him that he felt close to Spike and he continued to be haunted by the idea that it was a hollow act, and that the caring he felt they shared was a lie.


"Thank you."


"Do be careful! Ethan is no one to mess around with."




Buffy pouted over how long Professor Walsh made her wait, but finally she got the okay that since they'd been so successful with Spike, they were ready for another older, tempered vampire.


On the phone, it was easy to act upset: "I don't know what to do, Angel, someone took mom!"


"I'll be there as soon as I can. I promise."


"Oh, Angel, thank you." She put down the phone on a sob that wasn't fake.


He'd left her!


He was all she ever wanted.




Her perfect boyfriend.


Professor Walsh had seen how lonely Buffy was without him, and made her see that Angel needed her. That he couldn't really know what he was doing.


Buffy needed to help him. He'd be better off when they finished with him.


And it wasn't as if she'd let them do all that stuff they'd done to Spike.


He'd never leave her again. Never hurt her.


She smiled, and decided to go out and splurge on a pedicure. She went over and got her mom's purse, and dug out her credit card.



Part9 - Brothel


"Ohhhhh. My favorite little pet!" Ethan Rayne's dark eyes lit with delight as he sighted Spike, whom had been stripped by the guards when they entered the brothel and laced up with light chains which not only went from his collar which Riley held, but down to loop over his sex. He also had a tattoo on one arm which Riley hadn't seen before, but its bar code had activated when he and Riley went through security.


Rayne went over and stroked Spike's head. He was curled up against Riley, head bent submissively. Only his twitching cock was disobedient, pearly with need. Riley knew Spike was always way over-sexed, but the last thing he had expected was for Spike to be stimulated by returning here.


"I hope you're fucking the little thing often. He needs that, don't you, pretty?" Ethan bent down and kissed Spike on the lips, and Riley's stomach twisted when Spike began to French the other man with unfeigned passion.


"Forgive me. I see you are possessive over the little piece, but he's the sweetest whore who ever worked here. And I do so miss playing daddy games with Spike."


"Uhhhh." Riley felt himself break out in a sweat. He knew it would be hard to come here, but what he hadn't realized that as sickened as he was, some part of him was also aroused by the idea of Spike as a whore.


They were sitting drinking tea in a parlor done up in rich reds. It was full of trinkets and dark, heavy wood and made Riley feel ill at ease, given his taste for simplicity.


"Do you like the decor? It's based on drawings of a notorious London whore house at the turn of the century. I'm a romantic at heart."


"Mr. Rayne, I'm hoping you can help me," Riley began. He was wigged by the way the other man was staring at him and Spike, smiling faintly as if picturing them in the act. Which he guessed Rayne had seen often enough... at least with Spike.


"Please. Mr. Rayne was my father! He was a very... difficult man, but I settled him down with a little something extra in his tea."


Riley's mouth dropped at this bizarre and disturbing comment. "Uh. Well, nice you get along with him now, I guess."


"Yes, he's a vegetable, but very happy. He's in a nice home though. I work hard to keep him in style. Would you like more tea?"


Riley choked on what he had swallowed. "No, I think I'll... I had some earlier."


"Oh, yes, you went and saw my old friend Giles. Tea and biscuits with the old faker. Tell me, was he 'shocked' over Spike?"


Riley's jaw flexed. "Yes, as a matter of fact he was."


"Bloody hypocrite! Well, Mr. Finn, what can I do for you? Are you wanting to try some deeper games with your pet? He's trained in all of them and very enthusiastic, I must say. As long as something gets stuck up his needy little hole, he's happy, bless him."


Riley definitely was off the tea now. "It is about Spike, why I'm here. I understand he was once some kind of powerful villain? And now..."


Ethan looked a little sad, which surprised Riley.


"Maggie... hurt him. Too much." He stood up and went over to help himself to something 'extra' for his tea. "Whatever you may think of me, I treated Spike with kindness. He was always used with his own pleasure in mind and our own games were very tender. I was very sorry when your predecessor took him because... well, now you have him."


"Is he brain damaged? I just don't understand the process."


"He was rewarded for any submissive sexual behavior and punished for anything else. After a while, I think he began to live through his sex. It's probably why he's such a needy little thing. See now? He's upset."


Riley grabbed Spike to try and stop him, as with chains were tinkling, he climbed one of Riley's long legs and was humping himself against his master, silently begging for relief.


Riley leaned down. "Spike! It's okay. No one will hurt you." Spike usually displayed this kind of behavior when he was frightened, and only giving him a quick sexual release calmed him. But they weren't alone...


Ethan came over with a little silver dish. Riley took it for biscuits to go with the tea, but when he opened the server... lube.


"You best see to him. I hate to see him like this. Usually he was used so well here it had a sort of soothing effect on him."


"I can't..."


"If you are too modest to give him a good balling just stick a finger up his arse, or I'll do it. But don't make him suffer. You can't undo what was done to him, Mr. Finn!" Ethan looked angry as Spike began to whimper, rubbing himself harder. "He can't cum like that, you know. He's trained not to. Only by his master's hand."


Riley blushed. "Can you give us a moment?"


"No, I will not: I want to make sure you treat him well. I... care about Spike and I think you do too. He's very well-trained but I think you could understand him better. And, forgive me, but enjoy yourself with him more. There are so many things he does so exquisitely, and I know you have to be tempted to discover them for yourself..."


Riley's pulsing prick was answer enough, but he was emotionally lacerated by the sexual degradation Spike was reduced to. Again he was haunted by wondering if his pet had any real feelings for him.


He lubed up three thick fingers and gave the hand command for Spike to present his open crack to his master. Spike put his face against the carpet and pushed his ass close. Riley was about to penetrate him when that ass gave a saucy wiggle of anticipation. Despite how upsetting Spike's degradation was, it almost made him smile. As if Spike were really communicating with him. As if Spike knew how upset and sickened Riley was... as well as aroused.


And fuck, Riley hated himself for being so stirred by his little sub. What kind of man was he that he wanted to play the role of master?


He pressed his fingers inside, past the tender resistance until he filled Spike. He began a gentle seduction of his slave's prostate, wanting to soothe and bring comfort.


Spike was moaning and humping back to take the hot fingers deeper. Riley let him set the pace and held his hand steady so Spike could use it for what he needed. "You can cum, baby," he whispered, running his other hand over the beautiful back and wishing he could unzip and just give Spike the hard fuck they both wanted, but he couldn't do that, not here. No matter that his imagination was working over time, wondering all the uses Spike had been put to inside these walls.


"I have video tapes," Ethan Rayne said. "Would you like to see them? See your pet in action?"


Riley struggled with himself. The truth was, he wasn't certain he wanted to watch those tapes purely to understand Spike, or because he wanted to go further with their slave/master games. He swallowed.


Spike was thrusting back harder, and Riley looked down to see a little smile on his face, which was turned to the side. As usual, sex had a comforting effect on him. Riley gave him what he needed to finish: "Cum now, Spike. Shoot for me."


Spike groaned and shuddered, and Riley felt spasms clamp over his fingers. He pulled out gently and looked up to see Ethan Rayne looking at him with a mixture of envy and approval. "I know you think I must be a sick villain, but I protected him as much as I was able, and if you do want to explore your slave/master relationship further, I can help you do it right. He does enjoy it, Mr. Finn."


Riley took out a handkerchief and cleaned up Spike's penis when it was presented to him to be tidied. Then, he lifted Spike into his arms and kissed him, cuddling him close like a child, naked, chained, tousled and flushed with sleepy gratification. Spike's legs on either side of his hips.


"Very pretty picture you make. He's not like that with anyone else... that affectionate, I mean."


"Really?" Riley couldn't help himself.


Ethan looked amused. "Did Ripper make you feel bad about using him? Don't. This isn't something black and white. He is what he is now and maybe with time you might help him a little, but I honestly don't think he'll ever be whom he was before. They took away too much. Just a moment, and I'll show you a bit of one of my favorite tapes and let you see what I mean. And also help you decide if you want to go further or not, hmmm?"


"Uh..." Riley stiffened, but Rayne ignored him and left him alone with Spike, who was rubbing his already hard penis against what he could feel tenting Riley's trousers.


"Stop. Or I'll spank you!"


That was a dismal failure as a threat because Spike only rubbed more enthusiastically, driving Riley crazy with lust. "Spike, please: when we're alone. I can't do this here. When we get back to the car, I'll drive us somewhere and do you." Riley kissed Spike, whom wore a knowing smile. He knew he was driving his master to lusty haste.


"Just who is in control here, hmmmm?" Riley observed ruefully.


Spike sat up and licked Riley's cheek with a tenderness that made Riley's throat tighten. "I'll fuck your pretty little ass as soon as we're alone because I can't resist you. Because you are beautiful." He kissed Spike as he listed each trait. "And because I care about you..."


The last admission, said in a deep voice with Riley's eyes sincere and full of emotion and vulnerability made Spike lean against him and cuddle. He stroked the soft skin of Spike's bare back and accepted that while he did want to understand Spike, if he came back to himself and wanted to continue their relationship in any form, Riley was more than willing. He wanted that.


And if Spike wanted a master, Riley would be that for him.


Ethan Rayne came in on the tender moment and smiled. "That's the way. You need to inspire trust and tenderness to be a true dominant. I'm so pleased Spike's found someone whom appreciates him."


Riley flushed, but didn't deny it. He looked up at the other man, not backing down from what was obvious, no matter how shy Riley was about revealing his own deepest feelings. Spike was his slave.


"If it's any comfort, under the right conditions, should you ever have become involved, I think he would have chosen to be your sub. They hurt him and took pleasure in degrading him, but he's strong. He survived their worst, and I think he's a natural bottom with the right man. You are just the perfect dom to top him right now because he needs tenderness."


Riley didn't know what to say. Top? Bottom? It sounded like a foreign language. He'd only gone on dates and sometimes, rarely, had sex with a girl, and that had been it. Pretty vanilla sex by Ethan Rayne's standards, probably. "I don't think I can watch those videos here."


"Because they stir your possessive side? I understand. But none of the men who used him meant anything to him. He never cuddled them. Don't doubt what you have together, Mr. Finn. It's different and I expect for an Iowa farm boy, scary. But it's real."


"I'm working on it. But really, I'd prefer to just take some of the tapes for now."


Riley lifted Spike onto the floor and stood.


Ethan studied him but saw there was no give there.


"Right. I'll give you a few."


Riley pulled Spike's chain and he followed Ethan, with Spike on all fours beside him, walking like a small pale panther.


He got the tapes and reluctantly thanked Rayne for them. Still feeling a mixture of repulsion and something not unlike friendship for the other man. He believed him when he said he'd tried to be tender to Spike. Riley was used to reading Spike's body language now and he knew that Spike had displayed true affection for the other man.


"I put a little something extra in the bag. A few of Spike's favorite costumes and toys. Let me know if you want me to send you his little pet bed. It might comfort him."


Riley's eyes widened and he couldn't get out of there fast enough. Outside he covered spike up and used the big umbrella to protect him from daylight as he and Spike headed for his SUV with specially treated glass that was vampire-safe. He put Spike in the passenger seat and buckled him in while his slave studied him under long lashes. What was Spike thinking? Riley wished he'd talk more, but he guessed leaving his usual surroundings and seeing both Rupert Giles and Ethan Rayne had had an effect on him.


Just before he drove away, a hand knocked on his windshield. He looked up to see Ethan Rayne had followed him outside. He rolled down his window a crack.


"If you are looking for some missing people I may be able to help: I'll contact you." Then Rayne was gone, running back to the house.




Angel pulled Buffy into his arms, feeling the sweet pain rise at what he'd forced himself to give up. He had fucked up when he ever let things go so far. Maybe it was because he was becoming a champion and he'd leaned on another, but now he put her first and had pulled away. He only hoped one day she'd be able to find someone and have the happy, normal life she deserved.


"Angel, I found a way for us to be together!" Her face was bright with happiness he'd never seen before. Always it had been agony between them.


"Buffy, the curse..." He trotted out the old excuse to force her to stay away from him, but this time it had no effect.


"Oh, don't worry about that. I think you won't be totally happy when they modify you, I mean, even Spike put up a fight."




He looked around to see a bunch of men come out of the woods. Wearing military type gear. Carrying weapons.




She smiled as they stunned him.


"All mine. Soon," she said.




Riley was watching one of the tapes.




Spike was on his hands and knees. Wearing a little boy’s sailor suit costume and sucking off one man while another fucked him. First they'd used a paddle on his ass and he'd... enjoyed it.


He should be sickened by these games but, he was achingly aroused. Watching Spike with the wrapping around his cock which prevented him from cumming. His mouth open as he deep-throated a man and purred while doing it...


Riley felt primitive jealousy, HELL, yeah, but the truth was, he wanted to try some of these games out.


He shut it off, and put shaking hands over his face. On his desk were things like cock rings and paddles, whips, costumes, make up and one thing he was trying to figure out: it had two clamps and a chain?


He looked down at it and then at Spike.


Spike blinked up at him innocently from where he was curled at Riley's feet.


All day Riley had fought giving in to what he craved. Sickened still by his need to take Spike in his slave guise. To play the part of his master and enjoy it.


But now it was late. It was quiet. It was just the two of them.


What had Rayne said? That it was okay to express this if there was tenderness and trust... and agreement?


"Spike..." He didn't know how to ask.


Spike's eyes took on a sly look. Riley got the distinct impression his slave thought his repression was amusing!


He reached down and smacked the saucy ass, then smoothed a hand over it.


"I want to fuck you wearing some of this stuff." Riley cleared his throat. Then he whispered: "Because it turns me on, but I won't if you don't want it. I know you don't feel like talking today, but let me know somehow how you feel, and we'll do what you want."


And as Riley made himself vulnerable asking for something so far outside of his experience, he realized he was trusting his little sub to not be disgusted with where Riley's dark needs had led him. It was a two way street, this world he and his slave shared together.


For answer and without hesitation, Spike climbed onto his lap and took the harness and the paddle and the last item from Riley's hands.


Riley stared at him.


If they did this? They were going into deep waters, and there would be no going back.


Riley took the paddle from Spike and gestured for him to present himself so Riley could discipline him.




When he finished what was really a very gentle spanking which they'd both enjoyed from the sounds Spike made, and the way Riley ached, Riley got up and put the harness over Spike. It took him a while to figure it out, but the silver bit went into Spike's mouth like it would a horse.


He played around with the clamp thingies and finally it dawned on him they went around Spike's lower torso and then were used to spread his ass cheeks.


Riley's heart was pounding as he put it on Spike, looking and seeing how accessible he was, and how Spike rubbed himself adoringly against the hands that put the custom-made devices on his body.


"Okay. You decided on your favorites and I allowed it because, um, I'm new at this master business, but now I'm going to be your master and put one more thing on you."


Spike looked back in disbelief and a touch of rebellion as his heavy sex as wrapped in thick cording, preventing him from release. He didn't look happy about it at all and defiant blue eyes met firm blue eyes as Riley's so-far compliant slave showed some resistance.


Riley tied a painfully tight knot with ruthless hands, leaving Spike's cock a deep swollen purple. He gave it a little tender tweak.


Spike growled warningly around his silver mouth bit.


But when Riley pushed him to the floor, ass up and pressed his hard penis to Spike's lubed and stretched opening, Spike didn't fight. He stayed still to take the cock of his master.


"Oh, FUCK!" Riley cursed as he pushed inside. He never got tired of this. "Spike, if you want me to play the master role I'll do it, baby, but that means I do it my way. Got that?" He smacked the still pink cheeks and a little whimper was his answer. He was fucking at an angle that let him hit Spike's prostate and he knew it must feel painfully exciting to the little vampire.


His answer was a thready moan of need and as he grunted and sweated over Spike, turned on wildly by Spike's get up and their consensual play, Riley finally admitted to himself what he wanted to be.


He pulled out before he came, and took the bit away from red lips so they could cherish the tip of his cock, and only the tip since his slave hadn't earned the right to deep throat him yet. He finally gave into it and shot over those lips, loving seeing his spill on that pale face with closed eyes and a look of bliss, partly because as he'd worked Riley's cock, Riley had been rubbing the exposed cock head of his lover tenderly, wanting to share his delight.


And, okay, maybe he wasn't such a good, hard ass master, because he took the bindings off and fisted Spike while they lost themselves in deep kisses. Praising him. Soothing him. And after bringing Spike off, licking his fingers of his slave's cum while they smiled at each other and snuggled.


He was falling in love with a slave and he was finally ready to be Spike's Master.



Part10 - Angel


Riley had the best morning ever.


Until they found him that is.




But it began well.


Riley sleeping in, his body worn out from the work out he'd done in martial arts and the work out he'd given it when Spike had needed a bedtime fuck. Turned out, Spike needed a lot of sex, and being his master was seriously hard work. Who knew it would be so hard to give the needy little creature everything he wanted?


Riley had to caress and pet him before bed. If Spike was feeling frightened, it was gentle sex. If he was defiantly playful, they got out the new toys.


But it was definitely a full time job 'owning' Spike.


He caught his breath now and twisted a little as he felt--


Cool lips, all wet around his throbbing prick and then--


"Ouch! Spike, what are you doing?"


"B-being a good slave."


"You bit my morning erection! How's that being a good slave?"


Riley felt his throat tighten. Spike had spoken to him.


He pushed the bedclothes down, and saw Spike crouched between his legs. A slight smile on the face, despite the demurely cast-down eyes.


"Wanted you awake to enjoy it."


"Well, you got my attention, mister, so what are you going to do about it? Ohhhh!"


Riley tangled a tender hand in Spike's hair as he took Riley's big penis all the way. Oh, yeah. All the way inside his talented mouth.


"Oh, baby. Love it when you do that!" He shuddered, thrusting, flexing his big body in enjoyment when Spike found and teased his nipples.


Spike took his time, slowly torturing Riley.


Then Riley had enough: "No, I want... you know." Riley still blushed when he demanded what he really wanted.


Spike smirked. "Have to tell me what you want," he taunted.


Riley smiled, delighted that Spike had the confidence to play this game.


"How about we switch roles. No, not that way. I'm not sure I'd make a very good sex slave, so don't go all bright-eyed. I mean... I show you with my body how I feel about you, and you tell me what you want? Can we try that?" Riley paused, waiting, hoping. He didn't believe he was really part of Spike's heart yet. But he wanted to be. He wanted Spike to truly care about him because he was in love with the little vampire. So in love he'd been afraid to look at Giles' books.


He knew he'd have to soon, and go back and see Ethan Rayne, but the idea of Rayne made him uncomfortable. He kept picturing Rayne offering him the use of some of his 'facilities,' much like Riley would use a gym and the unsettling thing was he wanted that. He wanted to explore that world. With Spike.


And how could he want that?


Spike sat back, heavy-lidded, watching as Riley got the lube out. He turned over on his stomach and stuck his bum up obediently.


"No, not like that, baby." Riley gently stroked the beautiful skin presented for his use. He bent over Spike, and nibbled on his neck tenderly. "Although you're so pretty like that. All ready to take me. Your ass turns me on."


"Yeah." Spike smiled. His eyes flicking back to give Riley a flirtatious look.


"Yeah. You know all you have to do is flash it and I can't think." Riley kissed the side of Spike's face and delighted as he felt Spike shiver.


In the days since he'd gone to see Ethan Rayne, he'd continued to try to delve into Professor Walsh's experiments and also he'd made it his 'mission' to make Spike enjoy the sex they shared. He praised him, touched him, explored him, and refused to let him sleep on the floor. At night, his 'pet' was wrapped in his big arms and the first thing Riley did every morning was make love to Spike as sweetly as possibly.


Spike, at first, had been dazed over the way Riley did him. Riley raising his legs and making Spike stay on his back so they were face to face while he took his slave. Kissing Spike as he worked over him slowly, sweat dripping from his face. Smiling down at Spike. Praising him for being so soft-skinned and hot. For driving Riley so crazy.


All that kissing and petting seemed to have had an affect on Spike.


At first, Spike had remained passive for some of it, but now he'd begun to show he liked what Riley was doing more vocally. It was still rare, but Riley felt like his 'sexual healing' was reaching the little vampire.


Riley lifted Spike in his arms and went into his office with him. He put him on the center of his desk.


Spike smirked a bit, lying back and liking the way the so-correct super soldier wanted to do him over his by-the-book paper work.


Riley went and locked the door, blushing a little. Then he looked over at Spike. "I want you to ask for it. Ask me. Talk to me. I want that so much, Spike."


Spike made a sound in his throat and turned his head, but Riley pulled his chin back up so he had to meet those vulnerable blue eyes. "Make me ready to love you."


"It's not love. I'm just your fuck." Spike looked upset.


"That's not true." Riley said softly. Why was it so hard to reach Spike? Riley felt as if the vampire was aching to be loved and yet he couldn't seem to let himself take it. Believe in it. It made Riley sad.


Spike took the lube and covered Riley's cock. Again, he made to turn over and lift himself, but Riley stopped him. "No. Face-to-face. Spread yourself." Riley leaned down and kissed Spike's lips, tenderly. "I want to make love. To you. With you. Now tell me you want me and I'll do it."


Spike closed his eyes. It was so hard, so hard. Riley had no idea the things they'd done to make him... like this. He hated himself now. For being so needy. So shattered.


"Want it."


"Then put me where we both want me," Riley said, his face very serious.


Spike didn't understand why Riley was always so serious about fucking. This face-to-face stuff was unbearable. But he couldn't resist because he needed Riley inside him so bad. Sex was his drug. The only thing he was good for. He knew that now. When he was on his knees was the only time he felt safe. He had some control here. If he pleased whoever wanted him, then the other things wouldn't happen. The thing they'd put inside him wouldn't remember and want to cut out his own heart.


"Please. Need it, Riley."


Riley sighed. Need it. It could be any cock.


"I'll give it to you, sweet heart."


"Don't call me that." Spike was crying!


Riley nuzzled him. "Why not? Isn't that what you are?"


"I'm just a hole you use."


Riley felt rage, but he tamped it down. He opened Spike with his fingers, and brought his body to the edge of his desk. "I'm in love with you," he confessed, even knowing that there was no way Spike could understand or reciprocate. Not while he was so broken. Maybe never. "I won't tell you again until you ask me to say it. Because I know you aren't ready, but when I'm inside you, I feel so good. It's the only place I want to be. I'm yours, Spike."


Spike's eyes widened. Riley could see his bewilderment, but at least it was out there now: this feeling. This thing that was real and wasn't just him using his slave.


Riley lifted Spike and put his cock to him, closed his eyes, and pushed himself inside.


It felt soooo good.


He started moving his hips gently.


Spike wrapped his legs around him, his eyes closed, purring. He was never happier than when Riley was inside him. It seemed to soothe him on levels Riley wasn't sure he understood.


Riley bent down, kissing Spike. "Love to fuck you so much. I think about this now. Out with the men, searching for demons, and I think how when I get back you'll spread yourself for me. Let me do anything. Have you whenever I want."


"Feels good!" Spike raised his hips and rode Riley's cock.


"You were made for this." Riley rubbed the pale skin, the pink nipples, slipping his tongue in Spike's mouth, down his throat into one of his delicate ears while Spike's ankles were wrapped around him and Spike moaned, taking every slow thrust.


"I'm a whore, right enough."


Riley fisted Spike's hair. "If you have to be someone's 'whore,' you'll be mine. Won't you?"




"That's right. You can accept this." Riley pushed himself in deep to demonstrate. "And you'll take this." He kissed Spike, cupping his face, his eyes tender, but determined. "Because you need me to be your 'master.' So I'll try. I'll try to give you that, Spike. But I'm telling you that it will be more than just fucking. More than just you taking cock from me."


Spike tried to struggle then, for the first time, trying to pull away from the sex he craved. But even though he was a vampire, Riley was freaky strong and he kept him flat on his back. "You can't open your body to me and not your heart," Riley growled. He rained kisses down Spike's chest.


Spike moaned again, the sound he made broken and thready with pain and desire.


His head fell back and his hips thrust up. His legs gripping Riley as he pounded into him.


Tears ran from the corners of his eyes but Riley held his face in his hands and wouldn't let go of his eyes or his body until they both crashed to completion.




After that, Spike curled up in a fetal position on his bed.


Riley saw him do it and went into his office. Saw the mussed-up desk where he'd enjoyed Spike. Where he'd demanded more than fucking.


When he heard broken weeping from his bedroom he raked a hand over his desk and watched everything hit the floor.




"A little fresh air for your pet, Riley?" one of his men asked.


He had Spike on his leash, taking him outside with him for the evening. Riley nodded, not in a mood to speak. When they were out of sight of the soldiers, he freed Spike.


"I'm going to do something stupid. You up for it?" he asked Spike.


Spike got to his feet. He nodded without meeting Riley's gaze.


"Okay, I want to find those civilians. Joyce Summers and the boy called 'Oz.' I thought I'd break into the lab and see if I could find anything there. There are some rooms that I've never seen. Professor Walsh uses them."


Spike made a whimpering sound, but again he nodded.


Riley went over to him and cupped his neck, resting his forehead against the smaller man's. "That's where she broke you, isn't it?"






Riley rappelled down through an air vent.


Spike followed him.


They were both wearing black clothing and soft-soled shoes. Riley had been preparing for a while to get a look at Professor Walsh's hidden lab.


Spike looked around, his eyes wide. He wrapped his arms around himself at seeing some of the equipment.


Cutting Tools. Hand Torches. A steel table with a drain on it and metal restraints.


"Spike, you okay?" Riley put a hand on his shoulder. "She's out of town now and no one comes here when she's away. So we're alone, I promise."


Spike whimpered. "Someone's here."


"You can smell someone?"


Spike bent his head, shuddering. "Yeah. He's always here. We have to go... Can't stay. Can't stay!"


"Hey. Who is he?"


A slight sound from another room made Riley stiffen. He looked around but saw no other signs of light in any of the connected rooms, but Spike's fear was making him jumpy. Probably it was a memory of whatever had happened to him here, but it chilled Riley nevertheless.


"Okay, I'm gonna take a quick look around and then we'll get out of here, but I've disabled the security. I promise you, we're safe."




When Riley was through with what files he could find, with no luck on Joyce or Oz, but a fat file on Buffy Anne Summers, course of treatment, he looked over at Spike who had his back against the wall by the door, the whites of his eyes showing as he watched and waited for something... or someone.




Riley insisted on doing reconnaissance throughout all the rooms. In the last one, he found many more of the steel tables and a steel-doored sensory deprivation chamber. There was also a tank with dripping, stagnant water which Spike avoided looking at.


The room was silent except for the drip, drip coming from a loose water hose.


Spike shuddered.


Riley was about to head back at last when he noticed the entrance to a cave that branched off into the shadows.


"What is that?" He was surprised to see raw tunnel connected to the sterile lab.


"No.No.No. Don't. It's his place. His... lair," Spike whispered. "We have to go. Now."


"Hang on. I just want to take a quick look. Stay here and wait for me."


Spike refused to leave Riley, and after a minute Riley sighed. He took out an extra pistol. "Here. Use it if you have to. I'm trusting you to get my back, Spike."


Spike took it, staring at it blankly. Riley guessed he was used to using his vampiric powers to protect himself.


"Won't kill him."


Riley frowned, but he wanted to get in a quick look, so he clicked on his shoulder light and headed inside the dank tunnel.


After they had gone a short distance, the walls and ceiling started to drip, coated with some kind of slimy resin. Riley and Spike were quickly soaked. The splashing sounds they made echoed eerily through the space, making it almost seem like something followed them as they explored further.


Spike was wired tight as Riley moved ahead. Riley glanced back and saw that Spike had vamped and was looking around with yellow eyes and bared fangs.


The smell got worse the further they went.


Riley finally covered his mouth, trying not to gag. It smelled like an unburied corpse in here.


"Gah! What is that?"


"Parts of whoever they feed him," Spike replied.


"Spike--" They both stiffened as they heard a gasp of pain.


Out of the darkness he came, head down, fangs, dark, wild hair--


Riley shot, but Spike butted up his arm. "What are you doing?"


Riley looked down on the cave floor to see Spike had a naked, dark haired man in his arms. Crusted sores. Burn marks. Bruises. Curled up and weeping against Spike's neck.





Part11 - Boy Slaves, Part 11


Riley's hand was shaking around his gun, despite the pathetic condition of this new broken vampire.


"Wait. Angel. He's Buffy's ex, isn't he?" Riley asked Spike.


Spike nodded, crooning to the larger vampire who was still shuddering against Spike's neck.


