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The Seduction

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The Seduction


Author: NA14

Fandom: Buffy

Pairing(s): Angelus/Xander

Warnings: underage character, D/s, some punishment, non-con issues.

Spoilers: N/A

Summary: Angelus decides he wants to claim the boy, Xander, as his own, but can an evil demon make a tender human belong to him completely?

Nominated Category:

Best Romance - Slash



Part 1


Angelus was bored. He leaned against the alley wall and waited for night fall... or someone stupid enough to come into this place which was safe for a demon.


He watched two teenage boys having some kind of words. The slight one with the mussy brown hair and puppy dog eyes was making jokes and mouthing off to the large lunky-looking boy.


Angelus just knew where this was going and he saw resignation in the eyes of the slighter boy right before he got plowed by the bigger bully.


He lay holding his stomach as the larger boy kicked him and Angelus had to admire the way he didn't cry when he got kicked right in the balls by one of the larger 'friends' of the pack.


"Your fuckin' gay, Xander. Little gay boy who hangs with Willow--"


"Don't you fucking say her name, Larry!" Xander got up and punched the larger boy, Larry, his dark eyes flashing with passion.


Larry was too stupid to see he'd roused a wild cat insulting whomever Willow was. He laughed. "She might as well be a boy, for all she looks like a girl."


"Ass hole!" Xander tackled the bigger boy and they rolled along the sidewalk, until... they ended up in Angelus' lonely alley.


How unfortunate. For someone.


Angelus stepped from the deeper shadows, eyes gleaming with gold sparks. "Boys, don't you know that violence isn't cool? Surely you can find another way to settle your differences?"


Both boys blinked up at him where he watched them, smiling.


The other boys had followed to continue beating on the outcast but they staggered back as Angelus smiled at them. Something about him made them uncomfortable. It made Angelus smile a bit more.


Oh, yeah, I'm the big, bad wolf.


They melted away and it was just Larry and Xander.


Larry hit Xander and the smaller boy curled up.


Angelus picked up Larry and smiled at him charmingly before he went for his throat. Larry's feet wheeled and jerked but Angelus was grunting over him and he rubbed his own hardness against the boy's as he took him. He was going to just drain him but he saw Xander stirring so he dropped Larry and reached for Xander.


The boy cried out, holding his ribs, and Angelus felt something strange stir as he looked down at wet puppy eyes. "Let me see."


"W-who are you?"


"Just a friend." Angelus ran his hands gently over the boy's sides, pressing, and felt where there was some give. Xander paled and looked like he was going to be sick.


He was in tears, but he never made a sound.


Angelus suddenly had an intense image of what it would be like to ride this boy.


He backed away a little, wondering at what was up with him. Something about this boy roused his demon. He smelled innocent and luscious, and all Angelus wanted to do was open him and make him take it. Make him beg for it.




"Uh... I should go. What happened to Larry?"


Angelus looked over at the heap of flesh that was Larry. He could hear a faint heart beat, but he could care less what happened to him now. "He took off," he said to Xander. "You need to get those ribs seen to."


"I can't... my dad... uh, we don't have health care right now. He's between jobs," Xander said, flushing under Angelus' gaze. His eyes would fly up and meet Angelus' eyes and then drop, sending submissive signals that inflamed the demon.


"I can heal you."




"If you trust me for just a moment, I can help you." Angelus moved closer so his lips were almost within kissing distance of the boy's. He wanted to gentle him. Get him used to him...


Xander looked a little freaked. Only Angelus' commanding gaze kept him obedient, that and the pain and shock from his ribs. Angelus had a feeling he wasn't usually quite this malleable.


"I don't know--"


Angelus picked up a sharp-edged rock and used it to open one wrist. Blood dripped. Xander watched him, even more freaked.


He grabbed the boy's face and forced him to meet his gaze. "Taste me."


Xander shook his head, trying to get away now, frightened, but Angelus crowded him close to the wall and put his bleeding wrist to Xander's innocent mouth. The boy tried to resist but there was no denying the dominant demon, so his lips parted and he took in a tiny bit of Angelus' potent blood. There was a pause and then he moaned, responding to the wild taste. He tentatively licked Angelus' bleeding wrist. "That's right, boy," Angelus stroked his hair, watching the lashes fall as the boy sucked him.


He could smell the sudden heat in Xander, as he reacted to the taste of the vampire. He looked down and saw the long swollen imprint of a cock pressing up against the boy's jeans.


When Xander had had enough, he pulled his wrist away. "Go home now. Rest," he ordered.


Xander gave him a frightened look, but he smelled of erotic awakening, so Angelus knew that the boy's body had been deeply moved by his touch.


He watched as, holding his ribs, Xander went and retrieved his skateboard.


Once he was gone, Angelus took a deep breath. Closed his eyes. Why was he reacting so wildly to that innocent child? But there was no reasoning with his demon, whom wanted what he wanted.


He wanted the boy.


So he would have him.


Images of Xander, sweet and willing, filled his mind.


Ignoring Larry's crumpled form, he opened the door into the Magic Box. There was a certain love charm he wanted...



Part 2


Alone in his mansion, Angelus pondered what to do with the love charm. What images should he transmit to the innocent Xander? He closed his eyes and so many hot possibilities sparkled through his mind like bursts of erotic fireworks that he caught his breath.


He wanted.


He wanted that child.


Under his hands, sucking his cock, caressing him, lovin--






What was that?


The big demon frowned and almost chucked the beautiful charm he'd taken from the hands of the dead shopkeeper--good customer service should be rewarded so he'd given her a nice death--into the fire.


Angelus loved no one.


He'd finally gotten shed of Darla and her endless nagging ways. He knew she was also here in town living under the master's hand, and Spike and Dru were in Prague. Dru bored him. Had he ever thought making someone crazy also meant entertaining? His mistake. And Spike... the little bitch.


He wanted someone who would take it sweet.


Someone to soothe his savage beast.


He hadn't known he wanted that until he'd watched a boy get himself beat up to defend his... girlfriend? If the girl Willow was Xander's girlfriend, she wasn't long for this world. Angelus growled in his throat and then paced restlessly. How long till it was dark enough to go hit on his boy? Separate him from the other sheep.


He closed his eyes, running the charm over his heavy cock and then shoving down the black silk pants he was wearing so he could run the cool peridot and amethyst charm over his thickness. So... a little fantasy for Xander... what would it be?


Let's start with...


A tender first kiss?


Just the thought of claiming that innocent mouth and taming it, was enough. He growled as his seed spilled over the crystal, sealing in the hot images. Then to make sure Xander had no chance of resisting him, he vamped and cut open his own wrist, letting a bit of his potent blood drip onto the crystals.


He could almost pity the poor boy.


He had no chance now.


He would belong to Angelus.




"I have something for you."


"Huh?" Xander peered into the shadows of the alley. Not THE alley, since he was too wigged to go near that one again.


"Hello." Angelus stepped from a deep pool of darkness.


Xander's heart sped up and his palms got damp. All his instincts were screaming at him to run.


"Uh. Hi."


"You look... healthy," Angelus studied him in an odd way which made Xander flush.


"Yeah, I guess my ribs weren't really cracked or whatever 'cause I woke up feeling no pain."


"Pain can be pleasurable."


"Riiiight. Okay, look, not that I'm not grateful or anything? But the whole Dark Shadows thing is kind of wearing thin."


"Is it?" The larger man's hand snapped around Xander's wrist and he was tugged easily into the alley.




"Shut up."


"Let go... you..." Dark, gorgeous thing popped into Xander's mind and his eyes widened in shock. Huh? Maybe it was the Count Chocola he'd scarfed down for breakfast. It made him hyper.


"Who's Willow?"


"What? Why do you want to know?" Xander's face flushed with anger and his eyes sparkled. The little puppy would bite to protect. Very sexy, Angelus thought. He smiled a little and smiled wider when he saw the defiance in Xander's eyes. Oh, yeah. You can fight me all you want, baby, until I slide it in you and then you'll just moan at the feel of me...


"Answer. The. Question."


"Fuck you, Dark Shadowy Guy!"


Angelus smiled because yeah, Xander would. Right over Angelus' big one.


"Name's Angelus, boy."


"Fine, I-I don't like the whole grabbing me and pulling me into the shadows thing. You helped me, so yeah, thanks, but I want you to stay away."


"Is that what you want?"


Angelus backed Xander to the wall and put two large palms on either side of his head. He kept his taller and larger frame from touching the boy's but he could see the swelling in the boy's jeans and feel it in his own.


Xander was flushed, a little panicky, and innocently aroused. He probably had no idea why he was feeling this way...


"I don't want to hurt you," Angelus said, dark eyes holding puppy eyes. "I have something for you. For protection."


He backed away and was amused that Xander didn't try to scurry off. The boy was looking a little pissy now, like he wanted to tell Angelus off, despite the fact his human senses were probably warning him that something wicked this way comes had crossed his path.




Angelus held out the pendant, with its sensuous carved peridot and smooth tube beads of amethyst. Amethyst to calm the boy. The peridot had a cameo of two men, on the verge of a kiss, but it was so abstract that Angelus wasn't sure Xander would be able to make it out. Just as well...


"Uh. That's kinda--"


"Gay?" Angelus smirked.


"Look, I don't take candy from strangers."


"You'd like the taste of mine."


Xander flushed even more bright a red, obviously remembering when he'd opened his mouth and surrendered, tasting Angelus' blood on command. "Just leave me alone!"


"That's not an option."


"Why not?"


"Because I said so."


"Okay, you? Are an ass hole. With an attitude problem!"


"Yeah... I'm retro, all right. Wear it for me. Let me see it against your skin."


"And why would I do that?"






"What the fuck does that mean?" Now Xander crowded Angelus, glaring at him. Brave puppy.


"Shhhh. I just want to know what she means to you," Angelus knew when to back down. For now. Didn't mean he wouldn't snap the neck of the little bitch if she had ever touched his boy. He would suffer no rivals.


"She's my friend!"


"If you wear it, it will keep her safe."


"C'est what?"


Now Angelus had the firm ground again and he smiled as he circled the boy, watching the nervous flicker of his eyes and the way the hands shook and were thrust into pockets. Xander was deliciously nervous. Also aware on some primitive level he was in the presence of his new master. It did a demon's heart good to see it.


"Come on. This town? You must know it’s a dark place."


"...yeah, so?"


"So if you promise to wear that and only let me take it off? I'll protect your little friend from all the bad things that eat little girls."


Xander swallowed. "And if I don't? Are you threatening her?"


"Now that I know she's your friend? No."


Xander frowned, seemingly trying to fix upon something he thought he should have caught.


"I helped you, didn't I?" Angelus was completely sincere. He lost the smile.


"Yeah, you did, though I still don't really understand how."


"Part of you does, whether you are ready or not... Xander. I'll keep her safe. Just... please. Wear it for me?"


Xander sighed. Throwing his head back so Angelus saw that lovely fresh skin. Did the boy know that showing his neck in such a vulnerable position was a sexual signal of submission?


"I should get home."




"Fine... but I still think it’s kinda... pretty."


Angelus walked behind the boy and opened the clasp to put it on him. Poor Xander didn't know that now he'd consented to wear it, he wouldn't be able to take it off. Only Angelus could. His new master.


He gently pulled down the tee shirt a little at the neck and brushed the hair at Xander's neck, which was shaggy and silky. Xander shivered. He was so fucking responsive!


Angelus leashed him, putting it on him and feeling his possessive demon calm a little at the sight of his jewels on the boy. His scent on them. Warning off all the other predators in this town that this boy was marked.


Xander turned and looked at him with Bambi eyes, his lips parted and his face so innocent. Oh, yeah, baby. Your daddy wants you bad.


"Thank you," Angelus said sincerely.




Back home in the basement where he slept, Xander rubbed at the stones. They felt weird. He looked like some kind of gay hippy guy. He bet as soon as the guys saw this in the locker room, he'd be teased about it... Shit! Why the hell was he wearing the fucking thing?


Disgusted with his bizarre capitulation to the mysterious stranger, Xan pulled at the clasp. No joy. It didn't give.


Frustrated, he finally yanked at it, waiting for the strand to give from the pressure, but the thing didn't break. The hell...?


He fell on his bed, upset. He couldn't even fucking get some necklace off. Yeah, he was a real man.


Upstairs he heard his father shouting... heard the crash and flinched. He hated that he did that. Still. Flinched at the sound. His mother yelled back and then--


Xan got up, ready to run upstairs and defend her--


He heard her crying and heavy footsteps. His father was going to hit her again.


Heart thudding and stomach twisted with dread, Xan climbed the stairs double time.


To put himself between his mom and his father.


He knew where this would go already, but he had to do it anyway.




Willow called when he was lying curled on his bed, nursing his bruises. His mouth had stopped bleeding, but he was such a fucking hero he was still crying.


"Hey, what about our big, exciting homework orgy?" she asked him in her husky alto. He felt the comfort of Willow-goodness. Willow-friend. Willow-cement that helped him stay sane.


"I had to bail on that, sorry. Can you help me a little... day after tomorrow?"


"You skippin' again? Xan..."


"Willow... I uh, don't feel well, is all. No big, okay?"


His father's fist. And then, worse, his mother turning on him. Yelling for him to get the fuck away. Hitting him so his mouth bled where her wedding ring caught him.


"...are you sure you're okay?"


"Peachy-goodness," he thought his tears would reach her through the phone and closed his eyes. He didn't want her to know. He'd just tell her when he could sit up straight and his belly wasn't hurting so much from where his dad had kicked him that Larry had beat him again.


"Okay. You sound tired, so I'll let you go then."


He held back the sobs somehow, suddenly feeling overwhelmed by his life. By how fucked it was. "Yeah, you should probably go. Make with the homework. But Will?"




"I'm so glad I have you and I'd never let anything happen to you."


"Same goes! See you at school, okay?"






He cleaned himself up in the bathroom and he didn't think he looked too bad. He had some cover stick for bruises he'd bummed off his mother and lots of practice using it for school days.


It still hurt to move, though, and he clutched his stomach as he went back to his bed. He lay down, and shoved off his jeans and tee so he was wearing nothing but the necklace Angelus had given him. What kind of name was Angelus anyway? Guess the guy was Italian. He rubbed the stones and for some reason he felt calmer. Soothed.


He closed his eyes, so tired, and he had his first dream about Angelus.



Part 3 - Demon Ball


Angelus lay back on a long settee and watched the demon ball. He didn't want to be here, but the master's toy demons had issued invitation after invitation and he'd gotten bored with ripping their heads off and leaving them on telephone poles in various parts of town. It was exhausting, being evil.


But he knew better than to show weakness to either the master or Darla, so here he was, sitting all alone (it seemed the other party guests were too afraid to come any closer) and thinking about his boy. He wanted to taste his blood. Needed it. Maybe he should follow him home and get him to invite him inside. He knew he lived in a basement, which wasn't the most elegant of places, but now that he belonged to Angelus, that would be changing. He wasn't sure if he should kill his family.


Killing his own parents hadn't done him any harm, but he'd been a demon. However, it had sent Dru round the bend, and he didn't want a broken or damaged Xander...


He frowned. Courting a tender human boy was hard work for a demon. He could just rape him, true, but he had all these visions of that puppy defending him. Being as sweet to him as he was to the Willow-girl. He wanted that. Wanted a willing, sweet boy who dropped his eyes when he was told and spread himself on command... not out of fear, but out of real tenderness.


Because Xander cared about him...


Angelus was too proud to love, and it was a human weakness, anyway, but he found he wanted the boy to love him.


Darla sidled over with her latest pet on a chain. It was a beautiful, naked black woman who looked very pretty with the moonstones over her skin. Angelus felt a moment of regret looking at all the pretty human pets that he hadn't yet broken in his Xander.


If he had, he'd have the beautiful boy now, kneeling naked at his feet, head bowed, wearing nothing but Angelus' jewels and at a sign from his master he'd take cock and suck it...


"Angelus? Hello?" Darla sounded annoyed.


Angelus sighed. "What d'you want, Darla? I came, didn't I?"


"As well you should! You owe me fealty as your sire."


Angelus didn't dignify that with a response. Darla stamped her foot and the pet at her feet glanced up at her with fear. She obviously had been possessed long enough to know who would pay if her mistress was displeased.


"It's not my fealty you'd be wantin,' Darla, but my cock, as we both know," his voice dropped to the cadences of his youth out of habit.


"You presume! I have many pets to see to my needs!"


Angelus sat up and smelled her sudden arousal. Perhaps he'd give her a hot toss, after all... but then he saw she wanted that and sought to control him and he wouldn't wear her pretty chains. No one owned Angelus.


"Lie to yourself while you go down on your master, fine, but remember when you taste of that moldy penis, it’s me you're wanting."


"Bastard!" She threw herself close to claw at him and he punched her, watching her roll and tumble away. She hated to be reminded of her 'duties' to her master and well he knew it, but Angelus couldn't seem to stop taunting her with them whenever he saw her. He knew it wasn't the smartest thing to do, but oh well.


"Are there any freebies, left?" Angelus referred to pretty human slaves brought to the party to be enjoyed and disposed of, not the personal pets of the demons here tonight.


Darla wiped blood from her mouth and gave him an incredulous look. "You don't even care that you have displeased me?"


"No," he said, and got up to find where they'd penned the party favors.




He found a few young men penned in what looked like a giant baby's play pin. It was even decorated with black roses in honor of the event and so were all the disposable pets. Each one wore a rose around their neck and they were a very pretty selection indeed.


His cock was aching for Xander, but Angelus knew it was too soon.


He felt the wild need for blood and sex from his demon and he couldn't unleash it on his boy. He settled for taking two pets and paying for them with a handful of jewels.


He led them back to where he'd been reclining. One was a larger dark-haired man and the other slighter. Their builds vaguely reminded him of himself and Xander, which was why he'd chosen them.


"Being they took you both off the streets of LA, I'm thinking you would be good actors. I am going to give you some lines to read, and you will speak them for me," Angelus growled.


The pets had been nicely broken in. They didn't speak since they hadn't been given permission, but merely kneeled at his feet, heads down.


His cock rose harder as he pictured Xander here at a ball such as this, only he'd not even look at the temporaries while his sweet boy was with him.


"You, you will submit to the larger man. Call him Angelus. You will do anything he asks and you will enjoy it."


The boy nodded.


"And you, I want you to fuck this one. Call him Xander. Do it slow. Really... draw it out for me. If you both please me, I might let one of you live."


He saw a shiver run through both of them but they had been trained so nicely he saw them both stiffen on command. The larger one pushed the smaller so his head was on the floor and then put his cock to his ass. Angelus watched through slitted eyes and he pressed inside the opening and began to fuck the other man. His hand dug down into his own silk pants...


"Please, Angelus, fuck me--"


"Feel so good, Xander... uh! So tight!"


Oh, yeah. This party wasn't as boring as he thought it would be. Angelus took his cock out and began to stroke it with gentle fingers. "Come here, boy, take it--"


'Xander' crawled over obediently and opened to take Angelus' cock while the other man fucked him. Angelus moaned at the hot human mouth and closed his eyes. He wished he had some clothing of Xander's to make the fantasy more real, but this wasn't bad on the fly.


"That's it. Suck it deep..." His eyes closed and he lost himself in hot thoughts of the tender boy he wanted.


But after he spilled, he felt a wave of dissatisfaction. He wasn't looking down into soft Bambi eyes, but the frightened eyes of a boy taken off the streets, put through pet school, and brought here. He didn't understand what was wrong with him, but instead of making the humans do more things for his pleasure, or killing them both as he had intended, he got up abruptly and zipped up.


His throat felt oddly tight.


He needed to see his Xander.


Smell him.


Touch him.


Watch the defiance and the fear and the shy desire in his eyes.


He even found himself smiling as he walked through the dripping tunnels as he wondered if the boy would argue with him. Tell him off. Whenever he did, it got Angelus so hot... he wanted to kiss away that defiance and hear a soft, thready moan of surrender...




Xander had somehow got through the last two days all right though he thought gym would kill him today. He lay on his bed, drifting, so tired and hurting he couldn't move, but also, a little afraid of going to sleep.


His dreams...


His dreams were freaking him out.


Every night he had a different one about the mysterious Angelus.


He ran a hand over his eyes, swallowing thickly. His cock rose as he remembered the one where he'd agreed to pose naked for Angelus since he was an artist and Xander his model.


Holy jumping beans! He'd never had such erotic dreams in his entire life. He'd wake up stiff and aching and so needy, but too afraid of his own thoughts to give himself relief.


Now he sighed. He was hungry, but afraid to go upstairs. Maybe his parents would go out to bingo, and then he could sneak up there and get something to eat.


He was almost asleep when he heard someone knock on his dark window. His heart leaped into his throat and he had a weird feeling he knew who was outside.


He got up and looked up to see Angelus crouched over and smiling at him, one eyebrow raised. "Let me in, Xander," he purred.


Xander knew that was a very bad idea. "No," he said.


The dark eyes seemed to change color, but it had to be a trick of the light. "Let me in or I'll visit your parents."


Xander felt an icy feeling run down his spine. ...visit his parents. Why did that seem like a terrible threat?


He saw the head disappear and he yelled and ran up his stairs and flung open the door...


...and found an indolent Angelus leaning against the side of the house, smiling and calm.


"I can't get your necklace off!" he found himself blurting stupidly.


"Of course you can't," Angelus didn't sound surprised or offended, but unruffled.


"I want to get it off," Xander complained.


Angelus moved close and when he reached out and stroked Xander's shaggy hair, Xander felt his heart stop. "No, you don't," he whispered.



Part 4 - The Garden House


Angelus couldn’t resist. The smell of Xander’s fear, nervousness and sharp desire shot through his paper-thin control. He hefted the boy up and slammed him against the building, putting himself between the cradle of his thighs. Putting his ready bulge snug up against his boy’s–


Xander cried out, but not in ecstacy, as Angelus had hoped. In pain.


“...What?” Angelus gently put the boy on his feet, looking at the sheen of tears in dark, soft eyes. Christ’s ghost, the boy could have been the model for those big-eyed boys in velvet paintings that were so popular in the 70s.


“...Nothing,” Angelus saw fear... and shame?


“Someone hurt you?” Angelus felt incredulous. That someone would dare? It couldn’t be a demon. No demon would cross him unless it was his bitch of a sire and her master.


“I’m okay...” Xander reached out and for the first time touched Angelus willingly. The light touch seared the demon’s skin, but it wasn’t enough to placate him.


He grabbed the boy’s face in his big hands, looking into his eyes, forcing his will upon him. “Tell. Me. Who.”


“I... got beat up again,” Xander smiled weakly.


“No, you’re lying, Xander. I can smell it. Don’t lie to me. I don’t like it.”




“Tell me who so I can–“ Peel their skin off slowly. “Talk to them.”


“Now, you’re lying, aren’t you?” Xander shook away the hands and in his surprise, Angelus allowed it. His boy could be so reckless sometimes, but only in the defense of someone he cared about–


And then he knew. And he felt a peculiar sorrow that was alien to a killer such as himself. Oh, Xander...


“Is it your father or your mother? Or both?”


“No, you’re wrong.”


Angelus growled and he let go, his attention now on the lit rooms of the upper floors of the Harris household.


Xander seemed to see some of the sudden danger for his parents in that dark, steady gaze. He grabbed Angelus’ arms, putting himself in his path, like a puppy taking on the Terminator. “They didn’t mean to.”


“Good for them. I do mean to.”


“You’re... a monster, aren’t you?” Xander breathed the words as if he was afraid to say them too loud. Make them real somehow.


Angelus looked down at the boy, took in the trembling lips and the fear and the raw pain. The shame and the stubborn courage.


“And you’re a little hawk, aren’t you? For those you love.”


Xander flushed. “This town... you were right. There are things. Very bad things.”


Angelus nodded.


“And... and Larry was found in pretty bad shape. Someone had hurt him. They got to him in time. Just.”


Angelus watched calmly as Xander put the pieces together. “You hurt him somehow, didn’t you?”


“He hurt you.”


Xander let out a sigh. “You can’t hurt every kid in this town who’s hurt me or you’d have to go back to kindergarten”




“Angelus... what are you?”


Angelus experienced an odd sensation. He wasn’t sure what it was. He rubbed his chest and recognized with shock finally that it was fear. The elegant terror of Europe was afraid. Of this boy’s disdain. Of being turned away because he was too much for the boy to accept.


Angelus leaned his forehead against Xander’s. “I am a monster, but I want to be your monster. Help me... help me to do that.”


Xander took a deep breath and Angelus saw the steel in him that only death could shatter. “You can’t hurt my parents.”


“Not an option: they hurt you,” Angelus growled. “I need to stop them.”




“No one touches what’s mine.”


“Hey, I never agreed to be yours!”


“Yes, you did.”




“When you agreed to wear my jewels.”




“What? This was like... some kind of engagement ring?” Xander tugged at the necklace, looking even more frantic to get it off now.




Xander threw back his head again and it was all Angelus could do not to accept such a sweet offering. “Please... don’t hurt them. They don’t love me, I don’t think, but I don’t want them hurt,” he asked simply.


Angelus had no idea how to respond to that. Here was his boy, begging softly. How could he refuse him? Yet, he couldn’t live with the fear that they would hurt him anymore.


“Come live with me,” he said.




“You don’t want them hurt. Okay, I can”--just barely--“not hurt them. For you. But you need to be somewhere safe so I know they can’t touch you.”


“I don’t know... this thing you want from me. It’s on the sexy side, isn’t it?” Xander dared.


Angelus smiled, his face lighting up, and Xander caught his breath at that beautiful, angel’s smile. That’s where he gets his name, he recognized. From that smile.


“Only if you want it to be.”


Xander rubbed his mouth. The problem here was he couldn’t trust himself. Those dreams... and how he felt. He wanted it to be on the sexy side and that wigged him out.


What he most wanted now? Was to do the scardy hideaway. Go back inside his basement, where his instincts were telling him he’d be safe from his beautiful monster, and stay there until he went away... the only problem was that he knew that Angelus would go away. And find his parents.


“I wanted you to give yourself to me,” Angelus stroked his hair and Xander wanted to close his eyes and lean into that touch. He couldn’t believe how his body went into autopilot whenever he was around the mysterious stranger. Now he heard almost a kind of sorrow in Angelus’ voice.


“Will you let me do that anyway?” he asked softly.


“I need you safe. I’d hoped... that you would want to come live with me. Willingly. Now I need you to agree. To keep you safe.” Angelus shocked Xander with sudden violence. He reached out and ripped away flannel and tore soft cotton so that Xander’s tummy and chest were bare. Xander closed his eyes and a red wash of shame ran up his face because he knew that his secret was clear to see. Faded bruises. New bruises. Scars...


Angelus growled, and the sound made the hair stiff on Xander’s neck.


“Please.” He took Angelus’ thick wrist. “Please don’t hurt them, and I’ll come live with you... only I think its sort of illegal? Not to mention, I’m like, underage...”


“I’ll take care of that. Your parents will make me your legal guardian,” Angelus knew someone who could handle it for him. He didn’t trust himself to be within striking distance of the Harris adults. “How can you be so...” Caring? Tender? “when you come from the house of man who would do this?” He stroked the line of a scar below the softly defined pecs of his boy. Xander gave a little high gasp and his eyes fluttered closed and Angelus wanted to slam him against the wall and take him. Feel those heels digging into his working ass as he–


Too soon. He leashed his demon. Barely.


“I’m a softie.”


Angelus looked down pointedly at the huge boner in his boy’s pants and cocked a brow, loving the way that Xander flushed the color of sweet cherries. One day he’d cover him with cherries and chocolate and enjoy him as the sweetest of desserts...


“Come live with me and be my love,” Angelus held out a hand.


“Uhhhhh.” Xander said.


Angelus sighed. “Come be safe so I don’t have to... do anything to keep you safe.”


“Okay. But I still go to school and I still see Willow and... and I’m still Xander Harris.” Xander laid down his own rules.


Angelus blinked. A little hawk. Yes, he could see him. Darting out of the sky with reckless courage.


“Of course, but there will be rules in my house too,” he said, cupping the jaw and leaning in at last for what his body and the alien tightness in his throat demanded.


“What are you doing?”


“One kiss. Please? I’ve been very good.”


“If you kiss me... it means I’m gay.”


“Only if you like it,” Angelus laughed.


“That’s not comforting.”


“Please...” Angelus nibbled at a plump lower lip, full of luscious warm blood, and soft under his touch. He wanted inside Xander. His mouth would be a start.


“Ohhhh, fuck...” Xander reached up and his hands softly tangled in Angelus’ hair, pulling him close. Consenting. Inviting.


Angelus closed his eyes and growled softly as his boy asked for his touch. He covered his mouth with his own and felt the jolt of that hot contact harden his balls. Smelled the answering heat bloom in his boy.


His tongue penetrated Xander gently. It was hard to not take and pillage, but he wanted his little hawk to care about him. To defend him and love him the way he did his Willow friend and his parents. If he was gentle, would Xander come to care for him that way? He wanted that, so he kept his demon from taking what he wanted and gentled himself for Xander.


Xander rewarded his care with a soft, breathless moan and a sort of pained laugh. “I think I’m gay. Or you made me that way!” He sounded a bit miffed at the last.


Angelus rubbed his lips gently against Xander’s mouth, feeling that tight throat sensation again as well as a strange pain from his heart. What was he feeling? “I’m sorry,” he smiled as he pulled away.


But he wasn't as he licked his lips and tasted sweet Xander on them. Not sorry at all.




Back at the mansion, Angelus felt queerly nervous. How would Xander see his home? How would it look to a boy his age? He felt so different from Xander he might as well be an alien in outer space. It made him nervous, which also made him cranky.


Xander looked around at the carved stone walls and mission furniture. The stained glass lamps. He didn’t say anything as he walked by the big hearth and made his way to the glass doors that led to Angelus’ little folly. A garden.


Xander opened the doors and looked out at the dry fountain and the jasmine. “Your fountain’s broken.”


Angelus had followed him. “I’ll get it fixed,” he said.


Xander looked back over his shoulder at Angelus and Angelus saw a smile. Almost... indulgent. As if somehow he could see the nervousness and need in Angelus for Xander to like and accept his new home.


“I have... Voltaire. And books of poetry. And this house was built by Frank Lloyd Wright,” he rambled.


Xander put his hands in his pockets and his dark eyes were lit with amusement. Yet, Angelus didn’t feel like he was making fun of him... it was very odd.


“I don’t know who Voltaire is... but uh, I think I know that other dude. He built some kind of house over a water fall, right?”


“Right.” Angelus smiled back, wanting to preen. Xander was impressed with his house!


“Cool. So... where do I sleep?” Now Xander looked nervous.


Angelus wanted to say the obvious, but he stayed himself.


“In your room,” he said mildly. He pointed to a separate structure, on the side of the garden. It was buried in ivy and jasmine with a little dark window. One lamp lit the hidden entrance. He followed Xander as he walked over to it. Handed him a big, old-fashioned, heavy silver key.


Xander glanced at him over his shoulder and then opened the door. It creaked from disuse and then he hit the switch and found a plain, single bed with a white bedspread and a bedside table and a stack of books sitting on the floor beside it. But all that was shoved aside because there was a large desk, full of papers and little pots, stained with dark, vibrant paint...?


Leaning against the wall were canvases. Some bare, some with figures or scenery scrawled over them.


The place was a little artist’s studio.


“I can clear it all away,” Angelus felt nervous, now his secret passion was revealed.


Xander gave him a look under his lashes and smiled, as if understanding he was somewhere very intimate. “You’re an artist.”


Angelus flushed. “Not a good one. I just like to sketch things... beautiful things.” He looked at Xander and couldn’t wait to sketch his boy naked, with his shaggy hair and wearing nothing but the stones that Angelus had leashed him with.


Xander turned red and Angelus smiled now. He had a feeling Xander knew what he fantasized about. Of course, after he’d posed for Angelus, he’d open his arms and his legs sweetly for him...


“I didn’t get the chance to bring any clothes!” Xander suddenly realized he was wearing his torn tee shirt and flannel and old jeans. What about school the next day? He didn’t even have his shaving kit.


“Uh. Well, we can go to a drug store and get what you need. Clothing... you could wear something of mine...?” Angelus’ tone threaded off hopefully but he saw the glance that Xander gave his charcoal silk pants, so he guessed it wasn’t quite what teenagers wore.


“Do you have any, you know, jeans?”


“Uh. No.”


“Okay, well, I need to go home.”




“I need to get some stuff–"


“First. This is home.” Angelus’ tone brooked no argument. “And... I'll go out tonight and get you what you need."


"But the shops are all closed."


Angelus' face didn't change expression.


Xander's lips firmed and he strode right up to the big demon and poked him in the chest. "You're going to do something bad, aren't you? Like just... steal stuff?"


Angelus didn't admit it. His gaze now was usually enough to make most people run in fear. Xander didn't back down.


"I don't want you doing bad things for me."


"Xander..." Angelus sighed, rubbing his neck. How was he going to deal with this? Stealing didn't even register as a sin for him anymore... not that he remembered being very moral even when he was human. He had no... compass to tell him where to tread now he'd taken this tender human into his life.


He didn't want to crush him.


He wanted him to care about him.


So how could he carry on his merry way, doing what came most natural to his carefree demon?


He frowned.


Xander was complicating things...


"No! You said I could be me, and I'm telling you that's not okay. I don't want you hurting people or... stealing."


Angelus bit his lip. Hurting people? Did draining them of their life's blood count if they enjoyed it?


"I don't know if I can be what you want," he said honestly.


"Just promise me you'll try."




"Uh Uh, Angelus, that's the way it's got to be. Or I'm leaving right now!"


Angelus felt that peculiar pain. He could chain Xander in the dark rooms below. Away from sunlight. He could take him any time he wanted.


But would that give him what he wanted? A Xander who would take on seven bullies for someone he cared about?


He closed his eyes. "I'll... try," he whispered. "But do something for me now?"


"What?" Xander didn't look too thrilled and Angelus almost laughed.


"I'm going to sit down on that chair there?" Angelus went and pulled out a chair and sat down and noticed how Xander relaxed when he wasn't looming over him. "And I want to see you. Please."


"Huh?" Xander looked deliciously bewildered.


"Your body. Your sex. I want to see you..." Angelus swallowed and used the word that seemed to get him what he wanted from the wary boy. "Please?"


"Why would you...? I'm just. Ordinary." Xander looked like he wanted to dive behind the bed. His face was on fire.


"Ordinary?" Angelus scoffed. "You are so very far from ordinary. Please... I've been a good boy. Very good."


Xander chewed his bottom lip, making Angelus wish he could do that for him. "Is this because you're an artist? You know, that you like to see the human body and all that?"


If it relaxed the boy to think that, it suited Angelus. As long as he got to see what he now owned. "Yes, that's exactly right. I want to sketch you. Paint you."


"I'm... shy," Xander stated the obvious.




Xander sighed, long-suffering, but Angelus saw his fingers were trembling. Without a word and with his hair adorably mussed and his eyes nervous, he shrugged off the torn tee so Angelus could feast his eyes on the smooth baby skin of his chest. The long, lovely lines of a young man. Xander next slowly unzipped himself... hesitating--


"Show me!" Angelus growled. "Show me your sex."


"Fuck, not subtle, are you?" Xander groused, but Angelus saw it was a brave front because his virgin was trembling. He wanted to take him in his arms and comfort him before licking and adoring every part of his body, but he knew it was too soon for his tender boy.


"Not usually," Angelus agreed.



