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Mile High



Author: NA24

Fandom: RPS - Lord of the Rings

Pairing(s): Viggo/Orlando

Warnings: Toy use

Spoilers: none

Summary: Kink at 30,000 feet.

Nominated Category:

Best Established Relationship – Slash

Best Use of Toys – Slash



Orlando slipped into his seat bare minutes before the stewardess closed the cabin door and he pulled off his navy cap as the plane began to move away from the terminal building. He shook his head, letting his dark curls fall free from their imprisonment and fumbled with his seatbelt.

“Hey, Vig.” He whispered to the man concealed behind the newspaper in the window seat next to him. Viggo lowered the paper and grinned at his lover. “So, you made it then.” He stated.

“Yeah, although it’s a pain in the arse, us having to board separately like this. I just wish we could be a normal couple sometimes.”

Viggo sighed. “Me too, love. But your career’s just too high profile right now. We agreed on this, didn’t we?”

“We did. But it doesn’t mean we have to like it.” The young man groused.

“At least this flight’s not too crowded.” Viggo commented, craning his neck to see around the first class area of the plane in which they were seated. “Seems to be mostly businessmen and rich retired couples. No teenage fangirls to bother us.”

“Good.” Orlando replied as he struggled to remove his jacket. Viggo grabbed a sleeve and pulled and his lover shrugged out of it gratefully. It was warm on the plane.

Viggo’s eyes shifted to the faded blue scarf Orlando wore around his throat. His ‘lambie’, a remnant from his childhood that Orlando took everywhere with him and wore sometimes on his wrist, sometimes round his neck.

“Are you wearing it?” He asked in a low voice.

Orlando’s cheeks coloured and his hand moved instinctively to his slender throat. Beneath the lambie, he wore a cheap fake leather dog collar with a plastic buckle. Viggo had given him a beautiful collar to wear when the couple could share some private time but the older man had been afraid that the steel ring on the front of the black leather collar would set off the airport’s metal detectors. So he had insisted that Orlando purchase a cheap, non-metal one and wear it instead. Orlando had no idea what Viggo had in mind. Perhaps he just wanted to enjoy the fact that Orlando was aware of his submission to Viggo while they flew. Or perhaps his crazy boyfriend had some kind of a wicked plan up his sleeve. Orli knew that asking would probably earn him a punishment. “Nosy elf.” Viggo would say, giving him a disapproving look. Then later there would be the crop or the paddle. He shivered involuntarily.

“Settle down.” Viggo said quietly. So Orlando took a script out of his bag and began to read, making notes here and there. Viggo accepted a drink from the stewardess and stared out at the cloudscape below.


After an hour or so, Orlando put the script away and rubbed his eyes. His mild dyslexia meant that he had to concentrate when he was reading and he felt tired. Snagging the stewardess, he asked for coffee and sipped it, watching Viggo doodle on a notepad, writing scattered phrases and words that only made sense to him.


After drinking his coffee, Orlando perked up again. First he played with his empty coffee cup, spinning it on the tray-table in front of him. He picked up Viggo’s newspaper and put it down. Then he started to fiddle with his pendants, a sure sign that he was bored. He was busily chewing on the piece of New Zealand jade when he became aware of Viggo’s gaze on him.

“Stop that.” Viggo murmured. Orlando let the pendant fall from his mouth. He knew that particular habit irritated the older man.

“Sorry, Vig.” Orli sighed. “I’m just bored is all. You know I hate these long flights.”

“Get some sleep then, love. You’ve been looking too tired in all your press photos lately.”

Orlando grunted in annoyance. “Can’t.” He said. “I’ve just drunk some coffee. Its gonna keep me awake now. C’mon Vig” he whined. “Gimme something to keep me amused.”

Viggo shook his head in exasperation. For all that he loved Orlando; the young man could be such a child sometimes. He guessed now was a good a time as any.

“Fine. You asked for it.” Viggo said, rummaging in the duffel bag that he’d brought on board.

He retrieved something that Orlando couldn’t see and placed it in his hand. Orlando’s eyes widened and he quickly closed his hand round it, glancing warily round the cabin in case somebody saw.

“You know what to do with it. Come back to me when you’re ready.” Viggo said.

“But Vig. Here? We can’t-“ Orli began, then quailed as Viggo fixed a steely blue gaze on him.

“I said do it. Now go.” The older man said, dropping his voice to a threatening growl that caused a frisson of fear and a coiling of desire simultaneously in Orlando’s body.

