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How To Nominate



Nominations are Closed!


Unfortunately, we're low tech and on a free site, therefore a form for nominating is not possible and nominating has to be done the old-fashioned way using email and copy/pasting.


Before clicking the button at the bottom of the page to nominate, you need to:

1. Read the Rules of The Awards


2. Use the following header:


Genre: (eg slash) Visit here to help you decide the categories to nominate for.

Fandom Category: (TV & Movies)

Award Category: (Best Spanking Scene)

Fic Title:

Fic Author:

Author Contact info:







3. If it's a TV Fandom then please give an indication of season and episode if the fic relates to them.


4. You also need to include a working link to the entire fic (or a word doc of the fic complete with the author’s contact info)


5. Please include your name as the nominator. Include 'Nominations' in the subject line of your email and Send to:


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