Part 5 - House Rules


Xander peeled off the jeans, so they sagged just below his rump, but he cupped his sex instinctively. Partly Angelus thought out of the fear of being exposed to a dangerous predator, which he knew the boy sensed he was, and partly out of his virgin's self-consciousness.


Angelus leaned back, wondering how to handle this. He wanted to rip those jeans off, spread Xander on the bed and spend some time sniffing his sex. To a vampire the whiff of such a ripe, sweet boy was luscious. Not only Spike preferred veal.


And Angelus could smell also Xander's virginity.


It nearly drove him crazy with the lust to take it...


He cupped his chin in his hand, tapping his fingers as Xander blushed and cupped himself and looked like he wanted to die of his shyness.


"Okay, I think we need to spell out the 'house rules,'" Angelus said.


"Uh, can I put my jeans back on?"


"No, you can't. That's rule number one... which I'll get back to after we talk a bit more." Angelus sighed. "Having a tender human boy under my roof seems to involve a lot of talking."


"Hey, I didn't ask to come be under your roof! You threatened to visit my parents if I didn't come here!"


"Semantics." Angelus smiled at the fiestiness.


"Yeah, right," Xander rolled his eyes.


Angelus laughed... it was a rusty sound and it surprised him that while he was on fire with such dark, needy lust he could feel that.


The magic of Xander.


Abruptly he recognized he was wise to try to woo the boy. This is what he needed. Whatever it was that would make him laugh. He didn't want to crush it like carelessly strewn rose petals under his feet.


"You make me laugh," he said, smiling.


"Okay, you do know you shouldn't say that to a guy when he's got his goods hanging out, right?"


Angelus laughed again, delighted and Xander smiled shyly.


"Come here, boy."


"You aren't gonna pounce, are you?"


"I promise to restrain myself."


Xander tugged up his jeans a little and the hand didn't go away, but he moved to almost within touching distance of the big demon.


"We need some 'safe words,' I think they are called." Angelus frowned.


"'Safe words?'"


"Yeah, people who like a certain... uh, I think some humans do things like a lifestyle? And they have safe words so they can play a game but the boy under his master can let his master know what he's feeling."


This was too much for Xander. He got so riled up he forgot to cup himself and both hands went up to make his point, which made his jeans sag to his knees and let Angelus see the soft sex of his boy at last--


"Wait! Boy? Master? Uh! I didn't sign on for any of that!"


Angelus reached out and with a very careful finger he outlined Xander's sex, not touching it, but stroking along the side, his finger moving over soft curls and hanging balls. Xander gasped, quivered, his face got more flushed... but he didn't move away and his sex began to harden.


Angelus looked up at him. "I rest my case," he said.


"That has nothing to do with being your boy!"


"It has everything to do with it, my virgin. You want to be handled. To be taken."


Xander backed away and there was a sheen of tears in his eyes.


Angelus cursed and got up. He went over and pulled the boy into his arms. "I'm not trying to mock you or scare you."


"I feel like you're saying I'm... I'm not a man or something. Like all those bullies call me 'gay' all the time. Is this why they beat me up? Is this what... w-what my dad sees in me?"


"Oh, sweetheart." Angelus cupped Xander's jaw and gave him tender kisses. Then he leaned his forehead against him. "They do it because they see something inside you that makes them feel bad about themselves. They see your light."


"Light?" Xander wiped his eyes. He was leaning into Angelus' embrace but his face was flushed with shame. This intimacy was so sudden it was hurting him, even as he needed it.


Angelus kissed him again. "The hero inside you. He's sleeping, but I see him."


"How is being your boy about being a hero?"


"I don't know. I only know my body wants to be your master and your body wants to be mastered. I don't think it changes who you are."


"Safe words... so I can tell you when I'm wigged or... no?"


"Yeah, that's the idea."


"You want to butt fuck me, don't you?" Xander's eyes were wide with apprehension.


"Don't call it that!" For some reason hearing Xander put it so crudely upset Angelus, though he had no idea why. "I do want to fuck you, yes, but I promise you'll be begging me to do it when I open you."


Xander broke then: it was all too much. The fight with his parents, the sudden removal of all his familiar surroundings where he was now in this new world with this stranger who frightened him but who he also felt as if he belonged to... he hid his face in Angelus' shoulder and tried to keep from crying like a little boy.


Angelus wrapped arms around him and rested his head over Xander's. "I'm sorry I frighten you. Maybe... do you want to deal with this tomorrow after school? Talk more then?"


Xander nodded, silently, still clinging.


Angelus lifted him into his arms and carried him to the virginal bed. He shoved off Xander's jeans so he was naked, but then he covered him up with the sheets and blankets. All through this Xander didn't let go of his big demon and in the end he was clinging to Angelus' hand, while tears rolled down his cheeks. "You're sure my parents don't hate me because I'm weak?"


Angelus felt the heat of rage inside him, but somehow managed to supress it for Xander. It was getting easier to compromise. Had been ever since Xander had made him laugh. Maybe it wasn't so bad to try not to be a total monster if it made his boy happy?


"No, love, they hate you because you are strong." He kissed Xander's forehead and then the back of his hand, rubbing it against his cheek. He saw Xander's eyes widen at something he'd said, but he wasn't sure what it was. He felt so clumsy. His hands were red with blood and gore. Usually a courtship with Angelus meant taunting his victim before he finished them.


He felt a wash of fear again... his boy was so innocent and so good. He must never know how evil Angelus was. Somehow Angelus had to keep it a secret...


"You called me 'love' and 'sweetheart,'" Xander played with the bedspread and Angelus found himself flushing. Had he actually said that? How... odd.


"Yes," he pushed back some dark curls from Xander's forehead and loved how Xander's eyes closed and he leaned into his touch. Being gentle was paying off!


"Does that mean you... care about me?"


Angelus felt his throat tighten. How could he answer this? He was a monster. He was incapable of love... wasn't he?


"I do... uh. Care about you. I want you in my life, Xander. So very much." The last he was more comfortable saying.


Xander lay back, looking sleepy. "You could probably use someone to tell you off when you get too bossy."


Angelus smiled. "I'm going to get you some dinner and other things. No! Don't get huffy. I promise I'll not do bad things. Okay?"


Xander smiled. His lashes fell and he looked half awake. "'K."




Angelus broke into a couple of stores but he didn't kill anyone and he left money (of course the money was from someone he'd killed the other night but semantics.) He hoped this was enough. He had promised Xander he wouldn't hurt anyone to get these things for him. He hadn't promised he'd give it up completely...


Which is why on the way back to his mansion he hunted, and when he caught someone, he feasted.


The man was almost gone when Angelus pulled away, wiping his lips. Well, he might not die. So... did this mean he was being good now?


He shrugged and left the twitching, but still-living body behind him and made for home and his sweet boy.




Xander sat up when Angelus woke him, blinking. He smelled hot food and smiled when he saw McDonalds on the bag. He was so in the mood for bland comfort food.


"I got you some kind of yogurt cup thing. It looked... uh, healthy." Angelus watched as his young love inhaled the food, which perversely aroused him. It seemed Xander had some lusty appetites...


"Man, I needed that. And you didn't hurt anyone?"


"Uh. No."


Xander cocked a brow.


Angelus flushed. "I left money at the shops. Xander... I'm trying."


Xander smiled. "I know." He reached out and touched the back of Angelus' hand and that gentle gesture broke the demon's control. He was on his boy, kissing the taste of ketchup and mustard from his lips. Putting his tongue inside him and growling when he felt Xander's tongue gently flutter over his, accepting his possession.


Xander put his arms on Angelus' shoulders and held him for the first time as they kissed. "God, yes, touch me. Want me."


Xander pulled away, his eyes dazed and his lips a deep pink from Angelus' carnal kisses. "What you make me feel..."


"Yeah, show me!" Angelus ripped the bedding back so he could see the hardness of his boy. Xander blushed and hid his face against Angelus' neck. Angelus wrapped his arms around him, protective. "It's okay, I want you to feel that way. It's... beautiful. You're beautiful."


Angelus kissed him again, deep, hungry kisses and more and more Xander returned them, until he was twitching and whimpering and Angelus could see he was in need. He felt like biting into concrete himself, so he understood, but the ruthless predator part of himself knew it was time to start training his boy.


"I have something else for you. I want you to wear it. Here in my house and also at school."


"Oh, man, not another fruity necklace!" Xander complained.


Angelus laughed. "No, it's fruity underwear." He reached into a bag on the art table and pulled out what looked like a shower of gold chains and softly rounded stones. Xander frowned. "That looks like jewelry."


"I like pretties for my pretty. Stand up."


Xander stood, but his eyes were a little resentful at how obedient he'd found himself.


"I'll put it on you and you'll wear it for me."


"Hey, don't I get a say?"




"What about the safe word thing?" Xander fumed.


"That's for sex. This..." How could Angelus explain it was partly to train his boy and to use his passions to tame him? How could he also say that it soothed his demon to know that Xander's sex was leashed and only available for his touch alone?


He snapped the intricate design together and what was loose and abstract suddenly was revealed as a covering for Xander's sex.


"Okay, how am I gonna... you know!"


"There's a tiny opening for the tip of your cock here," Angelus dipped a finger tip in and showed Xander the tight opening. "It will fit itself to you."


"But... I can't..." Touch myself.


Angelus' eyes sparkled. "No, you aren't to touch yourself unless I say and only for my pleasure now, Xander. House rules."



Part 6 - Compromise


"Wake up, sleepy head. Time to get ready for school!"


Xander blinked to see Angelus leaning over him with a hot bowl of... something? It smelled good. He licked his lips, still groggy, and gave a yelp when Angelus smacked his bare ass. "I said, out of bed, sweet!"


Xander climbed out and then looked down at the sparkling thong he was wearing over his sex. It just cupped his dick so that his crotch fur around it was still visible. Kind of like a too-small bikini in a very porny magazine. That a girl would wear.


Xander blushed and heard soft laughter.


"You look very sexy."


"It doesn't... give a guy room to... uh. Stretch."


"It's not supposed to."


"Huh? You mean, like I'll be deformed like those Chinese feet I've seen pictures of?"


Angelus put down the bowl and cupped Xander's sex. Boldly, and with no hesitation.


Xander gave a little "eep," but his eyes got heavy and he allowed himself to be stroked.


"Not deformed. Controlled. You need to learn control. It will help."


All Xander could think about was how many times he masturbated in any given day. Sometimes he even snuck it out in the men's if he got desperate enough.


"Okay, I don't think I can learn control. Please take it off."




"No? No as in NO?!"


"Eat your breakfast, sweet."


"We are going to talk about this!"


"No, we aren't. I made up my mind. Xander... your birthday's coming up soon, right?"


"Yeah... and that has what to do with my wearing a slutty bikini?"


"I need you to wear it so I don't take you before then."


"Wait. You're not a good guy--even I know that. So why do you care that I'm... younger than you are?"


Angelus frowned. "I don't know, I never had these sorts of concerns before. In my day a man was a man when he could plow three bar maids in one night."




"I mean... uh. Never mind, I just want to make it nice for you." Now Angelus looked uncertain. "So I've been reading books on parenting and things and I want to be a good daddy... well, the kind who wants to kiss you all over sort of daddy, but still, you are young in this world and I have to make sure I take care of you. I read all this stuff about nutrition last night..." Angelus wiped his forehead. "I have to make sure you drink plenty of milk and there are. Food groups."


"Food groups? Uh, is jell-O one of them?"


"No. I'm going to put you on a special diet I read about. Its very nutritional."


Xander didn't know what to think. His parents didn't care what he ate... truth was, sometimes Willow had to give him lunch money because he would go hungry otherwise... and here was Angelus, this big, dangerous dude and he was all sweaty over Xander's nutrition?


It gave Xander a soft moment, though he was getting the 80s love bikini off his ass before he went to school, one way or another. Angelus obviously hadn't taken gym in a while!


"You care about what I eat?"


"Yes. I'll give you money for a good lunch. Xander... promise it won't be all jell-O? I'm worried about these food groups!"


Xander's eyes filled.


"What? What did I do wrong this time?" Angelus pulled him onto his lap, cupping his face so he could study Xander up close. Xander's eyes were submissively down cast which didn't help Angelus to figure out how he'd made his boy cry.


"You didn't do anything wrong, you big stupid." Xander let himself fall into Angelus' arms.




Shyly Xander followed Angelus into the main house where he said the old-fashioned 'bathing room' was located. The house had been built back a long time ago and Angelus hadn't changed much. The bathtub was like a little square pool and the shower was next to the garden, with glass so you could see out into it as you bathed. Xander shifted uneasily. How could he bathe with the stupid thing over himself?


Also... his morning shower was when he usually had himself off every morning. He couldn't help that he thought about sex just about... all the time! And the love bikini was making it worse. It prevented his penis from fully filling, constricting him. He wasn't bent in an uncomfortable position, but the blood throbbed in his cock and made him even more sensitized. It was driving him crazy!


Angel lifted a little gold key on a chain off his wrist. Xander watched, frowning. He went over to Xander and fitted it inside his bikini and opened it so the links fell softly in his hands. Xander gasped and his penis instantly hardened to its full length. He gave a little whimper and saw he was a deep plum color. He reached for himself, forgetting Angelus in his need.


His hand was smacked.


"Hey!" He was getting pretty cranky. Enough so he wasn't feeling as shy anymore. More like pissy.


"You can touch yourself when you answer my question."


"What? Is it about food groups?"


"Who's cock is this, Xander?"


"Uh, it's mine!"


Angelus shook his head. "Sorry, wrong answer, sweet. Now into the shower." He herded a resentful and achingly aroused Xander into the shower.


"Put your hands on the ledge there."


"How come?"


"Don't ask so many questions!" Angelus smacked Xander's bare ass which made his cock jump with fresh desire. He gasped and bit his lip. He never knew he'd feel like that from being smacked on the ass...


He glanced at Angelus' stoney face and felt a little flutter of apprehension. Truth was, his big guardian scared him sometimes. Okay, more than sometimes.


He put his hands on the ledge.


"Good, keep them there."


Angelus turned on the water and Xander let his head drop, letting the hot water soothe him. He wanted so badly to touch himself, but the growling predator behind him wouldn't let him.


A bar of soap ran over his shoulders and then down his back. Xander quivered, his lust rising at being handled. "Angelus..."


"Yeah, like this, don't you? I'll wash my boy's pretty body every day." Angelus cleaned his legs and arms and then he put his clothed body against Xander's wet one, his front to Xander's back and began to work the soap over Xander's chest.


"You're getting all wet!" Xander gasped as a soapy hand found him and Angelus stroked through his curls. He pushed himself needily into that hand, but he wasn't rewarded.


"You're so beautiful." Angelus kissed the back of his neck.


"...please. God, I need to get off so bad..." Xander was near tears now. He was hurting.


Angelus made a pained sound. "I don't want you to hurt, but you need to submit. You need to learn who you belong to. When you obey me, I'll give you what you want. Give you so much, baby."


Xander couldn't help that tears mixed in with the hot water, but Angelus was relentless. He was to stand with his legs slightly spread and his hands away from his body and let himself be washed by the big predator.


When he was done washing Xander, Angelus pulled him from the shower and toweled him off tenderly. He pulled the pouting boy close and kissed his bottom lip. Put a hand in his hair. "When you can answer my question, I'll be good to you."


Crabby and still so needy he was near tears, Xander felt like lashing out when Angelus insisted he put on the hateful bikini again. "I don't want to wear it! There's gym and... oh, God, I'll get so beat up if anyone sees me wearing it!"


Angelus was hard-ass about it. "No, you will wear it today, Xander, and no more arguments. I have a reason for doing this. Trust me. Please."


"I don't! I think you're being an asshole!"


Angelus pulled Xander into his arms, seeing there was more upset and hurt here as well as apprehension for the school day. "Wear it today and we'll talk tonight," he whispered. "You can hide it one day from the other boys, can't you?"


Xander let out a sigh... "Yeah, I guess. But I can't wear it to school all the time, Angelus, and I need to touch myself. I've never gone so long without... you know."


For answer, Angelus pulled him onto his lap, cuddling him before he was to leave for school. His kisses were deep and possessive and they made the painful fire even worse for poor Xander. He squirmed and finally put both his legs around Angelus' muscular thigh so he could rub himself against him. Gently, Angelus stopped him and pushed him back. His eyes were sad. "When you can answer my question, I'll let you touch yourself."


"What question? I don't understand!" Xander was really upset now.


"You will."


"Bastard!" Xander ran to the double doors and yanked them open, filled with hate and betrayal and frustrated lust. Disappointed because until he'd gone all hard ass over the stupid bikini, his new protector had made him feel so good. Like... he really cared about Xander. Cherished him.




At school Willow found him. She looked in his eyes and without speaking pulled him into a Willow-hug. Xander felt his eyes fill again.


She always seemed to know when he needed a hug.


He wished he could say it: I love you, Will. But how could he tell her he loved her when it wasn't boy/girl crush, but something deeper? It left him feeling tongue-tied and stupid. She'd never know he cared about her since he was such a dork.


She seemed to hear his silent words anyway. Willow's magic. "Me too," she said.


They walked into school together and she waved on her way to her class. He saw he had chemistry. Greaaaat. He so hated it and he was so not going to pass unless he could get Willow to help him. As he went inside the classroom, he saw the new librarian, Mr Giles, in earnest conversation with the new weird girl, Buffy. She turned and gave him a cold look and he dropped his gaze. She was a real tough chick with a scar on her mouth.


He and Willow had tried to befriend her but she spent all her time in the library or detention for fighting.


Clearly Buffy Summers was a girl who didn't want any friends.


Which was why it was strange when she didn't have her science book and he felt bad for her and let her share his that he thought for a moment he saw loneliness in her eyes.




At gym Oz saved his ass. Oz was older than he was and really cool. He was also in charge of the younger boy's gym class today.


Xander told him he wasn't feeling well, which was lame, but he wasn't sure how comfortable he'd be with his cooped-up big woody and the string bikini from hell.


"No problem, how about you help me organize all the sports equipment," Oz said.


"Sure, cool," Xander was grateful. He smiled shyly and bent to grab an armful. When he did, his tummy muscles pulled a little and he gasped, still hurting from his dad punching him.


Oz must have seen. He put an hand on Xander's shoulder. "You okay, man?"


"Yeah, just klutzy Xan-man stuff, you know?"


Oz' gaze was sad and wise. "You ever need to talk, you know I'm here, okay?"


"Uh, yeah... sure... Thanks, man," he said the last softly and Oz smiled and nodded.




Xander honestly didn't know where he was going to go home to when the school day ended. Instead of going anywhere, he lingered. He went to the library but Buffy and Mr. Giles were there and they were talking about literature or something:


"...he's an ancient vampire, in the line of the master. Buffy, I think you should take care. He's not killed any slayers, but he's very formidable."


"I can take him. Don't worry, I'm tough."




Huh. Weird, Xander thought as he backed away... into a hard chest and strong arms.




"Why. Are. you. here?"


Hooboy. Xander could see Angelus was really steamed. His dark eyes were on Xander's face. Compelling him to answer. To submit.


He wanted to mouth off.


Instead, he swallowed. "Uh. Okay, I'm mad at you," he said. It didn't help that his voice cracked at the end of his words.


"Over what? Saying you couldn't eat jell-O?" Angelus looked clueless.


"No, over saying I couldn't play with my jell-O!"


"Your... oh. But I was going to talk to you tonight... that is when you came home like my sweet boy who doesn't worry his daddy!" Angelus whispered the words against Xander's neck. His hand was down over Xander's crotch, cupping him possessively. He gave him a hard squeeze which made Xander moan with pained desire. He curled one leg up, to keep that hand where he needed it and looked up, his face flushed and his eyes heavy.


"I need... please!"


Angelus' face softened. "I didn't know you were so needy, sweet boy." he kissed Xander and pulled him from the hallway into a darkened class room.


Angelus pulled down the little blind on the window and then turned to Xander. "Pull your jeans down and lean over one of the desks."



Part 7 - Xander's Discipline


Angelus pulled down the little blind on the window and then turned to Xander. "Pull your jeans down and lean over one of the desks."


Xander shakily sat on the edge of one of the desks. "Angelus,"


"Do as I say, Xander!" The voice was dark and deep and absolutely without compromise.


"Please... you're scaring me."


Angelus' face softened. "Have you ever known such incredible pleasure that when you get off you almost lose consciousness?"


"Uh. No."


"I want to give you that. Also, I'm pissed at you. Do you know how dangerous this school can be after dark? Anyone can come here. Find a sweet boy and..." Angelus shoved his hair back. Xander saw his hands were trembling.


"You were really worried about me?"


"I thought you'd gone back to your parents. I had an attorney contact them, but we haven't heard back yet... mainly because you dad is facing charges for drunk driving and your mother appears to have gone off to stay with her own mother..."


Xander dropped his gaze, shamed. "Yeah..." he shrugged. "Typical week at the Harris' household."


"Not anymore. Now, you're mine."


"So I don't have to... uh, drop trou and bend over?"


Angelus smiled a little, but it was a wicked smile and it make Xander's stomach tighten even as his cock was so hard he thought it would kill him. Could a guy die of having a stiffy? He was close...


The big predator came over and reached down and unzipped Xander, holding his gaze. Xander's breath left him in a whoosh of shock. "Oh, God... the way you just help yourself."


"Why not? It's mine to play with isn't it, Xander?" Angelus shoved the jeans down so Xander was wearing nothing but his thong. He let himself be guided over a desk. Angelus spread his legs a little and he lay there, feeling his blood throb heavily.


"Please, Angelus... I need--"


"I'll bring you off, but you are in need of a little discipline. A class room is actually perfect for what I have in mind." He heard Angelus open the teacher's desk and search around and then make a purring sound when he found it. He couldn't figure out why he was being so passive. Again. It seemed like whenever Angelus told him to do something, he did it. Like his body had some kind of autopilot or something.


Now he rubbed himself against the desk, so needy.


Angelus came up behind him and spread his legs a little wider, standing between them. Xander's cheeks burned with humiliation and resentment and need and want. Angelus had promised he'd let Xander get off and it was all he could think about.


...The ruler came down with a smack over his right ass cheek, making him cry out.




"Lie still. If you so much as move to try to get off, I'll stop."


"Stop? Why would I want you to keep using a ruler on my ass?"


Angelus ignored him and Xander gripped the side of the desk. The ruler came down again, setting fire to his other ass cheek. Tears went down his cheeks, but something about the feeling wasn't turning him off. The sharp pain was only making him swell more--


"Oh, God--"


"You worried your daddy!" Smack!


"You didn't give me the right answer about who owns your cock!" Smack! Smack!


"You probably ate jell O today, didn't you, Xander?" Smack! Smack! Smack!


Angelus didn't let up. He used the ruler on Xander's ass cheeks and then further down, into the inside of his tender thighs, almost touching his balls and making him squeak in fear. But he was more afraid of his pissed-off new guardian, so he gripped the desk and didn't move while he was disciplined. And the freaky thing was that the feeling of that ruler hitting him was making him harder than he'd ever been in his life. He began to moan and push up to take the strokes.


"...you're just my little slutty boy, aren't you, Xander?"




"What was that?"


"Yes, please... I need, Oh, God, I need to get off so bad."


"You'd do anything, say anything now, wouldn't you?" The voice was suddenly warm and the ruler stopped. A cool hand moved over his flaming ass to the balls beneath and squeezed them gently and possessively. Xander spread himself, so on fire he was barely aware of what his body was inviting. Fingers followed the line of links that went up his crack and circled his opening, making him shudder from a strange heat he'd never felt.


"Yes! Please, Angelus! I just need so bad--"


Angelus rubbed his back soothingly, his touch gentle now. "Remember our talk about safe words, Xander?"


"Uhhh. Vaguely." Xander squirmed, trying to get some friction on his cock.


"When you want me to pleasure you, from now on, I want you to ask me for what you want, do you understand? Specifically. So if you want me to get you off now, boy, you are to ask me for it, nicely."




"Wait, there's more and if you don't pay attention I won't get you off."


"Oh, fuck, please..."


"Pay attention. I don't want to have to discipline you again, even though I know my little slut-boy likes it." The voice was warm with amusement, which should have angered Xander, but there was also tenderness in it as well as the touches he was giving Xander now. Stroking his hair and his back, his touch gentle and so loving that the tears Xander had held back while he was being spanked came now, and he wept a little. "Shhhhh, sugar, your daddy will take care of you."


"I've never felt like this."


"I know. Your body's so on fire now. Such a pretty pink ass." Angelus squeezed his ass cheeks, making him moan and push his fullness into the flat desk. He bit his lip since he was still so unsatisfied. It was making him crazed.


"Can a guy die of sperm retention?" he gasped.


Angelus laughed. "You won't be restrained all the time, little beauty. Unless I want you to be... soon you'll drown in pleasures you can't even imagine."


"Is soon now? Like right now?"


"Pay attention: if you want me to do something for you sexually you are to ask me nicely and tell me exactly what you want... and you are to address me as 'daddy' or 'master' when you do." Angelus finished.


Xander turned around on the desk, blinking up at a smug looking Angelus in disbelief. "You've got to be kidding!"


One hand hit his hot ass in a hard smack and he yelped and then groaned from the hot lash of pleasure. His body was all fucky and now when Angelus smacked him, it felt good. Was it supposed to feel like that? Was there something wrong with him? Maybe he had gone so long without getting off--almost 24 hours, shit!--that it had fucked up his body some way?


"No, I think I want to hear you call me that. Either one will do."


"That's very generous, but don't you think you're being a bit arrogant?" Xander gasped as Angelus explored his open ass, stroking and petting him.


"...Okay... Uh. Please call me 'master?'" Angelus finally asked in a subdued voice.


Xander cracked up and he heard laughter behind him. "Pretty full of yourself, aren't you?"


"I have you, don't I? This beautiful, loving, sweet boy who's going to soon wrap his legs around me and beg me to take him..."


Xander closed his eyes on that vision. The truth was, as frightened as sex made him feel, he wanted that. Wanted Angelus to do to him whatever he wanted. The big man's hands knew how to handle his body. He might have been just now spanked by Angelus but it wasn't like the sudden scary violence of his home life or the bullies who'd attacked him.


It was... just different... he couldn't understand the difference, but he felt it. Maybe because all the time he'd used a ruler on Xander's butt, Angelus had talked to him, soothed him, said things that made Xander so aroused... and in his heart he felt as if the big man cared about him. Somehow none of this was wrong because it was based on... love?


Huh? Xander shook his head, not understanding what was happening, only going with his heart, as he always did. His voice was a thready whisper. "And if I don't want... whatever?"


"Then you just say 'no,' and you tell me why. Good sex is good communication, sweet boy. And I want it to be good. So good..." Angelus rubbed Xander's ass possessively.


That made Xander relax, though he was still a bit wigged over what he was supposed to say. Why did he feel as if when he said those words he was giving more of himself over to Angelus? In the end he was too needy to care. "Please. Take this off and... and help me cum," he looked back over his shoulder at Angelus who was waiting, one dark brow arched. "Master." Xander closed his eyes.


"Good boy!" Xander was pulled up from his humiliating position and cuddled close. Angelus stroked his back and he leaned his head against him, still crying a little, but feeling so close to him. He watched as Angelus took the key off his wrist and he moaned with relief when the cup fell away and his penis extended and swelled more naturally. It was deeper color than he'd ever seen it. So sensitive that even the air currents felt like they'd bring him off.


"Look how hard you are. How beautiful. Do you want your master to play with your pretty cock, baby?"


"Yeah. Please. Now--"


Angelus put a finger on the very tip of Xander's cock and swirled a finger around the crown rim. He kept up the slow swirls, not touching any other part of Xander's sex.


"Oh, please, more--"


"No, lie still and I'll pleasure you. This will be enough the state my pretty slut is in." Angelus leaned close and began to kiss Xander while he kept up those slow swirls. He put his tongue in Xander's mouth and Xander had been trained enough now to know to remain passive and curl his own tongue around Angelus' aggressive one. He suckled it while his hips wanted so badly to move, only he didn't move because he knew if he did, he'd find himself with his ass in the air and a ruler cracking across it...


...and just remembering that, how he'd gripped the desk and let Angelus do that to him was enough. "Ohhhhh--"


"Yeah, that's it, sweet. Shoot for me now."


Xander came and it went on... and on... he fell back in Angelus' arms, dizzy, and Angelus suddenly stroked the length of his penis, up and down, and Xander screamed and somehow he was convulsing again, not coming down from the most extended climax of his life.


He gasped and passed out.




Xander came to a few minutes later in a convertible. Angelus pulled him close silently and he crawled near him. His pants were back on and his little loin cloth, but he was feeling so relaxed now he didn't care. He'd never felt this good in all his life. Angelus lifted his legs so he was sitting over his larger lap, never mind that he was driving. Xander sagged and couldn't find the energy to care. He felt long fingers stroke his back and his ass and he closed his eyes and put his lips against Angelus' neck in a secret kiss.




Angelus put him in a warm bath and then went off to get him some dinner. Xander lay back. He stared at the mosaic floor and couldn't seem to string his thoughts together. His body was aching, but it was the most wonderful ache he'd ever felt. He thought he might slide under the water and go to sleep, so limp was he, but Angelus had tied his wrists loosely to a ring on the side of the tub. He frowned, looking at his bound hands. Shouldn't he be protesting this kind of thing for some reason? Why had he allowed it?


But then he felt sleepy again and he couldn't work up the energy to care... he kept remembering the feel of a ruler smacking him, and somehow that memory was entangled in his intense climax. He leaned his head against the side of the tub and dozed until Angelus returned and leaned down and stroked his back and his cock and kissed him and he moaned and pressed Angelus' hand inside his crotch with his thighs, loving his touch. Angelus didn't stroke him there, but he kept up the kisses until Xander felt again that hot wash of need.


"Please, master..."


"What does my boy want?"


"Touch me. Bring me off again? It felt so good."


"Are you my little whore?"


"Uh. Yeah, I guess." Xander spread himself wantonly and Angelus explored him slowly and thoroughly, cupping his balls, and stroking one finger up and down his cock until Xander was almost in tears again. "I need more!"


"No, you don't. You can cum just from this, can't you, baby? Just from your master giving you a little stroke--"


Unbelievably, Xander felt himself getting close just from listening to Angelus' words and he pushed up further, squirming in the water like a needy merman. "Cum now, baby."


"Uhhhhh!" Xander did, and then he fell back against the rim of the tub, so exhausted he felt like all the blood had been drained from his body.


Angelus lifted him from the tub and Xander put his legs around his waist and his arms around his neck and the big man was so freaky strong he easily carried the boy back to his bedroom. There Xander found more McDonalds. A yogurt cup and three cheese burgers and a coke. He feasted like a wild thing, sitting naked in Angelus' lap as his master petted him and held him.


For a fraction of a second he thought about that.


Did he just call Angelus his master in his head? What was up with that?


After that, he went out like a light.


One moment he was blinking up at Angelus and the next he was almost asleep, curled up in cool arms, his face resting against Angelus' neck and his arm around his chest, keeping him close.


"Possessive little thing," he heard Angelus complain.


He smiled. "When I get my engine back on my tracks I'm so going to give you hell."


Angelus laughed. It still sounded like a rusty sound. "I hope so, Xander. I hope you give me hell for long time."


Xander might have imagined the soft kiss on his forehead before he went to sleep, but he didn't think so.



Part 8 - Oz


Xander woke cuddled in Angelus' arms. He blinked. He was rock hard again. He rubbed his sheathed penis against Angelus' leg, remembering the vivid erotic dream. They were so odd, his dreams. Like they weren't really his, but something placed into his imagination by someone else.


He rubbed the necklace absently, remembering this latest dream.


He'd been wearing gold link chains between his wrists and his ankles. They restricted his movements in the dream and made a soft tinkling sound as he moved. Other than the links of beaten gold chains, he was naked except for Angelus' necklace. He was spread out on his stomach over velvet bedding in a shadowed room. There was a gold pillow under his stomach, raising his ass. He looked back over his shoulder and saw Angelus with paper and pencils in his hand, sketching him. He paused in his work and just stared at Xander and Xander knew he could tempt him away from his work. He knew just how to seduce his master. Holding his dark gaze, he reached back and spread his ass cheeks, revealing himself fully to Angelus.


Paper and pencils fluttered to the floor and he watched, feeling confident and full of power as his master and lover stalked towards him with shaky hands and narrowed dark eyes.


He was in for it now...


Uh. Okay. Weird. Xander shook his head. Gold links? And all that master stuff? Where was he getting these ideas from? He rubbed the necklace again and glared at Angelus. The big man was wearing his typical black silk shirt and black leather pants from the night before. They didn't even look creased despite the fact he'd slept in them. The dude was too cool for creased clothing! He so had nothing in common with him, Xander recognized. It was sort of depressing. Why was Angelus interested in a boring loser like him? Why had he brought him here to live with him and why did he like Xander's body so much?


A hand tangled itself gently in Xander's longish brown curls, tenderly brushing them back from his face. "Stop worrying so much, boy."


Xander bit his lip. "How did you know I was worried?"


"You're awake, aren't you? My boy thinks too much. He's mouthy too." Angelus pulled him close and with his eyes still closed, kissed Xander. He opened Xander's mouth with a hard tongue and then caressed him softly with it.


Xander moaned, immediately hotly aroused. The stuff Angelus had done to him the day before... Oh, God, he should hate it, he knew that! Why did the thought of it make him ache so hard? He couldn't wait for his mast--


Um, for Angelus to do more things. Freaky, forbidden, humiliating things that made Xander so hot...


"Does my boy need to get off before school?" Angelus leaned back, rubbing his messy hair. That was one thing that was sort of messy. His brown hair that typically was gelled to stand up was all messy and curled around his face... why did that look so sexy? Xander licked his dry lips.


"Oh, God, yes! Can I put a big hand up for that? And can I also say I so do not think its very cool that I feel like I have to check with you before I check myself out?" He glared again, but closed his eyes as a cool hand reached out and stroked his crotch.


"My baby wants it this way."




Angelus took his hand away. He put his chin in his hand and studied Xander calmly. Waiting...


"Oh, fuck! Alright, don't stop with the hand job, please... just can I not wear the embarrassing bikini today?"


Angelus smiled, and he played with the bedding a little, making Xander wish those big gentle hands were playing with him. "I didn't actually think about your gym class when I asked you to wear that."


"Ahem. Asked me? As in you put it on me and told me I'd be wearing it? I think you skipped the step where you asked me and I said, oh, yes, Xander wants to wear that too-tight 80s bikini from slut-hell!"


"I knew you'd say no, so I didn't ask." Angelus shrugged. "Didn't it feel good when I took it off you? When I let you cum?"


Xander couldn't deny that. He'd never had a climax like that in his life, and God knows he jacked off all the time. "I don't want to wear it to school. Its uncomfortable and I worry someone will see it." Now he swallowed, remembering that only because of Oz' kindness had he been spared the day before.


Angelus sat up, studying him keenly. "I'm... sorry."


"Huh? Did I just hear an apology from you?"


"Brat! I haven't taken gym. Uh. Ever. I didn't think it would be hard for you. I just didn't want you touching yourself or anyone else touching what is mine, so..."


Xander laughed. "Anyone else? Who is going to want to touch me? I'm about as appealing as... okay, I'm having trouble coming up with something mundane enough for my snappy comeback."


Angelus frowned. "Xander, you are the most beautiful of boys. Where do you get these ideas that you are ordinary or plain? When I look at you, its all I can do not to..." The larger man got up and paced. Xander swallowed. He realized then that Angelus didn't talk about his own needs too much. He seemed focused on Xander's desires. On getting Xander off.