“Yes Sir.” Orlando whispered, his eyes round. Quickly, he exited the seat and made his way to the toilet. Once inside, he pulled the object Viggo had just given him out of his pocket and stared at his expression in the mirror. His reflection gazed back at him, wide-eyed, cheeks flushed, lips slightly parted. The way he often looked when turned on. Orlando looked down at the anal vibrator in his hand. Viggo had used this on him before so he knew what it was capable of. Was Viggo really intending to torment him with this in the first class cabin of a plane? He sighed in resignation. That was exactly what his master intended and Orlando knew that no amount of begging would make him change his mind. Resigned to his fate. He unfastened his jeans and slid them and his boxers down to his knees.

There was lube in the pocket of Orlando’s jeans. He always carried lube when he was with Viggo because he never quite knew when the older man would take it into his head to fuck him. Anytime seemed good for Viggo. They’d fucked in toilets, in cars, in fields. He’d been dragged down dark alleys by his lover and shoved against walls. They’d made love all over the Lord of the Rings set in New Zealand. Orlando snickered at the memory. His lover had one hell of a kinky streak in him.

Slicking his fingers, Orlando leaned one hand on the washbasin and spread his legs, the other hand slid behind and he breached himself with one finger, then two, stretching himself before inserting the vibrator. Catching sight of his reflection in the mirror, Orlando blushed and looked away, somehow unable to watch himself doing this. When he felt he’d prepared himself enough, the young man pushed the vibrator into his arse slowly. Once it passed the widest part, his guardian muscle tightened round it, pulling it inside, leaving just the end between his cheeks with a wire leading to a handheld console to control the vibrations. Carefully pulling up his jeans and boxers, Orlando let the wire sit between his buttocks. The console, he slipped into his back pocket. Then he pulled the end of his t-shirt down over his jeans.

Quickly, the young man washed his hands and returned to his waiting lover.


Viggo didn’t look up when Orlando slid into the seat beside him. The young man winced and shifted, trying to get comfortable. At last he settled. Viggo continued to work on his crossword puzzle, letting his lover stew.

Orlando was getting hard. He was glad of the baggy jeans he was wearing and he tried desperately to think of something other than the vibrator jammed up his arse waiting silently to do its evil work. Orlando wondered how on earth he was going to manage to keep quiet and composed if Viggo decided to bring him to orgasm right here on the plane. What if he screamed? It just didn’t bear thinking about!

Viggo looked up and was met with a pair of pleading brown eyes. The young man didn’t speak. He knew it was pointless. He smiled at his lover’s worried expression.

“You can do this, love. Just think of it as an acting exercise. Besides, I’m going to make it easy for you. There’s a blanket in the overhead locker. Take it down.”

Orlando obeyed, then sat down carefully again, holding the blanket in his lap.

“Now, put your seat belt on and make sure you pull it tight.”

The young man complied with shaking hands while Viggo rummaged in his bag once more. They were in the back row of the cabin and there was only a man in a suit seated across from him who was busy working on his laptop, completely engrossed. They were safe enough.

“Now, put your hands on the armrests.” He instructed. Orlando did as he was told; watching with wide brown eyes as Viggo wound a silk scarf round each wrist then tied them to the armrests. He worked quickly then pulled the blanket over his lover’s body, hiding the fact that he was restrained. Orlando couldn’t believe what was happening. How was he going to keep himself composed at all with Viggo tying him up and tormenting him with a vibrator?

Viggo smiled wickedly at his lover and drew out the last item needed in his plan. A courtesy sleeping mask compliments of the airline. Orlando was allowed one last pleading look before Viggo popped it over his eyes and settled it in place.

“Now, love, put your head on my shoulder and just make like you’re sleeping. Leave the rest to me.”

Despite his misgivings, Orli was hard as hell by now so he simply gave in to what was happening and did as Viggo had asked, settling his head on his lover’s shoulder and squirming a little to get into as comfortable a position as possible. Not easy with the vibrator in his arse and his hands tied to the armrests. But after a few moments, he quietened.


Viggo left him to stew for a bit. He studied his crossword, only occasionally glancing down at his ‘sleeping’ lover’s face. The older man waited until Orlando had become accustomed to his predicament. Then he slipped a hand under the blanket, pulled the console from Orli’s pocket and switched it on to the lowest setting.

Orlando tensed as he felt the vibrator hum into life inside him, sending the most delicious sensations rippling through his body. Being deprived of his sight only made him more acutely aware of what he was feeling and the young actor focussed his attention on staying perfectly still and passive so as not to betray what was going on beneath the blanket.

Viggo watched him, pleased that Orlando seemed unresponsive. The only thing that indicated that the young man was not fully relaxed was the slight tension in his jaw. But only someone who knew Orli well would spot that.