Riley felt something twist in his stomach at the tenderness and ease of the two vampires. They seemed to know each other... intimately?


Spike asked, "Can you hear it?"


"No, what?" Riley knew the vampire's enhanced senses were picking up something he couldn't detect.


"It's him. He's on the move! Can't tell where. It's a maze in here."


Riley picked up the sound of soft splashing, but it echoed weirdly, so he had no clue on how close it was or where it originated from. Between that and the smell of rotting something, Riley was strung tight.


"We should take him and go. I'll come back later and finish exploring," Riley directed.


"You bloody well won't! Not alone!" Spike blurted out, then he cast his eyes down, as if afraid of Riley's anger.


Riley went over and rubbed his hand over Spike's wet head. "You'd worry about me?" he asked softly, looking down into blue eyes.


"Well. Yeah," Spike muttered, but he looked away to tend to Angel, so the moment was broken.


Riley helped him heft the other vampire, who was in terrible condition, almost skeletal, but when they made to retrace their steps, Angel broke away from them. "No! Mine. Have to find... mine!"


"Angel?" Riley and Spike both sprinted after Angel, who ran off towards the bad smell.


It didn't take long before they reached a larger cavern. It was slick with pools of water and slime from the ceiling. A dirty nest of rags and blankets took up one part of the space, the lair of something. And Riley saw where Angel had been kept. Chains hung against the wall, but he hadn't been the only prisoner: a dark-haired boy with similar markings was chained in the space next to where Angel must have been. He was in similar terrible condition.


Riley moved to check him out, but Spike stayed him with a hand on his arm: "He's Angel's," he warned. "And Angel's a bit off his nut right now: might hurt you if you get too close."


Angel went to the boy, no longer showing his shattered state as he pulled the head back by a fist in dark brown hair and checked on him. His attitude was protective.


"You mean, he's a vampire and Angel sired him?" Riley asked.


"Yeah. Looks like. I can't make out Angel ever siring anyone, though."


"We have to get out of here! Can you get Angel to back off? I have a hand torch. With a bit of help--"


"No need, pet," Spike said. Riley's eyes widened at the familiar name Spike used for him. This was new. Was Spike's change brought on by Angel's sudden appearance?


Spike went over to Angel, his hands up as the dark vampire growled at his proximity to his child. "I'm gonna free him. Listen, forehead, you're a mess right enough: too weak to break those chains, but I can do it. And then you can help him out of here," Spike reassured.


Spike continued talking softly to Angel, but Riley kept looking back at the tunnel from where they'd come. The big cavern had several tunnel entrances. He could hear something moving in one of them. Sounded like it was coming closer.


"Hurry!" he urged Spike.


Spike reached Angel's side and did something that made another kind of tension run through Riley: he pulled Angel's head down and kissed him tenderly on the lips. "I understand. Let me help him, alright? Shhhh."


Angel shivered, and then surrendered, falling against the side of the cavern, his hands over his eyes. His face returned to a human's and Riley saw he was... very attractive.


Riley's throat was tight as he watched Angel allow Spike close to the new vampire. Spike pulled out the chains from the wall with ease, reminding Riley that while Spike was very much a sub with him, he wasn't a 'safe' pet.


But then Riley didn't want him to be.


Riley felt a bit like Angel with his child. He didn't like Spike so close to Angel. He knew it was irrational, but he didn't like the big, gorgeous vampire anywhere near what he wanted to be his, and his alone.


Angel showed amazing strength by lifting the unconscious fledge into his arms. He and the boy were both filthy, burned, bloody, naked, and yet there was something touching about his tenderness for his child. Even Riley felt it, though when Spike came near, he pulled him close for a moment. "Just remember who you belong to," Riley reminded him.


"Jealous of my pretty arse?" Spike looked like he enjoyed the idea, but Riley pulled him close and gave him a kiss on the lips, wanting to erase the one Spike had shared with Angel.


"Don't play me, Spike... please," the last was said in a whisper.


Spike hesitated, obviously taken aback by Riley's ability to show his vulnerability. He cupped the side of Riley's face. Whatever he would have said to Riley was lost when they heard a roar coming from the tunnel they'd used.


"It's him!" Angel growled. Yet, Riley got the weird vibe from him that whatever it was they'd heard was something that frightened the big vampire as well as aroused his rage. What was it that lived down here?


"We can't go back that way! Do any of these tunnels lead outside the maze?"


"Yeah, the one on the left, I think. He uses it. He sometimes comes back with stuff. People. From the outside."


Riley nodded, and followed Angel into the tunnel he indicated. As Spike made to follow, Riley took his little vampire's hand for a moment. "I'll bring up the rear: you take point."


"Not leaving you."


"I need to keep you all safe. It's what I do."


"You sound just like Angel," Spike groused.


Riley didn't like the comparison, but they didn't have time to waste. "Please, baby." He fell back on the tenderness he gave Spike in private. "Lead them to safety. I'll be right behind you."


"You bloody better be!"




Riley wanted to see if he could get a glimpse at their pursuer, the minotaur in the maze. He fell back, trailing further and further behind the others.




Pretty little slave boys. Spike and Xander. Angel had fought so long. He'd thought he'd have to kill him until Mother put the vampire in the chamber alone with the boy. No blood for weeks. Of course Angel didn't know what he was doing. He'd tried to kill himself when he realized what he'd done. So funny to watch. Mother said that was why Adam should never have a conscience. It got in the way of doing what was necessary.


After Xander had been remade a vampire, Angel had been easy to control. All he had to do was hurt the boy, and Angel surrendered. Then he did whatever he wanted to Angel...


Now here was Riley. Riley wouldn't take it easily, just like Angel. He might have to break Riley.






"Spike, I could have hurt you!"


"Can take care of myself. You need to come with me. NOW. He's got your scent!"


"Who is he, Spike?" Riley looked back over his shoulder, feeling like something in the darkness was watching them.


"Can't..." Spike shivered, and Riley put an arm around him.


"Okay, let's go. We still have to figure out what to do with Angel and whomever that boy is."


"He's Xander. Right annoying little prick, but he didn't deserve... him."




The last place Riley would have thought to bring Angel and Xander was to Ethan's brothel. But Spike insisted it was the only safe place for them now.


Ethan didn't appear at all shocked with the condition of the two vampires.


He caressed Xander's hair, which made Angel growl in warning, until he also stroked Angel.


Riley was shocked when the big vampire shuddered and allowed it, his head down.


Why did all the vampires trust him?


"There. She gave you a bad time, poor thing. But you're here now, Angel. And you know you aren't responsible for the things she made you do." Ethan pulled up the dark, shaggy head and looked into tormented eyes, full of hell. He reached up kissed Angel's forehead. "You aren't to blame, my boy, and soon you'll learn to live with it again."


Riley's brow wrinkled. He didn't want to think about the strange intimacy that Ethan Rayne seemed to enjoy with Spike... and Angel. "I didn't know where else to take them. They might be dangerous."


"Ah. You couldn't take them to Giles' now since he has the little one. No, you were right to come to me, Mr. Finn."


"I'm not sure about this place," Riley said stubbornly.


Spike was at his feet, naked, but he pinched Riley's leg in reproof. Riley answered his slave's silent message with a hand in his hair, rubbing soothingly until Spike leaned his head against his master's leg.


Ethan smiled, looking amused at Riley's discomfiture. "I'll take care of Angel and Xander. It's not the first time I've helped someone recover from him." Ethan gave Spike a pitying look.


"Who is him?" Riley demanded, more frustrated then ever by the cryptic secrecy.


Ethan only shook his head. "I hope you never find out. I'll take the boys to a room now. They'll need some time alone to recover, but you can come back tomorrow to check on them, if you like."


"Should they stay like that? Is it healthy?" Riley pointed to the way Xander was wrapped around Angel's knees, almost the same way Spike was his own. It was a little freaky seeing another 'boy slave.'


"They can't be parted. What Xander went through was traumatic, so he'll need his sire's touch to reassure him," Ethan said.


"Okay. Fine. I will be back. To make sure they are okay."


"Perhaps you might take a tour of the facilities then." Riley felt himself harden and flushed, embarrassed. It didn't help that Spike's hand was suddenly over his crotch, stroking him.


He caught the naughty hand, and as Ethan led Angel and Xander away, he gave his 'slave' a glare. "Spike..."


Whatever would have happened then, and Riley had little confidence his slave wouldn't have gotten whatever he wanted, Ethan returned. "I've called Giles. He'll be here shortly."


Riley nodded in gratitude. He'd wanted to see the other man and turn over the file to him.








Riley picked up all kinds of heavy atmosphere.


He turned to Giles, breaking the older man's staring contest with Ethan Rayne.


"I think there's something going on with Buffy Summers." He handed Giles the file he'd examined himself and watched as the older man read the file.


Half way through, when it got to the conditioning 'therapy' in Professor Walsh's notes, Giles had to stop. He took a whiskey gratefully from Ethan at that point. Took off his glasses. Wiped his eyes. Stood up and paced for a moment.




"Clearly we have to find a way of freeing her from Professor Walsh."


"Reconditioning her will be difficult, Rupert."


"And you'd know this because...?"


"Gentlemen," Riley interrupted them both. "I agree that Ms. Summers needs to be rescued, but there are other things at play here. Clearly Professor Walsh has some kind of goal. I think that's what we need to understand before we can plan this op."


"Op?" Giles blinked.


"So you trust me now, Mr. Finn?" Ethan asked.


"Up to a point," Riley conceded. He picked up Spike's leash. "I'm going to look in on Angel and Xander. Make sure they are okay. Where are they?"


Ethan smiled, but his eyes were serious. "I'm not sure you'll like what you see."




Ethan Rayne was right.


What Riley saw wasn't what he expected: through one-way mirrored glass he saw Angel holding himself, his back to his sleeping fledge, his mouth covered to stifle sounds by shaking fingers.


Angel wept alone.


They'd been fed, washed, and bandaged, but clearly what had been done to them couldn't be cured by simple first aid. Spike made a sound of distress at his feet and moved as if to try to go to Angel.




Angel heard a heart beat. Smelled the soldier. He stiffened, ready to attack--


But a slender hand was in his hair, caressing him.




He let himself take the petting from his first child, opening his eyes to feel clean cotton under his face. Riley. Riley was holding him.


And then he remembered...


"No, God, kill me... please, please kill me. I can't. I can't--" Angel crushed his face against the bedding, broken.


Xander woke, and turned around to spoon his sire, his eyes shattered but also full of a need to give comfort.


Riley remembered Spike describing Xander as a mouthy boy. There was nothing in those shattered brown eyes of a boy anymore. Riley wondered if Xander's voice was gone like Spike's had been. Would he ever get it back?


When Riley stroked Xander's longish brown hair, moved despite himself, Xander was perfectly still with all the passivity of an animal expecting nothing but pain.




"Need it. Riley. Please."


After leaving the two broken vampires curled around each other, sleeping, Riley opened the first door he found. Spike's hands were busy on his jeans, freeing him, then rubbing his face adoringly against Riley's hard sex.


It was a bathroom.


Riley kicked the door shut and bent Spike over the vanity. He opened a crystal jar to find lube. Of course. It was a brothel.


His fingers stretched Spike lovingly as he shared urgent kisses with him, trying to blot out what he'd seen and felt in the room with the other two former slaves.


Spike cried out in relief as Riley took him in one sure thrust. Then he was fucking him, hands gripping hands. Kissing the side of Spike's neck as he pleasured him.


"Love how you take me. So sweet."


"Need it. Need you!"


"Bend over, baby. I'll fuck you so hard... so good--"


"Not so bad," Spike said, remembering what he'd seen. Where he'd been before Riley had owned him. "Not so bad to be your toy."


Riley licked the side of his neck and Spike's head fell back, knowing the big man would keep him safe.


"Mmmmmm. Prettiest toy I ever had." Riley's fingers plucked Spike's nipples, knowing how Spike liked it. His big cock slammed inside him, filling him. No room for the pain. No room for the fear.


Finally, for a second between one kiss and the next, Spike felt something he hadn't felt before.





Part12 - Boys in Boxes


Riley and Spike ended up staying over night at Ethan Rayne's brothel. Giles had to go check in at his apartment on Dawn, but he promised to return later. Riley knew the older man was wise to be taking precautions. Sunnydale was a dangerous place.


Ethan led them into a stiff Victorian-styled dining room with a huge crystal chandelier that had to be lowered to light the tapers inside it. The room also featured red wallpaper in a paisley pattern, and heavy silver and china in cream and gold.


"Very tasteful, isn't it?" Ethan smiled proudly. "I bought the china at auction a long time ago. It was used on one of the old liners."


"Yeah." Riley felt a bit surreal. He was still dressed in his black gear, and Spike was on a leash, naked at his feet, curled up between his legs under the table.


"Please remember not to feed your pet at the table. I've always thought that was a deplorable lack of manners." Ethan smiled over his glass of wine.


"Uh. Right. Pretty fancy set up, Mr. Rayne."


"Call me Ethan. It seems we will all end up intimates before we are through dealing with Maggie. May call you Riley?"


"Intimates?" Riley looked so alarmed that Ethan laughed.


"It's another name for friends, Riley. No need to worry that I expect to wind up in bed with you and your sweet pet. I'll have to settle for watching tapes of the two of you."


Now Riley choked on his own water, since he'd left the wine alone. "Tapes?"


"Oh, yes, your rooms have hidden cameras. Didn't you know? You are remarkably trusting, my dear boy."


Riley flushed, remembering his slow loss of control. The toys. The spankings. The way he loved to bend Spike over something and fuck him hard.


He squirmed a little and felt a hand on his thigh. He looked down and saw an impudent smirk and amused blue eyes. "Don't tell me you knew?" Riley demanded of Spike. Spike merely moved closer so his head was pillowed between the open cradle of Riley's thighs. Riley gave a little squirm at his sudden sharp arousal, and Spike craned up to give Riley a delicate lick along the long hard ridge that had grown just from watching Spike crawl around on all fours with his collar and leash.


"Would you like some more of the salmon, Riley?"


Spike ran a finger over him now, caressing him. It was all Riley could do not to beg for mercy. Or yank Spike from the floor and give him what he was asking for. A hard fuck.


"I found some lovely fresh cranberries to go with the side salad. The secret is the pecans, of course."


"Of course."


Under the table, Spike had unzipped him. Riley flushed, and began to sweat. If he shoved Spike away and stood up, he'd flash Ethan Rayne.


He bit his lip to keep from moaning. Spike mouthed Riley's cock head as Ethan passed him some potatoes creamed with fresh herbs.


"And of course, I keep an herb and vegetable garden. I have my own conservatory here, quite extensive. It's nice for the vampires, too. I installed special glass so they can enjoy the sunlight without turning to dust." Ethan smiled. "Keeps them busy when it's a bit slow."




"Are you enjoying your meal?"


"Oh. Yeah. It's very. Good."


He was going to tan Spike's ass for this! Which wasn't such a great punishment since then he'd have to make it up to his pet involving cuddling. Kissing. Turning him onto his back and cupping his face for slow, tender-sipping-frenching while he fucked him. Yeah. Spike really liked it when Riley disciplined him.


"May I share an intimate secret with you, Riley?" Ethan asked. His eyes were twinkling. Riley's hands were biting into his uncomfortably stiff chair to keep from crying out as Spike nibbled his way down the inside of his shaft and then finally, finally sucked him into his cool little mouth. "The bread I baked myself! Not in one of those bread makers, either."


"Really?" Riley hoped the other man didn't see the sweat that he could feel glistening all over his body. Spike was drawing it out, giving him the slowest, most delicately sensual suck job ever, and for some reason, taking it here, while talking to another man, was heating Riley up even more.


"Yes. The secret is in the dough. I let it go through two risings. Two. Nice and slow. You knead it. Just enough, you understand. When you've played with it enough, you leave it for a little while."


Spike pulled back and blew cool air over Riley's heated penis.


Riley choked on a thready moan.


Ethan took this as encouragement to continue his story of making bread: "So after you leave it, and it's all nice and fluffy, you pound on it a little. Really work it over."


Spike started a hard, rough suck job. Riley felt the edge of his teeth graze his crown. A tongue dig into his slit.


"Would you like some water, Riley? You look a bit warm. I can turn up the air conditioning."


"No!" Riley's voice was a bit high, so he swallowed, closing his eyes as Spike took his heavy balls in his hands and rolled them as he continued to worship Riley's cock. "But maybe you should call Mr. Giles. Find out what time he might be back."


"Very well. I'll leave your pet to finish you off."


"You knew?"


"I should say so, Riley. I taught Spike his proper table manners. He's lovely. Enjoy your dessert!"


Ethan left, and Riley shoved back his chair, looking down into blue eyes full of mischief. "You know I wouldn't demand that stuff from you. You were teasing me!"


Spike blinked up at him innocently, his nudity and the leash and collar making him look pale and vulnerable and owned.


Riley reached down and pulled him out from under the table. His hands were shaking. He was flushed with urgent lust.


"Bend over the table, Spike," Riley ordered.


He pried apart the saucy cheeks and saw the gleam of fresh lube in Spike's puckered opening. He'd prepared himself for his master, the scamp.


"You planned this!"


Riley took his cock and put it to Spike, shoving inside roughly, grabbing pale hips in his fingers, tight enough to bruise them. "Slut, take it!"




"Yeah, yeah." Riley kissed Spike's neck. His hand moving to fist the vampire's needy cock while he enjoyed his sweet possession. He pinched the cock head, playing a little cruelly with Spike. "You don't cum. Not from this. Later maybe, but not now. Beautiful slut, you love my cock, don't you? Can't get enough."


The table moved back and forth. Dishes clinked. In the end, Riley pulled out and made Spike lie on his back on the table. "Spread yourself for me."


Spike was flushed now as well, his eyes heavy lidded, hands above his head, open palmed. Trust and amusement and sex sizzling in his blue eyes. When he did what Riley asked, Riley fisted himself directly over Spike's hard sex. He shot over Spike's cock and balls, his hot cum stamping the most primitive statements of possession on Spike.


"Mine," Riley said.


Spike smiled a Mona Lisa smile, despite the way he was obviously in desperate need of relief.


Riley leaned over him, until they were body to body. He remembered the kiss Spike had given to Angel. "Mine?" He asked against the silken skin of Spike's neck.


For answer, Spike pulled him close. He kissed Riley's cheek.


Riley sighed, taking Spike's silent comfort, but feeling raw because Spike hadn't really given him an answer.




"What worries me is what might they be doing to poor Joyce and Oz. They aren't vampires or demons, so they can't be useful to the experiments, but Mr. Finn did say that there was a horrible smell in those caves. Given what they put Angel and Xander through..."


Giles wiped his eyes. He'd obviously taken a hard hit emotionally over Xander's being a vampire now and his condition, but he'd accepted that Xander should stay with Angel now. He didn't suggest he be put down as he had Spike.


"I agree. I think our top priority should be to locate and affect a rescue of the civilians," Riley said firmly.


"Before we've planned things out? Before we even understand what Maggie Walsh is up to? That seems reckless!" Giles chided.


Riley didn't take offense. He could see the man was conflicted. He wanted as much as Riley to help Joyce and Oz, but he was looking at the bigger picture.


"I'm a grunt, Mr. Giles. My job is to go into the places no one else can and help people, so I'm going to do that."


After a pause, where Giles stared at him, his gaze clear and sharp, Giles gave a brief nod. "Very well. I've read the file on Buffy's treatment now. I'll have to ask for Willow's help with some of the more technical things with regards to the computer programming but--"


"Willow?" Riley asked.


"The slayer's little friend. Is she still stashed at your place, Giles?"


Giles nodded at Ethan. "After Xander went missing I warded my apartment and brought her over to look after Dawn. She's looking after her now, in fact. I... haven't told her about Xander yet."


Ethan nodded, silent, and Giles seemed to relax a little bit as the other man didn't bait him.


Riley felt the undercurrents here again, but he ignored them. "I'll see what I can find out about the tunnel layout from Angel."


"Riley," Giles warned as Riley got to his feet, carrying Spike's leash now without thinking about it. "Do be careful. If Walsh should suspect you..."




Riley and Spike checked in on Angel and Xander.


When they walked in, Spike tugged on his leash and when Riley freed him by unsnapping it, Spike went over to Angel and without saying anything, pulled Angel into his arms.


It made Riley's throat tighten. Both because he was jealous, okay, but also because there was such a tender feeling of family and understanding between Spike and Angel. It was wordless but there. As if only Spike could truly understand the big, dark-haired vampire.


"Back to your default of brooding again, I see," Spike said, a smile on his face as Angel took the comfort, but didn't speak.


Even through his jealousy, Riley could feel the intense agony radiating from Angel.


What had they done to him?


"Angel, I was wondering if you could tell me more about that cave complex."


Angel's dark eyes cut to Riley. He was caressing Spike's hair with a kind of ownership. It got Riley's back up, which he noticed from a gleam of satisfaction in Angel's eyes, didn't escape him.


"Spike, come here," Riley commanded.


Spike raised his head and looked back at the human who was his master. Angel wrapped a hand around Spike's slender throat, holding him loosely.


But after a hesitation which made Riley's jaw muscles bunch, Spike crawled out of Angel's arms and back to Riley. He assumed his most obedient slave posture, wrapping his arms around one of Riley's legs and burying his face against him, but Riley wasn't buying it. Partly it was real, from his recent conditioning, but partly, Spike was behaving this way because he chose to do it. Riley had the unsettling feeling his pet took a bizarre enjoyment over the tension between he and Angel over Spike's favors.


"When I'm up to my full strength there is a gym in here. I think it would do us good to do a work out," Angel told Riley.


Riley read the real message: Let's you and me fight. Then we'll decide who the alpha is.


"Anytime," he told Angel.


Xander shivered from where he lay in a fetal position next to Angel. Angel pulled him into his arms and caressed him and the boy settled a bit, obviously comforted by the gentle touch and reassurance.


"Why do you...?" Angel swallowed and Riley knew he was flashing back to what had happened to him in the complex. "Want to know the layout of the complex?"


"Because I'm going back there. Tonight," Riley said.


Spike tugged on his trouser leg. "No, by fuck, you aren't!"


"You don't want to go back there, boy. Trust me."


"I want to know what's down there."


"No. No, you don't."


Xander whimpered, upset from either the words or the tension. Angel reached down and pulled the boy up, gave him a hard kiss while his hand found the fledgling's sex and began to tug it to life.


Riley felt a hot wash of shock. The arousal he'd felt earlier with Spike returned. He looked down, wondering if Spike would be upset by Angel's loving another vampire, but his pet was watching with calm expectation.


Angel pushed his new fledgling on his stomach, running a tender hand over the boy's back. He pulled up the full moons of his boy's ass and with a casual kind of ownership, separated the boy's legs. Xander had been making broken little sounds, but now that Angel was clearly about to take him, he calmed.


He had been made a slave. Like Spike.


Riley swallowed, recognizing what he was seeing. Angel was using sex to comfort Xander. Just as Riley did with Spike. Angel was playing master, but he was doing it with a lot less self-consciousness than Riley felt in the role. Had Spike been the first of Angel's pets?


Angel pulled out some lube and used it in Xander. The boy curved his ass up high and his half closed eyes and the way he was almost purring signaled how much he wanted the possession of his master. He still hadn't spoken, but clearly this was a step up from the cringing fear he'd shown when he'd first been rescued.


"I know you can't understand this: you're human, but Spike belongs to me, Riley," Angel said. "That makes you mine too."


"I don't think so, Angel." Riley recovered himself and tugged on Spike's leash. Spike made a grimace, as if he'd been hoping to stick around and maybe join in, for all Riley knew.


Riley was uncomfortable with what he was feeling. How aroused he was. How he secretly wanted to stay and... what? What would he do if he did? "We'll give you some privacy."


Angel said nothing, merely cocking a brow as if to say it was Riley's choice. But Angel's dark eyes held Riley's wide ones as the large vampire put his cock to his fledging's ass and then pushed inside.


Even as he began to thrust into Xander, he stared at Riley.


Riley felt an odd shiver run down his back.


It was as if Angel was letting him know that he would do to Riley one day what he was doing to Xander.




"It's your pet carrying case, Riley. I forgot to give it to you the other day," Ethan Rayne told Riley.


"It's not a bed. It's a box. And... what are the two openings for?"


Ethan smiled. Then he looked down at Spike. Snapped his fingers. Spike gave a sweep of his lashes, that demure look he gave sometimes when Riley felt as if he was indulging him, and then he crawled into the open box.


"His sex fits into its own snug little pouch, see here?" Ethan gestured, handling Spike's sack and cock with the ease of familiarity. Riley could feel himself stiffening up, yet there was an odd detachment here as well, as if Ethan were a doctor and Spike his patient. "Which also has a remote for stimulation. Nice furry feel too. I'm sure he enjoys that." Ethan gave Spike a friendly pat on his open ass as he snapped Spike in.


Then, he firmly separated the vampire's legs. He pumped a lever on the side of the box, which made a kind of sound like an armchair when you adjust it, and Spike's ass was high and separated. His legs were locked at the ankles into clamps, like his wrists. Ethan pulled the lid closed, and Riley could see Spike's pale moons lifted and ready: both his sex and his opening fully displayed and accessible.


The other opening was for Spike's head. Riley saw the gleam of eyes in the darkness of the crate. "That's if you want him to pleasure you orally," Ethan explained.


Riley wiped his hands on his jeans, and then gave the other man a straight look. "Why are you giving me that? I don't want..."


"Yes, you do, dear boy, or you never would have let him have his game with you at my dinner table." Ethan moved closer to Riley. "You are an innocent, but you are deeply passionate. Just because you are in love with someone, doesn't mean you can't play some games with him, eh?"


Riley's eyes widened. Ethan knew how he felt about Spike?


"I'm not sure I'm comfortable taking him back to my room at the Initiative in that."


"You had better get used to treating him like a toy, for as long as it takes to deal with the Initiative, because Maggie will do to you whatever she did to the Slayer if you aren't careful," Ethan warned him coldly.




"Spike, I'm going to test out the remote." Riley thumbed the remote and heard a growling purr inside the box. He'd set it on a low setting. "What's that feel like?"


"Like a hand job with a wool mitten," Spike sounded very satisfied.


"I'll let you out." Riley felt a sudden attack of guilt. Although he played the master publicly, in private, he preferred to be more tender about his role. And the toys and things still made him feel like he was play acting.


"Fuck me first."


"What did you say?"


"I said I want it. Want you. God, that feels fucking amazing!"


"You want me to...?"


"I said it, didn't I?"


Riley huffed out a breath. He wanted Spike. Wanted to reclaim the territory he worried would never belong to him, but to Angel, but--


"Bugger. You're work shaping into a good master!"


Riley laughed. Then he opened his jeans, crawled over and stuck his big cock in the opening for Spike's mouth. "That's enough out of you, mister. Suck it!"




When Spike was sleeping in his arms later, Riley looked at him in the pale moonlight on their bed. He caressed the long, soft back. He didn't want to get out of bed and do what he had to do, but he had no right to endanger Spike after what had happened to him.


He leaned down, kissed those lips.




"Just need to get up for a while."


"Right. Come back soon, Pet."




Fully geared up, Riley set up his motion tracker, armed his tazer, and entered the tunnel. He had a feeling Joyce Summers and Oz were here somewhere, and he was going to find them. Rescue them tonight. And maybe, find the monster in the maze.


He slopped through the tunnel, listening to the dripping sounds, feeling icy air hush against the back of his neck, checking his tracker diligently, which worked like a miniature radar, sending out waves to see any approaching movement. When he came to the first turn in the tunnel, he lit a flare and tossed it behind him, marking his trail.


Once he thought he heard voices. Screams. But the sounds bounced around through the tunnels so much, he had no way of knowing where they originated from. All he could do was methodically go through each one, leaving flares behind like Theseus with his ball of thread.


His tracker gave a sudden warning sound: something was in the tunnels with him the slimy darkness. Moving toward him. Fast.



Part13 - Slut


Riley heated up his tazer, holding it ready. He could feel sweat making his tee shirt stick to his skin. His gaze searched the shadows, even as it was drawn to the approaching dot on his tracker. Whoever it was moved quicker than anything human--






What the fuck? Last time he'd seen the newly-made vampire he'd been being used by his sire, Angel.


"How did you get here?"


Xander shook his head and his gaze went to the tracker. He saw the approaching signal. "He's coming."


"Who is coming?"


"We're... l-l-like that stuff they throw in water when they want to attract sharks."


"Chum." Riley felt a cold tingle up his neck. "How did you get here without me seeing you?"