"What? What do you want to do?" Xander asked.


"Right now?" The dark eyes were narrowed. Dangerous. If Angelus were a black panther, his tail would be lashing. "I want to take that thing off you, push you on all fours, bite the back of your neck and fuck your ass."


"Oh. Uh." Xander swallowed. He felt a wave of heat and his penis tried to double in size, which didn't work too well since it was constricted. It throbbed with pleasure/pain.


Angelus closed his eyes and rubbed his neck. "Did I scare you?"


"...a little, yeah."


"I'm sorry. I try to keep it leashed."


"What leashed?"


"My uh... demon. Okay, if you promise not to touch yourself at school, I won't make you wear it and I'm sorry--see? I can apologize!--for making you wear it there. Even though I got you off so hot, baby."


Xander's toes curled. "So will you take it off now? And I can go shower and um..."


For answer, Angelus took the now familiar key off his wrist and used it to unlock the links of Xander's sexual prison. It fell away and he saw his penis, swollen and purple and wet with the oil of his need. He grabbed Angelus wrist. "Please... touch me."


"No, not this morning." Angelus went and sat down on the chair, giving Xander a brooding look. "Spread your legs so I can watch you and I want you to bring yourself off. Slowly."


Xander closed his eyes, feeling his face heat with familiar humiliation and... desire. How did Angelus do this? The things he did with Xander, they shouldn't make him feel this way.


"Angelus, please..."


"Um, you can have jell O if you bring yourself off for me?"


Xander cracked up, his face red. "That's the stupidest enticement I ever heard!"


"Oh," Angelus looked bewildered. "I don't know what else to offer. Candy?"


Xander laughed, seeing that Angelus looked adorably clueless as well as really intense. Like he wanted to watch Xander touch himself more than anything. It made Xander feel... sexy. Like maybe he was more interesting than day-old oatmeal. His hand strayed down closer to his flexing sex and he saw Angelus' eyelids fall, giving him a sleepy-predator look. "That's right. Just can't keep your hands off it, can you? Such a beautiful slut."


Xander ran a finger over his length, licking his lips. "You think I'm hot? Like... really?"


"Watching you doing that is making me crazy, baby. You. are. so. fucking. hot."


Angelus' voice rang with dead seriousness and Xander felt more confident. Like he was a performer who had a sold out show. Like someone appreciated him. It made him feel deeply sexy. And a little bolder.


He ran the tip of his finger over his cock head, just like Angelus had the day before. He closed his eyes and moaned, playing it up a little, but feeling everything. Reliving those forbidden things.


"What are you thinking about?" Angelus' voice was soft, as if he didn't want to break Xander's moment, but he was too pushy not to demand to know.


"Uh. Too embarrassing..." Xander continued those light swirls, feeling on the verge of cumming. He felt powerful and sexy, putting it off. He was in control somehow. Of both his own desires and Angelus'. It was so strange to feel that way since really Angelus was making him do this... wasn't he?


"I'll fill in ideas and you say 'hot' or 'cold,' okay?"


"Maybe," Xander felt a wicked smile curl one side of his mouth. He spread himself wider and licked his lips and stroked himself with butterfly fingers, knowing that Angelus wanted him but had set the rules so he was safe. The big predator wouldn't leap on his pretty... for the moment.


"Slut. Are you thinking about how I touched you? In the bath?"


"Um... sort of warm."


"Hmmmm, what about when I did those touches to you in the classroom. Is that it?"




"Uh..." Angelus drummed his hands, watching as Xander continued to stroke himself. Despite how he wanted it to last, he was close, so close now. Like a word from his master and he'd cum. "What about when I spanked you, did you like that, baby?"


Xander blushed, dropping his eyes from those dark eyes that saw so much. "Hot," he said, and then thinking about it, his ass open and spread and that ruler cracking down on him while he was so hard, he cried out and shot over his stomach and thigh. He lay there, sticky and lazy.


Angelus got up from the chair and went over to where Xander lay, sleepy and a little weak. Without saying a word he leaned over and licked Xander's hot spill from his swollen penis and stomach and thigh. By the time he was done, Xander was semi-hard again. He gave a little needy whimper.


"Not now. I brought you Count Chocola. You need to have a nutritious breakfast."


Xander hid a grin. "I am hungry."


Angelus lifted him in his arms and carried him to the bathroom. It was way embarrassing to let himself be carried like this, but Xander liked it. He put his lips against Angelus' thick neck in that secret kiss he liked to give him. Angelus gave a purring sound. "I like that. I want you to... care about me." He put Xander on his feet and stared at him with unblinking dark eyes. "If I feed you lots of Count Chocola, do you think you might care about me? A little?"




Xander ate the cereal under Angelus' watchful gaze and then when he was ready to leave he discovered a new backpack, not his worn one. Next to it lay a new skateboard.


He stared at both of the gifts, and then over at Angelus.


Angelus put his hands in his pockets, and looked down at the floor. "There's money in the backpack. For your lunch and anything you might need... and I put an apple in there too. I think... I think actually McDonalds may not be the best food for you after all. I guess I screwed up."


Xander's eyes filled and he wiped them while Angelus was looking away. He cleared his throat. "Yeah, probably even I shouldn't eat Mcdonald's every night."


Angelus looked up, seeing that Xander had made no effort to pick up the skateboard or the backpack. "I swear I didn't hurt anyone. To get those for you, I mean. I know you wouldn't like that."


Xander had been about to reach for the backpack, but at Angelus' uncertainty he dropped it and walked back and pulled the surprised larger man's cool lips down for a kiss. The first one he'd ever initiated between them.


"Wow." Angelus hands were on Xander's shoulders. Xander could see they were shaky. Apparently he could really rattle him. He leaned his forehead against Angelus.' "Okay, you matter to me," Xander told him. "Not because of candy or how you make me feel, 'cause that's really nifty, and freaky too, but, I'm just going to say this: You? You matter to me."


With that, Xander turned away, snagged the skateboard and the backpack and headed for class.




Xander laughed at a Willow joke and then reached over and tucked her hair behind her ear. She blinked at him. "What's up with you?"




"Well, usually you have this hunched over unhappy body language and... okay, that seems to be missing, which is a good, and now you are all friendly-friendly. So what's up with that?"


Xander looked down at the history book Will had been going over with him on. "I'm sorry. My life? I guess it made everything sort of... grey before. And now I can see you've been here all through my grey days, and... uh. Thanks."


Willow's eyes filled.


Xander raised his book as if to shield himself. "If you cry I might have to go hide or something. That's entirely too much fire power."


"I called your place and you don't answer. What's up with that?"


"Oh, uh, I'm not really living there for the mo."


"Heard about your dad. Sorry, Xan."


He dropped his gaze to his books. "Yeah, most parents you hear when they win the local gardening prize in this town. Mine get the blue ribbon for drunk and disorderly."


"And hurting my Xan," she pulled his sleeve up so the bruises from his dad's finger prints showed up. He'd had those for days. He didn't think she'd seen them.


"...please don't, Will."


"I wish I was powerful somehow and I could make them stop," her eyes dimmed like a dark cloud went over the friendly Willow green for a second.


"Someone did. Uh. Look, I'm just camping out for the moment. I'm okay? And I'll take care of a phone soon."


She took his hand, and he didn't care in that moment that the guys across the room were making kissy noises and calling him a big fag.




He found Oz in the deserted locker room later. He was loading some sports equipment into one of the bins, but the normally cool and laid back dude was tossing things into the bag as if he was in a temper. It was... sort of unsettling.


Oz swung his gaze on Xander as soon as he came in. His nostrils flared.


"Hey, I just wanted to know if you needed any help?"


"With what?" Oz growled, looking surly, he was studying Xander in a strange way. He dropped the equipment and came over and sniffed him. Sniffed his necklace which was safely hidden under Xander's tee shirt. Not like he wanted anyone to see it!


"You. You've been claimed, do you know that?" Oz whispered, right-in-his-face.


"Uh, are you okay? You look like you might be coming down with something."


"No, just a full moon tonight."


"Right," Xander wasn't sure what that was supposed to mean but Oz was in a band. Weren't musicians strange? Must be that.


He started to push Oz away since he was feeling a bit crowded only to hear him give a low, creepy growl. "Don't move, boy," Oz said.


Xander's eyes widened as Oz sniffed his neck and then his chest and then... he blushed and turned his head away. Oz was so not sniffing his crotch. He must be making some kind of joke or something, but it was seriously wigging out Xander. "Look, you seem moody, so I'll just--"


When Xander tried to get away, Oz shoved him against the lockers. Right against them. His eyes looked strange, like the pupil was way too large. And then he darted close and bit Xander's chest, right above his nipple.


That was seriously too much. Even though Oz seemed really strong all of a sudden and mega creepy, Xander shoved him away. "Oz, you so need to chill!"


Oz blinked and his eyes seemed to change again. He stared at Xander and then backed away. "Huh. Sorry. It was your scent."


"My scent?"


Oz ducked his head. "You smell really good, Xander. You have no idea."


"I'm not wearing any cologne."


Oz turned away. "I think you better go."


"On that, we agree!"


Xander went back to the mansion, but he found a note and another apple. Angelus said he'd had to go out for a while but he'd be back. Xander bit into the apple and headed for his room. He'd bought some comic books on the way home with the sudden riches he had.




Angelus hadn't fed. He was afraid of being around his boy's sweet scent with his need on him. It was hard enough to keep the demon from taking him. Sometimes his hands wanted to bruise and not caress, but Xander would look at him and talk to him and those dark urges would go away.


He smelled blood and it aroused him. He ran through the woods until he came across a carcass of a fresh kill. Looked like an older man, his chest all torn open and all the luscious wet parts steaming like hot, delicious, predator soup. Above him was the crouched-over figure of a werewolf.


Angelus paused. He didn't want to go back to Xander all marked-up from a fight over territory, yet he was so hungry and the kill was alluring. All that blood and the body was still twitching...


The werewolf growled, its burning eyes fixed on him in a fight for dominance. Angelus vamped and growled back. He refused to back down. He wanted this kill!


His hunger drowned out his higher brain so that when the werewolf looked away towards the forest, sniffed, and then growled a warning that he and Angelus would fight, soon, and slunk away, he didn't think about it. He cradled the body in his arms like a lover, drinking from the mess at the neck, loving the way it gave a little kick so he could feel the ebbing of life.


He growled and tore into it, going for the opened belly. Rubbing his face against viscera and organs.


Then he heard a twig snap and his senses abruptly warned him too late of danger.


He looked up, covered in gore and the heat of feeding, to see a small blond girl with a scar on her lip, glaring at him with hate and revulsion.





Angelus' Hawk, Part 9


Xander had fallen asleep with his comic books and a bag of cheezies strewn over his neat bed. He woke up suddenly and blinked, rubbing his eyes, groggy. His light was still burning. He looked at his watch and saw it was 2:33 am. Huh.


Where was Angelus?


Memories of his father staggering home or worse, not showing up so Xander had to go find him came back to Xander. He knew that Angelus wasn't a drinker, and he hadn't figured out yet how the other man had convinced him to come live with him... well, okay, forced him more like, or why he was having all these very gay thoughts all of a sudden, but now he just felt a big old familiar wave of Xander anxiety.


Where was Angelus?


Then he heard it, a kind of soft scuffing sound. Had that been what woke him?


He got up, a little frightened, because no one but a total fool walked around Sunnydale after dark thinking it was like every other town in America. It wasn't.


He opened his door and stole outside. In the garden, the fountain was making soft watery splash sounds and Xander noticed that Angelus had got it fixed. He blinked at it in surprise. His dad always promised him things. I'll be better to you. I'm sorry I hit you... just going through a rough time now.


Tony Harris always promised him things, and then never kept his word, but Angelus, whom Xander sensed wasn't a good guy, had cleaned out the fountain and made it work again. Just like he'd said he would. He'd kept his word to Xander. What did that mean?


He heard the scuffling sound again and then a funny little whimper. He put a hand on his stomach because he recognized that kind of sound. It was a pain sound.


Xander ran inside the house. "Angelus?"


There was a trail of clothing and something that looked like water on the floor leading to Angelus' bedroom. Xander snapped on the light and reached down to pick up Angelus' shirt. It was... shredded. As if he'd been in some kind of really bad fight. With a wild animal. And the drips on the floor weren't water.


Blood. It was blood on the floor.


Dropping the shirt, Xander opened the door of the room he'd been too shy to enter previously. He snapped on the switch and in the light of the stained glass lamp by the bed, saw Angelus lying half on the floor, half over the side of his bed. Dark eyes flickered open in a pale face. "Xander... shouldn't be here."


"Fuck! What the hell happened to you?" Xander was at Angelus' side in a second. He saw scratches and bruises and what looked like... had someone stabbed Angelus?


"I'll be okay."


"Yeah, right! We better get you to a hospital. Give me the keys to your car and I'm taking you there. Now."


"No, I don't need--"


Xander reached down and lifted the larger man. He was like dead weight. All the deadly grace which made him seem like he was lighter on his feet then other men gone.


"You aren't supposed to tell me what to do!" Angelus said weakly.


"Huh? We're following some kind of script?" Xander made it to the garage and left Angelus resting along the doorway while he went and opened the passenger side. He then maneuvered the other man into the car, helping him so he flopped over.


"Yeah. You're here to be my boy. That's about it. With a lot of porn thrown in, of course."


Xander gave Angelus an exasperated look. "I don't think you're up to porn right now, and let me tell you all the many ways I'm not here to just be your boy!"


He went around to the driver's side and held his hand out, his eyes dark and serious. "Keys?"




Xander drove them to the emergency room. He lifted Angelus from the car and helped to bring him inside. A nurse spotted them and right away an orderly arrived with a cart. Xander only realized he was gripping Angelus' hand when they rolled him away and he had to let go.


He stood there in his blood stained clothing and put his hands in his pockets.




Angelus finished eating a bit of the nurse and the doctor who had come to help him and sat up, feeling better. Xander was right! Going to the hospital was a good idea!


Uh. He guessed he shouldn't actually kill them since it would be hard to explain to his Xander, but he'd drained enough from both that they'd fainted. They, and the orderly he'd knocked out, had refreshed him, though he was still weak and his wounds wouldn't heal right away.


"I'm going to kill that bitch!" Angelus vowed, remembering the slayer and how they'd fought. He'd been weaker than usual because he'd been avoiding eating and killing for Xander's sake, so he hadn't been at his full strength, and only a total moron--like Spike--took on a slayer if he didn't have to. It was messy. And uncomfortable. Also, she'd ruined his favorite shirt.


He'd gotten away by going for her soft point. Her watcher. He'd heard the heart beat in the woods and known she wasn't alone. All he had to do was get to the old man and threaten him and the stupid bitch backed off. He'd wanted to snap the old man's neck, but he'd promised Xander to try to be good. The slayer didn't count though. A slayer wasn't exactly human, or sure as fuck didn't smell that way. Angelus would definitely give her a good killing as soon as he was feeling better.


He'd really prefer not to fight her, because she was a feisty little thing, but hey, slayers just couldn't live and let... uh, not live, you know? They had to fight evil, yada yada, which meant that little miss blondy would be coming for him in a big way, so he'd better off the bitch.


Fuck. All he wanted was a little time to seduce his boy, but no, now he had some slayer to deal with. It really killed his romantic mood. And speaking of which... his boy hadn't acted very 'pet like.' And Angelus had liked it. He remembered the firm way Xander had handled him. The way he'd glared at Angelus and just taken over. Despite his wounds, Angelus reached down and ran a hand over his big stiffy.


Xander in take-charge mood? Was a turn on. Huh.




Xander was pacing in the waiting room when he saw the girl from school, Buffy, arriving with Mr. Giles, the librarian. She was holding the other man up and fumbling for the door, so Xander ran over and opened it and then helped Mr. Giles over to an empty cart. The older man was holding his throat and rubbing it. Xander could see dark bruises over it. "Oh, man, what happened to him?"


"Uh. He fell," Buffy said.


"I--cough, cough--uh. Fell, right," Giles said.


Xander's eyes widened in disbelief. Why did everyone always assume he was stupid? "Right. Fell into someone's hands who nearly strangled the life from you! I'll see about calling a doc over."


He turned away, but Buffy stopped him for a second. Her eyes were shimmering with unshed tears, but her face was hard and cool. She gripped his hand. "Thank you."


"You're welcome."




Angelus limped out to find Xander sitting in the waiting room with his hands cupped as if in prayer. He looked dejected and tired. Probably with his home life, this wasn't his first depressing trip to the emergency room. For some reason that made Angelus' throat tighten. He frowned. Just what was he feeling lately for this boy? He wasn't behaving like himself. He should have chained him up days ago and enjoyed him. Instead he kept wanting him to come to him. To touch him. Clearly there was something wrong with Angelus, though he had no idea what it was.


Xander looked up and saw him. His soft puppy eyes widened and Angelus saw shock, concern... annoyance?


"You should be in bed!"


"They... uh, are a really good hospital here. They gave me what I needed." Angelus smiled. He wasn't exactly lying.


Xander closed one eye a little, giving Angelus a suspicious look. "Do you have a phobia or something? About hospitals?"


"Uh, yeah. That's it. They... frighten me," Angelus gave Xander his best lost lamb look but Xander only gave him another annoyed look.


"Are you sure they said you were okay?"


"Xander? Please just..." Now Angelus relaxed and let himself feel how much he was tired and hurting and... scared by his odd feelings lately. "Take me home?"


"Okay. Yeah, I'll take care of you." Xander took Angelus' arm and put it around his shoulder. He helped the other man walk to the door, neither of them seeing Buffy as she left Mr. Giles' room and watched them leave together.




Back at the mansion, Xander helped Angelus back to his room. He got some paper towels from the kitchen and wiped the floor and took the bedspread off Angelus' bed to put in with his laundry. He settled the other man into the silk sheets--the bedding and the room were the same ones that Xander had been having erotic dreams about, which was a bit freaky--and then looked him over soberly. "Do you need anything?"


Angelus sighed, and his dark eyes were the most vulnerable Xander had ever seen them. "You. I need my hawk to come to bed and... not sex. Just hold me?"


Xander hesitated, really unsure of himself. This whole thing with Angelus had happened so fast. He didn't understand how he could love the things the other man had done to him. Even the hated bikini aroused Xander, because all the time he wore it, he knew he was wearing it for Angelus and he knew that it turned on the other man to see him in it.


"Please," Angelus asked softly.


"Okay, but no... stuff."


Angelus smiled, his dark eyes sleepy. "I promise."


Xander left his clothing on and slid under the covers on the other side of the bed. It felt... weird. He'd never in his life shared a mattress with another person except the other night. Now Angelus turned over painfully and studied him a moment before slowly and gently, as if afraid of startling Xander, pulling him into his arms so he rested over his chest. Xander let himself curl close, all his worry and concern for Angelus welling up. He closed his eyes, absurdly close to tears.


"It's okay... I'll be fine," Angelus seemed to understand how he was feeling. The emotions that made his muscles so tense. He caressed Xander's back and nuzzled his neck, sniffing him.


Xander smiled. "You're really tactile man, aren't you? Always... sniffing me and touching me."


Angelus considered that. "Yeah, because of what I am, I'm very tactile, you're right. And I love the way you smell. You have no idea... only there's something off about you tonight. What is it?"


Xander gasped as suddenly a hard hand reached under his tee shirt to just above his nipple, where Oz had bitten him earlier that day.


Suddenly Angelus wasn't cuddly at all. He sat up, took Xander's tee shirt, and ripped it open. He stared at the pink mark, which was sort of like a hickey. The skin wasn't broken, but it was a bright cherry color against Xander's skin.


"What is this, Xander?" Angelus growled.



Part 10 - Demon's Concubine


"Angelus! Chill, okay?"


"Chill?" Angelus growled and sniffed the mark. "Do you know what that mark is? A werewolf gave it to you. Male... very alpha."


"Uh, werewolf?" Xander swallowed. "You're kidding, right?"


Angelus' eyes were deadly dark. "You have no idea the kinds of monsters that roam this town, boy."


"What, you mean, for instance, like you?" Xander fought back, shoving Angelus' hands away. "Look, I didn't ask for the hickey. One minute it was sports equipment and then next minute he went all... growly. I figured it was because he's in a band."


"He. What is his name, Xander?" Angelus had Xander's face cupped in hard hands. He was trying to force his naked will upon him.


Xander met his eyes full on. "I'm not telling you. You can... hurt me or whatever, but I don't rat out a friend."


Angelus dropped his hands. "You would tell me anything I wanted to know and then beg to lick my bloody hand if I asked you," he said, shaking with frustration.


"Uh, yeah, I'm sure I'd bark like a puppy, but I'd rather it didn't involve 'bloody hands.'"


Angelus threw his head back. "I can break you. Never doubt that, boy."


Xander decided now was the perfect time to slink away. He began to slowly move off Angelus' bed. Only to have one of his hands cuffed by cool fingers. He was pulled onto Angelus' lap. "Did I scare you?" Angelus sounded merely curious.


"Well, yeah!" Xander was indignant.


"I'm... sorry. I wanted to cow you into submission."


"Well, you are really good at the whole 'cowing' thing. I almost had to change your bedding!"


Angelus was caressing Xander's hair. "I don't understand why I don't want to rape and torture you."


"Uh, yeah, now that would be a not-to-missed party," Xander laughed nervously, but his eyes were seriously freaked.


Angelus sighed. "I think sometimes we don't communicate well." He pulled Xander close and kissed him. A man's kiss of possession to his boy. Xander tried to shove him away, but a moment later he was moaning, innocently aroused by Angelus' take-charge tongue fuck.


His eyes were sleepy as he clasped that tongue inside him, kissing back his scary monster boyfriend. "Ummmm, how do you do that? Go from freaking me out to melting my freak out?"


"One of my many talents."


"What does this bite mean, Angelus? Will I go all... wolfy?" Xander remembered the times he'd not taken out the garbage after night fall. Sometimes he'd heard weird growls and found things a mess the next day and it hadn't been from neighborhood dogs.


Angelus cupped his cheek. "You have to go to school soon, I'll tell you after classes."


"Nope. This is Saturday, so it's sort of my stay of execution for any tests I'd fail if it were a school day."


Angelus pulled Xander close. Xander said, his face leaning against Angelus' chest. "Your hearts not beating."




"So you're...?"




"Oh, man. Why can't I date anyone normal?"


"Listen, boy, you will only date me!"




Angelus napped and Xander escaped to the kitchen. He found all kinds of strange food groups. Apple and count chocola. Pizza and vegetarian quiche. It was like someone was choosing food with no idea of how it tasted or why it would appeal... which made sense now. He swallowed. His big, dangerous monster boyfriend was a vampire. So that meant he must drink blood, right?


So where was he getting his blood?




"He bit you to claim you. To challenge me," Angelus explained softly, later.


"Wait! Do you mean he wants to...?"


"Yes, and when the next full moon rises, you would let him."


"Right... because I'm crazy?"


Angelus sat up in bed and with sober eyes fixed on Xander, he lifted him up so he could undo his belt, but Xander batted his hands away. "Noooo!"


"I want to show you something."


"Nuhuh, I think it will be me showing you something if you keep on with the unzipping Xander. And... how come you never flashed your own goods at me?"


Angelus. Smiled. "I didn't want to intimidate you."


"Boy, someone's got a lot of self-love."


Angelus lay back. "I'm still quite weak. Take off your pants, Xander. Do it now."


Xander swallowed and, okay, embarrassing, but he obeyed. He wasn't sure of what was in his funky cornflakes lately, but it seemed to mean that if Angelus asked him to do certain things, he did 'em.


He cupped himself, letting his jeans fall down to his lower legs.


"You're wearing it."


"Yeah. You seemed so grumpy earlier, I thought I'd put it on."


Angelus sat up and nuzzled him, and then ran a finger over his cupped hands and the jeweled shield he wore beneath. "I love that you wore it for me, baby."


"Yeah?" Xander blushed.


"Yeah, it turns me on so much."


Xander rolled his eyes. "No kidding! So, what do you want to show me? Is it a patch of fur growing on my ass? I'm not going all... you know, doggie?"


"The only doggie you'll be is when I take you that way." Angelus kissed him. "Trust me, I won't allow you to be shared by the werewolf alphas."


"What? Shared? As in... Shared?"


Angelus pulled Xander over his lap. He caressed the bare cheeks of his boy before pulling aside the links that shielded his virgin opening. He put two fingers to Xander's lips. "Suck on them."




"Just do it."


Xander made a growling sound, but he obeyed. His cock was rock hard in its cage and Angelus was stroking his ass, making parts of Xander's body pulse heavily.


With wet fingers, Angelus circled Xander's tender opening. Then he pushed them inside Xander with steady, uncompromising pressure.


Just yesterday Xander would have fought this sudden intrusion and found it painful, but something had changed inside him. Angelus found it and brushed against where Xander had doubled in size, throbbing.


"Ohhhhh!" Xander nearly passed out from the pleasure.


"Your gland has swelled. By the time of the full moon, you'd be ready to be enjoyed by any werewolf who could win the right to mount you after battle."


Xander couldn't seem to think. All he knew was there was something inside him that Angelus had found, and he loved it. He pushed himself down on the fingers, eager for more.


Angelus read his face. He took the key off his wrist and unlocked Xander's jeweled cage. "Do you want me to spank you again?"


"Oh, God... I shouldn't want that..."


"Why not? It pleases you, and it pleases me." Angelus pulled Xander close for another kiss. Before their lips met, he whispered. "There is no wrong between us, ever. You're the most beautiful of boys and I want to make you feel good."



Part 11 - Xander Warmth


Angelus pulled Xander over his lap, fondling his ass and his balls from behind with sensitive finger tips as he kissed Xander.


Xander wasn't passive. He was kissing Angelus back, his face flushed, his cock hard so that he rubbed it against Angelus', leaving little needy wet marks against the vampire's cool skin. Angelus cupped the back of Xander's head possessively and rewarded him with a deep tongue fuck as he caressed Xander's ass.


"I'm going to make some special dildos to put up your ass," Angelus whispered as they broke off their kissing. He was circling fingers around Xander's dimpled opening, and Xander threw his head back. "Okay, I'm a big slut because I pretty much think every teenage boy is, but a world of yes for anything that makes me feel as good as what you did a moment ago!"


Angelus smiled tentatively. He wasn't used to it, unless he was torturing someone and that had always been good for a laugh. "You liked my fingers inside you?"


"Well, duh. You come on all experienced guy."


"True, but some of the things I enjoy I'm fairly certain you would not, sweet boy."


Xander kissed him. "I don't want you to make me a vampire, okay? I mean... I would like to graduate high school and..."


"Relax. I just want to make you my boy. I hadn't thought about that."


"No biting?"


"What about good biting?" Angelus gave Xander a tender bite below his ear and felt him shudder. He was so experienced sexually and Xander so on fire that he knew he could do anything to him now and he'd let him... except that innocence and trust made Angelus want to be tender and not scare him. In the heat of passion, he could fuck Xander, but how would he feel afterwards? He was so young. Angelus was afraid of driving him away, and also of hurting his feelings.


It was a bit humiliating for the infamous Angelus to worry so much about the feelings of a teenage boy, but it seemed there was nothing he could do about it. He even worried a bit the boy might begin to understand the power he held over his dangerous beast, but he felt as if he could trust Xander not to shame him or hurt him. Any boy who would take on all those bullies to defend the honor of his friend was someone Angelus knew he could trust.


He cracked a hand down on Xander's ass and watched his lips part on a gasp of shocked pain and arousal. "You like that?"


"I don't know why. God..."


"Probably partly because of what your parents did to you."


Xander pulled a way a little and Angelus let him. This was intense and he wanted him to understand.


"Okay, I have a predilection to like being spanked by my vampire boyfriend because my parents..." he couldn't finish. He dropped his head a little, his unruly silky brown hair all deliciously mussed.


"Yeah, that's partly it. Xander," Angelus cupped his cheek, raising his face so the soft dark eyes would meet his own. "They didn't discipline you out of concern for you or because you screwed up. It was all about them. So when I give you that, it gives you the attention you never got from your parents. And unlike them, for me it’s all about you. Pleasing you," Angelus kissed Xander. "But I will discipline you if you do one of two things. Let's be clear."


Xander swallowed. "What are they? And can I say I have mixed feelings on the whole 'discipline issue?'"


Angelus smiled. "That's your manhood talking." He stroked Xander's penis to demonstrate and Xander looked like he would pass out from the touches. "The rules are simple. Number one, don't endanger yourself or I'll be very angry. Number two, no one touches you, bites you, kisses you, but me. I know you didn't mean for that werewolf to mark you, but understand I'm a very possessive man. I'm not always... reasonable."


"But... I go to school with um... the werewolf. So how can I stay away from him if he pushes things again?" Angelus’ gaze was very dark and still. Xander felt the hair rise on the back of his neck from a sudden chill. "You mean to kill him, don't you?"


"He challenged me," Angelus said simply.


"No! I don't want you hurting him! He's a friend."


"He wants to mount you and fuck you. He wants to push his penis inside you while he's a beast."


"And that's different from what you want to do to me... how exactly?"


"Well... no fur."


"Right, I can see the subtle shades of grey difference there."






"Rule three: sarcasm is very bad."


"Hate to break it to you, but I'll be breaking that one a lot!"


"No kidding."




"So I can live with that one." Kiss. "Turns out that when you said that I... matter to you? Well, you matter to me. I don't want to torture you into submission. I want to seduce you."


Xander fell against Angelus' chest, and Angelus, still weak, cuddled him. They both lay still except for Angelus' long strokes of Xander's hair and his back. Finally, despite his arousal, Xander fell asleep, and Angelus, despite how much he burned for more hot sharing with his boy, let him. He was content just to listen to him breathe and smell Xander scent and hold Xander warmth.




Outside the mansion, Buffy peered in the windows. This was where she'd seen the vamp Angelus take Xander last night. Xander hadn't acted like a victim, which was really odd. Could he be under some kind of spell?


Angelus was a beast, like all of them, but he was smart. He'd nearly killed her and Giles. If Xander was close to Angelus, then Buffy would get close to Xander. He might be the weak point in the master vamp. All Buffy's slayer's instincts were telling her if she used Xander, she could get to Angelus. Get to him and dust him.



Part 12 - Xander's Rescue


Xander woke up tangled around Angelus. Angelus was caressing his hair and his eyes still had a bit of a lost look. They were also hazy. For some reason seeing the dullness in what were eyes usually as sharp as a predatory bird's, made Xander feel fear.


"There's something wrong. With you, I mean."


Angelus debated, then gave a little more of himself. "I'm weak from blood loss."


"Oh," Xander didn't know what to say. "Um."


"Yeah, usually I'd have been... hunting."


"As in hurting people?" Now Xander looked pissed and he sat up. Angelus felt too weak to argue with him and too weak to hold onto him. It was the oddest feeling, like watching something he dreaded happen and being helpless to stop it.


His Xander was turning away from him.


"Yeah, that's what I do. What I am."


Xander swallowed. "You promised me--"


"I kept my promise. It's why I'm so weak now. I was an easy mark for the slayer."




But Angelus only turned away, feeling more and more tired. He could hear the heart beat of fresh blood nearby and it smelled wonderful. The idea of drinking Xander was the most delicious of fruit he could almost taste in his mouth, but he was so weak, he might not be able to stop, once he was inside him. He might very well kill him.


Whatever this odd bewitchment was that Xander held over the monster was strong enough so Angelus did something he wasn't accustomed to. Denied himself. Almost to his death.


"Okay, well, you need blood, so I'll just have to go out and get you some."


Angelus blinked open dark eyes in shock. "You're going to bring me a couple of college girls?"


"Ewwww. NO!" Xander covered his eyes. Was he ready to face this? Was he ready to face this monster who'd stumbled on him and made him his own? "I mean, go out and get blood. Like... from the butcher's."


Now Angelus made a face. "Animal blood? I'd only drink that if I was cursed with a soul."


"You don't have a soul?" Xander asked.


"Don't think so."


"How do you know? I mean, do you feel unsouly?"


Now Angelus sat up and ran a hand through his hair. "Uh. No. I feel the same as I did when I was human. Except for being a vampire. Darla, my sire, told me I was unsouled."


"Oh, someone told you, so you believed her? And... how can you tell you have a soul, anyway?"


"Questions! Boy, you are too full of questions and I'm weak and cranky. Leave me be so I can sleep. And no animal blood. Angelus would never stoop to eating rats in an alley like some dirty fledge."


Xander got up and pulled up his pants. "You aren't easy to look after."


"Who said you had to?"






Xander needed someone to run interference for him so he went to Willow, of course. She was in the library with the new girl, Buffy, helping her study. On a Saturday! Hello, his Willow was a girl who knew how to get her fun on, but at least he knew where to find her.


"Uh, Will, can we parley a sec?"


"Yeah, sure, what's up?" Will walked over to the corner of the room with Xan. He saw Buffy was watching them, but he knew they were safely out of earshot.


"I need your help. Thing is, I need to get something... well, steal it, actually."


"What? There's stealing? No, no stealing, Xander!"


"It's really important, Will. Like life and death."


"I'm not helping you rip off the new X Men comic."


Xan rolled his eyes. "As if I'd ask you to. C'mon, this is important. It's not like bad stealage. It's the good kind."


"I don't know."


He bent close, giving her a look he knew she seemed to have trouble resisting. His bangs fell almost over his sad eyes as he gazed for her. "Please," he begged.


"Darn you! You know I can't resist sex-- er... I mean, sad puppy Xander!"


"What I'm counting on. We do this, and I'll find a way to pay you back. Give you what you most want."


Now Willow looked sad. And exasperated. "No, I don't think you'll ever give me what I most want, but never mind. I have to go tell Buffy I need to give you a hand. It's like right now sort of deal, isn't it?"


"Yep, I'm wearing my urgent face."


"I figured."




As they were leaving, Buffy came over to join them. "Can I come along?" she asked innocently, blue eyes wide.


"NO!" Xander cleared his throat. "Uh, another time."


Willow gave him an annoyed look and he knew he'd hear about how he'd been rude, but he didn't exactly want some girl he barely knew around while he started off his life of crime.


"'K. Xander, can I talk to you a second?"


"Uh, I guess." For some reason there was an intensity about her that reminded him of Angelus on the prowl. Xander's instincts told him to be wary. His soft heart, though, felt for this loner girl. He knew what it was like to not really fit in or be popular.


Out in the hallway, facing the doors with the round windows into the library, Buffy moved close to Xander. Like Oz close. Xander began to sweat. Was she also a were person? And, what did it say about him that he was so attractive to werewolves?


"I really like you," Buffy said. "You're... sweet. Dependable."




"So, ask me out to the Bronze?"


"No, I can't."


"Why not?" her voice got a little sharper. "You with someone? Some creepy older someone?"


"What? Look, I have to go, okay?" Xander shook his head over her weird vibe. "You aren't going to bite me, are you? 'Cause I got into trouble for the last one."


"Bite you?" Buffy laughed and it had a bitter edge. "Do you like being bitten, Xander? Is that your deal?"


Whoa. She was very... intense. And scary. "I'm sorry you're a lonely person. Don't think I haven't noticed. Just because I'm the class loser, doesn't mean I don't see stuff... so, if you want to be friends, that's cool, but I really have to go now. And I'll see you later, unless, of course, it involves a full moon, and then I think I'll pass."


Buffy frowned. "You are just too strange."


"Yeah, I get that a lot." Willow appeared, frowning, and Xander just about fell down and kissed her tights.