After a few minutes, the older man began to play with the console, spinning the dial up and down to send pulsing vibrations deep into his lover’s arse. Orlando’s breathing quickened but otherwise he showed no emotion.

“Enjoying that, baby?” Viggo purred in Orlando’s ear. Orlando responded with a tiny “Mmmm”. The older man smiled. “You have no idea how much it’s turning me on doing this to you, Orli. As soon as we get home I’m gonna fuck you senseless. I bet you wish you had my cock inside you right now, don’t you?”

Orlando clenched his teeth as he fought to keep his composure. Beneath the blindfold, his eyes were squeezed tightly shut. //Fuck but this is difficult!// He thought. //Viggo, you are one evil bastard!//

The older man continued to toy with his helpless lover while he did his crossword. To his credit, Orlando didn’t stir. Only a light sheen of sweat on the young man’s upper lip indicated that anything was amiss and even then that could be put down to the heat of the cabin and the blanket.

“Drink, Sir?” The pretty young stewardess enquired as she paused at their row of seats with her trolley.

Viggo smiled charmingly at her. “Yes please. I think a nice cold beer would go down nicely right about now.”

Orlando almost whimpered as he heard Viggo’s words. It was warm under the blanket and he was sweating from the effort of keeping perfectly still. //Christ, I’d kill for a beer right now. Good idea, actually. I think I’ll kill Viggo once I get him off this fucking plane. How on earth did I let him talk me into this?//

He almost licked his lips as he heard the unmistakable sound of a beer can being opened. Then, as the stewardess passed it over, he got a whiff of her perfume and the heady scent of beer. Inside, he groaned longingly.

“Anything for your friend?” The stewardess asked.

“No. He’s sleeping, thanks.” Viggo replied.

The older man withdrew his hand from under the blanket to take the drink. But as he did so, Viggo’s fingers slipped against the console and pushed the wheel all the way to the highest setting. Orlando jumped like he’d been goosed and a little yelp escaped his lips. Mortified, he froze.

The stewardess, who’d been leaning over Orlando at the time, gave the young man a quizzical glance.

Viggo smiled disarmingly at her. “Must be chasing rabbits in his sleep again.” He joked.

The stewardess laughed a tinkling professional laugh and withdrew. Viggo breathed a sigh of relief.

“That was a close one.” He murmured to his captive lover.

“Vig, please. I can’t take much more of this.” Orli muttered through clenched teeth. He was holding the armrests of his seat in a deathgrip as the vibrator buzzed inside him.

“Alright, love. You’ve done so well. Time for your reward.” Viggo said.

The older man slid his hand under the blanket again but this time he headed in a different direction, palming Orlando’s iron-hard erection. //Thank the gods for baggy jeans.// Viggo thought as he began to stroke the hard length of his lover’s cock. Orlando shifted just a little, and the movement caused the vibrator to come in contact with his prostate. At almost the same moment, Viggo squeezed his cock and Orli heard his lover growl; “Come for me, Orlando.”

The young man’s orgasm hit him like a freight train. Orlando stiffened in his seat, glad of the seatbelt that prevented him from rocketing off it. A scream built in his throat that would not be denied and at the last second, Orlando bit down on Viggo’s shoulder, stifling his cry as he came.

This time it was Viggo who yelped, causing the man with the laptop to raise his head and give them a curious look. Viggo grabbed a handful of Orlando’s curls and pressed the man’s mouth hard against his shoulder.

“Nightmare.” He explained to his fellow passenger, nodding at Orlando. The man simply raised an eyebrow and went back to his work.

Reaching under the blanket, Viggo quickly shut off the vibrator and unknotted the silk scarves. As soon as he was free, Orlando whipped off the mask and glared at his lover. “You are one bloody sadistic cunt. D’you know that?”

Viggo grinned then indicated his wounded shoulder. In the throes of orgasm, Orlando had drawn blood.

“I’m sadistic? Look what you did to me!” He argued.

“Yeah, well you deserved it. Have you any idea how hard that was?” Orli snarled.

“I do actually. I felt your cock, remember?” Viggo said mildly.

The two men glared at each other, then began to laugh.

“So,” said Viggo, examining his shoulder. “Was it worth it?”

Orlando grinned. “Yeah, I have to admit, it was sexy as hell. Thanks love. Now, if you’ll excuse me, there’s something up my arse I really need to get rid of.”

“Ok baby.” Said Viggo, sipping his beer. “But listen, when we land, d’you know what’s the first thing I want to do?”

“What’s that, Vig?”

“Get a rabies shot!”

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