"Man hole just behind you." Xander had crossed his arms. He was wearing only jeans, his upper body bare and shivering. His eyes were black with nightmare. "You can't stop them. They rape you and they eat you. Eat you alive."


"I don't have time for this hysterical shit. I don' t know who he or them are. I only know that I think Joyce and Oz may be down here. And it's my duty to help them. That's why you're here, isn't it? For them?"


Xander swallowed and nodded. A tear ran down his cheek. Riley felt a tug of reluctant tenderness for him. He was obviously deeply traumatized, but he'd come here to help Joyce and Oz anyway. Xander would have made a great soldier. He had heart.


"Okay, do you know where I can find them?"


"Maybe... If Joyce is still being kept with the other food, but he'll find us first."


"Xander, who is he?"


"Watch dog. You don't want face him. Trust me. He's coming; we'll have to run... come back later when he's sleeping, only he never sleeps. Never."


"Okay. That? Is creepy." Riley looked down at the tracker and saw the thing was almost upon them. He made a split second decision. Stay and fight and meet this nightmare, or do a soldier's duty.


He chose duty.


He aimed the tazer at the ceiling of the cavern in front of him. Fired a burst.


Rock and dust fell, filling the branch of the tunnel from where the threat was approaching.


"Okay. Bought us some time. Now show me?"


Xander was trembling. Riley put his tazer over his shoulder and cupped his face. "Come on. We need to help those people."




"Not much time. So many tunnels. He'll find us." Xander's teeth were chattering.


"Okay, you do know you are a vampire now, right? Super powers and all that?"


"I'm not," Xander argued. "I was just a guy who helped out. Now... I'm a sex slave. Anyone who wants me, I'll roll on my back."


"Fuck." Riley gritted his teeth. He hated to hear the self-hatred and hopelessness in that voice. "You are more than a sex slave, okay? You are helping people. That's brave."


Xander dashed a shaking hand over his face. "I'm nothing," he said tonelessly.


Riley shook his head, wishing he had some magic power to help the broken boy, but he had nothing. He could only hope if he said the words over and over, maybe Xander some day might hear him. Maybe Spike might hear him?




The smell of rotting something was so strong that Riley took the bandana from around his forehead and covered his nose and mouth with it. Xander didn't seem to notice, though Riley knew for his enhanced senses it had to be much worse.


As they walked through the tunnels, they got narrower, so that they had to go one by one, with the walls so close it was like squirming through a cold, slimy womb. The tracker stopped working, but there was an itch in Riley's shoulder blades. He knew they were being hunted.


"Hurry," Xander prodded.




"Ouch! Fuck!"


"If you'd just wake up when I told you--"


"What do you want, forehead?"


Angel grabbed Spike so they were close enough to bite... or kiss.


"Don't push me because you're laying down for a human now. He may think you weren't always a little slut, but we both know different, don't we?"


Spike snarled, trying to hit Angel, but he was lifted from his nest of blankets so he ended up like he always did with the larger vampire--rump in the air as he took a couple of humiliating smacks on his bare arse before he felt the hand that imprisoned him give him a casual caress. "Let me go, you fuck!"


"Yeah, sorry I don't have time to give you what we both know you'd only be too willing to take--" Angel dumped a seething Spike on the bed. "But Xan is missing and so is your human protector."


Spike reached for some of the clothing that Riley insisted he wear, though he liked to go bare around his human lover. "Fucking hell! He wouldn't do that. He's too smart--"


"He's a soldier. Trained to take care of others."


"But..." Spike pulled on his jeans and his eyes showed a rare vulnerability. "He'd tell me first. He wouldn't--"


"You're a piece of furniture he fucks, Spike. Get used to it." Angel turned away when he saw a blank, glassy look in Spike's eyes. He was jealous...maybe a little. He wanted to hit at Spike over how he'd bent over for fucking soldier boy.


Nope. He was not gonna feel sorry for feeding Spike some hard truths. Angel was his sire. It was his duty to take care of him, even if it meant broken bones or a broken heart. Spike had no right to lie down so eagerly for Riley now Angel was back. If he needed to be fucked, then Angel would fuck him. Still...


"I'm sorry." He touched Spike's slender shoulder, finding it wire-tight.


"Fuck off!" Spike's voice was full of tears that Angel knew he'd never admit to. How could one little vampire drive so many of his masters crazy?


"Fine. Let's go find them."


"Right. But he's not down there, I tell you. He would have told me. He would have!"




Angel watched Spike as they made their way into the tunnels. He knew as well as Spike that Riley's fresh scent was here, but still Spike refused to believe. "He was here before... just must have lingered."


Angel sighed. "We'll find Xander then. And Spike--"


"What? What the fuck now?"


"I'm sorry. I didn't mean--" To hurt you.


"He told me he loves me," Spike said, his chin up. "More than you ever said before spreading my arse."


"He's a human. He's sentimental." Angel grabbed Spike and stopped his struggles. He could see that Spike wanted to believe in Riley. It just made Angel all the more determined to protect him. "He's not like us. He's not been through what you have." Angel kissed Spike's forehead and pulled away. He cupped a lean cheek and let his eyes speak the words he would never say.




Riley and Xander found a little pit with a barred roof. Joyce Summers was the only one alive inside it. She was holding herself, with her hands over her face.


Around her... parts of people.


She was in hell.


When Riley touched her cheek, she screamed, fighting him.


He felt tears rise from the deep gouge she made in his neck with her finger nails, but also from that sound--


"Nonono. I'm here to help. Let me help you. Look at me. Just... an average guy. Just want to help. Please let me, Mrs. Summers." Riley rested his forehead against hers, her wrists in one big hand while he used the other to push back her filthy hair. She was wearing a top, but no bottoms. Her thighs were marked with scratches. Riley swallowed, hoping what he was thinking hadn't happened. For her sake.


He got up and without hesitation, pulled off his coat and wrapped it around her. It covered her to almost her knees, she was so small. Her bones stuck out. Her face was hollow except for eyes ringed with shadows. "D-Dawn?"


"She's safe."


Joyce covered her mouth, nodding, broken sounds coming from behind a filthy hand.


Riley handed her up to Xander who cried when he took her in his arms. She curled up against him and bad ass soldier Riley, known as a 'killing machine' in South America, found his eyes were wet too.


He looked down and saw a burned arm. It looked like it had been... cooked.


"Oh, God," he whispered. "Xander, carry her. We better get out of here."




They were almost free of the tunnels when they heard a growl from the direction of the tunnel where Riley had made the rock fall. Riley took out the tracker, which began to beep. "Something's coming."


"It's him. I'll stay. You take Joyce." Xander's eyes were full of tears and resignation.


"No. You need to help her. You're stronger and faster than I am. Get her free. I'll go back in, try to lead it away from your trail."


"I can't leave you; you don't know what that thing is!"


Riley touched Xander's shoulder. "I know you didn't want to be what you are; I know you feel like nothing, and coming here was stupid--"


Xander choked on a laugh but he pushed his dark head closer to Joyce's, who had passed out, safe in the arms of the boy she trusted.


"Stupid and heroic," Riley finished. His face, his body reflected no lies. He meant what he said, and the broken boy nodded, incapable of speech.


Riley hefted his tazer and turned back to face darkness.




"Where is he?" Spike shook Xander.


"He went back." Xander shook his head. "I'm sorry, Spike. You know what will happen--"




"Spike!" Angel roared, but the slighter vampire ran into the tunnels. Angel was torn. Here was Joyce, Buffy's mother, and Xander, who was his. Xander, who had helped him bend without breaking when they made Angel be a monster again. He had to get them to safety. He had to take care of them.


He looked at Xander, who was cradling Joyce tenderly. He'd planned to suck his fledge dry and break his bones. He'd thought about that the whole time he was searching for him, terrified.




For Xander, who used to piss him off. Buffy's boy. But Xander was his boy now.


"I'm so pissed at you!" Angel growled.


Xander shuddered as a big hand cupped his head and pulled him close to the larger body of his sire. He breathed in the scent that always calmed him. "I'm sorry. I couldn't leave her there. I'm sorry."


Xander's eyes fell and the secret he was keeping, even from his sire, Angel, burned in his heart. Joyce murmured a little and he cuddled her closer, just as he had when they'd imprisoned him with her for weeks in that hole.


"I know." Angel pulled away, oblivious to the secret pain in his fledgling's heart. "Come on, let's get back to Ethan's. You can make it up to me there."


Xander gave a fragile smile. "Let me guess, no clothing for a week."


Angel smiled. "The only thing you'll wear is me."


Xander looked back at the tunnels. "What about...?"


Angel shook his head. "If it was just you, I'd go back. But Joyce... We have to hope they'll get out. They're on their own."




The scanner was beeping steadily; Riley clicked off the sound on it, switched off the lamp on his shoulder, and put on his night vision goggles. His tazer was up as he took another turn into yet another tunnel. He wasn't lighting the flares now, so he was lost, but whatever was in here had veered away from Xander and Joyce and was following him.


It was capable of great speed, but it was toying with him now; it could overtake him, but it was hanging back, just out of hearing range. Yet Riley felt it; he didn't need his scanner to sense the hunter on his trail...


He'd had some half-assed plan to explore the tunnels and try to find the other missing civie, Oz, but after seeing Joyce's condition, he recognized Rupert Giles had been right. He needed to know what he was up against.


And now all he wanted was to find a way out before whatever was stalking him decided to end the game of cat and mouse and go for him. Getting killed stupidly wasn't part of his mission. His mission was to help civilians and to bring down the corruption he'd found here. He couldn't do that if he was dead.


Behind him, he heard the sound of something scratching against the wall of the tunnel. His stalker was coming closer...




The man hole. Riley remembered it as he came to three separate branches of tunnel. He closed his eyes, trying to tune out the brush of awareness running up his back like ice that his pursuer wasn't far behind him. He reached that zen-like resignation a tested soldier could find sometimes--not always--and felt his connection to all living things around him. Which way should he go? Which one might lead to safety?




He froze as he heard the word echo through the tunnel behind him. The creepy whisper sent a slide of ice down his back.


He took the tunnel on the right. He thought he'd caught a whiff of fresh night air coming through it. He only hoped he was right because now he could clearly hear the footsteps of his stalker behind him.




"Okay, so how the fuck do I get up there?" Riley had found the manhole. He also could hear the scratch and bang of fingers along the slimy tunnel wall behind him. He had run out of time. Somehow he had to find a way up to the man hole above his head.




The rocks cut into his hands as he pulled the debris over and tried to stack it into a kind of step ladder.


He finally got a rough pile together and climbed onto it so he could use his arms to pull himself up, but the dangling equipment weighted him down so he hung suspended, his arms burning, trying, trying--


Something grabbed his legs and yanked him down!


"You'll never get out with that fucking shit weighing you down!"


"Oh, God! It's you, Spike!"


"Lucky for you, you dumb fuck!"


"Huh?" Riley blinked at the vehemence from his mild pet.


"Get this shit off now!"


Spike was ripping off his weapons, his scanner--


"Hey, I need that!"


"He's coming! Do you understand me, boy?"


Riley heard the cold horror in Spike's tone. "I'll protect you--" he started.


"Yeah, right! Up you go!" Spike was underneath him, shoving. "You've got a fat arse!"


"That's muscle! Ow!" Riley had forgotten Spike's strength. He found himself tossed to safety.


He crawled over and looked down into very pissed off looking blue eyes. "Take my hand!"


"Bloody right I will! Not sticking around here and being a stupid fool hero!"


Riley began to pull Spike when suddenly Spike started sliding back--


"He's got me." Spike said flatly.


"I won't let you go!"


"Pretty..." The creepy whisper came from the darkness below Spike.


"Got no choice. He won't kill me, Riley--" something in Spike's eyes showed that death would be preferable to what he thought would happen to him.


Riley felt him slipping--


He let go.


He saw a look of resignation in Spike's eyes as he dangled for a second--


He reached into his pocket and--


Riley tossed the flash grenade and then grabbed Spike's wrists, jerking him up and away...


And the tunnel below exploded with light and noise!


Spike landed over Riley's bigger body.


Riley held him tight for a moment, squeezing his eyes closed.


"Can he... or it, follow us out here?"




"Then we better get moving."




They reached Ethan's brothel when they finally had a moment to take a breather.


"What were you doing down there, Spike?" Riley asked his slave sternly.


He wasn't sure what he expected. Spike's behavior back in the tunnel had been out of character from what he'd been used to. The sweet, giving little slave who never argued had been replaced by a mouthy wild cat. But he didn't expect Spike to--


"Ow!" Riley was butt on the grass, rubbing his face, which Spike had just punched. "What did you hit me for?"


"Because you're a stupid fuck!"


Riley got up, furious, all the adrenaline and fear aching for an easy out. "You're mine. You don't get to hit me."


"Not yours. I'm a free agent."


"As of when?" Riley was face to face with Spike now, glaring down into furious blue eyes and itching to grab Spike and throw him over his knee for a good spanking, only he had a feeling Spike would put up a for real fight if he did. His stomach twisted. The rules were changing. And he didn't know what they were anymore. Who was this stranger? Where was his compliant and sweet pet?


"As of now. You think you're the only one who wants to get up my bum? Ethan would take me in a shot. Angel. Lots of others! And... I'm not a piece of furniture!"


"You're a whore!" Riley regretted what he said even as hearing Angel's name made him crazy with jealousy.


"But an honest one." Spike turned away before Riley could see if he'd seen tears in blue eyes. He felt his throat close. How had this happened? What was wrong with Spike? He'd been so sweet, so needy for all the love Riley wanted to give him, but now... Who was this pale wild cat who refused him?


"Okay. You want someone else, fine, someone else can fuck you! I never asked for a slave!" Riley roared as Spike headed for the brothel.


"Don't worry, pet. By the end of the evening I'll be purring and set up with another 'protector.' Don't need you. Don't want you!"


Riley covered his eyes, shuddering.


He stayed outside for over an hour before he felt like he had any kind of a game face to show the outside world, but when he saw his own reflection in the glass door as he was given admittance, he saw a shattered man in his own eyes.




"So, you're leaving the manly-man soldier, beautiful boy?" Ethan came in and watched as Spike started tossing clothing that Riley had given him into a plastic bag he'd grabbed from the kitchen on the way in.


"Yeah." Spike's hands stopped, almost as if they weren't connected to the rest of him. He stared at his own balled fists. What had happened tonight?


He'd gone to bed wrapped in warm, tender arms. Feeling safe. Feeling appreciated.




"That boy loves you, Spike," Ethan said quietly.


"He treats me like a fucking piece of furniture!"


"No. He treats you like a farm boy who was given an exotic dancer and has no idea what to do with him." Ethan was stroking Spike's bare back, then down to his soft rump. It wasn't sexual; it was comforting. Spike sighed, accepting the caress. Ethan had been stern but kind to him when he'd first been sent here. He was to service the customers, but first Ethan had 'broken him in.'


It hadn't been brutal or mean.


Ethan had seduced him.


He turned and cuddled the other man, shuddering a little as he was stroked. His cock rose at the familiar smell of his former master, who gave it a gentle tweak. "There now, nothing's broken that can't be fixed. Go join the boys on offer. I'll see your soldier is around at the bar. Then..." Ethan kissed Spike's red lips and smiled at him. "I have a feeling nature will take it's course."


"Got any of that make up about?"


Ethan smiled. "Going to tart yourself up?"


"I'll bring him to his knees!"


"I don't doubt it, Spike. Are you sure you want him? I find I almost feel sorry for Riley."


"Same as you want to belong to Rupert Giles..."


Ethan pulled back and raised a brow. "Ouch."


"Sorry. I just knew... you were using me to get a rise out of him. Did it ever work?"


Ethan's smile was gone now and he looked tired and defeated. "No. Giles will never come back to my bed. He can't accept the shades of grey in himself, never mind me."


"Too bad. You could run the brothel together."


Ethan laughed. "Can you imagine the watcher living with me in my brothel? Now that would be something!"


Riley followed Ethan very reluctantly into the large bar later that evening. He'd planned to return to his quarters directly, but Ethan kept talking about how they had to make plans. And then, of course, he'd arranged for Mrs. Summers to have medical treatment, and Riley had wanted to learn how she was doing.


Rupert Giles had arrived as soon as he'd gotten word she was there, and he was now sitting by her bed, holding her hand, and waiting for her to awaken from the sedation she was under. She was very weak, and her wrist had been broken and started to heal wrong. As far as they could tell, she hadn't physically been violated recently, though she had been living in that pit for weeks.


He was startled to see Xander as soon as he came in, naked and serving drinks to some businessmen who were obviously customers of Ethan's brothel. The 'whores' were all boy vampires and they lolled about on various lounges and settees around the bar's perimeter, awaiting a summons and direction from a customer.


Riley swallowed, immediately tense.


Xander came over. "I wanted to ask, uhhh. How is Joyce? I mean, Mrs. Summers?"


"She's sleeping," Riley said. He saw tears glitter in the boy's eyes. "You did a wonderful thing, helping me rescue her. If it hadn't been for you, I'd never have found that pit. How did you know it was there?"


Xander only shook his head. He cleared his throat. "I'm just glad she's okay."


"You can go and see her, you know, Xander. I understand she is like a second mother to you from Angel."


Xander turned away. "No," he said softly. "No, I don't want her to see me. Not like this."


Riley frowned, wondering at the boy's sensitivity, but then he saw Angel gesture, and his fledgling bought him a drink, and then knelt at his feet, putting his head in Angel's lap so his sire could play with his hair as he read a book.


It reminded Riley of the relationship he'd once had with--




Who turned from where he was standing with the other 'boys on offer' at the bar and looked around casually, seemingly oblivious to his former master's arrival. Riley couldn't help but see his eyes were lined with kohl and his lips redder than usual, as if they'd been crushed by rough kisses. It made his fists ball. Had Spike already found someone to replace Riley?


Riley went over to Angel's table and sat down. Ethan had deserted him. He decided he'd have one drink to show Spike he didn't care, and then he'd leave.


It was important the vampire knew he didn't give a fuck. Because he didn't.


"If you want him to think you don't care, you probably shouldn't glare at him," Angel told Riley, not even glancing up from his book.


"Uh, right."


Just then one of the businessmen got up and approached the bar. Without any kind of by-your-leave, he put his hand between the ass cheeks of a young dark-haired vampire, to prepare him and to claim him.




Angel ignored the by-play, but Riley's cheeks flushed. All he could picture was someone doing that to Spike. His Spike.


When he saw another man approaching the bar, he got up and put his big, intimidating soldier's body between Spike and his taker. His glare was enough to send the other man scurrying.


Spike glared at him. "You have no rights over the likes of me!"


And all Riley could think about was how beautiful he looked. The soft skin, the luminous nudity... he felt himself as helpless as a fly in Spike's web. Already hard and hurting for his lover.


"No, I don't. I'm sorry. For whatever I did. Don't leave me, Spike. Please."


Spike's eyes widened at Riley's show of vulnerability.


Riley saw the customer had bent the vampire he'd taken on offer over a table and was fucking him. His heart twisted. He was treating the vampire like a convenience. Like furniture.


He fell to his knees behind Spike and cupped his thighs, moving his big hands up until he met the roundness of his little vampire's ass cheeks.


"What the fuck are you doing?"


"Worshiping you." Riley pried Spike open and took a deep breath. Would he do it right? "Put your hands on the counter, Spike, and keep them there." He couldn't keep from ordering his lover in their play. Spike had always liked it before.


Spike's beautiful back bowed with shock at the first touch of Riley's warm mouth against his pucker. "Noooo."


"Yeah. Oh, yeah, baby." Riley licked a hot circle, over and over, and then he shoved a hard tongue into his lover, possessing him in a way he'd never done before. He felt the shivers of pleasure running through the body above him. Felt the clench of excitement around his probing tongue. He took his time, savoring it, thrusting inside to give pleasure. To lure his lover back.


"Oh, God!"


"All hard the way I love you to be. All hard for me."


"So I'm a slut. Doesn't make me yours."


"Won't you be mine? Please?" A hand stroked Spike, up and down and then curved to weigh and measure and fondle with tender appreciation his balls. Spike was gasping now. His hands flat on the counter. His legs spread. On the verge--


"Cum for me. Just for me, baby."


"Fuck off, I won't--"


"Come on. I'll keep you safe. It will feel so good." Riley ran finger tips over the crown and then dipped into the slit, teasing, gentle the way he liked to play with Spike's beautiful body for hours until he let his vampire cum at last.


It was the tenderness that did him in. Spike could resist anything else, but his lacerated feelings longed for tenderness. And Riley's lips brushing kisses against him in his most secret places of pleasure--


"Fuck!" Spike shot, shuddering under the gentle hands of his human master.


"That's it. That's my beauty." Riley turned him around and licked Spike's sensitive prick, making him cry out and not letting him soften; then, not giving his vampire time to escape him, he hefted him over one muscled shoulder and carried him from the bar, heading towards the room Ethan had gifted them.


As he did, Riley ran a hand over the soft, ripe buttocks under his hands. "You can take the vacancy sign off your ass, Spike, because it belongs to me."



Part14 -



"Your animal is nicely obedient, Mr. Finn."


"He's here for his check up. Just... get it over with."


Spike's eyes gleamed like an angry cat's, but he allowed ankles and wrists to be locked onto the steel table. He had no choice. All Initiative-created whores had to submit once a month to a thorough examination. Most often that meant cock shoved up Spike's arse or in his mouth, of course, but when didn't it?


When the tech left the room to sterilize some instruments, Riley stroked Spike's back, and Spike shuddered helplessly, feeling his cock harden even as he hated how easy he was. Why the fuck did he respond to this boy, this soldier? He would have delighted in torturing and killing such a square block before they'd taken his balls, but now...


He craved to be touched and he never tired of feeling Riley inside him. Wanted to be handled and touched and admired and petted and fucked. Because of his programming, he was actually happiest when he was full of another man's semen. Be a good little pet and stay safe. Please your owner.


"I guess..." Riley cleared his throat, and Spike saw pain in his eyes as well as smelled Riley's helpless arousal. It seemed that neither of them could resist the other. One touch, or just a glance, and they both craved to play the role of slave and master. "They hurt you here."


"It wasn't my choice, even if it felt good to me. I didn't ask to be their fucking toy, any more than I want to be yours!"


Riley's eyes widened and Spike regretted his sharp words, but this place got to him. The memories were so bad that he'd blocked a lot of it out. Water. Screaming. Blood and water and open up like a good little pet. Say 'ahhhh' so master can fuck your mouth. So pretty on your knees. Don't think, just suck it like a good boy. That's it, ask for it, whore. Beg for it, slut.


"Look, I'm supposed to play the role of your docile pet here... and soon I'm going to have all sorts of probes stuck up my arse. And pain."


"I won't let them--"


"You can't stop them." Spike's head fell. "I want you to go."


"What? No, I'm not leaving you here. I have to protect you!"


"You couldn't protect kittens in a pet store, love," Spike said wearily. "You're all macho with your weapons and watching you work out makes me want to have a go with you, but you're too innocent for this place."


Riley swallowed. "But I want to help you," he finally said.


"Please just... let me get it over with. Give me the dignity of knowing you aren't here when they put me through my paces," Spike's voice dropped and cracked at the end.


"I can't leave you for that."


Spike's lashes fell and Riley swore there had been tears there but the little vampire refused to let them fall.


"You have no choice... Please, pet."


Riley closed his eyes. Remembering he had to think of the larger game. They had yet to find the missing civilian Oz, and Joyce Summers had been unable to talk about her ordeal. He and Spike had to keep playing their roles even though Riley was terrified that he'd lose Spike after it was over. Why would the vampire need or want a man who had been forced to play his unfeeling master?


"No one will molest you or hurt you. I promise."


Spike saw that Riley meant what he was saying and saw the glare that his big soldier gave the tech as he reentered the lab. "You don't hurt him." Riley told the man as he snapped on plastic gloves and then used a clamp to spread open Spike's ass cheeks for his examination.


"But, sir--"


Riley got in his face. "Don't hurt him. Don't fuck him. I'm a possessive man. Are we clear?"


The tech swallowed, intimidated by Riley's large size and steady gaze which wasn't a threat but a promise.


"17 likes what we do to him. Usually."


Spike turned his head away. This was what he didn't want his lover to see. Thing was, the Initiative could make him want his own debasement. It was their twisted way of getting to him, smashing up his insides as well as commanding his body.




Xander stole away from Angel and found some pants in Spike and Riley's room to cover his nudity. He could smell hot semen in the air and it made him envious of Spike. Spike didn't realize how good he had it. Riley was human and yet it was obvious to Xander he had real feelings for Spike.


Quietly, he stole through the mansion until he reached Joyce's room.


She was alone, sleeping.


He just wanted to look at her. To know she was okay.


He was a dirty thing now. He wasn't fit to be around a special person like Joyce. Especially with what he'd done.


He hoped it was one part of her ordeal she wouldn't remember. It still made him feel like acid over his heart. Joyce. I'm sorry.


How could he remember it and be stirred by the memory? He truly was a monster now...


"Is someone there?"


She sat up, the blanket clenched in white fingers as she gazed into the shadows.


"It's just me."


"Xander! Oh, sweet heart!"


"I... just wanted to know you were okay."


"Xander, is something wrong?"


At last, Xander broke from the shadows, his face was twisted with pain and tears. "How can you...?"


"It wasn't your fault." Joyce's eyes shone with tears even as she opened her arms and the boy she'd spent weeks with inside a stinking hole came into her arms as he always had before.


"I raped you."


"NO! They were going to give me to one of the demons. You saved me. It was comfort. Solace. I'm just ashamed now of myself for--"


"You have nothing to be ashamed of, Joyce! You're so... I'm not fit to be anywhere near you!" Xander fell on his knees by her bedside and wept against her blankets, while she stroked the long, untamed brown hair.


"Those moments with you were the only time I wasn't in hell down there, Xander."




Riley returned to find Spike being explored by one of the probes they used to pleasure a demon. He had seen the process here and there and it had always embarrassed him. What hit him was whom was holding the probe.


Ethan Rayne!


"What are you doing, Rayne?"


Ethan Rayne looked a bit regretful at Riley's interruption. "Sorry. They'd finished with him and I just popped in to check he was all right. He has such a lovely little arse, you see... well, old times."


Spike's eyes opened and he looked sleepy and satisfied. There was traces of fresh semen on the table underneath him, so obviously Ethan had used the probe to pleasure him more than once.


Riley swallowed, hit by a wave of heat at seeing Spike lying there helpless with his ass in the air and that look on his face.


Asking for it.


"You want to try him, don't you?" Ethan whispered.




"My dear boy, that bulge in your pants gives you away. Here, I'll show you his favorite setting. He's all open and spread and he loves it, really."


Somehow Riley found himself with the device in his hand, and Ethan guided him over to Spike, who didn't look concerned or embarrassed at his state. His cock was hard and oozing precum already from the stimulus that Ethan had been giving him and Riley found himself wanting to pleasure his little vampire even more...


"Come on. Just a taste. There's a good lad." Ethan pressed the setting and Spike gave a ragged sigh, undulating and stretching so more of the waves of gentle electricity could work in his anus, which was clamped open for easy examination.


Riley's hand was shaking, but he couldn't look away from the sight of his pet with his red lips parted, on the edge of ecstasy. He jumped a little when Ethan stepped nearer. He almost dropped the device, but Spike gave a moan of ecstasy and Ethan's hands were on Riley's tense shoulders, rubbing comfortingly while Riley watched Spike being helplessly stimulated.


Ethan clasped Riley from behind, holding the device with Riley. They both watched Spike's performance.


"Look at him. He's so beautiful. He was made to be a whore."




"Made to be a slave to a man with a large enough sack to possess him. He's not easily tamed." Ethan bent close so he spoke directly in Riley's ear. "I know what you're thinking. What you want. I'm like a priest, Riley. You can trust me with this darker side of yourself."


Riley knew this was sick and twisted, but he couldn't seem to stop. The device was on such a low setting that Spike couldn't get quite enough fiction; he began to squirm, and rubbed his little body against the table, seeking relief.


"We control his sex. We can make him hurt. Make him beg. Make him delight. He's a pretty dancer for our delight. You can't tell me you don't want this."


Riley felt sweat on the back of his neck. He closed his eyes, swallowed.


"I do want this," he finally admitted softly.


"He's all ready for cock now," Ethan noted and it was as if the devil whispered to Riley. He didn't fight when the other man reached in front of him and loosened his belt. Unzipped him. "There now, give him a good balling."