"Shall we go?" he asked.


He felt Buffy's stare the whole time he and Willow walked away.




At the hospital, Willow was going to distract the nurses and Xander was going to steal some blood. He wasn't exactly sure how much blood, but as much as he could get into his new knap sack.


Willow's eyes bulged when he told her what he planned, and he had to talk her into it five more times on the walk there. He didn't think she believed his story about how it was a transfusion for a sick friend who was terrified of hospitals. In fact, he just finally gave up and asked her to help him, no questions asked... and their bond balanced there for a second or two before she kept walking and stopped pressing him. His Willow trusted him.




"Oh, nononono!"




"Oz. He's an orderly?"


"Yeah, he is on some kind of rotation to help out here. He's kinda cool, don't you think?"


"Uh, yeah. But I really hoped never to see him again. Ever."


"Huh? I didn't think he'd ever beat you up?"


"No, he just..."--bit me--"Is a little different."


"Well, I think he has an Ozonian sort of charm."


"Yeah, that's sort of what I meant. Okay, I'll go talk to him and you get some of the blood. Put it in this pack, okay?"


"Xander, I don't know if I can do this... and how much blood?"


"A lot. Please, Will, no more questions. See honest Xander face? It's really for a good cause... well, maybe not precisely good but--"


She rolled her eyes. "Go distract Oz. If you think you can do that."


"Uh, I have a feeling I can."








"Okay, we've had eye contact for going on three minutes. One of us has to speak now."


"Yeah, I wanted to apologize for my behavior. I think... did I come on to you?"


"In a big way."


"Oh, that's odd."


"Yeah, uh."


"Not that you aren't attractive or anything."


"I totally get that."


"Just sometimes I think I'm more intense then other times."


"You so are!"


"Huh. Well... you smell really good, do you know that?"


Xander backed away and Oz followed. His eyes had that unblinking here's candy! look and Xander felt the part of his back just above his ass sort of get wet-pasta consistency. Angelus' had the same effect on him. He wasn't sure what it was. "I'm seeing someone!" he said, feeling stupid.


"Yeah. But he's not here now, is he?"



Part 13 - Xander's Reward


Oz seemed to have lost it again. Xander reached for one of the trolleys and shoved it between he and Oz. "No offence but I don't want you sniffing my crotch or biting me again."


"Are you afraid of him? The vampire who owns you, I mean."


"Okay, first? He doesn't own me. Uh."--He only thinks he owns me, Xander thought--"And second, I'm not afraid of him. Well, not always. It's... complicated. But I am afraid for you. You bite me again and he'll come looking for you."


"Let him."


Xander wiped his damp palms on his jeans. "Do you like, lose all your common sense when you get wolfed? 'Cause I so would not want him coming looking for me."


"It's an alpha thing. You're prey, so you don't get it."


"Prey? Okay, now I'm pissed!"


"Prey/food/sex. That's what you smell like... with emphasis on the sex." Oz shook his head and rubbed his forehead. "I think I'm having a major beasty moment here."


"I'll just get out of your way, then."


"Yeah, I think it would be better if you did." Oz looked down at his hand which had transformed into a creepy claw.


Xander saw it and backed away. "Just... stay away from me, Oz."


Oz looked weary. "I hate what I am. This isn't my choice. Come the full moon, though, I'll look for you, and I'll find you."


"What day is that again? 'Cause I'll be in Vegas!"




Willow got lots of blood. Xander checked it out when they snuck outside, past the security dude who was chatting up a nurse. Xander was sure something more would go wrong, but they made it.


"Okay, yay us."


"I think I need to faint now," Willow said.


"Great, I'll join you in the limp pile of chilling, sweaty fear. Oh, God, let's not do crime again for a while!"


"What was up with you and Oz?" They were leaning against the side of the building, recovering from their ordeal. Xander didn't think this experience would make a hardened criminal out of either of them.


"He's into some odd stuff."


"What he looked like, was he was into you."


Xander blushed. "He's not himself... but if I turned out to be... you know, sort of gay? Would I disgust you?"


Willow gave him an annoyed glance, but then smiled wryly. "No, actually, if you were gay, it would probably help me with some self-image problems."


"Yeah, how so?"


"Never mind. C'mon, I'll walk you home. I have to go by the Magic Box anyway to get some more ingredients for Ms. Calendar."


"You and she are pretty tight," Xander swung the heavy sack over his shoulder and gave Willow a brief hug. They'd just dealt with his undecided sexuality, something that was a major freakfest for any boy, and she'd skidded over that ice like a figure skating champion. Gold to Willow, she hadn't let him down.


"Yeah, she's amazing. I'm learning a lot."


"And my Willow loves to learn."




Xander let Willow think he was still living at his old house before heading off to the mansion. He called out Angelus' name but didn't get an answer. Frowning, he trooped into the bedroom. No joy.


He went into the bathroom which most people could use as a default dining room, it was so large, and there he found his jealous vampire boyfriend. Passed out cold over the tiles.


"Oh, no!" Xan lifted Angelus into his lap and ripped open his knap sack. "C'mon, don't die... or whatever. Xan Man came through for you, baby!" Not sure what to do, Xander used his teeth and ripped open the plastic. Blood spilled over his face and skin and Angelus', making a big mess. Fuck!


Xander didn't have to wait too long for a reaction to his special rescue. Angelus' eyes flew open and they weren't the dark midnight eyes he was used to, but eyes like hammered gold. They looked at him and Xan felt the hair on the back of his neck stiffen. Next, Angelus' whole face changed, his humanity devoured by his monster. He growled and bit into the bag, sloshing more blood over he and Xander, their hair, skin, and the tiles below, but he was lost to any finesse.


Angelus, the beast, was in control.


His grip on Xander was so strong that Xander could feel himself bruise: his wrist bones grating against each other. Xander cried out, but instead of fighting Angelus, which he sensed might make things worse, he dropped his head close to the scary face, which was nursing on the blood. "Hey, you're hurting me, big guy, and somehow I don't think that's something you want to do."


Angelus didn't respond at first, but Xander didn't give up. His eyes seeping tears from the pain of Angelus' grip, he used his free hand and stroked Angelus' hair gently, asking him silently to give more care in return.


The caress seemed to reach the vampire. He blinked, and his face shifted back to the dark angel Xander was used to. He looked up at Xander. "Did..." he cleared his raspy throat. "Did I h-hurt...?"


"No, I'm fine. Come on, I'll run a warm bath for you since you're kind of all bloody, and you can finish your meal. I brought you a lot of blood. Just tell me that vampires don't need like type-O or something, 'cause I didn't think of that."


Angelus shook his head. His body was limp now and Xander had to help him stand. He left on the silk black boxers Angelus had on and helped him into the swimming pool-sized tub and turned the water on hot. Angelus was shivering, so he thought the warm water might help. Next, he ran off to the kitchen and got a glass and some scissors. He was able to put some blood into the cup for Angelus that way, which helped with the whole covered in gory blood scenario.


Angelus watched him dumbly, blinking sleepily. He took the blood and Xander helped him hold it to his lips. He drank it, and drank two more bags of it before he refused anymore, leaning against the tub with his head resting limply to one side. He looked very vulnerable that way, something Xander had never seen before.


Xan hesitated and then he stripped off his clothing. He was still wearing his annoying cock-bra, but Angelus had the only key to it around his wrist, so he couldn't get it off. Nude except for that and the necklace that Angelus had collared him with, he slipped into the warm water.


He grimaced over the blood on his face and hair, so he dunked himself before seeing Angelus had the same problem with his upper body. He reached for the shampoo, which was pine scented. Angelus favored strong and natural herb scents. Xander thought it might be because with his senses, too much artificial material probably smelled bad. This shampoo was from the local homeopathy shop. Xander sniffed it on his hands, the sharp tang pleasing. He carefully put it into Angelus' mussed up locks, tenderly rubbing deep into his scalp.


He didn't realize Angelus was actually purring until he got to his neck and the long flat planes of his softly muscled upper chest. "You touch me like I matter to you," Angelus whispered, his eyes fixed on Xander.


Xander wasn't holding back. All his worry for his friend was expressed in his hands. He ran them over the hills and dips of his arms, before working the pine soap between his cool fingers and scrubbing away the blood and sickness of Angelus' ordeal. "You do matter to me, dork."


"I'm not sure how I feel about you calling me that?"


Xander bent close and daringly kissed Angelus' lips. He could taste something primal and unfamiliar there and recognized it was human blood, which was kind of squicky, and yet, that was what his vampire lived on. He wasn't unlike a predator in the wild, who killed baby lambs or whatever in order to survive. But Angelus hadn't been killing. He'd kept his word to Xander and wound up weak and sick...


"You are beautiful to me, Xander. So beautiful a boy." Angelus caressed his wet hair, raking his hands through it so his nails made Xander's scalp tingle and his cock stir and harden. "So easily you bloom for me."


"If you mean, get me hard, yeah, but it's not something that feels good in this thing. Can you take it off?"


For an answer, Angelus held out the key. "You smell faintly of the wolf, yet he didn't touch your honor."


"No, I defended my, uh, honor."


Angelus growled and looked like he'd try to leave the tub and go searching for his rival, but Xander shoved him back. "Where do you think you're going? To take on a werewolf while you can barely stand? Yeah, that'll work."


Narrowed black eyes glared at him, but Xander only used the key to free himself and gasped as he filled out and flexed fully. He saw Angelus look down into the transparent water and see Xander's state, so he flushed, still shy.


Angelus reached out and cupped and possessed him. "Thank you for taking care of me," he said, his eyes very serious. He stroked Xander's length, making Xander bite his lip to try to stop himself from moaning... or begging.


"Come here." Xander was pulled close enough so his own free cock brushed against the hardness under Angelus' silk underwear. His eyes widened at the size, which made him a little nervous. Angelus had carefully shielded him so far from touching or seeing his own body, just spending his time touching Xander and making him feel good.


"They feel good together, don't they, sweet boy?"


"Uh..." Xander frowned, not having thought what it would be like, ever, to feel his own penis rub another. "Yeah. They do."


"Take us both in your hand and work us. Together."


Xander's eyes flared wide. "Angelus..."


"Do it. Pleasure us both."


Swallowing, Xander reached down into water where they both brushed against each other. He took himself in hand which made him moan, because he was so needy, but then another cock pushed insistently at the back of his hand, demanding his attentions. "Pushy," he said, nervously opening his hand to take them both and slide them together. "Ohhhhh, man!"


Angelus had been smiling, smugly confident, but when Xander touched him, his hands clenched over the tub rim and his lips parted. He looked dangerously aroused. It was like petting a jaguar. You could please it, or it could eat you it was so happy.


"Do us. Do us, now, Xander!"


"You get off giving me orders, don't you?" Xander fumed. Still, he was panting now as was Angelus as he more frantically worked them both, his hand moving up and down and then finding Angelus' crown through the wet silk and caressing it.


"Yessss. Is there something wrong with giving orders?"


"Huhhhhhh. Oh, GodohGod. That feels--"


"...Because it seems to me, you like to take orders, don't you, boy?" Angelus kissed him and Xander's throat arched as he gave a raw scream, creaming in his hand. He went limp, just lying there, blinking up into dark, intense eyes. Angelus didn't touch him, just stared at him. It was a little freaky, the way he could stare into Xander for long spaces of time.


"You didn't..."




"Did I do it... wrong?"


Kiss. The line of Angelus' mouth softened. On anyone else that wouldn't qualify as smiling tenderly. On Angelus, it did. "I want to fuck your mouth."




"Your mouth. I want it around my cock. Want you to take it and me. Want to give you everything and spill inside you and watch you swallow like my good boy."


"That's how you thank me for saving you?"


Angelus blinked. "Yes."



Part 14 - Willow


"I... can't," Xander said, flushing.


"You'll love it."


"Sucking that?" Xander raised his brows. "Somehow I don't see how that's anything more than me submitting to you."


"But submitting to me turns you on."


Xander covered his blushing face. "Don't say that about me."


"Xander, you have to face what you are."


"Someone's butt monkey?"


Angelus took his hair in his hand and pulled him up so he could look into his eyes. "Someone who likes being submissive. Which is part of what I find so beautiful about you."


"I don't know how..."


"So I'm teaching you. You'll be a hot little cocksucker in no time."


"I'm not sure I want to be a... you know. I mean, the guys at school have always made fun of me. Called me gay and weak."


"Well, you'll be very gay when I'm done with you, but you aren't weak."


Xander was silent.


"Xander, did you ever want to play a certain record?"


"Record?" Xander blinked. "Oh, you mean CD. Yeah, so?"


"So if you have a favorite CD, you just like to listen to that music, right?"


"I guess..."


"It doesn't mean that every word is about you, it just means that there are some songs that reflect certain parts of your psyche."


"Still don't see what this has to do with me sucking... that."


"I mean that you can like certain music, but it isn't all you are."


"Meaning... if I like doing things with you, certain things involving me in a collar or being spanked...?"


"It's not everything you are, right. How you could think you are weak is beyond me. Angelus would never have a weak consort."


"Consort? I thought I was your pet?"


"Uh. Yeah, that changed."


"When exactly?"


"I don't know! It just did, all right?" Angelus looked grumpy.


"Geez, share-much!"


"I'm. Trying."


"Yeah, the gritted teeth give you away. Look, it's not going to be just me making the changes, big guy. You better get used to listening to me."


Angelus rolled his eyes. "All you do is talk."


"Do not!"




"Well, you can't have everything your own way."


"Why not?"


"Because it's not life."


"It's my life."


"Oh, well, not any more."


Angelus gave a fake-patient sigh and Xander thought about smacking him. The fact he felt like he could, and Angelus wouldn't retaliate, made him feel strange inside. He'd never tussled with his dad. And at school, it was always duck and stay under the radar, or get beat. Not unlike his home life. Angelus didn't hit him. Uh. Well, unless Xander wanted him too, and wasn't that freaky?


"Please suck it? It tastes really good."


Xander cracked up. "I can't believe you are using candy to lure me into doing that."


"Is there something wrong with candy?"


"It's a pervy cliche."


Angelus lost patience at last, and put the swirls of hot caramel on a stick he'd cooked on the stove against Xander's lips. It had cooled so it wouldn't burn him. Angelus had burned himself checking it was safe.


"You sure you know how to make good caramel? I mean, you used plain old sugar."


"I watched Martha do it."


"You watch Martha?"


"Sure. It's a good thing."


"Dork. Ohhhhhh. Hey, that's not bad!"


"See? Okay, now just take it inside and suck on it."


"You are so transparent."


"I'm trying to teach you how to do it right!"


Xander would have said more, but his mouth was suddenly full of homemade caramel popsicle. A very large one. He made an annoyed sound, but then settled down to taste. It was good.


Angelus began to move it in and out. Slowly. For some reason, feeling the thick bulbous candy moving between his lips while Angelus held his gaze made Xander hard. Very.


Knock! Knock!


Xander screeched and Angelus jumped.


"Is that someone at the door?"




"Do we know anyone?"




"Oh, God. Is it my parents or--"


"Xander. Your parents don't touch you. They don't take you. I'd kill them before then."


"Don't say that!" Xander grabbed Angelus' wrist. "You can't mean that!"


"What would you prefer, a lie?" Angelus pulled away and Xander put down the candy, the sweet heat of the moment broken.


"I should... one of us should get the door!"


"Why?" Angelus shrugged. "They'll go away and we can get on with your education."


"Why? Because there is someone at the door. It's like when a phone rings, you just get it, right?"


Angelus shook his head. "I don't."


"Man, you and me? Are what you call opposites!" Xander raced for the door while Angelus crossed his arms over his chest, frowning. He was wearing silk pajama bottoms but no top. His face was unshaven and his hair still mussed from sleeping in with Xander warmth clinging to him even as they slept. He wished they were back in bed now. He wished he were busy humping Xander, while Xander's floppy hair swayed and Angelus gently caressed his cock--




It was a girl. Red hair. Slight. Nervous.


"What are you doing here?"


Xander sighed. "This? Is Willow. My friend. My best friend."


Angelus felt a surge of jealousy. He wanted to be Xander's best friend. "What are you doing here?"


She raised her chin. She had guts, Angelus had to give her that. He could smell her nervousness. Hear her heart beating. Fast. Smart little girl. "I'm Xander's."


Angelus cocked a brow.


"I mean... his friend."


"You didn't answer my question."


"I'm here because I want to see him!" She wasn't nervous now, but pissy.


Xander stood between them, rolling his eyes. "Should I get a carving knife and you can cut off your favorite parts and divvy them up?"


"What? Ewww," Willow said.


"As long as I get your co--" Angelus grabbed his toe, glaring at Xander. "Ow!"


"Never mind. He was just. He’s, um. Willow, how did you find me?"


"Locater spell. Something Ms. Calendar helped me out with. Xander, you aren't living at home anymore! I was really worried!"


Xander sighed. "No, I told you I was camping out, Will."


Willow looked around the palatial marble and chocolate wood kitchen with stained glass sconces in ambers and wines, hand-blown in Italy. "Oh, yeah. Really roughing it."


Angelus saw that Xander didn't want to talk about his parents. He put a protective hand around his neck, pulling him closer. Willow's eyes widened. She stared at them both with her mouth open. Xander blushed, but he didn't pull away. His eyes were on the floor, his hands in his pockets.


Angelus cleared his voice. "Coffee?" he asked.


"Uh, no. Don't drink coffee."


"I have Starbucks."




"Yeah, I can make you a vanilla latte. With sprinkles," Angelus went over to his Italian copper-sheeted espresso machine and began to warm it up. He gave Willow and Xander a moment.


Xander sighed, seeing that Angelus had backed off enough so he and Willow could talk. "Will... things haven't been good at home for me. For a long time now."


Will's eyes filled with tears. Her lips trembled.


"Will!" Xander put an arm around her.


"I... know. I wanted to be some kind of powerful... witch or something. Just stop them from hurting you. I couldn't do anything. I couldn't even talk to you about it because I knew you didn't want that."


"Oh, Will, you did what you could." Xander pulled her into a hug.


Will's tears spilled and she closed her eyes. "I... didn't stop them," she whispered.


"I did," Angelus said. He had his back to both of them. Will and Xander watched him, eyes wide. Will looked at Xander, her eyes full of questions, but he only shook his head.


"Who are you?" Willow asked. She was looking askance at Angelus. She obviously wasn't sure what she thought of him.


"He's my... I'm his..." Xander struggled.


Angelus turned around with two perfect lattes, sprinkles and all. "Xander's mine," he said simply.




Darla was bored. She was avoiding the Master because she knew her petulance would only make him cranky. She loved his power, but if she had her way there was another powerful alpha vampire she'd serve. Angelus. Her stallion. Where was he?


She looked over at the two boys he'd made fuck, but then hadn't killed. That was so unlike him. She had been waiting for him to come back and retrieve his toys, but he hadn't returned.


He was so independent. She loved that about him... and hated it.


"Boys?" she called the two slaves sweetly. Neither was fooled, both were terrified, but they obeyed and came to Darla's feet. "What lovely toys. You are going to help me get back my missing boy."



Part 15 - Beautiful Obedience


"Xander's yours?"




"What does that mean, exactly?" Will demanded. She ignored the perfect vanilla latte in front of her to confront Angelus.


Unexpectedly, he smiled. "You have power, little one. I can feel it."


Will looked at Xander. Xander said, "Okay, he does that. You think you are having one conversation and he tosses something else in the salad. Will, I met him in an alley."


"In an alley? Like... he picked you up, or something?"


"Yes," Angelus said.


"No! He... rescued me," Xander admitted the humiliating truth. "I was in a fight."


"Getting beat up again?" Will's face softened with a sympathy unbearable to Xander's manly pride. See? This is why he never told her stuff like this. Next she'd pat his head!


"As I was saying, I was... uh, defending myself when I met Angelus."


"Angelus is an odd name," Will's eyes were on the other man again, but she couldn't shake his confidence. He was leaning against the counter now, watching her and Xander as if they were actors in a play for his entertainment.


"I'm an odd guy," he said.


"Yeah. I don't know if I like you so... close to my Xander."


"Didn't ask what you like. He's mine."


"Xander isn't some kind of possession!"


"Yes, he is. Mine."




Willow closed her mouth and continued to glare at Angelus who smiled back at her, infuriating her temper. "Drink your latte before it gets cold," Angelus ordered silkily.


"How can you... be with him?" Willow demanded of Xander, who was the only one drinking his latte. He was determined these two weren't going to make him choose sides, because how could he? He cared about them both.


"He... cares about me. I mean, he really does."


"You are... involved."


Xander was scarlet. He wanted to hide under the table. This was way worse then her knowing he got beat up!


"I'm taking care with him," Angelus broke in, seeing Xander's distress.


"Taking care? You are way older than he is! He's underage, you know."


"I don't care."


Willow's jaw flopped. She couldn't seem to think of anything bad enough to say about Angelus' attitude.


Angelus walked over and put his hand around Xander's neck, caressing him. "I don't care because he's everything to me," he said.


Will's eyes softened for a moment, but then sharpened. "If you care about him, you should let him go."


"Back to his parents?" Angelus growled. "He's mine, and I won't let him be hurt anymore. I won't let anyone come between us. No one."


Xander scrubbed his face and then reached over and took Will's hands in his own. His brown eyes pleaded with her, using all the puppy!Xander ammo he had to spare. "Please, Will, it's my choice to be with him. And... we haven't gone that far." Xander didn't mention Oz or any of that stuff looming over them at the end of the month. He figured one potential boyfriend of the Xan Man at a time was all Willow would be capable of handling. It was certainly all Xander himself could handle.


"Sex? You guys are talking about sex!" Willow shook her head, unsettled by this new idea: her Xander having sex with this dark, gorgeous, and mysterious older man?


"He wants me. Every inch."


Willow gasped at Angelus' bluntness and got up in a rush. Xander glared at Angelus for upsetting her before running after her. "Will, please, it's not what you think."


"You want him to do those things to you, don't you?"


"Is this a gay thing?"


"No, this is a you-don't-know-your-own-mind thing. He's older and experienced, but what if this is just some kind of crush for you? You could get hurt. I'm going to have to do something about this!"




"Research." She cupped his face, her eyes brimming with tears. "Don't worry, I'll keep you safe."




Angelus came and found Xander in his room later, surrounded by comic books. He put his hands in his pockets.


"Am I wrong, wanting you? She's right. You are so young."


"Now you worry about this?" Xander dropped the comic book and glared at Angelus.


"I... didn't feel about you then the way I do now."


"How do you feel about me?"


Angelus went to his pots of paints, grazing them with a finger. "I don't know. I have no... experience with you, Xander."


Xander got up and walked over to his big demon. "Meaning you're lost too?"


"Yeah, I guess."


"You said you'd wait until after my birthday." Xander leaned against Angelus and that was all the vampire needed. He pulled him close and rested his face against Xander's warm, tender neck. He caressed his back. "I wanted to wait, but what happened with Oz... you'll have to be penetrated that night. One of us will have you."


Xander felt a thrill of icy fear, but his sex also twitched in response. His swollen gland was giving him hell, making him ache to handled all the time.


"What will happen?"


"We'll fight, one of us will die, and the victor will claim you and mount you," Angelus said simply. He saw the upset on Xander's face. "Shhhh, boy, I know you need me. I won't lose."


"You're talking about killing my friend!"


"Oh, he's your friend now?"


Xander rolled his eyes. "Can you try to not be so jealous all the time?"




"You are so stubborn!"




"I'll find a way to not make this a death thing," Xander said, very seriously. "I can't let you hurt him."


"I know you can't," Angelus caressed Xander's hair. "Please don't turn away from me for being what I am. I know I'm a monster, but..." he broke off, unable to finish.


Angelus cupped Xander's face and leaned down to kiss him. He loved the way as soon as he put a tongue out, Xander opened for it, receiving him with a moan. One day he'd take Angelus' cock the same way. The thought sent sizzling heat through Angelus so that he sat down on his desk and pulled Xander onto his lap, continuing to kiss him passionately.


Their kisses soon got out of control. Xander had tears seeping under his lids and sweat on his upper lip. Angelus' hands were shaking and he ached to take his boy. "We have a visitor coming," he said after a moment, letting Xander catch his breath.


"Huh? I'm supposed to think and make quips after that?"


"That good, huh?" Angelus smiled confidently.


Xander shifted restlessly and Angelus reached down and began to open his jeans, holding his gaze. Xander didn't resist, just sighed with relief. He was wearing his jeweled shield and saw that hot dark fire of approval. Angelus liked him wearing it for him... and Xander liked to wear it for him. Even though he also hated the thing, because it was uncomfortable.


"You look beautiful like that. Innocent, mine."


"Uh, okay, who is coming? Is it about my parents?"


Angelus eyes were sympathetic. "No. It's about the thing with Oz. About taking my virginal boy."


Xander squirmed, becoming a little alarmed. He didn't hop off Angelus' lap though, because Angelus pushed him back over the table and spread his legs and began to play with Xander's sex gently. Xander felt like his whole body was becoming hot wax, except for his boner, which Angelus was giving special attention to.


"Lal is a Usotr demon. She specializes in helping mixed couples with their... relations."


"Mixed couples? Relations... oh, man, that feels good."


"Pretty slut."


"Please, Angelus, let me cum."


Angelus smiled and reached for the key. Xander lay back with heavy eyes and watched as he was freed. He gasped at the freedom and then the too-tender touches. Angelus was going to torture him and draw it out, but Xander allowed himself to be petted. His eyes soft with trust.


"Relations, as in me fucking you," Angelus said. He lifted Xander off the table, seeing him blink with surprise and then positioned him so he was bent over the desk, much as he had been when Angelus had once disciplined him with a school ruler.


Xander remembered. His mouth opened on a shaky breath and he rubbed himself against the desk gently, inviting Angelus to spank him again. "She'll help me know how to control your sex. How to pleasure you completely."


"Oh, yeah, and you totally suck at it now!"




Xander jerked in reflex, but the hard hand didn't come down again. Instead Angelus said, "Reach back and spread your cheeks for me, boy."


"Oh... man!" Xander's hands were shaking, but he obeyed. He was hypnotized by the sensual spell Angelus sketched.


"That's it, so beautifully obedient. My good boy gets a sweet reward now."


Xander cried out when he felt a cool tongue against his pucker. He couldn't help how he clenched, or the way his body undulated greedily. Angelus was relentless. He didn't court Xander, but drove his hard tongue inside him, thrusting in and out while Xander made increasingly desperate sounds. "Please...!"


"Please, what? What do you say if you want to cum?" Xander turned his head and saw Angelus on his knees behind him, his lips shiny and his eyes heavy. He was enjoying this almost as much as Xander was, playing him like his instrument.


"Please, master... let me cum," Xander whispered. Only a vampire could have heard him.


"My pleasure, sweet boy." Angelus shoved his tongue back inside and fucked Xander with it, while he gave one lazy twirl with his fingers to Xander's crown. That was enough for him. He shot, screaming Angelus' name, before collapsing against the desk.


Angelus hefted him in his arms and carried him to bed. "It's a school night, Xander," he said severely. This cracked Xander up. "That's a funny thing to say after we just did porn."


"You liked it."


"I like you. Tell me about the demony woman in the morning, 'k? I'm beat." Angelus settled Xander and then got up reluctantly to leave him. Xander snagged his hand. "No."




"No, you don't go. From now on when I go to sleep, I want it to be with you, okay?"


Angelus climbed onto the bed and pulled Xander into his arms. "Okay," he agreed.



Part 16 - Hyena


Xander woke up in Angelus' arms. He took a moment to stare at the other man. Reached out and ran his hands through his dark hair. Angelus stirred and then blinked at him. "This is my favorite way to wake up," he said.


Angelus had a bit of a rough beard around his chin and lips. He looked like a smug cat, woken from sleeping in a pool of sunshine. His black silk shirt was half unbuttoned so Xander could see he was wearing the key to Xander's shield on a chain around his neck.




Angelus kissed Xander. "You have to go to school today."


"I do, I really do. And I don't want to hit the books... only, hey! Field trip to the Sunnydale Zoo today!"


Angelus leaned back. "Do you have enough money so you can get anything you need?"


Xander kissed Angelus, getting better at frenching his vampire boyfriend with the confidence he was cared about and desired. "I have everything I need now, thanks."


"Don't forget you have to eat a good breakfast."


Xander's eyes softened to the sweet brown Angelus loved. "I can't believe that last night I let you do that stuff to me. That I said that stuff."


"You are a submissive."


"What if I don't want to be? I mean, it seems unfair. You never gave me a choice!" Xander was suddenly agitated, so Angelus pulled back.


"Why would I do that?" he asked.


Xander threw his head back. "Because it's not fair."


"What does being fair have to do with it?"


"You don't get it! Because you're just so... bossy! You don't get that maybe I want things sometimes!"


"Wait. Can we go back to when we first woke up? I want to do-over."


"I'm just saying that all my life people have... discounted me."


Angelus looked annoyed. "Just because you were made to take it up the ass doesn't mean that I discount you."


"What? Can you just listen to yourself? I'm not made to do that, okay? If I were a... vampire or a werewolf, I bet I'd be very different."


"I'm glad you're not," Angelus tried to pull Xander close. He was bewildered with this sudden tempest. Why was his Xander so upset?


"I think what you and I are doing is wrong."


Angelus wrapped his arms around himself. He was afraid to try to touch Xander. "I haven't chained you up," he offered.


Xander gave a rough laugh with the sound of suppressed tears behind it. "Very progressive! You and I are so different."


"Did you like what we did?" Angelus demanded in a hard voice.


"Doesn't matter! It was wrong for me to let you do those things. Any of them!"


Angelus played with the blanket. "I have Lal coming after school." He thought that might perk Xander up.


"Right, where you find more ways to make me your total boy!"


Angelus didn't know what to do. He'd been trying to be so good. He hadn't whipped Xander for his insolence. He hadn't killed or fed in days. He'd not just raped him, which he really wanted to do. Now he was told that what he thought they had enjoyed sharing was wrong. "I don't understand," he said, defeated and hurting.


"I'm just saying that maybe I'm not as sweet as you think. I might surprise you one day!" Xander said, before shoving away from the other man and heading for the shower.


It was all... too much for him. He was doing sex things with Angelus he'd never dreamed of that felt so good, only he knew he shouldn't want to do those things. Then there was Oz. Then there were his parents. Then there was Willow.


In the shower, he gave into his tears under the hot water. He was alone because he'd pushed Angelus away, but right now he'd give anything for someone to just hold him.






"Hey, Buffy."


"I thought this seat would be taken. I mean, you always pal with Willow, don't you?"


Xander sighed and looked over at his friend. She was sitting next to Lance. He wanted to go over and talk to her, but he didn't know what to say. This whole thing with Angelus was so complicated...


"Yeah. We're just taking a break for a while."


"Oh, well, that's nice. Means I get you." Buffy sat down. She smoothed her tight leather skirt so that Xander had no choice but to look at her legs. He swallowed. He might be dating someone, but he wasn't dead. Buffy was very attractive, in a scary way... and how come he always seemed to be attracted to scary people?




"Nothing, just wishing I was different than I am."


"Really?" Buffy's gaze dropped. "I wish that all the time!"


"Yeah? But you're blond and beautiful. You could even be popular if you weren't... kind of strange, but even then it adds a certain Buffinesta charisma."


She laughed and her eyes, which were usually so sad or hard, softened. "You are really sweet."


Oz came aboard and he kept up the eye contact with Xander until he finally sat down. Xander felt like a combination of dessert... and dinner. "Yeah, I wish I wasn’t. Sweet, I mean."


She pushed her hair back. "How come?"


"Well, there's the whole getting beat up thing," Xander found himself telling her the truth, maybe because with all the changes in his life he felt off balance and more vulnerable. "And... all my life, I've tried to do the right thing, you know? Be a good person?" Behind him Bud and Wal started making smooching noises and cat calling Xander's name. Xander flushed. "And what do I have to show for it? I'm like a pariah. Sometimes I feel like you have to be a mean person to be okay."


"Oh," Buffy looked at her hands. "Yeah, I get that. Being hard, you mean."


"Yeah," Xander looked at his Willow, who wouldn't look his way, and swallowed. "It hurts so much to be a nice guy."




Angelus summoned Lal earlier than planned since he was at such a loss at what to do about Xander.


Lal was a green-skinned demoness with a magnificent figure. Today she was wearing a sleek taupe cat suit which matched her leather attache. She sat down, crossed her legs, and pushed back her dyed blond curls. "My lord," she said, giving him his due as a master vampire.


Angelus knew he had to observe the courtesies. "Red wine or blood?"


"Neither!" She giggled. "I'll take a cappuccino if you have one."


"Oh, right."


"Yeah, sorry, not very retro."


"No, you're right, we demons should move with the times." He got up and made her one with his own two hands as she watched him, studying him. He knew she could probably see his aura. He tried not to imagine what it looked like in the wake of this morning's fight with Xander.


"Your house is in disorder, my lord."


He passed her the cappuccino and sat down, glum. "I'm involved with a human boy."


"A new pet for your house. I can sense his energy... it's green."


"Sounds like Xander." Angelus smiled wanly. He didn't understand how a demon could feel so bad, unless it involved torture, and no one had dared to torture him for a very long time. Well, no one had survived after torturing him.


"Tell me about him."


"I should chain him up downstairs. Just... do what I want with him." Angelus admitted with shame. He knew he wasn't acting like much of a master vampire.


"So why don't you?" she asked calmly.


"When I first saw him, he was defending a friend of his, Willow. He was outnumbered and he knew he was going to be hurt, but still he wouldn't denounce her."


"And you want him to feel that way about you. You want his loyalty."


"I guess. I like it when he's happy." Angelus found himself smiling, remembering the back pack and the way Xander had taken care of him. "I've tried to court him, but now he's angry with me."


"Where did you fight?"


Angelus didn't question Lal, he got up and guided her to Xander's room and his unmade bed. Looking at it, he could still smell warm Xander in the sheets and he could also smell his excitement and climax from the night before.


"He's very young," she said, running a hand over the sheet. "Full of heart."


"Yes." Could demons cry? Angelus felt embarrassed for the desolate way he was feeling.




"Oh, no. I better make sure Lance is okay," Xander told Buffy.


"What's up?"


"Nothing, just the jerk squad took him into the Hyena House."


"Looks like a good place to be alone with someone," she said, biting her lip provocatively.


"Can you not do that?"


Buffy blinked. "What?"


"The come on stuff. Look, I'm really easy, okay? But the problem is with me that I don't just go for the sex stuff, my heart kind of goes humpty dumpty and then there is Xander egg shell everywhere. It's not a pretty sight. So just... don't act like that when you don't mean it."


"How do you know I don't?"


"Never mind, just wait here, and I'll go rescue Lance."


"Okay." Buffy glared after Xander, frustrated and reluctantly charmed. He was living with a monster. How could he seem so sweet?




"What you need is a little romance. A little tenderness."


"I've tried! I haven't chained him up, have I?"


The demoness blinked. "Uh, yes, my lord, very forgiving of you."


"I think so, but he doesn't seem to realize how... different I am. How hard I'm trying."


"You should feed," she said sternly. "You are very weak at the moment."


"I will tonight later, after he comes home. So... do you think roses might do the trick?"




Xander scratched himself on the bus. His skin felt all tight and itchy and his bad mood had only gotten worse. Why had he tried to help that loser, Lance, anyway?


Willow came over and Xander had the feeling she was ready to make up, but he turned his back on her and looked out the window. Stupid bitch. He had more important things to think about than whiny Willow.


