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Author: Skripka

Fandom: Firefly

Pairing(s): Mal/Jayne

Warnings: none

Spoilers: none

Summary: Mal won't let Jayne come until he says please


Nominated Category:

Best Drabble


Jayne tasted feathers. And polyfill. And whatever else was in the rutting pillow he had in his mouth. But the pounding he was getting was so strong, so forceful…


Well, let’s just say the bunks weren’t THAT soundproof.


Each thrust shook his body. Each scrape across his prostate sent shocks to his brain. And every second, he was sneaking closer and closer to the edge.


But, he held onto his control with whitened knuckles, because he knew, he just knew he wasn’t allowed yet. No matter how close, how much strain, he had to hold back.


Jayne bit deeper into the pillow.


He reveled in the bruising grip on his hips, the scrape of nails on his skin, the sharp bites soothed by the warm tongue. There was sweat dripping onto his back, stinging the welts from earlier. Oh, and every sensation was so good, so much adding together, it threatened to burst the dam.


He held back. Focused on the sounds, the scents, even the sparkly black that pricked his closed eyelids, waiting for that one word…for his release.


Jayne moaned as one particularly brutal thrust left him shaking.


“Say it.”


Couldn’t say it. Couldn’t get it past his lips. Couldn’t even open his gorram lips.


“Say it,” and the voice was strained, now, and Jayne felt a small twinge of victory at that sound, which was swallowed quickly at the next phrase. “Say it, or I won’t let you come.”


Oh, man. The electric sparks were coiling now, insistent, and they had his dick wrapped in sensation, and he still couldn’t open his mouth.


Just one word. One word from him, one word from above, and it could all be over.


Open. Shudder. Shake. Whisper. “Please.”


“Yes!” hissed in victory from above, and the thrusts became erratic, and the voice commanded, “Come with me, Jayne!”


And that was all it took.


The sparks flew, and squeezed, and wrung an intense orgasm from his straining cock. Jayne bit the pillow, already soaked with his spit. He felt himself convulse around the dick in his ass, and realized that his lover had gone still, spilling his seed deep within Jayne.


A sigh, and a separation. Jayne still couldn’t move. He remained quiescent as he was gently cleaned, and only collapsed when he was pulled down into a hug. Mal’s arms surrounded him with warmth, and Jayne settled in with another calm breath.

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