Riley climbed onto the steel table and put his cock to Spike's stretched opening. He shoved inside and gasped with relief. Spike was already sweet and slick. Ready for his master.


He bent down close and nuzzled Spike's ear. "Do I make you feel good, baby?"


Spike made a growling purr and Riley pushed in and out delicately, aiming his cock to torment his lover. "Slut. You want it. Look at all the mess you've made already." Riley bit Spike's ear, half in earnest for the mixed feelings he had at more evidence of the randiness of his slave.


Spike's hands fisted in his restraints even as his bum arched up into every heavy thrust of his human master. "Do me harder!"


"Oh, yeah, baby." Riley bit the side of Spike's neck, and fucked him harder, deeper, reaching down and digging his fingers into Spike's hips so the exquisite tightness was all his. All his.


"I know what they did to you was wrong, but it's almost like you were made for this." Riley kissed Spike's jaw, worshiping his slave's sweet, seductive body, lost in the burning need that Spike always roused in him. "Made for me to bend over a table, a bed, a desk. Fuck you until we both cum."


"Uhhhhh. Shit. Need--"


"Yeah. Want to cum, don't you?" Riley's hand wrapped itself around Spike's balls, toying with them. He didn't touch the needy cock above them. "Don't you, slut?"


"Yeah! All right. Fuck! Riley... please."


When Spike asked for his release, Riley gifted it to him, taking the slick penis in his fist and giving it a lazy couple of jerks, almost like he was back home on the farm, milking one of the cows.


Spike's eyes closed and his lips opened on a gasp of relief and satisfaction. He shot messily all over the table while Riley spilled up his ass, leaving him wet and used and comforted by the familiarity of being treated like a whore.


He purred as Riley slowly softened inside him, panting against his neck.


He'd pleased his master yet again.


Neither of them even remembered Ethan Rayne, whom had watched with a smile, and now left the room.



Part15 - A New Pet


Riley released the restraints holding Spike on the table. He was feeling so good and he wanted to pull his pet in his lap and cuddle him. Spike gave him everything. He needed Riley. He made Riley crazy with lust and tenderness, and Riley found he couldn't think about anyone but Spike. It was like one small, pale vampire had eclipsed everything in Riley's body and heart. He knew he belonged to Spike. Was enthralled to him. Sadly, he also knew that unless some miracle happened and Spike fell in love with him, he'd lose him. Spike was changing, and Riley didn't know how to deal with it. The sweet, submissive little slave whom he'd first fell for was being replaced by a prickly cat, who allowed Riley to mount him when he wanted but--


"Fucker!" Spike shoved Riley aside. His naked body was still wet with Riley's and Spike's semen. His lips were flushed from his climax, but his eyes were bright with anger.


Riley sighed. "What did I do?"




"You did me like a slave!"


"You wanted me to fuck you, Spike."


"Yeah, I know I did, but you fucked me on this table like all the rest and... I wanted it. I wanted it so bad." Spike pushed a hand over his face, starting to shake a little.


Riley swallowed. "I don't know what to do. For a while you wanted me to treat you like one. Now you aren't happy and you hit me when I try to protect you." He could feel Spike slipping away from him, even now. He ached for the comfort of holding him. Always he held Spike after they fucked. He didn't realize how vital that was until now when Spike was giving off sparks like a live wire in water.


"I'm sorry," he said.


Spike uncovered his eyes and glared at him. He stalked nearer to Riley and looked down at Riley's cock, which had been soft but was even now rising with fresh excitement. Riley flushed even as he saw the fight was affecting his vampire in a similar fashion.


"I think you should let me fuck you," Spike said.


"No," Riley didn't even have think about it.


"No? What d'you mean, no? You think because I love to take cock I'm nothing, don't you?" Spike's eyes were wet.


Riley had had enough of this shit. He was on quicksand. Okay, fuck it!


He took Spike in his arms, despite how the vampire fought him, just putting up a struggle so that Riley knew that he was pissed, even though Riley knew he wanted the comfort of his touch. He pulled up Spike's small, pointy chin. "I'm not strong enough to take cock, baby. I'm not."


"You dumb-ass sod!" Spike shuddered and let himself fall into Riley's arms. He wound his legs around Riley's hips and kissed his ear. That was all it took.


Riley carried him to a table and spread him out, pulling Spike to the very edge. He held Spike's gaze as he fitted himself to Spike's warmed opening and pushed inside.


They both groaned out relief.


"I'm home where I belong, baby."


"I still think it's unfair, you never letting me fuck you."


Riley smiled, even as his face tightened and his cock felt strangled by the sweet tightness of his lover. He dripped sweat over him as he fucked him and gave them what they both needed. Sweet relief from the burning need that never seemed to go away. All he had to do was look at Spike and he wanted to push him on his back and do him. "You don't want me to let you do that."




"Maybe not." Spike pouted. Riley felt fucking good inside him. He knew that he'd never have done Spike on that table without Ethan pushing him to do it. Clearly, Spike would have to take his master in hand. He really needed looking after.


"I look at you and my hands start shaking. All I can think about is being with you. Touching you. Getting inside you. Spike! All I can think about is being with you! Seeing your eyes go all heavy and hearing how you like it." Riley leaned close and his eyes were vulnerable and damp. "I'm crazy about you," he whispered.


"You stupid fucker!" Spike smiled and raised his legs, and Riley pushed inside deeper.


For Riley, as much as he loved the sex, it was when Spike took one of his hands and held it as he spilled inside him for the second time that touched Riley's sore heart. Spike had forgiven him.




Xander watched Joyce as she used the walker to move around the room. She was still very weak from her experience. Even a few days after rescuing her, her skin was almost translucent and Xander could see her veins through her pale skin.


Her veins... he hated the part of him that never slept. The demon. The predator. He knew he was supposed to not have a conscience now and to be an evil asshole, but what he most felt as a vampire was pain. The pain of being a thing. The pain of wanting to hurt and to savage and hating himself for those dark feelings.


And the pain of being in love with Joyce Summers.


She had always seen him as Buffy's friend. The boy.


Back then he'd had no chance with her, so unless it was late at night and he was stroking himself, he tried not to think about it. He knew she'd never take him as her lover.


Now she was even more forbidden to him. He was a thing. A disgusting thing that couldn't stop aching for her. He had no right to even be around someone as sweet and good as Joyce. Never mind now he caught her scent and his body hardened and he had to rush back to Angel so his sire could fuck him.


He swallowed and his eyes filled with self-hatred as he pictured Joyce's face if she ever saw him attending to his sire. She'd be revolted. It didn't matter that when Angel was inside him, it burned away his lust for Joyce. Her scent. Her forbidden touch. Joyce.


"Xander?" She gave him a hesitant smile. "Why are you standing in the dark there?"


Because I am the dark now, Joyce.


"I... uh, just wanted to know you were okay. Joyce." He added the last a little defiantly. He wasn't going to back to calling her 'Mrs. Summers,' not when he'd been inside her and pleasured her. Maybe she would be more comfortable with it that way, like the way she was with Giles over their cop car sex, but Xander didn't want her to forget their one and only time together. It was all he'd ever have of her.


"You look tired and pale. You should go out and get some fresh air, honey," she said softly. She tired and stumbled, but before she could fall he was there, moving with the speed he now possessed. He hefted her high in his arms and swept her back to her bed.


He could have counted his heart beat in the swelling under his jeans if his heart still beat, but he only covered her up tenderly and then dared to push her hair back while she looked at him with wide blue eyes.




"I'll leave you to sleep now. I'm glad you are feeling better."


"Thanks to you! My hero!"




"You don't know how much I wish I was, Joyce," Xander told her sadly.




"Giles!" Ethan was startled to find his old friend waiting for him in Ethan's bedroom. Drinking whiskey and eying Ethan moodily.


"What's your game, then?"


"What do you mean?"


"Why are you helping us? Joyce, Angel... Spike."


Ethan's eyes dropped at the heat over the last name. He remembered he'd been breaking in his sweet pet Spike when Giles had come looking for Joyce and Oz. It should make him feel better that his former lover felt something... if only some kind of twisted disgust mixed with perhaps a tinge of jealousy, but it only made him feel old and empty.


"I want to take over the Initiative branch here. Or at least the vampires and demons they've pacified."


"Oh, out of the goodness of your own heart, eh?"


"I treat them better than they've known, and they are all programmed for sex now. In my hands at least they aren't misused."


"Misused? They should all be dust! It's disgusting to make a profit off demons! And anyway, I don't believe you want to settle here in scarlet domestication in your whore house. You always embraced chaos, as I recall!"


"There's something I want more than chaos, Giles," Ethan confessed.


"Oh, yes?" Giles smiled, and it was a scary smile. "And what is that?"


"You, of course."




Ethan got up from the bed, his body aching pleasantly from Giles' use of it and didn't dare wake his lover. He didn't want to fight right now. It was tiresome. Giles always found a way to spoil his fun!


Then he remembered what he'd set in motion.


"Oh," he muttered to himself. "Damn."


He debated doing something about it, and then shrugged and headed back to bed. Maybe he could get the lead on with Ripper and get him going before he'd start moralizing. Why the hell did he have to be in love, all these bloody years, with a dry old stick? Ripper should really be giving pat lessons on law and order at the pulpit. But now Ethan had him where he wanted him at last, so that was alright, really.


It would all work out according to his plan!




Riley woke up groggy and feeling dizzy. He shook his head. His arms and legs were shackled to a wall. He'd obviously been drugged.


He was naked.


He saw Spike kneeling on a carpet, subdued and passive, wearing one of the correctional collars.


And standing next to Spike's small form was Professor Walsh. She was writing on a clip board.




"Ah. Back with us, are you, Mr. Finn? Very good. I think it's time now we begin. You were out a while." She looked disappointed in Riley's recovery time.


"How did I get here?" Riley swallowed, his throat was dry, and he had a strange taste in his mouth.


"That's not important. What is important is your recent behavior has made me lose confidence in you. I think the root of your problem is an over personalization with one of our test subjects."


Riley swallowed. "Am I about to be tortured, ma'am?"


She laughed and walked over to run a hand over Riley's cheek; he pulled away, glaring at her.


"No, I'm just going to show you that these animals are all the same. You have developed an affection for one of them. That will stop now. I'm assigning you another sex slave."


Riley fought his bonds. "No! Ma'am, I'm fine without one!"


She nodded at Riley's impressive erection. "I gave you a little something in the cocktail to make you agreeable. I could have done more, of course, but I prefer you be fully cognizant of your own limitations. More instructive! I am a good teacher, Mr. Finn." She gave him a wintry smile and he shuddered, afraid of her. "Hostile 17's comfort depends on you. I don't want to hurt you, Riley," her voice softened and Riley saw that familiar mentor he'd known so long and once felt such affection for. "You are too valuable to me. But you are over-identifying with your pet. I am going to help you by working on your programming. If you cooperate with me I won't hurt it. Fight me and I will. Are we clear?"


"Yes, ma'am." Riley swallowed. His throat was tight. Oh, God, Spike! They'd been found out at last! They knew he cared about his slave...


"Very well, I'm pleased we understand each other. Here is your new pet!"


The door opened and Xander was let in, naked, and wearing the same leash as Spike. His gaze was on his feet.


Riley was shocked. How had they found him? Unless... someone in Ethan's brothel had told them where to look?


"I... can't..." Riley whispered.


On the floor, Spike gave a cry and fell over on his back, writhing.


"Please don't hurt him!"


Professor Walsh gave Spike a stony look and hit the remote for Spike's collar to stop the pain messages. "We forced the vampire formally known as Angel to make another of his kind. This one has always been under our control, since he was remade a demon. He's a masterpiece of submission almost as good as H 17 was, until you confused him. He'll serve to remind you that these are test subjects. Animals, Mr. Finn! I thought with you growing up on a farm, you'd understand, but your quaint chivalry and sentimental ideas..." She shook her head in disgust.


"Now your pet will stay here and watch as you perform with your new pet. If you can satisfy me that you are breaking free of your unnatural attachment, I won't give H 17 to someone who wants him very much as their pet. I'm only offering you that since I do think you are a good soldier that was simply led astray by the sexual allurements of your current pet."


Riley saw Spike glance over at him with a flare of blue fire in his eyes, before his head bowed down like a good little slave. He could feel the anger of his pet from across the room, but was Spike angry with Professor Walsh or Riley?


Xander knelt at his feet, and with no hesitation, took Riley's hard cock in his mouth, beginning to suck on it as he ran skilled hands over Riley's balls, squeezing them and making Riley give a hoarse cry of mingled pain and pleasure.


"Very good!" Professor Walsh cupped Riley's cheek and he was sickened at how she ignored his nudity and what Xander was doing to give him a gesture of motherly affection. "You are one of my boys," she said.




Later Riley couldn't hold back his excitement any longer. Xander had been sucking him for a long time now, torturing him with the need to cum. He'd fought grimly to control his own body until he was painfully swollen. Professor Walsh had left to attend to one of her experiments.


He couldn't hold off any longer, despite all the training in martial arts and meditation he had. He came in Xander's talented mouth with a cry of despair.


"Spike..." He called to his little vampire, who wouldn't look his way. "I'm sorry!"



Part16 - Chained




Lindsey nearly pissed himself when the fake mirror slammed with the imprints of fists.


"How the fuck does he know I'm here?" He glared at Maggie Walsh, who had lured him here with the promise he'd have his very own docile sex slave--Angel.


"I wish you would agree to taking another as your submissive. Hostile 18 is... not fully broken."


"Fuck! I can see that! But I'm okay doing him if you rig him up with chains and shit and one of those fancy pain collars." Lindsey had been rock hard ever since he'd finally discovered where his nemesis had been all these weeks. Being broken to take cock on command. Could you beat that? Way better than watching Angel beat other demons to death in the ring. Lindsey wasn't sure why he'd never thought of that... but now it was all he could think about.


"You wanted him, but I do feel I have to warn you he isn't tamed as nicely as the others. The only sexual advances he takes are by force, unfortunately. Still it's an effective form of discipline since he hates it so much, but Hostile 18 has a bizarre need for punishment that makes it hard to truly use it as a tool to effect change. We used a human child as food in one of his tests."


Lindsey felt his gut tighten in unwilling sympathy. "What did you do to him when he wouldn't eat the kid?"


"How did you know he wouldn't kill the child?"


"That's not Angel. He'd rather die himself. He'd have to be out of his mind or reverted to his demon persona before he'd take the life of a child."


Maggie's lips firmed as she glared at Angel. "We reprimanded him by removing all the outer level of skin from his body. I have a recording if you'd like to see it? It was very satisfying after his defiance to listen to him beg us to stop, although it was a messy procedure. Then, because he still wasn't broken, and again refused to eat the child on command, we gave him to my creation Adam, who used him as a concubine. Fortunately, we did finally find a way to partially control him by forcing him to make the young human, Alexander Harris, into a vampire. Hostile 18 felt horribly guilty over creating another like himself and would do just about anything to keep us from torturing his fledgling."


"Jesus, lady, I thought I was dark!" Lindsey had come to crow over his enemy. To spill inside him. To go back home with Angel as his submissive. He had fantasized about bringing him to work every day on a leash, naked. Wouldn't the Senior Partners see him as their boy if he had their Angel as his pet?


But, skinning him...


"I'm glad he's a vampire," Lindsey said, looking at Maggie Walsh and deciding right then and there he'd kill her. Very soon and very horribly. Only he was a allowed to make Angel's life hell. Because... Angel was his. "So what is today's demonstration?"


"I thought I'd show you the limits and key to his control. First the soldiers will use pain sticks and try to trigger him into fighting back through pain-rage reflex."


Lindsey watched as two young initiative soldiers came into the white room and began to harass the naked and unarmed Angel with long sticks that shot out painful bolts of electricity, leaving burn marks seared in the skin of the big vampire. He dodged away, and then managed to grab one soldier so he took the hit rather than Angel. One down. Lindsey had to give Angel credit for taking out an enemy without killing him, even as he wondered why the fuck Angel kept fighting to be so fucking good. What did he get out of it? It made Lindsey want to smack him around himself, but he promised that once he had Angel as his pet, he'd gentle the vampire and make him see that if he only let Lindsey possess him, he'd be rewarded in the sweetest way.


"Hostile 18! KILL!" Maggie barked over the intercom.


Angel gave the mirror the finger and continued to take on the soldier without hurting him, his big body covered with bruises, burn marks, and blood.


"Now, watch this." Maggie Walsh said. "We'll bring in his fledgling now, Submissive 01, formally the human boy Alexander Harris."


The dark-haired vampire was wheeled into the room on a steel table, wearing restraints on his wrists and ankles, his sexual organs wrapped in electrodes. As the soldier kept Angel at bay, two others used the electrodes and sent painful volts into the young vampire's body, making him scream and beg them to stop. Please Stop!


With a scream of rage, Angel broke the neck of the soldier who was keeping him from his fledgling, and knocked out the other two torturing him. His face was a demon's. He hovered over the neck of one soldier, on the edge of feeding on him, and going completely feral in his rage.


"No, Angel... I'm... okay," Alexander said gently, seeing how out of control Angel was in his berserker rage.


Angel shuddered and threw the man away. He ripped off the device on his boy, as well as his restraints, and pulled him into his arms. Alexander took the bigger vampire's head and pulled it over his lap, stroking his hair tenderly. "It wasn't your fault," he said over and over as he comforted the shuddering vampire.


Lindsey felt his throat tighten with a mixture of rage and jealousy. He wanted Angel, but he was also glad someone was there for him. This was the kind of thing he could have had done to Angel at any time, but for some reason he'd never wanted to go that far, nor had he let Lilah or any of the others. It wasn't just the Senior Partners who had protected Angel.


Lindsey had too.


Because as much as he loved to fight with Angel and to piss him off, Lindsey had a secret pain. Something he wondered if Angel had guessed. I mean, maybe he could smell Lindsey's arousal whenever they were together?


"Have you seen enough?" Maggie was smiling.


"Did your men know that going in there they might die?" Lindsey asked conversationally. His fists were clenched because despite how evil he knew he was, this was different. This was his Angel.


"There are more where they came from." Maggie shrugged.


"I always tell someone when I'm going to let them be sacrificed. Just... classier, I guess," Lindsey said, smiling and shoving back his unruly hair.


"You are a very strange man."


"You have no idea. I want some time alone with Angel."


Maggie nodded reluctanly, clearly wanting to continue her experiments. Lindsey smiled and nodded back, but as he watched her walk ahead of him, he thought about how it would feel to toss her into a hell mouth and see her torn apart. Maybe THAT would be a bad enough death... or there was always Pylea. Yeah.




"What do you want, Lindsey?" Angel demanded. He was chained to the wall, but he didn't try to go for Lindsey.


"How did you know I was here, anyway?"


"I don't know." Angel looked puzzled. "I always seem to sense you. Watching me. I felt that again today. Can't say I'm surprised. Was torturing Xander your idea?"


Lindsey thought about the apartment he'd bought in LA opposite where Angel lived. The expensive surveillance equipment and sensors. The special camera he had in his bedroom just to watch him late at night, stroking himself to completion. Lindsey loved that curse. Meant that Angel was always alone...


"No, that was Walsh."


Angel's eyes narrowed and Lindsey shivered. He didn't think the big vampire would hold off killing her if he could.


"I came here to barter for you."


"I'm not a very good slave, Lindsey, didn't they tell you?"


"I don't want a very good slave. Just want you."


"Right! No more lies, Lindsey!"


Lindsey knelt down and picked up the fresh bandages he'd asked them to bring. He shocked Angel completely when he leaned close and pressed a kiss against the skin above a raw burn mark on his big chest. He let his lips open a little and laved the skin with his tongue. He heard Angel gasp.


"No more lies, Angel," Lindsey looked up into wide dark eyes. Eyes he'd fantasized about watching him as he sucked Angel's cock. "I came looking for you. I want to take you home."




Riley was outside Spike's cell. He looked at his vampire, nude, his pale skin soft as a pearl, his head down.


"You shouldn't be here," Spike whispered. He looked over at Riley, glaring like a pale cat who'd been stroked the wrong way.


"I know. I... can't stay away." Riley's eyes were full of unshed tears. He broke all the rules then and used his pass key which had been returned to him after Maggie's little demonstration with Xander. She had been very satisfied that Riley and Spike's 'unhealthy attachment' was at an end.


He went over and pulled Spike into his arms. "Please don't be angry, baby."


"If she finds out you still have feelings for me, she'll hurt us both. Maybe... kill one of us to test the loyalty of the other, whichever one she values more."


Riley nodded. "I haven't been able to contact Mr. Giles since we were drugged and taken from the brothel. Spike, I came here to get you away. You and Xander."


Spike stiffened. "If you do this, you won't be on the edge of being a problem anymore. You'll be her enemy, and she won't stop till she finds you and kills you!"


"Would you care?" Riley brushed away the mussed up blond hair and rested his forehead against his slave's. "Would you care if I died?"


Spike tried to pull away, his body still tense. "How do you think we'll get out of this place, then? It's a fucking fortress. I escaped a few times, but they always found me."


"I don't know where we'll go. Maybe South America. There's a place there I don't think she'd look for us. Are you mad at me for what happened with Xander?"


"No. You're a big, healthy boy. Anything you can stick it into is the same, right? My mouth, Xander's mouth. We're all just like tissue paper that you use and then you clean yourself up and forget about us!"


"NO! Baby, I swear I didn't feel that way. I'm so sorry I betrayed you."


"You didn't! Told you it didn't fucking matter! All right?"


Riley nodded, miserable at Spike's prickly behavior. He was aching, and at a loss at how to make things right between them. He felt sickened at his own betrayal, at giving his body, no matter how unwillingly, to Xander. Also, he ached for Xander because he knew the young vampire was already full of self-hatred.


"Let me get you safe." He kissed Spike's cool cheek and then stood up, checking his tazor. He missed the look Spike gave him under his lashes of mingled pain and anger. Spike heaved a sigh. "Hope your plan isn't the usual stupid boy scout crap."


Riley smiled. "Let's go get Xander and then find Mrs. Summers and warn Mr. Giles. Then we find a way to deal with the Initiative."


Spike's mouth fell open at Riley's self-confidence. "Just like that? You think that just because you have decided to fall in with the 'other side' now and take them on, and their demented pet slayer, that you can bring them down?"


Riley swallowed, but his chin was high. "Yeah. I do. They are hurting people and they need to be stopped, so I'm going to stop them."




"I have clothing stored in a cupboard for you," Riley said as they made their way through the silent gymnasium where he and others trained in martial arts and other fitness workouts.


Spike saw how Riley was looking at his bare ass and almost wanted to taunt him. He was so fucking pissed! It was stupid, but when Maggie had humiliated him, he'd been terrified she'd hurt his stupidly naive boy scout, and he knew he should have been relieved she'd only had Xander do him but--


"You want to fuck me, don't you?" He smirked, hating himself for being so tarty. Hating Riley for the vulnerability he saw in his eyes.




"But you don't believe in taking me against my will. Even though you like to play at being my master, it's just like dress up for you. A game we play."


Riley swallowed. "I don't know what you want from me, but if you want me to take you by force I can't do that. I'm not... wired that way. I don't think it's sexy. What I think is sexy is hearing you beg me to fuck you harder. Knowing I'm pleasing you."


Spike hardened at the thought and he turned around so Riley could see him flexing lustily. He leaned back and held onto some chains, wrapping them around his wrists to emulate willing bondage. "So unless I tell you I want you, you won't come and give it to me, is that right?"


"No. I'm sorry, but I won't. No matter how hot you make me feel. And I don't think I could now because I know you're upset. I don't know why you are teasing me, teasing both of us, but I won't take you while you hate me."


"I don't hate you! I'd have to care about you to feel that way!" Spike spat out.


"Do you want to hit me again? Do it. Please, whatever it takes to make you not mad at me anymore."


"You had no choice but to let Xander pleasure you: I know it."


Riley hung his head, knowing they should get going soon, but bleeding from the wound that Professor Walsh had cut into his heart. He was a man who believed in fidelity. He'd given his heart and his body to Spike and even though he knew the little vampire didn't love him, Riley had betrayed him.


He unbuckled his belt and freed his big, needy sex.


Spike's eyes widened, and he licked his lips. The hot need to fuck each other rose as it always did. Riley wanting to mount and Spike wanting to be mounted.


"This is yours. It belongs to you, Spike. To pleasure you, and only you, baby."


Spike vamped, and dropped the chains. His eyes were gold with rage and lust, but his mouth was twisted with pain. On all fours he walked over like a predator and nuzzled Riley's vulnerable and needy sex. The big man didn't back down. He left himself totally exposed to his dangerous pet.


Spike snarled and struck his fangs into the side of Riley's thigh, taking blood, marking his master. His hands cupped and squeezed Riley's heavy balls. Above him, Riley watched and shuddered with hot arousal. He wanted to comfort his slave. The primitive comfort of his body. To protect. To pleasure.


He caressed the pale hair and didn't flinch away when his demon looked up, Riley's blood on his lips. "Now take the cock and suck it. It's yours and I want it inside you."


Spike's face slid to that young-old one he possessed of ancient eyes and young skin. He rubbed his cheek against Riley's sex, but his hands pinched the balls in punishment. "It is mine! It's mine and I'm not sharing! I wanted to rip it off you for letting that boy touch what belongs to me!"


Riley flinched a little at the 'rip it off you' ferocity of his jealous pet, but he didn't back away. "It is yours. Take it inside you. Suck it. Make me feel better. Make me yours again." Riley was crying as Spike kissed him and opened his mouth and sucked him inside.


Unable to not dominate, Riley took Spike's shoulders in his hands and rocked gently back and forth, fucking the willing mouth of his pet, lost in ecstasy.


"It's always like this with us," Riley moaned in the sweetest torment. "I look at you, and I want you. Need to fuck you so bad. Everything about you turns me on. Your bare ass, your sex hanging there for me to reach out and touch. I know it's not nice, but I like you all naked, wearing my chains. I like it when all I have to do is bend you over and you'll spread for me and I can take you. Your smooth skin under my hands, and your mouth that takes me inside, or your sweet little hole that I have to squeeze into because you are so delicate and I feel like I'm really too big to go in there, and I really shouldn't want to do that to you, but I can't wait to push inside and make your body take me again... Or the way your eyes tell me to go fuck myself when I first go inside, but then they go all soft and your purr as you take my cock."


Riley's passionate speech ignited his slave. Spike pulled away and grabbed Riley's cock, tugging him possessively. "I want you to fuck me now!"


Riley pulled his knap sack around for the lube he always had on hand now for when he and Spike needed a hot fuck. He took it out, holding Spike's gaze. "Go wrap your hands around those chains. That was hot. I want to take you like that."


With a look of mingled triumph, defiance and vulnerability, Spike obeyed. He spread himself so Riley's big, gentle fingers could spread lube generously inside him. He was trembling with the need to take his soldier and possess him again. It set his teeth on edge to think of him doing anyone else. Made no sense, but Spike needed Riley to want only him.


"Lift yourself up and put your legs around my hips. That's it, baby. So hot. Look at how you offer yourself to me. You must like me, even a little bit, to be so sweet, hmmm?"


Spike refused to give voice to the mixture of passionate feelings he didn't understand despite seeing Riley's disappointment and vulnerability, but he was still affronted at his big warrior's sexual betrayal, even though he knew it wasn't fair.


He wanted to punish him. Dig his claws in and make his master pay for ever putting the cock that he craved in anyone else. "If you ever fuck Buffy or Angel, I'll kill you."


Riley almost lost his balance, so focused was he on stretching Spike. "Wha--?" He laughed and then stopped when he saw the ruffled feelings in his pet. "Um, no, I think it's safe to say I'm not ever going to... uh... with Buffy or Angel."


"Just don't do it!" Spike commanded, turning his face away.


Riley wouldn't have that. He put his cock head to Spike's small opening and thrust in hard. Spike gasped at his rough possession, before he smiled and his legs lifted and his eyes got sleepy blue sexy. "I won't. I'd never willingly give my body to anyone but you. Now you've marked me, do you feel a little more secure, sweet heart?" Riley kissed the damp forehead before rocking gently, listening to the chains rattle and feeling like he'd come home.


He and Spike had sex like nothing he'd ever expected because he'd never imagined taking another man or a demon, or even having a slave and how hot the idea of owning one was, as long as his slave was happy and willing and had pale, soft skin and sleepy blue eyes.