He closed his eyes, feeling increasingly angry and aggressive. He remembered last night with Angelus and suddenly he knew what he wanted.


He wanted Angelus.


Part 17 - Taken


"What's with all the flowers?" Xander growled.


Angelus looked a bit taken aback. "Uh, roses. I thought... you know, romantic," his voice drifted off into embarrassment.


"The dark, dangerous vampire dude scattered rose petals?" Xander's voice had a mean edge to it that made Angelus frown.


"Huh? No, I actually paid someone to scatter them. While I watched from my comfy alpha-vampire chair," he pointed to his easy chair and then looked back at Xander. "Are you okay? You seem a bit flushed."


"I'm fine! Just... had a weird day."


"Did you enjoy the field trip? Have enough money?"


"I'm not your fucking little boy, so don't treat me like one!"


Angelus' jaw dropped. "Okay, what's wrong, did the werewolf attack you again?" Angelus felt his possessiveness and concern roused and moved to pull Xander in his arms, but Xander shoved him away, glaring at him. There was some weird predatorial vibe coming off him in waves. Angelus felt like he'd left a cool building and walked out into heat waves. What was up with his sweet boy?


"He better not try: maybe I'll be the one mounting him!" Xander gave a chilling smile.


"What's wrong? Something's wrong!"


"What, I'm not your little toy and it's upsetting you?" Xander was mocking, actually mocking Angelus. Angelus drew in a sharp breath at the unexpected pain and betrayal he felt.


"Is this... adolescence?"


"Yeah, and so is this--" Xander shoved Angelus, who was still recovering from blood loss, onto his easy chair. Before the vampire could react, Xander was on top of him, looming over him with a menacing smile... and when had his sweet Xan ever been menacing? He couldn't even pull it off when he was defending loved ones.


"Xan-der?" Angelus breathed.


"You know what I think? I think that what you want from me is for me to take you. All that talk about doin' me, and yet I'm still a virgin. I think you being so nice? Is weak." Xander grabbed Angelus' hair, yanking to expose his throat so he could sniff the vampire's neck.


Angelus tried to shove him away without hurting his frailer human body, but his boy was strong... too strong.


So he bit him on the soft baby fat that plumped out the curve of his chin. Angelus vamped, and bit Xander so that Xander yelped in pain and leaped off him. Angelus stood. "Something's inside you," he said, furious.


Xander smiled.


"Tell me what happened to you!" Angelus shouted.


"Fuck you, I don't have to do what you say." Xander was circling Angelus and Angelus suddenly felt like a lion being hunted by a... hyena?


"You are under my roof and I put food on your plate, baby," Angelus could feel his leash slipping on the dark fires he kept under control. If Xander wasn't going to be sweetly giving, then why not just take him? his demon whispered.


Xander attacked, and only Angelus' experienced senses saved him. He dived and avoided the boy who fell, but sprang to his feet with an inhuman elasticity.


"Possession," Angelus growled. "Something is inside you. Something between me and you."


Suddenly the French doors to the garden exploded and two girls and two boys Xander's age were in the room. They looked over at Xander and Angelus recognized they were under the same influence as Xander was. And Xander was their alpha.


Confident now, Xander laughed and strolled over casually to the fire. He pulled out a log which was sparking and burning on one end. "All the stories I've ever read say that fire is very, very bad for vampires."


Angelus felt rage and something new... something he couldn't believe: fear. He had a monster in his house, one that he could feel was full or rage and lust and the need to dominate.


He didn't wait for Xander's next move since he knew he didn't have the endurance for a protracted battle: he had to disable Xander now and chain him until he could find out what had happened to him and reverse it, and if he took him down the rest of his watching pack might hesitate long enough for Angelus to figure out a way to deal with them. He looked at their shining eyes and knew he could be their alpha if he could take out Xander. They were waiting now to see who would win, but they wouldn't be above helping Xander if Angelus fell. It was the way of a pack.


He barreled into him and they fought over the burning log. Xander shoved it against his face and Angelus screamed at the pain. Fire! He threw Xander across the room so he smashed a Stickley table and a Tiffany stained glass lamp. Xander lay crumpled in the shards of colorful glass and pale oak, but his eyes were full of hate and need.


Angelus felt his stomach twist and he... hesitated. It was a fatal mistake, this weakness he had for his human. Xander grabbed the fallen log and hit Angelus again, beating him twice with it as the blood-weak vampire crumpled. "No, this isn't you!"


"Weak! Stupid! Some fucking master vampire. You're mine now, pussy!" Xander smiled with triumph, possessive fingers tangled in Angelus' hair. "Now where do you keep the chains?"




Willow wiped her eyes as she headed for Xander's new home with Angelus. She was still hurting from the way he'd snubbed her on the bus. She knew it was because he was upset with her for how she couldn't just go along with his new... relationship? Whatever it was. But she was his friend and she loved him. Tears ran down her face and she had to stop for a minute and lean against a palm tree. Xander had been hers long before he came, and the loss of their closeness was unbearable.


She spotted some running shadowy figures heading in the same direction as Angelus' house and reached in her pocket for the powerful demon's bane she carried now to ward off any attacks. Ms. Calendar had made it for her in case she had to go out after dark. It was weird, but the teacher and Willow hadn't even needed to discuss why you'd dabble in protective magics, living in Sunnydale. It was just... the way it was here.


She took a deep breath, strengthening her resolve. She would talk to him, and if need be, she'd cry, because her Xander couldn't resist Willow tears.




Angelus struggled on his stomach even as the pack held him down and Xander ripped away his silk charcoal pants. He shocked away as he felt fingers pressing inside him without any hesitation. "Hold him and I'll do him," Xander ordered, utterly ruthless.


"No, Xander, this is wrong!" Angelus still felt this stupid weakness that Xander had been able to take advantage of. Not just of his body, but of his... heart?


"I'll lube you, baby, don't worry," the voice was caressing, and Angelus felt a strange heaviness in his sex. With shock, he realized that under his anger and outrage at his impending rape, he was also aroused?


"Yeah, that's right," Xander's fingers pushed emollient inside Angelus that Angelus had saved for when he mounted his boy at last. He struggled again, frantic, hating that for some bizarre and totally fucked up reason, he was feeling this way about his own violation.


Xander bit him on his neck to still and claim him, and Angelus saw his hands come over his chained wrists and then felt thickness pushing inside him. Angelus had never been taken by anyone ever! He growled and his chains rattled, but the pack had him and Xander was riding his ass, in complete control. He pressed deeper inside. "God, I want you so much... don't fight! I'm burning up. Hurting!" The pain in Xander's whisper reached the big vampire at last, and he recognized that the thing inside Xander was tearing him up with primitive and painful needs that had overwhelmed his sweetness: but Xander was in there, and right now he needed Angelus to be the strong one.


Angelus forced himself to relax his furious demon and surrender his body to his boy. He would free himself as soon as he could and drive the thing out of Xander that was hurting him, but Xander needed the comfort of Angelus' body. Xander might think he was the alpha here, but in fact, Angelus was just taking care of his boy, giving him what he needed...


Xander slid deeper, and Angelus couldn't keep from moaning. Their hands entwined in a lover's grip. It had started out as rape, but they were lovers no matter what spells or magics came between them.


Part 18 - Need


Xander was so affected by his possession of Angelus and his first sexual intercourse, that his strokes were rough and ragged inside the big vampire. The only sounds were his grunts as he moved over the slick larger body, his hands gripping Angelus' for comfort because even now, as a monster, all he felt was red pain and hunger and need, need, need...


He needed to tear into something and watch it bleed. He needed to rub his face against Angelus' crotch and smell his sex. He needed to fuck him. Needed so bad to be inside him and force him to take that need!


"Shhhhh, slow and easy," Angelus looked back and though there was anger simmering like a sleeping fire in his midnight eyes over what the creature inside his Xander had made happen--this tumultuous and unplanned sex--there was also tenderness.


Xander growled which drifted off into a whine. He couldn't make sense of his feelings. He wanted to humiliate Angelus and force him, but he also wanted to be wrapped in cool arms that would help him think again. Make sense of the pounding, discordant crashing of his senses. At that moment, he could hear a mouse outside sipping from Angelus' fountain, and he could smell the approach of prey: Willow.


He snarled, and the other pack members got to their feet, all eyes toward Angelus' front door. "Get her, but don't kill her. She's mine!" Xander ordered, his dark eyes held the other boys to be clear he'd kill them if they disobeyed him.


"Wiiiii-looow!" one of the boys whined. The rest laughed and Xander with them.


"Yeah. Scare her a little. Hurt her, okay, fine." They rushed off with eerie grace, leaping like silent human grey hounds to do Xander's bidding.


"You can't hurt her, Xander!" Angelus protested, knowing his sweet boy would never recover from something like that...


Xander slapped Angelus, leaving him with a bleeding lip. "You're mine now. You don't get to say... you just don't." Xander began to shove in and out more frantically, his long tumbled hair unruly, his eyes closed as he moved over the chained body of his lover.


Angelus eyes narrowed with rage and he struggled, but it only excited the wild boy inside him. "Yeah, fight me..." Xander kissed him, nipping the cool skin on his neck as Angelus long body tried to push out the cock ramming inside him. He was helpless and weak and he had to take it.


Xander's hands slipped down to the cuffs that held Angelus' wrists. He gripped them, purring at how he'd enslaved his beloved. Angelus' own struggle had also aroused him to fever pitch. His clothing had been shredded by his young lover so that his body was sleek and naked, glistening with fine sweat. Xander felt like he was covering a dark panther. Forcing it to take the cock he fed it.


Angelus tried to buck Xander off, his demon still resisting this forced possession, but it only lodged Xander deeper. Angelus moaned again, since being fucked by Xander felt good, even as it was wrong to ever let his boy have him.


"C'mon, sex is supposed to be consensual between two lovers," Xander taunted.




"No?" A panting laugh in one ear as Xander groaned at the joy of feeling his prick buried deep. "So I'm always supposed to be the one taking it?"




"Okay, I know there's something wrong with me, but what's your excuse?" Xander looked like he wanted to beat his possessed head against a wall.


Despite his chains and the indignity of being forced to take his teenage lover's sex--which Angelus was sure he shouldn't enjoy--he smiled.






"Hello?" Willow knocked on the front door of Angelus' house. The lights were out and she could hear running feet behind her. She really hoped her Xander would open it soon to take care of her.


"Willllll-oooooo! Gonna eat you all up, bitch!"


She screamed when she looked over her shoulder and saw three kids she recognized running toward her. There was something about them...


She grabbed her Demon's Bane and held it out. It glowed with fierce white light, showing that it was warding off something powerful. "Oh, God... Xander!"


She clawed at the door as one of them snapped at her protection, and nearly fell inside when Xander himself opened the door. He smiled at her and she breathed out teary relief. "P-please let me inside quick!"


"Sure, Will. I'm really glad you came over." Xander didn't react to the scary teen squad except to give them a narrowed glance so they backed off. Will dived inside and threw herself into his arms, trembling. He was shirtless, and his skin was slick with sweat. His hair was rumpled and his jeans were open, but not zipped. Willow's eyes widened and she blushed, but she peeked at what she could see because her Xander had a beautiful body.


"I was s-so scared!" She held onto him tightly.


"Yeah, I can smell that. So, you hungry? I know I am."


Part 19 - Master


"I was s-so scared!" Willow said to Xander above stairs.


"Yeah, I can smell that. So, you hungry? I know I am." Angelus heard Xander's uncommonly self-assured voice answer her. The hair rose on the back of his neck. Xander was hunting. He was almost licking his prey, and Willow had no idea!


Angelus shook his head, still groggy and weak from the beating he'd taken. He'd been left alone with two of Xander's boys. One was circling him now, his eyes on Angelus' long naked body, bare except for savaged clothes and long red scratches and a deep red bite mark on Angelus' neck from Xander's forced possession.


The boy licked his lips, giving a little growl. His eyes were burning with lust. He wanted to challenge Xander, Angelus recognized. He wanted Xander's pet, Angelus.


Angelus' eyes narrowed. Lust was a weakness if you didn't know how to master it, and not allow it to master you. There was more to being a master vampire than mere strength, so fortunately he did. None of these children were particularly bright.


"Like what you see?" he lured, raising an eyebrow at the boy.


"Shut up! You're just Xander's slut!"


"You want me, but you're afraid to touch me. Someone might give you a spanking," Angelus laughed derisively. Under the cover of shifting around to be more comfortable, he gave a long, sustained pull to one of the chains which held him to the stone wall. The concrete was old... and he felt it start to give.


"I'm not afraid of him! Or you: you're weak."


"Am I now, boy?" Angelus sighed, and turned over so the boy could see his still-hard sex. He licked his lips, and reached down with one cuffed hand to touch himself.


The boy picked up the unmistakable scent of heavy arousal. His nostrils flared, and both he and his friend moved closer, still wary of the big vampire, but enticed despite themselves. Angelus was very, very beautiful, and the scent of his lust, his rage, and his submission was a potent brew. Also, they could smell Xander all over him, and both boys wanted to be Xander.


"In most packs, only the alpha gets to fuck, did you know that? Beta males and females aren't allowed." Angelus laughed. "I guess you two could fuck each other, though, right?"


"Shut up!" The first boy dared to strike Angelus, leaving a cut on one cheekbone from his ring. Angelus decided he’d kill him first.


Patience, Angelus warned his furious demon. He licked his lips, letting his eyelids fall, and raised his hands above his head, lifting his head at an angle so he exposed his throat... and then he waited to see if his alluring body language snared his prey.


The first boy fell for his honey trap, bending close to suck on Xander's mark on Angelus’ neck. Angelus vamped and tore into his throat, from his shoulder to his neck, doing it fast so he could make his kill without the boy getting a chance to fight him or warn the others. He almost ripped out the jungular and the blood pounding around it, but some faint awareness of a reason why he should not kill stayed him. Barely.


The other boy gave a choked off cry of horror mingled with blood lust at the warm spill of his friend. Despite himself, he moved closer, wanting to taste that warm blood--


The chain snapped and Angelus whipped it through the air so it curled around the boy's neck with a cruel snap. He yanked and the kid fell into his lap where one big hand clenched in his hair. Angelus went for his throat and tasted deeply of him, feeling the boy sigh out in surrender as he reached down and stroked his prey even as he fed on him.


The blood was sizzling with primal power which went to Angelus' head, making him want to hunt down and kill all the kids in Xander's pack. Angelus rubbed himself against his prey, over and over, bathed in the sweet taste of his blood until he shot over him.


Shaking in reaction, he snarled and yanked free the other chain, before climbing unsteadily to his feet. He wiped his mouth, breathing heavily. Angelus wanted to kill them both. Already he could see the blood coagulating; they were tough, whatever they were, and they'd recover if he didn't just kill them now.


He fought with his instinct to finish them, struggling to remember his promise to Xander... he wanted more than anything to rip both bodies apart and stick the wet bones on his fountain as a warning to any who dared to mess with him!


He fought with his furious demon, trying to see past the red haze of lust and want. Want to kill now! Want to fuck now! He forced it down, putting a choke chain on his demon as if it was a pit bull. It snarled at him, unhappy with his restraint. Weakness, it whispered.


“No, I control you, and that is what makes me a master vampire,” Angelus told his demon. "But ... now is our time to hunt!" he muttered, ghosting up the stairs and out the French doors. He knew the rest of Xander's pack were outside, waiting for Xander to kill Willow so they could feast.




"I just felt so bad about... how we left off." Willow couldn't bring herself to say she felt bad for doubting Xander's sudden new roommate or the fact they seemed to be... close friends. She had never lied to Xander, except for pretending to believe his stories about why he'd shown up at school all bruised, or stayed home 'sick.'


Xander was circling her, a little smile on his face. Willow flushed because he looked kind of... supercharged or something. Almost... sexy. And only Willow had ever recognized Xander was actually sexy. Well, Willow and now Angelus.


Xander looked at her from under his bangs. He didn't seem embarrassed by his open jeans, which gave hints of his secret body parts. His chest and tummy moved with liquid grace as he paced. Her Xander was so softly and perfectly formed, like a young slender panther.


Willow covered her blushing face and sat down at the kitchen table. She felt a rush of heat, as if Xander was speaking to her on some level he never had before. She realized that Xander’s kindness had always shielded her from the full heat of his... Xander whammy. That’s it! Suddenly he was whammy-luscious Xander! Was this from living with Angelus?


“Can you... stop pacing like that? You look like you’re on the prowl and after the stalker kids...” Willow trailed off as Xander smirked. He moved closer, sniffing her hair, making her insides tighten with an unwilling rush of self-consciousness and desire. She wished he’d tamp down whatever it was he was putting out, because she was just a normal girl... how was she to not feel certain things from the way he looked at her?


“Poor Willow, did they scare you?” he laughed, and kissed her under her ear. A snap of a kiss with a hint of teeth.


Willow shot to her feet. “No kissing!” She put her hands up to ward him away but he only smiled and didn’t back down. He wasn’t like the bullies in school who were all bluster: his confidence was rock-steady and unnerving. His dark eyes fixed on her... like the mean kids outside!


“Oh, no! You’ve gone all monsterific!” Willow snatched her demon’s bane up and held it in front of him.


Xander’s face wrinkled with contempt. “You think that will stop me?” He reached out and put his hand on it, his head thrown back in pain as it burned his palm, but he didn’t let go, he rode out the pain and the pure white glow of Willow’s only protection sputtered... and dimmed.


She shrieked and backed away from him, holding it close. “Xander, you don’t know what you’re doing!”


“One question, Will? Do you want to die a virgin, or do you want me to fuck you first?”


Part 20 - Rules Change


Willow got off one scream before Xander leaped at her: he didn't just look like a young panther, he could pounce like one now! He laughed at her fear, which made her eyes fill. Where was her Xan? This frightening monster wasn't anything like her kind-hearted friend!


He grabbed her hair, yanking her head back to give her another bite-kiss on her neck, this one more painful. Willow dropped the useless Demon's Bane for a cappuccino cup, which she broke over his head. He reeled back, rubbing the blood on his forehead before deliberately licking it, and making a show of savoring it. His pupils had almost swallowed the soft chocolate brown of his eyes, which terrified her: it was like she could actually see a monster inside him!


"Bitch!" He backhanded her, and she crumpled to the floor, before backing away frantically on her hands and knees, screaming for Angelus. Maybe he could help her!


"What, you want him to come fuck you? Well, maybe if he's a really good pet I'll let him do you while I watch. Yeah, I like that: my two pets performing for me."


Willow shook her head. It was like Xander was speaking another language. "Please..."


"Please," Xander mocked, prowling over. "You hit me: I didn't like it. You need to learn your place in the food chain, Will."


"This isn't you!"


"No, it's not whiney, subby Xander! It's a Xander with some muscle. A Xander with some pepper--instead of bland cafeteria-food Xander. Don't you like him? Don't bother to lie, because I can smell you do." He crooned the last, leaping on top of her, but not touching her body, just holding himself over her like a spider about to eat its prey.


Willow cupped his cheek. "Please d-don't hurt me. I love you like nobody else: like nobody. If you aren't you anymore, I'll still love you." And then she gave herself permission to do what she'd never dared: she kissed him.


Xander slid a hand down her side until it cupped her sex boldly, and Willow gave a little gasp. "This is what you want, honey. What you've always wanted--"


Suddenly Xander was grabbed by the hair. Willow gave a shriek as he was lifted off her, and Angelus knocked Xander's head against his stainless steel fridge. Xander lay against it, groggy, his eyelids fluttering.


A big hand appeared near Willow's face and without saying a word, her cheeks aflame, and tears running down her face, she took it. She looked up at Angelus, the mysterious boyfriend she was frightened of, and saw he had blood on his face and his hands. He was wearing black jeans and a black wife beater undershirt. His clothing also had some damp spots, and despite the color, she had a feeling it was also... blood.


He was breathing hard, his nostrils flaring, and there was something primal and dangerous about him, as if he was holding himself barely under control.


Willow looked down at Xander, who had... who had nearly--


She threw herself into Angelus' arms, shaking, trying not to sob like a baby. At first, the big man gave no reaction, but then a bloody hand cupped her head awkwardly. "You're safe, girl," he said softly.


"That isn't him! That isn't m-my Xander!"


"No, not mine either. He's possessed."


Willow blinked, feeling safe for the first time that night against a hard-muscled chest and cool arms. She knew she should be freaked by the blood, but her instincts told her that Angelus was where her safety lay on a night when her best friend was a monster.




Angelus gave a growling sound. "The zoo keeper: he put hyena into my boy."


"Oh, well... uh, let's get it out of him!" Will's voice was stronger. Angelus tipped her head up and cupped her face, making a small sound when he saw her bruises and bleeding mouth.


"You're strong, I like that," he said. "Get some ice and cover that bruise, and I'll get my boy."


"What are we going to do?" Will obeyed Angelus without even thinking about it.


"Pay a little visit to the good doctor, of course."


"And the... the other kids?"


Angelus' eyes narrowed. "When they can walk again, they'll crawl after us. Packs always stick together."




"Why can't I come with you?" Willow was being stubborn.


Angelus wasn't standing for it. "You stay in the car."


"I don't want to! I want to--"


Angelus growled a swear word that made Willow's eyes pop open. "Uh, sorry. He loves you, so I'm keeping you safe. No more talk."


Willow looked like she was going to argue, so Angelus reached into his glove compartment and took out... hand cuffs? Willow's eyes saucered. Who carried hand cuffs in his glove compartment?


Before she could react, he'd snapped them over the steering wheel of his car and over one of her wrists. "You stay safe," he ordered, before pulling out Xander and slinging him over his shoulder. He walked off and didn't bother looking back.


"You... you man!" Willow cursed. She gave a frustrated kick to the locked car door, furious that Angelus had done this to her! Why didn't he want her there? What was he hiding from her?




The witch doctor was where Angelus had left him. The knife he'd tried to stab the vampire with was sticking out of his palm, holding him pinned against the stone floor with the magical design on it. He was moaning in pain, blood pooled under his hand. Angelus didn't spare him a glance. He put Xander into the circle and listened to the wild hyenas growling in the pit beneath him. He sniffed the air and caught a familiar scent. The Pack. The other kids were on their way.


He went over to the doctor, who was blinking tears. "Please... don't hurt me," he said, looking up at Angelus' stone face.


Angelus leaned down, smiling. "The first thing they go for are the soft parts, so you'll still be alive when they rip your cock off if you don't free my boy!"




The other kids came in warily, watching Angelus, but smelling the blood and seeing a victim, their hunger drew them closer. Angelus made eye contact with all of them and then pointed to the floor design. Obedient to their new alpha, they came to stand in the circle. The boys especially didn't dare meet his eyes after one glance. One girl whined, looking at fallen Xander, but she didn't try to go to him, her shoulders flinching when Angelus gave an almost soundless growl of warning.


"No tricks, doc!" Angelus yanked the blade out of the doctor's open palm, smiling as he wept from the pain. He lifted the doctor in his arms, ignoring his weak struggles. "You can't use that possession stuff on me, so don't try it."


"What... what are you?"


Angelus slapped him, reminding him of what he had been ordered to do. "You promise not to hurt me?"


"I won't hurt you," Angelus said, still smiling. That beautiful smile made the doctor even more nervous, though he wasn't sure why. He gasped out the incantation, holding his wounded hand and trying to avoid the gaze of this new alpha.


Angelus saw a green light flash in the kids eyes, and then suddenly the doctor was struggling with much greater strength: he was now a monster.


Angelus hefted him easily above his head--"No, you promised!" the doctor screamed--and tossed him into the hyena pit. He saw blood splash against the stone walls and the shadow of a defensively-raised hand. "I kept my word: I didn't hurt you," he answered mockingly.


Ignoring the dazed teenagers since they weren't his concern anymore, Angelus reached down and picked up his Xander, carrying him away from the sounds of the feasting pack.




Xander's eyes blinked awake. His head was pounding and his mouth was dry. He tried to sit up on his bed, but as soon as he moved he discovered his hands were secured above his head. He moaned in discomfort, getting unsettling flashes of memory that didn't make sense. He closed his eyes and fought sudden nausea.


"Do you need to be sick?" a hard voice demanded.


He looked up and saw his Angelus, who was wearing black jeans and a black undershirt. His face was shadowed and his hands were fisted. That's all Xander could make out. For some reason Angelus' posture frightened Xander. He bit his lip, trying not to give into tears. "What's happening?" he asked. He looked down and saw he was naked, and his ankles were also secured. Why had Angelus tied him up like this?


"Answer the question!" More steel.


"No... Uh, I think I'll be okay."


"If you feel sick, let me know and I'll free you."


"Can't you free me now? Please, Angelus?"


"I made sure your circulation won't be cut off," Angelus ignored his plea. "Your hands aren't higher than your head, so you won't be too uncomfortable."


Too uncomfortable? Xander swallowed. Why was Angelus suddenly so cold?


"Why are you like this with me?" Xander's voice was shaking.


"Get used to it," Angelus growled. "Rules have changed."


Xander felt a tear escape, despite how he tried like hell to not give in. Angelus growled and stomped from the room, slamming the door.




Outside, Angelus wiped a shaking hand over his face, looking at the fountain he'd repaired to delight Xander, frothing serenely. He had to stay close so that if his boy was sick, he could free him. He hardened his heart when he heard Xander break into sobs behind the door Angelus had closed between them.


Part 21 - Consequences


Angelus was expecting the knock on the door. He glared at the book in his hand, but made no move to answer it, despite how it was repeated twice more... finally, when he was ready, he got up and opened it.


A delicate blue demon with ears which pulsed up and down like butterflies bowed to him. "Master Angelus." He handed Angelus a white envelope.


Angelus took it, but didn't bother opening it, since he already knew its contents. "Another courier from Ugly?"


The little demon gasped that anyone would dare to call the Master ugly... even if it was true.


"You know, my lord, what has been demanded by the Master?"


Angelus' jaw ticked. "I know. Tomorrow. I'll do it tomorrow."


The demon bowed, daring to glance up at Angelus with sly crocodile eyes, ready to snap up any unwary bird. Angelus saw that glance and smirked. "You are the second one he sent tonight."


The demon caught the smell then, and glanced over at Angelus' elaborate wrought iron bird feeder. He gave a squeak and backed off.


"Very wise, my friend. Tell your master I appreciate the bird seed he sent over for my feeder: it was empty," Angelus said softly.


The demon messenger dashed off down the stairs to the street level to get away from Angelus.


Angelus looked over at the crows feasting on the shredded remains of the Master's first courier. He liked birds.




Xander was subdued when Angelus entered his bedroom the next morning. His face turned away from the light from the door as if he couldn't bear it. There were deep circles around his eyes.


"You don't go to school today," Angelus decided.


Xander gave a sigh with a hint of tears, but pressed his lips together.


"Do you remember what happened?" Angelus voice was hard as he himself remembered.


"Yes.... I nearly raped my Willow."


Angelus loomed over Xander, but Xander didn't look up to meet his gaze.


"You need to shower."


Angelus sighed and reached to un cuff Xander's wrists and ankles. Xander lay there for a moment with his eyes tightly closed, before his knees pulled up to his chest. His eyelashes were wet, but there were no tears on his cheeks.


His nude vulnerability was alluring to the big demon: he found even Xander's distress erotic, as it made him more like prey. More... under Angelus. He wanted to touch that skin freely and play with the sex that was his.


Instead he reached down and cupped one warm shoulder, his fingers wanting to caress the soft skin of his chosen human, but he forced himself not to be tender. He couldn't do that. Not now. Not with what he had to do. "Get up."


Xander seemed to respond better to Angelus' harshness, as if he felt himself deserving of it. He got to his feet, and Angelus noticed that the necklace he'd gifted him with was a dull color against Xander's skin. Angelus saw that all the passion had drained from the stones. He knew that the boy didn't have it in himself right now, but he also vowed to warm those stones again and bring it back.


He closed his eyes and reached out and touched a stone with the kindness he couldn't give to Xander himself right now. He put inside the buried heart of the crystal an image of two naked men. Xander sitting on his lap with Angelus' hand cupped possessively over Xander’s sex. His head leaning back and his throat exposed and a slight smile on his face, accepting of anything Angelus might want of him. Happier times.


"What you did..." Angelus cleared his throat because his voice didn't want to stay hard. "Had consequences."


"I know," Xander said, miserable. "Do you think she'll even want to see me again?"


Angelus’ brow raised at how his boy was avoiding any mention of what he'd done to Angelus, but he didn't know how to approach the subject either. "She's strong," he said. "But I'm not talking about Willow. What you did to me had consequences."


Xander nodded, flushed. His hands moved jerkily away from his soft sex and he lay back on the bed, spreading his legs. "If you want... you know, I won't fight you." His eyes remained lowered as he offered himself, and his shamed submission was exactly what Angelus had been counting on.


At that moment, Angelus’ demon wanted to take that reduced Xander. Pound into him and delight in his overwhelming victory over the boy he admired. He clenched his fists, mastering himself. He wanted to own Xander completely, and have his sweet and joyful submission in their bed. Taking him now, much as he ached to do it, wasn't the way.


And now wasn't the time for it: the boy had become a demon and crossed demon laws and it didn't matter that he was now human. He had to pay a price for it.


"There is a vampire who lives under a church in Sunnydale," Angelus explained. "He is known as the 'Master.' He's an ugly and stuffy son of a bitch and usually he and I avoid each other."


Xander had uncovered his eyes from where he lay on his bed, all ravishing and exposed.


Angelus reached out and grasped Xander's soft sex, holding it firmly as he talked to Xander. Xander gave a little shuddering sigh but his legs stayed open and he didn't try to pull away from Angelus' possession.


"He can't hurt me, but he delights in meddling in my affairs and... he employs a seer."


Xander didn't speak, and Angelus approved of his restraint. He stroked the sex and watched it give an interested twitch, filling a little in the hands of his owner. "She saw that a slave... a pet of Angelus forced his own master to submit."


Xander frowned and his lips parted, considering. He still didn't dare meet Angelus' gaze. "What you became wasn't your fault, and by human laws, it wouldn't be right to punish you for it." Now soft brown eyes flickered and glanced off the hardness in Angelus' gaze. "But I'm not human and you broke demon laws. If I don't punish you for it, I'll be seen as weak... and they'll take you from me." Angelus sighed. "They'll take everything from me."


Xander swallowed, nervous. "I know I hurt you: you tried to be gentle with me when I was all... and I betrayed you," he said in thready voice.


"You were a young beast, full of new power." Angelus stroked one soft hip, wishing he could put his lips against it and leave a gentle red love bite.


"This punishment..." Xander glanced up at Angelus and then away.


"You must do everything I tell you when the Master's court visits, Xander. Everything. If you are the perfect submissive pet, they'll have no call to doubt my mastery over you and they should leave us alone again."




"Lean back and spread your legs."


Xander looked down at the razor and bit of soapy water. He didn't really want Angelus shaving his body hair off, but he obeyed anyway. He darted one look at the stone face of his... friend? boyfriend?




He was scared about what was going to happen, and Angelus wasn't soothing him like he usually did. He was giving orders in a hard voice, seemingly coldly removed from Xander. He handled him like he had a right to it, but the awkward tenderness Xander was used to was missing.


What did you expect, Harris? You raped him. Humiliated him. Hit him. Hurt him.


The razor moved over the hair around Xander's sex, and Angelus' touch was gentle as he pressed Xander into different positions so he could remove his body hair.


"That's going to itch like hell when it grows back," Xander couldn't help observing dryly.


Dark eyes glanced up at him and Xander swallowed, realizing it was the first thing he'd said since he'd been a hyena that was like the old intimacy between them. He flushed, remembering that Angelus was angry with him now. His head fell and he went back to trying not to flinch as the razor rasped over his chest and around his prick.


Xander wasn't prepared for Angelus to stand, having finished, rinse out his razor calmly, and then lean down and cup Xander's face and give him a gentle, closed-mouth kiss on the lips.


Before Xander could speak, the larger man had turned his back and he was turning on the shower in preparation for Xander, so he missed the neediness in Xander's eyes, heated by that tiny bit of tenderness.




Angelus clipped on the delicate chains which ran between Xander's upper thighs. They had little bits of semi precious stones and bells attached and the bands around his thighs were woven with padded silk against the skin, so they wouldn't chaff.


"Guess you went shopping," Xander's voice cracked as he made the quip.


"A while back."


Xander stayed perfectly still as Angelus next put on the familiar ankle chains, and then chained his wrists loosely in front of him. His body had been cleaned and oiled with vanilla and cinnamon, Angelus' favorite fragrances.


His eyes were rimmed in eye liner and he was wearing mascara, which made him feel a bit dopey. And Angelus had even put lip gloss on his mouth.


Xander blushed when he looked down at his naked body. Angelus hadn't put the hated cock bra on him, but he'd made no effort to dress Xander, either. He was completely naked.


"It's time." Angelus took Xander's chained wrists and led him into the great room. There was a fire roaring and the room was full of white roses. Xander swallowed, remembering how just a day ago there had been rose petals on the floor.


He wished so badly he could go back in time. He remembered the sweetness he'd seen lurking in the backs of Angelus' dark gaze and he missed it so much now Angelus was all hard-voiced command with him.


"Xander?" the voice was lighter than it had been.


He was pulled onto Angelus' lap. Angelus was wearing black silk pants which fitted lowly over his hips and a black silk sweater. He looked very relaxed and... and gorgeous, but his dark eyes were sad as he looked at Xander and smoothed his hair. "Don't... turn away from me because of what I have to do."


Xander's lips parted at this tiny glimpse back inside the demon who had taken him from his parents and claimed him. He leaned down and his slick mouth met Angelus'. Angelus kissed him long and leisurely, his tongue going inside to play again and again inside Xander until Xander was gasping and his sex was prodding against Angelus' tummy.


"Beautiful," Angelus said as he ran a light finger over Xander's cock head. "Mine."




Xander was lying on the floor in front of Angelus when the other demons arrived. He didn't have to do anything but sit there. Angelus had told him that he only had to obey him.


He had one knee up so they couldn't see him. He was still really embarrassed to be naked like this even around Angelus, so to be naked around a crowd? It was a special Xander Harris nightmare. He didn't quite believe Angelus when he called him beautiful. He felt awkward and clumsy and Xander-boring.


Angelus didn't get up to greet his guests, merely nodded at them as they came into his house and sat in a semi circle around him. Xander couldn't believe anyone would dare doubt his authority. He was smoking some kind of thin cigar thing and he looked like the total shit.


Xander, on the other hand, was miserable and frightened, but the flash backs he kept having from when he was possessed had been hitting him hard all day. He remembered what he'd done to Angelus and on this weird new level which felt a bit like his hyena-self, he understood the big demon needed to reassert his authority over his pet. If he didn't do so, he'd appear weak and this crowd of seemingly subservient demons would turn on him, just like any pack.


Angelus beckoned to a green-skinned demoness wearing a black cat suit and carrying an attache. "Lal," he said.


She bowed, very formal. "Lord Angelus."


"I ask that you discipline my pet."


She nodded and Xander's eyes widened. He glanced up at Angelus but the big demon didn't look at him. He was smoking, looking utterly calm.


"You have given the slave boy pet status, my lord?" Lal asked in a louder voice.


Angelus nodded and Xander knew there was some kind of significance to him being a pet. He... guessed it was better then 'boy slave.' Uh. Kinda.


"Xander, I want you to turn over and face me on your knees," Angelus ordered in a cold voice.


Xander's jaw ticked. This was so hard! He had done terrible things and he was sick with them, but his pride was being rubbed in the mud and Angelus was being a total hard-ass with him. He decided a little spunk wouldn't hurt. "Yes, my queen," he muttered, his voice a little edgy despite himself.