"You are every fantasy a boy scout shouldn't have," Riley whispered against Spike's skin. "I like how slutty you are with me. You are, aren't you? You never seem to get tired of flashing your ass in my direction until I either spank it or fuck it."


Spike growled, pressing his own cock against Riley for friction. Riley hadn't given him permission to touch himself, because he knew how fast his vampire could cum when he got inside him.


"Are you my slut, sweet heart?"


"Only if you don't share it with others. That's my cock. You're my master. Not Xander's. I'm sorry for him, but he can't have you. He can't have you because I want you."


Riley felt as if Spike had hammered something right through his gut. A tear spilled at hearing those words. At last. "Do you? Do want me, really? Not just to play master or to fuck you to comfort you, but because if you had your choice of any other master it would be me?" He waited, not moving no matter how Spike squirmed that he wanted the heavy thrusts to continue or how his vampire avoided his open gaze.


"You want to take everything from me," Spike said sadly.


"No, baby. I'll keep you safe. I just want to know: please give me the words." Riley leaned his forehead against Spike's. "Please. I'm in love with you, and I just want to know you care about me a little."


Spike met the blue fiery gaze of his lover. Riley was so strong, holding him easily while buried deep inside him. His big muscles warm and his cock felt hot, stuffing Spike so full he couldn't think. He owned Spike's prostate gland, banging against it with every sure thrust because he was so thick there was no part of Spike he didn't possess.


"I like being your slave and if I had my choice... yeah, it would be you, alright? Not sure I'll always want to be a slave, and if you ever give it to anyone else again!"


"No, baby. It's yours. Feel it. All yours. You make me hard. Only you make me this hard." Riley's hair was dripping with sweat now. His eyes were blazing with truth. Spike almost wanted to look away from that terrible hero's gaze because he himself was such a creature of shadow. He'd done things he hoped his hero never discovered. Even now he was full of darkness and Riley was like sunlight. He burned Spike even as he possessed him.


"You're my Apollo," Spike said.


"Poetry?" Riley smiled and began to move. They both gasped at the sweet, hot pleasure.


"Sun god, yeah? I should fear to get too close to someone like you. I'm not meant to love a hero. Might burn me up."


"No. I'll keep you safe." Riley felt it was okay now to kiss. Sometimes early on they hadn't kissed when he'd fucked Spike, because he was horrified at himself for lusting after his slave and taking him, but with time the cuddling and the kisses had become as vital as the hot fucking. He pushed his tongue in Spike's mouth and they both moaned at how it felt, Spike from being penetrated twice by his lover and Riley from the act of putting himself inside Spike and being welcomed. "I love being inside you, but I can't believe I'm taking you against the gym wall!" Riley laughed.


"You've fucked me on just about every surface but the ceiling now, pet."


"Pet. I like that."


"Do you now?"


"Please call me 'pet,' in that sexy voice again. You know, that sort of growl when you lick your teeth and give me a cheeky look?"


"Pet! "


Riley felt his balls draw up. "Oh, God, you have me in the palm of your hand... Spike! " He shot inside Spike, and Spike pulled him close for a kiss. "Its okay. I got you," Spike whispered as Riley shuddered helplessly in the body of his slave.


Riley pulled out and pushed Spike on one of the mats. "Hey, what?"


He pushed Spike's ass cheeks apart, seeing his own seed he'd left, and the puckered pinkness from being stretched by Riley's cock. Without hesitation, he leaned down and put his lips against that opening again, as he had once before, but now he tasted both of them. Their sex on his tongue. The cum he gave his lover and his lover's excitement. He pried him apart and thrust his tongue in again and again, pushing in deeply until he gave a gentle nudge to what he was seeking--


"Bloody Hell! Oh, pet!"


"You love this."


"I love this. Don't stop... Please, Riley. No one ever did this to me before and most men wouldn't touch me until I'd washed myself out."


Riley frowned. "Why?"


"I'm full of your cum, is why."


"I like you full of my cum. After we get out of here I want to spank you, kiss you, chain you up and put more of my cum in your ass, your mouth, and over your face."


The last image did Spike in because something about the primitive way his master made him play with his big cock until he shot over Spike's mouth and face before licking it away got to Spike for some reason. Anyone else trying that and he'd fight like a tiger just to show how tough he was, but Riley was so open and vulnerable about it. Asking and pleading with Spike to let him do what they both wanted.


He pushed back and that hot tongue brushed him again, so he came in a long, wonderful reflex.




Tangled. Panting. Sweating.


Riley was on his back on Spike's stomach, Spike's hands were in his hair, petting him. Riley looked at his watch. "That all took seventeen minutes."


"How romantic."


"We need to use the showers, get you dressed, and go find Xander."


Spike felt a bizarre sense of well-being, despite knowing that Riley's crusade was probably going to fail.


"Right. As soon as I can walk."


Riley laughed. "What do you mean, you can walk? You're going to wear out your old man's back."


Spike sat up, feeling a bizarre buoyant feeling that he only felt with Riley. What was it? "I hope you got me some nice clothing this time, pet. I don't like brown. I like black."


"Picky slave. Just promise me you'll wear my very favorite thing when we're alone together again?"


Spike let himself lean against Riley, even knowing he was being silly for giving into this tenderness. "You mean bare-arsed?"


"Yeah," Riley rubbed Spike's bum affectionately, smiling wickedly at his smug little vampire. "I can't wait for you to drive me crazy again flashing it at me."


Spike leaned down and shocked them both by taking the initiative and kissing his master. He so rarely gave into his feelings. "So let's save Xander and then you can have me all over again."


The kiss they shared was long and wet and full of longing and the passion that didn't fade.


"How are we getting out of here, anyway?" Spike asked, as they got to their feet.


"I thought we'd do what they'd never expect: take the route through Adam's cave. We're going into the labyrinth, Spike."



Part17 - A Slave's Surrender


"Angel, are you awake?"


Angel stirred, blinking as his vision cleared. He was sitting on some kind of metal chair. He looked around and heard the familiar street sounds of L.A., and figured he was in an apartment somewhere downtown. Then, he looked over at the human who was his new master. Lindsey.


He growled, and would have attacked, except he was secured to the chair. His eyes flared wide as he realized there was also a thick intruder up his--


"It's a training dildo." Lindsey poured himself a drink, loosened his tie, and looked back at Angel, who was naked and furious. His cock was hard too, but Lindsey thought it better to not point that out to his new slave.


"You think I'm going to accept this?" Angel asked in a deadly-soft voice.


"Yeah, you will." Lindsey laughed at the disbelief he saw in Angel's eyes. "I've... studied you. Everything about you. Your history. Your existence with the soul." Lindsey came over and crouched between the wide spread legs of his beautiful new slave. He raised his hand and gently with the edge of his pinky, rubbed the cock head of Angel, the most beautiful of demonkind. "And I figured out what you need. So I'm going to be what you need. I'm going to help you be a hero. I'm going to protect you from Maggie Walsh--who had you scheduled for termination, by the way, when I found out where you were--and I'm going to help you protect those you love. Wesley, Cordelia, Xander, and Joyce Summers. I'll do anything to have you as my willing slave, Angel." Lindsey wanted to kiss Angel, but he knew it was too soon to risk it.


"Willing? You fucking think I'd ever submit to you? I've never submitted to anyone, ever! I'd rather die, so go ahead and torture me, Lindsey!"


"Okay." Lindsey smiled, and put down his drink. He bent over Angel, and took Angel's swollen cock in his mouth, humming with delight as he began to suck on the huge, swollen phallus.


"Fuck! Cut it out!"


"I'm not going to take you with pain or threats," Lindsey said, cupping Angel's balls and gently squeezing them as he kissed Angel's penis. "I'm going to pleasure you every way I can. It will be my cock inside you until you are ready to fuck me, but I'll let you do it when you're ready, and I'll give you everything you need. I'll take away the responsibility for your friends and your guilt... I'll help you with your mission. I'll be what you need. I'll give you what you most want."


"And what is that?" Angel gritted his teeth as Lindsey kissed his cock again. His nerve endings were sizzling, sending out a fireworks of wild stimulation. He knew he couldn't fight this. His body would soon surrender and cum for Lindsey.


"To be owned by someone. To give up the control... the pain. To have a master who will take care of you. Love you. Worship you."


"Fuck off! As if I'd ever fucking trust you!"


Lindsey laughed, but his eyes were deadly serious, and Angel felt his balls draw up and a shudder of erotic foreshadowing move through his big body.


"Guess I'll have to prove it to you by pleasing you every way I can, my beautiful Angel." Before Angel could laugh at hearing himself called My Beautiful Angel, Lindsey took his big cock, swallowed it, and began to deep throat him passionately. His hands squeezed Angel's balls as he worked him. The dildo up Angel's ass rubbed against Angel's swollen prostate as he squirmed, but his legs were spread wide and he was chained and helpless to refuse the intense oral taking of his sex...


He shot, gasping, and a single tear escaped, shocking him.


What else shocked him was how his throat tightened when his enemy, his nemesis, reached out and caught that tear and licked it from his fingers. His lips were shiny with Angel's cum. "It's going to be okay. You're mine now."




"What do we do now?"


Riley hung his head. "I don't know. A lawyer from L.A. bought and paid for Angel and Xander. He took them both while we were... uh."


"While you were sucking the cum out of my arsehole." Spike leaned his head against Riley's chest, comforting his big warrior, who had broken into the registration of slaves office and was going through the records, trying to find out what had happened to Angel and Xander.


"Yeah. Was that... wrong, what I did?" Riley asked in a hushed voice.


"What d'you mean, wrong?" Spike asked. He took Riley's hand and pushed it under the loose waist band of his jeans so Riley could feel the hardness that belonged to him. Riley gave him a gentle pinch of his cock head and made Spike gasp.


"Shit, we shouldn't do this now! We're supposed to be investigating and escaping."


"You said the guards don't change again for another six hours, pet." Spike chewed on Riley's ear, tugging insistently. "Now what do you mean by wrong, sweet heart?"


Riley smiled bashfully when Spike called him that endearment for the very first time. He cupped his other hand around Spike's face and kissed him, his big tongue fucking his vampire's willing mouth.


"I do things with you, and then I get a little freaked-out afterwards. Like... they are so far out."


"Iowa boy." Spike smirked. "I loved it when you sucked your cum out of my arse. Can't wait to feel more of it up there, and I'd never tell anyone else that." Spike leaned against Riley, and Riley lifted him onto a table. Spike lay back, his face relaxed and warm, full of desire and softness. His blue eyes were sparkling wickedly. He put his legs around Riley's hips.


"Not even Angel?" Riley let out his greatest fear, how he didn't think he measured up to Spike's previous master.


Spike made a face. "I had to fight him all the time so he'd respect me. Don't have to do that with you. Don't have to prove anything. Can just... give myself to you. Like being with a woman, almost."




"I mean that because you're uncertain, so you ask me first. You want me to tell you how to please me, so I get to do that, and all that stuff done to me that I enjoyed, but I couldn't admit to myself I wanted... with you I can have it, and you don't take my pride. You make me more myself. Can't explain it... never thought I'd willingly sub for anyone!"


"Like when I spank you?"


Spike squirmed a little.


"Do you want me to do that to you now, Spike? While we wait for the guard change?" Riley's voice had deepened and his face flushed. Spike put a little bare foot against Riley's hard cock and rubbed it through his pants, delighting at the way Riley gasped and pressed forward, not hiding at all how Spike could so easily move him to wild lust.


"That's not how it's done, see. I have to do something 'bad' and then you punish me. It's like a game."


Riley's eyes opened, and Spike saw sleepy blue tenderness and vulnerability, as well as that delicious alpha male who wouldn't back down even from Angel. "I don't want to do it that way. If you want me to spank you, tell me, because it's hotter to do that stuff to you if I know you want it."


Spike shuddered, pushing up his tee shirt to play with his nipples. He saw the way his lover looked at him and he smiled. He knew he'd have cock up his arse any moment.


"Remember the first time you spanked me?"


Riley closed his eyes. "Your little ass. It was so soft and round and you trusted me not to hurt you. I could feel your cock against my leg, and then when I knew how much it turned you on, I got hard. I imagined all these things I'd never thought about before."


"What did you imagine, pet?" The toes dug into the sides of Riley's tenting cock, making Riley shiver helplessly. Spike's smile widened.


"I wanted to push myself inside you. I wanted you to bend over and ask me to take you. I wanted to be your master. I wanted you to call me... master."


Spike frowned. "How come?"


"Because if you called me that willingly? Then you'd really want me. Because I'd be so special to you that you'd trust me enough to be what they tried to force you to be." Riley leaned over Spike and kissed him, tenderly. "I still want that. I'm sorry. I know it's not... politically correct."


Spike laughed. "Yeah, we demons worry a lot about being 'politically correct.'"


"Spike..." Riley growled.


"Next door they got a play room. Full of all sorts of things to put up the bum of a willing slave." Spike heard his zipper open and then Riley was pulling off his jeans. No surprise there. Riley was always putting clothing on him, but he never seemed to leave it on long, which suited Spike since it meant Riley had even less will power to resist what they both craved.


Riley lifted Spike up and pulled off his tee shirt. He cupped his face and kissed him, his hand tracing Spike's cock with tender appreciation. "Anything you need, baby." He hefted Spike in his arms, very Rhett Butler, which actually gave Spike a thrill. He smiled wryly at his own surrender to his big warrior, even as his balls tightened in anticipation of what his master would shortly do to him.


"I do want you to spank me, pet," he whispered in Riley's ear, taking it in his mouth and tugging on it with his teeth.


"Oh, shit! Warn me before you say things like that, will you?" Riley wobbled a little and Spike smirked at how he'd nearly walked them into the wall.




"I'm not sleeping in that cage!" Angel glared at Lindsey.


Angel was wearing a studded collar which was wired for control. So far Lindsey hadn't needed to use it, because after Lindsey had sucked him off the first time, he'd left Angel alone for a while, done some errands, come back and knelt between Angel's legs.


Angel was mortified that as soon as he heard Lindsey's return his cock had filled and twitched, waiting, needy. But if the evil asshole wanted to 'please' his slave by sucking him off, more fool him! That didn't make a slave of Angel... but this!


"It's a pet bed with special attachments and, yeah, you will, beautiful Angel."


"Don't call me that!"


"Angel... about your pain collar: there are some things you should know."


Angel glared, thinking that now Lindsey would show his true colors.


"Until you get used to me, and accept your role willingly, I had to take some regrettable steps to ensure your initial cooperation. I have to keep you safe. Professor Walsh really wants you dead. You pissed her off. So you won't be leaving my apartment for a while, until I know it's safe. If you try to leave--"


"I'm not afraid of pain, Lindsey!"


Lindsey cleared his throat, smiled, and combed back his hair. "As I was saying, if you try to leave, it will send a pain message to Xander, your fledgling."


"No! You asshole!"


"It won't hurt him, I swear." Lindsey lifted a hand as if to comfort but dropped it. His eyes were sober with how he knew Angel wouldn't like this, but he knew they'd have some rough times ahead until the big alpha vampire finally surrendered.


The new reality now that the Initiative was making slaves of demons was the only safe demon was an owned demon. It was like animals people kept as pets. They were always safer with a loving owner.


"If you and he collude to escape despite my precautions, then the pain will hit Joyce Summers."


Angel struck Lindsey. A flat slap across the face. Lindsey wiped the blood from his mouth. "Okay. I figured you'd be mad."


"Now will you 'punish' your slave?" Angel glared, full of hate.


"No. I'll never hit you, Angel. Why would I want to do that? All I want to do is cherish you." Lindsey cupped Angel's cheek and then pulled his hand away before Angel could knock it away. "However, I'm doing what you need, and what you need is to be my slave. So you will obey me. You haven't been good, so no more sexual gratification tonight. Into your cage."


"And if I don't, you hurt Xander? Where is he?"


"I bought him from the Initiative. Relax, I don't want to fuck him. I won't hurt him unless you don't cooperate, and I promise I will listen to what you can accept. I'll try not to push you too far, too fast, okay? Joyce Summers was hiding in a brothel. Ethan Rayne turned her over to me for her own protection. She isn't a demon, but she is the mother of one, and she's safer here with me for the moment." Lindsey again ran a hand through his hair. He looked... tired.


"Will you please go in your cage so I don't have to hurt Xander? Please?"


Angel glared, then he looked at the steel wire cage. It was just large enough for a man. There was a little door and a latch, but no lock. It had a mattress such as you'd find in a pet store, but no other luxuries. "How come if I'm your 'beautiful Angel' you don't want me to sleep with you?"


"I do want that. Very much. But I have to wait until you'll accept it." Lindsey went over and held open the door of the cage and Angel glared at him, but not wanting to be responsible for hurting Xander, whom he could smell and sense nearby, he went inside the cage.


Lindsey closed the door and latched it. It was unlocked. "I'm trusting you to stay here tonight. Please don't abuse that trust because next time I'll use the sensors and Xander will pay the price if you go wandering around. If you need anything during the night, speak out loud and I'll hear you over the intercom. Goodnight." Lindsey stood, looking down at Angel who was glaring at him like he'd like to rip his throat out. It was sort of unpromising, even as Lindsey was deeply moved and aroused by this beautiful vampire whom now belonged to him.




During the night, Angel couldn't sleep easily. He first worried about Wesley and Cordy, then he started to worry about Xander and Mrs. Summers and Buffy--


And then he remembered how he'd once taken hours to kill a little boy as Angelus. He moaned as his body hardened at the thought, sickened with himself. He hated himself so much... he put his hands over his face as he had so many nights alone and began to cry...




Lindsey heard him and came at once, setting down a riding crop he'd brought with him.




"What the fuck do you want?" The voice was soggy with tears but full of venom. "More kink, Lindsey?"


"Huh? Oh... that's for you. For your pain, I mean. If it's really bad, I'll give you what you need."


Angel's throat closed up. He had no idea what to say. How did Lindsey know? How could he know that Angel would want that?


"But you seem okay tonight. Not as bad as..." Lindsey cleared his throat, clearly uncomfortable. "I could get my guitar and play or we could just talk." Lindsey sat down, wearing nothing but silk boxers.


"Are those tats?" Angel asked, curious.


"Yeah," Lindsey scratched one. "Wards. Kinda itchy."


"What are they for?"


"Protection. Power. One night, maybe a long time in the future, I'll hear you have a bad night, and I'll come, and open your cage door, and you'll let me hold you," Lindsey said softly.


"Yeah, right. You're really fucked up, aren't you, Lindsey?"


"Yep. Ever since I met you, I wanted you."


Angel made a noise of contempt but he didn't sound so broken anymore. Lindsey patted his cage, smiling at how the large predator glared at him with those dark-as-sin eyes. "Glad you're more yourself. Sleep well!" And he got up and started to leave Angel alone.


"What, no 'sexual healing?'" Angel sneered.


"Oh, I have a drawer full of dildos I want to put up your ass, Angel, but I won't until you tell me you want them there."


"Like fuck!"


Still, after Lindsey had gone, Angel's cock took a long time to stop twitching eagerly. He put a hand over his eyes and lay on his back, disgusted with himself. How could he find the idea of being a helpless sex slave suddenly so hot? He'd fought everyone who'd ever dared to try to take him all his long life. Maggie hadn't succeeded; he'd only obeyed her for the sake of Xander and Spike... And now there was Lindsey. How was he different? Why did the idea of Lindsey's iron hand and velvet glove wrapped around Angel's cock, forcing Angel to let the genie out of the bottle of his own forbidden passions, send such a wave of heat through Angel?


He couldn't want to be Lindsey's slave, could he?






"Ummmm, Joyce?" Xander woke up to find her lying on top of him, her soft, warm body relaxed and smelling so enticing to both his demon and the young man who had always wanted to be her lover.


"Good morning! I'm sorry you had to sleep here last night. I get scared now. Being here, even though Mr. Giles thought it would be safe for us," Joyce admitted her fears shyly. She realized her covers had fallen off her gown-covered body when she saw Xander staring at her bare shoulders.


She felt a flush of heat and that familiar disgust with herself. She was Buffy's mother! She shouldn't feel such things for this beautiful young man! Not so long ago she'd been serving him Kool Aide when he came over as a high school student. Now he was over eighteen, but just barely! She was horrible to have feelings for someone the same age as her daughter.


She pushed back her hair, embarrassed. Thank goodness Xander could have no idea of the very adult desire she felt sometimes!




Xander's vampire senses were hit with the sweet scent of female arousal, and it made it even harder for the young fledgling to keep from sinking his fangs into her soft skin.


Joyce still didn't know about how Xander wasn't a person anymore, but a dirty thing whom had been used by soldiers, customers and his sire. Whom had even enjoyed it...


Sweet Joyce would never understand that Xander had fought so hard. He'd fought so hard to be proud. To make jokes. To just keep his head above water, but they'd hurt him, and when he didn't do what they said, they'd hurt others. Kids. Old people.


Xander was haunted by the people that they'd hurt so casually in order to break him. He'd let those people be hurt. It was his fault... if he'd just broken sooner--


"Don't think about that now, honey." Joyce's warm palm was over his cheek. Xander made a little moaning sound of pain and let his head drop so it lay over her chest. He curled his body around her and wept brokenly. "Oh, honey, you are crying like your heart is broken!" Joyce gathered Xander close and kissed his mussed-up brown hair, wishing she knew how to get close enough to heal his heart.


If only she knew what would make him happy and ease his pain...




"How's that?" Riley clicked the cuffs closed. He had Spike chained up, in a similar position to the one he'd used in the 'cleaning room' weeks before. Now he asked what he hadn't then: "When you got hard for me that time, with the soap? You never did that for the others."


"My cock fell for you."


Riley gasped out an embarrassed laugh, blushing.


"No, it's true, pet. You weren't like the rest. The moment you touched me, my body felt the difference. I knew you'd protect me if only I seduced you, so yeah, I admit I gave myself to you."


"Survival, I understand." Riley's eyes were sad as he cupped Spike's cheek.


"At first, partly, because when I had cock up my arse it meant I wouldn't be punished any further. I was 'in use,' so I was safe. But when you went inside me it was even more: you didn't take me lightly. I knew your heart would be involved. Knew you'd have to care about me to allow yourself to fuck me, so I... I let myself be myself with you. Let myself be aroused by you. Didn't fight it like I had with all the others."


"So you... weren't attracted to me?"


"Wildly, passionately attracted to you," Spike admitted in a whisper. "I wanted to be your slave. I really... wanted it."


"And now?"


Spike found it hard to say the words.


"Do you trust me, Spike?"


Spike gave a reluctant nod, and Riley sighed as he saw the new wariness that Spike's healing had given him towards Riley.


"Then in this room be my submissive. Give yourself to me completely. I want you to be my slave this time because it's what you want, not what you were broken for. Not for survival, but because you love the idea as much as I do."


For answer, Spike reached up and kissed Riley and pressed his needy cock against Riley's jeans, letting him feel the trust and sweet acceptance.




First, Riley picked up a paddle and rubbed Spike's ass with it. He saw Spike's lashes flutter closed and the way the vampire gave a little shiver. "Do you want me to spank you with the paddle, Spike?"




"Yes, what?" Riley's voice was stern even as the paddle caressed Spike gently, teasingly.


"Please... master."


"Very good."




Spike shuddered, groaning as his cock filled with each hard punishment to his ass cheeks. Riley paused and dug out a large butt plug. As Spike watched, licking his lips, he lubed it and then put to Spike's hole. "Want it, slut?"


"Please... master."


"Very good! You're are good little soldier, aren't you? So nice and hard for me, baby." Riley pushed it in firmly, and Spike squirmed at the too-full feeling. It hurt a little but it felt... Ohhhhh...


"Uh... you do like that, right?"


Spike gave a very unvampire-like giggle. "Riley, you're supposed to stay in character, pet."


"Oh, right. Answer the question, slut."


He moved the butt plug and Spike gasped. "Yes, master, your slave lives it very, very much."


"God, I love you!" Riley kissed Spike, and Spike felt that tender thwap to his heart. Riley could give his sex all the thrills he needed. Could man him because he was so gloriously alpha, but he was also an Iowa puppy dog, and Spike loved that about him too.


"Okay, what else?" Riley saw the silver cock cage and put it on Spike, despite the pouting. "I'm going to fuck you while you have it on... when I'm ready."


"Alright, I guess."


"You know when I let you cum it will feel so good, sweet heart."


Spike couldn't keep up the pouting as Riley put it on him. "You look so sexy in it," Riley praised, rubbing his hands over the smooth skin of Spike's back.


Spike didn't like the little silver belt up his butt much, because it kept his cock from being touched and Riley from using his hole, but the butt plug pulsed inside him and he knew Riley wouldn't be able to resist him long, and maybe he could hurry it along a little?


Here in this room, with his big soldier, he could give what he'd never given of himself before to anyone.


Complete sexual surrender.


He got on his hands and knees and crawled to Riley, where he was sitting, considering what other things they might try together.


"What is it, little slave?" Riley cupped Spike's cheek and they both remembered the early days when Riley had tried to keep his hands and his cock out of Spike and Spike kept pursuing him. He'd always given in, bending him over his desk and pushing inside him.


"Your slave wants to suck your cock."




Spike smirked. His hands and feet were loosely hand cuffed, so he used his teeth to free Riley. When he took the big cock in his mouth he knew the truth of whom owned whom... and he suspected his master did too as Riley's lips parted and he spread his legs wider so Spike could better adore his sex.




Before he could spill in Spike's willing mouth, Riley freed Spike with shaking fingers. "Spread yourself for me, sweet heart," he begged.


Spike bent over a table and reached back to spread his ass cheeks. Riley pulled out the butt plug and then Spike moaned because hot, human cock replaced it. Riley mounted him and began to fuck, shoving in and out as they both panted, kissing the sweat on Spike's face.


"I love you, Spike," Riley said. He was so afraid of what the next few dangerous hours of going through those tunnels would bring. Would this be the last time he put himself inside his sweet slave?


Spike felt tears inside him, like a still pool, just sitting there and needing expression. He couldn't cry. Not yet. But one day soon, maybe. And that was what Riley had given him. With his care, protection, and sexual love, he'd healed Spike's heart. He continued to heal his vampire, asking nothing more than he be given a word now and then that Spike liked their sex.


Spike felt like in the next few hours he could very well lose Riley. Forever.


He reached behind him, and cupped his master's face. His body was rubbing up and down on the table from every sweet, hard thrust and it felt so good to be wanted so much. Riley never tired of him, never let him down.


"Want to know the real reason I'm your slave?"


"I know... because of survival and desire, I get that." Riley kissed him.


"You stupid git! I'm yours because... I love you!"



Part 18 - Riley's Gift


Angel swallowed, trying to forget he was spread out over Lindsey's dining room table, his wrists and ankles secured while a lab tech from Wolfram & Hart examined him. "They did put some pleasure enhancing hardware inside him. Attached it to the wall of his prostate gland."


"Don't put your hand inside him," Lindsey growled.


"No, sir. I was just letting you know what we'd picked up. If you put your hand up your new slave, you should feel the little bumps."


"Angel, I'm going to touch you now," Lindsey said.


He got no response. Angel was still groggy from the tranquilizer they'd given him. Lindsey knew he'd find his examination as a slave humiliating and fight him over it, but it was another battle that he was doomed to lose. Lindsey needed to know just what the Initiative had done to his dark beauty, for his own good, and possibly Angel's own enjoyment. Maybe if Angel ever trusted him enough they could use the enhancements for Angel's pleasure?


"Glove, sir?" The tech handed him plastic medical gloves.


Lindsey laughed. "I'm going to fuck him so often I'll leave burn marks on his ass. I don't think I need a glove to finger fuck him."


The tech flushed.


Lindsey wet his lips. The truth was, as much as this was necessary to make sure there were no traps locked in Angel's body that might hurt him, or trackers so Maggie Walsh could locate Angel, Lindsey had wanted him semi-conscious for this because it was the first time he was actually going to penetrate Angel. The training dildo didn't count. That was more about moving Angel into passion.


But this...


He looked at the big cock, surrounded by luxurious black fur. The legs spread open and wide, the black gaze holding his own as he took two fingers, lubed them very deliberately, and then entered the slave he'd bought for his own use.


Angel's lips parted as he brushed those little bumps. His cock bounced lustily, asking for more touches... he may hate Lindsey and the way he'd forced him to become his slave, but his body wanted his master.


"Okay, you can go now. I'll keep the remote and if he ever wants to play with it, we will."


Angel made a contemptuous sound.


"You never know, baby," Lindsey scolded him. "Just imagine how good I can make you feel."


"Are you going to fuck me now that you've humiliated me?"