Angelus slapped him.


Xander's chains jingled as he put a hand against his stinging cheek. He felt tears come and concentrated hard on suppressing them.


"He's... untrained. My apologies for his behavior," Angelus told the crowd in an indifferent voice.


There were murmurs around them, but Xander could only stare into hard black eyes, feeling sick and betrayed.




He might have fought, but he didn't want to be humiliated further, and slapped in public like that again. Besides, he knew that Angelus would only force him if he resisted: he could read that in Angelus' eyes.


Shaking, and trying desperately not to cry, Xander turned over and on his knees bent close to Angelus. He was deeply upset and fighting tears, but he didn't want to look into those coldly indifferent eyes again. He couldn't bear it.


Behind him, he heard the demoness open her attache. "I brought what you requested, my lord."


Angelus made an approving sound and pointed with the hand which carried his smoke. "That one. And Lal? Hurt him, but don't break his skin."


Xander closed his eyes, feeling utterly alone. He heard something whipping back and forth in the air and he knew he was going to be whipped. In public. Naked and on his knees.


When the first strike fell on his lower back and ass, it stung like bee stings. Xander gasped at the sudden savage pain.


Another fell and then another, overlaying where he'd been whipped before. He was trembling now and he couldn't help but look up. Angelus was smoking and his face was serene. He looked bored as he smoked. Xander gasped as another strike fell, not sure he could keep from crying out if it continued, and grimly determined to try since it was the only pride left to him.


He thought Angelus completely indifferent to his pain and it hurt him more than the whip-thingie Lal was using on his ass and back. Then he noticed the hand that wasn't holding the cigar was clenched and just when Xander thought he couldn't take the pain without screaming for it to stop, a cool hand reached out and claimed his.


Angelus held his hand silently, out of sight from the other demons, as Xander was whipped.


Part 22 - Cheeky Xander


After Xander's whipping, Angelus didn't socialize. He ordered the other demons to leave, so that just Lal, the demoness who had whipped Xander, remained.


Xander was leaning against Angelus' thigh, his face wet with tears and sweat, his mouth closed tight to keep from sobbing. Angelus was still holding his hand, and it felt like his only life line. His ass and back felt raw, like he had a very painful sunburn, but so much worse was the humiliation.


Demons laughing at his naked body as he bent over and was whipped at Angelus' word. Angelus slapping him when he mouthed off a little...


Under his pain, there was anger and fear and disappointment. He'd trusted Angelus more then he knew, and now...


"I want my boy's pleasure centers completely mapped out," Angelus told Lal.


"He will have to submit to a full examination, my lord."


Xander felt Angelus' hand tighten on his, but his voice was level as he gave his approval. "He will submit. Come by in a few days, when he is fully recovered."


"Your pet does you credit. He is not only beautiful, but brave."


"Yes, he is."


Xander heard the demoness pick up her supplies, snap her attache closed and then the click of her heels and the slam of the front door.


"We're alone now, Xander," Angelus' voice was deep and gentle, but Xander remembered how his father had sounded just like that after he'd broken Xander's arm when he was a child. The thought made him give a little choked off sound of agony. Was he doomed to love only someone who would take his heart and abuse it? How could he have thought Angelus any different?




A cool hand cupped his face and pulled his face back so Angelus could study him. Xander kept his eyes down, his emotions still shorting out from everything that had happened.


A finger wiped a fresh tear. "Oh, my boy--" Angelus' voice sounded queer and cramped, like he was suppressing some strong emotion.


"You hurt me, Angelus! How could you... hurt me like that?" Xander covered his eyes with a shaky hand. He was trembling with all the suppressed feeling.


Shattered. Xander pieces everywhere.




Xander leaned his head against the tub, his long lashes blinking as there was a gentle slosh of water. Behind him in his big bath tub, Angelus was delicately washing his back. The water was warm, but Xander was shivering and unresponsive. He didn't speak, but stared at the mosaic wall and the blown glass votive attached to the wall where one fat vanilla-scented candle burned.


Angelus was naked, but he didn't think Xander was even aware of their intimacy. He pulled Xander's head back by his hair so he rested against Angelus' water-slick chest, watching his boy swallow, his lips trembling and his eyes... elsewhere.


Angelus nuzzled him, kissing his neck. "Does it hurt much?"


Xander didn't speak, but a tear ran down one cheek.


"Fuck!" Angelus didn't know what to do. Then he had an idea. "Xander, I forgive you," he said softly.


That seemed to bring Xander out of his daze with a jolt. "The... hell? You. Forgive. Me?"


"Yes, as far as I'm concerned, it's over with." Angelus told Xander, sure it would immediately smooth things over with his boy.


"You... dork!" Xander smacked Angelus' big pec.


"Ow! What?"


"Just because you are okay, doesn't mean I am!"


"Why not?"


"Because there is more than one of us in this... whatever it is! And I'm not your fucking pet, Angelus! That's another thing."


"Demons are old-fashioned. A pet... was the safest thing to call you."


"So is that how you see me?" Dark, soft chocolate eyes, full of tears Xander wouldn't let fall, stared into Angelus' eyes. When it was something crucial, his boy didn't back down. Angelus felt himself harden at that defiance, but he forced himself not to make a play for Xander now. He had a feeling it wasn't the time. His boy... appeared upset with him.


"I want to see you as a pet. It is... what I'm used to," he confessed.


"Have you had many?" Xander didn't sound impressed.


"No, never." Angelus sighed. "The truth is, Xander... I don't know what you are! You make my life all messy and confusing."


"Maybe we should break up then?" Xander's dead voice was back.


"No! You don't get to break up with me."


"Why not? After the way you treated me... Angelus, you hit me."


"But you were whipped. That was... wasn't that worse?" Angelus looked clueless and Xander fought the desire to smack him, but he didn't want to be like his father and solve his frustrations with his hands.


"No, I sort of understood that in a... hyena way, but you hit me for being me."


Angelus brow wrinkled. "I couldn't be seen as weak."


"See, there's our problem, because maybe there are lines you won't cross, but I have them too. If you ever hit me again, I'll leave you."


"No!" Angelus pulled Xander close. "No, you aren't allowed." He could see he wasn't reaching Xander and he felt so frustrated. What did he say? How could he fix this? "If you leave me... I'll be without you. Please... don't," he whispered. "Don't leave me."




After bathing Xander, Angelus carried him back to his room. The bed wasn't fresh, so Angelus stripped and remade it awkwardly with his own hands while Xander watched, bemused. "Is that how you treat a pet? Make his bed for him? And by the way, you get a Z minus in hospital corners."


Angelus vamped, frustrated with the errant sheet, before his face folded back to human again and he gave an embarrassed shrug. "I'm not very domestic."


"I have to agree that I won't be inviting you along for Mrs. Ellison's Home Ec. classes. I don't think you could manage bread pudding!" Xander had a tiny smile and Angelus stared at him, his eyes dark and intense. "What?"


"Just like looking at you when you smile."


Despite his upset, Xander felt his heart fall with a splat! sound. How did Angelus do that? He could make Xander want to tear out his hair at his bossiness and his scary vampire thing and then... Splat!


Angelus hesitated, biting his lip. "How is your back?"


"It stings, how do you think?"


"Come over and sit on the bed with me."


"Why?" Xander was suspicious and Angelus didn't miss the way he was gripping his towel around his waist. Clearly, he wasn't in the mood to be intimate with Angelus.


"So I can help with the pain. I have... stuff." Angelus pointed to some ointment at Xander's bedside "And I have... something else I could do for you, but you have to trust me."


"You are asking me to trust you after whipping me, calling me your pet-slave and--"


"Yes," Angelus sounded grumpy, but Xander saw the vulnerability under the crust. He sighed.


"Alright." He climbed onto his bed, his towel gripped tight and glared expectantly at Angelus... who picked up a large carving knife from the kitchen he'd been concealing and used it to open a slice under his left nipple.


"Christ! Angelus!"


"Uh, it's okay. You have to taste me."


Xander gaped at him, staring that the blood running down his softly defined muscles. "I'm not--"


"I may be a bad ass vampire, but that hurt, and I did it for you, so just... indulge me? Taste me, Xander."


"I don't want to be a vampire--"


"You won't." Angelus guided Xander's lips to his chest, looking down at him and feeling his cock rock hard as his boy's beautiful lips touched him and took his blood at last. His human was feeding from him.


"Take a little and it will help take away your pain."


Xander's tongue came out and he licked the wound, making his big demon shudder. He didn't love tasting his blood, but part of him was very interested in how Angelus was reacting. He could see it was a big turn on for him.


He made to wipe his mouth but Angelus leaned down and gave him a gentle kiss, cupping his cheeks and probing him, until against his will, Xander felt himself becoming a little aroused. Angelus broke away and looked down at Xander through his towel. "Teenage boy here," Xander hid his face. "I'm still very mad at you. We clear about that?"


"Yes. But you haven't left me. Mad is okay. Leaving is..."


"I won't leave you," Xander could see right through Angelus right now like glass. Like glass.


Angelus pulled away. "Next time, do exactly what I say and don't talk... and Xander..."




Angelus didn't look at him. He fiddled with the bedding. "I'm sorry I hit you. I'll never do it again."




The alarm went off and Xander groaned, not wanting to wake up. His eyes felt all sandpapery and his back and ass...


Didn't feel that bad. Huh.


He sat up and the first thing he saw was Angelus. Sleeping in the big winged chair that Xander knew had to be uncomfortable, with his neck at a kinked angle and his lips slightly parted.


A rush of tenderness made Xander's throat tighten. "Hey, big guy," he rasped.


Angelus sprang awake. "School! I brought you orange juice... uh, I don't think it's cold anymore, sorry." He passed Xander a glass. "Are you... is your...?"


"I feel, uh, better thanks."


"No pain?" Angelus asked.


"Nope," Xander lied. It wasn't so bad anymore. "So... how come you didn't sleep with me? I mean that chair, man, that's gotta be--"


"I didn't think you'd," Angelus cleared his throat. "Want me." He got up. "I'll get your breakfast ready. Good nutrition is so important... and I'm working on it. I think I might do better with today's scrambled eggs."


Xander snagged his hand and put it against his face, closing his eyes at the feeling of touching Angelus. "You thought wrong." He looked up at Angelus. "I always want you."




At breakfast, Angelus left Xander alone, which Xander didn't like much. He hoped Angelus lost the whipped puppy look, even though, yeah, part of him was still mad at him... but hell, he'd raped the big demon and Angelus seemed totally okay with it now. Who could figure that?


He put a piece of toast in his mouth, since Angelus' scrambled eggs were beyond yucky and went off in search of him.


Xander walked in the bathroom to find Angelus using a towel to dry himself off. His hair was all rumpled and he had a bit of a beard around his lips. His eyes were heavy with lack of sleep.


He looked... Xander's stomach tightened. He looked hot. "Here, let me dry your back for you."


Angelus blinked but didn't argue when Xander took the towel and pushed him around to do it. He watched Xander's face, his gaze intent. Xander knew from experience that Angelus could stare at him for hours for some reason. He was a little freaky.


"I'm nervous about talking to Will."


"Just tell her... how you wish you hadn't done something that hurt her." Angelus voice had a painful note in it and Xander saw the deep burning pain of regret there. He let the towel drop and Angelus pulled him in his arms. "I know you're sorry, and I know you won't do it again." He kissed Angelus' cheek and closed his eyes, holding him.


Angelus gave a pained sound. "Don't leave, Xander."


"Now why would I leave as long as you have such a nice ass?" A ghost of his hyena made Xander boldly reach between Angelus’ legs and pinch him, licking his teeth.


Angelus laughed. "You're very cheeky. Most masters don't allow that."


"Uh huh, what about you?" Xander was smiling since he had an idea.


"I think I love it," Angelus said so softly Xander wasn't sure he'd heard him.


He nuzzled Xander and they held each other. Xander couldn't believe how his world could be so fucking bad one day and then feel like this. He knew it was wrong, him being with a vampire, a demon... but when Angelus held him like this, bare skin to bare skin, it felt like coming home or something...


"Um, your Willow might also be mad at me," Angelus finally confessed, biting his lip.


"Why? What'd you do?" Xander demanded suspiciously.


Part 23 - Shattered Xander


"Xander, wait up!"


Xander looked over his shoulder and saw Buffy running toward him. She had that determined look that gave him a combination of a woody and sweaty palms--and not the good kind. There was something about her... she gave off a vibe like Oz and Angelus did.


"Hey, Buffster! If you want my study notes, I have to insist you come to your senses now and beg Will for her help," he smiled, hoping to coast over whatever deep water she was going to lead him into.


"Xander, did you get hurt playing football?"


"Naw, that would actually involve me playing the game."


"You're walking kind of funny. Like stiff?"


Xander rubbed a hand over his mouth. Could she tell he was semi hard? He wished just once he could ask a girl, but then, he'd have to kill himself, or the girl would kill him and then--


"Xander? Hello?"


"Uh. Yeah, I am stiff." He kept on smiling.


And her eyes dropped to the front of his pants.


Son of a--


He blushed, and looked for the nearest men's so he could go bravely hide himself.


"I heard you ask the school nurse for pain killers."


Xander closed his eyes and willed his stupid hormones to take a cold shower. "The school nurse? Yeah, I did. I got kind of tanned on my, uh, back. You know, like sunburned?"


"This time of year?" Her eye brow raised.


"Yeah! I was using one of those tanning beds, and my ass now glows in the dark."


"Really, can I see it?"


"Uh." Xander blinked.


She laughed and reached out and tugged his jeans loose over his ass, revealing a strip of skin: skin clearly bisected by two red marks...




He yanked away, shaking and upset that she'd seen something so private... something he had the feeling she wouldn't understand. "The concept of personal space? You might want to look into it!"


"He's hurting you, isn't he?" Suddenly she wasn't a smiling girl anymore. She was right in his face, the scar on her lip tight with bitterness. "And you're sick, living with him--"


"He's not like that," Xander whispered, before doing a double take. How did she know about Angelus?


"Buffy!" Mr. Giles suddenly interrupted them by taking Buffy's arm and pulling her forcibly away from Xander.


Xander watched as the older man led her back toward the library. He leaned against the locker doors.




"Huh?" Oh, God, Oz. Could his day get any worse? Never mind vampires and hyenas, his high school was the real jungle!


"Buffy. She's a very intense person." Oz was looking straight into his eyes that way he had. Xander had to fight to hold that gaze.


"Yeah. Gotta go!" Xander kept looking back at Oz as he hurried off, and even though the other boy just calmly let him escape, Xander felt like he was being stalked.




He found Willow studying in the computer lab, going over some of Ms. Calendar's tests. He swallowed and knocked on the door. She peeked up at him and then immediately looked away.


Oh, no!


He did the only thing he could do: he walked over and fell to his knees beside her, startling her into meeting his gaze, like he needed. He reached for her hand, but his own hovered in midair, afraid to touch her and see her flinch. He saw her face was bruised and there were bruises on her arms. He swallowed, sickened. That he could leave bruises on his Willow...


"'K, I'm going to say this and you're gonna listen: I love you, Willow. I need you in my life. I... can understand if you never trust me again or--" he broke off because his eyes were getting watery.


Willow opened her mouth to speak but just then Ms. Calendar entered the room. Xander got off his knees, self-consciously wiping his eyes. He burned to talk to Willow and signaled with his eyes a plea to her, but her eyes were on her books. He looked away, feeling rejected. When he next looked her way, she had left the class room without speaking to him.


He felt something rise up inside of him, like a huge balloon of suppressed pain. He couldn't speak since it seemed lodged in his throat. Out of habit, he touched his necklace, since for some reason it usually calmed him, but today it didn't work: he was simply too upset.




Xander went to ground in the boy’s shower off the school gymnasium, which was deserted this period. His chest was tight with all the packed down feeling. He thought about the look on Willow's face and the turmoil he was feeling was suddenly unbearable. Too much had happened to him. He felt lost.


He fell to his heels, leaning against the bathroom stall wall, and willing himself to keep what he was feeling tamped down...




"I saw marks on him, Giles." Buffy was pacing, her hands small, angry fists. She wished that monster, Angelus, was around, because she wanted to slay him. Bad.


She was attracted to Xander: at first she'd sort of thought he was the kind she could easily control, but for some reason he eluded her, and she'd found herself actually trying to attract him, and anyone could see he had to be hard up, so she couldn't figure out why he'd given her the brush off... it had to be that vampire and his control over Xander...


"Angelus hasn't been actively killing for the moment, as far as we can tell. He appears content with holding Xander in his thrall." Giles noted. "Buffy, we have to keep our attention on the Master. He's the real threat."


"I don't like leaving Xander in the hands of that thing. He could be doing anything to him, Giles! Torturing him or--" She broke off as a sudden, new thought hit her. She blushed and her eyes widened. No way, she assured herself. Xander wouldn't let that thing actually... touch him!


Giles sighed. "I think you need to stay away from Xander."


"I'm going to get him away from that thing and dust it," Buffy vowed. "Xander is going to take me out on a date."


"Oh, I didn't know you were seeing him. Is that wise?" Giles asked.


Buffy shrugged, avoiding his eyes. No way Xander Harris would be able to resist her if she really wanted him. Besides, she'd be doing him a total favor.




Angelus was sleeping when something roused him. He rubbed his eyes, feeling irritable. Day time was for sleep, and he hadn't been sleeping well since Xander had come under his roof. If he wasn't burning to take his tender, young lover, he was worrying over nutrition...


He frowned. Huh. It was odd that for a 200 plus vampire to be so obsessed about nutrition. He looked at the pile of books on it by his bedside. Why did he care so much what the boy ate?


He experienced another feeling of overwhelming aloneness, and fanged out. It was Xander... their connection through his necklace was sending Angelus waves of powerful emotion.


He got out of bed and reached for his pants. He needed to see and touch Xander. Now!


Part 24 - Xander's Black Knight


Angelus couldn't help but give an embarrassing gasp as he was poked by a pointy wooden something...


"Bran muffins with fresh strawberries!" A woman holding a wooden spoon and wearing a bright apron with cherries and cherubic children on it, beamed at him. Angelus felt an urge to kill her just on principle, since no one had the right to be that cheerful.


"Uh." He’d been slipping up into the school via the basement, which was linked to Sunnydale's handy sewer system.


"They're very nutritious," the woman cajoled.


"Yeah?" Now Angelus was interested. He looked at all the happy lumps of fresh baked goods and a sign above it which read: Sunnydale High Parents Bake Sale for the marching band.


"It's for a good cause!"


Angelus' brow wrinkled, despite how his blood was up and urging him to find his boy and he could smell slayer in these hallways. "I didn't know there was a marching band. I'll... uh, I'll take some of everything." He handed her a fifty and watched her eyes saucer.


She smiled. "I'm divorced and my son goes here. Are you someone's dad?"


Angelus backed away with his hot, damp bag which smelled wonderful even to someone whose main diet was red and fluid. He knew a predator when he met one! "Dad? Do I look like I'm someone's dad?" his voice rose with outrage.


"Oh, you're a very young looking dad."


"Well, I'm not! I'm dating one of the students, okay?" Pissed, he strode off, muttering. "I'm no one's daddy... but I'm someone's boyfriend."




He found his young boyfriend in the boy's shower room off the gymnasium. The stall was locked.


"Xander, open up!"




"Angelus?" There was a watery sound in that voice which made Angelus' jaw tighten.


"Open it up now, or I'll break the door down."


He heard cloth scrape against the concrete floor, and then the door opened, revealing a red-eyed Xander, who was wiping his damp cheeks.


Angelus dropped the baked goods and grabbed the boy, pulling him into his arms.


"And why didn't you tell me?"


"Tell you what?" Xander's hands came around Angelus' waist with no hesitation and his head nestled like a tired brown bird against Angelus' throat. Angelus felt his tension go down a notch.


"That you were hurting! You said... everything was fine."


"And you believed me?" Xander's voice was rich with mingled pain and amusement.


"Well... you said."


Xander snuffled. "It's not that simple, I guess."


"Why not?" Angelus sounded grouchy. "I made your bed for you. I healed your body... didn't I?" He pulled away and without hesitation, reached down and opened his boy's pants, shoving them down and pushing Xander so he was leaning against the stall and Angelus could examine his backside.


He ran a cool hand over the red splotches where Xander's whipping had marked him. Xander gasped, part pain and part--


Angelus' hand moved caressingly over his boy's skin. "You know how hot it is, to see these red marks on your ass?"


"That's not really politically correct, telling me that, after having me whipped." Xander sounded miffed, aroused, and amused.


Angelus shrugged. "Why lie about it? I got hard when you were whipped."


Xander turned his head back to glare at Angelus. "How can you admit to that?"


"You were a demon... was everything you felt politically correct?"


Xander looked shamed. "God, no!"


"I want to be honest with you."


"I'd much rather not be whipped again like that, thanks."


Angelus pushed the hair back from Xander's face. "I don't want that, but maybe... spanking? You did like that."


Xander closed his eyes, and his face was rosy and damp with fresh tears. Angelus' smelled his sudden peak of arousal. He guessed it was the wild emotions the boy was riding. Now he needed stimulation... and Angelus was more than happy to give it. His hand cracked down over one ass cheek and Xander gasped, biting his lip.


"You love that."




"Say it."


"Yes! Okay, yes... and I think I'm wired wrong."


"Spread your legs a little."


Xander gave him an anxious look, but obeyed.


"Do you want me to spank you, Xander?"


Xander nodded, but kept his face turned away.


"Something happened here which upset you," Angelus said. His hand cracked down again, but his smacks were gentle, just making the skin flush a little. He wanted to arouse Xander, not really punish him. "You're wearing your shield." Angelus traced the gold cord that moved down in between his boy's cheeks.


"Yeah, and turns out--thongs? Not comfortable."


"Then why are you wearing it?"


Xander hesitated and got another smack over his ass. "Because!" He glanced up at Angelus. "Because I know, you like it."


Angelus wanted Xander so badly then, he didn't know how he could stand it. He imagined shoving inside him and giving him the deep fuck he was asking for... all because Xander gave him a soft look and admitted he did something to please Angelus.


"Good, that's very good, Xander." Angelus caressed Xander's hot ass cheeks in reward. "You know I'm going to fuck your ass soon."


"Yes..." Xander's tongue came out and he licked his lips.


"Little slut. I think someone needs a shower to clean up all his bad thoughts."


Xander frowned. "Uh."


Angelus herded him deeper into the stall and reached down to unclip the jeweled creation covering Xander's sex. It fell out, long and hard, red at the tip and Angelus circled it. "Whose cock is this?"


"Yours," Xander sighed, without seeming to think about it.


Angelus gave a one-sided smile of satisfaction.


"Smug!" Xander's voice was still shaky, but his eyes were soft as he looked at his demon.


"I have you, don't I?" Angelus cupped Xander's cheek, feeling... something. What, he didn't know, but he'd never felt it before. "Now strip and into the shower."




Angelus used Xander's jeweled chastity belt around his wrists, chaining them. He positioned the boy so he was under the hot steamy water, and then he backed away and stripped himself, making no effort to hide the big prick which hung heavy and pointed straight out demandingly. Xander's eyes widened at the thick width and size. "Uh," he commented.


"Thank you," Angelus laughed, flattered.


"You said you'd do me soon, but not now?" Angelus saw all the powerful feeling still tearing at Xander and nodded, giving him his reprieve.


"I have to open you up and take you before the full moon, but you'll want every inch, I promise." He kissed Xander, nuzzling his neck as the boy's wet hair clung to his skin. His body was slick with water and so beautiful to Angelus. He had no idea how he'd come to own such a beauty, but now Xander was his. Wanted to be his.


"I'm going to suck you off, Xander," Angelus said. "Teach you how I want you to go down on me."


Xander's eyes widened and he took a ragged breath. His own prick flexed in response to Angelus' words.


"You'll be my pretty little cocksucker. Cum all over your face when I want, isn't that right?"


"Oh, God!" Xander moaned Angelus dropped to his knees in front of Xander and took his needy cock in his mouth... just the crown, which tormented the boy. "Angelus, please, please!"


"Begging already, sweet?" There was dark, satisfied laughter, then, "Tell me what upset you today?"


"Uhhhhhh... Huh? I don't..."


"Tell me!"


Xander struggled to remember his own name as Angelus suckled his cock head. His wrists strained in his bonds, but part of him reveled in being restrained. How did Angelus know to do these things?


"I... um, saw Buffy. Ohhhh!"


"More?" Angelus taunted.


"Please... I need more!" Xander was crying again, feeling all the emotion welling up and spilling out as Angelus took his sex.


"Of course you do," Angelus sounded insufferably smug again. "What happened? Tell me!"


Xander gave a ragged sob. "Willow... she ran away from me, Angelus! She h-hates me!" Now the dam burst at last and Xander was sobbing as Angelus took his cock. He groaned in pleasure as his big demon swallowed him at last and began to move up and down, holding Xander's hips firmly so he couldn't move, and could only surrender his sex and his tears to his master...


He came on a sob of relief, his head falling back so water ran down his face. Angelus took his cum, and then licked him so delicately that each touch on his sensitized prick was hot torment.


The big demon stood and then pulled a sobbing boy into his arms, holding him under the hot water as at last, at last, proud Xander gave into his feelings.


Part 25 - The feeling


At first Angelus wasn't sure how to deal.


Warm tears. A limp body clinging to him. The boy had his legs curved around Angelus' hips, so his body was open and embracing. He was naked, nothing but damp skin with beads of water evaporating slowly. His erection had renewed itself while Angelus murmured to him and stroked his back and nuzzled him, breathing in the scent of young human boy. His.


Xander trusted him.


A day ago he'd sat smoking while this boy was whipped at his command, and Xander had surrendered and taken it. He'd been so brave that he'd aroused Angelus (he didn't get why Xander didn't see that was a compliment, but humans were strange about some things.)


And now, here he was with his body tangled around Angelus' like a needy vine.


Xander snuffled and leaned his wet face against Angelus' throat. Angelus was sitting on one of the long benches with Xander draped over him.


"Better?" he finally asked. He was curiously reluctant to get up and leave this moment behind. It was as if by sharing his tears with him, that Xander had given him some kind of gift. He wasn't sure exactly what, but he felt it.


He brushed the tangled brown hair back and as he did, he realized suddenly that this wasn't a light thing for him, if it had ever been.


Xander mattered to him.


He would kill to keep him. More importantly, he would not kill to keep him.


His young love was some kind of white knight. Angelus vowed he'd make sure he never learned how black was the monster he had given himself to... what would he think of the way Angelus and his kin treated other human slaves and pets?


"You're not like them," he breathed.


"Huh?" Xander grunted sleepily.


"You're not a slave or a pet to me."


"Why, thank you, I bet you say to all the boys you... okay, words fail me here, there is just nothing quippy that comes to mind to describe what you've done from day one."


"Xander, I'm serious."


Xander blinked up at him, brown eyes studying him, so that Angelus wanted to flinch away from that gaze. His boy saw so much, and his gaze was like burning sunlight. He wouldn't let Angelus stay in the shadows.


"I'm your boyfriend, Angelus. That's what people traditionally are when they date."


"Are we dating?" Angelus frowned. "I'm pretty sure that's new to me."


"Okay, well, when was the last time you bought someone a drink and took them to movie?" Xander swallowed his jealousy at the thought, but his hands dug into Angelus' back a little. He was possessive about his demon lover too.


"Uh. I don't think I've seen a movie in a long time... maybe since talkies. No, wait, I saw Love Story."


"With someone?"


"No... dating, let's see. Well, I took three bar maids out for ale once before I did all of 'em, so--"


Xander made a face. "So you're a rusty and classy date."


Angelus just stared at him. Then, "Does that mean you don't want to be with me? That you have regrets now, boy?"


Xander shoved back his hair and surprised Angelus with a kiss on his chin. Then his cheek. Then his neck. When he nibbled on Angelus' neck, Angelus couldn't stop a hot shiver from running through his muscular frame. He caught Xander by the hair. "Don't... you don't know what you're playing with. I need you. You have no idea how much."


"Angelus--" Xander opened Angelus' pants deliberately, pulling his lover out from behind charcoal silk underwear and stroking the oily head of his big cock. "I need to have sex with you. Some kind of... sharing."


Angelus let his head fall back and his impudent boy took advantage and suckled him, giving him a cherry-colored love bite and then daring to laugh at it. He didn't stop him... why did he let him take such liberties?


"Take us both in hand and work us," he instructed.


Holding Angelus’ gaze, but flushed with desire and shyness, Xander shoved closer so they where groin to groin. He looked down and saw two thick stems, both needing touch.


"Work me, boy," Angelus growled. "I want to spill on your cock. Want us all sticky with the loving."


Xander gasped as he obeyed, overwhelmed by the hotness of his hand pumping and clasping over two hard cocks, Angelus' hands digging into his bare ass, and the look of dark fire in his eyes until he bent close and took Xander's mouth, putting his tongue inside him as Xander surrendered.


He wanted this. Angelus set him on fire with wild lust. He was dangerous, and forbidden, and Xander knew he shouldn't want to be with someone like this, but he couldn't think when he could feel every beat of his heart in his prick.


"Oh.... man, this feels--"


"Eager little slut." Angelus kissed him and it got out of control, wilder and hotter.


Xander shoved him down flat and began to move his cock over the soft slippery sex of his lover. He looked down and saw Angelus was lying there like a big, sleepy, black cat, letting Xander do anything he wanted.


"I'm not a pet or a slave, but your boyfriend," he whispered. "I mean, fuck, anyone could find us here and I wouldn't care. You make me feel--" Xander had no words for how he felt. His eyes pricked with tears, but he forced them back. "Girly." He laughed as he finished.


Angelus took them both in a cool hand and stripped them expertly, smiling at how Xander trembled above him. "Girly? You're very much a man, pretty."


"I mean the... feelings. You know?" Xander's lashes dropped over his sudden emotion. What was it?


"Yes, I know the feelings." Angelus pulled him close for a kiss, his hand never stopping as he stripped them both of all their defenses so that they shot, one almost after the other, covering each other with their spill.


Xander fell over with a hearty groan and cool arms were there to hold him.




"I will take care of Willow."


"What? Nononono! I think that's a bad idea!"


"Why? I can be... diplomatic."


"Uh huh." Xander laughed. "No, you can't. You have zero diplomatic ability."


"I won you." Angelus had Xander fully dressed again, flushed, sated, radiant under his attentions, and backed up against one of the lockers. They were risking exposure, but he had to taste his boy's skin. Had to touch him.


He couldn't be near him any more without that contact.


"You took me. Like a Rhett Butler deal. It in no way involved talking mineral rights with China, which is what it's like dealing with Willow. I know!"


Angelus glared.


"I have to go to class... so that neck nibbling thing? You have to... uhhh, God, you game for another round?"


Angelus backed off. Barely. He was pleased his boy had a similar recovery to a vampire. It would mean some very long, hot nights were ahead for both of them... once he had taken his lover's innocence and dealt with the Master... and the slayer... and Oz.


He sighed. It had been easier to pay for a fuck in his day.


"Go to class."


"You promise you won't do anything?"


"I promise to be good," Angelus said, not clarifying he could mean all manner of things.


Xander gave him a straight look and then shocked him by dropping his knapsack and kissing him passionately. "See you at home!" He smiled, grabbed his school bag and ran off, his feet squeaking over the floors.


Angelus sagged against the lockers, over come with Xander taste, smell, touch, and enthusiasm...


He shook his head and closed his eyes, searching for Willow-scent.


Of course he wasn't going to just leave it!


Part 26 - Two Conversations with Willow


"You! I want you to make up with Xander," Angelus ordered as soon as he found Willow.


Willow gave a little choked scream, since she thought she was alone in the computer lab. She dropped her books and then gave an exaggerated sigh of annoyance when she spotted her visitor hanging in the shadows of the sunny classroom. "You," she said, mimicking him.


Angelus frowned. She didn't sound very friendly. "Me. About Xander?"


"Howabout you mind your own business." She was picking her books up. Her hands were shaking, but not just from the fright he'd given her: from her own tangled feelings, as well.


"He is my business. He's mine."


She whirled around, glaring. "Xander used to be mine! My best friend! My--" Her lips trembled.


"You have feelings for him: sexual ones."


"OMG!" Willow covered her face. "Don't say that!"


"Why not? It's been clear to me from the beginning."


She peeked out, her face fiery red and tears glittering on her eyelashes. "Do you think everyone knows I have a thing for him?"


"Everyone but Xander probably," Angelus agreed pragmatically.


"Oh, no! I need to die."


Angelus thought about offering to help since he thought she'd make a very fine vampire, but decided she wasn't serious.


Willow's eyes filled with tears. "Doesn't matter now, though, does it? I kept waiting... waiting for him to wake up and see me, but then you came along and now..."


"Xander is mine."


"Yeah, okay, I get that! Possessive-much?"


"Sometimes I get jealous," Angelus thought maybe he'd try to meet her halfway. Be more... sensitive?


Willow laughed, and tears fell, which alarmed Angelus, but he didn't think they were because she was upset... in fact, he had no idea why she was crying: it made him uneasy. What if Xander found out, he made Willow cry?


"Stop crying!" he barked.


That only made her laugh harder.




"You. You're like this big, dark, dangerous... nerd!"


Angelus frowned. He wasn't sure what she meant by that. "This is because you're a girl-woman," he finally decided. "I have trouble understanding Xander sometimes too."


Willow's mouth broke into a reluctant smile. "I bet you do, but it's kind of sweet the way you try. No one ever saw him... how hot he is, but me."


"And me!"


"Yeah, okay, down, boy." She put her books aside and wiped her eyes, smiling.


Angelus relaxed a little. See? This wasn't going so badly. Xander was wrong: he could talk to Willow.


"He doesn't want you sexually."


Her mouth trembled as he laid it out. "He sort of did... the other day."


Angelus' eyes widened. "When he tried to rape you?" He saw color rise in her cheeks and her eyes fill again. Even from across the space between them, he could see she was shaking. "Come here, Willow."


"Why?" She looked wary.


"So I can..." He was at a loss. Had he actually been offering to hug her? "Just do it!"


Holding his gaze, she tentatively came within arms distance of him. As soon as she was close enough, and out of the pesky sunshine, he snatched her close, ignoring her squeak of fright.


"His demon wanted you because it was awake: it saw you wanted him."


She leaned her head against his shoulder and dug one hand into the other. "I know he'll never want me, but when it happened, part of me was glad. How sick is that?"


Angelus pushed her silky hair back. He liked the color. "It's not wrong to feel something."


"But he wasn't nice. I shouldn't have felt... those things."


"You can't control how you felt," Angelus admitted something he had kept a secret, even from Xander, "I wanted him when he was like that too."


"But he was mean!"


"He's hot when he's evil." Angelus shrugged and smiled.


"I like him better the way he is now, even if... if he can't see me."


"He loves you," Angelus said, thinking that would make it all better. To his horror, she only cried more. This wasn't going well... if she kept crying like this, it would upset Xander. How did he get her to stop?


"I know he does... but it hurt my p-pride that he preferred anyone to me, even another boy."


"Oh. But I'm very attractive. Xander couldn't help himself," Angelus tried to comfort her. "He couldn't resist me, and anyway, I wouldn't allow it."


Willow's eyes widened. She looked a little miffed. "You're... confident."


Angelus followed predator instinct and bent down... and kissed her.


Took her soft mouth, cupped her cheeks and put his tongue boldly inside, tasting her.


She squeaked again, and kicked him, but then she settled down and accepted... and twined her arms around him, returning his possession with enthusiasm.


He pulled away, taking in her sleepy eyes and red mouth. He'd stopped her from crying!


"See? How could he resist me?" Angelus asked.


"You're kind of a jerk, you know that?"


"Yes." Angelus raised a brow, asking her silently, and your point is? He tried to think of another way to make her feel better. "I'm sorry for chaining you in my car?" Maybe that would help.


"And reminding me of that humiliation doesn't score you any points!" She was rubbing her lips where he'd kissed her. The sudden softness in her eyes made him a little uneasy. Had he done something wrong? He couldn't think of what to say to her. Telling her he'd decided not to eat her since she was Xander's friend didn't seem sensitive. Being sensitive was hard work. "Don't cry." Keep it simple. "And forgive Xander."


"Why did you kiss me just now?"


"To show you that someone will want you, even though Xander doesn't."


"Wha--?" Her eyes narrowed.


"I kissed you so you'd know that you were attractive, of course." Angelus thought it was pretty clear.


"You kissed me out of pity?"


He thought it best not to admit it had started out that way, but she'd aroused him. He liked her spirit and she was a fine friend to Xander, but he didn't intend to be disloyal to his boy, which meant that although in times past he might have enjoyed her, he guessed Xander would be pissed if he fucked his best friend.


He sighed. Being good. Wasn't easy.


"Yes," he admitted, sure it would make everything clear and an intelligent girl like Willow would understand him and go find Xander now and make it up to him.


Willow's hand cracked across his cheek, the slap echoing harshly in the empty classroom. "How dare you? That was my first real kiss, and you gave it to me out of pity!"


Angelus blinked as she stormed back to her books, her red silky hair swinging with her jerky movements.


"Does this mean you're still mad?" he asked.




Xander found Willow wiping her eyes outside, looking shaken and upset. Immediately he thought she was still angry at him and he dropped his knapsack next to her and took her hand in his, not letting her go when she tried to pull away.


"Willow. Willow, please, we need to talk."


"Yeah, your big bruiser send you to k-kiss me?"






"What about him?" Xander got a bad feeling. "He didn't... talk to you, did he?"


"Yeah, he did."


"Oh, no! Look, how bad is the damage?"


"He really cares about you," she said, her profile to him. "Even though he's a total jerk!"


Xander bit his lip, and then decided he needed to get to the heart of things. "Willow, can we talk about what I... I almost did?"


"Do we have to?" She was looking down at their joined hands. Xander bent close and pushed her hair away from her face, his tender heart aching for her and feeling shame burn through him like acid.


"I almost raped you. I don't even know... Willow, I don't know how to say I'm sorry for that. It makes me sick. I put bruises on your face."


"Yeah, it was pretty bad. You were scary."


"I know. I'm sorry."


"It's okay. I mean, I know you didn't mean it: that you'd never want me... that way."


Xander frowned, wondering at her subdued voice. He forced out a laugh. "Of course not! You're my best friend. My Willow-tree. I'd never want that from you, I promise!"


She nodded, her face still turned away from him. She patted his hand. "Is that what you wanted to say? Because we're good. We're... friends."


"That, and one more thing before I regain my usual level of testosterone: I'm not sure I can survive without you."


Willow gave him a shocked look at how vulnerable he sounded. "Yeah," his laughter cracked in half. "See, all that time I had trouble at home, or guys beatin' on me here at school? The only thing that made me keep going sometimes was you. Knowing I'd see you and we'd do the joke thing... and you'd help me with trig."


Willow felt the chasm of his pain between them. She squeezed his hands, wishing she knew what to say about his... family, but she never had, and anyway he'd never wanted her to talk about it. They'd danced around it because that's what he'd needed from her.


She pulled back, wiping her eyes. "Yeah, there's trig. You have zero survivability without me."


"Can you forgive me?"


"I'm trying, but it hurts that until you were under some spell you never saw..."




"Nothing." She looked at her hands. Then, she had a sudden, impish moment, "Your boyfriend kisses really well."


Xander's jaw dropped. "Say again?"


Part 27 - Beauty & His Beast


"My boy trusts me in all things, Lal," Angelus said. He had his legs over the side of his leather arm chair, and was lazily sipping some animal blood he'd forced himself to snack on from the butcher's. It tasted like skim milk to him, instead of the rich notes of human, and he had to gag it down, but he hadn't had time for hunting lately, what with caring for his boy.


Lal was sitting across the room, her legs crossed, nodding politely. Angelus had the feeling she didn't miss anything. It was why she was the perfect sexual therapist for demons, and an expert on demon-human relations.


"You are sure he'll accept today's examination? It is intense and requires your pet's complete trust in you." She frowned, still feeling air currents of passion and conflict in Angelus' home. His pet had not settled into what any demon lord would expect of him.


This relationship between one of the darkest and most dangerous demons of all time and a tender boy was the most unique she'd ever experienced...


"He will obey me. I'm in complete control of my... boy." She didn't miss the way he didn't seem to want to call Xander a pet or slave. Interesting. Lord Angelus was radiating powerful red energy. When she'd read his aura earlier, she'd seen he was torn between his Mars, or warrior sign, and the hot passion of Venus. It was a dangerous combination for a demon who possessed a gentle human. His cravings for the boy would have made a lesser master, with less self-control, rape his human, but Lord Angelus had barely touched Xander. What was the key to his restraint, she wondered?


Just then the door opened and she didn't miss the way Angelus' hands tightened on the wood ends of the mission style chair. Nor the way he lifted his head to catch the boy's scent or the way his pupils dilated.


She had the sense if she hadn't been there, he would have actually gone to his pet, rather then waiting for him to come to his lord. It was unheard of for a master of Angelus' dark stature to behave in such a way...


The boy entered, and his lips curved softly as he saw Angelus. She saw the way his nostrils flared, carrying Angelus' hot pheromones to his inferior human senses, and processing them. Then he saw her, and Lal saw him stiffen, no doubt remembering how he'd first met her when she'd used a whip to discipline him in front of the other demons.


She sighed, wishing she hadn't met this remarkable human, who held a demon cupped in his frail hands, in such a manner.


She stood, since Angelus was playing lord of the manor, and didn't get up when Xander walked in (though she had the feeling again that if she hadn't been there, he would have greeted his boy with the tenderest of kisses.)


"Xander, I am Lal, I know we met under bad circumstances, but I serve your lord and master and I would be on good terms with you." She went over and cupped the startled boy's cheek, liking the sweet intelligence she saw there, and also the fierceness. He was as proud as his master, in his own way. She leaned down and gave him a kiss of peace on his cheek. "I am like a grandmother to you, boy. I only want to help your lord bring you joy."


"Uh..." Xander was blushing furiously and looking uncomfortable, so Lal backed off, smiling kindly.


"Come to me," Angelus beckoned, raising one hand. His body was all arrogant lines, but his eyes... they were fixed on Xander as if he was the only thing in Angelus' universe.


Xander hesitated. He bit his lip and Lal sensed a ripple of discord coming from him. His energy was tangled with confusion and hurt feelings... what had happened that had upset him?


He dropped his book bag and went over to his lord and she smiled. Despite his shyness, and whatever the problem was, his body knew it belonged to Angelus.


Angelus took his hand, caressing the back of it in a little pattern which made Xander catch his breath in instant arousal. His color grew and his eyelids fell, looking sleepy. Angelus abruptly jerked him onto his lap, rubbing his back and pulling Xander's head against his neck. He looked up at Lal. "Give us a moment."


She nodded and bowed, going out to the garden.




"Some days I don't know how I even let you leave this house," Angelus growled.


Xander laughed, feeling so good to be held like this. As if he was wanted. Needed. As if he mattered more than anything to one person. It soothed his lacerated heart and soul on so many levels. "You'd have child welfare coming by if you didn't."


"I'd eat anyone who dared interfere!" Angelus retorted. He was stroking Xander's hair. He could still smell his own come on the boy and Xander's on his own skin. He loved it, and wanted to mingle their spill again. Soon.


Angelus felt as if his tide of passion had risen almost as full as he could bear. He needed to possess Xander completely. Needed to be inside him.


"You're all... beasty this afternoon," Xander said. He knew his Angelus and his moods. It was like they were linked somehow. The same blood. The same skin. His fingers entwined and locked with Angelus' and he leaned against him heavily, content to breathe and be gentled by tender and possessive hands stroking his back.


"You bring out my beast, Xander." Concern moved in dark eyes. "I'm afraid of what I might do sometimes, because I need you so much."


"You won't hurt me."


"It's not that simple... I'm a demon and you aren't. I could cut you in a hundred ways and not even realize it."


Xander rubbed their joined hands together. "You won't."


"How can you say that? You don't know how you make me feel."


"I know you. I believe in you."




"I asked you not to kill, and have you?"


"No, not since you asked it of me." Angelus was glad he didn't have to lie. In fact, he had the uncanny feeling that no matter how old he was, Xander would see a lie in his heart and it would wound his boy.


"And have you hurt me? Forced me?"


"I want to."


Xander kissed his chin. "But you haven't, and that's what matters. I believe in you, Angelus."


Angelus gasped as Xander gave his sensitive neck a gentle kiss. Xander had no idea how erotic it was to his demon. "Bite me a little," he asked.




"Don't worry, I want you to hurt me a bit. I want it so much," Angelus voice was dark and so sexy that Xander rubbed his burning excitement against him. Angelus could smell how close his human was to climax.


Xander gave him a timid bite, his blunt teeth not breaking the skin. The tenderness was more erotic to Angelus than if he'd been rougher. He shuddered, moved on every level by his boy. "Xander, I don't think I can ever let you go. If you left me? I would hunt you down."


"I won't leave you."


"Promise me." Angelus had Xander's hair in his fist. He had to fight the urge down to bite and to take... he could force Xander to obey him. Put him under a thrall, but it would be empty of the sweetness he'd seen when he first glimpsed this boy. How he'd defended his unknown friend's honor, even knowing he would be hurt for it.


That spirit and loyalty were something Angelus craved, but he was afraid his demon hood would eventually drive away his boy. He wasn't... good. He wasn't gentle, not really. And he'd done things...


More and more, Angelus worried about keeping Xander away from the world he lived in and took for granted as a master vampire. How would he react to seeing other masters and the way they treated human pets? How they discarded them, used them...


"I need to talk to you about something." Xander sat up. "You talked to Willow," he continued gravely.


"She has forgiven you?" Angelus demanded. He'd show Willow if she kept dangling with his boy.


"Well, yeah, but--"


"I told you I would fix it." Angelus smiled, feeling victorious. Apparently Willow had seen good sense, despite her confusing behavior.


Xander's eyes widened and he pulled away. "You fixed it?!"


"No need to thank me, Xander. A master takes care of his boy."


Xander sputtered.


Angelus smiled, feeling smug. It was wonderful that Xander had learned that he could always take his problems to his demon lover, and Angelus would fix things for him.




"She's going to map out our--my pleasure centers?" Xander was playing with Angelus' silk sweater. "What does that mean? Do I have to be... naked again?"


"Yes," Angelus kissed his cheek. "She's a therapist, Xander. It's like a doctor, so she won't share things and she's very professional. Besides, she's already seen you, uh, naked."


"God, don't remind me of that!" Xander covered his face.


"I never want to have to do that again," Angelus admitted.


Xander peeked at his demon through a crack in his fingers. "It was me with my ass in the air."


"You were hurting. I didn't like it."


"Thought you said it turned you on."


"Part of me, but it was your surrender that did that, not your pain."


"Huh. Hokay. So... what do I do?"


Angelus lifted Xander's hand and kissed it with courtly attentiveness. "Just let yourself trust me. Oh, and strip."


Xander rolled his eyes. "Strip is like my night job."


Angelus smiled, looking happy with the idea.




Lal returned to find Xander on his knees, nude, curled up at Angelus' feet as Angelus reclined in the chair. No matter how submissive the picture, she noticed, Xander was holding Angelus' hand and Angelus was stroking his hair tenderly with the other.


"I have set up my equipment, Lord Angelus. If you will lead your pet to the dining room? I thought we'd use the table there."


Angelus bent down and whispered something to his boy, seeming to reassure him. That he would take the time to do so again struck Lal. Angelus was known as the most heartless of his kind. He had never attached himself to anyone. Even his child, Drusilla, and his grandsire, Spike. Even his own sire. He bent his proud head to no other master and seemed to discard even blood family with ease.


How had this boy tamed this dangerous demon? What kind of hold did he have on him?




Xander was bent over the dining room table. At his feet, Angelus was attaching some kind of metal bar between his legs. It acted like a spacer, so they were open, and he couldn't walk with it on, not without some difficulty. "Why are you using that?" he asked.


Lal's eyes widened that a submissive pet would dare to question, but Angelus nodded at her, signaling he wanted her to talk to his slave. To treat him with respect.


"It is for your head, young Xander," she said. "You will know you are helpless to your lord. That you can't stop him from handling you in any fashion he sees fit. If you trust him, being tied down will free you to enjoy his attentions all the more."


Xander frowned, and she saw that these things were still new to him. Still, she felt a slow, awakening erotic pulse coming from his energy. He liked what was happening, despite his confusion.


Angelus pushed him down so his belly was level with the table. Although there were a ball gag and chains for Xander's hands, he didn't use them. He looked at Lal, awaiting instructions on how to map Xander, and stroked his bare back soothingly.


"You will mount your boy," she said.


Xander gasped and jerked and Angelus stiffened. "I'm not sure that's a good idea."


Lal cocked a brow. "Why not? Your energy is like a torch lighting this room. You want him."


"I'm... afraid of hurting him," Angelus admitted his vulnerability and saw Lal's eyes widen at his admission.


On the table, Xander turned his head to look back at Angelus.


"Are you scared?" Angelus asked.


Xander nodded, biting his lip.


"I won't do anything unless you ask it of me," Angelus said, deciding to take his own path, whatever Lal thought. Xander immediately relaxed and his eyes softened. Angelus smelled the renewal of his arousal and the fear smell began to fade.


"Okay," Xander said. Then he startled Angelus by saying, "I'm okay if you want to do... things. I trust you."


"Xander!" Angelus bent close and took Xander's mouth. They shared an aching kiss.


"I meant what I said: I believe in you," Xander said.


Angelus bent his head and for a moment Lal thought she might have seen tears. She was shocked. This bond... it was unique in her experience.


"Xander... I swear you aren't just a fuck to me. We'll take it slow, and you have to ask me for everything. If you don't, I'll stop."


Xander rested his cheek against the table. He sighed, seeming content. "I still think it's embarrassing she's here."


"She's here for me," Angelus admitted, revealing more vulnerability to Xander.


"Huh?" Xander gave Angelus a confused look.


"I need... to know how to give you pleasure. You're human. I'm demon. Xander, I need to know for sure I can please you. If I follow my own instincts... sometimes I think I don't relate well with humans!" Angelus sounded a little panicked.


Xander smiled, rolling his eyes over Angelus' bungling with Willow... and he still intended to nail him over that kiss, though he was thinking that his honest demon would never have kissed her to betray Xander. "You do have some rough edges."


"So I'll smooth them. For you." Angelus stroked Xander's back and Xander felt again that... thing between them. Whatever it was. That feeling. So powerful sometimes it felt like a wild wind, rushing past him, forcing him to grown and change so quickly, and other times it was a tender hug when he was lonely.




Lal closed her eyes and ran a hand over the air above Xander's body while Angelus watched her, frowning. "He doesn't give into you because of force. He enjoys being submissive," she councilled.


Angelus nodded, having sensed that on his own. "Is it because of his... family?"


"That is a factor. His origins are like a black band woven through the other bright bits of his psyche. He has a friend he loves... and I see you there, Angelus."


Angelus' eyes widened. "You do?"


"Yes, you are a band of gold, wrapped around the black band. You try to protect him from it. His energy is wedding itself to yours."


Xander was subdued. Angelus saw him stiffen when his family was mentioned, but to go where they were going, they had to face these things. He snagged Xander's fingers, and gave him a reassuring squeeze.


"I have enough for now. Let us begin."


Angelus blinked, looking unsure of himself.


Lal's hand hovered over Xander's lower back, directly above his round ass. "He likes discipline."


Angelus nodded, his hand moving with kindness against Xander's fingers. Letting him know it was okay to peel away these secrets and share them.


"I suggest we explore that first. It's very arousing to him."


"Okay... Uh, Xander?"


Xander's face was cherry red, but Angelus could smell the abrupt spike of his arousal.


"He has a taste for humiliation as well. Gentle humiliation, I'd characterize it," Lal said. She continued, "You two might explore Xander sucking you in public, or your spanking or fingering him. I think that is as far as he can go, since he is very tender, but in time he might enjoy that."


"What about the spanking?"


"Do you always use your hand?"


"The first time... I used a ruler."


"Oh! His energy just spiked. You can probably smell it? That's an intensely erotic memory for him."


Angelus smiled and stroked Xander's ass, remembering his boy's gorgeous surrender. How he'd come just from the gentle touch of Angelus circling his cock head.


"So... he likes spanking."


"You might try light forms of punishment. A ruler was a good choice. A light flogger, or something gentle that won't break the skin, seeing as he's human and can't recover as a demon, would be intensely satisfying to him. I recommend you use it often before sex. It's very arousing for Xander."


"Xander? I have a variety of things that Lal brought. I have a little whip thing... it won't hurt you, but it might sting gently. I have a flat stick, like the ruler I once used on you... or there's my hand. What would you prefer?"


Xander was breathing fast. His closed eyelids were quivering. His face was flushed with mingled embarrassment and intense arousal. "Can I feel the whip thing?"


Angelus smiled, liking that Xander wanted to explore new things with him. He wanted that too. The pleasure he found with his human was like nothing he'd ever experienced. Xander's awakening was beautiful to him.


He picked up the little whip and asked, since he'd vowed he would, "Do you want me to punish you?"




"Yes," Xander's voice was a soft breath.


Angelus brought down the whip on his own fingers, gauging a safe amount of force before risking it on tender skin. Then, when he was satisfied, he gave Xander a couple of strokes, concentrating on his inner thighs, and then up to his raised bum, making the skin pinken with intense sensations.


He could smell pre-come from Xander's excitement and his own cock was rock hard behind his silk pants. The thought that he might soon sheath it at last inside Xander in a formal mounting tormented him.


He noticed as he found a rhythm with the whip that Xander began to raise his ass up into the strokes, moaning luxuriously, and demonstrating more clearly then ever before how he loved what Angelus was doing. "Xander... you really love this." Angelus smoothed a cool hand over pink skin.


Xander didn't answer. Still, too shy, but he swallowed and Angelus knew he was close to climax from the punishment on his ass alone. He loved being disciplined and Angelus loved giving it to him.


"Very good, Lord Angelus. Xander, I can read your energy, but both your master and I need to hear you be honest about your feelings. Lord Angelus only wants to give you joy in your union, and a demon and a human are not meant to be together. Not really, unless they are prey and hunter."


Xander nodded. "We have... weird love, I guess."


"Yes, I think that is what it is," Lal said. "Can you tell me why you love being spanked?"


"Still so new... I worry that... that I'm not very manly."


"There are many ways to be a man, but you are a human first, and humans respond to personal stimulus. Basically, being disciplined is a kink of yours. Your lord will give it to you, but you need to reassure him that he's doing the right thing."


"Yes. Yes, I love it. When he tells me to bend over and... he takes me over. Makes me let go of all my worries over how lame I am. Makes me feel..."




"Like I'm the center. My pleasure. My feelings. He listens."


Angelus was stroking Xander, and Lal saw the deep emotion stirring in his gaze again. She wasn't sure exactly what was happening between the master and his slave, but if Angelus were human, she might have mistook his feelings for... love.




Angelus expected to use his fingers and then a dildo inside Xander first, to warm him, but Lal handed him a thin plastic spreading tool, like a spatula. Angelus frowned. "There might be some discomfort."


"His aura shows a desire for slight pain. Very slight. But he needs to feel it. This will spread him open for you, my lord."


Angelus looked a bit shaky now the moment was almost upon him to perform. He put the spreader next to Xander's face, so he could see it and understand. "I'm going to lube it and gently try you with this, but if it hurts too much at all, I want you to tell me and I'll stop."


Xander licked his lips, a little tense.


Angelus was tense too. Making love to a human he... cared about? Was nerve wracking!


"Thank you for being here, Lal." Angelus never usually thanked servants or minions, but Xander had been changing his way of thinking lately.


She gave him a surprised look, then bowed her head. "I want your union to be happy and fulfilling for you both."


Angelus lubed the piece, shocked to see his fingers were trembling. He was more nervous than Xander!


Xander gave him a look. "It's okay, try to relax." He was smiling.


Angelus smacked one ass cheek. "That's my line."


"You look like you're going to faint. I didn't know fucking was so scary for you."


"It's not... Lal, if I enter him, can I remove the werewolf's mark?"


"If you claim him as a demon."


"Use your hands to spread your ass cheeks for me, Xander."


Without hesitation, Xander reached back and opened himself, calming a jittery Angelus a little with his willingness and confidence in his master.


Biting his lip, Angelus swirled the device around the puckered opening gently, before he put in two fingers with generous amounts of lube, warming and stretching Xander. Preparing him to take Angelus.


Xander moaned, but Angelus couldn't tell if it was pleasure or pain. "Okay?"


"Feels... weird."


"Weird bad?"


"No. I can't believe I'm going to have you inside me."


Angelus broke out in a sweat of both fear and intense longing. He'd wanted to be inside Xander for so, so long. "I want it so much, Xander."


"Me too... uh, when I get used to it."


Angelus found Xander's swollen prostate gland and nudged it tenderly, making Xander gasp and squirm. This sign of pleasure relaxed him and he pulled out his fingers from their thorough exploration and put the tip of the spreader to Xander's pinkness. He pushed gently, taking his time as he felt the first ring of thick muscle resist stubbornly, protecting Xander's innocence.


Lal was silent. Just running a hand now and then over Xander's energy field and watching as Angelus twisted and rocked the spreader, not delving too deep, and moving slowly, so slowly...


The spreader suddenly moved past the rings of muscle with an almost audible pop. Both Angelus and Xander gasped, so attuned were they to Xander's sensations. Immediately, Angelus brushed it against Xander's pleasure mount, stirring him so that he warmed and more quickly then he could have believed, was moving his ass up and back to take more, to invite more.


"Will you fuck yourself on my cock like that, little one?" Angelus growled. He couldn't wait now. Something had snapped and Lal, the experiment, all of it had faded away and there was only Xander, Xander his human, his boy. He ripped open his fly and lubed his cock frantically, pulling out the spreader and putting one knee on the table as Xander pushed back against him. He put cock to Xander's innocence and thrust inside him heavily, not taking the care he had with the spreader--


Xander moaned and his body jerked as he struggled to take thick cock, but he was warmed and loose, and his own arousal made him struggle a moment, as he adjusted, and then pushed back.


"Hold, my lord." Lal closed her eyes and concentrated. "I have no words for this bond you have, but you may trust yourself. Though your lov-- ahem, your boy will enjoy mostly being taken by you, in time you might allow him inside you."


Angelus' eyes widened, but he said nothing, not wanting to admit he'd ever allow a human to mount him... but this was Xander, and they had no rules, not demon, not human... whatever it was between them climbed walls and broke through defined parameters...


"I'll leave you now," Lal said. "Give him a marking bite somewhere on his neck and that will remove the werewolf's claim." She gathered her supplies and left the two lovers, smiling at what she'd seen.


She regretted that because of a debt she owed Lady Darla, she must now go back and report their unheard of intimacy, but Lord Angelus was strong, and she felt he would protect his own, whatever the vampiress was plotting.




"Xander?" Angelus sounded a bit panicky again.


Xander's hands suddenly reached back and cupped Angelus' upper thighs, nestling him close, so he could sink inside his boy deeper. "I love having you inside me," he whispered. "And those are six words I never thought I'd say!"


Angelus laughed, but then Xander gave a little push upwards and his control snapped. He began to pound into the eager ass of his human, taking care not to go too hard since he was fucking frail human flesh, but his hands would leave bruises on white hips. "Xander, take it! Take it sweet. That's it, fuck my cock!"


Xander twisted, struggling to get some leverage so he could push back and feel that cock up against where he needed it.


They struggled, a messy, ungainly, and awkward hump of desperation. Angelus barely left the tight, sweet ass, unable to bear leaving the welcoming depths. "Xander! Love--" He reached between Xander's legs and took him in hand and vamped out at the same moment.


Xander looked over his shoulder and saw gold, alien eyes of a beast fixed on him as he was fucked within an inch of his life, the table rocking back and forth from the force of passion as Xander surrendered fully and was ridden by a monster. His monster.


Angelus loomed near and sharp teeth gleamed. He paused, and Xander bravely offered him his neck. He didn't really want to get bitten, but he wanted to give to Angelus.


Wanted to come--


Angelus bit into him, tearing the skin at the base of his neck a little so it would scar. When he did, Xander felt completely possessed. His demon penetrating him with his cock and his teeth. He was filled with Angelus.


Sweaty hands scrabbled and met, tangling, and then they leapt over the brink together...






"Xander?" Angelus had Xander in the kitchen. He was using ice on the bite mark on the back of his neck. His dark eyes were wide with fear.


"M'okay. Did I... fall asleep?"


"No, I bit you and we... uh, and then you passed out."


"I did?"




"Well, it was intense."


"Are you hurting? Can I get you something? Koolaid? Steak? Chocolate? Anything?"


"Hey, just one thing I need." Xander was a little woozy and his ass hurt and his neck stung, but he could see his demon was way worse off then he was. If he didn't intervene, Angelus would be the next one to pass out, from sheer panic.


"What's that?"


"You. Just... hold me, okay? At the risk of being the girl again, I need that. You know, after?"


"I need that too." Angelus sat in the booth and pulled Xander onto his lap. Xander sagged against him and Angelus felt himself relaxing. The sex had been short... but incredible. Like nothing he'd ever experienced... and then Xander had fainted and Angelus had freaked.


His hands trembled as he stroked Xander.


"It'll be okay."


"You scared me," Angelus said. Then, "I order you never to do it again."


"What, faint with pleasure from having you... you know?"


"...faint with pleasure?" Angelus began to grin.


Xander laughed, hugging him, feeling his heart as light as soap bubble as he was held in strong, caring arms. "Yeah. Shouldn't say that, I guess. You'll be really hard to live with."


"Tell me more about how I made you faint with pleasure?"


Xander rolled his eyes. "I've created a monster."


Part 28 - Xander's Abduction


Angelus was a dead weight.


Xander rubbed his face against his cool neck, loving his scent.


Loving being in his bed.


Angelus' bed.


Last night after Angelus went out specially and got blood for himself (he needed to recover from the sex and the fainting thing) and Haugen Daus coffee flavored ice cream for Xander which he'd fed him slowly between tender kisses, Xander had gotten sleepy and Angelus had started to carry him to his room, when Xander had kissed him and said, "I belong in your bed now. With you."


Angelus put Xander on his feet and hand in hand, both a little nervous, they'd walked into Angelus' big, luxurious bedroom, with its drawers full of sex toys (Xander had checked it out, of course, since Angelus was his boyfriend) and the silk sheets which would have been too cold for Xander if he wasn't covered with a big vampire blanket.




Now he lay awake, hearing the first birds chirping out the open window and aware he was in his first adult bed. He might still be a boy to some, but he had a lover now. A beast, some would call him, but a beautiful beast, and he'd come and taken Xander from his ordinary life and slowly awoken him until he was ready to lie in Angelus' bed.


He kissed Angelus' shoulder and smiled as Angelus cocked a brow at him, his eyes still closed. Angelus wasn't even remotely a morning person, except that he got up when Xander did for school. "Time for school yet?"


"Naw, I'm just..."


"What?" Alarm showed in Angelus' eyes as he studied Xander. "You're okay, right? No... discomfort?"


He meant Xander's ass from when he'd lustily taken Xander for the first time. On the dining room table. With an audience. Truth was, it had hurt, and it was still sensitive now, but he didn't want to tell Angelus that. He had a feeling he might end up in ER or something.


"I'm fine." He kissed Angelus, loving that they were bare skin to bare skin. He rubbed his erection against Angelus'. "I love being here with you. Feel safe and... free at the same time."


"Well, you aren't. Free, that is." Angelus pulled him closer possessively.




After showering, Xander ate his cereal while Angelus watched him soberly.




"Just... feel good. It makes me worried."


Xander rolled his eyes. "You worry too much!"


"I worry something will happen to take you from me."


Xander sighed, not knowing how to ease Angelus' fears. Then he thought of something, "Hokay, howabout we talk about how horny I am instead?"


Angelus face lightened with laughter. "I don't want to... rush you."


"I noticed," Xander said, feeling cranky about it. He liked his sex.


"I'm afraid you might... I don't know." Angelus rubbed his shaggy head. "Be feeling delicate. The sex was intense, and it was your first time."


"We don't have to do that yet, though I want to." Xander was speaking the truth. Despite how raw his tissues were, he was aching to be fucked again. It was like the soreness made him hornier, which could only be a Xander Harris' dilemma. "I can use some Preparation H if I get too sore."


Angelus made a face. "Humans are so romantic."


Xander laughed at him, giving him a kiss that made Angelus' grip his hips and pull him onto his lap. His demon was so easy! "Just practical. I've given it some thought."


Angelus regarded him out of those unblinking, black predator eyes. "We'll give it a few days. But I want you wearing your chastity belt."


"Oh, man!"


"Lack of sex won't kill you, young man," Angelus scolded.


"I'm not so sure about that," Xander moaned.




Two days after their first sex, Angelus bent him over the kitchen table. Xander was so revved, since he hadn't come since they'd been together and he was getting desperate. No matter how he tried to tempt Angelus, though, the big demon fussed over him, concerned it was too soon.


Now... finally--


He gasped at the probing fingers. "Angelus--" And stiffened when he felt something slide in... something that didn't feel like Angelus' cock. "Uh."


Angelus pulled the chastity belt back up and snapped the links together. He turned Xander around and looked at it, reaching down to cup his restrained sex.


Xander puffed out a breath, concentrating on not getting too hard. Thank goodness first period he was dissecting frog, since that would go a long way to helping. "What is that?"


"A butt plug: the narrowest one I could find. It will stretch you..."


"Meaning we'll have sex again?" Xander stabbed a finger against Angelus' chest.




"Angelus..." Xander reached up and bit Angelus' neck gently, twining his arms around him.


"Maybe... uh, Xander, you have to go now or you'll be late to class!"


"I can skip and you can nail me on the kitchen table?"


Angelus frowned. "Stop that! I'm evil, so you have an unfair advantage in tempting me! No, you, uh, go to class. I can... we can wait... can't we?"


Xander bit Angelus' ear. "Come find me at school. I have a break in third period."


"How many hours is that again?" Angelus growled. Somehow he made himself let the slight, warm body of his lover go. Zipped him up and gave him a tee shirt. Handed him his knapsack with the Peanut-butter and pickle sandwiches Xander insisted he liked (Angelus thought they smelled revolting, but perhaps humans liked that sort of food.)




They stared at each other, dark velvet meeting dark heat.


"We can do this. I'm a demon... I have extra powers of endurance." Angelus' pupils were enlarged as he watched Xander.


Xander bit his lip. "No demon powers, but soon I will have the power of frog, so that should do nicely till you can nail me again."


Angelus closed his eyes. "Where do I find you?"




Willow found Xander very restless that morning. And squirmy. He kept shifting around on his stool in the science lab.


"You're sort of distracted."


"Yeahuh," Xander couldn't get comfortable. The plug might be making him ready, but it was resting against something that made him go into orbit every time he moved without thinking about it. It was like... like a part of Angelus was inside him all morning, and that wasn't helping with his horniness. "Let's work on our frog. I'm really counting on frog."


Willow grimaced. "I thought you hated this kind of thing."


"I do."


She shook her head. "You're weirder then ever lately. But... you are happy?"


Xander smiled and she blinked at seeing happiness there. Not shadowed with fear or tension. Just... happiness. "Yeah."


"Oh," She looked down at the poor, dead frog, feeling like she could relate. She swallowed. "I guess you don't have time to study with me after class today. What with your new, um, friend."


Xander blinked, forcing himself to push aside the sensations and the anticipation. He wanted to spend all his time now with Angelus. He saw that his Willow was feeling that. He reached out and tugged a silky red strand of hair. "I can't think of anything I'd rather do then trig."


Willow's face lit up and Xander knew he'd done the right thing. "Okay, then. But you better be on your toes, mister, since I'm going to drill you hard."


Xander was hoping by then he'd be able to concentrate, since someone else would have done the same thing to him. Please, God. "I'll be there. No matter what, you are my best friend. Okay?" He was making an effort to show her. To meet her half way.


Her eyes watered a little and she pressed her lips, nodding. "Okay," she said.




Xander was pacing in the empty classroom when the door opened and he was there.


He clenched his hands on the teacher's desk, watching as Angelus picked up the key hanging by the door and locked it with a decisive snick sound.


He felt a thrill of almost-fear at the way Angelus looked at him. Like he was prey, and Angelus was very, very hungry.


"I, uh, pulled all the blinds down to keep the sun out. And the other door is locked and hardly anyone ever comes to this wing during classes, so we should be, um--"


"Very good, Xander, now, strip."




He felt unexpectedly awkward and shy as he shoved his jeans down and then pulled his tee shirt off. His heart was pounding in his ears and he was so hard he wondered if it was possible to die from an erection.


Angelus walked over, one eye brow raised, completely cool and in control, which was arousing, but also a little scary. "Turn around now and bend over the desk. Put your hands flat against it."


"Oh, man," Xander obeyed, closing his eyes as his balls tightened with a mixture of fear-response and deep, throbbing excitement. He expected Angelus to take off his chastity belt and remove the plug right away, but instead there was a long pause.


"Angelus, please."


"Have you been having naughty thoughts, Xander?" The silky voice asked. A cool hand caressed one of his bare ass cheeks.


"Duh, like all day and all yesterday..."




His inner muscles contracted from the tap on his ass, and Xander groaned at the intensity. "God, that's--"


"I bought a paddle today. I'm going to use it on you, but first--" The small paddle was put in front of Xander's face. It looked a bit like something you'd use for a board game. The idea of being spanked with it was unbelievably hot. "Kiss it, and ask me to use it on your ass."


He looked back over his shoulder, and saw don't-mess-with-me heat in Angelus' eyes. He kissed the paddle. "Please, use it on me..." He paused, and then gave Angelus something he knew his big demon would love, "Master."




Xander's ass was red from being spanked. The butt plug up his ass created a new dimension to the experience that was so intense he thought he might come just from this...


"Enough for now. You are so pretty when you take your punishment." Angelus cool hands cupped both his ass cheeks with possessive enjoyment before Xander felt the links loosen and his belt came off, releasing his sex to swell fully. Then the butt plug was removed. He was panting, his fingers digging into the teacher's desk, unbelievably turned on that he'd been spanked in a class room and he knew he was about to be nailed in one next. Anyone could discover them, which added some spice to the encounter, though they'd taken precautions.


"Turn around and sit on the edge of the desk."


Xander obeyed, his dark eyes misty with feeling and need as he stared at Angelus. Angelus was breathing hard, and his face was stony, while his eyes admired Xander's pale nudity. He opened his belt and slowly unzipped himself, holding his thick, long cock and taking out some lube from his pocket to adorn himself. All this without rushing, and without his gaze moving from Xander's...


"Pull your legs up to your shoulders. Very good. You're a nice little fuck, aren't you, boy? Can't wait for cock up your ass."