"That... wasn't really about humiliation. That was partly about you getting used to your new status, yeah, but it was about your own safety too. You're mine, and I do care about you. I want to know you're safe."


"Yeah, right."


"Your body wants to be fucked, Angel. Whatever you want to tell yourself. You know it and I can see it."


Angel turned his face away. "So are you going to?"


"No, not till you ask for it, but I will do one thing for myself. One thing I fantasized for a very long, long time. Picture us in the board room of Wolfram & Hart, after a very trying day... maybe Lilah and the others are there?"


Lindsey calmly unzipped himself and pulled out his cock. He had a tiny trace of black ink on it. One of the wards went over his balls and the base of his shaft. He roughed himself, almost hurting his cock as he brought himself close. He stepped deliberately between his sex slave's spread legs and held Angel's gaze as he worked himself.


"You're mine now, Angel. Time I marked you." Lindsey gave a cry as he shot, his cum hitting Angel's hard penis and cock fur. He panted after, still shuddering from the hot power of doing what he'd thought about for so long. He expected Angel to call him names, to tell him he hated him and would never submit...


And, yeah, he'd wonder later if it was the drug or maybe he was getting somewhere with the big alpha vampire because he saw hot desire in his eyes as well as a vulnerability that Angel concealed under his lashes. It gave Lindsey the courage to climb on his--fortunately, sturdy--dining table and put his slighter body over Angel's larger one. He curled up, like a small boy asking for protection from a larger one.


After a moment, he saw Angel was looking at him again.


"Please. Please just let me kiss you, Angel. I need you so much." Lindsey kissed his slave, and Angel didn't bite him or turn away. He let Lindsey's tongue inside him to fuck his mouth.


Moved to reward his slave's unexpected surrender--which Lindsey was too smart to take as the end to their struggle--he reached down and began a lazy and gentle palm job of Angel's cock.


"Suck it!" Angel growled. His chains clinked and Lindsey knew the drug was wearing off.


"Okay," Lindsey said and he climbed off the table, got on his knees and took Angel's big cock in his mouth to worship him.




"You... love me?" Riley blinked. He pulled out of Spike's willing body.


"Oi! Can't We hold hands and coo after the deed, love?" Spike complained.


"Shut up!" Riley lifted Spike over his knee and swatted his ass.


"Well, this is a very original way to take a declaration of love!" Spike squirmed, but Riley put his hand over Spike's balls and pinched him, and bizarrely, the pain-pleasure, so familiar, he accepted. He went limp, surrendering.


"Show me you love me?"


Spike saw Riley was shuddering, his eyes were closed tightly over tears. "Oh, pet... I'm sorry. I thought it was all about me trusting you to be your slave, but... it's not easy for you to be what I need, is it?"


Riley's eyes opened and he gave Spike a sober look. "All I have to do is go with what I think of are my worst instincts. I was taught that if I love someone, it's about respect, not about treating them like my possession. But I want you to play the slut so I can do things to you. I want to control you. I want to hold you in my arms and play with your penis and know you won't dare cum unless I say so. What does that make me, Spike?" Riley asked painfully.


"Perfect. Makes you perfect for me." Spike sat up and took control a little, wrapping his slight legs around Riley. "I am your slut, darling," he breathed the secret in Riley's ear and delighted when the big man shivered in hot reaction.


Riley calloused hands caressed smooth skin.


Spike leaned his forehead against Riley. "I want you so much, pet."




Riley lifted Spike and took him to the examination chair. Spike shuddered a little, remembering how helpless he was there, but Riley held his gaze as he cuffed Spike's ankles and wrists. He adjusted the chair so that Spike was spread open and then pushed it so his hips were raised and his sex prominent.


Riley reached out and confidently took that sex, stroking Spike.


"What do you most want from me now?"


"Keep doing what you're doing: I like it."


"You like cock up your ass, don't you?" Riley took a lubed dildo and slid it smoothly inside his vampire, playing with him.


"Yeah, didn't want to but--"


Spike's mouth parted and his eyes were half shut as Riley pulled out the dildo and pushed in sure fingers, fucking him delicately.


"So any cock feels good?"


"Yeah, but not like yours. When you are inside me sometimes it's like... I'm all wrapped up in you. Your big soldier's body, pushing in and out of me."


Riley palmed himself and pushed his cock a little way inside Spike. He smiled and so did Spike.


"Ohhhh, pet."


"What do you want?"


"To be fucked. By you." Spike smiled as he got another inch. "By my real master."


Riley's eyes were wide at Spike's sweet submissiveness. He wasn't the broken little slave anymore. He was mouthy and fully capable of hitting Riley if Riley pissed him off. He was giving himself to Riley... because he loved him? Because he trusted him?


"Why?" Riley asked as he slid in another inch. He looked down at his big cock slowly being taken inside Spike's delicate body and began to sweat just from watching it happen. It was a primal miracle, the way Spike could take him so well.


"Because you need to hear that from me, don't you?"


"Yeah. Thank you. Hang on a sec..." Riley pulled free of Spike's body, making Spike want to complain again at the loss, but his soldier cupped his cheek and gave him a sweet kiss.


He wasn't sure he was happy when Riley blindfolded him, squirming a bit. "Are we going to do something really kinky, pet?"




And then if Spike could breathe he would have stopped--




Riley pulled the blindfold off and they both looked down to watch Spike's soldier slowly trying to impale himself on Spike.


"Uh. It hurts!"


"Of course, it hurts, you stupid virgin!"


"Help me make love to you, Spike? Please?" Riley winced again and Spike felt his heart melt. "I don't think I'm any good at it." He watched Riley blush. His shoulders were slumped, he looked so miserable. "I'm no good at making love," Riley muttered again.


"You're wrong about that, pet. I never made love until you taught me how."


"Show me?" Riley rested his forehead against Spike's. "I'm all yours!"



Part19 - Breaking in the New Boy


"You didn't even lube up first, did you?"


"Uh. I thought... I mean, sometimes we've done it and you didn't need--"


"I kept my bum all ready for you."


"But it was always so easy to go inside you!"


"That's because I kept my bum ready, pet. It's part of the slave's training."




"Are you hurting, sweet?" Spike nuzzled his face against Riley's.


"Yeah. Ouch! You're not exactly small, are you?"


"You don't take cock unprepared unless you get off on discomfort!" Spike pushed Riley firmly, but gently, off him. "We don't have time for this!"


Riley flushed, his eyes down. "I'm sorry. You just always seemed to like it so much when I was inside you. I wanted..."


"You wanted to know what it felt like? It feels wonderful when it's someone you love." Spike reached up and kissed Riley, who stroked his cock. They stepped close together, holding each other while Riley fisted both their cocks in one hand, rubbing them together. He held Spike's gaze as his fingers found and probed his slave.


"You love it when I play with your ass... and Spike? The part about you lubing yourself up as a slave's training, was it just because of that you took me?"


"No, I wanted your cock up my ass." Spike took a gentle bite of Riley's lip, teasing him. "I wanted you to bend me over first time I came in your office, even though I was afraid. Even though wanting that from a human pissed me off. You were so big and you had rough hands, but you were gentle and innocent and I wanted to take your innocence."


"Why do I have the feeling I had no chance of resisting you, Spike?" Riley asked ruefully. "I was straight."


"You were so straight!" Spike bit his ear, purring. "Until Spike bent you."


Riley took Spike's mouth and his cock, stripping them both as they panted, looking down to see their cocks rubbing against each other. Just the look of it--


Riley spurted first, coating Spike's cock as he took Spike's mouth with his tongue. "You might have seduced me, but now you belong to me. This is my cock to play with. Mine!"


"Fucking possessive..." Spike was smirking as he grumbled, but then Riley bit him under his ear in exactly the place he usually bit his slave when he rode him and it set Spike off as it always did--


He creamed over their hands. They rested together, trembling, tender.


Then Riley ordered, "On your knees and lick up our mess."




Xander came out to see Lindsey eating dinner. He wasn't allowed in some of the rooms of Lindsey's large apartment, but he knew his sire was here and it calmed him. "Can I see him soon?"


"No," Lindsey said, not looking up from some legal papers. He was wearing glasses.


"He's okay, right? I mean, Angel's more fragile that you'd think."


Lindsey looked up at Xander. "I know that. I'm going to take care of him and give him what he most needs, but I have to admit I'm a little jealous of you, so..." Lindsey sat back. "I thought about dusting you."


Xander's eyes widened. "But you don't even know me!"


"I'm an unreasonable man when it comes to Angel, but I realized it would hurt him, so I didn't do it."


"I'm so glad!" Xander commented sarcastically.


"I've gave Joyce Summers a special type of medicine tonight in with her regular meds."


"What?" Xander went for Lindsey, grabbing him by his rumpled silk tie. "Don't you touch her!"


"I don't want to. Relax, Xander. I was just getting a bit bored with your guilt trip with her. She's going to be pretty randy tonight. Up to you whether you want to take advantage of that or not."


"I'd never hurt her! The idea I'd take advantage of a wonderful woman like Joyce is sick!"


"It only enhances the desires already there. I think it's time you both stop hiding what you feel, but up to you if you want to keep being the martyr." Lindsey looked back down at his papers. "Go back to your rooms now. I got work, and Angel kept me up all last night."


Xander growled, but made to obey when Lindsey reached out and stopped him. He calmly unzipped Xander and reached in and touched his cock, stroking him and rubbing his hand on the cock fur. Xander hardened obediently, even as his eyes hated Lindsey. Lindsey felt a moment of regret he wasn't his old evil self because if he was, he'd fuck Xander and enjoy it. A submissive vampire slave was hot... but Angel would kill him for messing with his child.


He took his hand away.


"What the fuck did you do that for?" Xander was panting, flushed. His body was wired for pleasure now, and any sexual overtures made him ready to submit and please.


"For your scent. Remember what I said about Joyce: it's up to you if you want to play the hero and fist yourself alone, but the lady wants you and you know it."


"Fuck you!" Xander growled.


Lindsey smiled, and went back to his papers.




Lindsey brought Angel some blood he'd heated later. It was human, of course. Nothing but the best for his vampire.


From Angel's cage, dark eyes hated him. "I'm not drinking human."


"It's donated. No one was killed in the making of your dinner, yada yada. Aren't you tried of drinking rat's piss?"


Angel looked away.


"Out of the cage and come drink you dinner, Angel. Or else." Lindsey ordered.


"You fucking bastard! I won't submit to this forever!" Angel exited his cage. He was hunched over in an odd position as if he was trying to hide something--


"You hard for me, baby?" Lindsey said, as he put the straw in Angel's lips. Angel growled for answer, but Lindsey held his gaze as he waited for him to drink.


"I just... get like this sometimes. It's probably from being cooped up. Excessive energy I haven't spent."


"You could 'spend it' in me anytime." Lindsey smirked when dark eyes sizzled at him. Angel was drinking his blood and Lindsey dared to stroke the hair of his dark, dangerous big cat.


"You want me to bend you over. You've wanted that since that time in your car!"


"Yeah. Actually since our first meeting."


"When I threatened you? Jesus, Lindsey!"


"If you ever want to fuck me, I'll lie down for you, Angel," Lindsey's husky voice was deadly serious.


Angel looked away, uncomfortable with Lindsey's starkly vulnerable offering. And yet, Lindsey was so confident as he offered himself, as if he knew how much Angel's demon wanted to take him.


Angel frowned. He smelled something off. He caught Lindsey's free hand, and sniffed. His eyes flamed with gold sparks as he glared at Lindsey. "I thought I was your sex slave!"


Lindsey smiled. "Bingo! That was very revealing, thank you, Angel. Come on, don't spoil it by trying to rip my throat out... I just touched him to see how you'd react."


"Don't touch him again!" Angel ordered, finishing his blood. He crowded his master, his big body towering over Lindsey's slight one.


"Jesus, I'll cum if you keep up with the domy stuff!" Lindsey said, his eyes laughing.


Angel made a face, but his cock was thrusting high and proud.


"Want me to take care of your not-so-little problem?" Lindsey offered.


"Yeah. Get on your knees and suck me, Lindsey." Angel folded his arms, cocking one dark brow.


"Well, since you ask so nicely."




"So you ready for the plan?" Riley asked Spike. He was zipping Spike up. It was strange, but he enjoyed dressing his little vampire as much as he enjoyed stripping him. He wasn't sure why, but touching the silky skin and knowing it belonged to him, was pleasing.


"No, I'm not ready for your fucked-up plan! We aren't going that way. I got another idea. Only it will be harder on you."


"Harder than facing Adam?" Riley pulled his black turtle neck on, smiling shyly at the way Spike made no secret of the way he admired his lover's body.


"Yeah, for you, pet, it will be. You have to behave like my master. My real master," Spike told Riley.




Lindsey woke from the sounds on the 'baby monitor' he'd put in the room with Angel's cage. Angel mostly slept well in his cage, probably because it suited his martyrdom so well, which was part of why Lindsey had chosen that very specific form of humiliation for his pet. He knew it would help Angel.


He got up, but didn't bother putting on clothing. Wearing nothing but his tats, he opened the door to Angel's room, shoving back his over-long hair and looking at Angel with the pity he felt that he couldn't ever show Angel when he was awake.


"What do you want now?" Angel's voice was husky with tears, but he was getting used to Lindsey knowing about his secret pain.


Lindsey took a deep breath and even though his hands were shaking, he did what he had to do. For Angel.


"Out of the cage, Angel!" he snarled.


Angel crawled out, gaping at him a little. Lindsey had always before been joking, smooth and gentle, and he never barked orders. His iron fist always came with a velvet glove.


"Bend over the chair."


"Fuck you!"


Lindsey grabbed Angel's collar, the only thing he was wearing, and shoved him over the chair. The vampire didn't fight him, but turned and looked back at him with dark, seething wet eyes. He was still crying from all those memories... all that pain of his self-hatred. "Yeah. This suits you, doesn't it? I promised you that I'd help you be a champion and you'd know if I was lying so you don't have to fight the good fight with me, which means you are free to let me humiliate you because you think you deserve it. Isn't that right?"


"You know nothing about me!"


Lindsey picked up the riding crop. Angel's eyes widened.


"I know what you need, baby. Bend over and I'll give it to you. I promise I'll do it right. I'll punish you and then I'll fuck you, just like your hired demon."


"You know about that?"


"I won't tell anyone, I swear. If you go back in the cage, I won't refer to it again, but if you need me to use it on you, I will. I'm not afraid to give you what you need, Angel."


Angel held Lindsey's gaze for a long moment that was so full of feeling it almost vibrated. Then he bent over the chair, spreading his legs so his balls hung heavy between them.


And Lindsey raised the crop and brought it down.




Riley looked at the menu on the door where Spike had led him. He backed away a little. "I don't think I can do that."


Spike got in his face, glaring up at him. "I'm the one who takes it--cock or punishment--and I've been through it before."


"But... why do they make you do all that stuff?"


"It tests the demon whores. Makes sure we are docile. No one will look for you here, pet, since it's well known you are a gentle master."


"It's like... like a dog show at a fair," Riley said, upset and yet also aroused. He dropped his eyes, ashamed that the thought of putting Spike through his paces stirred him so much.


"It's all right, pet," Spike took Riley's hand and kissed it tenderly. He lowered it so Riley felt the erection of his vampire, whom was naked again and wearing the required chains for his test. "Doing those things for you won't hurt me, and it means keeping you safe from Adam."


"You won't... hate me for being that kind of master?"


Spike got down on his hands and knees and put his face on the floor, spreading his legs like a good whore. Riley hit the button to summon the judges and waited, his fists clenched.


"I could never hate you, but this isn't going to be easy. Are you ready?"


Riley took a deep breath and nodded.



Part20 - Prey


"We've had H 17 in testing before."


"Uh. He's mine now. My slave. I just want to put him through his paces. Make sure of it."


One of the white gloved judges looks at a clipboard with Spike's stats and nodded. "Riley Finn. Yes, you are the legal owner of this animal. You aren't aware of all the benefits of ownership? Didn't someone give you the owner's manual and explain his uses?"


Riley swallowed, remembering how he'd sent the tech off then so he could put his fingers up his new slave's ass and finger fuck him to climax. "I got... distracted."


"Right. Well, since you are his legal owner, please strip and we'll outfit you with the special gear."




He was handed a sort of rubbery outfit, much like a wet suit, but with flaps in it. He flushed, but he was a soldier and used to being naked around other men. He stripped, Spike silent and curled at his feet, but when he looked down he saw an almost smile and an admiring glance at his heavy sex and it made him begin to fill, which only made the demure slave at his feet smile a little more.


Oh, yeah. Who was the slave and who was the master? These jokers had no idea what a slave like Spike could do. What games he could run over his oh-so-willing master. Or how much his master had fallen in love with him and wouldn't hurt a hair on his beautiful head now.


Riley knew his sex and his heart were firmly cupped in the hands of his slave.


He zipped up the suit, but when he would have covered his sex with the flap, he was told to leave it hanging free. "You'll need that for your animal."


They put a collar on Spike that picked up his responses so they could measure them. Then testing began: "First we'll see what he does on his own, with no prompting from you. The collar is like a truth test. It will measure his responses."


Riley nodded, tense. It was embarrassing standing around with his goods hanging out in front of the other men, but other than a flush in his cheeks he refused to be shy about it. He folded his arms and looked down at Spike.


"H 17, you are free to do what you want." The men studied Spike keenly.


Spike got on his knees and rubbed his cheek against Riley's hard sex adoringly.


Riley gasped, his hands fisting to prevent himself from grabbing Spike and making him swallow his cock.


"This is most peculiar, he's almost off the scale in his response to you, Mr. Finn. This is the way he usually reacts to pleasure stimulus of his own sex. I don't understand it," the tech said.


Riley looked down into blue eyes as Spike licked his cock, willingly, sweetly. "He likes to touch me," he summed it up simply.




Xander found Joyce in bed, lying awake with tears on her cheeks. He cursed Lindsey and his drug, and went to her at once. "Joyce! I mean, uh, Mrs. Summers. Are you okay?"


"Xander!" She sat up and he saw her face was glazed with perspiration. He could smell her intense arousal. His own cock rose and it was all he could do not to shove away the sheets and mount what he knew would be a succulent and welcoming pussy.


"I'm here. Lindsey drugged you, but you'll be okay in a few hours." Xander caressed her hair, loving the feel of it under his hands. He loved her so much it hurt him to see her like this, suffering.


Joyce shifted, restless. "Please, can you take me to the atrium for fresh air?"


She meant Lindsey's glass-covered balcony, which was large and filled with tropical plants and a large garden. They often went there together and she would read poetry while he'd sit at her feet, looking up at her.


"Whatever you want."


She pushed aside the bedding and the hot scent of a female desperate to be mounted hit his senses, making him want to change into his demon self and bite into her soft thighs before he fucked her hard. Xander closed his eyes, trembling. He had to be strong for Joyce! She'd never really wanted him that way. She saw him as a little boy, not a man who wanted to fuck her.


She trembled and would have fallen, but he lifted her easily in his arms, gazing down at her. She reached up and touched his mouth and he almost bit her then. FUCK! He wanted her so bad!


"I'm too heavy for you," she said, her sleepy blue eyes on his face with the warmth and gentle concern that was so much a part of her. Joyce was beautiful inside and out.


"No." He dropped his gaze, hating that she still didn't know what he was. A thing. A whore.


He carried her to the garden room and placed her gently onto a hammock there. He brought over a blanket and stayed at her side to tend her.


After a moment of her lying there, looking up at him, and him caressing her hair soothingly, she said: "You don't have to stay."


"Yeah," he said. "Yeah, I do." He took her hand and put it to his cool forehead and she closed her eyes.


Being anywhere near her when she smelled so enticing was hell, but he'd never leave her alone to suffer, even knowing he was so below her touch. Joyce didn't know that the boy who had felt a forbidden love for her had become a monster, but he still loved her, soul or not.


She caught him off guard with the kiss. On the corner of his mouth. Gentle as a friendly butterfly--


"Thank you," she said, her eyes huge in her face.


Xan's control broke, and with a moan he cupped her face and kissed the fuck out of her, putting his tongue inside her like he wanted to do his cock. "Joyce, don't fight me... please!"


She wasn't fighting him. She was pushing closer.


"I feel so odd... I'm sure I must be shocking you!" She was blushing.


He shoved away the blanket and pushed her gown up so her wet, tangled curls were revealed. He held her gaze as he put the palm of his hand possessively over her sex.


"I shouldn't want this!" She was ashamed, yet so hot, so wet.


"Let me help you."


He spread her wider and then started a talented and relentless finger job. Joyce shuddered and cried under his whore's hands, helpless against his trained experience. "No, I--"


"Shhhh. Cum for me, baby," Xander's voice was dark and sexy. He was sucking on her neck, his gold eyes hidden from her.


"Oh, Xan, I'm just an old woman!"


"Wrong. You're my woman, Joyce. Mine. You want my touch there, baby? I'll be your boy toy. Give you anything you need."


Joyce came, crashing into her orgasm helplessly, and Xander watched her innocence with the eyes of a predator. She was soft, gentle and sweet. She was prey.


When he lifted his face he was careful to wipe away a touch of her blood from where his fangs had lightly marked her skin, and his face was a boy's again. He was trembling with want, but the relief of tasting her blood had given him something back, even though his demon had stolen it from her without asking.


"Oh, dear!" She was going to start feeling guilty and talking about his skateboard, and making him lunch, and how she always kept that proper distance between them. Buffy's friend. He could be her son. Bla bla.


He pulled her legs over the hammock, which swung, making her fall back so her legs were spread open wantonly. All the cocks and pussies he'd suckled, and here was the one he'd been burning to taste for so long.


He fastened on to her sex, and licked the taste of her into his mouth, wanting to dig his tongue so deep inside her she'd never want another man to touch her. He'd burn them all away. He spread her, and didn't give her recovery time, but took her sex ruthlessly, while he put two fingers inside her, and rubbed her tenderly.


"Oh!" Her head was thrown back now, and her hands tangled in his hair, and her legs came around his shoulders, tangling there like greedy vines.


"Mine!" he growled against her skin, unable to repress his demon.


She came from his possession, but when she wanted to pull him up for a kiss, he pulled away, hiding his demon's face.




"Let's just test my little theory, shall we, Angel?" Lindsey was smiling. He was a little drunk. Angel had let him use the whip on his ass, but then Lindsey had hesitated. He had Angel as he'd always wanted but... could he dare to master the dark, beautiful vampire and fuck him?


Collar or no collar, would Angel shred him if he dared? He swallowed, and abruptly left the room. To be what Angel needed, he knew he had to be strong. Ruthless. Mocking.


But the veneer cracked when faced with the long olive-skinned back and the beautiful full ass he's cupped briefly after whipping it. He'd laid his head against Angel's back, panting, needing... comfort? But Angel had been silent, and Lindsey's nerve had broken.


So he'd gone and sat on the floor of the big kitchen, deserted of all the servants who worked for the Senior Partner's golden boy, and had himself some southern comfort, wishing he could stop remembering the taste of Angel's lips. His dark narrowed eyes. His cum shooting in Lindsey's willing mouth as Angel cupped his head and took Lindsey's servicing like it was his due.


Fuck. He'd had this idiotic fantasy that he would buy a broken Angel and fuck him blind and they'd live happily-ever-after.


What he had was a wounded, dangerous beast who glared at him whenever he was in the room. Like a big cat in a zoo, watching the stupid humans walk by, and waiting for just one of them to fuck up so he could dine.


"Lind-zee! Oh, Lind-zee! Heh. Lost your nerve, eh, boy?" The mocking voice floated over the monitor and pissed on Lindsey's shoe, making him jolt unsteadily to his feet. He dropped the bottle, and somehow didn't break it, though he stumbled over it on the way to his 'slave.'


He shoved open the door and gasped when he saw Angel. He was lying in front of his cage, stroking his big boner, smiling, and looking back at Lindsey. "Time for my bedtime suck," Angel said.


"You are not the b-boss... uh... guy who gets to tell me what to do. I'm your mashar."


"Is that right? Well, your slave needs servicing. Get over here and suck it!" Angel was looking like the big cat in the cage Linds had thought of earlier. All ready to spring.


"I own you, asshole!" Lindsey stumbled, and Angel smirked but Jesus-FUCK, he looked hot. Big muscles, sleepy dark eyes. Huge cock, heavy balls, and luxurious crotch fur. Which he was playing with. Smiling. So confident.


Look at the BIG toy I got for you to play with!


Arrogant prick.


"Right. You own me so you can't wait to get on your knees for me, boy?"


Lindsey found himself on his knees. He reached out to touch that cock, but Angel smacked his hand. "Ah. Ah. Ah. Papa said suck it."


Lindsey couldn't help it. He cracked a grin, snorfling.


Angel gave a rare smile. Lindsey stopped smiling so he could just stare.


"Oh, my," Lindsey breathed.


Angel blushed a little then. Lindsey's unmistakable admiration got under his skin, even when he didn't want to let the other man close.


"What, you fucking love me or something?" Angel asked curtly, the smile gone.


"Well, duh. Why else would I put up with an asshole like you?"


"I bet you wish I'd lay you back and fuck you. Isn't that right? Put the 'P' in 'pleasure slave' and fuck your ass?"


"Angel..." Lindsey couldn't bear this mockery. It cut into him that Angel thought it was a joke the way he wanted him so bad.


"Maybe I'll take you tonight. Spread you and force it in. No lube. Make you take every inch. Would you fight me?"


Lindsey flopped over Angel, having lost his balance. "Probably not. I think I'm gonna be sick."


"Not on me!"


"'K. Can I just sleep here then?" Lindsey closed his eyes, his head pillowed by silken skin and big pecs. He didn't catch Angel's answer because he passed out.




Lindsey woke to hushed semi-darkness. His head was hurting, but he felt good. The comfort of his slight body held by a larger one. He blinked his eyes, and looked up into Angel's gaze. The big vampire was holding Lindsey. He pushed his face close to Lindsey's neck and took a deep breath, as if he wanted to smell Lindsey. It made the smaller man shiver. That big dark cat had him in his claws. What now?


"Go back to sleep," Angel ordered softly.


Lindsey closed his eyes and let himself drift. "'K. Just... don't let me go. Please keep me safe."


"I'll keep you safe. You're mine now, Lindsey."



Part21 - Heat


Joyce covered her mouth in horror at what she'd done. She'd had sex with a boy! It didn't matter that he didn't look like one or act like one. He'd been so possessive and he'd taken over, but still. "Oh, God!"


"Don't say it!" Xander was up and pacing, his beautiful body wasn't naked, but she could see he was... aroused. She felt again that strange displacement. How could he be the shy boy with the bangs in his eyes and the skateboard? How could he be that boy when he'd pleasured her first and taken nothing from her? Was that the act of a teenage boy, desperate for sex?


"I'm sorry." She couldn't think. She just couldn't accept that he'd had his fingers inside her. That even now she wanted him.


The sound of something shattering brought her from her misery.


She saw he'd taken one of the small lamps and broken it. His hand was dripping blood.


She pushed down her gown and got up to help him. "Oh, Xander!"


"Don't! Just... don't!"


She heard tears in his voice, and then he was gone.




Angel knew at once something was wrong with his child. He found him in the shower, crying like his heart was broken. It wasn't the first time he'd found Xander like this.


"Shhhhh. Baby, just stop." He kissed Xander's cheek and pulled him in his arms. "What is it? Did Lindsey hurt you?" the last was a low growl.


"Lindsey? Huh? No, who cares about him? It's... I can't talk about it."


"Is it the whoring they made you do? Or... Adam?"


"I don't remember most of what Adam did to me, Angel. I think I blocked it out. And Spike was there. You both took care of me."


Angel closed his eyes so he wouldn't remember what it had been like. The truth was, with Adam it was Spike who had protected both he and Xander. Spike had deliberately whored himself to Adam, becoming his favorite pet so he'd lay off the other two.


But Angel had seen the cost in Spike, and he'd been helpless to do anything for him. He'd had Xander, a new fledgling to protect, but then there was that big soldier. It still made Angel angry thinking of him owning Spike, yet he'd only ever seen gentleness between them. He hated to admit it, but Riley had been kinder to Spike than Angel had.


Without even thinking about it, he ran a bar of soap over himself and then soaped up Xander's opening. Xander quieted, passive, but he kept his face pressed to the shower wall and automatically widened his legs to take cock. He was conditioned for it. Angel pushed inside him and began gently thrusting, taking Xan's hardness and stroking it tenderly.