"Please, Angelus, I've been good--" Xander needed to be fucked. Now! Right now! The abstinence and the butt plug and the spanking... he couldn't remember when he'd been this on fire.


Angelus put Xander's ankles over his shoulders, put his cock to Xander's warmed and stretched opening and thrust inside bluntly.


Xander gasped, nearly coming off the table. "Oh, shit!"


"Quiet, Xander, don't make so much noise, or I'll have to gag my pretty slut next time." Angelus scolded. "Now just lie there like a good boy and I'll fuck you."


"Please...!" Xander's hands shifted behind him, knocking Mr. Phelps' papers to the floor.


Angelus began to undulate, moving slowly inside Xander, nudging his prostate with the thorough finish of every thrust. "Look at you: ankles over my shoulders, all open and slutty. Lying on a teacher's desk, getting your ass tapped. You're a hot little bottom boy, aren't you?"


"Yeah, I'm yours, Angelus--"


"I'm not going to touch that cock. You're going to come just from this, aren't you, slut?"


"Uh!" Xander spilled, his cock pulsing as Angelus took him. He lay back and was massaged twice more inside, which stretched out the feeling deliciously before he felt liquid fill him and Angelus gripped his hips, pushing in deep, taking him completely.




"You didn't faint this time," Angelus looked relieved.


"I have fourty eight more minutes before history class... think we can do that again?"


Angelus hadn't pulled out from inside him. Xander could feel the too tight feeling and the warmth, and yeah, he was a little raw, but he felt used, and it was a turn on, feeling like that. "I love..." Xander cleared his throat. "This. You know?"


Angelus leaned down and between Xander's open legs he kissed Xander, cupping his face and tenderly nuzzling him. "I love... this too."




Xander was feeling a little in need of Preparation H as well as well as a nap, but his skin was singing, and he felt like laughing: his whole body sensitized and alive from his encounter with Angelus.


Angelus had escorted him to the showers and left him there after more tender kisses. Xander had explained he needed to spend some time with Willow and Angelus hadn't gotten mad or pouted. He'd nodded approval, telling Xander he was doing the right thing: he'd be waiting for him at home...


The thought of what they might do tonight in Angelus' bed sent a thrill through Xander as he strode the halls, late for history class.


"Hey, are you Xander?" A young man asked him.


Xander didn't recognize him, though he looked sort of familiar. Then he realized it was because the other boy looked a bit like him.


"Yeah," he said, and saw another boy appear, larger, with dark eyes and hair. He looked sort of familiar as well, though Xander couldn't place it.


"We need your help, Xander," the other boy said. "We also belong to Lord Angelus."




"Huh what?"


The taller boy smiled and Xander felt a cold chill move through him. The class doors were all closed. He was alone out here with these two and something felt off.


The slighter one took Xander's wrist. "Please," his eyes were full of unshed tears. "You don't know what it's like... we need your help. Please, Xander, just come with us. Help us."


Xander's soft heart melted at the genuine distress there. He felt sick and upset, not understanding what they meant about belonging to Angelus...


"I should tell someone where I'm going first," he delayed, still wary.


"Please," the boy pleaded. "Just come down to the school basement for a minute so we can talk to you in private."


Xander didn't want to go, but he couldn't leave someone so obviously upset like this. "Okay, just for a minute. I don't understand what you mean about Angelus, though. He's my boyfriend," Xander stated the last firmly.


At the door to the basement, Xander felt a queer chill. He wondered if this was such a good idea... but he needed to know what the other boy was talking about. The taller one paused, "I'll take a note to your teacher for you, Xander. We had one ready just in case."


Xander didn't get a chance to respond. The shorter boy pulled him over the threshold and the steel door slammed behind him. He looked into soft chocolate eyes so like his own. "It's okay, soon you'll understand everything. You need to know what he is. Who he is."


Part 29 - Master of Sunnydale




By the time you get this note I'll be back with Mom, maybe... I know this is sudden and I didn't talk to you about it first, but I've been missing my Mom for a while. She's not so bad with Dad gone.


And anyway, I have to be honest. The stuff with us. I'm not ready. I don't want it. I don't want you.


I'm sorry.




Angelus crushed the letter in his fist. It was hand written. It smelled of Xander.


What more proof did he need?


He felt tears--tears!--burning in the backs of his eyes and he swallowed, pushing it down, that and the beast who was slipping his leash and thinking the nice school secretary would look good with her guts strewn all over her desk and through the hallway...


"Sir? Mr. Angelus?" She gave his hand a motherly pat.


He looked at the veins on that hand and saw the age spots and smelled how frail she was and felt the gulf between them.


He was immortal.


A predator.


A killer.


A demon.


She was human, aging, relying on his goodwill to decide her fate like the flip of a coin.


Just like Xander...


"He's left me..." Angelus whispered. He found himself out in the front hall. There was a man with fumigation equipment working and the harsh chemicals were blocking Angelus' keen senses and making his eyes and nose sting.


He had to get out of here. Had to leave.


He ran from the building into the darkness of a Sunnydale night and nothing, no gentle leash, no velvet-eyed boy, held him back now.


He could make this town bleed tonight, and when it was done, he could return to the empty mansion a free monster.


And no one would care if he did...


"Fuck him!" Angelus growled. "I don't need him. Don't need this shit!"


He spotted a woman carefully buckling her child in a car seat, and his demon roared, hungry and unleashed.




"Okay, someone drugged me, and that is not cool." Despite his bravado, Xander's hands were shaking as he sat up. He was somewhere dank and dripping and underground and he immediately didn't like that.


He saw the two boys who'd asked for his help and blinked at their transformation: both were nude, on their knees, heads on the ground. They were wearing collars and leashes held in the well-manicured hand of a delicate blond woman wearing a pink silk suit. She was sitting in an elaborate gold chair which seemed out of place in the dank space and looking inquisitively at Xander.


She smiled. "You're awake. Good."


"I'm dumb," he said.


"You were pretty easy to catch."


"Who are you?"


"I'm Lady Darla... sire of your lord."


"Uh huh." Xander sat up. "Sire?" He frowned.


She laughed, a light sound as easy as the fountain in Angelus' garden, but it made the hair on the back of Xander's neck stiffen. "Has he told you nothing, child?"


"I'm thinking he's skipped a few things."


"You are charming. Brave, and very pretty."


Xander blinked. Pretty wasn't a word he associated with himself, yet to Angelus and Darla he was. "You're like him, aren't you. A vampire?"


"Very good. I want to see the body my lord finds so attractive. Strip, or my boys will hold you down and do it for you."


Xander swallowed. "Great. Why is it demons always want me to strip?"


"Because you're a sex toy to us. C'mon, Xander, be a big boy and show me what you've got. I'm dying to see what's so special about you."


"Uh, I can answer that without further humiliation: nothing. I'm just... a guy."


Her lips narrowed and she sat forward, chin on her fist. "I will know everything he sees in you."


"Oh, man." Xander put one hand up and hated that he was the fucking damsel in distress here. Again. "I'm ordinary. Very."


Darla snapped her hands and the two slave boys stood. Xander looked into their eyes, but couldn't see the humanity. It was like they'd worn a mask to lure him from the school and now... what had made them this way?


"Are you human?" he asked the smaller boy.


The boy didn't so much as look at him.


"He hasn't been given the signal to speak."


"Oh," Xander swallowed. "Is he like me?"


"Yes, he's a human pet."


"He told me... when he could talk, that he belonged to Angelus." Xander couldn't stop himself from asking, even knowing he was giving this cold woman fresh ammunition. She smiled and he knew whatever she was going to tell him would hurt.


"I have it on tape if you'd like to see? The Master likes his parties filmed, and you are welcome to see for yourself how Angelus treats his pets."


Xander shook his head, feeling sick. "He's not like that. He doesn't treat me that way."


Darla stood and with one gesture the other two boys snagged Xander. He kept his chin up as she picked up a knife and put it under his tee shirt. She cut off his tee and his jeans, caressing him with the cold blade as she did.


"Softly formed, but lovely. Is this what he likes?" The knife tip stabbed one of his nipples lightly and Xander gasped in pain.


"I don't know! I don't know why he likes me."


"Your body is certainly lovelier than I would have thought from those atrocious clothes." She looked at his necklace and her lips hardened further. "A connection. He connected himself to you. Dreams and his desire."


She pulled on the stones and Xander choked, but the necklace didn't break. "Damn him! This bond is very strong."


Xander held his throat, coughing.


"If I cut your head off, I can get it off that way, I suppose," she mused. "And look, a pretty little cock cage for his canary!" Her fingers grabbed his penis and twisted it painfully through the jeweled net. "I can still put on a strap on and fuck you. Would you like that, Xander?" She taunted.


"No!" He jerked away. "Hands off the goods, vampire-bitch."


Her nostrils flared and Xander knew he'd gone too far. She struck him and he went flying across the space, hitting some pipes and wet bricks before he collapsed to the ground.


"Bring him back to me!" Darla ordered the two boys. "I want to play with him a little more."




"So you gonna eat them?"


Angelus glared at the slight red-haired boy who was gazing at him calmly. "You! You tried to take my boy."


"I didn't mean to. Couldn't help myself."


Angelus made a growling sound.


"Okay, sorry, it's far away from that time of the month when I do the growl thing. So I asked you a question?"


"Don't know. What's your name?"


"So you can write it in my heart's blood over the gymnasium wall?"


"Thinking about it."


"Oz. You've lost him, huh?"


"How do you know? Have you seen him? Touched him?" Angelus slammed Oz against a parked car.


"No, and if I had, you would know it, but I did catch a trace of him this afternoon. He went down to the basement, and he wasn't alone."


"Basement?" Angelus frowned. "Do students do stuff down there?"


"Sure. Smoke pot. Screw. Xander likely to do either?"


"No pot, and if he was doing the second one, I'd rip the head off his partner--"


"Whoa, down boy, I couldn't help marking him. It's a wolf thing and Xander is like... chocolate or something."


"I don't share my candy, wolf!"




Xander didn't want to watch the video tape Darla said was of Angelus and the two pets, but he couldn't look away.


"You, you will submit to the larger man. Call him Angelus. You will do anything he asks and you will enjoy it."


The brown-eyed boy who resembled Xander nodded.


"And you, I want you to fuck this one. Call him Xander. Do it slow. Really... draw it out for me. If you both please me, I might let one of you live."


Xander squeezed his eyes shut. He couldn't watch Angelus making them perform this way.


"Please, Angelus, fuck me--"


"Feel so good, Xander... uh! So tight!"


"Come here, boy, take it--" Angelus voice came over the tape as he made the smaller one suck his cock. "That's it. Suck it deep..."


"See enough, precious?" Darla snapped off the tape and ran her hands through Xander's sweaty locks and down the big bruise on his cheek. "It's a little preview of what Angelus has in store for you."


"No. He's changed. He isn't like that with me."


"Oh, really?" Her voice got sharp and she slapped Xander's face, right over the shiner, opening the skin on his cheek bone. "Is he gentle with you? You think that means anything? You're just some fuck he picked up. I'm his sire! It's me he wants."


Xander set his mouth, still unbroken, and Darla put a sharp finger nail to the corner of his eye, pressing it hard enough so a tear ran down his face, cooling the burn of his bruises. "I could pluck this out, so easy. Then you couldn't look at me like that: like you think you understand. You know nothing! Do you think he actually cares about you? Demons don't love. You're just his toy!"


Xander swallowed. "He may not love me, I know that," he said quietly and the dignity shone through the blood and bruises, the swelling black eyes. "I'm just... a guy. Not very smart. Not someone anyone in their right mind would give a second look to, but one thing I know about him, is he's passionate. So even if I don't matter to him," Xander's voice cracked as he remembered the video tape. "Even if I am just his toy, I would so not want to be you, lady, when he finds out you played him!"




"I can't smell anything!" Angelus growled, holding his nose.


"Yeah, convenient they had it fumigated with all these chemicals on the day Xander disappears, huh?" Oz had a hand over his face, and his eyes were watering, but his senses were even keener then Angelus', so he could still smell Xander-trace. "Two other boys, older than Xander... smell like leather and semen. Ring any?"


Angelus' eyes widened. "She wouldn't dare!"




"Darla and the Master. They have my boy."


Oz nodded. "So how do we get him back?"


Angelus' mouth compressed. "We can't. Not alone. The Master controls all the demons in Sunnydale: there's only one way I can get my boy back."




"Become the Master of Sunnydale."


Part 30 - Master & Slave


"Anosher lessher?" Xander's voice was mushy, even to his own ears. His mouth and cheeks were swollen from his beating at Darla's hands, when she'd freaked at him and just started beating his face until he'd blacked out...


He was dripping with cold, dirty water. She towered over him, sleek in another shade of pale pink, tapping her finger nails impatiently on her pink-dyed eel-skin belt and waiting for him to respond.


"Nosh," he managed.


She kicked him with one of her tall heels, and he felt his bad rib go: the one broken before by his dad when he was eight. He gasped, cold sweat mixed with the water. He hurt so much. So much. He wanted to curl up like a child in the dark of his closet. Just sob out his hopeliness and fear.


"Why don't you give?"


"Been..." he had to clear his throat. "B-beat before." It was blurry. The damp, the pink... he just wanted to go to sleep and wake up in his bed at Angelus' mansion. Wake up and this was all wrong. Angelus never lost him. He'd wake to find sin-dark eyes fixed on his face before it loomed close and cool lips claimed his own.


His head was wrenched up, making the dream-haze evaporate like a soap bubble. "We forged a letter that made him forget all about you, but now Lal has a spell which she tells me might work on bringing Angelus to heel serving the Master... and me, his sire. So you're going to help us with that, little human."


"NO!" Xander tried to crab into himself, cover himself from more of the pain he knew was coming.


"I'm going to sell you to the slavers when I'm done: I may not break you, but they will, and when you come back and tremble at my feet and beg to lick my fingers, I'll remember this, precious."


Xander shook his head. He didn't want any more pain. His body was like nuclear-charged with it right now.


"I wish I could give you what you want, 'cause God, do I hurt," he complained. "But he's been good to me, and... he's my friend," as he said the last, he started to cry, missing Angelus so much. Just wanting to be held in his arms again. Safe.


He hurt so bad. Please. He hurt so bad and it was dark and he just wanted... wanted to see Angelus' face. See tender concern in those dark eyes, questioning him. Never quite understanding him, since Angelus wasn't human and never would be, but he tried. He tried so hard for Xander, and now Xander had to try for him. He had to hold on, and try for his friend.


She hefted him to his feet by his hair, and sat him forcibly at a table. His hand was pushed flat and held down by the two boy slaves and she produced a thin, sharp paring knife, such as you'd slice through carrots. "Which finger do you want me to take?" She smiled. "C'mon, I'm even going to let you pick!"




"Uhhhh!" Angelus suddenly collapsed.


Oz didn't like getting too close to the big predator, but he reached down and lifted his face, seeing his pupils were dilated and his face was covered with the sheen of sweat. "What's wrong?"


Angelus was cradling his left hand. "Hurts..."


Oz gently pulled the hand out from Angelus' protective grip to study it. It looked fine. Pale fingers and elegant bones. He raised a brow at Angelus, who surreptitiously wiped away tears. "It's not me: it's Xander," Angelus said in a hushed voice.


"How do you know?"


"I put a collar on him... well, it looks like a necklace, but it's really a collar. I forged a bond."


"I've seen it," Oz said, remembering it. "It's kind of... fembo, you don't mind me sayin'."


Angelus had him by the throat. "They are hurting my boy and you make jokes?"


Oz gurgled and at the last moment, Angelus forced himself not to rip out his throat. He needed the wolf. He would not let anything get in his way to becoming Master.


Oz coughed and then grimaced. "Sorry. I didn't know what to say. It's clear you... care about Xander."


"Care?" Angelus looked blank. "I like him around."


An ironic look moved through Oz' watering eyes. "Let me guess. You’re an old-fashioned alpha male. Not into expressing your feelings much?"


Angelus' eyes narrowed. "For which you can be grateful, Wolf."


Oz raised his hands. "I'm sorry... is it bad?" He referred to Xander. "We can... make a rush for him."


Angelus swallowed, and leaned against the lockers. They were still at the school since the next part of his plan required something he could find here. He closed his eyes. "No." He covered his eyes and Oz wondered if he was... crying. Naw. He couldn't be. The dark and mighty Angelus? "We have to wait. We can't screw this up. He'll just have to... hurt. I can't help him now."




Angelus went into the classroom where he'd had Xander. He could still smell him. Smell their sex.


He sat down at one of the small desks and put his head in his hands.


"Hold on." He willed his thoughts to reach Xander somehow, through the frail connection of the collar. "Hold on for me, Xander. I'll come for you. I will."






"Leave Giles alone or I'll hurt you before I dust you, vamp."


"Buffy..." Giles began, but Buffy's lips tightened and the crossbow didn't waver.


"Slayer. You are gonna want to hear what I have to say."


"Oh, right! I'm not as stupid as poor Xander! I don't know what you have on him, but not all humans are dumb enough to fall for you, even if you are a vamp hottie."


"Vamp hottie?" Angelus smiled, but then his eyes regained the dark midnight focus. "Buffy, I could have killed the watcher and Oz over there. I could have killed you anytime I wanted. I could have hurt Xander. I haven't done that. I haven't hurt anyone in months."


"Yeah, right!" She rolled her eyes. "Vamps don't change."


"I have."


"What would make that happen?"


"Xander happened."


Buffy blinked and looked at Giles, frowning. "Giles?"


"Buffy, I think we should listen to what Angelus has to say. We knew sooner or later we'd have to take on the Master, and it seems he is willing to... er, help us."


"By replacing him," Angelus said calmly.


Buffy raised a brow. "I'm supposed to help one evil vamp kill another? Sorry, I don't see how that helps my town."


"He's not... completely evil," Giles began.


"Oh, but I am." Angelus held Buffy's hard stare. "All your instincts are right, little girl: I am completely evil. I have no... conscience. Except Xander."


"Huh?" She lowered the crossbow, but her eyes held him with a killer's gaze. He had to admire her for that. She was something.


"Buffy, Angelus has agreed to fight with us on the side of good and keep the demons from hurting people in Sunnydale if we, er, turn over Xander to his care."


"You want Xander?"


"That's the deal. I'll help you with the Master, and the Mayor, and all the pesky villains that come calling, but in return I get the boy. He's mine. No questions. No interference."


"No deal. I'm not turning over Xander to some monster who could..."


"Fuck him? I've done that: he loved it."


Buffy's face reddened and the crossbow raised. Oz dashed between her and Angelus before the war could break out.


"Buffy, Xander... cares about Angelus. Very much."


"How can he? Angelus is a monster. Why would he want him to... do that?"


"Ummm." Oz scratched his head and looked over at Angelus who was also watching him. He could feel the humming readiness there. Soon this big demon would act. Soon blood would be spilled, human or demon, all so that one boy might be back in the hands of his rightful master. "Just take my word that Xander was willing. I would have gone to you and told you if he hadn't been."


Buffy stared at Oz, weighing his words. Then she gave a sharp nod, swallowing. "I care about Xander too," she said in a soft whisper.


Angelus nodded. "I know you do, and if he hadn't met me, he might have settled for being with you," he told the slayer graciously.


Buffy gave Angelus a killer look. "I won't let you just take him unless he chooses it."


"Acceptable. Now, can we get down to business? They are hurting him. He's in a bad place..."




Lal stalked through the tunnels till she passed the cell where they were keeping Xander, Angelus' boy. His face was a mass of bruises, one on top of the other. Purple and black and pink. His eyes were swollen shut and she saw how he'd wrapped his tee shirt tightly around his hand. She knew what had happened to him: she'd heard him screaming Angelus' name when they took his finger.


He was curled around himself. Whispering. "Hold on. Haveta... hold on," he was saying over and over.


Lal felt pity move inside her. She'd been instructed to have him removed to one of the harsh slave worlds, so he might be specially broken for Lady Darla. She remembered his devotion to his real master. She remembered how he'd pushed his face into the gentle touch of a dangerous demon.


A demon who would be looking for pay back, big time.


She swallowed a little sickly, feeling the brush of danger. No one here was worried about party-boy Angelus' interfering, not even the Master himself, who was usually very sharp. But she'd seen how Angelus was with Xander.


She retraced her steps back to the room with the bloody table. She needed to get a little insurance. Just in case...




Willow pressed her lips together as she and Ms. Calendar did a reading on Angelus. "He's telling the truth, Giles," Willow said. Then, she blushed, and looked at Ms. Calendar, embarrassed she'd spoken before her guide. Ms. Calendar gave her a wry smile. "You got the stuff, kid."


Willow blushed. Ms. Calendar was her... hero. Corny as it was. Everything about her was just so... she knew how to dress and how to flirt and she was really brainy without being nerdy. Willow sometimes felt very self-conscious around her, but her teacher had told Willow that she'd find college much easier than high school. Which made Willow wonder sometimes if her teacher knew her own mixed up feelings. How she could be attracted to Xander... and to Ms. Calendar.




Oz scented the air around Lal's stucco pink house. Her car, which was a placid blue Toyota, was parked in her driveway. "She's home... also, a couple of demons."


"Guards," Angelus said. "The Master must need her for something."


Oz' eyes suddenly widened. "And blood. I can smell Xander's blood."


"What?" Willow demanded. She'd also come, along with Giles and Ms. Calendar. They were to keep an eye out while the main players of Buffy, Angelus, and Oz stormed the demoness' house.


"Yeah, they hurt him earlier, but Angelus was really cool about it. I think you guys are wrong to worry about him, I mean, he's really controlled. Doesn't get all gory or lose his--"


Willow blinked.


"Okay, where'd he go?" Oz quizzed, but the rest of the gang were now running toward the house.




"My Lord," Lal prostrated herself in front of Angelus, who was covered in green blood from her demon body guards. He was tossing the head of one of them up and down in a game of one handed-catch. She swallowed. She didn’t intend to end up like her guard.


"Lal. So I'm thinking you betrayed me, and I'm going to have to kill you for that." He prodded her back with his dripping sword. "Tell me what you know to get to the Master, and I'll make it quick."


She pulled out a white blood-soaked handkerchief. "I... knew you'd come, my lord. I saved it for you. For him."


Angelus heard the rest of the gang enter the house, stepping over the oozing bodies he'd left in the hallway.


He took Lal's offering.


"He is untouched, but tonight he will be at the auction with the other slaves before they send him to a slave world for training."


Willow had moved closer to catch what was going on, and she gave a little choked off scream as she spotted what was in the handkerchief. A finger.


Angelus handed it to her. "Put a spell on it to preserve it!"




"It's Xander's." Angelus' face was like stone. "Willow, keep it safe for him."


"I want to come with you!"


"No, he wouldn't want that. Wouldn't want you in danger. I need you to promise to stay with Ms. Calendar."




"I know you love him. I'll bring him back for us both: I swear it."


Willow studied Angelus' face, the only other person to love Xander as she did. What she saw there, reassured her. "Do something for me?"


"Name it."


"Kill whoever hurt him. But before you do that, hurt them."




"Angelus? How nice of you to come." The Master smiled confidently at Angelus. Normally the tall, beautiful demon made him uncomfortable, but the Master had a full house. Every demon in Sunnydale had come for the slave auction and Darla stood at his side.


"Bought you a gift," Angelus pulled back the blond hair of the girl he had in front of him.


"The Slayer!" The Master's eyes widened with pleasure. "Her blood should be enough to free me from this prison."


"Exactly." Angelus smiled, seeing that Darla was giving him a wary look. She knew him of old, so she wasn't quite buying his minion act. "May I approach, Master?"


The Master made a gesture and the dozens of his body guards moved aside for their lord, allowing Angelus to get close.


Close enough to see a beaten boy, who smelled of piss, vomit and blood, lying on the ground between Darla and the Master.


Angelus looked away, afraid he might not keep his control if he looked too closely at every bruise...


"Angelus, we are quite... overcome by your generosity. I never thought you'd give the Master his due," Darla probed, obviously not completely buying his sudden servitude.


"Oh, well, Lal helped me see I had been neglectful," Angelus indicated the demoness, who had a new pet, a red-haired boy on a leash.


"Ahhhh." The Master gave Darla a smug look. "The spell," he said.


Darla frowned. "I didn't know Lal would do it so soon."


Angelus had the Slayer kneeling at the Master's feet now. He took Darla's hand and kissed it in a courtly manner. "So you were going to sell my boy, bitch?"


Darla's eyes widened, but by then it was too late: Buffy was on her feet, snagging a sword from one of the guards. Angelus saw the Master raise his hand, putting the Slayer into his thrall. "You take all the fun out of betrayal," he complained, before he back handed his sire, so she fell from his path, and then stabbed the Master's side, breaking his spell over the Slayer.


On the podium, Lal and Oz suddenly broke through, fighting the Master's guards to keep them from coming to his aid.


"Angelus!" The Master sounded only testy as one fingernail sliced for his throat, but opened Angelus' cheek instead. "You can't defeat me here: it's the seat of my power. All these demons... you must be insane!"


"Don't want to defeat you." Angelus smiled as Buffy raised a sword from behind the Master. He was all for letting the little girl have her fun. He yanked the Master close, gagging a little over his fish breath. "I'm going to be you. Uh, but a more attractive you."


Buffy's sword whooshed, and the Master's head came off in one mighty blow.


"Hey! You nearly nicked me!" Angelus groused.


"Oh, did I? Boo hoo!" Buffy began to wade into the demon guards.


The Master didn't die like other vampires. As Angelus watched, a whirlwind devoured his flesh, leaving his skeleton to collapse. Angelus reached down and hefted the Master's hand as a talisman.


"Ahem!" Angelus' voice cut through the pandamonium. Every demon watched as Angelus showed off the prize of his defeated rival. "Uh. I'm your Master now."


"No!" Darla attacked him, and Angelus grabbed her by the hair, forcing her to her knees, remembering his promise to Willow with relish: to make her hurt before he killed her. "I'm going to watch as you're slowly roasted. Lal has a spell to keep you from dusting too early," Angelus told Darla.


A frail hand with a tee shirt wrapped around it touched his leg, and Angelus looked down to see soft brown eyes trying to see him through the bruises. "Angelus..."


"Oh, fuck! C'mon, Xander, just a little torture. I'll let you watch?" he offered. How could Xander resist such fun?


Xander shook his head, but his lips quirked a little, as if he found Angelus' blood lust funny. Angelus felt his throat tighten to be close to his boy again. To see that faint smile on the bruised face.


Valiant. Xander was valiant.


He knew that Xander wouldn't let him torture her, no matter how much she deserved it, so he heaved a long suffering sigh and decapitated Darla in one blow.


Giles suddenly appeared at his side. "You have a new lord: a new Master of Sunnydale!" His British voice rang through the cavern, and slowly, every demon was on their knees, giving homage to their new lord. The caves echoed with their cries of fealty.


And Angelus ignored it.


Ignored his name resounding through the space. Ignored the glaring Slayer and her watcher. Ignored the demons on their knees and fell to his own before a frail, human slave, his dripping sword clenched in one hand as he took his boy's hand in the other. "...Xander," he whispered, kissing his hand.


Xander's free hand was in his hair, caressing him as his big, gory demon, the new Master of Sunnydale, knelt at the feet of his slave. "Angelus," he said. "You came."


"Of course, I came," Angelus said. Willing his boy to understand what he couldn't say here. "I'm yours."





"OUCH! Fuck, in here!" Angelus rubbed his head from where he'd bumped it under the table.




"Huh? Xander, don't talk with your mouth full. I taught you better manners than that."






"Just, you're older, okay, but when I think of my dad, I don't think of a hot boy and getting it on, so don't confuse me."


"You need schooling."


"And Principal Snyder is right there with you. And again, I say, ew. Uh, what are you doing under the dining room table?"


"Looking for one of your turtles." Xander had adopted the turtles when they were found abandoned in a trash can while he'd been out on patrol with Willow and the gang, backing up the main players of Buffy, Oz, and Angelus. He'd also rescued two kittens, Tina and Tony (he'd named them after his favorite Disney brother and sister characters) and a dog with one eye he called Patch. Angelus' mansion had become a place of refuge not only for a boy who had gained a glowing sense of worth, but for any creatures Xander found that needed a safe home.


"Oh, did Hatch get out of his bowl again?"


"Yeah, he did. Why does he do that? I bought him a little castle and everything!"


Xander got down on his knees next to his vampire boyfriend and peered. No wet little primeval foot prints. "I bet he's in the fountain again."


"There's no possible way that turtle could climb--" Angelus got up and followed Xander. They looked in the fountain and saw one turtle, sunning himself on the brim.


"Told ya."


Angelus sighed. "Keeping pets. It's a lot of work."


Xander grinned and raised a brow. "Yeah, we are. Want to mess around?"




He put his arms around Angelus, nuzzling him. "I can't wait to be underneath you. Can't it wait?"


Angelus tossed Xander over his shoulder.




Giles watched as Angelus danced around Buffy with the wooden sword. These last months the guilt he'd felt over selling Xander over to the new Master in exchange for countless lives in Sunnydale had been largely overlapped by Angelus agreeing to train Buffy. He was making her better, stronger, and she wasn't one girl in all the world now. She had friends who stood by her and a vampire who fought at her side.


It had been worth it, just because he knew he was buying maybe a few more years of her young life...


Xander and Willow came in, Xander with his arm around Willow. "So I'm thinking since I won't be building bridges, geometry is not big in my future."


"Na uh. You have to study for it. And what about that paper on Elizabeth the first?"


"Well... I know she was first, right? Not like the one they got now. So I figure, I'm ahead of the game."


Willow rolled her eyes.


Oz came in with Lal. He had been doing some training with her on his control, learning how to channel his wolf, but Xander wondered just how far it went. I mean, Xander was not the only guy wearing a collar these days. Whatever was between he and Lal, Oz wasn't talkin', but he smiled a lot. Very. Smugly.


And, hey, the idea of Oz on his knees, naked, and wearing a collar... was kinda hot.


Not that Xander was going to say anything about that to his boyfriend. Angelus was a big pussy cat, unless he was jealous, and then he got all possessive and Xander had to kiss him out of it. And then, they had sex.


Uh, actually, they had sex all the time.


Lal bowed to Angelus, ever reserved with him, but she gave Xander an impish wink. She'd helped restore his hand completely after what was done to him, and ruled at Angelus' side now. Plus, she kept Angelus and Xander in supply of all kinds of kinky sex toys that Angelus loved to use on Xander.


Angelus loved to play, and he could spend hours just... kissing every part of Xander's body. Unwrapping him like a gift.


And thinking about it here wasn't such a good idea. Xander wiped his sweaty hands and watched as Angelus sniffed the air and then glanced at him. "Practice is over for the day," he growled softly.


"Huh? But we only got in an hour, I thought--" Buffy cocked a brow as Angelus went over to Xander and put one hand around his neck, bending down and sniffing him. "Hookay, guess I'll call it a day. Boy smoochies, ahoy!"


Angelus ignored her, though Xander blushed. He whispered in Xander's ear. "I want you, boy."


"Okay," Xander squeaked. Angelus had made no secret of his love for his 'pet,' and he hadn't danced around the sensibilities of the other scoobies. He constantly touched Xander. Pulling him in his arms and kissing him. The others just had to get used to it, because he made no concessions for anyone's feelings but Xander's, and Xander was weak where his big demon was concerned. Very.


Plus, his hungry heart ate up all that tenderness. He used to think that he wasn't that attractive, but Angelus' hands and lips had taught him differently. Now he liked to tease and entice, and play matador with his naughty big bull.


"What are you thinking about?" Angelus kissed him beside his lips, holding his gaze with sleepy predator eyes.


"That you're a big naughty bull." Xander laughed as Angelus raised a brow.


"Bull? That's macho enough it doesn't dent my ego, and bulls are pretty hung too. Want I should bend you over now and show you?"




A few days later, Xander was laughing with Willow and Buffy. They were supposed to be doing study period, but he loved spending time with his girls. He'd gotten close to Buffy now, too, and she'd thawed a little. She still glared and spat at Angelus, but she was very sweet to Xander, and he liked how much more relaxed her face was. She could be more of a normal girl now. She was even dating--a guy called Owen.


Willow spent all her free time with Ms. Calendar, and he liked to see his friend becoming more confident. She wasn't dating anyone, but she didn't seem to feel bad about that anymore, caught up in her studies in computers and magic, and she was even dressing better.


His skin prickled, and he looked up to see a smirking bad boy leaning against the class room door way. Angelus' red velvet shirt was half undone so the long necklace with the key to Xander's cock cage could be seen. As silently as he appeared, he faded away.


Xander got up, and Willow and Buffy shared a raised brow as he hurried off.




He found him in the gym. It was a favorite place for their constant trysts. Angelus couldn't wait until his boy came home, so often he came to the school and found him when Xander's schedule permitted.


Angelus laid back on the bench, eyes at half mast as he put a knee up. "Strip," he told Xander, who blushed, but eagerly obeyed. Angelus rewarded his obedience in the sweetest way, always.


"You're not really hard core, are you?" Xander asked as he came to sit naked between Angelus' casually spread legs.


"Hard core?" Angelus stroked Xander's hair gently, cupping his cheek as Xander nuzzled him back. Their sex often started this way, with caresses, and talk, and ended the same, except that at home, Xander would fall asleep with a possessive demon wrapped around him.


"Yeah, you know I was on line and I saw... well, you could really use more hard core toys and stuff. You could push more with your master trip."


"But you are very young," Angelus pulled him down and gave him a lazy, hot kiss. His hands found the cock cage and the key released Xander, who gave a breath of relief. "I like to control you, and you like to put your sex under my control, but you're still just a teenager. I read that you have to be gentle with teenagers when I researched your diet."


"Yeah? Why would a monster want to be tender to a teenager?" Xander smiled and his eyelashes fluttered as Angelus began to play with his cock, gently pinching and stroking it, petting it like his favorite toy.


"Because he loves him," Angelus said.


"What?" Xander sat up. "I never thought you'd say that."


"Why not, it's true?" Angelus answered. "I didn't understand it for a long time, but it seems that I'm stuck with it. It's... odd."


Xander smirked. "You make love sound like a cold you caught."


"I caught you. Kept you. Made you mine. You don't seem surprised by my big confession. I thought there would be tears of gratitude!" Angelus sounded huffy.


"No, you hoped there would be." Xander grinned. "I knew you loved me a long time ago."


"But... I didn't give you the words. Every movie I've seen makes a big deal about that. Humans like the words."


Xander rubbed his face against a big palm. "You give me the words every time you touch me, you big dummy. You think I can't feel it?"


"I want the words back, Xander. Now."


Xander moved over his master, his boyfriend, his demon. "I love you. I'll do anything for you. Let you do anything to me." He kissed Angelus.


Angelus was breathing hard, though he didn't need to. Xander smiled tenderly at how quick he could get to him.


"Offer yourself, boy," he growled.


Xander got up and bent over one of the tables, and his hands went to his ass cheeks, opening them so that Angelus could see his waiting hole. He smiled over his shoulder at him, knowing it would drive him wild.


Angelus opened his pants, but didn't bother shedding his clothing, and his fingers were shaking. He saw the glistening balm around Xander. "You lubed yourself for me!"


"Yeah, and stretched myself a little, not that this morning or last night didn't help."


Angelus didn't hesitate, he took more lube out and covered his cock and then lined it up with his boy, before pushing inside with steady possession. "You are turning into quite the little whore."


"Yours." Xander kissed him, and their hands entwined as Angelus began to move.





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