The water was full of steam and the sounds of pleasure Xander made as his sire fucked him. "I love it when you fuck me, Angel. But how can I want this so much? I'm fucked up! I'm just some slut anyone can have."


"You're my child. It's natural what you feel. Would you want to bend over for any man now?"


Xander shook his head. "But I'd do it. If I was given a signal from some guy in an elevator, I'd be on my knees... how can that be right?"


"Yeah, but you wouldn't want him, would you? So that's the conditioning, baby. That's not you. Not your body or your heart." He shoved back Xander's hair, and kissed his neck. "Better?"


Angel was sliding it in slow and easy, just lightly bumping Xander where he most needed that big prick. Xander gave a thready sound of need and he gently increased the pace. "My body needs you," Xander confessed.


Xander decided to trust Angel. He needed to be fucked, and his sire had sensed it and given it to him. All Xander's boiling need for Joyce and the demon he had to suppress when he was around her came out now, but she was safe from his beast because he was at the mercy of another. Angel's soapy hand moved up and played with his nipples. He was so sweet that Xan felt tears in his eyes, mixed with the hot water.


"Raise your leg on the side of the stall, baby, and I'll fuck you where you need it." Gently, Angel helped Xander open himself wider and then guided his hands up on the shower wall and covered them, so Xander felt encompassed and cherished and also helpless.


Angel was fucking him. He was just his child. Just the slut, the whore. He could let go of the pain, and let his sire take it from him.




Lindsey woke, head throbbing slightly and tongue feeling thick in his mouth from the alcohol. He rolled over and was immediately struck by the loss of Angel's body. Blinking open dry eyes, he saw that the vampire wasn't in his cage or in the room. Lindsey passed through the kitchen to see if maybe Angel had gone for something to eat, but it was empty as well. He felt a warm stab of desire in his chest as he headed for his bedroom, hoping that his vampire had gone to his bed to wait for him - knowing he shouldn't allow it and also realizing that the only punishment Angel would receive would be Lindsey climbing into bed beside him.


That room was empty too and a shiver of panic ran up Lindsey's spine. With all of the measures he'd put in place to be sure that Angel wouldn't try to leave, he still pictured the big vampire somehow defying him and finding a way to escape with Xander and Joyce. He rushed out of the apartment and found the door to Xander's own rooms open.


He could hear Xander's shower running and the tiny spark of encouragement he'd felt at finding his door open fizzled as he assumed that Angel must not be here if the boy was showering.


As he stepped into the bathroom a sound caught in his throat. Through the steam mottled shower door he could see Angel, bent over Xander's back - obviously taking him. Jealousy rushed over him like a wave, landing in the pit of his stomach with a sickening thud. He shook his head slightly as he tried to stop the chorus that played inside it - 'Why not me? Why not me? Why not me?'


A million ways he should be reacting as Angel's "Master" swam through his mind, and he seized on what was perhaps the least likely one. Swallowing hard and stiffening his spine, he stretched one trembling hand to door and opened it - noting Angel's expression of surprise and anger before acting.




Both vampire's stiffened when the shower stall opened. It was Lindsey. His eyes were like lit gasoline as he took in what Angel was doing to Xander.


"Get out! This doesn't concern you!" Angel warned.


"Sire and child, right?" Lindsey swallowed, and Angel swore he saw pain there. "You just don't get it, do you, Angel? Everything about you concerns me." And then Lindsey did what Angel and Xander both never expected. He lifted his tee shirt off, leaving on his jeans, and stepped inside to join them both.




Joyce felt horrid from the drug, but she was too much a mother not to worry about Xander and his poor cut hand. What if he got some kind of infection? So despite how unsteady she was, and how upset with herself, she went looking for him.


Just because what had happened between them was wrong and forbidden, didn't mean she didn't care about him deeply.


She didn't find him in his bedroom or the shared recreation room they had. That left only the kitchen, which was deserted, and his bathroom. She hated to intrude on his privacy, but perhaps if she just knocked and made sure he had what he needed to take care of himself?




Lindsey felt like he'd never faced down anything so dangerous as these two wet demons. Angel was clearly protective of Xander and expecting the worst from him, so he got down on his knees, the warm water making his jeans stick to his skin and his long hair cling to his face.


"What the fuck are you playing at?" Angel growled, his cock was half way out of Xander's opening while the smaller man watched Lindsey with stunned eyes. Angel had never looked more alpha to Lindsey than now.


He showed no embarrassment at being interrupted while fucking Xander and he didn't even get soft. Lindsey felt his pulse pick up as he imagined what it would be like to be the one taking that kind of pounding from the dark, possessive vampire.


He knew they could probably smell his excitement, though it was all for his Angel, who hated him.


Lindsey went to Xander and looked up at him, blinking at the hot water that soaked him. "I'm going to suck you off," he said.


Xander stiffened, but Angel just watched, his eyes narrowed, daring Lindsey to go through with it. Lindsey bowed his head and put his face against Xander's sex, nuzzling him gently. Xander gasped, and Lindsey realized this probably wasn't his first threesome, working as a whore, but this was the first time he was the one being pleasured. Despite Lindsey's painful wish that Angel would make love to him, and not Xander, he let it go enough to see the fragility of a boy who had been wounded. "Xander, you are beautiful." He ran gentle fingers over the crown and along the sensitive sides to the thick root and then he kissed him, reverently, trying to see him as Angel saw him and feel pity for him for what had happened to him.


Lindsey swallowed him and began to work him. Xander's hands curled and he threw his head back. "Fuck, YEAH!"


Lindsey saw dark eyes on him, challenging, yet also wide with thought. He'd given his vampire something to think about. Good. He cupped Xander's balls and deep throated him, moaning because he was beautiful and in a way he was doing this to Angel and for Angel...


Angel, meanwhile, resumed his gentle thrusts, and between them they owned Xander's pleasure, cherishing him.




Joyce knocked on the door, but it just opened. The room was full of steam and the sound of someone in pain! She recognized Xander's voice, and she walked in to see--


Bodies, wet and slick... Xander. Her Xander, bent over while Angel moved over him, holding his hips and--


And that other man, Lindsey, had Xander's sex in his mouth. He was sucking him while Xander groaned.


She made a sound. She didn't mean to, but it was such a shock!


Xander's eyes snapped open and his brown gaze fixed on her before she ran from the room.




The shower was another world of steam and need, and played by both of these men, weak and heart broken, Xander closed his eyes and pictured Joyce with him. She was the loving mouth that took him, accepting he was a man, her man, and this was something she wanted to do, just for him.


Just the thought of her sucking him had brought him to the edge when suddenly he sensed her. Joyce. He was so in tune with her, her scent, the sound of her heart.


She was in the bathroom, staring at him while his sire fucked his ass and Lindsey sucked him off. Her hand was over her mouth and she looked shocked.


The moment hung, terrible, and then she ran from the room and Xander gave a sob of hopelessness because the combination of Lindsey's mouth and Joyce being here set him off. He shot, groaning from the intense release, until he fell against the stall and Lindsey pulled away, licking his lips from the taste he'd swallowed.


Angel pulled out and cuddled him close, his attention not for himself and his own needs, but those of his fledgling. "Okay?" he asked.


Xander gave a sob that should have been a laugh. Okay? Now that Joyce had rejected him as her lover and then seen him taking it up the ass from another man? Oh, yeah. He was totally okay!


But one thing his training had drilled into him was that his needs didn't matter. He reached down and stroked Lindsey, cupping his erection and making a silent offer. It was not Lindsey who rejected him, though, but Angel. Angel growled and pulled him away from the other man and in a flash, Xander realized that there was something going on between his sire and the human who had bought him.


"I... just need some time alone." Xander left the other two men, arms wrapped around himself to mimic someone caring about him and holding him.




Angel frowned as he watched Xander leave, but he felt helpless. The boy suffered so much, and he didn't know what else he could do. Sex usually soothed him. He looked down at Lindsey who was soaked, the glyphs on his skin shiny with the water, his tight jeans cupping a lusty erection.




"For you. Haven't you figured out yet that everything is for you?"


Angel growled, and hefted Lindsey to his feet, slamming him against the shower wall, and looming over him, his dark eyes narrowed and full of fire. Searching. Searching for Lindsey's truth.


Lindsey didn't back down. He wasn't sure if Angel would rip his heart out because he knew he was pushing.


Angel made a funny sound, and then his mouth came down and claimed Lindsey. Claimed him, and took him under the steaming heat of falling water. He pushed him against the tile and lifted him so that his body was open to him and he pushed his big boner and his bigger body aggressively into the willing cradle of the smaller man.


Lindsey moaned and took his beautiful vampire's tongue, sucking it gently, and daring to put his hands on Angel's hips. He didn't do anything more, waiting for his cue from his big slave. He remembered how dangerous it was to stir Angel. He'd killed that demon for wearing Lindsey's face and bringing him to need.


"One of these days maybe I'll really be your pleasure slave, Lindsey. What do you think of that?" Angel pulled back, holding Lindsey so he could feel that hard body against his own. All the way against his own.


"I think you'll kill me. Maybe you'll do it for real, or maybe it will be from pleasure. I don't know. Don't give a fuck either."


Angel slammed his mouth down again on Lindsey's, and Lindsey moaned and crowded closer. It was a tongue fuck, teeth biting, cut your mouth kiss. He wasn't backing down from what he wanted from Angel. He already belonged to the big vampire, but would Angel ever belong to him?




Angel pulled back from the kiss again, eyes burning with a heat that Lindsey could feel eating into his skin - making its way inside him from heart to groin. He raised onto his toes trying to press his own hard length against Angel's, groaning as he felt the scrape of the wet denim sliding over his painfully sensitive erection. The big vampire hissed at the contact and kissed his way along Lindsey's jaw and back to his mouth, biting into his bottom lip to taste him.


Lindsey's head was swimming with the words Angel had spoken - with the suggestion that his vampire might willingly submit to him. The image of actually mastering Angel made him impossibly hard and that knowledge made Lindsey do something he'd managed to prevent himself from doing before - he lost control. Aching for more contact, wanting to be inside Angel if his vampire wasn't going to take him - he lifted his hands from where they'd been resting on Angel's hips and pushed him hard in the chest.


Surprised by Linds' quick movements, Angel stumbled back against the shower wall and Lindsey grabbed his shoulders and forcefully turned him to face the wall.


Yeah, this must be what Angel wanted from him, what his Angel needed.


Again pushing onto his toes, Lindsey thrust hard against Angel's ass - biting and licking his way over those broad shoulders, tasting skin that was still cool beneath his tongue even under the warm spray. A strangled cry escaped the vampire's throat as he spread his legs slightly, lowering himself closer to Lindsey. He bent over and pressed his ass back toward the smaller man as Lindsey continued thrusting and rubbing against him.


Angel was lost in the sensation of Linds' thick denim covered length repeatedly brushing against his tight opening.


As Lindsey leaned back and lowered his zipper, the metallic scrape seemed to snap Angel out of the spell that the heat of their passionate kisses had woven around them in that steamy space. Making another choked sound, he elbowed Lindsey away from him and pushed the shower door open with so much force that it was left dangling by one hinge.


The squeaking protests of the swinging door and the pounding of the water suddenly seemed deafening to Lindsey as he was left standing in stunned silence, his purpled and angry-looking cock poking from his open zipper. He had no idea what had gone wrong, but Angel had left so quickly that Lindsey hadn't even been able to track his movements.


With a frustrated moan, Lindsey thrust his hand into his open pants and stroked himself frantically - imagining it was Angel's big hand on him instead of his own. He was sobbing as he came after just a few rough pulls, body jerking as the unsatisfying orgasm drained the last of his energy.


Defeated, he sank to the shower floor, hugging himself - his spent sex dangling limp and sad looking from his open zipper. He had no idea what he'd done wrong, he'd thought it was what Angel had wanted - and now he might have driven his vampire farther away instead of drawing him closer. What else could he give Angel? How could he help Angel accept his needs? He had to find out somehow, waiting for Angel to come to him was tearing him apart.


Giles buttered a scone for Dawn and brought it to her on a tray. She was huddled on his couch, looking small and lost. He sat down and patted her back. "Your mother is safer where she is while she recovers. When this is over, she'll come home, Dawn."


"I want Buffy dead," Dawn said.




"She's a monster, Giles! She tricked Angel and Xander and took mom away!"


Giles took off his glasses. "She's not herself."


"So why don't you help her?"


Dawn looked at him and he wondered why she thought he could fix things so easily, even as he wondered himself why he didn't do just that. "I'm going over to see Ethan again. Willow will come and watch over you while I'm gone."


"He's not a good guy, Giles," Dawn said, biting into her scone.


Giles repressed a smile and somehow kept from scratching the love bite on his back near his left buttock. Oh, darling, you really have no idea. "No, but he's a lesser evil."

Angel had returned to Lindsey's apartment, disgusted with himself for what he'd nearly allowed his "Master" to do - unable to believe how easily he'd bent over for the other man, ready to take him into his own body after nothing more than a few kisses.


Unbelievably hot kisses, the kind that make your whole body feel like liquid fire!


He couldn't believe what he was thinking; he had to break someone - or something. Seeing the hated cage in the corner he stalked over to it, his sex hard and un-noticed as it bounced against his stomach with each step. He lifted the cage off the floor, ripping the door off and flinging it across Lindsey's living room before twisting what remained into a mangled heap of metal.


Angel growled and dropped the remains of his "bed" to the floor, deciding that it was pent up sexual energy from his encounter with his child that was making him so angry - and not his desire for his captor.


He went back into the hall, scenting the air for his fledgling - ignoring the pungent scent of Lindsey's desire and anguish as he passed the younger vampire's bedroom door on his search for Xander. Xander would give him what he needed; he would return the comfort that Angel had just given to him.


Catching the tang of Xander's arousal on the air as he approached the atrium, Angel smiled - it wasn't much of a burden to have a fledgling so well versed in the ways of pleasure as his child. He pulled up short as he moved into the garden, momentarily confused by the added scent of female arousal.


His confusion ended as he saw his child in the darkness between two palms, moonlight glinting off the bare skin of his ass as the muscles flexed. He had Joyce in his arms, gown pushed up above her waist, legs wound tightly around his child's waist as he thrust up into her. One of Xander arms was wrapped underneath Joyce's ass as he supported her weight; he held the back of her head gently in his other hand as he peppered her neck and the swell of her breasts with gentle kisses. Joyce's head was tilted back, mouth slightly open as she silently mouthed Xander's name as he took her slowly.


Angel backed quietly out of the room, Xander's earlier emotions finally making sense to him.


With Xander otherwise occupied, where would he spend all of this energy now that his anger seemed to have faded away?




Spike's sex was bound. Riley watched, uncomfortable and also aroused. Spike stood for it, arms at his sides, head bowed.


"I don't understand why you are wrapping him in that pouch?" Riley finally asked. He was horribly uncomfortable during this test, sure that something here was going to shatter the tenderness he'd found with Spike. He couldn't bear that now that Spike had finally given him his trust.


"He won't be able to achieve climax, but we'll be stimulating him with various tests. The first is the standard flogging test. Will you whip him or do you prefer to watch?"


Riley's huge blue eyes met Spike's calm ones. How was he going to get through this?




Maggie ran her fingers over Adam's head, smiling at how good he was to his mother. She was on her desk, with her panties off and legs spread and he was fucking her, while she gave him helpful little hints on how to please his mommy.


"You said if I did this, you'd give me Riley and Spike! I want to hurt them and I want to make Riley do things for me."


"I always keep my promises to you... you love doing this for your mother, don't you?"


"I want them, mother! You promised!"


"Adam, pay attention to what you're doing or your mother will get very cross with you! Riley betrayed us both. He's trying to take his slave out through testing... most disappointing! I'm afraid Riley is a failure as an experiment. He's nothing like you, my beautiful, perfect boy!" Tenderly she cupped Adam's huge face with it's gruesome patchwork of desiccated skin and green demon scales.


She could have made him pretty like Spike, but Adam was her warrior and she liked that he frightened people. She'd always liked Mary Shelley. If you shed her work of all it's romantic morality, it was a very useful recipe.


"We'll just have to fix Riley and make him more like you," she said, smiling dreamily as Adam continued to service her like her very good boy.




Spike was chained to a pole, and behind him with an laser whip, one of the soldiers prepared to flog him. He was bent over with his legs slightly spread.


Riley couldn't take this! Fuck with pretending he was some abusive bastard who got off on watching slaves being whipped! He shoved aside the other soldiers and techs and went to the pole to be with his slave.


"He's mine. You hurt him and you hurt me."


The young soldier blinked, obviously not knowing what to do. If he flogged the slave, he risked hitting a superior officer.


"Mr. Finn, you might get hurt by the whip!" a tech pointed out testily.


For answer, Riley moved so that his body was partially blocking Spike's nakedness, protecting him.


"What. Are. You. Doing?" Spike gritted under his breath.


"Being a hero."


"This isn't the place for a hero!"


"No, you're wrong," Riley said. He cupped Spike's cheek and leaned against him. "This is exactly where a hero is most needed. If they hurt you, they hurt me. I can take the kink stuff, but I won't let you be harmed."


"I heal up! I'm a vampire."


"And what about me? You think I'll heal up from watching you get flogged while the others wank off from your pain and I do nothing? You think I can be the man I am and just... let that happen?"


Spike sighed. "No, pet. I know you can't. I just don't want you harmed."


"Same goes." Riley dug into Spike's bindings and freed them. "When I spank you, you get hot, right?"


Spike's eyes widened and his cock filled in Riley's hand.


The techs, judges, and soldiers finished debating and the whip came down. It hit them both, but Riley held Spike's gaze as he dug under the pouch and cupped Spike's balls. "You're gonna cum for me, baby," he whispered.


Spike was lashed again, over his open ass. The combination of intense pain and Riley's tenderness flashed through him. How would his soldier react if he told him he kind of liked this rough play? He suppressed a smile because he knew this was going too far for his more tender love.


Riley's eyes burned blue, holding him as he handled Spike's cock, stripping him so he finally moaned and pushed himself deeper into his care. The flogging only stiffened him more. He was wild for it now.


"God, you are sex incarnate!" Riley kissed him and he came with a moan of release. Neither of them noticed that the timid young soldier had stopped until someone cleared their throat noisily and Riley pulled away. His shoulder and back were raw from where the whip had caught him, but it had been worth it and he'd damn well do it again.


"If you are ready to continue testing, Mr. Finn?"


"What comes next?" Riley was wary.


"You take the animal and we measure his response."


Riley ran a tender hand down Spike's sweat damp back. "Do you want me, Spike?" he asked softly.




"Okay, I'll fuck my slave but then that's it. No more toys up his ass or crawling around on all fours. He's my slave because he wants to be."


For answer, when Spike was free he crawled closer to his beloved master and wrapped his arms around one of his legs, leaning his head against him. He was the picture of submission. The perfect little slave turned out by the Initiative with Riley's hand in his hair, petting him soothingly.



Part22 - The measure of a Man


It is a far, far better thing that I do, than I have ever done; it is a far, far better rest that I go to, than I have ever known. --Charles Dickens, A Tale of Two Cities


"What is this place?" Spike looked around in awe at all the silver storage drawers which went up into what looked like infinity and the computerized arm that moved between them, humming.


"We haven't much time." Riley checked his watch. "They are going to figure I'm doing more than you in the men's in a minute."


"I'll tell them you like to take your time," Spike smiled, fluttering his lashes, but his eyes were serious. He knew their time was almost up. Riley could see it when he looked into those blue eyes, but he didn't want to put it into words. Right now he just wanted a smile and to look at Spike. He had the feeling Spike felt the same way.


"This is the storage facility for the DNA and all the coding of every soldier in the Initiative and demon they might want to clone."


Spike's jaw dropped. "Clone! You mean... a hundred little Spikeys running about?"


"Yep, and with accelerated growth they can nuke a soldier or a demon and grow their own army. Socialize them to think and act as directed. It’s what Professor Walsh's real goals are."


"This is... sort of James Bond take-over-the-world evil plan stuff," Spike said.


"Yeah, it is." Riley studied a paper list and then went over to the ladder. He climbed as Spike watched.


"What are you getting up there?" Spike demanded.


"Just something for the future," Riley opened a drawer and pocketed a special tube. Icy air rose from the space. He climbed down and then pulled a couple of small round devices with adhesive clay underneath them from the numerous pockets in his pants.


"What are you going to do now, hero?"


"Blow this place up, of course." Riley said. "I just wanted to preserve something... so it would be there for you if you ever wanted it."


"My DNA? Thanks, I don't think I need another Spike to hang with, and I'm not into twincest."


Riley shook his head, and went over and kissed Spike gently. "Twincest?"


"You virgin, Riley," Spike teased, cupping a possessive and saucy hand over Riley's sex.


"Yep. That's me. Your virgin."


"Damn straight. So we're going to stop the noble act soon, right? And get the fuck out of here?"


Riley was very serious. “Soon, I promise.”


“Why don’t I think you’re telling me everything?”


Riley didn’t answer. “Come on, we need to finish up the testing... make it look real.”


Spike opened his mouth to demand to know what Riley’s fucked-up plan was, but his big soldier was already on the move.




Joyce woke up in Xander's arms.


She was nude and the body resting against hers felt cool and bare. Against her hip she could feel the young man's erection. She blushed as she remembered how he’d come and confronted her after what she’d seen.


She’d been shocked and... aroused. Aroused at seeing Angel and Lindsey doing those things to Xander. Seeing sensual pleasure on his face.


She kept trying to make him out to be a little boy, but when she’d seen that, she’d felt only desire and also betrayal. She’d always thought...


Well, it was silly, but she’d thought Xander had feelings for her. Seeing him with the other two made her doubt herself. Until he’d shown up in the atrium. He hadn’t spoken. He’d taken her in his arms and swept her off her feet and next thing he was pushing gently inside her, while he brushed her hair back from her face...


Now, she sat up, and covered her mouth, and Xander’s dark eyes flew open. He reached out to cup her cheek before pulling away and wrapping a blanket around himself. "You're about to tell me how last night was a mistake," he said in a deep voice. A man’s voice.


Joyce swallowed, remembering the incredible pleasures this young man had created for her. She'd never been with such a tender, giving lover. "Xander..."


Xander got up, all his clumsiness she remembered from his boyhood gone. "Joyce, you need to know the truth about me."


Joyce raised a hand. "Honey, you aren't responsible. That man Lindsey fed me something and I... wasn't myself. You were only trying to help me, but clearly we can't... I can't sleep with a little boy."


Xander glared at Joyce. Then he laughed, bitter. As Joyce watched, shocked and horrified, his face changed... distorted... into the face of a demon like she’d seen in that horrible place!


"Oh, my God!"


"God has nothing to do with me, Joyce!" Xander was right in her face. He took her shoulders and shook her. The skin he'd licked and pleasured held roughly under hands that had only hours before been so tender. "I'm not your little boy any more with the skate board. I'm an initiative-trained whore and I've been a toy for months for whatever demon or human wanted to fuck my mouth or my ass."


Joyce couldn't speak. The sex drug and the intense lovemaking the night before and now this. Oh, Xander. Her Xander was a vampire and worse...?


"So last night, you were just... doing your job, right?" she managed brokenly.


"What? No, I made love to you because I'm in love with you. What a joke, huh? Xander the boy you could never see, and now I'm a dead whore, but the truth is, if my heart still beat, it would beat for you, Joyce," Xander had tears rolling down his cheeks. "Because I love you. Because I always wanted you to be my lady."


There was a shocked pause. Xander could see that it was just too much for his Joyce. He reached out and put a blanket around her, putting her back to bed. "Get some rest," he told her brokenly, before he left her alone.




"This is the last one?" Riley barked impatiently ten minutes later.


Spike was wired up, nude, standing in a special mapping chamber. Riley himself had cuffed him to the restraints, his blue eyes telling Spike to trust him. One last time.


Now Riley looked at his watch and fingered the last thing he'd smuggled from ordinance. The timer in the cloning room was set for 24 minutes. Time was running out.


He and Spike were down in the pit, a special area for testing. It was the very heart of the Initiative science section and it included special safe guards for demon control. It was the last place anyone would ever try to escape the Initiative, which was why for Riley, it was the perfect place to try.


The tech glanced over his shoulder at Riley, and grimaced. Obviously he was tired of the impatient nature of the soldiers. "Each hostile has a natural 'master' figure. Once Professor Walsh recognized this, we were able to use mind/body mapping to make an image of the perfect master for each creature for correction and stimulation purposes. It’s how we artificially stimulate H 17's pleasure and pain centers."


Riley frowned, reluctantly intrigued. Anything about Spike was important to him. "So what does this do?"


"We used it months ago to map out H 17's perfect master... made a 3-D image of him and projected him into H 17's sleeping mind. I'm remapping now so I can project it for you..."


"I don't need to know who Spike's perfect 'master' is. I'm his master," Riley said, but inside the uncertainty he’d always felt about whether Spike had actually chosen him rose again. Was Riley just a safety net for Spike after all? Someone he’d met and used and grown fond of?




Ethan was talking to someone in a low voice in his parlor. Giles looked up from his whiskey. "So I suppose you intend to keep being a brothel owner."


Ethan looked a bit wary. He’d been drugging Giles for the past few weeks. He just thought... well, the old boy needed to relax, but lately Giles had stopped drinking his morning tea.


"Alright, Giles, I suppose the game is up. I have taken some steps to do some good, and you must admit, you did enjoy your idylls of the king, did you not?"


Giles glared. "You are a nice bit of relief, Ethan, but never more than that."


Ethan grimaced. "Always so romantic, Ripper. Right, well, since the game is up, what do I have to do to just get along?"


"Why nothing much," Giles smiled calmly. "Just help me destroy this branch of the Initiative and get my slayer back and we’ll call it even."


"Oh, is that all? Here I thought it would be something taxing! Giles... what if I told you that I want to control the Initiative, and that if you help me, I can do that.”


“Help you? Surely you are joking?”


“Imagine all that research, all those handy tools... in the hands of the watcher’s council, and then tell me you’re not interested, old boy.”


“There is no way I’d ever trust you.”


“Oh, really, well, let me offer my tokens of good faith,” Ethan got up from the couch and led Giles down a hallway to a large observation window looking into one of the cells Ethan used for new demons.


Giles covered his mouth, staring at Buffy sitting with her arms wrapped around herself on the floor, rocking. Next to her, talking to her, and obviously offering comfort, was the missing Oz.


“Will she be all right?” Giles found that he needed reassurance suddenly. It was a blow seeing his hero so reduced.


“Yes, I think so. She’s in withdrawal from the drugs they fed her. They used mapping and her grief for Angel to control her, but I think in time she will recover. Still think I’m evil?”


Giles gave Ethan a grave look. “You are the lesser of two evils.”


“So, will you talk to the council?”


“We’ll work something out, but you won’t be left to run the Initiative on your own if we manage to push out Maggie Walsh. I’ll be there to watch over you, Ethan!”


Ethan smiled and there was a familiar impishness there. “Supervisor!Giles. Yum. My favorite.”




The hardest thing for Riley was to ignore his instincts, warning him the trap was almost sprung. He wanted to take action now. Right now. His trained warrior's senses were on high alert.


Thing was, Spike and Riley couldn't escape, and Riley knew that.


"Are you ready to see the image, sir? I had to rush it, so it might be somewhat flawed."


"What image?"


"H 17's perfect master. Here he is!"


Riley stared at the hologram that appeared on the console beside he and the tech. His eyes widened, and he swallowed. "T-turn it off."


"But, sir, I was sure you'd find it interesting?"


"Turn it off NOW!" Riley strode over to the glass door of the chamber where they were holding Spike. Looked at him. Perfectly formed, with rumpled bed hair, a feline face, and moonlight skin. All along, he’d ached to possess Spike. To be his master. But the truth was, he couldn’t own such a beautiful creature. He sighed, letting his last illusion go. Letting everything go, so he could do what he must...


Reaching Spike’s side, he reached down and without speaking, began to free him.


Spike frowned. "What was that all about, then?" He was picking up some heavy tension from his big lover.


"Nothing... just something I always knew.” Riley reached over for the last bond. “Spike... I love you."


Spike's eyes widened as he was freed. "You aren't going to do anything stupid, are you?"


Riley smiled, and risked one last moment of tenderness. He cupped that clever face, wishing he could hold Spike. Just for a moment. "The moment you were brought into my office I was a goner. I'd never seen a more beautiful and exotic 'pet' before."


Spike followed him, frowning. He saw the way they were being watched and fell to Riley's feet, wrapping a hand around one of his legs in his pretense of submission. Riley touched his hair, needing to touch him in these last moments.


He was about to warn him what to expect when Professor Walsh and several of his unit arrived. Lurking behind them in the shadows, was a large hulking form, and he didn't need Spike's hand tightening on his leg to warn him that this must be Adam. The monster of the Initiative's labyrinth.


"Mr. Finn, trying to make off with a valuable slave you were warned to stay away from? I must say you are a disappointment to me!"




Angel woke up alone. Lindsey was sitting with his shirt open and his hands cupped. His head bowed so only his serious profile was revealed.




"Hey, yourself."


"You look... better."


"It’s partly the wards on my skin. They give me some recuperative abilities. Kinda handy."


"Yeah," Angel sat up and felt pissy for no more reason than Lindsey wasn't in his arms.


"I was thinking maybe I should let you go... I mean, the Initiative is turning all demons into slaves, but there are still places you could... be free of it all."


"Free?" Angel laughed. "After the things I've done, I'll never be free."


"What if I told you could be? What if I told you that I could make a deal with the Man and wash you of your past? Make you... human?"


"I’d say no, that I haven’t earned it," Angel said softly. His eyes were burning with the dark agony that rose sometimes at night. "Linds, you weren’t wrong, thinking I needed someone to pull me out of myself. That’s why Doyle thought Cordelia should come work for me. To keep me attached to people. To make me care."


Lindsey got up and sat down next to Angel. He reached out, marveling he had the right now, and caressed Angel’s hair. "What am I to you, Angel? Someone who keeps you attached to your mission?"


"Yeah, I guess in a way you are. When I was fighting you, you used to piss me off so much I wanted to put you in your place."


"Make me your boy, huh?" Lindsey smiled a little, thinking there was no way, despite the tension between them that had always sizzled.


"Uh. No! Never! Uh."


Lindsey laughed when Angel blushed, uncomfortable.


"What do you want from me now, Angel?"




Show time. Riley felt his blood thumping in his ears as he strode right up to Professor Walsh. She took an involuntary step back, but she knew as well as he did that there was no escape from the Initiative. Especially here, in the very heart of the monster. Also, Riley thought she was still so used to assuming he would obey and go along with her. Always Riley had been the good soldier.


He snagged her arm and pulled out the grenade. "All of you step back or she dies," he said flatly.


"You have to be joking! You know that you and that thing will never escape!"


"I do know that, ma'am, yes." Riley looked over his shoulder to see Spike had vamped and was growling at the other soldiers, prepared to go down with him. He felt his throat tighten. If they got their hands on him now after this defiance, they'd put him down for sure.


"Riley..." Spike's voice was full of grief and knowledge they'd come to the end.


"Come on, time to go into the labyrinth," Riley said, dragging Professor Walsh, his back watched over by a small vampire guardian, while the soldiers trailed after them... and Adam.




Angel woke from the latest night mare to find his hands were tied to the bedpost. He blinked. Huh. Usually his senses would have roused him from anyone doing that to him, but his body must trust Lindsey.


He looked back over his shoulder at the other man, who was waiting to ask him what he needed, and he realized then he’d never been Lindsey’s slave. It was Lindsey who had been servicing him all along, no matter the collar or Angel’s nudity.


"Looking at me naked... kinda turns you on, doesn’t it, Lindsey?" Angel taunted.


"Well... yeah. Where have you been? Evil bad guy kidnaps you to have his way with you?"


"Except you haven’t. Why is that?" Angel demanded softly.


"Because..." Lindsey put down the whip he had thought Angel would need. "You didn’t tell me you wanted me inside you. Fact is, I don’t think you’ll ever want that, but I’m willing to bottom for you. Hell, I’ve done it at every party the Senior Partners preside over."


Angel growled. “Those days are over. You’re mine, Lindsey.”


Lindsey’s vulnerable look lightened a little. “Is that right?”


“Yeah, and I don’t share. Get the lube and I’ll prove it.”


Bemused, and trying not to grin, Lindsey reached into the drawer and got it out. Remembering Angel’s size, he put a generous amount on his fingers before unzipping and pushing his jeans down so he could reach his hole.


“What are you doing?” Angel sounded impatient.


“Uh, what’s necessary to have sex with you, Angel. At least if I want to enjoy it.”


“No... I mean, I thought you were going to put that inside me. So you can, you know, do me?”




The sound of dripping icy water and familiar smell of something rotting assaulted Riley’s heightened senses. He looked back and saw Spike’s gold eyes glittering in the semi-darkness. Spike was like Riley, Riley recognized. Riley might be loyal out of duty and honor, but Spike was just as loyal... out of a kind of love.


They came to the barred entrance to the labyrinth at last. Professor Walsh had been silent, tight-lipped. Riley had her wrists in a tight grip, and she seemed to know better than to try anything, merely biding her time and waiting for Riley or Spike to make a fatal mistake. It wasn’t a question of if, but when, Riley knew.


Behind all of them, her monster Adam was waiting. Riley had a sense that even if it meant Professor Walsh’s death, the demon would still stop he and Spike from leaving his lair.


"Okay, this is where the Initiative comes to an end, ma’am,” Riley said. Professor Walsh laughed and he saw Adam shove some soldiers aside to move closer--


Riley unlocked the door, motioning Spike through it first. After hesitating, Spike obeyed, as he had through every barred door they’d passed until this last one. Riley had made sure he’d go first... that he’d get used to taking point with Riley following right after him. Except now Riley didn’t follow. Instead he quickly grabbed the barred door and clanged it shut, leaving Spike alone in the freedom of the open woods.




"Someone has to stay behind to make sure you get away safely."


Spike bashed himself against the gate, vamped out, feral, and furiously angry with his master.


"Spike, what I never told you, was in South America I lost something. I lost something, but when you let me take care of you, it came back. You don't belong here now, but I have to do this to be the man I am."


Spike was crying now, and so was Riley. "Get out of here and find Angel. He's the one you want, I always knew that."


"What? What sort of shite is that?"


Riley handed him two things through the barred gate from one of his pockets. The first thing was the small demon's egg. The one they'd taken so long ago away from the men who had killed its mother. Just like his big soldier to make sure the kiddie got free! The second thing was the silver tube Riley had liberated in the cloning chamber. He looked at Spike, his blue eyes sad. “If you ever want me, I will be there for you, Spike. That’s my promise.”


Adam roared, making a sudden dive for Riley, but Riley had anticipated him. Riley had one advantage over such a demon: he was a trained soldier, and he knew how to pick his moment. He pulled Professor Walsh close, and plucked the lid off his grenade.


“Down!” He warned Spike, who yelled something obscene, and dived to the ground, but not too far away. Riley knew that Spike was still clinging to some bizarre hope that his master would somehow follow him from this place, but that wasn’t going to happen. Riley couldn’t let the Initiative keep going. Almost from the first reports he’d read, he’d known this moment would come. Spike had told him one man couldn’t bring down such an evil place, and he was right... except if that one man had the leader and her monster in a trap he’d set just for them, using himself as bait. Now was the time to spring it.


From the Initiative behind them, the sounds of an explosion shook the tunnels. The cloning chamber had been destroyed. Adam grabbed Riley, but Riley's blue eyes were serene as he held Spike’s gaze one last time. He smiled at him. “Goodbye, Spike.”


And then the tunnel exploded with fire and rock.



Part 23 - Dignity


Iowa wasn't so bad in the summer. Of course you had to stay out of the sunshine, but that was a given for Spike. He sat under the trees and watched his farm boy out on his tractor, mowing the lawn or... cutting the wheat, or whatever the fuck it was he did out there all day.


Riley was grinning happily as he pulled to a stop and cut the engine. "I finished in record time!" he yelled, jumping off the tractor and bounding over toward Spike like a golden retriever on uppers. Spike put up his hands. "You're a bit damp, pet, what with the healthy sweat. No hugs till you cool off in the watering hole."


Riley pouted. "Didn't I impress you?"


“You impressed me very much,” Spike said gravely.


"How come you don't hug me any more?" Riley was wistful. He scratched the healing scar that Spike knew was under his short hair.


"You're getting too big to hug." Spike wasn't sure how to handle this. Riley was very affectionate. Like a child, he wanted Spike and Joyce to reassure him with lots of touch, as he had when he'd been in pain from the constant operations and rehabilitation.


Spike closed his eyes, remembering finding bloody shards of meat that had been his big soldier... remembering with Ethan's direction they'd set about rebuilding a dead man.


If you ever want me, I will be there for you, Spike. That’s my promise. Riley had said those words to Spike right before he'd died, and Spike hadn't understood until Ethan had taken over and given him a choice: he could have his team try to bring Riley back with what remained of Riley's remains, and the DNA cloning material in the silver tube Riley had given Spike right before the end, or Spike could let him go.


As if there was any doubt what Spike would do!


Riley hadn't turned out like Adam. Instead of being evil and horrific-looking, he looked like a younger version of himself. It was his mind that had never really come back. He didn't remember things.


"Spike?" Riley grabbed him in a sweaty hug, lifting him off his feet. Spike opened his eyes to tell him off but the truth was he wanted to be held. He loved being in Riley's arms, even though he knew Riley was totally innocent of the effect he had on his pale vampire keeper.


"I love you, pet," Spike told him. Kissing the side of his face. "I brought you some lemonade. Why don't you have some now and rest a bit?"


"Okay," Riley put Spike down and went over to the treats, licking his lips like a little boy. Spike had also brought over his toys. He brought them every day and waited to see if Riley would abandon them and leave his childhood behind.


Riley saw the toy truck and picked it up and began to move it back and forth across the ground. When Spike didn't sit down to join him as he usually did, Riley looked up. "I... disappoint you, don't I, Spike?"


Spike shook his head, tears welling in his eyes. "I brought you back. You could never disappoint me."


"But... I think I'm not what you want. You want another kind of me, don't you? Like... I think maybe I used to be smart," Riley had abandoned the toy and looked down at his hands. There was a faint scar where they'd worked on his left one. It would fade with time. Riley traced it.


Spike got down on his knees and pulled Riley into his arms. "This is what I want. Just this. You in my arms, breathing, happy." He closed his eyes and Riley hugged him back, his toys forgotten for the moment.




Joyce got out of the car and walked toward the farm house. She'd been living here with Riley and Spike since Spike had brought Riley home.


"How is Dawn?" Spike asked. He was out on the porch swing, smoking.


"She and Buffy are enjoying their vacation. And Buffy has a new boyfriend."


"Oh, yeah? She's not with Angel again, is she?"


"No, she's dating Oz. They got very close... well, you know, last year when we were all held captive."


"Right. Seems like you were held captive with Xander, but I haven't seen him in an age."


"He and Willow are staying at our house in Sunnydale, helping Giles keep things under control until Buffy's ready to go home."


"Do you ever think about him?"


Joyce blushed. "How did you know?"


"Little signs. Does he know how you feel?"


Joyce bent her head. "We were together once. It was... beautiful, but I'm too old for him. I made him promise to give it some months."


"But you are going back to Sunnydale soon."


"Right, I am. In time for Buffy and Dawn's homecoming." Joyce smiled.


"So I guess Xander will be waiting for you then."


Joyce laughed. "Spike, he's probably dating someone by now!"


Spike shook his head. "He went into those tunnels to look for you, Joyce. Faced his worst nightmare. Any man capable of that kind of loyalty doesn't forget a woman. He'll be there for you when you get home."


Joyce shook her head and blushed, but her eyes were a bit damp and Spike saw her fingers were trembling. Xander had a potent effect on her serene nature, even thousands of miles away.


"I could say the same about you." She sat down on the swing next to him and then looked up toward the floor above, where their charge, Riley, was sleeping.


Spike looked down at his hands. "If anything had ever happened to Buffy when I loved her? I would have found a way to bring her back. Even as a zombie, I'd have loved her. Cared for her. It's the same with him."


"But he's not a zombie! He's sweet and loving!"


"Yeah, I know. Dr. Franklin says he has all his wits too. Nothing wrong with him physically. Just... is a child, is all."


"And I seem to remember you were a slave who could barely talk when he found you. Love works miracles," Joyce touched Spike's hand. "And you do love him, don't you?"


"He gave me back my dignity. Then he gave up everything for me... for the world. To make things better," Spike's eyes were damp and Joyce pulled him into her arms. He gave a funny, suppressed sob, the strain of months of worry and pain telling on him. "So now I'm his daddy, and I can be that for him."


Joyce pulled away. "You aren't his daddy! Not unless you've stopped... feeling about him the way you did once."


Spike kicked out at the floor boards. "No, I haven't, but it doesn't matter what I want. I'm not taking a child into my lonely bed. Touching him now would be wrong. He wouldn't understand. I'd be taking advantage."


Joyce nodded. "Okay, but if he ever wants more, Spike, you are going to have to respect him enough to let him take the lead. He may never again be the Riley you knew, but he's kind, loving and wonderful."


"Yeah. That's my boy," Spike said.




Back in Sunnydale, Joyce watched as Dawn took off to see Janice and then Oz came over and with a smile offered to go with Buffy and Giles her first day back on patrol.


Joyce was exhausted. It had also been very hard to say goodbye to Spike and Riley. Riley had cried and Joyce had felt horrible. Only Spike's comfort had consoled him into believing she'd be back to see him again soon. But she wanted to rebuild her life now. Take up the Gallery again which Ethan had kept paid up for her all the time she'd been missing--who knew that he could be a good man? Though now he and Giles were living together, she had a feeling Giles kept him in line. And then there was Xander. It was time to put that romance aside.


Also... maybe if she left Riley and Spike alone for a while they might sort things out?


She lay down on the couch for a snooze, tired, and fell asleep.


Xander came down the stairs to find his Joyce on the couch, looking like a sexy version of sleeping beauty. He sat down and watched her, waiting.


She woke up and saw him and opened her mouth to say a hundred things he knew she didn't mean.


He took her hand. Raised a brow. Waited. Making his point.


She closed her mouth and sat up.


They sat side by side on the couch and after a while she rested her head against his shoulder. "Are you ready to come to bed with me?" he asked her at last.


Joyce raised her chin. Too young for her? To hell with it!


"Yes. Yes, I am, Xander."




Spike found Riley up in his tree house. He was sitting with his knees against his chest, looking up at the stars. His face was wet with silent tears.


"Ohhh, pet, what's wrong, then? Still missing Joyce? Or are you in pain again?"


"You built me. You put me together from something broken. I know that."


"Yeah, but I had a lot of help." Spike sat down next to Riley and pushed his hair back. Blue eyes looked into his own and Riley's lips were trembling. He was so open now. None of the self-protection that comes from living a normal life.


"Am I still not fixed?"


Spike put his arms around Riley and leaned his head against his shoulder. "You're fixed enough for me to love you."




Lindsey put the brief case down in his new office in Wolfram and Hart. He was nervous. First day back and all. He went out into the hallway and headed for where the new CEO's office was. Opened it and went inside to find Angel sitting on a corner of his new desk, frowning.


"Is this a good idea?" he asked Lindsey.


Lindsey shrugged. "They want to distract you from your mission, but if you really want to take them on, this is the place to learn your enemy. Where better then the belly of the whale?"


"Huh. Yeah. You're pretty smart, for a lawyer guy."


"Why you pay me," Lindsey smiled and walked over to Angel. Cupped his face and leaned down to kiss him. "I'm not a good man, but then neither are you, Angel. So, if you can manage to be a hero, I can try."


Angel covered Lindsey's hand with his own. "Running Wolfram & Hart together? Should be interesting."


"Oh, yeah," Lindsey agreed.




Ethan was in the bath. Giles walked in and looked at him. "The cloning program of Walsh's, you think we've seen the last of it?" he asked his now lover.


Ethan didn't bother lying. The way to keep Giles in his bed was to play as much by his rules as possible. It was very hard, and Ethan thought he'd need the odd Roman Holiday to work out his need for chaos, but it was worth restraining himself if it meant Giles would restrain him. In bed. As often as possible.


"Of course not, I was rather hoping to send Spike and Xander to investigate. Word was she had a branch in South America."


"Spike is unlikely to leave Riley, especially since Riley is so sadly reduced. I think it impossible for him to ever be more than a child," Giles said dourly, but Ethan raised a brow, and Giles dropped to his knees next to the tub and reached over to trace some soapy patterns on Ethan's bare chest. It was just like it had been back in the seventies. Giles had never been able to resist touching Ethan then either.


"Maybe not, but I don't rule out the impossible anymore. Look whom I have in my bed, eh?"




It happened so inevitably that Spike was surprised later how easy it was. So much had been lost, yet some things had survived.


Love had survived.


He woke up in Riley's arms in the tree house where he'd fallen asleep to see Riley watching him seriously. "I want to kiss you, Spike," he said.


Spike jerked away. "What? Pet, you aren't yourself."


"Is it wrong to want to kiss you?"


Spike scrubbed his face, trying to wake up. When had this happened? Just this morning Riley was playing with his trucks and now he wanted...?


"No, it's not wrong, but that's a very adult sort of thing."


"So if I kiss you, I'm an adult?" Riley brightened and yanked Spike enthusiastically into his arms. He pasted Spike inexpertly with a clumsy kiss on the lips which mashed Spike's mouth. It wasn't romantic and it wasn't skillful, so why was Spike so aroused?


"Yeah, that's what it means," Spike said. "But you need to learn a lot about kissing, love. I've kissed blow up toys with better technique."


"I can learn, but I've seen on TV that if you love someone you have to kiss them so they know they're yours."


Spike traced the large bones that made up the structure of Riley's face. His deep blue eyes were fixed on Spike as if he was the only thing in his world. Riley had lost so much, but not his intensity or his loyal, good heart. Here were the pieces of a man who could take a slave and rebuild him, but now it was Spike who was rebuilding Riley. Full circle.


"I know I'm yours, never fear."


"So we'll do a lot of kissing and stuff."


Spike cocked a brow. "I'm still evil enough not to care if you want to play with barbies one moment and do me the next. Guess I'll go to hell."


"If you go there, I'll go with you," Riley promised





Riley mooned Spike in the pond, diving down like a big fish to look for things at the bottom: he'd dragged up an old tire and shown it to Spike a few days ago, and Spike had been properly admiring of his find. He felt his throat tighten as it always did when he remembered the Riley who had been in contrast to this innocent boy he found himself with now.


"Spike!" Riley thundered out of the pond. He was naked, so his lusty erection drew the eye. Spike swallowed, knowing what was coming.


Riley grabbed him in a bear hug, kissing him clumsily. Spike pulled back, rolling his eyes. "That water was cold, pet," he chided, though of course he was hard himself now, knowing what would play out next.


Riley reached for Spike's black silk pants: Spike had stopped wearing black jeans specifically for his boy. These were loose and had an elastic band, so they were easily pushed down when Riley needed Spike. Riley shoved them down now and then pushed Spike against the rough bark of a tree. Spike bent over and spread his legs. Riley parted him and then Spike felt a cool penis against him. There was no preparation, just--


"Ohhhhh, shit, pet!" Spike groaned from the pain and pleasure of taking big prick. Riley hammered into him, shoving Spike's face closer to the tree bark and giving Spike a happy kiss on the neck. "I love you, Spike!" he said.


It was a bit like being done by a big, happy golden retriever. Spike lubed himself up after each time with Riley, just in case his boy wanted him, and with Riley that was most of the time. He might have the mind of a child, and still enjoyed playing with trucks, but since Spike had seduced him, he'd been equally enthusiastic about sex.


"You feel good!" Another mushy kiss against the cheek. Riley's fingers entwined with Spike's on the tree, and Spike grunted from the rough fucking. "One of these days I'll have to teach you to slow down and savor it, sweet," he said. He was raw and stretched to the point of pain, but it felt good... the pain, the roughness. It was life. It was Riley.


"I don't like to go slow," Riley complained.


"Yeah, that's why your driving lessons were such a wash!" Spike rolled his eyes, remembering how Riley had wanted to mow down every car that got in his way. His boy was a wild thing.


"I want to drive Lindsey's car," Riley said.


Spike gasped as Riley reached down in front and took his own prick in a hard grip. He started fisting Spike, and Spike spread himself wider, rewarding Riley for thinking about his pleasure. Riley was doing him like machine, gasping and making happy humming sounds at the way Spike accommodated him.


"Lindsey's car, eh?" Spike smirked. "You know, I think that he wouldn't mind you driving his new BMW Z4 M roadster, now I think on it."


"Really?" Riley almost made to pull out to go do that, but Spike's iron grip caught his hips. "Stupid lunk, finish me first."


"Oh, yeah. I like sex, Spike. I'm glad you showed me how to do it. Now it's my favorite thing!"


Spike turned his head and looked at Riley under his eyelashes. "You're my favorite thing, pet," he said. Then they kissed and Riley groaned and filled Spike with warmth, while Spike gasped out a curse and shot over Riley's hand and his stomach. "I'm all messy, now," he complained.


Riley laughed and yanked him over one big brown shoulder. He headed for a shady part of the pond. "No! I like warm water, love. Warm!"


Riley dumped Spike in the cold water, watching the vampire leap out almost instantly in disgust, his white-blond hair in messy tufts around his face, and water beading on his face. "Stop," Riley commanded.


Spike froze, wondering what was up. That tone... almost like the Riley he'd known.


Riley sloshed knee deep into the water and cupped Spike's face. "I love you so much. You're beautiful, Spike."


"You big sissy, I'm not 'beautiful!'"


"Yes, you are." Riley grinned at Spike's huffiness. He kissed him again and pulled him close. They held hands in the water and across the pond a Canada Goose splashed down. Evening was coming, and they were all alone. Around them was only waving grass and the odd tree with long spread out branches.


Riley lifted Spike in his arms, while Spike's legs curved around his hips as they went on kissing. Spike felt the rise of new passion, and reached down to handle his boy. "Let's go again," Riley said, nuzzling Spike. Spike rolled his eyes, but he didn't protest when Riley laid him down on his back. Riley spread his legs and shoved them high, and then Spike felt a warm, human tongue adoring him. He shuddered and blinked up at the sky through a thick screen of branches. Who knew Iowa was such a fucking paradise?




"I don't want to leave him just yet," Spike told Lindsey as he lit up out on the patio later. Lindsey had left his formal ware behind, and he was actually wearing ratty jeans. It was odd to see him without his edgy city gloss.


"You owe Wolfram & Hart and Angel a substantial investment, Spike. Now we're calling you on it."


Spike tossed his fag out and crushed it, wishing it was Angel's bones. "I suppose being a CEO has made that self-important prick even more insufferable!"


"I happen to agree with Angel. It's time you earn your keep."


Spike glared at Lindsey but Lindsey didn't back down. Instead, he opened a sleek brief case and handed Spike a file. "Tickets, information, everything you need to go down to South America and find out if the other Initiative installation is still in use. Our reports are inconclusive."


"Why is that?"


Lindsey smiled. "Because everyone we send down there disappears."


"Lovely! What makes you think I won't?"


Lindsey's smile widened. "I have a talent for choosing the right people."


"Oh, is that why you're Angel's right hand? I thought it was probably more your talent for gettin' on your knees and suck--"


Before Lindsey could retort, they both heard the roar of a car.


"Is that my--" Lindsey looked in horror at his sleek black roadster puffing up gravel as Riley did figure eights with it.


"He's taking driving lessons. It was real nice of you to bring down one of Angel's cars for him to play with."


"That's not Angel's!" Lindsey closed his eyes in pain when Riley nearly collided with a tree. He looked over at Spike. "You're a real bastard."


"Just hope you remember that Angel doesn't need anyone, pet, and you being human? You can't understand his darkness."


Lindsey's eyes were sober. "You're wrong, Spike. I'm good for him, and I understand him. But then... he's not Angelus and I'm not William."


Spike's eyes widened at the direct hit. L.A. boy had some teeth. "And... the other thing?"


Lindsey sighed. "If you want, I can have the shaman try to restore Riley's memories and bring back the man he was."


Spike felt a cold tingle. "But?"


"Are you sure it's best for Riley to remember some of the stuff that happened to him? I mean, have you actually read his file from South America?"


Spike shook his head. He wanted Riley back. He'd worked for that goal for months and months. Never mind the innocent farm boy had a charm all his own... Spike had vowed to bring Riley back, and this was the last step.


Lindsey gave him a thick file. His eyes were grave. "If I were you? I'd let it be, Spike."


Spike flipped it open at random and his eyes widened at pictures of a mass grave and the burned remains of a village. "Shit." In one picture Riley was holding a child's doll as his men dug a grave for a small, burned body. Spike studied Riley's dirt-streaked face and saw the stern lines of suppressed agony in it, and blue hell burning in his eyes. He didn't need to know that something had happened, and Riley, the boy scout, had blamed himself for that little girl's death.


He looked up from the file over at a dusty and smiling Riley getting out of Lindsey's car. He dashed up and gave Lindsey the keys that Spike had filched and then leaped into Spike's lap on the swing. He hugged Spike close and nuzzled him. "Let's have sex, Spike?" he asked.


Spike flushed a little at his innocence, but Lindsey had looked away, granting them some privacy. He reached over and snapped closed the file on Riley's agony and pulled his boy into a protective hug. "Right, let's go have sex," he said.




Spike got up from the warm nest he shared with Riley late that night. He went to the window and watched the stars begin to fade and the moon drift and fall. For months he'd wanted his Riley back. He'd promised himself... but how could he rape his boy by giving him back those memories of South America and the things Maggie Walsh had had him do?


Riley had been so gentle and sensitive to a despised vampire slave... and Spike knew it was because of his experiences. Without Spike's encouragement, their sex would always have been gentle back then. Spike had seduced Riley, but now Spike had the insight that everything his big soldier had done for him, he would have done without Spike manipulating him sexually. He would have helped Spike, restored him to himself, and never asked for what he burned for.


Spike rubbed his forehead. How was it that he was in love with someone so good, so pure? His lover was fucking Galahad or Percival, and Spike was only... Spike.


He sighed and retrieved the file on Riley's past. Without thinking about it, he shoved it into the fire place and used his lighter to set it alight. He watched Riley's past burn away. It was time to do what was best for Riley, and put him first, as Riley had once done for Spike.


He looked over at the sleeping innocent in the bed, with his hair all rumpled and his ass facing Spike, and he smiled. Didn't mean Spike had to be a total fucking martyr: he'd take the sex.




"But when will you be back?" Riley clutched Spike's arms, horribly upset.


"No more than a week, sweet, I promise... and I'll bring you back something."


Riley shook his head. "I don't want something. I want you!"


Absurdly, hearing Riley say that made tears rise in Spike's eyes. He suppressed them. He had to be the adult now and protect his boy. He had to cover their debts to Angel. "I'll bring you back somethin' hand made from South America. And when I get back we'll spend all day in bed."


Riley started to sob and Spike pulled him in his arms. Joyce and Xander had arrived to stay with his boy, so Spike at least knew he'd be taken care of. "Shhhhh, sweet, I'll be back so soon you'll hardly have time to miss me!"


"I miss you now!" Riley curled close and Spike held him. "I don't want you going anywhere I can't take care of you."


Spike laughed, trying to keep his pain out of his voice. "Is that right? Well, I promise I'll be back soon, so you can do that. I'm a survivor, pet, so don't worry. I'll come back to you."




When the black ops chopper arrived late that night to take Spike on the first part of his journey, he pulled his duster tight around himself and ducked inside. He found two other men waiting, done up head to toe in black gear, wearing face masks. He nodded and strapped himself in, then he sighed and leaned back as the thing dived upwards to take him far away from where he needed to be. Just a week. It's only a week and then I'll be with him again, and Angel can sod himself if he thinks I'll do any more of his fucking errands for at least a year!


He pulled out a fag and made to light it when he caught a familiar scent. He turned in disbelief and yanked up the black mask on the big man sitting next to him.


Riley smiled at him and checked his tazer, his hands loading charges. "Lindsey taught me how to use one of these, but he says I'm a natural. Even better than he is!" Riley crowed happily.


"Pet? You can't be here!"


Riley shook his head, looking like he thought Spike wasn't very bright. "Where else would I go but with you?"


Spike rubbed suddenly wet eyes. He cleared his throat. "Alright, but you do what I say!"


"Don't worry, Spike, I've played soldier a lot. I think I'll be really good at it!"


"And what is it you think a soldier does, pet?" Spike wasn't sure his boy could begin to understand this dangerous mission... could he?


Riley smiled and his eyes had a confidence in them Spike hadn't seen in all the months since he'd died. "A soldier protects," he said firmly. "So that's just what I'll do."

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